Creepy (2016) Movie Script

I hate not tried
to decide to give up
absolutely act better
Since we do, we must have fun
For example, what happened?
What can
reward enough
Crime also count?
I can not say that the word
Mr. Interpol You are very
I share what they
can and can not do
Mr. Matsuoka had so honed
You may not believe
I have my principles
Interpol, but can be
difficult to understand
Yes, worth it.
police officer
able to eradicate cigarettes?
Joke, of course, is not ah
I have not smoked a week
Takakura Senior
I want to send Matsuoka
to the detention center
I want to talk to him about
no way
It has to be turned
over to the Prosecutor
Ueno, he is completely psycho
so precious life case
killed eight people
in my opinion is a fool
Please, you then be the day
I still have many
things to ask him
Suspects ran!
Suspects that have weapons
What are you doing, leave out
leave it
Hello, I go with
him to negotiate
Mr. Interpol, just thank you
Matsuoka, this
behavior you useless
you can not escape here
Do not try as you know
Ueno, weapon
you think about it
You now hold mastership
Anything you might like
But if hostages harm
power finally have
can be spoiled
Are not you own principles?
Fork to me
you are going to come
in the hard maneuver bar
I would never do
this kind of thing
What back would I dare?
Course dare
vision about my principle,
hospital fast
Takakura's predecessors,
are you okay?
Yasuko, what's putting
the kitchen to do?
Yes, you up there
in the first place
first tie out of Max Well
ah, you could
As of today you
live outside La
not so relaxed several years
A long time ago
peace really is the best
getting off the police
level is the Hello
is ah
University education
without problems?
Actually very interesting
to talk to students who
I can be very suitable
for a university professor
I feel at ease
continue to organize it
before nightfall,
do not forget this
by use of?
Neighbor send small gifts
Hello, we just changed
the following army
My name Takakura
coming days, please clarify
this is a little mind
with our neighbors do not
give gifts to each other
formal rules too
this is my mother,
she was confined to bed
is really difficult
Yasuko, about to go
After that, please clarify
Next to him
press it
I press?
Return to next
after entering the
twentieth century
appears in almost all
countries around the world
serial killer presence
Can be said to be very
modern forms of crime
centered in the USA
The rapid development of
doctrine Crime Analysis
can be divided
into three types
each type of order,
of type disturbance
and mixed
two former FBI have
currently accurately grasp
your detailed crime feature
this kind of killer
instruction fee went up
the problem lies in the hybrid
can be said that almost
can not be analyzed
If they kill motivation
or cycle of inside
and outside of sex
all very confused, the
police can not do anything
My previous experience has resulted
in several successive assassinations
are all hybrid
In other words, the theory
of criminal psychology
or science test, according
to FBI are not useful
Okawa, can I ask
you a question?
after lecturer after class
Are you currently doing this?
Areas of
specialization research
is Oh
Well, what are you doing?
homicide within ten years
occurred in Kanto region
really powerful
to say
What is the case?
Nakacho assassin mugger,
have to solve the case
Aoba-cho random
murder has been solved
Is this far from
being a little?
Hino City, a family of
three cases of disappearance
not yet solving the case
Anthem event ah
occurred about six years ago
The most peaceful
foreign woman Kyoko
length m and Yosuke
While a family of
three disappeared
contact when Takakura
teacher possession?
Not directly involved
Operator in the
murder, but why?
I do not know
This girl is not missing
The multi-Saki, the
second year Status
I remember
your testimony to be volatile
no ability to testify
Did you know that
she currently lives?
Do not know, I
do not write data
house near photos?
Professor Takakura
to go live to see it?
I always wanted to watch
genuine Interpol make
forensic scene look
Please, I'm not Interpol
What is this?
I'm sorry, I thought
nobody at home
I just moved
yesterday Takakura
this a little
present, please accept
I ask you what this is?
This is chocolate
One thousand yuan a kind
of high-quality products?
Is it the type of chocolate?
Not the type
so ah
I do not hate chocolate
then please accept
Does your family have a dog?
I love dogs too
I will discipline
Oh do you discipline a dog?
not required
If you disturb it,
feel free of reaction
Pleasure to meet you later
that is present among many
Brown roof railway army next
How? Crime prove it?
Then distance not coming
now it seems vague
Feel this?
Difficult to
say, I do not know
To look inside?
Well, should not
intervene too much
I came back
You are back
I can not now
Nishino house wall with lights
To do now say hello
can ah
a little late,
the next to leave
do Hello
incredible, really rich
= = with existing
ingredients can be very rich
Yes, this is great
Yasuko, what happened today?
Actually, nothing
Tell me
Mr. Wild West next
feeling hostile
How to say?
To tell me to
answer completely
say is Wack
or very indifferent attitude
Occasionally, it is
not the type of person
But most bandits
among neighbors
is a good image man
in this regard considered safe
wander where to go
Murderer took the first of
four prostitutes in the room
Handcuffs after rape
then a private jet
carrier to the mountains
people will put forests
start followed
by rifle hunters
Certainly, the United
States of different sizes
Takakura predecessors,
long time no see
you can still find it here
yes ah, good to
see you live at ease
Wounds have healed yet?
I called several
times to call you
Do you change your
phone number down?
wonder at none
Do not you want to see me?
What is there to say
I want to talk about something
Takakura predecessors,
I heard you visited
events Hino
your very fast message
After all, I was
a police officer
Why did you go there?
I go to the scene of the
Hymn of the City Events
I am very worried because there
is no indication of a crime
been classified
as homicides within
a family of three missing
Can be simple to hide debts
However, there is a girl left
I also can not figure
out the reason anyway
determined that no
other ability to testify
Why not just missing it
Police have to take it for
psychological analysis do?
Should not
She was just in the country
countries is not a baby either
If at that moment
you were in charge...
criminal psychology
Interpol background
I know exactly you
this will lead to that gaffe
now simply forget it
What will you want to see it?
The police completely
receive hands
even rumors that she could not
explain to the police station
If I want to see it privately
she will not see me
but you may be a small chance
Nogami, or a return to the
scene for the first time?
There is obviously a problem
Crime scene has unique flavor
Yes, you wait oh
Max, not so
Come on
Max about
Max good
I like dogs, but
it's so fierce
About Us
You are well
last Sorry
my attitude is not very good
Do not say it fast
this area people are very cold
less relations with neighbors
I also became a crooked virtue
is not it?
I, later, pay attention
to your attitude
Is chocolate what you do it?
Yes, can you see it?
Course, very tasty
true? Great!
Nice to meet you too
My daughter
Hey, little Mio
My house is your wife and
daughter, a family of three
I came back
back, Takakura is next to Mrs.
Hello, I'm Nishino Mio
It was Max
Max so happy
envy, small dog Mio good by
next Welcome your
wife also came
What do you mean?
Not ah
not particularly mean?
small Mio, my mother
is waiting for you
I came here for the first time
really strange...
You do not think it unusual
right, how to say it
Unique crime scene scene
sorry, excuse this is a
multi-discipline lose early?
We are not the police
Weekly reporter who?
No, I am a professor at
Takakura University Dongluo
He is -
I am Ueno's assistant
I teach in the criminal
psychology University
simply to examine the scene
from an academic point of view
Why do I ask this
lady more for this?
Because I used to live
six years have passed
I'm sorry, I have
no words to say
Please take a
little time for us
The Multi Miss, if
You Need Some Help
very welcome to consult me
tell the truth, maybe too good
but that's what we
in the search for
Do not you want to know?
What exactly happened
six years ago?
Say Goodbye
It must have been the
media and the police
question many white object
But for now would she
like to come back here?
Mr. Gao warehouse?
Certainly, Mr. Takakura
I live next door Nishino
Hello, they met
for the first time
Your wife is like ah?
I kept asking the
privacy of my family
I am very uncomfortable
Why do you want to
find someone's home?
Living room is so small
If neighbors do not trust
He will still live it
I will remind you
my family a little more casual
Does she not like him?
No, I'm really sorry
Come on, you can look at trust
why I said to you special
if I do not remember
Do you think it will become?
You hear how, in distress
What are you in trouble?
Wild west wall Mr. exaggerated
Do you think?
I met him when he got home
I cry at the
beginning of my meal
What did he say?
Max thing?
No more boring, I forgot
sum, you do not worry
If you have any health problem
I have many friends
in the police
I see you do not talk
to neighbors to deal with
less trouble the
chest problems
I was playing
telephone yesterday
Dongluo University
Professor Gao Cang
How early to ask
this lady Ji...
she is not
so ah
She lives here,
you do not come
Grandmother, this
person has no hurry
Sorry, we can not say go below
To be honest, I
do not remember
of families of the disappeared
on that day as the limit
before and after
ambiguous memory
so ah
but recently suddenly
I think some of the fragments
I'm not sure how high fidelity
Maybe at least
a tenth is really
confirm process of memory
is very interesting Oh
I tend to confuse
work and interests
When you put such
thing interest you?
= On
but I'm very serious
good aunt
Hello, friends of the school
I Takakura
Yesterday cream cooked much
I do not want to give you any?
Please accept
This leaked
please call your wife
Do you want to see my wife do?
Your home?
In ah, come
would be educated
Come on
What is the problem?
Come on
Little Mio, wife
Takakura have come
She wanted to meet her mother
Mother has no friends
If you can understand this, your
mother will be very happy now
I leave today
or the first good
= = Why?
Because my husband
at home soon
your husband
very talented yet
I was last on the
street to chat with him
It should be very woman margin
Not really, goodbye
Thanks Hello
wife Takakura
next time do not
forget to meet my wife
your heart a long time
is depression
I could not save it
been impotent
Wait, you can talk to nature
then start recording Hello
I swear now that you say
never provided the
police, the media
or not publicly authorized
Please, say your name
I call this multi-Saki
I heard that you recently
started to remember some of
occurred six years
ago when memory
is what?
Before missing
my family memories
That's when ah
time of day
I arrived from school
I heard my mother on the phone
loud enough, can not
listen to conversations
but I'm sure my
mom feels terrified
he seems to see should not see
Why do you have this feeling?
Mama did not notice me home
She was very attentive
in talking on the phone
not so much concentrated
a bit like being the end
of the line you controlled
I feel so
maybe call the object is
to lend money to lenders who
I told this to the police
Your mother had a number of
financial institutions to lend money
Is this true?
= On
What is the problem?
Another day, my mother
and someone on the phone
do not want to hear the family,
the volume deliberately reduced
but she will laugh
sound until happy faceirice
I remember now realize
probably call the same person
Did this subject
tell the police?
Such ah ah
so on different
mother's family
Are there any reminders?
My father's job is very busy
came home late every
day, no printing
I once saw you talking
on the phone at midnight
normal feeling
, sometimes laugh
sometimes, a little angry
other feeling is ex-friends
In retrospect
maybe the other is
the mother who calls
is the feeling
really interesting
much, when the
interest in listening
I do not know why
they would think
And my brother
Did your brother also
play a similar phone?
No, my brother was
a high school student
several times in
the afternoon, but it
I remember him winy
so I guess
Zhengjingbabai brother
handed bad friends
but now in hindsight
I did not see him
have a bad friend
I nor is your brother
who dares to drink
someone must have regularly
forced you to drink
maybe also this
particular person
for what
Maybe all my fantasies
No, you may notice
a very important key
about this special person
Do you have any clues?
But you intuitively think
it with his disappearance
of the family
Why is not he in
touch with you?
I do not know
maybe your next goal is me
Luck you accidentally escaped
Right, everyone
disappeared three days ago
I just went to school trips
So that
Last time you saw your
family is three days ago
= = was there anything
unusual things?
I forgot
representatives can also
forget it in hindsight?
You say ah
Professor Takakura,
Not interrupted
This lady more, think again
memory before losing
the most important
Would you like to give
yourself something?
I have often told the police
My parents and
brother are normal
I just remember them
asked again several
answers do not become
Sorry I was too...
Can you finish?
Professor Takakura also
with those who are not two
people as
experimental material
I really am sorry
Would she be willing to
talk to us to meet us?
She will take the
initiative to come to us
half of the memory
of the people answer
Any way I want to
dig the other half
no matter how painful memories
Takakura predecessors,
you really powerful
Ueno, you do not confuse
this is my interest,
not interrogation
Do you have to record
it? Lend hear me
I came back
You are back
I phoned a few times Hello
sorry, I did not
open the phone
Is anyone there?
That ah...
Mr. Takakura, you come back
I was teaching Mr.
Wild West Cooking
so ah
In fact, it should be said
to teach small cooking Mio
Hello, I'm Nishino Mio
to start
Please enjoy
I'll get the wine
Takakura wife is
really a culinary genius
Do not boast in
such a way that
This road is a small Mio do
Mio small you are really smart
Mr. Wild West
back to your mother
teach this practice
she wants, you should also do
Mr. Wild West
What is your occupation?
I did not say that?
I am a director
of the Association
Government associations?
What is society?
stock? Mostly with?
Many, we also have cheap
Husband, asking
too much too rude
Will you be very rude?
But you know
A lot of work in this area
Inconvenient to bring to
the table, said something
I do not talk about them in
front of his wife and daughter
small Mio does not
want to listen to you
I understand, I am sorry
come to my house again,
and then we good talk
way to show you
something interesting
good, next time to visit
always welcome
this delicious Oh
be eaten directly
For even more delicious soup
happy now
Come on
What a strange person
would you? In
fact, one is not bad
less able to trust
My intuition
You have not changed
Starsky until ruined
Also has your injury
I went to school the
night before the trip
last saw your family
discuss things that my parents
and brother in the living room
I thought I was talking
Career of your brother
loosely hear "just" this word
"just" is not it?
I want to leave the
house only one week...
I'm probably feeling
What exactly do it?
Can see somebody
So that
I think the three
that can not see do not
scheduled for the day
when I was not at home
someone is...
a specific person
then this can be my illusion
I feel like I've
seen this person
Who is it?
I feel like the person
looking at me
remember this
This lady more, are there
more specific memories?
I think
this person is wanted
so that greater
than your position?
I looked down to see
you in high places
incidental to the eye
This is from my
living room window
Yes, he was in the next yard
The next number to live on?
Mr. paddy
rice field? Do you know it?
Do not know
this person is Mr.
rice field is it?
I do not know
current state
that families what?
Empty house, people
do not live for long
Your house next door and
there are contacts you?
No, we have almost no
contact with neighbors
I do not even
cite print cushion
Thanks for trying to remember
This is a good reference
Will this help
you find my family?
They also live somewhere
Oh, it must be right
(missing persons paddy)
Rock Paper Scissors
You sit first
true spirit children
Mr. Wild West
just a coincidence
What car do you usually do?
Not a week to attend
an Association meeting
occasionally take on a tired
I used to be office workers
daily commuting
Where do you
have inauguration?
Dayan Business Press
Dayan Press ah
right, had left a decade
I teach at the
University of East Los
Many Relations
with Dayan Press
Mr. Takakura
Dongluo University?
Do you know Mr. Takeuchi
administrative group do?
Mr. Takeuchi?
They seem to have
heard the name
Previously, when
editor, he was very help
now will write each card
ah, good surprises,
what a coincidence that
When it comes to
these really miss
I also had a promising era
Thank you for your
ultimate hospitality
next drink together
No problem, good night
good night
yesterday afternoon tokyo
Hino City empty house
unidentified body
Police are investigating the
identity and cause of death
Police said the remains
found unfurnished wall
Six years ago, 2009
disappearances occurred
in a family of three
held while the
remains of the coroner
does not delete missing events
Ueno, a great service
busy now to start doing
Are there several corpses?
So much Identity?
Not clear
I think this is more
than three people
Two more couples are paddy
all people related
However, this problem has come
The Multi Saki said the
man at the end is who
Takakura's wife
Max walked the streets alone
I just get
ah, thank you for your help
mother would care
can not just leave
What do you want to go free
Is that right?
Running around happy?
First living it to
have a garden house
Yasuko call misses?
Miss Yasuko also
little free ah
since moved to a new home
I ask you
husband and I
What is attractive?
Intuitively they say
Which is more attractive?
I found rice field
before serving companies
game in the past to ask after
finding unusual things
What happened?
Events from three years ago
it does not enter
the company to work
According to my reasoning
was living next to
the number should be...
instead of cushion
= = Who would it be?
Do not know
Do you have something
to tell him to say uncle?
gang I told your
father to say hello
uncle Takakura
Man is not my father
I do not know him
You are back
true early today
Max ran to
= thanks to Mr.
Wild West found =
I said Max becomes
a good friend
so ah
small Mio, Hello
small Mio, you do not
mess with other people talk
I was not
Go homework
I have to write
I will go back
Thank you very much
scared me
(another man)
Are you doing here?
Call, nothing
Who to call?
I said it all right
not doing anything is not
in the living room to play?
How do you work
in the living room
not some difference, I
heard it was inconvenient for
you think a lot
Who is?
I'm not saying you're not?
Who do I need to
call one for a report?
You are not home when
I could play any various phone
Who should report everything?
Yasuko, how do you do it?
If there is dissatisfaction
with the status quo
you can say
I do not have any
but I do not understand
Do not understand what?
I'm sorry, I'm very calm
I just call a
friend from school
so ah
After all, you have no
acquaintances in this neighborhood
rare move to a new home
Has been unable to adapt
to the new environment
no way
very difficult to
easily change your
're right
I now have the confidence of
the younger generation by Starsky
Former member is a
beautiful woman cases
Do not worry, I know
I am not worthy Interpol
Ueno, I Takakura
help me check, "Nishino
Masayuki" this person
Its address is 1254 rice cities
in the radius of ten villages of 6
Yes, he is my neighbor
with Hino City events
not directly related
But you'd better not laugh Oh
I found it strange
common point
My family and relative
position Nishino house
cushion field with this
number and house exactly
very strange
regret, what is
Takakura households
Ask him something?
Nishino on the side used
to be the type of person?
Sorry to ask such
a strange question
I ask Mr. Nishino home
We have no links
there are not two
with it before it
so ah
But did you find it?
Nishino is simply a monster
He is a monster
first sight under
ordinary people
but he is not human
He is not human
I have no more words to say
Hi, I'm the police
want to ask something
Mr. Wild West do you?
convenient to go
to talk about it?
Come on
Mr. Nishino Masayuki?
Please wait a moment
(driver's license)
Mr. Wild West?
I was hello
Husband, what happened?
I do not know
first calling the
fire department
I went to see Mrs. Tanaka
care Oh
so hot
wife Tanaka! Mrs. Tanaka!
Sorry, I ask Mrs evasion
Why? Would not she
have to hear it?
Husband does not matter
I am the Metropolitan
Police Tanimoto
Takakura you are a professor of
the University of East The bar
Before they invaded a lesson
Tanaka house next door
because the leak gas explosion
like this?
I look for those who have the same
parts of the industry to tell you
Tanaka family actually
found three burned body
Why especially for me?
Two Tanaka and his daughter
rest one...
just finally confirmed
the identity of the
Who is it?
Step down on my portions
I do not know the purpose
of your home visit Tanaka
I heard that he had
dealings with you privately
Do you have any clues?
It's Nishino
What? Mr. Wild
West next to him?
Guy next door last
night fire at home
it coldly watching
at home on TV
So that
Mr. Gu how do you think?
Actually, I went
to ask you more
What did he say?
I'm afraid I have no comments
What he said is all lies
you calm down
Mr. Wild West
first reaction was
own importance
wanted me to listen
to it as it says
looks great trust in you
this is very pulled
I have shown through the phone
I have no words can be said
Ashamed, ask such a thing
look at this photo
My parents and brother
died six years ago
we know enough
No, not yet found truth
Please do not torment me
another problem like
this is the last time
that is likely to
be the key evidence
Have you seen this man?
What lives next door for
you, Sir, rice paddies do?
I do not know
You see, remember
He was not Mr. paddy
= On
You say that I can not
remember the face of rice
If you remember, it can be
you see it again
Please stop! Make
rebellion at the door!
I'm sorry, I'm going
Please wait in the room
Professor Takakura,
what beautiful people?
Someone you sex?
I might as well not think
I go home
Miss Yasuko
Can you shake hands with you?
Must come to my house Oh
hear me?
Little Mio, book it?
In shopping cart
left so little Oh
true loss so you
can raise a family
do not see
Uncle, my mother
injections can help you?
Ah, but playing
too many will die
My father told my
brother treated how off?
This is determined
by your own home
Little Mio, what
are you doing?
Soon to be a bit uncomfortable
Mom, pushing
I leave
Are not you feeling this?
I come back
do something! Stop this!
Little Mio! Mio small!
About Me smaller Mio
Hey, little Mio
Did you inject it?
How is this child?
Bad mind your mother yet!
Little Mio, you
come to the hands
it's your mother's fault
press it
Last practiced
shooting path up
this neck band
for once I receive
high Oh
small Mio
Where is Daddy?
Why did I ask you
to do such a thing?
Why should I help you
and your family back?
You are going to harm me
to change violators, bastard
Do not give me problems
it's all your fault
give me to clean
I am a person can not do
well, I came to Joe
the first time you enter
here, please
to come
Come ah
This way
Come on
come, it's here
ancestry disaster a little Mio
throw yourself out
but the alarm will hurt
small Mio was caught
this is your wife, right
It's your fault
you're not well
Little Mio, is not it?
You discuss what to
do with a little Mio
if hard to accept, then
ready to help you
with an injection
small Mio
How do I do?
Wrap, then buried them
help me raise
to press the green button
can press
I want you to
= = let me see in the
computer data field
Until you, neither can
Did you hear about the
Nishino Masayuki thing?
I do not know
Ueno investigating the man
You must have heard what
you return
I Nishino Mio
My little one?
Please open the door
What happened?
Do you know where
my wife is going?
Do you know? With
your father about it?
What your father?
I understand
He is not his father
I Nishino, embarrassed
My little to disturb her
Hey, you in the
little Mio right
father and apologize to him
= = do not get angry, go home
My alarm small, fast
Mr. Takakura, you call
this kidnapping bar
Okay, Nishino, wait
Why do you have my keys?
The police will be here soon
You are trespassing
in flagrante delicto
your past will be
investigated outside
it hurts
Yasuko, how are you there?
Mr. Wild West does not do
bad things, he is not bad
Little Mio Naughty
key is you give it to him?
Mr. Wild West really
do not do anything
police came
Yasuko, this person
is not Nishino
about who waits for
the police to ask
Takakura tio
I do not have alarm
open man!
The released
leave it quickly
ask you to let it go
I get up
Mr. Wild West you're
right, are you okay?
Yasuko, do not get near him!
He was fake, Mr. Wild West
I do not believe in it
Calm down, back to
the police station
Tanimoto Police Department
Sorry, you first leave
confession, but not finished
understand it
the first
I was almost so hijackers
= Mr. Gao warehouse =
How in the end
is it happening?
Richard's death
Wild about how the?
How was it due to
high indebtedness
day to find it
I do not know how
to borrow money
You are not alone at home
under your abandonment
Tanaka house for the
opposite open gas suicide
impossible, very pulled
Yes, but...
Department lost a pistol
speculated that there may
be inside out with Ueno
Maybe it fell into the hands of
the underworld. start is Nishino
In the next door,
Mr. Wild West do?
say you know can be more
Nishino is most
likely City Hymn Events
The number of the
neighborhood cushion field
How do you see?
So that
paddy cabinet, but
found the remains
in which a proven
own Mr. paddy
right, then I infer
Mr. West and Mr.
Cushion Field I
Are being killed by man
in the field and also
Actually, I'm running
wild on the computer
found nothing yet?
Nothing special, but...
there the name Nishino
Masayuki searches
really has
us go and see
Other room
Mr. Wild West are there
I am the Metropolitan
Police Tanimoto
Mr. Wild West do?
It simply goes back
He said he was worried about the
condition of his own and neighbors
So you let it go?
Yes, because he is
the informant who
Tanimoto President,
would like to return
my wife alone
Yes, I accompany you back
casually write the following
statement will be responsible
I went home Nishino
Mr. Wild West
I am the police
I come directly Hello
as you also come
we returned
I can not wait, please?
I have sacrificed
a lot of things
movement originally thought
to have a new climate
I totally do not
notice how you feel
Let's do everything about it
sure you can get better
wait here
Mr. Tanimoto, Mr. Tanimoto
Wait, I understood
What do you want?
I can not resist
ask you first placed Yasuko go
Mr. Takakura,
you misunderstood
she left voluntarily
or try
You Look
I understand
you this trick, all others
by the hands of crime
I am not the author
this is the original
Yasuko, I came here
man will not do anything that
You must do it
Come with me
I will fully protect you
Ms. Yasuko, are you sure?
Do not be afraid, he
was talking about it
This right
You are great
weapon on the ground
Calling you to put this down!
Anyway, you can not
do under the hand
occasionally is to
have people like you
psychopathic sociopath
operator for some mentally
ill who, poor thing
What did you say
I say you are pathetic
Patient is sad how
confused Yasuko of?
Advantage of
your good kitchen?
Or pretend to be close to Max?
I also came close
to being cheated
What university
administration, Mr. Takeuchi
talk to the real thing
schools really have a
colleague named Takeuchi
So I believed in you
but I will not be deceived
move it to take risks
in life, to the effect
Exit the weapon
others involved in the family
Let them kill each other
own stand
You are not even killing
a coward to see me
I did it wrong, right
What are you...
I'm back
you are back
for a movement
Tomorrow you can
not go to school
is Oh
also, that more than one
member of the Hello family
Mio small little heart,
Miss Yasuko, line 16
from north to open it
continuous efforts Oh
I found a new home
Mio same as before,
when my daughter
Takakura couple, I think
when my cousin
and cousins as well
oil running out, I went to
the gas station to ask people
opportunity to approach
The other side will be
cautious with beginning
may want to sleep in
the car twenty-three days
little patience
After all, we are
a family of four
is not ah, Max
you still a little
out of the way
Sorry, hello, Max
Mr. Takakura
- Ihe photograph
shot by you, is not difficult
Neck play here
intended neck play
shooting the dog
should be enough
high Oh
like it?
This is for you to dig trap
Enough, he died
Max to go with me?
Good, go together
go Hello
Translation: Sophie Zhang Ke