Crossing (2024) Movie Script

74. Berlin IFF
Panorama-Opening Film
Both Georgian and Turkish
are gender neutral languages.
They make no distinctions
of grammatical gender.
He's not happy you took car again.
Like I give a fuck.
You hear me?
What do you want?
-You take my car again?
-No. What car?
I just drove some Turkish tourists
from the border.
Turkish tourists?
I'm tryin' to make money
like you're always on about.
You sit like that in front of my wife?
Go do that in the other room.
What? I'm covered up.
There's some woman in front of our house.
I'll be damned.
Ms. Lia?
Ms. Lia.
Ruso, get out here girl! We got a guest!
-Don't you recognize me?
- No.
Your old student, Zaza.
You've gotten fat.
Ms. Lia, what you doing out here?
Asking around for someone
who knew my niece.
She used to live in these cottages.
Yes, they say she moved
across the border to Istanbul.
Come on inside, we'll ask my wife.
She'll know something. Welcome.
Sorry for just barging in like this.
Not at all. Please sit.
Bring a good bottle!
This woman's classy and refined,
unlike you lot.
Georgia's future...
Useless, the whole lot.
Bring the glasses!
Coming up.
So, Ms. Lia...
Forgive me for what I'm about tell you.
What are you sorry about?
Some strange people
used to live in those cottages...
I'm not saying your niece...
What's the name of your niece?
She calls herself...
What? You know this girl?
She's talking about
one of those trans girls.
You better watch your mouth boy!
Please forgive my brother.
I'm just trying to help her!
My condolences, Ms. Lia...
It's a real tragedy for the
family when these things...
Did you know her?
Nah. Just seen her around, that's all.
A bunch of them were living together.
But then they were kicked out.
Alright then...
Ms. Lia, why are you looking for her?
Better just leave it be.
Sorry again for barging in like this.
Not at all.
Lady, wait!
Are you going to Istanbul
to look for your niece?
Cause I got her address.
Show me.
One second...
What am I supposed to see here?
It's in Turkish.
-Write it down for me in Georgian.
-Can I go with you?
My mom lives over there too,
I speak some Turkish!
Hello, my names is Achi, how are you?
And I learned some English from YouTube.
I'll be your translator.
Hello! How are you? How much?
-Is this really her address?
-I swear.
She left it in case someone asked for her.
We used to smoke together.
She's got friends over there, she told me.
This is their address.
She went to live with them.
It's win-win.
-Fine? Are you for real?
Wait, when are we leaving?
Wait, what? Like now, now?
-Do you have an ID?
-Yes, at home.
Meet me down by the border
tomorrow morning.
I'll be damned.
-What's going on?
-I'll drive you home.
What do you want?
What's happened?
Let me drop you off!
I told you to meet me tomorrow morning.
-Where do you live?
-Up in Khulo.
My brother had my ID
so I punched him to get it back.
Clocked him in his fat ugly face!
You should've seen his reaction.
So you're her aunt then, or what?
That's correct.
So her mother was your sister?
That's usually how it works.
-So where is your sister?
-She passed away.
So, why do you wanna find Tekla?
I promised her mother
I'd find her and bring her home.
It was her dying wish.
I'd say my brother
knew Tekla pretty well.
He'd sneak into her cottage
more times than I count.
So are you excited to...
Enough of this nonsense.
I don't want you blathering
on all the way, is that clear?
Whatever you say, lady.
And no drinking or narcotics.
Is that understood?
What do you think I am?
Keep your eyes on the road.
What are you waiting for?
Get in and close the door.
I'm out of firewood.
It gets real cold here at night.
Help me out.
Go fetch some cucumbers and
tomatoes from the neighbor's yard.
Are you kidding me, why?
Go on then.
Wake up.
You got any money of your own with you?
No, not really.
So now you understand
why we're bringing cucumbers.
-Madam Lia?
-What you want?
Mom saw you borrow some cucumbers
and tomatoes from our garden.
She tought you may want
some pelamushi too?
Oh she did, did she?
-Who is that boy?
-None of your business.
Are you going on vacation?
Sure kid. Tell your mom I'm off to Paris.
Paris? Wow!
Let's go.
Thank you.
I don't give a fuck.
I'm never coming back.
Passport or ID?
One moment.
Thank you.
It looks exactly the same.
What did you expect?
Isn't this a different country?
Wait until you see Istanbul.
Wait, you've been to Istanbul?
So, how was it?
Did you forget what I told you in the car?
Yes, sorry. No talking, Ms Lia.
But it must have been cool, right?
It was alright.
All of this.
Off to harvest tea in Rize?
Do you take gold too?
My sister's, from when she got married.
It used to belong to my grandmother.
It's supposed to bring good fortune.
We've sold them off over the years,
but I kept this pair.
-I'll take it.
-For how much?
-2500 lira.
-Are you nuts?
He's ripping you off. Don't sell.
Do you have money for bus ticket?
You should ashamed of yourself!
I would get three times as much in Batumi.
Be quiet boy.
It seems he's a gold expert too.
Thank you.
Ah, Churchkhela.
What? You just gotta avoid the part
that's been eaten.
Want some?
You kidding me? You brought chacha?
What about "no drinking"?
It's so hot.
Maybe it's menopause.
What? My grandma had that.
Let's be very clear about something.
I'm not here to take care of you.
Do you understand?
It was juts food poisoning
or something. It's passed now.
I don't need anyone taking care of me.
Georgian women
have lost all their dignity.
There was a time
when our women were refined.
Ms. Lia.
Ms. Lia, wake up!
Look outside, we're here.
Our bag.
Wait... Go talk to that girl
you were ogling on the bus.
Go on, show her the address.
Excuse me.
Do you know how to get here
fast and cheap?
I don't know, I'm just here for work.
-Why don't you search for it?
-I don't have internet here.
Follow this road down.
And from there, take a ferry.
-Okay, thanks.
-No problem.
How are you?
Look at you, all dolled up!
Mustafa's taking me out tonight.
In public?
Of course in public, where else?
Wow! You finally lured him out!
You have no grounds to evict.
Especially not without a prior warning.
My hands are tied.
Why are they tied?
Is she supposed to be a lawyer?
This is Evrim, a lawyer.
What, she can't be a lawyer?
She volunteers with me at Pink Life.
A lawyer? Really?
Ladies, this has nothing to do with you.
Evrim! You know
how to use a needle, right?
Come upstairs for two minutes
and help me out.
She doesn't like needles.
Just turn around.
Don't worry, my mom's a nurse.
I have a steady hand.
You won't feel a thing.
She takes dick all day
and she's afraid of a tiny needle.
Girl, you get your diploma or what?
Yes, it's all sorted!
Now I'm getting a female ID.
Lawyer Evrim!
Our savior from the police and the johns.
You're absolutely right.
I'll save you all, rest assured.
The doctor will see you shortly.
Fill these out while you wait.
-Do you have a pen?
-You're up next.
Where do you work now?
I work at Pink Life, an NGO.
-And they can afford to pay you?
-Well, a little.
So you're not doing any sex work then?
Have you ever?
No doctor, I haven't.
You need to take these and pay
the gynecologist for a medical exam.
Then get these signed
by every department in the hospital.
They are required
to authorize female status.
And here are the documents
to apply for a female ID.
Thank you. So this is everything, right?
By the way, doctor,
your hair looks really nice like that.
They told me I need signatures
from every department.
Do they cost as much?
I don't know about the other departments.
Sir! I can show you the way!
For 5 lira.
For 5 lira.
-Show him the address.
-He's trying to fool us.
-I said show him.
-I bet he can't even read.
There, told you so!
I know! Come on!
We have very nice, cheap rooms!
Cheap rooms! Cheap rooms!
-Hi zzet.
Hi zzet.
They say her name's Tekla, Miss Glen.
Tekla? What kind of name is that?
-Is she trans?
-I think so.
She lives on this street?
I'd have known if she were here.
How old is she?
How old is Tekla?
He says 28.
-Girl, Aynur!
-What is it already?
Calm down, love.
These people are looking for someone.
Apparently a trans girl.
Her name's Tekla.
A foreign girl. Got any foreign girls
in your building?
No foreign girls here, you know that.
You heard her, child.
No Tekla.
-Sir another 5 lira, please.
I'm very hungry, another 5 lira please.
I'm so fucking fed up. No, leave!
Where'd you go?
Is this really the address she gave you?
This is the life she chose?
I hardly think it was a choice.
So, what now?
I will rest
and clean up for the night.
Shower, sleep.
First thing tomorrow,
I'll go door to door.
Someone's bound to know something.
That's what I'm doing.
Shall I come with you?
Aren't you coming?
Yes, yes, I am.
-What's is she saying?
-Nothing, forger about it.
Room good?
Towels are over there.
-Thank you.
-You're welcome.
There's no bathroom.
There's the shower and the toilet.
Oh, shit. The door doesn't lock.
You'll stand here
and keep guard until I finish.
Won't people just hear the shower
and know it's busy?
This place is probably full of perverts.
-Are you done?
-I am.
What are you looking at?
Don't you know a chacha a day
keeps the doctor away?
I'm pretty sure that's "an apple a day".
It disinfects the body.
Do you want some?
-Ms. Lia...
-Can I ask you something?
What's your plan after you find Tekla?
My plan? What do you mean?
Yeah, like for your future?
I have no future and thus no plans.
I'm just here until I'm not.
Turn off the lights, it's time to sleep.
Ms. Lia?
When was the last time you saw Tekla?
What is this, question and answer time?
I told you to sleep.
It was many years ago...
Right before her father
ran her off for good.
Why? Because she was trans?
It was a great shame...
...for our family.
Can you imagine
everyone's reaction in the village?
I can't even...
She was so smart, curious...
Used to ask me questions about everything.
She could've really become something.
We didnt know about
these kinds of things back then.
Of course I'd heard stories but...
There was a boy in the next village
who was shot dead.
The boy's father claimed
he was cleaning his rifle
when it accidentally went off.
What will you tell her if you meet her?
...don't know.
Go to sleep now.
Sorry. Good night.
Fuck this!
Do you have a job for me?
The boss is over there.
Okay. Thank you.
Do you have a job for me in here?
Okay. Thank you.
May I take your order?
I'm waiting for my friend.
Just another five minutes please.
-Of course.
-Thank you.
Son of a bitch.
Fucking bastard.
Need a ride?
-I'll drop you off.
-I'm not a prostitute.
I'm not saying you are.
I'm trans.
Did I ask?
I'll smoke one too.
So you're into picking up trans girls?
Where do I drop you off?
So you're actually a diver?
But you need to sit up front.
Or we'll get in trouble
if the police stop us.
If they stop us,
we're friends from the school,
on our way to a friend's birthday, okay?
Why don't you just drive
a regular taxi instead?
Just getting the license
is super expensive.
Plus, the market for pirate taxis
has exploded since the inflation.
What school?
If we're classmates,
what are we studying? And where?
I don't know.
Istanbul University?
I love this song. Can you turn it up?
Don't you want to know my name?
Just saying, if the police stop us,
they will know we're not really friends.
You're right.
I'm mer.
-How old are you?
Nice to meet you. I'm Evrim.
I'm 33.
My star sign is Gemini.
We don't need to know that much.
Come on!
Mine is Sagittarius.
Born in December.
We're opposite sides of the zodiac.
It's the ultimate combo, you know?
In both friendship and love.
From the hostel!
-He's staying at the hostel.
What're you doing?
Nothing, just walking.
Out for a job.
My name is Achi. How are you?
My name is zge. Do you know Turkish?
Where are you from?
Oh, neighboring country.
I'm erkez.
Come on, let's go to the party.
Yes, the party!
So we're going to a party now.
You wanna come?
Let me take this off your hands.
Don't pretend to be all shy now.
Come on, let's go.
You came!
-Who's he?
-He's nobody. Nevermind.
Did Mustafa show up?
Yes, he did.
-Did he really?
-I swear on my mother's grave.
Like you give a shit about your mother.
I didn't order this.
I love you ya!
What else would you like?
What do you want?
He's saying "pistachio".
-"Walnut baklava."
-Walnut baklava.
How much do we owe?
You can pay later.
Good morning.
You take care of the peppers,
I'll do the rest...
-It's that woman again.
-What woman?
She's not going to give up it seems.
Do you remember me?
Well, don't just stand there,
come on inside.
Don't just stand there, go on.
Come in.
Dear Lord.
Take a seat please.
Oh, eggplant.
It's almost the same.
Let her try some Turkish tea.
Smuggled tea, actually.
Do you know Tekla?
What's she saying?
Tekla, Tekla?
What's this"Tekla, Mekla" she's saying?
She's looking for
her grandchild or something.
Lady, there's no such girl here,
You're looking in vain.
Do you speak Russian?
Girl, I think lady Russian.
No, I don't know Russian.
I know a bit of Arabic.
-Oh, the lady is Georgian.
-Yes, Georgian.
My grandfather was also Georgian.
He had the worst temper.
There's no such person living here.
No Tekla, no.
She's not taking it in.
I'm telling you, she's Georgian.
My grandfather was the same.
Isn't she sweet though?
She's come all the way
from Georgian to search for her.
What if our families had looked for us?
Are you crazy? God forbid.
Bite your tongue.
-Sing a song for us.
-Girl, stop it.
Let the poor woman hear your singing.
Come on now. Just belt one out!
Come on!
Where were you?
I've been waiting here all day.
I'm sorry for the last night.
I went out for a walk last night,
thought I'd ask around for a job.
Then I met some people from
the hostel and lost track of time.
I have good news! I met a girl
who works for an organization.
She said she might be able to help us.
-And I brought you something sweet.
-Thank you.
I've been waiting here all day
to take you to that girl's office.
but you never came...
I think they're closed now.
Leave her address at the reception.
I'll go see the girl myself tomorrow.
I really just needed to get out.
I'll do all I can to find Tekla.
On my honor!
Your brother was right about you.
Pack your things and leave.
I don't have any things.
Well then.
Go fuck yourself!
You old fucking drunk!
You hungry?
I'm starving.
Come on then.
Have a seat.
Would you like to see the menu?
Hello, welcome.
Would you like to see the menu?
If we only get rice and potatoes,
it won't be too expensive.
Hello, would you like to see the menu?
Boy, I love the smell of cucumber.
May I?
Why are even asking?
Sorry, cigarette?
Thank you.
Pardon me?
Are you Georgian?
Are you here on vacation?
I live here, running a business.
This is Hasan.
He's a local Georgian,
third generation from the Black Sea.
What's this? Is that all you're having?
Let me be your host.
No, that won't be necessary. Thank you.
What are you drinking?
We really are good. Thank you.
Have you ever tried raki?
No but thank you.
Smell how good this smells.
I reckon it's your first time here?
No, I was actually here as a child once.
-Yes. My father brought me here.
It was that trip that inspired me
to become a history teacher.
You teach history?
I used to, I'm retired now.
I'm so sorry, I need to leave.
-Lovely meeting you.
Is he your son?
He's afraid of my niece.
To you, Ramaz!
Our Georgian brother in Istanbul!
-He seems like a good boy.
-He is.
I combined the checks for both tables.
-Shouldn't we get going?
-Be polite.
That's fine.
Oh no, Mr. Ramaz, please don't...
No worries, it's on me.
It's really too much.
How often do I meet
Georgians such as yourself?
Do you have your own family?
Only my niece.
What about...
I used to.
We separated ten years ago.
That's a pity.
A rose for the lady?
It would really suit you.
Sir, I gave the lady a rose.
Please excuse me.
I'll be right back.
Are you kidding me?
What are you on about?
I know what I'm doing.
Sure you do.
Lia told me you're looking for her niece.
Perhaps I could be of help?
We could inquire
at the local Georgian church.
Yes, I'm sure they'll be super helpful...
-Where is he?
-How should I know?
You scared him off?
What did you tell him?
Nothing. I just saw him leave.
Tell me what you told him!
What would I have told him?
You shouldn't have let him go.
-What was I supposed to do?
-He was going to help us!
What should I have done? Tie him down?
You scared him off!
Are you OK?
I'm so sorry.
I didn't mean for this to happen.
Do you know what a knockout
I was as a young girl?
Men threw themselves at me.
You're not so bad nowadays either.
-You think?
I was the best dancer in the village too.
Does it work?
-Should I cut my hair?
Alright now, thank you.
Come on kids, enough now.
Move along now.
So I don't know what to do...
Come over to my place
and I'll help you solve it.
Don't look now. I said don't look now!
It's the driver I mentioned.
Oh my God, he's coming over!
Bitch, relax, maybe
he's coming over for me.
Plus he's barely a taxi driver.
I wanted to give you my card.
In case you need a ride.
Oh, that's nice of you. Thanks.
-Are you on night shift?
-My shift is almost over.
I need to sleep,
I've got an exam tomorrow.
Exam? Are you a student for real?
Yes. I'm going to be a teacher.
My parents are teachers too.
That's awesome.
-That's nice. I like geography.
Alright then. I'll see you around?
See you.
He's got a fine ass too.
Bitch, he eye-fucked you.
No, come on!
He's just looking for customers.
Yeah, right.
You're not picking up my calls.
Go fuck yourself.
Baby, I'm here now, aren't I?
Take me to breakfast tomorrow?
Of course baby.
What do you want me to do?
I just went to bed. Wait one second.
Did you call evval?
What about Ahmet?
Alright, I'll go. Hang up.
Son of a bitch.
Long time no see!
We missed you.
What's wrong? Wanna get locked up again?
I'm here as a representative.
A representative?
You're keeping somebody here
under false pretenses.
Is this some kind of joke?
You're supposed to be a lawyer now?
-I have a degree.
-A degree?
She's got a degree, she says.
So where did you graduate from?
The circus?
Istanbul University.
Istanbul University?
I bet you did...
Go ahead then. Show us your ID.
I don't have it just yet.
I'm just waiting
to get in front of a judge.
I'll be any day now.
-So you're not a lawyer then, are you?
-Get over here.
-Here's your order.
Why is this cold again?
I'm a volunteer for Pink Life?
Somebody's here under false pretenses.
"Under false pretenses"?
Who's this somebody we're keeping here?
zzet Ylmaz.
zzet Ylmaz?
And what business is he to you?
I know his mother, Firuze.
Tell her to come pick up her kid.
His mother's out of town.
Meanwhile, he's in my care.
On what grounds are you detaining him?
He tried to steal from a tourist.
-Did you catch him in the act?
Did he have any money on him?
How would I know?
Well then, you can't actually detain him.
We're not detaining him.
He's going to the orphanage.
Not as long as his mother
is around to take care of him.
If you want, I can call his mother.
Besides, he'll just walk
straight out of the orphanage.
Fine. Go sit and wait.
So much for a peaceful lunch!
BEYOLU DISTRICT POLICE DEPARTMEN-You didn't sign anything, right?
Can I have one?
Don't be silly.
Who's this?
Glpembe, I'm watching
her while his brother's gone.
Where's her brother?
In Malatya.
Go on, wake her up.
Glpembe, wake up.
Come on, wake up.
Get up.
Come on, hurry up.
Take her hand.
Where'd you get that saz?
I borrowed it from a friend.
Sure you did.
What are you doing?
You thought I was dead?
Your breath smells like shit.
It brought me back to life.
I want to tell you something.
What ever happened
to your mother, by the way?
What do you mean?
You told me your mother lives here?
I did?
Don't you remember? Back in Batumi.
Oh yeah.
She came here for work when I was a kid.
But after a while she sort of disappeared.
I think...
She died and they didn't want to tell me.
She never would've just left me.
Of course not.
I think so too.
Especially not with my fat half-brother.
You know what?
It seems Istanbul is a place
where people come
to disappear.
What did you do your hair?
I found a hair clipper,
had to check it if worked.
Why aren't you in school?
When's your mother coming back?
Don't know.
How long has it been this time?
Not too long.
So, you're a pickpocket now?
No, I'm not!
If they catch you again and
your mom's not around, I can't help.
She'll be back soon.
Come here. You'll catch a cold.
Sit straight.
I must've eaten something bad last night.
Sure, that's what it is.
Is this place far?
We have to cross to the other side.
I'm gonna look so cool! Thanks Evrim!
Did you select your hairstyle?
Girl, who are you flirting with?
You're disgracing the salon!
You little floozy!
I know them!
He and his grandma
are looking for a trans girl!
-I hope you're not scamming these people.
I just showed them the way.
I'm like a guide.
Alright then.
Where are you from again?
Batumi. Georgia.
zzet, go get us some tea.
Is she trans too?
How should I know?
Yes, I'm a trans.
She say's trans.
What's her name again?
You have an address?
No. No address.
She could be anywhere.
And how do we know
if she even wants to be found?
Evrim, do we know
who they actually are to the girl?
What are they saying?
What happened?
Are you sure she wants to be found?
-One second.
Is this her mother?
No, she's mother's sister.
I see.
You're just a friend?
What do you think?
On the other hand, she has the
right to know someone's looking for her.
If she's even in Istanbul.
Attention friends!
Does anyone know of a Georgian girl
who goes by the name of Tekla?
I might've heard her name.
You know the girls
living in Ceylan's apartment?
Yes, I was there the other day.
Are you sure?
Not one hundred percent.
Alright, thank you.
Do they know her?
I dunno. I don't speak Turkish that well.
He knows Tekla?
-Yes, but...
Not sure.
She says she's not sure.
I can take you there.
But she can take us there.
Ask her if it's hard
to walk in such high heels.
I can't ask her that.
Ask her.
-No, what?
She's interesting your shoes.
How is it hard?
No, I like it.
-What did she say?
-That they're comfortable.
I could never.
Thank you.
Ah, Turkey's hottest lawyer!
Welcome, love.
Who are they?
They're looking for a girl named Tekla.
I'll take you to Mother then.
May I offer you some tea?
Apologies for disturbing you like this.
Not at all.
You've been very helpful
with those nasty tenants.
We brought you sweets.
Thank you.
Serve our guests some tea!
And keep it down in there!
Not a noise!
Yes Mother, right away!
We're actually here
to ask about a Georgian girl.
Tekla is her name.
Oh, darling...
Many Georgian girls
have come through here.
All of them stuck-up, noses in the air.
I was told she might be living here.
What are they saying?
Do you have any idea where she might be?
All my girls have tried to find her.
Her phone's turned off.
It's like she disappeared into thin air.
You know how it is
with these girls and drugs.
They go down that road, there's no return.
Strictly forbidden in my house...
If you ask me, she probably left Turkey.
Is this her family?
This is her aunt and that's her friend.
She left a few of her belongings.
They can take them if they like.
Thank you very much.
-I want to tell you something.
-What is it?
I never actually had her address.
I googled "Trans women in Istanbul"
and showed it to you.
I knew it all along.
-Hey Murat.
Is there a wedding tonight?
Yes, but I can seat you in the back.
-Maybe I'll see you dance a little too.
-Alright, thanks.
Go on.
You hungry?
Wanna get breakfast?
Why not?
Let's go then.
Will you go back to Batumi with me?
I'll stay here.
They said there could be
work for me at the hostel.
My Tekla!
You look just like your mother.
Is it really you?
How do you like my garden?
I did everything the way you taught me.
I have a few tomatoes.
Some tiny cucumbers.
How's our garden doing?
I didn't have time to tend it.
That's a pity.
Who lives here with you?
It's my boyfriend's apartment.
He owns the hair salon downstairs.
Do you remember how
I used to cut everyone's hair?
You need to cut and dye your hair.
Go on, what would you tell her?
I would tell her...
...that we failed her.
Her mother and I.
We did nothing for her.
We lost so much time.
We only cared about
what people would say about us.
That's what I would tell her.
I would tell her...
...that her mother loved her very much.
In spite of everything.
I would tell her...
...that I love her a lot too.
I will stay here.
And keep searching until I find you.
I know you will.
Attention passengers.
This ferry is heading back to
Eminn and Karaky.