Crooklyn (1994) Movie Script

# Trash men didn't
get my trash today #
# Oh, why
Because they want more pay #
# Buses on strike
Wanna raise the fare #
- On your mark, get set, go!
- # So they can help pollute the air #
# But that's what makes
the world go 'round #
# The ups and downs, a carousel #
I'm beatin' you.
# Changing people's heads
all around #
# Changing people's heads
all around #
# Go underground
young man #
# People make
the world go 'round #
[Indistinct Chatter]
# Wall Street losin' dough
on every share #
# They're blaming it #
# On longer hair #
# Big men smokin'
in their easy chair #
# On a fat cigar
without a care #
Ten, twenty, thirty, forty,
fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety...
# But that's what makes
the world go 'round #
# The ups and downs
a carousel #
# Changing people's heads
all around #
# Go underground
young man #
# People make
the world go 'round #
Grandma, Grandma,
sick in bed.
She called the doctor
and the doctor said.
Let's get the rhythm of her head.
Let's get the rhythm
of the hands.
Let's get the rhythm
of the feet.
[Indistinct Shouting]
The odd finger is it.
# But that's what makes
the world go 'round #
# The up and downs
a carousel #
- Yeah.
- # Changing people's heads all around #
# Go underground
young man #
# People make
the world go 'round #
# People make the world
go 'round #
# People make
the world go 'round #
Wow! Look at that one!
# People make
the world go 'round #
Red light, green light,
one, two, three.
- You!
- # People make the world go 'round ##
Top of the innin'. Billy Bruton is up.
My man Bruton.
Home run.
One-ten, even.
Home run! It's outta there!
Outta the park!
- You're cheatin'.
- I'm not. One, ten.
[Indistinct Chatter]
- You ain't showed me the cards.
- Just look at it.
[Speaking Italian]
- [Hinges Squeaking]
- Hey, number three!
Hey, mister number three!
I told you. I run a respectable
roomin' house over here.
And you ain't paid your rent
in two months. What gives, huh?
[Speaking Spanish]
I pay, okay?
[Speaks Spanish] I pay!
- No mas. Basta.
- Hey, "son a bitcha!"
[Indistinct Chatter]
That's a disgrace!
[Chatter Continues]
Shut up.
Come on, Troy the boy.
Hit it, Troy the boy. Ha!
You ain't hit nothin'!
Look at that!
You hit air!
- [Grunts]
- [Grunts]
- Whoops.
- [Glass Crashing]
- I told you so!
- Lucky shot.
[Blowing Horn]
Aw, Daddy! Man!
- Dang! Dang!
- Clinton, Wendell.
Come on. And bring Joseph.
- Dad, I'm in the bottom
of the ninth. Why can't l...
- I don't wanna hear it.
[Dad] I'm tired
of that Strat-o-Matic.
I told you bring your brother
in the house now.
- I was in the lead.
He just hit a home run.
- So what?
This thing hurts.
Go tell Clinton and Wendell
to come and eat.
Clinton, Wendell!
Time to eat!
I could've done that.
[Kids Chattering]
Woody, that's enough sugar.
- Oh, everybody, let's eat.
- Clinton, stop touching
the black-eyed peas.
- Can I have a piece of lemon, Daddy?
- Mmmm.
- Here. Can't get no better.
- Come on.
- Here you go, baby.
- Black-eyed peas are nasty.
Come on, now, and let's bow our heads.
Joseph, take your elbows
off the table.
- Mommy, Clinton's sittin' in my chair.
- Clinton, let's go.
- Let's eat already.
- Yeah, the food's getting cold.
- Be quiet. Move, move.
- I'm not really hungry.
Come on, Boogie.
Don't be like that.
- The food's getting cold.
- Be quiet!
- I'm not hungry.
- All right, everybody,
let's bow our heads.
Gracious Lord, we thank you
for this food. Amen.
- [Kids Chattering]
- [Mother] Heavenly Father!
We thank thee for the food
we're about to receive...
for the nourishment
of our bodies for Christ's sake. Amen.
- Pass the butter.
- Looks good.
- [Mom] Pass the salt.
- Elbow!
- ## [Music Playing]
- Shucks, now. Every time
we sit down to eat, there he go.
I just want some white meat, Daddy.
And a little more potatoes.
That's all he ever eats.
[Mom] He eatin' vegetables tonight.
Quit bitin' your nails.
Daddy, my peas are
touching my chicken.
- You baby! Just move it over.
- That'll do.
Get outta here,
you Possoms!
- Mashed potatoes!
Fresh-squeezed lemonade!
- String beans!
Oh, look what they got with
that chicken! Oooh! What's she doin'?
- [Kids Complaining]
- And stay out!
Possoms should go eat their own dinner.
That was rude, little girl.
Wendell! Please close your mouth
when you chew!
- Why can't I eat in peace?
- 'Cause you're disturbin' the peace.
You eat like a pig.
You chew like a cow. [Grunting]
Come on, Gem. It's a compliment
to your good cooking.
Compliment, my butt.
That boy's just plain greedy.
- I'm done.
- You didn't eat nothin'.
Yes, I did. I ate three peas.
- Mom, I'm full too.
- See? Your eyes are
bigger than your stomach.
- May I please be excused?
- No, you may not.
You're gonna sit there 'til you eat
every black-eyed pea on your plate.
When I come home tonight,
I want this kitchen clean.
- Dang!
- See what you started, Nate?
Shoot. I hate black-eyed peas.
- [Wendell] Here we go.
- Yeah, that's right.
- More lemonade, please.
- There is no reason why
your father and I...
should have to run around here
cleaning up after you shiftless negroes.
- Daddy likes to clean up.
Don't you, Daddy?
- Leave me outta this.
Your daddy may not mind,
but your mama do.
I'm goin' with your father
to his gig tonight. When I come home,
the house better be clean.
I'll be goddamned if I should have to do
anything when I come home from work...
- but sleep and relax.
- [Woody Belching]
- [Both] Ewww!
- Ewww! Come on, Daddy!
- Excuse me.
- Yuck.
- Excuse me! L...
- ## [Loud Music]
[Wendell] Brother, there he goes
again. Tony Eyes can't even sing.
[Blowing Horn]
Not tonight!
# If I ever find that
you've changed at any time #
# It's not unusual to find
that I'm in love with you #
[Clinton] # It's not unusual
to find that I'm in love with you #
- # In love with you
In love with you ##
- Goddamn son of a bitch.
I can't even enjoy my meal
without that funky McNasty
faggot ruining my appetite.
- Woodrow!
- It's true, Gem.
Damn, not at the table.
Put the salt down, Wendell,
before I pull your head off!
[Kids Chattering, Laughing]
Dag, this is gettin'...
Oh, he got, he got blowed up!
- You see his hands?
- [Laughing]
Why you laughing for? He don't even
know what's goin' on; he's laughing.
- Hey, they... Oh, man,
they gonna get him.
- Oh, they gonna get him.
# Please release me #
# Let me go #
- [Dog Whines]
- # For I don't love you #
# Anymore #
## [Continues, Indistinct]
Troy. Troy,
what are you doin'?
This isn't the bathroom.
Get outta here!
That's disgusting.
You better clean that mess up too.
Have you lost your mind?
- What?
- Didn't I tell you
I wanted the kitchen clean?
- Get up! Get up now!
- What time is it?
It's 4:00. Get up.
Get your butt in there.
- It's not fair...
- You get in there and
do what I told you to do!
Hey, you! Get up!
All you little peanuts at attention!
Get up, boy! Now!
Hey, little one. Everybody up.
Get your butt out of that...
- Mutley, everybody!
I'm sick of this shit!
- I don't wanna get up, Mommy.
[All Shouting, Chattering]
Hey! Wendell. Wendell!
Don't play with me, boy.
- Get up now! Get your...
- Stop it!
You'll get your butt up...
Get up now!
What did I tell you to do?
What did I say at the table?
- Get, get downstairs.
- Daddy...
Your daddy?
Your daddy ain't here. Get up.
Can't we do it
in the morning?
Everybody, up against the wall.
From now on, everybody's gonna
start pullin' their weight.
Do you understand me?
- Why you actin' so crazy?
- You make me crazy!
- Boy, I'll slap the black off you.
This is no hotel!
- You ain't slappin' me.
I will slap...
I'll knock them teeth into tomorrow.
You're gonna start cookin' too.
Get downstairs now. Go!
Get outta my face.
Get outta my face right now!
- Shh! And do not wake your father!
- You're waking everybody up.
Shh! You know why
I'm screaming, don't you?
- All because...
- No, child, I am not crazy.
You are gonna be crazy once
I beat your brains outta your head.
- My brains?
- You ain't beatin'
my brains outta my head.
I'm crazy 'cause I got five of y'all
that have run me stark raving mad!
- This ain't no plantation!
- I know it ain't!
- I'm not a slave!
- Nobody said you was.
And I'll tell you one damn thing:
I certainly am not a plaything.
- You understand me?
- What am I supposed to do?
You're supposed to have
done what I told you.
Mommy, Clinton only washes
one plate and one fork and one knife.
- Shut up, heifer!
- Don't be a tattletale.
Don't call her a heifer. Clinton, you
are gonna wash every fork, plate, spoon,
pot, pan, our drawers,
Mutley for a month.
What about Wendell and Nate?
They never do nothin'.
Yes, I do!
I empty the garbage!
You worry about your own shiftless self.
You get busy!
- Mommy, I'm hungry.
- That's too bad.
The kitchen is closed.
You should've ate more than three peas.
- [Nate And Wendell]
"I ate three peas."
- Shut up.
Clinton. What kind of example
are you setting, being the oldest?
- Can you hear me?
- Yes.
You are so immature!
- I hate doing...
- When you finish mashing peas
into the floor, mop.
- I'd rather have a father
than a mother any day.
- Yeah, any day.
What'd you say?
What did you say?
- He said, "I'd rather have
a father than a mother any day."
- Dang!
Take your father! Take your father!
Let's see how your hungry asses eat!
I'm not playin'.
Come here.
[Mom] Mornin', ladybug.
- How are you today?
- Fine.
- How are you?
- I'm good.
- Are you gonna eat some breakfast?
- No, thank you.
Troy, I was wonderin'.
How would you like to go down
and spend a few weeks...
with Cousin Viola in Virginia
after school's out?
Aunt Song and Uncle Clem
asked if you'd like to come.
- No, thank you.
- What are you gonna do this summer?
- I don't know.
- I'm teachin' summer school.
You can't be runnin' up and down the
street after your brothers all day long.
Would I miss my birthday?
You would spend it with them.
That would be good.
That would be great.
Would you please eat some breakfast?
I have to go to work.
[Snagglepuss On Television]
Heavens to Mergatroid.
Exit for child welfare
stage right.
Don't you know better than
to stand under a loose boulder?
Heavens to vegetables.
I've been squashed.
The question is, how does
one baby-sit a western-type baby?
- Can I have some Trix?
- Nope.
- Please.
- I said no, you idiot!
- That's a bet. I'm tellin' Mommy. be a Western TV star.
Mommy! Troy's eating
a whole box of Trix by herself.
And she won't share any with me!
Our fence-mender,
cowboy hero...
Mommy's not here,
you silly, stupid rabbit.
- Stupid.
- I'm a low-down, mangy
polecat coyote of a wild steer...
- Get out!
- Whom you lassoed.
- Do you get the picture?
- [Cartoon Character]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Exit stampedin' all the way.
Stage left.
Oh! Wendell!
Look at your eyes poppin' out
of your head. What are you doin'?
You better stop hittin' people.
# I'm your mother, I'm your daddy
I'm that nigger in the alley #
- # I'm your doctor when you need... #
- Gimme that, Snuff.
You know we stole this tube together.
You better share that.
- Come on, come on. Here, take this.
- # I'm your Pusherman #
# I'm your Pusherman ##
- Ahh, yeah.
- Ahh.
My best friend, babe.
- Nice glue.
- All right.
- For the brothers who ain't here.
- Yeah, drain it out, baby.
- Ahh.
- All right.
- Gimme some. Give it here.
- Take some. Take that.
Ah, yeah!
[Singing With Record]
# If I could #
# I'd like to be #
# A great big movie star #
# Overnight sensation #
# Drive a big expensive car #
Stop throwing bottles there!
We always get blamed for it.
He should clean up
his stinkin' house, man.
- Hey! Hey! You stinkin' faggot!
- Shut up. My mother'll hear you.
Clean up after
your friggin' dogs, man!
- It ain't funny.
- You Chinese-Puerto Rican Chink Spic.
You friggin' chocolate
black nigger moreno.
- What you say that?
- Why you let him talk
about me like that?
- I never said nothin' bad
about your mom.
- Your mama.
- Play your music.
- Forget it. I'm getting all emotional.
I can't sing now.
- You can't sing anyway.
- [Laughter]
Hey, it's Vic!
Look at him.
- Clinton.
- Aw, my man Vic!
- Hey, Vic. How you doin', Vic?
- Tommy La La.
I'm all right.
Like that 'do.
- Your mama know you out here?
- Yeah.
- Vic. Ouch!
- What's up, Vic?
- How you feelin', kid?
All right, blood.
- All right. And you?
- Vic. My number one soul brother.
- All right, all right.
[Guys Chattering]
- Great God!
- Later, Vic.
- Bye, Vic.
- That's the bigs.
- [Laughs] It look funny.
- It looks stupid.
- So? Look at yours.
- At least mine don't
look all funny like yours.
At least mine isn't standing
on my head sticking straight out
looking all like Topsy.
I don't know who Topsy is, but
it looks stupid, and I can't stand it.
- I can't stand you either.
- Why don't you sit down
with your ol' black self?
- I'm black and I'm proud.
- She got good hair.
- She got "Peter" Rican hair.
- Ay, dejame. Stop touching me, ugly.
Don't be callin' my sister ugly
'cause I'll slap you into next week.
You're not gonna slap
nobody into next week, stupid.
- Minnie, get off my stoop.
You think you're so pretty.
- You think you're so cute.
So? Later for you.
You think you so cute.
- Who wants to jump rope?
- I do.
- [Girls Chattering]
- We playin' "all."
Brenda and Cathy, y'all turnin'.
- You always tell us what to do.
- I'm older. Now don't
give me no lip. Let's go.
Minnie and Troy, get in the middle.
Y'all can't jump big.
- Yes, we can...
- Shut up and just get in the rope.
# We got to live together #
- Here, kitty, kitty.
- # I am no better #
# And neither are you #
# We are the same
in whatever we do #
- [Girls Chanting]
- # You love me, you hate me
You know me and then #
April, May, July,
August, September...
- [Chattering]
- # I am everyday people #
# Yeah, yeah #
You better not be throwing
that cat over here!
[Girls Screaming]
[Arguing, Shouting]
- She looks like...
- She looks like a gorilla.
Shut up, Greg,
with you and your welfare self!
How many times have you been left back?
You stupid ass dummy!
- So?
- So you mother's a ho.
- Who's got money for Right Hand
and my main man Snuff?
- Give it up!
- [Dogs Barking]
- # Different strokes
for different folks #
Oh, snap, what happened
to your shoe?
Damn kids broke my shoe, man.
# Oooh, sha, sha #
- Snuff, man.
- # I am everyday people ##
Got to get some bread, nigger.
I've got all night, Nate.
- Come on, Mommy. Why I got to eat this?
- Black-eyed peas have calcium.
All the calcium in the world ain't gonna
make up for this nasty taste.
- It might have made up
for your broke arm.
- Come on, Mom.
I broke my arm
because I just got hurt.
Besides, this is gross. Nasty.
- It is not nasty.
Everybody else likes it.
- They all crazy.
Yeah, and you sittin' here
waitin' to eat.
Desserts, anybody?
I got ice cream...
- and sand cake.
- All right, Daddy!
- Who wants some?
- I do.
Get some spoons and plates
over here. Come on.
- You know I don't want them
havin' that junk.
- It's just a little sand cake.
Here. Get rid of this.
Oh, no, buddy. You get nothin'
'til you finish your peas.
- [Laughing]
- How come these fools get to have some?
You know what, Doctor? You finish your
food, I'm gonna save you a piece, okay?
- Yum, yum.
- It looks good.
It tastes good too!
- Scrumptiadelious.
- Scrumpdelyicious.
Hits the spot.
Take a bite.
It's so moist.
Sweet. Come on, Red.
- Mommy, Clinton called me Red!
- Red, Red, he pees in the bed.
- You so immature. Shut up.
- Ugly monkey.
He ate my cake!
Mutley ate my cake!
Here, Boogie. Here.
Have a brand-new piece, okay?
- Daddy, that's my piece!
- All right. Here, here.
Half for him, half for you.
- [Woody] Okay?
- Nate, I am tired of
standin' here waitin'.
Pick up the fork
and eat the peas.
Eat the peas!
Nate, do like your mother tell you.
[Kids Shouting]
- Do I have to finish my peas?
- That's okay, Doc.
- Let's get you to the bathroom, okay?
- [Clinton] Disgusting!
# If you disrespect
everybody that you run into #
# How in the world do you think
anybody's supposed to respect you #
[Dog Barking]
# If you don't give a heck
about the man... #
Okay! All right,
little mister. I saw you.
Did you think you were the secret army
commando, that no one was watchin'?
Well, I'm always watchin',
and you are gonna stop throwin'
that garbage in my areaway.
- I didn't throw nothin'.
You imaginin' things.
- Oh, okay, smarty-pants.
- I'm gonna call the police.
- Good. Why don't you let the cops in,
see how you live.
- You filthy, stinkin' pig.
- Who's a pig?
- You're a pig.
- You're a pig! You come
from a whole family of pigs.
I see you and your little friends
throwing that garbage into my areaway
and my backyard.
Just shut the hell up.
That's a lie!
How dare you talk about my family
like that? You should be shot.
Wendell, what's wrong?
This stinkin' man's accusin' me
of things I didn't do.
Oh, you'll see.
Look. Look.
Look at him pickin' up
his own garbage.
I caught him throwin'
this trash on my property.
And he's a ringleader.
He makes these other kids
that sit on the stoop do the same...
- How dare you accuse my son?
He does no such thing.
- Yes, it's him...
- and this other one.
- We don't do nothin' to you.
My kids and their friends
can't sit on our stoop,
let alone play in our backyard,
without having to smell
that disgusting odor of dog shit
emanating from your house.
- Clean up that filth.
- My house is not filthy!
Yours is filthy.
You don't know nothin'
about my house.
You are a menace and a disgrace
to this entire block. The Board
of Health oughta shut you down.
You t... I'll teach you to belt
your kids. I can't hear myself think!
# Pull down your pants
or pull up your ankles #
You're the ones who disturb
the peace around here.
I never had trouble 'til you moved in.
You sorry excuse for a man;
you better be glad we moved in.
If I ever hear you
callin' my kids names...
or accusin' them of anything,
you're gonna have to deal with me.
- You call yourself a mother...
- Get your finger outta my face.
Keep them inside where they belong.
You killed my mother!
- What?
- You killed my mother!
You know what happened!
- Be quiet!
- You can't tell me...
- Tony!
- My mother was a good person!
- Take your dog-smelling ass
into your doghouse, man.
- She believed!
- You can't tell me what to do!
- I'm tired of your damn mouth.
- [Angry Shouting]
- [Tony] Call the police.
Call the police!
I'm gonna sue you!
You can't do this!
You know what happens?
Look at this!
I'm gonna tell you
what's gonna happen to you!
## [Radio]
# I'll never go back
to Georgia #
# I'll never go back
No, no, no, no #
# I'll never go back
to Georgia #
# I'll never go back
to Georgia, uh-uh #
# I'll never go back
to Georgia #
# I'll never
go back to Georgia #
# I'll never go back
to Georgia #
# I'll never go back #
# I'll never go back #
## [Song Continues]
# Hey, hey, hey, hey #
# Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey, hey #
# Hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey, hey #
## [Continues]
# I'll never go back to Georgia #
# I'll never go back #
# I'll never go back
to Georgia #
What you talkin' 'bout?
I ain't no puta!
I ain't no puta.
I'm Connie.
I keeps my panty clean.
- Oh, come on, Connie.
- No, no, no, Tito. You crazy.
Mira, Mommy. Ten cents.
Hold your horses.
Give me two licorice sticks,
ten Bazookas, some Lemonheads,
some fireballs
and some Boston Baked Beans.
- [Woman] No caliente here.
- [Tito] I'm caliente.
- Is that right?
- Ow!
Well, you ain't nothin'
but a damn Puerto Rican.
- Yeah? Well, I can
give you something cozy.
- Oh, yeah, that's what you say...
- to all of 'em, fine thing.
- [Tito] Whoo!
- [Whistles] Come on.
- [Tito] You want this?
[Woman] No, no.
No, no, no puta.
No tickee, no tockee, Tito.
# Hey, Joe #
# Where you goin'
with that gun in your #
# Hey, Joe #
# I said where you goin'
with that gun in your hand #
# I'm goin' down
to shoot my old lady #
# You know I caught her
messin' round with another man #
# Yeah #
# I'm goin' down
to shoot my old lady #
# You know I caught her
messin' round with another man #
[Indistinct Shouting]
# Hey, Joe ##
Hey, don't worry, Papi.
I'm gonna get you out tomorrow, okay?
- Go home.
- No, you go home. Don't push me!
- Go home!
- Go home!
- Go home.
- [Jessica] Come on!
He wasn't doing anything!
Vic, don't worry. I'm gonna
come visit you tomorrow, okay?
[Jessica] Hey, Papi, don't worry.
I'll get you out of there.
- Man, what's your problem?
You and that stinking house!
- [Tony] Prostitute!
Prostitute? I'm not a prostitute!
I don't even want to think about it.
Hey, what are you all doin' in here?
Get off my bed.
The cops came and took Vic away.
- I know. Want some candy?
- What's in that bag?
- Psych your mind. Make you booty shine.
- Eggies. Thumbs up.
- I called no eggies first. Thumbs down.
- When?
- When I bought it.
- That don't count 'cause
we couldn't hear it. Eggies!
- Y'all never give me nothin'.
- Shut up, you evil, flat-chested wench.
You're not getting any,
and I'm telling Ma you called me
an evil, flat-chested wench.
Go ahead. Tell.
You are an evil, flat-chested wench.
- I'll tell her you
went out to the store.
- Nigger.
- Pop-eyed heifer.
- All right, you greedy pigs!
- ## [Indistinct]
- [Clinton] Give me the Lemonheads.
I throwed you the only red one. Can you
please chew with your mouth closed?
- Yeah!
- Don't start with me.
- I don't need you to fight my battles.
- Fool.
- Quiet. It's the good part.
- Let's watch the Knicks.
# I woke up in love this mornin' #
- Y'all are turnin' so white.
- # I woke up in love this mornin' #
- # Went to sleep with you #
- Oreos.
# On my mind #
# Nate woke up in pee
this mornin' #
# I woke up in love
this mornin' #
# Went to sleep with you
on my mind #
Is the TV on?
I said is the TV on!
- No!
- No!
- Be quiet.
- # Not just for a night but for #
- Don't turn it off.
- #... my whole life through #
- I'm just turning it down.
# I woke up in love
this mornin' #
# I woke up
in love this mornin' #
- [Indistinct]
- Come on. Let's watch the Knicks.
Joseph, how can you live with this?
Please change your vote.
- No, I'm watching The Partridge Family.
- Joseph is not changing his vote.
- Besides, we outnumber you.
- After this show,
we'll be watching the Knicks.
- [Chattering]
- Okay, okay! Come on. Get out.
A fuera. Out, out.
Let's go. Out.
We didn't want to buy nothin' anyway.
- [Indistinct Spanish]
- Dejame, estupido!
- A un besito.
- Dejame!
- I'm gonna tell your mother.
- Tell her.
[Indistinct Spanish]
[Speaking Spanish]
Hey! What are you doing?
Huh? I'm talking to you.
What are you doing?
Huh? You think you can come
into my store and steal?
Huh? Do I go into
your house and take things?
- No.
- No.
Ten cents. Ten cents!
I don't have any money.
What? No money?
[Speaking Spanish]
Send her to jail.
No money, huh?
Then get outta here, and don't come back
until you got some money, okay?
What took you so long?
You let him catch you?
- What was I supposed to do?
- You should have told him...
"I don't have to steal nothin' from you.
I just forgot my money."
- Oh.
- Next time, steal somethin' easier.
Yeah! My main man!
Walt "Clyde" Frazier.
We better win tonight.
- [Sportscaster]
It's a very important game.
- Stupid!
Why you go and pass the ball to him?
Jackson ain't nothin'.
Lucky rebound.
He can't even dribble.
Pass it to Frazier
before it passes to anybody.
- Come on.
- Yeah, stupid.
Pass it to Frazier!
- Come on.
- [Sportscaster] Five seconds.
- Take it to the hoop!
- Jump shot!
I knew he are makin' it.
That's number one right there.
Frazier with 24 points.
- [Clinton] Oh, man!
- [Game Continues Indistinctly]
Only one way to find out.
[Clinton] Get the ball.
What you waiting for, stupid?
Damn it, Woody,
you bounced another check.
I thought we had it covered.
[Sighs] I'll get some money.
- When?
- When? What do you think
I'm doin' right here?
Gem, let me just
finish this music.
That's what I've always done.
The problem is...
your music's not bringin'
anything into the house but music.
Gem, the money will come.
I'm waitin'.
I'm back teachin' school again,
and I am waitin', Woody.
Just keep doin'
what you're doin', Gem.
Now you know it wasn't always like this.
I made money before.
I'll make money again.
I trust you,
but you have got to realize...
we are on a limited budget.
I am trying to balance everything,
and when you write checks
and don't tell me about it,
it makes it extremely difficult.
As God is my witness, I want the best
for you and the children.
But I have got to do it
in my own way.
Look it...
- Cool?
- Cool. I went out and opened
a separate bank account.
That supposed to get
some kind of reaction from me?
What is that supposed to prove?
I don't know what it proves.
I'm interested in putting
food on the table and keepin' a roof
over our kids' heads.
Boy! You know,
y-y-you really kill me.
I mean, on the one hand,
you come down here...
tellin' me about
yet another mistake Woody done made.
But when I'm sittin'
at that piano, tryin' to do my work,
tryin' to concentrate,
you won't let me do that neither.
You got a beef with that.
I don't know what to do.
You can get up off my chair.
I don't want to talk about
your mistakes. You keep track of those.
I don't have time.
All I ask you is to write down
when you spend the money I am making.
- I told you it was a legitimate mistake.
- I appreciate that,
but you have made that mistake
five times this month.
- I just want you to change the pattern.
- I don't need no lecture...
- about how to conduct
myself in this house.
- I am asking you...
- to help me conduct
the business affairs of this family!
- What the hell...
- do you think I'm tryin' to do?
- I don't know what you're doin'.
Well, let me tell you. I got to be like
a thief in the night in this house...
every time I want
some privacy to do my work.
You selfish child!
Don't tell me about privacy.
- Selfish nothin'!
- I can't even take a piss...
without six people
hangin' off my tits.
- You a big saint around here,
and I ain't shit.
- Call yourself what you want to.
- I just asked you
to write down the check.
- I wrote the check, right?
- I wrote the stupid thing.
- I think you can do two things at once:
Make music and write.
Woody... wrote...
a... bum...
- Here.
- That's very cute.
You remember to write it down
before it bounces next time.
You know,
you seem to forget...
I'm the one used to pay for you and
the children to go to Bloomingdale's...
and Lord & Taylor to get
what you wanted when you wanted.
- [Clinton Shouting]
- You ain't the only one
contributed to this family.
- It's a foul! Where the referee?
- [Indistinct]
- Clinton!
- What?
Don't answer me "what."
Turn the goddamn TV off.
- I'm watchin' the Knicks!
- I don't care what it is.
No TV on a school night!
She can scream all she want.
I'm watchin' this game.
- Hey! No TV! Turn it off!
- Mom, it's just a game.
- Who is that?
- That was Nate.
- It wasn't me, Mommy!
If the TV's not off,
I'm whippin' everybody.
Troy! I have to go to the bathroom!
- [Knocking]
- Open up before I pee on myself.
Come on, Troy!
- [Knocking]
- Troy! What are you doing?
Come on!
Open the door!
...if you ever
chastise your boys.
Hey! Clinton,
don't let me get up there!
- Clinton!
- [Joseph] Troy!
In a minute!
- Walt Frazier's not payin' my bills!
- It ain't about Walt Frazier!
I'm sick of this shit.
Troy! Troy!
Surprise, boys.
- I'm watchin' the game!
- Boy, I'll knock you out.
- What's the big deal?
- I said no TV on
a school night, damn it!
The Knicks got a job.
You need an education.
I will throw this idiot box
out the window.
Troy, let Boogie
in the bathroom.
She won't let me
watch the game.
How dare you go to your father
to defy me, boy!
- Let him watch the game.
- Woody, don't touch me.
- Come on, Gem.
- Get your hands off of me.
- Troy won't let me go to the bathroom.
- Shut up!
I own this mammy-jammy house.
I pay Con Ed for the electricity.
When you start payin' the bills,
everybody else gets to decide...
when you put the TV on and when not.
I'm watchin' this game.
- Boy, I'm gonna knock you out!
- Get off me!
[Screaming, Shouting]
Hey, Troy!
[Shouting, Screaming]
Everybody, stop!
What I want...
is some respect for my work...
in this house.
You get out of my house.
You call your brother, and
you tell him to come and get your shit.
That's just fine.
If that's what you want,
that's what you get.
[Nate] See what you did?
See what you started?
- [Clinton] It wasn't my fault.
- You want to go to your room?
You want some ice?
# I, oh, I #
# I know a place, y'all #
# I'll take you there #
- [Door Buzzer]
- Ain't nobody cryin' #
# I'll take you there #
# Ain't nobody worryin', yeah #
# I'll take you there #
# No silent faces #
# No silent faces #
- [Indistinct Shout]
- # I'll take you there #
- Now with black side.
- # Power to the races #
- # I'll take you there #
- Hey, little Miss Coomish Mimmish.
- Hi, Uncle Brown.
- Here's the other bag, man.
- # I'll take you there ##
- You ready to go?
- Yep.
- Get down.
Troy, where's Clinton and Nate?
Nate's upstairs with Mommy,
and Clinton's in his room.
- Okay, Boogie, I'm gonna see you soon.
- I'm gonna wait for you.
No, come on. Come on now.
No. We talked about this.
You're gonna be a big man.
I'll put you in a big chair.
Like that? Hmm?
- Bye-bye, Daddy.
- Bye-bye.
All right,
Miss Coomish Mimmish.
Don't go, Daddy.
You're too grown
to give me a hug, huh?
Come on.
I'll be over at Uncle Brown's.
You have his number.
You call me if you need me, okay?
- Okay.
- Wendell?
Come on, Wendell.
Don't be like that now.
- Okay, Troy?
- Yes, Daddy.
All right.
- Bye, Dad.
- [Door Closes]
Good morning, Mommy.
How are you today?
I'm fine.
Thank you, ladybug.
I made you some breakfast.
I see. Thanks.
- All y'all mad at me?
- Nah.
[Door Buzzer]
I'll get it.
- Hi, Daddy.
- Hey.
- Where's Mommy?
- In her room.
Come here.
I want to talk to you.
Guess what? I cleaned the kitchen,
and I made Mommy breakfast.
- That's great.
- I think she's feeling better now.
That's good.
Troy, your father's sorry
about last night.
It's not your fault, Daddy.
You know Daddy doesn't want to fight
or yell or scream or holler.
All Daddy wants to do
is play his music.
- That's all.
- Maybe if you played
other people's music...
Mommy wouldn't
scream and yell at you.
I can't do that anymore, Troy.
I got to work on my music now.
Well, maybe you should
just go for taking her out on a date.
- You think so, huh?
- I do.
Hey, listen,
this is for you
and your brothers.
- What, you don't like candy no more?
- No, I do.
I want you to give this
to your mother for me.
- Okay?
- Sure.
- Everybody else doin' all right?
- Yeah. I think.
All right,
Miss Coomish Mimmish.
Come here.
Your father loves you, Troy.
I love you too, Daddy.
These are from Daddy.
You could at least open this.
He told me to tell you he wants
to take you out on a date.
Candy from Dad.
Can I have a quarter?
# Oh-oh yeah #
# Who #
# Mr. Big Stuff #
# Who do you think you are #
# Mr. Big Stuff #
# You're never
gonna get my love #
# Now because you wear
all those fancy clothes #
- # Oh, yeah #
- # And have a big, fine car #
# Oh, yes, you do now #
# Do you think I can afford #
# To give you my love #
- # Oh, yeah #
- # You think you're higher #
# Than every star above #
# Mr. Big Stuff #
# Who do you think you are
Mr. Big Stuff #
Thank you.
# You're never gonna get my love ##
- I still say y'all are rich.
- No, we aren't.
Yes, you are. I can tell by these fancy
antiques and that foreign car you got.
It's not fancy.
It's just rare. Ow!
Oh, my God!
I gotta go home.
Thanks for the ice cream.
- Yeah.
- Happy you drove my company away?
# Tell me, tell me
Who do you think you are #
# Mr. Big Stuff #
# You're never gonna get my love ##
I hate you! Idiot!
Hey, Wendell!
You seen my tickets?
- No, it wasn't me.
- Hey, man, you can't find the tickets?
I know, man. Shoot!
I can't find 'em.
Well, keep looking.
Troy, I know
you can hear me calling.
Troy! You seen
my Knicks tickets?
- Who cares about you and your stupid...
- You seen my tickets?
- If you touched my tickets,
I'm gonna break your neck.
- Break it then.
- Ow! Get off of me!
- Shut up! Give me my tickets.
Why should I? You started
the fight between Mommy and Daddy!
- Give me my tickets!
- You're hurting me!
I don't care.
Gimme my tickets and I'll let you go.
All right, nigger.
I hate your guts.
I hate your guts.
Who told you you could go in my room
in the first place?
Next time, I'm gonna punch you
in your face. Heifer!
I spent them funny-lookin' nickels
of yours also.
and you are not it.
Outta here.
# There's a German in the grass
with a bottle up his ass #
# Stick it in, stick it out
Do you wanna be a scout #
- Hell, no.
- N-O spells "no" and you are not it.
Hot peas and butter!
Come and get your supper!
Come on. You can run faster than that.
I know you can find it.
- You can't even guess. Come on, come on.
- I warned you!
Miss Carmichael, I see you.
- Be quiet.
- I heard that.
You better keep tryin'.
Oh, you're cold.
- [Kids Chattering]
- Oh!
Oh, you boilin' hot!
[Indistinct Shouts]
I beg your pardon.
I beg your pardon!
- Bye, Troy.
- Bye, Minnie. See you tomorrow.
Where you goin', Troy?
And you stop
following me, Greg.
I ain't followin' you,
Troy old boy.
I need to ask you somethin'.
Clinton claims you stole
his prize collection of Buffalo nickels.
They're very valuable,
and they mean a lot to him.
- Did you take them?
- No.
- Did you take 'em?
- No!
- You look cute, Mrs. Carmichael.
- Thank you, Greg.
- [Carolyn] How's your mother?
- [Greg] She's okay.
- What's wrong?
- Troy. She's always pickin' on me.
She teases me about school.
She calls my mother names.
She treats me mean. She makes fun of me
in front of her friends.
It's not fair. I want to be her friend,
but she doesn't like me.
[Carolyn] Don't worry about it.
I'll take care of it.
- [Greg] Thank you.
- Troy!
Mommy, somebody left the toilet seat up,
and I almost fell in again.
Never mind about that now.
I do not believe what I just heard.
- Why are you calling
people's mothers names?
- Mommy, I didn't.
Don't lie to me.
Why is that child standin' outside
with crocodile tears in his eyes?
- You go back outside
right now and apologize.
- But I didn't do anything!
- I'm sorry, Greg.
- You sorry why?
Sorry I called
your mother a ho.
You sorry about teasin' me
about bein' left back three times...
- and about me and my brothers
havin' three different fathers?
- All right, already.
- I said I was sorry.
- You better be.
- Thank you, Mrs. Carmichael.
- That's okay, baby.
- Stupid.
- Hey, hey!
- Stupid.
- Hey, hey!
Hey, come here.
I want you to go to the supermarket
and get some things for dinner.
Mommy, I hate food stamps.
Besides, we ain't even on welfare.
Stop sayin' "ain't." You better be glad
we got some food stamps. Go on.
Everyone's gonna laugh at me.
Ain't nobody gonna laugh at you
that ain't on welfare theyself. Scat!
- How come I have to go?
- Do you want to have
dinner tonight, Troy?
# Pass the peas, please, pass the peas
like you used to say #
# Pass the peas
like you used to say ##
## [Continues]
Where you going?
Come back here!
Put those things on the counter.
What do you mean you didn't take it?
If you don't put it down,
I'm gonna call your mother.
- I'll have your place shut down, man.
- Come on. Give it here.
- Aha! What is this?
This is your hips?
- So what!
- Come here.
- Get your hands off me,
you coconut West Indian monkey.
Listen you little pickaninny.
Get out of my store...
and don't come back here no more!
Oh, God, these American children.
They don't know how to act.
They have no manners.
Miss, I'm sorry for the disturbance.
Please, go on.
I'm very sorry.
- [Screaming]
- I'm gonna get you, you ugly bitch.
I never did nothin' to you.
Get off of me!
No fighting in front of the store!
Get out of here, you little pickaninny.
- Move out!
- You shut up! Mind your own business!
I got your food stamps!
You have your things?
Don't pay her no mind.
- Move on! You all right?
- I got your food stamps!
- You got your stuff?
- I'm gonna punch you in your face.
You know where you live?
Okay, go ahead.
[Store Manager]
Back to work.
Here! I told you not to send me!
Get up.
What on earth happened to you?
- She took the change too.
- Who?
- Peanut!
- What were you doin'?
- Standin' there gettin' beat up.
- Some boy beat you up?
- Peanut's a girl.
- How big is she?
- 6'2", 200 pounds.
- Troy!
You round here wrestlin'
your brothers all the time,
and you let some girl named Peanut
take my groceries and my food stamps?
I oughta whip your butt
my damn self.
Go upstairs and get your brother
and go get my things.
That's all right.
I hate liver anyway.
I'm glad Troy got her butt kicked.
Should have kicked her myself.
She thinks she's so cute.
Shut up, you ugly baboon.
Why you be teasin' people?
- You ain't talkin' to me.
- Be quiet with your
Rashy Moustachie self.
- Why you always callin' people names?
- 'Cause I feel like it!
Ain't nobody gonna do nothin' about it!
And stay off my stoop!
# Now the time has come #
- # Time #
- # No place to run #
# Time #
# I ain't gettin'
burned up by the sun #
- # Time #
- # Well, I had my fun #
# Time #
- Troy!
- You glue sniffers! Leave me alone!
- Where's our money at?
- I ain't got no money.
I only got food stamps.
- You know damn well we take those too.
- Leave me alone! Shut up!
- Yeah, you like that, don't you?
- Breathe in.
One more time!
Breathe out!
- Get it, girl. Get it, girl.
- # The hard thing is to realize #
Bye, Troy!
- # Time #
- # Time has come today #
- # Time #
- # Time has come today #
- # Time #
- # Time has come today #
# Time #
# Time #
# Time ##
Hey, Miss Coomish Mimmish.
[Soft Moan]
I'm flyin', and Snuffy
and Right Hand Man are chasin' me.
No, Snuffy and Right Hand Man
are not here.
Your papa's here.
Daddy, I'm glad
you came back home.
Did you take Mama out yet?
Not yet, but I will.
Take her out now, Daddy.
Take her out now.
Young lady, I want you
to get some rest.
You hear?
It's for later.
They're spirited, but I don't know why
our kids are ostracized by your family.
- Welcome back, Daddy.
- Thanks, Wendell.
- Clinton, you go to the game?
- # I can see clearly now #
- Yeah, Knicks won.
- # The rain is gone... #
- Daddy, you burnt the toast.
- That ain't burnt. It's just
a little dark. Give it here.
Kids in the Delta
would love to have that to eat,
and a father nice enough to burn it.
- Okay?
- You are gonna give us
heart attacks, Woody.
Daddy, these eggs are runny.
- Eat those eggs!
- The food was prepared by your Pops...
with tender, loving care,
so you will eat it, am I right?
Celeste has had Joan, Sam
and Viola out to St. Louis,
and she's never asked our kids.
I ain't studying about Celeste.
Woman's mean and evil.
- [Kids Laughing]
- That's your sister.
- Yeah.
- I don't want to visit Aunt Celeste.
We don't need to visit nobody.
We got the car.
We can go for a drive.
- Can we leave Brooklyn?
- Take you anywhere...
- Can we please leave Brooklyn?
- Yes, we can.
Hey, Miss Coomish Mimmish.
Come here.
- How's my big girl?
- Good.
- Feelin' better?
You want some breakfast?
- Mm-hmm.
So, we gettin' ready to go
for a drive after breakfast?
- After we clean up.
- Clean up!
- What we gotta clean up for?
- I got an ailment here.
- Hey, hey, hey! After y'all clean up.
- Can Mutley come, Daddy?
- Yeah, Mutley can come, Boogie.
We gettin' ready to get
in the car, gettin' ready to...
...roll on, roll on.
- Uh-oh, here we go.
- You owe me a Coke!
- # Roll on in the Citroen, roll on #
Daddy, you're ruinin' my ear.
- Daddy.
- You get up front with me.
You can sit with me.
This is 7 Arlington Place?
- Yeah.
- I have an order
to shut off your electricity.
- What?
- You gotta pay your bill.
- The bill is paid.
- No, the bill is unpaid.
"7 Arlington Place. Unpaid bill.
Service to be shut off."
- Did you pay it?
- [Sighs] Yes, I paid it.
This is the second time
they done made this mistake.
- Children, go on in the house.
- Oh, Daddy!
- You can call if you'd like.
- No, I'm not makin' a call.
- Just doin' my job.
- The bill is paid, Gem.
Okay, do what you gotta do.
All right.
Come on.
Oh, my God.
Que paso aqui?
- [Vic]
What the damn candles in here for?
- [Jessica Speaking Spanish]
Looks like a church.
Turn the lights on.
- It's not working.
- What do you mean?
Oh, hey. How y'all doin'?
- Hi, Mr. Carmichael.
- Y'all blow a fuse or somethin'?
- What happened to the lights?
- Where y'all been?
- What's with the candles?
- There's enough candles in here,
I know that.
Yeah, we, uh... We havin'
some financial problems right now.
We understand. I was hopin'
that the food stamps would help.
Um, anyway... Oh.
Like I was sayin'...
Here you go, Vic. We, uh...
We didn't blow no fuse.
Uh, the damn electricity been cut off.
- What?
- Yeah. Drag, man.
- Come again?
- We ain't got no electricity,
and neither do you.
You know I need my lights.
Can't sleep, can't think,
can't read without my lights.
- It won't be for long.
- How I'm supposed to cook
without no lights?
Probably just a couple of days
'til we can get it straight.
- A couple of days?
- Ain't that a bitch.
Payin' you good money for rent,
and I ain't got no damn lights?
Well, now, that's what I'm sayin'.
I give y'all some candles.
- Forget candles.
- You don't understand
what you're dealin' with.
M-My disability requires
that I have my light.
Well, I know it's
an inconvenience, Vic.
It's an inconvenience
to everybody.
But I'm gonna go down there tomorrow,
and I'm gonna straighten it out, okay?
I hope you don't
expect us to pay rent.
Si no hay luz, no hay renta:
No lights, no rent.
Well, now, Miss Jessica,
I don't know 'bout no "us,"
'cause you don't even live here,
- but I do expect you to pay, Vic.
- Now I don't live here?
You gonna let him say that to me?
[Speaking Spanish]
- I don't live here now?
- I think I done paid enough, Mr. C.
I got enough shrapnel in my back,
I'm afraid to get wet.
I think I done paid
far too damn much.
Now hold up now, Vic.
- You know I don't want
no hollerin' and screamin'.
- I don't mean no disrespect...
- to you or your cares, Mr. C.
- Okay.
I think my rent has put just as much
food on your baby's table as you do.
- Well, now, okay...
- I did not have to give
your wife those food stamps.
Vic, let's go. Just forget about it,
okay? I can't live like this no more.
[Jessica Muttering In Spanish]
Now, at least y'all still
got gas and hot water.
- [Jessica Muttering]
- Okay, Vic?
It's good, baby.
I like eatin' by candlelight.
Kind of romantic.
- Are you wooin' me?
- It wouldn't do me much good
right about now, would it?
This is fun.
- Does this mean we can't watch TV?
- That's right.
- No cartoons.
- No Brady Bunch or Partridge Family...
- for Troy and Nate.
- Hey, nigger, I don't watch that show.
- You do so watch that show.
- Liar.
- Nigger.
- Stop calling each other nigger.
- And you can't watch the Knicks.
Come on.
Let's just eat in peace.
Daddy's got some good news.
I'm giving a solo concert.
- [Clinton] Great.
- [Troy] Wow! Daddy!
This is the one, Gem.
This one's gonna be real special.
Clinton, Wendell and Nate?
I need y'all to get out,
put up some posters for Daddy.
- Can you do that?
- All right.
- That's fine with me.
Don't worry. I'm gonna take care of the
house. Everything's gonna be all right.
Thank you, Tommy.
And call those numbers if you need us.
You see anybody actin'
suspiciously around the house,
you stand on that top step,
and you sing, okay?
- I'll see you when you come back.
- You'll scare off
the whole neighborhood.
- Drive safe, all right? Take care. Bye.
- Okay.
No one's gonna step on this stoop,
I'll tell ya. All right, bye-bye.
- Have a safe trip.
- Bye-bye!
Y'all didn't say bye to Tony.
- Tommy La La can't sing a lick.
- Why'd you tell him that?
# Roll on, Citroen #
# Roll on
Roll on down the road #
- [Whining]
- What'd you hit me for?
- [Nate Whining]
- Y'all, cut that out.
- Hey, hey, hey.
- It's not funny.
- # Roll on down the road #
- I'll tell Mommy.
# Now Troy's gonna be
with Cousin Viola #
# And Nate's gonna be
with Cousin Sam #
Can't wait. Finally have
some peace and quiet in the house.
# Roll on, Citroen
Roll on #
# Roll on, Citroen, roll on #
# Roll on down the road #
How many times you gonna sing
that same old song?
- Y'all don't like my song?
- [All] No!
You know, I'm glad the kids
are comin' South. I'm tired.
Don't know what's wrong,
but I'm tired.
Woody, we need
to make some changes.
The money I'm bringin' in
is not makin' ends meet.
I need your help.
You want me to, uh, pick up a guitar
and play some rock 'n' roll?
If it'll help pay Con Ed, yes.
This concert's gonna change
a lot of things for us, Gem.
Plus it's gonna bring in
a nice piece of change.
Who's gonna come but us, Uncle Brown,
Aunt Maxine and our friends?
People are gonna come to this concert.
People still want to hear good music.
I don't give a damn
how many records rock 'n' roll sells.
People know the difference...
between that
and good, pure music.
I need you to support me
in this, Carolyn.
Oh... Looka here.
Who gets up
at the crack of dawn...
Monday through Friday,
cookin' breakfast, go to school,
teach school, come home,
cook dinner, grade papers,
make lesson plans, try to keep our
rowdy kids from killin' each other...
just so you can be a "pure" musician
playin' "pure" music?
If that ain't support,
I don't know what the hell... what is.
- Thank you.
- [Coughs]
You woke up Troy.
You satisfied?
- What's the matter? Can't you sleep?
- No.
- You want to come up here with us?
- Yeah.
- Oh, whoa.
- You have long legs.
Whoo, Miss Coomish Mimmish.
Troy, aren't you
the lucky one.
Aunt Song and Uncle Clem
said Viola's beside herself
that you're comin' down here.
When am I coming home?
- In a few weeks.
- Will the lights be back on?
Oh, yeah, baby.
All the lights will be back on.
- I don't wanna go.
- Troy, come on, come on.
You're gonna have a wonderful time.
Please? Just this once?
[Horn Honking
"Shave And A Haircut"]
[Horn Honking]
[Song] Lord, have mercy,
will y'all look at this.
- Whoa.
- [Women Talking Indistinctly]
I'm sure y'all are tired.
Lord, have mercy.
Y'all done brought your dog too.
Oh, Viola,
why don't you put Queenie
in the family room?
- Family room?
- Man! You sure got a clean house.
Oh, isn't that cute.
Clem, you hear what Clinton said?
- Huh? Oh, yeah, yeah.
- I'm Wendell.
- I'm Clinton.
Well, shut my mouth wide open.
Oh, Carolyn, I just love yours and
Troy's hair. Will you look at that?
All those little tiny braids and things.
What y'all call that?
Oh, no, sugar.
We don't let the dogs in here.
This carpet's too nice.
- Boy, take that dog outside.
Put him in the car.
- What?
- Nate.
- Come on, Mutley.
Viola, ain't you gonna say hello
to your cousin Troy?
Troy, you didn't say hi?
- Hi.
- Hi.
She's just a little shy.
- Get off the couch. Woody!
- I could use some coffee.
Oh, shoot, I don't mind.
We are all family. Who's hungry?
I got some fried chicken and potato
salad in the kitchen right out there.
- Oh, man!
- Hey!
You ain't changed. You have not changed.
- [Song] Go on.
- Come on, Troy.
- Aunt Song, you sure can cook.
- Why, thank you, sugar.
Lord, Troy, you don't know how happy
we are to have you here with us.
Troy, we're gonna
have us some fun. Carolyn,
- Troy can stay as long as she wants.
- Oh, Song, that's so nice.
- Troy, isn't that nice?
- Yeah.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Woody, we need
to get on the road.
We still have to drop Nate off
at Trudy and Boo's.
All right, y'all. Finish your plates.
We got about two hours to go.
[Clem] How soon
you gettin' back to New York?
- This food's good.
- Day after tomorrow.
Will you please try and
cooperate with everybody...
- and get along with everybody?
- I don't want to stay here.
Troy, you're gonna
have a great time.
I wish I was stayin'.
Just don't leave me here.
I hardly know these people.
They're your relatives.
Come on.
I'm the one you ought to
feel sorry for. I have to go
up there with all those boys.
Thank you! Good-bye!
[All Chattering]
- Bye, Troy!
- [Woody] I love you, baby.
- Bye! See you.
- Take care of yourself.
Bye, Little Joe.
- [Song] Let's go inside, Troy.
- Please don't leave me.
- Mommy, don't leave me.
- Come on, Troy. Let's go inside, baby.
[Horn Toots]
When you're getting dressed for bed,
I have often heard it said...
before you go to sleep,
you have to put away your clothes,
- [Snarling]
- Because if you're going to do things,
- do things right.
- [Song] Queenie,
is Mama's baby
gonna be nice to Troy?
Troy, honey,
where are your pajamas?
[Record Continues]
May I be excused?
And they'll say...
"Yes!" to you.
Lord, have mercy, honey.
You can't wear these.
Viola, give Troy one of
your nighties. I'm gonna throw
these things in the garbage.
- Yes, Mama.
- [Record] Get up. Wake up.
Get there on time for school.
Don't you be late.
Find your place.
Win the race.
- Here, Troy.
- Go change in the bathroom, sugar.
Sugar, you ain't got a thing to hide
with your skinny self.
Thinner than
a blade of grass.
- Viola, you got your bra on?
- Yes.
Come on.
All right, you rascals,
let's say our prayers.
Viola, put Queenie
on the floor.
Now I lay me down to sleep.
I pray the Lord
my soul to keep.
If I should die
before I wake,
I pray the Lord
my soul to take. Amen.
All right, now,
I want you two right to sleep.
All right. Sleep tight.
Don't let the bedbugs bite.
So glad you're here, Troy.
We gonna have lots of fun.
- Good night, hon.
- Good night, Daddy.
- Good night, Troy.
- Good night, Uncle Clem.
I ain't no puta.
I keep my pajamas clean.
- I ain't no puta.
I keep my pajamas clean.
- [Giggling]
I keeps my pajamas clean.
Viola, what's that noise in there?
Nothin', Mama.
You better stop jumpin'...
- before she comes in.
- I don't care. I hate this place anyway.
Besides, my dog could kill
your little rat dog.
I don't care either,
and it ain't my dog; it's Mama's dog.
- You like livin' in Brooklyn?
- A lot better than here.
You should come visit me.
Good. I like Aunt Carolyn.
It's okay if
you don't like Aunt Song.
She's not my real mother.
I was adopted.
You were?
What's that funny noise outside?
- You ain't never heard crickets before?
- Good night.
Lord, have mercy, child.
You sure got one thick head of hair.
You need a hot comb
on these naps.
You ain't got good hair
like my baby.
- [Hair Sizzling]
- Ow!
Now don't tell me you got the nerve
to be tender-headed with these naps.
- What's those things
you and your mother had?
- Beads and braids.
Beads and braids.
Lord, have mercy. Mmm-mmm-mmm.
# Troy's havin'
a birthday party #
# Pizza, pizza, Daddy-O #
[The Jackson 5]
# You went to school to learn, girl #
- # What you never, never knew before #
- I hit it!
- # Bucket, bucket #
- # Bucket, bucket, Daddy-O #
- You want me to go over the bump?
- No!
- Okay, then hold on.
- I am!
I'm gonna go faster.
Bump coming.
- Hey!
- Hi!
# Shout it, shout it
Daddy-O #
[Jackson 5]
# Do-re-mi, A-B-C One, two, three #
- # Baby, you and me #
- # Eeny-meeny sissaleeny #
# Ooh-ah combaleeny
Oshie-koshie, Liberace, I love you #
# Take a peach, take a plum
Take a stick of bubble gum #
# No peach, no plum
Just a stick of bubble gum #
# I like coffee, I like tea, I like
the colored boy and he likes me #
# So step back, white boy
You don't shine #
# I'll get the colored boy
to kick your behind #
# All, all, all in together now
How you like the weather now #
# January, February
March, April #
# May, June, July, August #
- Queenie!
- [Television]
Before Jesus grew up to be our Saviour,
- he was a kid just like you.
- Hey, stay there.
Sing this song nice and loud
so He can hear you up in heaven.
- Here we go.
- [Troy] Voom.
# One, two, three
The devil's after me #
- Oh, Troy, I like this song.
- # Four, five, six #
# He's always throwin' sticks #
# Seven, eight, nine
He misses every time #
# Hallelujah, hallelujah
Hallelujah, amen #
[Singing In Rounds]
# One, two, three
The devil's after me #
# Four, five, six #
# He's always throwin' sticks #
- Come on and sing. It's real easy.
- # He misses every time #
# Hallelujah, hallelujah
Hallelujah, amen #
# Hallelujah, hallelujah
Hallelujah, amen #
# Amen #
# Amen #
Ooh! Praise the Lord.
Did y'all wash your hands
when you came in from playin' outside?
Viola? Girl,
I am speakin' to you.
- I don't have to listen to you.
- All right, missy.
Don't go showin' off
in front of your company.
I am gonna speak to
your father about this.
Don't let me have to go get my switch.
Jesus, help me. Clem!
- Clem!
- She ain't my real mother.
But we know a secret, don't we?
- Did you wash your hands?
- Yes.
Don't tell me a fib.
You know it is sinful to lie.
- Yes, Aunt Song. I washed them.
- Good.
You can run back to bed. Uncle Clem
and I have a surprise for you!
Come on, Clem.
- Happy birthday, Troy. Happy birthday!
- Happy birthday!
[Baby Talk]
Say "Happy birthday, Troy."
- Thank you.
- Oh, isn't this nice?
I am going to make you
a great big birthday cake.
What kind of cake shall it be?
- Chocolate!
- Oh, no, sugar.
I can't do chocolate. The last time
I did, Viola broke out in hives.
- No, I didn't. You did.
- Viola, don't argue with your mother.
You see, Clem?
I say it's white; she say it's black.
If the girl says she didn't
get no hives, she didn't get no hives.
- See? I told you.
- [Song] There you go,
always takin' her side.
For Christ's sake, let Troy open up
her presents, please, honey. Goddamn!
- [Viola] Ooh.
- It's a dress.
Yes, it's from me and your Uncle Clem.
Ain't that pretty?
You are going
to wear that today.
- Oh. Thank you.
- Happy birthday, Troy.
Thank you.
It's a training bra.
- You not gonna need that
for quite a while.
- Ahem!
Oh, this came in the mornin' mail.
It's for you.
- It's from my mommy.
- [Song] Oh, yeah!
What'd she say? I hope
she don't mind about me takin' out
those braids and things.
- I didn't know what else to do.
- Let's let her read her letter in peace.
Come on, everybody.
Let's make breakfast, hmm?
Viola? Let's go.
- Jade.
- [Carolyn's Voice] Dear ladybug:
Happy birthday. The mailman just tapped
on the window, and I got your letter.
Hooray! I'm glad to hear you're havin'
such a wonderful time down there.
Could this be true?
Although you've been gone only a month,
it feels like an eternity.
- Minnie wanted to know:
- When will Troy be back
from down South?
All the boys are still on the stoop
playin' Strat-o-Matic baseball.
What a waste of time.
And Tommy still can't sing.
# Yester-you #
# Listen to me #
# La-la-la-la
La-la-la la-la means #
# I love you #
[Carolyn] Last night
we had yet another run-in with Tony.
Vic Powell didn't slap him this time.
Your father was there, thank God.
Wendell has been telling me
that every morning Tony throws
trash from his sidewalk...
onto our stoop.
We finally caught him red-handed.
What the hell you
think you're doin'?
Throwing this trash back. Who told you
to throw it here in the first place?
- How do you know it was us?
- You did it to your own stink house.
- I know exactly what happened.
- You're the one who's
always throwin' garbage.
You know how it is on our block.
A little shouting starts.
Before you know it, you got
a big crowd wantin' a show.
- [Arguing]
- Wendell, what's goin' on?
Caught him throwin' trash over there.
I expect more from a grown man.
What do you think you're doin'?
Your children are constantly over here
throwin' their trash on my property.
- True.
- And furthermore, they go on the roof,
and throw rocks down on my dogs.
- Untrue.
- Machine gun, machine gun, machine gun!
- Are you doing this?
- Are you gonna believe this man?
Yeah, you gonna believe
this stinky over us?
My children are doing no such thing.
You ought to be ashamed of yourself.
You should start actin' like an adult
and cut this foolishness out.
Tony, I hate to tell you this,
but your house stinks. That's the truth.
Why you house stink, man?
[All Laughing]
- [Speaking Spanish]
- Hey, you up there.
Hey, mister number four.
Mira, mira. Where's my rent?
- I want to talk to you.
- When you gonna pay the rent?
You want me to,
I'll come over.
I'll help try to straighten up,
but this situation got to stop.
I smell your animals all in my house.
You understand me?
Aren't you glad to be away from these
crazy people in Crooklyn, New York?
And now, about your father.
It started with Clinton.
You're the eldest. I expect
more from you, but I'm gonna
let you make your own decision.
Man, why did Daddy have
to have his concert tonight,
the night of the NBA championships?
- Dang!
- Which is more important?
All right! Nice!
- Was that some new stuff
tonight, brother?
- Yeah, man.
You ought to record it, Woody.
I plan to. I also started
working on my folk opera.
Folk opera? About what, Woody?
- What you laughin' at?
- Jessica was laughing.
She's from the city.
My folk opera is about me
growin' up in Alabama.
All right. You got the material for it.
- You know that's right.
- [Laughing]
Doin' it right!
We were all trying very hard
to lift your father's spirits.
And it was working, until:
[Door Slamming]
The Knicks are world champs.
We got some ice cream
and cake right here.
- Clinton.
- I'm not hungry.
[Footsteps Ascending Stairs]
And the Knicks won.
How 'bout that?
[Carolyn] I've enclosed
some gifts for you and Viola.
Ladybug, we all
miss you dreadfully.
I miss you.
Love, Mommy.
P.S. We got the lights
turned back on,
thanks to Uncle Brown, who is
also buying your plane ticket home.
- Please write and thank him...
- "Please write to him
and thank him immediately."
I don't know where
she's run off to.
- Well, here she is, the birthday girl.
- These are for you.
- Thank you.
- Did your mother send you those?
- Mm-hmm. They're jade.
- Oh.
Aren't they pretty. What are they?
Little elephants?
Look, Mama.
Aunt Carolyn sent me some also.
Oh, well, Viola,
you don't have pierced ears.
- You know how I feel about that.
- But Troy has pierced ears.
Well, Troy was also
wearin' them funny...
braids and beads
and shells and things.
- You don't ever let me
do what I want to do.
- I want to go home.
- Beg pardon?
- I'm going home.
Now, Troy,
no need to get upset.
Everybody has a little argument
now and then.
Uh, your Aunt Song didn't mean nothin'
about your hair and your earrings.
- Did you, honey?
- [Troy] I don't care!
- See what you did?
- Lord, have mercy. Troy!
How would it look if you left now?
Aunt Song has
a big mouth sometimes.
You want your folks to think we done
scared you back up North?
If she goes, I go.
Troy, Aunt Song loves you
and your family.
Clem, do something!
Now look, folks. Troy wants
to go home, Troy's goin' home.
- That's all there is to it.
- Troy?
[Pitifully] At least stay for
the birthday party I've prepared.
- Song. Fix us some breakfast.
- [Troy] All right.
Queenie! Queenie,
where are you?
- [Crying] Oh, Lord, have mercy.
- [Clem] Come on back in here.
Where is my baby?
Queenie! Where are you?
Jesus, Master,
where is my child? Queenie!
Queenie, where are you?
Where are you, baby?
Stop that! Please!
- Did you find her, Mama?
- I just don't understand
where my baby is.
It's not like Queenie just to up
and disappear. Why, Lord, why?
- She'll be back, Aunt Song.
- Don't worry. Queenie'll show up.
It's gettin' late, y'all. Everybody
have enough ice cream and cake?
- [All] Yes.
- Everybody brush their teeth
and wash their hands?
- [All] Yes.
- All right, help me pull this bed out.
Come on. Move!
Hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry.
Pick up the pillow.
Viola, help 'em
with the pillows.
Get out of here, Judy, Jody...
Whatever your names are.
Oh, dear God!
Oh, God, take me right now.
I don't want to live anymore
without my baby.
Oh, God! Queenie!
Looks like it's gonna rain.
That means that
my baby is in heaven.
- [Sobbing]
- Troy, I'll go get your bags.
Bye, Aunt Song.
- I'm sorry about Queenie.
- [Sobbing]
Maybe you could come
stay with me sometime.
I'd like that.
Bye, Queenie.
Sorry you got squashed to death in
the sofa, even though I hated your guts.
- [Engine Starting]
- [Clem] Let her go, Viola.
All right, let's go.
# Every time I think
I've had enough #
# And start heading
for the door #
# There's a very strange vibration
piercing me right through the core #
# It says
Turn around, you fool #
- Bye, Viola.
- Bye, Troy.
# Tell me why #
- # Is it so #
- Yeah, goin' back to bad old Brooklyn.
# Don't wanna let you go
I never can say good-bye, girl #
# Ooh-hoo, baby #
# I never can say good-bye #
# No-no-no, no-no-no
Whoo #
# Oh, I never can say
good-bye, girl #
- Hi, little ladybug.
- Hi.
Welcome home.
- Hi.
- Hi.
How do, Miss Coomish Mimmish?
How was your flight?
- Good. Where's Daddy?
- He had to go to rehearsal.
Your mother asked us to pick you up.
Here's a little gift.
- She didn't want to ride?
- Naw, she was busy.
- What happened to your hair?
- Aunt Song didn't like my braids,
and she took 'em out.
Oh, goodness. Carolyn Carmichael's gonna
have a fit when she sees this, huh?
- Well, you ready to go?
- Mm-hmm.
- [Maxine]
Has Woody been there all day?
- [Brown] Since this mornin'.
So you were ready to come on home, Troy.
You had enough of the South.
- I don't blame you one bit.
- Mm-hmm. It's too slow.
Y'all don't know what y'all missin'
growin' up in the South.
I'm glad I missed it.
Troy, when was your birthday?
- Yesterday.
- Oh. So how old are you now? Eight?
- Ten.
- No! How's my brother Clem,
Aunt Song and Viola doin'?
Good. Thanks for the ticket.
I didn't get a chance to write.
- You're very welcome.
- That's what family's for.
Gotta stick together, right?
- Right.
- Sure you're right.
[Maxine] Troy, we're going to make
a quick stop before we take you home.
- [Troy] Who's sick?
- [Maxine] It's nothing serious, dear.
It's Mommy, isn't it?
- Well, it's just she hadn't
been feelin' too well lately.
- What's wrong with her?
We don't know yet, Troy.
The doctors are running tests.
How come she didn't tell me?
How come nobody told me?
Because no one wanted you
to worry yourself silly,
and your mother didn't think
there was any cause for alarm.
Where's Daddy?
He's in there
with your mother.
- Hey! Miss Coomish Mimmish!
- Hi, Daddy!
Hey, baby. Troy's back.
Hmm? Oh!
Oh, ladybug. Hi!
Hi, Mommy.
How you feelin'?
- Who did that to your hair?
- Aunt Song.
Aunt So... Oh, shit,
I knew she would.
Come on. Give me a big hug.
I missed you.
- So much!
- I missed you too. Even my brothers.
Gee, you must have been lonesome
if you missed them.
Mommy, you work too hard.
I can start helpin' you.
I can cook and clean. I don't even care
if nobody else helps me.
- Got to get your rest.
- That's very kind of you.
Come here.
You know, I need you...
to watch out for Joseph,
your little brother.
He's the youngest.
He's your responsibility.
You promise me? Come here.
I promise.
Woody, go get the car.
I'm ready to go home.
- Okay.
- You're comin' home now?
- Mm-hmm.
- Really?
Let's go, Troy.
- Get the car.
- Okay.
Your car.
Aunt Song kinda weird, huh?
Yeah. They talk funny down there.
What do you mean
they talk funny down there?
[Exaggerated Accent]
Oh, yeah.
Hey. Where'd those trees come from?
Your mother.
She got the block association
to put some life on this street.
- [Honking Horn]
- Hey! Clinton! Wendell!
Looka here.
Don't she look good?
- [All] Yeah!
- [Clinton] Look at that hair.
- Hey, Tommy, turn that junk off now.
- Oh, come on.
Tired of you playin'
that garbage on my stoop.
- It's the Chi-Lites.
- Yeah, I know. Chi nothin'.
- You want some help? [Buzzing Noise]
- Quit it.
- Didn't expect to see you here
for at least another two weeks.
- Get off!
- Hey, leave her alone.
- Hey, Clinton, grab this bag.
- Can't you see I'm busy?
- Boy, you better come get these bags.
She should carry her own bags.
# They say
Let the woman take care of you #
# So I try to be hip #
# And think like the crowd #
# But even the crowd
can't help me now #
# Oh-oh-oh
Oh-oh-oh-oh #
# Oh, girl #
# Tell me what am I gonna do #
- Come on, Mutley.
- # I know I've got a guilty face #
# Girl, I feel
so out of place #
# Oh, yeah, yeah #
# Don't know where to go
who to see, yeah ##
[TV Announcer] So great was the beauty
of this magnificent black woman,
it has become legendary.
And now, out of the mist
of 3,000 years,
emerges today's
beautiful black queen.
Naturally beautiful.
Radiant. She is Black Essence.
And her beautiful, natural hair
is her crowning glory.
- Afro Sheen. Beautiful products
for a beautiful people.
- [Troy Sings Commercial Jingle]
# Beautiful people
use Afro Sheen #
- Change the channel.
- Don't think you can
come back here givin' orders.
Yeah, crabby. Mommy ain't home.
What do you care?
- Be quiet.
- You be quiet.
- The both of you can go back down South.
- Soul Train on!
My favorite part of the show.
# Talk dirty, baby
That's what I feel now #
# Let's call this song
exactly what it is #
Look at that move.
Somebody could get hurt.
- Be quiet. You can't dance.
- Y'all got no soul.
[Nate] Look!
He's down on his butt.
# And while you're movin'
rock steady #
# Rock steady, baby #
# Let's call this song
exactly what it is #
# What it is
What it is, what it is #
One turn. Turn around and
watch them butts. Come on. Wide open.
# What it is
we might be doin' #
# Just want
to dance all night #
Clinton, turn the TV off.
Aw, come on, Dad.
We watchin' the...
- # Soul Train #
- # Soul Train #
I got some news
about your mother.
Everybody listen to me real good.
The doctors told me your mother's
sicker than we thought.
- What?
- They found...
- They found cancer.
- What's cancer?
It means that your mother's gonna
be in the hospital for a while.
There ain't no need to be afraid.
Your mother's gonna be fine.
But she gonna have to
stay in there for a while.
- It's not fair.
- I know it ain't fair,
but it's gonna be all right.
- [Children Crying]
- Listen to me now.
All y'all, listen to me now.
Come on. Shh-shh! Y'all ain't
listenin'. Come on. Now listen.
Shh-shh shh-shh! What they got to do
is run some tests on your mother.
Come on.
It's gonna be fine.
Come on. Don't be like that, baby.
- It wasn't my fault.
- I know it wasn't your fault, baby.
Ain't nobody's fault.
She gonna be out soon.
She just got to stay in there,
and they gonna run some tests.
[Boys Crying]
#... two, three, the devil's after me #
# Four, five, six
He's always throwing sticks #
# Seven, eight, nine
He misses every time #
# Hallelujah, hallelujah
Hallelujah, amen #
# One, two, three
The devil's after me #
# Four, five, six
He's always throwing sticks #
# Seven, eight, nine
He misses every time #
# Hallelujah
Hallelujah #
# Hallelujah, amen #
# One, two, three
The devil's after me #
# Four, five, six
He's always throwing sticks #
# Seven, eight, nine
He misses every time #
# Hallelujah, hallelujah
Hallelujah #
I hope we don't have to
dress up for Mommy's funeral.
- [Nate] It won't be so bad.
- Hey, Sam, how come you're not playin'?
- 'Cause I'm a girl, Daddy.
- [TV Dad] Aw, come on.
Look. Here are
your new clothes.
Aren't they pretty?
Picked 'em out myself.
Wait 'til you see these shoes.
Aren't they just adorable?
Troy, why don't you
at least try it on, okay?
Please, ladybug.
Don't be difficult, okay?
I know this is hard for you.
It's hard for everybody.
But you have to wear
something nice.
Don't you want to look
all pretty like Aunt Maxine?
Carolyn would be so proud of you.
Listen, my mother hates polyester.
She would never let me
wear anything like that.
Right, Troy.
- # Get yourself go #
- Get Cheerios!
- Troy?
- What?
- Let's go.
- I'm not goin'.
- Troy, baby, what are you doin'?
- I'm sick.
- Troy, you got everybody waitin' on you.
- So?
Miss Coomish Mimmish,
please don't make this any more
difficult than it has to be.
I hate funerals.
I'm not going.
Troy, you're not
the only one who's in pain.
We're all hurtin'.
But we gotta think about
what would make Mommy happy.
You wanna make Mommy happy,
don't you?
Ain't no reason
tryin' right now.
Oh, yes, there is.
Your mother would want...
everybody to be
at the church...
- Will you do that for me?
- Yeah.
I want you to get yourself
together. I'm gonna wait
for you downstairs, okay?
All right.
I hate funerals too.
I'll be downstairs.
# Ooh-ooh, child
Things are gonna get easier #
# Ooh-ooh, child
Things will get brighter #
# Ooh-ooh, child #
- # Things are gonna get easier #
- I'm proud of you, Troy.
# Ooh-ooh, child
Things will get brighter #
# Someday, yeah #
# We'll put it together
and we'll get it undone #
# Someday when your head
is much lighter #
# Someday, yeah #
# We'll walk in the rays
of a beautiful sun #
# Someday when the world
is much brighter #
# Ooh-ooh, child #
# Things are gonna
be easier #
# Ooh-ooh, child
Things will be brighter #
# Ooh-ooh, child #
# Things are gonna
be easier #
- # Ooh-ooh, child
Things will be brighter #
- All right, Clinton.
You're the head of the family now. Look
after your brothers and your sister.
- [Indistinct]
- [Clinton] Yeah.
- # Someday things will be brighter #
- Wait in the car.
- I'm gonna talk to Aunt Song.
- Woody.
# Someday #
# We'll walk in the rays
of a beautiful sun #
# Someday when the world
is much brighter #
# Someday, someday, someday #
## [Song Continues Indistinctly]
Hey there, little bit.
You want brother Vic
to get you anything, little sister?
No, thanks.
All right. Okay.
# Ooh-ooh, child #
# Things are gonna
get easier #
# Ooh-ooh, child
Things will get brighter #
# Ooh-ooh, child
Things are gonna get easier #
# Ooh-ooh, child ##
Who are these people, anyway?
Comin' out of the woodwork.
- Mommy sure had a lot of friends.
- I guess she did.
Troy! They keep laughing
and pointing at me,
saying, "His mama's dead,
his mama's dead."
- And they took my money.
- Who?
The Possoms!
Right Hand and Snuffy!
Come on, Joseph.
- There they are: The Possums!
- Who said it? Who took your money?
Over there!
Snuffy and Right Hand Man!
- [Troy Howling]
- Whoa!
Snuffy, that's what you get.
Troy, what you do that for?
We're tired of being terrorized
by you and Right Hand.
Go sniff on your own block.
# Ain't no sunshine
when she's gone #
[Carolyn's Voice]
I'm not comin' down there!
# It's not warm
when she's away #
Mother, stop it!
Mommy, I don't like it
when you fight!
- # Ain't no sunshine when she's gone #
- Daddy, you stop!
- # And she's always gone too long #
- Mommy!
- # Anytime she goes away #
- Daddy! Mommy!
- Come on, damn rat! No! No!
- Daddy, stop!
- Get out! Huh?
- Mommy?
Mom... No.
Troy, Mommy's gone.
- Mommy is gone.
- # Ain't no sunshine when she's gone #
- # And this house just ain't no home #
- Troy, you can cry.
- # Anytime she goes away #
- It's all right to cry.
Mommy's gone.
Baby, you sick?
# I know, I know
I know, I know #
- [Retching]
- You sick, baby?
# I know, I know
I know, I know #
- # I know, I know, I know... #
- Stand up, baby.
# Yeah, I oughta leave
the thing alone #
- # But ain't no sunshine
when she's gone #
- Come here.
Come here.
Let me wipe that.
# Ain't no sunshine
when she's gone #
- # Only darkness every day #
- Okay.
- # Ain't no sunshine when she's gone #
- Damn, Troy.
# And this house
just ain't no home #
- Everybody was wonderin'
when you was gonna break.
- # Anytime she goes away #
Even Clinton cried.
- # Anytime she goes away #
- Daddy, please don't make me move away.
I know Aunt Maxine wants me
to go and live with her.
- Nobody's goin' anywhere.
- # Anytime she goes away ##
Mommy was in a lot of pain,
wasn't she?
Yes, she was.
Then it's good she died.
So she wouldn't
have to suffer.
That's a nice way
of puttin' it, baby.
Yeah, that's real nice.
#... a rich man
We can knock him off his feet #
# He'll have a mighty love #
# Mighty, mighty, mighty, mighty
Mighty, mighty love #
# Comin' down on me
Baby, yeah ##
- Ow! You're hurting me!
- Be quiet.
Doesn't hurt.
If you combed it a little more often,
it wouldn't be lookin'
all like a sheep's behind.
But it never hurt
when Mommy combed it.
- I'm sorry, Joseph, but I'm not Mommy.
- Ow.
Dear ladybug: How are you?
I miss you so very much.
I can't believe
you just turned ten!
All of you kids are
growing up so rapidly.
Ladybug, you turned out
pretty good considering you
were raised in a house...
- full of ashy, rusty-butt boys.
- Ow!
Can Joseph come out and play?
- Troy, can he come out?
- All right.
Don't go too far.
Dinner's almost ready.
Okay, I don't want
to embarrass you.
[Boys Talking Indistinctly]
Come on! Let's play!
Wait for me!
Wait for me!
Don't go too far!
[Cornelius] That oughta hold you for a
little while. Thank you for joining us.
We thank our guest stars
Curtis Mayfield, The Persuaders...
and, of course,
the Soul Train gang.
Be right where you are
next week, when we return,
and you can bet your last money
it's all gonna be a stone gas, honey.
I'm Don Cornelius and,
as always in parting, we wish you love,
peace and soul!
Here comes the pitch.
And it comes in wide.
And the count now is one and one
to Jackie Robinson.
# Honey, as another
manic depressive #
# Adolescent stares at death
Now what's left #
# When there ain't no God
and a whole lot of fraud #
# It might be your homicide
so let the drama slide #
# We don't want no problems, bitch
Get your name in
the obituary column, sheik #
# 'Cause life is too short
and it just gets shorter #
# I wish I had a quarter for all
my people they slaughtered #
# Last year alone
in the dead zone #
# Walk straight
but don't walk late #
# 'Cause I'm comin' with a hate
only made from what it made me #
# 'Cause nobody ever played me
Now it's only gettin' worse #
# Buckshot and ace
in the land of the waste #
# Stickin' you in your face
We be doin' it up Crooklyn style #
# What does it take
to get you wild #
# My mentality
is gettin' iller, killer #
# Instinct is tryin'
to infiltrate but wait #
# I know you want to enter
but I can't let you in #
# My mind stays the maddest
I'm gone with the wind #
# Because it is
survival of the fittest #
# When the shit hits the fan
I got my shank in my hand #
# Like man
with the permanent tan #
# I come from the vill'
that never ran, damn #
# I'm fillin'
another part of reality #
# Hit me when I represent
the F.A.P. #
# Straight from the hill 'til
Then played the Hilton #
# I mean it really when
I say I make a killing #
# From a cipher, see
I'm fillin' the busta piper #
# Original heads represent
the Brooklyn all-nighter #
# Do or die
I'm sayin' it's you and I #
# Bring your clique so we can get
stoned like Family Sly #
# Used to C.I. In the bush
Mighty McFool rockin' the rock
Givin' the push #
# We did it like that
and now we do it like this #
# We did it like that and now
we do it like this #
# No one saw a finer time
that you miss #
# And just think about
the steel in your fist #
# It's just an extension of your arm
It's the ghetto type of charm #
# That makes all
the homeboys swarm #
# Can I drop the bomb
Oh, yes, I can #
# Move with the grooves
Move like Geechee Dan #
# Who is the man
That kid there #
# Who is the chick
with the pick in her hair #
# Angela, ah, Davis
and we roll like Avis #
# Rent-a-car
Kid, there you are #
# You know where to find me
whenever you need me #
# If you know the half
follow the path #
# To the land of the aftermath
but don't frolic in the mix #
# Crazy-ass Crooklyn kicks 'cause they
always throwin' a body on my lawn #
# I'm gettin' in a rock, voila
without a collar #
# Get off my block
or you give me a dollar #
# For the trouble of gettin'
blown up like a bubble #
# Let's take a sec to think back
to the year of the 7-0 #
# When Brooklyn was the place to go
flow on a journey up to the Heights #
# Ebbets Field, feel the real
the rail on your life #
# Trite individuals live
in the PJ's #
# The evil check my DJ #
# Hey, play
what I wanna play in the day #
# But in the night
I feel the right, took the left #
# Uptown Brooklyn
break it down #
# Heads from state to state
travel less or unravel the rate #
# Howitt, Tapscot and Sudder #
# I remember way back in the days
playin' hot peas and butter #
# Brother, if there were
another lesson #
# Brooklyn session
Take it back, black Smith & Wesson #
# Press your luck you get stuck
Blow your bucks #
# Master ace has
the taste for ducks #
# And ducks off
so tell Lord Digger #
# Dig a dray for the bones
sticks and stones #
# While I kick some ancient homes
through your domes #
# Ack went back
to attack your homes #
# So Tip, can I flip
Yes, you can #
# I'm in the world war
with Mohammed, my man #
# Feels so good to be
a Crooklyn dodger #
# What's happenin'
to Rerun and Roger #
# I think I seen 'em wearin' Timberlands
and runnin' down the block #
# From Dwayne
and Dwayne had a clock #
# 'Cause he be sellin' rock
for the Partridge Family #
# And Reuben Kinkaid
drives a 300-E #
# And he be pimpin' Chrissy
from Three's Company #
# Plus he stuck Mr. for all his jewelry #
# This is a Seventies thing from the
days when kids didn't act so crazy #
# Crooklyn #
[Radio Announcer] Here comes the
pitch. It's a line drive to left field.
[Announcer Shouting Indistinctly]
And Brooklyn wins!
- Brooklyn's the borough #
- [Announcer] Brooklyn wins!
Brooklyn wins!
Brooklyn wins!