Crime Without Passion (1934) Movie Script

Hey, sister.
There is fifty grand on this case.
Can you tell him I'm here?
Mr Gentry is very busy. You will have
to take your turn with the rest.
Good morning, Mr Mclintock.
- Say, my appointment was for 9 o'clock.
It's half past now. I've got
some very important games.
Mr Gentry will see you as
soon as he possibly can.
Mr Gentry, hadn't you better see
Mr Mclintock? He's breathing hard.
Mister Moran seems to be quite anxious
to give you fifty thousand dollars.
Moran's man is getting nervous.
And you've got to be in
court in half an hour.
Those insects.
The so-called "human race".
They don't look like porch-climbers,
murderers and wife-beaters from here.
You wouldn't think those
harmless-looking little doodlebugs ..
Were full of greed and lust.
And all the seven deadly sins.
Now, I often wonder Miss Keeley,
why people go on living.
The intelligent people, I mean.
Shall I send out for some
You haven't much time
for moods this morning.
You've got to be in court, you know.
I don't want to go to court.
- Now stop it.
You'd like it wouldn't you if they sent
that nice Mr York to the electric chair.
Simply because you had a little
stomach ache at the wrong time.
I wish, Miss Keeley ..
You would stop referring to my
philosophical flights as stomach-aches.
As for that nice Mr York?
The electric chair is
much too good for him.
I don't know why I took the case.
Except it was so completely hopeless.
Mister Gentry.
You've got to make your closing
speech to the jury this morning.
Always saving somebody's life.
So abominably clever at
solving other people's troubles.
So half-witted when it comes to my own.
What's the matter?
Carmen Brown, Carmen Brown.
I thought so.
Of course, what I don't
understand Mr Gentry is ..
Well .. never mind.
Go ahead .. say it.
Why don't you just tell her you don't
love her anymore and get it over with?
I called on Miss Brown last night
with that happy notion in mind.
And ended up in such an epidemic
of .. kisses, vows, promises.
It's discouraging.
You know, leaving a woman, Miss Keeley,
is a long and desperate process, like ..
Wrestling with a piece of
fly-paper in a high wind.
The trouble is, you are too nice.
Thank you, Miss Keeley.
But fortunately for yourself,
I've never been in love with you.
So you've only seen my best side.
In love .. I am a monster.
You don't expect me to believe that.
I begin where sensible men leave off.
Hand-holding and .. what goes
with it doesn't seem to be enough.
I have to pull them apart.
And see what makes them tick.
Overwhelm with attentions. Absorb them.
With the result that when I show
signs of leaving some little thing.
She acts like sixty-five wives.
Why can't I find some interest other
than women? Something normal, like ..
Poker, or running for Congress.
Then I'd never be in trouble.
Well, I certainly wouldn't
worry about Miss Brown.
She's no little Bo-Peep
from what I gather.
Miss Keeley.
After all, you took her
away from Mr White.
Well, it seemed like
a good idea at the time.
And I'm sure she loved him just as
much as she pretends she loves you.
[ Buzzer ]
What is it?
- "Miss Brown is here."
Why didn't you answer?
Tell her to come in.
That's what you should think
about when you .. you call on her.
That's not a bad idea.
- What?
Eddie White.
Eddie White.
Hello darling.
- Oh, hello.
What are you doing, up and around
at this hour? And in my office.
Don't be late for court, Mr Gentry.
You forgot something last night.
- What?
Your lucky piece.
That old Mexican peso.
- You're going to need it today.
Well, you didn't have to get up and
come tearing down town just for that.
Do you know you would have
lost the whole case without it?
Probably been run over, too.
I gave you that to keep, not to
leave around on counters.
You are a superstitious little savage.
Now you run right back home
and finish sleeping, my dear.
Oh, I hate you when
you call me "my dear".
My legal side is entirely
without passion.
And, darling. I am very late.
Don't you love me this morning?
Yes ..
Order, please. Silence.
And gentlemen.
Four reputable men have sworn
they were with the defendant ..
Between the hours of 2 and 3.
William Cormack was murdered
at 2:35 that afternoon.
We know .. that a bullet
from the murderer's gun ..
Hit the clock in the hall
and stopped it at 2:35 pm.
There is the clock.
It speaks to you. It says ..
William Cormack was murdered at 2:35.
Who put that bullet there? Why
wasn't it discovered by the Police ..
Until after Mr Gentry was
retained in this case?
A fair question.
You gentlemen saw the Police Lieutenant
who searched the apartment.
That pearl among detectives,
Mr Lieutenant Norton.
You may remember that
when I put him on the stand.
He didn't know what
day of the week it was.
And as for his powers of observation.
I closed my coat and asked him to tell
you what colour neck-tie I was wearing.
Listen, you pup!
Your Honor, are you going to allow State
witnesses to be ridiculed in this manner?
An innocent man's life rests on whether
the State's witnesses are credible or not.
Mr District Attorney.
Make your points in
your rebuttal, Mr O'Brien.
That clock .. was the only
witness to the crime.
Gentlemen .. if the criminal negligence
of the Police had not been exposed ..
By the discovery of that bullet-hole ..
An innocent man might have
been sent to the electric chair.
Who can say that providence
does not watch over the innocent?
I am allowed twenty minutes more.
I could bore you with a ranting rsum
of the State's preposterous case.
But I am unwilling to deprive
you of a rare intellectual treat.
Mr O'Brien's closing speech.
That is sure to be a performance you
would pay money to see in a theatre.
A little lacking in logic, possibly.
Somewhat shaky on fact.
But, melodrama? Oh boy.
And while he shakes his
fist and pulls his hair.
And calls on you in that
dramatic voice of his:
"The State demands that you deal out
death to this ruthless murderer."
"This monstrous being."
Your Honor, what
kind of a farce is this?
If the learned counsel for the
Prosecution uses that tone of voice ..
Why can't I?
Gentlemen ..
While the State demands that you send
this devoted father and husband ..
To the electric chair to burn.
I ask you to do only one thing.
Keep your eyes on that clock.
Thank you .. gentlemen.
Your Honor, the Defence rests.
Silence. The State will
proceed with its rebuttal.
You ain't going, are you?
Mr O'Brien bores the pants off me.
Suppose they find me guilty?
- Don't worry, Butterfingers.
The gentlemen of the jury.
You have just listened to the
most unscrupulous defence ..
Ever offered in a murder trial.
Have they reached a verdict?
- What happened, Mr Gentry?
Why are you leaving?
I'm afraid I might cramp
Mr O'Brien's style.
How about a picture?
- I'd like a statement, Mr Gentry.
After the verdict, boys.
- This is something else.
The Bar Association ..
Is asking the Grand Jury to
investigate your conduct in this case.
Yes, in what respect?
Well it seems they've
adopted some resolutions.
The gist of which is that Lee Gentry is
no better than the murderers he defends.
I would say there was
a slight difference.
Would you mind explaining that
to some of our backward readers.
Well, speaking offhand.
A murderer takes a life, and I save one.
You don't hold with the old-fashioned
idea that murder is a serious crime?
Punishable by death?
I thought you were a
friend of mine, Clark.
A good newspaperman
can't afford friends like you.
Nor enemies like me.
Mr Gentry, if I were
to say "pretty please" ..
Would you give me a statement?
Anything for a lady.
I'll give you two statements.
The first is: the only crime
punishable by death is stupidity.
Some of you ought to be glad there
isn't a law .. not you my dear.
The second is, I don't care a hoot ..
For bar associations, churches, banks or
all the other lame-duck institutions.
That try to keep society
from falling apart.
You call me the champion
of the damned. Well, I am.
All the twisted hearts.
The hopeless, desperate creatures.
Whipped by a so-called
"society" into crime.
These look to me for help.
In reply to the Bar Association, it is
their cry I answer .. and always will.
The Grand Jury is going
to read this, Mr Gentry.
In that case, please add
that I consider that ..
That supreme body a group of
illiterate, ineffectual nincompoops.
With the combined courage
and mentality of an amoeba.
Fine talk, Gentry. It will be
pretty tough on you if you slip.
Don't worry, Buddy. I won't slip.
Sorry I'm late, Katy.
I cut my aria to the
jury to ten minutes.
All for you, dearest.
Order for me Emile. Something
light and a double Martini.
What about you, darling?
What's the matter, sweet? Headache?
That's very becoming.
You powder a darker shade.
Waiter. The flowers.
- Coming, Mr Gentry.
That unfriendly look reminds
me of juror number eight.
I had a nasty time with him.
They are very unusual, sir.
May I ask what they are called?
- Christmas roses.
They only bloom in the snow.
Somewhat like yourself, my dear.
They go with your heart of ice.
And your eyes like green enamel.
You have a pretty way
of expressing yourself.
Swinburne described you better.
"Cold eyelids that hide like a jewel."
"Hard eyes that grow soft for an hour."
"The slender white limbs.
And the cruel, red mouth."
"Like a venomous flower .. Dolores."
"My lady of pain."
Katy, I love you. I need you.
- Waiter.
Pardon me, sir. Your office just called.
The verdict was: "Not guilty".
- Oh, thanks.
Hickory, dickory dock.
The jury ran up the clock.
Well my dear, another of my clients
is roaming the streets, a free man.
The thirtieth fascinating miscarriage
of justice at which I have assisted.
That bullet in the clock was
a simple but masterly, touch.
Lee .. why have you been lying to me?
About what?
- About Miss Carmen Brown.
Oh dear.
Well, let's have it.
You said you were
completely through with her.
You hadn't seen her in a month, and
you were never going to see her again.
And ..?
You've seen nearly
every night this week.
You've sent her flowers.
You've called at her nightclub
and taken her back to your flat.
Now Katy, please.
Don't lie to me because
I know it is true.
It's all terribly true.
Then that long-winded novel about
what you said and what she said ..
And how it all ended .. was a lie.
Oh, Katy .. I live by lies,
I make money by lies.
I've become famous by lying.
- It's nice to have known you.
Now listen to me. Katy ..
Even after you've grown to hate a woman,
you can't pick up your hat and go.
You've got to do it like a gentleman.
I don't know why.
- Why do it at all?
I'm sure you are better
off with her .. happier.
Katy .. don't talk like that.
I'm so crazy about you that Carmen
has become something horrible to me.
Every time I see her.
I have to keep it out of my
voice, my eyes .. my hands.
This hatred. This wanting
to turn on her and yell.
But Katy, it can't be done that way.
I don't want to leave a woman behind ..
Whose grief is going to be a
beggar pulling at our elbows.
Now you see ..
I don't belong in a love triangle.
With newspaper pictures and
shrieks and hair-pullings.
Let's leave it at that.
And part now, as friends.
Goodbye, and good luck.
- Don't say that.
I've been upside down. This case ..
Bullets and clocks. Grand Jury threats.
But I've got nothing to
do now, but one thing.
Don't worry about Carmen Brown.
I'll get rid of her.
[ Spanish singing ]
[ Spanish singing ]
[ Spanish singing ]
[ Spanish singing ]
[ Spanish singing ]
[ Spanish singing ]
Well .. you could have
heard a pin drop at my exit.
They are certainly sitting
on their hands tonight.
Worse than Monday.
Those folks don't want
to see art .. only flesh.
Listen, Carmen.
If you want to get mad.
Get mad at Mr Gentry, not me.
I didn't want to go out with him.
- Oh, never mind.
He kept twittering about something
very important about you.
So, I consented.
[ Spanish language ]
Adis, Carmen.
- Adis.
What else did he ask you?
- Well.
Mostly, where you were Sunday night.
He knows where I was Sunday night.
He knows I was home.
Exactly what I told him. I said:
"Mr Gentry, I wouldn't lower myself
listening to your insinuation."
"Furthermore, I am amazed that
a gentleman of your brains."
"Should stoop to being jealous,
like a common hooker."
He's gone crazy.
Listen Toots, between friends.
Is there any particular reason
for Mr Gentry's sudden attitude?
I mean .. have you been absent-minded
once or twice with somebody else?
Well, if he's going to keep on
cross-examining me, I ought to know.
You know me better than that.
He's nagged to a point where
my brain is hanging by a thread.
All these sudden moods and accusations.
- Why do you take it from him, then?
After all, what right has he got?
I know that kind of fellow
better than you, honey.
He wants to make a slave of you. Free.
That college professor.
Who claimed I was getting enough
out of him in the way education.
He claimed it improved my mind.
Eddie White may have had his faults.
But he was a man who
observed all your birthdays.
And Christmases and Easters even.
Whereas I have yet to see the slightest
token of regard from Mr Gentry.
Except that photograph.
And that other one with a side view.
There are more important things.
- I know.
He's mumbling to you about marriage in
the distant future. And you fall for it.
Carmen, you were the
smartest girl I knew, once.
He's never been like this before.
He upsets me so I don't know what to do.
I'll tell you what to do.
You give "Mr Snoops"
the lawyer, the air.
Before you lose all your character and
turn into one of these housewife types.
I'm telling you from the heart, honey.
I know men inside out.
[ Door knocks ]
See who it is.
The doorman.
Do you want to see a
fellow named Eddie White?
Eddie, Eddie?
Well, speak of the devil.
What do you suppose he wants?
Hello Eddie.
Hello, Buster.
Well, if it isn't Mr White.
Well, very glad to have
seen you again, Mr White.
But "Iddy biddy Buster, dancing
her way for a dime, mister".
See you later.
Go on, Buster.
Well, you haven't changed.
- You look pretty well, yourself.
Well, Eddie I've got to
go on in a minute.
What do you want?
- Nothing.
Not a thing. I guess I must
have made a mistake.
Oh, don't look like that.
Don't look so nervous.
I didn't bust in here with any
notions of Auld Lang Syne.
I was reading the "Want Ads"
this morning and I ..
I happened to run across this Ad in the
personal column in the Morning Journal.
The third one down.
My common-sense told
me it wasn't you, but ..
"Well, E. W. Important."
Signed "Car." .. I thought.
Never mind. Forget it.
I showed it to you so you don't think
I'm crowding in where I wasn't wanted.
You know I said once I didn't want
to see you again. And it still goes.
And the rest of the things I told you
when I walked in on you and Mr Gentry.
That still goes, too.
Are you really down to
reading the "Want Ads" Eddie?
What's it to you?
That big yacht that was
always breaking down.
You didn't lose everything.
- Yep.
You sold out just in time, kid.
Well .. so long.
Eddie, wait.
I know how you feel about me.
I don't blame you.
You can keep on feeling that way.
That bracelet you wouldn't take back
once, might come in handy now.
It's no good to me.
I can't wear it.
For reasons.
- No thanks.
I haven't gone in for charity yet.
But it's yours, Eddie. You bought it.
I hate to see you like this. Honest.
Where can I reach you?
You're on next, Miss Brown.
Let me send it to you. It will make
me feel so much better about ..
Everything else.
Bread on the water, eh?
Okay, Santa Claus.
612 West 59th Street.
Thanks. I'll send it to you.
612 .. West .. 59th.
Thanks, Carmen.
I called you the minute he got here.
- Thanks.
He's in there now.
Eddie White.
You're quite a stranger.
Hello, Gentry.
Have you any old
acquaintances in the theatre?
In a way.
I was just calling on your girl.
- No need to be so tough about it.
Did you put an Ad in the personal
column of yesterday's Journal?
No .. why?
Do you mind if I roll one, too?
I used to be able to do
this with one hand.
Is that so?
Still living at West 59th Street, Eddie?
Well .. I hate going down the years as
the Spaniard who blighted your life.
What you say we shake hands?
From what I hear, you need friends.
Maybe there is something
I can do for you sometime?
There is only one thing you
can do for me, Gentry.
Give me a chance to slap
that smirk off of your face.
Just once.
- Yes?
You'd better get over that feeling.
There's your airs.
Hey, hey. What's the idea?
- Come on, throw him out.
Let him alone, boys.
I can take care of him.
Buenos Noches, muchacha.
Lee .. how long have you been here?
Just came in this second.
Oh darling, I'm so glad. I thought you
had to take those people to the theatre?
I had to see you, Carmen.
Well .. I hope you are in a
better mood than last night.
Don't mention that
jealous brainstorm I had.
I just got over it an hour ago.
In the theatre.
I knew there wasn't another man.
Couldn't have been.
So I came over to apologise.
Forgive me.
Oh, you're so nice this way.
So sweet.
No kiss?
What's the matter now?
- Forgive me.
My analytical mind again.
What's it working on, now?
I kissed you too soon? I didn't kiss you
soon enough? I turned my eyes away?
Oh, you're driving me crazy.
- You said something a minute ago.
I said something?
Why did you ask how long I'd been here?
I was surprised to see you.
- Surprised or .. frightened?
Oh, no. We're not going to have that
all over again. There is no reason.
Oh yes there is.
You forget it is my business
to see through people.
Their attitudes .. their acting.
What am I acting about, now?
- I don't know.
Whose cigarette is that?
I don't know. People come
in and out all the time.
It's still burning.
Who has been here in the last
fifteen minutes, Carmen?
- Who else?
And Buster.
And how long has Buster
been rolling her own?
Lee, don't start that. There
has been nobody in here.
I haven't even spoken to him, if that
is what you are still driving at.
Yes. That's it exactly.
Why don't you tell me the truth?
It saves time.
There is something on your mind.
I've known it for a week.
I've heard it in your voice.
I've seen it in your eyes.
It's there now.
- What are you trying to get at?
The name of the lucky fellow who hangs
round here while you're getting dressed.
While I'm supposed to be tucked
safely away in some theatre.
You can't insult me like
that. I won't let you.
Let's see.
Who do I know that
rolls his own cigarettes?
Eddie White.
And I came here to apologise
for my stupid suspicions.
Eddie White. Of course.
He's come back.
You are seeing him again.
Letting him make love to you, and stir
the ashes. Waken the old embers.
Lee, stop it!
What have we here?
And address.
Written in lipstick.
Exhibit "B".
Whose address is that?
- I don't know.
May I refresh your
recollections, Miss Brown?
Eddie White, my amorous
predecessor was in here.
Tears, memories, embraces.
He strained you to his bosom.
And broke the pencil
point in his breast pocket.
You were reduced therefore,
to a lipstick to write.
He never touched me.
- Then he was here?
Lee. I haven't said I
loved him in two years.
He read an Ad in the paper. He thought
I put it in, that I wanted to see him.
And of course, you didn't?
- No, no. You've got to believe me.
Why did you lie to me, then?
Why did you say hadn't seen anyone?
Not even spoken to a man.
I didn't want to tell you.
You've been acting so crazy lately.
And Lee .. he stayed only a minute.
Buster was here all the time after.
I hurried him off.
I swear to you I've got no interest
in Eddie White. He is dead. Dead!
Your handwriting.
You were afraid he'd call on you,
so you thought you'd go to him.
That's not true.
Well .. it's poetic justice.
You did it to him.
Now you're doing it to me.
Once a two-timer, always a two-timer.
You can't talk to me like that.
- Why not, my pretty cheat?
Get out of here.
- I'll get out.
You dirty-minded fool.
I am sick of listening to
your filthy accusations.
Never mind the epithets.
You don't have to swear
at me to get rid of me.
You and your two-timing
little chorus-girl's heart.
I never want to see you again.
Never, never. As long as I live!
Get out before you drive me crazy.
Get out!
- Goodbye.
What are you crying about?
Is it because Eddie White gave Mr Gentry
a sadly-needed slap in the face?
Didn't he tell you?
On his way in here,
he ran into Eddie White.
Eddie slapped him once.
How long ago?
- While you were on stage.
So, he kept it a secret?
Well, that's rich.
He saw Eddie before he came in here?
Oh, the swine.
Pulling that scene .. faking.
I'll fix him.
Are these all your books?
- Yes.
Have you read every one?
- Some of them, twenty times.
Well, I'll stick to detective stories.
- They're one continual detective story.
The criminal versus society.
What a cast!
Swindlers, scoundrels,
scallywags, murderers ..
And their Battle Royale with the law.
I guess I'm quite a respect-er
of the law. All these books ..
Quite the contrary. In those
volumes my dear, you will find ..
Loopholes for every crime.
It's a wonder to me that
anyone ever goes to jail.
They wouldn't if there
were more good lawyers.
Uhuh .. like you?
- Yes.
[ Poem: ]
"Here's to the courts of justice.
The rigmarole and writ."
"Where poised and prim, and
particular society, cool sits."
"And judges the sins of the sinner
by the depth of his counsel's wits."
More Swinburne?
- No. I wrote that.
Well, the cocktails are good.
- Thanks.
I'm not your "Lady of pain".
But, have you ever loved anybody?
I'm going to Europe with you.
- Oh, I know. A suite on "A" deck.
Deauville casinos, the Paris shops.
With a lover thrown in,
as icing on the cake.
But did you ever feel
anything with your heart?
Has there ever been anybody
in your life you loved?
Who could make you happy.
Who could make you cry.
Well, I want you to love me that way.
I'm going to make you love me that way.
- Why, that way?
Because I need it.
It's my soul .. to be loved.
Without it, I'm just part of these
books, words, tricks, schemes.
A walking, breathing machine
for outwitting the law.
You know, I'm a little bit like Dracula.
No life in me.
So I need someone else's soul.
You've had that.
Miss Carmen Brown.
- And why?
Why talk of past loves?
There is nobody in the world, but us.
We'll be on a boat tomorrow. Love me.
You must love me.
I do.
- I adore you.
[ Door knocks ]
What is it?
Sorry sir. Your office on the telephone.
- I told you I wasn't in.
I'm very sorry sir. I took the liberty.
They said it was most important.
Keep picking out the cabins,
darling. I'll be right back.
It's Miss Brown.
She said she would kill herself.
She spoke of a telegram she sent you.
This must be it, sir.
She sounded most desperate, sir.
Get out.
Hello, Carmen.
- Oh, Lee .. Lee!
What are you trying to do to me?
- Darling.
How can you humiliate me like this?
- Carmen. Now, wait.
Telling all those people you aren't in.
- Carmen.
Servants, office-boys.
- Now, Carmen.
I haven't slept in three nights.
- Carmen, I ..
I have got to see you.
- What about?
I'm coming right over.
- Carmen, don't ..
Lee, you don't realise. I am desperate,
I'm in pieces. I've got to see you.
And, and I'm coming right over.
Never mind.
Never mind.
- Carmen.
Hello .. Carmen .. hello ..
That was a gentleman named "Mclintock".
He stole a million dollars
from the government.
And wants me to keep him out of jail.
I've just bought you a bridal suite.
Well, I suppose I'll
have to find some ..
Friendly judge. A nuisance, isn't it?
Do you have to go right away?
The courts close at five. I'll drop you
on the way. Do you mind? - No.
I've got a lot of packing to do.
- And tomorrow .. tomorrow we're off.
On the seas of rapture
for the islands of desire.
- What's the matter?
- Not wavering?
No. My mind is quite made up.
And your heart?
- My heart, too.
Your gardenia is withered.
Better have a fresh one.
To impress the judge.
Who is it?
Who is it?
I'm delighted to see you
in such good health.
A little too much rouge, perhaps,
for the leap out of the window.
For just what was your plan?
Your telegram was a little ..
"Lee. I'll be waiting
here until 4 o'clock."
"If you are not here by then,
the comedy is finished. Carmen."
You should have signed it Pagliacci.
I never thought you'd stoop
to threats of suicide.
I thought you too real,
too proud for that.
You devil.
You devil!
If you want me to listen
to you .. no hysterics.
So clever aren't you.
I can't believe that
anyone could be so low.
I can't believe it, I can't believe it!
- Stop that yelling.
You couldn't come tell me like a human
being that you were through with me.
That you didn't love me anymore.
You had to use that brilliant
legal mind of yours to dirty me.
Working up a big case of jealousy.
Putting Ads in the paper so you could
catch Eddie White in my dressing-room.
Oh, how cheap!
What are you talking about?
What Ad?
Oh .. I understand.
I did it. Not you.
I lured Eddie to your side.
I kept the rendezvous
with him at 612 West 59th.
I'm the villain .. go on.
You met Eddie White outside of my
dressing-room before you saw me.
You talked with him.
That's not even worth denying.
Buster saw you.
- That bird-brain?
The doorman called you up the minute
Eddie arrived. I found that out.
You flew over so you could
pull that cheap, rotten act.
Frame me like a pickpocket
and accuse me.
At least, take it off the hook.
There is enough noise in the room, now.
Your office.
Tell them I'm not here.
Mr Gentry is not here.
We've been in love for two years.
It's been more than
just an affair, hasn't it.
It's been so sweet.
Loving you wasn't enough.
You wanted me to adore you.
To be your soul .. I was.
I am.
You can't leave me now, Lee.
Tell me the truth.
There is nothing to tell.
Oh yes there is.
You wouldn't have tried to hurt me like
this unless there was some reason.
You are too nice for this.
Now please, Carmen.
Let's not torture each other.
Tell me about her?
- Who?
If you told me about her,
I'd have a chance.
Give me that chance.
There is nobody I tell you.
Now, stop it.
You've been lunching
with her at the Royal Hotel.
The orchestra leader plays there
in the afternoons. He saw you.
He's a liar.
A cheap little blond.
As empty as a paper bag.
All she wants is what you've got.
And that's you.
Lee, you can't love a
woman like that. Not you!
What are you talking about?
Katy Costello.
I'm not going to listen to any more.
You are going to her at the Royal Hotel.
Well go on .. go to her!
I'm going too.
- You're not going near her.
You are in love with her.
I'm telling you my right name, finally.
I love her .. I love her.
And I'm leaving you.
I don't want to live.
I want to die.
They'll fix you for it.
They'll find me dead, and fix you.
I loved you.
Where is the gun?
You fooled me, you fooled me.
You are not going to do anything.
Do you understand?
Now don't behave like an imbecile.
I've got it, and I'm going to keep it.
[ Gunshot!! ]
Oh, my hand. You've shot me!
Go, then .. she is waiting for you.
She won't love you so much.
Miss Brown.
Do you want me to clean
your place now, Miss Brown?
Goodbye .. Lee.
[ Voices: ]
"Come on Gentry! Let's have the truth."
- "Accident, eh?"
"We know you were leaving
her for Katy Costello."
"Murder! Premeditated
murder in the 1st degree."
"Murder. You had boat tickets."
"Carmen tried to stop you."
- "You killed her."
"Gentlemen of the jury, a clear case
of premeditated cold-blooded murder."
"Call the jury."
Where is that legal brain of mine?
"Guilty. Guilty. Guilty."
"Guilty. Guilty."
Not .. guilty.
Now give me a little help. Come on.
Remember one of our nervous clients left
a trail of clues behind a yard wide?
What are you afraid of?
We've always won.
Give me a case, and we'll win again.
There is water in the roses.
You gave Carmen that little plaything.
You'd better take it along.
About the clock?
It was a good witness for Mr York.
We don't have to put
a bullet in it this time.
It stopped at 4:15.
The exact moment of the murder.
How very convenient.
Since your office called at 4:10
and Carmen said you were not here.
[ Telephone ]
You'd better answer.
Someone may have heard the
shot and reported it downstairs.
Change your voice.
[ Deep voice ]
Hello? Who is this calling, please?
This is just a friend.
No, she's busy.
I'll tell her you called.
Miss "Buster Malloy". Goodbye.
So much the better.
Now we have proof there
was a stranger here.
The gardenia.
Katy said it might impress the judge.
There is no time for sentiment, old boy.
Aren't you forgetting something?
There is a little piece of
paper on that table.
A telegram sent to you
at .. 2:07 this afternoon.
How easy mistakes are made.
That might have sent
you smack to the chair.
It's working.
Press the button. Get the
elevator boy out from the lobby.
Now, down the stairs.
Easy .. a switchboard operator.
We'll have to wait until somebody rings.
There is a phone on the desk.
Outside the door.
It rings the board. Put a telephone
book under the receiver.
Use it, quick!
[ Telephone ]
Now we face unseen dangers.
The unpredictable witness.
The aimless human stray
in the window in the street.
Who saw the defendant
leave the scene of the crime.
Wait until that stray goes by.
Now let's see where we were
between 3 o'clock and 4:15.
One downstairs, please.
- Please wait in line.
I've lost a pair of gloves.
- Where were you sitting?
That lady is taking my place now.
Thank you.
I'm sorry to disturb you.
But I left a pair of gloves behind.
They don't seem to be here.
Thank you .. thank you.
Where is the Lost-and-Found department?
On your right.
- Thank you.
I'm sorry to make such a
fuss about a pair of gloves.
But I just bought them.
If they turn up, we'll
keep them for you.
What is the name, please?
- Lee Gentry.
Lee Gentry?
Well .. you won't have to call.
I'll send them over to your office.
How do you like the picture, Mr Gentry?
- Very interesting.
Four-thirty? Is it that late?
It's quite an efficient system.
- Goodbye. Thank you.
Give me a Panatella, would you please?
- A Panatella? Yes, sir.
Where's the matches?
- I'll get them now.
How are you, Buster?
Hello Mr Gentry. I ain't got much time.
I only came because you said
it was serious. What is it?
Another third-degree about Carmen?
If so, you can save your
breath. I'm no Mata Hari.
You never liked me, Buster.
I didn't come here to exchange
personalities, Mr Snoops.
Where is Carmen?
Where do you suppose?
- No, she's not.
Buster, there is something going on.
Has she told you anything?
No, I ain't hardly seen her this week.
I've been trying to get her
on the phone for three days.
Buster, I'm desperate.
I'm all in pieces.
You mean, she's washed up with you?
Well, I'm very glad to hear it.
It's about time.
I wouldn't let any man make a fool
out of me the way you have her.
No matter how brainy he thought he was.
Buster, when did you talk to her?
I called ..
So, that was what was going on.
Am I dumb?
Listen, Mr Gentry. The way you've
behaved I've no pity for you whatsoever.
Any girl with self-respect would
do just what Carmen's done.
You say you called her.
What did she say?
I didn't get to talk to her.
She was occupied.
- Well, who did you talk to?
Listen, Mr Gentry.
I'm Carmen's friend, not yours.
I'm desperate I tell you. Who was it?
I'll tell you who I talked to.
- Who?
A gentleman. That's who.
You're lying.
- So you say.
A man, eh? In her room ..
Take it easy, Mr Snoops.
He's probably gone by this time.
What time did you call? Tell me!
Right after the 4 o'clock rehearsal,
when he should know about ..
At 4:15, eh?
But who was the man that
answered the phone? Eddie White?
No, it wasn't Eddie White.
It was a very sweet, charming voice.
Unlike yours.
Buster, you can help me.
Don't make me laugh.
My lips are chapped. Goodbye.
I beg your pardon.
Lost something?
I dropped it somewhere else.
I remember now.
No, Mr Gentry, she
doesn't seem to be in.
In case Miss Brown comes in, tell her
to wait for me. I'm coming right over.
Hey, Gentry. Just a minute.
Just the man I want to see.
- Oh, O'Brien.
What's the matter? I never saw you
afraid of a District Attorney before.
I'm in a hurry.
Well, I won't keep you long.
Only three or four hours.
What's this, may I ask?
The Grand Jury wants to
ask you a few questions.
You didn't think you'd to get away with
the evidence of the bullet in the clock?
That you introduced at our last meeting.
I took the trouble to present the
matter to the proper authorities.
I see. You sometimes make up for your
stupidity as a Prosecutor Mr O'Brien ..
By these outbursts of civic virtue.
However, the Grand Jury must wait
until tomorrow. I have an appointment.
I know what day of the week
it is this time, Mr Gentry.
It is a Friday. This is a subpoena.
And you are served right here and now.
Call a cab, Lieutenant.
- I've a car outside. A big blue one.
Not the wagon, I hope.
- That may come later.
Do you mind driving down the way of 49th
Street? I have appointment with a lady.
Not at all.
I've got to make my apologies.
Miss Brown isn't back yet.
- I will leave a note.
There is a telephone in the office.
It is more private there.
This will do.
Grand Jury room, please.
O'Brien speaking.
Hello, Franklin? O'Brien.
Can you get to that
Gentry matter tonight?
I just located him.
Yeah, okay. I'll be right over.
I'll take the news up myself.
Well, we've got to step on it.
- Okay.
I've dropped something.
It rolled over there.
- My lucky piece.
More this way, I think.
- It went through the door.
You're crazy.
- I heard it.
I've got it.
So it was behind the door, eh?
- You heard it.
And what's more you've
got a green tie on.
I've been unfair to you, Norton.
You are a great detective.
Is that all, gentlemen?
- I think so.
Well, better luck next time, boys.
Well, this was nice of you, Miss Keeley.
- I was so worried about you.
Oh, come along. You think
they would indict me?
The Bar Association passed
me those resolutions.
Your own profession.
It isn't worth it, Mr Gentry.
Can't you give up this sort of practice?
You could be anything in
the world you wanted.
Well, thank you for
liking me, Miss Keeley.
You're the nicest man I ever knew.
What are you staring at?
- You.
You ..
Thinking of home, darling?
- No.
Do you like my dress?
I don't know.
What's the matter, then?
- Nothing.
What is it?
- Can't you hear them?
The furies outside the window,
scratching at the pane, howling.
Are you going crazy?
- I don't know.
I'm afraid you are making me angry.
Lee .. I'm not used to
being treated like this.
I'm not one of your chorus girlfriends.
Nor am I any cheap little Carmen Brown.
- Don't say that name.
Why not?
Has she become sacred in the last hour?
She was good.
And I killed her.
- What are you talking about?
I killed her.
This afternoon.
It isn't, truly?
I killed her.
That's what you meant, when you
told me .. you would get rid of her.
And you could come here to me?
Don't touch me!
- Nothing would have happened ..
There is proof that it wasn't me.
A courtroom full of proof.
Oh, why did you tell me? Why didn't ..?
You might have said something without
meaning to, about me getting rid of ..
Now you won't say anything.
I know your tidy soul.
Katy .. we'll go away.
We'll forget. We'll be happy.
- No. You're horrible.
- Darling .. Katy ..
Katy, it was for you. Katy, I love you.
Well, I don't love you.
Katy, Katy, let me in.
Katy .. Katy .. Katy.
"Congratulations, my love-sick tyrant."
"Why not smile at the
irony of this little scene?"
"The lovely lady for whose
sake you committed murder."
"The motive."
"Walks out of your life and makes
your case, as always, perfect."
"Leave her alone. Let her go."
"It's a delicious case."
"Your Honor."
"The gentlemen of the jury."
"We have traced my client's
steps, minute by minute .."
"On the day of this horrible crime."
"And we know, and you know."
"The State knows, who
murdered Carmen Brown."
"A man with a pleasing
and charming, voice."
"Utterly unlike the defendant's .."
"Who spoke to Miss Malloy a
few minutes after the murder."
"A gentleman."
"There is one great fact of
evidence against my client .."
"On which the State has
pounded again and again."
"That he was jealous of Edward White."
"It is true."
"But he was jealous of the wrong man."
"And that man stole into poor, faithless
Carmen Brown's room that afternoon."
"And murdered her."
"In a twinkling, the police with
their customary genius for error .."
"Had made up their minds .."
"Who was the guilty man."
"Lee Gentry."
"And where was this guilty man, when
the news that Carmen Brown lay dead .."
"Came to him?"
"Sitting in the El Bravo caf,
his heart hungry with love .."
"Waiting for his Carmen to come out
dancing, that he might smile at her."
"Win her back, whom he thought
he had lost to Edward White."
"Waiting .. only hurry."
Good evening, Mr Gentry.
I am glad to see you.
Do you mind moving
half an inch, if you please?
Oh, yes.
Well, Mr Lee Gentry.
Don't tell me you're going
to snub me twice in one day.
Oh .. hello Della.
- How are you?
I didn't recognise you.
You're blond now.
- Yes. How do you like it?
Very becoming.
A glass of wine?
No thank you. I'm with a new
boyfriend and he's jealous.
Say, Della. What do you mean,
I snubbed you twice today?
I didn't see you anywhere today.
Oh yes you did. You looked right through
me and gave me the hard head.
I guess it was the new platinum effect.
Where was I?
- In front of the Palace Theatre.
Why yes. I was waiting for
the boyfriend in the lobby.
I didn't recognise you for a minute. You
had your face covered .. or something.
I thought uhoh,
Mr Gentry's being naughty.
Meeting somebody after school hours.
You better be nice to me,
or I'll tell Carmen Brown.
I didn't see you.
It was about 3:30, wasn't it?
3:30, my eye. It was half past four.
You'd better get your watch fixed.
Well, smarty. It happens I had a
date with the boyfriend at 4:30 ..
And broke my neck to get there on time.
You're mistaken. I didn't leave the
Palace Theatre until a quarter to five.
I'll say you did. You came bouncing
out ten minutes after you went in ..
While I was still standing there.
You're crazy, Della.
- I could swear it on a stack of bibles.
Ask the boyfriend.
I said to him: "well, there's
in-again, out-again Finnegan."
We figured you'd been stood up.
You may have seen my coming out.
But you never saw me going in.
Why, you had your handkerchief in
front of your face just like it is now.
And .. let's see.
You were wearing that same speckled tie.
- That's a lie.
Well, it's none of my business
I suppose, Mr Gentry.
But I don't care to be called a liar.
No .. no, Della.
Della, listen to me.
I want to talk to you.
I don't wish to be insulted.
If you have some reason to say you
came to the Palace Theatre at 3:30.
Instead of when you
did come there at 4:30.
It's alright with me.
I don't see what you're making
such a big situation of it for.
I don't care what you're up to.
I'm not Carmen Brown.
Darling .. darling.
Where's Carmen?
The doctor is there now.
- What did he shoot her for?
He's jealous. She was two-timing him.
- Who, Carmen? You're crazy.
Come on, break it up here, you kids.
Break it up. Come on.
Can't we see her just
for a minute, Billy?
Have the Cops got Gentry, yet?
- Come on. Scram, scram.
Tell Popsy to cut down on the music.
I don't want her falling on her nose.
No use talking to him. All he cares
about is the story in tomorrow's papers.
Listen, Doctor. She was
unconscious for three hours.
Carmen, you can't go on.
- Well, how is it, kid?
I ain't going to let her go on.
That's alright.
Why it won't show at all.
Supposing she breaks down?
There's no particular danger.
No concussion.
Go away everybody. Let me alone.
He meant to kill her.
He thought he'd done it, too.
He had me over there, trying to frame up
some kind of an alibi. Talk about liars.
Carmen, please don't go on.
- Don't worry about me.
Dancing is good for me.
It cheers me up.
Well, what's going on here?
He's drunk or crazy or both.
First he calls me a liar.
Then he begins balling me.
Telling me I should go with him and
get a lot of diamonds and fur coats.
Hmm, he did, eh?
- You keep out of this, White.
This is between me and Della.
- Why you ..
Don't hit him, Eddie. He's drunk.
- He is?
He wasn't drunk the last time he
slipped between me and a girl.
He wants to do it again, eh?
Let her go, you punk.
Hey, Lieutenant. Get him to pose.
- Who does he think he is?
Take the handkerchief away, Gentry.
You didn't used to be so bashful.
Come on, you used to like photos.
I lose my job if I don't get a picture.
Well Gentry, we're
getting to be old friends.
It will be tough framing
an alibi this time.
A Mexican peso.
Your lucky piece, eh?
How did it happen, Lieutenant?
- It's a clear case, Mr O'Brien.
He was jealous of this fellow
White and set out to murder him.
He hired the doorman at the nightclub to
tip him off whenever White came round.
He threatened White's life a week
ago in front of three witnesses.
He nearly murdered Miss Carmen Brown
this afternoon on account of White.
He tracked him to a movie
house and missed him.
Then he waited for him
at the caf instead.
Pure jealousy.
Oh .. not much left for your
office to do, I'm afraid.
Premeditated murder in the first
degree with a thousand witnesses.
Listen, Lieutenant. Listen.
We're going to press in a half-hour.
What are you waiting for?
There is the gun.
What have they got left?
Listen to them laugh.
That's the way they all laugh.
Come on .. come on.
He lived high over the
heads of the crowd.
They hated you because
you sneered at fools.
And loved you because
you were a champion.
A lonely man.
What's the use of living on?
A fool .. a clown.
The way is dark.
Life .. so sweet.
Love .. so bright.
Say goodbye, though no-one hear you.
They'll say Lee Gentry was a coward.
But we know better.
Stop trembling. It won't hurt.
Not as much as the chair.
I'm the one that counts.
I'm your brain. I'm your God.
I give the orders. I say "Die".
You had the courage once.
Where has t gone?
That's too easy, Gentry.
Besides, the State will be
only too glad to do it for you.
Coward .. coward!
T-G o