Cross Bearer (2012) Movie Script

What would you do if the
Heaven is opened and all the rage
and the glory of the Almighty
Heaven with his blind.
Violence you would collapse?
Would you rather
Ambassadors of God of which race?
You should continue and
trying to fight against them?
Or would you describe your
Accept fate as sinners
and unbearable in the perpetual
Burning fires of hell?
This unit 25-14, the
is your message?
The Bible says that our
Hearts are evil against despair.
The heart is evil
Despair, who knew?
So now, I see it as God sees it.
God, you just walked into it.
God looks like you really
are deep inside.
He sees our hearts are evil,
and Jesus says in Matthew 15.8
that our hearts are far from God.
This people draw near
to me with his mouth
and honor me with their lips,
but their heart is far from me.
Think of the thousands
Tonight, people in America
honor God with their lips.
Leg down testimony! There, the me
Condemn'd, but anybody can.
This is speaking of dead wood.
I kept cleaning.
I get rid of those,
appear to be best creation.
Switch, the affection
the fallen Prince wallow.
You spit out his wickedness
formerly the garden of Eden.
Quacks. I a man observed.
A man of vices
Advantages of the weak.
Where are my fucking money?
I do not have it.
You do not need the money?
Think, then get
not home today, huh?
And where should I stay tonight?
Give me a shit!
Sluts fucking!
-Such a fucking dick!
I see it as the
Low beast that it is.
These filthy scum brings
only corruption entails.
And the moral decay.
Put you on the bed dump.
How many fucking times do I have
Tell my fucking money?
How many times the fuck?
You dirty bitch, I'll mornings.
at noon and at night to send to the rule.
What the heck is wrong with you?"
Do you think your number 1 - mean
His slut, right? Huh?
Next time, I want my money!
Shit, now I go pee.
Take off your clothes!
He is a minion of Satan.
He sows the seeds of decay product
This once great garden of love.
Oh Lord, oh Lord, oh dear
Lord, take my hand,
so i earthly this
Paradise can clean.
This great gift,
you that we have granted.
What we in ruins
and ash have created.
I've seen this before.
But not so.
-Not so? Something new you want to show me?
Let's see, let's see what I have on it.
We start with a little time
Ass cookies on. Please keep.
Shit, okay. Yeah, baby.
Ass cookies! Yes!
Okay, a...
Ready to go, turn it up, turn it up!
Very nice and drnbehalten!
Would be nice if you do not restore.
Come on.
I tickle you. Check it out!
Not your husband?
Shit man, are you serious?
Hey, you motherfucker, you got mine
Ass girlfriend puked!
Oh, I bet you fucking
After my vomit.
My face, I would probably make.
What's that?
What the fuck are you, man? I
turned nothing, I swear, man!
Shit, got the wrong
Guy, you got the wrong guy!
Everything, everything you want
Man! I did nothing!
Why, why are you doing this?
Take the damn thing out of my face!
Fuck. What have I done? Tell me!
Shit, I got nothing
made! I swear!
Fuck! The thing down! Come on!
Holy Mary, Mother
Of God, pray for us sinners.
Now and in the hour
of our death. Amen.
My goodness!
I'm here.
I can wait until we
be. It's never cold in Greece.
Holy Mary, Mother
Of God, pray for us sinners.
Do you have the funniest, Heather?
Heather, with the
Greece will nix, baby!
Your judgment!
No! No, no, I
can not, I can not!
Your judgment is now taking place!
Go to the door!
Otherwise, he is stationary!
If you, grabs.
You can go to hell!
Hey, you!
Where are your books?
Yet, there they are!
Have you seen my keys?
-No, I have your keys
seen, you can get a me
Give a bottle for the baby?
I can not'm just too late.
Yeah, I know! Good night's sleep? when
have your house yesterday?
Why are you doing this now? Come on!
Why are you yesterday
gone with Easter bunny?
Beware, if you are using the
To little slut out whores.
then that's your problem, but only
me and my baby too!
And as far as I know, live
you are not in their home,
you do not live with their families.
And just so you do not
Attention: when I found you,
you did nothing, you
have lived on the street.
And tomorrow you could end up there again.
I'm sorry, kid.
Everything will be fine.
Everything will be fine.
This is fucking bullshit!
Hey, baby, you want us
hot brand and not abtren!
There is a reason why all the
Guy went to a titty bar
and not to the ballet, and that's because
no of us gives a shit on the dance, right?
Honey, take some of us
themselves and some do not.
I'm just a dancer, baby. Why
Let me dance for you?
Crap, do not call me "baby"!
Nr. Listen to me! -Security!
I do not know what to fucking You were
prima ballerina dreams come true...
-only it has become.
A stupid, nasty fucking whore.
- Show me your fucking.
- Show me your fucking Tits, then come back
and you get your whole dollar.
I give to you Pass
now one half,
and I want to pick up the other half,
See, if you show me.
It is so good.
Come here!
Come on!
You fucking bitch! You
dirty slut! Fuck!
Shit, you're dead! I bring
you, you fucking slut!
Stop it! Calm down! Calm down!
-The bitch is dead! She's dead!
Hey, are you okay?
Yes, all fine.
It was only after I'm
I slept and there.
I just want to know when
I finally succeeds.
Since the dick parade
out, you know?
Fast, baby. Then there is only
You, me, and Greece.
And none of these
Anal Bukkake champions will be the
next 1000 miles to see
be. How's that sound?
I can not wait.
We can work up and may
no place to hide, and I can kiss you.
Press your body against mine.
You're really not fair.
Someone is going to see us.
What's up, bitches?
I bother you somehow?
Uh, no, we were just talking.
Mark today?
I think, if he
Not only is completely finished.
because he has made??with candy.
How is it that
that's good for you?
I mean, I understand that the
another girl, but candy? Seriously?
I mean, she's been like my
best friend, so what?
Oh shit, look at this, the
This is my favorite part.
My pussy is looking for a
World heavyweight champion.
Come to this question?
Yes, I am that
Come share Ali, bitch!
Why are highlighted at all tonight?
Does he have a functional purpose for this?
What will he do when here we go away?
I think he then goes
about old Bela Lugosi movies
and tried to fuck everything.
You know girls are movie stars?
Oh your pussy is great, baby.
I do not want any old
Bald man in the universe
shriveled dick reverse shock, as he
my beautiful tits staring at me.
Oh come on snow cone Richard.
Listen, the strippst
every damn night.
And you three times
week a dildo Show.
I did it with my
seen my own eyes.
But what I really want to do
I want to give you a ride
My big, hard spanking ass!
Fuck the shit out of the bitch!
Okay, but promise me.
nobody knows.
I am a filmmaker, right?
And if anyone hears.
I'm porn shoot,
would ruin my career.
OK. -My face, girl!
Take your time.
Yes, it will show you. tone
her the spanking of your ass!
UH! Boom!
This is really useful
for the situation.
Heather, you know, I
really appreciate,
you're such a cynical
Advice on my boyfriend did,
but you know what, I was on Harry, and
He looks angry and wants to see you.
Well, uh, I would
pissed off if I had HIV.
Who has not HIV, or around it?
Remember, if he
has fucked with treasure.
Oh, I love it. your
Ass looks so good!
That's right, fuck Jesus.
See you later!
So, life is fun.
You're such an ass, Harry!
I do not know what the fuck you
just wait. You know why you're here.
Yeah, suck, baby!
Just a moment!
-Shit, Harry, what should I do?
You're not done yet!
If it is embarrassing you, then slide
under the fucking office!
Come on in!
You wanted to see me?
Come and close the fucking door.
And do not forget if I do not,
you get one of the good things.
Sit down!
I do not know what you think, what
I'm here for a barn,
but I love what I do here.
You like, what you doing here?
Yes, of course but I want...
Trapped! Do not talk
until I give you permission!
Rather have Bill
cut in the face.
I do not know what he's up to you
Tell me also is shit.
It's bad for business.
People come here to have fun,
Look a little pussy.
buy coke a bit.
They also buy shit,
some pussy. Very nice, baby!
But they are certainly not
Here, as they fuck their teeth
would you have started.
Now comes the part where you say:
I'm sorry, Harry, the
will never happen,
because I know, if you do, then do
I'm the one who has no teeth.
because I unlimited
Had to suck cocks.
I'm sorry, it's never happen...
If you, then I'm... denn
one who has no teeth,
because I unlimited
Had to suck cocks.
Because if you are, then I am
one who has no teeth,
because I unlimited
Had to suck cocks.
And you damn well!
Now, about tonight.
I know it's your first time, so
You're probably a little nervous.
It's simple.
You are going to be your guy, and you
come back with my money.
And I want you to tell him,
This is because many more,
where this came from.
And one more thing!
I've been thinking, and if
come back without my drugs
or my fucking money, b
in your fucking Bime.
Got that?
Drive carefully, dancer!
Come on, damn it!
Why did not you fucking
Beyonce I dance?
I do not know why you
They are entrusted.
Why do not you tell me to leave it
do? However, it is my contact...
What, you want me
kidding? Look at you!
You have blown a grade for a
few grams. You think I trust you?
But one thing you're really good.
Shit, it's really cold.
-I would have said yes,
Warmer set, but should
Now I even hit me on the tail.
Let the baby better,
otherwise you still hurt him.
Hey, what about me?
You're really horny bitches,
Why not let her dad
to a more comfortable location?
My God, where the hell are we?
I have the cabin by my uncle
taken after he died.
And what do you do?
Shit, I'm going to live here.
I shoot, damn cold!
I hope your ladies
If big surprises.
What we are now Hide play?
But only when I think
One-Eyed Champion
in your pussy can hide. fold.
Irritant. I'm always happy.
If you are my special place
intended as a pussy.
So how do you rant, you should
have a huge dick, yeah!
And why do you live here?
Keep the bums.
You have here all the time
slept inside.
This was a man
a huge Jesus freak.
And what was before in this building?
This was once a nightclub
before the shooting.
I bet this would be a
throw some hot parties.
Yes, but you must
authorization from the fire,
and with the bad
Emergency exits in the building.
You can be happy
If this property gets a cum permission.
There should be a clean, self-
Should there be a crucifixion of self.
You said there was a firefight.
How many people have died?
Altogether about 40 people.
It haunts here in the building?
I wish it so.
Do you have a funny story.
I even with this
Bride Sandra hit, right?
It was at this new
Wave witchcraft nonsense.
I wanted to get her here,
the resurrected dead leaves.
a little bit of blood drinking,
This Orgiengeficke only.
And it turns out that it is only a
Poser bitch was, and nothing happened.
Well, I really would
like to try with you.
Oh, sugar, I know you want it.
I do not believe in the
Stupid religious nonsense...
And I'm no half measures.
Baby-doll, you talk to Anton.
Okay, okay, hold on a second
This is the fucking key.
Casa de Anton!
Well... -What?
What's the surprise?
You're a pig?
I think we already knew that!
No, honey. Follow Daddy!
Happy birthday!
You're such a good boy.
What is happening?
Oh, sweetie! Oh, did you
baby nervous thing?
Come on, come on, pull
friends in a line-Cooks.
I'm not a coke.
Very nice, more
for us, right, sugar?
What do you want from
This preschool shit?
I have this rule:
No pills, no powder,
continue with grass and then
you will not die.
Because I fucking love
but I want to fuck
time do not die.
At least not with you at home.
Get here! Do you want that?
How about a round yet?
Well here we go! So I Daddy!
Close your fucking mouth, Anton. the
my pussy is just what you want!
At least I'm fucking honest!
You will land all in hell.
Oh yeah.
Let me take my panties!
G-string! -Fuck!
Old man socks and
Stay in the crappy "Fuck me boots!"
Fuck Yeah! -Just like Daddy!
You will die in purgatory.
Fuck! You bastard!
The Unbelievers
all go to the dogs!
You whore!
Okay, we're here, but
We're a little early,
So we just need
wait a few minutes.
Hey, I have an idea, how
We sell our time.
Want to do a fuck video?
You're such an ass. You lose the
every day and every night porn.
but you want to make money with it
Could you explain the logic?
Uh, yes, very much.
I make videos for my
your own private collection.
And not the entire
Fucking world can see them.
There is a difference. Why
I have a couple of guys shooting.
Fuck the brides for money, as I
I can turn like chicks fucking free?
Furthermore, Kubrick
also never shot porn.
And what is "eyes wide
Close "to you, you idiot?
Obviously, because every time I
To my flesh pipe kit
I'm "Eyes Wide Shut" in.
Come on out!
Show yourself at last! Just like you
Show yourself and all others!
"Eyes Wide Shut" is totally boring.
How many times friends download on Friday
night People to see "Eyes Wide Shut"?
"Hey, guys, let's get a
depressive movie watch
the dissolution of
Relationship a few!"
Whatever, man, they
not only appreciates good cinema.
that does not mean I
not appreciate a good movie.
Movies I like it better,
you're funny and entertaining.
If movies, the totally boring
and are much too long.
Whore! I can see you!
I see you, whore!
Also, if you same shit I do.
I can not remember
I was with you,
and not some mindless
Fucking walked into the television.
What the heck, I think
trashy horror movies, who does not?
But that's not what you
Movies I want to do.
But mark your movies
absolutely suck.
They are not!
-You are totally boring.
Nobody fights, acorns, or dies.
All just sit around and talk
hours about stupid things.
That's not true. I'm trying
only, not trashy nonsense to convert.
"Trashy" but machi
not shitty or cheap.
So it's just entertaining.
Let's say, here in the shopping cart that
is your movie, we would do this in the car
sit around and just about anything
talk. I would make the movie
I think it would be more interesting
I had a few elements,
that would make it worth it.
- And what would it be?
Cindy, Bunny? -Yes.
Your tits off.
Okay, okay.
That's it? -Perfect.
I wondered what that movie
People prefer mark.
Your movie in a bunch of the people
sitting in a dark parking lot
and talk stupid or mean
Film, with a bunch of big tits?
Yes. I think that with the tits.
You could do as Bunny,
if Mark was not in the car.
Well, yes, but. -All right?
Now all someone has to die,
and I had all my film.
I can smell you.
I can smell the dirt.
Come on out! Come on!
Give me all your phones, so
Heather you in the glove compartment.
Is an anion Freak, what's that.
If he is a person with a
Cell phone looks, he will take
destroy and then - I do not.
He might shoot someone in the face.
Yes, and mark, what do
with your camera?
Just what I wanted
Put activities.
Are you fucking serious? yours
personal collection can wait!
Look, we're going
Here, we do the deal.
You girls give him a show,
and then we are out there.
Do you understand? itself
If he wants to party.
Once we have the money, we are gone.
He knows we're here,
to fuck him, right?
Properly. Because if he had something
tried, I'm here now.
Why can not you keep your phone?
Because he knows me!
I can not imagine.
Babe, you got everything?
That's all.
Okay, let's go.
Anton, here is Victoria, I have people
brought, I told you of them.
What's wrong with the guy?
-I do not know!
I thought the man
Here you have to meet.
You can chill time!
The building is huge,
It can be all over the place.
I call him.
Anton? We are there,
please let us?
Do not...
Can you show us?
Anton, we are here.
Can you show us?
I can not hear you,
please let us?
Can we maybe over in the car
Talk? We block out of your ass.
Can we go?
Okay, fine. we
figuring in the car.
There, you see? Told you.
-Very nice...
Where does it go? Relaxing time!
Not heard,
How big is the building?
He's probably upstairs in his room.
Then you been here before?
Yes, here quite shamelessly.
I think it's scary here.
Then, do you think we only
here waiting for him?
Yes, unless you
want to wait in the car.
I am writing an SMS, okay? I
question of what to do it.
Are you really sure baby?
Are you-why not?
Yes, but I have a bad feeling
I think it's kind of weird.
Well, I'm not. You are
but my guardian.
Yeah, well, I have a lot
trained in recent years.
I got your little
Includes plan with candy.
Oh, yeah, you like it?
As long as I have the camera
saves this time baby.
Frankly, I find it stupid that You're
the only one here with a mobile phone.
Take it easy, baby. Anton plays
crazy when it comes to mobile phones.
When he sees someone with a cell phone.
? He ippt out, I 've seen.
Fine. I want to be as fast
possible to bring about the work area.
I do not really understand,
why we are not in a
have a safe place.
instead of this building.
Because Anton loves beautiful women.
and he them as fuck, watches
and he will not be on the
Parking lot of the local mail use.
And he has money.
That's what you wanted, right?
He certainly has the money?
When the last
Once a deal coke in the.
Values??of thousands
Dollars drawn?
Oh, right, you did not!
So just go down.
I do not know when this is over.
Yes, but coming together.
I do not want him to us, shooting
because he thinks that you are a cop.
And do not forget if I do not,
you get one of the good things.
Pull yourself together!
He is.
Comes with. He wants
We meet him up.
Your phone!
Hands off!
I will not bring up.
Happy now?
Not really.
What's the matter?
Nothing, I thought I saw something.
I'm looking at it.
Aw, what the heck... -Pussy...
-You mean to me
Fucking nuts crushed.
Okay, wait a minute!
I smoke too much grass,
all the steps to be taken at one time.
How far is it?
-We are almost there.
He lives on the top floor.
Victoria, where is the fucking
Guy? All the feet hurt me!
You felt you ever you will die?
Trapped, Mark.
My balls now feel
like a few different recognize raisins.
Mark, I'm serious. Here we are.
Let's just talk to him myself,
OK? And take off your coats.
We are here, and you strip,
Mark, leave the camera in the bag!
Stay relaxed time!
-I hope it's warm.
Are you ready? -Yes.
Oh dear!
Sh! run! Come on!
Where are you going?
What's with that? Where are you going?
Go, go, go! not skin
AB! Wait! Do not run away!
Ah. Oh, shit!
What the hell
you, man? What do you want?
Ah, ah! What the hell... Ah!
I can deliver! -No, no, no!
Wake up!
See the beast to the ground. the Holy
Blood will never be infected.
Mark! Mark? Mark!
Mark? Mark, finally getting up.
The door is locked. here
15 outputs, where are they?
When I was here the last time,
a fuse is blown.
We went to the basement,
There was a door at the end of the kick.
We just need to find the stairs.
-Oh, my God!
Oh fuck! Mark!
Where are you? where are
the fucking stairs?
I know it's not, okay? I
was total, okay, I was!
You're disgusting!
Thinking with your fucking brains
If you still can.
Well, maybe you are not now
wide legs go for everyone,
you fucking slut!
-Be careful what you say!
I will now be To shut name!
You faithless!
Stop it! Stop, stop, stop!
You fucking... -Shhh, be quiet!
Oh dear! we must
from here! Come on, come on, come on!
Stop it!
Stop it! You pig!
Before the gentlemen, I will be your
The silence of the tongue.
I'm going to find a way,
To break the lock. UM,
OK? Im 'getting us out of here.
It does not matter if
We keep it together. Listen to.
If we surprise him
and attacks on the same time.
he has absolutely
no chance against us.
I will not listen to you and here
die. I'm here, okay?
I will not listen to you and here
die. I'm here, okay?
We need to stick together!
Heather, what you're suggesting
is smooth suicide.
If you can make it, Getting Help!
If I do, I say
them, where they will find you. bodies.
Hell is about you
Non-believers erupt.
Whore! I can see you!
The Unbelievers
terrible perish!
Holy Mary, Mother
Of God, pray for us sinners.
Now and in the hour
of our death. Amen.
Come and meet our lord...
Come on out!
Come on out! your conviction
takes place now, my child.
Come to the branches of your Lord Jesus.
Come on in the sweet Anne of your Lord
Jesus Your conviction takes place now!
Hiding here somewhere.
I'm looking for help and
I am here from you.
I love you, Heather.
You do not need to hide.
Please! Please, I just want to go home!
I just want to go home! I want
See my little boy.
Shut up, shut up, now.
You've made??your selection.
You have your keys to the great
Kingdom simply discarded.
If your innocence
was discarded.
And now it seems a
big love you down.
Should this code for you
Finally, if I have your dirty.
corrupting auslsche exist.
And while I know that a large.
down nice shine on you.
Peace Now!
You've always been
Said no to the Redeemer.
I need help! Help!
Can someone help me?
Help! I need help!
He's here! Bunny, go
in the room and hide yourself!
You're supposed to hide!
Then grab me
However, you stupid bastard!
Whore! Your judgment.
Heather, help me! Help me!
Bunny! The door is
closed. Run away! Run!
Oh dear!
You fucking dick!
You are not
wants to be your Savior.
Bunny, run away!
I love you.
Come on!
Run away!
You whore! Now you're all alone.
Come and stand in the light.
You look silly here, motherfucker!
Come on you son of a bitch! Here.
Yo, fuck face, you're mine
Freifickpussy slain.
Oh dear.
I can smell your shadow.
I can smell your sins.
I can smell your death.
I smell you love
for Jesus Christ.
This is the...
That's all.
This is the future of life.
Come on, bitch!
Come to me.
Come on and take on Christ.
I see you, you whore!
Come on out!
Come and get your Lord Jesus.
Dirty whore! Come on out!
Do you have something to tell me? Yes?
Because I will make here
under rot can be.
No one will ever yours
Heard the voice again on the earth.
I'm going to kill you, because you
do not deserve to live.
So if you have something to say
did, then say it.
His love...
I can no longer if you
Victoria to remain. It's too dangerous.
You know that you would
Not let me. Go.
We just need you
Get out of here, baby.
I love you, Heather.
I love you, Heather.
Connect your fucking
Shut up and die!
Mark? Mark? What...
My goodness, I have
almost poked out what are you doing?
Where is he?" He's dead.
God, hey, sorry, I
'm a bad shot.
We want you get out of here.
In particular, because I have a
ass full of coal found.
But I do not think I
This need. Here, it is up to you.
Hey, why not tell Harry
that is to fuck?
We wanted to rob him...
Bunny and I wanted the money to us
Hitting the deal and leave.
A new beginning.
Not any more.
Mark! Mark?
Hello? Harry?
Fucking bitch, where are you?
I'm on my way. There are.
-Get your ass down here. Now!
So you're telling me now,
why it took so long
until you're my fucking money?
You fucking slut, I need you
kill, make sure you do not reply.
're My fucking Money or not?
What the fuck? Why
all covered with blood?
Are some things last night
happening. Many things have happened.
I guess you could say I
Fortunately, I'm still alive.