Crisis Hotline (2019) Movie Script

MALE: He's not
gonna die, is he?
He's still breathing, right?
MALE: Course he is.
MALE: Jesus, guys, go easy.
MALE: Easy is boring.
No one pays to see easy.
Harold, no.
That is not what
this line is for.
I have told you
this twice before.
(SIGHING) We specialize in
helping the LGBT community,
and I can listen if you
are suicidal or in crisis
and need someone
to talk to, but...
No, I am not judging you,
but this is not
a phone sex line.
Good night.
- Hi, Simon.
- Hi.
Perfect way to end the shift:
a Harold call.
Par for the course.
You're not allowed
to be cynical
after being here
for only a week.
I'm not cynical.
I'm just bored.
You volunteered to be
helpful, not entertained.
I've been here for a week
and all I've done
is look at my watch
while they whine
about how hard it is
to find a nice boyfriend,
or that their boss
doesn't appreciate all
the hard work they do.
It's complaining.
It sure as hell isn't crisis.
I don't think
it's that simple.
SIMON: Maybe not,
but I'm still bored.
Well, I gotta hit the road.
Take care.
Make it count.
Yes, yes, I know.
Most insurance companies
don't cover hormone therapy,
and it sucks.
It must be making your
transition that much harder.
No, no.
No, you should be protected
from employee discrimination.
But I'm not a lawyer.
Listen, Tamita, this
is a crisis hotline,
not a job hotline,
and you're not in a
life-threatening crisis.
And I'm only permitted
20 minutes per call.
In fact, if you were in crisis,
I'd only have 20 minutes
to save your life.
So, I'm gonna say goodbye.
You can call back tomorrow
at this time, if you want.
No, I will not be here.
Thank you.
LGBT crisis hotline,
Simon speaking.
I need to know if
somebody's on the line
or I have to disconnect.
MALE: I'm here.
I need to talk to someone.
Well, I'm someone
who can listen.
What's your name?
DANNY: Danny.
SIMON: Okay, Danny, tell
me what's going on with you.
DANNY: That's complicated.
Can you try and explain it?
DANNY: I'll explain it.
I have to.
I'd like that.
DANNY: I am taking
something right now,
just wanna be up-front.
SIMON: What are you taking?
DANNY: Oxys.
You taking OxyContin pills?
How many pills have
you taken, Danny?
DANNY: Enough.
I'll take a lot
more after all this,
but I want a favor
from you, Simon.
What favor?
DANNY: Just listen.
Be prepared, before it all ends.
You sound like
you have a plan.
DANNY: I do, but I need help.
I don't wanna be alone.
I hear you.
You're not alone as long
as you're talking to me.
DANNY: You promise
not to hang up?
I read that you
have time limits.
20 minutes or something?
That's for calls when there
isn't a legitimate crisis.
Are you in crisis, Danny?
DANNY: We're all
in a crisis, Simon.
You know the type:
young, gay tech-nerd
who gets convinced
by a recruiter to take a
job in Silicone Valley,
thinking the pay was so great,
until you find out
what kind of apartment
that pay actually gets you.
Of course, one can only
distract themselves
in work and
unpacking for so long
before nature wants
to take its course.
How old are you, Simon?
Why do you wanna know?
DANNY: That's a dodge, which
means at least Generation X,
growing up with those
John Hughes movies.
I love those.
Makes me wish I
grew up in the '80s.
So much simpler.
We had plenty to worry
about in the '80s, believe me.
DANNY: I'd still trade you.
SIMON: Tell me more about
how we got here, Danny.
DANNY: Okay.
You know how this works, Simon.
You're new in town,
don't know anyone,
so you load an app.
You upload a picture,
and you start chatting
with the first hot guy
that responds to you.
Old soul has you ever
Then you do the whole process
and the usual steps.
Torn away
The coffee date.
Torn away
These are the
words you can say
The scary movie date.
These are the
words you can say
No possessions
We know disaster, now
come into me and be
The hiking date.
Living the rest in boughs
And wrapped in sleep
Gonna follow you
And, of course, all
the cute little texting
between the dates.
Finally, we got to the
spend-time-alone-over-dinner date.
Hey you, finally here.
Oh, uh, shoes off.
You can put them over there.
This place is great,
so clean and modern.
Easy to keep
clean when you work
from home most of the time.
You must be the best
consultant in Silicone Valley
to afford this.
I sit on the company bus
for an hour every day,
work my ass off 'til 5:30,
sit in traffic an hour back,
and even then, all I
can afford is a shoebox
with no furniture.
Do you ever feel pressure
to rustle up clients?
Actually, I
don't need clients.
I'm lucky that way.
How does that work?
I just have one client
that I work exclusively for.
Well, two, technically.
They're a gay couple who
own their own business.
What kind of business?
Websites, mostly.
You'll meet them soon.
We're good friends.
Thanks for dinner.
You don't wanna leave.
Mile a minute.
Breathing, shallow.
Terrified of what
could happen next.
I don't know.
I do.
You're thinking, am I enough?
KYLE: You're perfect.
The balls of gas and heat
hovering in your classrooms
They gather religious
sentiment before
Before it's too late
For the world's
prophetic end
Make believe in the end
It only takes
DANNY: I'd never been
with anyone in that way,
not like that.
You know what I'm talking about.
I think so.
DANNY: Do you remember
what that was like,
that first guy who made you feel
like anything was possible?
All of your doubts,
that fog of hang-ups, cleared?
It can be very powerful.
DANNY: And I'd bet anything
that you aren't with that
first special guy, are you?
I'm not.
DANNY: Yeah, thought so.
It's like software.
Eventually, the current
rep stops working,
and you're forced to go out
and literally download
a new boyfriend.
Simon, you there?
Yeah, yeah, I'm here, Danny.
Uh, Danny, could you
tell me your last name?
DANNY: I could, but I won't.
Why not?
DANNY: I'm not gonna
let you call in the troops
until I'm ready.
It's not about that.
I hope I can inspire you
to save yourself, but...
And if you want me
to get you help,
I'll do everything on my end,
but I'm not going to
tell you what to do
in your situation.
I'm gonna stay on the line.
I'm gonna be present.
I'm gonna listen.
I'm gonna make sure
you're not alone.
DANNY: I guess you need to
make sure the body is found.
Let's get back
to you and Kyle.
DANNY: Now that
I think about it,
finding the body
won't be the problem.
SIMON: Why is that?
DANNY: Well, let's just say
suicide isn't the full picture.
I'd like to know more, then.
DANNY: Oh, you will.
I'm still not
hearing how we got
to you overdosing this evening.
DANNY: I guess I'm
making you lose interest.
I'll try and make
things less boring.
Trust me, Danny,
I'm interested.
I just hope that
you're not doing this
because Kyle didn't
turn out to be the guy
you hoped he would be.
I didn't mean to
disrespect your feelings.
I know how much it hurts.
I've been hurt like that.
We all have.
I'm just saying you
can move on from this.
Find a better match for you.
I know I did.
DANNY: Killing
yourself because a guy
gave you the best
fuck of your life
and then broke up with you
would, indeed, be pathetic.
Not that there isn't a
tragic sweetness to it.
I didn't say that.
DANNY: Didn't have to.
Have I heard your real reason
for making this decision?
DANNY: Context.
You need context, Simon.
So, obviously, I
turned into that guy.
Constant texting during the day;
the little puppy
desperate for attention.
More romantic hikes,
and of course, a
lot more of that.
It brings us to the next step
in the online gay dating tango.
You nervous?
No, I'm fine.
Lance and Christian are great.
You'll like 'em.
I'm sure.
I'm just worried they're
not gonna like me.
Especially since
you work for them.
I mean, it's a double whammy.
I'm meeting your bosses
and your friends,
all at the same time.
Well, I'm sure you'll
relax when they get
some red wine into you.
No, I'm gonna be
a good boy tonight.
Mm hmm.
Guests have arrived.
I'm Lance.
I'm gonna be right back.
This is my husband, Christian.
For better or for worse.
Don't hold Lance here
against me, okay?
- He won't.
- I promise.
This place is amazing.
Oh, thank you.
It's so great to finally
meet you, Danny, in the flesh.
Kyle has tried
to keep us from you
for as long as he could.
I just hope I can
live up to the hype.
Well, you're certainly
cuter in person
than you are on your
Facebook pictures.
And those eyes:
brown with green flecks.
You see that, Lance?
Great eyes.
I'm just saying monogamy
is done, over, Windows 98.
Danny, you've barely
said anything.
What do you think?
I think that staying faithful
to one person sounds okay to me.
Yeah, it sounds okay at first,
and then year three happens.
- We know couples who are
monogamous: Richard and Mark.
They stay faithful.
They sleep in
separate bedrooms.
I don't think they've seen
each other naked in years.
Kinda sad, really,
denying yourself like that.
I wouldn't need anyone else.
Kyle is the best thing
to ever happen to me.
Lance is very blunt,
total open book.
It can be overwhelming.
Yeah, it doesn't bother me.
You've been with
Kyle for how long?
Six weeks?
Six weeks, tomorrow.
Look, I know you don't
have much experience
with relationships.
I can tell Kyle
means a lot to you,
and that's super sweet,
but if you wanna keep Kyle,
if you actually wanna make
the relationship work,
you're gonna have to
stop holding on so tight.
You start putting
requirements on people,
especially those you care about,
you're gonna snuff
out that flame.
I don't think I follow.
After being with
Lance for five years,
I've learned that it's
just much more lucrative
in these situations to
just use lighter fluid
instead of water.
Don't be afraid to
let that flame burn.
Time for some fun.
What is that?
Is that crystal meth?
It is.
Very high quality, too.
Would you like some?
His company does
random drug tests.
You know there's ways
around that, right?
Are you doing this?
CHRISTIAN: We discourage
our employees from drug use.
DANNY: Man, I'm not
used to talking this much.
I'm gonna go get some water.
Can you hold on the line
or should I call you back,
or is my time up?
I'll stay on the line, Danny.
Don't-don't hang up.
DANNY: Okay.
Back in a sec.
Danny, are you on the line?
Thanks for coming in.
You sure it's an in-progress?
My gut says yes.
This would be my first one ever.
He hasn't actually
overdosed, yet?
SIMON: He says, no, he's
taking one pill at a time.
He's really dragging it out.
Kinda strange.
Not if he needs to stay
conscious to tell his story.
You've been on the line with
him for almost 40 minutes.
Has he said why he's doing this?
Not really.
That's why I think
it's so strange.
He's really taking his time.
That's why I text
you to come in.
And thanks for coming
so quickly, by the way.
Ah, no problem.
Any chance he
could be faking it?
I just can't help but think
there's another shoe
to drop, though.
There's something going on here.
Be careful about
making up stories.
Don't play detective.
Just listen, be present...
SIMON: And try to steer him
towards asking us for
help, yadda, yadda.
I get it.
DANNY: I'm thinking
I should hold off
on taking more Oxys.
- Yeah.
That's a good idea, Danny.
OxyContin's very powerful.
You might wanna
put the pills aside
until you can tell me
everything that's happened.
DANNY: You ever
do drugs, Simon?
I have, yes.
smoke crystal meth?
No, no.
That got popular after
I got off the party bus.
DANNY: Well, crystal meth
is the party bullet train.
Just one hit, each, right?
Of course.
Why is that?
LANCE: It keeps from
building up a tolerance.
It makes financial sense, too.
Supply lasts longer that way.
LANCE: Damn, that
shit is so good.
Danny, you sure you
don't want some?
Lance, be nice.
I am being nice.
You can see that I'm nice.
Sure, Lance.
Doesn't get much safer than
this if you'd like to try it.
Purest glass around.
And we're your friends.
I'm okay.
I'm fine.
Actually, I gotta take a leak.
What are you doing?
Are you freaked out?
I'm a little freaked out
and I didn't know
you were into drugs.
I'm not.
And trust me, Lance and
Christian aren't meth heads.
It's not like they
do this every day.
Then why tonight?
Danny, I really like you,
which means I wanna be
totally honest with you.
Lance and Christian get high
sometimes when I come over.
It's their house, I get that.
Here's the thing, though.
I don't just let them get high.
I get off on them doing it.
I don't get that at all.
Crystal meth makes
you incredibly horny.
Sex is fantastic on it.
Wanna do anything and everything
with every body part.
You have smoked it.
I used to, yeah.
Not anymore, I swear.
Not for years.
I like watching them have sex.
It's weird.
I know.
This is intense for you,
but can you try this with me?
I'm not having sex with them!
Not that.
I don't want that.
Just watch with me.
Or, better,
we can focus on
getting each other off.
I know,
but you don't have to be.
I'm here and you're safe.
It'll be hot.
You might like it.
You trusted me with your body
that first night you
slept next to me.
Trust me again.
DANNY: You've never seen
guys get it on like that.
It was like they were animals,
no hang-ups at all about
what they were doing.
I'd never done anything
like that in my whole life,
so it made a hell of an
impression, as you might imagine.
Of course...
At the time, I wasn't aware
of Kyle's real agenda.
Kyle's agenda?
DANNY: About why he really
had me watch them that night.
It wasn't because
it turned him on?
DANNY: Of course
it turned him on.
Lance, Christian,
they were all into it.
And yes, I even thought
it was stimulating,
but there was more.
I don't follow, Danny.
DANNY: I was young, insecure.
They weren't.
Danny, what did
Kyle lie about?
DANNY: About us.
About himself.
Good morning.
You alright?
I'm okay.
What time did we
get in last night?
More like three
o'clock this morning.
Thanks for last night.
DANNY: You're welcome.
You know, you don't
have to do that again
if you don't want to.
DANNY: It's fine.
Just fine?
Okay, it was kinda
fun, different.
That was the most fun
I ever had doing that.
Totally because you were there.
DANNY: That's sweet,
I think.
Still have some doubts?
What do Lance and
Christian really do?
I know you maintain their
websites and update their servers,
but it seems like they
steered the conversation
away any time I asked about
their actual business.
Did they?
Seems like they did.
See, there it is again.
It's like a weird dodge
to a simple question.
How do Lance and Christian
make their money?
Lance and Christian
are somewhat discreet
about their businesses.
They both used to be
software engineers
for big companies before
doing their own thing.
Don't tell me
they're drug dealers.
They enjoy drugs for sure,
but they don't sell 'em.
So what is it?
They're porn sites.
No big deal.
What kind of porn sites?
Nothing out there.
It's guys fucking, sucking,
the usual, mostly.
Okay, the tickling site
is a little weird, maybe,
but certainly nothing
illegal or gross.
And you do what?
Maintain their servers?
Pretty much.
I update the site, too.
Organize the banner ads.
And they make that
much money from it.
Fuck, yeah.
They make serious money just
from the ones I work on.
I know they have
other sites, too,
with guys just like
me on the payroll,
keeping it all running
like clockwork.
Clearly they pay you well.
Very well.
Look around.
It's all because of
Lance and Christian.
It's a perfect setup for me.
I work from home.
The work itself isn't very hard.
I take vacations pretty
much whenever I want.
And I can watch 'em
film when I like.
They actually make porn, too?
Sometimes, for
their VIP members.
They fly in people
to do certain scenes
that get requested by them.
What kind of scenes?
I've only known of two times
since I started working for them
that they put these
VIP scenes together.
One was bringing some gay
porn star with a 10-inch dick
from the '80s out of retirement
to fuck some twink.
The other was a couple of
identical twin brothers
fucking each other.
They paid 'em something
like 10,000 bucks to do it,
all cash.
I wish I could
say I was shocked,
but after meeting them,
I can't say that I am.
Promise you, they're
on the up and up.
They pay their taxes and
play by the Internet's rules.
They may be pervs, but
they aren't criminals.
lied about himself.
Is that why you're doing this?
DANNY: It's why
I have to kill them,
one way or another.
Danny, could you repeat
what you just said?
DANNY: I said, I'm
going to kill them.
Kill who?
DANNY: Kyle,
Lance, and Christian.
Maybe one other person.
You mean this in a
metaphoric way, right?
Danny, you're not
seriously intending
to murder Kyle,
Lance, and Christian?
That explains
the slow pill-taking.
He's motivated to
stay conscious.
Simon, he could be high.
He could be
exaggerating to impress.
Danny, are you still there?
DANNY: I'm here.
Just went to get the gun,
make sure it was loaded.
Tell me exactly what
you're planning to do.
DANNY: Wait for
them to get here,
then blow their brains out,
then I'll swallow the
rest of these Oxys.
When did we go from you
wanted to take your life
to taking the lives of three
other people along with you?
(STAMMERING) I'm lost, here.
DANNY: Context, Simon.
It's always about the context.
Do you go to porn sites, Simon?
Not really; every
once in a while.
DANNY: Then you've
probably put money
in Lance and
Christian's pockets.
They reduce people to
zeros and ones, literally.
The performers get their
souls reduced to zero,
all to benefit the one watching,
and jacking off.
Is that why you
think they should die,
because they run
some porn websites?
DANNY: Porn might be
sleazy, but it's legal,
most of it, anyway.
They deserve to die
for other reasons.
Danny, it's very dangerous
to threaten people's lives,
even if you're joking.
DANNY: This is no joke.
And even if you're considering
taking your own life.
DANNY: Well, after I
kill the three of them,
my life won't mean
anything, anyway.
That isn't true.
You could still turn this around
and help yourself before
you make those choices.
Do you think it's fair
to take Kyle, Lance,
and Christian's choice
to live their lives?
DANNY: Oh, dear
Simon, still in the dark?
Still without context?
You're straying into
dangerous territory.
Let me help you.
DANNY: Tell you what, Simon,
I wanna take a piss, then
get a drink of water,
then I might give you
more of the story.
Did he hang up?
I'm not sure.
Think he muted it.
(SIGHS) He's a
very confused kid.
That's what I was afraid of.
That was the other shoe to drop.
If he's seriously
threatening them...
That's a big if, Simon.
He's young, he's alone.
My gut says he doesn't
have a criminal record.
You're that sure
that he's full of shit?
I'll call it in,
get some advice,
file a report.
Still no last name on him?
I don't know much, other
than he works tech locally.
He's not originally from here.
He implies he's from Nebraska,
and that he went to
college out there.
There can't be too
many computer programs
good enough to land
him a job out here.
Maybe we can get a hit
from his transcripts.
Not bad, something to
start with, at least.
SIMON: I'll keep an
ear out for more detail.
Good, just keep him talking.
Stay nonjudgmental, and calm.
DANNY: Simon,
can you hear me?
Yeah, I'm here, Danny.
Have you changed your
mind about that threat?
DANNY: I'm not
threatening to kill them.
I'm intending to kill them.
When'd you make that decision?
DANNY: What time is it?
It's 9:20.
DANNY: Okay, there's still
time to go into all of it,
even with you calling
the cops on me.
I haven't called the cops.
DANNY: Yeah.
It's cool.
Doesn't matter, not yet, anyway.
FORREST: Hello, Kyle.
Forrest, good to see you.
Yes, indeed.
This is Danny.
Yes indeed.
Lance didn't tell me
you'd be here tonight.
Spontaneity, very
liberating, sometimes.
See you inside?
Dinner is almost ready.
We just ran into Forrest.
Quite the character.
Oh, yeah, Mr. Charm himself.
Don't worry about him.
Danny, come with me.
We need to pick out a
wine worthy of Forrest.
This wine cellar's amazing.
I didn't see it last
time I was here.
we were a little
distracted, but thank you.
You should get one, too.
Yeah, sure.
CHRISTIAN: Why couldn't you?
No, really, you don't think
you deserve a place like this?
I don't think anyone
deserves anything.
I think you work hard,
you show up on time,
and things fall into place.
Two words, Danny: horse shit.
Christ, that's like those
1983 workplace signs
placed over the
entrance to the factory
so the drones won't revolt.
I mean, you're from the Midwest.
How did that work out
for those manufacturing
plants' employees?
DANNY: Not so well.
You've been
brainwashed, Danny.
Brainwashed to want less.
I mean, you think
Christian and I have
what we have because
we worked hard?
We work smart.
We stopped caring what
other people thought,
all those hang-ups and guilt.
Fuck that.
I'm sure Kyle has
told you by now
how Christian and
I make our money.
Yeah, a little.
You're slaving away
in some tech cubicle,
being paid just enough
to afford a shitty
little studio apartment.
Hey, I get it.
Christian and I did the
same thing for years.
All that got us was credit
card debt and Klonopin refills.
Making some board of
directors wealthy.
Danny, you stop caring
what other people think
and start having fun,
unabashedly, unashamedly,
Buddy, you are in for
the ride of your life,
and we are the perfect people
to strap you in for it.
DANNY: I didn't say
much during dinner.
It all felt like I
was watching a movie
of other people eating dinner.
The only person who
said less than me
was this Forrest guy.
So obvious, looking
back on it now.
When does the new
server go online?
Another week, maybe two.
Gotta keep expanding.
If you're not
growin', you're dyin',
right, Forrest?
That's one way
to look at things.
I'm not sure I see where
you fit in in all of this.
I do not think it
is my place to say.
I can say.
Anyone object?
Darling, you know no one
here has any objections
to anything.
Hear, hear.
We met Forrest
at the Lion's Pub.
It's not even there anymore.
This is when Lance and
I were objectively sexy.
I know we still
look great, but, um,
there's looking good,
and there's fucking hot.
This is back when we were
fucking hot, right, Forrest?
Two young bucks.
Forrest, he told us
that he knew some people
and that we could
make some money.
And then, bam!
We'd left our corporate jobs,
gone to business for ourselves,
never looked back.
Thank you, Forrest.
Not at all.
You boys have taken
things to new levels,
ones I would have never
even thought to reach for.
So, what?
You guys made a
porn film together?
Uh, yeah, more than one.
But you still
won't let me see?
It says a lot
about your IT skills
that you can't find any of them.
Well, it's not like he
needs to look for them
since we give him a private
show every so often.
Oh, jeez.
This wine is just so good
it's making me say
the darnedest things.
No, you sit your cute self down.
Don't even think about
trying to clean up.
Kyle, keep him up to
his nipples in Shiraz.
He's barely even
finished one glass.
Aye, aye, captain.
You feel overwhelmed.
Nah, it's just different
from where I grew up.
Yes, Nebraska, home of the
Brianna wine grape varietal.
Perfect for salads
and fine cheeses.
I've never tried any
of the wines from there.
Has anyone?
FORREST: Now, now,
don't be a wine snob.
Too late.
Grab the salt and pepper?
Don't be afraid to help, Kyle.
You don't seem relaxed.
Am I the cause of that?
I don't think so.
It's new.
Kyle is new.
Job's new.
The city, the lifestyle,
I just haven't
found my feet yet.
You know?
I do know.
I can help you
with that, Danny,
help you find the
proverbial shoes
to keep you from falling.
Like you helped
Lance and Christian?
Every individual is different.
I don't think I'm like any
individual you've ever helped.
I'm inclined to agree.
You met me three hours ago.
Now you're offering
me something?
Surely you can see
how strange that is.
You're bolder than I expected.
Polite, but bold.
I like that,
but is it so strange?
Let me ask you something.
Do you think you're
a good person, Danny?
DANNY: Yeah, I think so.
Honest, caring, follow through
on what you say you'll do?
I agree.
So, why wouldn't I
want to help someone
with those fine qualities?
I don't know.
Good time?
A little surreal,
but never boring.
Was surprised to see
Forrest here tonight.
DANNY: Is he still involved
in Lance and Christian's
business, financially?
Don't know.
I think Forrest asked me to be
in one of his porn
films, tonight.
He said that?
He said he wanted to help me.
KYLE: Could mean
a lot of things.
Would you mind if I did one,
if they paid me enough?
You're actually
thinking about this?
I would only wanna
do it if it's with you.
KYLE: Well, that wouldn't
be up to me, or you, really.
DANNY: You sound
like you don't care.
Because I don't require
you to be anything
other than exactly who you are?
I can't say no if
you're really curious.
I know they'll pay well.
Pay well?
Are you serious?
Let's talk about this later.
DANNY: That was
the first big test
that Kyle failed, Simon.
What test?
DANNY: Oh, come on.
I wasn't actually gonna act
in a fucking online porn film.
I just wanted to see
if Kyle loved me enough
to try and stop
me from doing it.
That isn't fair to Kyle.
You weren't being
honest with him.
DANNY: Fair to Kyle?
That's a laugh.
I'm sure he'll wise
up once I put this gun
to the back of his head.
I really hope it
doesn't come to that.
Hold on just a sec, Danny.
Police are notified,
report is filed.
They're monitoring
the call for now.
Are they tracing?
Trying to.
Not easy, though.
I'll keep you posted.
You keep Danny talking.
Okay, Danny, I'm back.
DANNY: Trying
to trace the call?
Good luck with that.
Whether the call is
being traced or not,
I wanna listen to you,
and I want you to tell me more.
DANNY: Okay.
After all, I wanna
make sure it's clear
as to why I did this.
Don't want any loose
ends or weird theories
about what happened.
(SIGHS) Okay, just a sec.
Yes, the subnet
mask is in place.
No, I checked it myself.
It's totally secure
through the VPN.
No one gets in
without that site key,
not even the feds.
Lance, this is what happens
when you take two hits
off of that pipe.
I'm on top of things.
Oh, come on, we don't have
to talk about that now.
I don't think he's game for it.
What alternative?
You can't be serious.
I don't think I can do...
Yeah, I'm sorry.
I'll get it done.
DANNY: I don't
remember Kyle coming
to bed at all that night.
The next morning, he was still
at his laptop in the kitchen.
Get any sleep last night?
Not much.
- Coffee?
- Absolutely.
Is everything okay?
Yeah, just really tired.
Didn't get any sleep.
Plus, Lance is pushing me
to finish this new set-up
for one of the sites,
has me on edge.
You know, we don't
have to go over tonight
if you don't want to.
Missing Lance's
birthday is not an option.
They don't own you.
- Fuck!
Don't pull that shit.
Goddamn it, I'm sorry.
Just had a real bad night.
I'll get some sleep
and be fine for later.
Are you sure?
Tell you what.
Let's get through tonight,
and then let's plan a
trip, just you and I.
Where to?
I don't know, anywhere,
fucking Disneyland.
I don't care, wherever you want.
I'd love that.
The romantic weekend
away together,
and I couldn't
have been happier.
That day at work went so fast.
All I could think
about was Kyle and me
in some bungalow, drinking wine,
and having sex in
front of a fireplace.
The only thing that
worried me was that Kyle
didn't answer any of my texts,
and when you text someone,
especially someone
you care about,
and they don't
answer your texts,
you start creating all sorts
of stories in your head,
none of them good.
Instant communication
turning into false silences,
what a joke.
It's open.
You look, uh, not great.
I know.
DANNY: Still
kind of wiped out?
(SIGHS) Yeah.
Are you gonna get dressed,
or is this evening canceled?
Danny, leave me!
- What is this?
- There's still time.
You should turn around,
walk out that door,
and never come back.
Delete my number.
You should probably
change yours, too.
You're not making any sense.
Just tell me what happened.
I started this, all of this.
It's just you and me here.
I'm a bad person, Danny.
You're not.
Stop that.
KYLE: I work for
online pornographers.
That doesn't matter.
They use people,
exploit people, for money,
money that I help them make.
That isn't you.
KYLE: How do you know?
DANNY: What?
No, really, how do you know?
I mean, shit!
What the hell do you
really know about me
after two-and-a-half months?
Not to mention
Lance and Christian.
I've done bad things and I
have to keep doing bad things.
It's not going to work.
Danny, you need to leave.
- No!
- Why?
Because I love you.
Yeah, I do.
I really do.
And, you don't have
to say anything,
and I know you may
not feel the same way,
but it's gonna take
a hell of a lot more
than two online porn producers
to keep me away from you.
But I'm trapped, Danny.
No, you're not.
Just leave.
How the hell can I do that?
It's easy.
Send a two-word text: I quit.
And then what
happens after that?
Then you find another job.
You have marketable
skills, more than me,
and I found a job here.
I couldn't afford
to live here anymore.
Then move in with me.
Yeah, why not?
It almost sounds nice.
We could be happy.
I don't need a fancy car
or a trendy apartment.
You're enough.
None of this is
mine, by the way.
What do you mean?
I don't get paid a salary.
This apartment, my
car, my clothes,
even the fucking wine,
Lance and Christian
pay for it all.
When I need something, I
go to them with my hand out
and show them the receipt.
So, yeah, Danny, they
really do own me.
I have nothing.
You have me,
and I'm not going anywhere.
Fuck it.
Tomorrow, I quit,
quit all of this shit.
You sure?
KYLE: No, but we'll figure
the details out later, right?
What about tonight?
Pizza, Netflix, couch.
Sounds like this night
just got a whole lot better.
Okay, pizza is on the way.
Hey, it's all gonna work out.
I know.
To us, and a better future.
Hey, finally up.
Was about to check on you.
I don't remember
falling asleep last night.
You conked out after
your third glass of wine.
DANNY: I had three
glasses of wine?
DANNY: And you
took my clothes off?
No, you did that.
After the movie, I got
you up and we went to bed.
took my clothes off?
I don't, I don't
remember that.
And I never sleep naked.
Well, I certainly didn't mind.
Maybe your subconscious
mind had other plans.
Wait, did we have
sex last night?
There it is.
You do remember.
Don't remember
having sex last night.
You don't?
Kinda surprising, since
you were so frisky.
- Frisky?
- Yeah.
We weren't in bed for
more than five minutes
when you basically jumped me.
I, fuck, I don't
remember having sex.
We went to bed.
You got naked.
You started kissing me.
Gave me some great head.
I never even moved.
Stayed on my back
the whole time.
It was all about you.
Was I really that sexy?
Fuck, I didn't use
a condom, did I?
Hell, you didn't even use lube.
Hey, don't worry, I'm on
PrEP, been taking it for a year.
DANNY: I'm not on PrEP.
Doesn't matter.
I am, and I'm negative.
Obviously, you are too,
so it's no big deal.
If you're on PrEP, then why
have we be using condoms?
Didn't wanna pressure you.
Hey, for what it's
worth, I'm sorry.
It'll never happen
again, I promise.
I'm such a fucking lightweight
that three glasses of
wine fucked me up, huh?
KYLE: Might be coming
down with something.
I'm gonna take a hot shower
and try to feel better.
KYLE: Okay.
Yeah, he's up.
No, I don't think so.
I don't wanna talk about it.
No, Danny and I are going
away on a trip together.
Because I need to.
Maybe I have some money saved.
What do you care?
Do I really need to?
Fine, yeah, whatever.
Fuck you, Lance.
Hey, feeling better?
A little.
Yeah, my head's feeling clearer.
I'm gonna run to Lance
and Christian's for a bit.
Shouldn't take long.
DANNY: You're still
gonna quit, right?
Just gotta tie up
some loose ends.
I think you just cut them
off as soon as possible.
I'm doing that.
There's no reason to make
this harder than it has to be.
I'm gonna finish
this last project,
get my bonus from them.
We go away on a nice trip,
and then I'm done with them.
You rest.
I'll bring us home some dinner,
then we can talk about
where we wanna go away.
Sounds great.
I love you.
I love you, too.
You forgot your laptop.
Yes, we're doing
everything we can
to get more information.
Have you made any
progress on the trace?
Okay, well...
I still think it's
pretty serious.
I'll call you if there's
any additional information.
When did this happen, Danny?
DANNY: Doesn't really matter.
Last night, last week.
Oh, I meant to ask you,
the email address on your
little crisis center website,
is that valid?
Uh, yeah, it's a valid email.
Why do you wanna know that?
DANNY: Good.
See, I need to
send you something.
It's really important.
So turn off your spam
filters or whatever.
Make sure you receive it.
SIMON: What are
you sending me?
DANNY: I knew
something was very wrong.
I thought Kyle was lying to me
about what happened that night.
Time to bring you
out of retirement.
What for?
What for?
Your dick's getting just
as dirty as ours is.
I can't do this.
Please don't make me do this.
I think you'll be very
surprised what you can do, Kyle.
I've got a zip file here.
What's in the zip file, Danny?
DANNY: Open it up.
I'll walk you through it.
This isn't making much sense.
DANNY: Give it a second.
You at the site key-code prompt?
Yeah, we're here.
DANNY: Type in the
following code, all uppercase:
Behold, Lance and
Christian's newest creation.
Welcome to the dark
web, gentlemen.
For a price, anything
one could want,
totally hidden,
totally untraceable,
incredibly profitable.
Click on the search function
at the bottom of the page
and type in
"Danny's night of fun."
Now click it.
So, what are you
going to do with Danny?
KYLE: What?
Your trip, your getaway?
KYLE: Oh, hadn't
decided, yet.
Well, if he has a
passport, I hear Mykonos
in the Aegean Sea is just
lovely this time of year.
If not, a nice B 'n' B
in Yountville, near Napa.
The fresh air will
do him some good,
myself as well.
Goodnight, Kyle.
Thank you for the VIP treatment.
My God, are you saying
that's you on the bed?
DANNY: My body's on the bed,
as a fuck toy.
No condoms, no consent.
Danny, can you
hold on just a sec?
DANNY: Clock
is ticking, Simon,
you better hurry.
What the fuck do we do?
If it's real,
then it's a crime.
If it's real?
Are you kidding me?
Simon, think.
They don't need to
actually rape this kid.
Why not just fake it
and pass it off as real,
like all of those
college frat porn films?
People want to
believe the illusion.
This isn't proof.
There could be a release
form with Danny's name on it,
and now the guilt is
getting the best of him.
This is so fucked up.
Forward the email
to the cops, though.
There's still a threat.
Will do.
Danny, I'm back.
We saw the video.
It looks awful, but their
faces aren't showing.
It's not proof of
what you say happened.
DANNY: You don't believe me?
I believe you,
Danny, absolutely.
I'm just saying this
video is not enough.
DANNY: Of course it isn't.
I know that.
Then why show us?
DANNY: Context, Simon.
You always forget the context.
You see, Christian turned
the camera on too early,
and it caught something before
it could be cropped out.
KYLE: He's not
gonna die, is he?
No, he's just very relaxed.
KYLE: He's still
breathing, right?
Of course he is.
CHRISTIAN: Well, he's already
face-down on his stomach.
LANCE: Where's the lube?
KYLE: Jesus, guys, go easy.
Easy is boring.
No one pays to see easy.
DANNY: That man would
most certainly not want
this footage made public.
The email address worked.
The cops say they're
closing in on an address.
Keep him talking?
Why would it work?
He said we wouldn't
be able to trace it.
It doesn't matter.
It's just working.
Danny, what are you
up to with these emails?
DANNY: Those
documents in the zip file
detail all of Lance and
Christian's cooked accounting,
plus all of the fake business
Forrest helped them set up
to launder the money.
Oh, yeah, there's also the
foreign bank account information
and all the
infrastructures set up
for their illegal
dark web portal.
There's more, but all
of that should be enough
to piece together my
version of the events.
If these documents
prove your story,
let the law do its job.
You don't have to
be judge and jury.
DANNY: Or executioner?
Let's put them in jail.
DANNY: I hear something.
I think they found him.
Listen, Danny, don't resist.
We don't want anybody
else getting hurt.
DANNY: I won't.
It's over anyway.
I did what I could
for the both of us.
Thank you, Simon.
Oh, my God.
Where are the other shots?
OFFICER: Yeah, this
is definitely the guy
who was on the phone
the whole time.
Well, it looks like he came home
and found the other
white male DOA upstairs.
I'm not sure what the relationship
was, maybe a boyfriend.
Kyle unmasked his signal
right before he emailed
those documents to you.
He wanted to be found.
And Danny?
Hung himself in the bedroom,
probably early afternoon,
clearly a suicide.
Now, I've got the data
that Kyle sent you
and I scrubbed it
from the hard drive.
I still might need to come back
and take it to the station
later, if that's alright.
Of course.
And I'll need you both
to make official
statements tonight.
We understand.
Can you use any of it?
Well, there's enough here
to certainly bring them
all in for questioning,
and I'd say they could
use some lawyers,
expensive ones.
For what it's worth, you
didn't do anything wrong.
You did your best.
I'll see you at the station.
What about the phones?
They're forwarded
to other centers.
No one will get a busy signal.
Do you think we did our best?
Was that our best?
Just asking the
question says more
than a simple yes or no answer.
Come on.
I'll drive.