Cross Country Christmas (2020) Movie Script

Well, I was thinking,
first, we build a snowman,
then Christmas charades,
and then, we decorate
the gingerbread house.
Sounds great, Lina.
I'm so glad
you're getting some time off.
And the holiday menu
is already underway.
What is that smell?
Fruitcake and shortbread.
It's all these cravings.
So, Sammy, how are you feeling?
Good, as long as I keep
my stress levels in check.
Baby is good!
Baby is great.
We're out of eggnog.
Greg's bringing it over.
Wait. Greg?
Greg's coming?
Greg Hooper?
Of course.
Didn't you two date?
No, mom. We did not date.
We went to the Fall Fair once,
in a group.
It's true.
You made Lina take me.
That's right.
Where you met Adam.
Did you tell her yet?
Tell me what?
Hey, Jack.
Just getting in some
last-minute shopping. I'll...
Give me 10 minutes and I'll
meet you at d'Artagnon's, okay?
We were waiting
to ask you in person,
We're hoping
you'll be a godparent.
Of course I will!
Sammy, I would be honored.
Thank you!
We asked Greg, too.
Of course you did.
'Cause he's your best friend,
after all. Great choice.
What is burning?
Adam, check the stove.
Honey! We gotta go! Love you!
Love you!
I'll see you soon!
- Hey!
- I come bearing gifts.
I thought we were exchanging
gifts tonight at dinner.
Simon's bringing yours.
- About that...
- We already ordered.
Will! Thank you.
I can't make it to dinner.
I apologize.
It's just my flight to Denver
is so crazy early,
and I just wanna be half-awake
by the time
I get to Bridge Falls.
We made reservations
at that new tapas place
that Darin can't
stop talking about.
Even Simon said it was amazing,
and you know how he is
with new places.
Yes, I do,
But, by the way, you guys
are gonna have so much fun,
and I would be a fifth wheel
anyways, so.
Lina, there's someone
out there for you,
you just don't take
the time to look.
I'm so excited to see my family
and you guys seeing yours.
Cheers to the holidays!
Okay, open your gifts.
- Hey!
- Hey.
You shouldn't have.
I didn't.
It's for my mom.
Well, that is too bad,
because I look amazing
in sapphires.
Yeah, right.
So, hey!
We are hosting
the big dinner this year
and all my wife's family's
coming over.
I'm on ham duty.
I don't even know
how to cook ham.
Do you how to cook ham?
No. No, we're
a deep-fried turkey family.
It's just my mom.
I can call her back.
No. You should take that.
Okay. I'll be quick.
Hey, mom.
When does your flight land?
Your brother will pick you up.
Yeah, I was actually
thinking of flying
after the weekend.
Skip the rush, you know?
I thought your ticket
was for the morning?
I'm coming.
It's just, look,
there's been some really
exciting developments
on this new app I'm working on.
Actually, I'm meeting with...
With my co-worker right now.
we have your father's lunch
on the 24th,
and it would be nice
to have your help.
Of course.
Don't worry, mom.
I will figure it out
and get it done.
That'd be great.
I suppose I should
let you get back to it.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Bye, honey.
Actually, I need
to get back to the office
and finish off
those app updates.
Looks like I'm headed home
to Bridge Falls
first thing in the morning.
Tell you what,
I'll come with you.
No, I did think
that it was really good
when you let him
water your plants.
Well, sure...
Well, look...
There's an emotional angle
to this conversation
and a business one,
and we just need
to have those separately.
Hi. Thank you so much.
That's perfect. Thanks.
No, I know,
but we need to have
a conversation and that...
Sure. That should be fine.
Well, listen, thanks a lot.
And it's definitely...
I think it's working really well
and should hopefully
mitigate any concerns.
I've gotta catch this
flight here, so we'll touch...
We'll touch base
after the weekend and...
It doesn't matter as much.
Sorry, I said I'm at the week...
- I'm at the airport, and...
- Yeah, no.
The fact
that the company is your...
- Okay?
- I know it was your idea
but it's a joint venture.
- Okay.
- Sure.
Lina Gordon?
Max Cooper?
Oh, my gosh.
Bridge Falls High!
Yeah, the only high school
in Bridge Falls.
That's crazy.
You grew up.
Yeah, that tends to happen.
Right. Same here.
Well, maybe not in height,
but still hopeful.
All right.
Well, this is my seat.
Excuse me.
Do you have extra
of those, like,
eye-mask thingies
for sleeping in?
They are
for our first-class patrons.
I know. Of course.
Sorry. Forgive me.
Had to ask.
Um... I did bring this
for you and your team.
I just know that you're working
really hard this time of year.
- Enjoy.
- That is so sweet of you.
No problem.
You know, let me see
what I can do.
Does that actually work?
Well, we'll see.
Look what I found.
That's amazing!
Thank you so much, Norah.
My pleasure.
Enjoy your flight.
Excuse me, hi.
Can I have another?
Sorry, that was our last one.
Hey, what's your secret?
That was really smooth.
You just have to know
how to talk to people.
Candy also really helps.
But it's kind of actually
what I do for work these days.
I'm a creative solutions
Solutions to...
To what?
I specialize in out-of-the-box
conflict negotiation.
Mostly, corporate dynamics,
Also some couples mediation,
property disputes.
Yeah. Whoever needs my help.
There I am.
There you are.
Thought that was for you.
I got this for you.
I remember you being kind of
a big napper back in high school.
I thought
you might appreciate it.
Well, actually, I...
I had two americanos, so.
So, I'm good.
Yeah. Late night.
Got it.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
So, what brought you
out to New York?
I... I live here.
- Really?
- Yeah.
I kind of figured you for
a Bridge Falls lifer, you know?
I thought you'd take over,
Cooper family farm.
Actually, my brother,
Curtis, yeah, he did.
Oh, my gosh, that's crazy.
How... how is your family?
Good. Good.
Yeah, you know what?
On second thought, yeah,
I'm getting a little sleepy.
I'm pretty wiped.
That mask would be great.
- Yeah.
- Sorry.
This is your captain speaking.
Please fasten your seatbelts.
Hey, what's going on?
Due to the unexpected
weather patterns
in our upcoming flight path,
we've been informed
that the Denver airport
has just closed,
and we'll be landing
in Torrance, Ohio.
Unfortunately, ma'am,
due to the winter storm
out west,
all air travel
is severely disrupted.
Okay, what if
I flew out of Cincinnati?
Or Cleveland, even?
As I said,
if they're going west,
those flights are canceled, too.
I could put you on a waitlist?
Sure, put me on the waitlist.
How long is the waitlist?
No. No, I'm sorry.
That isn't gonna work.
How am I...
Or any of these nice people...
Supposed to get home
for the holidays?
You all outta candy?
You could try the roads?
Although we have just been
notified that all the buses
are fully booked.
All of the buses?
Yes, I am aware
that it is the holidays.
Okay. You know what?
I'm gonna figure this out.
It's fine.
Where is your baggage claim?
Actually, due to the high volume
of incoming flights,
our luggage sorting system
is overwhelmed at the moment.
But if you just fill out
this contact form,
we will get your luggage to you
just as soon as it is located.
Honey, I just saw the news.
Yes, we had
an unexpected landing.
I'm in Torrance, Ohio.
They say it's near Cincinnati.
Lina, are you okay?
Yes, I'm fine,
but all flights west
are grounded,
so now I just have to figure out
how I'm gonna get home.
Mom, where'd
you put the molasses?
It's in the spice cabinet.
Did you...
Did you say "molasses"?
Are you making the gingerbread
house without me?
We're just starting.
We haven't decorated
anything yet.
I understand.
Just, just save me part of
the roof to decorate, okay?
We will.
Love you, honey.
Hi. I have
a really brilliant idea.
Are you following me?
No, but I would be
if I drove by myself,
which is why I think
we should share a rental car.
There are so many reasons.
Number one,
I know where your family lives.
That's basically like an automatic
background check, right?
Number two.
We are going
to the exact same place.
We could share costs.
Come on,
it's a fool-proof plan.
You're out of cars?
Sorry, folks.
- No.
- No. No, no, no, no, no, no.
It's fine. It's fine.
We are gonna handle this.
I don't think we will.
You didn't even hear
number three.
And what's that?
I'm a solutions specialist.
Excuse me, sir.
I can see
that you're in a hurry,
and this is gonna sound
a little bit crazy,
which, believe me, I am not...
I don't usually
do things like this...
But could I have a ride?
Merry Christmas!
How's that working out for ya?
Just getting us a ride.
I'm gonna try another way,
but thanks.
Hey! Did you get my text?
Where are you?
- Ohio.
- Ohio!
Yeah. Hey, are you near mom?
Yeah, she's right here.
What's going on?
My flight was grounded.
What? You okay?
Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine,
don't worry.
Apparently, there's some
really bad weather out west.
How are you getting here?
I don't know,
but I'm working on it.
Look. I will, I'll call you
with any updates.
All right. Good luck.
All right. Bye.
Are... are you okay, elf?
My boyfriend
was supposed to meet me
so we could fly to Chicago
and visit my family,
and I drove myself
to the airport,
but he didn't show up,
and now our flight's canceled,
and I look like this!
Sebastian was gonna be Santa.
Well, maybe he took a sleigh?
- Or he wants to break up.
- No, no, no.
Let's... let's not jump
to that conclusion.
I'm sure that there's
a perfectly logical explanation.
Besides, you have your car.
You could always just drive.
By myself?
Have you ever wanted
to be an UBER?
Not really.
What about a fun road trip...
Like Thelma and Louise?
Did you see the ending?
It's about friendship,
and about how sometimes
life throws us a curveball,
and it's up to us
to make it home.
I think that was
a different Geena Davis movie.
Exactly! We are in
a league of our own!
I feel like there's a reason
that we're meeting right now.
Okay? You're gonna drive
to Chicago,
and I kinda need a ride west,
so what if we just
drove together?
Like a roadtrip?
- Yeah!
- To Chicago?
Yeah! Let's do it!
Sebastian isn't worth all this.
Let's go, Thelma.
I'm more of a Louise, but okay!
I'm Lina, by the way.
Hey. Morgan.
I actually know him.
How's it going?
Er... good. I'm just on the
phone with the cab company.
I'm sorry, sir,
but due
to the terrible winter storm,
there's a shortage
of cabs available.
The backlog is way behind.
Great. Thank you so much.
No cabs?
It's a bit of a wait.
What would you think
of giving Max here a ride?
I mean, if we ever
get out of this parking lot.
I don't need a ride.
I'm good. Thanks.
I can vouch for him.
His parents? Lovely.
They own a dairy farm.
I can't have dairy.
I'm not getting in the car
with a...
I just don't really see
what your other options are.
I feel like
that's what people say
before someone agrees
to do something
they end up regretting.
It's all part of
the adventure, Max.
I agree.
This is fun.
- Come on!
- Okay. All right.
- Thank you!
- Yes.
So, where did you two meet?
Yeah, Lina shared her lunchable.
I did?
You did.
And now we are sharing a ride.
Full-circle moment.
Yeah, well, we haven't even
left the airport, so...
Max, I am gonna
get you home safely, all right?
I promise.
This is gonna be
the best decision you ever made.
Okay, buckle up!
My car doesn't have
winter tires,
so... fingers crossed.
Second-best decision.
We'll figure it out.
All right,
let's pray to Santa
that we can make it home here.
There are snacks
back there somewhere.
Yeah, dig around,
you'll find 'em.
Have you ever been in love, Max?
Yeah. A few times.
Can you just please...
Well, did the two of you get
"love forever" tattoos?
Not that I remember, no.
This seems like a great time
to think about
just moving forward
and focusing on the road ahead.
Definitely think focusing
on the road is a good idea.
I'm gonna look up
rental cars, okay?
I have a confession.
You do have winter tires?
Sebastian texted me.
- When?
- Right before we left.
He told me
he accidentally slept in,
and I told him I never wanted
to see him again.
Why would you do that?
I don't know, I panicked.
That's, like, a red flag, right?
Maybe he doesn't really care.
Maybe he doesn't care
as much as I care.
Okay. Morgan, I understand
that rejection
can feel very bad,
but this feels like a pretty
classic miscommunication.
Hey, hey, there's a car
available in Chicago.
What do I do?
Okay, you need to talk to him,
all right?
Tell him how you feel,
give him the opportunity
to do the same.
We need to call him.
Hey, can I... can I suggest
pulling over
before you call, please?
Do you love Sebastian?
Of course.
He's the greatest.
Then you have to tell him
how you feel.
You gotta
put yourself out there.
It's what you do for love.
Car's booked in Chicago.
You know what? You're right.
I do need to talk to Sebastian.
But I'm not calling him.
What does that mean?
No, this is...
This is great.
Appreciate it.
Yeah, sure.
This is fine.
- You guys take care.
- Thank you.
It's been a slice.
- Merry Christmas.
- Thank you so much.
- You sure you're both okay here?
- Yeah!
- We're fine. For real.
- Yeah, we'll be...
Now, look, find him
and just speak your heart, okay?
Thanks for everything, Louise.
Good luck, Thelma.
Okay, you know, sure,
that did not go
exactly as planned,
but our Karma is gold.
Yeah, but there's barely
any cell reception here.
I don't think we're gonna
be able to get a call through.
I'm sorry, Max.
I really am, but hey,
at least we made it
as far as...
...Cedar Hill, Indiana?
Yeah. Which is
nowhere near Chicago,
where I just booked us
a rental car.
Right. Well, it is
a little bit closer to...
I have an idea!
No, no, no, no.
Lis... let me
figure this one out!
I just...
Saw your excellent sign,
and I was wondering,
how far do you deliver?
Where do you need it to go?
To Chicago.
That's a state away.
Such a nice day
for a drive, though!
I wish I could help,
but I have a busy day
with deliveries already.
Are you okay?
Yeah, it's nothing,
a little too much lifting
this time of year.
Well, let me help.
Here we go.
- Well, yeah...
- How hard could it be?
- Right? Just...
- I actually
don't need that one, but...
- Thank you.
- Sorry.
So, listen,
there's kinda this guy
who I grew up with, right?
And I don't even really
know him that well,
but I kind of promised him
that I would get us home
after our flight was grounded, and I...
recently just messed up
our best shot to do that, so...
Okay, well,
what about after the weekend?
Any buses running to Chicago?
That guy?
All right, listen,
I can't get you all the way
to Chicago, but...
I'd be happy
to give you a lift.
That would be great.
Thank you so, so much.
No problem.
Why are you looking at me
like that?
Because this very nice man
just offered us a ride.
Joe Carney.
Max Cooper.
Lina Gordon.
And just like that,
we're all friends.
Oh! Please, I got it.
So, where can I drop you?
A car rental would be great.
Well, unfortunately,
we don't have a car rental
option in town.
But we do have an express train.
Stops here
and goes across country.
That would be amazing!
Max, did you hear that?
- Yeah.
- A train would be wonderful.
Thank you.
Just as soon as
we get these deliveries done,
you'll be on your way.
Thanks again for the help.
Of course.
I'm... I'm sorry, "deliveries"?
All right, okay,
it works better when...
I think it's a bit easier when
we just grab it by the side.
This is going great.
There we go.
See? Like that.
You two sure you're okay?
Yeah, Joe.
Gets easier every time.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Hey, how many more houses
are we delivering to?
We should really get going
to the train station.
Listen, Max,
you're not the only one
who wants to get home, okay?
I just don't want
to miss this train, okay?
I get it.
Oh, I know that ring.
That it my client, Sandra.
She's got this big meeting
with her boss.
It's today, in the afternoon...
And I'm...
I'm gonna call her back.
That's what I'm gonna do.
Yeah. Yeah, yeah.
All right.
- Hey! Hi there.
- Hi. Hi.
Where would you
like us to put the tree?
Yeah, we planted this tree in
the front yard when I was a kid,
so it's pretty big now,
we just put lights on that.
- It's pretty great.
- Yeah.
What about you?
Any big plans for the holidays?
Nah, but it's
such a busy time of year,
I don't mind the quiet.
Right? I hear you on that.
Okay, I know
you gotta get going,
but seriously, Joe, thank you
so much for all of your help.
You're very welcome.
All right.
Well, Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas to you.
And safe travels.
Thank you.
Good news!
A little heads up, please.
I said "good news."
- Okay.
- Yeah. Look.
I got us tickets for
the cross-country express train,
and it stops in Boulder.
Departs in an hour,
and I even got us each
our own private
sleeping compartment.
Oh, my goodness, Max!
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Okay. Let's go inside
and get a bite to eat
to celebrate. My treat.
The train has
a private dining car.
But does it have a chicken club?
Here you are.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Chicken club, huh?
No d'Artagnon's, but...
On 12th?
I go there all the time.
- What?
- Yeah!
Wait, we're in
the same neighborhood?
Well, I work there, yeah.
So do I.
I mean, I have a home office.
I can't believe
I've never seen you.
- That's crazy.
- Yeah.
So, when did you
move to New York?
After grad school, yeah.
I work in tech.
That's very cool.
Remember that night...
I think it was, um,
junior high, or the
beginning of high school,
when a ton of us
were at the drive-in,
and your dad showed up,
looking for you when the movie
was not even half-over,
just circling around
with his high-beams on,
but I think
you didn't want to leave,
so he just kept going?
Yeah, you know, I wasn't really
allowed to stay out late.
Farm chores started
at 4:30 in the morning.
It's why I often
slept during class.
Yeah, I bet everyone thought
I was a slacker, but...
So. How...
Why did you become
a creative... What?
"Creative solutions
Yeah, I know
it's a little unusual,
but, I, um...
I just, I love helping people be able
to feel heard and understood.
My clients come
from all walks of life.
This year's been super-busy,
so, yeah, that's why
I haven't been home all year.
Your family must miss you.
I know I miss them.
What about you?
When's the last time
you were home?
Six... six months ago.
Wait a second.
When did our train get here?
And why is it leaving?
Max, we have to go!
Yeah, yeah. I...
I'll get this, okay?
Okay, thank you.
Max! We're gonna
miss the train!
That's enough, okay.
- Come on.
- Okay.
Come on.
Oh, my hat!
I just really need it.
- Come on, come on!
- I'm coming!
- Come on!
- We're coming!
It was close.
I got it!
I'm sorry.
I-I think it's possible that
this is not
the express passenger train.
But it's moving!
The train I paid for
had red velvet seats
and a private dining car.
And this is definitely private.
Well, we just sprinted
to catch a cargo train.
Well, you know what?
I feel like it could be worse.
- Yeah. Yeah.
- Right?
That's a cow.
Thanks, Sherlock.
- Hey.
- Hah!
Way to go.
Yeah. That's better.
You know, this is all right.
At least we're
headed west, right?
Yeah. Let me ch...
Couldn't say.
My phone died.
Okay. Don't worry.
I'll check mine.
No. No.
My phone! It's not here.
Did you look in your purse?
First of all, never say that.
This is the worst thing ever!
It can't be
the worst thing, come on.
It's kind of relative,
all right?
Like, how are my clients
gonna reach me?
I never called Sandra back.
That's what
you're worried about, right?
This is very important.
People rely on me. Okay?
We need to go back.
Yeah, you go right on ahead.
Yeah, feel free to jump out
of a fast-moving train
into the dark.
Are you making a bed out of hay?
Yeah. We have no phone.
We are on a train headed
who knows where.
I might as well
make the most of it.
The cow agrees.
Or she's just hungry.
Hey, girl. Hey.
It's okay. It's okay.
I think she likes you.
Well, growing up on the farm,
you... you learn
to have a feel for animals.
Okay. Time for me
to make my bed.
There we go.
Oh, yeah.
It's not bad, right?
It's like 500-hay count.
Oh, at least.
Kind of reminds you
of this one time in New York,
I was on the subway.
Thought I was on the "A".
I was not. I was on the "E".
Ended up...
Well, I meant to go
to the airport...
I'm sorry.
Are you tired?
Nah. I'm listening.
Just resting my eyes.
She looks a bit like Mary.
His hair's too short
to be Joseph.
Dad, they're awake.
What'd you find here now?
This isn't what it looks like.
It looks like you're hitching
a ride with my cow.
- It's what it looks like.
- Yeah.
Uh, where are we?
Holland's Pass.
Anyway, hello.
I'm Lina.
This is Max,
and we don't usually
sleep on trains.
Well, I'm Josh Hunter
and this here is Sarah and Ryan.
Look, our flight was canceled
and we...
Accidentally thought that this was the
express train to Colorado.
It is not.
Yeah, I'm sorry to say,
this is the last stop
on the cargo line.
Do you know where we could
possibly find a bus depot?
Next town over.
Do you know where
we could find a phone?
Do y'all like pancakes?
Hey, girl.
And who are you?
- Beanie!
- Hi, Beanie.
Hey, Sarah?
Why don't you show Lina inside
so she can get cleaned up?
- Oh, thank you.
- Come on!
Max, you want to help
Ryan and me with Cassie?
That's what we named the cow.
She looks just like
my aunt Cassie.
Oh, really? Of course.
- Come on, Beanie!
- Come on, Beanie!
The bathroom is upstairs.
Your house is so cozy.
And I love your Christmas tree.
We decorated it ourselves.
You did a great job.
It's mine.
You can borrow it.
Thank you.
Come on.
Oh, pancakes!
I'm so excited.
Hey, after breakfast,
we'll look at that bus schedule
and make some phone calls.
Thank you, thank you so much
for your hospitality.
And you have
the most wonderful children.
Well, they're, they're my heart.
It's been a challenge, these last
few years on my own, but...
we do the best we can
with what we have.
Dad, Max is famous!
I'm not, really.
He created the Farm Barter app.
You did?
We use that around here
all the time.
You never mentioned that.
Well, honestly,
it's not a big deal.
Yeah. Nice sweater,
by the way. Yeah.
I got one for you, too.
And a phone charger.
Follow me.
Yes, I can call my clien...
Bus depot.
Hey. You looking
at the bus schedule?
No, I'm not looking
at the bus schedule.
Got that under control.
Trust me on this one.
You are currently
batting 0 for 2.
Our llamas aren't behaving.
I'm sorry, what?
They're supposed to play our
Shepherds in the nativity play.
Well, maybe they got cold feet.
What's the nativity play?
It's what we used to do with
our mom and dad at Christmas.
So, my friend said
he can help you
with that bus situation,
and he's on his way over
for the nativity play.
That is great news.
Thank you.
If Lina and Max
are staying for the play,
- can they help us?
- I...
- Oh, sweetie, we shouldn't...
- Of course we can.
- You guys get ready.
- Okay!
Talk about a hard sell.
We were never gonna
be able to say no to that.
I see that. Yeah.
What exactly
did you sign us up for?
I'm not sure,
but I figure
if animals can do it,
we'll be fine.
Hey, everybody,
welcome to our annual...
... loose recounting
of the nativity scene.
Enjoy it!
We... are the brave Shepherds.
It's just "Shepherds."
But dad says I can be
anything I want to be.
We present the three wise men.
Where are Mary and Joseph?
Hello, Shepherds.
We hear that there are
three wise men bearing gifts.
Yes, um,
Where is thee...
Gary! Gary!
Come back here!
- What do we do now?
- Okay.
Behold our precious baby.
We should capture this moment.
I don't think they had cell phones
at the birth of Jesus-
Just go with it!
Say "frankincense and myrrh."
Frankincense and myrrh!
Hi, Mom!
Honey, is that you?
Where are you?
I'm in Missouri.
We're actually staying with
a really sweet family here.
Who's we?
Do you remember, Max Cooper?
- From high school?
- Why are you blushing?
I'm not.
Hey, what are you guys doing?
You look great.
Christmas charades!
Christmas charades?
You're playing without me?
You're not missing much.
Hey! We were just talking about
when you were gonna arrive.
Hi, Greg.
I'll be home soon.
That's great, peanut.
Come on, Greg, you're up.
Gotta go!
Honey, we should let you sleep,
but thanks for calling.
Love you!
Love you.
Good read?
So... who's Greg?
No one.
Greg Hooper, huh?
Your ex-boyfriend?
What? No!
We never dated.
You sure?
'Cause I clearly
remember seeing you two
on the Ferris Wheel
at the Fall Fair.
In... in a group.
It was a group date.
Not a date.
He's my brother-in-law's
best friend.
You sound awfully defensive.
Who even has time for
dating these days?
That's just an excuse
people use.
Well, what about you?
Are you...
Dating anyone?
Work... Work keeps me pretty busy.
Did your brother ever
get married?
Not yet.
My sister and her husband
are having a baby soon.
Greg and I are the godparents.
You two must be thrilled.
F-For the love of Christmas,
I am not interested
in Greg Hooper.
Look. I am...
happy in my life, okay?
My life is full, it is busy.
I'm not...
I'm not interested in dating
someone just for the sake of it.
I get it.
I mean, ideally, you...
find someone
with similar interests.
Hah. This reminds me of summer camp.
Reminds me of sharing
a room with my brother.
He never let me have
the top bunk either.
There's something
about childhood.
Before expectations.
When anything is possible.
I remember when I was little,
I used to stay up
as late as I could,
every Christmas Eve,
because all I wanted was
to see a real, live reindeer.
Especially Rudolph,
because, you know, of course.
Wait, you got pretty close
to the wise men.
...try not to snore.
I don't snore.
What was that on the train?
Was that the cow?
Well, I'll try.
I will try.
- Night.
- Good night.
All right! Well, I can't believe
how hungry Cassie was.
- I know!
- No kidding!
Hey, we just got done
feeding the animals.
- You did? Good.
- And they did a great job.
Where's... where's Lina?
I thought we were headed
right to the bus depot?
Actually, I took her already.
Oh, wait. She left without me?
Not exactly.
What... what is it?
"A new car!"
It's an old van,
but it's fun, right?
Well, I mean, I thought
we were getting bus tickets,
not going into
the dog-grooming business.
Oh, yeah.
We... we were, right?
But I called and all
of the buses were sold out,
so then Josh had the great idea
that I should call up
a friend of his,
who sold me this for a steal!
I couldn't afford not to buy it.
But, seriously,
it handles like a race car.
I bet.
Well, thank you.
You're welcome.
Well, hugs, you guys!
Thank you for everything.
Thank you!
Come here. You take good care
of Cassie, all right?
- I will!
- You keep her nice and fed.
- Thank you so much.
- Send you videos.
- Hey, safe travels.
- Thanks, Josh.
Remember how to drive,
Yeah. Sure.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas!
Let's try this out.
Listen to that hum!
That sounds more like a rattle.
The sound of freedom!
- All right!
- Buckle up.
Doesn't it corner
like it's on rails?
It handles like a...
Like a microwave.
I feel like you're mad
that I got us this dope van.
I'm not mad.
I'm mildly impressed.
Can you say that again, please?
'Cause I couldn't hear you
over the soft purr
of that engine!
So, what's a "Farm Barter app"?
It's just an app
that allows people
to rent and barter farm gear.
That apparently everyone uses.
Yeah! Apparently.
It was nice to meet someone
who actually appreciates it.
I made it back in grad school,
and the company I work for
bought and released it.
That's so cool.
So, you don't miss,
life on the farm?
Yeah. Yeah, sure.
Hey, you know what?
Some music would be great.
- Yes.
- You pick.
Whatever I want?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
There it is!
There you go.
Oh, Kansas!
We're making good time.
Hey, you know that...
rattling doesn't sound good,
we should probably pull over.
Come on.
It's barely noticeable.
You cold?
No, it's good.
It's keeping me awake.
Hey, do you mind looking up
a nearby restaurant?
I'm kind of getting hungry.
Oh. I got us covered.
Okay, do you want
the sandwich
or banana bread first?
You know what?
I'm gonna answer for you.
Sandwich, 'cause it's got mayo,
and we don't know how long
that's gonna last.
It's cold in here,
but it's not that cold.
Where did you get those?
I found them in the back.
I'm just kidding!
Come on. I bought 'em.
It's not bad.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
I mean, it's not
my mom's Christmas cooking,
but we can pretend, right?
You know, when I called
home yesterday,
my parents were
playing Christmas charades
and wearing matching pajamas,
Well, you dodged that bullet.
Oh. You... you actually...
You feel left out?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
It's like, it's not their fault
that I'm not home, you know?
But it just kinda
hurt my feelings
that they were doing
all the things
that we planned to do
together without me.
I just don't get much downtime, and...
I don't know,
I was just really looking
forward to this time.
Well, I think
we choose our priorities.
I'm just saying,
if you're always helping people,
it's easy to say you don't
have time for things.
Maybe you keep yourself
so busy so that you...
...don't have to make space
for things you actually want.
That's ridiculous.
Oh, no, no. No.
No, no, no. Just...
Pull over, pull over
or something!
Okay, okay, okay.
I'm sure it's fine.
It's gonna be fine.
No. It's not.
- It's not great.
- It's dead.
Okay, first of all,
you don't know that.
Maybe it just needs
a little bit of a break.
Besides, the guy
I bought it from,
he said that he just
had it checked out.
Yeah, maybe "just" 30 years ago.
Okay, well, it wasn't broken
when I bought it.
Okay, well,
it wasn't my driving,
if that's what
you're insinuating.
I'm not insinuating anything.
Clearly, I'm just trying
to be positive and helpful,
and clearly, you have
a problem with that.
Are we still talking
about the van?
I'm not gonna apologize to you
for making my clients a priority!
Oh, come on!
Lina, what are you...
Lina, where...
Where are you going?
I'm finding my own way home.
Oh, come on.
Hey. You do realize
it's the middle of winter
and you don't have a phone, right?
Did anyone ever tell you
you are an incredibly
stubborn person?
This is not a big deal.
This is fine.
I will not...
Go around.
There's so much room!
Lina, look,
I'm sorry for what I said
and for what I insinuated.
It's fine. Helping myself ha
never been more satisfying.
Lina, just let me
make it up to you.
Did you steal this tractor?
This is a terrible getaway car.
I... I rented it on
the Farm Barter app.
Are you serious?
Do you want a ride or not?
What's the top speed
on this thing?
You're not planning
on driving us
all the way back to Colorado
on this, are you?
Nah, don't worry, I have a plan.
We're almost there.
Why... why are
we pulling over here?
It's my cousin's place.
Yeah, we used to be super-close,
but I haven't seen him
in a few years.
There we go.
All right.
Nice job, old girl.
I think I'm frozen
to the tractor.
- I got it.
- There we go.
You okay?
- I'm fine.
- I got you.
It is you!
I thought you were kidding
when you called!
This is awesome!
It's nice to see you.
Oh! This is Lina.
- Hi!
- Hi. I'm Sheila.
So nice to meet you.
Hi. Lina.
Is this your ride?
Farm boy in the big city, huh?
Actually, that's the thing.
Are you still a mechanic?
Going on 10 years.
That's wonderful news.
You see, our dog-grooming van
broke down
about five miles that way.
When did you get
into dog grooming?
You know what?
Why don't we get you
both out of the cold
and we'll talk inside?
- Yes, please.
- All right.
- Right this way.
- I broke my shoe.
Please excuse the mess.
Oh, your house is beautiful.
Well, Sheila loves Christmas.
We both do.
All right, you got me.
I love Christmas, too.
Especially the lights.
Yeah, you always have?
- You remembered.
- Yeah.
So, how long
have you two been together?
We're not together.
- We just...
- Well, I...
No, it's,
it's... it's...
- We're both from Bridge Falls.
- Yeah.
And we met at the airport.
We "re-met" at the airport.
- Yeah.
- I see.
Do you two like
Christmas barbecue?
Wait, barbecue in the winter?
Hey, come on.
I got a brisket on.
Keep your jackets on.
Christmas brisket.
Honey, start up the fire pit.
I told Coops not to do it,
but nevertheless,
he insists on scaling
the rafters to the barn
just to get onto the roof
to hang the Christmas lights.
Yeah, it probably wasn't
the smartest idea,
but Daryl wanted his lights.
Lina, you ever been to the farm?
No, just heard of it.
Max and I didn't actually
know each other well
back in school.
Lina ran for class president.
I lost.
Yeah. Doesn't mean
I didn't vote for you.
You voted for me?
Yeah. Yeah, you seemed
like you really cared.
You know, Lina,
if the guys are fixing
the van in the morning,
why don't you and I
go into town?
Do some Christmas shopping.
Yes! That would be incredible.
Thank you so much.
Oh, my gosh, the airline has
completely lost our luggage.
I could really use
some new things.
Especially some new boots.
I can fix those up in no time.
That would be incredible.
They're my favorite. Thank you!
And Daryl, are you sure
you don't mind
taking a look at the van?
Not at all.
We'll go first thing.
You know, give us a chance
to catch up.
Should be nice, after
everything that's happened.
I love this song.
Let's dance.
Come on, guys!
Shall we?
I mean, yeah.
I still got it.
Oh, here she comes.
Gosh, my sister's
gonna love this!
Oh, hold on.
Oh, yes.
I have to get this for Max.
We can put it in the van.
Thank you.
What's the deal between you two?
What do you mean?
There's no deal.
We're just two people
headed in the same direction.
- Are you sure?
- Thank you.
I definitely saw some
sparks between you.
I mean, there are sparks, sure,
but I am not sure
that they're the good kind.
Honey, all sparks are good.
Yeah, I don't think that
Max would actually agree.
Get this, he says that
I spend so much time on work
that I don't "prioritize"
my needs, I don't know.
Was he right?
I don't know.
You know, when I was first
opening my salon,
I was working round the clock.
It was Daryl who reminded me
to keep some balance.
It's nice when someone can see you.
Yeah, I guess if I found
someone like that,
it would be worth
making space for.
No harm in trying it on.
We are talking about
the dress, right?
- The 9/16th, please.
- Yeah.
Here you go.
Thank you.
Got that.
Hey, I really
appreciate the help.
I can't believe how difficult
it's been just to get home.
It's all good, man.
I know we haven't kept in touch
much these past few years, but...
I'm glad you came by.
I really missed you, man.
So how you been?
Yeah, I mean...
You know, it's been
an adjustment, for sure.
- Right.
- Yeah.
That oughta do it.
There we go.
Okay. Should be
almost as good as new.
Okay, um, start it up?
- Yeah!
- All right.
Come on, girl.
Here we go.
Come on, girl. Come on.
Daryl said
they'd pick us up here.
- I'm so glad you got that dress.
- Me too.
It's too bad you're not staying.
It would be perfect for tonight.
Why? What's happening tonight?
Daryl's hosting
a Christmas Carol event.
He's been organizing it
for weeks.
- What?
- It starts in a few hours.
Why didn't you say anything?
It's no big deal.
And with everything that's been
going on with Max recently...
he wanted to be there
for his cousin.
What do you mean?
What's going on with Max?
There they are!
- Yes! Yes, yes, yes!
- There we go.
Now, that's
the sound of freedom.
That's my line!
Okay, so it turns out that
tonight is a very important night.
I couldn't help it, honey.
You know my inability
to keep a secret.
Well, it's true.
It's one of the many reasons
why I love you.
Turns out Daryl here
is hosting a very big
Christmas caroling event.
Why didn't you say anything?
That's what I said!
Well, I know you two
are in quite a rush,
and I didn't want you
to feel obligated.
Daryl, you have been
so generous, but I...
You know what?
I feel like
there's always time for family.
We're in.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Great! Let's go get ready then!
Man, you are going to love this.
Let's go!
- Come on, get in.
- After you!
This town is amazing.
Yes, yes, but we should
get going.
Let's say goodbye
and get back on the road.
Oh, come on.
We're already here.
Great work, everyone.
I'm so glad
you all could make it.
Especially my cousin Max,
who surprised me with a visit.
Max was kind enough
to stop by tonight.
Having him in Sherwood
has been really special.
I mean, after all,
there's nothing more important
than being with your loved ones,
especially at Christmas.
And so, I just feel
so grateful to share tonight
with all of you...
My friends and family
who make Sherwood home.
So thank you very much.
What do you say
we grab some cider
and get warmed up for the next round of carols?
Hey. That was amazing.
Thank you.
Such a great speech.
Look, I...
We really have to get going.
I wish we could stay, but...
No. You can't go yet.
I mean, you've gotta do a carol.
Am I right, everyone?
Max and Lina have to do a carol?
Please, please,
please, back me up here.
That wasn't fair.
What the heck?
Come on!
We got this!
It'll be fun.
That's a carol, right?
That was crazy!
I cannot believe
we remembered all the words.
Was a little bit touch-and-go
for a minute there.
What was with
that song choice, though?
"We Three Kings"?
It's a classic, obviously.
Come on,
it was a caroling event.
What were we gonna do,
sing "jingle bells"?
No way! That's small-time.
Yeah, yeah.
But, hey, thanks
for the stop, though.
I didn't realize
how much I needed that.
Of course.
Ahem. Hey, um...
Sheila mentioned
that maybe you had...
been going through
some stuff recently?
Oh, yeah, yeah.
It's just...
some family stuff.
Well, you know, I deal a lot
in miscommunications,
so if there's ever
anything I can do,
I'm here for you.
And thank you
for the new threads.
Yeah, very stylish.
Of course.
I have amazing taste.
Oh. I kinda got you
something else, too.
What? For Christmas?
It's... it will make you
think of Christmas.
Just check.
Got it right here.
I'm not going to get one.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
- It's amazing. Yeah.
- You love it?
Okay, Santa.
Guide... us... home.
All right.
So, I'm just gonna
get us some snacks.
Can I borrow your phone?
Yeah, sure.
Just, say hi to Greg.
Very funny.
Hey, mom!
What are you up to?
Adam made his latkes.
You didn't wait for me
to have the latkes?
I'll make more
when you get here!
It's not the same,
but thank you anyway, Adam.
Where are ya?
I am preparing a delicious feast
from a gas station in Nebraska.
Had a little bit of
a reroute again,
but I should be home
by tomorrow.
All right.
We'll see ya soon, kiddo.
Love ya, honey.
Okay, so I got...
Sweet, salty, and protein.
Pretending that the nuts are healthy.
Nuts... nuts are healthy.
Probably not if
they're roasted and salted.
True. Okay,
then I definitely want some.
I just have to go
pay for the gas.
Go nuts.
- "Go nuts." Yeah. Nice.
- Yeah, right?
One sec.
Okay, I got a whole little
smorgasbord set up here.
It's not, you know,
homemade latkes,
but it's not bad.
I... I want to show you something.
- What? Why? We got this.
- Come on.
You forced me to go
with the flow with the elf,
the cargo train, you know,
the dog-grooming van...
Okay, you made your point.
All right.
I think you're gonna like this.
Let's go.
There we go. All right.
Just right there.
Just going to get down with you.
The gas station attendant
told me about this spot.
He also said
that there have been
reindeer sightings around here.
- What?
- Yeah.
I think we should take a seat.
Yeah, yeah.
We gotta be quiet though.
Come on.
We just have to be
very, very, very quiet.
- Okay, I'll be quiet.
- Okay.
It's, I think, over there.
I think I missed it.
Darn it.
I mean, he said that... what.
- It's silly.
- No, it's not!
I love it.
It's perfect.
You're laughing
a little too hard.
It's perfect. Thank you.
No, really, thank you.
You should put those back on
and we should take a photo.
That's maybe a bad idea, but...
All right.
There we go.
I'm sorry.
I do want to apologize
for being so defensive before,
because I think that
you were actually right...
about my needing to make room for...
It's probably for you.
No, it's...
It's my mom.
Hey, mom.
Max? Where are you?
- Nebraska.
- Nebraska?
Honey, I know you were worried...
- ...about coming home.
- No, Mom, I'm...
I'm... I'm doing everything I can
to make it home, okay?
We just...
- We... We hit a roadblock.
- It's nearly 10 p.m.
And your father's lunch
is at noon tomorrow.
I'll make it home.
I promise.
Is everything okay?
Yeah. Yeah, I just...
I just need to get home.
I'll drive.
Are you okay?
Yeah, no, I'm just...
It's nothing.
Hey, you're exhausted.
- I'm not.
- No, no, no.
Let's... look, it's late.
We can find a hotel, okay?
No, no, I'm fine, I'm fine.
I will make you a deal.
I will pull over,
but you gotta tell me what's wrong.
Where are you going?
So, listen, Max.
I don't know what's going on, but...
I'll help you fix it.
Well, not everyone's
a project you have to fix.
- Okay, that's not what I meant.
- Well, it doesn't matter.
You can't fix this.
My dad passed away
six months ago.
Max, I'm so sorry.
This will be our first
Christmas without him.
Tomorrow, my family is planning this...
special lunch for him on Christmas Eve.
My dad would deep-fry a turkey.
That was our tradition.
The only day of the year
my mom would let him have it.
And this will be the first time
we're together since the service.
And even though
I want to get home, I just...
I know it's not gonna be the same.
Being so far away,
part of me hoped that...
He wasn't gone, and...
I'd just...
show up and he'd be out there
working on the farm with...
His... old hat, and...
His cheeky grin.
I just can't imagine.
I just...
Wish I had more time.
I understand.
My dad was from
a different generation.
We didn't talk very much.
He was a man of few words.
Didn't even have a cell phone, so...
so I don't think he got me...
or what I do.
You don't know that.
I mean, I understand wanting
your dad's approval, I do, but...
He was your dad.
And look at you,
how wonderful you are.
Look at how smart,
how funny,
how kind...
Who wouldn't be proud
to be your dad?
Good morning, sunshine.
That looks like Colorado.
It's because it is.
We should have you home
within the hour.
What? I can't believe
you kept driving.
Hey, I'm...
I'm sorry about last night.
No, you're right.
I don't need to be trying
to fix everyone and everything,
But, sometimes, people do need to know
that someone's got their back.
Right now, I got yours, okay?
All right.
Well... here we are.
Cooper family farm,
as promised.
Thanks for getting me home safe.
- Okay, well.
- Yeah.
Don't forget Bobble Santa.
Oh, you know what?
I think he likes to live on the van.
That's probably good 'cause he is...
really stuck on there.
Well, I guess I will...
probably bump into you
at d'Artagnon's.
You probably will.
Max! Honey! You made it!
I never doubted it!
Hey, Max!
Dog grooming?
Yeah, it's a...
It's a long story.
Come on, get on in!
Let's go!
I'm starving!
Get on in!
- Honey!
- Mom!
What on earth...
Yeah, that's...
That's a long story.
I'll explain.
You're glowing.
I think it's the nutmeg.
You have to try
the batch we just made.
I will, I will.
I just... I just can't believe
I'm finally home.
I have missed you so much.
I missed you more.
- Peanut!
- Dad!
Have you grown?
Nice try.
It's so good to see you.
Okay, one, two...
Where's Adam?
He's inside with...
Hey, Lina!
Wow! Sweet ride!
Honey. There you are.
We're ready to set the table.
All right.
All looks the same, but...
It sure does feel different.
You okay?
I'm... sorry I wasn't here.
It's okay, I get it.
I miss him, Mom.
I do, too.
I feel like I...
I never...
Got a chance to, I don't know...
Make him proud.
Max, your dad
was so proud of you.
But he...
Your father had trouble
expressing himself,
but I heard him tell strangers,
"my son is not a small thinker,
he's a big thinker."
You knew exactly what
our farming community needed.
If I'd only known
you felt this way,
I would've told you much sooner.
I am so sorry, Honey.
It's okay.
Thanks, Mom.
Come here.
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
Will you come join us?
Yeah, I'll be right there.
Who shuffled these cards?
Thanks for the loaner, Sammy.
Someone should be enjoying it.
Thank you guys so much for
saving me the roof to decorate!
Of course! And we're gearing up
for another big rematch
of Christmas charades.
So, is Greg, um, always over?
Not always.
He's Adam's best friend.
Did you know he just bought his own house?
No, Mom. I did not.
Hey, Lina!
Hello, Greg.
Greg, would you like one?
Sure, I guess one more.
I don't know
what you put in these.
"It's love."
Let's go see if your father wants one.
So, Greg, my mom says
you just bought a house.
Yeah, I thought it was time to,
you know, finally lay down some roots,
get a mortgage,
all those... things.
You know?
Greg, I'm gonna
be honest with you.
I don't know
what my mom has been saying,
but I think I should be
completely transparent
just so, you know, there aren't
any funny expectations,
what with us both being
godparents and all.
Ri... yeah, no, of course.
Okay, great, because I know
that we went on that
really fun group date
back in high school, but,
I don't really feel that way
about you now.
Oh! Oh, no!
Yeah! No, no. No.
Same page, same page.
- Okay.
- Same book, really.
Actually, um,
my parents are away on a cruise,
so, honestly, I'm mainly here
for your mom's cooking.
Don't tell Adam.
- Lina?
- Yeah?
The phone's for you.
For me?
- Hello?
- Hi, Lina.
It's Joe Carney.
I'm sor... Joe?
From the Christmas tree lot.
Hi! Wait.
How did you...?
How did you get this number?
Wait a s...
Wait a second!
This is my number!
You found my phone!
You left it in the truck.
And it's been ringing
off the hook.
I'm glad I finally
figured out how to find you,
so I could send it back.
That would be amazing.
Thank you.
Thank you so much, Joe!
Yes, I will,
I'll text you the address.
And, hey, give my regards
to Max.
I-I will.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Turkey's finally ready.
Yeah, mom, it looks great.
So, you two just shared a van?
And a car, and a cattle car,
and a tractor, yeah.
It was... surprisingly fun.
Who wants to make a toast?
I-I will.
To Dad.
It certainly feels...
a little strange,
doing this without him,
I think he'd be really happy...
that you guys are taking
such great care of the farm.
And that I'm doing
all right, too.
I miss you, Dad.
I wish you were here.
That's beautiful, Honey.
- To Dad.
- To Dad.
Who's that?
You know, I think it might
be my bags, actually.
Did you know
I used to drive a snowplow?
That's right.
Mr. Gordon,
you are a peach.
Hey, Greg,
remember that one year
that we tried to make
a... snow fort?
Hey, are you okay?
Lina, honey.
Just happy to be home.
Honey, you can tell us.
Well, I...
I met someone.
Actually, I...
I re-met someone,
I've never felt this way before...
But it's complicated,
and I'm just not sure
if he feels the same.
No, it's not me.
No, I should've been more specific.
Not Greg.
These mashed potatoes
are delicious.
I'm so glad you like them, Greg.
Wait, who is it?
Who could that be?
Lina, honey, it's your luggage.
Thank goodness!
All of your Christmas presents are in there.
It's a relief.
Max? What are you...
What are you doing here?
The airline sent me your suitcase.
I guess they got
our luggage mixed up.
- Of course they did.
- Yeah.
Well, thank you.
Thank you so much
for bringing it.
That was really kind.
Yeah, I just...
I thought you'd like to know
that someone has your back, too.
How did it...
How did it go with your family?
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
You... you were right.
Sometimes, you just need to...
speak how you feel rather
than make assumptions.
'Cause, miscommunication,
you know, one of the biggest...
Problems in... relationships.
- Yeah.
- Do you...
- I got something for you.
- ...Want to come inside?
For me?
What, for Christmas?
But you already...
You've done enough.
Just... follow me.
Out... here?
Yeah. Grab your coat.
Watch your step.
What did you do?
What is this?
I guess Santa came
a little early this year.
What did you do?
It's just a couple
of things from our trip.
They're probably
still good. So...
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Yeah, probably.
Sorry about that.
There... there's more.
You gotta keep digging.
I don't know
how you had time to do this.
They were so nice.
Thank you.
What is this one?
Thank you.
Thank you, Max, really.
Look, I've never really been...
good at expressing myself,
but I... met this wise woman who...
said that, sometimes, you just
gotta put your heart out there.
But our journey
has been...
It's been memorable.
Yeah, full of ups and downs, and...
I know
I doubted you at times...
- A little bit.
- Yeah, but...
I don't want
this journey to end.
I don't either.
My life in New York is so...
It's so full
and it's so wonderful,
but it would be so much
better with you in it.
What are your plans
for Christmas dinner?
Thanks, Mom!
Thank you.
This is amazing.
I hope you enjoy it.
OK. Anyways, it's so great
to see you all under one roof.
I'll just finish off
by saying that...
Lina drove all night...
to get us home in
time for Christmas...
I'm forever grateful
and... thank you.
Thank you.
- Merry Christmas!
- Merry Christmas!
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
Merry Christmas.