Crossfire (2016) Movie Script

There she is!
The woman of the hour!
Get over here!
One more round, please!
Paige, you're killing me.
I'm just making up
for lost time.
Yeah, well, I am 2 shots away
from a very drunk, very naked
Justin Bieber impression.
Yeah, that's what
we're counting on.
Thanks for this.
It's not every day your best
friend comes home from Iraq.
Friggin' Iraq, Sammy!
You're the last girl
I ever pictured
in a pair of combat boots.
Yeah, the pedicure
didn't last long.
Your parents would've
been really proud.
Thank you.
You're out of uniform, soldier.
You look great.
I barely recognized you.
I'm Sam's friend, Paige.
Yeah, sorry!
Uh, Paige, Coop.
Oh! Jimmy.
Yeah, uh, Coop was
our lieutenant.
Best friend Paige!
It's nice to meet you.
I've heard a lot about you.
Likewise! You don't
have a drink!
Apparently, no one's allowed
to leave here sober, right?
Okay, well, pardon me while
I catch up. Excuse me.
You didn't tell me
you were serving
with guys straight out of GQ.
He is just a friend.
Okay, well, unless
he's gay or married...
Hell, even if he is gay and
married, there is no excuse!
I'm so glad you came.
I wouldn't miss it
for the world.
Billy, my man!
How are you doing?
Guys, here!
Listen, I never got a chance
to tell you how sorry I am.
At least I'm here, right?
COOP: Yeah!
Thanks to this one.
Hear, hear! To Sam!
To Sam!
What's it been now, 9 months?
Yeah, something like that.
And how has it been?
It's good, you know?
It just takes a little
getting used to.
Well, that was convincing!
See, this is why I always
beat your ass at poker, Billy.
The truth is if they
let in one-armed bandits,
I'd be back in a heartbeat.
Sounds crazy, but I miss it.
For she's a jolly good fellow
For she's a jolly
good fellow
For she's a jolly
good fellow
That nobody can deny
FRIENDS: Speech! Speech!
Speech! Speech!
Uh, wow! Oh gosh!
Um, thank you to Paige for
bringing everyone together.
Thanks for the free booze,
although I won't be
thanking you in the morning.
I don't know what else to say.
It's good to be home.
PAIGE: Hear, hear!
Hear, hear!
FRIENDS: Hear, hear!
MAN: Samantha Harrison!
One hell of a hero, all right!
Is that what we call someone
who killed American soldiers?
Two men in my unit died
because of your so-called hero.
Back the hell off, man!
National Guard,
weekend-warrior cowards,
shoot at anything that moves.
The army tried to shut me up,
giving Silver Stars
to my dead buddies.
I suggest you shut up now!
There is nothing heroic
about killing other Americans.
What you did was murder.
Hey, hey!
You better take it easy, Lefty!
This is just the beginning.
Because you will never
get away with what you did.
Let's go!
Let's go! Come on!
What was that about?
The troop's being investigated.
Some friendly-fire incident.
A couple of his guys got killed.
He's just looking
for someone to blame.
You never mentioned any of this.
Paige, it's not true.
It's just gonna
blow over, right?
SAMANTHA: Is he gone?
It looks like it.
Come on.
Nine months ago, I would've
busted that jerk's jaw open.
Now look at me.
Yeah, well, I'm glad you didn't.
It's 'cause of him
this whole investigation
started in the first place.
No, it would've all
just gone away.
No, there's plenty of people
that think it's my fault.
Yeah, well, they're wrong.
Are they? I don't remember
what happened that night.
I mean, I remember
the mortar blast,
and then the next thing I knew,
medics were checking me over
back at the base camp.
It's possible I...
Don't even go there.
Ballistics said they have
proof that it was my gun.
I saw you up front firing
in the opposite direction
of those 2 soldiers.
There is no way
you could've shot them
from where you were.
So I've got nothing
to feel nervous about?
It's just a preliminary hearing.
They won't have enough for
the case to go forward.
We've got your back, Sam.
Guys, I'm ordering drinks.
Who wants one?
I better get going.
No! Stay for another drink.
Wife's got me on
a strict curfew.
Besides, now that you're back,
I can kick your ass
at poker anytime, right?
Nice fantasy, Billy.
All right.
You're a good soldier, Sammy.
Don't you forget it, Okay?
I think you should
hook up with Coop.
I think you should stop talking.
But imagine all
your beautiful, little GQ
soldier babies.
Go home, drink lots of water,
and I'll call you
in the morning.
Hey, Sammy, it's good
to have you home.
It's good to be home.
MAN: (ON TV) Pushed deeper
into South Vietnam,
and American troops faced
increased resistance
from Viet Cong as well as from
the North Vietnamese Army.
As the heavy fighting
moved further south,
the Americans became less
certain of the outcome,
unsure whether it could
ultimately depend...
COOP: Move!
SAMANTHA: Look out!
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Fall in! Fall in!
Everybody Okay? You good?
Hey! Let me help
you with that.
Ah, just in time!
Oh, someone's been working out.
Yeah, Iraq was good
for something.
Where do you want it?
Oh, right on top, please.
Beautiful roses!
Yes, thank you. Yeah.
You know, I almost lost them all
last year due to aphids.
It just takes one evil aphid.
The first thing you know,
they've multiplied and
they've killed every bush.
Well, you're doing
better than me.
I can barely keep
a cactus alive.
Yeah, but you kept
yourself alive.
That's all that's important.
Voila! There you are.
What's this for?
Something to brighten up
your place a little,
make you feel more at home.
Now, when that starts to wither,
you just come back and
clip yourself another one.
I think you missed me
since I've been gone.
And I think you've gone soft.
I did, but I am still
the same mean, old bastard
that I always was.
But I'm very happy
that you're home.
It's good to be home.
Thanks!- Okay!
It's all the rage
since you've been gone.
Declutter your life,
declutter your mind.
Okay, Zen master.
If something brings you joy,
you keep it,
and if not, you thank it for
the joy it once brought you,
and you say goodbye.
You sound ridiculous.
These are ridiculous.
They're retro.
They were ugly 3 decades ago,
and they're still ugly.
And this! Wow!
I still wear that.
Only if you're dressing like
Freddy Krueger for Halloween.
My sister got it
for me for Christmas.
No, don't be.
She'd be horrified
to know I still have it.
No, she'd be nothing
but proud of you right now.
You don't know my sister.
She hated everything
war stood for.
Why? It's not your fault
they sent you to combat.
She'd say it was my fault
for joining the Guard
in the first place.
Sam, you gotta let it go.
Yeah, it's ugly, isn't it?
I'm not talking
about the sweater.
I know.
I have a better idea.
Come on!
See, this is what you need.
Okay, here we go.
These are cute.
$275 for a pair of jeans!
Marked down.
Those used to be $350.
You know, there was a time
when retail therapy
worked wonders on you.
I don't remember it
being this expensive.
So, what, you're
just gonna run around
in army fatigues for
the rest of your life?
Yeah, maybe.
Come on!
You deserve to be happy.
Just try it.
Admit it!
You feel better.
Better, but broke.
I'm getting a security guard.
No, I can handle this.
No, no, no!
Sam, wait!
Why are you following me?
Living the good life, I see.
I heard they're going after you
with negligent homicide.
That's 10 years in the federal pen.
Might as well enjoy your
freedom while you still have it,
'cause it won't last long.
Get the hell away from me!
Go ahead, shoot me.
Shoot me like you
shot my brothers.
You're insane.
You should keep an eye
on your friend here
because she's killed before.
It looks like she's ready
to pull the trigger again.
It's gonna be Okay.
He said 10 years in prison.
Whatever! He's out
of his mind!
No. He's out to get me.
Relax, Sam.
We just gotta get
you a good lawyer
and a restraining order.
Restraining orders take
time to get and do nothing.
So, what, you're gonna take
matters into your own hands?
No, of course not.
It's just force of habit.
We're at a shopping mall.
Look, I heard some of
the guys at the party
talking about how stressful it
can be when you first get back.
A lot of people go through PTSD.
That's what you think this is?
I don't know what this is.
I just know it isn't like you.
I'm fine.
You just pulled a gun
on someone in a parking lot.
It wasn't just someone, was it?
Still, maybe there's a
therapist you could talk to.
I'm not spending $250 an hour
to discuss my feelings.
I'd rather waste my money
on a pair of jeans.
I'm Okay.
Just promise me one thing.
No more weapons.
The dress you made me buy,
there's no room
to hide it, anyway.
Did Sadie call you yet?
Billy's wife, Sadie,
did she call you?
No, why?
It's Billy. He's dead.
He shot himself out in his car
last night when he got home.
One of the neighbours
just found him.
Oh my God!
I... I can't believe it!
We were just with him
last night.
I know. His kids
still don't know.
I'll call you back.
Miss Harrison?
I'm Det. Clements.
Billy Peterson's wife gave me
your contact information.
I was hoping I could
ask you a few questions.
About Billy?
Yeah. I won't take
much of your time.
Sure, yeah.
Come in.
Sorry, I just...
I just found out,
so whatever you wanna know...
I heard you just got back.
Yeah, about a week ago.
That's not that long.
Sometimes, it feels
like I've never been away.
I see a lot of vets.
It's always the same story.
There's no place like home
until you get back there.
That's a great picture.
It was taken right
before we got deployed.
Were you and Billy close?
We were opposites, but,
uh, he was like family.
Did he seem Okay
to you last night?
I think so.
I mean, Billy
always seemed Okay.
I hear Billy got
into an argument
with another soldier at the bar.
Regular Army, Corporal Graydon?
Over a friendly-fire incident?
Graydon said I shot and
killed two of his men.
Billy was telling him
that I didn't.
What do you think?
I think if Billy said
I didn't do it, I didn't do it.
But you don't remember?
I trust Billy.
The bartender said that
Graydon left at 7:00 p.m.
Billy left shortly after.
Do you know what
time Billy left?
I don't... I don't remember.
How soon after that
did you leave?
I don't know.
It doesn't have to be exact.
A half hour or hour.
Did you go straight home?
Where else would I go?
I'm sorry. I realize this
must be difficult for you.
Yes, detective,
I went straight home.
My friend, Paige,
she dropped me off.
I came in.
I turned on the TV.
I contemplated buying
$200 worth of Tupperware.
The next day, I found out
Billy committed suicide.
Just now.
Is that enough of
a timeline for you?
I'm sorry.
Yeah, so am I.
I just found out one of
my best friends is dead,
so if you'll excuse me...
I felt like I was
the one on trial.
COOP: Ah, he's just doing his job.
Gotta assume that it was murder
until he can prove otherwise.
Graydon says they're coming
after me for negligent homicide.
That's crazy.
They'll never get it.
I don't know anymore.
No one really remembers
what happened that night.
It was fog of war.
Even if they could
prove it was you,
you thought you were
firing at the enemy,
trying to save our guys,
which is what you did.
Billy was just
gonna say as much.
None of this makes sense.
Billy wasn't the type
of guy to kill himself.
I don't think
he was the same guy.
You know, what happens
over there, it changes you.
It changes all of us.
No. Billy was
stronger than that.
Well, sometimes, it's
the toughest soldiers
that have the hardest
time adjusting.
You know?
Look, I'm sure he
came home to a parade
of flag-waving Americans saying...
"We support the troops."
But they have no idea
the hell he went through.
You just end up
inside your own head
thinking about the time the
mortar blew your hand off,
and you have no one to talk to.
He had his wife.
I'm sure she tried her best,
but it's not the same.
We're all just so
close over there.
You can't help but come home
and just feel alone.
He told me he wanted to go back.
Of course he did.
It was the only place
he felt alive.
You know, when you called
to tell me about Billy,
I didn't cry.
I couldn't.
One of my best friends
kills himself, and I can't cry.
It doesn't mean you don't care.
I don't know how
to feel anymore.
It takes time, but you will.
The new normal won't
be so bad eventually.
Yeah, anyway,
I'm sure Billy's
having the last laugh,
smoking a big fat stogie
somewhere with Groucho Marx.
More like getting high
with Jim Morrison, I think.
So, I'll see you at
the memorial tomorrow?
Thanks for being here.
(WHISPERING) Sadie. Come here.
I am so sorry.
It still doesn't seem real.
I know.
I was glad he got to see you.
I couldn't get him out of
the house since he'd been back.
He had a good time?
He kept talking about how he
was gonna beat me at poker.
He was always a little
delusional, wasn't he?
He really loved you, you know.
He never stopped talking about
you when we were over there.
It's Okay, Sam.
You don't have to.
No, listen to me.
I wouldn't say it
if it wasn't true.
Thank you.
Ladies and gentlemen, if I may.
Thank you.
Thank you all for coming.
Uh, I would like to say
a few words about Billy.
Before joining the Guard,
Billy was a contractor.
He built cottages mostly.
He said he felt it was important
people had a place
to escape the 9-to-5 madness
and play on the weekends.
And as we all know,
Billy loved to play.
After 9/11, Billy shifted
his focus a little.
He said he felt called
to make a difference,
and that's why he joined
the National Guard.
And as his wife Sadie
will attest,
it was one of the best
decisions of his life.
None of us joined the Guard
expecting to go to war,
but when they needed us,
we were there.
We were no longer
2nd-class servicemen anymore.
We were soldiers in the line
of fire fighting for freedom,
and we couldn't have made it
through without each other,
and we certainly couldn't
have done it without Billy.
Billy was the type of guy
who was always there for you,
whether it be shielding you
from enemy fire
or making sure your glass
was never empty.
So to that end, here's to Billy,
the wild and crazy guy
that we all know and love,
and to the way
he lived his life,
always with a full glass.
To Billy.
ALL: To Billy!
I got the worst
damn cotton mouth!
We've got bigger
problems than that, man.
It's about to get real!
Let's do this.
We're gonna move to
that car. Everybody ready?
Okay, move out!
Move! Move!
Get low! Get low!
Whoa! Get down!
Look at you in a dress!
Sorry I missed the
big welcome-home party.
Oh, you missed a big hangover.
Good-looking son
of a bitch, huh?
I had no idea all the crap
he was going through.
None of us did.
He called me a couple times.
He said he had
something important
he wanted to talk to me about,
but I didn't get back to him,
and, uh, now he's dead.
Do you know what it was
he wanted to talk to you about?
He probably just
wanted to talk about
how good the Sabres were
gonna be this year.
Always the optimist, you know?
You guys know my father, right?
Senator Cooper, this is
Private Samantha Harrison
and Private Robert Rodriguez.
It's an honour to meet you.
You too, sir.
We met before.
I'm sorry for your loss.
I met Billy when
he first came back.
Such a brave soldier.
If there's anything myself
or any of my people can do
to support you...
Besides posing for
photos with crippled vets?
I understand what you
must be going through.
You can't even
begin to understand.
Excuse me.
I need another drink.
Um, him and Billy
were really close.
As his commanding officer,
maybe you should arrange for
some grief-counseling sessions.
Yes, sir.
If you'll excuse me...
Ah, sorry about that.
He can... he can be a
bit much sometimes.
No, Rodriguez was out of line.
Yeah, well...
It was a beautiful eulogy.
Thanks! My dad thought
it was a bit too long.
Nothing's ever
quite good enough.
Yeah, I grew up
with a dad like that.
His dying words were...
"Why weren't you a boy?"
Well, if you were a boy,
you wouldn't look quite as
good in that dress, so...
There is that.
It's gonna be Okay, Sam.
Yeah? Is it?
Who else besides you
is gonna testify?
There's lots of guys.
I mean, what about Rodriguez?
I'm sure he'll take the stand.
I don't even know
if he remembers
what he saw that night,
never mind whether
or not he'll testify.
The important thing is that
he's on your side, Okay?
Sam, do you know who
that guy is at the bar?
I overheard him talking
about the hearing.
Yeah, I do.
Sam, I'll get security.
No, it's me
he wants. It's Okay.
What's going on?
I'm... I'm handling it!
How can you even show
your face around here?
How can you show
your face anywhere?
Hey, this is a
private event, pal!
I just came to
honour another soldier
that didn't deserve to die,
unlike some bitches.
It's just like you
said in your speech.
You and your ladies,
you never signed up for war,
but don't you dare pretend to
be in the same league as my men
who died because
you couldn't handle it.
Who is this guy?
Did you see that?
No! Coop!
Coop, wait!
Coop! Leave him.
He's not worth it.
The guy's a sociopath!
Have you gotten a
restraining order yet?
No, but I will. Sam, this is serious.
You can't trust guys like that.
I know! I will, I promise.
Listen, it's been
a really rough day.
I'm gonna get out of here, Okay?
Where are you going?
I'll give you a ride.
It's fine. You should get back
in there and check on Sadie.
Are you sure you're Okay?
I'm fine. I promise.
I'll call you later.
You don't have to.
Well, I want to.
I knew I'd find you here.
Another, and a bourbon for her.
You remembered.
The only good memory I have
is your shots of
bourbon at base camp.
So you left pretty quick.
Billy would've hated
people making all that fuss.
This is the last place
we hung out together
before we were deployed.
Wherever Billy is now, I hope
they're serving it straight up.
To Billy.
To Billy.
Graydon showed up
after you left.
What was he doing there?
I don't know.
Trying to dig for dirt on me,
talking to people
about the incident.
What do you remember
about that night?
They say one of the keys to
happiness is a bad memory.
Oh, come on, Rodriguez.
What are you not telling me?
Billy said it wasn't my fault.
He's right.
It wasn't.
No way we would've
made it without you.
You're a hero.
BILLY: Oh my God!
Oh my God!
Just breathe!
Breathe, Billy!
I don't wanna die!
Listen to me!
Deep breaths, soldier!
Deep breaths!
The whole reason I was alive,
for them to give me this
instead of them giving it
to my wife at my funeral,
is 'cause of you.
You should have it.
You earned it.
It's nice, but it's
not gonna stop them
from trying to take me down.
I need you to tell
the judge what happened.
I'm sorry, Sammy.
I would if I could.
Come on!
You, Coop and Billy
were the only people
who were there that night.
I need you!
Look, after Graydon
started pushing
for a 2nd formal AR 15-6,
a couple officers from
the Guard Depot in Utica
showed up at my place
to ask me what I remembered
about the incident.
Let's just say
they were encouraging me
to remember things
a certain way.
When I said, "That's not
the way it happened,"
They said... "Your presence
is no longer required
"at the preliminary hearing."
Well, I'm sure Billy
got paid the same visit,
but he was still gonna testify.
And look what happened to Billy.
Rodriguez, come on!
Think about it.
If Billy came forward
with anything but
the official story,
they wouldn't have
much of a case,
so they dealt with him.
Who dealt with him?
There are a lot
of guys in the army
that want our troop to pay
for what happened over there.
So you think anyone
that doesn't play along,
they're just gonna kill them?
Come on, that's crazy!
Maybe I am crazy,
but I'm not gonna risk
being the next target.
What you need is a lawyer.
No, what I need is a friend.
You need to stand up for me!
I can't.
No, of course, you can't,
'cause the guy who's
always running for cover
never can, can he?
That's what you think?
That's what I think.
Where are you going?
I think it's time to go.
No. Okay, listen.
Wait, wait!
I'm sorry!
They're trying to get me
for negligent homicide,
and I'm scared.
I am really scared.
I need your help!
When I left for Iraq,
my wife told me...
"Better a live coward
than a dead hero."
It was a miracle I made it back.
I'm sorry, but I can't
put her through that again.
I just called
to wish you good luck
on your interview.
Oh, the interview!
You didn't forget, did you?
No, I'm on my way there now.
Okay, good.
Break a leg!
Thanks! Bye!
Oh hi!
Samantha Harrison!
Hi! Sorry, I'm late.
Oh! It is so
good to see you!
Don't worry about being late.
Same old Samantha!
That's why I always
used to tell you
that staff meetings
started 15 minutes earlier
than they were supposed to,
so that you'd
actually be on time.
Right. Well, I usually was.
Let's just say it's a good thing
you're such a hell of a teacher.
We missed you.
Oh! I missed you too.
Hey, I wanna show you something.
Remember Becca the biter?
All that work you did with her
that year really paid off.
Can I go say hi?
Becca? Hi!
Are you done fighting
the bad guys now?
I am done fighting the bad guys.
I'm gonna be a teacher again.
How are you?
What are you doing?
They have to go to the hospital.
Maybe you could help.
Her leg fell off,
and it hurts really badly.
Can you help put it back on?
BILLY: Oh God!
You're not gonna die!
BECCA: Can I have her back?
You're gonna be fine.
Deep breaths, Okay?
Miss Harrison.
Can I have her back?
Slow breaths!
You're squeezing her too hard!
You're hurting her!
Let go!
I'm... I'm sorry.
It's Okay!
So, what's it been like
since you've been back?
Well, I imagine it's been
somewhat of an adjustment.
No, not really.
It's just been nice to eat
home-cooked meals again
and see green grass.
That kind of thing.
Yeah, I mean, it's
the little things
that I appreciate now.
Well, of course.
And what about counseling?
What about it?
Well, have you
had any counseling
since you've been back?
I'm not crazy, April.
You just spent a year
in a war zone, Samantha.
Anybody would need
therapy after that.
Hell, I wound up doing
5 years of therapy
after my tour of duty
with my ex-husband.
I don't need a therapist.
They're not all bad.
Okay, well, I'll put it on
my list of things to do.
I'm gonna be honest
with you, Samantha.
I think what you did was very
brave, and you're a real hero,
and you could be a real
role model for these kids.
But I have got to be sure
that you are ready to be
back in the classroom again.
And you think therapy's the
only way that's gonna happen?
I think that it would be
a really good start.
What I need is to get
my life back on track.
I couldn't agree with you more.
So, I can give you some names,
some people that
I recommend really highly.
You know what, April?
If therapy's some new
prerequisite for this job,
then I don't think I belong
at this school anymore.
Thank you for your time.
This is Bobby.
You know what to do.
Hey, Bobby.
It's me, Sammy.
Listen, I...
I have your Purple Heart.
So I'm gonna drop it
off at yours,
and I wanted to apologize
for last night.
I guess it was
the whisky talking.
What happened?
The guy who lives in that
house killed himself last night.
Shot himself in the head.
Yeah? Hang on.
I'll be right there.
Hey, this is Jim Cooper.
Sorry I missed your call.
Please leave a message.
Coop, it's me, Sam.
Now it's Rodriguez too.
He's dead.
What the hell is happening?
I need you to call me back.
After you were kicked out
of the memorial service,
where did you go?
Like I said,
I wasn't kicked out.
I left voluntarily.
I went to a bar up
the street to cool down,
and then I went home.
Same bar Rodriguez was at.
Well, if he was there,
I didn't see him there.
He was there.
It's a popular bar.
Samantha Harrison was there too.
You know Samantha, don't you?
I thought this was about Billy.
Until Rodriguez
showed up dead too.
Why did you bring me here?
It seems a little bit
odd, doesn't it?
Both Billy and Rodriguez
kill themselves
within a couple of
days of each other.
Both are members of the
same National Guard troop
that you blame for
the death of your buddies.
Samantha Harrison
put you up to this?
You want her to pay for what
she did over there, don't you?
What better way than killing
off those closest to her?
The same way she killed
your best friends.
This was a good talk,
detective, but we're done.
Sir, I just need you
to sign here.
MAN: These kids, right?
Yeah, it was pretty clear.
You're letting him go?
We can't hold him.
What about this
restraining order?
That proves he's a
stalker, not a killer.
How many more
dead bodies do you need
before you have your proof?
Let's go somewhere
private where we can talk.
No! I'm done with talking.
If you can go back
to last night,
and remember any detail at all,
any clues that would help us...
I have told you everything.
Anything Rodriguez
might've said.
Get back!
Hey, are you Okay?
Yeah, I have to go.
Wait! I want you
to call this number.
I work with a lot of PTSD cases,
a lot of veterans like yourself.
Yeah, let me guess.
I'm not alone.
You just need to talk to
someone who you can trust.
Isn't that what friends are for?
Oh, you forgot your
date of birth at the top.
COOP: So, Rodriguez
wasn't going to testify?
No, he was scared to.
Okay, so then Rodriguez left,
and you drove home?
Straight home?
Coop, we've been over this!
Sam, I'm just trying
to help you here!
Yeah, I know.
I'm sorry.
He was really scared,
and I didn't believe him.
And now he's gone.
Sam, look, you can't blame
yourself for these things.
First Billy and then Rodriguez.
Someone is taking out
members of our unit.
Graydon's crazy enough,
and he certainly has a motive.
Maybe he's killing people
who won't testify against me.
But you said Rodriguez
wasn't gonna take the stand.
Yeah, but he knew the truth.
Sam, I'm not sure bourbon
is the answer here, Okay?
Yeah, well, I figure
if I just pass out,
the nightmares won't be as bad.
Hey, hey!
I have those same
nightmares, Okay?
Almost every night.
And this will not help you.
It's Okay.
I thought commanding officers
would get in a lot of trouble
for getting involved with
a member of their unit.
Well, it's a good thing
I'm not your commanding
officer anymore.
I think this is a bad idea.
You have a better one?
I'm... I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Coop.
I can't do this.
I just...
I'm just not ready.
You were somewhere else
all of a sudden.
Are you Okay?
No. No, I'm not.
Coop, I think you
should just go.
Look, Sam...
Please, just leave.
In a dream, I was untrue
Shot up in sweats
And I knew it was you
All the while,
as I traced her spine
You tear up my head
Through my peace of mind
But if you breathe in
I breathe in
Slowly let go
And if you need it
Then I need it
Only we'll know
And your sorry words
need not know my mind
So refrain from use...
Looking for a meeting
or to join a group?
There's a lot of good ones.
No, I was looking for
the legal aid department.
Okay! Right this way.
You've been back a while?
Yeah, long enough.
MAN: You Okay?
And if you need it
I need it
Only we'll know
Sorry, I... I thought
you were someone else.
MAN: That's fine.
Seems like everybody's
got either a court date
or a custody hearing this week.
Fill out this intake form,
what you need help with.
Somebody should get back
to you by the end of next week.
Well, I can't wait that long.
It's 2 local firms
working pro Bono.
Well, I've got a hearing.
Um, there was a
friendly-fire incident.
Okay, I'll see what I can
do to push it through.
The more details you
can give them, the better.
(WHISPERING) All right.
Um, I can't... I can't remember.
It's Okay.
Just fill out what you can.
It's overwhelming, I know.
I'm sorry. I can't.
I'm sorry, but only officers
involved in the investigation
have access to those files.
Yeah, but...
Listen, I was asked
to review the file
before the preliminary hearing.
Lt. Jessup had me
come down here.
You're gonna have to talk to
Lt. Jessup about it, then.
I don't make the rules.
Well, I can't...
Phillips here!
No, no, no! You're gonna
need a signature for that.
No. I'll be right there, Okay?
No, no, no! Just wait for me.
I'll be right there.
Yeah. Mm-hmm.
All right, so files are
organized by case number.
If you just come in
the back here,
you can see the files that
we have to look at today.
I know there's
a large amount of...
Coop, you gotta help me!
Calm down! What's going on?
I can barely hear you.
Don't tell me to calm down!
You're not the one
with "murderer"
spray-painted on your car.
They were shot twice.
Keller and Beaver.
They were shot twice, once at
a distance, once at close range.
Where are you?
At the Guard Depot in Utica.
It was right there
in bold print.
That can't be blamed
on fog of war.
No wonder they're trying to
get me for negligent homicide!
No wonder they all want me dead.
There must be
some kind of mistake.
There's no way you would
shoot them like that.
How do you know?
What if I did?
Oh God!
What is this?
Okay, it's just
a construction zone.
It's gonna be Okay.
Just slow down
like the sign says.
It's not a trap.
Okay, slow down, Sam.
It's a trap.
COOP: He's right.
What you're gonna wanna do
is slow down like
you're gonna stop,
and then, when you're about
15 feet away from them,
you gun it.
Sam? Sam, what are you doing?
Gun it now!
Sir! Can I help
you with that?
I hate to admit it, but you can.
Right there.
Thank you.
You know, I still think I'm 25,
until I look in the mirror
or try to lift one of those.
Hey, that looks like
it's seen some active duty.
Yes, sir. Iraq.
You know, my neighbor's
just back from Iraq.
She was National Guard.
Is that right?
Yeah, the poor girl never
expected to be sent over.
But, hey, she made it back.
So, uh, how's she doing?
She seems Okay. It's an
adjustment, all right.
Yeah, it sure is.
So, um, does
she live alone or...
Oh yeah. Yeah,
she lives alone.
But that, that's something
I cannot figure out.
Pretty girl like that
should have suitors lined
up around the block.
I bet.
Ah! There she is now.
I want you to meet... I'm sorry,
I didn't get your name.
Corporal Graydon.
What the hell
are you doing here?
I was just passing by.
I saw your neighbour here needed
some help with some gravel.
You two know each other?
I've been trying to get a
restraining order against him.
I think you should leave.
Of course.
Look, I didn't mean any harm.
You heard him.
Get the hell out of here!
Whoa, Samantha!
Put that down.
You know, there's a support
group you could see
to help you with that.
I'm sorry, Walt.
No, no. I'm... I'm
the one who's sorry.
I had no idea.
Listen, he's been harassing me
ever since I've been back, so...
Yeah, I'm sure.
Do you carry that with
you wherever you go?
Yeah, guilty as charged.
Hey, I get it.
When I got back from Nam,
I refused to leave
home without it.
You know what they say.
"In peace, you prepare for war."
But I took it to a
grocery store one time.
A little boy's balloon popped.
That sent me right back there.
I almost blew his
poor mother's head off.
Well, I'm fine, so...
No, but you gotta
be careful, Sam.
What he said about the
support groups, that's right.
They sure helped me.
I know.
But I'm fine, honestly.
Okay, but if you need
anything at all, anything,
you call me, Okay?
I will.
GRAYDON: After the direct enemy
mortar hit on their position,
the only guardsman capable
of returning fire
was Private Harrison.
Her firing on our position
resulted in the deaths
of Corporal Beaver
and Private Keller.
I heard them screaming,
"We're Americans,"
and then a 2nd round
was fired at close range.
Beaver was killed instantly
with a head shot
through the left eye.
Keller was still alive
until the 2nd shot in the chest.
Hey, this is Jim Cooper.
Sorry I missed your call.
Please leave a message.
Coop, it's me.
Coop, I don't know who
to believe anymore.
The only person who is certain
about this whole thing
is Graydon,
and he is sure it's me.
Maybe I did kill
those guys in Iraq
and I just don't wanna remember.
I don't wanna feel
like this anymore.
I'm sorry.
MAN 1: (ON TV) All right! Let's
get your dirty work over.
MAN 2: But maybe I'll
call the shots next time.
MAN 1: Maybe. All set?
This is the lobby.
When I get the office open, and
the fumes get good and thick...
All right, I got it.
Sam, spot yourself on there.
When I give you this,
bust it wide open.
Put on your gas mask.
Hey, boss!
Help! Help!
Walt! Walt! Help!
He's in there.
He tried to kill me!
Call 911!
Calm down!
You have to call 911!
I went into the kitchen
to make myself coffee.
I broke a mug.
I came back out.
I fell asleep.
That's when he gagged me.
He was quick.
His moves were fast.
He'd obviously had training.
Then he strong-armed me to
the ground, he loosened the gag
and he put the gun in my mouth.
It's Okay. We have
enough information.
It's not Okay! He was trying
to make it look like suicide!
We'll know more when the
forensics report comes back.
What are you talking about?
Arrest him now!
Do you have anyone you
could stay the night with?
Yeah, she can stay at my place.
Good. I'll have a patrol
car make regular rounds.
No offence, but he's done
3 tours in Iraq.
A couple boys from
the Police Academy
aren't gonna be able
to protect me.
Officer Charles, could you
please get Miss Harrison
to review the broken
items in the kitchen?
You two, can I see you?
Jimmy Cooper shared
a voicemail with us
because he's concerned
that Samantha may be suicidal
or having suicidal thoughts.
After what she's been
through, maybe,
but she'd never do anything.
She needs help. She's not
gonna want to ask for it.
Someone's gonna have
to look out for her, 24/7.
Of course.
I won't leave her alone.
Call me if you need anything.
It doesn't matter what time.
Thank you!
Thank you!
You should probably
go get some rest.
If you need anything,
I'm just across the street.
You don't have to rush.
They're gonna have a patrol car
take us back to my place.
Yeah, I appreciate the offer,
but I'm not staying at yours.
Why not?
Because it's not safe.
I'm not gonna put you
in danger like that.
Okay, we can go
check into a hotel,
but I'm not leaving you!
I don't have my gun.
He must have
taken it last night.
Listen, I can't stay here.
The longer I do,
the worse it gets.
I need to get out of here.
Okay, we'll go somewhere
you feel safe.
Where do you wanna go?
I'm gonna go to Coop
and see if he's got a gun
that I can borrow.
Sam, I've been reading
a bit about PTSD,
and, apparently, it's harder
to treat combat victims
a because your
experiences over there
are both positive and negative.
You click on one website,
and all of a sudden,
you're an expert?
I'm just trying to understand.
Well, don't, because you can't!
I can try.
No, you can't!
Something awful
happened in my life,
and now it's falling apart,
and you wanna stand there
and psychoanalyze me.
I'm not! I'm...
Then what the hell
are you doing?
I'm... I'm worried
you're gonna hurt yourself!
Oh my God!
Oh my God, Paige!
You think I did all this.
You think I tried
to kill myself.
Can you hear what you're saying?
You're not yourself!
Get out of my way.
You need help! You need to be
around people you can trust!
I had people I could trust!
You can't leave.
Ha! Watch me.
I'm sorry.
(ON SPEAKER) Hey, Sam!
Are you Okay?
No, I'm not Okay!
Graydon tried to kill me
and nobody believes me.
I believe you.
Somebody followed me home
the other day
and tried to run me over
when I got out of my car
to see who it was.
It was Graydon.
I know it.
I'd have you come here,
but it's not safe here either.
My father has a hunting cabin
outside of the city.
It's a long drive,
but we'll be safe there.
I'll text you the address.
Okay. Okay.
It's gonna be Okay.
This is it!
My dad used to bring me here
every summer as a kid.
Cool! It's quiet.
Yeah, you know,
you get used to it.
Just sit, try to relax.
I'm scared to relax.
It's gonna be Okay, Sam.
Yeah? He's not
gonna stop, you know.
We'll find a way to stop him.
Look, my father has
every important official
in his back pocket.
There's no way he's gonna
get away with this.
Must be nice to have
such a well-connected dad.
Yeah, it can be, I guess.
Every decision is
very calculated.
What was he like about
you joining the Guard?
It was his idea.
He thought that I would
look good with him
in campaign photos.
If I thought we were
gonna get sent to Iraq,
I would have thought twice.
Yeah, me too.
I joined the Guard when
my sister died in Katrina.
I just thought I'd be
working disaster relief,
stuff like that.
I wanted to make a difference
in people's lives.
I think you did.
Yeah? I'm not so sure.
Sometimes, I think
there is a difference
between the truth
you wanna remember
and what actually happened.
Look, all I know
is all of this is gonna
be behind us very soon.
I hope so,
because my flashbacks,
they happen day and night,
and I don't feel like
they're ever gonna go away.
And I just wanna move on.
Me too.
What was that?
It was probably nothing.
No, no. I definitely
heard something.
Okay, well,
I'll go check it out.
Oh, here.
It's Okay. You keep it.
I'll be right back.
You really are a lousy soldier.
Never prepared.
I don't think you wanna add your
boyfriend to the body count.
Let him go.
It's me you want.
Put the gun down now.
Sam, put it down.
Don't be a hero.
Drop it and slide it over.
Thanks to you, the cops
think this is my fault.
I shouldn't be
the one on trial here.
It's your fault.
My men were just standing there
just like you're
standing there now,
not even defending themselves
against your position
because they didn't
think they had to.
And then you just shot them,
and not just once.
Shooting us won't make
any difference.
When does it stop?
You already killed
Billy and Rodriguez.
How many more of us do you have
to kill before you get even?
Oh, I'm not the one
with blood on my hands.
Now get your hands up!
Outside, now!
All right, that's far enough!
You turn around.
Now this is the end.
You admit it, Samantha Harrison.
You killed my men, and then
you tried to cover it up.
I don't remember.
"I don't remember.
I don't remember."
I don't!
The hell you don't remember!
She may not remember,
but I do, Okay?
She shot your men. Yeah.
She did it.
And that's exactly what I'll say
if you just let me go.
You saw her shoot my men?
Yes, twice!
So you're saying she's
a cold-blooded killer?
Answer me, Lieutenant!
It wasn't me!
It was her!
You are pretty quick
to sell out your own.
I'm telling the truth, man!
It's the truth!
It seems like you
are hiding something.
Get off of me!
What are you hiding, huh?
You didn't turn out to be
Daddy's big hero, after all.
You are such a coward.
What the hell did you do?
It was self-defence!
I had no choice!
You're gonna back me up, right?
We gotta try and save him.
Forget him!
He's done for!
Hey! We're safe now.
SAMANTHA: Coop, I need your help!
BILLY: Oh my God!
Deep breaths, soldier!
Forget about them.
They're done for!
I got movement back there.
I'm out!
I'm taking your gun.
You're shooting the wrong way!
MAN: Stop!
We're Americans!
Wait here!
You Okay?
Samantha, you Okay?
Listen to me. Listen to me.
You gotta keep
pressure on it, Okay?
He's gonna kill us both.
I know.
I gotta get something
to stop the bleeding.
What are you doing?
Get off the ground!
What do you need a gun for now?
The threat's been neutralized.
Who are you?
What are you talking about?
I know it was you.
You shot Graydon's men
and used my gun and
tried to pin it on me.
It was you the whole time.
You said yourself your memory
is screwed up and damaged.
You're going crazy!
And that's why you thought
you'd get away with it.
You know, they would've gone
easy on you in the hearing.
I wanted to go easy on you.
My dad thought that you were
the safest to blame.
Graydon said it was you.
Even you said it was you.
Now that's what
everyone's gonna believe
because Billy and
Rodriguez aren't here
to say anything different.
Now neither will Graydon,
and neither will you.
You know it was all fine
until Graydon started digging,
trying to prove it was you in
case the trial was a whitewash.
I'll just make it look like
I shot you in self-defence.
That'd be more heroic,
wouldn't it?
And my dad would love that.
'Cause that's who we are.
Isn't that right, Sam?
National heroes!
Get back here!
Hey! Hey!
Hey, it's gonna be Okay!
I don't wanna die!
No, you are not gonna die!
I'm not gonna make it.
You are gonna be fine.
Okay! Okay, move this.
Get out of here!
Save yourself!
You listen to me.
I am not the untrained,
weekend warrior you think I am.
You're gonna make it.
Oh! Just go!
You just hang on.
Ah! Ah!
Oh, I knew you'd try
to save him!
You just can't let anything go,
can you, Sam?
Well, at least this way,
you'll die knowing
you didn't do the killing.
That's what you wanted, right?
To know for sure.
You just couldn't give it up.
Where is she?
Just do it.
SAMANTHA: State Senator
Cooper was trying to make sure
all this went away
before he ran for congress
and that his son
didn't get blamed.
Coop was just trying to stay
a hero in his father's eyes,
but he lost his way
when he got home
like a lot of us do.
There's a problem when
you feel safer in a war zone
than you do in your own home.
And it's that
brotherhood and sisterhood
that we have to recreate
so we're not so
isolated anymore.
I used to think that
I was a good soldier
because I never asked
for anyone's help.
But a soldier is only as good
as the person standing
next to them.
And you're dead if you
try to go it alone.
This is the first time in a long
time that I haven't felt alone.
So thank you.
Thanks for sharing.
Thank you.
Say you'll get to
The light
Say you will be
All right
Say you will be
All right
Say you'll get through
The flight
Say you will be
All right
Say you'll get through
The flight
Say you'll get to
The light