Crusades, The (1935) Movie Script

My son.
Have they killed my son?
My husband is a slave.
God, have mercy.
Our Father,
who art in Heaven...
Thirty-five, thirty-five.
But it's not enough.
Look at this gold
Christian hair.
Give us this day
our daily bread...
and forgive us
our trespasses...
Here. For your 36. we forgive
those who...
Of all the Christian
not one so tall and slender.
Thirty-seven and no more.
Thirty-seven? Sold.
And may Allah give you joy.
His mercy is everlasting.
Come on, you!
No. No!
Of all the captives,
this is the fairest!
The cross! The cross!
Let me kiss the cross!
That one is fair.
Your cry shall be heard
through all the worid.
Now, how much
will you bid...
for this daughter
of a Christian prince?
Forty dinars.
Forty dinars, you say?
Not enough.
Who will bid more
for the Christian captive?
Forty-eight. Fifty.
Behold the Sultan,
Saladin the Conqueror.
Make way for Saladin!
Hail to Saladin,
servant of the Prophet!
Make way for Saladin,
Sultan of Egypt!
Make way for Saladin!
Make way for Saladin!
Stay, infidel!
Hearken to me, unbeliever,
foe of Christ.
Strike him down!
Let him speak.
You rule here in Jerusalem.
You have conquered.
The Holy Land is yours.
But never
will you conquer this!
Strike him down!
Woe to the unbeliever.
I go to all the kings
in Christendom.
A mighty host
shall arise and arm!
Who sets foot in Asia
with a sword...
shall not return.
The swords of the Prophet
will conquer.
Go, Hermit.
Carry your thunder
across the sea.
Tell your Christian kings
what you have seen.
Your women sold as slaves...
your knights trampled
under our horses...
your gospels
cast into the flames...
the power of your cross
broken forever!
Stop, blasphemer.
I go. But I will come again.
And with me shall come
the great Crusade.
The armies of Christ
shall arise and redeem
his tomb.
The cries of these Christian
women sold into slavery
shall be answered.
The host of our Lord
shall fall upon Islam...
like a mighty wave of the sea.
Woe to you, unbeliever.
I go to preach
the great Crusade.
And so I have come
to summon you, Philip,
Lord King of France...
to war for your faith...
to lead the multitudes
on Crusade...
to free the city
that was hallowed
by the footsteps of our Lord.
Your answer, Philip,
Lord King of France?
I will go.
So be it.
Until now, you have fought
for the man who is Philip.
For France.
But now,
your sword, your life...
I give to God...
that the gates of Jerusalem
may be opened...
and the tomb of our Lord
set free by this Crusade.
Crusade. Amen.
So be it.
Philip, Lord King of France.
if you go, what of Richard?
Richard of England?
the Lion-Heart of England.
With you away...
Will take France.
Is that what you try to say,
Conrad of Montferrat?
Richard is betrothed
to my sister, Alice.
And with Alice
Queen of England...
The English Lion
will be caged.
You're a wise
and clever king.
I do my duty
and safeguard France.
Richard would not dare break
this pledge of marriage.
Alice and I leave at once
for England.
I will accompany you.
I desire to see
this English king.
# Oh, Richard ruled in England
The Devil reigned in hell #
# And both
were mighty monarchs
Who governed passing well #
Both at the same time.
Watch out.
He's aiming for the mark.
# Till Richard went to Hades
The Devil a visit to pay #
# And with his fire
and brimstone
Poor Satan ran away #
# And broke
his pitchfork, too ##
Guard yourself, Blondel.
I'll try a singing target.
Here he comes.
Look out, Blondel.
Blondel, come out
and fight like a man.
I can't fight you with this!
Smithy, how goes my sword?
Hair of the devil,
it's not done!
Here, sire.
A fair, sweet blade!
Well, it should be.
You take long enough,
old Hercules.
No one can hurry fire
or steel.
Well, you can't shape steel
with words. Here.
But, sire...
Every lick
that goes into this now...
will come out in a fight!
Nay, sire,
you can't shape steel
with love taps!
Give it to me.
Love taps?
Aye, lad... Sire.
It wants my arm
to strike it right.
Your arm? Well,
who do you think strikes
the harder blow?
A king or a smith?
Why, a smith, of course.
All right.
We'll find out!
You can have the first blow,
and no love taps, remember.
Strike my king?
Lord bless me, no.
That'd be treason.
I command you to strike,
and strike hard.
Mercy on my soul.
# The smith dislikes
to strike his king #
# Yet washes for the blow #
Well, what holds you,
man? Strike.
# Now will the birds
begin to sing ##
Oh, my...
A love tap, my dear fellow,
nothing but a love tap.
Now then, you keep your...
Nay, sire. Wrong man.
# The King prepares
to smite the Smith #
# Oh, let the welkin ring #
# The stars he'll see
are not a myth #
Now, you keep your feet.
# Here comes
the royal swing ##
Me lute!
Devil take you, Richard,
you've done for him!
Oh, no.
He's got to finish my sword.
Get up, Hercules.
Come on, get up.
You better finish my sword.
Come on, man. Get up.
The sword, man. The sword.
The sword.
Something hit me.
Something hit him.
Aye, something hit you.
It was the King.
The King.
Aye! The King.
Laid his fist to me jaw,
he did. A fair, sweet lad.
The Earl of Leicester comes.
Sire, the Earl of Leicester.
What's the matter, Robert?
Have you seen a ghost?
I've seen the King of France.
Philip, here in England?
He is at the castle.
Will you come to greet him?
Does my saintly cousin
come in peace or war?
He comes in peace.
And he brings
his royal sister.
Oh, Alice.
She's no dove
with an olive branch.
Your father gave his pledge
to France...
that you would wed
the Princess Alice.
The surly-tempered witch.
Your father's pledge
was England's pledge.
You cannot escape
this marriage.
what do I care for France?
Fighting. Always fighting.
Fearing no devil
and praying to no God.
Well, why should I?
I know my horse, Fauvel.
I know the feel
of a lance in my hand.
I know what it is
to see men go down before me.
Now, look.
This sword's being made
for me.
No other arm shall wield it
but mine.
With this sword, Robert...
I'll swing a stroke
from Norway down to Spain.
Why should I fear and pray
for what I don't understand?
The King of France
is waiting.
How much longer,
Prince John, will Richard
keep France waiting?
Who knows
what Richard will do?
He's not an ardent suitor,
is he, Brother?
If he knew that the fairest
lady in Christendom
were waiting, I'm sure...
He does know.
I sent Leicester
to tell him.
And I offer apology
for him.
Richard is my brother
and I am deeply ashamed.
Of my future husband,
Prince John?
Ashamed of your king,
Prince John?
Yes. For many things,
in many ways.
Why, it is an open scandal.
He has no faith in God.
He is a graceless...
by the grace of God,
King of England...
Duke of Normandy
and Aquitaine,
Count of Anjou.
Cousin Philip.
Welcome to Windsor
and to England.
The greetings of France.
Oh, the Lady Alice.
I am not accustomed
to waiting, Richard.
Even for a betrothal kiss.
Well, let's postpone it.
what other guests have we?
Conrad, Marquis of Montferrat
and my friend.
Then he is mine.
England gives welcome
to Montferrat.
I understand now, sire,
why men call you
the Lion-Heart.
Well, why are we all so glum?
Come on, wine, music.
Ho, lads, wine!
Blondel, song.
Richard, we've come to...
You have not heard
my troubadour, have you?
Shall it be of love?
No, no, no. Hunting.
And why not of love?
Come, Richard.
We'll pledge to my sister,
What's the cross,
Cousin Philip?
The sign of the Crusade.
The Crusade?
I go to Holy War
in Palestine.
A miracle is happening,
Men are arming everywhere
for our Christian faith.
Emperor Barbarossa of Germany
has taken the cross.
So has Leopold of Austria.
And Hugo of Burgundy goes.
Well, let them go.
I've no love for monks
and shave-pates.
And I'm content in England.
And France.
You realize why we've come,
Richard, Alice and I?
How long do you propose
to honor us here?
My time is short.
And so I give you happiness,
in your marriage
to my sister.
I've no wine left,
I can't drink that toast.
The pledge of marriage
was given by your father.
Yes, but Alice and I
were just children then.
The late king, your father,
desired this alliance
with France.
Philip, you know
that the late king,
my father, and I...
seldom agreed on anything.
The Lion squirms in the net.
Richard of England...
do you refuse to wed
the Princess of France...
to whom you are pledged?
Sire, there's a great crowd
at the outer gate.
They seek the King.
Well, let them in!
You'll answer me!
Yes, yes, Philip.
Later, later.
Open the gates.
Open the gates, I say.
You will get an excellent view
from the balcony.
Open the gates!
The Hermit is here.
Let the Holy Man through.
Oh, ye men of England...
the kings and the peoples
of every other land...
are going forth to war
for the cross.
Will you close your ears
to the cry of Christendom?
Do you fear to die
where Christ, our Lord,
to give you life
Will you turn from him...
now that he is being
crucified again?
in the City of His Sorrow...
darkness falls again
upon the Mount of Calvary.
Will ye deny him now?
Come to the army of the cross.
Lift up your swords,
not for lust or gold...
but for the Lord, our God.
Come, ye men of England.
Take the cross
to your heart...
that ye may find
the real, true cross.
That man's inspired!
Now shall the son depart
from the father...
and the husband from the wife.
Many who go shall not return.
all other earthly promises
and vows are wiped away.
By the devil's teeth,
I see the way out!
The King! Make way
for the King! Stand back!
King Richard.
God bless you, Richard.
Good father,
do I hear it right?
The taking of the cross
will cancel a pledge?
No other pledge shall bind one
who has taken
the Crusader's Oath.
Then give me the Oath.
Richard of England,
will you join the Crusade,
forsaking all else?
I will renounce everything.
Even the lovely woman
to whom I'm pledged.
Richard of England...
do you swear
you will not lift your hand...
against any other
who wears the cross?
That you will not turn aside
from the Crusade...
until the Holy City
is again free?
I swear.
Give me the cross.
You can lie to yourself,
you can lie to me...
but you cannot lie to God.
This cross will humble you,
It will burn into your heart
till your pride
is in the dust.
The King takes the cross!
That settles Philip.
But not the Lady Alice.
What is she going to do?
Father, give me the cross.
Alice of France...
This is work for men!
Work for all Christians,
men and women.
Work for men
and only for men.
I'll get you knights,
I'll get you men-at-arms...
yeomen, esquires, grooms,
cooks, blacksmiths...
I'll even get you a minstrel.
Here, Blondel!
Alice of France...
do you swear
you will not lift your hand...
against any other
who wears the cross?
Let me through to the King.
I have the King's sword!
Hear it ring!
Oh, men of England,
the battle cry has sounded.
England is at war!
Mother, I must go.
Alan, my boy,
you may never come back.
Mother, I may touch the wood
of the true cross.
Out with your steel, men,
for the Crusade!
For the Crusade!
Good father,
consecrate these swords
to the service of England.
To the service of God.
Let God's blessing
be upon these swords.
May they rescue the tomb
of Christ our Lord.
May they restore
to his people...
the cross on which he died.
The fire burns low.
An eventful day,
my princely friend,
an eventful day.
You may have won a throne.
You're a treacherous man,
In good company, John.
John, supposing your brother,
Richard, does not return...
from this Crusade?
Well, hazardous business,
these Crusades.
Many will be killed.
Even kings.
By the infidels?
Yes, of course.
By the infidels.
Then I would be
King of England.
And marry Alice of France.
Would England and France
when the Crusade is won...
make me King of Jerusalem?
You know, John...
I have the direst
premonition tonight...
that your lion-hearted brother
will never return to England.
In fact, I can give you
my word for it.
Raise the standard
of France!
Raise the standard
of England!
The knights are mounted,
Sound the trumpets.
The Crusade goes forward!
# Onward Ho!
To conquer the foe #
# On for the God
and faith we know #
# Bearing the sword
of the Lord
The Sword #
# Not into war for glory #
# We fight for God
and the King #
# Die though we might
For God and the King #
# Even to the last Crusader #
# We stand for the Lord,
our God #
# Death or life
may Christ attend #
# Holy cross
and tomb defend! #
My love goes with you.
# Bearing the sword
of the Lord
The sword #
# Thy holy power leading #
# Our lives
we pledge unto God #
# Danger or foe
we charge unheeding #
# Even to the last Crusader #
# We stand for the Lord,
our God #
Goodbye, darling.
You will come back?
Yes, darling.
# For God and the King #
# Even to the last Crusader ##
It's the English, Tina.
The English.
Lend a hand with that cart.
Right row to the ship.
Left row
to the English tent.
Oh, isn't it glorious?
They're going to the Holy Land
to free the tomb of our Lord.
Oh, I wish I could carry
a sword and fight with them...
or nurse the sick or...
Tina, we must do something
to help them.
where is your king?
Eh, lass?
Don't you know him?
But I've heard the minstrels
sing of his chivalry...
his bravery
and his gentleness.
Yes, his gentleness.
Yes, they sing
of a saint in armor
leading the blessed Crusade.
Then they're better singers
than I am.
What do you want of him,
I have flowers for him.
He'd rather have
a side of beef.
We haven't eaten for a week.
Oh, but we have plenty.
We shall help you.
My father
has thousands of cattle.
Where's your king?
Thousands of...
Bring that catapult
into line with the street.
Hail to the King.
Come along, Tina. Hurry.
# Round the mountain
now we go #
# A fair young face to see #
# And now
the ocean billows blow #
# Broad as they can be ##
Hold those horses!
Block the wheels
or it'll go through
that house.
Stop it!
Fix the left block.
Look out!
Get the other block,
then pull.
Now, get the chocks
under those wheels...
and bring the back wheels
over to that side.
Tina, that's King Richard.
Get a company
of crossbowmen...
and bring them up here
to give these men a hand!
Aye, sire.
Now, come on,
look lively there!
Come on, pull over there.
Don't fret that horse,
you idiot!
Look out!
The King's horse!
He's hurt the King's horse.
That's blood.
He'll catch it.
Blockhead, you'll hang
if that horse is crippled.
Now then, men,
all together!
Aye, sire.
That can't be Richard.
Oh, yes, that's Richard.
Move along, there.
What are you waiting for?
I hope he starves.
The King!
We've got to see the King!
King Richard.
Well, what is it?
Sire, we've had no food
for days.
We must eat.
I'll get you food,
but stop howling for it!
But, sire...
King Sancho.
I'll give you a bond
on the City of London
for your cattle.
And what should I do
with your City of London?
Can you move London
to my poor Kingdom of Navarre?
No, no, Richard.
You heard my price.
I cannot pay it.
But Navarre
is a poor country.
And I am a poor king.
We drove our cattle
down to Marseille...
to sell to you Crusaders
for gold...
not promises.
By the devil's teeth,
I'll take what I need.
No, Richard.
Seize all his cattle!
You wear the cross.
You may not plunder
another Christian.
Or strike one.
Still, there is a way.
I have a daughter.
A fair, sweet girl.
Just like a flower.
A girl,
but ready to be married.
You understand?
Marry her.
Marry your daughter?
Well, by the devil's beard.
I'll settle a dower on her.
Herds of cattle and sheep.
Shiploads of grain.
A hundred cartloads of fodder
for your horses.
You can marry your wench
to the devil!
Tighten your belt,
Scour the countryside,
glean what you can.
The country's bare
as a wolf's tooth.
Sire, the men are truly
desperate for food.
Yes, sire, give us food.
We sail tomorrow.
We can't ship horses
without fodder.
How many head of cattle
have you in Navarre?
Six thousand.
How many?
Seven thousand.
How much grain?
Barley and wheat enough
to fill four cargo ships.
I'll marry your wench.
My Lord, think...
No, not now, Robert.
Would you crown
this unknown girl
Queen of England?
I said I'd marry her.
I said nothing about
the Crown of England.
Well, she'll arrange that.
Drive your cattle
and your carts here
into my camp.
I'll marry your girl
when we come back
from Crusade.
All right, all right, here.
This is surety
that I'll marry your daughter
whenever you say.
What's her name?
And you'll marry her tonight.
Yes, yes, yes, tonight.
My son.
Make way
for the King of Navarre.
Robert, have his cattle driven
into our lines...
and the grain
stored in our ships.
This wedding, sire...
No, never mind that.
Just tell the men
that they'll eat tonight.
Yes, sire.
But, Daughter,
he's your saint in armor.
Your pure white knight.
The minstrels
sing his praises,
you've heard them.
You'll bless me
for this marriage, my child.
If you'd given your cattle
to help the Crusade...
this never
would have happened.
Well, I did!
I gave him the cattle,
and he gives you a crown.
But he's such a noble king.
So gentle.
Didn't you strew flowers
in his path?
Why, Daughter,
what's the matter?
# When the sun goes down
for another day #
# And the Dipper dips
to the Milky Way #
# We up with our cups
with a heigh and a ho #
# Heigh-ho and down we go ##
Hercules! Steady,
my dear friend.
Hey, Blondel, no, no, no.
You'll sing for your dinner.
# Oh, the man in the moon
has a light in his eye #
# And the Dog Star barks
in the midnight sky #
# Our king
he lifts his cup on high #
# Heigh-ho and down we go ##
All right, Blondel,
you've earned your dinner.
Here we go.
Let's cut this up.
Well, what is it?
The lady is waiting.
What lady?
Berengaria of Navarre,
whom you will marry, sire.
# Oh,
Richard is no ladies' man
though something of a sinner #
# He eats and drinks
and now he pays Navarre #
# for Blondel's dinner ##
Shut up, fool.
No light matter to wed
the daughter of Navarre.
I hope she's lighter
than her father.
Sire, let me lead you
to the bridal bower.
I'll do more.
I'll send you in my place.
But, Richard, I can't. I...
Draw my sword.
Draw my sword.
Now bear it with you
to the chapel.
A sword to a wedding?
Have you never heard
that one of royal blood...
may send his sword
to the altar in his stead?
Good Brother?
Marriage by token
is your privilege, sire.
Oh, what will Navarre say
to this bridegroom?
That's for you to worry about.
Come on, Blondel.
Don't keep the lady waiting.
I'll tell your wife, Blondel.
This is a bad beginning.
He's a ladies' man.
# Blondel,
he would a-wooing go #
# Whether his mother
would let him or no #
# Blondel,
he would a-wooing go #
# Whether his mother
would let him or no #
# Heigh-ho and down we go ##
Where is King Richard?
That's King Richard's
And King Richard's sword.
Yes, my Lord of Navarre.
He sent his sword as a token.
A token? Of what?
Isn't Richard coming?
He is in despair
that he cannot be here.
A thousand duties assail him.
And so, in his place,
he sent me.
His minstrel.
No, no, milady.
He didn't send me
in his place.
He didn't send me.
He sent his sword
to be wed to you.
Just as if my king himself
were here.
Your gallant king.
I am tricked.
Tricked by
that rogue of a Richard.
That breaker of promises!
I'll have the blood
out of you for this.
Good Brother, tell him.
Sire, the man says true.
If your daughter
marries this sword,
she marries King Richard.
Such is the law.
The law? The law?
And the marriage
will hold?
Until death.
There, you see, my child?
You were mistaken.
Didn't I tell you
Richard was a man of his word?
A pure knight, a noble king.
Let us begin the ceremony.
No, I will not.
But, my child.
No, Father, let me go.
Please let me go!
But it's the man himself
you will marry.
Richard of England.
And you agreed
for your father's sake.
For the Crusade.
For the Crusade.
We have come together
before God and his angels...
in the place
of this holy church...
that we may couple together
these two bodies.
# When Jupiter winks
at Venus below #
# And the nightmare
gallops to and fro #
# We'll drink to our king
with a heigh and ho #
# Heigh-ho and down we go ##
All right, Hercules, we'll go
and see if my horse is lame.
Oh, no, no, keep your seats,
keep your seats.
Eat your fill and drink deep.
And look to your horses
before you turn in.
Tomorrow we sail
for Palestine.
Long live Richard!
Long live Richard!
Long live the King!
Wilt thou, Richard,
have this woman for thy wife?
To love her and worship her...
and keep her
in sickness and in health?
And all others forsake...
and hold thee to her,
to thy life's end?
I will.
Or he will.
Wilt thou, Berengaria,
have this man to thy husband?
To love him, obey him,
worship him...
and serve and keep him
in sickness and in health?
And all others forsake...
and hold thee only to him
to thy life's end?
I will.
I join you, man and wife,
in holy wedlock.
The ring.
Wilt thou give to the sword
the kiss of peace?
And what token
shall I take Richard?
My child!
There's your token.
Take that back to him.
Tell him that's all
he'll ever see of me.
I hate him
and I'll never,
never forgive him.
My child!
You are beside yourself.
Sire. Your sword.
Oh, then I'm married.
Yes, sire.
And what did the wench say
to her husband?
she said many things.
Oh, sire, if you could only
have seen her.
Well, I don't want to see her.
Here, give me a cloth
or something to bandage
this wound.
Well, what's this you have?
A token from your bride.
Soft, isn't it?
Just what I need.
Hup, son. Hup, hup.
Well, she said it's all
you'll ever see of her.
That's good.
I'd not be seeing her anyway.
We set sail in the morning.
there's the English King.
Doesn't an ngel looking down
from heaven smile?
Not upon a devil looking up.
What, no Godspeed
for a poor Crusader?
Not for Richard of England.
Oh, so you recognize me?
And who are you?
It wouldn't matter to you,
Ride on.
As you wish, milady.
Very nice, too.
On me oath, yes.
Wonder who she is.
Your wife.
Berengaria, your wife.
You married her last night.
Why the devil
didn't you tell me
she looked like that?
You didn't ask me.
Oh, you half-wit.
you can't go back now.
The fleet is waiting
and the King of France
is ready to sail.
May a poor devil
look up to heaven again?
Are you so far above me,
my ngel,
that you cannot hear?
Perhaps it's the smell
of brimstone...
that makes you
tilt your pretty nose so high.
Now I see you have two eyes.
Or are they stars?
I confess my sin.
I ask your forgiveness.
I'm in the dust at your feet.
So is my veil.
Well, you see,
my horse was wounded.
Yes, so am I.
Here, come back.
Wait a minute,
you're my wife.
Richard. King Philip
will sail with the tide.
This is not England.
You don't command here.
Nor is it Navarre.
So you don't command here.
Well, I can always leave.
Oh, no.
Not till I know
you're coming to Palestine.
You're very lovely,
I'll never go.
Well, we'll see. Navarre!
Let go my wrist,
you're hurting it.
Well, stop pulling then.
What's the matter?
Is this my wife?
Now, Richard, now.
That was all settled
last night.
You can't change
your mind now.
Is she my wife?
That's what I said.
You have the cattle.
We had a priest and witnesses.
Have her board ship then...
I'll never set foot
on your ship.
No, not on mine.
I go on a war galley.
You'll go on the ship
of the women.
The tide is full.
We must sail.
Attend to her, Navarre.
She has a will of her own.
A very strong will of her own.
It's not easy...
You have her on that boat.
Or when I come back,
I'll visit your halfpenny
with fire and sword,
and burn your castle
over your ears.
He would do it, Berengaria.
You must go on that ship
as he says.
But, Berengaria.
No, never.
Never will I set
my foot on that ship!
But, Berengaria,
it's such a beautiful ship.
the master of the ship.
Your pardon,
Princess Alice...
but there's another lady
come to the ship.
Well, who is she?
I'm sorry, milady...
but I'm afraid that
she must have this cabin.
Gracious lady,
I assure you it's the truth.
you have made a mistake.
This is the royal cabin.
Thank you. Tina.
I am Alice of France,
betrothed to King Richard.
Who are you?
I'm his wife.
His what?
His wife.
I was married to him
last night.
We can share the cabin.
Share, with you?
Why, I'll kill you,
you lily-faced thief!
Let me go. She's stolen
the throne of England...
Lower away!
Oh, infidels!
Hear ye the challenge
of the kings of Christendom.
The Crusade
has crossed the sea.
Our Christian armies
surround your wall.
In the name of God...
we call upon you to surrender
the city of Acre.
What is your answer?
They've shot him!
Kings of the Crusade,
this is their answer
to our herald.
We'll send them back
10,000 like it.
They struck the first blow.
We'll answer them
with blood.
Have you forgotten...
that the cross
upon which our Lord died...
is within the walls of Acre?
We must try
to open those gates
without more bloodshed.
I have granted a truce.
A truce?
Saladin, Sultan of Islam...
comes now
before this Council of Kings.
Let him see the might...
Kings of the Council...
I've kept you waiting
while I sought for one
whose ship was delayed.
the Queen of England.
Do you hear, Philip?
I am presenting my wife.
I greet
the Princess of Navarre.
Milord of France.
Your Majesties.
And why do you grant truce
to the infidel?
To hear if he'll make terms.
We'll make our own terms
with the sword.
Milords, Saladin comes.
Saladin the Conqueror,
Sultan of Islam.
who is your leader?
I am.
Who speaks?
Richard of England.
The Lion King.
And I am Philip,
King of France.
And who are my other enemies?
I am Hugo of Burgundy.
And I am Frederick,
Duke of the Germans.
Prince of the Russians.
Sverre, the Norse King.
I am Leopold of Austria.
William of Sicily.
I am Nicholas,
Count of Hungary.
And I am Conrad of Montferrat.
You see, infidel,
we are many kings.
There is room in Asia
to bury all of you.
Boasting and wine
go well together.
Ho there!
Bring wine for the infidel.
We, of the true faith,
drink no wine.
You refuse me?
Not you, my noble enemy.
I refuse the wine.
we'll drink water then.
A goblet of water
for the King of the infidels.
They told me he had horns
like the devil.
I think he's magnificent.
Water may be poisoned
as easily as wine.
It is our custom
that someone first taste
the cup offered a king.
Richard of England
offers no poisoned cup.
She did well!
what have you come to say?
Must my wife give you courage
to speak as well as drink?
Your wife?
She does not wear
the Crown of England yet.
Robert, give my wife
escort to my tent.
Your Majesties.
Milord Sultan.
Now, what brings you here
in truce before us?
I offer peace to you,
foes of Islam.
He does well to make peace.
You will surrender Acre,
and then Jerusalem...
I will surrender nothing.
Go, while yet you live.
Lead your armies
and your ships over the sea,
whence you came.
I say to you,
go in peace while you can.
Boasting is cheap.
Life is cheap.
We do not fear you.
We are many kings.
And I am one king
with many armies.
Go and live, stay and die.
Bold words.
We'll answer you with steel.
With this sword,
I'll cut my way
into Jerusalem.
No. You'll find
the blade too dull.
My sword dull?
Here, fetch me a mace.
An iron mace.
Bring up a chair.
Set it in line with this.
My sword dull?
Good, Richard.
The Lion King has shown us
the strength of his arm...
not the sharpness
of his sword.
What does he mean?
The blade cut iron.
Here. Cut through this...
in midair.
That's impossible.
It offers no resistance.
Why, look!
Work of the devil.
The devil is in him.
Black magic.
A sharp blade,
my Lord Sultan.
But Christian armor
is not made of silk.
Just as easily
will I cut your Crusade
to pieces...
unless you accept my terms.
From you, Sultan of Islam,
I accept only war.
My answer is war.
No terms. War.
For God and the cross.
Very well, milords, war.
Within a month,
I shall enter Jerusalem.
By Allah...
you shall never pass
the gates of Jerusalem.
Speak no more.
This is war.
The Saracen's steel is sharp.
Richard, by what right...
do you call yourself
leader of the Crusade?
I don't care who leads
if it be through Acre
toward Jerusalem.
Or who gives command
if it be to battle.
But, Richard,
you know very well...
Milords, please.
You must not quarrel.
England and France
are the hope of the Crusade.
Conrad is right.
You must stand together
until we win Jerusalem.
The Oath of the Crusade
binds us.
Richard gave no thought
to that when he made
this marriage...
if marriage indeed it be.
Marriage it is,
Cousin Philip.
It is more than a marriage.
It's a studied insult
to France.
Be careful!
I regret the insult.
But not the marriage.
Third hour of the night...
and all's well.
Good night, Tina.
Good night, Tina.
Good night, Tina.
I said, good night, Tina.
You didn't find your way
to my tent, did you?
I liked my own tent better.
How should you know?
My bedposts are Matthew,
Mark, Luke, and John.
They are consecrated
to my safety.
I, too, as your husband,
am consecrated to your safety.
Then stand on guard,
Is it Saladin that you fear?
He looked at you today,
I noticed.
Saladin would not
force himself upon me.
And he's an infidel,
Had you but half his courtesy.
Have I spoken harshly?
That's easily changed.
Might it please
my sweet queen...
to come
to her husband's tent?
You see,
you don't answer to courtesy.
Get up.
Matthew, Mark, Luke...
and John...
I wish you to understand
that this lady is my wife.
Who wishes to be alone.
I just wanted
to assure them.
What are you doing?
Why, I usually remove
my spurs before retiring.
If I scream, every woman
in this camp will come.
All right then, scream.
Listen to your minstrel
meowing of love.
You don't know what love is.
Perhaps I do.
Even if I can't put it
into pretty words.
Oh, it isn't what you say,
It's what you are.
I'm no pale gallant
to sit at a woman's feet.
No, I should say you're not.
You take by storm.
What's a woman to you?
A citadel? A herd of cattle?
Oh, Richard of England,
it's not as easy as that.
Now, will you please
leave my tent?
As you will.
Since you go with me.
Richard, what are you doing?
Let me go. Richard, let me go!
I told you to go to my tent
and that's where you're going.
I am not going to your tent.
Put me down.
You are.
If I can find you.
Where the...
I'll get you out of here.
Look here, I'm your husband.
You're not.
This is my husband.
This is what I married.
For goodness sake,
be reasonable.
You little devil!
My husband will protect me.
Drop that sword, you wildcat.
Not until
you get out of my tent,
you blustering barbarian.
Milord of England. Milord.
King Richard.
We're attacked, sire.
Saladin attacks from the gate.
Run the mantelets forward.
Mass the knights.
Charge behind them.
Stanley, take mantelets
one to 50.
Sire, your spurs.
take mantelets 50 to 100.
Aye, my lord.
If you'd been in my tent...
they wouldn't have had to look
all over the camp for me.
Well, I didn't ask you
to come here.
Mass the longbows
on the right flank,
crossbows on the left.
Aye, sire.
Tell your men.
Carry the flares forward.
Aye, sire.
You didn't ask me
to come here.
The next time you will.
Sire, they're throwing
wildfire from the walls.
All right,
cover the war engines.
Wet hides for the war engines.
Where are the French?
They mass for attack
on the west tower.
We'll strike
toward the gate.
Now then,
where the devil
is my sword?
Robert, stay here. Keep her
in bed if you can. I can't.
Sire, my place is with you.
Stay here.
If the infidels break through
our lines, guard my wife.
He may be killed.
Yes, milady.
And I must stay here.
I love him, if you do not.
Dear lady,
a dreadful thing has happened.
To Richard?
Yes, dear child.
To my sorrow.
He's wounded.
He's not dead.
He's not harmed as yet.
But a messenger has arrived
from England.
Bad news?
Tell me, my dear.
You love Richard greatly,
don't you?
I am his wife.
He never comes to your tent,
yet you love him.
Your lips say no...
but your eyes just now
when you thought him dead...
Tell me, what's the matter?
What does the messenger say?
You sew a Crusader's banner.
Tell me.
But you stand
between England and France.
And anyone who stands there,
is in the way of the Crusade.
Yes, in the path of God.
What right have you
to say a thing like that?
How terrible that
the lovely thing you are...
could destroy Richard.
Destroy Richard?
And the Crusade.
But how could I?
I'd give my life...
There'd be no need
for that if only
Richard would give you up.
Annul your marriage,
send you away.
Does Richard want that?
No. No.
Richard will not let you go...
and it is not in your power
to give him up.
My dearest child,
you must be very brave...
for you alone
can help him now.
But how?
How can I possibly help him?
What can I do?
You must step from the path
of the Crusade.
You mean, kill myself?
What else is to be done?
Richard has been summoned
to the Council.
He stands now at bay
before the kings.
Take me there at once.
Richard, you are no longer
King of England.
And who has dethroned me,
Cousin Philip?
Your brother, John.
My brother?
Who brings you such report?
Tell this Lion of ours
the news from England.
Tell him who holds
the throne of England.
King John.
"King" John?
You lie, you treacherous dog.
Milord of England.
Who dares believe his words?
I have proof.
I am England's king!
Not if I support
your brother John.
How bold
we grow with treason.
I serve France,
not England.
put that woman aside.
Marry my sister,
and I support you
against John.
John offers to make Alice
Queen of England.
you must make your choice.
She was sold for cattle.
I am land and power.
What does love matter?
I am France.
Richard is England,
or John is England.
I marry England.
Choose, Richard.
Who gives Alice
the Crown of England?
You or John?
Kneel, Berengaria.
What would you do?
Richard, please.
Give me up, put me aside.
You will kneel, Berengaria.
Think. You will destroy
yourself, the Crusade...
for me.
What she says is true,
you will destroy yourself.
Please, Richard.
I, Richard, King of England...
bestow upon thee,
Berengaria of Navarre...
the right of sovereignty.
In the presence of these
Lords of Christendom...
I grant thee
the royal privileges...
that thou shalt rule
by my side
and share my crown...
and only death shall deprive
thee of this power.
Queen of England.
Whoever challenges this act
makes war with Richard.
I have only one answer.
Renounce this woman or France
withdraws from the Crusade.
Milord of France,
you must not.
Marshal of France.
France must not withdraw.
Call back your men.
No, milord.
We need you.
France and England
are the two arms
of the Crusade.
I will not fight beside him.
Don't let him withdraw
from the Crusade.
Make peace with France.
This will end the Crusade.
Give her up
and the Crusade will go on.
This woman
means war with France.
Give her up, Richard.
Send her away.
There is no other way.
Put her aside.
This maid will be
your undoing.
Listen, Richard...
I stand firm!
Father, stop them.
Make peace between them.
You'll regret this.
Cease your quarrels.
I'll follow Philip of France.
Cease your quarrels.
Will ye fight over
your petty kingdoms here?
There is but one kingdom,
the Kingdom of God.
Richard of England,
you lied when you took
that cross you bear.
You've broken faith
with man and God.
Do you hold to that woman
against the Crusade?
Will you destroy the Crusade...
I have my wife
at my side...
and English swords
to follow me.
I'll open the gates
of Jerusalem if I go alone.
Now what do you think
of your husband?
You're magnificent.
There's no one like you,
And you no longer hate me?
For standing alone
against them all...
against the worid, for me.
I want to kneel to my king.
Oh, Berengaria.
It's I who should kneel
to my queen.
England will be
so proud of you.
But England must be
proud of you.
If you could only
love me a little.
Oh, Richard.
Much more than a little.
Does anything else matter?
What matters most
is you're wrong.
For making you
Queen of England?
I loved you for doing it,
and still you're wrong.
If I could pluck the stars
from Heaven...
to make
a brighter crown for you...
I'd do it.
It's lovely.
But it's nothing.
You are everything.
The crown is yours,
not mine.
The fate of these men,
the Crusade itself
is in your hands.
Richard, if you break
with Philip, you wrong God.
And make me guilty.
I have broken already.
But you'd make peace
if I were out of the way.
England, France,
what's it all matter?
All that counts now is that
I love you and you love me.
But it means your throne,
your life.
Richard, send me away.
To a convent.
If you went to 40 convents...
I'd smash my way
through 40 walls to find you.
I won't destroy you.
Destroy me?
Why, you've given me
something to fight for.
I never knew there was such
a power of fighting in love.
Would you let our love
stand in the way
of the whole worid?
In the way of Heaven,
if need be.
Why do you look
at me like that?
what are you thinking of?
Richard, hold me.
I am yours.
I do love you,
and will love you
no matter where I am, forever.
You'll be here
in my arms forever.
Nothing else counts,
does it?
I'd give my life for you.
And I will give mine for you.
Kiss me, beloved.
One kiss to last
through all eternity.
Oh, Richard.
Make me proud of this sword
that I call my husband.
It brought us together.
Till now,
it's kept us apart.
The priest said,
"Until death."
promise me one thing.
Swear that
you'll go on to Jerusalem,
no matter what happens...
that you'll let this sword
stand between us
until the Crusade is won.
I swear to you, Berengaria...
that this sword
will enter Jerusalem...
and rest on the tomb.
And if that is not done...
may it stand between us
as man and wife...
Make way for Saladin.
Saladin comes.
"He sendeth his bolts
and smiteth whom he will."
Oh, my Sultan, why do
I see you in these garments
of the Christians?
So that I may pass
through their lines
as a Christian knight.
Your life is sacred to Islam.
You must not risk it.
My life is in the hand
of Allah.
I must ride to our army
in Jerusalem and return
with 100,000 horsemen.
Or Acre will fall.
Allah grant
that you return unharmed.
As Allah wills.
Have the horses brought
to the shepherd's gate
in the east wall.
The foes of Islam
shall be as dust...
and the wind
of the wrath of Islam...
shall scatter their dust
over the earth.
Fourth hour of the night...
and all's well.
Fourth hour of the night...
and all's well.
Fourth hour of the night...
and all's well.
You can't go out there.
See what you nearly got?
What are you doing here?
Holy Mother, the Queen!
Forgive me, milady.
You can't go out there.
There's nothing out there
but death.
Many have died
for the Crusade.
I seek the Hermit,
the Holy Man.
He's not out yonder.
Then find him for me.
I want him.
I want him to comfort someone
who is about to die.
Yes, milady.
I can't leave my post.
But you can if I order you.
I shall keep
your post for you.
I will wear your mantle.
Then no one will know.
Milady, it's kind of
rough for you.
I must have something
to cover my head.
Will you give me
your helmet, too?
Why, yes.
Now, do I look
like a real sentry?
A very funny sentry.
Please go.
I'll find him.
I'll bring the Holy Man
to you, milady.
Thank you.
The Sultan is leaving.
Let your eyes be the eyes
of hawks.
A Christian.
Go back, Father.
Run! Run for your life!
Master, we must ride on.
We must go.
Allah has sent her to me.
I will not let her die.
# Oh, Richard ruled in England
The Devil reigned in hell #
# And both were
mighty monarchs
Who governed passing well #
# Till Richard went to Hades
The Devil a visit to pay #
# And with his fire
and brimstone #
# Poor Satan ran away! ##
Look out! The King! The King!
Have that one posted there.
Quick, pass it fast.
Here, here, come along,
come along, Smithy.
Hurry up with those
scaling ladders.
Sire, a ladder's no stronger
than its weakest rung.
All right, you'd better see
there are no weak rungs then.
Aye, sire.
Here, you on the siege tower!
Aye, sire.
Get those crossbows to
the front of the platform...
and the longbows to the back!
Aye, sire.
The King.
The King.
Let me through to the King.
Stand aside, men.
Sire. Sire.
Sire, the Holy Man...
Queen of England...
England's Queen is captive
behind that wall.
The Holy Man!
The Holy Man is taken!
See his staff.
His broken staff. See!
Sound the call to arms.
sound the call to arms.
start the siege tower forward.
All men to your posts!
Fifty horses for the tower!
Roll the mantelets forward
to the foot of the wall.
Aye, sire.
Bring the mantelets
to the wall.
Bring up all horses
to the tower!
Brace that siege tower.
Get up there! Get up!
Men, forward! Men, forward!
Heave forward!
they storm the walls of Acre.
The Hermit has been captured.
Raise the Oriflamme of France.
We join the attack.
In God's name and the King's!
To arms! To arms!
Quick, men!
The Christians attack!
Thousands are coming!
Christians attack.
The Christians are coming!
The Christians attack!
Let the war drum
call to battle!
Summon every sword of Islam
to the wall!
Light the fires
upon the walls!
# Even to the last Crusader #
# We stand for the Lord,
our God #
# Death or life
may Christ attend #
# Holy cross
and tomb defend ##
Keep those ladders
going over the moat!
Show the Christians
their Holy Man.
Look, Christians,
here is your saint.
The Holy Man!
They're killing him!
What are they doing with him?
Let your cross
save him now.
The Holy Man!
Back, Christian dogs,
or we kill your Holy Man.
Tell us, Hermit,
what shall we do?
On! On, ye men of the cross.
Good Father, if we attack,
it means your death.
Fear not, my sons, attack!
Within these walls
is the cross of our Lord.
Dog of an unbeliever!
Send back your people
or you die!
Yes, death!
Send your people!
Send them back!
I command you,
in the name of God, attack!
Stop his blaspheming voice!
In this sign...
ye shall conquer.
Silence him!
Hearken my prayer, O, Lord!
Men of the cross, attack!
Glory to the King!
Clear the way.
Push the mantelet forward!
Faster, knights.
Follow me to the bridge.
Hope was left to them,
the everlasting peace.
Standby to lower the bridge!
Cast them to the moat!
Which of you has seen
the Christian Queen?
Oh, King, we have seen
no Christian woman.
She's captive here.
Where is she?
I'll get the truth out of you.
It is the truth.
We know nothing.
we've searched the palace
from tower to vault.
Your lady is not there.
Well, search the houses
Yes, sire.
Sire, we have searched
and questioned.
No one has seen
the Lady Berengaria.
Take what men you need,
but find her.
Sire, it is the cross.
The true cross.
Sire, I have seen it.
I have seen it.
Oh, Alan.
I have seen it.
Have your wounds
been looked at?
It matters not.
I have touched the wood
of the true cross of our Lord.
It's in there.
It blesses those who touch it.
My boy, you're badly hurt.
I'm dying...
but I've touched the cross.
Go, my king.
Lay your hand on it.
Yes, yes, yes.
It is found.
It is there...
in eternal light...
awaiting you.
All right, son.
We'll go together.
We have found the glory
of the worid.
Praise to the Lord of hosts.
Let me touch it.
Let me touch the wood
of the cross before I die.
The cross of Christ.
Praise to the Lord, our God.
It is true.
The cross on which he died.
Lo, he is with us always...
even unto the end
of the worid.
Sire! Sire!
We've word of her!
Sire! Your lady,
we've news of her.
This dog has seen her.
Where? Where is she?
She's gone from Acre
with Saladin.
With Saladin!
They went through our lines
toward Jerusalem.
Sound the call to arms.
We go on to Jerusalem.
My horse!
You cannot, Richard.
Thousands lie dead
outside the walls.
The Count of Hungary...
You heard my orders, Robert.
Sire. Sire.
The cross.
Sire, Saladin has gone
to a great army at Jerusalem.
They will outnumber us
10 to 1.
Sound the call.
Sire, it's certain death.
Certain death.
Don't go, sire.
Don't go.
Not half the Crusade lives
to follow you.
I ride to Jerusalem.
Let follow me who will.
The King!
Follow the King!
Here is peace
by the Holy City of Jerusalem.
I carried you here
in my arms...
and I prayed to Allah
that you would live.
You are kind.
No knight
could be more gentle.
Because you have crept
into my heart.
Tell me, why did
England's Queen desire to die?
Because I was in the way
of my husband.
For his sake?
You are no longer the wife
of the Lion King.
What do you mean?
Islam does not accept
a Christian marriage.
And here is the love
of Saladin...
who holds you ever
in his heart...
who worships
your loveliness...
who would give you
all the gifts of the worid...
happiness, power...
the kings of Asia
to kneel at your feet.
That would not
bring me happiness.
Words that rise quickly
to the lips may not be true.
The truth lies hidden
in your heart.
I am your captive.
I do not love you.
Love is not a ring of gold
to hold you captive to it.
Love is a flower
that blooms at Allah's will.
It is written
that you should come to me.
And who can change
what is written?
Oh, my master,
Acre has fallen.
The Christians
are on the march.
The Lion King
rides to Jerusalem.
Tomorrow he will be
within sight of the Holy City.
Summon the Amirs.
Tomorrow I shall meet
the Lion King in battle.
You will never defeat him.
You shall go with me...
and from my tent you shall see
the foes of Islam...
swept like dust
before the might of Allah.
God forbid.
Crusaders, charge!
Richard, there is nothing here
but the dead.
I tell you,
old Hercules is slain.
He saved my life today.
It was by that mound.
And I'm going
to find his body.
Search tomorrow, sire,
when we can see.
Tomorrow we may
keep him company
in heaven or hell.
Tomorrow we fight again.
What's left of us.
Sire, take care.
There are the lights
of Saladin's camp.
All right,
I'll go that way.
Blondel, you go this way.
But, Richard, I...
Here, give me that torch.
you stay on that mound...
and watch.
What brings
Conrad of Montferrat to me?
I offer you victory.
Tomorrow I shall win it.
The Crusade is broken.
Not yet.
Victory is not sure while
Richard of England lives.
You're his brother's friend.
And would be yours.
What price do you ask
for your treachery?
The kingdom of Jerusalem,
which I shall rule
under you.
And what do you offer me?
Richard's death.
Within the hour, he will lie
on the battlefield
among the slain.
Who would slay your Lion
of the Crusades?
Fifteen swords of mine
follow him
where he goes alone.
With Richard dead,
you will rule unchallenged
in Asia.
I have no traffic
with assassins.
Away with this dog!
My Lord Sultan,
you can save him.
Your Lion King?
It is not my hand
that will strike him down.
Would you let him die
by the swords of traitors?
He is the tempest
that has shaken Islam.
My men have died
beneath his sword.
But you can tell him,
warn him.
If he were here, as you are,
my captive...
then I would spare him.
For a ransom?
Then I will be his ransom.
You, my Princess?
Yes, yes.
Take me to be your wife,
but save his life.
Send men
to aid him quickly...
or quickly warn him
before it's too late.
You will open your arms
to my love?
Yes, yes, I promise.
Ride to the English King.
He searches among the dead
on the battlefield.
Say to him:
"Guard thyself against
the soldiers of Montferrat."
Oh, my Sultan...
guard thyself against this
accursed Christian woman.
I obey.
Ride swiftly. Swiftly.
Old Smithy.
They told me you were dead.
Here, let me.
No, lad.
No, lad. I'm done.
I wanted to tell you,
I've been...
lying here by it, thinking...
it's more than a sword
I made for you, lad.
Nothing else...
Steady, steady.
...if you've got this.
The cross.
Old Hercules.
If you...
If you really are there...
receive this old man's soul.
Whose men are these?
Conrad of Montferrat's.
But they obey me.
And what message
do you bring me now?
Your death.
Strike him down!
Strike him! Kill him!
Look out!
Go at him!
Back, you treacherous dogs!
Pull him down!
How is it that Saracens
come to the aid
of the English King?
By Allah,
I come not of my own will.
Then who sent you?
The Christian Queen.
Berengaria? Where is she?
In the tent of my master.
Get off, you dog!
Give me that horse!
The tent of your master?
Oh, my master,
the King of the Christians.
Let him pass.
Lion King, you come unbidden
to my tent.
I have come for my wife.
She is my captive.
You were not wise
to seek her here.
Now I hold you...
as my army holds within
its ranks the remnant
of your Crusaders...
I have conquered.
If I die here, at least
I'll take you with me...
and my men will fill hell
with your infidels.
By Allah, I wish you might
have been my brother,
not my foe.
I offer the Lion
what I would offer
no other man.
Your Crusade is crushed.
Your kingdom is seized
by your brother, John...
and other traitors
seek your life.
Surrender yourself.
Accept Islam,
and I will make you
King of Jerusalem.
I fight for the cross.
You wear the cross...
of one who gave his life
in this very land...
that men might be at peace.
But you have no faith
in that cross.
Those who follow me
have faith.
In their blood, they crawled
to that cross in Acre.
Shall I break faith
with them now?
Oh, no, Richard, no.
Not to save my life.
You have chosen your fate.
What ransom will you take
for my wife?
Whatever you ask, I grant.
I will take no ransom.
She promised herself to me,
and she is mine.
You'll not say that
and live!
Out of my way!
if it's blood you want,
I'll tear open my wound.
Let my blood flow with yours
and all the others.
Oh, my love,
they've hurt you.
No, no.
No, Saladin healed me,
cared for me.
You owe your own life to him.
To Saladin?
She promised herself to me,
to save your life.
I'll not accept my life
at that price!
Do you intend
to keep your promise?
Richard, you must believe...
I've never loved
anyone but you.
I love you now.
Don't make me suffer more.
If only we could
put an end to pain,
if only we could have peace.
If you fight on,
thousands and thousands
more will die.
Richard, you mustn't.
You know how to yield
to a conqueror.
Do you think to teach me?
We've been blind.
We were proud, dearest,
when we took the cross...
and in our pride, we fought
to conquer Jerusalem.
We tried to ride through blood
to the Holy Place of God.
And now...
Now we suffer.
The Holy City of Allah.
What if we call him
Allah or God?
Shall men fight
because they travel
different roads to him?
There is only one God.
His cross is burned
deep into our hearts.
It's here...
and we must carry it with us
wherever we go.
Don't you see, Richard?
There's only one way.
Make peace between
Christian and Saracen.
You ask me
to lay down my sword?
If you love me.
I offer you peace.
You ask
for the truce of Allah?
Truce of Allah
or peace of God, yes.
I ask it for the Crusade.
Upon what terms?
The gates of Jerusalem
shall be opened...
and all Christian captives
shall be freed.
All Muslim captives in Acre
shall be freed.
Every Christian shall be
allowed to enter Jerusalem.
If they bear no arms.
They shall come in peace
to the tomb...
and go in peace.
All but you...
Lion of the Christians,
the foe of Islam...
you may not enter the gates.
I vowed to go to Jerusalem
with my sword.
And I vowed you should
never pass the gates
of Jerusalem.
I offer terms
your sword could never win.
Richard, you hold the peace
of the worid in your hands.
What does it matter
what happens to us...
if men can live
and the Holy City be freed?
you know what you ask?
We've come to our cross,
We carry our love...
and the pain of it
deep in our hearts.
Your terms are granted.
It stands between us
as man and wife...
I make peace with you.
Let there be peace.
You love him...
Oh, God...
I was blind.
But now I see.
I know now
you really are here.
I've come through blood
to your Holy City.
Have pity
on the fool that I am.
The Holy Man was right.
Your cross has burned
deep into my heart.
I'm no longer king.
I've no pride now...
no glory.
I kneel to my God.
Grant me your mercy...
and give her back to me.
Have pity on a penitent fool.
Jerusalem is freed!
The war is over.
Freedom! Freedom!
The Crusade! The Crusade
is at the gates!
I'm free!
I can see the light.
Open the gates!
There is peace.
Let them open the gates.
Open the gates!
We are free!
Open the gates!
We're free!
There they are!
# Light of Creation #
# Joy of the worid #
# We kneel to thee
and we praise thee #
# Light of the cross #
# Star of our Pilgrimage #
# Redeemer everlasting #
# Open to us #
# The gates of Christ,
our Lord #
# Light of Creation #
# Joy of the worid #
# Hallelujah! Hallelujah! #
Look, the Mount of Zion!
Behold! The City of our Lord!
# Hallelujah #
Look! Jerusalem! Jerusalem!
# Star over Bethlehem #
# Light of our faith #
# We come to thee
and we seek thee #
# Praying to thee #
# Guide in our wandering #
# And hope of our sorrow #
# Shining eternally #
# Upon ourselves ##
Richard, beloved...
you've conquered.
Look at their faces.
Don't you feel their joy?
I'm glad they're happy,
I can't feel anything,
except wanting you.
Was there ever such happiness
in the worid?
You gave them this.
This that all the hours
of Christendom could not give.
See, the gates of Jerusalem
are open...
and the Crusade is going in.
Now, I can take my gift
to the tomb of our Lord.
No, no,
don't leave me yet.
Last night,
I asked for you.
You asked?
I just begged for you.
You prayed.
We've reached the gates.
I can go no further.
But I shall come back to you,
when I have laid our gift
before our Lord...
so that it will no longer
stand between us...
as man and wife.
But Saladin...
Saladin bade me tell you...
all captives shall be freed.
He would not hold me
without love.
I'm yours, Richard.
Oh, merciful God.
# Light of Creation #
# Joy of the worid #
# We kneel to thee
and we praise thee #
# Light of the cross #
# Star of our Pilgrimage #
# Redeemer everlasting #
# Open the golden gate #
# Of Zion to us #
# Light of Creation #
# Joy of the worid #
# Hallelujah! Hallelujah! #
# Praise unto thee, the Lord #
# Glory to Jesus #
# Praise unto him #
# He who bore the cross
and suffered #
# That we might live #
# Glory to Jesus #
# Praise unto him #
# Hallelujah! #
# Hallelujah! #
# Praise unto him #
# Our Lord ##