Crime and Punishment (2007) Movie Script

- Sorry to disturb you like this.
- Not at all.
We know you're busy.
Show them the banner.
You can hang it up from here.
We should take a picture.
- In front of the gate.
- Turn it around.
Raise it higher.
Move over a bit.
- Commander, over here.
- I'm fine here, really.
Principal, you move in a bit.
Let's have a round of applause.
Great. Shall we go inside?
Since you started patrolling
the school, it's been a lot safer.
No more delinquents hanging around.
A police presence does help.
When the cat's away,
the mice will play, right?
But when the cat's there,
they behave.
We're grateful to you
and your officers
for stepping up
your evening patrols.
We're just doing our job.
We've had some great feedback
from both students and parents.
- Better to nip trouble in the bud.
- Right, prevention is key.
And your response time
is impressive.
That's military precision, that is.
As soon as we call, you're there.
Not like the regular police.
Well, we've had years of training.
If I stay up late, the next morning
I notice I've lost a lot of hair.
You're losing your hair?
Especially if I have
to work all night.
I found something that works.
- What?
- Apollo brand shampoo.
- Mine stopped falling out.
- Why's everyone losing hair?
- Lack of sleep.
- Late nights, insomnia, stress...
With this job, you need to relax.
You shouldn't get too wound up.
Otherwise, you'll get insomnia
and lose your hair.
Did I miss any spots?
Just put more
where you think I need it.
Maybe my temples.
I did, and I notice
you're thinning more on this side.
I know.
When did it start?
You mean losing my hair?
After I started working.
Does baldness run in your family?
No, both my parents have great hair.
So it's overwork.
It got really bad last summer
when I was with the coast guard.
After that,
it just kept falling out.
Oh, I thought it started here.
We were just as busy there.
And the tide changes, right?
Sometimes we'd be up at 2:00
or 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning.
Try Apollo shampoo.
My hair stopped falling out,
and I don't have to use tonic.
It really works.
Where's the body?
There, can't you see it?
That black thing lying on the bed!
- Where?
- He's not in his right mind...
Where's your family?
See, that's the head.
But the head's gone.
Where'd the head go?
I dunno. But that's the mouth.
- Where's your mom?
- I dunno.
- Where'd she go?
- Dunno.
Call her
and tell her to come home.
- Are you drunk again?
- Who?
- You.
- Why would I be drunk?
Because you mistook that
for a dead body.
There's no mistake.
Can't you even tell the difference
between a body
and a pile of blankets?
What are you saying?
You can't tell the difference between
a person and a pile of blankets.
What are you talking about?
Of course that's a person.
Let's call your mom.
Where is she?
I don't know.
Don't you live here
with your mother?
- Yeah.
- She's home.
- Ma!
- What's going on?
Tell them it's Wang Huan.
- Wang who?
- Wang Huan!
He called to report a dead body,
but it was just a pile of blankets.
He's mentally ill!
- Ma, tell 'em he's the dead guy.
- Who's dead?
Not that he's dead,
tell 'em he's the guy... Wang Huan.
- Who's Wang Huan?
- Wang Huan!
Is this the thing with the blankets
again? He was raving all night...
You shouldn't let him drink.
He's not like this
because he's drunk.
At any rate,
he seems better when he's sober.
He kept the neighbors up
all night screaming.
Woke the whole damn building.
- You can't let him drink.
- He was hollering...
Listen, if he keeps making
false reports,
there are legal penalties.
If we're tied up here,
and something serious happens,
who do you think
we'll hold responsible?
Half of our officers are here now.
How much money before I can call?
What do you mean,
how much money?
You reported a dead body
and there isn't one.
Maybe you're drunk, maybe
you're having some kind of episode,
but if you make a false report again,
you'll be held responsible.
- That's right...
- This isn't a game!
You can't call the police for fun.
If you call with another false alarm
that interferes
with our police work,
if something happens
and we're not there,
your mom's in big trouble.
As your guardian,
your mom can be held
legally and financially responsible.
But this guy owes me 50 yuan
and won't pay me back.
Then take him to court.
If you've got an IOU,
take him to court.
That won't cover transportation...
you have to keep an eye on him
and not let him drink so much.
As his legal guardian,
you can be held responsible.
- I can't watch him all the time.
- Then disconnect the phone.
Maybe I'll do that.
This happens
every time he gets drunk.
We can't keep coming out here.
Maybe I'll just have him committed.
We're not babysitters.
Last time, he said he found a bomb.
He was finally getting back
to normal, but now he's drunk again.
Look at all the trouble you cause.
This is a false alarm.
There's no dead body here.
Listen, I don't care
whether you're mentally ill
or having an episode
or faking it or drunk,
but if this happens again,
you'll be examined
by a court psychiatrist.
If he says you're mentally ill,
we'll quit responding to your calls.
If he says you're fine,
we'll hold you responsible
for making false reports.
Then you'll be in trouble.
You think that over.
- Let's go.
- Keep an eye on him, ma'am.
I can't watch him every second!
Then unplug the phone.
Or don't give him money for booze.
All right, all right.
Where'd he go?
He's gone!
The body's gone!
You hear that? He's raving.
We've got things to do. Keep him
quiet and don't let him drink.
Take it easy.
- I don't see any dead bodies here.
- Ma, shut the hell up.
You hear how he talks to me?
He hits me too, and kicks me!
Come in.
You gambling in here?
No, just sitting around talking.
Looks like a mahjongg table to me.
- No, I swear!
- Oh, you swear?
We were just sitting around,
Anyone in the other room?
Anyone in here?
That's the toilet.
Looks like we've got
a whole crowd in the toilet.
Come on, everyone out.
What's in that towel?
- Mahjongg tiles?
- No, just some stuff.
Just some stuff? Fuck...
Are those mahjongg tiles?
Make sure you get the mahjongg set.
Have a seat.
- That's the patio?
- Yeah.
We were just bored,
sitting around talking.
With this whole setup?
With the mahjongg table
and the whole setup?
It was just a few guys
having drinks.
Yeah, that's all.
Make sure you get the mahjongg set.
- The mahjongg set.
- What?
The mahjongg set.
- There's one over here!
- Not that one.
Why'd you try to hide the tiles?
We weren't trying to hide them.
We're confiscating these.
- We weren't even playing!
- We're taking them anyway.
Well, at least leave my towel.
I swear we weren't playing.
So you all claim
you weren't playing, right?
None of you?
Anyone who wasn't playing can go.
Get your coats and leave.
Were you playing?
Were you playing or not?
No reason to lie.
If you were in the game,
just say so, right?
You in the game?
It was just a few guys
talking shit.
We had a few drinks...
How much did you bet?
How much were you betting?
We're confiscating these tiles.
Come on, grab his hands.
No, you come with me.
Aren't you going to fill out
the arrest paperwork?
Can't, I'm busy!
Stand against the wall.
I don't have it.
I d-don't have it.
Quiet, don't talk back.
Just shut up.
I don't have it.
Shut up. What are you, deaf?
We could call the numbers.
Son: 696-0371
What's this phone number?
- Is this your home number?
- Mama.
- And this is your son's number?
- Son.
We have to take off your shoes.
I don't have it.
How many accomplices
did you have?
How many accomplices?
Stand up.
How many others?
J-just me.
Just you?
J-just me.
- When were you born?
- I'm 43.
- No, what year were you born?
- My home?
Year of the horse
or year of the dragon?
- Write. Don't...
- Huh?
D-don't understand.
You don't understand?
What'd you steal?
I asked what you stole.
I bought clots.
- What?
- I bought clots.
Clothes? You were
at the market buying clothes?
Not picking people's pockets?
- You didn't steal anything?
- No.
- You didn't steal a cell phone?
- Huh?
- You didn't steal a cell phone?
- No.
No? You say no?
We'll bring in the victim
and see if she recognizes you.
What's your name?
- What's your name?
- Huh?
What's your name?
- Wang what?
- Wang Huiqiang.
Wang Huiqiang?
Write your name right here.
Write your name right here.
Write your name right here.
- And your address.
- Huh?
Your address. Where do you live?
- Where I live?
- Yeah, write it down.
What's the street number?
Do you have a phone number?
Apartment 3.
Put the cuffs back on.
I'll loosen them a bit.
Good, good.
That's better? Go stand over there.
Who else was with you?
J-just me.
Say that again.
Fuck you! How many?
Let go!
- Y-you hit me.
- So what? Fuck you.
How many others?
How many were there?
How many others?
The other two got away.
Are you gonna talk?
Are you gonna talk or not?
Fuck this...
I'm taking off these cuffs.
You're coming with me.
Still won't fucking talk, huh?
We'll see about that.
Come with me.
Tell him to take it easy, okay?
Don't be too rough.
Without a confession,
we can't bring him to trial.
The guy's a hardened thief.
Tell us if you recognize anyone.
We know you had accomplices.
Tell us who they are.
See anyone you know?
Any accomplices?
I'm asking you a question.
See anyone you recognize?
Squat right there.
Keep your back straight.
Back straight.
Don't lean on the wall!
No leaning!
Stay like that. Don't move.
What's your problem?
Can you squat?
You're supposed to squat.
Looks like we've got a problem.
The captains didn't say what to do?
They're upstairs sleeping.
- They're not asleep.
- They're not?
The door's closed,
but I heard them walking around.
Should we call headquarters?
This will be easier
if you cooperate.
You'd better start talking!
Tell us the truth
and we'll go easy on you.
We're in no mood to play games.
You going to talk?
Yesterday, I saw that cute girl
who works at headquarters.
Thieves dress pretty well
these days.
Look at this suit.
Take off your jacket.
You understand me?
Let's see
if he understands violence.
Still won't talk, eh?
You understand me now?
- Don't film this...
- You call yourself a thief?
You understand me now?
We arrested him
and brought him back to the station,
but he's a deaf-mute.
He can't understand
what we're saying,
and none of us know sign language.
Can't you get a teacher
from the deaf school
to take his statement?
Take his statement?
But what if he won't confess?
Wasn't there a witness?
There's a witness
who can describe him.
But no one saw him
steal the phone.
The witness only saw him
trying to ditch it.
Due to a lack of evidence
and an inability
to communicate with the detainee,
the police were forced
to release their suspect.
Watch your hat, it's windy.
Don't give me that!
You know you can't collect scrap
without a permit.
My permit's on file!
Go check at the police station.
We're from the police station!
We've never seen your file.
You don't even know me.
You'd better come with us.
I tell you, it's on file.
I'm not taking your word for it.
Let's go to the station
and see if there's a file!
- I'm on file, I swear!
- Come on, let's go.
I've been doing this for years.
How can I not be on file?
- Clean this up.
- Why, just this spring...
Don't change the subject.
You're coming with us.
Clean this up,
and we'll go get you registered.
- You mean right now?
- Yes.
All right... just give me a second
to finish what I'm doing here.
Be quick about it.
- I'm sure there's a file somewhere.
- Who registered you?
Call the commerce office,
they'd know.
Who registered you, and where?
Where'd you register?
- Huh?
- Where'd you register?
The commerce office...
You're not registered
with the police?
- Of course I am!
- Then who registered you?
I don't remember now.
So you don't remember when,
where or how you registered?
No, it was in that office...
- Who registered you?
- Check my file.
That's what I'm trying to tell you.
There is no file!
If there's no file here, can't you
just ask the commerce office?
- Are you sure you're registered?
- How could I not be?
Well, who registered you?
I don't remember now.
- I don't think so.
- Huh?
If you don't remember,
you probably never registered at all.
Just look in my file...
There is no file! How many
times do I have to tell you?
And if there's no file,
it means you're not registered.
Not registered? That's impossible!
Who registered you?
- I asked who registered you.
- Let me explain.
Where is this mystery person?
Wait, just let me explain.
The border police
wouldn't let us come into town,
so a group of us
drove our carts over
to the commerce office in our area.
They're the ones who arranged it
with the police station here.
The next day,
we sent someone into town
to register for us.
I didn't go myself.
But we sent someone.
You didn't register in person?
No, we sent someone.
No one's allowed
to register for you!
But the people at commerce
worked it out with the police!
The police and the commerce office
are totally separate!
They do their job
and we do ours, understand?
If you say I have to re-register,
I will.
- If you say...
- Do you understand me?
- I'm just...
- Do you understand me?
If you don't understand,
I can repeat myself.
No need. If I have to re-register,
I'll do it right now.
Then why didn't you say so
in the first place?
Instead of making up some story
about registering
and having a file!
I told you, we sent someone...
No one is allowed
to register for you!
We're not going to issue
someone else your business permit.
- He didn't get a permit...
- And you need your scrap permit!
I've got one,
from the commerce office.
Then let me see it!
It's at home!
Go get it. When you come back,
we'll return your cart.
I don't have it on me now.
Then go home and get it.
- Go get it right now.
- I just need some time to...
I don't want to hear it.
Go home and get your permits.
Both of them - your business
permit and your scrap permit.
I said go home!
What are you hanging around for?
- How am I supposed to get home?
- I don't care, just go.
You know you're not allowed
to collect scrap without a permit.
can't I just re-register now?
It's too late for that.
You said you had the permits.
So go home and get them.
Both documents - your business
permit and your scrap permit.
Can't I just...
Until you show me those permits,
you can't register.
I don't know who you are,
so bring some ID, too.
- It's at home.
- Come back with those three things.
Go home and get them.
You confiscated my cart.
What do you expect me to do, walk?
- Take a pedicab.
- Sure, like I can afford that.
I started collecting scrap
back in '84.
I've been doing this
for 20 years now.
Then you should know
the rules and regulations
better than anyone, right?
- We expect you to cooperate.
- I am cooperating...
So I shouldn't have
to waste my time
explaining why
you need those permits.
That's why I don't carry them
around all the time,
in case I lose them.
Well, I can't release your cart.
What if you don't come back?
How am I supposed to find you?
Where am I going to go?
I'm around here every day.
If I'm not busy on the farm,
I'm here collecting scrap.
Where else would I be?
it's not like I'm a murderer,
running from the law.
I'm a just a junk collector.
Hardly beats begging,
but what else is an old guy like me
going to do?
What choice do I have?
And I've still got to work the farm,
plant and harvest the crops.
So in the slack season
I collect junk
to make a few cents
here and there.
Just enough to keep us
in salt and soy sauce.
No crime in that, is there?
I couldn't run off if I wanted to.
Tell me when to be here tomorrow.
If I don't show up, you can fine me.
It's not like you're never going
to see my face again.
I'm always around.
Go. We have a meeting at 2:00.
You can get your cart
when you come back.
Can I use your phone?
What's the number? I'll dial.
Who is this?
Just tell them your name.
This is Wang Yufu.
Who is this?
It's too loud. I can't hear.
Who's home right now?
I can't hear a word he's saying.
Tell him to speak slower.
Or give it to me.
- What's your name?
- Wang Yufu.
Hello, are you there?
Can you hear me?
- What's your name again?
- Wang Yufu.
I've got Wang Yufu here.
- Do you know him?
- Yeah.
How do you know him?
- He's my grandpa.
- Huh?
He's my grandpa.
Oh, he's your grandpa?
- Are there any grown-ups home?
- Yeah.
Can I talk to a grown-up?
Must be my grandson.
- Didn't you recognize his voice?
- You know kids...
Hello, I've got Wang Yufu here.
I'm calling from the border police.
He wants to talk to you.
Here he is.
He's your father, right?
Here, talk to your father.
Is this San'r?
Is this Xiao Jun or San'r?
This is San'r.
Listen, I'm at the police station.
They want to see my permits.
My scrap permit, and some ID...
- And your business permit.
- And my business permit.
Can you find them
and bring them down here?
I doubt he can find them.
Can't it wait until tomorrow?
That's what I said,
but they said no
and impounded my cart.
Fuck them, those fuckers!
All they do is dick around, anyway.
What difference does a day make?
Shut up!
Those motherfuckers...
- This is unacceptable.
- I said shut up!
Did you hear what he called us?
I won't sit here
and listen to your son insult us.
Get out of here, go.
Go get your permits.
This is unacceptable.
You'll get your cart
when you come back.
You live in Gulouzi, right?
But when you collect scrap
in this town,
you're under our jurisdiction.
You have to follow our rules.
It's not like we're...
If your son has any objections,
he can file a complaint.
We're impounding your cart.
That's all I have to say.
Go get your permits.
Bring your son back with you.
- But it'll cost 20 yuan to get home.
- Just go.
And I can't ride a bike.
You'll get your horse cart when
you come back with those permits.
No permits, no horse cart.
Unless we decide
to kill the old nag.
I have to say
I don't like your son's attitude,
but that's beside the point.
Go and get your permits.
He's out of our jurisdiction,
so there's nothing we can do
about him.
You just bring your permits and ID,
and whatever paperwork you have.
All right? I don't want to waste
any more time talking about this.
All right, I'm going.
Don't worry, he won't bite.
Don't worry.
Come in.
Come in, it's okay.
The little one won't bite, right?
I want you
to look at this permit yourself.
Read it. Tell me what it says.
- What's wrong with it?
- See for yourself.
It's expired.
I pay fees every year,
but the commerce office
never sends me a new permit!
If you don't believe me, ask 'em.
They used to send them, but...
Look at the permit.
Look at it and you'll see.
When does it expire?
Look at the expiration date.
How long is it valid?
Tell me what it says.
You read it and tell me
how long it's valid.
I guess I applied in '94...
or maybe it was '96.
They used to renew it every year...
I'm asking you to read it.
When does it expire?
How would I know?
If you don't know, I'll tell you.
Give it to me
and I'll read it for you.
Who understands this stuff?
See what it says there? See?
"Valid from November 1, 1996
to November 1, 2000."
You hear that? See that?
You can read numbers, can't you?
Know what it says?
The permit's expired.
- How can it be expired?
- It's invalid.
But they never even sent a renewal!
You're supposed to renew it
It's not their responsibility.
I don't understand how it expired.
I mean, I pay fees every year.
I just assumed that they'd...
According to this,
you've broken the law.
The police and the commerce office
could ban you from collecting scrap.
Collecting scrap
without a permit is illegal.
Well, that's their problem.
It's not their problem, it's yours!
Your permit expired, and you never
renewed it at the commerce office.
It's your responsibility,
not theirs!
They don't have to remind you.
Well, I don't want
to argue with you.
But the first year...
You're in no position to argue.
All your permits are expired!
You never even showed up
for the annual inspections.
If I wanted to,
I could revoke your permit
right now!
I never got a notice...
You never even showed up
for the inspections, did you?
It says here
you're supposed to come in
for annual inspections,
but you didn't.
We farmers have it rough.
When we're not on the land,
we have to find other work.
Look at me, I'll be 65 this year.
I'm getting too old for this job,
but what else am I going to do?
My kids are poor too,
so I can't rely on them.
But what can you do?
At my age,
no one would do this kind of work
if they didn't have to.
But I got no skills.
I'm just trying to earn
some spare change.
You need money for New Year,
weddings, gifts and all that.
Those things really start to add up.
When you think about it,
people like us have it pretty rough.
So what's the deal with your son?
Does he have a problem
with the police or something?
He wasn't home.
I meant just now, on the phone.
That was your son, wasn't it?
I didn't even hear what he said...
Maybe you didn't hear, but we did.
Want me to repeat it for you?
It's just that with my grandson
howling so loud,
I couldn't hear a thing...
Well, we heard him loud and clear.
We heard every word he said.
Does your son have a problem
with our police force?
Like I said, he wasn't home.
I'm talking about just now,
on the phone.
Does he have a problem with us?
How could he?
He's never even met you.
Maybe he's got a problem
with the cops over there in Gulou,
I don't know,
but definitely not
with this station.
Then why would he insult us?
Why would he insult us like that?
- I couldn't even hear...
- Maybe so, but I heard.
Everyone in the room heard him!
All I said was you needed to see
my paperwork, and he said...
If you won't admit it, fine!
I just want to know what problem
your son has
with me and my officers.
How could he have a problem
with you? It's just that he...
Why was he cursing us?
Why would he insult us like that?
If he was upset,
it was probably
because you took my cart,
that's all.
And that's a reason to curse us?
It was nothing.
I heard him cursing!
There's no serious conflict.
He's got nothing against you.
Then why did he insult us? Why?
He'd never do that.
Oh no? You want witnesses?
I'll give you a whole room
full of witnesses.
He's got no problem with police...
Then why did he curse us?
That's what I want to know. Why?
Why would he insult us?
I couldn't even hear.
Everything was garbled,
and you know
how young people talk...
That's how young people talk?
Why was he cursing us?
That's all I want to know.
I didn't hear him say anything...
I expect your son
to make a formal apology!
We shouldn't have
to take that kind of abuse!
Well, of course.
You're public servants,
enforcing the law.
He's got no call to insult you.
I couldn't hear clearly,
but if something was said,
he was probably just upset
that you wouldn't give me
an extra day, is all.
I expect a formal apology from him.
He had no right to insult us.
We did nothing wrong.
Are you going to apologize
for your son or not?
If that's what it takes,
fine, I'll apologize!
I haven't heard an apology yet.
I'll tell him to watch his mouth,
and give him a good talking to.
You call that an apology?
If he really was out of line...
This is how you apologize
to someone?
Would you rather call your son
and have him
come down to the station?
I'd like to hear
what he has to say for himself.
- Did you hear me?
- Hm?
Let's call your son up right now.
He and I can have a little chat.
I told you, he's not even home.
What makes him think
he can get away
with insulting officers of the law?
He was out of line...
he shouldn't have said that.
I'll cuss him out when I get home,
tell him to mind his manners.
If you won't apologize,
your son can do it himself.
I'd like to hear what he has to say.
What do you mean?
I want your son
to apologize in person.
This time of day, he's working.
We'll wait until he's off work.
What time is it, anyway?
He's probably out in the fields.
If that's all you have to say,
you can go home.
Why are you still here?
My son was out of line...
Yes he was, and I expect
an explanation from him!
And a formal apology!
Don't give him a hard time.
This is all my fault.
If anyone should apologize
or take responsibility, it's me.
I'll give the boy a talking-to.
All right, I'll let you handle it.
Just make sure he understands.
If he's got a problem with that,
we can meet face to face.
Oh, I'll definitely lecture him...
In that case,
you can take your cart and go home.
And no more work today, you hear?
Once you've got your permits
and registration in order,
you can get back to work,
but not until then, understand?
You understand?
- Do you understand me?
- I understand.
Because if I catch you again
collecting scrap without a permit,
I'll fine you
and confiscate your cart,
But what about the other
scrap collectors without permits?
The same applies to them.
The same rules apply to everyone.
If we catch them,
they'll be punished.
So there's no favoritism?
If those other guys
don't have permits,
they can't work here either.
- That's what you're saying, right?
- Yes.
All right, then.
If you plan to keep working here,
go get your permits in order,
then come register with us.
Don't let me catch you again,
or I'll fine you
and confiscate your cart.
- You understand?
- Yes.
Then you can go.
What am I supposed to do
in the meantime,
hang out at home?
Of course. You don't have
a permit to work here!
What did you think?
But speaking in my own defense,
and I don't mean to offend,
I'm not blaming you...
I don't care who you blame.
It's just that we pay taxes
to support the government...
If you keep talking like that,
you can forget about leaving.
We'll go over
to the commerce office together.
No, I'll go myself...
Then what are you hanging
around here for? Go!
Haven't I made myself clear?
But getting a permit takes time.
There's a whole long process...
Then you'll just have to wait.
Until then, no collecting scrap.
That's the law.
No point in arguing.
And don't let me
catch you at it again,
or there'll be trouble.
You understand me?
I understand,
but I can't just stop working.
I need the money...
Then don't let me catch you again.
I can't do anything
if I don't catch you.
I just don't want to be sneaky.
What if I tell you first, then...
No, no, that's unacceptable!
Same rules for everyone, right?
If you get caught,
you're in trouble.
If we catch you again,
we have to punish you.
You can go now.
Have I made myself clear?
It's just a few days...
I said no.
Get out of here.
See you later.
Disregarding police warnings,
Old Wang drove his cart
around the corner
and promptly resumed
collecting scrap.
Who are they looking for?
"Wanted in a gun-related homicide."
A murderer.
Hi, we're from the border police.
Just a routine checkpoint.
Open the car door, please.
- Why didn't you stop?
- Why should I?
- Step out of the car!
- Get out of the car.
- Step out of the car!
- What if I don't?
Comrade, it's a routine checkpoint.
Don't make this complicated... hey!
Hey, come back!
I know your license number!
Liaoning plates, F53377.
Where'd you get this lumber?
We found it up the mountain.
You just found it?
Everyone out of the truck.
Give me the keys.
You found it?
You expect us to believe that?
Someone else must have cut it.
We just found it lying around.
Why would someone leave
good lumber lying around?
I don't know, but they did.
Either way, it's still stealing.
Let me make this simple for you.
If we find out later
that you cut these trees yourself,
there'll be serious trouble.
I saw the lumber
when I was gathering firewood...
You call that firewood?
No, I was out
looking for stumps
to use as firewood.
Then I saw the lumber and took it.
- By yourself?
- No, with them.
- How'd they get there?
- Huh?
How'd they get up the mountain?
- In my truck.
- Why were you together?
We're neighbors.
You understand what I'm asking?
- They just happened to be there?
- No, I asked them.
You asked them to help?
What'd you tell them?
That we could sell the wood
and get money for New Year.
What time did you find the wood?
About 9:00.
Then what?
I hid it and came back later.
Why'd you hide it?
Because someone else cut it down
and I figured
they'd come back for it.
- Where'd you hide it?
- In the parking lot.
What parking lot?
The public parking lot
on the mountain.
And then?
Then I put it in the truck.
By yourself?
No, they helped.
- Because you asked them?
- Yeah.
Who were you planning sell it to?
Some guy named Wang.
How do you know him?
- Someone told me about him.
- Who told you about him?
Who told you? I want a name.
- Was it one of those three?
- No.
- Did you meet with the buyer?
- No.
- Then where were you going?
- Nowhere...
- Bullshit.
- We're in no mood for lies!
It's late and we're tired!
I want the truth.
You're in a pretty good
position now.
Don't spoil it by waiting
until the others confess.
You're lucky
we're questioning you first.
If you tell us the truth,
we'll be lenient.
But if you hold back,
we've got three others
waiting to talk.
I know.
Just so you're clear on that.
You know we set up
that roadblock for you, right?
No, I don't know.
- We've been watching you.
- I don't know.
You'll be better off if you start
volunteering information.
Don't make me interrogate you,
How many trees have you stolen,
and how many times?
- This is the 1st time.
- How many trees did you take?
This time, 12 or 13.
This time? What about last time?
This was the first time, I swear.
You need to start cooperating.
Better to confess now than wait
until the others have confessed.
Really, this was the first time.
Start talking!
No more lies!
I'm not lying, I...
Then start cooperating.
There's a limit
to our patience, you know?
I know. I had a few drinks,
went over to my aunt's house,
then I caught a ride home
in the truck.
And then?
That's when you stopped us.
A likely story!
It's true.
My aunt lives right around there.
Fuck, his story's full of holes!
It's getting late
and we're running out of patience.
Are you going to tell us
the truth or not?
I am.
Don't lie to us.
I'm not lying.
Then why are you stuttering?
I'm not lying, I swear.
Do you even know what you did?
All I did was get a lift
in the truck
from my aunt's house...
Listen, your friend Sun
already told us everything.
You think about that.
You expect us to believe
you didn't have some role in this?
You're telling us
you don't even know what you did?
How'd you get sap on your clothes?
These are just my work clothes.
Look, the pants are all ripped.
They were already like this.
Where'd the wood come from?
I don't know.
Oh, you don't know?
What do you know, huh?
What do you know?
I wasn't doing anything,
so I stopped to buy some tobacco
on the way home.
And then?
I got a lift back in the truck.
- Whose truck?
- Sun's truck.
Why'd he give you a lift?
We're neighbors,
so he gave me a lift.
You're not a very good liar.
You needed a lift,
and he just happened to drive by?
You'd better start explaining.
How did you plan it?
I finished my dinner,
then I walked over
to my aunt's house,
and bought tobacco
on the way home.
And then?
That's all.
You expect me to believe that?
- Did you bring money?
- What?
- Did you bring money?
- Money?
To buy stuff.
- What'd you buy?
- Tobacco.
I smoke loose tobacco.
I've still got some in my pouch.
How'd you plan to steal the wood?
There was no plan.
- What's your last name?
- Du.
I'm not lying!
I swear I'm not.
I swear I'm not.
Listen, we know you did it.
Might as well confess.
I can't confess
to something I didn't do.
Who found the trees?
Tell us the truth!
I did.
How'd you find them?
Where and where?
I found them up on the mountain.
We talked about selling the wood
so we'd have money for New Year.
Who'd you talk to?
- Chen Jingbo.
- When?
Day before yesterday.
The day you went up the mountain?
I talked to him...
that morning.
Where, at home or on the mountain?
At home.
You went to his house?
What did you say to him?
Your exact words.
I said we need money,
let's take a trip up the mountain.
And he knew what you meant
because you did it before!
No, it was the first time.
How would he know
what you meant?
- Tell the truth.
- I swear it was the first time.
- I'm not lying.
- First time you got caught.
It was the first time
you got caught.
It was the first time, period...
How'd he know what
"take a trip up the mountain" meant?
Sounds like you'd done it before.
I told you what happened.
- Keep talking.
- Huh?
Keep talking.
- You want me to go on?
- Yeah, the whole story.
Then we took the wood, that's all.
Fuck you...
You think you're fucking tough?
Fuck you!
Come here.
We gave you a chance
and you fucking blew it, understand?
Turn off the camera.
- You're going to cooperate, right?
- Huh?
You're going to cooperate?
Before we get there
I'll take off your cuffs,
so you won't lose face
in front of your family.
I want you to show me
all your saws and equipment.
There's one in the truck
and one in the house.
We'll take them for evidence.
If your wife asks what's going on,
tell her it's nothing serious,
got it?
And no funny business.
- Which way's your house?
- That way.
- How many kids you got?
- One.
- Just one? How old?
- Seventeen.
Boy or girl?
A boy.
That's the house over there?
Uncuff him.
We're almost there.
We'll uncuff you here.
And don't try to run.
Where would I run?
This way, you can face your family.
- Who's that?
- My dad.
Where'd everyone go?
Is my wife here?
She's out.
How old are you?
Nothing to worry about.
I'm going to change my shoes.
They're wet.
- What's this?
- It's a saw.
Who're they?
Border police.
From over in Taipingwan?
Can you get me some socks?
Mine are all wet.
- What's your name?
- Zhang.
- What's going on?
- It's no big deal.
- No big deal?
- Why's your face all red?
Just cold, I guess.
If it's no big deal,
why are the police here?
We deserve an explanation.
They were cutting down
trees on the mountain,
and planning to sell them.
- Did someone report them?
- Report them?
Hurry up.
What's going on?
Are they going to fine you?
I don't know yet.
I'll tell you when we get back.
We'll be right back.
He said they'll be right back.
- Where are you going?
- Up the mountain.
Nothing to worry about.
What happened to your face?
What'd they do, beat you?
Maybe he broke the law,
but it's no reason to beat him!
That's just wrong.
They can't do that...
How far is it?
Man, I'm exhausted.
When we get back, you can call
your relatives about the money.
- Huh?
- Money to pay the fine.
My wife will have
the money when we get back.
We'll see if we can get
your fine reduced.
I already told my wife
to get the money.
- At least stay for lunch.
- No need.
You must be tired
after all this walking.
A meal won't make us less tired.
I just feel bad for putting you
to so much trouble.
When we get back, we'll tell
the captain about your situation
and see if he'll reduce the fine.
I just wanted to earn some cash,
but now I'm broke again.
So you won't do it again.
- You bet your life I won't.
- You wasted our time, too.
I wasted your time
and made my family worry.
Fuck, I never stole anything before.
Today's the 5th, market day.
I wanted to buy some presents.
So that was the plan?
I thought if I sold the wood,
I could make some money
and buy my kid some New Year's
presents at the market today.
You were going today?
And spending the night in town?
To buy your kid presents?
Any more trees?
Let's keep going.
Any more?
Is that all?
I barely made 4000 yuan this year.
I work hard all year round
to send my kid to school,
and we're still eating up
the family savings.
- At least you've got savings.
- What savings?
My parents had to support 4 sons.
I was lucky to afford a wife.
The house isn't big enough.
You saw it.
My dad lives in that little lean-to.
But what can you do?
An old man shouldn't have
to live like that.
This area's pretty poor.
There are laws
against beating people!
Look what you did to his face!
You're supposed to talk things out,
use reason, not violence!
You're supposed to enforce the law!
Isn't that against the law?
It's New Year,
and you bring them home like this!
We need to talk about this.
Even if they broke the law,
it's no excuse to hit them.
What are we going to do about this?
After all, it's New Year.
The police can't just
go around beating people!
Isn't there a law against that?
We already paid the fine.
Why can't we ride back with you?
Don't interfere
with police business.
We're not interfering!
If you're taking our men away,
we have the right to go along!
No, we're coming with you.
We're not just going to pay the fine
and let you leave.
Because the suspects were beaten
in violation of police regulations
and the supervising officers feared
the families might file a complaint,
the men were fined
a token amount of 300 yuan
and allowed to keep the lumber
they cut down.
"Our annual demobilization
is already in full force.
"Officer selection
and restructuring
"within the ranks
has been completed.
"The task at hand
is to ensure a smooth transition
"and promote stability
and continuity within the ranks.
"Ideological education
continues to be essential.
"Departing veterans are encouraged
to maintain a positive attitude.
"Brigade leaders
have gone into the field
"to speak to the departing veterans,
"listen sincerely to their opinions
"and help them make a smooth
transition to civilian life.
"In addition,
the brigade headquarters
"has issued a statement.
"The statement reaffirms
our commitment to protect and serve,
"secure our borders,
"carry on a glorious
military tradition
"and conduct ourselves in a manner
befitting the insignia we wear.
"All 16 departing soldiers
"have indicated their support
"by signing their names
to the statement.
"Officer and troop morale is high,
our objectives are clear.
"All ranks continue to do their duty
"with energy and enthusiasm."
Right now, the annual demobilization
of soldiers is our first priority.
I already spoke with some of you
this afternoon.
This is an organizational decision.
I trust that everyone
will respect this,
and maintain a positive attitude.
Although your time
in the army was brief,
it will help you prepare
for the challenges ahead
as you return to your hometowns
and help build the local economy.
Soldier, soldier, it's time to go
Soldier, soldier, it's time to go
Soldier, soldier, don't you grieve
For what used to be
Soldier, don't be this way
Say your farewells,
And shed your tears alone
Soldier, take your leave at ease
Behind you stands this army
Soldier, fare thee well
You'll never be forgotten here
Soldier, fare thee well
You'll always be remembered here...
That's how society is.
A lot of things aren't fair.
It's the truth
and I'm not afraid to say it.
If I had 50,000 to pay the bribe,
I know I'd get into the academy.
That's the truth, and you know it.
So why would you want
to stay in the army?
I'm just upset right now.
- You understand me, right?
- I understand.
But you've got to cheer up.
- How can I?
- It's not the end of the world!
It's just a phase.
I'm trying to understand myself.
But I know myself better
than anyone, trust me.
Someday you'll see.
Someday we'll meet up again
and I'll be fine, you'll see.
I know we've had our differences,
but I'll be fine, trust me.
I'm just drunk right now.
You're sober.
I know I'm making a fool of myself,
but I don't care.
That's the kind of guy I am.
Don't be stupid...
You're a kick-ass public speaker,
Well, I think I am, too.
I wanted to test myself against you,
but I never got the chance.
That's not important.
It's what we experience that counts.
You've gained experience.
That's what matters.
I just want you to understand me.
It's like playing go.
If I think I'm losing
and just play defense, I'll win.
But if I'm overconfident,
I'll get careless.
That's what happened.
I got overconfident and lost.
I lost out, and it sucks.
It's different for you.
You went to college.
Junior high, high school, college.
I wanted to go to college, too.
If I got into the military academy,
I know I'd kick ass.
But I lost out, and lost everything.
What do you mean?
I hate it when you talk like that.
What have you lost?
You've gained valuable experience,
that's how you should look at it.
It's a benefit, not a loss.
It'll help you in the future,
whether in school, work or life.
Just because they didn't make you
an officer
doesn't mean you lost everything.
But the thing I wanted most is gone.
They wouldn't even
give me a chance.
That's life. You try and you fail,
you try and you fail.
But if you persevere,
you'll succeed.
The key is how you look at it.
I know.
I know I'll succeed someday,
but right now I'm a loser.
You can't measure success
by other people's standards.
If you've tried your best,
you're a success.
Sitting here right now,
I feel like a loser.
You're a solider! You can go home
with your head held high.
- I guess so.
- I know so.
But when you talk like this,
you sound like a loser.
Maybe it's because I am a loser.
You think you're a loser?
How could I not be?
What makes you think that?
I tried my best and still failed.
Doesn't that make me a loser?
Life's not just about the outcome,
it's a process.
Think about it, what matters more:
the journey or the destination?
Some say it's the destination,
but I think it's the journey.
If you keep searching,
pay your dues
and follow your conscience,
you can face anything
that comes your way.
I tell you, bro...
I used to think so too,
but anyone who says
results don't matter is naive.
Results are all that count.
Winning is what matters.
It doesn't matter
how great you are if you lose.
History is written by the victors.
If you lose, you're just a loser.
But if you win,
even if you win
by bribes or dirty tricks,
you're the winner, you're the man.
Listen Tao Ge,
I know I'm being negative,
but it's just a phase.
I'm drunk and you're not,
so you can think
I'm pitiful or pathetic...
I don't think that.
But I won't be
this pathetic forever.
This is going to pass,
and I'll be back to my old self.
I never thought
you'd take this so seriously.
It is serious.
I spent two years in the army,
and for what?
How would you feel?
I staked everything on this,
and what did it get me?
It's too early to say that.
- You're still young.
- Doesn't matter.
How old are you?
How can you say
you staked everything?
Age doesn't matter.
I bet everything I had and I lost.
You've already got two stars.
But no matter.
So what if I lost?
I took a gamble, right?
This is just a phase.
When it's all over, I'm still me.
I'm going to be awesome, you'll see.
I'm going to keep trying.
So I'm going home.
No big deal.
I can live without the uniform.
When I first got here,
I was so sure
I'd get into the academy.
I bragged to everyone I'd get in.
And what happened?
I didn't get in.
But I learned a lesson.
You've got to be cautious.
I'm cautious now.
When people ask if I can re-enlist,
I say I don't know.
So what if I failed?
I can live without the uniform.
So what, right?
Your fate's not in your hands.
- That's the way society is.
- Because you're in the army.
- You have to obey orders.
- But it's the same out there.
Sure, you can't control it all.
You can't get ahead
without connections.
And I've got no power,
no connections.
Still, I can't believe it.
No matter, things will get better.
Just don't laugh at me tomorrow.
No one's going to laugh at you.
Don't laugh at me.
We've been through a lot.
all those basketball games?
You even washed my back
in the shower.
Although your technique sucks,
it beats having to wash my own back.
No one else here
ever did that for me.
I'll miss you.
What's lost doesn't matter.
The key is the future, right?
Life's a river.
No matter where it goes,
you'll always have this.
- Don't let it get you down.
- I'm fine.
Fuck, this dog's got some strength.
- Tighten the rope.
- It is tight.
I've got you this time, fucker.
Right in the heart.
He'll be dead in twenty seconds.
It's done.
- He's dead?
- Yeah, he's dead.
That was fast.
20 seconds is all it takes.
I'm freezing.
Why'd you kill him in here?
So he wouldn't bite.
Lift him up.
Summary execution...
Let's go.
The little dog's freaked out.
He'll be fine.
Filmed, directed and edited by:
Zhao Liang
English translation: Cindy Carter
Subtitle ripped and processed by
Originally published 26/12/2013