Cronache di poveri amanti (1954) Movie Script

The events I am about to describe
happened in Florence
in the years around 1925,
a troubled time, if I remember well.
This ancient city,
like so many others of our country,
had never known such
dark and difficult times.
What we went through then
is still present
in the memory of those
who were involved.
But at the same time
it's already history.
Take my story, for example,
the story of an Italian,
in Florence around that time.
Back then I worked at a printing press
by the Mugnone river
and earned enough to
provide for myself alone.
Every day, as soon as work was over
I raced home.
I lived in a furnished room
in the Santa Croce quarter.
Before dinner I would go out
to meet with the girl
to whom I was then engaged:
Bianca Quagliotti,
the daughter of a sweet-seller.
It was the end of April,
or the beginning of May, 1925.
She arrived as usual that evening,
with her friend Clara
and with the air of someone
who has big news to tell.
Ah! I had to pull a thousand
tricks to get out tonight.
And Clara kept me waiting!
- Slow down, you look flustered!
- Well yes... no, don't you start.
I've got good news.
Maciste said yes.
Margherita persuaded him. They're
expecting you tonight if you want.
- Are you happy?
- What a question! Of course!
Just think. We can say goodnight
at the window before bed.
You'll hear the bells of
the Palazzo Vecchio every hour.
And what do you do? Count them?
One, two, three, four, five...
- Again!
- Isn't it hot, Bruno?
- The questions you ask!
- Why?
I want to know what's in your head
when I kiss you.
- That I like you.
- So why are you asking if I'm hot?
I've got to change the subject
or you'd never finish!
And you wouldn't even
want to start!
You're beastly.
I have to go now.
Let me go.
Look, Clara's waiting.
So, what do I tell Margherita
when I see her tomorrow evening?
I can't just move out
at a moment's notice.
Let's do it on Saturday,
that way I'll have my week's pay
and I can give her notice.
Margherita isn't doing this
out of self-interest!
She's not even a landlady!
Rather, try to make a good
impression with Maciste.
A good impression, hmm...
Then all I need to do is turn up!
Don't be cocky! Bye, see you tomorrow!
- Bye!
- Bye.
- Evening.
- Evening.
And so, the following Saturday
I went to live
in Via del Corno, renting from
Maciste the blacksmith.
Mario Parigi!
Pleased to meet you!
So you've come to live here, eh?
It's that boy!
- Good day, Signora!
- Yes yes, send him up.
Go on up! And careful on
the stairs, ok?
May I?
Mario Parigi, at your service!
- What a pleasure! Excuse me...
- Please.
I'm just getting this washing in!
It's stunning here! Takes your
breath away, but it's worth it!
I'll show you the room.
Don't expect too much.
We've never rented it before.
To be honest, we don't need to,
but that Bianca insisted...
Yes, I know! Here, let me carry that.
Put it there, thanks.
Don't worry.
Here it is!
Ah! This is a real palace!
Once you get used to it...
Compared to where I lived before...
- Let's hope you're better here.
- I'm sure I will be!
Bianca had told me so much
about Via del Corno
and its inhabitants who I was
now meeting one by one,
taking care not to mistake them.
My future father-in-law,
Bianca's father,
returned with his basket of sweets.
Staderini, the cobbler,
was putting away his tools
helped by his wife, Fidalma.
And Signora Armanda
and my mother-in-law
were back from the church service.
Ugo, Maciste's friend,
was back from his job as a
street greengrocer.
Nanni, a probationer, was conspiring
with the owner of the inn,
Signor Ristori.
Trustworthy gents, both of them.
The girls... the boys...
And those young women who would go out
to walk the city's streets every night.
At that hour, Nanni was greeting Elisa,
his lover
and also someone who gave him signals
of how things were going.
At night, Via del Corno
belonged to the cats.
Palazzo Vecchio would toll the hours.
And after midnight the police patrol
would pass through.
Nanni, you there?
- My respects, Brigadiere!
- Go to bed.
Goodnight, Brigadiere!
The light at the inn
was turned off.
In Via de Corno only two windows
remained illuminated,
those of the Signora, a character
who never missed
her chance to speak.
The accountant, Bencini,
returned home as the cocks crowed
and the early risers
watched the day break.
Carlino Bencini, a veteran of Fiume,
fascist from day one,
employee of an insurance company,
and unashamed night-owl.
Carlino was the last to bed,
while his tenant Osvaldo,
a travelling salesman,
was usually the first up.
And thus began my life
on Via del Corno.
I was one of them,
and my story
became theirs, day by day.
- Ugo!
- What's up?
You got the key to my workshop?
Hurry up and get your cart out,
I need to work!
This love, this love which
shakes my heart...
Watch it.
My husband's up.
- Morning, Signor Giuseppe!
- Morning.
Not a morning person, eh?
Look outside, it's a lovely day!
- Morning, farmer!
- Morning, Corrado!
Well? What's the word in Calenzano?
Oh, nothing new.
Only the usual business,
folks coming down to Florence
for the Friday market.
It's your first year at the farm,
and you're bored already? Oh my...
What a mood you're in
this morning!
Run off with my key again
and you'll see...
Bored? I love this job!
I've been to school as well!
The first breath of city air
starts on Via del Corno...
and the chicks you have here!
Aren't you running a little late?
- Excuse me, here!
- Away from the window, ok?
Will I see you tonight?
- Morning, Ugo!
- Hey, old man! See you!
- Today is a new day! Enjoy it!
- Especially if it doesn't rain!
And love is a strange...
Hey! Welcome back!
- Ciao, Ugo!
- Honeymoon over already?
Yes! Just like we planned,
two or three days in Rome.
- Hello!
- Hello!
- Oh you're back.
- There's Staderini!
Couldn't you have sent a postcard?
How are you?
I told them:
"Send me Porta Pia!"
It slipped my mind.
- Give me the suitcases.
- I'm sure!
Come down! Milena and Alfredo
are back from their honeymoon!
Fidalma! How are things?
Good morning!
They've been in Rome.
Morning, Clara!
How are you?
- Milena! All ok?
- Welcome back!
- Bianca.
- Tell us everything!
- Is Rome nice?
- Did you enjoy it?
- Hello!
- Welcome back, Milena!
- Thanks!
- How are you?
- Are you well?
- Signor Corrado.
- Listen, Milena...
- Isn't she cute?
Excuse me Signora...
- I've got to tell you the news.
- What is it?
- I got engaged.
- To who?
I'll tell you, wait!
- Tell me!
- He's called Mario.
He's a printer.
He's only been here a few days,
I haven't brought him home yet.
And when did you decide?
What are you waiting for?
- Here's Margherita!
- Margherita!
- Ah Margherita!
- Milena, darling... the guardian angels
of Via del Corno are together again!
Morning, Margherita!
Gesuina! Tell the Signora
I'm coming up to see her now.
The Signora thanks you!
Bring the Cecchi account up to date.
Come on, pet!
And be a good girl, bring me
the book. Ten, twenty, thirty...
Ah, that'll do.
This month we couldn't do
any better.
Antonio hasn't worked much, and so-
They are 59 lire
short, Signora.
Well, don't worry. Next time
you'll try harder, eh?
Signora, you have our word.
You've always been
so good to everyone.
They should have a monument to you
in Via del Corno.
Let's hope not.
Monuments are for the dead!
Signora, it's Alfredo Campolmi
and his wife, Milena.
Oh, how nice!
Show them in!
Hello Leontina.
Signora, how are things?
Now then, tell me everything.
Did you enjoy Rome?
You had other things on your mind.
I've brought you a little gift.
It's silly but I hope you'll like it.
Thank you!
What a nice thought!
Oh, how sweet!
Look at this, pet.
Put it on the dresser.
Thank you! Ah, Rome, Rome...
The last time I went
"Aida" was showing at the Costanzi.
I remember the finest carriage
on the Pincian promenade
was mine, back then.
All water under the bridge now.
Thank you. And maybe it's the same
for us too, Signora.
Eh, a young man like you,
with your initiative,
with the profits from the
grocery in your hands...
I'm sure you'll be back
on your feet in no time.
And now with your dear wife
here to help you.
Well, Signora, I too
have to speak up.
If you could just come through
with the help you promised...
You know, to get the business going,
to give it some life again.
In short, to help us get
a bit of custom...
I see, I see. Besides, we made
an agreement, no? And so?
Gesuina, bring me the book.
Let's see...
Campolmi: C, C, C...
Ah! Here it is!
Well well well...
We can open a new account.
It's important to put trust in youth.
Anyway, how could I refuse you anything,
coming in here freshly married.
How could I refuse?
Your head's screwed on,
but you're being too cautious.
Honestly, it seems to me
we're pulling our pants down
with our own hands!
We're not here to be witty,
we need to face up to reality.
Fascism can't be fought with
pranks and games.
It's something quite different!
Don't mind him. Our Ugo has always
been an impulsive one!
Our duty, for the moment,
given the situation,
as we see it in the
current climate...
Oh! Sorry, I didn't realise.
I just wanted to get some water.
- Go ahead! Just do it!
- Thanks.
- Good evening!
- Ciao!
- Good evening, Signora!
- Good evening!
Who's that?
He's my new tenant.
The truth is, it's up to us
to make ourselves heard.
We can cling to the law,
to democracy,
but then our hands are tied!
- Yes, Alfredo?
- I'm thinking, we should have
144 lire from the Cecchis,
71 from Clorinda
and that's it...
But how are we going to get paid?
These people live day-to-day!
Milena... I was talking to you
about the business.
That concerns you too,
don't you think?
Everything will sort itself out.
What's important is to love each other!
Well sure. Maybe, but...
we'll need to make some sacrifices.
We need to get this situation
sorted out.
And now, with the new debt
we've taken on...
For starters, we have to draw the line.
We'll make a sign: "Arrears to be paid"
and that'll be that.
Our debtors aren't expecting that.
We could get rid of the busboy too.
Turn off the light in the dining room.
You could work on the till.
It's not hard.
You press the keys, the machine goes:
"trin, trin"...
and the drawer comes out.
- Good night, Alfredo!
- Good night, darling!
Trin, trin...
Trin, trin...
I like that, "trin, trin!"
Ah, well done!
Good! Good, Milena!
Thank you!
- Happy, Signora Clorinda?
- Yes...
- Can I get my butter?
- Isn't she good? Here I come!
- Morning, Signora! How's life?
- Good morning!
- Morning all!
- Morning!
Morning, Signor Alfredo!
- Fresh butter for Signora Leontina!
- Thank you.
Who's next? You?
Serve him first, he needs to get
to the printing house.
Thank you, Signora!
Do you mind...?
The usual mortadella, 150 grams
and maybe a slice of fennel.
Fennel for Signor Mario!
Hunger doesn't wait!
One... fifty.
- Here!
- Please tell me something:
Tomorrow's Saturday,
everything's on sale right?
But... Signora... no...
That's not even a snack!
I'd need another three of them!
- Well, ok.
- Thanks, Milena!
- There you go!
- Thanks!
- Welcome!
- Bless you, Signora Fidalma!
- Cherry jam for me.
- Coming right up!
That one's a rooster
but I haven't figured out
which hen he wants to catch!
Oh, sorry!
- Aren't you the blacksmith's
new tenant? - Yes.
- And your name?
- Mario Parigi, at your service.
- Nice! Have you signed up with
the local union? - No, not yet.
Stop by the Federation
in the next few days!
- I won't miss it, good day!
- Bye! Things are changing, eh?
Rosettes in the window, a cute cashier.
Things are looking up!
How can I help, Ragioniere?
Just passing, doing the rounds.
I wanted to have a quick word.
- Ok! Milena, will you take care
of Signora Fidalma?
- Tell me.
- I'd rather we were alone.
Well, alright. Come into the
back room.
This way!
- It's no trouble.
- Please.
Sixty for the sauce,
thirty for the olives.
Here you go.
Tell your husband to keep a close eye
on those people.
They'll have you at
the sharp end of the knife.
I know.
I know, Signora.
Have you heard? The Ragioniere
is talking with her husband.
- The Ragioniere?
- Yes.
- See you again!
- Bye!
- And?
- He just wanted to scare me.
He wanted money for the union.
He said that in the Federation
they've noticed that I'm not paying
my share like my father did.
They think I'll just roll over like Dad.
I told him quite firmly "no".
- Can you change fifty lire?
- Sorry, no.
Is that ok with you?
Yes, it's ok, but...
they could hurt us.
What are they going to do?
It's not 1921 any more.
They don't beat people these days.
It's enough to present
a strong image.
Oi! Listen!
This time they're really going at it!
- Oh! What's all the racket?
- Another new act!
Via del Corno has turned
into a theatre!
You're drunk before noon,
I'm not seeing anyone!
- Nothing ever happened with me and Ugo!
- Oh yeah?
- He's just a tenant!
- You think I wanted him as a tenant?
It wasn't your idea by any chance?
- You both agreed beforehand!
- Yes, but the 35 lire rent
he kept for himself!
Now Maciste is holding back Beppino.
Maria must have put up a real fight!
She's all scratched!
- And Ugo? - Ugo's not there.
Maybe he's already at the market.
One more happy couple in the
world. Hallelujah!
Face up to your actions,
you and your lover!
- Don't run away from me!
- He wanted to strangle me! Coward!
- What's going on?
- Maria's been having it on with Ugo!
Holy cow!
This morning Beppino
caught them at it!
You don't want to miss this!
- I've done nothing wrong!
- Let me go, Corrado! Let me go!
- Don't be childish!
- A man's gotta do what he's gotta do!
Shut up! You dribbling old men
are all the same!
He was cheating on me!
Tonight I'm gonna settle the score
with your boyfriend!
Hey! Are we done with this nonsense?
Signora! The Ragioniere's stepped in!
I want to see you tonight
at the Federazione. Understand?
You and your wife.
- Good day, Ragioniere!
- Hello, Ciaba.
Draw the curtains!
The show's over.
Hey! Hear that?
He's coming!
La,la,la... La,la,la...
- Ciao!
- Ciao!
- Hello Ciaba! - Hey, Ugo, careful!
Nothing! I was just saying.
Wait, before you go up,
I need to tell you something.
This morning Maria
had to see the doctor.
Why? Did Beppino beat her?
Yeah! Don't look so surprised.
By now everyone knows
you were going at it with Maria.
What are you going to do?
Pah... I'm not on trial.
And Maria wouldn't be stupid
enough to spill the beans.
She's a nice girl
and Beppino is making her life hell.
Which means...
Which means I wasn't here
this morning.
Can't I pretend I don't know
anything about it?
When Beppino gets back, if he says
anything, I'll smash his face in
and get Maria out of there!
She likes me, and I'd gladly
set up home with her.
Ah, yes. You've got it all
figured out, right?
Don't be such a child;
listen to me.
True or false: Maria's just like
any other girl to you?
- Maybe.
- Here's what I think.
True or false: for a while now
you've been playing around?
And sometimes you get drunk?
You were earlier, it's simple fact.
A bit of chaos and you
forget everything.
Are you blind to the colour black?
The group said there was nothing
to be done.
Well? You can count on me!
When the time comes
you only need to whistle
and I'll be there!
Who told you we have to
stand idly by?
Fontanesi, right?
Oh, that's what you heard, is it?
I seem to recall him saying
there was plenty we could do!
You're a pain in the neck,
you and your mates!
You talk too much!
Tell someone who cares!
The truth is, my dear Ugo,
no-one trusts you any more!
This is a dangerous time,
they can see that you have
women on your mind...
and they're all heads of families.
That's my business!
When the chips were down
I've always been there.
Actions speak louder than words,
and I get things done!
- Yeah, I bet.
- When 3 fools in black shirts show up
you stand cross-armed.
The truth is,
you and all the others,
starting with the heads,
you're a bunch of cowards.
You left your hearts in the trenches,
you were probably draft-dodgers
for all I know!
Take your coat and get lost!
When you see me,
don't even say hello!
Be careful, Maciste! One way or another
they'll make you pay!
Oh, I can pay!
Did you see that uppercut?
Uppercut? It was barely a slap!
You swore you only drank wine!
Are you offering something?
I don't know. I'm not used to
balancing the books.
Then get gone! Go!
A little education wouldn't hurt you!
Are you talking to me?
Come on, I was joking.
I thought we were friends?
I'm nobody's friend! Got that?
Come on, come with me.
Keep me company, it's windy tonight!
Don't go with him.
Let it go.
Have you got a problem?
Yes, but we don't stand to
gain anything.
No, leave it to me, Osvaldo!
Oh, tonight's entertainment
is assured.
Come here, Signor Carresi!
Your time has come!
- Good evening!
- Utrilli, Amadori! Come here a moment!
This is the fellow I was
telling you about.
- Ragioniere, I...
- Make some room for him.
- Excellent! Come with us.
- Show him a good time!
What's the plan, Ragioniere?
Where are you taking him?
Don't worry, my beauty.
We're just here to keep the peace.
And remember, we'll resolve
your situation.
Meaning what?
Here, in Via del Corno
it's never been possible
to get an appointment.
- That's no way to speak.
I know, I know, you'll see...
You'll see we'll reach some
agreement. Come!
Shame on you for stooping
to such a level!
- And he doesn't even realise it!
- But what have I done?
Listen to him!
"What have I done?"
Osvaldo, you know me like I know
the Ragioniere.
Where's he gone anyway?
Where has he taken my wife?
- Don't pervert this discussion!
- I'm not perverting anything.
Honestly I don't know what the union
has to do with my business?
The union is everywhere!
You signed up for this
and right when you were about to
put on the honourable black shirt
you had to go and show the whole
of the Via del Corno
that even an antifascist like Ugo
can make off with your wife.
- What a pathetic idiot!
That's a nice advert
for the revolution!
Now do you understand?
Can you guarantee that Beppino
hasn't been hurt?
My word of honour!
I ordered them to buy him a coffee!
No, he can't have it at night,
he's an insomniac.
And he's got a stomach ulcer
coming on.
Now I'm learning things!
Well then!
Whenever I'm in Rome they do
whatever the hell they like.
- Let me explain...
- What?
Do you think I can't see
what you're up to?
No, look...
I'm reporting you to the
Disciplinary Council!
You've made a mess of this, you know?
- Who? Me?
- Yes.
You said that calling him a prick
would just shake him up.
Oh yeah? You should have seen him.
He turned on us like a madman!
He gave Borghi a punch that nearly
took his eye out!
- So we had to teach him a lesson!
- What do you mean?
Carlino said he'd shaken up
a certain Campolmi
who owns the grocery on Via del Corno.
That's why I didn't go!
You're a bunch of imbeciles!
Don't you realise
it's time we stopped
with the strong-arm tactics?
- Where did you leave him?
- On the banks of the Mugnone.
What did you say to him exactly?
I don't know, they were alone
in the back room.
But, Alfredo was saying,
Carlino wanted him to pay
his dues to the union.
If I were you, I'd start
by going round the hospitals.
Mind your own business
you hapless halfwit!
Come on, Milena!
Let's go with them.
So now Milena, accompanied by
Maciste, Mario,
Bruno and Staderini,
are heading towards Via dei Leoni.
Ask Carlino's mamma if her son
is at home
and if he can do something
for the Campolmis.
Signora Armanda! The Signora
is asking if your son
could help find Alfredo.
He always knows what's going on.
My son hasn't come home yet!
Signora Armanda says her son
isn't home yet.
- Good evening, Brigadiere!
- Good evening.
Nanni, you there?
- My respects, Brigadiere!
- All right!
What's happened?
Has there been an accident?
I don't know yet.
He wasn't in any state to talk.
They found him by
the side of the Mugnone,
unconscious and bleeding.
The ambulance brought him here.
- Are you his wife?
- Yes I'm his wife.
Don't be alarmed.
He's still in shock
but it doesn't seem serious.
You can see him.
Nurse, take the Signora through.
Doctor, please tell me
everything you can.
The nature of the wounds
suggests a truncheon.
If you know the victim,
you can tell me if I'm right or wrong.
It doesn't seem politically motivated.
Have they beaten him very badly?
I thought it best not to say so
in front of the wife.
Look, the head wounds
are just superficial cuts,
nothing to worry about.
The damage is internal,
he's vomiting blood.
Right now I can't say how serious
his internal injuries are.
Let's hope for the best.
This is your fault!
You're a coward!
You're an ignorant ass!
Calm down, boys! You're scaring me!
You're all hopped up!
Let's talk it over later!
Leave us alone, mamma!
Go back to your prayer book!
Understand, comrade Liverani?
Oh, spare me the sarcasm!
I didn't attend the march on Rome
for reasons outside my control!
Because you're a coward!
And you wanted to see how it
was going to end!
It ended well.
Act one, scene five!
- What's going on?
- Another new act.
What have they done?
When those two fight it never ends well!
Don't you see that fascism's
enemies are starting to reappear?
In your eyes everything's fine.
What we're doing is legal!
It always has been legal. Understand?
- How far will you go?
- Open up!
You didn't need to give Alfredo
such a thrashing!
I told you, I wasn't there!
And even if I had been,
Alfredo's an anti-fascist!
He had it coming!
You're a traitor!
You're a savage!
What am I?
- A savage!
- Carlino! Stop it!
Carlino! Stop it!
Carlino! Osvaldo!
Stop it!
Get your jacket and get out!
And tonight this will be discussed
in the Federation.
Oh... Why...?
Osvaldo! Osvaldo!
I'm sorry, Signora,
you've been like a mother to me,
but we've reached the point
where I have to leave.
Here he comes, move!
He won't be needing a hatstand!
Liverani has gone to the inn.
Carrying his suitcases and coat.
Ok, that's that. Now let's take care
of our poor dear Milena.
Is Alfredo still in a bad way?
We must be patient,
at least the doctors said
he's not in serious danger.
- They smashed his lungs in.
- Oh, oh! Such big words!
If they'd really smashed his lungs in
he'd be a goner.
Silly girl!
Anyway, does this incident
put you in a difficult position?
We'll have to lease out
the business.
Lease it out?
Of course, yes, lease it out.
For a little while at least,
until Alfredo gets better.
Do you trust me? Do you want me
to find the right person?
Now, help me get back into bed.
I'm tired.
It was the end of May,
and the grocery was reopening
with the new manager found
by the Signora.
And one morning, before starting work,
Maciste allowed all of
Via del Corno to share
a dream he had finally realised.
- Isn't it marvellous?
- What a machine!
This is no machine,
it's precision engineering!
And what does it do? Tell the time?
The motor's a beauty!
It's the law of opposites:
he shoes horses,
but he rides on a piece of metal.
It can do more than 100 an hour!
- Oh boy!
- I'll show you speed!
Hit it, driver!
You talking nonsense again?
- You look like a deep sea diver!
- More like the racer, Brilli-Peri!
- Can I come for a ride?
- Of course, get in!
Careful, boys! Out of the way!
Take care!
Don't go too fast!
- Forza, forza!
- Go! Go! Go!
- Be careful!
- Ciao, Bianca! We're on the run!
Ciao, Mario!
Hey! Is today Sunday?
Signor Corrado has Sundays
whenever he wants.
Well! I'm going for a ride too!
- Want to come?
- Huh? With who else?
Come on, Bianca!
Hey! This one's better than a
motorcycle, it's true!
It's not much of a step.
Just a little thought is enough.
What, are you saying I haven't
thought about it?
You can't get there on your own, eh?
You need someone to explain
who did that to Alfredo.
Don't take me for a fool!
It goes without saying
that they were fascists.
But Carlino himself?
That just seems too shameful.
Of course the blows don't reveal
anything, there was no signature.
They got him from behind.
Even Alfredo couldn't
recognise any of them.
But... doesn't this
change something?
Okay, it doesn't change things,
well, of course,
in every revolution
there are some ruffians
but it doesn't mean that all
their ideas are wrong.
If all the anti-fascists
were like you,
or like the guys at the
printing house... then yes!
But, in general, what have the
anti-fascists ever achieved?
They've retreated to the
Aventine Hill
and left the whole playing field open.
Now maybe I'm wrong,
but to me, he who runs away
is always a coward!
Yeah, but you're confusing
running away with losing.
Once the law, the King, and all of them
have sided with the fascists...
Have you ever asked yourself
what it is the fascists want?
- But...
- Well?
Well, what are you lot doing?
Ah! If you want something to do,
there'll be no shortage of chances!
Let's go!
It gets worse every day.
We don't even know
how we'll pay the hospital bill.
We'll end up having to close
the business. And that's the truth.
And by now, because of all the loans,
we're at the Signora's mercy.
You're young.
The main thing is that Alfredo
recovers fully.
Ah, here comes Corrado.
And how is that going to help?
Come on now, chin up!
- Oh, sorry... I didn't mean to
disturb. - No, please...
You can come in too, you're part of
the household after all.
- Margherita!
- Up here, I'm coming!
- How are you?
- Oh, you know. Same as usual.
Hey, don't let it get you down!
Go on, show me a smile!
Good girl! Don't you feel better now?
Tell the truth.
That would be too easy.
You're happy.
It's obvious you're in love.
Don't leave it too long!
I'm sure Bianca is waiting.
- Yes, I know. Bye, Milena.
- Goodbye!
Besides, the smile suits you,
believe me!
It's strange... the more I speak
with Milena, the more I think
she's an exceptional woman!
She has such a strong spirit...
- You like Milena, huh?
- Hey, don't be childish.
Fine, I don't like her!
She's a cross-eyed, scary cripple!
When you see her you should run away!
- Happy now?
- Milena is a dear friend of mine
and I forbid you from
disrespecting her.
You're always finding new ways
to antagonise me!
You're really becoming...
Why are you getting angry?
Don't you want to kiss me?
Tonight I won't let you go,
unless you answer.
I don't understand why you should
be reluctant.
My mechanic's exam went well,
my mother's prepared to let us
have the double bedroom.
What are we waiting for?
I told you. If we get married now,
my mother will have to
stop working to look after
the house
and on what my father earns,
we'd die of hunger.
So we've got to spend 3 or 4 years
running in circles!
It's getting late,
I want to go home.
- Give me a kiss!
- If I kiss you you'll start over!
You can bet I'll start over.
There's no way you'll resist me
right up until judgement day!
Hey gorgeous!
Enjoying life on Via del Corno, eh?
- Me?
- Certainly not myself!
At best, I'm going straight to hell.
- Why, is Nanni neglecting you?
- Oh, blissful innocence!
Yes, Nanni's neglecting me.
And you, are you still loved up
with little Bianca?
I want to know what you talk about
every night
on the banks of the Arno,
glued to the walls!
We're in love.
We're engaged, aren't we?
Oh, I see! You're in love.
Lucky you!
Listen, Elisa. It's driving me crazy
not being with you.
I dream about you at night,
and I'm not sure I still love Bianca.
Aha! Finally!
There's a declaration!
- I'm serious.
- Do you... have any money?
I got my week's wages today.
Don't worry, I'm not that expensive.
It's best if I go in first.
I don't want to be seen with
someone who's known.
The gossips will be saying
that I'm corrupting minors.
I'm not a minor!
I'm a free man
and I answer to nobody.
But if Via del Corno doesn't see us
together, it's better for you too.
Oh my gosh.
- What is it, pet?
- You won't believe it, Signora!
You know the printer, Mario?
He's gone into the inn behind Elisa.
- So?
- So, he's engaged to Bianca...
And? He's a man in trousers isn't he?
- But Signora!
- Eh! Signora, Signora...
Men are men, my dear.
Some problems have yet
to be resolved.
Kiss me again.
You don't want to leave, eh?
No, why?
Your heart's somewhere else!
That's how to stop before it's too late.
Better that way, isn't it?
You really need help!
You wish! They gave me some
drops to take
and ordered me to rest.
Plenty of rest.
Watch it.
You're standing near the window,
someone might see you.
Don't think that because I'm here,
I don't still love Bianca.
You had me in your thoughts.
You said so yourself!
And now you've forgotten me?
Don't get upset!
You brought it up.
That's the second time you've said
you love Bianca...
it seems like you're afraid
you'll forget.
As if you'd already cheated on her
before me.
When will I see you again?
Maybe never! I'm not accustomed to
these appointments.
Oh, so it's true that there's
another woman?
If it's not Bianca, then who?
Someone from Via del Corno?
Do I know her?
Stupid woman!
I'm sorry! That wasn't fair.
I want us to stay friends.
Yeah, sure. Whatever.
Bye, Elisa.
- Olimpia!
- Oh!
Look what they've done to Osvaldo!
- Goodbye, comrade!
- What happened? Where have you been?
- Brutes...
- Tell us what happened.
What happened? Has your firm
gone bust?
Just forget about it!
- Calm down, Osvaldino.
- Calm down?
They're a wicked bunch!
False fascists!
They took me captive
because I wrote to the Duce,
denouncing them as violent hoodlums
who are ruining the revolution!
They beat me as if I was the
worst anti-fascist!
First Carlino, my own friend.
They want to force me out
of the party.
Drink something, it'll help.
Who cares if they force you out?
I'm ruined!
They're preparing the second wave.
It'll be like a new march on Rome.
And if they throw me out
I won't be able to participate!
It's my destiny.
I could never achieve anything concrete.
I'm a failure!
I've no medals, I'll miss out on
that ribbon too,
and maybe I'll be fired from my job!
- Come now, Osvaldino...
Politics is a losing game.
You lose your friends,
you lose business,
short of giving up on
your beliefs...
Of course, my beliefs aren't
the same as yours
however I can give you
one piece of advice:
do like I do, and just say "screw it!"
The King invites all Italians
to the United Benefit Gala.
Yesterday on the Viminal hill,
the Cavalier Benito Mussolini received
the new Belgian ambassador.
Enough of that.
Read me the news.
Ah, that'll be them arriving.
That's Maciste's motorcycle.
Yes. Nurse? Excuse me...
- Hello!
- We're here!
You're looking a lot better now!
The damage is inside, my dear Corrado.
These people are professionals.
They how to hit where it hurts.
But their time will come,
even if I don't get to see it.
You need to concentrate on your health
and nothing else!
I've never been a fascist.
Corrado, do you remember that day
of the march on Rome?
I was passing by your workshop,
I was happy.
I was coming back from dancing.
Do you remember, I said to you:
They've captured Rome, so take to
your beds and cover up!
You didn't respond, but you gave me
a look that almost scared me.
And now they've put me
properly to bed,
maybe permanently.
- Alfredo!
- Don't tire yourself out.
- Let me finish.
I wanted to say, Corrado,
if that day ever comes...
dead or alive...
- Signor Campolmi!
I want to be there too.
- Better if you're alive, no?
You wouldn't be much help dead.
- May we come in?
- Come!
- Is it ok?
- Come in, come in!
There's the weed!
- Here.
- Oh, very nice! Thanks!
So, when'll we eat these wedding sweets?
Sooner than you think.
We'll be making the announcement soon!
Hey shorty, didn't you realise?
She's making an honest man out of you!
- And you two?
- Us?
Uhh, we're... taking things slow.
Taking it slow, eh, half-pint?
That's the youth of today for you.
In my day, when you got engaged...
And he's off! You ought to have been
a lecturer, not a cobbler.
I'll decide when's the right time.
For now we're happy enough.
Bianca... what is it?
The child has a fever.
- The fever of love!
- No, a real fever.
Come on, Bianca!
Take her outside.
She doesn't feel well.
Mimosa, mimosa, such
melancholy in your smile...
Your little house among the roses...
Milena! Milena!
- What are you doing here?
- Waiting for you, maybe...
Maciste took Bianca home in
his sidecar.
And what would I do in there
with the others?
Listen to Staderini
waffling on?
I don't like it when he
calls me half-pint.
You thought you could come
and live here
and get away without a nickname?
- Know what he calls me?
- "Feisty Milena"
It's a compliment!
Ah, but Alfredo does get angry
rather often!
What have the doctors said?
He's not doing at all well.
He's not improving, he's
getting worse.
I'm at a loss, Mario.
Be honest, did you wait for me
because you wanted
to know how Bianca was feeling?
Okay, okay!
Come to your window
when Palazzo Vecchio strikes
eight o'clock, and I'll tell you.
Bianca will be at her window,
fever or no fever!
Why are you angry?
Bianca and I don't see eye-to-eye.
She can be so petty.
I don't know...
We fight over stupid things.
Today, for example,
we had a fight because I refused to read
"The Hand of Death"!
Sorry, but now you really
sound like a kid!
I'm a kid, am I?
Advice? What advice could I give you?
Bianca's got a heart of gold.
Although she's a little introverted.
You'll learn to understand her,
if you really want to.
And don't say she has low ambitions.
Bianca dreams of a peaceful life,
a house...
I was the same, until a few months ago.
I had everything I could ever want.
I was happy...
My dear Milena!
I want to see you smile, remember?
You're a funny one, Mario.
I never know when you're joking
and when you're serious.
Say, what's going on?
There are no trams running.
They've all gone back to the depot.
Apparently it's a complete shambles.
The fascists are mobilising.
- What do we do now?
- All we can do is walk home.
There, how's that?
What's up?
Where are you going all dolled up?
It's time!
Tonight we're settling scores with
a bunch of subversives.
We're avenging Anfossi,
it's 1000 against 1.
- Who's Anfossi?
- One of ours...
those bastards killed him
just a few hours ago.
What have you got to do?
Weren't you thrown out?
About that.
This is my chance to prove
myself worthy.
And for you too if you come along.
I'll introduce you to Pisano.
If you want a virgin start,
tonight's the night.
Oh! If we can be virgins again,
I'm coming too!
We've made a list.
By tomorrow morning
they'll all be dead men.
Ugo! Are you mad? No!
What list? What list?
Tell me the names!
- Speak, you scumbag!
- No!
Who are they?
Here's what we've heard:
it appears a group of fascists
went to kidnap a subversive
in Via dell'Ariento.
It's seems there's one who just
arrived from France, and...
- Seems, appears...
- Seems or is?
If you keep on interrupting me
I lose my flow!
Then get it right!
We can't understand a thing.
You, keep quiet and let him speak.
Let me finish.
So, it seems this group
went to kidnap a subversive.
Going up the stairs,
someone turned out the light,
and the fascists, thinking it was
an ambush, started shooting.
And amid all the shooting in the dark,
they killed one of their own men.
- I need a word!
- Oh yeah? What is is now?
Look me in the eye.
I was wrong, and I apologise.
but I don't have time for
Will you help me,
or do I have to do it alone?
Come over here.
What's the word?
The word is...
it's raining!
I've been as far as Piazza Signoria...
but there wasn't a soul!
- What? No-one?
- Say, what did Ugo want with Maciste?
It feels like this could be
a night to remember!
Corrado! Where are you going?
I'll only be half an hour, don't worry.
In this weather? Corrado!
- Bye!
- Corrado!
- Utrilli!
- Over here! What's going on?
- Pisano!
- Yes Sir!
Go up and tell Amadori we're leaving!
You, wait for us at the end
of the street!
- Sir!
- Good!
Comrades! Attention!
All right! Our car?
- There it is!
- Let's go!
Slow down, here comes Liverani.
Go on, Ugo!
- Egisto! Egisto! Oh Egisto!
- I'm here.
They've formed a death squad.
Bastai, Valli, Rugeri, and Santini
are in danger.
- We need to warn them.
- Do you know where Santini lives?
No. I think on the corner
of Ruggeri and Valli.
Good speed and good luck.
For Bastai, try Via della Robbia.
We're hoping to find him there.
Don't waste any time, go!
I want to go home, mamma!
Be quiet, darling, we'll go home soon.
This is like 1921 all over again.
Alfredo might be in danger too!
I want to go back to the hospital!
Don't be crazy, Milena!
They're not going after him tonight.
I can't stay here as long as
that doubt's in my mind!
Well, all right. I'm going with you.
It must be here! Try that one
with the light on!
Your honour! Your honour! Mr Bastai!
We are friends!
Your honour!
Is Mr Bastai at home?
He hasn't lived here for two years!
Where does he live now?
Tell us!
Go away!
I'm calling the police in one minute!
Corrado! There's a car
coming up the street!
I need Mr Bastai's address!
- Call them.
- Yes.
- Were you scared, Milena?
- A bit.
- We'll never make it to the hospital!
- We'll make it.
Don't panic. Try to think.
- I am thinking.
- Look, it's not Alfredo they're after.
Trust me.
It seems to be clear. Come on!
Is Mr Santini here?
He's not in Florence. I'm here alone.
What do you mean he's not in Florence?
Wake up man!
Tell him his friends need to see him!
I told you, he's not in Florence,
he's in Rome.
Who is it? What do you want?
You remember me, your honour?
I shod your horse.
We need to be quick.
The fascists are out to get
people like you.
Believe me.
They could be here any moment.
Get me my bag!
Pack my woollen vest.
And that picture on the cabinet!
- Right away.
- I got a phone call warning me
that I was in danger.
But it wasn't very clear.
You're on their list, I can assure you!
Quick, get in.
- Goodbye, your honour!
- Thank you, Lupo.
Remember, Bastai lives close by.
Michelangelo Street, letter L.
Give him my greetings.
- Thank you and good luck!
- Bye!
One was tall and fat,
the other, average size.
They came to warn him and
take him away
in their sidecar.
- Where were they headed?
- I don't know!
Someone's grassed!
We'll boil that someone in tar!
Comrades, let's go!
- Nanni, you there?
- My respects, Brigadiere!
Anyone out in this weather
will catch a cold!
- Margherita! Is Mario back?
- No, neither is Corrado.
That madman Ugo came and
dragged him out!
And Milena's not home on such a night!
She wouldn't risk being out
on the streets.
She probably stayed with her husband.
Tonight, the wise sleep.
What is it?
Don't worry, Signora Armanda.
What should I be worried about?
They killed a fascist.
It might be the Ragioniere!
- Ow!
- Shut it and get to bed!
Gesuina! Does the Signora know
that the printer
and Milena aren't home yet?
The Signora knows everything.
She thanks you anyway.
Signora, tell me what's happening too.
Any excuse to come to the window!
Keep quiet and keep inside!
Tonight... is the apocalypse!
That way's blocked.
We'll have to go home.
We can cut through San Lorenzo!
Come on!
Antonio! Antonio!
We've lost too much time.
This time they'll catch us!
If you're afraid you can leave.
Or are you just cold?
- Take my jacket!
- No, it's fine.
Stop! Stop! It's them!
Those two with the sidecar!
Go, Corrado, go!
They're from Via del Corno!
Two subversives! Stop them!
- I think we lost them!
- Hold on tight!
I'll handle this one!
I've known him for years!
Bencini, you should have done it sooner.
There they are!
Jump, Ugo! Jump!
The other one!
Into the fire!
Comrades, attention!
Let's go!
What's that?
- Where's Maciste?
- You tell me.
Stop whining! It's only a scratch.
And be quiet! Such nonsense!
Red, black, you're all the same to me.
The government changes,
but the players are always the same.
Now you stay here,
because if you go out
you'll get me in trouble!
I don't even know you're here.
Gesuina brought you in and is
protecting you without my knowledge.
Besides, that's the truth.
I can't move from my bed.
Do we understand each other?
And trust me, one day you'll
pay me back for this!
Good day!
Oh, Jesus!
Via del Corno's on edge, eh?
If someone's looking for trouble,
that's my bread and butter!
No doubt, Ragioniere.
We are folk who know how to get by
in this world,
but you ought to understand
the situation.
Maybe you haven't heard
there was an incident last night?
I don't know anything, I've just
arrived from Livorno. But, well done.
Let's hope all the street
is as wise as you!
What are you doing?
Get back in bed!
Were you scared?
The Signora said you need to rest.
No, no. You need to find me
a way out of here!
No use thinking about it
before the evening.
I need to speak to someone
before the fascists
get their hands on me!
Gesuina! Don't go, or I'll lose it!
I need your help!
The Signora asked me if the bandage
is holding.
Sshhh! Don't raise your voice!
Wait! Ok, go now while it's clear.
Be quick!
- Brigadiere!
- Marshal!
- Brigadiere!
- No news?
No, Marshal. I think we ought to
interrogate Nanni.
- Nanni.
- You talking to me? - Yes.
Nanni is fulfilling his duty.
As the saying goes:
"an ass-kisser is also a spy"!
Forgive me for having
taken the liberty
of entering during your absence.
- How can I help?
- Are you a relative?
- No, but I'm able to testify.
- Your time will come, boy. Name?
- Mario Parigi.
I share your pain, dear Signora.
Justice will round up the culprits,
whoever they are
and wherever they are.
The Signora told me to redo
your bandage.
So don't move.
- How's the wound?
- It looks better.
How strange. We've lived
in the same building
so long, and we've hardly ever met.
Are you from Florence?
- Almost, Scandicci.
- Not far then.
- Half an hour by tram?
- Only twenty minutes.
Have you been back there lately?
I left Scandicci when I was ten.
Since then I've never been back.
- I have nobody left.
- Thank you.
Now sleep. Shall I turn off the light?
If anything happens, I'll be right here.
When will you sleep?
Don't worry. I'll stay
right here with you.
And where would I sleep,
since you're in my bed?
I'm sorry!
Don't be sorry, it was
the Signora's decision.
The Signora, the Signora's decision.
I'm sure you must have an opinion too.
Of course! But my opinion
disagrees with the Signora's.
Do your opinions always disagree
with hers?
Yes. Why?
You're speaking but you should be
The Signora has always done good
things for Via del Corno.
Via del Corno can only
be grateful to her.
She's always helped everyone.
Including those who didn't deserve it.
So you think the Signora
is a selfless woman?
Sooner or later she claims her dues
from everyone, me included!
She made it very clear.
The Signora always lets someone else
put their neck on the line.
She's always been kind to me,
ever since she took me in
when I was a child, with nobody.
Ask yourself, is this really kindness?
How have you lived until now?
Closed up in here, isolated.
Is that what you call kindness?
And to the Signora,
all men are the same.
Red or black, makes no difference.
Is that what you think too?
He was the only person in
Via del Corno who I admired.
Listen to me, Gesuina.
I'm at your mercy.
It's up to you if...
Who do I take the news to?
You search for gold all over the world,
and find it right under your nose!
- Marco. - What is it?
- Come here a moment!
- You're wanted.
- Okay.
Come up.
- Ugo sent me. - Ah, good day.
- Good day.
- He said I should stay here?
- Yes. He insisted.
And what's the word on the street?
Apparently two or three more people
were killed.
A lot had to get out of Florence.
- You didn't have the milk?
- No. Give me a match.
- Should you be smoking?
- Then why did you bring my cigarettes?
- You're right, I shouldn't have.
- Sit down here.
I can't, I have to go.
The Signora's annoyed because
I'm out so much.
- Gesuina. - What is it?
- Come here a moment.
What do you want? Don't waste my time.
Look, I want to thank you.
I would have done the same for anyone.
- You're a good girl.
- Let me go.
Do you think I'm the same
type of girl as Elisa?
No, I'm sorry.
No, you're right to react that way.
Until yesterday I was living like a...
But a night like that
counts for a hundred years.
Such experiences can ruin
a man's life completely.
But you can't understand, Gesuina.
What right do I have to
think you'd believe me?
I know more about life
than you think.
I'd like to be able to
change my mind about you.
I wasn't true that
I would have done for anyone
what I've done for you.
I've known you for so long.
I watched you every day,
going to get the cart
from Maciste.
And every evening coming home.
Every night you'd be singing.
Then I'd hear you going upstairs,
hear you moving about
on the floor above.
When the business with Maria blew up,
I cried with despair.
Beyond the window, Via del Corno
was under siege.
The day after the apocalypse,
after Osvaldo's departure,
Carlino had also vanished.
One morning Elisa ran into him
as she was returning from her
wretched occupation.
Whatever became of Osvaldo?
I think he's safe. One of his
relatives must have hidden him.
Hidden? Why?
I advise you not to be nosy.
- Is Via del Corno still under watch?
- Until last night, yes.
Why do you care?
I care, because they're expecting me.
You? Has the world turned upside down?
- The guards are looking for fascists?
- Exactly.
The world has turned!
The delinquents are free and the
old guard is in prison.
People who risked their necks
100 times for the cause.
- Other peoples' necks!
- Perhaps.
But also their own, my dear.
And all to finish up inside a cell,
in Murate prison.
Yeah... and where did the others
finish up?
- In the cemetery.
- Cemetery or not, they're traitors.
Enemies of the State, veterans.
Ever since I quit school
to sign up
with D'Annunzio's army at Fiume
I've fought for and believed in
what they were saying.
Even when it seemed like
the wrong thing! And now?
They throw us in jail,
like common delinquents.
Were we wrong? But then everything
we did for the last six years
was also wrong!
I know what's going on. They're afraid,
those bosses in their armchairs!
Those that sold our revolution
down the river for peanuts.
That's the truth!
But they won't get me.
They won't get me, I tell you.
They'll need a lot of luck to find me.
Elisa, will you do me a favour?
Go on then, what is it?
Talk to my mother and tell her
not to worry.
But not a word to anyone else.
You can count on me.
I'm easily swayed.
Thank you and goodbye, my dear!
In fact, no.
Talk about me in Via del Corno.
Tell them, once this storm passes,
I'll be back, stronger.
- Ciao!
- Ciao, Carlino! Ciao!
Will you get away from that window!
Do you want to get seen?
Do I have to always be here
to keep you out of trouble?
I can't, you know.
The Signora needs me too.
Please, be careful.
I'll tell you everything
there is to know!
Gesuina, I need to get out of here.
I'm better now, see?
Here it's like I'm caught in a trap.
Even if they couldn't identify me
in the sidecar,
Osvaldo will have told them.
I'm a hunted man.
And the first place they'll look
is here.
- This is where I live.
- They won't come looking here.
The Signora is above suspicion.
Don't you see, I'm trapped here!
They've got the house under watch.
And I've already put too much
trust in the Signora.
I've got to leave tonight.
- Where will you go?
- I don't know.
The main thing is to get far away
from Via del Corno.
- Where?
- I'm thinking.
Maybe to my builder friend.
But he told you to stay here!
He said this was the safest place.
Up till yesterday, perhaps.
But today the game's changed.
See them? They haven't moved
in four days.
Do you still think they're
waiting for Carlino and Osvaldo?
That's not the way they work.
We can lose them at first,
but then...
I'm the only witness,
I don't want to get
caught in a trap, like a rat,
and end up like Maciste!
And if they catch you?
They won't!
I've got to do it, I have no choice.
If they catch you,
what will I do?
I'm coming with you,
I won't let you go alone.
Oh! So this is where we're at?
Not only have I given refuge
to a scoundrel like you,
I also find that my maid
has turned into a whore.
You miserable pair.
What? Are you offended?
Want to raise your voice?
Or shall I raise mine?
No more excuses, get out.
And you with him!
Out! And if they get you,
so much the better!
- Now you've got to take me with you.
- Don't be afraid.
I'm afraid for you.
And I want to be near you.
The winter of 1926 arrived.
It was a white Christmas.
Coming back from the hospital,
where Alfredo's condition was worsening,
Milena couldn't help casting her eye
into the grocery which was
no longer hers.
Towards the end of February,
Bruno and Clara got married.
A hurried decision
made after many delays.
Staderini had plenty to comment on.
The wedding procession was short;
barely a trip across the street.
Bruno's mother gave the couple
the double bedroom.
I saw less and less of Ugo,
who had married Gesuina
and now lived far from Via del Corno.
Despite the dangers,
the memory of Maciste spurred us on.
Deep down he was like
an older brother, a father to me.
My own father was killed at war
when I was still an infant.
- Who is it?
- It's me.
- Are you mad? What do you want?
- I've come to see you.
- Is that ok?
- You're crazy.
They could have seen you.
Go home!
Why? Aren't you alone?
Have I really caused you pain?
Yes, a lot.
You really are naive.
- Can we make peace?
- Sure, if you believe in such a thing!
Then won't you forgive me?
Listen, Bianca. We need to
clear some things up.
I should have done this sooner...
I don't know...
Are you going to tell me
some bad news?
Look, I know this is going to hurt,
but when you're young,
you make mistakes.
Don't you think?
So, you're done with me?
I love you! I'm not just saying that
to make you feel better.
You're the first girl
I've ever been serious about
But I've realised that love
is another thing altogether.
I still love you, but in a
different way, understand?
I understand.
I already knew it.
- I was destined for it.
- What do you mean, destined?
You're 18 years old, you have
your whole life ahead of you.
And let's be honest, you didn't
truly love me either.
You think that?
Don't worry. I won't throw
any more sticks in your wheels.
I haven't even asked to see you
in ages.
I turned down a very wealthy man
to be with you,
and I never even mentioned it.
Maybe if I had told you,
you would have been jealous.
And then...
I'm sorry.
I'm acting like a child.
You're right.
Excuse me, is the blacksmith's
still closed?
I heard that someone from Pontassieve
had reopened it.
- Excuse me.
- Wait, Signorina! Listen!
I came here for something else.
- I have to go...
- I came for you.
- I'm serious about my intentions!
- Not now, it's a bad time.
I'm a peaceful man!
I don't care about politics.
I've a future!
Soon it was late March, Easter time.
Feeling guilty about an act
we had not committed,
from time to time
Milena and I would get away together.
One afternoon I decided to wait
for her near the hospital.
Milena, we could run away together
like two fugitives.
Let's talk about it for once!
Be honest with each other!
Maybe... maybe it would
be wrong, Mario.
Why? The only thing that matters
is to be honest.
Milena, I love you.
No, I don't mean it was love
at first sight,
but gradually, getting to know you,
to admire you.
Up till the night Maciste was killed
and we saw it.
I love you too, Mario.
I've been thinking so much these
past months, and always wondered
what's holding me back from
reciprocating your feelings.
It doesn't scare me
what people might think.
Nor does the pain I would put
Alfredo through
if I told him the truth.
What torments me is
this permanent doubt.
What if it hadn't happened,
what if Alfredo was fine.
And I was still working on the till.
Would I still love you then?
Would I be able to give up everything
to go with you?
Perhaps not, because back then,
you were a different Milena.
And living as neighbours, we wouldn't
have seen each other the same way.
But I'm still the same Milena.
- I have the same face...
- You've changed, inside.
Just like I've changed, too.
It was circumstance
that opened our eyes.
You mean, we've grown?
That too!
But I can't leave Alfredo
as long as he's still unwell.
As long as he still needs me.
It's normal.
For us what's important,
is that we've talked about it.
Alfredo will get better.
He must get better.
There should be no black clouds
over our happiness.
We can wait.
We're young.
- Is Biagiotti changing the display?
- Yes, every Saturday.
What was it today?
- He made a pyramid of butter breads.
- What else?
Four Parmesan wheels on the corners
and some tins of sardines
placed here and there.
- Which kind?
A new brand, American.
The Nantes are still the best.
Any advertising in the window?
Some banners above the pyramid.
He has no imagination.
You want something related to Easter.
An egg trophy, like I used to make.
You'll see, he'll lose customers.
Don't cry.
If you cry, what am I supposed to do?
I loved you, you know.
I loved you the best I could.
Now I see there's more to life
than a grocer's store.
But I'm too late to start.
But you and Mario
have your lives ahead of you.
I know, Milena. That you and Mario
are in love.
Nobody told me.
I just had to look.
I know you were afraid to tell me.
But don't be.
If I'd recovered, I don't know if
I could have stood losing you.
Now I'm just content to know
that you'll be happy without me.
The bells have tolled.
What a lovely Saturday, eh Milena?
The two of us together.
I'll never forgive those
who put me here.
Tell Mario too.
Remember me.
Like you remember Maciste.
- Keep it.
- Thank you sir!
- Morning, Ragioniere.
- Good day.
- Good day.
- Hello.
These'll be ready by tomorrow.
- Great!
- Hey, Ciaba, come here!
Oh, welcome back! At your service,
So what's the gossip on
Via del Corno?
The usual things.
Say, Maciste's wife, is she still
going strong?
No! Truth is, she went back
to her home town.
I know that. What I meant was,
does she still have connections here?
No, I wouldn't think so.
You wouldn't think so, eh?
Well it seems to me to be the opposite!
Ah, well if it seems to you.
And it also seems...
Ciao Nanni!
That even after the clear verdict,
there's still someone here
who thinks that I had something to do
with the Maciste incident.
How could that be?!
The law's the same for everyone.
Listen to me, people should know
that it's in their best interests
not to mention this business ever again.
You can pass that on.
It will be done, Ragioniere.
One moment! Tell the Signora
I'm coming to see her!
On other thing: all these alarms
every morning are bothering me.
Lately I've become used to the quiet.
The Signora says you needn't bother!
No bother. No bother at all,
for heaven's sake!
Either get some with a more
civilised sound, or do without.
- Spread the word. Bye, Ciaba!
- At your service.
What did he say? Tell me!
- Nanni, I need a word with you.
- Whenever you like.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
I've nothing against courtesy,
but there's no need
to smile at him, ok?
But I wasn't...
What you've done goes
beyond all limits, Signora.
And the money you've owed me for
the past two years, have you forgotten?
You took advantage of my absence
to screw over my mother.
And buy my apartment for
a third of its value!
Let's stop the chit-chat
and get to the facts.
- Antonietta!
- Yes, Signora.
Here's the Bencini account and records,
These are the facts?
I advise you to erase
my name from this book.
- You're playing with fire.
- Listen to me, boy!
Since you were a baby,
or perhaps not even born,
I already had the pleasure of knowing
many of the men
here or in Rome,
who make the laws today.
If you don't settle your debt right now,
you're out.
I just want to draw a line.
Nothing more.
- Don't talk nonsense!
- Signora, something's happening
at number three.
- What is it?
I can't see...
- Ask!
- What's going on?
They say Signor Alfredo has died.
Alfredo has barely passed
and he comes in here to find her.
Be quiet, you old gossip!
You really need
your tongue bolting down!
Mario is the most serious person
on Via del Corno.
Exactly. I've often seen him
arm in arm with Milena, by the river.
Am I not allowed to say it?
It's Carlino's mother.
I don't want to see her.
Poor thing!
She's not to blame!
And that other song he made up
about Staderini and his wife!
- Ugo!
- How did it go?
"Fidalma, poor as a church mouse,
locked Marianne right out of her house"!
Living on Via del Corno
was better than the theatre!
Maciste used to laugh like a child.
- Well, we'd better get going.
- It's been nice seeing you.
- Good night, Gesuina.
- Bye, Marco!
- Ciao, Gesuina.
- Bye.
Those flyers will be ready
tomorrow or the day after.
I'll bring them by the market,
after noon.
- The usual place.
- Great!
- Goodbye!
- Ciao.
- Was the dinner a success?
- Stunning.
You excelled yourself.
- We have orders to take you
to the station. - Why?
No, don't say anything.
Look, I'm silent.
- Here, found it!
- What have you found?
Manna from heaven? Read them.
When those were mailed,
it wasn't a crime to say
the things that are written there.
Wait and see, the new laws might
apply retroactively.
Have you finished?
Then get out!
Be careful, Milena!
Run, Milena!
Mario! Thank goodness I found you!
- They might be following me!
- Calm down, Milena!
They're coming to arrest you!
They've blocked off the streets
around Via del Corno.
There they are! Run, Mario, run!
No, wait.
Milena, look at me.
I'll find a place to hide.
But even if they take me now,
be strong.
Remember that I've never loved you more
than I do right now.
My love! Go! Go!
See how easy it was,
sharing our first kiss?
"Smile, Milena"... and she smiles!
Let's go.
Looks like they've caught a thief.
They took him.
- What's this, Ciaba?
- Nothing, Ragioniere!
This here is... nothing.
My dear Milena. After one year in jail,
I was able to flee to France,
where you came to join me.
For both of us, and all our friends,
it was a long wait
filled with more conflict and danger.
Meanwhile, throughout Italy,
Carlino and his friends
were living their finest hour.
Via del Corno, that little portrait
of our country
where we were born or brought up,
always remained close to our hearts
with its memories,
with its human warmth.