Crossroad (2017) Movie Script

'One night's wage'
The person who was with me..
He left early in the morning.
Didn't he tell you?
Hey! The balance payment
is yet to be made.
It was paid in advance
last night, rig ht?
Only Rs.300 was paid since
there was no change.
Did you forget that?
Loo k!
Rs.650 is pending, including
the charge for lunch &tea.
You can't leave without paying.
You money would also be missing!
This is just 500 Rupees.
He stole my phone as well.
- Is it?
When you pick a customer,
be careful at least from now on.
Here you go.
My dear..
Aren't you able to sleep?
Sister, buy some jasmine flowers.
Jasmine flowers!
Sister, don't you want jasmine flowers?
Just half of it.
- Seema dear..
You won't get men just by
wearing flowers on your hair.
For that, you have to
be a little modern.
Did you see this?
If I dial this, big shots
would come flying.
Shall I call him?
You buy the stuff.
Where are you?
Shall we go?
Are they also coming?
That won't be possible.
Here, sir.
It has the phone
number and address.
Who will inform?
I will inform.
Don't say that both
of them are dead.
Can I make a call?
Of course!
- Hello!
-Who is it?
Can you pass the phone
to someone elder, dear?
- There's no one here.
-I am alone.
- Papa and Mumma have
gone to the supermarket.
What is your name, dear?
. BhaQYa-
Nice name.
-Who are you, aunty?
- Why have you called?
My name is Seema.
lam your mother's friend.
When I met her at
the supermarket,
I said that I wanted
to talk to you, dear.
- That's a lie.
- Papa had called
me just now.
- He told me that they bought
Maggi & Good Day biscuits for me.
What else did he say?
- When I said that I am angry
and asked them to come fast,
- he hung up the call quickly.
-After that, Papa didn't call.
The calls would cost a lot of money.
That's why he didn't call.
Are you hungry, dear?
- Ya.
- I'm starving, aunty!
How much?
It's okay.
You keep it, dear.
Oh no! Are you leaving?
I will also come.
Did you recognize me?
Seema aunty, rig ht?
Why are you sitting inside this?
I want to give Mummy a surprise.
ls it?
- Ya.
Mummy sent me here.
To give you company.
Why aren't they here yet?
See what all Mummy has sent for you.
Loo k!
Do you know how to make noodles, aunty?
- Of course!
2 minutes!
Will you make it by the
time I count to 60 twice?
You want more?
Are you feeling
sleepy, Bhagya dear?
Go to sleep, dear.
-You also come, aunty.
Com e, aunty.
What is it, dear?
'Standing guard'
I had a doubt initially
if it was you.
You have changed a lot.
It's me, Sandhya!
Why are you looking
at me like that?
I got transferred here.
Do you live here?
Chitra Garden.
My office is really
close to that.
lam in a little hurry.
Shall I leave?
Good morning Sir.
- Morning!
Oh! Devi?
This is the painter Devi
I was talking about.
- Namaste, Sir.
- Namaste.
Excellent lines!
Bold & sharp!
Loo k!
Did you learn this academically, Devi?
- No.
I learned it by heart
during child hood.
Okay. Good.
Give 3000 Rupees to Devi.
We'll settle the accounts later.
Thank you sir.
-You're welcome.
Okay sir.
- Okay then.
(Reading a Hindi poem)
'Apna desh saware hum'
Apni is paavan dhani ka
Aao romp nikhan.
nikhaaro hum'
Do you know whose poem this is?
- No.
There was a great poet,
Sri Krishna Saral.
This is his poem.
'Apna desh saware hum'
Let us reform our country.
'Apni is paavan dharti ka,
aao roop nikhaare hum'
Let us make this holy land
of ours shine brighten
'Nayi sujhan ki samvahak hum'
We are the sculptors of a new era.
- Dear,
Please sit, grandma.
My grandson has gone
to his mother's house.
That's why I brought the milk.
If he doesn't get this, won't
he be upset with grandma?
Will you study well and become a
great soldier like your father?
Smart boy!
Continue studying, son.
How is your husband?
Where is he now?
He is in Assam.
I always ask this
wheneverl see you.
But I forget it immediately.
It it time for him to come?
He said that he will come
by the end of this year.
Doesn't he call you?
He calls during the night.
The meter here is
precise, Chechi.
However much your usage is, the
bill won't be above 500 Rupees.
Where is your son, Chechi?
He has gone to school.
Here's the previous
month's bill.
Do you know?
Very few people pay the electricity
bill at the counter these days.
It's all online now!
And if you call your husband...
Hold this.
he can pay this bill
sitting there in the army.
I Will tell him.
Oh no!
I will pay your bill, Chechi.
It's my pleasure, Chechi.
this month's bill is 440 Rupees.
So go & bring the
Come here, mom!
Come, mom!
Come here, mom!
Mom, you lost!
You won this game.
An actual war doesn't get
over even if the king loses.
The battle goes on until
the last soldier is dead.
Haven't you heard the story
of the Queen of Jhansi?
The brave woman who led an
army against the British.
Women should never lose.
We should fight.
Here. Drink this milk.
No, mom!
Drink it, son.
Little by little.
- Okay.
Here's your bag.
I've kept everything.
- Bye.
Good morning, Chechi.
What is it, Sabu?
These are some vegetables
I grew myself.
I should give it first to
people whom I like, right?
After sending your
son to school,
I know that you will be
bored sitting here alone.
What say?
What I said is correct, right?
Don't give me those scary looks.
Even though I call you
Chechi (elder sister),
I know that you are
younger to me, Chechi.
I can call you that, right?
Right, Chechi?
If you change this saree,
and wear a Churidar, you will
look like a college girl.
That's all your age is, right?
What do you want, Sabu?
That's a deadly question, Chechi.
I have a lot of
work to do, Sabu.
Sandhya madam, who joined our office
recently, told me everything.
He is smiling without
knowing anything!
why don't you buy a big garland
and put it on that photo?
Anyway, you are awesome.
You didn't let any one know even
though 3 years have passed.
Don't worry.
I won't tell anyone.
Don't you have desires as well?
No one will know.
Get up!
But nothing happened here, right?
Get out!
But Chechi..
Get out, I say!
My heart was shattered
when I heard it.
Fate! What else can we say!
Where is your actual house?
- Give me the balance amount.
She's quite something!
She kept it hidden
for so long, right?
Coming from a different town,
with an innocent child;
how are you living with
a smile on your face?
You wouldn't have wanted
to let anyone know.
Poor thing. You're
burning inside.
you don't need this, dear.
I need it, grandma.
Let it be there.
I came to know the
truth only today.
Grandma, don't cry.
You are consoling me?
I left my home
town and came here
because I didn't want to see
these tears and sympathy.
My husband has told me that when
the country has achieved victory,
we shouldn't defeat it with tears.
I have also felt that it's right.
What is it, dear?
If I ask something,
will you be upset?
No, dear.
What is it?
My father is dead, right?
No, son.
Your father hasn't died.
I know.
My father died during
the war, right?
Then why are you lying, mom?
Your father hasn't
gone anywhere, dear.
he comes and sits here.
Sometimes he talks to me.
Sometimes, he even makes
paintings with me.
No! You are lying, mom!
No, son.
For others, your father
may be a brave martyr.
For us and our country,
your father is still standing
guard at the border.
Loo k!
Your father is still around us.
Look into his eyes without
batting an eyelid.
Look into his eyes, son.
He will smile.
He will talk;
He will ask how you are;
I swear!
'The scent of a bird'
This is her.
Golden Drogolan.
This pretty girl has
another nickname.
Aphrodite Drogolan.
Do you know Aphrodite?
The Greek Goddess of
mystic beauty and love.
Both Gods,
and humans;
competed for her love.
But for me, she is a
bird draped in silk.
'Silk-draped bird'.
Why didn't you call me?
You were upset with me and
turned to the other side, right?
The first rain;
Its fragrance and moisture,
even today, makes me...
Earlier, every rain;
was my own.
If there ever comes a time
when there is no rain,
you might call me 'sister'.
Oh my God!
It's uncle.
Our daughter!
Who is hiding there?
Didn't you sleep yet?
Mummy will come now.
lam going to sleep.
What is it, Sir?
Well, the 'Silk-draped
bird' was spotted.
The 'Silk-draped
bird' was spotted?
- Yes. It was spotted.
Who spotted it, Sir?
Kan nan.
Your Kannan?
-Yes. Him.
I knew it!
My pretty girl would
come one day.
-I am starting today itself.
Aren't you coming?
I will come!
No doubt about that.
I was waiting so long
for this moment.
'My dear birdie, who has
been driving me crazy'
'Will you come with me?',
I shall ask her.
Where will you be, Sir?
- River County.
- River County.
So I'll see you tomorrow
Whom are you going
to see tomorrow?
My dream!
To leave everything and go when a call
comes, this is not a guest house.
Husband, child;
a big house;
I should be taking
care of all this.
lam only happy about that.
But along with that,
I need my birds too.
You are not going anywhere.
I didn't come with you seeing
your riches or lifestyle.
A person who loves the forest.
I was in love with him..
I wanted to become an IPS officer
but ended up in Forest Service.
Still, I sincerely loved the
forest, animals and birds.
And today, I'm a watchman for
sandalwood smugglers & politicians.
I'm done!
I buried all my desires.
For you.
For our daughter.
Look! You're not
going to any forest.
Don't stop me!
That won't happen!
I know.
But when you come back, our daughter
would be in boarding school.
Dad will send me to
boarding school.
Dad won't leave you
and go anywhere.
Dad told me.
What? That he will send
you to boarding school?
He was just joking about it.
Mom wants to see the
'Silk-draped bird', right?
It is your mom's dream, right?
I roam around all the forests
only for that, right?
A bird like your daughter.
An extinct bird.
Humans who killed the forests,
would have killed
them too, right?
Your intention is not
just to see the bird.
Spending many days and
nights with some men.
Sleeping with them, bathing
with them, changing clothes;
My Sir will be there
to take care of me.
Harshan Sir.
That bird-watcher
who has crossed 70.
I didn't realize that
my birdie arrived.
How will you, if your body &
mind is drenched in romanticism?
Listen to it.
Mehdi Hassan.
These nights, my
conversations are with him.
It feels like he is singing for me.
You arrived, when he was
about to bid farewell.
You are shivering.
Even in this dry wind,
your hands are freezing cold.
From the dry wind,
to the cool breeze.
They are cold because of that.
I feel the most protected
when I stand like this.
The walls of protection
of a father's arms.
Oh no!
A bill for you, Sir?
The people at the front
office don't know you, Sir.
That's why they sent a bill.
Tomy has seen the forests only by following
the paths that Sir has travelled through.
And why did I build this resort?
Because this forest and its
beauty stayed in my heart.
Initially, not many
people came here.
And my dad was an
expert in business.
He keeps saying in a
very authoritative tone;
TO my,
your are Malappally Joseph's son.
If you continue like this for 2
more years, you will reap gold!
Should I come here again or not?
What a question?
You should come!
Okay. I will give you a chance, sir.
Our Jeep is there.
Then sleeping bags, ropes,
you can pay for all those stuff.
What say?
He is our informer.
There won't be anyone who knows
this forest like he does.
However far the animals may be,
his nose would sense them.
Long back, there were
a lot of birds here.
Many of them are not
to be seen anymore.
The number of trees
have also gone down.
ls she beautiful?
Like me?
Did you see the colours
beneath her wings?
How are they?
Like a rainbow.
all our dreams are becoming
true, right?
The credit for discovering all
this belongs to you, Sir.
I am just an
instrument of yours.
Had it not been for your
constant search and coercion;
there would be only one
thing that I deserve.
That you are my student.
Through you, I will
know the world.
ls this how she flies?
I saw those birds on
this branch on that day.
Like you said,
they had wings that looked
like they were draped in silk.
Both of them were
eating something.
After that,
I saw only one of them.
What he said is true.
The Aphrodite is here somewhere.
Forests are full of mysteries.
The beings there,
don't do anything against
humans or their activities.
But humans,
steps on to their platform which
is kept aside for them alone;
and does things against them.
We need a society
which believes that
the plains belong to humans and forests
belong to its true inhabitants.
So, all the best guys!
If we are lucky,
we can see several birds today.
Birds which don't
belong to our country.
Birds that have travelled
thousands of miles.
All the best!
You said you're not well &
you're sitting here in the sun?
I had gone to your room.
You are lazy to trek
the forest, right?
Aslight stomach ache and fever.
The maid here has given
me some herbal medicines.
Now, I feel a little better.
Shall we go for a walk?
We can see several deers.
It's the time when the handsome
male elephant goes for a walk.
Let's go.
We have been roaming
around for 3 days.
I saw it, sister.
Not three days;
sometimes we might
need three decades.
Go to sleep.
'What will I name this forest?'
'What will I name the
friends in this forest?'
'I will name this
forest after me'
Madam is someone who
always used to smile.
What happened to her, Sir?
We failed this time as well.
These birds are like that, Sir.
When they are ready to fledge,
they would push away the mother bird who
built a nest, laid eggs & incubated them.
And they would be somewhere today,
and tomorrow, they would be
somewhere else, miles away.
I also like the forest.
But this fascination
towards birds...
One person needn't know
everything, right?
That's also true.
The main item is here.
You can leave.
I will serve it.
The meat is deep-fried.
You wouldn't have eaten such A-class
meat ever in your life, Sir.
You will know when you eat it.
Those who ate it last week,
asked me what meat this was.
But I didn't tell them anything.
Have it, Sir.
Your good fortune!
We got one yesterday.
I wonder when I would get
another one like this next.
Its wings are a sight in itself.
Like a rainbow.
Its taste is just like
how colourful it is.
Have it and see.
It's a punishment!
God's wrath!
Dad sent you to the seminary
to become a priest, right?
You escaped from there,
according to your wish!
And your mother lost her
life the very next day!
And now, the next person has fallen sick.
Well, when you had a daughter,
didn't all of you make an offering
that you would make her a nun?
And then?
Since she is your only daughter,
you didn't do that also.
You don't have to think
any further, Thomachan.
If Mariyamma has to
get up from her bed,
you should send your
daughter to the convent.
What do you say, Thresya?
I have the same
opinion as yours.
why did you leave
without waiting for me?
I have been noticing you
for the past few days.
You're showing too
much attitude.
You're reluctant to talk to me.
What happened?
'I'll flow through your
body like a river,
if you embrace me
like a rain of love'
'I shall be the rain
or the moonlight'
if you caress me
like a cool breeze'
Look how happy you are!
I sent it just like that.
I didn't think that
it would be printed.
It feels like I am in there
somewhere in this poem..
You are nowhere in it.
It must be your imagination.
I am leaving.
Hey! Are you leaving?
It's great!
Don't forget me when you
become a great poet.
Sally, will you come for
the choir tomorrow?
I heard that you came.
Are you doing good, Sally?
Day after tomorrow, you are
going to become a nun, right?
Four years went by so soon.
How were you able to
change so much, Sally?
Your father was crazy!
Even though I tried to
meet you several times,
you avoided me!
Couldn't you tell
Mother Superior?
They don't force anyone to
join the convent, Jomon.
shall I ask you something?
Shall I marry you?
Don't your remember the time when we
sang together for the Church Choir?
'The days of man
are but as grass'
'He springs up like the
herbs that grow in fields'
all of us wish for
certain things.
But what happens
is something else.
Life is just a joke, man.
It will bloom like a flower today,
and wither tomorrow
- Sally dear..
Mom is calling me.
I am leaving.
- Sally!
Why are you enduring so much?
For others' happiness,
we will have to
endure many things.
Especially when you are a woman.
Consider that this is my fate.
This is not fate.
This is superstition!
These are decisions that each
of us have to make ourselves.
And not for others"
Come here,
and lie down here,
hugging your mother.
Day after tomorrow,
you are going to become a nun.
After that,
you wouldn't be able
to come here, right?
I will come, mom.
Do you hate me,
my dear?
Why, mom?
You sacrificed everything
for me, right?
Sally dear..
I have one more desire.
What is it, mom?
Wear the Holy attire
once and come before me.
Let your mother see
the Bride of Christ.
Do it, dear.
I am leaving.
- Thomachayan!
- Our Mariyamma has left us!
- Come fast!
- Mariyam m a!
'Luminous Dame'
Oh Lord Narayana!
Oh Lord Guruvayurappa!
Forgive me.
I will put it out soon.
I'm used to it.
That's why.
What's wrong with that?
Father, both you and
I believe in God.
this ray of fire is burning and
spreading in our hearts, right?
For you to pray, this ray of light;
and for me to love,
my father;
should always be shining bright.
Not just today,
We have to bring together several people
who have become lonely like us, father.
Ajoint family.
A place where we have so many
people who love each other.
Such a house,
Don't we also need it, father?
Putharath Moideen
Koya's daughter;
It's not because he
was a Communist;
To escape from all that,
this is a path that
God showed me.
Your good heart.
Loneliness is like a mad dog, father.
Even though it bit me
and ripped me apart,
I spent my life, without
even being able to cry,
for one and a half years.
I had also heard
about that disaster.
I lost..
my dear children...
Not one..
Both of them!
my husband too.
Don't be sad, dear.
When you address me as 'father',
there's a shade that
it provides me.
That's enough for me hereafter.
Oh Lord Krishna!
What is it, dear?
Have you slept?
-I am about to.
Unni is asking through e-mail
if you are doing good.
It's like asking a dead
person whether he is dying.
Right, dear?
Lord Guruvayurappa!
Unni had transferred 10,000 Rupees
to your bank account yesterday.
The Government hasn't
increased the fees
to cremate a person
in its budget, right?
Then why is he sending it?
It's because you are
over thinking, father.
Over thinking?
Even when he crossed the seas for a
job when he was 21 years old;
I was alone here.
Because of my desire to watch
my only son's life in front of me,
I have begged him.
Just to come and meet
me once.
Do you know how many
years have passed?
And now, he is sending money.
Father, you go to sleep.
Do you know, dear?
Me and my Maathu waited to be
blessed with a child for 14 years.
And finally when she
gave birth to him,
I lost my Maathu.
Ask him to repay that debt!
Not with money;
but with a burning ember.
He just has to throw
that on my funeral pyre.
Let the father-son relationship
come to an end with that.
This is not for rice and sugar.
Sol don't need columns as well.
When I donated the 50 cents and
house that I had, to the school;
I lost a place to sleep as well.
All I had was this small book with
mine and Maathu's names on it.
Did you see this?
The only thing I did in my life
without wanting to do it at all.
A chequebook in which the thousands & ten
thousands that my son sends me, rests.
Money in my name,
which I don't need.
Leave all that.
Achayan told me that you
didn't meet the doctor.
I didn't meet him.
Instead, I met an astrologer.
In the coming December, Unni
will turn 35 years old.
His marriage;
A father's concern.
a hope that I would
be able to see him,
at least with the
astrologer's help.
Why are you sitting like this, Ulahannan?
Get up & come.
Meno n,
I can't do anything now.
My own..
Someone who was like my own
brother is lying there.
But what can we do about that?
Don't we have to proceed
with the rituals?
The townsmen have started
asking questions.
- What do the townsmen
have to do here?
Ask the people who are
in a hurry, to leave.
We didn't force anyone.
Father's son Unni said
that he will come.
Until then, we must wait!
Good that Unni thought
of coming, at least now.
Then shall we call him and ask
him where he has reached?
I contacted Unni
only through mail.
He had written
that he will come.
Let's wait for some more time.
Isn't that better?
That's enough.
I was just reminding him.
It is father's desire.
That Unni should do the rituals.
That shouldn't be in vain.
That's enough.
We can proceed after Unni comes.
He has come to meet you, Badar.
lam the one whom you talk
to through mails, Madam.
Where were you, son?
Do you know how much Mad havettan
longed to meet you?
Father loved you a lot, Unni.
He always had just one desire.
That you must light his funeral pyre.
Finally you came!
We needn't
delay it further.
Let's begin the rituals.
Come, son.
Don't call me.
lam not the one who should
be doing these rituals.
It's for your father, Unni.
That's why I cam e.
I just wanted to come and see him.
I came.
I saw.
That's it.
can't you at least do it considering
this as your father's last wish?
I can't.
lam not a Hindu believer now.
I changed my religion.
She is my wife.
at least you try to
make him understand.
It was father's
biggest desire.
Please ask him not
to decline that.
She doesn't
understand Malayalam.
She is an Arab citizen.
just because he spent all
these years waiting for you;
don't ignore his last wish.
That too, for your
own selfish reasons.
I told you what my decision is.
Please allow us to leave now.
You can choose any
religion you want.
You have the rig ht to do that.
But no religion will ask us to
avoid people who love us,
and people who are
dependent on us,
because of that.
None of them say so!
Didn't I tell you in Malayalam?
I can't do it!
Since I belong to
another religion,
I don't believe in these rituals.
Didn't you say 'another
religion' now?
Islam is not another religion!
It is love and mercy.
It is a nest of relationships.
The religion that taught you to disown
the person who gave birth to you,
when he was alive and
even when he is dead;
that's not Islam!
Me, who is an Islam by birth and offers
prayers five times a day, is saying that!
There is no Islam in you!
Meno n,
ask him,
and his wife,
to get out.
It's me.
lam going to do the rituals.
Wear this sacred thread.
Place the 'Darbha' grass
next to his ear.
Your relation to him?
My father.
Think of your father
in your mind.
(Reciting prayers)
'The Gesture'
Did you like it?
- Gaya Parameshwaran.
- This artist is a boon
to the an of dance.
(Commentary fades)
Thank you.
Everyone move towards that side.
That side.
Come on!
Madam, the Minister has come.
The programme was really good.
I came in person to tell
you a special matter.
The 60th anniversary celebrations
of the birth of Kerala
is starting on November 1st.
We wish that you would do
a programme for us, Gaya.
I'm leaving in two days.
First programme is at
British parliament,
and from there, directly
to United States.
I will be back after the
programmes only after 3 months.
So you're coming back
only after 3 months?
Afterl return, my first
programme would be yours.
My secretary will call you and
inform the rest of the details. Bye.
Excuse me.
Can you come here?
I feel like I have
seen you somewhere.
It has been several
years since we met.
I am Padma.
My dear Puppy!
Where were you?
Do you know where all
I searched for you?
Who is this?
Your daughter?
What do you do now?
I am working.
And sometimes, I do some small
dance programmes as well.
Puppy, I am in a hurry to leave.
I have to talk a lot,
and hear a lot from you too.
Where do you live?
Quite far.
Wherever it is, I will come there.
Give your address to my manager.
Shall I leave?
Mom, that wasn't our
address, rig ht?
Do you dance, mom?
Hi Gayathri Ma'am!
When you get time.
come to my dance school,
and bless my students
by lighting the lamp.
Thank you so much for coming.
It's my pleasure.
Thank you.
Shall I leave?
Please stop here.
Let me go check and come.
- Okay.
- ls there someone called
Padmavati staying here?
I don't know.
-You don't know?
Padmavati lives here, right?
-I don't know.
I don't know.
-You don't know?
A dancer called Padmavati.
Enquire over there.
-I enquired there.
I don't know.
-You don't know?
There is no such person here.
Stop there, Gaya!
Stop, I say!
Gaya, give me that anklet.
Gaya, stop!
Gaya, stop!
Stop, I say!
The ans festival is coming up.
It's all a joke for you.
Do you know how much
I have to practice?
I won't give it.
Gaya, stop!
Gaya, give it to me.
you are always practising!
As if you're going to be
the all-rounder in ans!
Where the hands go, the eyes should follow.
Where the eyes go, the mind should follow.
I will be the all-rounder.
Wait & watch!
All-rounder in ans, Padmavati!
All-rounder in ans, Padmavati.
Madam won't be here for 3 months.
Foreign trip!
She is on the way
to the airport now.
Mad havetta.
- What?
Stop the car.
It's time for the flight.
Where is she going?
Who are you?
Where the hands go,
the eyes should follow.
Where the eyes go,
the mind should follow.
This dance practice of
yours is very good.
What happened to
you, my dear Puppy?
I enquired at the
address you gave me.
That was also fake, right?
She is not with me now.
She went away somewhere.
I would know only if she tells
me where she has gone, right?
She is coming with some
daily wage worker.
I'll call you later.
Madhavetta, this is Padmavati.
My Puppy!
No, Gaya!
. Get in, Puppy!
Madhavetta, cancel today's trip.
What do I do now?
What do I tell them?
This is Gaya.
Sit down.
Come here, dear.
Com e.
Didn't you go to school today?
- No, aunty.
Ever since dad was bedridden,
mom asked me not
to go to school.
Only if I go for work,
we can light the stove
& buy medicines.
There has to be someone at home to give him
medicines on time &take care of him.
That's why I stopped her education.
I will send you to a
good school to study!
There's a good
doctor whom I know.
He will take good care of you.
And, I'm taking her with me.
Where the hands go,
eyes should follow.
Where the eyes go,
the mind should follow.
Where the mind goes,
the emotions are generated.
Where the emotions are generated,
sentiment arises.
Am Y,
Where were you all these days?
Captain John reported sick.
I had to leave on that day.
did you like the house?
When I came to see the house,
you weren't here.
And, many people had come here.
Since you weren't here,
I got angril-
I shouted at all of them.
Leaving you all alone,
I won't go anywhere hereafter.
I got you a house of bricks.
You made it a home of dreams.
You like it?
Love it!
I haven't slept on this bed yet.
A long delayed
honeymoon night.
Don't you want to see
the other rooms? Come!
This is for our son.
What about our daughter?
Where are you off
to, in this night?
It's time for me to leave.
You are not going
anywhere tonight.
I want you to be with me
for this whole night.
I won't allow you to leave.
I must go!
Will you go leaving
me alone here?
Okay! Go!
You are upset already?
Leaving you alone,
I'm not going anywhere.
The full moon is flowing
through the river.
And along with that,
swans too.
Can you please take me
to that river?
shall we go?
see this!
Mom & dad;
you are leaving from here, right?
To spend the rest of your life with your
children and their spouses;
in America, right?
I'm not able to spend even a
second in this house without you!
This journey is to
forget everything, son.
I haven't gone anywhere, mom.
I am here only.
If you leave this place,
who will be there for my Amy?
She is all alone there.
At the riverbank.
I had asked her to come here.
But she is not ready to leave
that house and come here.
That house is our dream.
we never had the good fortune to
stay there together even once.
You shouldn't leave
her alone, mom.
You should be really
affectionate and loving to her.
Shall we leave?
We need to reach the airport at
least 2 hours before the flight.
What is it?
What happened?
Last night,
our son had come.
I felt like someone was crying.
When I opened my eyes,
rig ht next to me,
our son!
Wasn't that a dream?
That wasn't a d ream!
Your rigidity was the
reason for everything.
When I heard it suddenly,
I couldn't agree to it.
Right when I heard that she was
an air-hostess, I didn't like it.
And, she was from
another caste as well.
Still, he was the one who
fought and left the house.
Why are you blaming him again?
The fault is ours, right?
He really loved her.
And she also loved him
back the same way.
We weren't able to understand that.
Right before they started their life,
that plane crash...
I didn't even get to
see my son's face..
It felt like I heard
someone crying.
You didn't believe me
when I told you, right?
Our son is here only.
Along with us.
Don't take anything.
The trip is cancelled.
Shall we bring Amy here?
That's our son's wish.
She is our daughter, right?
- Hello!
- I'm calling from
the police station.
- There's a sad news.
- We found Amy's
body from the lake.
-You should come immediately
to the lake house.
- Hello?
- Hello?
After we turn old, the ones dear to us;
they do not ask us about our
difficulies, poverty, diseases or pains;
they ask only about the
wealth we had gathered.
All of them want only that.
Afew days back, a girl had
called me from Ernakulam.
As soon as she started
talking, she started crying.
There's no one to look after her father.
She wants to send him somewhere.
And we have to go back as well.
Do you know any place, Father?
To be frank, my dear people;
because of this, I'm saying
this to all the elder people,
keep some of your wealth aside,
have some good food,
and live happily and proudly.
So many souls are struggling
so much for their children.
Finally, will they be
able to die in peace?
That's the sad pan.
When we make speeches, we
are forced to say that;
that this father has looked after his
children well, through so much struggle.
Those who think that their children would
be the ones who love them the most,
end up being big fools finally.
lam sure.
Is committing suicide a sin, Father?
- Huh?
15th floor.
Oh Lord!
Someone, please come.
The kids are calling me.
Bhai, please come fast.
I was going to hang up thinking
that you won't be picking up, mom.
Hi grandma!
How are you doing?
What happened today?
My dear,
I'm not well.
What's lacking there for you, mom?
There's no lack of anything.
That's the only lack.
How can you say that?
Where would you get a more luxurious
apartment than this one?
Grandma, you can go to the health
club and go swimming as well.
Don't go anywhere
leaving the door open.
The house is full
of expensive stuff.
Where will I go?
For that, there should be
people living here, right?
lam fed up, my child.
Take me to Manimala
and leave me there.
You want to go live in that
rubber plantation now?
And you want to end up being
strangled by someone?
This place is safe.
What safe?
There is nobody to talk to.
I can't even hear the
sound of a crow.
So the crew's sound is what
you are lacking there?
You won't understand what I'm saying.
Then leave me at
some old age home.
I can at least meet
some people there.
Old age home?
Don't get people talking!
For the time being, you live there.
After some time, this
boredom will be gone.
There are around 300
channels on the TV.
Watch them one by one.
I will call you next Sunday.
Do you have a talking parrot?
It will talk.
But only in Tamil.
We have a pug.
Do you want it, grandma?
It will become friendly soon.
How much does he cost?
He has pedigree.
Not this 15.
15 thousand.
10 is also fine.
Do you want it?
One black coffee.
And a biscuit.
Okay grandma.
I'll get it now.
It looks like a good breed.
He's a Kodeshyan.
He's a cross between a German
shepherd and a country dog.
You smart boy!
lam going to give you a name.
I need good quality biscuits.
For him.
The next shop would
have biscuits for dogs.
Biscuits for humans are fine.
This is our Bhai.
His name is Panda?
Nice name.
Madam will scold you.
Ask her to get lost.
Kunjoonjamma was
10 years old then.
And Nobychan was 8 years old.
A slight heart ache.
Back then, we were into farming.
I just remember coming back
after making black coffee.
And he was lying
on the verandah;
completely still.
From that day, I started struggling with
two kids who didn't know anything at all!
My dear Paandan,
Here you go.
Eat some more.
Kunjoonjamma was the first one to go to
Persia after completing a nursing course.
And she left to New
York from there.
Her husband is also a nurse.
Jobychan left to
Germany after that.
His wife is a German.
His kids are like you.
Both of them have plenty of money!
Once they send their
kids to school there,
can they come back here?
Oh! You slept already?
Sleep! Sleep we"!
I'm sleeping bravely,
after a long time!
Tomorrow, I will tie a pearl
necklace on your neck.
Get lost, you dog!
Get lost!
It's a bus strike!
Get in! It's a bus strike!
Get in! Get in!
Vandammedu, the valley;
Get in!
- Nalamkutti?
This damn bus strike;
just to trouble people.
Get in! Get in!
Will I get a ride from
here to Kalthari Mount?
That's what I am also
wondering, dear.
I'm in a big problem here, dude.
The buses are on strike here.
I must reach Kalthari Mount
tomorrow morning at any cost.
- Where have you reached?
- Do you have any friends there?
I don't have any friends here.
What to do now?
- Then you do something.
- Get a taxi.
-You must reach there
in the morning, right?
Okay. Let me try.
Brother, I want to go Kalthari Mount.
It's risky to go there, dear.
Landslides happen there often.
Troubles from elephants too. And it's
not safe to go there at this time.
I think I'll be stuck here.
No one is agreeing to drive till there.
One guy agreed.
But there's something
fishy about him.
And ya, keep calling me at
regular intervals, okay?
-Ya. I'll call you.
Okay then.
- Okay.
Drive a little faster.
You needn't drive so fast!
Didn't you understand?
No need of so much speed.
What are you doing?
How will we reach on time
if you drive like this?
Drive faster.
Tell me.
Ya. I'm on my way.
I'm fine.
ls everything okay there?
You have it, right?
Anything is fine.
There's no other problem.
Okay then.
I'll call you.
Let them go.
Do you want some food?
- No.
There won't be any
shops after this.
Chetta, you have Dosa here?
- Yes.
2 Dosas and one omelette.
Nice climate.
Here you go.
- Vigilance department has confirmed
the presence of Maoists in Kerala.
-An armed group of 10 people are
hiding in the ldukki forests.
- Reports state that a lady
is leading the group.
- Their activities are by influencing
the tribals and villagers.
- The police has received
information that,
-they are trespassing into the high
range from the northern states.
Dude! Look!
Check her out.
Dude, look!
Shall we approach her?
- Okay.
- Eye-witnesses say that they have
advanced artillery with them.
It's the girl we saw earlier.
Let's see.
Where are you off to?
- Just till here.
Throw that cigarette away!
Throw it outside!
Ya! Stop!
Hey dude!
What are you doing here?
-Just like that.
What's up?
- Those guys are down there.
My customers.
Down there.
Give me a cigarette.
Where are you going?
Stop the car!
Where do you want to reach?
I will take you there.
Stop the car!
Oh God! Where is he taking me?
I will reach tomorrow morning.
No one should know
about our operations.
We are under police surveillance.
By doing some attacks
at specific places,
we should make our presence
felt among the public.
They know where we have reached.
These operations of ours,
if they know about it,
all of us would be behind bars.
It's okay if you don't have a car.
We can use the car I'm coming in.
You should wait there itself.
I will reach there
early in the morning.
We are not far from victory.
So don't worry about it.
K Venu,
Ram achand ran,
we should achieve
what they couldn't!
They know that I am from
Ajitha's bloodline.
And ya, inform Stephen.
We should get our Comrades
released somehow or the other.
At any cost,
taking all kinds of risks,
and maybe even risking our lives,
we will achieve it!
this is our target!
Yes, Comrade.
Let's start from Comrade Varg hese's grave.
The goal of victory may
begin from drops of blood.
Long Live the Revolution!
Long Live the Revolution!
Victory shall be ours!
Victory shall be ours!
Victory shall be ours!
What is it, brother?
What is it, brother?
What's the problem?
- Nothing.
- Where are you going?
Where are you going?
Oh God!
What did you do, brother?
You destroyed my future!
Do you know how long I
struggled for this job?
I have to reach there
at 10 AM today.
Brother, please.
Start the car, please.
I have to reach there at 10 AM.
you are not a Maoist?
This is how people
turn into Maoists!
Stan the car, brother!
Please, brother.
Drive fast.
I have to reach at 10 AM.
I said all that because you
took a detour.
Oh no! I wasn't taking a detour.
A friend of mine, a Jeep driver.
He told me that there was police
checking on the other route.
And I don't have any
documents with me.
If they catch me, my whole
family would starve.
That's why I took a detour.
India is my country.
All Indians,
are my brothers and sisters.
I love my country,
and I am proud of its
rich and varied heritage.
'The Shad ow Wom an'
- I'm going to close the room!
- I'm going to close the room!
Leaving me alone here?
- No.
- Let's see how smart the groom is.
- Will you like it?
Why don't you leave
after 'darling' comes?
- Darling?
- Who is that?
He told me on the phone
to call him that.
- Oh God! It's a name that
no one calls here.
- The celebrations
with his friends are over.
- He will come right now.
.And ya.
- after sunrise,
- explain everything in detail
without avoiding any pan.
I wasn't sleeping.
Since I waited for so long,
I just dozed off for
a bit, unknowingly.
Why am I shivering?
He is touching me,
so softly.
Oh Allah!
Will I faint in nervousness?
What all did that Asma say?
That he will hug me as
soon as he sees me,
hug me really tight;
and that he won't
even let me breathe.
Her husband might
have done all that.
my darling is very naive.
I really wish to
lie on his chest,
wrapped in his arms.
And then he asks me;
'Do you want to watch a movie?'
What is this?
Asking if I want to watch a
movie on the wedding night?
But how can I say no to him?
I just smiled at him.
He immediately opened his
laptop and played the movie.
I peeked into it.
Oh God!
What a disgusting movie!
Without any shame,
a girl is stripping and
throwing away her clothes.
I felt like vomiting.
She was turned around,
and both her hands were
tied with a shawl;
and she was tied to the bed.
Oh God!
When did he tie my hands?
My skin has been pulled up.
No, darling.
I am scared.
Please, for the sake of God, no!
No, darling!
What do I tell my brother?
Ever since I was 2 years old,
he has been carrying me
around on his shoulder.
Whenever I ask for
something adamantly,
my brother would buy it for me.
If there are tears in my eyes,
he will get angry.
He won't even consider who it is.
How much he thrashed that guy for
hitting me with his cycle for fun?
That's my brother!
What if he knows about
this grief of mine?
He won't spare him!
he might chop him into pieces.
Oh God!
Don't make him do that!
Who gave you permission
to come back here
early in the morning?
Or, did his mother ask you to go?
Did he let you go?
"o. right?
Do you know?
During our father's funeral.
You were lying on my
shoulder, hugging me tight.
I have never let you feel the
grief of losing your mother.
Father didn't leave any
money for us when he died.
You know that!
Havel ever made you feel the
lack of anything at all?
Like your friends,
didn't I get you married
in all splendour?
Do you know how many
lakhs I borrowed,
to host your wedding?
Even before sunrise,
you have come running back here?
And you asked your sister-in-law
to tell me about your grief.
Aisha told me everything.
Men are like that.
Don't create trouble for them,
and stay there itself.
That's what women
are meant to do!
And not running back to
your house from there.
Loo k!
This is not your house anymore.
Unless you come with him,
don't ever step
inside this house.
Excellent, dear!
Beyond my expectations!
There are no more changes.
You can improvise, as you please.
lam calling some bigwigs.
And some relatives of yours too.
Let those bastards watch it!
Enquiries for 4-5 shows
have come already.
We will do perform
this in many stages.
You went and told everything
to your sister-in-law, right?
And what happened?
Your brother sent you out
of your house, right?
Come here.
Come here.
lam a naive girl, right?
I got really scared.
That's why.
Please forgive me.
You are the treasure
that God gave me.
Both of us are one from now on.
I swear!
When will you come next?
Apply for parole soon.
We need preparations, right?
Rehearsals, and many such complications.
I'm not willing to
do anything now.
I have told everything I
had to say, to my townsmen.
Girls are growing to be of
marriageable age, in my family.
But I am the hated one.
A girl who killed her husband.
They hate even my shadow.
I should never be a
curse for anyone.
My fate is to spend 7 years in here.
I will come back only after that.