Cruel Will (2013) Movie Script

I'm Mary Riesgraf reporting
live from the studio downtown.
Let's check in with Andra,
Who's at the site
of the investigation.
Thanks, Mary.
Law enforcement officials
have described
the event as one of
the most tragic,
gruesome murders
that this town has seen.
My daughter called me
when she heard gunshots.
They say it was a scene
from a horror movie.
Paul and Lily Anders were in
the comfort of their own home...
They were always so nice to me.
We still don't know
what, if any,
Was the cause of
such a brutal attack.
Dramatic music
Hey, Mikey.
Hey. Are you ready
for the big one?
I think so.
What about you?
Yeah, I got it.
Yeah? See you later.
See you later.
Do you have a minute,
chef Brookstone?
Most certainly.
Uh, why don't we go
into my office?
And, Lily, please,
just call me Stephan.
Thank you again
for the extra time
to make up my exams.
The move-in took a little longer
than Paul and I expected.
That's fine.
All fine. It happens.
You know,
You are one of
my shining examples.
No, validation
that my methods
work beautifully.
But don't think
for a moment I don't notice you
adding your own magic.
Without being
a complete copycat.
You know, I really, really think
that that is an excellent...
Oh, that's very kind of you.
how are things going with you and... Paul?
Wonderful, in fact.
Oh, god, look at
the time. I got to get going,
But thank you so much
for all your kind words,
and I'll see you
tomorrow, so... bye.
No, no. It's around
what you asked for.
8,257 square feet.
And it's ready now.
The previous owners left about a month ago.
Ooh, was it a celebrity?
I can't disclose that.
Well, it will interest you
that any info like that
couldn't hurt in tipping my
liaison's interest, so spill it.
I'll see what I can do.
That's better.
Now, about this pool... is there any
room for a waterslide extension?
And would the neighborhood be averse
to a helicopter coming in and out?
Hey, everyone,
this is "awesome" Austin Phillips
on Wyndham's 105.3
just keeping you updated.
The ferry services are closed
due to some police activity,
God! Are you
kidding me?
Damn it!
Oh, god!
Lily? Are you
having some trouble?
Thank you.
Thank you.
Who's your friend here,
And where's the car?
Hey, there.
You may have heard of me.
Stephan Brookstone.
He's my head instructor
at the academy, Remember?
Yes, you,
uh... you have a bit of car trouble.
Luck had it I was nearby.
So we had to tow your car.
But I know the best mechanic in town.
He's brilliant, so...
And he helped me get groceries.
So, glad to give a hand.
What have you got in here?
Is this for me?
Have a good day.
Thank you.
How's the car?
Oh. Should be
a quick fix.
I got their card.
Would you relax? I told you,
He's harmless.
You did such a good job of
putting the kitchen together.
And all by your lonesome.
I picked up a few things,
None of which include
taking pictures
of how things happen
in other kitchens.
Oh, whatever works.
Sorry I wasn't around
to help out with that.
You know what?
I cannot wait
Until you are done with school,
Because I am gonna
eat like a king.
just because I'm doing all this cooking
and learning all these gourmet dishes,
don't think for a second
that you're gonna have me
slaving around in here.
What's that smell?
Crap! God!
This is what I'm talking about.
Are you sure it said "high"?
Did I say "high"?
This is ruined now!
What was I thinking?
It wasn't supposed to be so hot.
Paul, you're distracting me.
Now I have to start all over.
Lily, honey,
it's not gonna take that long, okay?
Just go do something
with yourself.
Go... watch TV
or whatever.
The body of 50-year-old Elaine Schwartz
was discovered in
her home by a friend
just after 5:00
last night.
She'd reportedly been stabbed
to death in her home.
Her 18-year-old son, Trevor,
was found critically wounded nearby.
W.P.D. Swarmed the island,
searching for a killer.
W.P.D. Locked down
Wyndham island,
Closing roads and temporarily
suspending ferry service.
No one will be allowed
off the island unchecked
until the suspected
killer is caught.
the call came in after 5:00,
and of course with Wyndham...
I'm sorry...
you know.
I'm just really tense
about this class.
Chef Brookstone can be nice,
But he can be a real stickler
about things being perfect.
What are you watching?
The families members
of the past Wyndham murders
questioned that.
I can't believe this guy.
...regarding the death and wonder
if a connection will be made...
Let's watch
something else, okay?
That's right folks. It's gonna be a
cold one today on the east coast.
Wait, wait.
Go back.
18-year-old son, Trevor,
was found critically wounded nearby.
A memorial service was held today at
St. Augustine's church on Main street,
marking 15th anniversary of
the original Wyndham murders.
Do you want to just order
a pizza or something?
The full-course dinner's gonna
take longer than I expected.
We could just eat it
for leftovers.
Auntie, is that you?
What happened to your voice?
How are you?
Are you okay?
Calm down.
What about daddy?
What happened?
Adrian Rockford's loved ones'
lives will go on,
but always with loving memories
of the dearly departed.
We commit this body
to the earth.
Earth to earth, ashes to ashes,
dust to dust.
In the name of the Father,
the Son, and the Holy Spirit,
If any of you
would like to share
your memories of Adrian,
now is the time.
I don't know what to say.
I loved my baby brother.
He never took very
good care of himself,
bless him.
But you know something?
He was always die-hard
when it came to making sure
everybody else was square,
and I'm sure that means the
world to everybody here.
I admit...
L-I'm ticked off.
he burns me up. I...
I'm the eldest one.
Rules say I go first. Me.
I go first, Adrian!
I can't stand to see him
on top of that thing!
Would anyone else like to speak?
This is your time.
What's the matter
with her? Come on.
She'll be okay.
Lily, let's go
back in, sweetheart.
All right.
It's okay.
You can stay out here
as long as you like.
You kept us away
from each other.
You kept me from him.
You know why.
I'm sorry I can't stay, sweetie.
I have to work early
in the morning.
Are you gonna be okay?
Come here.
Get some rest.
Drive safely.
Thank you.
Go get some rest.
Paul, do you have any brandy?
Lily, honey,
It's been a long day.
Let's get you ready
for bed, huh?
We all need our rest.
I could've sworn I just saw...
It was nothing.
We should probably
all get some rest.
Are you okay?
I feel like I...
I'm gonna be sick.
I'm gonna take you to the sink.
- I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Let me take you to the bathroom.
Where'd the lid to that thing go?
You shouldn't take it off, Lily.
Take what off?
The cover for your father's urn.
What? I didn't
take it off.
Was it there when we came home?
It had to be.
I've had daddy with me this whole time.
It's just stupid. I was sitting
in there staring at it.
I would've noticed
that the lid was gone.
Lily, it's okay.
We'll just get another one.
We need a flashlight.
We'll just get one in the morning.
Hey, wait.
Oh, Paul, you have mess on you!
your vomit.
I've had it with me
this whole time, Auntie!
Oh, but, sweetheart...
My nerves are shot.
I think I'm gonna
skip class tomorrow.
But you can't.
What do you mean?
Didn't that dude give you
an extension already?
I have a pretty damn good
excuse for not going, Paul.
Stephan will understand.
"Stephan," huh?
Please, please, daddy,
can I call him "Stephan"?
All the other kids are.
Look, I'm not the enemy here.
I just don't think
it would be responsible
for you to just drop everything.
You've got so much
going on right now.
Where did you get that?
I thought you quit.
Leave me alone, Paul.
Why can't I, just a little bit?
I'm sure your father wouldn't want
you poisoning yourself with that,
So will you just please stop?
How would you know
what my father would want?
Stop with all that
fake sentiment crap.
It's not you.
You're just using
my father as leverage.
That is not fair.
I love you, Lily.
Paul, I love you too,
But, seriously,
have you registered anything
that's been going on
in the past few hours?
Look at me. I am looking at you.
Look harder.
You can stop pretending.
We both know that you and daddy
hated each other's guts, so please.
You didn't hear that, did you?
You're not even...
My mom disappeared about a week ago.
My dad's been more or less...
occupied with that.
Some secret guy she was seeing.
It's kind of my fault
my dad found out.
Blake, Blake, you there?
Got to pick up, dude.
I don't know what's
going on with me, man.
I'm losing my...
just call me back as soon as possible.
Wake up, dude!
Are you...
Cold out?
Not really.
When did you wake up?
Never went to bed.
No kidding?
You've got an eyelash there.
Did you get it?
Get what?
The lash.
Let go.
I have to stretch.
I feel like I've
been sleepwalking.
Sleepwalking, huh?
What have you been up to
in the last few hours?
I don't know.
Hmm, I don't remember.
Probably lost in my thoughts.
I had that weird dream again.
Oh, yeah?
The one where
we were kids, and...
everything was blue.
That was when we
had our first kiss.
We were swimming, Yeah?
Right after that part,
I started hearing voices, and...
seeing things...
in my dreams.
Things like what?
There was a figure of a
man who kept puffing up,
and I could hear voices
every now and then.
It was probably dad.
Every time I close my eyes,
I see him burning.
Sure, I had reasons.
What happened to your lip?
Did you bite it?
You just hit me!
Sop joking around, Paul!
I need to get out of here.
I know exactly how you feel.
I need to take a walk.
Okay, I'll go with you.
I changed my mind.
I'm just gonna jog.
Right now?
What about your shoes?
Wake up, Eloise.
What time is it?
Oh, my head!
It's around 10:00.
Why aren't you in school, Lovie?
I'm sick today.
Ooh, ain't that the truth.
Oh, we're all sick today.
Where's that idiot
husband of yours?
Your guess is as good as mine.
Last I saw him,
He said he was going jogging
at 3:00 in the morning.
What kind of stunt
is he pulling now?
Oh, god.
What are you
looking for, Lilian?
For that cover
that went missing.
Hey, kid,
How about you and I go out, huh?
I think it's high time
that we had a makeover.
How does that sound?
Sounds good.
Just let me freshen up a bit.
I'm a little bit of a mess.
Lily, are you here?
Hey, you almost
ruined my morning.
So, dude, do me
a solid, and don't
leave me any more lame messages like that,
Listen to me.
I need to talk to you.
Sorry to hear about
your father-in-law, dude.
No, not that.
I don't know how much longer I
can stand living in this house.
What, the Poon
not doing it for you?
The Poon.
The magic palace.
Her vagina.
That's, uh...
that's exactly why I couldn't even
dream of getting hitched, dude.
Poon gets
too old too fast for me.
Never mind. You can't help me.
I've got to go.
Hey, hey, hey.
I'm playing with you, dude.
Who put a metal rod up your ass?
I'm serious here, Blake.
So what happened?
Since last night,
I started hearing voices, and...
I think the house is haunted.
Y-you're kidding,
Look, I know how
it sounds, but...
I think... Lily's dad
is haunting me.
Too much has happened
for it not to be true.
Hey, yeah, you know, I think I
heard about this.
Oh, yeah.
Not to tug your chain, dude,
But last week, I saw this
documented footage
that seems similar
to your problem.
Let me get to the computer.
Yeah, hold on. Just give me a sec.
Let me find it.
And okay. Yeah, now,
click on that link.
Clicking it now.
May I help you?
Is there a Lily Rockford
that resides here?
Lily Anders.
I'm her husband.
Here you go.
Please sign here.
I'm sorry.
What is this?
I'm here on behalf
of Adrian Rockford
as part of an agreement
in his will.
Uh, the items now
in your possession
were instructed to be delivered
to Lily upon his... Death?
Yes. Please make sure
she receives them.
I will.
Have a good day.
Dear Lily,
Well, if you're
hearing this, it means
that I've passed on.
I've died.
That's a funny idea
to throw around,
After your mother was gone,
I know I always used to promise you,
every time I left the house
I promised I'd come back.
Well, this time's no different.
I know that I've done some...
Bad things...
Who is it?
It's Fredrick.
Listen, Paul,
is there a reason you're not closing?
I thought you said
you'd be fine last week.
I'm sorry.
I guess I'm taking it pretty hard.
Yeah, well, just tell me.
That's all I'm saying.
I could've had Jeremy
on the phones this morning.
Look, I know you're having a hard time.
I appreciate that. Okay?
But don't make it any harder on me.
All right? I need all my leads covered
this week. You understand that.
You know the season we're in.
Yes, yes, I understand.
Are you okay, bud?
I should be fine.
I'll tell you what.
Look, Paul,
I don't know if you
need this or not.
I don't know how close you
were to your wife's old man,
but I had a pretty hard
time when my ma died,
and, well, I talked
to somebody about it.
I can give you the number
of a therapist, if you'd like.
It's your lucky day.
Paul, is it?
Yeah. It's very rare I have a
client schedule an appointment
and show up within the hour.
Very lucky, indeed.
I'm Frances.
I'm here to help provide some perspective
on what you're going through.
Yeah. Um...
I real... I really
appreciate it.
Well, let's get comfortable.
Have a seat right there.
I probably should've
asked you this on the phone,
but, um...
have you had many, uh,
special clients?
You know,
Crazy, disturbed.
Well, I'm sure you understand I
can't go into all that,
but do you feel you're
either of those things?
Yeah, I have.
Well, if you feel that way,
odds are you're not.
Have a seat, Paul.
Tell me what's going on.
I don't want to jump
to conclusions,
but you seem a little on edge,
if I can say so.
My wife's father died
a few days ago.
I see.
I'm sorry.
My condolences.
Well, uh,
My wife...
Lily's her name...
She's been
understandably depressed
the last few days, and, uh,
I am really not
used to seeing her like this.
I've known her
since we were kids.
Long time.
What's really going on with you?
You mentioned
your father-in-law.
Were you especially
close to him?
Not so much.
Are you ambivalent
about his death?
I can talk to you about anything in
the strictest confidence, right?
Of course.
Lily had Adrian cremated,
and she took
responsibility of the urn.
that's the father that passed away?
That's right.
On our way back
from the funeral,
The urn had the lid
on top of it,
and some time passed,
and somehow
the lid went missing.
Where did it go to?
I do not know.
Let's continue.
What exactly happened?
there's someone in my
house that only...
that only... I can hear
and see.
Who is it?
Do you recognize the person?
He got inside Lily,
At least for a while.
It did this to me.
He keeps repeating something.
What is that?
I don't know.
I wasn't trying to listen.
So Adrian, this is someone
you've known for
quite a while, I take it.
Yeah, since I was around 15.
Do you have parents, Paul?
No, I grew up in a few homes.
Ward of the court?
Did you ever see Adrian as a
father at one time or another?
What does this have
to do with anything?
It's important that I know these
things, Paul,
so I can help you
explain these episodes.
I just got done telling you that I'm getting
pushed around by this ghost, all right?
So give me a damn prescription
so I can get over this!
I can't do that, Paul,
because I know you can get over
this if you allow yourself.
There's nothing I've seen
that warrants a prescription.
You don't believe me.
Big surprise.
It's not a matter
of whether or not I believe you.
It's a matter of you
getting control of yourself.
Paul, if this is
your last visit,
a word of advice:
You're just fine.
This phantom can't hurt you.
You need to ask yourself why
this manifestation
is happening to you
right now, in this manner.
And then you have to
listen to your answer.
Trust yourself, Paul.
Your invoice is waiting
for you outside.
I'm gonna stay.
What? No.
No, don't be silly.
I just don't feel right
about leaving you like this.
Auntie, I'm fine.
I like my nails.
Well, make sure
you mention my name
if you ever decide to go back there.
See you later, Auntie.
Okay. Oh.
One more thing.
Um, what are you gonna do about my brother,
I mean,
I could take him off your hands...
No. No, I'll
take care of him.
I'll handle it tomorrow
after I smooth things
over with my professor.
From what you told me,
you don't need to
do any smoothing.
Okay, okay.
Take care of my brother, Lilian.
Yeah. Okay?
I love you.
Call me.
Aah! Damn it!
Ah, but I'd do them again.
And again.
Because you knew...
you knew that I loved you.
And that was my way
of showing you that.
You needed to learn things.
I only wish
I would've taught Paul
some of those things
when I had the opportunity.
For taking you away from me.
You know, your grandfather
told me this story once,
and I feel like
telling it to you.
Okay, here it goes.
One day, this boy
was walking along the street,
just minding his own business,
and then
he was stopped by this...
this thing.
And before the boy
could do anything,
he said, "You and I
"aren't so different,
"are we?
We're not
so different, Paul."
What's going on?
Nothing. It's just
that I thought...
What's wrong?
Where are you going?
I love you,
and I'm here
to take care of you,
but I need you to
take care of me too.
What's going on in there, huh?
Paul, you're scaring me!
What's going on in where?
Oh, my god, Paul!
I almost thought
you weren't gonna show.
Yeah, sorry. I, uh...
I had to take care
of some stuff at home first.
It's cool.
Are your mom and dad...
okay with me being here?
That was them sleeping
in there, right?
Yeah, that was him.
My mom disappeared
about a week ago.
My dad's been more or less
occupied with that.
She disappeared?
She ran off.
With some secret guy
she was seeing.
It's kind of my fault
my dad found out.
What did he do...
You ask a lot of questions.
You haven't even said anything
about my new bathing suit, Paul.
Was I supposed to?
Silly, silly...
Let's get you kids dried off.
Come on.
Inside the house.
Oh, one more lap, daddy.
Whoever you are,
I think you'd
better go home now.
Hey, daddy, we were just...
Lilian, come with me.
What are you...
I told you to go home.
What are you doing?
What's wrong with you?
I said, hush.
You have humiliated me.
Here, put this on.
You know why?
Because we are gonna throw that away.
But it's my new bathing...
What's wrong with you?
Put this on. You know why?
We're gonna burn that.
It's my new bathing suit!
I'm gonna ask you this
one more time.
What were you doing
with that boy?
Like I said, nothing!
Don't you lie to me.
What, do you think
I can't see you?
Acting the whore
your mother was?
I will not stand
for you whoring around!
I thought you were a good girl.
Leave her alone!
Get away from her! Lily!
Want to get a good look at her?
Go ahead, look at her!
Lily! Lily, come on.
We have to go.
No! No!
Let go of me!
Let go of me!
Open the door!
Open it up!
Open the door!
Open up!
We've been looking for you, Paul.
You're a ward of the state now.
Things are done
a certain way around here.
It's time for you to learn
how to be a good little boy.
No, you...
Shut up!
Last night he blew up
at me for no reason.
He's been impossible.
Well, what happened, dear?
I'm taking a nap,
and I awake to Paul
ripping the covers off of me.
Yes. He comes in
acting like a crazy person.
And what's worse, he lies
and says it's grief over dad,
and then he slaps my hand away.
He acts as if I'm gonna
hurt him or something.
Oh, I am worried, Lilian.
I want you to come and stay with
Herbert and I for a couple of days.
I don't know about that.
I have to do something
about my school situation.
I can't just run away.
Listen, Auntie, I have to go.
I have to try to contact
my professor, okay?
All right.
Oh, oh, wait.
Before I go,
you are going to the mortuary today,
aren't you?
I know your memory.
Yes, yes, Auntie, I'm going today.
I'll talk to you later, sweetheart.
Hello, can I have Chef Brookstone's office,
Hi, this is Lily.
Yes, sir, I'm fine.
If we could talk...
I need to talk to you.
I'm so sorry, sir. He just ran in.
Should I call security?
No. I can
handle it.
Paul, I will talk to you,
but not right now.
I'm in the middle of a session.
That's okay.
I'm all talked out
today anyway, Doc.
Are you sure?
It's fine, it's fine.
This young man seems
to really need you.
Is that right?
This is what I've been
talking about, doctor.
That was awkward.
Get him a glass of water,
and can you please make sure
Miss Culpepper's all right?
Look, um, actually,
I'm uh...
I'm worried about you.
And don't worry about the exam.
Just consider the extension infinite.
There's a world out there
that's in great need
of your genius,
And it would just
be a crime to, uh,
to hold you back.
That's incredible.
Thank you so much.
You're welcome.
Um, well,
do you want to have a coffee?
Uh, sure.
Right this way.
Music plays)
Uh, I didn't expect
your own personal brew.
Well, I said,
"the best coffee around these parts."
Oh, please continue.
The thing is,
I let so much time pass by.
I hadn't seen my father
in almost two years, and now...
Take a sip.
Isn't that better?
Doesn't that taste great?
I don't understand how I
could've let things get so far.
I let this feud
or whatever it is
between Paul and my father get
in between us, and for what?
To be estranged now forever?
Now, don't say that.
Why not?
That's how I feel.
Well, okay.
Well, I mean,
you don't have to put so
much pressure on yourself.
I mean, none of this is
your fault, of course.
Look, honor the memory
of your father
by fulfilling your life
to the fullest.
Look, do you think
for one second
that your father...
wherever he is...
do you think that
he would want you
to wallow away
or blame yourself?
Probably not.
No, probably not.
Well, that's a start.
Look, I... I... I think you
to me, happiness is
just non-negotiable.
If I were you,
I would just eliminate
everything that isn't quite right.
What do you mean?
Well, like this Paul character.
I mean,
what's the deal with this guy?
I mean,
if... do you think I would have my woman
rolling around,
completely out of control?
No, I wouldn't.
See how far you get now, bitch.
God, I'm an asshole.
Tell me about Lily.
Did she ever express
similar emotion
over the years about Adrian?
That's something
that always killed me.
She barely mentioned
anything about it
all of these years.
I figured she just
blocked it out.
That happens sometimes,
doesn't it?
You think she shut it out?
A little bit.
That's fairly typical.
What was her relationship with
Adrian at the time of his passing?
After we ran off
together years later,
it took a while
for them to reconnect.
But it was more her than him.
What about these apparitions?
Has that stopped?
I hope so.
I can't really say.
Paul, let's you and
I get out of here for a minute.
Let's take a walk.
Don't you think Lily should hear that tape?
Don't you think she
deserves to hear her father
as he intended?
It's not what you think it is.
I just don't think Lily
should hear him like this.
Do you really believe that Adrian is evil,
as you say?
If you could hear him,
If you ever knew him, yes.
You would know that he
was capable of doing
something completely awful.
It's just one of
those things you know.
Did Lily ever feel this way?
Even when he was beating her?
What about Lily's mom?
Do you think Adrian had something
to do with her disappearance?
Look, I don't know.
I don't know what happened.
I guess he just drove her away.
Paul, listen. I am not an expert
in the paranormal.
The world of psychiatry
does not line up well
with the world of spirits and the unknown,
but what I think you should do...
No! You listen.
I know it sounds insane,
but I need you to believe me.
If just one person can believe me,
then I'll know that this is real.
I'll know that I haven't
completely lost it just yet.
I'm gonna say something which,
as your psychiatrist,
I probably shouldn't.
You know there's a very fine line
between sanity and insanity,
Between what people think
of as good and evil.
Now, that line
is entirely drawn...
What's your point?
I'm hesitant to tell you
truly what I think,
But I can find no
discernable disorder
psychologically with you.
If that's the case,
then the only other conclusion I can
draw is a rather frightening one.
I came here to get someone
to believe me about Adrian.
I keep seeing him
and hearing him,
as if all of this is part
of some messed-up farewell.
Paul, take a breath.
I know that this is insane,
but I need to talk to Lily.
I need to tell her everything.
Maybe if she'll believe me,
then all of this will
just go away.
Paul, this is Fredrick.
Look, I have to say you
really disappointed me, pal.
Was there absolutely no way
you could've reached me today
about why you couldn't
do your job?
You know, I thought, hey,
I'd give him the week off.
You don't take that. I figured you
didn't have your head on straight.
Listen, I'm gonna
have to let you go.
It's nothing personal,
kid, but that's two days
I could've easily covered
if you'd been responsible.
That's all.
Damn it, Paul.
Where are you?
Yo, Paul!
I was going out of
the bistro. I saw you here.
Dude, what's been up
with you lately?
You've got to be
driving Fred crazy.
You gonna close some clients
with me tomorrow or what?
Yeah. "Yeah."
Your frankness is amusing.
Hey, don't ruin the mood, Paul.
We've got to get you charged up again.
Need I remind you how good we got it,
Hey, we still on
for the game tonight?
And after that, Sabado gigante!
Blake, no, I can't.
I mean, just trying to cheer you up.
Yeah, okay. I got to go.
Dude, don't tell me you got your panties
in a twist about that video I sent you.
That wasn't even the best one.
I do not have time to chat with you.
Okay, what, what?
You want me to say
I believe all that crap
about you being haunted?
'Cause if that's what it takes to
snap your silly ass out of this...
I do not need you to believe me, okay?
Paul, what the hell?
You better watch
yourself there, Paul.
You don't want to
catch one from me.
Friend or not.
What is he doing here?
He really needs to leave!
I've been waiting for you.
Can you go, dude? I
need to be alone with my wife.
Yes. I was... I was just leaving.
He's been comforting me, Paul.
Where have you been?
That's apparent.
So, uh, everything's going to be
all ready for tomorrow, then?
Sure, yeah.
It'll be a relief to finish it.
All right.
Is everything gonna be all right?
Yeah, thank you.
All right.
Why was he here?
I know he's trying
to move in on you.
Where have you been
going off to lately?
Some of the most
unbelievable things
have been happening to
me in the last few days,
and I needed someone
to talk to about it.
Was it worth losing
your job, Paul?
Fredrick called.
He left a message
saying that you're fired.
Where are you?
Are you in there, Paul?
The man I love?
The man I sacrificed
The love of my father for?
You know it's true.
I don't have a lot of
sympathy to spare right now.
You haven't given me
any reason to.
It's like...
you've completely lost
all connection to our world.
You've been acting like a raving lunatic!
Like a...
I don't know.
Lying to me, and now this?
Oh, God!
Oh, I must have some gift
for patience.
It has been so hard
to deal with you and my loss
the last couple of days.
I just wanted to
let you know that.
My little job on the weekends is
not gonna keep these lights on.
You have to do
something about this.
Get on the phone
and call Fredrick. Now.
You remember that dream I would
always talk about?
The one where...
the one where I was hearing
voices and seeing things?
It wasn't a dream.
It's actually...
It's actually been happening.
I have been hearing
and seeing
horrible things ever
since that urn got here.
Things like what, Paul?
What did you say?
I know what you're trying to do!
He never liked me
after I saw what he was.
Can't you see?
He's trying to tear us apart!
Paul, please!
It's true.
He's just like he was before
we got married. You remember?
Oh, yes, Paul, but he's gone now.
He's dead and gone!
Why did you protect him
all these years? Why?
What are you talking about?
All these years
of being the b...
being the...
being the battered daughter like you were.
Beating you like he
probably beat his wife!
You don't know
what you're saying.
Don't give me that! I know how
messed up he was!
He probably touched you too,
didn't he?
My father never touched me!
Just because stuff happened
to you in those group homes
doesn't make everybody's
father like that!
What did they do to you?
I'm sorry.
Why did I even bother?
It was always my fantasy
that I would save you,
Take you away from all that.
I wish I knew
how content you were
with your father
having his way with you!
Paul, take it down a notch, man.
Lily, get over here!
Cool it, bud.
Let's face it:
You've been kind of
an oddball lately.
That's not winning you
any popularity contests!
Get the hell out of my house!
This has nothing to do with you!
The hell it does! I don't want
to see you guys fighting.
You've totally flipped.
What is going on?
Lily, are you all right?
No, not really.
Who's this?
Lily, hand it over.
No! You're crazy!
Back off!
Stop it!
Get off him now!
Relax now.
Don't move, all right?
Come on! You're making everybody
frightened! Now, just relax.
Stop it!
Do something!
Come on, mate.
Get off him, please!
Fucking calm down, all right?
You're scaring everybody!
Why is this happening?
You're supposed to love me!
What are you gonna do?
I have to get rid of it.
Get rid of him?
That's all I have left of him!
How could you do this to me?
I have to do it.
What's wrong with you?
You killed this guy!
You got what you wanted.
It's all over.
Lily hates me now.
I should've kept hiding it.
Laugh it up.
Good job ruining our lives.
Shut... up!
Go around.
That's right.
Go! Go!
You want me to
not call the police?
Wow, he must've really
did a number on you.
No, don't, please!
You don't have to do that!
Yes, I do!
He seems psycho to me.
Am I wrong?
Oh, dude, dude, don't get up.
No, I'll be all right.
No, Blake's right.
I'm sure you have a concussion.
Don't move.
I just need a little bit of ice.
Oh, god.
And a bandage.
And you let him take it?
What did you expect me to do?
Fight him for it?
Yeah, I expect you to fight.
Yo bite, you tear,
you beat the living daylights
out of anybody who dares!
I don't care who they are! If they
mean harm to family, living or not...
it's over for them!
Sit down, please.
I know he's your husband,
But the simple matter of the fact is,
he's not anymore...
Not if he's done what
you've told me he's done.
What did the police say?
she didn't want to call the police.
Lilian, this nut job
has my brother.
It's a crime.
It's a crime to stand
idly by and do nothing!
My God, who did you marry?
What did you expect me to do.
I couldn't think.
But I can't just
sic the police on Paul.
I have to somehow believe
that this is salvageable,
That somewhere Paul knows
how wrong he is.
'cause that's the first thing psychos do.
Y-you are in shock.
You're in denial, dear.
My God.
Does he hit you?
That's what I thought.
But I have to admit,
I don't recognize this Paul.
I'm sorry, Lilian,
but I'm gonna have to call the police.
No! Paul is out there somewhere,
and I'm worried.
I am worried that he is
in some sort of trouble.
Just do this for me.
This is all I have to hold onto.
There's no hope!
There's just no hope!
just make the right decision.
I love you.
Good night.
What are you doing?
Being a human being, Gina.
Simon, don't!
What if it's an elaborate
plan by some hillbillies
to kill us and take our car?
Oh, my God, you're right.
That'd be some plan.
Hey, hillbillies,
you out there behind those bushes?
No? Maybe
behind the mountains
15 miles away?
No, I think we're good, Gina.
Hey, man.
You all right?
You okay?
Wake up.
You all right?
What are you doing
all the way out here?
Um, my car...
My car got away from me.
Simon, he has a weapon!
- What are you talking about? Whoa!
- Whoa, whoa!
Take it easy, man.
Come on.
What are you doing?
You trying to leave Without me?
Hey, I got money.
Here, you can take it all.
Can I just get
a ride back into town?
What's the iron for?
Protection, that's all.
It's gonna be all right, man.
Come on. It's gonna be okay.
I'll give you a ride.
Thank you.
Take your wallet.
Hop in the car.
We're gonna give him
a lift, okay?
I can't believe you are
endangering our lives like this!
I can't believe you were
gonna leave without me.
I was scared!
Hey, how do you open this thing?
Just pop the handle
on the little door.
Here, I'll move the stuff for you, man.
Gina, move over.
Get in the passenger seat.
You've got to be kidding me!
you want to help me look under the hood?
Hell, I just had this piece of
junk checked out before the trip.
Hey, Gina, get ready to
check the ignition, okay?
Come on!
Say again?
One sec.
Fuck. Hey, Gina,
try it again.
All right!
Ha-ha! Hey, yo,
you okay?
Don't touch me! Whoa!
Hey, back off, all right?
What's going on?
Gina, stay in the car.
Look, man, I don't think we can
give you a ride anymore, all right?
You're giving off
some really weird vibes,
and I don't know what's wrong with
your eyes, but good luck with that.
Oh, hey, wait.
Hey, stay right there! I'm serious!
Lily, I know you're in there.
Lily, Where are you?
What are you doing here?
I know she's in there.
What have you done with my brother?
I want to talk to Lily.
Now, you listen to me, buster.
If any harm has come to my brother, I will
make sure to bring hell to your doorstep.
Do you understand me?
The urn is fine! I just want to
talk to Lily!
She doesn't want to talk to you!
From what I understand,
you attacked her, you son of a bitch!
Look, I did not attack her!
You're not going anywhere.
Believe me, if the cops come, they're gonna
have to wrestle me off your dead body!
Look, I am sick of your cheap threats,
I just want to talk to my wife, okay?
I need her to come home!
What the hell's the matter with you?
You might as well invite Satan
to a tea party in heaven,
'cause it's not happening.
You are tearing her little heart apart.
Do you know that?
She's the only thing that's keeping
me from calling the cops on you.
Now, get out of here!
That is all I have to say!
What did he say?
Hardly anything.
Just went on about talking to you.
Anything else?
That's it.
I wouldn't advise it.
I need to talk to him myself.
I thought you said you didn't.
Never mind that.
I don't think it's a good idea.
I think you should stay put.
He just left.
I think he is in
a dangerous state, Lilian.
Might be time for a change.
I think you need to think
this through a little more.
I think you need to
take more time, okay?
...Where families of the victims of
the infamous Wyndham serial killings
gathered for comfort
and support on Tuesday.
Many continue to
express frustration
that the case has
yet to be solved.
In other news,
in Painted Hills today,
an overturned vehicle was
discovered by hikers passing by.
Police are still
investigating the accident,
But foul play is suspected.
We hear all this commotion,
and all of a sudden
we come upon an overturned car.
This isn't something
you just expect to see,
and what seemed like
a normal day
turns into this, you know?
It's really hard
to put together.
Ah, the reason I recorded this
Is because
I think it's time
for you to know
what really happened.
Your mother didn't leave us.
Well, she tried.
She tried very hard to leave.
But I wouldn't let her.
I killed her,
And it changed me forever.
And I killed all of
those other women, Lily.
They looked like her.
Every time I saw one,
I thought it was your mother.
I thought she was
trying to leave us again.
Over and over.
Weren't you even gonna call?
That hurts me, Paul.
Yeah, it's me, Fred.
Can I come in?
So, did you catch
that ball game last night?
That was a hell of a thing.
I thought I was fired.
Oh, come on.
Don't insult me, Paul.
So how are you, buddy?
I could be better.
Where's little Lily, huh?
She's out.
Listen, I, uh...
I know I was
a little hard on you.
I just wanted to come
down here myself
and, you know, have
a little heart-to-heart.
So what did you think
of that doctor?
Pretty good, huh?
Really helpful, Fred.
Real helpful.
I'm still a bit worn out.
Oh, come on.
Come on, lighten up.
Let's see if there's
a game on, huh?
Uh, no!
There's no game on right now.
Hey, hey, hey.
Take it easy, slick!
Look, Fredrick,
thanks for letting me have my job back.
I'm just not feeling
too good right now.
Oh, is this a bad time for you?
got things to discuss, Paul.
I am not finished
with you, Paul!
I know you're in there!
Get off!
Hi, Paul.
Oh, come on.
Come on!
Oh, my god!
No! No!
No! No! No!
You want me?
Here I come!
Paul, it's me!
It is you.
It's me, baby.
Paul, are you there?
Listen, Lily's father is...
It's you, isn't it?
We got matching plates.
Let's move in.
Put the bat down now!
Get your hands up!
Put the bat down and
your hands in the air!
All right,
let's get you kids dried off.
Drop the bat!
Put the bat down!
Put the bat down.
Step away from the body.
Put the bat down.
Put the bat down!
Put it down.
Put it down.
Put it down,
and your hands in the air.
Ominous music plays
ominous music stops