Crook: It's Good to Be Bad (2010) Movie Script

"Why do you always..."
" about money?"
"Tell me something...
...why don't you fear God?"
"What is money? I'll get
in abundance for you."
"I'll shower money on
you if you become mine."
"I'll shower money on
you if you become mine."
"Boy, can't you see?"
"Like a girl you want me to be?"
"My love is precious, baby."
"No money can buy me."
Hello? How are you, Uncle?
Bittu is absolutely fine.
Everything is fine here.
Don't worry.
Yes, Uncle. - Can't you
see there's a film going on?
So let it go on. Why are
you getting irritated?
Yes, Uncle. I heard about
my cousin too. - Let it be.
He got only one
vote in the elections?
Hang up. I said hang up.
Listen when you're kissing,
I don't disturb you.
So why are you disturbing me?
And you want me to hang up?
Yes, Uncle, I was saying...
Your stupid nephew will call
you after the film gets over.
Sorry, very sorry.
"Boy, can't you see?"
"Like a girl you want me to be?"
"My love is precious,
baby. No money can buy me."
Don't you dare take the call!
Hi, Uncle. There's no problem.
- I met an old friend of mine.
He was telling me... Hey!
Give me the cell-phone!
Give me the phone!
I said give me the phone. Hey!
You threw my phone!
How dare you touch it?
- How dare you do that!
- It will cost you dearly!
What happened to my job?
Yes, I'm just
uploading it right now.
Is everything all right?
There's a minor
problem in the item song.
Otherwise the rest of
the film is a super hit.
Will the film become a success?
- Just like Sholay.
Send it on time.
- Yes, okay.
A hit film is coming. - Next Friday
again? - Yes, brother.
Yes, okay. Bye.
What are you up to?
Uncle? Nothing. Just
doing some research.
There's no point in hiding this.
The police have traced your upload.
They were coming to get you,
but my reputation saved you.
You caused me a loss...
- They would have handcuffed you.
How many times have I
tried to explain it to you?
What are you doing?
- How many times have I saved you?
Yet every time you manage
to do something illegal.
It doesn't make any
difference to you.
You'll never change.
Do you even know the people you're
sending this pirated film to?
They're gangsters.
Your father had left them
and you're going back to them.
I will go. Do you have any problem?
Doesn't it make any
difference to you?
I've loved you more than a son.
Educated you and raised you.
Doesn't it make any
difference to you?
You didn't do me any favour!
My father was trying
to do a good thing.
You talked him into
going to the police.
What happened to him?
Your father was a good man. His
blood runs through your veins.
Please, son...
Nobody gives me a job
because of my father's name.
A thief's son will be a thief...
A gangster's son will be a gangster.
That's how your world thinks.
Son, there is good in you.
You'll be a good man.
I believe in this.
There's God in every one of us.
Your God is not interested in me.
I'm bad and will stay bad.
It's good to be bad, you know.
I'll do for you what I
couldn't do for your father.
Even if I have to sell my
house or encash my fixed deposits...
...or anything else.
I'll get you out of here.
If you stay here, you'll
mingle with these gangsters...
...and I for one will
not let that happen.
Just promise me you won't
do anything wrong. Please.
My hands will be in my pockets.
I won't get into any trouble.
I promise. Now tell me.
I have a few friends
in Australia. I can...
Be it America, Dubai or Australia...
...I won't get a visa
because of my father's name.
I'm a policeman.
If I can change your location...
...then I can change your
complete identity too.
Excuse me. In the line.
- Yes.
No English.
- It's okay.
Can I?
You can come too.
By the way, I never do this.
This is the first and last time.
Thank you.
No problem.
You should learn to
make your own line.
Be it in an airport or your destiny.
Suraj Bhardwaj from Mumbai.
Romi Latti, from Gurdaspur.
First time in Australia?
Yes. You?
Thank you.
I've come on the McCarthy
scholarship from Taylor College.
Did you get any scholarship?
Do I look like I'm capable
of getting a scholarship?
Absolutely not.
No scholarship.
The college must have
sent a pick up for me.
What about you?
I'm going to take a taxi.
I think your pick up
service is that way.
Romi Latti from Hoshiyaarpur
It's Gurdaspur. Okay, all the best.
Romi Latti. McCarthy Scholarship.
Hi. Suhani. I've come to pick
you up. Shall we? - Let's go.
No nothing. Just seeing you...
Seeing me what?
You don't look like
you're from Punjab.
Because I'm quite good looking?
Where are you from?
My passport's Australian, but
my heart is 100 percent Indian.
'Welcome to Melbourne and this
is the Suhani and David show.'
Two in one, you know.
'Desi show for Desi kids.'
'A show that celebrates
Indian and Australian cultures... '
'... and helps Indian students.'
Our helpline is
accessible 24/7 for you.
'Please call.'
Two in one?
It's pre-recorded.
A pencil in your hair
and bangles on your hand.
You seem like the
Mother-India type.
Any problem with that?
No, no. No problem at all.
Just felt this way after
listening to you on this helpline.
You know I feel that people
who are new to Australia...
...should learn about
Australian culture.
Actually, you're right. Should
we meet over lunch tomorrow?
To learn about Australian culture.
We're already
meeting for lunch tomorrow.
We are?
My brother didn't
mention it in his email?
Your brother?
Listen. Before you say anything,
I know why you've come here...
...I know who you are
and I can't marry you.
Romi, I know
according to my brother...'re a perfect match for me.
You've come on a scholarship...
...and we are from the
village etc. Etc. But...
Hello! Even I can't
marry you. Understand?
There's no need to be so happy.
I'm not that bad.
No, no. I mean if my brother finds
out, he's not going to be too happy.
Can't you complete any sentence
without your brother involved?
And I'm sure your brother
would also be present for lunch.
You want some chips?
For lunch?
We'll get a Sim-card for you too.
No. There's no need for that.
Don't worry. I'm not paying for it.
Our radio show has a
charity fund which pays for this.
And besides, we must
take good care of you...
...since you're a
scholarship student. - Yes.
There should be some advantage
of being a scholarship student.
So then Coke,
Pepsi, water, anything?
What should I be drinking as
per the Australian culture?
And if your radio show
funds people like me...
...then it will go
bankrupt in two days.
Try to do something
for others sometimes.
It feels good. You
should really try it.
Don't pull the
innocent girl's leg so much...
...Romi Latti from Hoshiyaarpur.
Hello. - Miss Suhani this is
Romi Latti from Gurdaspur.
Romi? - I'm not speaking
from Gurdaspur airport.
I'm standing at the airport and
there's no here to pick me up.
- It's been half an hour.
I'm just standing.
Nothing's happening. What do I do?
Wait there. I'm coming.
- Okay.
Gold with an E.
I'm Jolly.
I'm Popli.
- Lovely.
- Pinky.
Listen, Suraj. Don't think
that Golde will have mercy on you.
Golde is a very
strict man. It's a fact.
It's a fact.
- It's a fact.
It's a fact.
- It's a fact.
It's a fact.
And in Golde's house,
you'll have to split the rent...
...and help in all the
household work with your hands only.
It's a fact.
- It's a fact.
It's a fact.
- It's a fact. - It's a fact.
Mrs. Golde, the fact is that
money is a bit of a problem.
Golde gives no lock
without its key.
I've secured your
admission in college...
...which gives you a
visa for 11 months.
As for the money, in half an
hour Samarth from Gurdaspur...
...will meet you at the taxi stand.
He has a taxi business.
So you're going to
become a taxi driver.
Taxi Driver?
- Yes!
There's big dollars
in the taxi business
All for PR.
"I need PR."
"Darling, I need PR."
"Darling, I need PR."
No, no. I'm okay.
You don't want PR?
Have you come to
play ludo in Australia?
Without Permanent Residency
there's no point in being here.
You meant PR?
There are two ways to get your PR.
One, there are agencies.
Give them money...
...and they'll give you a
work experience certificate.
Once you get it. Next
you'll attain your PR.
And the second?
The second way is to entice an
Australian girl and marry her.
Formula No.2.
Exactly! Which we
are not interested in.
That's a fact. Right, Brother
Golde? - You're absolutely right.
Put some more spice.
- I'm doing that.
Brother Golde, can I
tell you something?
Brother, this taxi
method is very long. - I see.
Why don't we use the second method?
Get an Australian girl
and save the taxi's fuel.
I can teach you some
tricks to get girls.
Don't act over smart with Golde.
It's a fact. We will
take the longer route.
The rest of you do your work.
Everyone gives big talks.
Teach me a couple of
tricks please. Golde's gone.
Come on.
Here keep this card.
Now I wanted to tell you, if
you fail this driving test...
...I'll make you wash dishes
in some Chinese restaurant... get my money. Okay?
It's a fact. Get out of here.
Come. Come in.
And listen, this area,
Kings Street, is our own.
Beyond this everything
else here isn't safe for you.
And make sure you always
stay away from the police.
This is a fact you need to remember.
It's a fact. It's a fact.
- Yes, very good.
I got it. Now let's go.
- Come on.
Come on. - Now drop him off
to Samarth's. - Okay, sir.
All the best.
- Bye.
This man is a bit intimidating.
Mind it.
How did you get this
scratch on the cab?
What did I do? That Australian
customer started telling me...
"you Afghanis have come
here and corrupted our land."
Now you tell me. Do I look Afghani?
I am a pure bred Sikh.
But how did you get this scratch?
Well, I told him,
"Afghanis have done nothing."
"You guys went and
bombed their land."
He basically got angry
and then scratched my cab.
And you let him go?
Yes, I let him go.
Golde has sent you?
You want to drive a taxi?
Sir, ever since I was a
little kid I had only one dream... grow up and
become a taxi driver.
What would you do if you
were in Jolly's position?
I'd beat up that Australian.
How dare he scratch the cab?
Romi Latti will tell you.
Where are you from?
- Don't you know Hindi?
I do know it.
Mother India.
- What?
From India, sir.
- Welcome, Mr. Latti.
- Hello! All is well? - yes.
Very good. Go fetch
his bags from the car.
I'll get it.
- I'll come with you.
No you wait here. I'll get it.
No scholarship,
what a luck by chance.
Suraj Bhardwaj from Mumbai.
You know him?
Yes, we met...
- I know him very well.
Romi Latti from Hoshiyaarpur.
Luck by chance
It's Gurdaspur.
- Yes.
Why did you guys reach so late?
Brother, at the airport some
idiot sat in Suhanis car...
...claiming to be me.
- Sir, I'll take your leave.
Suhani, why didn't you
tell me what happened?
That's what I'm telling you.
- Sir, I'll leave.
It slipped my mind.
That happens sometimes.
Brother, don't mind.
How the heck did it
slip out of your mind?
If I find him, I'll break his bones.
Relax, brother.
There's no need for that.
If I find him, I'll tell you.
But it was nothing serious.
Sir, I'll leave?
Why? Don't want to drive a cab?
No, I thought I failed the test.
Come and collect the
taxi tomorrow morning.
I'll get your license made.
Thank you, sir. Ma'am.
Romi Latti from Hoshiyaarpur.
It's Gurdaspur.
Uncle, you have
nothing to worry about.
I've got a good job here.
Thank God.
- I suggest you too come here.
What's in a policeman's job?
Everything is set for me.
Formula no.2... - Hi.
Move! What the heck?
And I'll hit the jackpot.
Once I get my Australian passport,
my life will be sorted. - Yes.
'Last week a student of
Indian origin was attacked... '
'... who lost his life.'
Jai, the news here is
constantly talking about...
beating some Indian up.
I hope you're not
getting into any trouble there.
You need to stop watching TV.
They constantly exaggerate.
If it were upto them...
...women would kill
their daughters-in-law...
...and then the daughters-in-law
will be reborn to take revenge.
What are you doing?
Nobody move! Nobody do anything!
Stop it, I said.
- Give me all your money.
I'll call you later.
Is this it? Is this all you've got?
- Please leave me.
Watch the door. Open this.
Please leave me.
Who's this? Who's this?
She's my wife. I'm married.
Please don't kill me.
She's Australian.
Please don't kill me.
Leave me please. Please.
Leave me please.
He sounded the alarm! Watch the
door! I told you not to do this!
I told you not to do anything!
Now you're going to regret it!
- Come here, you little crap.
What are you thinking?
You can get away with this?
Get out of here!
- Please leave me.
You Paki! You are nothing,
but a pain in the neck.
Oh, God!
Quick! Quick!
Marrying our women.
- Come on! What are you waiting for?
You know how we can
get rid of this pain?
Hey, man! Let's go out!
- If we don't get out.
Come on. Come on, quick.
We cut it off. We cut it off.
Hey, guys. Hey whoa!
I was just leaving and you can
do whatever you're doing there.
I don't want any trouble, guys.
Look who we have here.
Another Paki brother.
No we're not. Actually,
it's very complicated.
See no evil hear no evil, man.
Seriously. Honestly.
The cops are going to
be here. Russ, leave!
Avoid all trouble.
Avoid all trouble.
What are you doing? Just leave him.
- Oh, no!
Let's get out of here!
I'm a goner if the police
find me. I'm sorry. Very sorry.
Listen, please.
Please help me. Please...
Thank God that you
were here, otherwise...
Don't trust God so much...
...because you were
going to him pretty soon.
You've helped a devotee of Allah...
...and He'll surely
help you in return.
Just hang in there.
Okay? Help is on its way
Don't go from there.
Take this back door.
What's your problem?
What, are you scared now?
- Have you gone insane?
What so are you scared now?
- Didn't you see that?
We just went there for the money.
- He was with one of our women.
Those curry boys come in
here and marry our women.
You don't even care.
Just mind your own business.
Just keep to yourselves. Back off.
- Come on. Let's go.
Where are you going?
Where are you going? - Stop.
What happened to you?
- Russell, stop.
Where are you going?
- Hey, stop. Russ!
How are doing, Nicky?
Step away from the car, Russ.
I'm just looking out
for my baby sister.
There's a curry boy
around and I don't want...
I can look after myself. Okay?
You can come out now.
We're out of there.
I don't bite.
Why don't you come sit up here?
It's a bad world out there.
Yes, it's good to be bad.
Sorry about my brother.
He's a bit wonkers.
Is every girl's
brother a little crazy?
- No. Nothing
Here hold the wheel. Take it.
- Okay.
What the heck is going on?
Can you hook me up?
Was getting late for work. I
usually do this in the car.
But seeing that I had to save
you from the mean street guys.
I hope you don't mind
No. You can change
again if you want. Go on.
- Yes.
It's safe from here on.
Yes, but who likes safe.
Suraj, by the way
Catch you sometime, Suraj,
by the way.
Welcome to Melbourne, Jai.
'Welcome to Melbourne and this
is the Suhani and David show.'
In this show, we help fresh
off the boat Indians that is...
...the new students who have
arrived from India to Australia... whatever problems
they may have. Hands on.
Just call us and we'll be at
your doorstep to help you.
Our helpline is accessible 24 hours.
Please call 61413261258
Why did you throw the trash here?
Come on. Come on. Get my call thru
Stop dancing!
Should I give you a pillow?
- What did I do?
What are you doing? Are
you in love with the grass?
Spray over there as well.
Everyone's come
here to eat for free.
Mr. Lazy! Come here!
Hello? Listen, brother!
How sweet you look in
the water! Come here.
What do you think you're doing?
He's working. Popli's working.
What do you think you're doing?
Golde, I'm completing your job.
Formula no.2 is perfect for me.
Formula no.2?
Whatever it is, finish
your work as fast as you can.
Golde wants results.
We need to go to get our
revenge from the British.
Just come this evening to
Dukes Club, Kings Street.
Now go finish your work fast.
You guys continue.
Hurry! You promised.
- Yes, I'm doing it.
Come here! Come down!
Whose house is this? - Your.
Golde's house. Gold with an E!
- Am I speaking to Suhani?
Yes, your name please.
I'm Golde. Gold with an E. Golde.
Yes, Golde. Tell me
how can we help you?
Actually, my boss is troubling me.
He's paying me less than the
Australians because I'm an Indian.
It's really a tragic fact.
Come and see for yourself.
Golde, where do you work?
Dukes Club, Kings Street.
It is better you come.
Okay, I'll be there.
Okay. See you.
What is Dukes Club?
Join! Join! Join!
Steam it up and strip it down.
Girls will turn you on!
Welcome to the Duke's club.
Revenge from the British!
We'll attack these women.
Now where will these
foreigners run off to?
Why didn't you tell me
earlier that this was a strip club?
Why, brother? Do you have a
problem with half naked women?
Hold on. I hope you
don't swing the other way.
Other way?
You know gay!
If I was actually gay, it
would've saved me today.
You seem to be staring at all
the women. Listen don't stare.
Because you'll land up
paying for that too.
Just choose a girl.
I'll get her for you.
Stay here.
How do you like the golden girl?
Stay here I'm going.
She's staring at you. Just see her.
Oh, no!
Hello. How are you?
Suhani! Hi.
I'm leaving. I'm running away.
Wait here.
Okay, bye. Hit on her.
Just wait a second. He's mad.
- Don't miss this chance.
You had called right?
And I'm sure there's no
problem with your boss.
And your name is not Golde either.
So you've come here alone?
No, I'm not talking
about your sister.
Your brother didn't come with you.
He doesn't like clubs in general...
...and in fact he has a
major problem with strip clubs.
That's the right way to think.
Even I don't like this place.
I mean my friends forced
me so I had to come here.
Sorry. I actually
called you to say sorry...
...for the other day at the airport.
Okay. Let me get this straight.
You lied and called me here... that you could
apologise for lying the first time.
I just have a habit of
fooling around, you know.
And thank you for not
ratting me out to your brother.
You know I would have if
you hadn't left the car.
I thought you were
guilty or something.
But now I think I've
made a mistake, you know.
No, no. Don't change your mind.
I'll take you some place else.
Why? What's wrong with a strip club?
No. I don't like it here.
I feel suffocated
The nurse is here to
take good care of you.
No, the drinks are
also very expensive here.
You're awesome, dude.
You got us free drinks.
This is on me, Suraj, by the way.
Wow! Suraj, you've managed
to gain a lot of influence... Australia in such a short time.
No. It's not that...
Join me.
If you get this girl,
I'll shave my moustache off.
You're going to get slapped. You
have no idea how her brother is.
You guys don't know me either.
Just wait and watch.
She's going to kiss me.
It's all part of a
well contrived plan.
Plan? What plan?
"When she loved me, my girl."
"When she loved me, girl now."
"What do I make you hear?
What do I tell you?"
"She told me through her actions."
"Some through her looks,
some through her style."
"Some she robbed from
the edge of her lips."
"When I touched her, I felt high."
"My heart started
beating when she hugged me."
"The blood in my veins
froze when she loved me."
"My heart started
beating when she hugged me."
"The blood in my veins
froze when she loved me."
"She came in ethnic
wear to come see me."
"I was sitting further away
and she came and sat next to me."
"She kept talking and I
fell for all her talks."
"I don't know how I
landed up in her arms."
"Felt like smoke
emerged from my veins."
"My heart started
beating when she hugged me."
"The blood in my veins
froze when she loved me."
"My heart started
beating when she hugged me."
"The blood in my veins
froze when she loved me."
"Ever since you caught my eye."
"Boy, would you rule my life."
"You know you got me
going you don't even try."
"Ever since you caught my eye."
"Boy, would you rule my life."
"You know you got me
going you don't even try."
"Don't even try."
"You don't even try."
"For so many years she
kept her heart protected."
"I sneaked in and robbed her heart."
"I'm telling you the truth.
Don't go by the books."
"In the night my
thoughts didn't let her sleep."
"The journey was
incredible and the feeling was new."
"My heart started
beating when she hugged me."
"The blood in my veins
froze when she loved me."
"My heart started
beating when she hugged me."
"The blood in my veins
froze when she loved me."
I was just out for a
morning walk with my friends.
Morning walk at this time?
What a long life. We
were just talking about you.
About you only.
It's a fact.
- It's a fact.
It's a fact.
- Absolutely a fact.
Come on.
- Can I come too?
For a morning walk.
- Not you. Thank you.
- Bye-bye, sister.
Stay away from him.
Let's get out of here.
Jai, you impressed her.
Impressed her?
I knew you were lying.
Trying to act over smart.
You impressed her.
- He's a big liar!
'It's gone. Caught behind.'
Well caught! Well caught!
Cheer up. Cheer up. You're
going to be my wife soon.
Sorry, I hope I didn't hurt you.
Don't you have any other work to do?
Of course, I do. In fact
I'm looking for a job.
As soon as I get one I'll
take you out for dinner.
Come on, guys. Do something.
No scholarship, come on. We
need to make our team win.
Cheer them on with me!
You should've got a
dance scholarship...
...Romi Latti from Hoshiyaarpur.
It's Gurdaspur.
Don't distract me now.
Well done!
We won!
We won!
We won!
Your yet-to-be-husband
is dancing a bit too much.
Come, I'll drop you home, girl.
Get out of my way!
Just get out of my way!
What's your problem?
What are you doing?
What's your problem?
I was just dancing. What's
the problem? Only dance.
What's so funny?
Brother, we should let this go.
We're in the minority.
One who fights many bravely
is a true follower of Sikhism.
Avoid all trouble.
Avoid all trouble.
Let's go, boys.
Your brother turned out
to be like Genghis Khan.
Angry all the time.
Is it necessary to crack
a joke every single time?
It's the same drama with these
rascals each and every time.
They start up a fight and
then blame it on an Indian.
I'm telling you. They are
going to do something. I know it.
The time has come when
we all need to unite.
We have to do something.
We must do something.
Before they enter our
house and insult our culture.
That rascal got away.
If it wasn't for the cop, you
would've totally beaten him up.
Brother, Romi shouldn't have
danced like a monkey there
We should also
respect their culture.
But I was just... - No. No. It's
true that we Indians are no less.
But I agree with Suhani.
What you did was wrong Romi.
Very bad. Very bad. Very bad.
What wrong did Romi do?
What culture are we talking about?
What is their culture?
Having babies without being married.
Sleeping around carelessly.
Is this their culture?
Or the fact that their ancestors
were criminals doing their time.
They are all
descendants of criminals.
And they talk about our
ancient culture. Culture.
Yet again the siblings have
come to receive an Indian.
Brother, you're
falling for this girl.
No. In fact, I'm trapping her.
Formula no.2. Get the
girl and get your PR.
Just tell me how
long will this take?
Golde has worked on the
car not some cheap labourer.
In exactly five minutes,
the car will stop running.
Suhani. Samarth. What
are you guys doing here?
Can't you see our car broke down?
You're in luck. Golde is
a mechanic. He'll fix it.
Come on get to work,
Golde. With your hands only.
Me? Yes, me.
Looks like an electrical fault.
I just dropped some Indians
and Pakistanis to the airport.
This is going to take an hour
or two. That's a fact. - Why?
Now what?
- I need to check the whole car.
No problem. I'll drop you.
Till then Golde can fix
the car. Right, Golde?
You go home. I'll
wait here with the car.
In any case, this
area is not so safe.
You have your cell-phone, right?
- Yes.
Call me when you get home.
Should we get the bags?
Thank you so much for
dropping me to college.
No problem at all.
Someone had dropped me
off when I first came here.
But the one who dropped
me was really special.
Don't you talk a bit too much?
Please I'm not that bad.
In fact, I'm much
better than your helpline.
Actually, for once in your
life I think you're right.
At least you don't bother me 24x7.
I can do that too
if you want. 24x7.
But you need to stop hiding
under this Mother India mask.
Sorry, what's that?
It doesn't suit you at all.
So what suits me exactly?
It's time you remove
this pencil from your hair.
That's better.
You mean on silent mode?
Why? Will your brother be
angry if you switch it off?
Anything else?
And these intense lips of yours...
...should now have a
lovely and beautiful smile.
Okay, have I changed now?
Are you guys fighting?
Please carry on.
Yes, Golde.
Dude, I messed up.
I got overexcited and ruined
the entire wiring of this car.
Now this car cannot be fixed.
How much more time? Five minutes?
Five minutes?
It will take five hours
at least. That's a fact.
No there's no need
for you to come here.
Do me a favour and
take Samarth home.
Make sure he has a cold drink,
since he's always so hot headed.
And listen don't
take any money from him.
I'll make him eat lunch
if you want.
You know he's family.
- I'll take money from you.
How long do I handle this?
Okay bye.
- Hello?
There are two ways to
attain your PR here.
The first being the long route.
Give money to the agencies money...
...and you'll get a work
experience certificate.
And the second?
The second way...
Romi, what are you doing here?
Second way.
- I'll tell you later
yes, I got this job yesterday.
In fact, Samarth helped me get it.
Nice. Congrats.
I was thinking that since I got
a job now you and me... dinner?
Well, I'm a bit busy today.
But we'll plan it. Let's
do it. How much for this?
$5 AUS.
The second way?
Let it be. I'll take care of it.
No, that's fine.
Thank you so much. Bye.
The second way?
Stop repeating the same
thing again and again.
Go wait in the car.
I'm coming. Go on. - Yes.
Romi Latti from Gurdaspur.
Hoshiyaarpur. He got
it right this time.
Why are you so upset?
Suhani forgot to take her change.
Don't take it to your heart.
Actually she's really sad today.
Why? What happened?
Well, Samarth's car
broke down on the highway.
Can I take this?
- Yes.
And there's no one to help.
Can I take this as well? - Yes.
I wish there was
someone who could help him.
I can help. I can help.
Yes, I completely forgot.
Go. Go help him.
Suhani will be very happy.
Shall I take this?
- Yes.
And this?
- Yes.
Okay bye.
That's $10 AUS.
Billu, handle the counter.
Can we go?
Suhani, to hell with
those who don't value us!
Don't worry I'm going.
Poor chap!
He's gone mad. You
turned him down for dinner.
Nice boy.
Your car is ready,
sir. Top notch quality.
Oh, no! Where's the
smoke coming from?
No! No! The engine might
have a problem. I'll just check.
Just a second. Where are you going?
Wait for two minutes.
Have patience. Wait a second.
I'll fix it.
Brother, you didn't
tell me the second way?
Later. I'll call you.
- Okay fine.
What? What was he asking you?
He was saying something, right?
Why do you over react
on every single thing?
And speaking of over reacting,
want to go watch a film?
There's a drive in close
by that plays Hindi films.
You want me to go
for a movie with you?
Look, I know you're not allowed.
And if your brother finds out...
Shut up.
If we compare our favours...
...then that day you
picked me up from the airport.
I'm dropping you today.
So we are even.
No, but you also didn't
rat me out to your brother.
So a movie for that?
What's the logic?
Please. Please. Please.
Please. Please. Please.
Please. Please. Please.
Stop it. What are
you doing? Stop it.
Please. Please. Please.
Film please.
Get up!
Please. Please.
Okay fine. Which film is it?
Oh my God!
Heat it up a little more.
"I'm living without myself."
"I'm swaying in your aura."
"I don't know how I became yours."
"I think I'm what
your heart prayed for."
"I started living
since I found you."
"I hope this moment
lasts forever between us."
"I started living
since I found you."
"I hope this moment
lasts forever between us."
"I'm living more than I used."
"Ever since our
hearts have connected."
"I'm walking on your path."
"You're my destination
and I'm at your feet."
"I started living
since I found you."
"I hope this moment
lasts forever between us."
"I started living
since I found you."
"I hope this moment
lasts forever between us."
"Your looks have a new style
and you give a different high."
"After so many days you
have finally opened up to me."
"My actions lie within your limits."
"Now where do you have to go?"
"Where you stay I am that world."
"What you live I am that moment."
"I am a new person because of you."
"I never said it before, but
am saying this to you now."
"I started living
since I found you."
"I hope this moment
lasts forever between us."
"I started living
since I found you."
"I hope this moment
lasts forever between us."
I know you would have
enjoyed yourself at dinner...
...with Romi Latti from Hoshiyaarpur.
It's Gurdaspur.
Whatever it is. Your
yet-to-be complete man.
Don't be mean. He's not that bad.
And if you look at it,
he's very intelligent.
He's here on scholarship. He's
from the same village as I am.
He's always honest and
my brother likes him too.
And who do you like?
You know if it were
up to your brother...
...he would ban you from smiling.
No, he was not always like that.
After my sister's death...
Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to...
No, that's okay.
After my sister's death, he
just became overprotective.
I see that's why I
never get an opportunity.
If you had one, what would you do?
Come close to you.
Then come.
And I would hold your hand.
And exactly what you're thinking.
What am I thinking?
What I can't say.
"I started living
since I found you."
"I hope this moment
lasts forever between us."
"I started living
since I found you."
Brother? Brother, this blood...
Are you okay? - Don't.
What were you guys doing?
Where were you?
I went... I went to see a film
A film?
That's why you sent
Romi to the highway... that you could go with him...
Romi was mugged on the highway.
Here we are getting
attacked by Australians...
...and you went to watch a film?
You should have seen his condition.
I took him to the hospital alone.
Had I not reached on time,
he would've been dead.
I kept calling you for help,
but your phone...
All because of you.
All because of you.
Samarth, it's not Suhani's fault.
Actually, we were...
Did I ask you anything?
If I ever see you near her again...
...I'll break your legs.
Come on.
'Show. Show. Show.'
- Please show. Show it. Not fair.'
'Okay. Sheena, come on, smile.'
'I don't look nice here.'
'Brother's never
going to understand.'
'Just chill. What's wrong with you? '
I think if it's a boy
he'll be a football player.
'And if it's a girl
then an astronaut.'
'Sheena '
'Chill. I'll convince him.
He loves me a lot.'
'Who is this man for whom
you're turning your...
...back on your family for! '
'Brother, I love him.
I love him, Brother.'
'What will our
community think, Sheena? '
'I want to live with him.
He loves me.'
Big plans you had of kissing her.
You got slapped instead.
But why didn't you retaliate? You
should've given him 2-3 slaps back.
You have to do these things for PR.
Besides it was her older
brother so I couldn't say anything.
You big shot Ferrari owner!
Easy. Easy. Be careful. Be careful.
You will fall down.
- You are telling me to be careful!
Be careful.
We Punjabis talk loudly.
We don't fall down.
Oh no.
Get up. Get up.
And if we do fall,
we fall with pride.
Okay. Okay.
- Got it? - Come here.
Listen to me. Listen to me.
Tell me one thing.
What's Samarth's problem?
Why can't he let
Suhani live her life?
Listen to me. Their entire
family is crack. That's a fact.
What exactly are you? And
what did you just address me as?
Hey, boys.
You need a ride?
Hey, Formula No. 2.
Hop in.
Yes, we're coming in your car.
We are going to Jalandhar.
Walk into our house.
Till today... till today nothing
like this has ever happened with me.
Forget it.
Tomorrow I'm going to hold her
hand in front of her brother.
That's a fact.
Are you some kind of broken record?
Look at this woman.
She's right here.
Listen to me, she has an Australian
passport just like Suhani.
You just want your PR, right?
So let her be.
Cheers to your love.
Cheers to your PR.
Cheers to both of us.
You've seen me in lesser,
haven't you?
I have?
- So?
Last night?
Oh, you and your friend fell
asleep in the back of my car.
He jumped out of the car
screaming some Formula No. 2.
I didn't know where to
take you so I got you here.
- And?
Something happened?
Don't worry. You're still a virgin.
I'm not a virgin.
So you're a player then?
No. I'm... It's just that
I'm not that kind of guy.
Okay, Mr. Not-That-Kind-Of-Guy...'re not as much of a player
as you make yourself out to be.
You're not as bad as you think.
Hurry up.
Let's go. Hurry up.
Let's go. Let's go.
- Hurry up.
Hurry up. Hurry up.
Keep moving. Hurry up.
Yes Golde, tell me.
Where are you? Do you
know that Jolly's gone?
What does that mean?
Samarth has held a protest in
front of the police station.
Jolly landed up there to participate
and the police caught him...
...and found his illegal papers.
Now if he stays here
we'll all get caught.
He has to go back
to his native place.
Where do you think you're going?
Police arrested Jolly.
Go back. I'll slap you.
Go back into the house.
Do you also want to
get arrested like Jolly?
But Jolly, my brother...
Suraj, listen to me you
make sure you don't go there.
You shouldn't go there.
This is not our fight and we're
not going to get into this mess.
Think about your PR.
Get out of there and
come home immediately.
'The traffic at Church Square is
disrupted as hoards of Indian... '
'... immigrants have poured in
huge numbers to protest against... '
'... the recent attack on
another Indian student.'
'The Indian Channels
have been playing... '
'... the news of this attack
calling it a racial attack.'
We want justice.
We want justice. We want justice.
We want justice. We want justice.
We want justice. We want justice.
We want justice. We want justice.
My name is Romi
Latti from Gurdaspur.
I'm a student just
like all of you...
...who has come to Melbourne,
...for a better life.
Last night a few
Australian boys dragged me...
...out of my tow truck and hit me.
They dragged me through the concrete
of the highway and hit me again.
At first I thought they
were just robbing me...
...but I realised later that
I was just being punished...
...because of my colour.
Because I'm an Indian.
I'm sure there are
people here today who have...
...witnessed the same brutality.
'Please, Brother. I don't
want to die. Please, Brother.'
I want to go back home but what will
I tell my family when I go back?
I came back a loser, defeated?
Brother, please!
'Sheena! '
Not just me, no one standing
here would like to go back home.
I can't change what
happened to me but...
...this cannot
happen with anyone else.
With Samarth's help I'm pleading
to the Victorian police to come and assure the
safety of Indian student...
What are these guys doing here?
Brother, I've called them.
David and his friends
have come to support us.
Till they...
Suhani don't you remember
what they have done to us?
Arrest him.
Why did you go there?
I told you to stay
away from the police.
But you seem to have
ants in your pants.
Now here, keep this money...
Brother, you have
already done so much for me.
How will I repay you?
Now you're going to start
teaching me about money?
Will you go
empty-handed to your mother?
My reputation is at stake here.
Don't worry. Golde
knows how to get his money.
I'll make sure I get it from
all these boys. That's a fact.
Now stop crying like a girl.
You're crying too.
Forget it now well throw you a
farewell party, Punjabi style.
We must show these Australians.
It's a fact. Right?
Suraj, there's someone for you.
Why didn't you wait, Suraj? Why?
Whatever happened today
should not have happened.
I still believe that till
Australians and Indians... not help each other, understand
each others problems and cultures...
...there will be no
solution to this issue.
My brother should not
have hit David today.
But keeping mum about it also
is not going to resolve this.
Sometimes it's
better to keep mum Suhani.
I had a friend, Jai.
His father was
involved with the underworld.
Threatening people and
scaring them. Smuggling.
A few months back there
were blasts in the city...
...which killed a number of people.
'These blasts killed many people... '
'... and changed the lives
of a number of people.'
'Papa, bang-bang.'
'109 people have died and more
than 700 have been injured.'
When Jai's father found
out that the blast occurred...
...with the help of the
RDX he smuggled in...
...he decided to go
confess to the police.
He had a friend Sub-inspector
Joseph Pinto in the police force.
'How? - Joseph, that RDX
landed at my port. Joseph... '
He told the commissioner everything
when Joseph made him understand.
'Stay right here with the uncle,
Son. I will be right back.'
'Hello, sir. I made a mistake, sir.'
To get a medal the commissioner...
Did what for his medal?
If he would've kept mum, he
would have been alive today.
Joseph too never complained
and Jai was left all alone.
Suhani, I decided from that day on...
I'm not looking for any solution.
This isn't my problem.
I don't want to get involved
in this Indian-Australian issue.
You know Suraj, Jai's
father's life was not wasted.
He took a stand for a good cause.
At some point in life
you have to take a stand.
You know the world will not
be destroyed by one bad man...
...but by the silence
of a thousand good men.
You need to help.
You need to help me.
Help you for what, Suhani?
It's so easy for you to say this
because you're from Australia.
Till I don't get my PR I have
certain limitations. Got it?
And what stand are
you talking about?
You're going to marry Romi...
...because your brother
finds it appropriate.
You can't take a stand
in front of your brother.
Before taking a stand
for the whole world...
...take a stand in front
of your brother, Suhani.
Please leave me out of this. Okay?
You're right.
If you're not with me,
you're against me.
"A dude came from India."
"A dude came from India."
Well done.
Well done.
"A dude came from India."
"A dude came from India."
"He started to work there."
"Money attracts the heart."
"So he drives the
taxi day and night..."
"...and earns a lot of dollars."
"He has left his job there..."
"...and started falling in love."
"His eyes met someone."
"He liked someone..."
"...and became obsessed with love."
"My friends have this rule..."
"To give your
heart away is useless."
"Romeos have died falling in love."
"So I hope you don't die."
"Leave all your
troubles and don't worry."
"Just flirt, don't be committed."
"Heed my advice."
"Don't make any promises in love."
"He is enjoying himself."
"He is seeing Australian women."
"In her eyes he
found a high like wine."
"He is now getting drunk
and enjoying himself."
"Dude, don't fight the passion."
"Mate, get to the action."
"Play, a little touch
alone with the lady."
"Feel the song, Baby,
get it on, get it right."
Good going. Enjoy yourself.
He kissed her.
He went for it.
"Tell me what you
thinking about tonight."
"I want to do everything.
I want to do it right."
"May be, I can help
you free your mind."
"Open the door you and let
me in, I can check upon it."
"Let go me, I will
ever take an initiate."
"Proximity is the key,
don't you hesitate."
"Give in to the
feeling that leads the way."
"We are going to...
we going to get it."
"If you're not there,
there's no problem."
"There are other women..."
"...who have caught my eye."
"If you want to go, go,
I don't care."
I love you.
Me too.
You love Suhani, don't you?
No, I don't.
Then what did you go
to the protest for?
How do you know that?
I know things.
I mean I went there for a bit but...
How do you know that?
Someone told me.
May I ask who?
Same people who attacked
that guy on the highway.
Same people who would have had you
fixed if you had helped her brother.
They're going to get Samarth
when he comes out of prison.
But don't worry,
they won't harm you now.
You're with me.
Get ready. His car is
in the subway car park.
And you're friend is checking out.
I owe you one, boss.
Get off me. Get off me.
Get off me.
Get off me.
Get off me. Get off me.
Let's go.
Oh no.
'See no evil, hear no evil, man.'
I need some help here.
Come on!
- Yes, sir.
Quick. Quick.
- Hurry up.
Will he be okay?
Take him to the doctor.
- Will he be okay?
Will he be okay?
- Yes, yes, sir.
He's going to be okay. We're
going to take care of him.
I'm just going there
to see if he's okay.
I'm just... I'm just going...
- He's going to be okay.
Okay. Alright. Alright.
- Alright?
'Violent attacks on Indians
in Sidney and Melbourne... '
'... are becoming a serious
diplomatic issue for Australia.'
'The Indian
government is demanding...
'... the authorities here to
make a move to stop the attacks.'
'There's been relentless coverage
of the story by the Indian media.'
'They are calling the
attacks to be racist in nature.'
That's our guy.
Can you run that again?
Zoom in.
There's our witness. Get me
details on him. Call them in.
Hands up. Hands up. Hands up.
- You are under arrest.
Come on, head down.
Who did you tell? Nicole, answer me.
One of your curry munching
friends lands up on my turf.
Mel gets arrested. Who's this guy?
Are you sleeping with him?
You did, didn't you? You...
Oh no.
Comas generally last a
few days to a few weeks.
I mean your brother could
come out of the coma tomorrow...
...or it could take 20 years.
Even after recovering
he may face physical...
...intellectual and psychological
difficulties that...
...need special attention.
We have a special unit which looks
after patients suffering from comas.
Go up to the fourth floor I've
spoken to Dr. Philip.
He'll help you out.
I'll go get the reports.
Suhani, are you okay?
- I'm fine.
Where are you going?
I need to get those reports.
I'll come with you.
- No need I'll get them.
I'll come.
Suhani, he will be fine
I'm sorry.
- Sorry for what?
That day at the
protest when the police...
...were taking brother away
I just wanted you to come.
Everything would've been fine.
I couldn't understand your problem,
the limitations you have.
And today when he was...
you could have left him
alone if you wanted to.
You took him to the hospital
in spite of him insulting you.
Samarth was right that if we
don't help each other then who will.
I'm going to the police
station in the evening... file a report on the attack.
Will you come as a witness, please?
Suhani, I'll just come
back in two minutes.
I forgot my cell phone. Two minutes.
You're a good liar.
You should carry on.
I just came here to tell you that
my brother has people everywhere.
I wouldn't testify if I was you.
They're watching you, Suraj.
I understand that you saved him.
Even that you took
him to the hospital...
...but what is the need to
go to the police station?
I'm telling you,
this isn't our battle.
You're PR will become a
dream if something goes wrong.
That's a fact.
All right, let's do this.
He's in the next cabin.
Suraj. Suraj?
Officer Glen, hi. I'm Suhani.
Samarth Singh's sister.
I spoke to you earlier.
- Have a seat.
Tell me.
This is Suraj Bhardwaj and
he's here to testify as a witness.
What are you doing?
They're here now.
Keep them there. I want
to fix her brother first.
Get it done soon. I
can't hold them much longer.
I've lined up some suspects. All
you got to do is pick them out...
Okay? Excuse me. Yes?
Sir, can you come
in here now please?
There's something I
would like to show you.
I'll be right there. Just a minute.
What happened?
Something's fishy.
How did the people
who attacked Samarth...
...know the time he
left the police station?
Hello? - Suhani,
what the hell is going on?
These guys are asking me
to leave the hospital.
Something's wrong here.
I'm going nowhere. I'm
going nowhere. - Romi.
Sir, I think you
should check this out.
It seems your witness has a
criminal record back home in India.
Where did you find this?
I have some contacts
with the police in Mumbai.
I asked them for his record and
this is what they came up with.
They've escaped! Raise
the alarm! Raise the alarm!
Check the fire escape!
Suspects are Indian male and female.
Where the heck is this guy?
You're in this state
because of me, brother.
But I feel more helpless.
We're constantly on the run.
Even after being fully
functional I feel so helpless.
But now I won't stay silent.
I'll stand up for you.
I'll fight for you.
"In you I find the need to live."
"I ask you to find the way for me."
"In you I find the need to live."
"I ask you to find the way for me."
"I constantly get your support."
"I live in your arms."
"Where can I go now without you?"
"I constantly get your support."
"I live in your arms."
"Where can I go now without you?"
'We've just got news that... '
'... a stranger has killed
a couple of mixed race... '
'... who were getting married."
'According to the police,
we've got confirmed information... '
'... about murders of
three such married couples.'
"You gave me light in the dark."
"Every breath of mine
is in sync with you."
"I started feeling my
destiny in your hands."
"The ambience has blossomed."
"All the sadness has gone."
"Where can I go now without you?"
"I constantly get your support."
"I live in your arms."
"Where can I go now without you?"
'Barely had the city recovered... '
'... from the horror of
this serial killer... '
'... butchering couples who had
married outside their community... '
'... when the news of the strip
club being torched hit the nation.'
'Twenty five men and women
have died in the fire so far.'
"And about 50 are
seriously injured.'
'Police have found clues to
last night's explosion at Dukes... '
'... a popular strip club
in suburban Melbourne... '
'... leading to Suraj
Bhardwaj a man of Indian origin.'
'Police are yet to reveal
more details of the accused.'
'Here's an account from
the employee of the club.'
'This Suraj used to come here
often with lots of Indians.'
'They used sick photos as well.'
'Have you ever met him? '
'No. No.'
'I didn't really know him.'
'As the attacks on
Indians has increased... '
'... they authorities are
showing great concern... '
'... that the situation
may get out of hand.'
'A red alert has been sounded
through the city of Melbourne.'
What are you doing, Suraj?
Don't... don't let this affect you.
They will pay for whatever they
are doing and saying in the news.
They won't have to pay for
anything, Suhani.
It's not a fair world.
They've been doing this
for years. Samarth was right.
They lie first and then blame
Indians for the mess they created.
This time they're using my
name and blaming the Indians.
Trust me justice will be
served because you're innocent.
Indians and
Australians will come together.
We can bring them together.
And nothing will happen with
whatever they're saying or doing.
They can't hide the truth.
What truth are you
talking about, Suhani?
You want to know the truth?
My name is Jai Dixit
not Suraj Bhardwaj.
I came here on a
fake visa from Mumbai.
My papers are bogus.
I have only lied all my life.
That's the truth about me.
You want to know one more truth?
Want to know where
I'm going right now?
You think it was mere
coincidence that I was there...
...when Samarth was being attacked?
No, Suhani.
That night after we fought, I
spent the night with Nicole.
Nicole is Russell's sister.
She informed me about
Samarth being attacked.
And that's how I went to save him.
That's why she is now
blaming me for the blast.
She's conspiring with the police.
Suhani, this world is
not such a nice place.
And I'm not such a nice guy.
That story about your
friend was your story, right?
No, that was only my father's story.
My story will have a
different ending which I will write.
Not these Australians.
Please don't do this, Jai.
Stop! Stop! Please
listen to me please. Jai!
Jai, please don't do this. I've
seen this happen in my own house.
Nothing will get sorted. Please!
Just please don't do this, Jai!
Get out of the house!
I want to know where Russell is.
Don't fool me!
- Get out of my house.
Where's Russell? Stop
fooling around. Where's Russell?
Russ! He's got me.
He's going to kill me. No!
Let go of me! No! No!
It's me.
I've got your little sister.
I've got Nicole.
What are doing with Nicole?
You have no idea.
You can't even imagine.
I will find you and I
will peel of your skin.
You stinking snake! If you
touch my little sister...
...I will find yours and
I will slit her throat!
Do whatever you want.
No! No!
Somebody help me!
Samarth, what are you doing?
- No! Let go of me!
- Let go of me! Get off me!
Samarth, why are you taking
revenge from Russell using Nicole?
Samarth! Samarth, what's her fault?
What was my sister's fault?
'Okay, come on.
Another picture. With me.'
'Sheena, come on smile.'
'You're pregnant with an
Australian man's child, Sheena.'
'Sheena, you'll have to abort.'
'I'm sorry,
brother. Please, brother.'
'Who's this guy for whom you're
turning your back on your family? '
'Brother, please. This is my child.'
'What will happen to our
reputation in the community? '
'What community, brother? '
'Brother, I love him. I love him.'
'This is my child. I
want to live with him.'
'Sheena, who is he?
- He loves me.'
'We'll have to abort this child.'
'No please. No please.'
'I'm doing this for us.
I'm doing this for you.'
'I'm really scared.'
'Nothing will happen.'
'I don't want to die.
- Don't worry, Sheena.'
Till today I hear my
sister's cries.
Now it's sister for a sister.
Take a look. Take a
great look at this face.
All these years I've been
waiting for this moment.
It was me who was in
love with your sister.
The kid in her belly was mine.
She was pregnant with my child.
You'll kill his sister
and he'll kill yours.
What about Suhani, Samarth?
When Parshuram left
to kill Aryan kings... you know who he killed first?
His mother.
With no weakness, who will stop me?
I'll do anything to protect my
roots, culture and tradition.
Suhani is not my weakness.
I'm doing this for my people.
No Indian will ever suffer again.
With Nicole's death
they'll understand...
...that we are no longer weak.
You've gone insane, Samarth.
I didn't think of one small thing.
Who should I put this blame on?
I'm glad you came here.
The police will be here soon.
And by the time they trace me,
I'll be done with my work.
Come on! Come on!
Suspect is missing!
Move! Move! Move!
He got away!
Nothing. Get some bandages.
Hurry up.
Brother? Brother?
I recognised you as
soon as I saw you.
Remember, you helped a devotee
of Allah and He too will help you.
It's not right for
you to go out now.
The police are looking for you.
I have very little time.
Someone's life is in danger.
Hello? Jai? Where are you?
Suhani, we're as bad as them.
It was Samarth who killed
the mixed couples not Russell.
He has taken Nicole somewhere.
I'll have to find him.
Jai! - Your sister's operation
had devastated him. - Jai.
Get out of there...
- Jai, listen to me!
Samarth knew that if he had
gone ahead with the operation...
...Sheena would die.
- What?
And so did I, but there
was nothing I could do.
'Suhani, please talk to him.'
'Suhani, you stay out of this.'
'Go inside! Stay there.
Or I'll kill you.'
- Shut up! - Please brother.'
'Get inside!
- Brother, please.'
'Brother, I don't want to die.
- Everything will be all right.'
'It's too late. This
abortion can kill her. - Please.'
'We'll have to go
ahead with the abortion.'
'We have to abort this baby.'
I guess that's why
I've always tried... bring Australians
and Indians together.
Because if they were,
then Sheena might have...
Brother would have accepted her.
You were right.
I was being a hypocrite...
...I couldn't stand up
for my sister.
Jai, you'll have to save Nicole.
You have to stop my brother.
I couldn't save my sister...
...but if something
happened to Nicole...
...then I'll never forgive myself.
Suhani, listen to me. Just get
out of that place right now.
Suhani! Suhani, I'm coming there.
Knock! Knock! Who's there?
It's your friend Russell.
I'm okay.
Get her out!
Suhani, just get out of there.
I'm fine, Jai. Just go.
I know you're in there. I'm coming.
Suhani, I'm coming there.
I'm fine. Go save Nicole.
Don't worry about me.
This violence will end
only if we help them.
This is the only way
this is going to end.
I know where brother has taken her.
Warren Street.
Sheena's abortion took place there.
Do this for me please.
Jai, I... I love you.
Suhani, I... Suhani!
Save Nicole save the city.
Please don't kill me.
Please don't kill me.
- Suhani!
"When I had you I lost you."
"My heart cries without tears."
"Why did my dreams come
so close and disappear?"
"It's impossible to
live without you."
"There's sadness in my heart."
"Where can I go now without you?"
"I constantly get your support."
"I live in your arms."
"Where can I go now without you?"
Keep digging, Romi.
Let Nicole go, Samarth.
Have you gone blind?
Romi and I, we are
your own. Not Nicole.
They're murderers.
You want to get every
Indian killed here, Samarth?
If something happens to
Nicole this entire city will burn.
Let it burn!
What about my sister who
was killed by Russell?
You killed your sister not Russell!
No. No.
Had you not had any
problem with their relationship... wouldn't have to
see this day.
Russell killed Sheena.
You talk about culture
and tradition, Samarth?
This is what you're
doing for your country?
Look inside of you.
You're running away from yourself.
You're the racist not just them.
You couldn't even see
the love your sister had.
Romi, continue digging. Don't
listen to him. He's gone mad.
They're the bad ones.
We're the good ones.
And in this fight, the good
will triumph. So just help me win.
The line dividing good and bad...
...comes straight
thru the heart, Samarth.
We all have virtues and vices.
But the one who has the courage
to see the vices in himself...
...he is truly human, Samarth.
I'm right and they are wrong.
You want to kill me,
right? Come on. Come on kill me.
My death will not end this.
If I kill one man like you, I
don't know how many will be born.
I can kill you, but I can't get
rid of your diseased thoughts.
The solution is that
you stay alive, not die.
You'll have to live.
Knowing that you're solely
responsible for your sisters' death.
Recognise the vices
within you, Samarth
Recognise the vices within you.
I'm right! I know they're the
bad ones! They're the bad one!
You were wrong. We were bad.
No, Romi.
- You were wrong!
We were bad!
There were not bad.
- Romi, don't!
We were bad!
We were bad!
- Romi!
Not them! We were bad.
You were wrong!
You were wrong!
"The lord has had mercy on me."
"All this has
happened because of you."
"I finally feel
alive here with you."
"On your shoulder
every moment lasts."
"I hope this goes on forever."
"Where can I go now without you?"
'Who claims that the era of
magic has become extinct? '
'We saw today a
magical sight before us... '
'... never seen before on
the streets of Melbourne.'
'The Australians and Indians
have finally come together to... '
'... support one common cause... '
'... ending racism and
protecting students together.'
'This growing tension
between Australians and Indians... '
'... was eradicated when an
Indian who came to Melbourne... '
'... on a fake passport landed up... '
'... risking his life to
save an Australian girl.'
'Suraj alias Jai Dixit has
won the hearts of Australians.'