Crown for Christmas (2015) Movie Script

me f Christmas
This year I want something
different and new
Don't want it
wrapped up shiny
No presents
or expensive shoes
'Cause this Christmas
Santa, I just want you
Ooh, I just want you
Santa, did you
get my letter
Don't worry if I've been
naughty or nice
Check your list
Check it twice
Only one thing will suffice
And it's you
You're up early.
It's the only time
I have to paint.
That is so good.
- You always say that.
- Because it is.
You have to start
showing your work again.
And you always say that.
I'm not ready.
And you always say that.
- Any word on the audition?
- Nothing yet.
- Well, it's only been one day.
- Yeah.
Aaron, 45 minutes
till your econ class.
Morning, sis.
Do I smell bacon?
- You need an A on that test.
- And I'll get one.
All right, you smelled bacon.
Now eat up.
We don't have a lot of time.
Past due.
Allie, I thought we paid these.
We did.
We just didn't pay these.
Why didn't you tell us?
She's protecting us.
Which you don't have
to do anymore.
Look, we'll dig our way
out of this.
We always do.
With my tips
and Christmas bonus.
- And mine.
- I'll take an extra shift.
We're the Evans, right?
We're the Evans.
Yeah, you could still
get the call, I guess.
Ha ha! Got you!
You call that a throw?
Okay, take this!
- Okay! Now it's on!
- And this!
- Oh, good one.
- Yes!
I don't know which one
of you is the bigger kid.
- Got you back!
- Wait, one more!
Got you last!
Got you last!
Yes, Mrs. Hinden?
I'm moving you two
to the VIP floor.
- What happened to Sara and Liz?
- They no longer work here.
Need I remind you,
no eye contact
and no speaking
unless spoken to.
We'll be invisible,
Mrs. Hinden.
How long have you worked here?
- Nine months.
- Although it feels like ten.
Follow your sister's lead.
She knows how to be a maid.
I know how to be a maid.
That might be
the worst compliment ever.
The VIP floor.
And we get to clean it.
All right.
We'll start at that end
and finish with
the presidential suite.
Morning, Fergus.
It would appear that your
guests had quite a party.
Yes. It seemed like some of
them were never gonna leave.
You know, Max, it's good to
see you cutting loose a bit.
Don't get used to it.
We're heading home.
What does my day look like?
Let me guess.
Back-to-back meetings,
greetings and eatings.
You have a breakfast
with the charity board,
a post-breakfast
with the foundation,
and then overnight to London
for the children's hospice.
with your permission,
you'll have to spend
a day without me.
What for?
Yet another
governess has quit.
It's only been two days.
Long days, apparently.
And with
the Christmas gala coming up,
it looks like
I'll have to hire one here.
Good idea.
New Yorkers
are impervious to pain.
Make sure that housekeeping
get a generous tip.
Yes, of course.
- Ohh!
- I'm so sorry!
I didn't see you.
I've survived worse.
Um, let me make it up to you.
Do you like chocolate?
These are really good.
Not that you need it.
I don't suppose
I can interest you
in a complimentary
sewing kit?
You can never have
enough of those.
if you lose a button
or if your pants split
Well, apparently
you're not invisible.
He's a guest, I'm a maid.
Need I say more?
- I got the audition!
- That's great!
No! It's in an hour.
Forget it.
It's just the chorus.
- Go! I'll finish up.
- I can't ask you to do that.
It's a couple more suites.
I got this.
Thanks, sis!
- I owe you one.
- I'll add it to the list.
Break a leg!
Your car's ready, sir.
I think I've left my watch
in the room.
Your father's watch?
I'll get it for you, sir.
Why hasn't this been done?
The room is still a mess.
I'm sorry.
I need another 15 minutes.
20 minutes tops.
Leslie Millicent-Caroll
has been waiting downstairs
for nearly half an hour.
Do you know who she is?
Someone with
three first names?
Ohh! She writes the hotel review
for the Times,
and she asked
for an early check-in.
- I'm sorry.
- Leave your keys.
You can pick up your check
You're firing me?
A week before Christmas.
No. I'm firing
you and your sister
a week before Christmas.
Here. Someone left a watch
on the dresser.
I just feel terrible.
This is all my fault.
- We'll get something else.
- During the holidays?
We'll figure it out.
Hey, sis. This is
Mr. Fergus McDuffin.
"Fergus" will suffice.
If this is about
all the overdue bills...
- I beg your pardon?
- He's a butler from...
We're a sovereign nation
near Luxembourg.
My employer is aware
of your untimely dismissal
from the hotel.
In the spirit of Christmas
and for returning his watch,
he'd like to give you this.
Oh, wow! $5,000!
Thank you, but as much
as we could use this,
we can't accept.
- Yes, we can.
- It's too much.
But thank you anyway.
Well, I have to say,
I find that quite...
- Ridiculous?
- Admirable.
Forgive me for asking,
but, um...
is that mulligan stew
I smell?
- You know it?
- Know it?
Everything in the kitchen...
Plus peas.
I haven't had it
since I was a boy.
Would you like
to join us for dinner?
So what do you think?
Even better than I remembered.
Allie can make cardboard
taste good.
And we have.
Your parents raised you well.
Actually, they passed away
when we were young.
I'm sorry.
Allie raised us.
She dropped out of art school
to come home.
And I'm still raising you,
even though you're both adults.
- That's very noble.
- You have no idea.
These two were holy terrors.
You know, I have an idea.
Perhaps you'd accept this check
as two weeks' wages
for a job...
in Winshire.
You want me to go to Europe
to clean someone's house?
I wouldn't call it a house,
and you wouldn't be cleaning it.
A governess
unexpectedly left.
As it happens, I'm looking for
a fill-in over the holidays.
Like Mary Poppins?
Yes, but without the umbrella
and bottomless bag.
You'd be in charge
of one little girl.
But I'm a total stranger.
Not exactly.
31, never married,
not in a current relationship,
dwindling bank balance.
Former employment: sales clerk,
waitress, dog-walker.
You had me checked out?
I'm afraid I wouldn't
be here otherwise.
You see, the family is very
prominent and very discreet.
You'll be flown
first class, of course,
and have your own apartments
and lady's maid.
- She'll take it.
- Lisa!
This morning you were a maid,
and now you'll have one.
You've been
stuck here forever.
- It'll be an adventure.
- But it's Christmas.
We'll do Christmas in January.
W-Well... I...
We could use the money.
Can I just have the night
to think about it?
Of course.
And if your answer is yes,
I'll send a car for you
in the morning.
Thank you.
Well, thank you again
for a delicious
and most unexpected dinner.
Good night.
Good night.
Good night.
- You too.
- We'll miss you.
Merry Christmas.
- Bye, sis.
- See ya.
- Love you.
- Be safe.
Got you last!
Winshire is beautiful.
That, it is.
Would it be fair to say that
you've never traveled abroad?
Does Staten Island count?
- Here it is.
- It's like a castle!
That's because it is a castle.
It's been in the family
for three centuries.
- What kind of family is this?
- A royal one.
You'll be looking after
Princess Theodora,
the daughter of King
Maximillian III of Winshire.
And you're just
telling me this now?
Discretion is
of the utmost importance.
The palace wouldn't
want it getting out
that they're employing
yet another governess.
How many have there been?
Let's say the princess can be
a bit of a handful.
That many, huh?
What a warm greeting.
Yes. Tragically,
it's not for you.
The service entrance,
please, Thomas.
- Yes, sir.
- Uh, yeah, um...
This way.
Ladies, this is Miss Evans,
our new governess.
Mrs. Claiborne, our cook,
and Miss Wick,
our head housekeeper.
She'll show you
to your quarters.
Welcome, Miss Evans.
"Allie," please.
We use formalities here,
Miss Evans.
Sorry. Hi.
Carter, take the new
governess' bags to her room.
Yes, ma'am.
Follow me. I'm sure
you'll want to change
into something
more appropriate.
It's like a museum. Ooh.
Don't touch anything!
We adhere
to a strict schedule,
especially during Christmas.
Are you familiar
with court protocol?
I watch Downton Abbey.
Fergus will give you
a schedule,
and I'll have
your uniform sent up.
You won't see much
of His Royal Highness,
and I can almost guarantee
he won't see you.
These are your quarters.
This is all mine?
I wouldn't get too attached.
Chances are you won't
make it to Christmas.
Oh, my gosh.
- Your Highness.
- Fergus.
Welcome home,
Your Highness.
Thank you, Chancellor.
Where's Theodora?
I'm sure she'll be here
in a moment.
Oh, you gotta be kidding me.
Yeah, you'd better run!
Princess Theodora,
is that any way to welcome
your new governess?
Hello, Father.
I asked you to give her
a check, not a job.
She wouldn't take it.
Why not?
I believe she considered it
a handout.
I realize that she's not
the conventional choice,
but then again, we haven't
had much luck with convention.
You've always trusted
my decisions, Max.
Why don't I feel that
same trust right now?
I can't imagine.
Fergus, a moment, please.
Certainly, Chancellor.
I trust you had
an enjoyable holiday.
It was hardly a holiday.
Your hotel bill
says otherwise.
I don't need to remind you
that your popularity is down,
as well as our finances.
Well, I suppose
that's what happens
when no one in the family's
had a job for a thousand years.
Your father had no time
for frivolity.
Yes, I remember.
Well, now that you're back,
might I suggest that
we focus on Christmas Eve.
The gala would be
the perfect opportunity
for an announcement.
I'm not ready.
So that's the way
it's going to be, huh?
This is so weird.
I could've sworn I heard
somebody knocking on my door.
So weird.
- Boo!
- Hey.
Thanks for the snake.
I've given it some thought,
and I've decided
I don't need a governess.
Well, I don't blame you.
Lucky for you,
I'm not a real governess.
- What are you?
- A New Yorker.
Well, I don't need
one of those either.
You sure about that?
Because that snowball toss
out there was pretty weak.
Pretty weak?
You almost missed me.
Could you do better?
With both hands
behind my back.
Prove it.
No hands, through the door.
What's going on?
This is awkward.
I am so sorry.
Meet my new governess, Father.
Yes. We all saw her
yelling from the window.
Again, that was more
of a misunderstanding.
I believe we bumped into
each other in New York.
Allison Evans. Allie.
His Highness is not in
the habit of shaking hands.
You may as well
send her packing now,
save us all the tedious
"getting to know one another."
Off to your room, Theodora.
Miss Evans.
Not to make excuses,
but you are my first king.
Hmm. Yes. I believe
that's quite apparent.
I'm afraid Theodora's behavior
is my fault, Miss Evans.
My royal duties preclude me
from spending much time
parenting her.
As they should,
Your Highness, if I may.
The princess
is a rebellious child
who prides herself on
terrorizing those in authority.
We've all tried,
without success,
to understand her behavior.
Well, she is ten.
She's a princess,
and is expected to act like one
at all times.
Is that clear?
With all due respect, sir,
childhood is a short season.
If you try and make her
grow up too fast,
she just might do it.
Miss Evans, are you
trying to get fired?
No one's being fired,
Miss Evans, you will supervise
Theodora to all royal events,
but kindly stay
in the background.
In other words,
be invisible.
Somehow, I doubt you're
the invisible type.
That'll be all.
Um, sorry! Excuse me.
Tough room.
Who's the hatchet man?
Chancellor Riggs,
advisor to the throne.
I suggest you stay
in his good books.
- Is he always so...
- Insufferable?
I was gonna use
another word.
I'll have supper
sent to your room.
I'm not eating
with everyone else?
The governesses usually
keep to themselves.
We're looking at
his picture right now.
I cannot believe
that is the same guy
you hit with the maid cart.
Nice driving, sis.
He's not a guy.
He's a king.
And I also hit him
with a Christmas ornament.
So it's going well then.
Not to mention
the little girl,
she's exactly like
you guys were.
- Oh, no.
- Nice.
Good luck.
Gotta go. Come in!
Your supper.
Thank you. Um...
We don't tip here.
Right, sorry.
What's for dinner?
Oh. Hmm.
Good evening,
Your Horse-ness.
You want this?
Why the long face?
I think I know.
Talking to my horse?
No! Uh...
I mean y-yes.
Just small talk.
I do it all the time.
In fact, he likes it.
Don't you, boy?
It's a trick
we've been working on.
That's the first smile
I've seen since I got here.
Well, I should get back
to my overly-large room.
You know, it's not often people
speak their mind around here.
Don't be.
I'm not gonna try
to curtsy again,
if that's okay.
Good night, Miss Evans.
You like her, don't you?
Come in.
Mrs. Claiborne.
I was just headed down.
I see your survived
your first night.
It's only been one night?
I remember when
I first started here.
The king was just a boy
rushing around causing trouble.
But, you know, in a good way.
He was always the fun royal.
But then fate stepped in.
Thank you.
What happened
to Theodora's mother?
She took ill.
It was a long battle.
And soon after, he lost his
father in a riding accident.
It was dreadful.
I mean, poor Maximillian.
He suddenly found himself
thrust into
the role of widower and king,
and all before
his 30th birthday.
I don't think he's let
anyone or anything in since.
Good morning, Theodora.
You're still here.
I don't scare off
that easily.
I suppose this is when
you start trying to turn me
into a little princess.
I don't have nearly
enough time to do that.
Besides, when I was your age,
the last thing I wanted to be
was to be a princess.
What did you want to be?
An artist.
Then why didn't you?
Weren't good enough?
Something like that.
So what do you want to do?
You're letting me decide?
It's your castle.
Do you like this one?
Yeah. It looks kinda like you.
You're not afraid of bugs?
Are you kidding?
New York has the toughest
cockroaches in the world.
My last governess
was scared of bugs.
She also said I was annoying.
All kids are annoying.
That's their job.
How old are you?
How old do you think I am?
Close. 31.
Are you married?
No one ever asked?
Someone asked once,
in sixth grade.
Are you an old maid?
Well, I'm a maid.
I mean I was a maid.
I mean I was...
I was fired.
I'm not anymore.
Are you here just 'cause
you want to marry my father?
A lot of women do.
That's why they're nice to me.
Well, you can rest assured,
if I'm nice,
it's because I like you.
And I'm more likely to marry
Santa Claus than your father.
Santa Claus
is already married.
As he should be.
This is a great greenhouse.
It was my mother's.
People say I look
a lot like her.
You must miss her a lot.
I guess.
You know, I lost my mom too.
And my dad.
Back home,
when things get tough,
my brother and sister and I
put our hands together
and we say,
"We're the Evans."
It makes us feel like
we can get through anything.
So are the Evans special?
We're just a regular family.
Do you think...
we should put a few
in Miss Wick's bed?
This one looks like
an Allie to me.
Miss Evans!
Oh, there you are.
Theodora is late
for the Christmas photograph.
I left a schedule
under your door.
I didn't get any schedule.
She'll be ready
in five minutes.
Make it four.
Let's go!
Come on, come on,
come on, come on!
Okay, let's go!
Off with the jacket.
Ah! Miss Theodora, at last.
Fergus will show you
to your place.
Miss Evans.
Can I sit in the chair
with you, Father?
Not this time.
I suppose we can airbrush her
jeans from the final photograph.
A little closer in.
Ready and...
So how many will be
in attendance
at the Christmas gala?
A few more than last year.
The Count of Ashbury,
I assume?
With his new wife.
You mean
his second new wife.
Or is it his third?
Hard to keep track.
Father's taking me
ice skating tomorrow,
just the two of us,
aren't you, Father?
I'm afraid that'll
have to wait, Theodora.
The day after tomorrow?
Perhaps after the holidays.
Did you just put that
back on her plate?
- It was under three seconds.
- Excuse me?
Oh. The three-second rule.
If it drops on the floor and you
pick it up within three seconds,
it's still good.
I-I take it you don't
have that rule.
When I was at university,
we had the three-minute rule.
My roommate barely made that.
In fact, a toast.
If there is Christmas
in your heart,
then there is most definitely
Christmas in the air.
Hear, hear.
Perhaps you'd like to add
a toast of your own, Miss Evans.
It's considered unlucky
to toast without a glass.
Fergus, would you get a glass
for Miss Evans, please?
And one for yourself.
Straightaway, Your Highness.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Merry Christmas to those
who've seen us at our best
and at our worst
and can't tell the difference.
- Cheers.
- Cheers!
Well said, Miss Evans.
Good morning, Fergus.
Good morning.
Perfect timing.
Your schedule.
Holiday tea
in the blue room,
followed by the
Nativity Scene unveiling,
the Royal Charity
Christmas visit,
and a late supper
in the gold room.
- And that's just for today.
- It is, it is.
As you can see,
preparations are underway
for the Christmas Eve gala.
It's a time-honored
Nothing has changed
in the last 300 years.
Not even the guest list?
If they're still standing,
they'll be here.
You won't be attending,
of course,
but you will be
in the background
in case a problem occurs.
I'm very much hoping
it won't.
Ah, here comes the tree.
Carter, put it down
at the far end, will you?
Straight down there.
Yes, in front of the mirror.
Can me and Miss Evans
decorate the tree?
The royal decorator
is in charge of the tree.
He's scheduled in tomorrow.
- We could get a head start?
- Please?
Oh, I suppose you can
put up a few things,
at least until Miss Wick
takes them down.
That's it. Straight up there
in front of the mirror.
The ornaments are locked up,
but I know where the key is.
Or we could make our own.
Why would we want to do that?
Come with me.
Deck the halls
with boughs of holly
Fa la la la la
La la la la
This old lace looks great.
And so do those pinecones.
Add a little gold paint
and some ribbon, voil.
I challenge any royal decorator
to outdo this.
My mum used to decorate
the tree with me.
Mine too.
I'm starting to forget
what she was like.
You know what I do
when I feel like that?
I think hard
about one memory,
like the last time
we were together.
When was that?
a lot of years ago.
We were opening presents,
and we all sang
"Grandma Got Run Over
by a Reindeer."
Which is
a pretty twisted song.
And we couldn't
stop laughing.
That's what I think about,
and it all comes back.
Have you come to a decision?
I'm postponing it.
Maximillian, you've had
four years to grieve.
A royal wedding will
strengthen the country.
Lady Celia's family
is a crucial link
to our relations
with the northern provinces.
I'm sure we can
find another link
whose chain isn't attached
to an arranged marriage.
She's beautiful,
she's educated,
and she's royal.
- She's perfect in every way.
- Exactly.
And you have history together.
Had you not run off
to school in America
and met someone else,
we wouldn't...
But I did!
I like Celia,
but I don't love her,
and I'm not sure
that I ever will.
Winshire needs a queen.
Not to mention, Theodora
could use a mother figure.
May I remind you,
your duty is to your country,
not your heart.
Where have I
heard that before?
Your father was a great king!
So I've been told.
Ready? 1, 2, 3, go!
Oh, darling,
what do you think of this?
- Beautiful.
- Ah, thank you, darling.
I know what we can use
for the top of the tree.
- I'll be right back.
- Okay.
Miss Evans,
what exactly is going on here?
How about this
for the top of the tree?
Is that your father's crown?
His Royal Highness
will not be happy.
Thank you.
Here. You try.
I'm a butterfly!
I wanna be one too.
"Now, Dasher, now, Dancer,
now Prancer and Vixen.
On, Comet, on, Cupid.
on, Donner and Blitzen."
To be continued.
I think the decorations
look absolutely wonderful.
Yes, absolutely.
Superb, superb.
Do you think I've ordered
enough vintage champagne?
Well, you always do.
Mind if I join you guys?
It's not customary for the
governess to eat with staff.
I think that's up to Fergus,
don't you?
- I see no harm in one more.
- Thanks.
- Here.
- I'll try not to eat too much.
Trust me, with Mrs. Claiborne's
kidney pie, you won't.
I think that's your
second piece, isn't it, Fergus?
Is it really?
It'll be okay.
Fergus tells me you make
a delicious mulligan stew.
Oh, yes! I had more
than one portion of that.
Would you like to give me
the recipe tomorrow?
- I'd love to.
- I'll drink to that.
Cheers, everyone.
I thought Theodora
should have her star.
And it's too high up
for Miss Wick to take down.
Unless she files up
on her broom.
Good point.
I know you talk to horses.
Do you ride them?
A few times
around Central Park.
This park's a little bigger
and quieter.
You know, you can only see
so much from the back of a limo,
but you can see everything
from the seat of a horse.
You ride every night?
It's the only time when
I really feel like myself.
I think that's why
I love New York so much.
Nobody knows me there.
I can stand in line,
get shouted at by taxi drivers.
That's what you want?
You'd be surprised at what
you want when you can't have it.
We should swap lives.
I stand in line and get
yelled at on a daily basis.
I met my wife in New York.
Her family was as royal
and stuffy as mine,
but she wasn't.
We eloped.
- Vegas?
- Niagara Falls.
My father would have
disowned me if he could.
He was a much better king
than he was a father.
I probably
shouldn't say this.
No, please, say it.
Do you ever feel like...
maybe you've become
a little like him?
I'm afraid I might be
going down the same path.
Paths change all the time.
Not in my world.
Fergus tells me
you're an artist.
Oh, he saw a few paintings
at my house, that's all.
That's not how
he described them.
I had a show once,
a couple years back.
Didn't go so well.
So now I just
paint for myself.
That's a shame.
I'd really like
to see your work.
So would he.
Where are your manners?
There's an artist
in our presence.
You taught him that?
He's taught me
a few things too.
It's so beautiful.
Yes, it is.
Thank you for
the royal treatment.
And thank you for treating me
like a normal person.
I'm not sure
that's an even exchange.
Trust me, it is.
I'd shake your hand,
but I know you don't shake.
Good night, Your Highness.
Max. Please.
Well, I should probably...
Good night, Allie.
Good night.
You wanted to see me, sir?
Yes. Lady Celia's
arriving tomorrow.
Make sure her room is ready.
But she's not due
until Christmas Eve.
There's been
a small change of plan.
Good morning, Mrs. Claiborne.
Gingerbread cookies!
Good morning, dear. And how
was the rest of your evening?
Eh. Just another night
in the castle.
It's funny,
I can't remember the last time
the king took anyone riding.
On second thought,
yes, I can.
Is that gingerbread?
It's not for breakfast.
Good morning, Theodora.
I saw you and Father
riding last night.
Next time don't hold onto
the saddle horn.
Thank you.
Should there be
a next time, I won't.
- Morning, Your Highness.
- Morning, Fergus.
Your breakfast.
O Christmas tree
O Christmas tree
Your leaves
are so unchanging
Not only green
when summer's here
But also when
it's cold and drear
O Christmas tree
O Christmas tree
Such pleasure
do you bring me
What wonderful acoustics
in here.
O Christmas tree
O Christmas tree
Not the original German.
A Christmas song
is a Christmas song.
A royal car has arrived,
Your Highness.
- Are we expecting someone?
- It's not on the schedule.
Ah, that must be Lady Celia.
I thought she wasn't arriving
until the day of the ball.
I invited her
a few days early.
After all,
she'll be family soon.
- That's not your decision.
- Someone has to make one.
The monarchy needs a queen.
Announcing Lady Celia
of Luxembourg.
Isn't this all just wonderful?
Words cannot describe it.
Theodora, I haven't seen you
since you were tiny!
No. You saw me
three months ago.
And at Easter.
And last year
at the Christmas gala.
I suppose I should
remember these things.
But I did remember this.
Thank you.
I'll open it on Christmas.
Oh, no, open it now, dear.
I can't wait to see it on you.
Ballet. My favorite thing.
And you're just the right age
to start lessons.
You are going to make
an adorable ballerina.
Lady Celia, this is Miss Evans,
my governess.
Nice to meet you,
Lady Celia.
An American governess.
How odd.
I couldn't agree more.
Let's all move
to the drawing room, shall we?
Your Highness.
Who is she?
The horrible lady
my father's supposed to marry.
What better place to announce it
than the Christmas gala?
How perfect.
I vote for a spring wedding.
Of what year?
Aren't you silly.
This year, of course.
We'll send the invitations out
on the first.
That way it gives
anyone who counts
plenty of time
to clear their schedule.
The wedding is being held
at the castle, I assume?
Just as
Maximillian's father's was.
And perhaps a honeymoon
in the Maldives?
You're planning
my honeymoon too?
Our honeymoon.
And I adore the Maldives.
Unless, of course,
you prefer somewhere else?
No, not really.
Father, you don't
look too well.
Maybe you should go to bed.
I'll take you.
- I'm fine, Theodora.
- It is getting late.
You must be very tired,
Oh, I never sleep. In fact,
if you were to get married,
you'd never be alone together
because I'd always be there
day and night.
But I have questions
for Lady Celia.
- Questions?
- Do you like bugs?
As long as they're
in the ground, I suppose.
Do you know how to make
ornaments out of pinecones
- or mulligan stew?
- Theodora, that's enough.
Are you being nice to me
just 'cause you want
to marry my father?
Do you even love my father?
Excuse me.
Your Highness,
let the governess handle it.
Your Highness?
Teddy, wait!
I know you're in here.
Theodora, come out
this minute!
She's locked it
from the outside.
You're not gonna hit me
with that, are you?
I'm going to break a window,
Your Highness.
It's still Max.
Don't believe everything
you're thinking.
You don't know
what I'm thinking.
That I'm a jerk
who wanted to kiss you
when I'm about
to be getting married?
So you do know
what I'm thinking.
- Can I at least explain?
- There's nothing to explain.
This union was arranged
by the throne.
- Aren't you the throne?
- No. I just sit on it.
Apparently, the monarchy's
only popular
when we're getting married
or having babies.
Celia and I were meant
to be married years ago, but...
we see each other
It's just always been assumed
that we'd be together.
You make a beautiful couple.
And I hope
that you'll be happy.
Spare key. Sorry.
Inside, Theodora.
You're not going to punish me?
Hello, everyone,
and welcome again.
It's hard to believe
another year has gone by.
I hope it's been a good one
for all of you.
There are rumors
of a royal wedding!
Father always told me
not to believe rumors.
I tell my daughter many things,
most of which she ignores.
Theodora, would you please hang
the royal ornament on the tree?
I'll hang this one instead.
That's sweet.
A picture, Your Highness.
Look at us.
Just like a family already.
Don't worry, Miss Wick.
I didn't make the bed.
It's not Miss Wick.
May I come in?
Of course.
What a surprise.
To what do I owe the pleasure
of this unexpected visit?
You and Maximillian
seem rather chummy.
Well, we do go way back
to five days ago.
I'm just the governess.
I owe you an apology,
Miss Evans.
I'm afraid I'm quite insecure
when it comes to Maximillian.
We were supposed to be
married years ago.
This is my second chance,
and I'd hate for him
to slip away again.
You have nothing
to worry about from me.
The truth is I don't believe
he's ever been quite comfortable
as a royal or a king.
Perhaps could put a good word in
with Theodora for me.
Of course.
I'm glad we had this chat.
Fresh snow! Look!
It's gonna be
a white Christmas.
Come on, let's go.
He's perfect.
Where's Theodora?
I don't know, Your Highness.
I'll go and find her.
Oh, good one!
Princess Theodora,
you're due in for breakfast.
Oh, you cheeky little monkey!
Whoa! Two against one, huh?
- Come on!
- Come on, Helen!
Come on!
Nice shot, Fergus.
Come on, guys.
Come on, join my team.
This means war!
Pardon the interruption,
Your Highness,
but I can't seem to find
the staff anywhere.
And my tea is cold.
Come on, guys!
We need help! Whoo!
Would you care
to explain yourselves?!
That's not funny.
What are they doing?
Oh, no.
Your Highness,
please don't blame them.
Is this a snowball fight
or a tea party?
Ohh! Your Majesty!
Nice shot, Your Highness!
Something needs to be done
about this governess.
I think we'll make this
a new Christmas Eve tradition.
Come on.
Let's go.
Well done, girls.
These look delicious.
It's hot.
Can we make more?
Sure, but this time,
you're gonna do the measuring.
All right, we need
1 and 3/4 cups of sugar,
but the one cup
is being used,
so we'll use
seven quarters cups
because four quarters
is the same as one.
Is that like fractions?
I don't get
all this math stuff.
It's easy. It's just different
ways of saying the same thing.
So one cookie
is the same as two halves,
which is the same
as four quarters, see?
That is pretty easy.
So if I have two quarters...
- that makes a half.
- Yes.
And if I add one more quarter,
that makes three quarters.
And just one more quarter...
- makes a whole.
- You got it.
If I add another three quarters,
that would make...
Okay, that's enough math,
you little sugar monster.
It's almost dinnertime.
A toast.
To the future of Winshire.
To us.
Miss Evans and I
made Christmas cookies.
- Who wants one?
- I do.
Mmm! Delicious.
Don't you want one,
Lady Celia?
Of course I do.
Miss Evans' family recipe.
Is there no end
to her talents?
There most definitely is.
Well, you certainly
have a way with children.
Thank you.
Well, perhaps you have some
advice for Maximillian and I.
After all, we do plan on having
a few of our own, don't we?
I doubt I have much to add.
Miss Evans says that you
should never yell at a child.
If you're angry, just lean in
and whisper quietly.
It's scarier.
That was more of a joke.
Miss Evans says that good
parenting lies somewhere between
"Don't do that"
and "What the heck."
All right, Theodora,
I think we get the picture.
Oh, no, do, please, go on.
This is fascinating.
Miss Evans?
Well, I guess
if I had advice,
it would be always kiss
your children good night,
even if they're asleep.
Well, I think it's safe
to say that Miss Evans
will be very hard to replace.
she won't be replaced.
Theodora won't be needing
a governess after the holidays.
Oh. You didn't tell her?
Tell me what?
Your father and I have been
discussing your enrollment
at Le Rosey.
You're sending me
to boarding school?
Nothing's been decided yet.
I asked you not to say anything.
We can't keep
replacing governesses.
- She's only ten!
- You were only eight.
I went to Switzerland
when I was Theodora's age.
It is a wonderful training
ground for young ladies.
And we can always visit,
and she'll come home
on the holidays.
I lost my mum.
Now I'm losing
my father to her.
You won't lose him, Teddy.
They're sending me away.
He's going to
forget all about me.
He won't.
You are pretty darn
No matter how it seems
right now,
I promise you...
you are his crowning
I know this is hard, but you
can get through anything.
Just like the Evans, right?
Your Highness.
Another Christmas Eve,
another gala.
Mm. This one will prove
unforgettable, I'm sure.
I think Lady Celia would be
quite happy with this.
That's my mother's ring.
And she would have wanted it
on Celia's hand.
It belonged on the hand
Theodora's mother.
Well, if you'd had a royal
wedding instead of eloped,
it would have been.
But let's look to the future,
Believe me, I'm trying.
I can assure you
it's the right thing to do.
Happy Christmas Eve!
How's the king?
About to announce
his engagement.
He's proposing?
To Lady Celia of Luxembourg.
What? When did this happen?
before they were born.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
Gotta go.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
My mum used to brush my hair.
I think I'll use that
as my special memory.
Okay, tiara or no tiara?
No tiara.
All right, tiara it is.
You look just like a princess.
You've always been honest
with me, Fergus.
I have, yes.
Am I doing
the right thing here?
You're doing what's right
for your country, Max,
and what your father
would've wanted.
That's not an answer.
Then I'm afraid this is
one time when I am unable
to be honest with you,
Your Highness.
Maybe you could give
Lady Celia another chance.
I know you don't like her,
but, hey, you didn't like me
at first either.
Sometimes people
can surprise you.
But why can't you
be my mother?
Well, first of all,
I'd have to marry your father,
and we both know
that's impossible.
Why is it impossible?
He's better
when he's around you.
He's himself.
are you ready?
She is.
You look so much
like your mother.
I'm sorry, Father.
Why would you be sorry?
I know you don't like
being reminded of her.
it's her memory and you
that keeps me going.
But you never talk about her.
That doesn't mean
I don't think about her
every single day.
we can talk about her
whenever you want.
My father taught me
to keep everything inside,
but I don't think
we'll be doing that anymore.
Shall I take Theodora
to the ballroom?
I think I'll do it.
Father, may I invite
Miss Evans?
She's never been to a ball.
Thank you, sweetie, but I
really don't belong there.
I disagree.
We'll see you downstairs.
You're an invited guest.
What are you doing
in the corner?
Hoping to get uninvited.
Oh, you'll do no such thing.
Royals make an entrance,
and you're going to, too.
Ah, Your Highness.
You look lovely.
Just like a queen, Lady Celia.
Thank you, Theodora.
And you look every bit
the princess. Shall we?
If you don't mind,
I'd like to walk Theodora in.
Chancellor, would you
escort Lady Celia?
It would be my honor.
Lady Celia, this way.
Are you ready?
Whose is it?
Oh, I was young once.
I wore it
to a very special dance
with a very handsome man
years ago.
It's beautiful.
My mother was a seamstress.
She spent months making it.
Uh, but I can't possibly...
You can and you will.
Thank you, Mrs. Claiborne.
- It's Helen.
- Allie.
Go on. Hurry up and put it on
before the ball is over.
So what happened
to that very handsome man?
we were far too young,
I'm afraid.
He was in the army,
and he was sent away.
We just lost touch.
You never saw him again?
Yes, I saw him,
but by then, I was married,
and my husband passed,
so too much time.
Anyway, at my age,
thoughts of romance
are about as unlikely
as an eclipse of the moon.
You do realize there are
several eclipses every year.
Announcing His Royal Highness,
King Maximillian
and the Princess Theodora.
May I have the first dance?
She really is
rather beautiful.
- She's very sweet.
- Yes.
Is that true?
Announcing Miss Allison Evans
of Brooklyn.
I've never heard of her.
What's she doing?
She's a governess.
Not tonight.
So much
for being invisible.
Dance with me.
Your Highness, may I have
Lady Celia for a dance?
Of course.
It seems like you're the only
one who hasn't danced yet.
Fergus hasn't.
I think I'd rather
dance with you.
Your judgment is
obviously impaired.
It has been for some time.
I'll definitely remember this
for the rest of my life.
So will I.
May I borrow him back,
Miss Evans?
Of course.
She looks quite beautiful
in your dress.
She looks lovely.
As did you once, I recall.
- I'm not blind.
- Celia...
I know you don't love me,
at least not like you used to,
and I'm okay with that
for now
'cause I think one day you will.
And that's enough for you?
We're going to have
a wonderful marriage.
Please just give us a chance.
Now, let's take a peek
at that ring.
Isn't it bad luck to see it
before the proposal?
I'll take the risk.
That's strange.
Where is it?
When did you last see it?
Earlier this evening,
in my study.
Well, I hate to state
the obvious.
I trust my staff implicitly.
They've been with me for years.
Not all of them.
Miss Wick
came from your staff.
Well, I'm not talking
about Miss Wick.
- That's ridiculous.
- Is it?
- She's not a thief.
- I know you're fond of her,
but what do you
really know about her?
Excuse me, Your Highness.
A few pictures
with the Duke and Duchess.
It'll be good for relations.
Lady Celia.
As you were.
Lady Celia.
Could I have a word
between bites?
Of course.
It appears my engagement ring
is missing.
Really? That's awful.
Yes, I thought you might be
able to shed some light
on the situation,
before it escalates
any further.
Me? No.
I have no light to shed.
Because there will be
a room search,
and if it's found
amongst your things,
the authorities will be called.
What are you trying to say?
I think it's clear.
Be clearer.
Last week you're a maid.
Now you're a governess.
Where will this dazzling
climb up the ladder end?
A 19-carat diamond
could buy a whole new life.
I have a life.
Do you?
Look, I might be
a lot of things,
but I've never taken
anything in my life.
She doesn't steal.
She's an Evans.
Thank you, Teddy,
but I think it might be best
if I just leave.
You can't!
We have another week!
I think under the circumstances,
Miss Evans,
leaving now would be best.
Excuse me.
It's all my fault!
I've ruined everything!
Give me the ring, Teddy.
I just didn't want Father
to put it on her finger.
I know.
I'm sorry.
I'll tell them it was me,
and you can stay.
I can't stay, sweetie.
I've caused enough trouble
as it is.
What's going on?
The ring's been found.
So I see.
I'm sorry, Father.
Do me a favor.
Tell them it was me.
It's important that
Theodora and Lady Celia
get off to a good start.
It was found on my dresser,
where I left it.
I'll pack my bags.
You don't have to do that
I'm pretty sure I do.
Promise we'll stay in touch.
I promise.
And you can come visit me
anytime your dad lets you.
They're waiting for us
downstairs, Theodora.
I'll miss you.
I'll miss you too.
Thank you for making me
feel like a princess,
even if just
for a little while.
Thomas will drive you
to the inn when you're ready.
Thank you, Fergus.
I'm sorry.
I've always prided myself on
being a good judge of character.
I was right to hire you,
and I'd do it again.
Would you hand these out?
Oh, you shouldn't have.
I never dreamed that
halfway around the world
I'd make such good friends.
I'm gonna miss you.
It's time, Your Highness.
Thank you.
Good evening, everyone.
This is normally when
I would make my traditional
"Night Before Christmas"
which you've no doubt
memorized by now.
But tonight I would like
to say something else.
Christmas is a time
to come together.
It's about family, giving,
and love.
And recently,
I've come to realize
that while I am your king,
first and foremost,
I'm a parent.
I know this realm
needs a queen,
but right now,
my daughter needs a father.
I know many of you
were expecting
a wedding announcement,
and I hope that one day soon
you'll have that.
But not tonight.
I'm sorry.
Merry Christmas, everyone.
Enjoy the ball.
Celia, please, wait.
No. I've waited
long enough for you.
Listen, you deserve more than
an arrangement. We both do.
I really am very sorry.
I hope one day
we can get past this.
I can assure you we won't.
And I'm relieved I don't have
to spend the rest of my life
with that child.
That child is my daughter!
And unlike you,
one day she will be queen.
Do you have any idea
what you've just done?
Yes, I do.
This is my house, my family.
Who I marry and when
is my decision.
Your father would be
so disappointed.
I can live with that,
and if you can't, you can leave.
- I love you, Father.
- I love you, Teddy.
And you're not going
to boarding school.
You're gonna stay
right here with me.
Holidays, they come and go
Life is so uncertain
That's what
I want you to know
I wish we had more time
Don't wanna leave again
Why can't our story be
a story with a happy end
You're always in my heart
Life is sometimes
like a song
You sing the words
you're feeling
You feel
they're sometimes wrong
'Cause every time I go
My soul wants me to stay
And show me
in every moment
It's wrong to go away
You're always in my heart
I couldn't believe
it's true
It's always
always been you
And all of my dreams
come true
I have found my home in you
Every snowy night
Makes my heart ignite
Remembering all
that we've been through
It's always been you
I think you strayed
from your path a little.
My path's changed.
It turns out I couldn't marry
someone I didn't love.
You didn't propose?
I'm in love
with someone else.
But what about the throne?
It survived
a thousand years.
It can survive
a girl from Brooklyn.
Are you sure about this?
The fact is
you had me at "sewing kit."
I couldn't believe
it's true
It's always
always been you
All of my dreams come true
I have found my home in you
Always been you
Something new
It's always been you
Holidays, they come and go
But I will stay forever
That's what
you need to know
We have all the time
Forever and again
This is our story
And our story
has a happy end
It's always been you