Cruel Summer (2016) Movie Script

(dramatic logo music)
(moody atmospheric music)
- Julia!
Don't let him get away!
(woman pants)
(teenager groans)
(moody orchestral music)
(dark orchestral chord)
- [Woman] I know all about
Why have you not told
me anything about Sarah?
Do you know what, I'm
just so sick and fed up
of your fucking lies all the
You're just always lying
to me, all the time!
- Listen.
- No.
I don't wanna hear
anything anymore, alright?
Fuck you!
Fuck you, just get out
of my fucking house!
- [Man] Well, fuck you!
- You alright, Danny?
Can we come in, love?
You all set, then?
- Excited, son?
- [Mom] We need to do something
about this mop of yours son.
- Long hair will help me
stay warm during cold nights.
- You're not climbing
Mount Everest, Dan.
- I have to be prepared
for all eventualities,
especially when dealing with
such unpredictable environments
in which there will be no
one but myself to depend on.
- I don't doubt that you're
prepared, hon.
Mr. Precaution, aren't you?
Here, take this.
(melancholic piano music)
I've put my number in on
Press that one, then that one.
If you want to take a picture,
you press that one, okay?
This is for that sleeping bag
you want.
- That's not for arcade games.
It's for that sleeping bag,
- [Danny] Yeah.
- Forgetting something?
- Thank--
- Thank you.
- [Mom] Now give your mom
a kiss.
- Come on.
Grab your stuff.
I'll drop you in town.
- Yeah.
- The fucking cheek of it,
- Look, she ain't worth you
getting all heated up over.
- [Man] She's saying I shagged
that fucking Sarah Reynolds
or whatever her name is, as if
I'd shag that, she's hangin'.
- I thought you did?
- No, I didn't,
that's what I'm saying.
- [Woman] Yeah but to be fair,
you have been fucking around,
though, with other girls.
- Yeah, but...
Whose side are you on anyway?
- Yours, obviously.
Look, will you sit down?
You're making me nervous.
(man sighs)
What, you gonna cry now?
- No, obviously not, I'm just
pissed off.
- You're too soft, Nick.
- What're you talking about?
- You doted on Lisa,
hand and foot,
and you're just gonna let
her dump ya just like that?
- Yeah, well I can't get
back with her, can I?
She says it's over proper
this time.
- I'll fuck her up for ya,
if you like.
Never did like her.
What did you see in her anyway?
She ain't all that.
- [Nick] Don't know,
she's, well, she's clever,
not like the usual rats
you get stuck with.
- You think she's
don't ya?
You don't know her at all.
- [Nick] Oh, and you do, do ya?
- Well, I know she's not
as sweet
and innocent as she makes out.
- What're you talking about?
- Don't worry.
- No.
Tell me.
- Well, you know that she
said that you were her first?
You know, that she was a virgin?
- Yeah, she was a virgin.
(woman chuckles)
What're you fucking laughing at?
If you know something, tell me.
- Come on.
She'd been with lads before you.
- [Nick] How many?
How many?
- Fucking hell, I don't
know the exact number!
- [Nick] Well who, then?
- Well, I don't know.
I don't know all their names.
But I know for a fact that
she fucked that spastic kid.
Danny Evans.
- Who?
- Danny Evans, you know,
from the school?
Everybody knows.
- That's a fucking lie,
that's bullshit!
When's that supposed to
have happened?
- [Woman] Like, last summer.
What, she didn't tell you
about it?
- What, that she fucked a mong?
No, she didn't.
- Look trust me, mate,
she's a slut.
- Fuck off, you're a slut.
- How am I slut?
Look, I'm trying to help
you here.
Fuck sake.
- Okay, okay.
Do you know where he lives?
- Who, Danny?
- Well, obviously Danny, yeah!
- [Woman] Why?
- Julia, stop fucking me around.
If you know where he lives,
then tell me.
Now do you, or do you not?
- Yeah, I do.
- [Nick] So, tell me.
- No.
- I said, fucking tell me.
- Look, why do you care?
She didn't know how to
treat you right anyway.
- Oh, and you do?
- Yeah.
I do.
- [Nick] Fuck off.
- Sometimes, Nick,
I fucking hate ya.
I fucking hate ya.
Why was Lisa and those other
girls good enough for you,
but I'm not?
- Fuck off.
Come on.
- Fuck sake.
(door slams)
- Are you coming or what?
Fucking hell.
- Fine.
(door slams)
(clock bell tolls)
(upbeat music)
- Yeah, but what I see
is that it's, you know,
a new start for all of us.
No, I don't, I don't, I don't.
Yeah, no, I know but...
No, fuck sake, no, I don't want
to buy it.
What, Calvin?
Yeah, no, he's doing fine.
Well, I've enrolled him into
the school down the road, but,
well, to be honest with you,
he's not really been here.
No, he's been out all the time.
(moody electronic music)
- Do you have that stock
bag in extreme green?
- Um, no.
Sorry, mate.
All our stock's out.
- You might have one out
the back.
- We don't, sorry.
Would you like to take
advantage of our offer on
insect repellent?
- Diethyltoluamide.
You may know it as DEET.
First introduced during
the Second World War
and used extensively
during the Vietnam War.
It's a known hazardous
material to fresh-water fish.
I shouldn't risk it.
- [Cashier] Okay, that's 18.99,
- I'm going camping at the
Calton Lake.
- That's nice.
- It's for my
Duke of Edinburgh Award.
It's only bronze at the moment,
but I'm going to get silver,
probably next year.
- That's awesome, mate, but
you still need to pay for this.
And I do have other
customers to serve.
Thank you.
Excuse me, your change?
(door bell rings)
Fucking idiot.
(somber atmospheric music)
- Yes, bruv, what you up to?
- Guess.
Packet but shit and that,
you good?
- [Nick] Yeah, yeah.
- Party was good the
other night, wasn't it?
- What's that Claire
girl saying?
She been talking about me
and that, yeah?
- Who's this Claire?
- Bennett.
- You shagged Claire Bennett?
That's fucking hanging,
how did that happen?
- Got her in me home,
one thing led to another.
- Mate.
- What you want anyway?
- Fuck all, just tryin' to find
this kid.
- Why is that?
- Nick wants to fuck him up.
- Yeah but he's a
fucking pedophile, Julia.
- What?
- Yeah, his name's Danny.
- Blatant pedophile, but
gets away with it because
apparently he's a bit simple in
the head.
- Well, what's he done?
- All sorts.
You got a little sister,
don't ya?
- Yeah.
- [Nick] How old is she?
- Eight.
- Eight?
Fucking hell, mate, you
better keep her locked up.
Julia's little sister seen this
kid hanging round her school
before half-term, ain't she?
- Yeah and she's the same age
as yours.
Look, he needs sorting out
before he does it again.
- What, again,
he's done it before?
- Yeah.
A couple of years ago, right,
this little girl was missing
around here, police find her
in the woods tied up, she...
Well, she'd been raped,
you know.
Never found out who did it,
but they knew it was him,
if you know what I mean.
- What, so the police just let
him go?
There was no evidence or--
- Fucking hell.
I don't know all the details,
do I?
But it was definitely him.
- Yeah, yeah and now,
me fucking sister is terrified
of going back to school.
So we're just gonna scare
him a little bit, you know,
sort him out, right?
- Yeah.
Make sure he don't go back to
the school again, you know?
What're you saying?
Come with us.
- Oh, fuck it,
I've got shit to do.
- Got shit to do, have ya, yeah?
What if it's your sister
next time, eh?
Your little sister.
And you had the chance to
finish it and you didn't.
So I'll ask you again.
What're you saying?
- Fuck it, alright.
(moody atmospheric music)
- Hello.
- Alright, Mrs. Evans?
We're looking for Danny,
is he home?
- [Mrs. Evans] No, sorry.
- You wouldn't happen to
know where he is, would ya?
Sorry, we're mates from school.
We're supposed to be
meeting him.
- He's out camping, he's
doing his DOE Award.
- Of course, yeah, so
we've missed him then.
It's just he was looking
to borrow some equipment,
that's all, never mind.
- [Mrs. Evans] Well I
think he has everything.
He's even taken his dad's
fishing rod.
- Right so he'll be going down
fishing by the river will he?
- Maybe.
Something like that, anyway.
Also, try the arcade.
He might have stopped off there,
- Well, if we've missed him,
not to worry.
Just let him know we called,
we'll see him soon, yeah?
- [Mrs. Evans] Have you tried
his mobile?
- We ain't got his number.
- [Mrs. Evans] Well I can
give it to you if you want.
- Listen, it's fine.
We'll find him.
- If he's thrown all his
money on those machines,
give him a clip from me, okay?
- Yeah, we will.
- Bye, Mrs. Evans,
have a lovely weekend.
Ah, ain't she lovely?
(moody atmospheric music)
- Do you think she knows?
- Knows what?
- That her son's a
- Of course she fuckin' knows.
Why do you think she don't want
him going round the arcades?
- That is fucking crazy.
Would have thought she kept him
locked up.
- Yeah well, let's hope we find
him first,
before he finds some
little girl.
- How are we gonna get to him
if we don't know where he is?
Could be fucking anywhere.
- Did you not just hear what his
mom said?
He's gone fishing.
So he's either gonna be
at the river or the lake.
- That's fucking miles away
and I ain't got no money.
- Right, so we'll go the arcade,
and if we don't find him,
we'll take it from there.
- Alright.
Fucking hell.
(peaceful atmospheric music)
Alright, mate?
- Alright, mate, 10 crismers
and a bottle of rum, please.
- [Cashier] Yeah, I just need
to see your ID, please, mate.
- [Nick] Are you taking the
piss? I look older than you.
- [Cashier] Yeah, Challenge 25,
you know?
- [Nick] You what?
- Like, if you look under
25, I need to see your ID.
- Fucking hell, here.
That's a provisional that,
mate, you've gotta take that.
- No, I don't.
I can refuse whoever I want
and if you're gonna show me
a driving license, then
I need to see a full one.
- [Nick] Yeah but you've served
me in here before with that.
- No, I didn't.
Look, it's not gonna happen,
- [Julia] Knob!
(moody electronic music)
I hang around with fiends
selling powdered dreams
Man, I hang around with
fiends selling powdered dreams
Laying down to sleep, it
clicks in and they now believe
Paint lines depicting
victory in strange times
Dreams are unreal and
real at the same time
So I never sleep with the
light on
Embrace that energy that they
hide from
Python's tight grip, wide
fist, life is just a trip
I wanna make the most while I
still can
Real badly seeking
Feel bad never
reaping the benefits
Dumb head buried deep
in the elements
I remain in the flames
and the smoke
Twist around,
I change and evolve
You hung yourself with
that chain that you hold
Blistering heat that came from
the cold
Pick me up, I'm feeling low,
have been since a week ago
I just need some
beats to roll
I sit and hug the
speaker so I'm feeling it
Now we involve in the
freezing cold
Hands are numb,
can't even hold
I'm seeming young,
I'm feeling old
Feeling old, feeling old
Seeming young,
I'm feeling old
Pick me up, I'm feeling low,
have been since a week ago
I just need some
beats to roll
I sit and hug the
speaking so I'm feeling it
Now we involve in the
freezing cold
Hands are numb,
can't even hold
I'm seeming young,
I'm feeling old
Feeling old, feeling old
(Nick coughs)
- So why'd you move down here
anyway, Cal?
- My old man was fucking my
mom about, so, she decided
it was best to move down
here with my cousin and that.
- Fuck it, sooner or later
parents split up anyway.
- You reckon?
- Mm, dead-right, mate.
I don't know one person round
here whose parents are still
together and it's always because
they shagged someone else.
- Coming from the kid whose
parents are proper loved up.
- [Nick] And who the fuck
asked you?
- Don't listen to him, Cal.
He's just bitter 'cause he
got dumped.
- Did you get dumped, bro?
- Don't worry about it.
- Crying, he was.
- How the fuck was I crying?
Shut the fuck up.
- Pretty bad around Besret.
Parents wanted to move away
before they even split up.
- Why, how bad was it?
- Bad, bro.
Coming back from town on a bus,
literally a guy stabbed me for
no reason.
- Fucking hell,
no reason at all?
- No reason at all.
Reported it to the police, the
police said they thought it
might be gang related
but obviously, who knows?
- Yeah but that could
happen anywhere, mate.
- Does it fuck, bro, that
shit don't happen in Cotswold.
That's why I wanna go
to university.
Bring my kids up in a nice area.
Fuck living around there.
- Uni?
You ain't goin' to uni,
none of us are.
- [Nick] Yeah, innit,
good luck with that.
- [Calvin] Speak for yourselves,
- Look, your parents are as
broke as mine.
Can your dad afford
the fees, can your mom?
- [Calvin] No, but you've
got ways around it.
You've got grants, funding.
- Are you for real?
Look, face it, uni is for
the posh twats, simple.
- Come on, I'm bored of this,
let's go.
- Let's start that, bro, let's
start that.
- Woo!
- Nah.
(coins clink)
- What the fuck are you doing?
I've been trying to win
on that all morning.
- Have ya, yeah?
Well why don't you try and
fucking win it back, ya prick.
(coin clinks)
- [Teenager] It's not gonna
fucking pay out now, is it?
- Right, I can't find that
mong anywhere but here you are.
I've got some cash, ah, ah.
One for you, one for you.
Back in a minute.
- [Lisa] What do you want, Nick?
- You fucked a spastic.
- What?
- You heard me, you fucked that
mong kid Danny fucking Evans
or whatever his name is.
You told me you were a
virgin, you fucking slag.
- [Lisa] Nick, you're fucking
- Yeah, well now because of
you, that Danny Evans is gonna
get his fucking head kicked
in, so I hope you're happy.
- [Lisa] Please,
just delete my number,
and never speak to me again.
- Oh, you fucking...
- Don't know about that.
- Oi, bus ain't gonna be here
for another half an hour.
I'll be over there.
- Alright, we'll crack on.
- How'd you do this?
- You didn't do it fucking
beginner, that's why.
Why'd you choose fucking hard?
- This is shit.
- I'm perfect, me.
- Girls like this.
- You look like such a
fucking knob. (giggles)
- Yeah, you can't even do it.
- Fuck off.
- I'm beating you.
- Fuck off.
Mate, I'm beating you.
- I'm beating you.
(gun fires)
- I won that, I swear.
Fucking play something
else, play something else!
Where's the bag?
(glass clinks)
We got a half-hour,
what do you wanna play?
- Where's Nick?
- He's gone over there.
(gun fires)
- Boom, fuck off.
- That was fun, that.
(phone rings)
- Hello?
- Hi, Mom.
- Hello, lovely, how are you
holding up?
- Good.
- I got your picture.
I showed it to Dad, too.
Hang on,
he wants to talk to you.
- Hi, son.
How's that fishing rod
holding up?
You caught anything?
- [Danny] No.
- Well, if you do
catch anything,
remember to save some
for your mom and dad.
- No, I'll put it back.
It's catch-and-release
here, I'll get into trouble.
- [Mr. Evans] Ah, you'd have
been alright.
- [Danny] I don't want to
disrupt the fragile ecosystem.
- (chuckles) "Ecosystem."
You're funny.
So, what's next on the agenda?
You gonna go hunt some deer?
- (chuckles) No.
I'm going to build a
fire and have some food,
and then I'll go in the tent
and read.
- Oh, good.
You take care of yourself.
We're very proud of ya.
Hang on, your mom wants to talk.
- What time do you want us
to come and get you tomorrow?
- [Danny] I'll be packed
and ready at 11AM.
- Okay, where are you?
- [Danny] At the car park
near Dad's fishing spot.
- Right.
Well, you look after
yourself out there tonight,
and if you have any
problems, you call me, okay?
- [Danny] Yeah.
Mm, yeah.
- [Julia] What do you think
of this place so far, then?
- [Calvin] Yeah, it's alright.
Doesn't look like I'm gonna
get stabbed on this bus anyway.
- What're we gonna do
about this prick, then?
We need to get organized.
- I don't know, trash some
of his shit or something?
- Trash his shit?
Are you fucking kidding
me, how old are you?
- [Calvin] I don't know,
this was your idea.
- And what about you?
- I don't know, fuck him up, I
Look, we have to find him first.
- Yeah and we will find him.
- And if we don't?
- Well, fucking hell.
We'll just get him on
another day, won't we?
- So we're just gonna run up
to this guy with no excuse?
- No excuse?
Hey, no excuse?
Are you forgetting why we're
doing this whole fucking thing?
I wouldn't be surprised if we
turn up there he's got another
kid with him and then
what're you gonna do, eh?
- If there's some dodgy shit,
then of course I'll do something
about it.
- What do you reckon, Jules?
I reckon Calvin here is a
little pussy.
- Yeah, I think he might be.
- Where's all this come from,
I don't even know what
the plan is.
- The plan's simple.
We're gonna make sure that
kid don't leave that place.
- He's serious about this,
ain't he?
Look, Julia, I don't
really want to do this.
- Look, we do whatever he wants.
Come on.
(moody atmospheric music)
- I'm not stopping to
roll another spliff, mate.
- Fucking proper creepy,
look at that.
- You don't need to be
scared about them there.
- No?
- Everything is dead.
It's the alive you've got to
be worried about, trust me.
- Why's that?
- Why?
- Yeah.
- Imagine a ghost trying to
attack you.
Just give him a straight
uppercut to the jaw.
- Do you believe in ghosts?
Fuck, I do.
It scares the shit out of me.
Yeah, mate, there is, I'm
telling ya.
Are you coming?
- Fucking hell, bro,
chill with that.
- You need to relax, you.
- So what do you do
around here anyway?
- Get stoned, get pissed,
- People come here to
fuck as well.
- What, fuck on a
dirty forest floor?
- Right little bitch, you,
aren't ya?
- Not really, bro, just
wouldn't want to get my clothes
muddy and fuck on a
forest floor.
- Julia's been banged enough
times around here, haven't ya?
- Shut up.
- Give her a spliff and liters
of cider
and she's fucking anyone's.
- (chuckles) Funny, ain't ya?
- So is this where that girl
got raped?
- You what?
- You know, that girl that
Danny raped or whatever.
Was it here?
- Yeah, yeah, somewhere
around here, I think, yeah.
It's hangin', ain't it?
But don't worry, he's not gonna
get a chance to do it again.
(moody atmospheric music)
Right, well he's not here.
- Well where is this guy?
- Fuck knows.
- Oh, this is fucking pointless,
We're not gonna find him.
- Right, listen.
We'll go down the lake, if
he's not there, we'll go home.
How's that?
- Can we not just chill
for a bit and have a beer?
- Look, where are you going?
- Fucking hell, for a
piss, if that's alright.
- What did you mean earlier on
the bus?
About Danny not leaving this
- Exactly what it sounded like.
Not backing out like Calvin,
are ya?
- No, I'm not, but Calvin's
gonna realize you've been
lying about Danny being a
pedo and you're gonna look--
- Listen, I'm not being made
to look
like a dickhead by nobody.
Retard or not, alright?
So fuck Calvin and fuck you.
- Fuck sake.
(moody atmospheric music)
- Right, come then, let's go
and check this fucking lake.
- Alright, if he's not there,
we're going back then, yeah?
- Oh, yeah.
- You alright?
- Mm.
- [Julia] This was a
waste of time, wasn't it?
- Hang on, who's that?
- Oh fuck knows, bro, that
could be anyone, that.
- I think that might be him,
you know.
- Yeah?
Come on then, let's find out.
Here, let's hide these first.
We don't wanna scare him too
soon, do we?
Have a bit of fun first, eh?
Alright, Danny boy?
It's alright, chill out.
Nice little spot you got here,
- It's not too shabby, Danny,
it's nice and clean in there.
- Oi, (claps) where's your
Get up and offer the lady a
- Cheers, Danny love.
- Do you remember Julia from
your school?
Hey, year above ya?
- Mm, no.
- No?
- No.
- So...
Why'd you have to come here of
all places?
- I'm due my
Duke of Edinburgh Award.
- The what?
- Julia, go and get us a beer.
Oh, fucking hell, that's warm.
Do you want a drink?
- No.
- You sure?
It's supposed to be good for the
- No, thank you.
- [Calvin] What's wrong
with him?
- A lot.
I've been looking for you, Dan.
- Yeah?
- Been wanting to talk to ya.
- Yeah.
- Do you know a girl called
Lisa Mitchell?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, I thought you did.
How do you know her?
- Lisa's my friend.
- Yeah, yeah, so I heard.
- Yeah.
- It's just, eh, I used
to go out with Lisa.
People have been telling
me that you fucked her.
(Danny chuckles)
What're you fucking laughing at?
- I wouldn't do that,
Lisa's my friend.
- Yeah, so you keep saying.
What kind of a friend, though?
Ah, where are you going?
I ain't finished talking
to you yet.
- Yeah what,
you got some big plans
we're interrupting or something?
- Yeah, Lisa coming over
tonight, is she?
- No.
- No.
But I bet you'd like it
if she did, wouldn't ya?
- [Danny] It's a common cobra.
- Really?
- The wedged hole there
provides excellent protection
in high cross-winds.
The aluminum poles are
incredibly resilient
to harsh conditions.
Do you have one?
- The fuck do I want one of
these for?
I'm a city boy.
- Do you fish?
- [Calvin] Old people fish,
- Not always.
- Danny, stop fucking about over
Come here a minute, I want to
talk to you.
You're into your, um, your
clubs and that, aren't ya?
You know, boy scouts or
- No, boys brigade.
- Yeah aren't you always
hanging around
with kids half your age?
- Yeah, fucking hell, what is
that about?
It's time you started
hanging around
with people your own age, son.
I'll tell you what, you can
be in our club if you want.
- I don't know.
- [Julia] Oh yeah, come
on, it'll be a laugh!
- Yeah.
All you gotta do is
pass the initiation.
- Okay.
- Oh, that was easy.
But it comes in three parts.
The first part is nice and easy.
Gotta down that in one.
- I don't know, my parents would
be mad.
- [Nick] Oh fuck off, Dan,
your parents aren't gonna
find out all the way out here,
are they?
Main part of our code,
init, Cal?
- What?
- [Nick] You know, we don't
grass on people, do we?
- Nah, never.
- Go on, show us you're
a man, down it in one.
Oi, don't waste it, I said down
it in one!
That's it.
That's it, go on.
Go on.
Go on!
Go on.
That's it.
Good lad.
All the way, all the way,
all the way.
There we go, see?
Not so bad, was it?
- No.
- Now, what's next?
- What?
- What's next?
- I don't know.
- Fucking hell, are you
getting involved or what?
- He has to strip.
- Yeah, good idea.
Did you hear that, Dan?
You've gotta strip.
- No.
I don't want to.
- What do you mean you don't
want to?
You want to be in our club,
don't you?
We all had to do it, didn't we,
didn't we?
- Yeah, no, no, yeah.
- Sorry do you think you have
some sort of a choice in this?
(Danny groans)
You shag my girlfriend, you
sure as hell can get naked.
Now get naked!
- Nick--
- [Nick] Fuck off, now do it.
Good lad.
Come on!
And the rest.
- Please, no.
- Listen.
I'm gonna give you three
then you're gonna
get slapped again.
- [Calvin] Nick, this
is going too far, man.
- Told you he was a pussy,
didn't I?
- But he might have a point,
Nicholas, look at him.
- Not you as well.
Hey, looks like you got
a fucking fan club here.
I tell you what, dry your
fucking eyes, you lard ass.
We'll skip to the last part.
- What last part?
- He's gotta take our
Julia here,
in your little tent
and fuck her.
- You what?
- Yeah, you heard.
- Fuck off.
I'm not fucking a spastic,
are you off your head?
- Well, you don't usually
mind who you shag,
as long as they've got a
fucking pulse.
- Yeah, fuck you, Nick.
- Now Nick, just chill out.
- [Nick] Are you on this
retard's side now as well, eh?
- I was just saying.
- Just, you're just saying.
Just saying, what are ya saying?
Fuck all, that's what.
Now, where was I?
Oh, yeah.
You've gotta take Julia here
into your tent and fuck her.
- [Danny] Uh, no.
- If you can shag Lisa,
you can sure as hell shag Julia,
- Please, please.
(Nick laughs)
- You lot, I'm only joking!
Fucking hell, here,
you fucking lard arse,
take your clothes and go and
get changed, go on, fuck off.
Pair of pussies.
Come on.
(dark atmospheric music)
Gotta have the right
tools to do the job, bro.
- What?
- The job, ending that
little pedo over there.
- [Calvin] No, he ain't no
- You what?
You actually defending
this little mong again?
- No, I just don't think
he did what you said.
- You what?
- All that shit about Lisa.
Is that the real reason
we're here?
You think that kid, that kid
fucked her?
- Look, we're not lying, Cal.
He might seem harmless
to you, but he ain't.
That's how he gets away with it!
- You've been in this from
the beginning, Calvin.
We need ya.
- What the fuck do you need
me for?
- Man up!
Imagine what would happen
to your little sister
if people like us weren't
- Don't bring my sister into
- Yeah, you're getting mad,
are ya?
Yeah, get mad.
You're so convinced
he's innocent,
why didn't you stop me smacking
him, eh?
- Fuck this.
- Where do you think
you're going?
- You're fucking mad,
that kid's done fuck-all!
- Yeah, well good luck
finding your own way back,
you fucking prick.
What, do you want to go
after him, do ya, eh?
- No, of course I don't.
- So are you with me?
- Yeah, of course I am.
- Right, give me that.
Here, here.
(Danny screams)
Come on!
- Please.
(Nick grunts)
(thunder rumbles)
- Grab him.
(faint heartbeat)
(high-pitched tone)
Sorry about that, Danny mate.
You okay?
(dark atmospheric music)
Think you've learned your
listen now, haven't ya?
- Yes.
Can I go home now?
- Yeah.
Go on, then.
Let's get you home.
(Danny groans)
You alright?
You got it?
That's a nasty look, that.
(Danny groans)
Get up.
I know you fucked her and
that's all that matters.
Go and stick that in him.
(tense atmospheric music)
Julia, you started this
whole thing,
you're gonna have to finish it.
What are you doing?
- I'm thinking.
- You're thinking,
thinking about what?
- Look, it's different
when he's just lying there!
- Just do it.
Fucking do it!
Go on.
(Danny groans)
(distant groans)
(distant screams)
(Danny screams)
Yes, yes!
(Danny grunts and moans)
(dark atmospheric music)
Time to put you out of your
misery, Danny.
- No.
- It won't hurt a bit.
- What the fuck have you done?
- Calvin.
Nice of you to finally join us,
Come here, I won't hurt ya.
Now finish him.
Go on.
Think of your little sister.
- Fuck off.
- Hm?
Her little hands on his
big cock.
- Fuck off, he's had enough!
- Listen, if we don't
fucking finish him now,
he's gonna grass us all up!
- I didn't touch him.
- You didn't touch him.
Listen to me, you're as big a
part of this as we are, mate!
- I am not a murderer
and he is not a pedo.
This has got way out of hand!
- Yeah, well fuck you!
Just 'cause I got a bit of balls
to do something about it, eh?
- Yeah.
- Nick, shut up.
- Killing an innocent kid's
really needed, ain't it?
- Innocent?
- Yeah.
He fucked your ex and you can't
handle it!
- Yeah?
- Get off him, Nick!
What are you doing?
Hey, this is stupid!
What the fuck are you doing?
Get off of him, Nick!
Get the fuck off of him!
(thuds and grunts)
Get the fuck off of him!
Fucking hell.
What the fuck?
Oi, what the fuck?
Get off him!
What the fuck are you doing?
Get the fuck off him!
For fuck sake!
He's gone.
He's fucking gone!
- Fuck!
Where's he gone?
- [Julia] I don't fucking know!
- Well get after him, then!
- Fucking hell!
- Fuck!
(suspenseful atmospheric music)
Don't let him get away!
- Fucking hell.
- Shut the fuck up!
I've gotta hide ya.
I'm tryin' to hide ya!
Shut the fuck up!
- Please, please, don't please.
- Shut the fuck up!
- [Nick] Calvin!
- Nick, just leave him.
- I'm sorry, Danny.
I'm sorry.
(sobs) I'm sorry.
(Danny moans and whines)
(dark atmospheric music)
- What are you doing?
(Danny moans and whines)
(Danny grunts and sobs)
(Danny grunts and sobs)
(tense atmospheric music)
(Nick grunts)
(Danny groans)
Stop it, Nick!
(sharp thuds)
(Nick grunts)
Please, stop it.
- I can't.
(sharp thud)
- [Julia] I'm sorry.
(melancholic piano music)
- He said 11, right?
- Yeah.
He's probably having trouble
taking the tent down.
- I guess.
We could always go
and surprise him.
I've always wanted to know
what this place looked like.
- Boys only.
(Mrs. Evans chuckles)
- [Phone] Hello, your call
cannot be taken at the moment.
So please leave your
message after the tone.
- Answer phone.
- Don't stress,
he'll be back soon.
Let's go help him.
(somber piano music)
(somber orchestral music)
(moody piano music)
(moody electronic music)
I hang around with fiends
selling powdered dreams
Man, I hang around
with fiends
selling powdered dreams
Laying down to sleep, it
clicks in and they now believe
Paint lines depicting
victory in strange times
Dreams are unreal and
real at the same time
So I never sleep with the
light on
Embrace that energy that they
hide from
Python's tight grip, wide
fist, life is just a trip
I wanna make the most while I
still can
Real badly seeking
Feel bad never
reaping the benefits
Dumb head buried
deep in the elements
I remain in the flames
and the smoke
Twist around,
I change and evolve
You hung yourself with
that chain that you hold
Blistering heat that came from
the cold
Pick me up, I'm feeling low,
have been since a week ago
I just need some
beats to roll
I sit and hug the
speaker so I'm feeling it
Now we involve in the
freezing cold
Hands are numb,
can't even hold
I'm seeming young,
I'm feeling old
Feeling old, feeling old
Seeming young,
I'm feeling old
Pick me up, I'm feeling low,
have been since a week ago
I just need some
beats to roll
I sit and hug the
speaker so I'm feeling it
Now we involve in the
freezing cold
Hands are numb,
can't even hold
I'm seeming young,
I'm feeling old
Feeling old, feeling old
Seeming young,
I'm feeling old
(somber atmospheric music)