Crime Story (2021) Movie Script

Are you alone
in the house, sir?
Dispatch, we're interviewing
a Benjamin T. Myers.
Driver's license 9217865.
We have a white Caucasian male
on his way to the hospital.
Suspected shooter was shot.
Victim is 71 years old.
GSW to the abdomen.
No exit wound,
low caliber projectile.
Nobody thinks
they're gonna live forever.
But I'm not finished
Not yet.
Alone, with nobody.
Possible puncture
to the duodenum.
Mr. Myers, are you on
any medications presently?
Mr. Myers?
Why would you do this?
The things I've done.
Unit 21, please come in.
Patient's in and out
of consciousness.
If I wake up...
If I wake up,
I'll choose different.
Have I ever asked
for forgiveness?
But I know I want someone
to stay with me.
Lie to me
that it will be all right.
Aw, you didn't even
touch your breakfast. Nan!
We die alone.
I just don't want to
live alone anymore.
I want to be missed.
Just a minute.
But I wanted a lot
that never came true.
And I've done things
I never wanted to do.
Los siento.
Wait. Wait! Hey!
Everybody chooses.
But is it too late?
For any of us?
I gotta go in to meet Nicky
at the bar.
My daughter, Nickel,
the homicide detective.
She became a cop
to catch me.
Or her sister, Sherry,
who had no father,
and even
less of a chance.
Sweetie, eh... I haven't
been in for three weeks.
You never know
with Tommy.
Okay. That new girl,
she didn't work out.
So, uh,
I won't be gone long.
Just don't let
anybody in.
I'd be happy to.
And my beauty, Nan...
who left me
without going anywhere.
-Nan? Nan, what is it?
It's okay. It's okay.
It's okay.
All right,
beautiful girl.
I went legit
12 years ago,
thanks to a congressman
who owed me a favor.
And now,
my daughter, Nicky,
practically works
for that congressman
as his police liaison.
She and I are not close.
Hey, Ben!
You okay?
You doing all right?
You really wanted to know
the answer to that,
you'd have come sooner.
I'm sorry,
the congressman's scrambling
since we lost the
redistricting. We have a...
We have a major campaign
relaunch this evening,
so my plate
has been pretty full.
Have you, uh, acquainted
your Representative Billings
with his new constituency?
I mean the people
he's been calling wetbacks
for the last few years.
Tricky, I know.
I know
that representative...
constituent relation
better than anybody.
Yeah, it's tricky.
That's why it was hard
for me to get away,
and that's why I'm gonna have
to go pretty soon,
but I need to talk to you
about something.
It's very important.
Not very close.
I need to talk to you
about your grandsons.
I don't have grandsons,
Nicky. You know that
better than anybody.
Uh, can I get you
some coffee?
No thanks. I need
to talk to you.
Sherry. It's about Sherry,
your daughter.
She is not my kid, Nick.
She's been at St. Vinny's
for two months,
and now they just
put her in hospice.
I don't know
if you knew that.
The heroin.
She's gonna die.
And, Dad...
Sherry's boys
are such good boys.
But they're not
very verbal.
I think there's a way
that we could help them.
There's this special school,
and Sherry
has named you if--
when she, you know,
and all you need to do
is sign once.
I will take care of...
What are you doing?
Something I should have done
a long time ago
when you came to me
for college.
Uh, that's-- that's $20,000
in cash. No taxes.
This is for me?
Dad, that was
20 years ago.Well--
I don't-- I don't need
that money anymore.
This is not
"No, thank you" money.
You can give
the money to Sherry.
Okay, listen.
What's going on here?
Wha-- What's the angle?
What do you want?
There has to be a want?
Always with you. Always.
I have cancer--What?
And--Wait! Wait! No.
And it's bad.Are you kidding me?
I... Are you--
It almost feels
like a relief.
You know, I-I-I tried
to hire this maid today,
and she took one look and
turned around and walked out.
And that's kind of the essence
of my problem.
I need someone
who's going to help me with Nan.
Oh, God.
You always
had the worst timing.
I wouldn't
ask this of you, unless...
Unless I had no choice.
I gotta know
that there's gonna
be somebody to help with Nan.
What about the boys?
Can't you care
about them, too?You won't understand--
You'd just sign one time,
and you'd give those boys
a chance.
Ah, you were just a kid.
Look, uh...
When I went away,
your mother
wouldn't have anything to do
with, and I mean nothing,
nothing to do with me.
Nobody understood
except Nan.
Because you chose her.
A man lives
and he makes choices. Yes!
And she's my wife.
And I would-- What? What?
What are you doing here?
Well, I've been
coming in early--
I told you to stay late!
I'm making sure
we're okay--I-I left a message.
I-I didn't know.
I'll get out.
No, it's okay, Tommy.
It's fine.
I-I'm gonna go anyway.
I'll help you, Dad.
I'll help you with Nan.
It's fine. I'll do it.
And there's more.
I'm not taking that.
This is why I'm helping Nan,
because I care about her.
But this
would never be enough.
I know it's not enough.
I'm not saying it's enough.
I'm not doing that!
I am not-- I am not--
You-- Goddamn it!
I was-- I been coming in
early to make sure that--
I'm sorry, um...
Where did you
leave me a message?
It doesn't really matter
now, does it?
Jo, he did not
sign the papers.
He did not
sign the papers.
Because, because
he told me he was sick,
and then he tried to buy me,
and I just got too mad.
I couldn't do it.
I'm sorry.
Hold on.
Yeah, I don't know.
Yes, he's a son of a bitch.
I'm a freakin' idiot...
for even trying this.
Now? I don't know, Sherry's
just gonna have to do it.
She just has to.
I'll do my best. Love you.
Hi, Sher. How you doing?
You don't look good.
Well, fortunately, you look
good enough for the both of us.
How's the boys? Miss 'em.
My boys are great,
thank you.
And how are you doing?
How, how are they
treating you here?
Church fosters
are bringing 'em over
to see me today.
My boys love me.
Of course they do.
You said
I was a bad mom.
You... you took them.
I only took 'em
'cause you were sick
and you couldn't take care
of them for a little while.
You took my boys
from me.
No, sweetheart,
I love them too.You t--
I love them too, as--
Nick--Okay, Sherry. Okay.
Who's your friend?
It's Matilda.
That's the best name, ever.
You always had a way
of coming up
with the best things.
Like you could take
the, the worst things,
the really, really bad stuff
and somehow make it funny even.
I always admired that
about you, Sherry.
It's like your job
was to make the bad things
not so bad.
And my job was to try
and stop the bad things
from happening.
You're a good
big sister, Nick.
No. A good big sister
would have protected you.
And-and-and not left you
with Mom.
I would have gotten you
to school.
But, Sherry, that's
what I want to do
for the boys now.
I want to give them the chance
that you never had.
Well, the church
is looking after 'em now.
God is with them.
Yes, and God will look
after the boys
in this amazing
church school
that I found for them
for special needs kids.
And they can get all the
attention and education.
So they can be big strong boys
and make their mama proud.
Does that sound like
a good idea for you? Yeah?
All right.
I love you, my darling girl.
I love you.
I'll take care
of everything, okay?
Okay, okay.
Aw, Nan.
What happened?
They took everything.
They took my whole--
How could you
let them in?
Ah, Nan...
Oh, why did you
let 'em in?
I couldn't see
a way out.
Beauty girl...
Oh, Nan.
There is nothing left of us.
She's been gone a long time.
But I was too afraid...
to choose.
Nan... Just stay,
stay there!
Just stay there,
and I'll be back in a...
As soon as I can.
Okay. Okay. Okay.
Somebody did this.
Mr. Myers,
Savannah PD, please open up.
Just a minute,
And I couldn't
find them behind bars.
We need you
to open the door.
I decided to do
what I do.
Sir, we need you
to open the door, now.
What's the problem, Officer?
We received a report of shots
fired at this address.
I didn't hear any gunfire,
and I didn't call any cops.
There's been a mistake.
I'm Ben Myers.
I'm the owner
of this property.
Are you alone
in the house, sir?
Except for you.
I was gonna lie down.
I didn't call any cops,
and I didn't hear any shots.
I know you didn't
call the cops.
I know you didn't
report the shots.
It was your neighbor.
Would you mind
stepping out here
and talking to us?
Why? I can hear you fine.
Why don't you go over
to her house?
She may have a gun.
I'm gonna take a nap,
and while I am,
you're not allowed in.
Is your wife inside, sir?
-Is she all right?
Yeah, we're fine.
Get off my lawn.
We need to see inside.
Looking around corners
all my life,
I missed what was
right in front of my face.
You got a warrant?
Until you do, you're not
allowed in here.
Your license, sir?
Slide it under the door.
Ah, I can fix this.
It goes... here.
There, now I think
if you roll down this thing--
No, no, no.
Don't touch that!
Hey! Hey!
What the hell's the matter
with you?I did-- I'm gonna--
Get out of here!All right. I'm just
trying to help.
I don't need your help,
Mr. Fix-It.Okay.
Hey, you need
anything else?
No. Yes!Huh?
I need a phone number
for Jackson-Polk Surveying.
Poke? P-O-K...
- P-O-L-K.
As in the president.
L-K. P-O-L-K,
like the president.
Yo! Hey, it's time to go.
I got the cameras,
and Reggie's got the list.
I got the-- Aw, shit!
Watch it!
I got the list.
Hey, Jimmy's coming
with the lady.
Which one is Jimmy?
If you have
any questions, all right...
Well, um...
We already spoke
with, um...
You must be Reggie.
Mr. Ben, your husband.
He-he can call the gas comp--
- And who are you? the gas company
if he has any concerns.
And, uh, we're gonna
need this too, ma'am.
But-- For our files.
You're gonna be okay,
Mrs. Myers.
We found all the leaks.
All right?
You have a good--
good morning.
Boss, I am really sorry.
I have looked everywhere.
Jackson-Polk Surveying...
It doesn't exist.
Good, good.
Give me the flip phone.
I've gotta make a call to Ray.
I'm looking for a--
a white cargo van,
that's leaking
steering fluid.
Nick! Nick!
Hey, Mrs. Billings.I'm glad you're here.
There's a problem
with the rally.
When I arranged
for the permits,
the Savannah Mayor's Office,
they issued them,
but they wouldn't
close the streets.Oh, no.
Well, I didn't think
it was a big thing, but...
They don't think we'll have
enough people to warrant
disrupting the commute.
Okay. Let me make
a few calls.
I'll fix this.
It's a safety issue,
I'll fix it, I'll fix it.
Okay, thank you. I knew you
would help. You always do.
Of course, ma'am.
I'll see you later.Okay.
Well, thank you,
Mr. Speaker.
Sir, we did not expect
to be in this situation
Uh-huh. Um...
Uh... What?
You will?
This weekend?
Sir, that is--
That is a lifesaver.
I'm gonna make you feel good
about this decision, Paul.
When we win, you're
gonna feel great.
Thank you so much, sir.
All right, goodbye,
Mr. Speaker.
Yes, bye-bye.
Good news, sir?
Oh, that is
excellent news, Nick.
I'm happy for you,
Oh! So...
How you doing?
I'm good, sir.
Well, you... seem
a little distracted.
I just, I just, uh,
had some, you know,
news about my dad.
I'm a little worried
about him. That's all.
Ben Myers?
You know who my dad is?
And you hired me anyway?
Did I ever tell you
my dad drank?
He fell into a vat
of pet food
in a plant on the I-15.
Oh, my God. Did he die?
Yeah, he did.
I'm so sorry.The point is,
you can't
pick your parents.
Can't choose
where you come from.
The only thing
you get to decide
is where you're going,
And who
you're going with.
Oh, sir, uh, shots fired.
I'm sorry. I have--
I have to go.
Sure, of course, yes.
Yeah, yeah.
So, Nick, just one thing.
Nick, just one thing.
I need you
on my six, okay?
Esta noche,
I need you on my six.
Sir, you got it
a hundred percent.
It's going to go
really, really well.
I promise.
I have your back, okay?Great.
And, Nick, no matter what,
you come to me or count on me
for your dad.
I appreciate that, sir.
Thank you.
Dad, I heard a disturbance
was reported over at your house.
Are you okay? Is Nan okay?
How did you hear
about that?
I-I-I put a sticker
on your file. Family.
The lieutenant
over at your precinct
gave me a courtesy call.
What's going on?
Nicky, I'm gonna have
to call you back.
Dad, is Nan okay?
Tommy?Yeah, Ben.
What are you doing with me?
I mean, still with me?
'Cause I, um...
owe you my life, Ben.
That was a long time ago.
Boss, I-I know
that you got some bad news.
Whatever you need...
That's why I'm here.
No questions, just
'cause you... owe me?
No, you're not the only guy
who chooses, Ben.
I'm here because I'm here.
It's me. Yeah.
I need an answer.
And I'm willing to pay
extra for right now.
By noon.
A white cargo panel truck
that's leaking steering fluid.
They-they must have
borrowed it from some,
some rental lot or,
you know,
mechanics that have
some kind of...
understanding management.
And it's gonna come back
some time today.
Yeah, I want to be there
when it does.
No, that's good.
That's worth five big ones.
I tell you what. Come by
the office in the bar
any time
after three o'clock,
Tommy will give you
an envelope.
Can I help you?
Yeah, where the hell
is everybody?
You lost? It's lunch time.
Oh, oh. That's why
it's taken this long
just to get
to the steering column.
You know my guys
brought that van in
a couple of days ago.
No, we just got this
in here yesterday.
It's a really
hard leak to find.
We took it out to see
if we got it, but, you know.
Oh, you test drove
it yourself
and you still can't find
the goddamned leak.
I told--
Look, I'm gonna get to it.
I'm going to work on it
right now.
You have a good day.
Crazy old dude.
Now, now...
Did you drive this
to Palmetto Way
this morning?
How'd it handle?
It wasn't me!It wasn't you?
It wasn't me!
Angel, stop!
Yeah, Angel. Stop.
Drop the bat.Fuck that!
You ever seen
a six-fingered
auto mechanic?
Yeah, Angel. Do it.
Good, now...
You and me and, uh...
We can take our time.
To figure out what happened
to this car this morning.
You ever seen this guy?
Come on, man!
What about this guy?
You ever see this guy?
You know it's going to take me
two hands to break your wrists.
Reggie! Reggie.
It's Reggie.Reggie what?
Reggie fucking Black guy
that pissed you off,
how would I know?
You're not going to tell me
anything to lead me to him?
I can find
his license plate.
On the surveillance.
I can get the plate.
Do that, Angel.
Get the license plate.
Please hurry!
We'll be here.
Hey, hey, hey!
What?You get that shit
out of my car.
Well, I only got 15 minutes.
It's a thousand.
What's a thousand?
For an address?
Mr. Myers, been a while.
For old time's sake,
I'm giving you a discount.
That thing's worth 300,
500 tops.
Maybe at the DMV,
but then you'd have
to wait in line.
So, um...
What you want with this
Reggie McIntyre anyway?
I just want to talk to him.
Yeah, he's not
very talkative lately.
He, uh, has got an
interesting history, though--
family, associates,
You know, I'm not a very
talkative person either.
I think Reggie and I are
gonna get along just fine.
Detective Wills, you are being
treated to a rare sighting.
May I introduce you
to Detective Lieutenant
Nickel Wallace.
She was assigned to
Congressman Billings'
outreach team
temporarily, what,
12 years ago?
It's nice to meet you.
It's personal, sir.
You got a desk and a stack?Five inches deep.
Dig into Rollins' files,
and take any warm ones
that are called in.
That's what I like to see
in a homicide detective,
Captain, there were
several gunshots fired
at Ben Myers' residence,
and I--
Allegedly, according
to nosy neighbor Gail Gearson,
retired mob boss Ben Myers
fired four or five gunshots.
You already knew.
But, this crime boss
is now,
unbeknownst to any of us,
an upstanding citizen.
But what I didn't know is,
that he had
a family relationship
with one of my detectives.
And yes, as long as I'm paying
your salary, you're still
one of mine.
This is the first I'm hearing
about the expungement, sir.
And my mother and he
never married.
And the joke was that
all she ever got from
him was a nickel.
And all that changed a week ago
when you listed yourself
as his "in case of"?
I discovered he has cancer.
He doesn't have very long
to live.
And so I'm trying
to make right
while I still can.
Look, I'm sorry.
Nineteen years ago, sir,
I didn't think that
I needed any more obstacles
than being female and poor.
I didn't think
I needed to list my
felon father who left us
when I was four years old.
I'm sorry.
Are you in there, Nan?
Nan, it's Nick,
are you okay?
Nan, are you okay?
Nan, sweetie, it's Nick.
Oh, my God! Nan!
Are you hurt?
Are you shot?
Are you all right?
Oh, my God.
What happened?
Oh, I'm sorry.
I'll take care of you.
I'll take care of you.
It's going be all right.
Thank God.
Thank God. I am so glad
you came, Jo.
I did not know
who else to call.
The police?
You are the police.
But you're going to
cover up for your old man
because you owe him for
your magnificent childhood?
Right now, I'm not
worried about him.
All I'm worried about
is Nan.
I have to find somebody
who can take care of her.
Right away.
That's all
I'm worried about.
Well, I'm worried
about you, Nick.
What's going on?
You have been so weird
ever since your sister
took the boys.
I'm still trying to find
a way to help the boys.
And, you know,
Billings is in trouble,
and I know you don't
like him, but, you know,
he's my boss.
I want my sister
to forgive me, before she...
What's the prognosis?It's not good.
The infection
has spread from her bones
to her heart. Endocarditis.
You know her immune system
is shot. She's not gonna
make it out of there.
Listen, can you help me
with Nan?
You're just using me.
It happens to social workers
all the time.Shut up.
You just want me for my
high-powered connections.
Okay, but can you
help me with Nan?
Let me see
what I can do.
It felt good
to be doing something.
Plus, Reggie seemed to have
some time on his hands
to enlighten me.
Oh, yeah.
Hit that shit.
Oh, yeah.
I just wanna talk!
I just wanna...
I wanna--
I just wanna--
If you have
any questions...
it changed itself
into what you're
looking at right now.
Does that sound familiar
to you?
Twelve years ago,
a congressman had a problem.
She was his maid,
so he called me.
I guessed
what the problem was.
You just don't bury
some problems.
I let her go.
Oh, yeah.
But I made her promise
she would not come back.
She could never come back.
Ay, Yonny!
Are you packed?
We're always moving,
and we didn't do nothing.
It's not safe, Yonny.
Is this about the police?
No, it's not about
the police.
A man who knows me,
who knows who I am--
What man? What's going on?
He just saw me today.
Please, go pack your bag.
Don't make me
tell you again!Please listen to me.
I'm legal. You said
my father was legal.
So, maybe my father
can help.
Yonatan, please.
I'm trying to tell you.
We can't run forever.
No, listen. We need help.
It's not safe, Yonny.
You won't even tell me
who he is.
Yeah, Ben! On my way.
I thought I told you
to clean up the alley.
Oh, I did, boss.
You didn't see?
Well, uh, there's a fire
in one of the barrels.
Now, now, now, now, when
that fire burns itself out,
I want you
to take that barrel
down to the dumpster
yourself. Okay?
Uh, yeah, okay.What?
Nothing, enough--
I'm sorry, I'm listening.All right, shush!
Ray's gonna, is gonna call
someone to pick this up.
At 3:15.
And I've been here
since 10:15. Right?
Oh, yeah. Um...
You were already inside
when I came back in
from cleaning
the alley, right? 10:15.
So-- All right.Don't forget to--
You were robbed!
What are you talking about?
Make that call.
I just went by
your house.
Look, let's go inside.
Are you out of your mind?
You come in my place
in front of my people,
and you say
that I got robbed.
That I got robbed.
I've been to your house, Dad.
I found Nan.
I took care of her.
I found her a place.
At the Savannah Senior Center
which is a very nice place.
Where it will be
completely private.
Discreet. No one
will know about it.
And the most important thing
is she's going to be safe.
Nan is in a home,
and I'm not even dead.
She's safe, that's what
you want for her, right?
But you were robbed, Dad.
The place was a wreck.
I couldn't leave her there.
Why didn't you call
the police? Or me?
How many burglaries
did you actually solve
when-when you were
in charge of that, huh?
Let me help.
Tell me how
I can help you, Dad.
I used to be someone
important in this town.
Nothing happens in this town
unless I say so.
Now they just...
walk right into my own...
Dad, are-are you...
Are you trying to fix this
by yourself?
You smell
like cleaning fluid.
You changed
your clothes, are...
Are you trying to take
care of this on your own?
I'm at a dead end.
I'm at a dead end.
Oh, Dad, I'm sorry.
I have to take this.
It's, uh,
it's the station.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, I remember you.
What's going on?
We got a homicide
on 211 San Juan.What?
You know anything?
Uh, Reggie McIntyre,
29, skinny?
Shit, what--
Yeah, he was my CI,
but, um, that was
a long time ago.
I-I have no idea
what he's been
mixed up in lately.
You have no idea
what could have gotten
Reggie McIntyre killed?
I'm sorry, Detective.
I have no idea what happened.
All right, thank you.
Come on, pick up.
Pick up.
Come on, pick up, Jimmy.
Come on.
Jimmy, I'm right
outside the door.
You weren't gonna
tell me?
He's my cousin.
I'm so sorry.
I just found out.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
What's the beard
all about?
Are you going
some place, Jimmy?
You were right
to start packing.
We need to get
all of this shit
out of here.
Clear out.
Look, Nick,
I'm taking my cut
and, and Reggie
and Matteo's cut.
In cash.
My aunt will pay
for Reggie's funeral.
Matteo can do
whatever the fuck Matteo does,
and I'm out of here.
No, that was not our deal.
Okay? I take the cash,
and you guys
fence this shit.
Besides, how do you think
it makes you look to run?
I gotta be
the dumbest person alive
to ever trusted you.
"Jimmy, he owes me.
Oh, I never done this
before. Help me."
You got me back
into this, Nick.
I'm sorry. I will get you
out of it. I promise.
But we helped each other.
Remember with Reggie?
You got promoted.
And-and Ben Myers used to
take care of people, Nick,
for the mob.
I can tell you that Ben Myers
is an old man dying of cancer.
He's crying
in the back of his bar
because he has no leads.
He has no idea who did this.
Or does he?
Did you screw up?
So why are you running?
I want my cut
in cash today.
All right.
It's not safe.That cash...
is my sister's kids'
last chance.
The cash goes with me,
Jimmy. Period.
Like our deal was, okay?
My life's not worth this,
No, it's not. I'm sorry.
Jimmy, you got to turn around
from that table right now.
You got to show me
your hands. I'm sorry.
Please turn around. Slowly.
Don't even think of...
That's what this is?
The hell with me.
Matteo knows who you are.
Yo, he ain't stupid.
He figured it out.
You need me, 'less you wanna
explain all of this to him.
Okay, so let's you and me
just wait here
for the cops to show up.
'Cause they're going to come
looking for Reggie's stash.
Something's going to tip
them off, you know, like a,
a receipt for the storage or,
or, or a lock combination.
And then they'll just
bring us in,
but I'm going to take care
of you. I'm going to
protect you.
You just lay low, all right?
You play your cards right,
it'll all be fixed soon.
What's this?
That's for Reggie's funeral.
It's not "running away
out of town" money.
Its for his mom.
It's to do right by him.
Okay? Just for now.
Just hang on
a little bit longer.
It's all yours.
That's yours. What am I
gonna do with it?
Oh, come on, man.
A major rally
in the Sanctuary
of Christ the Redeemer
Baptist Church this evening
is intended to introduce
Congressman John Billings
to his new Hispanic majority
A group
he often antagonized... Ben, you okay? Congress will now
decide his fate.
Hey, Ben!
Yeah. I'm okay.Yeah?
Reggie McIntyre,
a local handyman...
I got to talk to you,
boss.Shut up!
...was found dead inside
his San Juan home... Just a minute.
I'm on location at the home
of the victim's mother
in the Grayland
section of Aurora,
where mourners
and well-wishers
are gathering to
offer their condolences
Hey, Ben!
It's real important.
Just a minute.
Shut up!
And shut that door.
Please call the Channel 7
Stop Crime Now Line.
They do suspect foul play,
and they're currently
canvassing the neighborhood.
I got Phil
covering for me.
You want me
to leave the envelope
in case Ray's early?
Where the hell
do you think you're going?
The dump. The barrel.
Oh! Right. Good.
Um, is there something
on your mind, boss?
You need anything, Ben?
No. No, no.
I got this.
I got this covered.
Yes, no. She told me about
that this morning, sir.
I just found out.
Nick, that is your job.
No, I agree
that it's a problem.
They can't do this.
No, I'm definitely going to
take care of this for you, sir.
I-I just had a real
bear of a morning.
They've called me into
the station, and I had
to do something, so...
I'll be there soon.
I'm almost done. Okay?
I will take care of all
of your crowd control needs.
See you shortly. Fine, bye.
Oh, my goodness.
Hey, they got so big.
Hi, sweetheart.
Can I have a little hug?
Oh. I missed you
so much. Wow!
Maybe I could take 'em to
the park sometime, just for
a little play, a little visit?
Just for fun?
All right, never mind.
No, not the-- We won't
talk about that right now.
I have something else
I want to ask you. Um...
I want to know if you can
hold onto something for me.
What is it?
It's the key to my locker
at the law school gym.
You dropped the law school.
I know, but, um,
I still have my ID.
It's just in case
something happened to me.
I just want you to have
what's inside the locker.
What's going to happen
to you?
Nothing, nothing's
going to happen to me.
I could call Daddy.
I'd like to see him.
You know who you should call
is you should call Joanne.
Do you remember Joanne?
Joanne was the one
who helped us with Mom.
Joanne can use my ID,
and she can go back
to the law school
and get everything
that's in the locker
for you.
I could ask the church.
The people at the church
are so kind.
Honey, I don't want the people
in your church taking it
and giving it
to your preacher.
And I don't want
some so-called friend
shooting it up your arm.
Can you keep a secret?
Daddy gave you a present,
and that's what's
in the locker.
You talk to Daddy?Yeah.
Right, so this is a key.
I want you to put it
in a very safe place. Okay?
Matilda? Okay.
And then, if you have to,
here's Jo's number.
You just call Joanne.
What's going to
happen to you?
Nothing. I'm just working
for the congressman tonight.
That's all.
I just might be busy.
Will you say hi to Daddy?
Why do you miss him
so much?
I love Daddy.
He loves you, too.
Staking out Reggie's wake
was the only lead I had.
Yo, Jimmy!
It's me, Stokes.
What up, Stokes?
How you doing, man?
Looking good.
G-O-D-D good.
Man, I like the beard.
Stylish. Sharp.
That's a motherfucker,
He shouldn't go out like that.
Yeah, man,
I'm sorry to hear.
I saw your aunt earlier.
Sorry about your cousin,
Reggie. He was good people.
Tell you what,
you and the family,
you need anything,
you know where
to reach me. Right?
All right, man.
I appreciate you.All right, B.
Thanks for coming out.Stay strong, man,
all right?
Appreciate you.
I wanted to know...
who had done this to me.
Yeah, yo, Matteo.
Nah. No, no, no,
I ain't got it, all right?
Hey, Matteo. Matteo.
Listen, man, I'm out.
All right, I'm gone.
You want, you want it?
You want your cut?
All right,
deal with the girl.
Yo... No. No.
Hey, stop.
We're on a cell, man.
Stop talking, all right?
Yeah, yeah,
I will come see you.
But I ain't got nothing.
All right, all right. Yeah.
I wanted to know
who had done this to us.
I was gonna find out.
What the--
Put your foot
on the brake right now.
Why are you doing this
to me?
Stop the goddamned car.
Stop the car!
Come on, put your foot
on the brake.
Put your foot on the brake.
Stop it!
Who are you working--
Goddamn it!
Where you at, J?
You pulling up?
Look, some spooky
shit's going on, man.
It's me.
Jimmy, I can't talk right now.
I'll have to hit you up
after the rally.
-This would never be enough.
And, uh, we're gonna
need this, too.
Jimmy? Hello?
New phone?
Hey, sorry about that.
They'll be here, sir.Well, let's hope so.
And that's why you've
got to get the city
to close the street.
I'll get right back
on that, sir.
Okay, thank you.
We're going to
smoke 'em out, Tommy.
Now if you're
not up to it--No, Ben, I-I got it.
I don't want
any fingerprints.
And there are
cameras everywhere.
No. I got the parts
figured out, Ben, I will.
It's just, are you sure?
I mean, this is
about Nick, isn't it?
Are you
giving me your opinion?
The-- Ben, the congressman.
This, this is big.
Okay. That's it, right?
Well, neither of them
would be there without me.
And I'm going to make
damn sure that they
never forget it.
Now does this meet
with your approval?
Tons could go wrong.
That's all I'm saying.
Tommy. Tommy.
We're just gonna
scare 'em. Okay?
That's it.
Are you with me?
Of course I am.
Okay. Now...
Hey. What?
What, what?
Everything you're going
to need is in that bag.
You need... stuff.
You got things
you got to do.
What am I gonna do with it?
I've got weeks to live.
Hey! Hey, come on,
Don't do that! Mm-mmm!
You know, you're afraid
of the words.
I'm dying.
You're dying.
This is how you want
to spend your time?
With what she did...
You tell me, huh?
After what she did.
I want you to
take care of yourself.
Don't let Ray
give you any shit.
Okay, Ben.
Hey, Ray.Yeah?
These things aren't going
to hurt anybody, right?
No, they're all poof.
Just like you, Tommy.
You've just gotta remember...
to set the timer,
and wait.
But from a distance.
Ha, you can't lose a person.
You can't lose them.
We have no record
of her.All right?
Her name is Nan Myers.
She checked in this morning.
Now, don't--
don't tell me that--
That's my wife.
Hold it. Hold it.
Mr. Myers.
Hey, stop moving!
Look, I just want
to talk to my wife. Okay?
I wanna talk to my wife.
Alone. Please.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Thank you very much.
Oh, Nan.
I swore that you would not
wind up in a place like this.
Maybe it'll be okay.
At least you won't remember.
Nan, I don't know
how you do that. Just...
Just let it go.
I wish I could do that.
To just let it--
let it go.
I wish we had more time.
And I mean just time
with you.
I've had enough time
with me.
I love you, Nan.
This is all
going to go terrific.
Yeah, yeah.
No, Alan. If this
goes south tonight,
this is going to be your career
on the line, and I will
make sure of it.
I did exactly what I used to
when we put these
together in Lowery.
In Lowery?
We're not in Lowery
anymore, sweetie.
Okay, so when the
Mayor's Office calls
and says they
can't regulate traffic
or provide security
outside for our event,
because "no one is coming,"
you should share that
with me.
'Cause you think
it's a problem.
'Cause it's a big giant
"fuck you," Carrie. Okay?
How do I get these people
to vote for me
if I can not get their mayor
to take me fucking
seriously? Jesus!
I don't care
how many people
you think are coming.
The Mayor's Office
will regret
not adequately
protecting your citizens
and your congressman.
Excuse me?
What'd he say?
He said congressman
for now...
I'm sorry.
Fuck. Fucking disgrace.
Maybe this isn't
the best time
because he's not
expecting this today.
Maybe some other day.
Forget it, Mommy.
Forget it. No, forget it.
I really need you to
calm down and understand
that some--
What are you doing? Hey!
We're not blocking anybody
if we go to sit up there.
We ran the ads
and did the promotions,
but like you said,
we're not
in Lowery anymore.
Are they there?
There's enough people
to make this work, John.
Oh!Oh, sir. Are you okay?
Where's your father?What?
I'm good. I'm good.
I'm fine. I'm fine.
I-I got this, Nick.
John. John,
just relax okay?I'm fine.
I know who robbed
your father's house
this morning.
You know who this is?
No. Who is this?
I, I, I-- How did you
get this number?
I called
the police station.
I told them your father
had an emergency.
Listen, uh, Jimmy's gone.
Like, disappeared.
Like, somebody's after us.
I'm sorry. I think
you have the wrong number.
Relax. Relax.
I'm on a pay phone.
I'm not stupid.
But Jimmy's dead, probably.
And I want my cut now.
I-I don't know any Jimmy.
You're not listening!
Your pops is after me.
This isn't safe.
I'm not waiting.
Listen, I disappear tonight.
I get my money tonight.
After this rally, you're going
to bring me what's mine.
I do not know who you are.
I cannot help you.
And do not call
this number again.
Hey, Nick.
Wow, you don't look
so good.
Was that your dad
on the phone?
No, sir.
I want you to look over
your left shoulder
and tell me if you see
a 31-year-old
Guatemalan woman
and her son in the
front pew of the church,
and then tell me what the
fuck they are doing here.
So you--
I mean, there are two
individuals that match
that description down there.
Do you want me to talk to them?
Maybe I misjudged
the situation, but, Nick,
don't ever misjudge me.
In or out of office,
never misjudge me.
Never, sir.
We're live in Christ
the Redeemer Sanctuary,
where embattled
US Congressman John Billings
of the 4th district,
is introducing himself
to a small group
of undecided voters.
Having just lost
his redistricting appeal,
Congressman Billings must now
try to win over a largely
Hispanic constituency,
a group he once denounced
as freeloaders and illegals.
He has his work
cut out for him.
And do you know
what he said to me?
He said to me, "Honey,
we're not in Lowery anymore."
So, I don't want to take up
any more time.
I know you're excited
to hear from him.
Please let me introduce to you
my husband of 15 years
and your congressman,
John Billings.
Now go sit down.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Thank you so much.
Good evening. Um...
Thank you very much.
Come on.
He worked so hard.
Thank you very much.
It is always a great honor
for me to come
and greet my constituents.
It is my firm belief
that a representative
to the Congress
of the United States
has one job.
And that is to represent
the views, needs and dreams
of the people of the district
that he represents.
And I have a
good track record
in delivering
on those dreams.
And also,
unlike my opponent,
nothing was handed to me
on a silver platter.
Every blessing
the Lord has bestowed upon me,
I had to work for.
I had to work
really hard.
Um, I wanted
to go to college.
I really wanted
to go to college.
I couldn't afford it,
so, I joined the army
when I was 16
and I went to Kuwait and
fought in the first Gulf War
with an
artillery battery.
I came home.
I went to college,
courtesy of the Army.
And then much to the horror
of some of my army colleagues...
...I took a commission
in the United States
Marine Corps
and had the great honor
of serving
in Operation
Enduring Freedom in Iraq.
I think it's fair
to say that my career
can be defined
as serving my country...
...serving my
fellow Americans,
Americans just like you.
I'd have given anything
to see her face.
And for her to see mine.
Sit down! Sit down!
All units converge...
It's okay.
Sweetie, it's fine.
...Christ the Redeemer
Sanctuary, protests
have broken out.
Converge! Converge!
I need all available units.
Sit down! Sit down!
Get down. Get down.
Let them do their job.
Possible riot in Christ
the Redeemer Sanctuary.
All units,
please respond.
Please, please, please.
Are you all right, miss?
Are you okay? You sure?
Get them outside.
Get them out of here
to a medic right now.
Let me help her.
I can help her. I need my bag, please?
Let me help her.
I can help. Please let me.
This is Perimeter 3.Go for Nick.
Sanctuary, Northwest Corner.
I've got bombs going off
out here.
Oh, shit,
I've gotta call it.
Ladies and gentlemen,
I need you to quickly
and quietly exit
through the exits
in the back.
What's happening?
Sir, explosions,
you've gotta go.
Put him in the box
and the missus too.
Get them out now,
Go on, get out of here.
Although we
can't determine at this time
if there have been any
injuries or any arrests...
People, I need you
to move faster.
The congressman's own detail
tried to break it up...
If anyone's up in the
balcony please call out!
Becky, we gotta go.
Let's do this outside.
Come on.
Like I said,
this is not a drill.
Guys, get him
out of here. Come on!
All right,
the congressman's safe.
Why did you do this?
Now, why did you
do this?
Why did you kill Reggie?
Everyone you touch,
winds up dead.
Me and Sherry, Dad,
we're dying on the inside.
That's life.
I can take care of her.
Mom, I'm right here.
My SUV's
across the street. I'm right here.
Yonny, come here.I'm right here,
stay with me, please.
You made this happen.
Everybody chooses.
I don't want any more
of your stupid lessons.
All of this,
you brought on yourself,
so I want you
to think about that
as you're heading
towards your grave.
Including what you did
to Nan?
What I did to Nan?Including
what you did to Nan?
Good, shoot me!
Go ahead, shoot me!
Everybody--Just do it!
You never listen.
Stay with me, Mom.Yonny, Yonny!
I think what you did
was a lot worse, Dad,
but you never want
to see your own flaws.
You never ever want to take
any responsibility for anything.
You're so
fucking delusional.
Why don't you ask
your congressman
about good and evil?
I saved his maid
and their unborn child...
Okay....from going
straight to hell.
And I did that.
Ugh, I'm so finished.
Ask your congressman!
I had no choice.
He was going to kill you.
Why did you
hang up on me, lady?Dad...
Give me my money!
Where's Jimmy's phone?
Mom! Let her go!
No! No!
Put pressure on it.
Yonny! Yonny!
Help! Please!
Freeze, drop the gun!
Nick Wallace.
I'm on the job.
I got the shooter.
He was going
for the congressman.
What was it for?
Mr. Myers, are you on
any medications presently?
Mr. Myers?
Tommy?Yeah, Ben.
Why aren't you
at the bar?
It's not even
eight o'clock yet, Ben.
It's not even
eight o'clock?
In the morning?
You want some help
with that?
Uh, yeah. Thanks.
Oh, just lift up the--
the thing.
That kid got hurt.
That's on me.
'Cause of what I did.
Now, now, there's--
there's debts,
and there's life.
But you can't do much living
with a-a life full of debts.
Uh, Tommy,
uh, regret is shit.
No matter where it starts,
it's shit, okay?
And I, I need you
to go...
Ben...Get my...
I need you to go and get
my pants for me, Tommy.
Go and get my pants
for me.
Gonna get your pants.Oh, man, what the hell.
Here. No, no,
wait, wait, wait.
Don't go.
Take the keys
to the bar.
Tommy, you're here.
You're the only one here.
Tommy, just...
The hero.
Come on in, Nick.
They're looking
at making you
a key to the city.
Detective Wallace.
I was hoping you and I
could go talk about
the Reggie McIntyre murders
before you go
unlocking anything.
I thought that was
all wrapped up.
Matteo Higuera's good for him
and his cousin, Jimmy Newson?
That's what
it looks like.That is what it looks like,
but I wanted to tie up
a couple of loose ends
with Detective Wallace.
I'm sorry,
I'd like to help you,
but I don't really know
anything about Matteo.
Never dealt with him?No.
No reason to suspect
he'd know you?
Matteo didn't know me.
Let's handle this after.
Nick, you're due
at City General.
The congressman's making
some sort of announcement,
and they've been
calling for you.
You got it, Captain.
Congratulations, Detective.
Put some ice on that shiner.
For the press conference.
I'll catch up with you.
We're going
to make a statement
and then return to caring
for the people that we love.
Uh, there will be
no questions.
This out-of-control
government bureaucracy,
nearly cost the life
of my son, Yonatan.
Please, please, please!
That young boy...
mi hijo, is fighting
for his life right now.
Thanks to a government
that for too long,
has taken people
like him...
Ms. Chavez, we've done
everything we can for...
We've done everything we can
for Yonatan here.
He's stable, but he sustained
some trauma to his
right frontal lobe.
I had no idea.
More concerningly,
he's fractured his L5,
T6 and T7 vertebrae,
with accompanying edema
of the cord. Swelling.
Will he get up again?
Will he walk?
Ms. Chavez,
your son is tough
and a real fighter.
I used to live
like I was keeping the books.
This is obviously
an extra-ordinarily
difficult time for you,
and everyone at City General
is doing all we can...
Different columns
for what I owed,
what I still
had to settle...
only now, the math
doesn't hold up.
Now I gotta pay.
Hi, Sher.
I knew you'd come
to see me.
Did your guys make
those pictures for you?
My boys
made these for me.
They... They drew 'em
right here.
You would like my boys,
Nicky-- Nicky came?
Nicky came yesterday?Yeah.
Did you know she still
goes to that law school?
She said
it was a secret.
Are you good, Daddy?
Yeah, I'm good.
This belongs to you.
And you have to take
really good care of it.
'Cause it's for your boys.
Yonatan, we love you!
She's gonna keep it.
And you're gonna help
with Nan, right?
So, we're square.
Do you think
that makes us square?
Three people are dead
because of us.
There is a little boy
who may never get to
tell his mother...
Nicky, you can't go back
to the beginning.
You gotta, you gotta deal
with the choices you got.
All I wanted to do
was help those boys.
I didn't mean
to do all of this.
I killed a man.
And you robbed your father.
So, is there
nothing left?
There's just nothing?
I'm, I'm-- I'm always...
I don't know how to...
I-I-- What do I say?
We make the best mistakes
we can.
Oh, baby. Baby.
We make the best mistakes
we can.