Cry Macho (2021) Movie Script

It's 10:30, Mike.
You're late.
For what?
Okay. All right.
Back when we had winners,
I was afraid to lose you
to the competition.
Five times you won
the All-American Futurity
and every goddamn time
I thought,
"Oh, I won't be able
to keep Mike.
Somebody's gonna grab him."
But that was a long time ago,
wasn't it?
Yeah. That was before
the accident.
Before the pills.
Before the booze.
You look out there
in that barn now,
a string
of second-rate horses.
Kind of like my trainer,
isn't it?
I'm not afraid of losing you
to anybody now.
You're a loss to no one.
It's time for new blood.
Yeah, I can see that.
And you know
what you're late for?
Clearing out your locker.
Why don't you do that
on the way out?
You gonna say anything?
I was just gonna say, "Howard,
I've always thought of you
as a small, weak,
and gutless man."
But, you know,
there's no reason to be rude.
So, you don't lock your doors?
Ain't got nothing
worth stealing.
What's up?
You're just killing time
in here or what?
You look awful.
Well, you've looked horrible
longer, so I guess you win.
What do you want?
You remember I had a son?
That's him,
like, at five or six.
Well, he's 13 now,
and I wanna get him out of Mexico.
I wanna get him up here.
I wanna do the right thing.
I want him to live with me.
What does his mother think
about that?
Yeah, well, Leta,
- she's a nutcase.
- Oh.
I mean, she was fun
at a party, but...
and she gave me him.
But he's in trouble.
Mike, the kid's in trouble.
And I gotta get him
out of there.
Yeah. Why don't you call
the authorities, then?
I can't go to the authorities.
I have legal issues.
I can't go back into Mexico.
He's being abused.
How do you know that?
Well, I don't know it
directly from him,
if that's what
you're asking me,
but I know that.
I know it
from people around her,
and she's a mess.
And she's letting the kid
be abused.
Uh... Well, I don't know
what you want from me
'cause, you know...
You want me to go down
there and kidnap him?
Bring him out of there?
It's not kidnapping
if he's your kid.
It isn't my kid,
so I don't think he'll go
with me in the first place.
Yes, he would.
He'll listen to you, Mike.
I know he will.
He'll know
the minute he sees you,
you're a real cowboy.
He'll listen to you.
Tell him about the house.
Tell him he's gonna have
the run of the whole ranch.
He's gonna have his own horse.
Tell him that.
It's every boy's dream.
Well, I think you got dozens
of guys here who could do it
and I'm not really the kind...
You know what?
You owe me, Mike.
I was standing here,
looking at all this,
thinking about making the
payments on this place for you.
About helping you not lose it
after you...
After you lost her
and the boy...
You know how many people
told me to stop doing that?
To just cut you loose.
I said, "No. You know what?
I owe Mike that much."
But I think you owe me
a little bit,
and you gave me your word.
And that used to
mean something, Mike.
I owe ya.
All right.
There's cash
in this envelope.
Quite a bit of cash
for travel and expenses.
I've got her address on here
and this is a map of the area
in Mexico City
she's living in.
That's Rafo,
like I said, about six.
He's 13 nearly now,
and he's gonna be taller.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
Buenos dias, girls.
- Hello.
- Hi.
So, where are you headed?
We're gonna hit the beach.
Which beach?
I mean, there are many
beautiful beaches in Mexico.
However many we can in a week.
I bet you will.
Enjoy your stay
in Mexico, girls.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
What's your purpose
for entering Mexico?
Uh, a holiday.
Can I see your paperwork?
I'm actually with them.
Just you?
Just me.
Enjoy your stay in Mexico.
Thank you.
Why the hell would a kid
ever wanna leave this place?
Hey, be respectful, old man.
Take off your hat.
when a woman laughs like that,
a man's fly is open.
That's the only thing
that's not on the table.
You're good.
Aw. Oh, no.
Is this your family,
Michael Milo?
Yeah. From a long time ago.
You also have a picture
of my son
from a long time ago.
I can explain that.
No, you needn't.
You think you're the first
my ex-husband sent?
The first one is in jail.
Beastly man
with no manners.
The second
was more amiable.
Couldn't find Rafo and left.
Tell me, cowboy,
why does his father
really want him now?
He has no real love
for the boy.
Well, maybe he's trying
to change all that.
You're picturing
some innocent kid.
Like in that photo.
A nice, respectful boy
who wears clean clothes
to school,
and sings in church.
I guarantee you
that isn't the case.
My son is wild.
An animal
who lives in the gutter.
Gambling, stealing,
cockfighting, at the...
At the calle Choca.
Take him.
Take him
if you can find him.
He's a monster.
You have made a long trip
for nothing.
I don't know
where my son is now.
He's like his father.
He runs away.
He hates his father.
He hates me.
So, go home, Mr. Mike.
Go home.
When did you give up?
No matter what people say,
some aren't cut out
to be parents.
Have a drink with me, hmm?
No, I got a job to do.
Well, then, good luck.
You'll need it.
Hey, Rafo.
Oh, shit!
Shit, shit.
Hey, Rafo,
you can come out now.
The cops are gone.
Where the hell are you?
You can come out now.
I'm a friend of the family.
Okay. Come on.
Come here.
Hey, hey, come on.
Bad chicken.
No, no! Hey, hey!
All right,
you little bastard.
Come on out.
I'm gonna count to five.
I'm gonna
wring this chicken's neck.
You got that?
- Give me my rooster!
- Five.
Not until we talk, Rafo.
You know my name?
How did you find me?
I found you
because your mother told me
where you were.
That's why.
If she sold me to you,
you're a fool.
Touch me and I'll kick
your ass, old man.
What the hell
you talking about?
You are some perverted friend
of my mother
from one of her parties.
Perverted old man.
Hey. You're talking
to the wrong person.
I'm here representing your dad
who wants to see you.
Howard Polk.
I work for him, that's all.
You are a cowboy?
A ranch hand?
That's right.
I've done a little of that.
Okay, talk.
Not here.
Not here.
You're joking, yes?
No, not joking.
My father, he wants me.
Well, you're his only kid.
And he sent you for me?
You're a liar.
My father hasn't seen me
for years.
Why does he want
to see me now?
Well, he wants to see you,
that's all.
He, uh... He misses you.
You're full of shit.
My father doesn't want me.
He never even called
on my birthdays.
Look at that.
It's me when I was little.
Yeah, that's it.
Same guy.
He gave you that?
He did.
If my father wants me back,
why didn't he telephone?
He sent you,
some apestoso viejo.
I don't know what that means,
but I don't like it.
When I was little,
my father said he would
give me a special horse.
He never did.
He's a liar.
Eh, just a little late,
that's all.
That doesn't mean he's a liar.
But he's gonna
make it up to you now.
He's got a big ranch.
He's got horses, cattle.
In fact,
he's got hundreds of horses.
You'll be able
to ride yourself silly.
- Hundreds of horses?
- Yeah.
Even owns a rodeo up there.
Hundreds of horses...
He's a big boss!
Yeah, he's a big boss.
That's what I'm telling you.
Maybe I'll go.
- Just for a while.
- Yeah.
Good. Good, I think so.
If I don't like it,
I will say,
"To hell with him,"
and come back.
Yeah, that's right.
If you don't like it,
to hell with it.
Okay. Deal.
I can bring my rooster?
Yeah. I don't see why not.
Hey, Macho, come.
Where ya going?
I have to get my things.
No, stay here.
What can I say?
I can't believe it.
Where did you find him?
Right where you said.
At the cock fights.
And where is he?
He said he was gonna go out
and get his stuff.
You poor fool.
- Ah.
- Well...
This time...
This time
you'll have a drink with me.
Ah... you really thought
Rafo would go with you, hmm?
Mm, maybe he will.
Hmm. Come. Let's celebrate.
Tell me something...
What are we celebrating?
I'm up for anything.
I, uh...
I don't know.
I think I better
get the hell out of here.
Otherwise, this job
ain't gonna be finished.
You dare...
You dare insult me
in my own home?
No, I didn't mean
to insult you.
I just...
You think I'm a whore?
Is that what you think?
Hey, I'm talking to you.
Don't go!
One more step
and you're finished.
I'll call the Federales
right now.
Give them your name,
and you'll be arrested
for kidnapping.
And spend the rest of your
life in a Mexican prison.
How do you like that?
You don't like that, do you?
Rafo is mine.
He's mine and he stays.
You understand?
He's my property,
and nobody takes my property.
His father ran away from us.
He had his chance,
but he left us here.
He left him with me.
You have exactly five minutes
to get in your vehicle
and leave Mexico City.
Do we understand each other?
Get out.
Get out now.
- Lucas.
- Take him out.
The hell?
Hello, gringo.
I guess I fell asleep, yes?
Get out.
Get out.
- Get out.
- What?
Get out, I said.
What the...
I said, out.
Get out, you're not going.
- Say who?
- Says me. Says your mother.
- I'm going with you.
- No, you're not going with me.
I said I am going.
You're staying.
If you go without me,
do you know what I'll do?
- What'll you do?
- I'll go to the police.
- Yeah?
- Not here.
In the next town
where they don't know me.
I'll go to the Federales
and I'll tell them
I was raped by a dirty gringo
in a truck from Texas.
You're sick.
What are you gonna do
when they get you
to the hospital
and the doc wants to shove
his hand up your ass
to give you an examination?
Not so good, huh, sonny?
Get your ass out of here.
Jesus! Hit the highway.
Then, I'll walk
like a cripple. Like this...
And I'll say your truck,
you hit me and run away.
Jesus Christ.
I'll tell them that this thing
is not yours.
It's stolen.
You're sick as a dog.
Get out of here. You ain't...
Jerk off.
All right, where's the wallet?
Where's what?
My wallet. Give it here.
We go and I tell you, okay?
Look, the only place
you're gonna go
is the hospital.
Now give me
the goddamn wallet.
Ah. You get too angry.
It's not good for you
at your age.
Give me the wallet now!
Eat shit.
What are you talking about,
"eat shit"?
You're pretty quick
for old man.
"Eat shit." Yeah.
I'll make a deal with you.
What deal?
I give your wallet,
you take me to the border.
Only to the border.
Then I get across by myself.
No deal. No dice.
I want to go
with my father.
All right. Get in the back.
I want you
to take this chicken,
tie his leg back down there
so it doesn't...
I don't want him crapping
on the upholstery here.
What do you mean, "no"?
No, and he's not a chicken.
His name is Macho.
I don't care if his name
is Colonel Sanders.
Just get his ass back there.
He's Macho.
You know what it means,
It means "strong."
Come on, Macho.
It's bad to have a fighter,
a champion,
with his leg tied all day.
you look a smart man to me.
I'll make a deal with you.
Yeah? What kind of a deal?
If Macho sits with us,
when he fights,
I'll give you half
of the money.
The day Macho sits up here
is the day I barbecue his ass.
It's not good for his spirit.
Well, I'm really worried
about that.
But he's strong now.
When I first find him,
he'd lose every fight.
He was on the ground.
His leg broke.
So, I took care of him,
and I said,
"Stand up, you bastard.
He killed a very big rooster.
From that time,
he's Macho.
A champion.
That's the most
exciting thing
I've ever heard.
Why don't we sleep
in the truck?
'Cause we can sleep out here
in the wide-open spaces.
The air is nice and clean.
It's not like it is
in the cities.
It's beautiful.
I think something else maybe.
when I fall asleep,
you'll drive away without me.
I'm not gonna run away
without you, kid.
Just go to sleep.
What's the matter
with this guy?
He's got something
on his eye here.
Got something in right here.
Wait, wait a second.
- Oh.
- Yeah. I got it.
Very good.
Go ahead.
You're a veterinario?
No. No, veterinario.
I've just loved animals
all my life.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.
At rodeo?
Yeah, rodeo.
Working on ranches
and working with horses
and stuff especially.
Well, so I think
he'll be fine.
Macho. His name is Macho.
What's wrong with that?
Guy wants to name
his cock "Macho"...
It's okay by me.
He's macho, like me.
Very strong rooster.
Everyone wants him.
One even stole him from me.
Yeah, your mother says you've
stolen a few things yourself.
Cars and such.
When we get up in the States,
you touch a man's vehicle,
that doesn't go over.
Yeah. I'll remember
when we get to Texas.
Especially in Texas.
And you can watch all that
"macho" crap up there too.
Nobody likes that stuff.
How'd you get the bruises?
Being on the street
cause all that?
And sometimes when I go
home, it's worse.
That's why I stay
on the streets.
All the bad stuff
happens at home.
My mom hates me.
You want to know why?
Not really.
She bring home
a strange man today,
another strange man tomorrow,
and she said
I should call them "Uncle."
And I say to her,
"How many men
can I call 'Uncle'?"
So, she hates me.
And Aurelio,
he was in prison.
Sometimes he sells drugs
and brings her pills and dope.
One time I spit on him.
He hits me
to teach me manners
and I said to him...
"Don't teach me manners
when you're in bed with my
mom, where she sleep."
So, I say, to hell with that.
I make a few pesos
with Macho for myself
and I do what I want.
On the street,
I trust no one.
But it's safer than at home.
You can never trust no one.
We're gonna take
a little bit
of a different route here.
- Federales are there.
- Oh, shit.
We gotta go down this road.
What do they want?
Well, they probably
wanted you.
We'll stay away from them.
What are we doing?
We go off,
take this road here.
All the way around,
and we won't have to deal
with them.
No good.
It's bump, bump, bump.
Bit more like
jail, jail, jail.
We brought our own red
rooster with us, see?
In your honor.
Uh, I'm gonna have
a cerveza blanca
and he'll have a...
What's Amarillo?
Uh, nothing.
Just something I drink.
Oh, okay.
It's tequila.
- Tequila.
- Yeah.
You're not gonna drink
any tequila.
But I want it.
I don't care.
You're not gonna drink it, not with me.
I drink tequila
once and I never got sick.
Yeah, well, when you're with your
dad, up above the border,
you can drink battery acid,
but you're not gonna
drink tequila with me.
An Orange Crush, por favor.
Yeah, that's better.
I'll be back.
Where are you going?
Make a little call.
Yeah, hello.
I found the boy.
Shit, that's great!
That's great!
It wasn't easy,
but I found him
and we're on our way.
Not without bumps,
but we're on our way.
It doesn't matter.
It doesn't matter.
I knew you'd find him.
I knew I did the right thing
sending you.
Not like those other two
guys you sent down here.
Thanks a lot for that.
I'm gonna be calling you
along the way
and you'll be playing it straight with
me, understand?
Okay. All right.
Just get him
back up here, okay?
- You've got it.
- All right.
Kinda glowing there, kid.
Ah. Fine Mexican beer.
Can I wear your hat?
Why not?
Because it's a cowboy hat.
And you're not a cowboy.
Anything a gringo cowboy
can do with horses,
a Mexicano can do better.
Well, you're
in bad shape, then,
because you're half gringo.
What do you think, kid?
You think I'm a gringo?
Do you think
I'm like my father?
A coward?
Who run away?
- Well...
- You think
I'm like my mom?
I don't know.
I don't know your mom.
- But your father...
- Then...
who am I, Mike?
Here, kid. Try the hat...
I don't want to wear
your dumb, stupid hat.
Help me, Mike!
Get off!
What the hell
are you doing?
- You leave him alone.
- Get away.
He's not your son.
He's not yours to take.
His mother warned you, gringo.
Don't be stubborn!
- No.
- This is your last chance.
- Mike!
- The kid is not your concern.
- Good job, Macho.
- Hey, stupid bird!
Good job, Macho.
What's he saying?
It's not good.
Rafael. Rafael.
Time for us to go.
You did all right, kid.
You did all right.
You want
another tortilla?
No, I don't.
I don't think so. No.
What's the matter?
Yeah, no,
I don't feel too good.
I don't know
why you're laughing.
You Mexicans
always laugh at us gringos
because we get sick
on your dirty water.
It's not the water
that's dirty. It's you.
We drink and we're healthy.
You drink it
and die in the toilet.
Ah, don't mention that.
Run! It's gonna come out.
Wait. I'll give you something
to make you feel better.
Here, try it.
Yeah, it's good. Try it.
You try it.
Okay. Watch.
- See? I did not die.
- Okay.
- Go! Go, go, go!
- No!
The car!
I can't even call the cops.
So, what now?
We gotta get ourselves
some transportation.
And clothes.
And you should dress
not like an American.
So everybody doesn't see
gringo, gringo, gringo.
I want some water.
There's a store right here.
I think I'll go check it out.
Look, Macho.
A gringo goes in,
and a Mexicano comes out.
Yeah, I bought you
some clothes.
Thank you.
I guess we should be going.
What's this?
Where'd you get it?
I find it.
It was sitting right here.
So nobody want it, I guess.
Yeah? Nobody was
sitting in it then, huh?
We'll leave it
in the next town.
- Yeah.
- I only lend it from somebody.
In Mexico,
we're friendly people.
You lend, I lend.
- We lend, everybody lends.
- Yeah, yeah.
Just, uh...
It's not your car
and I'll be driving it.
You're kind of
growing on me, kid.
This looks like
an interesting town.
Maybe we should check it out.
Hola, Mama.
What do you say
we look around, huh?
Bring in the rooster.
I'll have coffee for me,
and anything in the house
for him.
Thank you.
She says that's strange.
The Federales
never come over here.
Thank you very much. Yeah.
Si. Uh...
I'm gonna take
a little siesta here.
Tired, eh?
Old man needs a nap?
You bet.
The hell you doing here?
Don't drink out of my cup
either, will you, pal?
Dreamt I was in a desert
bar, but now I'm in one.
She says you don't snore.
She likes that.
Oh. Well...
did I miss anything here?
Yeah. She asked why the
Federales were looking for us.
I tell her you're my father,
and you broke out of the loco,
the crazy hospital.
And they're looking for you.
And she bought into all that?
She didn't believe me.
So, then I told her
you're here to bring me
to Texas with my father
and my mother says no.
So, you told her the truth.
I thought
you didn't trust anyone.
But you trust her?
Yeah. Yeah, for some
reason, I guess, yes.
Oh, well,
on that, I think we oughta...
We oughta go.
Will you, uh,
thank the senora for me?
She's not married.
She's a widow.
Mi nombre, name,
I'm Mike.
Si. He say.
Not another roadblock.
What's the Spanish word
for "irony"?
Well, we'll have to go back
to that town we were in.
Just wait till
this shitstorm's over with.
Perfect place
to get out of the rain.
It's a shrine, Mike.
Of the Virgen Maria.
What are you doing?
- Hmm?
- What are you doing?
Oh, I'm, uh...
I'm gonna go to sleep.
What the hell
do you think this is?
We cannot sleep in the shrine
of the Virgen Maria.
Maria's not gonna worry
about it. She's fine.
She won't care.
Night, kid.
Mike, do you believe in God?
I don't know, kid.
I guess so, yeah.
You Catholic?
I'm not Catholic, kid.
That's too bad for you, Mike.
Even if you believe in God
and you're not Catholic,
they don't believe in you.
What, is he playing favorites,
maybe, or something?
I don't believe this shit.
"We're all God's children."
Do you?
Well, we're all
somebody's children, kid.
Do you have any children?
Oh, I did.
Matthew, boy.
My boy...
and my wife were killed
in an auto accident
some years back.
I wasn't much good after that.
I kind of went
on a rampage.
Too much drinking.
Being crazy.
But your dad,
he saved my ass.
He gave me work.
gave me my life back.
I owe him a lot.
And you're the payback, kid.
You're the payback.
I'm paying him back.
Look at this. Fantastic, huh?
How'd you know
we were here?
She came to light a candle,
and she saw our car.
Well, thanks.
Muy bien.
Oh, damn!
What's the matter?
Look, the car.
Whoa, Jesus.
we better get used
to this town, kid.
We're gonna be here
a while.
It's a piece of shit.
Everything all right?
You speak English, amigo?
These horse are for sale.
You want to buy?
I noticed one of those guys
has got an injury
on the left haunch there.
He's a little rough to me.
Yeah, in fact,
all your horses
are a little
on the rough side.
They get hurt
being rounded up.
Wild horses, huh?
Si, we catch,
but not break them.
They are very wild.
Not many can ride.
Pretty hard to sell a horse
that you can't ride.
Maybe we can
do something about that.
- We? Who's we?
- Yeah.
You and me.
I don't even know how to ride.
But I can do anything.
Of course you can.
Wouldn't want to
get up there in Texas
and have people find out
you don't know how to ride.
Pick up the flow, will ya?
Keep your weight on
the balls of your feet.
More like it.
Do less with your hands.
Pick it up more.
Not bad at all.
Pick it up. Pick it up. More.
There you go.
Don't lay back.
Stay upright.
There, that's good.
That's good.
Heels down. That's good.
That's a good
little figure eight.
Come back this way.
All right, son.
You're doing good.
You're doing great.
May not be a disgrace
in Texas after all.
Here's a gift, ladies.
Sure. All right.
Thank you.
You know, we just brought
you that meat as a gift.
Yeah, I just came here
to bring stuff.
I didn't come here
to freeload a meal.
Um, she says
she'll do as she pleases.
Oh, all right.
These your girls?
Her daughter got sick
and died.
Also her son-in-law.
Her husband died too.
Same illness. Two years ago.
Now widow, like you.
She's deaf?
Seems so.
How do you know sign language?
Just something you pick up
along the way.
What did you say?
Wouldn't you like to know?
So, what's that all about?
The deputy.
What about the deputy?
Uh, first,
he said he's a sheriff
and it's his job to know
what's going on.
But she said he's not the sheriff.
He's a deputy.
And that's only because
his uncle made him deputy.
And they don't even have
a police station.
And if he didn't mind
his business,
she said he never eat
at the cantina again.
Um, he said...
Uh, what's next?
Looking good, kid.
Look where you're going,
and go where you're looking.
Put your heels down.
Heels down.
Yeah, don't look like
a sack of potatoes there.
Your dad's gonna be a happy
man seeing you that way.
- We'll see you in a bit.
- Yeah.
Come on.
Come on. Come on.
Uh, this is Senora Reyes.
Her goat
was attacked by dogs,
so I tell her
you're good with animals.
Well, why don't you put him
over here.
Put him on this table,
we'll take a look.
Put him right up there.
Let me see.
Let's see. Oh, yeah.
Yeah, somebody chewed
on him pretty good.
Not so good. Yeah.
Okay, I think
we can fix her up in a bit.
And it's gonna be okay.
All righty.
it should've taken three,
maybe four days tops.
But two goddamn weeks?
What are you doing?
I told you it was
gonna take a little while.
I heard that already.
Just keep telling him
what he wants to hear.
- Who?
- "Who?"
The kid. Rafael.
Just keep him happy,
and whatever you do,
do not let his mother
get a hold of him.
Or her lawyers
will never respond.
Respond to what?
It's a business thing.
A few years ago,
down there in Mexico,
I invested in some property
in her name
to avoid their goddamn taxes,
and now those investments
have matured.
So I want the return
on my investment.
Just like the kid.
Well, yeah, okay.
So, you get it.
I get it.
You played me, you bastard.
I didn't play you.
What are you,
eight years old, Mike?
If I have something
she wants,
maybe she'll negotiate.
Christ, I'm a reasonable man.
I'm just asking for my half.
This kid would be better off
without either one of you.
Well, you know what?
It doesn't make a shit
what you think, Mike.
I'm his father
and I actually
want him back.
This isn't all about
the money, okay?
The kid's my son.
So, please...
Please, can you stick
to the plan?
Just meet me at the border
with him.
Was that my father?
Yeah, it was, kid.
Did he say anything
about me?
Ask how I am?
Well, he did, yeah. He...
He wants the best for ya.
- He does?
- Yeah.
He still wants me?
He still wants me to come?
'Course he does, kid.
Why wouldn't he?
Hold it, hold it, hold it.
Give me that.
Okay, come on, there.
Right through there.
Stick your head in there,
and put it on up here.
Put this here. Okay.
We got him.
Now, that was the easy part.
- That was the easy part?
- Yeah.
Next, they don't like it
when you cinch the girth.
It's just like this.
You just have to pull,
cinch it up.
You can do it.
- You wanna try it?
- Okay.
Just cinch it up, and put up half of...
An eighth of it.
Whoa! Whoa.
Whoa! He's so wild.
Okay, yeah.
Take it easy.
Hey, hey. Hey.
How did you do that?
We did it, partner.
We did it.
Buenos dias.
Buenos dias.
Sleep well?
I did, yeah. I did.
Thank you.
Uh, Marta says we can stay in
the casita behind her house
while we are here.
We can't do that.
Can't do that.
We've already
imposed on her enough.
She said it's her choice.
- And she already...
- Right.
...cleaned it out for us.
Plus, she says
we can't keep sleeping
in the shrine
of the Virgen Maria.
It's not a hotel.
I know.
I'm fighting a losing battle.
It's good or it's no?
It's no.
But what do we do
when we leave?
We get ourselves another car,
that's what we do.
Yeah. Well, you're always
cooking all the time.
I thought
I would do it for you.
And cowboys always cook.
It's kind of our deal.
You want?
I think she likes you.
Just keep
your big mouth shut.
And I think you like her.
- Gracias.
- Gracias.
More money to come.
More mustangs to break.
Yeah, you bet.
The whole neighborhood's
coming down here.
They must think I'm
Dr. Dolittle or something.
- Uh...
- The hell is this?
These girls need
some help with the animals.
Yeah, I don't know
what to tell you.
I don't know what to
tell you about this gal.
Yeah, what do you say?
You just need to lose
a little weight, that's all.
You take it easy,
just a little more water.
Little more water
and less food.
He wants
to know who are you,
what's your business?
Do you have a, uh, licencia?
Well, these people want me
to take care
of some of their animals.
People seem to think
I have a knack with that.
He said, help the dog,
or his wife
will be very angry.
He said it's not good
when she's angry.
She'll be angry?
- Not for you either.
- Hmm.
Okay. All right.
Looks pretty good.
I don't know
how to cure "old."
I don't know.
But no way am I telling her that.
Hmm. Well...
I think the dog
just needs a lot of rest.
Maybe he should sleep
with you tonight.
On the end of the bed.
How's that?
We'll do the best we can.
I got you.
Just give it a smash.
I'm catching on to this stuff.
This right here. Thanks.
There, I think we got it.
Think we got it.
Italian lager.
If my father
didn't want me to come to Texas,
I would stay here.
You could've stayed too.
It's good.
The best place I've stayed
in my life.
Maybe even better than Texas.
Could be, kid.
But I want to be
with my father.
Have a new life in America.
But what if it's no good?
What if my father change
his mind when he meets me?
Doesn't want me?
He wants you, kid.
He wants you.
The hell you doing?
We gotta get out of here.
Come on.
Aurelio. I saw him in town,
he's talking to the cops.
We gotta get on the road.
But what about the girls?
What about Marta?
Us being around here
is the worst thing
that could happen
to the girls.
We gotta get moving.
Come on.
Get your ass in gear.
Hola, Mike.
Marta, we...
We have to go.
We've got a job
we've gotta finish,
and just...
you've been so great to us, you know,
it's just tough to leave.
and the kids and everything,
it's just...
we've gotta go.
Thanks for everything.
Let's try this thing.
Okay. You go here.
Okay, go ahead.
What do I say when they ask
for my papers at the border?
What do I tell them?
You don't have
to tell 'em anything.
Your dad will be there.
He'll take care of it all.
We gotta lose these guys.
When I get
to the next set of curves,
just hang on,
we'll get rid of 'em.
We lost them.
Yeah, for the time being,
Look, kid,
there's something I didn't
tell you the other day
when we talked.
It's about your dad.
Yeah, I mean,
he wants you to come be
with him and everything,
but there's another reason.
And that's 'cause
your mother and he
have some investments
And he thinks if you're
with him up in Texas,
that she'll give him half
of all the investments.
So, you lied?
No, I didn't lie.
I just didn't know
at the time, that's all.
Hundreds of horses,
cattle, a ranch...
It's a rodeo.
Yeah, that's all true, kid.
That's all true.
He has all that.
You're gonna love it there.
How could he...
How could you?
I should have never trust you.
Never trust anyone.
I didn't know at the time,
that's all.
You're a liar.
And I hate you.
I hate you.
And I hope you die in jail.
Jesus Christ, kid.
Bunch of rubes.
What the hell
is he looking for, anyway?
You gotta be out
of your minds.
Jerk offs. Asshole.
We don't have any drugs.
Jesus Christ.
Mickey Mouse prick.
- Yeah.
- When did you leave Veracruz?
I've never been
to Veracruz ever.
He said,
"Where are the drugs?"
But no, we don't have drugs.
We don't have any drugs.
You guys
are wasting your time.
You got nothing else to do.
Loser cops.
You wanna help us put this
stuff back in the car?
I guess we make a mistake.
Vamonos. You're free to go.
Couldn't be sooner.
Jesus Christ.
One thing
I don't understand.
Those bastards.
If you have no drugs,
why you run?
We're not running, asshole.
his dad's enfermo in Texas,
and we gotta get up there
right away.
Jesus Christ.
Stupid bastards.
If they had a brain,
they'd be dangerous.
Thanks a lot, you pricks.
Okay, let's get this stuff
in the car.
You and I, we gotta talk.
I don't want to talk to you.
Yeah, well, you're gonna talk to
me whether you like it or not.
I thought
you were my friend.
For the first time,
I thought I had a friend.
You're nothing to me.
You just get shit
in the car,
and shut up.
I'm gonna get the seat
if you can help me
with it a little bit.
Hey, quick. Pull this.
Your father lied
to both of us.
And... So, quit bitching, huh?
You're both goddamn liars.
Freedom's just on the other
side of this hill, kid.
Let's go.
Let's go.
You used to be tough.
Now you're weak.
You used to ride bulls,
ride horses.
You were something.
I was something.
You used to be strong.
Now you're nothing.
Well, I used to be
a lot of things,
but I'm not now.
And I'll tell you something.
This macho thing
is overrated.
Works perfect for him,
but it's overrated.
Just people
trying to be macho
to show that
they've got grit.
That's about
all they end up with.
And you sit there and let
a bull step all over you,
and you let a horse throw you
50 feet in the air.
What an idiot.
Only an idiot would be
in a profession like that.
It's just...
It's like anything else
in life.
You think
you got all the answers,
then you realize
as you get old,
that you don't have
any of 'em.
By the time you figure it
out, it's too late.
Your dad's a good man.
We all have to make choices
in life, kid.
You have to make yours.
Where do you want to go?
I made my choice, Mike.
I wanna go.
Oh, shit.
Let's get you out of here.
Hey, Mike.
Remember me?
I don't want
to hurt your grandpa,
so come with me, okay?
Stay there, asshole.
So, what do you think
about Macho now?
I think a lot about him.
I think he handled everything
just beautifully back there.
Yeah, he's amazing.
The real deal.
Thank you, Mike.
You're welcome, kid.
You take care
of that chicken, huh?
He's not a chicken.
He's Macho.
He's yours now.
You're sure?
It could be...
Saturday night barbecue,
you never know.
I'll take care of him.
And you take care, kid.
You take care.
You know where we are.
If you need us.
Thank you.
All right, boy.
I hear you, loud and clear.
All right, kid.