Cross (2011) Movie Script

The world has been at war
since its creation.
So many lives, lost in vain.
Deaths of warriors...
And the innocent.
"You're in the
wrong place at the
wrong time!"
That's where we come in.
The gods chose warrior
families to protect mankind
from the darkest of enemies.
They forged amulets from
celestial alloys
and armed each family.
The most powerful amulet
is the Cross of the Isles.
As time passed,
the enemies grew darker.
Now, after years of being
hidden, the ancient Staff of
Sekhmet has been found.
When powered by bloodlines
from descendants of gods,
it will have the power to kill
everyone on earth.
Your grandfather had this,
and his father before him.
And now it's mine,
and it will one day be yours.
And with it, it's calling.
What's a calling?
Well, it's a responsibility
to protect.
-To protect who?
-Well, those who can't
protect themselves.
Don't cops do that?
Yeah, cops fight criminals,
bad guys,
the people in the light,
and we, we fight
everybody else.
This cross is your birthright,
and with it comes
unstoppable power.
But only we can use it,
because we've been chosen.
Why were we chosen?
Because God saw something
good in us.
Ashlashtik, the power
from within. Ashlashtik.
Lisa Van Dyke reporting live.
More bodies have been found,
four more in the Los Angeles
area today.
I'm here with Rachel,
who saw the getaway vehicle.
They just threw her in the
back seat of the car
and then drove off.
I heard a scream,
and then nothing.
And then nothing.
The city's top cop,
Detective Nitti, is on his way
to the hospital right now
to talk to the survivor
and get some answers.
Hi, me and my grandpa are here
to see my grandma.
Excuse me, is this the kid?
-What kid?
-Uh, the one who saw
World War three?
No, Samantha's down the hall
on the right,
but you can't go in there.
Excuse me, who are you?
Uh, Dr. Sloan is
running tests.
-Oh, hi.
So, how is she?
Well she's been stirring a bit
but she hasn't woken up. Her
parents are on their way now.
-Wait. She needs to get
her rest.
I'm sorry, Doc.
She can rest when she's dead,
like me.
-Excuse me Sir, please.
-I need to finish her
I'm a cop, okay?
So get the fuck out of here,
okay? Now!
Doctor, I can't work
like this. I'm going to get my
own lab.
Doctor, this is a hospital,
not a police station.
He's cursing at me!
You'll see!
Samantha. Samantha, wake up!
Wake up. Come on, honey,
I need you to wake up. I need
you to wake up for me.
-Where am I?
-Oh, honey, you're in heaven.
You're in heaven, and
I'm God, ok. Say, "Hi, God!"
-No, wait a minute. I'm a cop.
I'm Detective Nitti.
Samantha, is it okay for you
to talk to me right now?
Do you feel like you can talk
to me? I mean, are you okay?
-Mm hmm.
-I need you to tell me what
I was taking photos for my
book, and then two guys
started bothering me.
Hey, hey, hey,
that's a nice camera!
-That'll bring 30 bucks.
-Nice day, ain't it?
-Stop it! You're hurting me!
-Let me ask you a question.
-How much did you pay
for this camera?
-What are you doing?
-Nice camera!
-It's nice, ain't it?
And then what happened?
They hit me in the head, and
then I fell to the ground,
but I could still see
what was going on.
I wanna take a picture. I'm
gonna get a picture with you.
Come here. Smile!
Whoopsie! Hey, I'm gonna
get another one.
One more!
See, the guys in the
white truck showed up.
-Not these guys again.
-At least Callan's
not with them.
Don't these boy scouts
ever rest?
Two of them were wearing
lots of armor, but one of them
was really polite.
Gentlemen, I believe
you have something that does
not belong to you.
That's Riot, the older
brother. Weapons
specialist, army ranger,
he's polite, honey,
but he's deadly.
-Is that right?
-Yeah, that's right, unless
you're her mother.
Backfire. He's the comedian.
And explosives expert.
Oh yeah, I'm her mother!
If you'd be so kind
as to give us the young girl,
we'll be on our way.
-Why don't you come over here
and take her?
-I was hoping you'd say that!
Thor. Riot's brother.
Got a very short fuse, and
armed from head to toe.
Hey, hey, I got this man.
There's a little girl
down there.
Shark. Mild-mannered,
Oh, genius!
Brings sticks to a gunfight.
-Aah! Oh! Ooof!
-Hey, try this out, Stickboy.
Nice shooting, Tex. Ow!
I hate when you do that.
Oh! Good pool game.
Who invited these
I hate party crashers.
And then more guys came.
If they point their
weapons at you,
shoot 'em.
More guys. Hmm.
Were they with the two guys
who initially mugged you?
-Are you sure?
-And you are?
-The guy with the gun.
Whoa! Didn't see that coming.
Good night, goof off.
You can't just go around
shooting people like that.
War, you take the left.
Backfire, you get the right.
Backfire, will you stop
playing with your balls
and get serious?
And then everyone shot,
well, everyone.
Let's get this party started!
And then some guy came
and helped the good guys.
-Some... Some guy?
-Some guy with guns.
-Yeah, with guns.
-He had a green glow.
Bullets didn't hurt him.
-Green glow?
Look who's here.
Nice of you to show up.
-Sorry I'm late.
-Yeah, right!
-That's Cross.
-I thought Cross was just
a rumor.
Really? No, that's no rumor,
young lady.
That is a deadly vigilante.
Living very dangerously,
way above the law.
-But, he saved my life.
-Regardless, he and his
little band of
Johnny Do-gooders think they
can run around this town,
and they can't.
-They were all kinda cute.
-They were kinda cute?
Huh. They were kinda cute.
And you know what?
When they're behind bars
you can come get their
autograph from me. Ok?
Thank you very much.
Hmm. Yeah!
What took you so long?
-You called, like,
20 minutes ago.
-Listen. I need
these people found.
Now. I need 'em now.
Gunner's coming to LA tonight.
Erlik wants the bloodlines
mapped and ready.
We only need four.
Is there time to play?
No there's not time to play.
It goes down tomorrow night.
Now find those people
and bring' em to me.
Alive! Alive.
Fine, fine.
Hey. How'd it go?
-We're dropping the girl
at the hospital now.
-Is she all right?
She lived.
He's not going to
get through this.
God forgives all.
He's got to forgive himself.
Dude, you got those
hot ones yet?
Don't rush me, fastball.
I told you,
they'll be ready tonight.
-Easy, Nerdsville.
-Stop playing with balls
and just use a gun.
I told you a thousand times
I hate guns.
I heard you guys had some fun.
-Ah, same as always.
-Yeah, almost got killed.
Almost got your heads blown
up until I showed up
and saved the day!
Hiding behind the back
of my truck.
Numbers like that?
Sixteen people? Come on!
I thought you had balls?
BACKFIRE: Mr. Big Guns...
-Hmm. Nice shot, babe.
-Hah. Average.
Why don't you put your money
where your big mouth is,
there, Fastball?
Don't miss.
Yeah, right in the pocket,
right there. You see? You like
that? Here's your stick.
-Call me later.
-Yeah, lucky shot.
-BRUTE: Hey, Lisa!
-Nice dog.
So the freak with the
bloodring staff is coming
and Erlik wants you to pick
him up from the docks.
Uh uh.
Viking? Sounds like a freak.
You get him.
Hang on. Erlik says one of us.
So why does that one
have to be me?
He's a Viking. He's from the
same part of the world.
You guys would be like
two peas in a pod.
Peas in a pod?
He wants blood
to fill his staff.
Rumored to have superhuman
speed, to have lived for
a thousand years.
How is that two peas in a pod?
Hey, looks like you've
got a fan.
Oi. You don't want to do that.
Trust me, you will be sorry.
Listen, English. I can't drive
at night. I've got this
cornea problem,
shit gets all blurry at night.
-Oi, are you deaf?
Or are you just looking to get
what's coming to you, and I
can assure you, it is coming.
Do you know who we are?
Do you know who we work for?
Well, he owns this city.
And he owns you.
So you, go away.
I'm just saying, it would be
better off if you get him.
Anyways, you owe me
for last night, huh?
Making me take the bullet,
leaving me with that fat chick
while you sucked face
with the hottie.
That's true, true.
And now I'm stuck with her.
Stop writing that ticket
or I will kill you.
So. It's settled.
You go get the Viking
at the docks.
Fine. I will get him.
But you do still owe me.
You do.
And next week, you can do
Erlik's rounds, and you can
collect his tolls.
Are you kidding?
Now you've done it.
And if I'm picking that Viking
up, you can clean my car.
I'll take it to the car
wash, but I ain't cleaning it.
You know, I've always wanted
to do this.
And that was for all those
innocent victims you ripped
off with your little tickets.
Ok. You get the Viking with
his little staff and I'll
clean your car.
I'll even throw in
one of those pine tree
air fresheners.
I like that. Cool.
How's our bloodline beauty?
Still in love with me!
Detective! So, off the record,
do you think this is
your buddy, Cross?
No. Cross only kills bad guys.
This guy may be an asshole,
but he's not a bad guy, now,
is he, Lisa?
I don't know,
I don't know him.
And you never will.
-I'm going to take off.
-Like you've got
anywhere to go.
I'm just going to get some
fresh air. Just call me
if anything comes up.
You gonna take Scoob?
Hey, don't make me come rescue
you, man. I'm serious.
Welcome to LA.
I'll take you to Erlik.
-Hey, Callan.
It's been a while.
-Hey. How's it going?
Doing all right? Yeah?
-Long time no see!
-Yeah, sorry.
-No worries.
-How've you been?
-Good, thanks.
Here, give me one second.
-How are you doing?
-Hey. My name's Elizabeth.
It's nice to meet you.
Got some new guys in, huh?
Yeah, they've been drinking
pretty much all day. Should be
nice and, how you say,
lingered, right now.
They've been a pain in the
ass all day, actually.
Scottish? Economy's
that bad, huh?
If it gets any worse,
I'll have to let the
English in too.
No, please, no.
-Thanks, Abbey. It's been fun.
-That's our cue. See you soon.
See you!
-Is that your real hair color?
-Is that your real face,
or does your ass have a twin?
Oh... That's funny!
She's a right clever one!
Kiss your mum with that mouth?
How about you kiss me with
that mouth?
How about you kiss my ass, ok?
Oh, you're gonna pay for that.
You want a crack at it,
tough guy?
Not bad.
You should probably get going
before they get up.
Let's go.
Okay. What about you?
I'm fine. I'll go.
I was just going to
finish my beer.
Do you need me to
walk you home?
I drove.
I see.
So, you're not interested.
-I didn't say that.
-Ok. So let's go.
I have to get going.
David hates when I'm late.
All right.
Walk you to your car?
-That was my car.
-That was your car. Ok.
Yeah. Looks like you're
taking me home!
All right. We are here.
Thanks for that, back there.
No, it's no problem.
Although I'm sure you could
have probably handled them
yourself, by the looks of it.
Can't let guys like that
push us girls around.
Not everyone's a gentleman
like yourself. There are some
bad dudes out there.
Yeah, you don't know
the half of it.
-Um, yeah.
My keys are in Jackie's car.
-You are something else.
-You don't know
the half of it.
There should be 52 cards.
Where the hell are
all the cards?
Do I see 52 cards?
I don't think so.
Who has that card?
-Looks like we got ourselves
a fox in the henhouse.
-And I'll be hunting the fox.
Boss, chill out.
What are you, Rain Man
or something?
I'm a savant. I see
everything. I've got eyes
in the back of my head.
Who's got that card?
There's a king missing
and I want it now.
Why do you guys think it's ok
to steal from me?
Do I have a sign on the back
of my head that says,
"Feel free to screw the boss"?
No, boss.
Do I have a sign
on my head?
No, boss. No sign.
You think it's okay to steal
from me because
I have so much?
An accumulator does not
let someone cheat him
at Fish.
An accumulator
has principles.
Now, show me your
cards, everyone.
Uh oh. Someone's going to
get it.
Ara, show me your cards.
Here you go, boss.
-No problem, boss.
Lucky last.
Erlik, not one bloody word
he said. He's a freaking mute.
He just pranced off the ship
and straight into the car.
Weird vibe.
It's freaking me out, man.
I ain't driving this bloke
anymore, Erlik.
I don't care. One of you guys
can get him. He's mental.
Proper mental.
-Gunnar, welcome to my city.
-Erlik. Love that voice.
Thanks for sending an
Englishman to pick me up.
A nice touch.
So, who are you,
maverick or goose?
Say something else.
Anything. See what happens.
Anything you like.
What's the matter? Don't you
want to know what happens?
I'm stood here.
I'll have a conversation.
What's the matter?
Cat got his tongue?
Easy guys, relax.
I'm sorry these monkeys can't
help themselves.
It's talking smack.
It's just how they roll.
Hey, can I get you something?
How about a drink? You want a
drink? How about girls?
I know you like girls.
No, I think this flyboy
probably wants to stand here,
flapping his jaw and
running his mouth.
Erlik, if you want to work
with me, put this
mouthpiece down.
-You want me to kill him?
-If you want to seal the deal,
just do what I ask.
I don't suffer fools
who cheat when I'm fishing.
86 on the Fox.
You cheat me at Fish,
you sleep with the fishes.
I told you someone
was going to get it.
I protect my guys.
I wouldn't be where I am if
I didn't command respect, and
look after them.
Now, if that's not ok with you
then we've got a problem.
I've got a solution
for that, also.
Well that's excellent,
because I need loyalty, and
you've just passed the test.
Now, what about some girls?
Lots of girls.
And while you're at it, you
can get me a boar's head.
I'm starving.
-You have multinetted markers?
-Dr. Zyal's mapping
them tonight.
Aah, the City of Angels.
A bunch of saints and sinners.
-What about them girls?
-Let's go.
Go ahead.
Sorry, it's typical of Jackie
to leave her phone off.
You can make yourself at home.
-Any red wine?
-Just that cheap stuff.
Is that ok?
-Of course.
-All right.
-Nice place.
-Where's the ladies' room?
-It's down the hall and
to the left.
-I'll be right back.
-All right.
Come on.
This is yours now, son.
Don't ever take it off. Ever.
I love you.
I guess this isn't
going to happen.
Is it?
Are you ok?
Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.
-All that saving damsels in
distress, huh?
-Yeah. Yeah.
Yeah, something like that.
Hey. Hey.
What is this?
It's a family heirloom.
Do you wear it all the time?
Yeah. Yeah, my dad gave it
to me.
Sentimental? I like that.
Tell me about your dad.
He was a good guy.
He, ah, he was strong.
-Yeah, he died when
I was eight.
-I'm so sorry.
-That's all right.
-And... How did your
mom handle it?
-She had already passed.
That's really rough.
There's a lot about me
that you don't know.
Well, there is a lot about me
that you don't know.
-Why me?
-Because you're different.
And that...
You don't just care
about yourself.
-The snatched another girl.
-A couple of minutes ago. I
just heard it on the scanner.
They said that they don't know
where she is.
The guys that snatched her are
an English guy and a bald guy
with a spear tattoo
on his head.
That's one of Erlik's guys.
All right. I'll find out
where they are.
All right. Do that.
We'll be standing by.
-Give me 30 minutes.
-You got it.
I've got to go.
I'm sorry.
What's wrong?
Nothing. Just some business I
have to take care of.
That's all.
-You can stay
as long as you want to.
Okay. Here, wait.
Call me if you need
anymore protection.
-You sneaky little...
-It's something else.
-Unbelievable. I'll call you.
-Yeah. Yeah, I promise.
-You'd better.
Maybe next time you can
buy better wine.
All right.
Here we go, here we go,
here we go!
Woo! Yeah, cash!
Bam! That's what I'm talking
about. Sometimes you win,
sometimes you win bigger!
Good luck.
A girl is missing.
There are a lot of
girls missing.
What makes her so special?
Erlik's got her.
I don't have a lot of time.
No, you don't. So why are you
talking to me?
All right. Miller warehouse.
You're going to find a lot
more than your girl there.
A lot more.
Bring some friends.
And a lot of guns.
Callan's here.
-Where's the action?
-Old Miller warehouse.
Right on Fifth.
I know where that is.
It's been abandoned for
quite some time.
If we go in there without
any intel, we're
going in blind.
Well, let's go get the
girl, then.
Eyes in the Sky reporting
for duty.
Locked and loaded.
These are hot. Very hot.
Be careful.
-Any special instructions?
-Just the usual, twist and
toss, and then...
And then?
-Heh heh... Boom!
All right!
Look out, bad guys.
Fastball's in town.
-Let's go.
-We'll be here.
-Let's go.
-This won't take long.
I have a bad feeling
about this.
Ok, bad feeling's gone.
Six is good.
-Ladies first.
-We'll take a look
in this room.
-Keep it down.
"Keep it down."
Excuse me, can you
hand me some
toilet paper?
-All right, but I'm going to
need this back.
-No problem. Thank you.
All right. Here you go.
What's this?
Oh, that's, I thought maybe,
you'd give it to
one of your kids.
-Don't forget to flush.
-What? Hey! I need my
paper back!
He can't wait, I swear.
He cannot wait.
I'm going to kick his ass.
You all right?
-You owe me one.
Looking for someone?
Say goodnight.
Not today, tombstone.
Not on my watch.
-Is she all right?
-We've got her.
Let's get her out of here.
She's alive. She's passed out,
but she's alive.
-Grab her, let's go.
Hello, Callan.
Hey, Callan.
Where's Callan?
I don't know. He was right
behind me. But I sure as hell
ain't going to try to
squeeze into this
coffin-on-wheels until he
gets here.
Ok, here he comes.
Come on, Cal, let's
get out of here.
Oh, it's about time. I was
starting to think you were
going to try and rescue
another dog or something.
Oh! Cops!
-Coming in.
-Oh my God. Is she alive?
-Let's get her on the couch.
-What did they do to her?
-Got her?
-Yeah, I've got her.
-Is she coming around?
-She's out cold.
How's it going, Cal?
Are you all right?
-It's gone.
-What's gone?
-My cross. My cross is gone.
-What the hell do you mean,
your cross is gone?
-I didn't think you ever took
it off.
-I don't ever take it off.
-He took it.
-Yeah, but who?
I don't know his name. He was
strong, I dunno, he was really
strong, and he took it.
He ripped it right off of me.
-Who would do such a thing?
-Is the fairy princess
awake yet?
-Hey, are you all right?
-Yeah, I'm all right.
All right. All right.
Let's deal with this.
What do you want us to do?
Ok, good. Easy. Take it slow.
Get it back.
-Where am I? Who are you?
-You're safe.
How did I get here?
Well, what happened?
Well, the bad guys almost had
you for a minute, but now
you're safe with
the good-looking and
talented good guys.
I was walking home and they
just, just grabbed me.
-What's your name?
Millie. Do you have any idea
what they wanted with you?
They wanted my blood.
What do they want
your blood for?
I don't know,
but it wasn't a match.
What wasn't a match?
-I don't know. They need it
for a staff or something.
-A staff?
Yeah. Sackmet or Seckmet
or something.
-Wait a second.
They said Sekhmet?
-Yeah, Sekhmet, that's it.
-Like, "Sekhmet!"
-Yeah, that's the one.
-What's wrong with you, man?
-What are you talking about?
I don't know, it's just
supposed to be a legend. It's
not even supposed to exist.
-What is it?
-Something pretty gnarly.
-A staff. It's a staff?
-Well, it's an ancient
Egyptian story.
This Sekhmet was a goddess.
She was a daughter of Ra,
who is the Egyptian sun god.
Remember that movie with Dr.
Jones? The whole map-room
thing with the stick and...
-The red jewel and the light
went through. Ok. Well,
these dudes rebelled against
him and Sekhmet got really
pissed, so she went crazy
ahd she slew them all and she
drank all their blood.
-Sounds like my ex-wife.
-I said slew them all.
So, anyhow, she created
this staff that was powered
by the souls of the dead.
She was going to go on a
killing spree and kill
everyone, so
the gods intervened, and they
fooled her with beer and
pomegranate juice.
She thought it was a river of
blood and she drank it all,
and she passed out,
and when she woke up, the
staff was gone.
-What happened with it?
-No one knows.
How would Erlik get a staff
like that? That guy never
leaves LA.
No, no, this has nothing to do
with him. Somebody's
pulling his strings.
The thing is, the legend says
that whoever finds the staff
can put it back in action.
-What kind of action?
-The killing kind.
So is there anything that we
can do about it? Can you
stop it?
I don't know.
I can look into it.
Do some research.
All I really know is,
it's basically...
Satan in a stick.
That's fantastic.
Hey, Shannon.
Care to donate some
blood today?
Can I get a ride?
Okay, darling.
Well, well, well.
Let's see what we have here.
It's blood, it's just blood!
I swear!
Let me go, please.
I won't tell anyone,
I promise!
Well, that's true.
You won't tell anyone.
-I can assure you of that!
But first, I just need
a little sample. Don't flinch.
-It makes it hurt more. Shh.
-No, please.
Shh! Shh! Oh!
Ahh! Ahh! Ahh!
Thank you!
Let us go, we're not gods!
You've got the wrong girl,
my blood has nothing to do
with some stupid staff!
Oh, that's odd.
Hm! This is odd.
Oh my. Hm.
Well, you come from the proper
bloodline, but your markers
are all off!
-Markers? What are you
talking about!
-Yes, your markers...
You know, I think what
we need to do is...
We need to have a
look inside.
Your blood will power
this staff and I'll be rich.
WOMAN: Please, just let me go.
Okay, let's see here, uh...
Eeny, meeny, miny...yeah.
Ha. Yeah.
No. Stay away from me.
Just stay away from me.
Leave her alone!
What's wrong with you?
I'll tend to you in a minute.
We're just beginning
to have fun. Be patient.
Now don't move, don't move!
It hurts more if you move.
Yeah! Whoa! Mm.
She's a little tastier.
Now. I do not understand.
The genetic markers...
They're not...
They're not correct!
I mean, you're all
descended from the gods,
and these, these...
You know, there's
something about this blood...
It's not the blood...
It's the bloodline that...
Yes, that's it!
Ah yes, ah yes. Okay.
We need these two now.
That's the final two.
Are you sure? We've brought
you 11 people already, and
only two have been a match.
Don't question me, Brute!
-If you're wrong, Gunnar's
gonna kill us all.
I think that I'm right and
I'll prove it!
You'll give me a reward,
and I'll throw you both
a bone!
Mm. Can I have them
when you're done with them?
Don't test me, Wire.
I need them both unharmed,
at least for now.
So do not mess this up.
Now, you two skidaddle.
Oh! The blonde!
-Oh yes, it's okay.
It's gonna be good!
The thing was designed to
kill thousands, right?
Why now? Why would someone
want to kill that many people?
Well, gimme an hour.
I'll contact a few labs.
Have them check the common
genetic markers
between Milly and
the other victim and see
if there's something there.
All right.
It's a start, I guess.
I'll be back in a few.
-Nuke, you want to
take Milly home?
Hey, Cal. You okay?
Yeah, I'm fine. I'll be back.
I know she was
the love of your life.
But she was my best friend.
I've forgiven you,
when are you going
to forgive yourself?
I'm not.
I'm not gonna forgive myself,
why should I?
I let her die.
-She was my everything.
-Don't you think I know that?
Okay, she knew that.
You can't save everyone.
No one can.
You know what?
You weren't there.
Were you?
You weren't the one
holding her when she died.
I'm so sorry.
You can't blame yourself.
We're a team.
I can't do this anymore.
I can't do this anymore,
I'm not enough.
You're everything
to us, Callan.
Your power?
It's your responsibility.
Really? Zoey was my
responsibility, and I couldn't
take care of her, could I?
I'm done. I'm done.
This is my last mission.
-Hey. Where are you?
I'm home. Where are you?
I'll be there in 10 minutes.
-Great. I'm starving.
Let's get something to eat.
-Nah, some shit's going down.
-There's a guy that may be
looking for you.
-You need to get outta there.
-I'll get my things.
Rita, let's take a look
at the map.
Temperatures today up
in and around 65 - 70s...
Police scanners are
going crazy.
It's a rough night
out there, man.
I haven't seen the scanners
light up like this
since Erlik's big stunt
in Chinatown.
Okay, okay.
Would you stop pacing?
All right? Just relax, man.
You're starting to make
me nervous.
He gave. And he taketh away.
Well, dude, bite your nails
or something, man. Come on.
Lisa Van Dyke,
reporting to you live.
Three more victims were
kidnapped and there were
no witnesses.
Only a trail of blood
was found, and once again,
the police are left
You know,
it's gonna get worse.
Well. Sure hope not.
This is some late night sci-fi
boogieman horse trash TV, man.
Jesus. On top of this,
some freak's got
Callan's cross...
It's a story you're
gonna want to hear.
Stay with us.
Hey everybody,
this is Sunshine.
Sunshine, this is everybody.
-I'm Lucia.
-Nice to meet you.
Hey, um. Shark.
Nice to meet you, Shark.
Yeah, Callan told me
all about you guys.
Got yourself a real pistol
there, man.
At least I know how
to use one, Ball Boy.
Did you find anything?
Yeah, I did. I did find
a common genetic marker
between the two of them,
and in fact there is
another two in the
greater Los Angeles area.
Who and where?
Uh. One's a girl named April,
and the other's a girl
named Selene.
April's a cocktail waitress
at a bar on Second and Main
and Selene is just
a name and address.
All right, so let's
split it up. You find Selene
and I'll find April.
Take Sunshine with me.
you're taking a civilian?
-Yes we are.
What, you think I'm
gonna let you guys
have all the fun?
LUCIA: Are you serious
with this?
CROSS: Suit up guys, come on.
-Keep your eyes open.
Let's go.
War, Backfire.
Hang by the tree
and watch your six.
-Which one is it?
-It's number 12.
Think she's up there?
I hope so.
Man, I hate this shit.
I don't like it either.
She left in a hurry.
She didn't leave.
She was taken.
What the hell's taking them
so long?
Hope Callan's doing better
than we are.
Yeah, I'm sure he is.
What can I get you?
-A water.
-Water? On the rocks?
Yeah. On the rocks.
There's always time
for a quick game of pool.
Not so quick. I like a little
staying power.
I always stay
till the job is done.
Oh God. Okay, watch out.
Nice shot.
Huh. Solved it is.
-First one's on me.
April! I got two beers in the
corner table, they've been
waiting all night.
Okay, okay. Ease your horses!
They wait. They always do.
-They're not gonna wait
all night.
-Got it.
-Excuse me, may I
have another?
-Sure, I'll be right back.
-Here you go.
-Thank you.
It's slow tonight, right?
Yeah, but the tips are great.
Don't miss it.
-He rails, and...
-Yeah, story of my life.
-Coming right up.
-Should I make that a double,
or are you driving?
-No, no. Um...
Listen, I don't want to
frighten you.
If you don't want to
frighten me, don't start the
conversation with,
"I don't want to
frighten you."
Some people are
looking for you.
Yeah, I call them drunks!
No, that's not what I mean.
Well, then what do you
mean, exactly?
You come from a
very unique bloodline.
Who are you?
Let's just say that
I'm a friend.
I have a lot of friends,
and you need to work
on your pick-up lines.
Listen to me.
Some very special people
are looking for you.
Special people? Hm.
Excuse me, Miss?
I spilled my drink,
can I get some napkins?
Just a second.
Back away!
ARA: Not so fast.
-You're not gonna
make it out of here.
-Is that a fact?
Yeah, it is a fact.
You know what they say,
a pool hall is a poor man's
country club.
Please, put the gun down,
or Little Miss Sunshine over
there gets eclipsed.
-Hey. Bring Gidget here.
-Nobody moves.
-Nobody moves?
So what you think we're
gonna do, just stand here
and sweat?
Okay? Now where's the fun
in that?
Besides, you don't have your
cross on.
You can't do that little
green magic stuff
you usually do.
Let's see.
Oh, what do we got here?
-The usual suspects?
-Help yourself.
-Ah, here we go.
Fine scotch malt
brand whiskey.
How you drink it is
more important than
the brand you're drinking.
Thanks, bro.
Although a good malt
should never be mixed,
it is accepted to add
a pinch of bottled
mineral water.
Just for taste.
-Nobody leaves.
-No one's going anywhere.
You two. Over here.
Come on Erlik,
let's blast these freaks.
So quick and easy, pretty boy.
Now, they say that
mineral water calms
its aggressive nature
and allows the whiskey
to open up.
Now, the aroma is released
with just a few drops of
water added. Look at that.
Oh my God. Oh yes.
See, Callan,
the way I see it,
man is a gaming animal.
He's always trying
to get better at something
or other.
The better the gambler,
the worse the man.
Unfortunately for you,
I'm an excellent gambler.
Okay, so how do we play this?
I don't think you want
to know the rules before
the game starts.
Oh, what the hell,
I'll tell you.
If I make these three shots,
I take the girls,
and I kill everybody else
in the room.
But if I miss one,
I let you and your
girlfriend go.
But regardless,
she's coming with me.
That's one.
Be patient, Longhair.
Because one moment
of impatience can ruin
a whole life.
You know I read the sports
section every morning.
The sports section shows
a person's accomplishments.
The front page
shows a person's failures.
I'm like a serious sport
that has nothing to do
with fair play.
It's bound by
boastfulness, hatred,
total disregard for rules,
and a sadistic pleasure
in violence.
You know what I call
this shot?
I call it the steamroller.
You ready?
Okay. Let's go.
-Come on April, we'll be fine.
Put it down.
She has faith in you.
She's in for a big letdown.
Now what.
We walk outta here.
In 12 hours we
drop 'em off unharmed,
or we can dance
right here, right now.
And Callan,
if you try one of your
superhero rescues,
I'm gonna drop these girls...
Just like I dropped
that eight ball.
Well, that was fun.
You and me. Soon.
-Late dinner?
-I'll bring the wine.
Red wine.
Get her out of here.
ERLIK: Let's go fill
that staff.
that pretty much sucked.
Found my bloodlines?
The two girls were a match.
Dr. Zyal verified it.
I got some more good news.
Do tell.
I got his girlfriend,
Good work, Erlik.
-Show me 'em.
-They're downstairs.
Dr. Zyal's prepping them
as we speak.
Then I'll just need one more.
You ever felt pain, Erlik?
I'd dealt more than I've felt.
Ever lost a loved one?
Can't say that I have.
I never loved anything
like that.
I've lived a long time.
I've lost hundreds.
Well, that's all well
and good, but what are you
getting at?
-It's simple.
-Yeah, simple.
You got me what I needed
and now I don't need
your services.
Good, then I'll take my money
and I'll be on my way.
It's not that easy.
You don't have my money?
Well, things have changed.
Look, I did exactly
as you asked.
And you promised me
$1,000,000 and eternal life.
You got me my blood
for my staff.
And now, I don't need you.
Who the hell
you think you talking to?
Now, see, this is what
we call a Mexican standoff.
I'm not Mexican.
I'm gonna give you
to the count of three
to get my money.
And then what?
What the hell, man?
You fool. I can't die.
But you can.
Lucky bastard.
I don't understand.
Why don't you die?
I'm cursed.
Cursed to live forever.
There's only one way
I can die.
They have the girls,
we have to find out where.
Could be anywhere.
Well, there's one way
to find out.
What, crystal ball?
Yeah, the crystal ball.
WOMAN: Yeah!
Hey. Where's Erlik?
What do I look like, 411?
I'm trying to run
a business, here.
Where is he?
Easy. He's shipping.
Small building down in
Chinatown, you can't miss it.
This is charming.
Roof clear?
Looks good.
I swear to God...
LUCIA: Nice.
I'll take the guards
first, all right?
I got the six. Go ahead.
Go ahead.
Inside. Let's go, brother.
Backfire, Shark.
Watch the door.
Nobody in, nobody out.
You got it, Boss.
Yeah, we can handle the door.
We got this. Right?
Wow. Dude, we are
in Erlik's lair.
First time for everything.
It's kinda too easy though.
CALLAN: Looks like someone
beat us here.
-WAR: Let's finish the job,
you son of a bitch!
-RIOT: Stand down, War!
Stand down, War!
RIOT: We need him alive.
-Where is she?
-The girls?
-You can't help her now.
You have to save all of us.
-Where is she?
If you don't stop him, he's
gonna kill everyone.
Who's gonna kill everyone?
Gunnar, the guy who did
this to me. The one with
your cross.
Everyone on earth.
(SCOFFS) That's impressive.
I'd like to see that.
He's gonna kill us all.
Why? Why is he gonna
kill us all?
He's cursed to be the
last human soul on earth.
-He's been through more
pain than we can imagine.
-Not yet, he hasn't.
You don't understand.
He wants to die.
-And he plans on seeing
that through.
-We can help him with that.
I saw him get shot and
he laughed.
It's called a bulletproof
vest. Novel idea, Erlik.
Naw... He wasn't wearing
no vest.
I saw him get shot three
times in the chest and he
didn't even flinch.
You guys can't hurt him.
Where is this going down?
The Gibson Towers. The
eighth story, one at
the top.
Why is he helping us?
I don't trust him.
He played me for a fool.
He promised me millions,
told me I'd live forever. And
then he did this to me.
Yeah, hit me while I'm down.
Who's the big
man now, Callan?
She better still be alive.
I owe you one... One.
-CALLAN: Let's go, Riot.
-ERLIK: Callan...
He said it was a chess move!
-It's showtime.
-Come on, we gotta move.
-What happened?
-We let him go.
-The hell, what for? What...
He's the bad guy. What...
Oh, man.
Got it. We'll be there.
Gibson Towers.
All right, they're gonna need
us. We're gonna need more
Drop me off at the north
tower. I'm gonna work the
outside end.
Let's hurry.
Okay fellas, it's time to
earn your pay.
Whoever survives the battle,
I'll pay $100,000 in cash.
That's the only reason
we're here.
And I thought it was
because of my good looks.
Kill everybody.
Lave Callan till last.
Make sure he makes it to the
top. I'll deal with
him personally.
How do you know he'll
come up?
He knows where I'll
be waitin'.
He knows we got the girl.
And the cross.
So finally your
boyfriend's turned up.
And just so you know, when I
kill him, I'm gonna put him
right there.
He doesn't even know what he's
in for.
-LUCIA: Come on.
Be ready for anything.
Let's split up.
-Riot, you come with me.
-Watch your backs.
Wait till they get a load
from my balls.
Page 47. Read it, repeat it,
and keep repeating it.
Cause your life depends on it.
I can't read this.
-GUNNAR: Again.
Whoa. Dude, you're a big
bad guy.
Mm hmm.
You got no gun?
All right, then.
Oh, man.
Ugh! Ugh!
Ah! Dude!
My balls!
My balls hurt a little more.
BACKFIRE: Hold on to that!
I hear dead guys.
I don't know if I'm gonna
remember how to do this.
I think it'll come back
to you.
I call shotgun.
I got the right.
-(WHISPERING) I'll clear left.
-JULIANE: Thanks.
-MAN: Let's play some pool.
Eight ball, side pocket.
RIOT: Shit.
RIOT: Thanks for joining us.
Game time.
Oh shit. Agh!
MAN 1: Look, it's Callan's
prize-winning fuck-up.
MAN 2: Well, look here, we've
got ourselves a loner.
MAN 3: What a chump.
-Oh shit!
MAN: Where you going?
He'll be here in a minute.
-I've waited a long time
for this.
-For what?
For the end of a long
road traveled.
What are they gonna do to us?
I'm not gonna sit around here
to wait to find out.
-What are you doing?
-What does it look like I'm
doing? Getting us out of here.
-He'll kill us if he sees you
doing that.
-He will do more than kill us.
He's going to kill us anyway.
We're not just sitting here
for decorations, okay?
To the end?
To the end.
Ah, my ship just
rolled in.
-Come on.
-Come on.
-What took you so long?
Come on!
Son of a bitch!
-Take care of that fool.
-MAN: It'll be my pleasure.
-APRIL: Hurry.
-SUNSHINE: Ugh! Come on!
-APRIL: Hurry!
Do yourself a favor.
Shoot him in the head.
-APRIL: Come on. Come on, come
on, come on.
CALLAN: Oh shit!
Riot! Behind you!
Ugh! Come on!
You killed my friends,
I kill yours.
-Come on, come on, come on.
- Ah!
SUNSHINE: Come on, come on,
come on.
-SUNSHINE: Callan!
-You took the bait.
-Your blood is the catalyst
that makes it all work.
Poetic, isn't it?
Your blood will help me die.
Blood of the Gods.
Powered by the souls of
the dead.
From hell to the heavens.
And the blood of the Gods.
Look around, Callan.
I fooled you like I
fooled Erlik.
And everybody else.
Look around. You helped me
with all these dead souls.
I wanted you to see my
last victory.
That's cool, I've never
felt that before.
Oh, pain. That's the first
time in a thousand years.
But I'm not finished yet.
Oh, really?
Well you oughtta have a
look around.
Because you're gonna die along
with everybody else on earth.
Because the staff has
already started.
It's over, Callan.
You're finished!
But best of all...
I get to see you die first.
How do you like that?
CALLAN'S FATHER: It's strong,
Callan, it can change
the world.
All that power in this
little thing?
Well not quite.
What does "Ashlashtik"?
Well it's the power
from within.
That's right.
Let me hear you say it.
-That's good.
-Ugh! Ashlashtik!
How'd you like that?
You can't stop it now!
Do you know how long I've
waited for this?
GUNNAR: The staff will kill
all of you! I can finally die!
And you can't stop it.
It's done!
It's done, you idiot!
No, I'm supposed to
be dead.
I'll find another way.
No. This is your last day.
You forget...
I can't die!
Let's test that theory.
Couldn't you have done that
ten minutes ago?
I got your back.
Callan, what the hell
was that?
Callan, what happened?
-It's done.
-Where's Backfire?
I don't know.
He'll show up somewhere.
He always does.
Oh, hey! There you guys are!
(WHISPERING) There you guys
are. I've been lookin' all
over for ya.
Where the hell have you been?
Well, I had a little minor
setback, little setback. But
I'm okay. Let's go get 'em.
Look, I just got shot in the
fuckin' head.
-Fire escape?
-Yeah, couldn't find
the elevator.
-Where'd you find
the elevator?
-Let's get outta here.
BACKFIRE: Exhausted too. Man,
that's a hell of a work out.
Let's go get these guys.
BACKFIRE: You guys seen that
red light that hurt?
Hey, we found a lead on
your guys.
Hey, you know what I
don't like?
Guys running around town
doing my job, your job,
you know?
Hey Nitti, the guys think
you're going a little crazy
with this.
You know like...
Busey in Point Break?
You're chasing ghosts.
Yeah? These ghosts are
responsible for a million
dollar damage
to the public's
dime. And I am the public.
Yeah, but these guys are
responsible for taking out
like half the bad guys in LA.
You know, if they exist.
They exist. Okay?
And I am gonna be the one
to find them. Okay?
Maybe today, maybe tomorrow.
But I, not you, not anyone
else. My case.
Yeah, well in the meantime,
I'm the one that's sweepin' up
after 'em.
They're my ghosts!
I'm gonna be the one...
To catch them.
CALLAN: The cross is
my legacy.
CALLAN: I'll keep fighting.
CALLAN: Until it's done.