Crumbs (2015) Movie Script

I brought you a Christmas fir
for your garden of dwarf trees.
I love you, my Birdy.
I love you too.
Where is your amulet?
I lost it.
Don't let them push you around, Candy.
Are you a chicken?
The bowling machine started
working on its own again.
It's like...
a huge magnetic field
is directed towards it.
I'm falling asleep.
It's been a hard day.
someone is trying to send us a signal.
Who, my Birdy?
I don't know.
the spaceship.
People say...
that the spaceship has
been rusting in the sky
since the beginning of the big war.
Very interesting!
It's a Samurai Turtle figurine,
made in the third century
and worn by Molegon
warriors as a lucky amulet.
Industrially made from a rubber mold
with acrylic paint
it is believed that the
inspiration dates back
to pre-apocalypse years.
What do you want to do?
Sell it? Pawn it?
I wanna sell it.
How much?
56000 Crols.
I've seen several of these in recent years.
They're very difficult to sell nowadays.
I'll give you 1500 Crols.
Rethink your offer, Grandpa.
That's funny!
You think you can intimidate
me with Gamo Turbo?
Not even a child would be scared!
What happened, my candy?
I'm dizzy.
Sometimes I think
that maybe
I'm not strong enough for you.
One day I might get killed in that desert.
My Birdy.
Who loves you like I do?
I'll visit the witch. Ask
her what's happening.
Are you OK?
You're acting strange.
I'm OK.
This sword was manufactured by Carrefour.
The last total artist.
It will protect you during your trip.
Einstein IV
San Pablo Picasso
Stephen Hawking III.
Just Bieber IV
Paul McCartney XI.
We'll meet in the spaceship.
In that garden of vegetables.
I want your wisdom.
I dream of you.
The "Max Steel" sword.
Highly regarded back in its heyday
as only 490,000 units were produced.
It was used Molegon warriors.
Its maker was not the Second
Carrefour but Mattelo.
The design is believed to date
back to the pre-apocalypse.
Do you want to sell it?
Yes, wanna sell it.
How much do you want?
93000 Crols seems good for me...
I'm interested in acquiring a "Max
Steel" but not for that price.
I can offer you 2600 Crols.
3500, last offer.
What about 5500?
3500 is my last offer!
I have no choice.
It's a total rip-off you loan shark.
Let's sign the contract!
The ducks are coming back.
I don't see any ducks.
What do you want?
I need your help.
How are you gonna pay me?
This is supposed to pay for your wedding.
I can't accept it.
But I need to find Santa Claus.
My back is old for that job.
Be strong! Come on!
Clean that side!
It's enough?
Continue! Thank you!
I see what you see.
Santa Claus is inside a dark hole.
What else do you see?
There's an abandoned pond.
It's inside a park.
Where is this?
It's in the old city.
The old city.
I'll never get there!
It's so far.
I don't know the way.
The train will guide you.
The train?
The train.
Birdy says that the
spaceship is turning on.
Is that true?
There is someone up there...
Who's there?
You ask too many questions!
So my Birdy is right.
I should go!
The day is coming!
Where are you going?
You forgot your record!
I don't need it anymore! Take it!
Don't need it!
There's that sound again.
I'm sure
that the spaceship is turning on.
I know it.
Who's there?
Where are you?
It's a dream.
Don't be afraid.
Santa Claus will give
you anything you want.
Do you know?
Santa will make it real.
It can't be true.
I am...
a peaceful man.
I'm not looking for trouble.
Do you know how to turn it back on?
Are you deaf?
Why don't you speak?
The cat got your tongue.
You know...
I'm not from here
and I don't belong here.
I remember where I came from.
Crevices in the rocks.
Big canyons.
And within these cracks,
caves carved in quartz
where we lived
protected from the frozen winds
that flowed over the surface.
...thtsss hom... the cit...
...Finxzxzx Santa Cla...
...The Spac... my Planet!
Michael Jackson's Vinyl.
Third Century.
Popular among the Molegon warriors
to instill courage in the battlefield.
It is believed that
there was another Michael
Jackson before the apocalypse.
Perhaps he was a farmer in
the former United States.
His music was electrifying.
Where did you find it?
It was a gift.
Do you want to sell it?
I'll sell it for 132000 Crols.
That's an old price...
I can't accept it nowadays.
How much would you give me?
I'll give you 40% of
whatever I sell it for.
Wanna trick me?
What's going on inside the spaceship?
The spaceship? What spaceship?
Quit pretending.
You know what I'm talking about!
I really don't know.
Someone is working up there.
You know what?
Take this as guarantee for the album.
What's this?
The train will guide you to the city.
What a joke!
I recognize the Molegon warrior in you.
But the war ended centuries ago.
The spaceship is turning back on.
My love and I will got back to my planet!
A journey through the limits
of this strange universe.
Nebulae, planets with rings
of impossible colors
comets with the longest tails!
Then one day, the morning breeze.
A day in spring.
Fields of wheat.
The noise of tractors in the distance.
Take the baby!
I've seen this lion before.
Remember to follow the lions!
Now I see!
I'm going to be a father!
My son will be the new king of the stars.
They're coming for you, my son!
My real man...
You're so handsome.
So resistant.
Yes... Please...
He'll be our son.
Our son.
My love!
He's coming for me.
Where are you, little girl?
Have you been a good girl?
I know you're a good girl.
Tell me your wish.
Tell me your wish, little girl.
What do you want?
The car, the bear, whatever you want.
I can give you everything.
Just tell me your wish.
I'll make it real.
What's wrong?
Why don't you talk to me?
I can give you anything.
Don't hide your wish!
You can't hide your wish from Santa Claus!
Why aren't you telling me?
I'm not a good girl.
I'm not.
Here's an Andromeda baby figurine.
In the late third century,
during the brief period of peace
he was adored by Molegon Warriors.
Soon after he was forgotten.
It is believed that, before the apocalypse,
inside the pyramids of Cheops
there was another Andromeda
Baby living there.
Where did you find it?
Someone forgot it.
nside an old wagon.
How much do you want for it?
Enough for a seat in the spaceship.
Pardon me?
What are you doing here?
Tell me, little boy.
Have you been a good boy?
Santa Claus...
with the greatest respect
I'm not a kid anymore.
I've travelled a long way.
And now
that you've reached this point.
Have you already written your list?
I don't...
But I don't need it, Santa.
I know my wish.
You must write the list,
and send it by post.
My assistant will receive it
put the official stamp on it.
Then we'll prepare the presents
for Christmas time.
You get it?
But I'm already here, Santa Claus.
You write the list,
and send it by post.
My assistant stamps it
and we'll bring the gifts during Christmas.
Santa Claus.
I want to leave the spaceship.
Make an exception.
Can you please forget about burocracy?
What the hell is up there?
The only way to go to my planet.
They're waiting for us.
My son will be crowned
new King of the Stars.
We're coming! Wait!
Are you crazy?
Who the hell are you talking to?
Listen, Santa.
Have you lost your mind?
My wish is to go back to my planet.
You come here behaving like one
of those second generation Nazis
without any kindness or respect
while I am being polite.
You aren't a good boy.
I am
the son of a Molegon warrior!
I retain the nobility of my father.
You need me to teach you some manners?
Calm down.
I have a mission to accomplish.
So you better take it easy!
But if you insist, I'll kick your face!
With this bicycle
I'm going to... You know?
Just a second.
Come with the bicycle if you want
but look at this.
You recognize this symbol, right?
I don't.
It looks like a Nazi symbol
or something like that.
It's the symbol of the old breed!
The supermen!
I'll teach you some manners!
You'll learn!
Santa Claus!
Stop, please!
You're going to kill him!
I can hear you, little girl!
Have you been a good girl?
Tell Santa your wish.
Santa will make it real!
Please, Santa.
Bring me back my Candy.
That's not your wish.
Santa doesn't fulfill false wishes.
That's not your wish.
I'll never tell you my wish!
I loved you so much.
I loved you with all my soul.
You didn't protect him!
You didn't even
protect him.
I've offered you
every inch of my body.
I hate you!
I hate you.
I'm tired.
It's enough.
I can't stand anymore.
I wonder
what happened to the kids
in this terrible world?
There's no more respect for Santa Claus.
Santa Claus is quitting his job.
Enough is enough.
Listen, old man.
How long has this movie been playing?
40 years, non-stop.
Just a moment... Kid... Give me your hand.
It's you?
Is that you, little boy?
Don't you remember?
How are you?
You used to come every day!
It was your favorite film!
My old man.
You're confusing me with someone else.
I am
like in the film "Superman"
a visitor from another planet.
You're wrong.
Listen, my dear boy.
I knew you would return.
Your father was very sorry
to the end of his days.
When the war came to the city,
he sent you far, with your
uncle to the countryside.
He always dreamt of
seeing you again one day.
He loved you so much!
I brought this for the baby,
whenever she comes.
Tell me I'm not dreaming.
I love you so much, my Birdy.
I love you too.
Do you mind if I play some music?
I love it! I want to buy it as well!
No need to rush.
I have several containers full of antiques.
You'll see how you like them!