Cruella (2021) Movie Script

Oh, no.
We're starting here? Okay.
From the very beginning
I've always made a statement.
Not everyone appreciated that.
That's unfortunate.
But I wasn't for everyone.
Speaking of statements, here's one.
That necklace is the reason I'm dead.
But I'm getting ahead of myself.
From an early age,
I realized I saw the world
differently than everyone else.
Well, that's not the pattern.
You have to follow the pattern.
There's a way of doing things.
- That's ugly.
- Including my mother.
That's cruel.
Your name's Estella, not Cruella.
It wasn't her I was challenging,
it was the world.
But of course my mother knew that.
That's what worried her.
Remember, you belong here
as much as anyone.
They're lucky to have you.
Hey. What do you say to Cruella
when she tries to get the better of you?
Thank you for coming, but you may go now.
Good. Now say goodbye to her.
Goodbye, Cruella.
And wear the hat.
I don't need the hat.
Well, be polite. And good.
And friendly.
How does the saying go?
"I am woman. Hear me roar."
Well, that wasn't much
of a thing back in 1964,
but it was about to be.
Hi, my name's Estella.
Look. A skunk's got loose in the building.
Nice jacket.
Hi, I'm Anita.
Ignore them.
Just did. But it might not last.
"Ignore them"?
Didn't I just say, "Hear me roar"?
Fight! Fight! Fight!
That didn't sit well
with some people.
This is a blot on your copybook.
Okay, that didn't
sit well with a lot of people.
She deserved it!
But I found friends
in unlikely places.
Like this guy.
There's a dog?
Buddy. I found him.
And not this guy.
Her. Anita Darling.
What a fabulous name.
You could say
I pretty much roared my way
through all of primary school.
Well, I think it's clear what happens now.
Estella, you are expelled...
I'm withdrawing her from your school.
I'm expelling her.
It's too late because
I withdrew her first,
so that can't be on her record.
I'd said expelled. I'd already said it.
And might I say, your school
seems to turn out horrible children
with no creativity or compassion.
Or genius.
You're out.
Being a genius is one thing.
Raising a genius, however,
does come with its challenges.
London, here we come!
Well, we don't really have a choice.
You have no school.
It's nothing to celebrate.
Can't be a fashion designer
in a small town anyway.
Can we go here?
Regent's Park? Perfect.
When we get to the city,
first thing we'll do,
we'll go to the fountain,
and we'll have a cup of tea
and we'll start planning
how to make this London thing work.
Why are you in your best dress?
I need to make a stop
on our way to the city.
Just ask a friend for a little help
to get us on our feet.
What friend?
Well, a friend because
of the situation that we're in.
I'll be less trouble from now on, Mum.
I promise.
I meant it when I said it.
When a girl like me
makes a promise like that,
you don't take her to a place like this.
What is this place?
Wear it. It looks good.
Looks better without, I think.
Be yours one day.
It's a family heirloom.
- Will you mind it for me?
- Really?
Come on, Buddy.
Uh, Estella.
Serious voice.
Stay in the car. I won't be long.
I need you to lie low.
Lie low while wearing a hat?
Exactly. Love you.
Love you more.
Don't worry, she'll be back soon.
I did try to lay low.
Is that fur and chiffon?
In the one gown?
But as you can see, I broke the promise.
Just a little.
I am. I'm sure
it'll be quite extravagant.
It usually is, isn't it?
Go to the east garden.
I'll see what I can do.
I figured while Mum was busy
seeing her mysterious friend,
I'd just take a little peek.
The problem was,
that little peek pretty much blew my mind.
I had no idea where I was or what it was.
I just knew that
for the first time in my life,
I felt like I belonged.
Buddy, unfortunately, did not.
Buddy! No!
Got ya.
Keep the hat on, before anyone sees that.
I could've blamed Buddy
for what happened next.
I just need a little help,
just to get us on our feet.
But the truth is,
I did escalate things.
Oh, my goodness!
Oh, crumbs!
And I will keep my mouth shut,
and I will never come back here.
- Mum!
- She's my life.
There are no words.
There's been
the most dreadful accident.
It was my fault.
Police Commissioner Weston!
A woman...
She was threatening me,
demanding money. I...
I had killed my mother.
I think they were chasing someone.
Search the grounds!
And in that moment...
Search the grounds!
...the best I could think to do
was run.
And I ran for a long time.
I made it to London after all.
Regent's Park.
But no tea.
It's all my fault, Buddy.
No Mum.
I never should've gone in.
I was an orphan.
My necklace.
Sad story.
Genius girl turns into stupid girl
who gets her mother killed
and ends up alone.
But a new day brings new opportunities
or at least a couple of
petty thieves. Horace...
Sir, please could you
spare some change?
No, sorry.
...and Jasper.
Stay back!
Horace was generally annoying.
Go back to your family, little girl!
Jasper was the insightful one.
She has no family.
Which was also annoying.
And Wink was just plain friendly.
Again, annoying.
- Oi!
- Come on, Horace.
But they were a better option
than being in jail.
Oi, you little scallywags!
That was close.
I think we lost her.
Ya think?
Where are we?
So, what's your story?
Where are your parents?
My mum's dead.
I skipped over the part
where I killed her.
I think you should stay here,
be a part of our gang.
She should what?
What, what, what?
This has not been discussed.
It's being discussed now.
And we could use a girl
to look innocent and be a distraction.
I wanted to be a fashion designer,
not a thief.
You don't got that many options.
Just us.
He was right. I was a fugitive.
Is she crying again?
Her mum died.
You remember what that's like.
And there was one thing
I knew they'd be looking for.
I need to dye my hair.
I don't know, I quite like it.
Granted, being a thief
is not exactly a mother's dream,
but she was gone.
Don't worry, we're just getting started.
There's lots more bad things coming...
I promise.
Let's go, Buddy.
We're on!
Before I knew it, ten years had passed.
You could even say
we had made a home for ourselves.
Horace! Heads-up!
Two minutes! It's stoppage time.
We were like a family.
Horace, let's go!
- A family that's good at...
- Get dressed!
...stealing stuff.
I'm frightfully sorry.
Do you know if Piccadilly is the next...
really good.
Oh, this is me.
We expanded our business.
I designed fabulous disguises.
We'd steal.
There you go, madam.
I'd design.
We'd steal.
Not your dog!
We are not coming back here!
It was a beautiful operation.
I got to do what I love,
and we were reaping the rewards.
But as good as things were,
I felt I was meant for more in this life.
That my mum would've wanted more for me.
I just didn't know what.
Hey! Psst!
What are you doing?
Just bored.
Bored? Are you kidding?
I found a tiny TV.
Japanese fellow asleep on the bed.
Uh, excuse me, who are you three?
Good Lord!
Oi! Thieves!
Two, three!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday, dear Estell-la-la-la-la!
Happy birthday to you!
And me and Jasper
And Wink and Buddy
This is the nicest birthday in...
In a while.
Not for Judy.
- Who's Judy?
- It doesn't matter.
It is no big deal. She just...
Oh, Judy.
...might be hungry.
- Make a wish.
- Thanks, guys. Thanks, Judy.
What's this?
This is an offer of employment
from Liberty of London.
Entry-level position.
Oh, I hope it's a burger place, right?
No, it's the most fashionable
department store in the city.
How did you do this?
Pulled a couple of strings.
I love Liberty!
Yeah, I know you do.
I see you look at it every time we pass.
Now, I might have padded out
your CV a bit.
As in, completely. Invented it.
We've all done it.
Yeah, we've all done it.
Everyone does it.
Invented a few references.
If they ask you
how you know Prince Charles,
you just say it's a polo thing.
Happy birthday.
"Polo thing."
So, what is the angle?
There is no angle,
other than Estella living her dream.
- Right. Okay.
- Yeah.
What is it really?
What's the angle?
No, there is...
All right, I'll tell you what,
the angle is that
Estella is way too talented
to be doing grifts
with the likes of me and you.
Thanks, Jasper.
It's all right.
Mum, I got my chance.
The one I always wanted.
Trust me, I'm going to keep
my head down and make it.
Liberty of London.
It was the pinnacle of fashion
in the '70s.
They carried all the best designers.
And now I worked there.
Now, you mentioned the scarf as well.
On Tuesday?
I have it right in front of me here.
I told him to be very specific
about what I wrote.
Ah, excuse me, sir.
I had a thought about the front window...
I gave you your job description.
Don't go outside the boundaries
of your engagement. Please.
Not now.
- Ah! Sir...
- Not now.
No, no, no.
Not now.
Sir, I just wanted to say,
I really am a dab hand with a needle
if Alterations could use anything.
Why are you talking and not cleaning?
Did you do all the bathrooms
according to the regulations I gave you?
- Soap, water, mop, bleach, polish?
- I did.
- In that order?
- Yes.
But Alterations, you wouldn't...
regret it.
- Hey.
- Hey!
You forgot your lunch.
Thank you.
I'm not letting you in that window,
so you can try and crack the safe.
- That's not the angle?
- No. There is no angle.
There's no angle.
What do you mean, there's no angle?
Come on, Wink!
There's no angle.
Thanks for lunch. Bye, Wink.
I feel sad that you think that looks good.
I feel sad you think
that looks good.
Lovely hat.
Whatever covers your neck more.
You have...
a circular slice of banana on your cheek.
Other side.
- My office. Now! Now, now.
- Okay.
Before you fire me,
I have something to say.
Clean my office, top to bottom.
And, uh, when you come in tomorrow,
try and remember to bring a brain.
That seems uncalled for.
I believe that lurking underneath
that starchy, half-size-too-small,
bum-clencher of a suit
lies a kind man who wants
to give a brilliant kid another shot.
Clean, now!
I just can't leave you looking like that.
It would be cruel.
Why'd you go to sleep in a window?
Who's... What...
Oh, but seriously,
how much better do you look?
No! No!
Out! Out!
Oh, farts.
Come with me. Leave the bag.
Thousand apologies.
Horace, no!
I'm calling the police, vandal.
She's coming!
The Baroness. She's out front.
- What?
- The Baroness!
She's coming!
Hello. Is there a, uh, back way out, or...
The Baroness.
The fashion designer!
I want to see her.
Find the girl.
That's her.
Estella, they're distracted.
Let's go!
Outside. That window display.
I'm so sorry.
I can explain that.
You're right, time to go.
Sorry, Baroness...
Get her.
She's the vandal who messed up
the whole new window display.
We're dealing with it.
All right, easy, easy, easy!
So she works here?
Oh, no, no. She was fired. Yeah.
We try to give these wretches a chance,
but, um, breeding.
Need I say more?
So she doesn't work here?
I'm not convinced I know...
You're sweating, and I can smell you.
Brilliant. Thank you.
You. Grubby girl.
Jeffrey, card.
You're hired. This address.
5:00 a.m. Don't be late.
Teeth. Teeth.
You're a fool.
That girl put together
a better window display
than I've seen here for 10 years.
Hear, hear!
You were right, this is a very good shop.
God, it's all so depressing.
She liked my window, Jasper.
She liked my window!
I'm happy for you.
It's all thanks to you.
this was the angle, then?
It's funny how
those happy accidents
can change the whole direction
of your life.
Although, looking back,
"happy" may be the wrong word.
Ah, you.
Quickly, come on!
Right, okay.
Come along. Up here.
My last show was a triumph.
Shall I read to you from Tattletale?
"Baroness designs stunned
with her reinvention of the A-line
"with a bias cut and higher line that...
"...reshapes the silhouette
in such an audacious way
"the audience broke into
rapturous applause at first sight.
"She really is a genius."
I'll read that bit again, shall I?
"She really is a genius."
A triumph.
Take a moment to revel in it.
Oh, that's enough. New show.
We must be perfect. Now go.
Window girl.
Grab a mannequin, some fabric,
and throw something together.
The Baroness needs looks.
Looks. Right.
It's foolish.
Well, you're fired.
Pasty, pasty, pasty.
Why are you speaking?
I think you nicked me.
Fabrics! Can you get me a red like that?
Welcome to Second Time Around,
I'm Artie or Art, as in "work of."
Wow! You look incredible.
I hear that all day,
so I guess it's true.
How does that look go on the streets?
Mmm, some abuse and insults, of course.
But I like to say that
normal is the cruelest insult of them all
and at least I never get that.
I couldn't agree more.
Look around, Cinderella.
I have everything a girl
or boy could ever want.
If you can dream it, I can dress it.
Dior, 1955, amazing.
Chanel, 1950. Spring collection.
Ah, you know your gowns.
You and I are going to be
very good friends, Artie.
Baroness, '65, in the window.
Winter collection.
I noticed that.
Grubby girl, get me lunch.
Soy salmon, lemon-zest risotto,
cucumber sliced into two-inch diagonals
at an eighth of an inch width
sprinkled with seven leaves of parsley,
shredded, not torn.
As the department stores
that stock your range,
we thought perhaps
we could give you some input.
Oh, great. I'll start, shall I?
My feedback.
You're short, you're fat,
you smell like an anchovy,
you're color-blind,
but you pretend you aren't.
You're a man
who can't take responsibility.
Your revenues are down 15%,
your foot traffic by 12 and a half.
Yes, I do my own research.
Your store hasn't been refurbished
since the Blitz.
People don't know whether to buy a frock
or duck and cover.
And most of the funds meant for refurbs
are being embezzled by you,
stashing them in Swiss bank
account number 32254766
to be precise.
That's me. Your turn.
I'm all ears.
Good day.
Lunch, now.
Oh. Finally, someone competent.
And someone not.
This is my lawyer, Roger.
Although he spends most of his time
playing piano in a dingy little bar,
actually, he's a good lawyer.
Piano's nice.
Time for my nine-minute power nap.
Box up my lunch, Estella.
It could do with a lining.
You could use tulle to puff it out,
give it some body.
That's what I just said.
Keep up, Estella.
And, Estella, make the bodice
pencil thin.
Estella, did you make it pencil thin?
All right, how do I look?
- Fabulous.
- Well, I know that.
Show me.
How would you have done it?
I think you're...
Come along.
I made this.
The Baroness said
she thinks I'm something.
I think that's good.
Everything's going so well, Mum.
I'm really trying to be
the Estella that you wanted.
Mostly. It's working.
I just wish you were here to see it.
There's something
about it that irritates me
and I always trust my instincts.
I thought maybe
if you tighten the silhouette...
Oh, you thought, did you?
I think it's better.
Actually, it is.
Your necklace.
Family heirloom. Funny story, actually.
An employee once stole it.
No, she did not.
Slight tone delivery problem. I meant...
"No. She did not."
Did she work for you?
Mmm. Once. Years before.
She stole this,
was stupid enough to come back
and then she fell off a cliff and died.
How terrible.
Yes, it was, actually.
It was during my winter ball
and her death really overshadowed
the whole thing.
Time for my nine-minute power nap.
Who was the woman?
Not really the point of the story.
The story's about how lucky I am,
but anyway, she had a kid.
Kid's a snowflake.
Special, blah-blah-blah.
It was a basic shakedown
situation actually.
Maybe she...
Maybe she just really loved her kid.
Maybe she only had one person
to take care of
and she failed dismally.
Baroness, we have that meeting
at the Ritz.
Oh, for heaven's sakes.
Roger, shoes.
Don't touch the ankle.
Yes, sorry. It's in.
Come along.
My mother hadn't
failed dismally, I had.
And I wasn't going to fail her again.
Told you, she always comes here.
You all right?
She called my mum a thief.
Said she failed as a mother.
What? Your mum?
She knew your actual mum?
Yeah, it turns out
that was her party we were at.
Mum worked for her once.
I dropped the necklace
as I was running away.
She must've found it.
It's mine. So I'm taking it back.
- Taking it, as in...
- Stealing it.
Ladies and gentlemen,
I give you... the angle.
Her Black and White Ball,
that's where we'll do it.
It's our biggest job ever.
Oi, Horace, attention.
We need to know
their security setup.
Power nap, nine minutes.
Where the cameras are.
Where the guards are posted.
And what the schedules are.
We need to know every detail
and every blind spot.
the toilet's just on the left,
and then go straight down to the end.
Then, all we need to do
is disable the security system,
bypass the cameras,
open the safe, steal the necklace
during the biggest party of the season.
So many people, her security
will be stretched to the limit
and just to be sure, a distraction,
where I get the key
to the keypad and safe.
Right, so what is the distraction?
I've discovered she likes to throw women
who offend her sensibilities
out of her parties.
- Old women. Women in gold.
- Ow!
Sad women.
Women who carry poodles.
But also stunningly dressed women
who pull the focus off of her.
What about one of the elderly broads?
Me, Horace. I will be the distraction.
All right.
Besides, wreaking havoc at galas
is my personal specialty.
Well, I don't know about that.
But here's a problem...
Won't she recognize you?
That's a good point.
- I guess.
- And when that happens,
won't you lose your job?
It's not on the board.
- A job I think you love.
- Are you thinking?
I mean, she sees you're talented, right?
Yes. Yes.
Well, maybe...
Maybe you don't need the necklace.
Mate, come on! It's the angle.
- It's just a necklace.
- I want it back!
She's the boss.
And you're right.
You're right. She will recognize me.
So Estella can't go to the ball,
but I know someone who can.
Right, let's do it.
Yeah. Let's go and ruin someone's day.
You mean the Baroness?
Obviously, I mean the Baroness.
Why? Who did you think I...
No, you said "someone."
- Someone could be anyone...
- Let's just do this, Horace.
Not tonight, son.
Well, you know what?
They said it was an emergency.
This is a private event.
Kind of vermin I deal with,
they don't wait for an invitation.
What they do is, they get in,
they bite posh people
who then froth at the mouth,
their eyes spin in the back of their heads
and then the posh people die.
That's a beautiful story, mate.
I almost welled up, yeah?
Freeze. Freeze.
Whatever you do, don't turn around.
Well, don't just stand there!
Get in and get him out!
I told you not to turn around.
And wash your hands.
Heck of a rat, yeah?
The size of a dog. But it's a rat.
Miss Anita Darling.
I'm so grateful you've given Tattletale
an exclusive tonight.
Not apparently grateful enough
to observe the dress code.
No color.
Well, my pen must have leaked.
It's tools of my trade.
No one is interested
in what you write, my dear.
Just in how I look.
You look ravishing, Baroness.
Master of understatement, as usual.
to me.
To the Baroness!
Do you have a light?
Get her.
Come on, Wink.
I'm a wee bit nervous.
This doesn't have to be a scene.
It really, really does.
My arm. I think it's broken.
Is there a doctor?
Oh, no, actually it's fine.
I'd like to remind you all
that I'm doing this in heels.
Ratbane! Abort! They can see you
on the cameras. Abort.
There are six of you,
so obviously you'll win,
but the first two of you to arrive
are going to get very badly hurt.
Initiate plan B.
No, no, no!
Oh! Oh! Look at that one!
No. Get out! My wires!
So, discuss amongst yourselves
who that is, hmm?
There we are.
No, no, no.
You hideous freak.
I didn't mean that, Wink.
All right, we're good.
Oh! I'm so sorry.
Hang on!
We haven't started yet, darling.
Is that two? I lost count.
Oh, for heaven's sake,
just bring her to me.
Oi. Shh.
You're supposed to be dead!
That's a bit much.
Nothing to see here.
Horace, how's it going?
How's it going? Well, I...
Well, I'd say badly.
Oh, no.
Who are you?
You look vaguely familiar.
I look stunning.
I don't know about familiar, darling.
Your hair, is it real?
Black and White Ball.
I like to make an impact.
Right. What was your name?
- Oh.
- Mmm.
That's quite fabulous.
And you designed this?
You did, actually. 1965 collection.
Oh, no wonder I love it, it's mine.
I fixed it.
Oh, sit. Do, I insist.
I'm intrigued, and that never happens.
Yes. Aren't they gorgeous?
And vicious.
It's my favorite combination.
What do you want?
I mean, you clearly wanted
to get my attention.
I want to be like you.
You're a very powerful woman.
Let me give you some advice.
If you need to talk about power,
you don't have it.
Well, I don't have it, which is why
I need to talk about it,
which is why I'm here.
Am I going to have to catch you up a lot,
or can you keep up?
You're funny.
It's not just rats.
There's mice, lizards...
Raccoons. There's a whole mess
of different kinds of...
Oh, that's a hybrid.
Where are you from?
Oh. Well, um...
north. Well, sort of.
It's a bit south, really, of north,
which is basically west.
All right, that's enough.
I've loved our little chat,
but I'm afraid that now I'm going
to have to have you arrested, um, for
Oh. Is that a rat?
Oh, my God! Get it off!
Get it off! Get off!
Someone's stolen my necklace.
Later, boys.
Now it's a party!
That dog. Stop! Thief!
You're the bravest rat I've ever known.
Oh, we need that!
Well, here's hoping there's a plan C.
Why, what's plan C?
Well, what I'm saying is,
"Is there a plan C?"
Yeah, but...
Get in!
A bit quicker! You're a dog!
Didn't know you knew how to drive.
- Whoa...
- I don't.
There's a car!
All right. Stop the car!
What's going on?
Hey, hey! What are you doing?
Where's she going?
The Baroness killed my mother.
What? What are you talking about?
Her whistle, she called the dogs on her,
she was...
It wasn't my fault.
She killed her.
Like she was nothing.
Oh, blimey.
They say there are
five stages of grief.
Denial, anger, bargaining,
depression, and acceptance.
Well, I'd like to add one more.
We should lay low.
That was a bit much last night.
You think? I fell into a cake.
Morning, boys.
So, let's begin.
You're not gonna kill her, are ya?
It's not part of the current plan,
but we might need to be adaptable.
So, that's a no?
If you heard a "no," it is.
Now, the necklace.
One of the Dalmatians ate it.
Not sure which one,
so you'll need to kidnap all of them.
All right, sorry. Slow down.
What? What are we...
Darling, if I'm going to
need to repeat myself a lot,
this isn't going to work out.
Why you still talking like that?
Grift's over.
The necklace went in one end, yes?
It's going to come out the other.
That's how it works.
And what about breakfast?
Which is now on the floor.
What's the rest of the plan?
Where are you going?
Need-to-know basis.
But that's not how we usually...
- That was rude.
Yeah, but it's her mum, innit?
We gotta cut her some slack.
Help her out.
Well, it's not seeming like a lot of fun.
- My Krispies are on the floor.
- Yeah, I know, I know.
Let's just get the dogs.
Anita Darling, my darling.
Estella, it's been so long.
You know, I kept staring
at you at the party,
and then it came to me.
That's Estella from school.
It's not Estella.
That's the past.
I'm Cruella.
So you go to parties and you take pictures
and you print gossip?
That's your job?
Yes, well. Not as fun as it sounds.
Oh, it doesn't sound fun.
It sounds useful.
I'd like to start my own label.
Why don't we work together
to create some buzz
for this old rag
that you continually fill
with that old hag?
You have that glint in your eye.
What glint?
Well, I'm starting to remember that
you have a bit of an extreme side.
Well, then you remember what fun that is?
Now, I want you to help me
tell them who I am.
You notice how some dog owners
look a lot like their dogs?
No. I've never noticed that.
What about now?
All right, let's have a bit of
professionalism, please, Horace.
We got a job to do, all right?
Wink is a very likable dog.
I'm not sure this plan will work.
It'll work.
Remember, Wink, they can smell fear.
Settle, Genghis.
Told you it'd work.
How can you not love this face?
It's you.
It is. And you're reading about me.
And you're in my shop.
It's me, Estella.
Oh, my. My, my, my.
You look amazing.
You certainly made a splash.
I'm just getting started, darling.
And I need help.
I want to make art, Artie...
and I want to make trouble.
You in?
I do love trouble.
I'm not the enemy!
Stop that!
Hey, hey, hey!
Hey, now. It's all right.
Hey! Hey, hey! Stop that! Hey!
Hey! Stop! Hey!
Oh, come on! Those aren't yours!
You got them.
Artie, boys.
Boys, Artie.
Artie will be working downstairs.
He actually knows something about fashion.
Dogs are very aggressive.
Well, you have to
walk them, feed them.
Get that necklace out.
Yeah, well, can't you walk 'em as well?
There's no "I" in team.
Well, there is an "I" in imbecile. Go!
Hey! No, no, no,
you can't talk to us like that.
We're helping you here.
So don't.
Mummy and Daddy are fighting.
I'll, uh, set up downstairs.
You stop it. Chill. Just chill.
Come on, dogs. Regent's Park it is.
You could be more polite is all.
I don't have time.
I have to go to work.
I'm a designer now.
Keep your enemies close.
Voil! Cruella was in a box a long time,
now Estella can be the one
who makes guest appearances.
Everyone is laughing at me.
Well, they say all press
is good press, Baroness.
Although they have focused
rather on the rats.
Did you happen to notice her hair?
Apparently all the young people
are doing it now.
Thank you, John.
You're such an enormous...
- I do my best.
- Mmm.
She wants you, hurry up.
Come on.
Ah. Here she is.
Late. Grab a pad.
Excuse me.
Fashion fact.
The pinnacle of every London fashion year
is the spring collection.
Excuse me.
My spring collection.
I need 12 pieces, and I have...
Let me count.
I was going
to take the things she loved most...
her business,
her status...
I need ten pieces that work by 3:00 a.m.
...her confidence.
Thank you.
Gratitude's for losers.
Oh. Good advice, thanks.
What did I just say?
Uh, don't thank you, so...
Got it. Thank you.
- Go.
- Going. So, I'll just...
What do you mean, the dogs have gone?
Well, find them!
Horace. Game's on.
Oh, tournaments...
Oh! You're kidding me! You animals!
I sleep on that thing.
I'm watching the game, forget it.
Oh, Tottenham fans.
So you're not all bad then.
Two minutes. Necklace?
No. But silence. That's a start.
And of course, "Thank you
for doing all my dirty work, guys."
"Hey, don't worry about it, we're a team."
Baroness! Over here!
"Cruella." Cruella.
What sort of a name is that anyway?
Okay. A proper competitor.
I'll just have to destroy her
as we have so many before.
Find her. And, Roger,
find out everything about her.
I'm more a lawyer than a detective, I...
Yes, I'll do that.
We have no signature piece.
And this Cruella person is everywhere.
I want ideas.
Estella, what've you got?
You seem upset.
My dogs are missing,
my necklace has been stolen
and this Cruella creature is...
This show has to be the best.
Can I get you some cucumber?
Thinly sliced.
And get your dried-up,
desiccated little brain working.
Of course. And thank you.
Yes, go to lunch, you lazy fools.
What? Hey!
Oh, Estella, I am surprised at you
holding out on me.
But I was on my lunch break
in a public space.
Yes, I own the alley.
Really? You can own alleys?
Alleys, designs, people, their souls.
Check your employment contract.
Well, I seem to have found
my new signature piece.
How do you like it?
We need to sue her, for defamation,
false imprisonment, vandalism.
Well, having been through the statute
and talked to the police,
I don't know we have a legal avenue for...
I need you to stop talking, Roger.
You do?
So I have a gap to fire you.
There's a gap. You're fired.
Roger always blamed me
for getting him fired,
but the real reason
Roger was fired is because...
- Hmm.
- ...he's Roger.
You'll need more than eyeliner,
you plain little thing.
You do, however,
have an eye for a good shot.
Who is she?
And more importantly, where is she?
I don't know.
Did you just lie to me?
I... No, I...
- Don't cry.
- I'm not.
You will.
Getting anything?
Come on!
- Nothing?
- Nothing!
You know, I'm worried about her.
What, Estella?
Oh, she's just playing a part
for the grift.
Rude part.
Hey! Stop that!
Where's the beading for the dress?
Ordered. Just waiting
on this idiot delivery man.
Oh, good day to you, missy.
Got some fashion items
that are most fashionable.
Thank you, most handsome delivery man.
I've done it again.
Let's go make history.
I need a drink. Estella, come.
Give it to me, for heaven's sake.
Here's to me.
Who the hell else would I drink to?
To me?
For creating your signature piece?
You're helpful to me, is all.
As soon as you're not, you're dust.
Inspiring talk.
Thank you.
You can't care about anyone else.
Everyone else is an obstacle.
You care what an obstacle
wants or feels, you're dead.
If I had cared about anyone or thing,
I might have died
like so many brilliant women
with a drawer full of unseen genius
and a heart full of sad bitterness.
You have the talent for your own label.
Whether you have the killer instinct
is the big question.
I hope I do.
Correct response. Well done.
We just have to get rid of this...
Cruella person, don't you think?
I guess you must hate her.
I'm conflicted.
She is good.
Bold and brilliant.
But she has made it me or her...
and I choose me.
Well, this guy's
a bit of a blanket.
What about...
We're gonna
have to get invasive.
It's risky.
They gotta know we broke in, Cruella said.
Yeah, she did, didn't she?
Yeah, I'm getting
a little tired of Cruella.
Oh, yeah.
What's going on?
She tried to break in last night.
Who did?
Cruella. Well, it makes sense.
It's a stunning,
ludicrously expensive gown.
Cruella could never afford to make it.
But Cruella has no shame.
She may steal my creation.
I mean, that's a very good idea, right,
if you were...
Night. Get some sleep.
Big day tomorrow.
Play nice, guys.
I miss Estella.
They really would make fabulous coats.
The dogs?
I'm joking.
You know what I miss?
The Jasper who had a sense of humor.
You know, we've all had
bad things happen to us.
Me, him, you. But we've always
been there for each other.
That's all I'm asking.
Is it so hard to back me up?
No. Not Estella, that's easy,
but to help Cruella,
it's a nightmare.
And there's that
understatement thing you do.
Cruella gets things done.
Estella does not.
And I have things to do.
So if you're done chatting.
And by "if," I mean you are.
I'll allow it.
When Estella arrives,
escort her to my office
and hold her there.
Very good.
Although I think you're wrong.
It's not her.
Do I pay you for your opinions
or for your obedience?
Well, are you asking my opinion?
I'll see it's done.
What do you mean, it's stuck?
The guests are already arriving.
There's something wrong with the lock,
Your Ladyship.
I don't care what you have to do,
get it open!
That little...
Ladies and gentlemen,
I present to you...
It's got a good beat.
The music.
She killed my dogs.
And made a coat.
Oi! Get out! Come on!
Oh, how lovely of her
to thank us for our work.
Yeah, real gracious, wasn't she?
After all we've done for her.
Whatever happened to that cute
little girl crying on a bench?
She's gone, mate.
We should've left her on that park bench.
Madam, welcome.
- Mmm. Hello.
- Anything I can get you, please?
- Oh, uh, two lamb korma.
- Okay.
One tandoori chicken, and rice all round.
No problem. No problem.
A fashion riot in Regent's Park
broke out today.
Cruella, some call her a designer,
- others a vandal.
- Hmm.
Questions are being raised
over whether her coat was real Dalmatian.
Madam, are you celebrating?
Oh, indeed I am.
The queen is dead!
Long live the queen.
You really are a psycho.
Why, how nice of you to say.
You showed promise,
as did Estella.
Oh, am I late for work?
Gee whiz, boss, how was the show?
This is between us.
Let Jasper and Horace,
imbeciles that they are
for letting you follow them, let them go.
Oh, I shall. They're going to jail.
For what?
Your murder.
No one will believe that.
Well, I'll have to add your
charred body to the mix
to help the believability factor.
Come on, you. Come on.
Oh, that's nice.
You're going to kill me
because I upstaged you?
I know you killed my mother.
You're going to have to be more specific.
Who exactly?
Just narrow it down for me.
On a cliff.
You called your dogs on her.
Okay. Now I'm with you.
Oh, that's why you're peeved.
Hence this little show.
I'm gonna kill you. And your dogs.
I'm waiting.
will you let me go for a moment?
Come on.
I'm sure she's a terrible boss.
Goodbye, Cruella.
Bad dog, Genghis.
I'll tip off the press.
I'd love them to know
that you went out in a
blaze of glory.
Hold it there. Up there.
Move back!
It's still a dangerous scene.
Please, I need you to move back.
Breaking news,
Cruella, best known for upstaging
the Baroness in the fashion world,
has died tonight.
fashion provocateur has died.
The Baroness and Cruella
had been going head-to-head...
The Baroness' competition
has gone up in flames.
Cruella, a shining star
in London's West End fashion scene
has tragically died tonight
in a warehouse fire.
Tea, Miss Cruella?
Why am I alive?
Because I dragged you
out of the smoke and flames
before they consumed you.
I have something for you.
You found it?
In the fire.
I can assure you it's been,
uh, thoroughly bleached.
May I show you something?
I didn't know it had a key.
What's it to?
The Baroness has a kid?
May I walk you through it?
The Baron was a sweet old guy.
The Baroness, on the other hand,
she's a true narcissist.
So when she found out she was pregnant...
I'm pregnant.
...she wasn't exactly thrilled.
The Baron was delighted.
So much so that he surprised her
by giving her a family heirloom.
She took the necklace,
but she had other plans for you.
You keep saying "you."
You are her daughter.
I was there when you were born.
The Baron was away on business,
and she ordered me to do the unthinkable.
You know what to do.
It was a diabolical request.
I knew I needed to protect you. But how?
Then I saw Catherine,
the sweetest woman who ever lived.
She saved you.
The Baroness said the child had died.
The Baron, he, uh, wasted away.
The point I'm making is,
you are the rightful heir
to the Baron's entire fortune.
The mansion, the title. Everything.
That psycho cannot be my mother.
So this is a confusing day.
My nemesis
is my real mother
and she killed my other mother.
I guess you were always scared,
weren't you, that I'd be a psycho
like my real mum?
That explains all the
"tone it down, try and fit in" stuff.
Love me into shape,
I suppose, was the plan.
And I tried.
I really, I tried because
I loved you.
But the thing is...
not sweet Estella,
try as I might.
I never was.
I'm Cruella,
born brilliant,
born bad
and a little bit mad.
I am not like her.
I'm better.
must dash.
Much to avenge, revenge and destroy.
But I do love you.
The boys are locked up,
but we have a problem.
I don't pay you for problems.
We didn't find her body.
What are you talking about?
It's on the TV, the radio.
Well, someone tipped them off
and gave them the wrong tip.
Thank you for your time.
Incompetent as always.
You're in the way.
I still can't believe she's dead.
Pull it together, H.
You can't cry in prison.
Let's just remember Estella.
- Estella.
- Estella.
No crying.
Forget Cruella.
Did you hear that?
I heard something.
Oi, come here!
Stay behind and
keep an eye on the prisoners!
- Wink!
- Shh!
You ain't barbecued!
What in the bloody...
Thank you.
You're getting kissed right on the mouth!
I don't care where it's been!
Want a ride?
- Yeah, we'll walk, thanks.
- You're alive!
Yeah, I've had enough
of being treated like a dog,
thank you.
No offense, Wink.
You'll get caught by the cops.
We did fine before you showed up,
we'll do fine without you.
Yeah, exactly.
I fancy a fry-up.
- Yeah, I fancy a fry-up without her.
- Yeah, me too.
There's no easy way to say this.
The Baroness is my birth mother.
You just blew my mind.
It does explain a lot.
She gave me away to die.
And then killed the sweetest woman,
albeit a liar,
who ever lived.
Well, thank you for the crumpets
and the crazy story.
Good luck with that.
- I might take a few of these.
- Jasper!
We're in a kill-or-be-killed
situation here.
Yeah, and she's a homicidal maniac,
and you're not.
Well, we don't know that yet.
I'm still young.
It's funny.
Or it would be,
if I knew you were being funny.
No, not funny.
I'm joking, I'm joking!
The point is, I can't run.
She'll find me, Jasper.
You know she will.
We have to stop her.
I went a bit mad.
I'm sorry.
You're my family.
You're all I have.
- She used the family card.
- Yeah, she did.
It's working.
Yeah. All right, fine.
So what's the plan?
The Baroness' charity gala
is this weekend.
We're going to need the home addresses
and measurements of all the guests.
Artie's tribe of dressmakers, of course.
I like him.
A black cape, pots of paint.
Oh, yeah?
Several boned corsets...
Should we write this down?
I'm sorry.
I didn't realize there'd be company.
John, this is my family.
They'll be staying a while.
You're out of crumpets.
We're closed.
I was just reading about you,
the puppy killer.
Oh, well, I do love spots.
You didn't.
I didn't.
But people do need a villain
to believe in,
so I'm happy to fit the bill.
Small point, aren't you dead?
I am. Yes.
Sad, really.
But also helpful.
Now, Artie, I have a plan.
Of course you do.
And you're going to help me with it.
Mmm. What do I get?
A night of fabulousness
and mayhem and possible death.
Check, check, not quite sure
about the death though.
It won't be you.
Mmm. I'll get my coat.
For me?
Big night.
Indeed it is.
Sure about this?
No, I'm being serious.
And you're cute when you are.
I know you're in pain.
And I know that she caused it,
but, you know, killing her
is not gonna make that go away.
I won't.
I promise.
All right, cool. Groovy.
Unless I really, really have to.
Thanks for helping me.
Yeah, well, I find it very difficult
saying no to you sometimes.
It's one of the things I love about you.
When I fixed it,
I noticed a name.
Do you know what this car's called?
A Devil!
It's DeVille, mate.
I like that.
Come on. Stand to attention.
Stand up straight.
It's time.
When I said, all those years ago,
"Take care of it,"
what did you think I meant?
Well, I was a little confused.
I hardly thought you meant
you wanted me to kill your only child.
And I thought
we knew each other.
I hope for your sake,
she's hidden in your coat.
No, Baroness.
George, come here.
She'll be here tonight.
I want her caught before she's seen.
Everyone thinks she's dead.
She better be that way
by the end of the night.
I've got a special treat for her.
It'll put a shock through her
and leave her incapacitated.
Give it to me.
That's marvelous.
Oh, I could do that all day!
Oh! Just find her, you idiots!
Why am I the only one who's competent?
Must be very tiring.
Should be a memorable night tonight,
Indeed it should.
All right, boys, look alert.
First vehicle arriving.
Blimey, it's her.
- Oh.
- I beg your pardon.
It's not her.
Here she is, here.
That's not her.
- How dare you touch me!
- Sorry, ma'am.
What's going on?
Time for my entrance, my dears.
- Baroness, I...
- Is she here?
Well, that's the problem, see, uh...
Police. How can I help?
There's a robbery planned
for Hellman Hall this evening.
Who is this?
All teams, Baroness requires
everybody in the library now.
She's angry, boys.
I was just looking for the loo.
Thank you all for coming.
What a great tribute to our dear friend
who shall never return.
- To Cruella.
- To Cruella!
That dog is like a son to me.
You're dead!
I had him.
Did you, though?
Where is she?
Didn't you just toast her death?
Where are my guards?
She's here. I can feel it.
Find her.
Get her!
Hello, Cruella.
I hate to ruin your party,
but I've come to evict you.
Don't be absurd.
This is the key that was in the necklace
that unlocks the box
my birth certificate was in.
Hello, Mother.
It all makes sense now.
That you're so extraordinary.
Of course, you're mine.
I've longed for someone in my life
who was as good as me.
You left me to die.
A mistake.
And one we can get past. I know it.
I disagree.
Good evening.
The Baroness asks that you join her
- on the terrace.
- Lovely.
Gentlemen, the Baroness would like
to invite you outside, please.
You're not here for revenge.
You're here because
you're a brilliant designer
and a wicked genius
and you need to be among your own kind.
Your real mother.
Who made a mistake
and let something extraordinary go.
We are very alike, I suppose.
Good evening.
Madam, ravishing as always.
The Baroness requests
your presence outside.
I'm sorry.
You are?
I am.
Can I hug you?
You're not going to push me
off the cliff, are you?
You're so funny, dear.
So funny.
I love it.
She jumped.
Did you see? She jumped.
She tried to drag me with her.
She jumped, she jumped, she jumped.
Why are you looking at me like that?
She jumped!
What are you doing with those handcuffs?
She jumped!
So I told you I died.
Estella, that is.
Poor thing.
She couldn't even get anyone
to come to her own funeral.
That seemed like an unhappy ending.
Murdered tragically
by her very own mother.
A few things.
Before she died,
Estella willed her fortune
to her dear friend...
Cruella de Vil.
Can't you idiots see?
That Estella person, it's a trick.
She's really Cruella.
Cruella de Vil.
It's spelled "Devil,"
but it's pronounced "de Vil."
You wait, I'll get even.
The good thing
about evil people is
you can always trust them
to do something, well,
Estella would die like her mother did.
But not quite.
A well-cut skirt is a lifesaver, girls.
Remember that.
She'd go to prison
for throwing someone off a cliff.
Wrong someone, but there's something about
poetic justice that's just so
Goodbye, Estella.
She was with her mother now.
I'll take it from here.
But Cruella was alive.
All right, we should put on
some music or something.
Lighten the mood.
She's not actually dead, mate. She's...
How can you not get choked up at all this?
Oh, man.
And I call that a happy ending.
Has, uh, Genghis put on a bit of weight?
So, what now?
I've got a few ideas.
Cruella de Vil
Cruella de Vil
She's born to be bad
So run for the hills
Cruella de Vil
Cruella de Vil
The fear on your face
It gives me a thrill
Who wants to be nice?
Who wants to be tame?
All of you good guys
Y'all seem the same
Original, criminal
Dressed to kill
Just call me Cruella de Vil
Call me crazy, call me insane
But you're stuck in the past
And I'm ahead of the game
A life lived in penance
It just seems a waste
And the devil has much better taste
And I tried to be sweet
I tried to be kind
But I feel much better now that I'm
Out of my mind
Oh, there always line in the gates of hell
But I go right to the front gate
'cause I dress this well
Rip it up, leave it all in tatters
Beauty is the only thing that matters
The fabric of your little world is torn
Embrace the darkness
Be really blind
Cruella de Vil
The fear on your face
It gives me a thrill
Hello, Pongo.
Cruella de Vil
Cruella de Vil
If she doesn't scare you
No evil thing will
To see her is to take a certain chill
Cruella, Cruella de Vil