Crossing Guard, The (1995) Movie Script

To lose
an 18-year-old brother.
He didn't get a chance to graduate
from high school. It was a blow.
It destroyed me.
It made me feel like-
I was afraid
to love anybody.
I was really afraid
to let people get close to me.
I felt
if I loved somebody,
deeply, you know,
like I do my family,
they would be taken away.
I said, "Where'd you learn
to do that?"
She said, "Practicing on
an old flame since I was 16."
Look at this guy here. He's lookin' at
me and beatin' his meat. I like that.
There she is. Right?
Miss America, 1912.
Let's hear it for Ina.
Comes here every night,
huh, sweetie?
Let me have a kiss.
Bring out the broads!
Let me at him!
Let me at him!
Somebody throw a net
over this broad.
Did you see him kiss
that fat fucker?
I'll always know him as 18.
He, uh-
He was killed by a drunk driver just
a month before he was to graduate.
It's hard when you have
two policemen come in and say,
"Your daughter's dead. "
I op- I opened the door
and I saw 'em standing there,
and I said,
"Mandy's dead, isn't she?"
A mom knows.
All right!
Freddy, he's comin' over here.
You better slide in... a lot.
- He needs half a booth.
- Sunny. How ya doin', Sunny? Everything good?
How 'bout that?
How'd you like to spank it?
- Nice!
- Oh, yeah! But softly.
- Sunny, you had to spank that, right?
- Nice.
My wife,
you know Joan.
We got a step-down living room.
It's like two steps down.
So the bitch don't wanna walk.
She wants me to raise it.
She don't wanna walk down
two steps.
I still have to get over that.
It's something that...
- you have to work with on a daily basis.
- it's not gonna come back.
It's just something of- It's yours.
It's like your body lost...
something inside,
something of yourself.
I miss me.
I miss... me.
It's over five years now,
I look in the mirror,
"Where's Bobby?"
I don't know.
My family drives me
up the fuckin' wall.
I mean, they, I guess they still,
they still think I'm me, Bobby.
But... they joke about it.
They call me...
sibling number three, all right?
And... it's like a nickname
for Bobby depressed.
It was my older brother Danny
that we lost.
he was sibling number one.
they, th-they didn't-
Did they forget?
I don't know.
I'm gone!
I miss me.
that's it.
Who's runnin'
this fuckin' show?
- You oughta go.
- What?
- You should go.
- Okay, yeah. I'm gonna go.
Um... Freddy,
can I use your shower?
Help yourself.
# Woke up this mornin' #
# There was a chill in the air #
# Went into the kitchen
My cigarettes were lyin' there #
# Jacket hung on the chair
the way I left it last night #
# Everything was in place
Everything seemed all right #
# But you were missin' #
# Missing #
# Missing #
# Last night I dreamed
the sky went black #
# You were drifting down
Couldn't get back #
# Lost in trouble
so far from home #
# I reached for you
My arms were like stone #
# Woke and I'm missin' you #
# Missin' you #
# Missing #
# Oh #
# Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ##
It's five after 10:00. I got a window
display of gray felt. What's goin' on?
Mr. Gale, you took all the vault keys
home last night.
- For fuck sakes.
- I think...
it would be wonderful to put emerald
pieces in front of the diamonds.
I trust your preference
in stones, Jefferey, but...
I'm very busy,
you know what I mean?
All the time,
I'm very busy.
So, uh, think ahead
a little bit.
I'm walkin' out the door,
you're closin' up,
you don't have the vault keys
in your pocket, stop me.
Yes, sir.
Emeralds in the front.
What's so funny?
What are you
laughing at?
Ah, it's been
six fucking years!
I mean, I have my son here.
Can't I be happy?
I've never heard
that word out of your mouth.
And in front of John.
I've been in prison.
Don't make excuses for him. Listen, do
you still have that little TV I sent you?
- Yeah. It's in the box.
- Oh, good, because...
I'm cleaning out the trailer for you
if you want some privacy.
Oh, yeah.
That'd be great.
- Or you could stay in your own room.
- No, no, no. Trailer's great.
Because that's
a good fucking TV.
Oh, my God!
How's it goin'?
Good to see you.
Come in.
Uh, can I get you
something to drink?
- Phil, yeah. Let me call you back in five minutes.
- No, I'm fine.
All right. Thank you.
I'm sorry?
Uh, no, thank you.
Emily really loved
this thing.
We used to keep it
over there on the counter.
Stretch her whole body out
trying to reach it.
Last joint
on her little finger.
N- Nothin'.
Come in.
Sit down, Freddy.
Boy. Tch.
You really look like a natural family.
You could be their father.
Thank you, Freddy.
Spectacular looking family,
Um, what can I, uh,
do for you?
I really came to see Mary.
Oh. Well, I don't mean to be
nosy, Freddy, but what about?
Well, I'd really rather
talk to Mary about that.
Well, well, well.
- Um, you sure I can't get you something to drink?
- No, I'm fine.
- Anyway, I think they're here.
- Oh, yeah.
Hold on, guys.
Hold on.
- Hi, Dad!
- Hi, guys.
- Hi, Freddy.
- Hi, darling.
- We've got a visitor.
- Come on, Dad.
look at this.
My own kids
call me Freddy.
- You look wonderful.
- Wonderful, I think, would be pushing it.
No, you do.
You look wonderful.
Thank you.
So, how's business?
You know, it's a little jewelry store.
What can I say?
It's business.
What about you?
You still doin' the real estate?
Well, it's a tough market
right now.
I'm still representing
some properties.
But Roger's been doing so well, I've been able
to back off some. Spend more time with the kids.
Oh, well, wonderful.
That's, uh, yeah-
That's, uh, really wonderful.
Mary, there's, uh, something
that you should know.
It's the reason
I came here.
- Freddy-
- I've got something I wanna tell you.
You made me a promise.
I hope you're gonna keep it.
Two things:
I made you a promise. That's one.
And I have great news.
That's two.
Now, you gonna let me speak
or not?
I'm sorry.
What's your great news?
It's really great news.
I mean, spectacular news.
- I'm tellin' ya. You wanna
hear it or not? - Mm-hmm.
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
- Are you ready?
- Yes.
He's out.
John Booth is out.
I'm gonna kill him.
Get out of here, Freddy.
I'm not goin' anywhere until I see you
courageous enough to tell the truth.
The truth?
What truth, Freddy?
- You promised you wouldn't.
- Wouldn't? Wouldn't what, Mary?
- Mention our daughter? Why? Because you'd blackmail me?
- Blackmail?
If I ever, ever want to speak
to the mother of my children,
I must never mention
my daughter!
- Get out of our house!
- This is my house.
By any natural law,
this is my house!
If my children live here,
my children,
then who's to say that I can't come here
to see 'em any fuckin' time I want to?
- You had to do it, huh?
- Nobody's talkin' to you!
- You want me to call the police?
- Call whoever the fuck you want.
Where do you get off calling them your children?
You haven't been a father to those kids.
- You stopped with our daughter.
- Emily is her name.
Yes, Emily. Emily!
And she is dead.
But I owe those two little boys
up there all the love I've got.
And it kills you that I can
give it to them and that you can't!
Freddy, I want you
to leave our home-
- Tell the truth, Mary. You want me to kill John Booth!
- Let go of him!
That's my job in life, and your job is
to go on as though nothing happened!
- Let go of him!
- Freddy!
Freddy, why don't you let me go?
I'll make us some coffee.
Come on.
Coffee. Good.
I'd like some coffee.
Why don't we all just sit down, have
some coffee and talk about this civilly?
Come on.
You know what?
I don't want any coffee.
I don't like coffee at all.
It makes my heart-
- You just said you wanted coffee.
- No.
You sure?
Yes. Uh... no.
I'm gonna go.
I feel good.
- He just showed up at the door.
I didn't- - Jesus, God, Roger.
I just want to say this.
I've done a lot of things
for you, you know.
A lot of things.
And I think it's cheap of you that you
won't hear me out on things. I really do.
- Mary's just upset.
- Excuse me, but I am not upset.
If you think I'm gonna keep score on who's
done what to who, you're very fucking wrong!
And if you think that's cheap,
then fuck you!
I don't know if you're serious about
killing this man or not, but I do know this.
It has nothing to do
with our daughter.
Our little girl is gone, Freddy,
and she's not coming back...
no matter what you do!
You've never even been to the cemetery,
Freddy. You've never even been to Emily's grave.
Because I didn't go to
your little party? Your funeral?
I went on my own time,
Mary... in private.
- Oh, really?
- Yes.
Then you're a braver man
than I thought.
What's the inscription
on the stone, Freddy?
What color is it?
Is it on a hill?
Is it under a tree?
Does it lay flat or does it
stick up out of the ground?
That's what I thought.
Roger, man to man,
when you two read
in the newspaper...
that John Booth
has been shot dead,
I want you to look into her face and
tell me if you don't see pride and relief.
Pride and relief,
So, listen to me.
I'm comin' out of the bathroom,
And these two Orientals,
they're arguin', they're hollerin'.
They're screamin'
at one another, and all in Japanese.
So, I told 'em.
I said, "Hey, you're in
America now. Speak Spanish. "
- Geez, you fucking guys.
Have a miserable evening.
What was he doin' in the mens' room?
Hey, Freddy. Freddy.
Hey, Freddy, you with us?
I think we hypnotized him.
- Yeah?
- He's on the rag.
Did any of you guys ever have
a sound build up in your head...
over a period of days?
Like a vacuum cleaner?
That the last time
you had an original thought,
you got cocky
and rode on it?
- Rode what?
- Rode on the thought.
Enjoyed it...
'til you started hearin' that
vacuum cleaner in your brain.
- But you don't mean tonight.
- No. He means some other night.
Take my advice, Freddy.
Get yourself a "youngie" and go
on one of them Laguna weekends.
I gotta take off.
I'll see you guys later.
Freddy, where you goin'?
It's only 11:00.
Oh, man.
He's gonna go turn off the fuckin'
vacuum cleaner!
Pride and relief, Mary.
Goddamn it!
Goddamn it!
Fuckin' clip is empty.
This fuckin' gun ain't got
no fuckin' clip. You cock.
All right
I get a cigarette?
All right.
You know-
Would you mind closin' the door?
I don't want to wake my parents.
Might fuckin' wake
his fuckin' parents.
When the thing happened,
I wanted to be dead.
But there wasn't-
You know.
I didn't want
your forgiveness.
I didn't think I deserved it.
And I don't think I do.
I guess you, uh...
you've been waitin' for this day
for a long time.
It's all right.
Sit down.
Sit down.
I know it's been
a long wait.
But I'm not goin' anywhere.
I'm not callin' any cops.
I'll just be here,
trying to get on with things.
Would you maybe,
you know-
Would you take
a couple days...
and maybe think about
not takin' my life?
I'm a jeweler.
I got a jewelry store.
That's all I got.
That's it. That's what I am.
- Understand what I'm talkin' about?
- I think I do.
Shut up! Because you don't.
You don't understand. You don't!
All right.
I'm gonna give you
three days.
Three days.
Then maybe I'll remember
the fuckin' clip for this gun.
Son of a bitch!
And up. Let's go!
We're warming up.
Get that blood flowing.
Now tuck your arms.
Front and back.
And step.
I don't want another ring.
I want this ring in a size seven.
Don't you understand?
I was a seven on Tuesday and I'm
a seven today. This is not a seven.
You have a swollen
finger one day, not the next.
I want to speak to the owner.
It's not a seven.
It's maybe a six,
a six and a half.
- I sized your finger two times.
- I wanted to wear this ring tonight.
I have a very important
engagement tonight.
No, I don't want another ring.
I want this ring...
- in a size seven like I ordered it.
- May I help you, ma'am?
- Are you the owner?
- Yes, I would be the proprietor in question.
Thank God. I told this Jap faggot
I ordered this ring size seven.
My ring size has always been a seven.
This is not a seven.
- It won't even fit on my hand.
- May I see the ring, please?
Yeah. It won't fit on my finger,
my hand. It won't fit anything.
It's a six and a half.
Six and three-quarters maybe.
Does that look like a
six fuckin' and a half to you?
You were right.
You're a perfect seven.
A perfect fucking seven.
Do you know where
this bus turns around?
Does this bus stay
in Glendale?
I don't know.
Does it turn around
and come back to Marge Street?
I don't know.
- Do you come back to Marge Street?
- No.
My sister has a car.
A Valiant.
- Did you ever get to ride in a Valiant?
- No.
My sister has
a green Valiant.
I ride the bus
all day long.
I have
a disability card...
so I don't have to pay.
Mary Manning.
- Hey, what's in the news?
- Hey! Get in the car.
Okay, we're late.
- But you got the job.
- Yeah.
- You start at 6:00 in the morning.
- Oh, man.
It's a boat.
It's a good job.
Second, there's a bunch of people
at my house. It's a party for you.
- A party?
- Girls.
- Wow.
- But we're not goin' anywhere until-
- In the joint,
- Yeah?
did you get
It only hurts
the first time.
I know.
# I was born a cowboy
And a cowboy I will die #
# I was born a cowboy
And I'll die #
# I was born a cowboy
And a cowboy I will die #
- # I was born a cowboy
And I'll die # - Yee-hoo!
# I will die before my time
But then my kind always do #
# I will die before my time
I will die ##
- Take your hands out
of your pockets. Let's hear it.
That's Verna. Come on, now.
Let's open up your sphincter...
and let the sunlight in.
Oh, Verna,
come on, girl.
You better hurry up.
We're gonna be late. Nicky Blair's!
- I didn't know. Is she goin'?
- Of course she's goin'.
I thought it was just
gonna be you and me. Dinner?
Well, we can't do it
in a restaurant, Verna.
What difference does it make?
You wanna go or not?
Come on. Huh?
Whoever wants to go, come on,
let's go. I'll wait in the car.
The train's
a- movin' on.
Get your stuff.
Get your stuff. Let's go.
- Yeah, let's go. Let's have fun.
Let's, ha-ha, party, huh? - Verna?
And I'm talking to you before about
compassion, how you have compassion...
for people, and you decide every day
who deserves compassion and who doesn't.
That's your spirituality.
If somebody is black and dying on the
street, then they deserve compassion.
And if somebody is rich and their sister
dies, they get a little bit.
But if somebody is rich and they
have a bad day, forget it.
They don't deserve a bit of compassion.
You haven't lived that person's life.
But because they don't have any
identifiable things that deserve compassion,
you don't give it to them.
Not once have I seen you
do that.
Oh, I make him feel bad.
Let me tell a joke.
Okay. Well-
Nine is taken.
I'll give him 22. Okay?
- Hello, Mr. Gale. Good to see you.
- Nick, how are you tonight?
You look so good.
Hello, ladies.
Mr. Gale, listen. I've got
a great, great, great booth for you.
It's a half a booth, but we're
gonna get the other half-
- Here. Take their coats quickly.
- Uh, half a booth?
Yes. But don't worry. We're gonna get
the other booth in about 15 minutes.
- At nine, you mean.
- It's right by the bar. I couldn't get that one.
- Is it nine?
- No, no. Don't worry about nine. Here, take this.
Come on, girls.
Look how beautiful they are.
- You're always with
pretty girls, Mr. Gale.
# Can't last #
# Any time
Any place #
This- This is, uh,
a nice table, huh?
- It's fine. Fine.
- I guess.
We can see the bar really good.
Forgive me. I have this painting.
Jojo did this painting.
After years of bullshit,
I'm sorry, finally reaches a point
where she does this incredible work.
She smears herself with paint,
she rolls herself around...
on a,
on a piece of canvass-
- Paper.
- Paper.
You were trying
to represent God.
Right? Okay.
Uh, just allow me this.
But what she ends up with
is an image of herself.
She looks for God
and she finds,
she finds herself.
Ate all the clams
in the house, did you?
Oh, don't torture
yourself, sweetheart.
She wants to be your woman,
- Better watch your ass.
- Come on!
Go easy now.
You girls seem to be having
a good time. You must be a funny guy.
I'm a riot.
- Now get the fuck outta here.
- I didn't mean anything. I just stopped by, having fun.
- Nothin' personal.
- Go have your fun somewhere else. Just get the fuck outta here.
Relax. I don't mean any offense by this. I
just thought maybe you'd like extra help here.
You got some pretty girls here.
Maybe you need some help.
- I don't need no fuckin' help!
- Hey, hey, hey!
Take it easy!
Hey, hey!
Are we having fun now,
you motherfucker?
# In my bowl
I ain't foolin' #
# I want a little sugar #
# In my bowl ##
- You had to drag me into this?
- Not to put too fine a point on it, but...
you know
something about confinement.
- I think we all know something about confinement.
- Well, there's confinement...
and there's...
I know what you mean.
Yeah, at the risk of sounding like
I know what I'm talking about,
I think freedom's overrated.
What you're talking about.
You know, if there isn't
something bigger than, uh,
than freedom,
then freedom
is just entertainment.
- Like a central computer, you mean?
- We transmit downtown.
- Everybody?
- Everybody that gets booked.
- Murderers too?
- Especially murderers.
- Ever do any murders?
- Not personally. Have you?
# Ain't it funny to see #
# How blind a man can be #
# Ain't it funny
to look back on love #
You all right?
Oh, yeah.
Yeah. I'm just-
No, I'm f-
You know, fine.
I'm John.
I know.
I'm Jojo.
- You know. You know about me?
- Peter told me.
The father of the, uh,
the girl I killed,
he threatened to kill me last night.
It was an accident,
Was he serious?
You, you- Serious?
I think he was serious.
I think he's a serious man.
You're the only person
I've told.
Well, I-
I think I thought
it would be romantic.
Why would you
want to be romantic?
How'd you get
that scar on your head?
Banged my head
against the wall.
- In jail?
- Uh-huh.
You or somebody else?
- You?
- Mm-hmm.
You just couldn't stand jail?
No. I just couldn't
stand me.
Yeah, I was gonna call, but it got so
late, I didn't think you guys would be up.
Of course we're up!
You just got home.
We want to see you.
I'm sorry.
It's just, uh-
- I got the job.
- Ah, good.
And Peter and his brother threw me
a coming-home party.
The day
just kinda happened.
- When do you start on the boat?
- Actually in a few hours.
Why do you stay out so late
before you start a job?
Your friends don't care
if you get any rest.
Something hit me tonight.
It was a strange night.
You know, uh,
I've done a horrible thing.
And, uh,
I'm always
gonna feel the guilt...
and remorse.
when you hear about
a thing like that,
about someone who has
to carry a thing like that,
when you're in it,
it's just, it's-
It's very different...
from what you might think.
I'm not an unhappy person.
I'm just-
I'm just-
I'm someone who has caused
a lot of... unhappiness.
And a person
who's caused death.
I, uh,
I love you...
both so much.
Not just as my parents,
as two people who,
who stood by
and kept giving...
your love... to that person.
That person...
who has also caused you both
so much pain.
You're our son.
Of course we love you.
No matter what.
Let's get this straight,
girl. Everyone gets paid by the hour.
- Listen, I'll see you in a bit.
- Ah, Jefferey. Thank you. Here, hold this.
- Are you all right?
- I'm fine, thank you.
I'm, uh,
I'm fuckin' delighted.
- Please. We can do a fashion show outside.
- Thank you.
- Who is that, Jefferey?
- It's my boyfriend Gene.
- Did you get the car?
- Yeah. The car's outside.
- Let's get the fuck out of here. Okay. All right.
- Finally!
- Are you okay?
- I'm just fuckin' great.
- Thank you.
- I can't get this thing.
- Where's the fuckin' car?
- Over there.
# I might
just change my mind #
# Sometimes
you can never tell #
# Where a story
will unwind #
# How deep is
a shallow well #
# Sometimes
you would never guess #
# Who's all talk
and who just might #
# Find a way
or lose themselves #
- Same time tomorrow?
- Same, same.
All right. See you then. Hey.
- Thanks for coming all the way out here.
- Don't worry about it, man.
I've got a sailor
in every port.
- Do you know where we're goin'?
- Yeah, I got, I got directions.
Oh, grand.
So, John,
you know, there's women
and there's ladies.
- Jojo's a lady.
- Yep.
- So, did you fuck her?
- What do you do with information like this?
What do you think I do? You see
the way I live. Counting angry lovers.
Watching bad cartoons.
Gotta give me somethin'.
You're it!
Come on, boys.
Let's go.
And now I'd like to introduce
our next artist from Steubenville, Ohio.
I'm tellin' you that so tonight
you go home and hump your map.
Dah, dah, dah, dah.
"Beautiful girls. "
You go in there,
you're gonna fall in love.
My wife...
is a beautiful woman.
I met her in the sun.
S- Sun, sun.
Sunny sun.
I could never
fall in love at night.
You wanna dance
with the muchachas?
Twenty-one dollars.
Did you call
the police?
Do you wanna die?
I don't know.
Did you see her die?
I was drunk.
I didn't know
what happened.
I just felt a bump.
And when I stopped, I knew something
had happened. I just didn't know.
She was lying
in the street...
all torn up.
And I could see her...
moving a little bit.
Her mouth
was kind of moving.
I thought she was
talking to someone.
You know,
who wasn't there.
You know, someone...
like her mother,
her father.
When I got up to her,
I, uh,
I kinda knelt down,
and she wasn't talkin'
to someone else.
She was talkin' to me.
She was apologizing to me.
She was apologizing
for not having looked both ways.
And there were some people who were...
gathering around there.
Somebody called
for an ambulance, so I-
They found me on the Interstate.
I'd gone up north.
I just got in my car
and I drove until I ran out of gas.
You have
such a beautiful face.
The way your eyes
- Like a little puppy.
- I'm sorry.
Don't say that.
I think...
that your guilt...
is a little too much
competition for me.
You should let me know...
when you want life.
You are such
an asshole.
Where did you go?
I mean, like, what do you think?
Like you can just get up and go
in the middle of the night...
and go your merry fucking way, and then
stumble back in here like it's not rude?
Like I don't have
any feelings.
And this means...
I have no emotions...
and I'm a whore.
And I liked you.
You know, I don't fuck
many guys. You know?
Who is it?
It's John.
What's goin' on?
What is guilt?
You said guilt.
My guilt, my guilt.
What is guilt?
Define it.
Do you wanna dance?
Let's dance.
# Ooh, yeah, Ooh #
# Yeah-ah, oh #
- # All right #
- # Ooh, yeah-ah #
# Whatta man, whatta man, whatta man
What a mighty good man #
# Let's sing it now #
# Whatta man, whatta man, whatta man
What a mighty good man #
# He's a mighty, mighty
good man #
# Whatta man, whatta man, whatta man
What a mighty good man #
# Yes he is #
# Whatta man, whatta man, whatta man
What a mighty good man #
# I wanna take a minute or two
and give much respect #
# To the man that's made
a difference in my world #
# And although most men are hos
he goes on the down, no #
# 'Cause I never heard about him
with another girl #
# But I don't sweat it because it's
just pathetic to let it #
# Get me involved in that
"he said, she said" crap #
# I know there ain't
nobody perfect #
# And although most men are hos
he goes on the down, no #
# 'Cause I never heard about him
with another girl #
# But I don't sweat it because it's
just pathetic to let it #
# Get me involved in that
"he said, she said" crap #
# I know there ain't
nobody perfect #
# I give props to those
who deserve it #
# And believe me, y'all
He's worth it #
# So here's to the future
'cause we got through the past #
# I finally found somebody
that could make me laugh #
# You're so crazy
I think I wanna have your baby #
# Whatta man, whatta man, whatta man
What a mighty good man #
- # Yes he is #
- You keep dancin'.
# Whatta man, whatta man, whatta man
What a mighty good man #
# Yeah, a mighty good man #
# Whatta man, whatta man, whatta man
What a mighty good man #
# Say it again now #
# Whatta man, whatta man, whatta man
What a mighty good man ##
# Woke up #
# To find #
# I'd lost my mind #
# Lost heart #
# Lost nerve #
# I lost my favorite word #
# Emily #
# I take my cigarettes
I give 'em a smoke #
# Oh, God
my heart feels froze #
# I've lost somethin' #
# It seems I misplaced
my favorite thing #
# Emily ##
Our next entertainer, our next performer,
a wonderful artist here from Selma, Alabama.
Let's have a great big welcome
for Mia! Let's hear it.
# On the good ship
Lollipop #
This is what I hate.
I hate this fuckin' number.
It takes her four or five minutes to get the
flash off her for me to see a little titty.
And in the meantime,
I've gotta listen to this music.
I hate this fuckin' number!
I like it.
He likes it.
- It's traditional.
- Oh, traditional!
Without tradition,
new things die.
"New things die"?
The son of a bitch
is a poet!
A jeweler poet.
First goddamn jeweler poet I ever saw.
Oh, yeah. A Jew jeweler poet.
I'll kill the guy.
You what? What the hell are you
talking about? Hey, did you hear that?
- What?
- He's gonna kill some guy.
- Who you gonna kill, Freddy?
- Nothing!
- Freddy!
- I missed something. What's he talkin' about?
Come dance with me!
Yeah! Yeah!
That's it.
Come on, Freddy!
Come on, Freddy,
dance with Mia.
Go on, Freddy. Go on.
Dance with the fuckin' whore.
Go for it!
Go for it!
# If you eat too much
Oh, oh #
# You'll awake
with a tummy ache #
# On the good ship Lollipop
It's a nice trip ##
Freddy, come on!
You tickled me!
Stop. Wait, wait, wait.
I really wanna fuck you.
First I gotta play you
this song I wrote. Okay?
Gimme that bottle.
Okay. I hope you like this
'cause I wrote this just for you.
Don't let me go to sleep.
I got business tonight.
# Four little ducks went out one day #
# Over the hills
and far away #
# Mama duck said #
# Quack, quack
quack, quack #
# But only... three little ducks
came back ##
# If you could only
look and see #
# To the chains #
# Surrounding you Mmm #
# You're the one that holds the key #
# And you don't have
to make me a copy, ahh #
# Oh, you are just the earth #
# I am just the sky #
# And when you leave
I won't ask why #
# I'll take our nights
and say good-bye #
# Freddy and Mia #
# Freddy and Mia #
# Freddy and Mia ##
- Hello?
- Mary, it's Freddy.
- Freddy?
- Mary, please don't hang up. Please.
- Where are you, Freddy?
- I need-
- What?
- I'm fallin' apart, honey.
- Freddy, what's the matter?
- I just had this fucking dream.
It's sunny outside
and I'm driving my car and it,
it feels real big
like it's driving me.
And I'm driving past Em's school,
the elementary school.
And there's a crosswalk.
And all these little kids
are being...
h- helped across
by a crossing guard.
The crossing guard
is John Booth.
Em's one
of the little kids.
I'm gettin'...
closer and closer.
And I'm...
I'm hittin' the brakes.
The car won't slow down.
I'm turning the wheel...
but the car won't turn.
Oh, Freddy.
Then I just plow
right through... through 'em.
Then I-
Then I see Em's face...
just, just before...
just before I hit her.
No, Freddy. No.
Come on. Come on.
Come on.
Two coffees.
Sit there.
Oh, Freddy.
Mary, I-
No, Freddy.
Let me talk.
I've been so angry at you...
for so goddamn long.
Too angry to see you,
or hear you or care about you.
But when I heard you
on the phone tonight,
I did see you...
for the first time
since Emily was killed.
I can see
you're a good man.
And you loved her
so, so much.
But I loved her too,
I needed you so badly.
But you-
Do you remember...
when we were coming back from Vegas,
and the wind, God-
The plane was bouncing
all around.
I thought-
I was shaking.
Do you remember
what you said?
Uh, tell me.
- Anything else?
- No, thanks.
I couldn't believe
how calm you were.
And you took my hand
and you said- Do you remember?
No, no.
Tell me.
You said,
"Pray we crash.
Then we can call ourselves
survivors. "
You were so-
Where'd that guy go?
Then Emmy died.
It's made you so small
and weak.
I needed you
to be big and strong.
I hated you
for your weakness.
I hated you.
Now I'm pitying you.
I don't know
how to help you, Freddy.
You look around...
at the marriages
people have.
We had a good one,
didn't we?
Good times.
No hidden agendas.
None of the nasty bullshit
you see with other people.
We were turned on.
We were hot
for one another.
- We were pals, right?
- That was a wonderful time.
Best buddies.
Correct me if I'm distorted
in my thinking on this.
No, but...
you pity me.
You pity me.
Oh, boy, this is a-
This is a funny thing,
this thing, this-
Freddy, whatever
you're doing, stop it.
"Freddy, whatever
you're doing, stop it. "
I hope you die.
I hope you fucking die.
Come on! Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Sir, pull your vehicle
over to the right.
- Sir, just stay in your vehicle.
- There's a gun on the seat.
There's a gun in the car?
Step back here, sir.
Step back here.
Step over here, sir.
Stop right there. Turn around.
Place your hands behind your head,
interlace your fingers.
Do you have
any other weapons on you?
Spread your feet for me.
- I got a permit for the gun.
- You got a permit for the gun?
- Yes.
- Why do you carry a gun, sir?
I'm a jeweler.
I got a jewelry store.
It's all I have.
I carry the gun to protect what I have.
I can understand that. Do you
have the permit on you right now?
- Yes, it's in my wallet.
- Okay.
Put your hands down
for me.
A.45, Dennis. It's loaded.
There's one in the chamber.
It's loaded?
Take out your wallet, sir. Is your
driver's license in there also?
Yes, sir.
just hand it to me.
He says there's a permit
for the gun in there, so-
The reason we stopped you is you were driving
a little erratically this evening, sir.
Have you had anything
to drink?
- I had a couple of drinks a couple of hours ago, yeah.
- Blow on my hand for me.
All right.
We're gonna conduct a few tests to see how
much your ability to operate a motor vehicle...
has been impaired by what
you've had to drink tonight.
The first test I want you to do is
I want you to put your feet together.
I want you to put your arms out to the
side and extend your index fingers out.
Okay, I want you to tilt
your head back and close your eyes.
Now I want you to take your right index
finger and touch the tip of your nose.
Okay, just put your hand back
after you touch it.
I want you to take your left finger,
touch the tip of your nose.
Let's do
the left finger again.
- Okay, sir. Put your hands down at your side.
- Permit's good.
The permit's good?
I want you to come here and put
your right foot on the line here.
Okay, on this one, sir, I want you
to take ten steps down the line.
I want you to walk heel to toe. I want you
to put your left heel to your right toe.
And I want you to count
the steps as you take them.
When you get down here, I want you to turn
around and take ten steps back. You understand?
- Yes.
- Go ahead.
One, two, three,
four, five, six,
seven, eight, nine, ten.
Okay, just turn around, sir.
We don't need to go back.
I think, uh,
by what we've seen out here,
you've had a little bit
too much to drink tonight.
So, turn around, put your hands behind your
back. You're under arrest for drunk driving.
Just turn around,
put your hands behind your back.
Freeze! Stop!
Show us in foot pursuit.
foot pursuit. Man with a gun.
Southbound on Inglewood from the 90
freeway. Request an air unit.
Stop, you son of a bitch!
I'm gonna shoot your ass!
- Police officers, sir. Police!
- What's going on?
We just chased a guy with a gun
in here. Did you see where he went?
I just heard my front door
bashed in. Then you got here.
Hey, the back door's open.
- I got kids here.
Just stay with us, okay?
This guy's got a gun, sir.
Just stay with us.
Honey, you all right?
Yes, Daddy.
What was that noise?
I'll tell you about it in the morning,
sweetheart. Just get to sleep.
We gotta go out back
and keep looking for this guy.
We'll send somebody back
in a little while and take a report.
Good night, sweetheart.
Gonna give you a laugh,
I got pulled over tonight.
Police, right?
The whole bit.
You wanna guess
what for?
Drunk driving.
Drunk driving.
And I had my gun.
I'm not particularly
acquainted with the law, but...
I'm on the run,
I'm on your property
and I got my gun.
I figure you could shoot me
and get away clean.
So, I'm gonna-
I'm gonna get my gun
out of my pants here.
And I guess I'm gonna try
and shoot you.
Hey, you son of a bitch.
Come on. Come on.
This just isn't working
for you out here.
Hey, what is the fare
for him and for me?
- I don't understand.
- What don't you understand?
I come out here. I see you don't have a cent
to your name. I wanna know what you're doing.
I don't get how you're makin'
any money. You're not making any money.
I have a job. Yes, I am making money.
How can you say I'm not making money?
If I'm paying rent
and I'm eating, I'm making money.
- That's all you ever think about.
- You're not feeding yourself. You're not paying your rent.
- I don't understand what you do for a living.
- You don't have to.
- I do have to.
- I'm gettin' by.
- Of course I have to.
- Why do you have to?
Because the creditors call
my house. I co-signed on your lease.
It's very easy for you to say
take your name off my lease.
- It's very easy.
- The wrong stop.
- If it's gonna be this major thing-
- It is a major thing.
- And I want us to figure it out.
- I don't wanna figure it out, especially right now, okay?
That's easy.
That's what you always do.
Not right now.
That's it?
- Whatever, okay? I don't wanna talk about this.
- So, what's your job?
You don't listen.
- I don't listen?
- What am I doing? I have a job.
And I'm working.
I'm working for, you know.
- For what?
- For money. And I've been paying my rent.
So I think I'm pretty set.
I think I've been doing pretty good.
I think that your standards are like,
like so high. So I don't have a car!
- What're you doing?
- It's telemarketing. What's the difference?
- It's telemarketing. What's the difference?
- You answer telephones?
- Yeah, I answer telephones.
- And I hang up on people like you.
Well, you know.
Hey. It pays the rent.
Your daddy's coming.
He is.
And he needs your help.
It's pink.
Emily's stone is pink.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.