Cruel Encounters (2023) Movie Script

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[hip hop music playing]
[SINGING] Save your breath,
baby, I'm not going home.
Let me check in
with my people.
Cheers, bitches.
Destiny Reed is turning all
the way up for her birthday.
Come to Ice Bar,
catch me in the VIP,
but only, only, only if you
have a gift for the queen.
I'm not going home.
your breath, baby.
I'm not going home.
She's over there.
Cameron, what the hell?
Yesterday the funeral
for Dexter Elias Reed,
who founded Granite Slate
Holding 30 years ago,
was attended by a
who's who of Atlanta
as well as a former President.
The real estate mogul
was missing and presumed
dead last month when the private
plane that he was piloting
crashed over the Atlantic Ocean.
His body was never found.
And while initial reports
indicate that the plane crash
was due to pilot
error, sources say
police are still investigating.
As for the future of the
company, many are speculating
whether his widow, Corrinne
McCann-Reed, whom he married
just five years ago,
will lead the company,
or will it be one of his
children, notorious party
girl, Destiny Reed or his son
and right hand, Cameron Reed.
The company's stock
price continues
to tumble as investors await
the company's new direction.
Well, you heard the man.
Inquiring minds want to
know about the future
of our father's company.
She's right, Corrinne.
What the hell did you call
us into the office for?
What's this?
What the hell?
No, no, no, no,
this can't be true.
I assure you this is
what your father laid out.
Corrinne will be
taking over as CEO.
This is some bullshit,
Corrinne, and you know it.
My father would
never do this to us.
We've worked at this
company for over 10 years.
I've busted my ass
for this company.
Not according to
the paparazzi, dear.
It seems instead of
busting your ass,
you were shaking it the
night your father died.
Is that the right
look for the CEO?
Inquiring minds want to know.
Oh, that's funny.
You just crashed
your third car in two
months almost killing yourself.
Daddy can't leave the company
to the guy that drives like he's
drag racing in a video game.
And you, you were trying
to drive a wedge between me
and my father and take over
this company since the day
you laid eyes on him.
Destiny, darling, this wedge
of which you speak, I assure
you was of your own making.
And as your father's grieving
widow, I will honor his wishes.
And as Vice President of
Acquisitions and Development
for Granite Slate
holdings, I brought
in more business to
this company this year
than anyone at this table.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
slow your roll, little sis.
As chief marketing
officer, if anyone
should take over Granite, it
should be me, and you know it.
All you do is run your mouth.
- All you do is twerk.
- And that's your problem.
You see, children, your father
knew I was best positioned
to lead this company and
to ensure that the company
continues to run successfully
for years and years and years
to come.
If you don't believe
me, ask Blake.
You both know that
your father and I
were friends for over 30 years.
And he confided in me,
not only as his friend,
but as his firm's
general counsel.
You two may not
want to hear this,
but he had concerns about
turning the company over
to either of you.
And Destiny, he said you
simply weren't ready yet.
And Cameron, he said you
didn't have a firm enough grasp
of the company's
complex financials
to run the entire operation.
Is there something
we should know
about the company's financials?
Take a look at
the balance sheet.
[suspenseful music]
This company is
hemorrhaging money.
But daddy never said anything.
Well, I'm sorry.
But the loan from
the overseas bank
fell through on the
Montclair deal last month.
Yes, and Dexter
financed that deal
with most of the
company's cash reserves.
And I tried to warn
your father that that
was an incredibly risky move.
And as a result,
I will have to put
into place some
significant changes
that will impact us all.
What are you talking about?
We're all going to have
to tighten our belts.
I'm putting you both on a
strict financial budget.
It's all there in the P&L.
Oh, wow.
So you're cutting
our salaries by 50%
and canceling our
corporate credit cards?
How the hell are
we supposed to live?
I have no idea, but we
all have to make sacrifices
to sustain the company.
Maybe when the Barrington
project goes through next year,
we'll be doing better.
With the stock
prices dropping,
the company's
vulnerable to takeover.
I mean, those sharks
over at Baxter Corp
would love nothing
more than to take
over your father's company.
OK, but what about the
extra cash in the reserve?
Can't we just use that?
No, whatever we have
left, I've already
earmarked for a new strategy.
You haven't been
CEO five minutes,
and you're already
doing the damn most.
Destiny, darling, just
because you got to cut back
on your champagne twerk dancing
doesn't mean that I don't have
a real plan to
resuscitate this company,
starting with the sale
of the company penthouse.
You can't sell my home.
I already did.
We can't carry a $10 million
liability on the books anymore.
I suggest you move in
with Cameron until you
find someplace of your own.
- What?
- Excuse me.
- Hell no!
You want me to move--
No, no, no, no, no.
Blake, what about dad's will?
He had to have left something.
He left everything to Corrine.
I don't believe this.
Believe it.
It's all right there.
I'm sure it is, Blake.
Excuse me, Mrs. Reed, I
have Detective Howard here
to see you.
Detective Howard,
what can we do for you?
Is there any new information
on my father's crash?
I came here to
tell you that we just
received the revised report
from the Transportation Safety
Well, the initial
report said it was
pilot error related to weather.
Initial tests
pointed to pilot error,
but now we know there was
an equipment malfunction.
But according to the maintenance
records, the part in question
was just replaced.
So what are you
saying, Detective Howard?
I'm saying the plane may
have been tampered with.
This is now a murder
Just talked to them.
They were scared shitless
when I mentioned the report.
Too busy trying
to look innocent.
With millions at stake,
Corrinne and the kids
all have motive and the
means to hire people
for a job like this,
but only one has
more to gain than the others.
I'll call you back.
Let me get that for you.
Nathan, what are you
doing, stalking me?
Well, I am the
head of security.
It's my job to
stalk you, Destiny.
Plus, I need to return this.
Oh, my god.
This is my personal phone.
I was wondering what
happened to this.
You left it as a club.
I've been trying to drop it
off, but you won't return any
of my calls on your work cell.
I don't know why
daddy made us carry
two different phones anyway.
You do know your
business phone is encrypted
to block any possible
hackers from accessing
the company's privacy.
Oh, my god, bore
me some more, please.
Until the investigation
into your father's death
is officially closed, I'll have
to keep a close eye on you.
I'm sure you will.
You don't think I don't
see the way you look at me.
I must admit, the sight
of you does make me enjoy
certain aspects of my job.
Oh, that's too bad.
I don't date the help.
Damn, Cameron, you couldn't
wait for your sister?
I'll have two.
What's with the bags?
You heard step mama.
We're officially on a budget.
Well, I had my personal
shopper pull all the looks
for the new season
before Corrinne
could cancel my credit cards.
So what are we toasting to?
To dad for screwing us
over from the grave by giving
Corrine control of our company.
Checkmate, Dad.
May you rest in peace.
Think he can rest in peace
knowing someone murdered him?
Honestly, I can't say
I'm surprised the police
think someone murdered him.
You can't build $1 billion
company from the ground
up without ruffling a few
feathers, especially family.
Cheers to that.
Two drinks in before 8:00?
Don't start with me, Cam.
I can hold my liquor--
been drinking your
ass under the table
since I was sneaking vodka
out of Daddy's liquor cabinet
at 13.
Well, maybe
that's your problem.
Now you sound like him.
Look, you've been
going hard for a while
ever since dad died--
just looking out for you.
You're looking out for me?
So now you care?
Cameron, you care about
nobody but yourself.
Nobody in this family cares
about anybody but themselves.
It's all for one
and one for none.
That should be on the
Reed family crest.
You crash cars every week, got
a different hoe in your bed
every night, but I'm
the irresponsible one?
I'm the one that everybody
thinks has all the problems.
Look in the damn
mirror, Cameron.
- Bye.
- Des!
Appreciate it, man.
She cut off my
corporate account.
Hi, brother, where
should I put my things?
What's going on?
What-- what time is it?
7:30, time to get
on my early bird-ish.
You can just leave those there.
So, when are you moving
out of your bedroom?
What are you talking about?
Cameron, you can't
possibly expect
me to give up my penthouse
and move into your guest room.
I have far too many clothes
for that pitiful little closet.
And where do you
expect me to sleep?
The aforementioned
guest room, silly, duh.
I swear if the old
man wasn't already dead,
this would make me kill him.
Daddy's little princess
always gets what she wants.
Not quite.
Daddy wasn't my
biggest fan either.
You know, dad was
an equal opportunity
neglect ever since mom died.
Sometimes, I feel like we lost
both of our parents that day.
And then came Corrine.
I still can't believe
that evil witch is trying
to take over our company.
[phone buzzing]
Maybe there's a
way to get it back.
So what?
Lauren's coming back, big deal.
How does the return of our
globetrotting stepsister
help us?
When dad married Corrine,
he made Lauren a minority
shareholder in the company.
So, get control
of Lauren's shares,
get control of the company.
And how do you
propose we do that?
No way.
You and I both know she
still has a thing for you.
You think I don't know
about the little fling you
two had when she last visited?
Really, Cameron, sleeping
with your stepsister?
Have you no shame?
OK, we didn't sleep together.
It was merely a
fling like you said.
Well, how about you get her
to fall in love with you then
You're crazy.
Well, hold on.
Hear me out.
You turn her ass out ,
get control of her shares,
we have the majority.
Three against one,
Corrine's out.
And what makes you think
Lauren will turn on her mother?
Because you're
going dick-matize her.
So when I do get Lauren to fall
in love with me-- and I will--
you'll take your shares and
my shares and make me CEO?
And if you fail, Mr.
Loverman, I get your shares.
Don't worry about that.
I will not fail.
I'll handle Lauren.
I just need you to
handle your business.
What do you mean?
I need you to get
some dirt on Corrine--
something we could use
to push her ass out.
To the takeover.
To the takeover.
You can come in now.
I see you wasted no time
moving into daddy's office.
What can I do
for you, Destiny?
I'm sorry.
Of course, you should
be in this office.
You are the new CEO.
Yes, I am.
Do you think you
can handle all that?
Actually, that's why I'm here.
I wanted to apologize
for my outburst.
Daddy named you the CEO for
a reason, and I respect that.
As a matter of fact, I
brought you a peace offering.
A little pen?
It's not just any little pen.
I had it engraved.
Corrine, I know things haven't
always been Gucci between us.
But we both want to
continue my father's legacy
and ensure that Granite Slate
Holdings continues to thrive.
And to that end, I have actually
taken the liberty of putting
together a proposal that would
expand Granite's West Coast
holdings to student housing.
I was actually up all
night running the numbers,
identifying new markets.
And I think you'll find
that the plan offers
a pretty significant return
with a minimal remodeling
Let's review some
of these ideas.
I think you'll be--
Destiny, I'm running
the company now.
So I'll come up with all the new
plans and get your ideas, OK?
Thank you.
Thanks for the pen.
[candiace, "fine whine"]
[SINGING] Dutty fine whine.
That shit I like.
Sexy fine whine, dutty fine
whine, that shit I like.
Really, Nate, now
you're following me.
You posted a pic
with your location.
I've asked you a dozen times
to stop posting your location.
Some crazy man may find you.
You mean some
crazy man like you.
I could always
find you, Destiny.
I don't ever want to
let you out of my sight.
I bet you don't.
[SINGING] Congratulations,
good conversation.
Excuse me.
[SINGING] We ain't got no label.
But I'm right upon the table.
You hear your name.
You coming?
[SINGING] It must be your
birthday because you're
blowing out your cake.
Slow it down, this
ain't no race,
'cause you got it
in the first place.
Wow, nice crib.
So, I thought you
didn't date the help.
I'm not going to date you, but
I am going to do other things.
Listen, stop.
We can't.
You know you want me.
Tell me you want
me, or I'll stop.
[SINGING] Come and lay
in my sheets tonight--
just a little bit of your time.
Size you up, I'ma get you right.
Come and freak on
me for the night.
Just a little bit of your time.
Size you up, I'ma get you right.
More than touching,
and I'm loving
everything that you're doing.
Emotion makes the motion
little more than pursuing.
You want to so bad.
Picture it, my ass.
Bounce it.
Throw it back.
Going to have you coming back,
boy, like I know you should.
Oh, looky looky.
Whatever happened
to the early bird?
Birdie needs beauty sleep.
Yeah, well why the
birdie was asleep,
the stock prices
fell another 5%.
Lauren's going to be
in the office today.
Oh, game on.
Just be careful.
Why is that?
I got a call
from that detective
investigating the crash.
He wants to talk.
He's probably going
to call you too.
That's the last thing we need.
Tell me about it.
See you in the office.
Yeah, see you.
[dramatic music]
MAN [ON PHONE]: Hello?
Yeah, it's me.
With that detective
snooping around,
how can I be sure he
won't find out about--
MAN [ON PHONE]: There's
nothing to worry about.
I'm taking care of it.
- Yeah, I hope so.
And so I've called this
emergency executive meeting
with all of you department
heads because I'm
so pleased to announce
that the next phase
of Granite Slate
Holding will be led
by my daughter, Lauren McCann.
Lauren spent the last
few years consulting
with international
corporations, which makes her
the perfect person
to lead our expansion
into Europe and Dubai.
Congratulations, Miss McCann.
Welcome aboard.
Thanks, I'm
excited to be back.
Lauren, let me know when
you're ready to review
those proposals.
Will do, Blake.
Given the company's
financial state,
we'll need to get the plans for
the extension in front of the
investors as soon as possible.
I'm ready to get started.
I actually have
some thoughts on how
to position the firm for
this new unique opportunity.
Perhaps we can discuss it
over dinner at Linezan George.
You like French food, right?
Yes, I do.
Cameron, I want Lauren leading
the charge on this project.
She's got the in-market
experience and expertise.
Of course, Corrine.
And let me know when
you're ready to discuss
the acquisition strategy.
I look forward to
exploring new markets.
I'll get on your calendar.
Come on, sweetheart, let me
show you to your new office.
This is all yours.
I cannot wait to wipe that
smug smile off her face.
Patience, sis, patience.
Don't worry.
I got this.
You better.
[phone buzzing]
It's me.
I just got the arrest report
that was buried by the police.
He's got a hell of a temper.
Talk to you later.
[suspenseful music]
What took you so long?
[dramatic music]
So what did you have
in mind for tonight?
I know how important this
international expansion
is to you.
I want to make sure
that you know that I'm
fully invested in your vision.
Good, 'cause with the
stock price imploding,
those vultures down
at Dexter Cornwell
made me a lowball offer--
pennies on the dollar.
That's because they
think we're weak.
And after dad died, they're
trying to take advantage
of our transitional chaos.
You know they made that offer
because they know the company
is bleeding for cash.
And without a new
deal, Baxter Cornwell
will scoop us up in bankruptcy.
Well, we can't let that
happen, which is exactly
why I brought Lauren in.
And I will work
closely with Lauren
to ensure that the global
expansion is a success.
And what about
your closeness to me
and your commitment over here?
Garage door opened.
That's-- that's Lauren.
She's early.
Get-get-- you got to go.
You got to go.
Go out the back.
Hi, Mom.
What are you doing?
I'm relaxing by the fire.
Like that?
Come and join me.
Yeah, of course.
Le Belle Fleur is
still your favorite?
I thought they
went out of business.
Well, they did.
That's the last one.
I had to buy up the whole stock.
It cost me a fortune,
but beauty is priceless.
Two glasses of wine?
That's for you.
I poured it to let it breathe.
Lauren, I can't tell you
how happy I am that you
decided to work with me.
So how was your first day?
To be honest, it
was a little awkward.
How so?
Cameron and Destiny
can't be happy Dexter left
control of the company to you.
My husband left this company
in the hands of the person most
suited to make it a success.
That is the end of the story.
You always get what you want.
I always get what we want.
And I always want
the best for you.
A toast, cheers to always
getting what we want
and everything we deserve.
We'll be in
developing by then,
so everything else sounds good.
Oh, great.
There you are, Craig.
These are the changes
to the plans based
on the engineering report.
What are you doing here?
You checking up on me?
Wow, I like this new
responsible Destiny.
I'm on my grind.
You got the panties yet?
If you must know, I have
a lunch scheduled today
with Lauren at Chez Lorraine.
Let the games begin.
You get any dirt
on Corrinne yet?
I'm working on it.
Stop playing.
We don't have that much time.
You OK?
I think my breakfast
just isn't agre--
Whoa, whoa, I just got
those tires detailed!
Damn it.
[phone buzzing]
Chinese food in the
conference room?
You OK?
Damn it!
What we've outlined requires
a major capital raise.
But planting the Granite
flag in Europe and Dubai
will make our company
an international player
for generations to come.
Expanding international
was always Dad's big dream.
Too bad he's not
around to see it.
You know, anytime I
was FaceTiming my mom
and your dad was there, Dexter
would brag about the work you
and your sister were doing.
He was very proud of you both.
That's funny.
Old man wasn't too
big on compliments.
All right, Lauren, what's up?
Why don't you ever call me?
You know what.
Our secret is in the past,
and it needs to stay there.
We have a professional
relationship now.
That's it.
Of course, I know.
I think we made
good progress today.
I'm going to continue
building the financial models,
and we can pick this
up in the morning.
Sounds good.
I'll have my team work on the
graphics for the presentation.
You know, the deck needs to
be polished and professional,
but it also needs
to be irresistible.
Kind of like those
chocolates you used to love?
[sentimental music]
You mean like this?
Cam, you remembered?
Of course.
Wow, that's really nice.
But no, I can't.
I'm stuffed.
I can't eat another bite.
There's always room
for dessert, right?
That's good?
Like I remember.
[dramatic music]
This can't be happening.
This can't be happening.
Not now.
Stop ignoring my calls!
We need to talk.
[dramatic music]
I'm pregnant.
Sorry, it's a little cold.
OK, let's see.
Where are you?
Is everything OK?
Just a minute.
Let's see.
You hear that?
Oh, my god.
Is that the--
Yes, that's your
baby's heartbeat--
nice and strong at
six to eight weeks.
Do you have the
engineering report
for the Manchester building?
Oh, yeah, sure.
Right here.
Hey, guys, got a minute?
What's up, D?
Hi, Destiny.
Hey, So I identified
a few UK properties
that aren't on your list yet.
Lauren's already
identified our targets.
I know.
I just thought you might need--
Destiny, we got this.
All right?
We're good.
What's this?
Corrine presented her
plan to the board chairs
to expand student housing
on the West Coast--
loved it.
Her plan?
Oh, hey, beautiful.
How was your day?
I'm really busy right now.
Hello to you too.
Nathan, what do you want?
You want to grab some dinner?
You got to eat, right?
Nathan, you work for
my family's company.
There's nothing between us.
We didn't even sleep together.
No, but we did do
some other things,
and I thought you liked it.
Liked-- past tense.
I can't--
[phone buzzing]
This just really isn't a good
time for me right now, Nathan.
I'm sorry.
Glad you could finally make it.
[suspenseful music]
Where is Cameron?
He's not here.
Why am I here?
To talk about our baby.
You can't have this baby.
What do you mean?
Look, angel, no
one knows about us.
And I think that we
should keep it that way.
We can't keep it
a secret, Blake.
We're going to have a baby.
And look, I get why you
wouldn't want Daddy to know,
but you're just going
to have to get over it.
There's nothing to
get over because there's
not going to be a baby.
Well, it's not really
your decision, Blake.
It's mine, and I'm
keeping my child.
So what type of mother do
you think you're going to be?
I mean, running around the
city like some type of tramp
all at a time--
how do we even know
that this is my baby?
It's yours, asshole.
And I'm not getting an abortion.
So how are you
going to raise it?
Corrine is going to fire me,
and she's going to kick you out
of the company the minute
she finds out that you're
pregnant with my baby.
And why would she do that?
Why would she do that, Blake?
Oh, my god, you're
sleeping with Corrinne too?
We're in love.
In love?
So Corrinne's the
reason you haven't
been returning my calls.
Grow up, Destiny.
You knew this relationship
wasn't going to work.
You're just a
neglected little girl
who decided to
seduce an older man
to work out her daddy issues.
Well, guess what, news flash.
You should have tried therapy.
You're disgusting.
I should have never
let you touch me.
I'm telling Corrinne now.
Oh, the hell you are.
Are you crazy?
I'm telling Corrinne.
Destiny, get
your ass back here.
I said get--
I'm not playing
with you, Destiny!
Get off me!
[dramatic music]
Has she woken up yet?
Just so glad I found her.
Yeah, what-- what were you
doing in Cameron's house?
I was dropping off reports.
When I looked in the window,
I just saw her lying there.
For a second, I
thought she was--
Oh, oh, oh, oh.
No, it's OK.
It's OK.
This must be awful for you.
It's OK, sweetheart.
Listen, go get some
air and something
to drink or something, OK?
I'm here now.
[peaceful music]
There she is.
Destiny, Destiny,
wake up, Destiny.
Wake up.
Wake up, Destiny.
You don't want to hurt yourself.
You've already
done enough damage.
What happened?
Where am I?
You're in the hospital, girl.
Apparently, you took
a very nasty fall.
Oh, sorry, sorry.
That baby you were
hiding is gone now.
I need a doctor.
No, no, no.
Shut up.
Shut the hell up.
Now we both know
what really happened,
but we're not going
to upset your brother.
So as far as he's concerned
and everybody else,
you just had another
drunken wild night
and went tumbling
down those steps.
That's the story, and
you're going to stick to it,
or I'll just fire you.
And you'll be out
on these streets
without a dime to your ass.
Oh, oh, thank God.
You had me so worried.
I was so worried too.
Yes, we were all so worried.
[dramatic music]
Cam, please calm down.
The doctor said she's
stable and resting.
I can't lose my sister.
She's going to be fine.
She's getting the
best care possible.
Looks like we got a problem.
Tabloids already have a story.
How the hell did they
get a hold of it so fast?
I have no idea.
Shit, that's the
last thing she needs.
They always rip her apart.
Detective Howard, as you
can imagine, I'm a busy man.
How can I help you?
Thanks for meeting with me.
I was at Presbyterian Hospital.
Destiny Reed fell
down some stairs.
You know anything about that?
Well, we were all concerned.
But if you're implying
something else,
I'm afraid I don't understand.
In addition to Dexter
Reed being your boss,
you two are friends, yes?
Yes, for over 30 years.
[whistles] That is a long time
to be subordinate to someone.
Well, I doubt that Dexter
viewed my role as subordinate.
I helped him start
this company, and I was
his right hand on every deal.
I miss him immensely.
But it had to be a bitter
pill to swallow after he left
control of the company, not to
the man who built the company
beside him, but to his wife.
Corrine's a smart woman.
The company is in
great hands, and I
have no problem with my
friend's succession planning.
No problem, huh?
You are fine with not running
a multi-million dollar company.
Not many folks can do that.
Well, I'm not many
people, Detective.
Are we done?
Of course.
I'm sorry.
One last thing before
you go, Mr. Grayson.
Yes, Detective?
Did you know Destiny
Reed was pregnant?
No, I had no idea.
You have a good day, Detective.
Oh, I will.
You wanted to see me, Corrine?
Yes, come in.
Come in.
Close the door, please.
Hey, hey, you were so distraught
at the hospital, and I just--
just wanted to
check in with you.
What did you want
to talk to me about?
Well, you've been spending a
lot of time with my daughter,
and I know your moves.
Make sure you're not mixing
business with pleasure.
Jeez, who died?
It looks like a
funeral home in here.
You could have died--
had everybody scared as hell.
Come on.
You didn't have to pick
me up from the hospital.
I could have taken
a cab this morning.
What are you talking about?
Of course I'm picking
you up from the hospital.
You're my sister.
Come on, give me your legs.
There you go.
All right.
Cameron, stop.
I'm fine.
I'm just happy to be home--
at least back in your home.
What I really need is to
get back to the office.
Oh, no you're not.
You're not going
into the office.
You're staying here, and
you're getting some rest.
And I'm not going in either.
Are you kidding?
We both have work to do.
We have a presentation to
the investors in a week.
How are things with Lauren?
Don't worry about that.
I got that handled.
You just need to get some
rest and relax, all right,
so you can feel better.
I think we need to
talk about rehab.
Corrinne told me
that you had drugs
and alcohol in your system
when you fell down the steps.
Look, Destiny, I already
lost mom and dad.
Last thing I'm trying
to do is lose you.
Cam, I'm fine, OK?
And I don't need to
go to rehab, trust me.
And don't worry about
me drinking anymore.
I'm not.
I promise.
We're not done
talking about this.
Let me go downstairs
and make you some lunch.
Don't you mean
order me some lunch?
You know your ass can't cook.
Well, it's the thought
that counts, right?
I'll be back.
I promise, baby girl,
I'm going to get them
back for what they did to you.
[phone buzzing]
[suspenseful music]
How did you find
out about this?
I have my ways.
I can't believe she would
plant fake stories about me.
Apparently, she's
been doing it for years.
Did my father know?
I mean, not as
far as I can tell.
But honestly, if he did, he
wouldn't have stood for it.
You think you knew my
father, but you didn't.
He's never stood up for me.
No one ever has.
And now I've lost the
only person who would.
Destiny, I know
about the baby.
You do?
You don't have to tell
me about the father.
All I care about
is that you're OK.
Look, you think you've got
to take on the whole world
by yourself, but not anymore.
If you let me, I got you.
Good morning.
Good morning.
How is Destiny?
She's good-- getting better.
So, where are we?
We've got a lot of work to do.
You ready?
Lay it on me.
Two lights, might
go black, but it's--
we'll figure it out later.
[muffled conversation]
Just happy we finally
got a working lunch.
Well, we deserve it.
We've been working hard.
This is true.
So how about we play a
little truth or drink?
Come on now.
You did say we
were working hard.
I guess I could go for
a little wine at lunch.
You're on.
All right.
Excuse me, sir.
I can't believe you did that.
Believe it.
And that was the first
and only time that I'll
ever go skinny dipping.
I bet.
Unless you join me.
So, I never asked
you, what made
you come back to the States?
After your father died, my
mother said she needed my help.
She'd never done that before.
Sounds like dad.
He never really needed
anyone, except mom, of course.
But after she died, a piece
of him just shut down.
And me and Destiny just
couldn't access it.
How did you and
Destiny deal with that?
Well, I worked harder
to get his attention--
school, sports, then the office.
And Destiny?
Destiny is a
whole other story.
She wild out to
get his attention--
getting brought home by the
police, dating bad boys,
and getting kicked out
of boarding schools.
It's really just a
cry for his attention.
And you two never
had the chance to make
it right with your father?
God, I'd give
anything just to--
enough about all that.
What is it going to
take for me to get
you to go skinny dipping?
Oh, we're back on that?
Yes, we're back on that, girl.
Can't stand you.
[dramatic music]
You said you
wanted to help me.
Of course.
What's up?
I need you to help me take
down Corrinne and Cameron.
Wait, what does Cameron
have to do with this?
He's been hiding
things from me too.
Did you know that he
attacked my father?
All I know is that your
father called me and asked
me to get Cameron out of jail.
Then a few days
later, Cameron asked
me to make sure that the
arrest records disappeared.
And no one ever said
what the fight was about?
I guess that's
above my pay grade.
Well, according to
the police report,
Cameron attacked my
dad at the house.
So can you pull the security
camera footage from the night
of Cameron's arrest?
The house's server backs
up the camera for 30 days.
What could they have
been fighting about?
Doesn't make any sense.
[tape whirring]
OK, wait.
That's Cameron right there.
What are you doing here?
I don't want to talk
about this anymore.
You can't just leave the
office and think this is over.
Dad, I swear to God if you
give Corrinne this company,
I will leave Granite.
Where do you think you'll go?
Well, since you're not
going to leave the company
to your blood heir,
I'm pretty sure
those boys over there
at Cornwell and Baxter
will be very interested
in my experiences here.
Can't say that I'm surprised
that you're becoming a traitor.
Oh, please.
Since you're
not my blood heir.
After all I've done for
you, spoiled bastard.
Now go on.
Don't cry to Blake.
So what?
What are you telling
me, Blake's my father?
Yes, I found out
three months ago.
You had that last accident, and
you needed a blood transfusion.
I went to donate.
They said we were
different blood types.
You're AB negative.
Just 1%-- 1% of
donors have that.
And Blake does?
Yeah, I confronted him.
He admitted to having an
affair with your mother.
He begged me to stay
on at the company,
but I told him he
was going to be
fired at the end of the year.
So both of you can go.
You don't have what
it takes to work here,
let alone run this company.
You have none of
me inside of you.
Well, now I know why Cameron
wanted to bury the arrest.
This footage makes him
look guilty as hell.
Yeah, and before your
father could fire Blake,
his plane crashed.
This company runs
through my blood, not
Cameron's, and he knows that.
Once I take down Corrinne, I'm
the sole heir, not Cameron.
And I'll be damned if
Cameron ever thinks he's
going to take over my company.
I was a teenager.
You can't fault me for that.
Yes, I can.
So, what do you think?
Wow, it's a lot nicer
than your old bachelor pad.
Yeah, I had to step
it up a little bit.
Is that you?
Oh, you mean that
handsome devil right there?
Yeah, that's me.
Oh, you were so cute.
OK, you're still kind of cute.
God, I missed you.
I missed you too.
[music playing]
Now that is what I
call a great workout.
I don't think I've ever done
that in this room before.
I think this was your
plan all along, Mr. Reed.
You do?
Your plan was to distract us
from working on the weekend,
and that's not going to happen.
Guilty as charged.
Did it work?
You were a
delicious distraction,
and I have a ripped
blouse to prove it.
Sorry about that.
You can grab something
out the closet.
I didn't mean right now.
I've got to go.
I feel so used.
You're welcome.
[dramatic music]
Hey, babe, you find anything?
My mom uses this lipstick.
I don't know
anything about that.
Wow, Cam, really?
I swear to you.
I've never seen that
lipstick in my life.
Stop, just stop.
It's not what you think.
Let's just finish
this presentation,
and then we're done.
Hi, can I help you?
Good morning, Miss McCann.
I'm Detective Howard.
Can I have a word with you?
What is this about?
It's about your mother.
What about Corrinne?
No, not Corrinne.
I want to talk to you about
your real mother, Corrinne's
sister, Kelly Gilman.
[dramatic music]
Wait, what do you mean?
Detective Howard
knows about Kelly?
He knows Kelly is
my biological mother.
Once they find out
about the adoption--
I can't let that happen.
What are you talking
about he knows?
What does he know?
How does he know?
He was there this morning
outside of the house.
They are digging.
They're going to
find out what we did.
They won't.
Calm down.
Calm down.
We can't let that happen.
Well, I want to thank
you all for joining
me for dinner to
celebrate Destiny's
release from the hospital.
How are you feeling, Darling?
Much better.
No painkillers.
Good because we
certainly wouldn't
want you to get addicted to
those nasty little pills.
I'm actually glad
we're all here.
I wanted to talk to
everybody about something.
What's up, Des?
You and Lauren
have been working
really hard on the investor
presentation for the expansion.
However, we need to take
it to the next level.
I was thinking maybe we could
host a nice cocktail party,
roll out the presentation,
invite the media--
might do the trick.
That's not a bad idea.
I like it.
It would really
elevate the event,
and we could highlight
the exclusiveness
of the opportunity.
I agree.
Great job, Destiny.
And to show the financial
markets and the media
that the Reed family is
stronger than ever, I naturally
should make the presentation.
It should come
from Dexter's heir.
Oh, no, no, no, Lauren
and Cameron being in charge
of the announcement
sets the right tone
to the media about the future
of the company and not the past.
You know what,
Corrinne, I totally agree.
Lauren deserves to
be a part of it.
Maybe y'all need to
work a little bit harder.
I found a few mistakes in the
five-year financial projection.
What's she talking
about, Cameron?
You told me those
projections were solid.
She doesn't know what
she's talking about.
They are solid.
You should check
again, Cameron.
Like Blake said, Daddy knew
math wasn't your strong suit.
You know what else
your daddy said?
Destiny's done a lot to help.
It's fine.
I can step aside.
Destiny, you have
been all over the media
with your drunken fall.
We do not need you
in the spotlight.
First, you steal
my presentation
and present it as your own.
Now you want to step in
and take over my event?
Destiny, please,
Corrinne's right.
The company can't risk
putting you out in front
of the media right now.
I wasn't drunk, Blake.
You of all people
should know that.
You two just couldn't
let her participate
in the presentation?
Hasn't she been through enough?
Destiny, wait.
Please don't go.
No, I don't want
to hear any more
about how I'm not suited to
represent my own damn family.
Look, I know what you're going
through, more than you know.
Do you?
When I brought
you to the hospital,
I overheard the doctor.
I know you lost the baby.
I'm so sorry.
Does Cameron know?
That's your secret to tell.
I just--
Corrinne is your mom.
I'm nothing like her.
Corrinne is using me to drive a
wedge between you and Cameron.
At the end of
the day, Corrinne
is only out for Corrinne.
Remember that.
[upbeat music]
Hey, beautiful.
Want something to drink?
I'll have a soda,
simple syrup, lime.
I'll have the same, rocks.
So how was dinner?
You know, just another
typical Reed family dinner.
I have some interesting news.
I just met with
Detective Howard,
and he's going to question
the entire family tomorrow.
That is interesting.
You know, I hope
you're not helping
me because you're after my
money because I don't have any.
Hasn't anybody ever
wanted to be with you
just because you're you?
No, actually, I've
never met a guy who didn't
want something from
me, and they're
gone as soon as they get it.
Hi, I'm Nathan, and I
don't want anything from you.
I just want to get to know you.
Nice to meet you, Destiny.
Nice to meet you.
You know, I do need
something from you.
Oh, really?
I need you to help me
break into Corrinne's office
I think I can do that.
But she has a private server
and a separate firewall.
You're going to have
to get into her office.
That's no problem.
She doesn't know dad gave
me a key to his office.
Thanks for everything, Nathan.
Hey, I told you, I got you.
Thank you for making time
to meet with me, Ms. Reed.
You didn't really give me much
of a choice when you called.
That sounded like
quite a fall you
took from your brother's house.
I just want to make sure
you aren't in any danger.
I'm fine.
Perhaps just focus on my father.
Were you surprised
your father didn't leave
you control of the company?
I mean, you're his only son.
That's got to sting.
Detective, I'm more than
comfortable with Corrinne
handling the reins
of the company.
You benefited
from his passing.
Your mom hooked you
up with a cushy gig.
Oh, wait, she isn't your
birth mother, is she?
Detective, I'm sure
you don't understand
what it's like to run a
multi-billion dollar company.
And when said multi-billion
dollar company isn't
given to you when
it was promised,
you can understand my anger.
Now, your father is dead.
Do you have any theories about
your father's plane crash?
Isn't the spouse
always the first suspect
on those cop shows?
Corrinne adopted me after my
mother died of a drug overdose.
You think your stepmother had
something to do with the crash?
Wouldn't be the first time
one of Corrinne's husbands
died mysteriously.
Actually, you were
adopted by her and her
husband, Richard Easterman,
who also died suddenly
and tragically.
Why did you attack
your own father?
I admit my father and I
got into an altercation.
I apologized-- end of story.
You wouldn't happen to
know anything about Richard's
death, would you?
I have all day.
Spend less time
with me and more time
on Corrinne and Lauren.
So, how did you interview
with Detective Howard go?
He just asked me a
couple of questions.
What'd you tell him?
That I have no idea who
would try to kill Daddy.
That's all he asked?
Yeah, nothing else really.
How about you?
So, what's up
with you and Lauren?
You know, she can be
just as dirty as her mom.
Focus on finding
something on Corrinne
and leave Lauren out
of it, all right?
Oh, shit.
You're falling for her.
You tripping.
I'm holding up my
end of the deal.
You just do your part.
Hey, did you send that info
to the reporter on Corrinne
with Detective Howard.
Yes, the story
about Corrinne being
questioned by police
over Dexter's crash
comes out tomorrow.
Cameron's mugshot went
with another outlet.
Great, now I just have
one more thing to do.
Thanks for those security
camera passcodes.
Of course.
Now, I got you, brother.
[suspenseful music]
I'm busy, Cam.
What do you want?
You haven't been
returning my calls.
Well, don't call me.
Call your girlfriend, Corrinne.
Lauren, look, I know I've done
some shitty things in my past.
But I never slept with Corrinne.
I don't know how that
lipstick got there.
I swear to God.
Are you bullshitting me, Cam?
You know I would never
do anything to hurt you.
You know that.
She got me again.
She must have planted
the lipstick because she
didn't want us together.
Wow, that woman would do
anything to get what she wants.
You think I don't know that?
What else is she capable of?
Lauren, look, if you know
something about my father's
accident, you have to tell me.
It's not about your father.
Then what is it?
Corrinne isn't my
biological mother.
What do you mean?
She is my aunt.
After my mother died of a drug
overdose, Corrinne took me in.
And then we moved to London
with her second husband,
Richard Easterman.
Second husband?
He was a monster.
When I was 15, he started
sneaking into my room at night.
Sometimes I could
fight him off until--
How could Corrinne
let that happen to you?
He came into my room again.
He was drunk.
As he pulled at my
clothes, I blacked out.
When I woke up,
Corrinne was there,
and he was lying on the floor
with a gash in his head.
She said I must have
hit him with a lamp.
Corrinne made it look
like he accidentally
fell and hit his head.
And she's held that secret
over your head all this time?
Yes, every day of my life.
Then she came here
and married my dad.
I stayed in Europe
after she told me she had
evidence of Richard's death.
I didn't want to
be near her again.
Oh, baby, look at me.
Look at me.
You are so brave.
We're going to get
through this presentation,
and we're going to get
control of the company
back from Corrinne.
And I swear to God, I will
never let her hurt you again.
Will you help me?
Tonight, we can't afford
to have any mistakes.
Now, are you sure
we're set for tonight?
We can't afford any mistakes
after that story got out about
the detectives questioning me.
They're more
distracted by this.
Put that away.
He's the prime
suspect in their eyes.
So are you sure you want him
to present tonight with all
that hanging over his head?
I can get him to step aside.
I finally got the
board to calm down
after all those media leaks,
but if we don't get this--
Hey, hey, don't worry.
I've got everything
under control.
Trust me.
I'm counting on that.
Feel like everybody's
staring at me.
Just ignore it.
You've got a job to do tonight.
You're right.
You look beautiful.
You're going to make it
hard for me to concentrate
on this presentation.
Let's just get this
money and then have
a private celebration later.
Are you sure
everything is set?
Have I ever let
you down before?
Ladies and gentlemen,
may I have your attention?
Tonight, it is my pleasure to
introduce to you the future
of a company my father,
Dexter Elias Reed,
started over 30 years ago.
Under the direction of
our CEO, Corrinne Reed,
and our Executive Vice
President, Lauren McCann,
we have developed an
exciting new opportunity
for investors to participate in
a groundbreaking new offering.
I can't wait to show
you all what Lauren
and I have been working on.
Oh my god.
This is--
Oh, shit.
Cut it!
Oh, my god, did you see
the look on their faces?
They certainly
didn't see that coming.
Not sure how they're going
to bounce back from that.
It's all thanks
to you, really.
Well, not me.
It was all you.
No, seriously,
Nathan, I couldn't
have done it without you.
I told you,
Destiny, I got you.
[music playing]
What took you so long?
That event was crazy.
Enough about work.
Oh, my god, what would
I ever do without you?
Richard, Dexter, Blake,
they all thought they had you.
But you will always be mine.
Always and forever, baby.
I told you not
to trust Lauren.
And Cameron, he was
always a wild card.
I mean, the only one we
really still need is Blake.
Yeah, once Dexter knew Blake
was Cameron's real daddy,
Blake knew his days at
the company were numbered.
And I was the only one
who could save his ass.
I'm not going to let him
push me out of a company
that I helped build.
It was just as much
mine as it is his.
There he is.
Right there.
Over your dead
body, right, baby?
That's right, baby.
You are truly the only
one I could ever trust.
None of the men in
my life have ever
been as loyal as you, baby.
Well, you're welcome.
It's time to sell the company.
You already got Cornwall
salivating all over you.
Let's cash out and
leave the country.
What about that detective?
Still digging around
into Dexter's death
and now Richard's too.
I promise you, babe, they're
never going to find anything.
And Lauren can always
take the fall for Richard.
I can't believe she still
thinks she had anything to do
with it-- stupid little girl.
She was too
drugged up to see me.
Anyway, babe, enough, enough.
You like that?
You know I do.
Don't stop.
[music playing]
We're the laughing stock
of the entire industry.
What the hell was that?
We can still salvage this.
There's no coming
back from this, Blake.
The stock price is in the trash.
I got a call this morning
from Nick at Baxter Cornwell.
They're ready to talk terms.
We got to sell this company.
You can't do that.
Now, Corrinne, you're
being rather harsh,
especially given all the
work that's been done.
Daddy would never
let this happen.
Well, your daddy
ain't here, is he?
I am.
But we can still
salvage the company.
We don't have to sell.
No, no, I've made up my mind.
I'm getting on a
plane to New York
tonight to start the talks.
This is bullshit, Corrinne.
I will not allow you to do this.
You won't allow me?
You won't allow me, Destiny?
What are you going to
do about it, Destiny?
Nothing because
I'm running this.
Security, get her out of here.
Throw me out?
Yeah, girl.
Throw me out of
my own company now?
That's right.
Oh, and don't you worry about
your little boy toy, Nathan,
because he's been
terminated too.
Your little boy toy--
- [yells]
--he's going to go--
Get off me!
Cameron, do something.
Just let me take this--
You brought it
on yourself, sis.
Get off me.
Does anyone else
have a question?
I can't believe she did that.
I'm sorry, babe.
What are we going to do now?
Cameron, what are you doing?
Are you serious?
I've never been more serious.
Lauren, I love you.
Will you marry me?
[dramatic music]
Yep, are you in?
OK, put it in the thumb
drive that I gave you.
I'll hack through her firewall
and access her password.
Got it.
What's the password?
Deep space 11.
There's got to be something here
I can use to get this bitch.
Got you.
NEWS ANCHOR: The potential
sale of Granite Slate Holdings
is likely to happen today at
an emergency investor meeting.
Where is Cameron and Lauren?
They should be here.
I don't know.
I haven't seen them in days.
Oh, shit, what is
she doing here?
Well, you fired hire,
but she's a shareholder.
So technically, she
has a right to be here.
Let's just get
this party started.
Nick, join me.
Ladies and gentlemen
ladies and gentlemen,
may I have your attention?
I am so pleased to announce
that Nick Cornwell of Baxter
Cornwell and I have finally come
to an agreement for the sale
of Granite Slate Holdings.
Let's hear it for the CEO--
the new CEO.
Not so fast, Corrinne.
Cameron, please save
your remarks for the end
of the announcement.
Oh, no, there'll
be no announcement.
Wait, you're married?
With our shares along
with Destiny's, now we have
sole control of the company.
You can't be serious.
Oh, we're serious, Corrinne.
And this means that--
Corrinne McCann Reed, you're
under arrest for the attempted
murder of Dexter Reed.
What are you talking about?
What are you talking about?
You'll hear from my lawyer.
You stop.
Mmm, mmm, mmm.
I just-- I can't
believe you would
be stupid enough to
leave the plane mechanics
report on your computer.
It's just not the
right look for the CEO.
Detective, what the hell is
she only charged with attempted
murder and not murder?
Because I'm still alive.
My God!
[intense music]
I am so sorry that I put my
family, my friends, my business
partners through this.
I barely survived
the crash, and I
knew that someone tampered
with the hydraulic system
in my plane.
The Coast Guard, they
found me a few hours later
and the only way I knew
to find out who it was
was to have them believe
that I was still dead.
Detective Howard and
the police department,
they worked with
me to solve this.
And baby, I told you
I knew what you did.
Dexter, I have never
stopped loving you, baby.
Come on.
Baby, you only love yourself.
Simone, call the attorneys.
Blake, my man, you dirty
son of a bitch, you're fired.
[dramatic music]
May I have
everyone's attention?
I never thought I'd see the
day when my brother would
find the love of his life.
I'm so happy that you two
have found each other.
You know, it's funny.
I still remember
the exact moment
when I knew my brother would do
whatever it takes to get more.
I do get Lauren to fall
in love with me-- and I will--
you'll take your shares and
my shares and make me CEO?
And if you fail, Mr. Loverman--
This was all a game to you?
Lauren, no.
Look, I love you.
It's not what you think.
I swear to you.
Stay the hell away from me.
I never want to see you again.
[crowd gasping]
Lauren, wait.
Wait, I can explain.
Destiny, how could you do
that to your own brother?
Is he?
Yeah, Dad, you
wanted to see me?
What the hell is she doing here?
Look, I called you both here.
Sit down, Cameron, I need
to explain something.
No, I don't have
anything to say to her.
Please, please, son.
Let me explain.
I need to tell you
both something.
I'm sorry.
You're sorry for what, Daddy?
For faking your
death and leaving
us with our wicked stepmother?
Well, I had to do that
way to get to the bottom
of what Corrinne was planning.
Why couldn't you trust u?
I'm sorry.
And I'm sorry I put
you both through this.
Most of all, I'm sorry for
the way that I raised you.
What does that mean?
Destiny, seeing what
you did to your brother,
I know I put that
hardness in your heart.
And watching you both these
last few weeks from a distance--
that's all the damage I caused.
No, it wasn't you who
tried to ruin my life.
It was Destiny.
OK, here Cameron
goes always the victim.
Oh, I'm the victim?
I'm the victim?
Stop it.
Stop it right now.
Stop, please.
Destiny, if anybody is going
to apologize here today,
it's going to be me.
When your mother died, you
reminded me of her so much,
and I pushed you away.
And I kept you at a
distance because it hurt so
much during those early years.
Baby, you're beautiful.
You have her eyes.
You have her smile,
and it killed me.
And then when I was ready
to connect with you,
it was too late.
You didn't want to have
anything to do with me.
I always thought you
were disappointed in me.
I'm so sorry, baby girl.
I know.
And Cameron, I couldn't
be there the way
you needed because I was
burying myself in work.
Work allowed me not to
think about the pain
of losing your mother.
I couldn't be the father
that you needed growing up.
Know this, you are my son.
You always have
been, always will be.
Ain't nothing ever
going to change that.
Son, I'm sorry.
All ever wanted
to hear from you
is that I'm doing a good job.
You're doing a great job.
In fact, both of you have.
I love you both so much.
I love you too, Daddy.
I need you to love each other.
I drove this wedge between you
two, and I'm going to fix it.
You two are going to run
our company together.
Cam, I'm sorry.
I should have never done
that to you and Lauren.
I didn't realize you
really loved her.
I do love her.
Then you need
to fight for her.
She's already gone to Paris,
and she won't respond to me.
Well, I guess we need to book
you on the next flight to Paris
Go get your girl.
[alarm chime]
Cam, how did you
forget your passport?
You're going to
miss your flight.
You stay forgetting stuff.
what's your emergency?
Please, I need help.
Someone's-- someone's
trying to kill me.
ma'am, remain calm.
What's your address?
30-- 37--
3719 Lenox Road.
Please hurry.
DISPATCHER: The police
will be there shortly.
Oh, please.
I'll give you anything you want.
How could you?
This is for Corrinne.
[gun shot]
This is for both your
children, you son of a bitch.
[gun shot]
Cameron, hold on.
Cameron, hold on, OK?
Hold on.
Help is coming.
It's going to be OK.
Just hold on.
I'm sorry, Des.
Tell Lauren I love her.
No, Cameron, you tell her.
Cameron, no.
Cameron, wake up.
Cameron, wake up.
Someone help, please!
Please, help!
Cameron, no.
[intense music]
You're so beautiful.
So are you ready for this?
I have to do it.
It's what my brother
would have wanted.
Thanks for coming with me.
Of course.
Like I said, I'm not
letting you out of my sight.
Well, that is your job as
head of my personal security.
And I love every minute of it.
Here she comes.
I'll come back later
to pick you up.
You better.
I love you.
Eiffel Tower tour later?
I wouldn't miss
it for the world.
And I love you too.
Thank you for coming.
I wasn't sure if I would,
but you won't stop emailing me.
I'm sorry.
I-- I had to see you.
You should feel better
knowing that you
didn't kill your stepfather.
Yeah, I can't believe
Corrinne snitched on Simone
once she got arrested.
Corrinne only
cares about Corrinne.
Very true.
I've been following the company.
You're doing a great job as CEO.
Thank you.
Daddy's been moving
me along slowly,
but I know we need to grow.
And to do that, I need you.
I saw the work you
and Cameron did.
Your plans for expansion
are still really solid.
I don't know.
I also came because I wanted
you to know that Cameron really
did love you.
How do you know?
Because I've never seen him
like that with any other woman.
His last words to me were,
tell Lauren I love her.
I want to believe you
because I truly did love him.
Lauren, what started
out as a stupid bet
turned into real love.
You have to believe that.
I'm sorry I didn't
make it to the funeral.
I understand.
That was really
hard for all of us.
I really am glad
you came to Paris.
Yes, because Cameron's son
needs to know his family.
He's the reason I couldn't
travel for the funeral.
Is this really Cameron's son?
After I got to
Paris, I found out
I was pregnant with Christian.
His middle name is Cameron.
I didn't know hard to
tell you and Dexter.
Oh, my God.
I'm in awe.
He looks just like
Cameron's baby pictures.
You think so?
And Cameron would have
been an amazing father.
Lauren, we can't
let him die in vain.
Please, consider my
offer and say you'll
help me run this company.
Let Christian get
to know his family.
To Granite Slate Holdings.
To us.
Glad you're here.
[candiace, "fine whine"]
[SINGING] Sexy fine whine, dutty
fine whine, that shit I like.
Sexy fine whine, dutty fine
wine, that shit I like.
Come and lay in
the sheets tonight.
Just a little bit of your time.
Size you up, I'ma get you right.
Come and freak on
me for the night.
Just a little bit of your time.
Size you up, I'ma get you right.
Congratulations, good
conversation, we're
spilling things, we
ain't got no label,
but I'm right up on the table.
You hear your name.
It must be your birthday 'cause
you're blowing out your cake.
Slow it down.
This ain't no race.
'Cause you got it
in the first place.
My body's your party.
Show out.
I know what you want.
We can go around.
Leave it right there.
I need a pillow.
'Cause, boy, I'm fine.
Sexy fine whine.
Sexy fine whine,
dutty fine whine.
That shit I like.
Sexy fine whine, come and
freak on me for the night.
Just a little bit of your time.
Size you up.
I'ma get you right.