Cross 3 (2019) Movie Script

We're in.
Call the other guardians.
Never was there a team
such as this.
They assist our cross team.
The ruthless villains:
All right, guys,
let's get to work.
The last comic we defended
ended in disaster.
We lost Riley.
Callan took it hard.
Callan is a soldier.
He knows exactly what it means
to live this type of life.
And Riley died in battle.
They deal with the loss
and move forward.
That is the job.
Well, let's kick some ass
and save every life
that we can.
Is that
what it appears to be?
The entire Cross team
is dead?
There's 16 tombstones.
That means...
Both of the Cross teams dead.
They will be
if we don't change the outcome.
Legend has it that
the third issue of the comic
is the most dangerous
with the most difficult
And listen closely.
What we do tonight
can and will determine
the final outcome
and life or death
of the Cross team.
In the last issue,
Muerte had opened a briefcase,
and it cast a glowing red light
on his face.
He seemed pretty excited
about it.
Yeah. He said,
"Ladies, we've got our edge."
Exactly. So we know Muerte has
something powerful in his hands.
And some time has passed.
So let's see
where we come in.
"The Cross team
is in the high desert,
stopping a major gun sale.
However, they didn't expect
half of Muerte's army
to be there.
Blackfire and War
are taking some serious heat
behind a boulder."
Damn. They're everywhere!
Yeah. They are.
Apples? Seriously?
Don't worry about my apples.
I told Nuke I love food,
So he made something
Special? Like what?
How much do truck drivers
You driving a rig
80 miles an hour,
pulling 70,000 pounds?
Oh, shit!
What's wrong with that?
I think you'll survive longer
dodging these bullets.
I mean,
all comic heroes get benefits.
Benefits? Hey, like what?
I mean,
I'm sure Deadpool gets down
on cheesecake and caviar.
Cheesecake and caviar?
That's disgusting.
You know
he's pulling his mask up
and eating sandwiches
and getting down
in between takes.
Airmail! It's on the way
and it's coming on time.
Hold it. Did your mother
drop you repeatedly?
I was my mama's favorite.
She's the one taught me
how to throw.
Boom, boom!
Why am I always
getting shot at?
Because you never shut up.
They know where to find you.
Why are you wearing shorts?
I came straight from the gym.
You don't work out.
Look at your ankles.
Airmail! Delivered on time,
every time!
Hey. Launch, launch!
Throw it!
Get down! Shots fired!
One for the money.
- Your 6 o'clock.
for the show.
Three for your mama.
Because your mama is a ho.
Ranger, cover me and Blackfire!
Lucia, focus on contact!
Chaos, get your ass down!
Got the son of a bitch
on the right! I got him!
Talk to me! You alive?
I'm just relaxing.
Not like on-a-sandy-beach
Spring break is over, sis.
Get your ass up
and sling some lead!
I'm going, I'm going!
Sometimes you have
to take care of things
the old-fashioned way,
when they're personal.
You tried to kill
my little sister.
Just like lab rats.
Walked right into it.
No respect
for their enemies.
Let's see
what the ladies are doing.
Send us in. We like to play.
Yeah, put us in, coach.
Seize the day, boss.
Not just yet.
My plan
is just getting started.
All right,
let's get these guns loaded.
Hey, fellas.
Looks like I got a flat tire.
Could you help?
Just a little flat tire.
We gotta move these-- We gotta--
We gotta move this stuff, guys.
Muerte's gonna kill us.
We gotta move this. I'm sorry.
You're wondering
what we're doing
with all those guns.
Having one hell of a party.
Hey, boys.
Well, maybe I...
I better not. No, no, no.
No, Muerte's gonna--
Muerte's gonna kill us.
Hey, boss, it's almost time.
Think he'll make it?
He'll be here.
He waited a long time,
and he's come a long way.
All bad guys.
Right on time.
I knew you wouldn't miss
a party. Heh.
You know, it's ironic,
with a name like death,
that you would find
what I finally need.
It's good to see you,
old friend.
It's been a while.
I see you're keeping
the Cross team entertained.
Just like I promised.
I keep them busy
till you can get my prize--
Oh, speaking of our prize...
Show her to me.
I have yours.
My baby has been gone
for much too long.
The third and final amulet.
The amulet of death...
and immortality.
That cost me a pretty penny.
Yeah, I heard you lost some men
trying to acquire it.
Too bad it'll only work
for you,
or I would have taken a shot
at it.
I bet you tried it on
I bet you did.
Looks like you're gonna lose
more soldiers today.
Collateral damage.
Well worth the loss.
My guys will keep them busy,
so you can get
what I asked for.
Oh, I'll get it.
I got the amulet for you.
Now get me what I need.
You'll have what you desire,
That's a promise.
It's heavily guarded.
But I made sure
everyone will be dead
by the time you get there.
You're not the type of guy
to leave loose ends.
You'll have what you need.
Nice to see you, caveman.
Okay, let's finish this up
and go home.
I've got a comfy bed
waiting for us.
Who are you?
Charlie's maids?
You're so cute.
Does your mommy know
you're out here
talking smack?
Yeah, to a bunch of girls
that are about to kick your ass.
So you hos
about to kick my ass?
Oh, not them. Just me.
Give me some sugar, baby.
Really? One throat punch?
I've got to find
a bigger guy.
Oh, my God.
Wanna dance, little lady?
Bring it on.
Dance on that, punk.
Oh, yeah.
I'll fuck you up,
You okay?
I'm fine.
Get your head up,
you damn turkey.
There you go.
You good?
All clear.
That does it
for these cockroaches.
Let's link up with the team.
I think I heard Blackfire
coming from over there.
Over there.
Let's go this direction.
Yeah, I can hear him now.
"Blackfire did this.
Blackfire did that."
The only thing Blackfire
has ever done
is play
with his little balls
and drive people insane
in the membrane.
I tell you I caught him
with a blowup doll?
I'd love to hear that.
One day you're gonna get me
You're gonna get my ass shot off
in the woods!
Don't point your gun at me,
If the bad guys don't
shoot you, I'm gonna shoot you.
Get off me!
I swear,
we're like a married couple.
Like my fort?
You did this?
It looks like shit.
Oh, sh--
Man, I only got one grenade.
Well, use it.
I'll cover you.
Oh, here we go.
Bye, Felicia!
that's how you take out vermin.
That's how you do.
Nice shot, Ranger.
It's locked.
Imagine that.
Now, that's
some serious power.
You ain't seen nothing yet.
That's not good.
At least we know
what we're dealing with.
The Red Amulet of death.
Callan's Cross
can handle it.
Not so fast.
The legend states
that the Red Amulet
can kill anyone at any time.
It is the most powerful amulet.
Then how do they stop it?
And how do we help?
Us alone? We can't.
"Drago and his guards
walk along the room
towards a solid steel door."
Gee. That's three feet thick.
Can you handle that, boss?
That's all right.
Hey, Ranger. Can you grab
Blackfire on your way out?
He's over there in those bushes.
Yeah, he ate one of his apples.
All right.
See you back at headquarters.
Copy that.
They had crates
full of Uzis, pistols,
grenades, all sorts of stuff.
Much more than usual.
We kicked their asses good,
We had the same outcome.
Headed back to base now.
We're going back
to Cross headquarters.
We'll meet up in a bit.
Roger that.
Well, my team took out
a bunch of Muerte's guys.
So, what's the deal?
Usual stolen weapons,
but they had heavy artillery
Nothing we can't handle.
No problem.
Let's head back.
your temporary victory.
The end is near.
They actually believe
they're winning?
Yeah. Heh.
Do you have my prize?
Yeah, I've got it.
We're on our way.
I'll see you soon.
Our time has come.
Soon, this city will bow
at our feet.
That kind of power
feels good.
Very good. We look forward
to seeing it in action.
I'll call the commissioner
and tell him
that he has to pay.
And when I say "pay,"
I mean, pay in blood!
Kill them all.
Let's do it.
Hot and hard to handle.
I like it.
I can handle them.
My little angels.
And my soldiers!
Oh, soon,
they will be bowing at our feet.
Outstanding day, guys!
Get your gear squared away.
Weapons cleaned,
mags reloaded.
- Here's your clips.
Square your gear away,
This does not go there.
That's my gear.
Man, that was a lot of guns.
Twenty? Thirty? We got them.
Yeah. Blackfire.
Stop leaving your balls
laying around.
Stop throwing my balls.
Don't throw my balls.
What's going on, brother?
I'm just tired, that's all.
Right. Come on, I know you.
What's going on up there?
I don't know.
Something seems off.
Well, you know what I think
it is?
I think
you need a little vacation.
You take that girl Sloane
to go off the grid somewhere.
Hit Malibu, Ojai.
We should all get
some sleep.
Been a long week.
Just get some beauty rest
because this face
needs its beauty.
All right.
Take the night off.
Or we could take a week
in, you know, Fiji?
I'm gonna have to settle
for one of the other ones. Heh.
Should we meet back here
at 0700?
Roger that.
I'm gonna go downstairs.
You gonna go down there
and hang out with old Lecter?
Watch your fingers and toes.
Blackfire, stop playing
with your damn balls
and get them clean.
You help me wash them?
How are you, handsome?
Been watching the news
Looking a bit dodgy
all over the country.
I think you've got enough
to handle us bad guys.
I wouldn't call you
a bad guy.
Maybe an asshole
but not a bad guy.
Be that as it may be,
you're still gonna get
your asses kicked,
permanent fashion.
So, Muerte's been keeping us
really busy.
He's got big plans
and big pockets.
You heard anything?
How can I hear anything?
I've been in here for months.
I don't even know
what month it is.
Why don't you let me out?
Well, if you stop trying to kill
everyone on the planet,
you could go
wherever you want.
I can't do that.
That's the problem.
You know, I just wanna die
and rejoin my family.
Family is one thing
that I understand.
Listen, you just let me know
if you hear anything, all right?
You know,
you're a funny guy.
You should have
your own standup.
Maybe you'll leave me a couple
of tickets at will call.
You're such a dick.
Now we know
that Callan brought Gunnar back
from Antarctica.
And he keeps him close.
Keep your friends close,
but keep the destroyer
of worlds closer.
Did you guys notice how Muerte
is celebrating
like he's already won?
It has everything to do
with what Drago took
from that bank vault.
Yeah, what was it?
Whatever it was,
it's a game changer.
We need to figure out
what part we play
in all of this.
The scroll states
that without our help,
the Cross team dies.
Yes. Oop.
Flip it. Flip it.
Ooh. Ooh.
Flip it. Come on.
Right there.
Ooh, hey, what the--?
Nailed it. Ooh.
On the plate.
Ooh. All right.
Yeah, your boy Blackfire
got his protein
so he can protect L.A.
Like Shaft.
The original Shaft.
Not Sam Jackson.
He was too loud. Come on.
Yes, Mom.
Yes, Mom.
Yeah, Mom,
I had to shoot him.
Because it's my job.
Mom, he was a bad guy. Yup. Yup.
Very, very bad guy.
Yeah, yes, Mom.
Mom, very bad guy.
Not as bad as your lawyer,
but, yes, a very bad guy, Mom.
I'd shoot him again. Yes.
You really are my best friend,
aren't you?
You too, Cleo.
Sweet kitty.
Muse of fire,
that would ascend
The brightest heaven
of invention!
A kingdom for a stage,
princes to act,
And monarchs to behold
the swelling scene!
Then should the warlike Harry,
like himself,
assume the port of Mars,
and at his heels,
leashed in like hounds,
should famine, sword and fire
Crouch for employment.
These cucumbers
would be great in my salad.
Snitch, it's Friday night.
First day off.
Brought me down here
to your alley, your haunt.
What do you got?
I've got something for you.
What the hell is this?
What it is isn't important.
But you'll know what to do
when the time comes.
I should shoot you
for that catchphrase.
Who gave you this?
Well, let's just say
from a fan.
Where's this from?
It's not from around here.
I've been missing you
it's been a crazy couple weeks.
I know. A lot of late nights
with the guys.
I can't help but feel
like something bigger's
going on, you know?
Yeah. Muerte's guys,
they've been really busy?
Why don't the bad guys
ever rest?
Wow, that's not something
you see every day.
Nope, that's something
you see on a very bad day.
Looks like melted lava.
What the hell
could have done that?
Even worse, who the hell
did something like that?
Looks like some high-tech
weaponry or...
The devil himself.
Yeah, you can't take him
out of the equation.
We've been together
a long time.
Three years just flew.
It's three years,
23 days and nine hours,
actually. Yeah.
That's insane.
Girls keep track
of these things.
I love you.
I love you too.
I wanna start a family.
I think it'd be really fun.
Yeah, it would.
Have little superheroes
running around the house.
That'd be amazing.
Before we hang a cape on them,
you think we could talk them
into being, like, a doctor
or a lawyer or something?
No, probably not.
What'd they take?
What didn't they take?
They took everything.
Hey, Callan, I got a news flash.
Someone robbed one of those
secret government buildings
down there at Sunset and Vine.
What'd they take? Money?
Not one cent.
Something more valuable
and dangerous than money.
You ready for this, Callan?
Are you sure?
Hundred percent.
I had those guys come down
with those meters.
Must have been Muerte.
Makes total sense.
That's why
he kept us busy yesterday.
He didn't wanna get caught
with that.
Yeah. Only Muerte would go
for a score like this.
I gotta take this call.
Thank you for the info.
Stay safe, talk soon.
Roger that.
I've been monitoring
all morning.
Something going down
at the warehouse
in Alameda and 3rd.
Picked up a ton of chatter,
and they're not trying
to hide it.
Yeah, bet they're not.
All right.
All right, call the team.
Have them meet me there.
Copy that.
Is everything okay?
it's normal morning stuff.
Like a hit or something
maybe at the warehouse
in Alameda and 3rd.
That's weird. It's been
quiet there for months.
Me and the girls
should check it out.
No, no, no. I've been craving
one of those burritos.
Juan's Burrito Shack.
You know, there's been a string
of car thieves in that area.
Can you check that out?
Car thieves?
Sure. Sure, I'll go check out
the car thieves.
All right. Do me a favor
and be home by six,
call as soon as you can?
Yeah. For date night?
Love it.
Everything's in place.
The Cross team
has finally met their match,
and I would love to see
the look on Callan's face
when he finds out
what's coming. Heh.
We should throw a party.
I'll have it catered.
All right, guys, watch out.
Blackfire has it from here.
I'm just gonna go in like,
bam, bam, bam.
And then one, two, three.
It's cool.
Blackfire has friends.
We can do this together,
as a family.
People don't lock their gate
Where the fuck you going?
This is our town, bitch.
Well, if it isn't Callan
and his merry band
of Cross-keteers.
Welcome, my friends.
We don't know you. And we'd
never be friends with you.
Because why?
Your pants too tight. Tsk.
Blue Balls,
don't be such a dick.
You're my favorite
You could join my team.
Bring your balls.
Did you forget
to bring backup?
Oh, and did you forget
that you're a woman?
Keep your mouth shut.
Just tell that bitch
to shut--
Stop, stop. No, no. Stop.
Oh. He's sweet.
Stop, all right?
That's exactly
where I wanted you, man.
Did you think
we weren't gonna show up?
On the contrary.
I was counting on it.
You know exactly
what this is.
And you know what it can do
to your team here.
And what it can do to you.
See, your amulet
has no power over mine.
However, mine has a whole lot
of power over yours.
Is there any chance
you wanna feel it?
Light him up!
Shoot this motherfucker.
Light him up!
Shoot this mother--
What the hell?
Guardians, fire your jewels!
Break through!
It isn't working!
Shoot me!
No! He's dying!
Shoot me
while I kill your man.
His amulet is too strong.
It's the strongest.
Callan will die right here.
Get him out of here!
Go! Let's go, let's go,
let's go!
Move it! Go!
They barely survived
with their lives.
Next time,
they might not be so lucky.
The entire Cross team
gave him everything they had.
He's way more powerful
than we thought.
And Muerte has what looks
to be a nuclear bomb.
Guys, we don't lose.
We can't.
What happened?
- A guy
with the Red Amulet happened.
Callan, he built up all his
energy and got a good look in,
but he still couldn't kill him.
I gave it everything I got.
It took a full charge
just to break the hold.
Then we clearly need
to destroy the Red Amulet.
My amulet, Sloane's amulet,
the Red Amulet, it's all--
It's powered by something
we'll never fully understand.
Understand it or not,
it's all about power.
And we just need a power source
second to none.
How do we do that?
I need to fuse
different power sources
I think I know
of a power source.
Good. Where is it?
My dad's.
You get that one.
I'll send the rest of you
for some parts and pieces.
And I will build the most
powerful weapon ever forged.
Like Thor's ax. Heh.
That's nothing but a stick
to sell children's toys.
He's my favorite character.
We'll add our energy source
to the most powerful source
of energy.
Sounds easy enough.
What I gotta do first?
Go to, like,
the local hardware store
or local five-and-dime?
My Aunt Rita's garage,
I've found a lot of crazy stuff
in there before.
Not exactly.
Okay, so then how exactly
do we build it?
Okay, in deep space,
there are suns 200 times
the size of our sun.
When they explode,
they release more energy
than our sun can make
in 20 billion years.
Releasing energy.
Sounds like Riot when he's eaten
a bunch of Mexican food. Heh.
Boom! Heh.
These explosions create
gamma rays.
It's like a trillion
nuclear bombs.
Multiplied by a trillion.
And then double that.
We're all gonna die. I'm just
gonna order some pizzas,
go hang out
with green karate turtles.
So how do we collect
these gamma rays?
You'll take Callan's cross
to the highest point
you can find,
attach my device to it,
turn it on and stand back.
Then bring it back here
and just build a weapon?
Exactly. You bring it back here,
I'll fuse the gamma rays
to the power in Callan's cross,
it'll create a molnabeam.
a military myth.
It's not a myth.
We just didn't need it
till now.
So let me get this straight.
We're gonna go
to some random-ass hill,
collect gamma rays
from outer space,
and then we're gonna put
all of this energy
into Callan's cross
with one
of your fancy gadgets,
and then we're gonna go
shoot a molva beam?
Okay, we're gonna shoot that
at Drago's amulet.
you pretty much got it.
Callan, can I borrow your cross?
Good job.
So you already have one
of these fancy gadgets?
Well, it's a bit
of a pet project of mine.
How do you always have
I've been working on it
since I was at MIT.
Every scientist wants to make
a molnabeam,
we just didn't have anywhere
to hold the power.
And now you do?
Callan's cross.
Place it here.
Flip that switch.
That's it?
That's it.
You love giving me stuff.
I'm not touching that.
I just touched it just now
and I feel already messed up.
Yeah, you don't want him
to carry that, trust me.
Is it a wise choice
to separate you from your cross?
Oh, yeah, I'll be fine.
I'll have my dad's cross.
All right, well, while you guys
figure it out,
I'm gonna get a head start,
go to the burger shack
and get me a chocolate shake.
All right.
Let's get ready to die.
Hey, guys,
I didn't want to--
I didn't wanna mention it
when Blackfire was here,
but I got a call this morning
from the detective,
and apparently,
something was stolen
from a government hideout.
What'd they take?
I mean,
that has to be Muerte.
If he has plutonium,
he's clearly building a bomb.
Can you trace it?
If there's plutonium around,
I can find it.
You let Sloane know?
Oh, no, no, no. She'd--
She'd just wanna join in.
She'd get hurt. She's safe.
She's just chasing
stolen cars.
Hey, Nuke,
quick question.
Could my Cross absorb the blast
from a nuclear bomb?
Conrad will have
that detonation device
ready by morning.
Won't you, my good man?
Absolutely. It'll be ready.
Downtown L.A. will pay
or die.
Guess they better pay up.
Or we'll level downtown.
How bad?
Well, let's say,
there won't be anything left
but Styrofoam cups...
maybe a few cockroaches.
That's it.
I'm calling the commissioner
and telling him to wire
$2 billion into an account.
You tell him, boss.
Or the San Fernando Valley
will be ocean-front property.
You'll be able to put
a diving board
on the Hollywood sign.
Dive into
the Santa Monica Bay.
I love this stuff.
Excites me.
This will be a day
that Callan and his crew
will never forget.
That excites me.
Drago will kill Callan...
and we'll hold downtown
for ransom.
He's going to kill everyone.
The commissioner is not going
to give him $2 billion.
Drago's gonna kill Callan
and the Cross team.
I hate that guy.
You're supposed to hate him.
That's what a great bad guy
does, makes you hate him.
Stay positive.
Nuke is building something
that he thinks can defeat Drago.
True. And we should find a way
to help.
That's nice.
Well, ladies and gentlemen
at home,
we're here at the top
of the world,
collecting gamma rays
from outer space,
so we can put it
in Callan's cross
and Nuke can create
this gizmo
that's gonna destroy
Drago's amulet.
Then we're gonna take over
the world!
We're gonna save the world!
The world--
Who are you talking to?
It was just such a beautiful
scenery, I just thought--
There's no one there.
I felt special.
Like, I felt like talking.
Yeah, you know.
You got that screwdriver?
What screwdriver?
The one I handed you
in the car.
Didn't hear you say anything
about that.
You forgot the screwdriver?
You asked
about a screwdriver?
The one from the car.
Oh, I was on my social media,
I probably didn't hear that.
I'll make it work.
What was that?
It's just a bad guy.
Just a bad guy?
Let me know if you see him.
What? I see a bad guy!
Damn, just--
You didn't even look.
Nothing to it.
Just stay calm?
Okay, let's go fishing
for gamma rays.
All right,
so five-four-three, what's--?
Did you fart?
What? Listen, what is it, man?
Come on.
I think it was three-two-one.
You don't know?
I'll go with three-two-one.
Three-- Wait, wait.
We almost forgot
the most important part.
All right, here we go.
All right, there we go.
That sounds
like we did something right.
I'm gonna get that away from me
a bit and we'll see--
What's it about to do?
Okay, all right.
Oh, no, I need to go.
I need to go.
I'm not dying up here with you.
I need to be dying
in some lady.
No, I got to go. I got--
No, no, no, I got to go. You--
I ain't sign up for this.
Let me take that.
Nah, nah.
I got to go.
You stay here with that.
Yeah. Let us know when you get
to the bottom of the hill.
Nuke, you've outdone yourself,
Yeah, the snitch was right.
There they are.
Theft and the Furious.
What a bunch of punks.
It's Riker.
She's in trouble.
We gotta go.
Been a rough week.
How do you feel
without your amulet?
It helps me, I don't know,
have a connection to my dad.
I got something like that.
My watch.
My brother gave it to me
before he was killed.
He was a great cop.
One day I'll figure out
which of Muerte's guys
killed him.
We. All right?
We. We'll do it as a team.
All right? All right?
Yeah. You're right.
Commissioner, the bomb will kill
everything in a 20-mile radius.
You have three hours to deposit
$2 billion into an account,
or L.A. will disappear.
Yeah, and everybody in it.
You're losing your touch.
You should have asked
for 4 billion.
Call him again.
We're running out of time.
I think to be fair,
I need to tell you all
that lives will be lost.
We can't save them all.
Who dies?
We don't know.
Where's my sister?
It's noon, man.
Cereal's great
at any time of the day.
Especially at night
when watching the fake news.
Quality entertainment.
Does that make you
a cereal killer?
Listen, gentlemen.
Let's get on with it.
Where is she?
Did you ladies come here
to do our laundry,
or does it take six of you
to make me a sandwich?
Look, I really hate to break up
your little fantasy here.
But if you don't hand over
my sister,
we'll hand over an ass-kicking.
I'd like to see that.
And we are gonna put an end
to your ridiculous reign
of terror on Los Angeles.
Taking money
from hardworking people,
what the hell is wrong
with you punks?
Punks? Now we're punks?
Oh, no,
you've always been punks.
Now I'm just
calling you one.
All right, boys.
Are you gonna play nice?
Are you gonna let
her sister go?
Or are we gonna have
to put you down?
You can put me down, Red.
I would love to.
I think it's about time
we shut them up.
Nice breath.
Not sure whether to offer gum
or toilet paper.
I'm a patient man.
I've been known to be soft
from time to time.
Yeah, I heard.
Rumor around town
is you get soft.
Can't seem to stay
in the game?
You know they make meds
for that, right?
Listen, if you
and your pole dancers
don't get out of here,
I'm gonna put you down.
Stand down, princess.
Or I'll let you have it.
Tell them
to drop their weapons.
She's bluffing.
Am I? Am I bluffing?
No, she's not bluffing.
Put the weapon down, Cecile.
I can't do that, boss.
Your name is Cecile?
Wait. So you've been running
around town all badass
and your name is Cecile?
Yeah, that is kind of funny,
Let me put you out
of your misery.
Hold my bait.
Come here, twerp.
Hello, ladies.
Eenie, meenie, minie, mo.
Who the hell are you?
Catch a tigress...
Let her go!
That itches.
Oh. Did you really expect
a different result?
No, no! Stop!
Tear everybody up in here,
Still fighting,
even though your deaths
are certain.
I like that.
It shows character.
Let me go,
and I'll show you character.
Allow me to introduce myself.
My name is Drago,
and I am here to rid the world
of your filth.
Didn't you die in Rocky IV?
What are you doing?
These were good girls.
They were my girls.
Yeah, and now they're all
dead girls, like you.
Are you confused?
Don't be.
This is nice.
It suits you.
How did you do that?
My amulet
is the amulet of death.
Not even yours
can withstand its power.
You didn't have to do that.
You didn't have to kill them.
I needed
to send a clear message.
What are you doing?
I'm calling your boyfriend.
Hey, babe.
Hello there, Callan.
Got a little surprise for you.
Where's Sloane?
Oh, she's right here.
Get off me.
She's all safe and sound.
I swear to God,
if you hurt her,
if you lay one finger on her,
I will kill you.
You'll do nothing.
You'll do nothing, because
you're there and we're here.
You see?
That's what's
so cool about video chatting.
Villains can torture
the good guys from a distance.
They will pay
with their fucking blood.
Oh, really?
I killed their whole team,
and I haven't paid
a single nickel.
I haven't paid a penny.
Stop it. Stop!
And I'm not gonna pay
for this either.
I'm not gonna swipe
any fricking credit cards.
I'm not gonna
pay for this, Callan! You are.
You know
we're gonna find you, right?
We're gonna find you
and kill you.
I'm sure you'll find us
because guess what?
We aren't hiding.
We aren't hiding.
Hey, Callan,
there's one more
little thing before I go.
No, no, no. Don't, don't.
Please. Don't.
Don't. Let her go.
Callan, I love you.
I love you so much.
Sloane. Hey, I love you.
All right? I love you.
Will you marry me?
Yes, I will marry you.
Oh, enough of this shit.
I love you always.
I know
you hate me right now, Callan,
but you're just beginning
to know real hate.
And if you're thinking you can
rewind time with her amulet,
that's just not
gonna be possible
because I destroyed it.
There's no going back
this time.
I killed her whole team.
They're all gone, Callan.
They're all gone.
I'm gonna kill you.
I almost forgot,
I didn't kill her sister.
What do you mean, her sister?
She's still alive.
And if I don't see you
and your team down here...
in three hours,
I'm gonna kill her too.
You punks have a nice day.
See you soon.
Drago killed them all.
I don't-- I don't believe it.
Believe it.
Drago is a force unlike anything
we've ever reckoned with.
Callan is trying so hard
to keep it together.
We have three hours
to save Riker,
stop a nuclear bomb
from blowing up downtown
and keep Drago
from killing all of us.
Callan finally pulls himself
together and gets very serious.
RPG, you and Lucy
get the weapons ready.
Riot, you and Ranger
and Chaos get those fuses.
I'll get my dad's cross.
Who would have thought
that the fuse we need
is gonna be found in
a 1993 prehistoric arcade game?
I used to love Mortal Kombat.
I was always that hot, Asian
kung fu chick.
Looking for something
in particular?
Matter of fact, I am.
I heard there was a party
in your mouth. Can I come?
Really? Well, I seem to have
found what I'm looking for,
which is a package of assholes.
A nice three-pack.
Me and my friend here, we got
a few lessons for you.
"Me and my friend here"
are about to die.
Damn, that was fast.
You guys didn't even
need my help.
All right, Dad, I got it.
Hope this works.
What do you think, buddy?
Gonna work?
Yep. Looks good.
You sound really convinced.
I am. It's gonna work.
They killed her? Like,
just killed her for no reason?
Did it right there
in front of us.
We watched her
take her last breath.
I don't know what to say.
We had to fight
our way through.
It's like they knew
each location.
Muerte's got goons
and snitches everywhere.
I mean, that asshole
has cops, drones, Ubers.
Hell, he has everybody
on the payroll.
It's what they call
home-field advantage.
He's the animal, and we're
the ones that have to hide.
When we come
out of hiding this time--
They'll feel it.
They'll never forget it.
That's right.
What you got there, Cal?
Yeah, it was my dad's.
Even the odds a little bit.
We take all the help
we can get.
This is amazing.
Looks like clothespins.
It's not clothespins.
It's really powerful.
You can only use it once.
One time only?
That's it. Gotta make it count.
It's a, equalizer.
It's supposed to help in case
you have to stop an enemy.
Oh, that was nice.
Was it supposed to do that?
I have no idea.
I've never used it before.
Do you think it's gonna work?
When the amulets
are put together, they draw
the energy from the people that
have worn the amulet before
in the family,
so, yeah, it'll work.
Well, now that we have yours
and your father's amulet
together, let's add some juice.
We're running out of time.
We have 90 minutes.
Let's charge this thing
and get going. Let's do it.
Look at the light show in there.
You been working out? You look
like you've been working out.
That's always creepy as shit.
Never get used to it.
Nuke's running a program
to find the plutonium.
He is.
If he can find it in time.
We need to help him.
Yeah, but how?
Maybe we text him.
Hey, wait a second.
That might actually work.
We could send a message
to the computer,
the program that he's running.
His computer will send
a notification to his cell.
Everybody, aim your general
jewels at my cell.
Come on.
It's going to work.
Or we lose the West Coast
and the Cross team.
Got it. The bomb is in
the vicinity of 7th and Main.
Out in the street?
It's right on the edge
of the city.
You know the bad guys,
they probably, like,
hid it in the trunk of a car.
They always do silly stuff.
How will we find it?
Well, this will pinpoint it
within one foot.
Pass it to the bozo.
Listen, okay, since we're on
the subject of footlongs, okay,
there's this little restaurant,
Subway place,
with sandwiches and everything
that I just love to go to.
That's fantastic.
You can defuse
the bomb then, with War.
I said, I wanted
to go to the place
in the area
with the subs, not--
When you find it,
give me a call.
I'll guide you
through the process,
we'll defuse it,
no problem.
Well, that's easy
for you to say, Nuke. Okay?
You don't have
no crazy Mexican
trying to blow your ass off
with some plutonium.
I'm out of this--
That's enough. Let's go.
We've got work to do.
Oh, man.
You guys be careful.
Are these devices really
that easy to disarm?
Guys, be careful.
Let's roll. Come on.
I'm still getting my sandwich.
Be careful, tubby.
You want my hair.
Come on. Let's go.
Hey, so we know
about your little bomb.
Really now?
Well, aren't you the
Girl Scouts team of America?
Yes, we are.
And we are gonna find you
and I'm gonna tear you in half.
That sounds difficult.
- Let me make it easy for you.
We're at the old
meat-packing plant on Olive.
On our way.
Oh, I almost forgot to mention,
we have the other bomb
here with us.
Yeah, that's right.
The other bomb.
You didn't think we'd
make just one, did you?
I'm gonna enjoy killing you.
You're starting to sound
like me, nice and psychotic.
The bomb will keep
your team busy
while I take care of you
once and for all,
just like I did
your little girlfriend.
I have to go now.
Lots of lives to take.
See you ladies soon.
There's two bombs.
War is gonna get one, and
we'll all go get the other one.
But how are we gonna stop two
bombs, fight an assault team,
destroy Drago's amulet,
and I don't know, stay alive?
I got a plan.
I'm glad somebody does.
Yeah, what's your plan?
Go downstairs
and release Gunnar.
You're gonna what?
You wanna go again?
Have another round?
Maybe you'll beat me this time.
You have a cube? Handcuffs?
I got a deal for you.
No deals.
You have nothing that I want.
I wouldn't be so sure.
Thousands of years of
life's lessons have enabled me
to be sure on all occasions.
Well, this one's
a little different.
I... I'm gonna do it.
I'm gonna kill everyone.
Okay, you have my attention.
There's a guy with a Red Amulet.
It's more powerful than mine.
He wants to kill me
and my team,
and he wants
to blow up Los Angeles.
Can't blame him.
You guys suck,
and this town's gone to shit.
Could I join this team?
See this little thing on here?
Join my team?
Yeah, looks like it's made
out of clothespins.
It's not fucking clothespins.
It's powerful, all right?
It's powerful.
This has been supercharged.
Sounds a bit dodgy. Tell me
why I want to join you again?
Because if I can kill the guy
with my amulet,
then his amulet
will send a pulse
which will effectively kill
everyone for about 20 seconds.
Lifting your curse.
Okay, I'm listening.
And once I lift your curse,
I can kill you.
All I need
is for you to be a shield
from his Red Amulet
while I recharge. That's it.
Will it kill you,
even for a moment?
Yes, it does.
Great, fuck it.
Let's do it. I'm in.
Hey, Cal.
I've been seeing your handiwork
on the news, man.
I need the team
to come out of retirement.
Big trouble?
Might be a one-way trip.
Bring Powerhouse.
Damn, how bad is it?
Well, I've never really been
fond of a return ticket anyway.
Text me the address.
We'll be there.
Roger that. Thanks.
Hey, bud. What's up?
The Cross team.
It's Muerte again.
I'm in.
I knew you'd be in.
Oh, and the big fella's coming.
Hey, Mack.
It's Recon and the boys.
Hey, guys.
Claymore and I are headed out
to help Callan.
It's gonna be a hell of
a fight. Bringing the big guy.
You in?
Sounds like my kind of party.
I'll be there.
All right, 30 feet,
- 30 feet north.
This is the first time
looking for a nuclear bomb.
Speaking of which,
why do I gotta look for this?
Why can't Blackfire be
looking for something else
other than a nuclear bomb?
Because you're special.
My mama told me I was special.
Glad you're starting
to figure that out.
I don't think that's what she--
What? What? What?
All right.
This is it.
This is it?
This is it.
Ten bucks says
the car's unlocked.
Why would the car
be unlocked?
Because the bad guys
already know
the car is gonna blow up.
Why lock it? They're
not gonna drive it again.
Like a Halloween movie.
Everybody leaves
their doors unlocked.
Okay, let's see.
Let's try it. Let's try it.
You owe me my money.
Man, look, it's like a toy.
No, Blackfire.
That's not a toy.
That's a nuclear bomb.
You're right. That's why
I told you not to bring me.
All right, well,
what are we gonna do?
We're gonna call Nuke.
You should call Nuke
about this nuke.
You didn't just say that.
It felt good
at the moment. Call Nuke.
While you do that,
I'm gonna do this.
We just walked up,
where did you get that sandwich?
In my pocket. You know
I stay with the goods.
Do what you gotta do.
Hey, man.
No, no, it's a nuclear bomb.
Right, I get-- I'm with you.
I gotcha. Right, right.
Sounds a bit tricky,
but I'm with you.
I'm nervous.
I'm just so nervous.
There's all these emotions
going on. I need some ice cream.
What'd he say? What's going on?
What are we gonna do?
He's on the can,
he needs a second.
He's on the can right now?
He's taking a shit
and we about to blow up?
You know what,
you deal with it.
I gotta take a shit.
All right, guys.
Riker's in there.
Let's find her.
Aren't you
forgetting something?
I'll kill you.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Me and little sis
will find the bomb.
And kill bad guys.
Listen, just in case it doesn't
go so well today, folks,
just know it's been an honor.
And, Gunnar, it's been fun.
Now go fuck yourself
with extreme prejudice.
Any time.
Getting that bad feeling again?
Bad feeling gone?
All right, let's split up,
all right?
Such a dick.
Who is this asshole?
Eleven o'clock!
Reload! Reload!
All right.
Waste the motherfuckers!
Do you see the green wire?
I do see a green wire.
Okay, do not cut it.
Don't cut the green wire.
Don't cut the green wire.
I'm not trying
to cut the green wire.
- Find the red wire.
We got three red wires.
- Don't cut any of them.
Is there any wire we should cut?
Cut the black wire.
- Cut the black wire.
You said Blackfire?
Black wire.
You didn't say Blackfire?
Sounded like you said Blackfire.
Wire. Wire.
Wire. Wire.
All right.
- Okay.
Take the cutters,
put them on the black wire.
He just said Blackfire again!
No. Hey, Nuke, you need me
to come and do this?
You don't trust him?
You don't trust him?
Wire. Black wire. All right,
we got the black wire.
Is there a beeping sound
coming from the bomb?
No beeping sound.
Here's what you do.
- Okay.
Cut the black wire.
Cut the black wire.
If beeping starts...
If the beeping starts.
Cut the white wire.
- Exactly five seconds later.
Five seconds later.
- Okay, cut the black wire.
If nothing happens,
we're cool, we live?
- If we hear beeping,
five seconds to cut
the white wire or we die.
Not six, not four. Five.
Not six.
Not four. Five.
One, two, three, four, five.
I don't understand
this terminology, okay?
I'm ready.
Okay. On my mark.
On your mark.
Hold on, hold tight.
Here we go.
- Three.
- Two.
I'm not ready.
One. Cut.
You all right?
Hold up. Okay.
Nuke, we're good, man.
- Copy that.
We doing selfies?
Let's take a selfie.
Let's do double selfies.
Okay. Hey, saving the world.
War and Blackfire!
Let's get out of here. Let's
see what everybody's doing.
Let's check on everybody.
That was kind of easy.
I'm gonna tell everybody back at
the camp that I saved the world.
What the--? Shit. One.
What's going on? Wait, wait.
How many seconds has it been?
Three. Four.
Oh, wait.
Oh, boy.
Yeah, I just took a shit.
Do you smell that?
Yeah. Was that you?
Smells like the sandwich.
The sandwich was good.
Oh, man.
Oh, man, I feel--
That'll teach you.
Now you gotta get cleaned up.
You could use a good shower.
Joke's on you,
now you got shitty hands.
Let's go. We both need a shower.
That's disgusting.
Oh, but this sandwich...
Ha. Ha. Ha.
Let's go, Powerhouse.
Give me a second, I'm reloading!
Callan call you?
Yeah, said
you need our help.
I don't need any fucking help.
Like hell you don't.
Hey, hey.
Good to see you.
There you go, Luce.
Good shot.
Fuck me!
All right, let's go. Good shot.
That's a good boy.
Contact right. Here we go.
Ranger, moving. Cover me!
Cover right!
One for the money,
two on the floor.
Give me some bad guys,
wanna kill some more.
Here we go.
Should be fun.
Welcome, welcome, welcome, boys.
It's about time you got here.
I've been waiting and waiting...
soaking up this power.
Welcome to hell.
Not yet, it ain't.
Where's the bomb?
Where's the bomb?
Well, where's the bomb?
You know where I put the bomb?
Oh, you mean, that bomb.
Well, you didn't think
that I would forget it, did you?
I mean, I'm a little spacey, but
I wasn't gonna forget the bomb.
I'm gonna take care of the bomb
after I take care of you.
Good luck with that.
Say, who's tall, dark
and handsome over here?
Is this your "partner"?
Don't worry about who I am.
Yeah, I'm your worst nightmare.
Now, you let go
of the pretty girl.
Let me go.
Just let me go!
See, I don't care who you are.
Because I'm gonna take care
of you after I kill him.
I don't think so.
That shit don't work
on this shit.
What are you?
This is where we come in,
with the help
of Callan's supercharged cross--
And his father's.
--we are the guardians.
Now, give it
everything you've got.
Break through.
Look. We're helping.
It's working.
It's working. Come on.
Good job.
Well, I guess that's it.
I'll see you around.
No, you won't.
Three seconds.
There's no second bomb.
Of course there's not.
We would have come back,
Thank you.
Shall we go?
Well, they stopped the bomb...
killed Drago and Gunnar.
I say, well played.
But at least we killed
Callan's old lady.
And her crew.
I say that's a victory.
Whoo-hoo! Victory!
Let's go get some tacos.
Hey, an actor
opened up a restaurant
at the bottom of La Brea.
Yeah. Mexican food.
Great tacos.
Let's go, but first
I gotta make a call.
An invitation for someone
to join us here in L.A.
Muerte, be ready.
Who is it, boss?
He's on his way.
Do we need to prepare?
The whole city needs to prepare.
This is
Callan's worst nightmare.
This guy don't play
by the rules.
There is--
There is no guarantee
that we come back
from a mission.
The only benefit
of the job is family.
The only detriment
of the job is the loss.
And you'll never
get used to the loss.
You train with me,
day and night.
I got you.
Head on a swivel, 24/7.
We watch each other's back.
You're never safe.
Screw up, everyone's expendable.
Protect yourself.
At night, anything
on your dresser
or your nightstand
is a weapon. Use it.
Yeah, that's enough of all that.
If you need anything,
call Blackfire. All right.
Sloane was family.
A soldier.
We loved her, so...
I know you did.
I know you all did.
You cared about her.
Welcome to the family.
And welcome to the team.
All right,
what are you waiting for?
Let's get started.
The Cross team saved L.A.,
with a little
help from us, of course.
But we lost Sloane's team.
Don't be so sure.
But we saw them all die.
And if you die in the comic,
you die in all realms.
Including here.
That's true.
Sloane's Purple Amulet...
Lucia, War.
Welcome to the outside world.
How did you--?
Wait, what the--?
Snitch gave us this.
I don't understand.
Guys, thank you.
We know you helped us
defeat Drago
and probably
a hundred other villains.
Am I missing something?
Yeah, guys, what?
It's a long story.
We'll tell you
on the way there.
On the way where?
Who has the yellow stone?
I do.
You're coming with us.
O-- Okay.
And you.
And you.
And you. You're coming as well.
I can't possibly leave.
I have to guard
the comic-book realm.
If you don't come with us
right now,
there will be no
comic-book realm left to guard.
I'm losing three guardians.
I can't leave.
Fine, but be ready.
You others, come with us.
Come on. Now.
All right, Lucia,
I'll follow you.
Be ready, Slayer.
We will be back.
Come to the coast,
we'll have a good time.
We need help.
There's 200 of them
and 20 of us.
They are surrounding us,
they're straight from hell.
From where?
Oh, Jesus, they just don't die.
We're at
the desert burial ground.
Bring every weapon you have.
That was Callan?
What'd he say?
He's surrounded by 200.
Two hundred's easy.
He says
they're straight from hell.
Well, what does he need?
How many?
All of them.
Ladies, we build, not battle.
But they need us.
Got mine.
Brian Austin Green is Callan.
Lori Heuring is Lucia.
Richard Grieco is RPG.
Patrick Durham, War.
Tim Abell, Riot.
Carson Lee Bradshaw, Chaos.
Lou Ferrigno, Powerhouse.
DB Sweeney, Claymore.
Jeremy London, Recon.
Eric Roberts, Mack.
Vinnie Jones, Gunnar.
Juhahn Jones, Blackfire.
Asa Holley, Nuke.
Andre Gordon, Ranger.
Manu Intiraymi, Drago.
And Danny Trejo, Muerte.