Crime Spree (2003) Movie Script

- Shhh...
- Shhh!
- Shhh.
- Yes.
- Oh...
- Going somewhere?
- Hey, Marcel.
I thought it was somebody else.
I mean, if I knew it was you,
I would never run.
How's it going, man?
Everything is okay?
Cool, family, kids...
Ha! Ha...
You're probably here
for the money I owe you.
Well... uh...
I don't have it but, you know...
But, Marcel, wait!
Wait, wait! Wait! Wait!
Ow! Ow!
- Today's your lucky day, Sami.
Normally I'd be breaking
your fingers right now
but I'm going to give you a chance
to make enough to pay me back.
We have a group going to Chicago
to do a job.
You're going with them.
- Me?
- You lived there.
You know the city.
- No. No, no, no, man.
That's not possible, man.
I've still got a few legals problems
back in the States...
I'll be happy to go.
- Be at this address.
Nine o'clock, Friday morning.
- Daniel. Julien.
This is Sami.
- Hey. How are you doing?
Everything is okay?
- Caf.
- This is Zero.
- Hey. Hi. And I'm One.
This is Two, Three,
Four and Five.
- In English.
Sami doesn't speak French.
- Where are you from?
- Algeria.
- And you don't speak French?
- Well, you know,
not all Algerians speak French.
It's a matter of what school
you went to. Me, I never really got...
- Zero is not interested
in your life story.
Who gets killed?
- Hopefully no one.
- No one? Then why is Zero here?
- He speaks about himself
in the third person?
- Feel free to correct him
if you want.
- Quoi?
- I'm sorry, Frankie.
Really I am.
- You bleed on me, I'll kill you.
What did I tell you, huh, Vinny?
What did I tell you when
you came to me for money?
Didn't I ask you not to do it?
Did I not say that?
What did I say to him?
- You said, "Don't do it," boss.
- That's right. Did you listen to me?
No. You wanted the money.
So I lent you twenty large.
And now it's been three weeks
and you ain't paid a dime.
What do you think that makes me
look like on the street?
I don't do something to you,
everyone will think
they can skate.
- Frankie, I... I...
- Shut up!
Don't you try to make me
feel bad about this.
This is on your head, not mine.
Break his arm.
- Jesus, Frankie! I...
I'm your brother!
- That's why I'm only breaking
one arm.
- Guys.
- Oh, let me handle this.
Hey, what's up, brother?
How are you doin'?
- Don't you "brother" me,
Hey, what's in the bags?
- Dirty underwear.
- Ha! Dirty underwear...
That's a good one.
Let me explain something to you.
This is my street.
Are you going to give me
the suitcases
or do we have to take 'em?
- Va te faire foutre!
- What did he just say?
- He said to go
and fuck yourself.
- We're tired and bored
with your bullshit.
So put that stupid
little knife away
before Zero shoves it up
your ass.
- Who's Zero?
- He is.
- Well, maybe Zero would like
to get up off his ass
and come take my knife from me.
- If you insist...
Lay it down before
Zero shoots off
those little raisins
you call balls.
- You put a loaded gun in your bag
and you brought it through customs?
How stupid is that?
- Zero didn't put it in his bag.
He put it in yours.
- Hello...
- Laurent Bastaldi sent us.
- Come in.
That's... uh... that's Wayne.
He's my roommate.
Laurent didn't say there'd be
this many of you.
I guess you'll have to...
um... double up.
So is anyone hungry?
- Ready to order?
- Uh... Could we see
yourwine list, please?
- Ha! That's cute.
- They don't have a wine list.
- Well, we'll have the house wine.
- Sure. And would you like that
before your escargots
in white truffle sauce?
- I did not order escargots.
- Hey, they don't serve wine here.
- Okay. I will have a beer.
- I don't think he's grasping
the concept.
Look, we've got iced tea,
lemonade, Coca Cola,
Sprite or root beer.
- Okay. I'll have a Sprite and...
- And me too.
- Yeah, okay.
We have all Sprite.
- Idiot!
- And no smoking!
- No smoking! No drinking!
What kind of country is this?
- I understand you're interested
in one of our properties.
- Yeah.
- That warehouse over
on Liberty Street.
The volume on our import
business has risen dramatically.
The proceeds this quarter
will be supernumerary
due to numerous... - Super what?
- Supernumerary.
It means betterthan expected.
- Then why don't you just fucking
say "betterthan expected"?!
Everybody knows what
"betterthan expected" means.
- I'm taking a vocabulary course
to enhance my...
communication skills.
- Okay.
How much?
- I'm not here to negotiate.
- Why are you here?
- To tell you that we're interested
in the property.
- You told me that on the phone!
What the hell are
you doing here?
Showing off
your communication skills?
Go back to your people and tell them
when they're serious,
to put a number on the table.
How's my brother?
- He's over at Saint J's.
They had to put two pins
in his arm.
- I said a clean break!
- Hey, boss, it's not a science.
- Send him some flowers.
Something nice.
Roses or carnations.
And one of them
"get well soon" cards too.
- Okay, there's
an exterior alarm system
with a motion detector.
The control panel is
in the bedroom.
- Good. So...
Zero and Julien will go
through the window
and disable the motion detector
and we'll come in
through the front door.
- So when do we go?
- Tonight.
- Tonight?
- Well, I know they won't be
home tonight.
- You never heard of jetlag?
- Take a nap.
- What about transportation?
- Raymond, you steal a car.
- No problem.
- What the hell is that?
- Neighbors.
They do this all the time.
- I will talk to them.
- Yeah, right.
- That's not a good idea.
- It is just a matter
of communication.
My name is Raymond!
I am visiting next door
and I was wondering
if you could make your music
a little less loud!
- No!
- But the music is a very...
- Now fuck off!
Listen, asshole...
Ah! Oh!
- What did you say to him?
- Nothing.
- Give me the money!
I said give me
the fucking money!
Open the safe.
- I - I don't have the combination.
- Open it!
Open it!
- I swear I don't have it.
- My car!
- Vato, where's your car, man?
- Where the fuck is my car?!
- You like shoes?
- No.
I like the bag. I think it will be good
for the job tonight.
- It belongs to Vincent Bastaldi.
He left it last time
he was here.
I'm sure he wouldn't mind
if you used it.
I like yourtattoo.
You know, I've been thinking
about getting a tattoo.
A flower or something.
On my ass.
- And who's gonna see it there?
- The lucky ones.
- How are you doing, Frankie?
- What are you doing here?
- Mr G wants to see you.
- Did you come all the way
down here to tell me that?
- Uh-huh.
- You knew where I was
and you got in your car
and you drove here
to tell me that?
- Yeah. Why?
- Hey!
Wouldn't it be great if they made
some kind of electronic device
that allowed people to talk to one
another over long distances?
What a tremendous communication
aid that would be, huh?
- Mr G wanted me to tell you
It's a new thing he has.
He feels it adds a personal touch.
- Personal touch?
- Yeah. You know.
He sends me to show you that he
cares enough to personally invite you.
- So what are you?
Like a walking, fucking
Hallmark card or something?
- Believe me, Frankie.
You wouldn't want me to be here
for the other reason
he sends me to see people.
Are you ready to go?
- What? Now?
I can't go now.
I've got a date
with a drop-dead major babe.
- I'll tell Mr G you said that.
- Okay.
I'm coming.
- Hey, Frankie!
Good to see you.
Sit down. You want something?
- No. I'm good, Angelo.
- I...
I understand Bobby Vee came
to see you today.
- Yeah.
It seems Bonnicelli wants
to talk about buying
the Liberty Street property.
- Business must be good
if he can afford
to buy up useless property.
- I heard this quarter his profits
are going to be supernumerary.
- Going to be what?
- Supernumerary.
It means betterthan expected.
- Excuse me, Mr Giancarlo.
I just wanted to remind you
that you have an appointment
in ten minutes.
- Someone else coming?
- No, no.
That's Tony's way of telling me
that "Camilla's Court"
starts in ten minutes.
Do you everwatch it?
- Uh... No.
- You should.
You'll learn a lot about
the criminal justice system
on that program.
Stay and watch it with me.
- You know, I'm kind of tired,
I'm just going to go home
if it's all the same to you.
- All right, all right.
Go rest, go rest, go rest.
What's this I hear
about your brother?
- He missed three weeks.
- But your own brother...
- Angelo, we live and die
by the rules we make.
We are men of honor
but honorwithout respect is a...
horseless carriage.
- What the fuck does that mean?
- Hello... Yeah.
It's Raymond.
He's outside with the car.
- That's for luck.
- I'm glad he didn't get
something flashy.
- Watch this!
Yee-hoo! Ha! Ha! Ha!
Hee hee! Hee hee hee!
- Raymond, park
in the next street.
We'll meet you
when we're finished.
- Ha! Ha! Ha!
Ha! Ha! Ha!
Ha! Ha! Hou!
- So much for no one being home.
- We've got to be careful
not to use our real names.
I'll be Elvis, you...
- I want to be Elvis.
- No, it's my idea.
- I look more like Elvis than you do.
- Okay, you can be Elvis
and the rest of us are John,
Paul, George and Ringo.
- Hey.
Joe DiMaggio.
It's for my nephew.
- Ah.
- Hey, it looks like
Zammeti's being robbed.
- Should I call CPD?
- Yeah, but tell them
not to move
until these morons
come out of the house.
- Where are the jewels?
There aren't any jewels.
- There has to be.
- I'm telling you.
I pulled out everything
in the safe.
There aren't any jewels.
- We... we...
we've got a problem.
No, no, that doesn't
really describe...
Do you know who that is?
- Mr Taylor.
- No, he's not Mr Taylor.
- Uh, he's not?
- This is Frankie Zammeti,
the under-boss of
the Chicago Mafia.
- Why would they want us
to rob the mafia?
- We're in the wrong house,
you fucking idiot!
- Ha, ha... Mafia...
- Mr. Zammeti...
There seems to have been
a big mistake here.
May I use your phone?
- Feel free.
- All.
- Laurent.
- Marcel?
- Oui... Oui, oui...
Ha! Ha! Ha!
O.K., au revoir.
- I'll find you.
No matterwhere you go,
I'll find you.
- You don't carry the same weight
in France as you do here.
- Do you think it's smart
to tell him we're French?
- I think he already knows that.
- You sure you want to do this?
If I were you,
I'd take a moment
to think it through.
- Okay.
Let's go.
- Wait a minute!
The FBI's across the street.
They've been watching my house
for months.
Think I don't know.
- He's right.
There's someone watching us.
- Why are you telling us this?
- Professional courtesy.
Besides, it would be more fun
to find you myself.
Last chance, boys.
Do the smart thing.
- I really don't know.
Maybe if we did just leave...
- Mr Bastaldi said to take
what we have.
- You think he's just going
to forget about this?
He's coming after us.
We may as well take the money.
- We're going out the back.
- Be seeing you!
I'll eat your fucking legs,
you frogs!
- Shut up!
- What the hell are
they doing in there?
- Yeah?
Oh, yeah...
Oh, yeah, baby...
- Oh, give it to me.
That's good, that's good.
- Hmm?
- Oh, yeah, just keep it going.
Keep it going for me.
I'm getting there.
Keep it going, sweetheart.
Give it to Papa Joey.
- Joey, who is that?
- Uh... And don't call here
again, you pervert!
A pervert.
Yeah, boss?
- I wasn't expecting you guys
back this fast.
So how'd it go?
- You gave us the wrong address,
- No, I didn't.
- Bastaldi got the address
from you. Yes?
- Yes.
- And he gave it to us.
9945, Ridgeway Road.
- No. 9945, Ridgeroad Way.
- Ah, that moron.
- Oh, it's an honest mistake,
you know.
Ridgeway Road, Ridgeway Street.
- Okay, let's go to sleep.
We leave early tomorrow morning.
- Do you think we could have
a hostage situation in there?
- Now, hold on a second.
Joey Two-Tons just pulled up.
- Jesus, boss!
Hey, what happened here, hey?
Are you okay?
- Joey... Joey...
- Yeah... I'm here.
- Joey...
Pick me the fuck up!
- Oh, oh, okay.
Hang on there, huh?
- Fucking moron!
They're all French guys.
- French guys?
You mean like...
French from France?
- Yeah. French guys from France.
- Hmm. What did they take?
- Everything!
- Everything?
Like I told you, boss, you are
handling this very well.
- You know why I'm handling
this very well?
Because you're going
to find them for me.
- Yeah, sure.
Don't worry about it.
I get them for you.
- Now would be a good time
to start.
- Oh. Okay.
- Hey!
Papa Joey?
- Can't sleep?
- Aaargh!
- Somebody stole my cartonight.
- Come on, Raphael, you don't think
that I would steal your car?
- You stole my cousin
Enrique's car.
- Hector. Don't interrupt me.
- But, Raph, he...
- Hector!
- He told Enrique that he didn't know
anything about his car!
- I don't give a shit
about your cousin's car.
We're here about my car.
Shut your mouth!
- Ohh...
- If I find out you're lying,
I'm going to come back
and I'm going to cut off
your nose.
- Sophie!
- She's not here, man.
- Where is she?
- Uh... I think she went
to see someone.
She... uh... put some stuff
into a bag and then left.
- Fuck!
Oh, shit!
Fuck! Shit!
Oh, man!
We've been ripped off!
- Huh?
- De quoi?
- Oh, man, this is bullshit!
We can't trust anyone
these days.
- She took everything?
- Not everything.
I was going to listen
to it last night but I...
I fell asleep.
- Ha! Ha! Ha!
No, you didn't, man.
Uh... you were banging Sophie.
I saw you guys going at it.
- You slept with her?
- Well, actually, I would say
she slept with me.
- Heh, heh, heh...
- You didn't think it was
a little suspicious
that someone you only knew
for a few hours
wanted to sleep with you?
- No.
Chicks dig me.
: Yeah?
: It's me. I need an
answer from you if I'm going to move.
: We're not just talking
about a piece of work here.
We're talking about a boss.
Giancarlo's a dinosaur.
The guy thinks he's fucking
Vito Corleone or something.
The old ways are gone.
If we don't change now,
we're going to get pushed out.
I need to know if I can count
on your support.
: Yeah.
- No wonder Zammeti didn't want us
to walk out with the tapes.
He's planning on killing Giancarlo
and taking over the family.
- This wasn't the deal.
The deal was to steal
the necklace,
not get in the middle
of a mafia war!
- The deal is whatever
Mr Bastaldi says it is.
- We have to find Sophie.
- How are we going to do that?
- I know where she went.
- Don't turn here.
- I know where I'm going.
- It's the wrong way!
- Shut up!
- Yo, Raph...
- Hector, shut up!
Don't say anything
unless I ask you.
Hector, tell me the truth.
Do you think I'm ever going
to find my car?
- Uh... it's hard to say.
- Hey... Hi. Uh...
Did a woman just check in?
She's about five-six,
dark, long hair.
Uh... pretty.
- I can't give out information
on our guests.
- Come on, man.
I think she's having an affair.
- So are half the people
in this place.
Can't help you, pal.
Look, I already told you...
Room 14.
- The money isn't here.
- Where is it, Sophie?
- I don't know.
- Who are you waiting for?
- Why don't you stick around
and find out?
- Okay.
- He's FBI.
- We've been set up.
We didn't go to the wrong house,
We went to the right one.
Didn't we, Sophie?
They sent us to Zammeti's house.
The FBI is just across the street
watching the whole thing
and they don't move.
Because they were waiting for us
to come out so they could arrest us.
- What does arresting us
get them?
- Do you want to tell him?
- You're telling it fine.
Aaargh! Ah!
Okay, okay!
We've been investigating
Zammeti for years
but we never had enough evidence
for a warrant to search
his house.
We got word through a snitch
that Zammeti was planning
to take Giancarlo out.
Our informant told us
that Zammeti was talking
to other bosses and
recording the conversations.
- So we rob Zammeti,
you arrest us when we come out
and the contents of the safe
is now evidence
which you can use against him.
- Why us?
- Vincent Bastaldi's in jail.
- Last time Vincent was here, he asked
me to meet him outside the city.
Before he could tell me
what he wanted,
the FBI showed up
and arrested him.
- Arrested him forwhat?
- Laurent and Vincent were
in business with Zammeti.
- What kind of business?
- Black market art.
Zammeti got to a few key
security guards in the museum.
Bastaldi supplied the artists
to make copies of famous works.
They'd switch the paintings
and the originals to Paris,
and the Bastaldis would sell
them to private collectors.
- We know they replaced
Van Gogh's
'Vase with Fifteen Sunflowers'
with a copy last week.
If we got the tapes,
we'd release his brother,
providing he tells us
where the Van Gogh
and the other paintings are.
- No one has mentioned
the part of the plan
about us getting caught
and going to prison.
- We're leaving.
Raymond, get the bag.
- If you leave with those tapes,
you'll never
get out of the city.
- Did they know who you were
when they broke in the house?
- Yes.
- What's happening
with the world?
There was a time when no civilian
would touch a made man.
What did they take?
- Some cash, some jewelry.
The other stuff I can replace
but there's a cardboard box.
Photos of my mother.
They're the only ones
I have of her.
- We're doing everything
we can to find these people.
Right, Tony?
- Believe me, we've reached out
to everyone we know.
- If they're still stupid enough
to be in this city,
Tony will find them.
- All right!
- I'm closer, I'm closer.
- Why, are you blind here orwhat?
- What? Are you nuts?
- Frankie, come here
for a sec, please.
- Get in the car.
- Who's closerto the wall?
Joey or me?
- You are. Now get in the car.
- This is turning to shit.
- You find them. You're the FBI.
- Ah. I can't bring
the Bureau into this.
If I do the tapes
become evidence.
- They're supposed
to be evidence.
That's why Bastaldi set this up.
- Fuck Bastaldi and his brother!
Those tapes are gold.
Do you have any idea what
Zammeti would pay to get them back?
Too many people know
about my involvement in this.
- Then we'll just have to make
sure that everyone who knows
can't say anything.
- You're right about that.
- I would like to thank you
for your hospitality.
If you are ever in Paris...
here is my number.
- Cool. Yeah.
- What, man?
- Guns. Can you get them?
- Man, I can get anything.
- Don't bullshit me.
- I ain't bullshitting.
I can get guns.
I can get you any kind of gun
you want.
See? But that ain't going
to help your sorry ass.
That man's carthat you stole,
Raphael Ruiz...
Yeah, well, he's the leader
of the 19th Street Gang
and one disturbed motherfucker.
And Frankie Zammeti already put
the word out on the street
that he's looking
for some French dudes.
You're French, ain't you?
- I'm from Belgium.
- Shit.
I'd be from Belgium too,
if I was you.
You know, Zammeti just put
his own brother in the hospital.
Broke his arm because
he was late on a debt.
You see, I mention this
to illustrate
the kind of people
who are looking for you.
- Why haven't you turned us in?
- I ain't no rat.
You've got money, right?
- Uh-huh.
- Cool.
- Have you got a cell phone?
- Hell, yeah, I've got a cell phone.
My damn grandma has a cell phone.
- Okay. You give me the number
and I call you later.
- Yeah, you do that.
- Fine.
- Cool.
- Hey, man. No, no.
What are you doing?
Oh, excuse me.
Don't you need a search warrant
or something?
- Not today. Where are your friends?
- They left about a half hour ago.
- Yeah. Where'd they go?
- I don't know.
Oh, man, you can't do that!
- What? This?
- Aargh!
- Huh? Orthis?
If you don't want me
to keep on hurting you,
it's important that I believe
you and right now I don't.
So tell me. Where did they go?!
- I swear, man. I don't know.
They packed up and left
a half hour ago.
They left a number for a guy
in Paris that's on the table.
- Hmm. Thanks.
- Ah!
- Hey, Sami. You're on TV.
- Police want to question
Sami Zerhouni
in connection with the murder
of Sophie Greer.
- What?
- Police have confirmed
Zerhouni was seen
entering the woman's room
by the motel manager.
They also want to talk to Zerhouni
regarding a robbery last night
at the home of alleged mafia
member Frankie Zammeti.
- Bastaldi, you fuck!
- The other members of his gang
are reported to be
French nationals Daniel Foray,
Marcel Bonnet,
Julien Labesse
and Raymond Gayet...
- Huh. Dumb crackers.
- And an unidentified man
known only as Zero.
- That ought to shake things up.
- Up next: A vacation getaway
on a budget.
We'll be right back.
- This is bad.
This is really fucking bad!
Am I the only one who sees
how bad this is?
- Hey, this is not your picture
on TV, it's mine!
So try to be cool!
- Don't tell me to be cool.
We were supposed to be in and out.
In the last twenty-four hours,
we've managed to get the mafia,
the FBI,
the Chicago Police Department
and a group of latin gang
members after us!
- We have to get out of here.
- That's brilliant.
Care to elaborate?
- You're not helping.
- What you're doing right now
is a very normal
psychological reaction
to stress.
You're projecting your anger
on to us.
- Oh, Jesus.
We're dead.
Yeah? - It's me.
- Hey! You guys are
becoming famous.
I was just watching the news
- Did you set it up?
- Man, yeah, I set it up.
Tomorrow morning, ten o'clock.
- Pogue.
- What's happening over there?
- Your idiots are getting
- Sami, you steal a wallet
from someone who looks
like one of us.
- What for?
- To rent a car. And forthat
we need a credit card.
- Oh, excuse me. I'm sorry.
- I'm gonna have to search you!
- We'll save you the trouble.
- You can't come in here
with that!
- What's wrong with this guy?
- He's my cousin. He's deaf.
- We're here to buy,
not to steal.
- You can let them in.
- Yo, man, what the hell
are you doing?
Hey, look, I gave
these dudes my word.
- Fuck yourword!
Zammeti's offering twenty grand
a head forthese guys.
Do you think I'm going
to settle for four g's
when I could make forty?
Reach in easy
and put the gun on the floor.
I said put it on the floor,
not kick it under the bed.
Get that and add it
to my inventory.
I assume you're carrying too?
Okay, put it on the floor
and do not kick it
under the fucking bed.
Listen, cowboy,
if you're even thinking
about making a move, don't.
Nobody's that fast.
- Zero is.
- Who the fuck is Zero?
- He is.
- I found it!
- Man, you're crazy. Give me my money,
I can get the hell out of here.
- There is one more thing
I need you to do.
- What, man?
- Hello.
- Hello. I'm James Picarney
from Dayton, Ohio,
and I would like to rent a car
with my gold card.
- Let me check
and see what we've got.
Yeah, I've got a couple of French
guys here trying to rent a car.
- So... I've come by to see
how you're doing.
- What do you want, Frankie?
- I just wanted to say
that... uh...
upon reflection...
that I may have overreacted
a little the other day.
- A little?
- I mean, you are
my brother and, well,
I should have found anotherway
of expressing my disappointment.
So I've decided
to make it up to you.
- You going to forget
about the money I owe you?
- What? Are you nuts?
A debt is a debt.
I was thinking of throwing
a little extra work your way.
You come down to the club
and make espresso for the boys.
Run some errands,
things like that.
- Vinny.
- Joey.
- Hey, uh...
no hard feelings about
the other day, huh?
It was just business.
Are you doing okay?
- Uh... my arm, it itches.
- Do not scratch it
with a coat hanger.
It can cause an infection.
My cousin Ernie...
- Did you come in here
for a reason?
- Yeah. Uh... Some guy
in a car rental called Nicky,
he might have a line
on our friends.
- Pogue.
- If you everwant
to get those tapes,
meet me in ten minutes at
Grand Park, by the Conservatory.
- Sorry about the wait.
There's... uh...
a problem with the equipment.
It should only be
a few more minutes.
- You tried to set me up,
you piece of shit.
Hey, what are you doing?
- You think I'm going to talk
until I see if you're wired?
- You killed her.
- No. You killed her.
The manager remembers you
going into her motel room.
Your fingerprints were found
all over the place.
You're fucked, Sami, and you know it.
That's why you're here.
- Look, I just want
out of this nightmare.
Okay? I don't know these guys.
- Where are the tapes?
- I can get them.
But what do I get if I do?
- A pass.
- A pass?
How are you going
to give me a pass?
Awitness can put me
at the crime scene.
- Witnesses can be convinced
they made a mistake.
And without the murderweapon,
the DA doesn't have enough
to prosecute you.
- They don't have
a murderweapon?
- No... I do.
The lamp. The one with her blood
and your fingerprints all over it.
Of course, they could always get
an anonymous tip,
find it in a dumpster
behind the motel...
- You want the tapes
for yourself.
You're going to sell them
to Zammeti.
- I am going to retire
with a shitload of money,
find a nice little country with
no extradition treaty with the States,
live the good life.
- You didn't have
to kill Sophie.
- Yes, I did.
Loose ends are messy.
When you get the tapes,
you call me at that number.
We'll make the exchange.
That'll be the end of it.
- I don't know about
the little one
but the other guy is
definitely one of them.
- Looking good in your jacket.
One of your mother's gift?
You look younger.
- No!
- No!
- It's not your fault, Daniel.
- We had the chance
to walk out of Zammeti's house.
- We all agreed to it.
You had no way of knowing
Bastaldi was setting us up.
- I just want to live long enough
to get back to Paris.
Just long enough to kill him.
- I say we make him pay first.
And then you can do
whatever you want to him.
- He's right!
Do you have any idea
what Van Gogh's "Vase
With Fifteen Sunflowers" is worth?
It's got to be millions!
- We still have
to get out of here.
- Maybe if we gave
the tapes back...
- No.
They killed our friend.
It's personal now.
Besides, if we do that,
then Julien died for nothing.
The tapes are the key.
- I ain't seen your ride,
- Mrs Gayet?
Yes. Do you speak English?
Ah, you do. Great.
I'm a friend of Raymond...
You taught Raymond
how to speak English too...
Well, you did a wonderful job.
- Yeah?
- Do you know who you should
talk to is Freddy O?
- I thought he was in prison.
- No, man, he just got out
last month.
- Are you sure they're our guys?
- I'm sorry to call so late...
- And the other one?
...but I'm supposed
to meet Raymond...
- A French passport?
Well, what else
did you find on him?
- I'm supposed to meet
Raymond tonight
at his hotel
and I've forgotten...
- Hey, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait.
A hotel card key?
- He's trying to play it straight
but he's still wired in, ese,
working in some restaurant.
- What hotel?
- The Evening Light Inn,
Room 412.
- I don't believe someone
would have the balls
to rip off your ride, ese.
- Coo hombre.
When I find him, he's not
going to have them anymore.
- I'll ask around.
If they try to move it,
I can find out.
- Excuse me. I was here first.
Listen, buddy.
You just can't push in here.
- Go away.
- I most certainly will not go away.
- All?
- Get out the room. You've got company
coming up. I'll meet you at the Chevy.
- Ah, mais c'est incroyable!
Merde! Ah!
- You fuck. This isn't over.
- Hoy!
- Get back out there!
- You get out there!
- Let me drive! Let me drive!
- Are you ready to go?
- Yeah.
- What happened?
- They sort of...
got away.
- I see.
Well, get back out on the street
and find them
before I sort of kill you.
- But we ain't had nothing to eat
all day, boss.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
Had enough?
Try and get this through that
stupid fucking head of yours.
If Half-tooth Tony finds
these guys before we do
and Giancarlo knows
what was in my safe,
we are all dead.
Are you going to bring that
over here today orwhat?
- All?
- Daniel?
He knows I set them up.
- How would he know that?
They don't know anything.
Look, they're your crew.
Find out where the hell
they are.
We find the tapes,
your brother gets out of jail,
- Bastaldi's here.
- What do you mean "here"?
- Bastaldi's in Chicago.
- How do you know that?
- I could hearthe police sirens.
- What do we do?
- I've got an idea.
Wait here, please.
- Yeah?
- I'd like to see
Mr Giancarlo, please.
- Who the hell are you?
- Tell him I am the guy
who robbed Frankie Zammeti.
- Either you're incredibly brave
or incredibly stupid.
Which one is it?
- I guess we're going
to find out.
- You rob an associate of mine,
a friend.
- Uh... not such a good friend,
Mr Giancarlo.
May I reach in my pocket?
- He's clean, boss.
: It's me.
I need an answer from you
if I'm going to move.
: We're not just talking
about a piece of work here.
We're talking about a boss.
Giancarlo's a dinosaur.
The guy thinks he's fucking
Vito Corleone or something.
The old ways are gone.
If we don't change now,
we're going to get pushed out.
I need to know
- if I can count on your support.
- : Yeah.
- I've got to tell you,
Mr Giancarlo,
this guy is an idiot.
How he lived this long
is a mystery.
- I don't think it'll be a mystery
much longer.
I assume you want something.
- We've got a lot of people
looking for us.
We'd just like to go home.
- You want me to get you
out of the country?
- Yes.
And I need you to find
someone for me.
- And for my help,
I would get what?
- Half the tapes.
- What about the other half?
- Same place, one hour.
- Did you bring the tapes?
- Yeah, I brought the tapes.
The lamp?
- Just a second.
You must think
I'm a fucking moron.
I just want you to know
that piece of work you asked for
on Johnny Wooks is done.
: Good. How did he go?
Like the crying rat bastard...
- There you go, sport.
What the fuck is this?
- Give me yourwallet.
I'll take the bag too.
- You think I don't see
through this?
You tell Sami he is
fucking dead.
- The bag.
- Not a chance.
- Convince him.
- Owww! Son-of-a-bitch!
You fuck!
- Mr Zammeti?
- Yeah?
- I represent a person who wishes
to remain anonymous
but is aware of your current
financial problems
with your brother.
You see that car?
- Yeah.
- It's yours. A gift.
A gift you could give
to your brother
as partial payment.
- No shit?
- Oui. No shit.
- Thanks.
Hey, Ange!
: You understand?
Sir, I'm talking right now
and when I'm talking, mine is
the only voice I want to hear.
Okay? So zip it, buster!
- Ha, ha. She's a pistol,
ain't she?
I love a tough broad.
I bet she's good
in the sack too.
The fiery ones always are.
What do you want?
You've got something for me?
Call this number.
Friends of mine have
made arrangements
to get you and your crew
to Canada.
Oh, oh...
And here's the other information
you wanted.
- Thank you.
- Do I need to point out
what a grievous error it would be
not to honor your half of the deal?
- No.
- Good.
: Do not tell me how
to cook a roast. I will tell you.
- This came for you.
Are you all right?
- I stubbed my toe!
- Since we're such good friends,
I thought I'd give you an
advance copy of my next work.
- I am going to retire
with a shitload of money,
find a nice little country
with no extradition treaty
with the States,
live the good life.
- You didn't have to kill Sophie.
- Yes, I did.
Loose ends are messy.
- You were so busy
looking for a wire,
you probably didn't even think
about a video camera.
Anyway, I've sent
a copy of the whole tape
to the Chicago PD and the FBI.
They'll get it tomorrow.
If I were you,
I would take the day off.
- Hello...
Hey, boss, some guy says
he's got some tapes you want.
- Yeah?
: You want those tapes,
it's gonna cost you.
- How much?
- Half a mill.
- Are you nuts?
- Okay, I'll just give them
to your boss.
- Wait, wait, wait, wait.
There's an old warehouse
on Liberty Street...
Those the tapes?
- Hey, watch the paint.
- The money?
- How'd you get these?
- I got them.
That's all you need to know.
- Just a second.
Can you believe that guy?
What a moron!
- Good song, though. Huh?
- Great fucking song.
- Hey?
- What's this?
- It's a car.
- Oh, really? Thanks.
I thought it was
a sewing-machine.
What the hell's it doing here?
- It's for you.
- For me?
What am I to do with
a piece of shit like this?
- I don't know.
You could sell it.
It's got to be worth something.
Somebody gave it to me.
Oh, come on, Frankie.
I'm trying to make good here.
- Okay, okay.
Hey! If you're well enough
to be walking around,
you're well enough
to start working here.
- Yeah.
- You lost?
- Watch yourtongue there, homes.
I'm about to make you
a very happy man.
- Where are you going?
- I'm coming with you.
- Wait in the car.
- No, Raph, I want to come
with you.
- Hector!
Wait! In the car!
La concha de tu madre.
Does anybody know
about the car outside?
- Yeah. It's mine.
- No. It's mine!
- The hell it is!
- I'm telling you.
That's my car and somebody
is going to pay for it.
- And I'm telling you it ain't!
Now turn yourtaco-eating
ass around
and get the hell out of here.
- Give me the fucking keys!
- Fuck you, re-fry!
- Fuck me? Ha! Ha!
Fuck you!
- Mama...
: Angelo, we can't
lean too hard on this guy.
He's a congressman.
- How are you doing?
I think that's what they call
a rhetorical question,
being that I already know
the answer,
which is, in your case,
not so good.
Your driver's been replaced.
- Who are you?
- I'm an associate
of Angelo Giancarlo's
and I'm here to express
his displeasure with you.
- Can we work something out?
- I'm afraid not, sport.
- I can't believe
you didn't check it.
- I'm sorry. I did a mistake.
I suppose that none of you have
ever made a mistake before.
- This is great. After everything
we've been through,
we've got twelve hundred dollars
and a fucking
autographed baseball!
- The baseball's mine.
- No, you can't have the baseball.
- Why not?
- You're not entitled to it.
- I took it.
The baseball's mine.
- If you say "baseball"
one more time,
Zero will shoot you.
- Raymond,
don't you think
they're overreacting a little?
- No.
I think they have a right
to express their angerwith you!
Like... after the fact
that you... fuck...
fucking moron!
Why could you not check
the money?!
You goddamn stupid
- Fine.
All of you want to be angry,
be angry.
But I'm the one who took
the ball and that makes it mine.
- No.
- Come on, give it to me, Sami.
- No.
- Give it to me!
- I said no!
- Give it to me!
- Perfect.
- And... action!
- Have you got a cell phone?
- Ha! Ha!
Hell, yeah, I've got
a cell phone.
- Without a murderweapon, the DA
doesn't have enough to prosecute you.
- They don't have
a murderweapon?
- No. But did I ever show you
my FBI ring?
- What are you doing?
- We came here to steal.
We shouldn't leave empty handed.
- Leave it!
- Cut!
- Do you think it's smart
to tell him you're French?
- I think he already knows that.
- But I can't, Bradley. I can't!
I can't, Bradley.
- We are men of honor but...
aie, aie, aie, aie.
- Loose ends are messy.
- What about me?
I'm not a loose hand?
- He's in there.
- But we ain't had nothing
to eat all day, boss.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
Had enough?
- You fuck. This isn't over.
- Now that I have you,
how about a big kiss?
- Medic!
- Where are the tapes?
- Cut!