Crypto Boy (2023) Movie Script

- [rumble of traffic]
- [indistinct speech]
[man] Look, boys.
Do you know what this is?
With a baby face like yours,
you'll never be taken seriously
in this world.
Facial hair shows
that you have testosterone.
And to be successful, you need to
have testosterone. You got that?
- Yeah.
- [man] Exactly.
You're gonna have to make sure
you look masculine, like I do, yeah?
[woman chuckles]
- What you laughin' at, huh?
- No, no, nothin' Ha!
Ignore her, boys, yeah?
- Are you lot still virgins?
- [all] No, man.
[laughs] It's all right if you are.
Nothin' to be ashamed about.
I can just tell, that's all, yeah?
And girls girls can tell too.
I mean, before I grew this tache,
I never got dates.
Never. And now,
she can't keep her hands off me. Eh?
So sexy, so manly.
- The more hair the better.
- [man] Get me?
That's what I'm talking about.
Calm. Hey. Enjoy it, yeah?
[boy 1] Let's see it.
"She can't keep her hands off me," yeah?
I see that twinkle in your eye, girl.
At that stupid tache you've got!
- All right?
- [man 2] Have one.
- [man 1] Thank you.
- [woman] Mmm! Thank you.
Mmm! So good.
- You all right?
- [phone buzzing]
Baba. On the way, three minutes, yeah?
On the way?
You're standing across the road, man.
I can see you standing there.
Come on now.
I've got three orders waiting.
Hurry up. What you doing there?
Yes, Dad. I'm coming right now, okay?
Can't you see? I'm nearly there.
I'm coming, calm down.
Always the same shit, man. C'mon!
Why the fuck
you guys always yell like that?
- [man scoffs]
- [sighs]
Five o'clock's five o'clock, yeah?
And we don't support that place.
Ubut has lost his house
and his bakery 'cause of them!
Yeah, but I didn't spend any money there,
did I? I was just lookin'.
- Is this one ready?
- Yeah, yeah, it's getting cold.
And when you gonna take
the dust catchers off the wall?
It gives me asthma. Dry eyes and shit.
- [woman] Hey, lanky!
- Hey, Bertha.
It won't work out for Ajax this year.
- That Ten Hag, he's no good.
- Amir! It's gone cold. Hurry up!
[football commentary continues]
- [Amir] Aaah!
- Go careful, yeah?
And watch the road!
- [bicycle bell rings]
- Oh, my God! Watch where you're going!
Eh? It was her, not me.
Yeah, okay, now go! It's getting cold!
[sighs wearily]
["Word Up" by Cameo playing]
-How's it going?
- [woman] Hey, Amir! See ya later.
-[man] Ajax!
- Ajax!
[car horn blares]
Yo, pretty ladies around the world
-[man] Hey! Watch out!
- Yeah?
-[man] Yeah.
- You watch out!
You gotta move out the way!
You know how it is, I gotta get there.
-What else can I do?
- [policeman] But it's a one-way street.
[Amir sighs]
I'm not taking it like that.
Look at it! Look at it!
Wave your hands in the air
Like you don't care
I'm telling ya, it's gonna work. Trust me.
You'll double your money in two weeks.
I promise you, man.
-Hey, Jetty!
- Hey, Amir!
See you later.
[wolf whistle]
-[woman 1] Hey, Amir!
- [woman 2] Whoo!
[women laugh]
Call me!
-[woman 1] Okay, tomorrow.
- Burrito!
Word up
It's the code word
No matter where you say it
You know that you'll be heard
[man 1] Come on, red card!
Thank you. Thank you very much.
-[man 2] See ya.
- Come again soon.
-[man 1] Watch out!
- Thank you.
[man 1] C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, yes!
[football commentary plays]
- Ah, just look at that.
- Oh, Ger.
-Come on now! Yeah?
- You should just calm down.
- [Ger] C'mon now! Whoa!
- Ajax!
-[woman 2] Hey
- Hey.
-Hey, Bertha.
- Hey, handsome!
-[Ger] That's better.
- Looking good, Ger.
- Oh!
- [Ger] Ah! Oh!
- I hope you didn't get a ticket now, Amir.
- Nah, don't worry. Got a puncture.
Hey, Dan.
You forgot the nachos. That's twice now.
You do it. I'm the cook.
Yeah. Microwave cook, yeah?
You got nothing else, dude?
- That's all, uh?
- [microwave beeping]
- [man sighs]
- Not going well, huh?
No, man. One-nil down.
[sighs] Should have bought better players
in the summer,
then they'd be playin' the big boys
in the Champions League.
Superstars only play for themselves.
You need to have players who fight
and play together.
Well, I've never seen
a pile of cash score a goal.
But they have millions in the bank.
They gotta buy some winners.
You're always on about your millions.
You're a dropship millionaire.
Ah, he's selling beard oil
to nursery kids,
so it won't take him long. [chuckles]
- [Bertha] Come on, come on.
- Oh.
- Ohhhhhh!
- [Bertha] Yeah, come on!
[Amir] Ohhhhhh!
[all cheering]
- Yeah!
- [Amir] Whoo! Whoo!
[Ger] Yes!
[both laughing]
[Ger] Get in!
[fly buzzing]
[video game beeping]
[Amir groans]
[Amir groans]
[Amir sighs]
[man] Yeah?
[man breaks wind]
[Amir groans]
[toilet flushing]
- [shower running]
- [Amir panting]
- [slapping]
- [Amir panting]
[man] Oh, for crying out loud!
I can't believe it!
[footsteps approaching]
- What is it?
- They went and sold it. Our whole block.
- All of it for housing.
- To who?
To the rats from Brownville. [grunts]
[paper rustling]
What the fuck? This is nearly double
what we're paying now.
- Are they allowed to?
- [Bertha] Apparently.
Or you can choose to leave
- And get compensation.
- We're not leaving. We're not.
We will not be bullied
by those pieces of shit.
[clattering, items rattling]
Goddamn it! For the love of God,
get rid of all this shit!
[Amir sighs] Fuck's sake.
- Thank you, Bertha.
- It's all right. Here.
[Amir] That man is so stubborn.
I told him already we'll have to get out
and have to move to Zaandam
or somewhere else.
This is where we grew up.
It's our fuckin' home.
Awful lot has changed though.
Yeah, but not Burrito though, man.
[woman] Amir!
Is that Amir?
So, what's this shit
you're selling to kids? Huh?
- Look at that.
- [Amir] What? What is this?
I don't know who this boy is.
Yeah, he's the one. [sniffs]
Give him his cash back. Now.
[sighs] Jesus.
It says "just a few drops," yeah?
It says "use before 2005," yeah?
In Chinese!
Look. Look at him!
If this rash doesn't go away,
I'll sue you.
Idiot. Yallah!
So, how many boxes did you order again?
Shut up, will ya?
Brownville is a large,
international fast food company.
Your contract's nearly up,
so they can increase the rent.
It's outrageous. It is.
- They've got us all.
- But your rent hasn't increased, has it?
No, but they'll intimidate
every one of us if we just stay here.
Yeah, they're going to redevelop.
And we just gotta deal with it.
And your cigar shop.
You're sitting on a gold mine there.
'Cause you bought it
a long time ago, yeah?
They have made inquiries, yeah.
You can't sell it to 'em, though,
'cause they'll turn it into a juice bar,
won't they? Or a sports hall. Eurgh!
[downbeat music playing]
[man] Now push the valve through the rim
and pull the inner tube
from under the tyre.
Now put the valve with the ring
back into the little tube and tighten it.
Didn't I teach you how to fix a tyre?
Now take the bucket
Yeah, you did,
but I just need a bucket of water.
- [laughs]
- Can you get one for me, Dad?
Yeah, yeah, a bucket of water.
Outta the way.
- I don't need you to...
- Let me do it.
What you gonna do?
Fix it.
- [man] Without water.
- [Amir groans]
[air pumping]
How you do it
Look. is to feel
Here, here.
[Amir snorts]
Here it is. Sandpaper.
Not the whole box. Sandpaper.
Take out the sandpaper.
- It's inside the box, all right?
- Here. Give it here.
[man blows]
Hey, baba, I was thinking.
What if we gave it a little, uh, facelift?
Paint it white with fresh new colours.
A few nice plants. A cactus, new menus.
Furniture and decor.
Complete overhaul.
It could really be something.
- We're in a top location.
- You tellin' me what to do?
I've been here for 35 years.
I've seen people pack up and leave.
- And I'm still here.
- Yeah, but there's no demand.
Just the neighbours,
and they don't even pay.
They're family. They eat for free.
[man sighs]
Let it dry, put it in, and then pump it.
- Are you listening?
- Yeah.
[man] Yeah.
[melancholy music playing]
Don't forget the nachos this time.
There are the nachos. Uh, the guacamole.
Uh, who ordered the enchilada?
- [woman] That was mine, thanks.
- [man] There we are.
[woman] Can I have a glass of tap water?
Ah. Good man.
[man] Oh.
[breathes deeply]
[man] Yeah, sorry.
No change.
[scoffs] Yeah.
[man 2] Yes. Come on. Come on.
Everything is possible.
[cheering and applause]
It doesn't matter where you come from,
what your background is, who you are.
Anyone can become financially independent.
[cheering and applause]
[man 2] It's your turn.
You can do it, I promise you.
Thank you, thank you very much!
Shall I tell you something?
- [male audience member] Yes!
- [man 2] Yes? A story.
My father was a taxi driver.
He dreamt of having his own taxi company.
He believed in one thing.
Work really hard,
save up, and work even harder.
Really hard. All night long,
driving to Schiphol.
Weekends, double shifts,
work, work, work, work.
After ten years, he had enough money
to buy his own car. A Mercedes.
[exhales sharply]
Silver. [chuckles]
I still see him standing there.
Smiling from ear to ear.
But tired eyes.
He was knackered.
Worn out like a workhorse.
Had trouble sleeping, panic attacks.
And the first fucking night in the car,
falls asleep at the wheel.
And he crossed three lanes of traffic
and goes into the back of a truck.
[inspirational music building]
Don't work for money.
Let money work for you.
[cheers of agreement]
By building wealth,
and not through the old, rotten system.
The banks? Dinosaurs!
They conspire against you
with governments in backrooms.
Playing with our cash, yeah.
With your cash,
with your cash, with your cash.
No, crypto.
Honest, transparent, democratic.
There are teething problems
for sure, yeah!
Ha! We've just seen it with the crash.
That's why we are here.
So you don't have to do it
all by yourselves.
And, please, don't do it.
You will lose.
You will. You will fucking lose.
The only thing you have to do is join us.
Our traders do the rest
And we get you returns of one, two,
sometimes three percent, I mean it.
- Per fucking day. Yes!
- [cheering and applause]
Whoo! All right!
My father didn't live to 40.
And I was financially secure
before I was 30.
Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!
- Bam! Bam! Bam!
- [audience joins the chant]
[all] Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!
Bam! Whoo-whoo-whoo!
- Yeah!
- Yeah!
We're gonna change the world.
Yeah! Whoo!
[jazz music playing]
[woman] He'll be here. Don't worry.
A lot of big talk.
But in the meantime
He's still young.
He is 20.
[woman chuckles]
I'd hoped we could do it together,
but now I'm not sure of that at all.
Can't rely on him.
[woman inhales deeply]
you know he's right.
That nothing has changed here for years.
[inhales] You could freshen up the place.
Maybe give him more responsibility.
Well, you have to earn that.
And you gotta earn a living.
And this way, you're not gonna do it.
[groans, bones crack]
Here? Yeah?
[sighs in relief]
Oh Never stop.
[man chuckles]
- I gotta go soon.
- [man groans]
[woman chuckles]
[whimsical music playing]
Ah, shit.
[music fades]
[loud dance music playing]
What is all this? What are you doing?
- [music volume lowers]
- Sorry, did I wake you up?
I couldn't sleep, and I was hungry.
Came downstairs.
- Where did you go?
- Here, baba, check this.
I got an app
where we can invest in cryptocurrency.
Well, they, uh, they invest it for you,
and then you get
one or two percent return per day from it.
- Per day, yeah? That's crazy!
- Oh, Amir.
- Leave it.
- Baba, this isn't crap.
I spoke to people who put cash into it.
If we put one thousand
or two thousand euros in it,
we get enough return
to be able to pay all of the rent.
But I'm not interested.
Now get you to bed.
No, but, baba, listen now.
- [sighs]
- [Amir] This is a real chance.
We should just try it, baba. Seriously.
If you'd work hard instead of finding
all this internet shit...
That's the whole point, baba.
Don't need to work. Your cash does
all the work, and you build up wealth.
What are you on about?
This here, I built it all up.
This here is my wealth.
I came here with nothing to my name.
Nothing but the clothes on your back,
couldn't speak the language.
- Blah, blah, blah
- You watch your mouth!
I'm just trying to do something
to help save this dump, all right?
I'm just your delivery boy.
- I can do other things.
- Oh yeah?
What, then?
What can you do?
Just give me a chance,
and I'll show you I can, baba.
Every day, I give you a chance.
Every fucking day!
You can't even do deliveries.
You're always late.
You can't ride your bike
without getting a ticket.
I wish you could do more,
but you can't do anything.
You're 20.
You can't even fix a bloody bike tyre!
All right, then.
Ride it yourself, then.
I quit.
Oh yeah?
If you work somewhere else, you can
pay me rent. Right now, you hear?
- [footsteps on stairs]
- Amir!
[melancholy music playing]
[phone ringing]
[melancholy music building]
[music stops]
[man] No, no, no, no.
No, man. Sorry.
There's nothing here for Amid El Neni.
Uh, okay, I think
there's been an error on your end.
[inhales sharply]
Have you already
spoken to Roy Warners, then?
Eh? Can you check it again, bro?
There is nothing to check, "bro."
Roy is in a meeting.
I'm gonna ask you to leave.
Right now, okay?
You know what? I'll wait here.
I know how it goes. Business, business.
Hey, man.
It's me. Yeah.
There's someone here who's having
some difficulty finding the exit.
So, uh, think you can you help him?
Now, yeah. Okay.
Thank you.
- You'll regret that, you know.
- Really?
I'm a serious investor.
That is not how you treat your clients.
[door opens]
Gianni. Can you make a reservation
at Hofman? For five, okay?
- Roy.
- [Roy] Yeah?
Give me one minute
of your time, that's all I ask.
- Who is this?
- [Gianni] On it. Already called security.
Listen, I saw you at the meetup,
and I felt what you said
from start to finish.
Truly. Your father, my father, it...
All right, leave your telephone number,
and we'll call you.
- Give me a chance. Please.
- [Roy] Hey. Suave, man.
[Suave] Gonna think about it.
But maybe we could go for lunch?
Really, the risk
with such a stop-loss is it's minimal.
I get it, but, uh, we're gonna
look at some other options. Okay?
Yeah? Thank you for your time.
- Yeah.
- Good.
- Yeah, good. Good.
- Yeah.
Have a good one.
Amir. You don't remember me?
I was always with your brudda, Ricardo.
You must remember. East Dapperbuurt.
No? [laughs]
Sorry, hi.
- Hi.
- Amir.
It's nice to meet you. It really is.
Are you, uh, investing in crypto?
- [scoffs] That's where the money is.
- Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
That's right. [chuckles]
Cool. Cool, cool, cool, cool.
Yeah, this is the place.
Roy's your guy.
Trust me. Roy is your man.
- We'll find out, won't we?
- [Amir] Mm-hmm.
- Mm-hmm.
- You work here?
Uh, yeah. Yeah, I work for Roy.
- I do, uh, sales.
- That's right.
You're talkin' to a sales guy.
- Yeah, but you just started.
- I'm the new boy.
Oh shit.
[Suave laughs]
- I got it. Burrito boy.
- Yeah.
You were the kid who went to hospital
'cause he shoved a marble up his nostril!
- Yeah, that kid.
- Yeah, it was long ago.
- Uh?
- It was a long time ago.
- Wassup, man?
- Yeah, good, man. You?
Yeah? Right up your nose.
- It served me right. Yeah.
- Achoo! [laughs]
It's all good. Good to see you, man.
How would you, uh come for a bite?
[woman] Hmm.
- Yeah, we haven't had lunch yet.
- Great. Yeah, look, super.
Uh, you go for it,
and then, uh, we'll be right with you.
- Be right with you, yeah.
- Yeah? Good.
- So, bro.
- Good to see you, man.
Sure, man. You must be cooking
or something, man.
- Shit, you.
- Have a nice day, yeah?
What the fuck you playin' at?
What do you think you're doing?
- [man] Roy.
- I, uh
This the guy that has to go?
It's okay.
- I want a half hour with him.
- Mm-hmm?
- I'll bring him in for you.
- He's a really, really, really hot client.
If you fuck this,
I'll sue you for everything you have.
[pensive music playing]
[woman] Look, um Mr. El Neni.
Or is, um, Omar okay?
Look, the municipality of Amsterdam
wants nothing more
than to safeguard the diversity
of these communities.
Hey, and most new residents
seem very interested
in authentic places like this.
Um, for customers,
it's all in, uh presentation.
And the decor, I think.
Um, light colours,
light wood, such as spruce,
- [sighs]
- [woman] And plants do very well.
Yes, so it all breathes a bit more.
- [fly buzzing]
- [Omar inhales deeply]
The whole idea
of an authentic Mexican restaurant is
that it's original.
- [woman] Yes.
- And it stays that way.
- Yeah. Okay.
- So?
So, uh, where are you from again?
[woman sighs]
Yeah. Ahem.
[inhales] What I'm trying to say
is that a modern interior
- Two burrito deluxe.
- Yeah.
[inhales sharply]
I can pour a beer myself, Omar.
[whimsical music playing]
[bicycle bell rings]
[bicycle bell rings]
[man] Hey! Mind out!
[electronic chime]
[female North American voice]
In 200 metres, turn right.
In 200 metres, turn right.
[bicycle bell rings]
- Continue straight.
- Come on.
Continue straight.
[melancholy music playing]
Danny, I was thinking, uh, more light,
brighten the walls.
- [Danny coughs]
- Uh, more plants and so on and
And you, Danny,
have any thoughts, ideas for the menu?
[Danny inhales]
Vegetarian seems to be a thing.
- Yeah.
- You see it more and more.
Good. Think it over.
I'll make a list.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Danny.
- [chuckles]
We'll do it together.
We're gonna succeed. You and I.
You've been working here
for four years, man.
You deserve to be given responsibility.
Well, uh, thanks. [laughs]
Sure, man.
- [water splashing]
- [sighs]
- For God's sake, what is this, man?
- Here, come. I'll fix it.
I think it comes out
of that faucet there and
Let let me grab a mop.
[Omar exhales wearily]
- [Suave] We're doing well.
- [Amir] Mm-hmm.
[Suave] We have money to invest.
- So I thought I'd invest in crypto.
- [Amir exhales anxiously]
But then Bitcoin crashed, so, uh [laughs]
I'm looking for something steady,
Long term. Or property, you know?
I get where you're coming from, yeah.
You want, uh, security, right?
I get it.
- Are you still in Ooststraat, then?
- [woman] Uh, no.
- No?
- [woman] Not anymore.
[Suave] Mum's still there.
Yeah, I see her sometimes, man.
Supermarket. Lovely lady.
[chuckles nervously]
- Where she live again?
- Eerste Oosterparkstraat.
Oh yeah, I knew that. Three floors up
with that balcony on the corner.
- How d'ya know that?
- I've been there lots.
[Suave laughs]
- That's tough for your mum.
- [Suave] Hmm.
I remember the stairs.
There's no lift there.
How old is she?
- Well she's getting on now.
- My dad too, man. Mmm.
See it every day.
He works too hard.
Know what I think, bro?
Yeah, you can go for the investments,
but that takes too long.
If you invest, what, 80, 90K right now,
you'll get that anyway with your streams,
you'll have a house for your mum
within four months.
Easy. Ground floor, outside space.
Four months, yeah?
[woman] Yeah,
and I already told you, babe.
She's not coming to live with us.
- [Amir] Hmm.
- I love her very much, but no way.
Don't get me wrong.
Long term's important. It is.
But life is short. You have to take risks.
Think of our parents.
I mean, they came here for us.
That's the whole reason
we're here now, isn't it?
Your mum, my dad.
Time to give it back, man.
She'd cry with joy, you know?
Let's try for three months, okay?
[whimsical music playing]
Sure, okay. Yeah. Whatever you like.
Yeah? We have a deal?
[Roy] Cheers.
- Welcome to crypto.
- Chin, chin.
- [man] Cheers.
- [Roy] Cheers.
- See you soon.
- Burrito!
[Roy] Thank you.
Okay, Amir.
80K you brought in.
Told you.
[Roy and Gianni laugh]
- This guy
- [Roy chuckles]
- He's got balls, man.
- Yeah.
You're gonna be useful, you know?
First bonus.
So, am I coming back?
- Tomorrow, 9:00 a.m.
- [Gianni] Wear something else, okay?
[Gianni laughs]
[man laughs]
[Amir exhales]
Whoo! [laughs]
[jazz music playing]
A little loan from the bank
for the kitchen should work.
And the rest, keep simple.
But listen, Omar,
you can do it all by yourself.
- [Omar] Yeah.
- It's cheaper, yeah?
And it will take longer.
Do the woodwork too.
It'll need a lot of sanding.
You'll have to close for a bit.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
But it has to keep the Burrito atmosphere.
- Too right.
- Yeah, that's fundamental.
- Don't change too much.
- Oh, no.
[tyres screech]
[Amir] Cheers, bruv. Yeah, laters.
[Bertha] Oh [chuckles]
- Ahhh Hey, yo, suckers! How's it going?
- [Bertha] Hey, Lanky!
- [Omar] Hey.
- Huh?
- Uh, where'd you get that?
- What, this?
Yeah. That suit's mine.
I borrowed it. [sighs]
Needed it. Had a meeting.
- Oh.
- [Omar] A meeting?
What meeting?
A crypto startup. Crypcore Capital.
- [Bertha] Ooh, fancy
- Got a job straight off.
- Ah!
- Won 'em all over.
Hired me on the spot.
Amir, what kind of startup?
Crypcore Capital, Bertha. It's a platform
where you invest in crypto.
Build up capital.
But what you gonna do, Tache?
I'm the sales guy.
[all laugh]
- What?
- Nothing.
You do that. Have your fun. Yep.
Sales guy!
Your rent. You're the boss.
That's right.
Earned in one day.
Ger. Huh?
Hey, boss. I made that list you wanted.
Some ideas I thought I'd check with you.
That's a good lad.
What's this?
Mm-hmm. [chuckles]
I'm gone for one day and you go nuts?
- Furniture, cactus, all this?
- Yeah, make it nice, man, like you said.
- New kitchen.
- Yeah.
Hmm. That's great.
Fucking great.
You don't work here anymore.
[downbeat music playing]
Bizarre. What a pile of cash, huh?
Are you gonna finish at Burrito, then?
He only lets me deliver.
And I'm on good money now.
You saw that bonus, didn't you?
If I wanted,
I could pay Burrito's rent myself.
So, you're a grown-up now, Amir?
You said it.
- [door opens]
- Watch me.
- Get myself a trophy wife.
- [footsteps approaching]
Get jealous, girl, watch me.
You know it's true, Ima.
[Ima laughs]
- You will, Ima.
- Amir El Neni.
If this is drug money, I'll personally
take you to the police. Have you got that?
It's good, baba.
[footsteps receding]
This man would rather think
I'm a criminal than I can do something.
[door slams]
Fuck it. I don't need him.
[pensive music playing]
[distant siren wailing]
- [Amir] But Bitcoin went down.
- [Roy] Yeah.
[Amir] And, I mean,
I almost got into it, and then
[mimics explosion]
You don't wanna do that yourself, man.
Huh? We put everyone's investments
together in one lump.
It's now 12.4 or something.
Traders, they buy and sell
all day, right? Huh?
Customer wins, we get a nice fee.
Happy days. Hey, guys.
Nice job, boys, uh? [laughs]
They're good. Traders.
Albeit fucking awkward.
[both laugh]
12.4 million?
Yeah, man. That's nothing.
We'll get to the twenties.
Mainly target young people, yeah?
Pop stars, uh,
pro footballers, influencers.
Young, rich kids with lots of followers.
- Happy?
- Yeah. Like Suave.
Yeah. Precisely.
And if they're hyped,
you get the whole generation.
They finally understand
that hard work is taxed,
but wealth is not. They just get it.
The government takes it, Amir.
It's fucked up.
- Uh-huh.
- Coming?
Look, the point is,
cash can work for you, and you have time
for the important things in life.
No way! Oh, fuck your fucking smash!
- [mimics machine gun]
- C'mon.
- Play table tennis?
- [Gianni] Rematch, rematch, rematch!
- Oh, my special paddle!
- This time, this time!
- [Gianni yells]
- [chuckles]
[upbeat jazz music playing]
Hey! What'd I tell you, man?
[music drowns out speech]
[men shout encouragement]
I've got it.
Can we do three?
Hey, Roy. Three.
Y'know what I'm thinking?
Three's good, but for your family's sake,
then five is
your absolute minimum, all right?
But it doesn't just happen.
Just like Amir here, you have to jump.
Do you dare to do that?
- Do you dare to do that?
- [yelling]
- Bam!
- [laughs]
[Ima] Hmm, that looks gross.
[man] It's where the big money is.
Trust me. Roy's got it all figured out.
It's his vision
that'll let us all hit the big time.
Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!
Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!
Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!
Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!
Bam! Bam! Bam!
[Amir] Whoo!
[man] Whoa!
[music fades]
[muffled dance music playing]
What the fuck?
- Oh-ho! Your butt is white, man.
- Hey, that that's body-shaming!
- Looks really good though.
- You can't do that!
What you doing? Get off me, man!
- [man laughs] Pussy!
- [Gianni] Fuck, man.
[Amir] And he's so stubborn,
I'm telling you, man!
He only ever lets me deliver.
All I do is ride my bike!
- I'm his son, you know?
- Fuck him. Fuck him.
I mean, hey, respect for your dad,
but fuck him.
Detach yourself, Amir.
You have to do your own shit. Eh?
You're doing well. Yeah?
You should be proud.
He should be proud of you.
If he's not, fuck him.
And fuck his whole generation.
They've put us in a deep hole.
And we're gonna do things differently.
We don't need 'em.
They know that damn well.
They're scared shitless,
and the banks are stressing over crypto.
- How so?
- Well, they freeze accounts.
All because they're afraid
they won't be needed anymore.
They're all afraid,
so I can't pay my clients their return.
- Blocked accounts.
- [scoffs]
If I can help, let me know.
Thanks, man. No, no.
[man] Listen, I'm right and you know it.
You know it, both of you.
You don't understand at all.
- [man 2] Okay. What's he on about?
- Yeah, he can think that.
- Sure thing, yeah.
- You like
Guys like you give crypto a bad name.
- [man 2] Oh yeah?
- What was that you just said?
Shut your mouth, man.
Read The Bitcoin Standard, okay?
Are you guys
aware of the philosophy behind crypto?
No? Its influence on the monetary system?
Huh, didn't think so.
- You guys just wanna get rich, don't you?
- Hey, friend, who are you?
You are in my house.
Huh? Drinking my drink,
talking to my friends,
having a good time.
And I'm a profiteer? Wow.
Bit hypocritical?
Fucking clown!
[men laughing]
Whatever. Idiots.
- [man] Oh! Come here.
- [man 3] Hey!
- Hold on.
- [man 3] Hey, get off!
Get off...
[man 4] Wham!
And now get the hell
out of my fucking house!
[pensive music playing]
[breathes deeply]
[Ger] I'll do another coat,
nice and thick.
- Undiluted. That'll do it.
- Yeah.
- Hey, Dan.
- Hey, man.
Do it.
Hey, Danny.
- Hey, Dan, uh
- Yeah?
I changed my mind.
We'll stick with the old kitchen.
The restaurant looks much better now
and, uh,
we shouldn't take too many steps
at once, you know?
- But I thought you said...
- I know what I said.
But I've changed my mind
and that's that. Yeah?
Was the loan rejected?
- And the buffer?
- We're not gonna touch any of that.
[loud drilling, hammering]
- Hello. Morning.
- Good morning.
- What the hell are you doing?
- Sorry?
Why are you building a scaffolding, uh,
that that that this thing here
in front of my restaurant?
- This is for cleaning and renovation.
- What?
For cleaning and renovation.
You hear that?
What's going on?
Cleaning and renovation.
[unsettling music playing]
[dial tone]
- [man] Welcome to Brownville.
- Yeah, hello?
To help us help you, please select
an option from the following menu.
Press one for private equity.
Press two for real estate.
Press three if you would like to speak
Oh, come on!
[loud construction noises continue]
[dial tone]
- [Roy] Yeah, Amir?
- Hey. Hey, Roy.
Uh, do you have it?
I've got it now, but you didn't send
an account number with it,
so, uh, I don't really know
who to send it to. Can you give it me?
Oh shit. Okay, um, I'll send it over now.
Yeah, okay. Cool.
- What the fuck is that noise, man?
- Yeah, they're renovating or something.
- [scoffs]
- Sucks.
- Yeah
- Uh, yes. You've got it now.
Oh yeah. I see it.
It's a foreign number this time,
so it looks different.
- Ah, okay. Got it
- Yeah? Okay.
Hey, I put your bonus in your wallet.
Yeah, thanks, man. Top.
Hey, good luck there, yeah?
- Ciao, man. Bye.
- Yo.
BANK ACCOUN[Amir exhaling rhythmically]
- Yeah, that's 1.9 percent.
- [Bertha] Really?
- Yeah.
- That's all profit.
- Wow.
- [Omar] Thanks, Danny.
Yeah, I get crazy bonuses.
- Oh, yeah.
- [Dan] All right?
[Omar] Yeah, thanks.
[Bertha] And that all goes in your pocket?
Can't you cash it in?
What? Yeah, of course,
but you have to leave it in there.
- Hey, Dan, what's with the scaffolding?
- Yeah, it's annoying.
You can say that again.
I don't understand.
I think I've linked my the account up
Yeah, good. You can deposit now,
and the returns'll come.
But you can also reinvest your return.
How do you know that?
[Bertha] Hmm?
Jesus, Bertha!
- [Bertha] Hey, give it back!
- [laughs]
You got a lot of money.
Where'd you get that?
[Bertha] Oh, never mind that.
- Oh
- [laughs]
Oh, for God's sake, come on now.
I just put all my money in there.
Yeah. Okay, so I took the compensation.
- That's in there too.
- What?
- What?!
- Shh! Give me a break.
Come on, don't be like that.
I can get me a nice
new-build apartment in Duivendrecht.
- Duivendrecht?
- With a lift.
- Yeah.
- [Amir scoffs]
With this compensation,
I will never have to work again.
So I'd be crazy if I didn't do it.
You were gonna sue
the Brownville guys though, Bertha.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Brownville Well, they You know
what Ans and Ger were offered
for the house and the cigar shop?
It's gonna be more than half a million.
So they're going as well.
Uh uh, but damn.
If you're all gonna leave,
who's gonna come here every evening?
It's it's really nice in here now.
Other people will come.
[pensive music playing]
[thunder rumbles]
[footsteps approaching]
[sighs] It's awful weather out there.
You gonna stay and watch Ajax?
No, I got a work thing.
An event.
- You know there's a tear in that jacket?
- Yeah, yeah. I know.
Why you doing this, baba?
It's hopeless, really.
You are working yourself to death.
'Cause I have to do it all on my own.
- What do you want from me? I got a job.
- You didn't lift a finger, did you, huh?
- During the whole renovation.
- You serious? Is that it?
That is it, yeah!
I want a son who fights for us,
for our house.
This here, for for for for our life.
Our restaurant that I built from scratch.
- Ours?
- Yeah, ours, yeah.
Burrito is done, baba. Accept it.
Take the compensation,
like Bertha has done. Let it go, please.
Yeah. She took the money.
Didn't you know that?
Plus, Ans and Ger are selling out, too,
and I'll be getting my own apartment soon.
You'll be left here all on your own!
I gotta go.
[door slams]
[upbeat electronic music playing]
Whoa! Yeah!
Whoa, whoa!
Great, huh?
Hey, it's an open bar downstairs.
Open bar all night. Yallah, come on.
[pounding dance music playing]
That's Roy. That's Roy.
That's Roy.
Look. See? Let's go, go, go. Roy!
Come on! You know you want to!
Amir, my man!
Hey, hey, hey! Where were you?
Mmmwah. I missed you, man.
Where'd you get to? Huh?
This is, uh this is Ima. Ima, Roy.
- Hello. Roy.
- Ima.
This man here, he's my kid brother, yeah?
Lanky kid brother, though.
Ha! Is this your girl or what? Huh?
- [Amir scoffs]
- No?
No, just friends.
Hot! Just kidding, but you're cute.
If we carry on like this,
we're gonna earn 20 million this year.
When that happens, we'll go international.
Believe me. Hey, wanna open
a place like this in London?
- Yeah, too right.
- Yeah?
- Too right, too right!
- [laughs] Eh?
- [Amir laughs]
- Eh? Mouth open, eyes closed.
- Huh?
- Ever sucked cock?
Just kidding. Open.
[Amir] Uh
Yeah. Swallow. Swallow.
Enjoy, my friend.
What the fuck you doing?
Having fun.
- [Bertha] You should consider it.
- [Jetty] I'm not so sure.
- [Omar] Bert.
- [Bertha] What? Huh?
Have you taken the Brownville payout?
Have you?
[Bertha] Uh
- [Bertha splutters]
- You didn't?
Yeah, well uh
Unbelievable. And you?
- Uh, they did make us a really good offer.
- [Ans] But we haven't decided yet.
Bunch of cowards.
You come here for free drinks,
and the first bag of cash you see,
you're gone.
Now get out.
Come on.
- Now!
- Oh! Shit.
- Omar, take it easy.
- Are you
are you with me? Or
- If you act like that, I'll go now.
- All right. Out.
[door closes]
[hip-hop music playing]
Who I mean, who journeys
all the way from Egypt to the Netherlands
to run a Mexican restaurant? Who
who does that, huh? Who?
Who does that? Do you ever eat a burrito?
[Ima] Hey!
What are you doing?
- [laughs]
- [Ima] Are you all right?
[hip-hop music continues]
[unsettling music playing]
[bicycle bells ring]
No. Go ahead, guys. Go on.
[satnav] In 200 meters, turn right.
- [car horn blares]
- [tyres screech]
- [gasps]
- [thump]
[dance music playing]
- [cheering]
- [Roy] Come on, sweetheart.
[man] Come on, son. Come on.
[yells in excitement]
Let's go!
Hey! Hey!
[dance music continues]
[chanting, cheering]
Yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!
- [man] No, no, no!
- [Roy] Okay, okay, okay.
- Are you ready for the night of your life?
- [cheering]
The after-party is in
- [woman] Whoo!
- [man] That's sick!
[Roy] Come on! Come on!
[Amir laughs]
[all chanting] Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
[Roy] Welcome, boys!
Cold one for me there.
[man] Oh, fuck me!
Welcome on board
this one-one-niner to Monaco!
[man] Come on!
[Roy] I want to remind everybody
that there's no fucking on the plane.
No fucking on the plane, all right?
Please take a moment
to have a drink before takeoff.
Thank you very much.
And who wants to see my party trick?
- Stop, stop, stop!
- [cheering]
- Roy, stop.
- Yeah, come on!
- Stop! Stop, stop!
- Would you like the weather forecast?
- [Amir] Stop, stop, stop.
- [Roy] Hey!
- Easy. What's wrong?
- I need to get out.
Hey, Amir, relax.
- Stop the fucking plane now!
- Amir! Hey!
We're going! Yeah? We're going. Go sit.
- No
- [Roy] Hey!
Stop the plane now!
- [Roy] Hey!
- [Amir] Stop the plane now!
[Roy] Hey! Wait!
- Fuck. Amir. Amir! What the fuck?
- [door opening]
[Roy] Hey! Amir!
Come on, come here!
Hey! Hey, Amir! Amir, come on, man!
Amir, what the fuck you doing?
[tense music playing]
He's through there.
[Amir breathes deeply]
He's lucky, you know?
Get some sleep.
- Thanks.
- No worries.
[somber music playing]
[ventilator hissing]
Hey, baba.
It's okay.
[nurse] Sorry.
I'm afraid you have to go now.
He's my father.
[nurse] You can come back tomorrow.
[door unlocking]
[water running]
[poignant music playing]
[knocking at door]
[Amir] Hey.
Let me do it.
I can do it.
You're gonna open it with one hand?
Yallah, come, let me do it. [snorts]
There you go, sir.
Thank you.
[inhales deeply]
[Dan] How is he?
They wanna keep him here.
Run a few tests.
Internal bleeding and all that shit.
[Dan] Mm-hmm.
And, uh,
Burrito? Closing or?
What still needs to be done?
Bit of woodwork.
Also got the lighting
and fix a new kitchen.
But the loan got rejected.
- So, yeah.
- So, did baba go for a loan, then?
I think there was also a buffer,
but he didn't wanna go there.
He lets all his assets depreciate.
[Dan] Mm.
[Amir breathes deeply]
If you let me know everything he wanted
to do with the place, I'll sort it, yeah?
Cash not a problem.
I'll do it how he wants it.
- Gonna give me any of that or what?
- Yeah, of course. Yeah.
Get it down you.
- Oh my God
- What?
Eurgh. You're a cook, man.
How can you eat this?
- Mm. Too much smoking.
- Eurgh.
Everything tastes like fags now, yeah?
[Amir laughs]
[pensive music playing]
[keyboard clacking]
[phone pings]
[Jetty] There.
[sighs] They're from Ans and Ger.
And from Bertha.
- Really?
- Yes.
Am I nuts?
No. You're not nuts.
- But you're
- Stubborn.
[chuckles] Yeah, that too, yeah.
If Burrito shuts down
what've I got?
- You have a son...
- Who hates me.
He's condescending.
That is not true.
That's not true at all.
[Omar sighs]
Look at that.
Nice, eh? Yeah, right.
Yeah, nice cooker.
Top of the range. RVS 304.
- Good stuff.
- Yeah, right.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Pricey though, eh?
- We'll do instalments.
- [Dan] Got it?
- [man] Yes.
- [Dan] Oh, guys!
- The three of us, we'll manage.
- [all strain]
- [Dan] Watch your back.
- [man 1] Yeah, yeah.
Hey, Ger, this is it, the RVS.
- [Ger] Yeah, it's good.
- Hey, Dan.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just here.
- Careful.
- [man 1] Oh!
Dan, watch out, man.
Sorry! Yeah. A little to the left.
- Please watch out.
- [Dan] Wait. Here, the corner is yeah.
Hey. Uh, sorry. Oi!
Can you move this just five metres?
- You're blocking the entrance.
- [man] We will start soon from this side.
No, no, no, that's bullshit. Come on.
You're just doing this to fuck us.
You're not doing anything.
I'll give you 700 euros
if you move it now, today. Five meters.
[inaudible discussion]
Five metres.
- Okay?
- [man] Yes.
- Yes. Good.
- Oh, look at you, eh?
[laughs] Yallah. Good.
- Hey it's all right.
- [both laugh]
- Shit goes smoothly with money.
- Wow.
[phone buzzing]
- Yep. What's this about?
- [man] Good afternoon.
This is Ruben Arnold from DNG Bank.
I'd like to ask you a few questions
regarding some of the transactions
that have taken place on your account.
Is now a good time?
Uh, no. Not really. But, uh, go on.
Large deposits totalling
roughly 45,000 euros
have recently appeared in your account.
You then immediately transfer
this amount out again.
May I ask about the nature
of these transactions?
I'm calling you because your account
has not previously registered
amounts like this.
Uh, I I don't know.
I'll call you back some other time. Sorry.
[unsettling music playing]
[Roy] Friend. Dear, dear friend,
welcome to the club.
If you play this game, it happens.
They call me every day.
Okay. But, uh what, uh what do I do?
Nothing. They can't do anything.
Just trying to scare you, so relax.
I thought I'd check with you
that's all, yeah?
Hey. How's your dad?
- Good. Pretty good, man. He's okay.
- Yeah?
You're lucky. Hey. Hey, listen.
Huh? We miss you, friend.
- [chuckles]
- We miss you. Hey, guys.
It's Amir.
- Hey!
- Hey!
- Hey!
- Miss ya!
- Wow.
- [Roy] We have this meeting tomorrow with
what's she called?
The YouTuber, uh Shaky, I think.
- Shar Sharky, Sharky.
- [Roy] Sharky! Sharky.
The chick's 17, YouTube channel,
made millions by gaming, huh?
- What the fuck? What a world though!
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- We'll fuckin' do that!
- Okay, I'll see you tomorrow, then, yeah?
- You be good.
- Okay, man.
- Ciao, man.
- Okay, bye.
[laughs] I miss you
and your little white butt.
- Come here and say that!
- Okay, bye.
- Yeah, yeah.
- [man] Bye, man.
[Gianni] Laters.
- [Bertha] What you doing with that?
- [Ger] I dunno, where's it go?
Okay. Yallah. Eat.
- [Ger] Whoa!
- [Bertha] Ooh!
- Is this the
- [Jetty] You too, Bertha.
- [Bertha] I'd love to.
- [Dan] Nice.
- Looks good. You make it?
- [Bertha] 'Course he did.
I made them for Mama when she was sick.
It's a falafel recipe from Omar's mother.
- [Ans] Oh!
- Mama always loved it, yeah.
so good.
- [Ans] Mm.
- [Ger] Mm.
[Ans] Beautiful.
I wanted to thank you all.
[Ger] Mm?
For, er
for all your help.
[sentimental music playing]
I mean, you've always always been there.
For me,
for Omar, and, uh
and for Mum too.
you are family, yeah?
- [grunts of agreement]
- [Bertha] Yeah.
And I thought, uh
that when the kitchen's ready
and Omar's here,
we should celebrate here.
- Here, in the restaurant.
- That's a good idea.
- Really nice.
- For him.
- For Bertha, who is moving away.
- [Bertha] For me?
- [Dan] Yeah.
- For the block, for the block.
[Bertha] Yeah. It's a wonderful idea.
You okay?
I'm a bit stiff,
but I'm all right. I'm okay.
maybe this is, uh, enough for today.
[mimics race car]
Look at him. Usain Bolt is here!
- [nurse laughs
- Hey, Dad. Hi.
- You all right?
- Hi.
- This way.
- [Amir] What have we got here?
[exhales] Got a surprise for you.
Boom. '94/'95. Classic, huh?
Karate-kick Louis, point-scorer Patrick!
- Yeah.
- Remember? Your favourite.
- [groans]
- Finidi George against Bayern.
He's here, hold on.
- Stop it.
- Here. Here.
- [football commentary playing]
- Stop it. Turn it off.
- This is such a good shot.
- Stop. Stop it for a second. I wanna talk.
- I wanna talk. Stop.
- [commentary switched off]
Have been thinking.
You don't know
how long your job will go on for, do you?
And if you want a job
in the financial sector,
you'll need a diploma to fall back on.
- There's no need, baba.
- Oh, for crying out loud
We, uh, over the years,
have been putting some money aside.
Your mother and I. The Burrito account.
Not a lot, but, uh, there's enough there
to pay a few years' college tuition.
[tranquil music playing]
So if this if this is what you wanna do,
then you should go to college.
Economics. What do you call it?
Finance. So
Or whatever it is you want.
I'll help.
I'm not sure.
The Burrito account?
[man, muffled] He's tearing strips off
that dealer.
He gets fucking six out of 15.
Pulls that shit all the time.
And Gianni Gianni, he takes fucking 80K
Takes 80K in 20 minutes.
So Roy and I, we're like, "What the fuck
is happening here now?
What the fuck's goin' on now?"
But Gianni, he's fucked up,
so he says, "I am Rain Man,"
and he's shouting, "Rain Man, Rain Man."
We're getting destroyed and we think,
"What is happening?
What is going on here?"
And he takes that 80K
goes to the roulette table
Seriously, he goes all in on 16 red.
If he gets it, he'll win three million.
What do you think happened?
[man 2] Sixteen red.
Eighteen red! [laughs]
- It's all gone! He's lost
- Aw!
[both laughing]
- [man 2 sighs]
- [man] Seriously! Hey, Rain Man.
Bro, you gotta cut this shit, yeah?
It's not cool.
- [chuckles]
- We'll go on ahead without Roy.
[pounding at door]
[Suave] Yo!
One sec.
Hey, you've seen the film though?
- Rain Man? Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Classic.
- [Suave] Yo!
[man laughs]
[Suave] Where the fuck is Roy?
Where the fuck is Roy?!
Hey! What's going on?
- [Gianni] Don't touch me.
- [Roy] Calm down! Who the fuck are you?
- You!
- Hey, hey, hey. Yo, boys, what the fuck?
- Back out!
- Hey, Suave.
[Suave] Stay out of it!
Now, where the fuck is my money?
Relax, man.
Our lawyers are on it, okay? Yeah?
- We're on it. Just listen to me.
- Yeah? But I want my money out.
You can't.
I've told you a hundred thou... Ow!
Oh fuck!
How many times do I have to
say this to you? You sort it out, yeah?
Or I'll break your fucking neck!
Vic, Vic. There's nothing wrong. Come on.
[groans in pain]
So, what you gonna do?
We're not leaving without my money.
- Okay.
- Yeah?
[man 2] Charlotte! Come on. Come on.
We're leaving now. Come on.
[sucks teeth]
[Gianni] What the fuck, man?
- What the fuck?
- [man] Hey, you all right?
I'm fine! Leave me. Shit.
Fucking crazy, man.
That guy's not allowed in here again.
I'm suing him.
Don't let him in. Ever!
I'll sue the banks too.
- Take this.
- [Amir] Yep.
That guy's going wild online, huh?
Did you see it?
What? Who?
This Suave. Look.
[Suave] This is for my people.
Crypcore Capital are fucking con artists.
They lure you with a two percent return,
but the guys there, they know nothing.
Nothing at all. Tell your mother,
your father, your auntie.
Crypcore Capital is a fucking scam.
- Fuck him.
- [Suave] Cancel those motherfuckers.
He knows nothing, all right?
The banks have frozen our accounts,
and Roy can't pay out.
They're scared of crypto, and they want
to destroy us. That's all there is to it.
- Ya serious?
- It's fuckin' annoying.
- [Ans] Which one's got sugar?
- [Bertha] Oh, the blue one.
Hey, don't look so sad, eh, Lanky?
Duivendrecht isn't that far away.
It doesn't take long to cycle.
Hey, put a smile on your face.
- [laughs]
- [Bertha] Yes, that's more like it.
[Jetty] Yeah, I'm glad you guys
haven't decided yet.
[Bertha] Yeah, there's an awful lot
to think about.
You don't wanna regret it later
[suspenseful music playing]
[Gianni] Um, let me just
All right? Yes,
let's wait another half an hour.
If he doesn't show in half an hour,
then I'll go on stage, or Amir,
but it's important
that everyone remains seated.
You got that, yeah? Okay.
No one knows where he is, man.
- You?
- [sighs]
Yo. Did you see that, uh,
that those guys put his address online?
- No way.
- What? What the fuck, man?
- It only takes one creep to see it.
- This is fucking insane.
Has anyone been to his house to check?
God, fuck
[car door closes]
Do you live here?
No, I, uh
Sorry, who are you?
- I'm looking for Robert.
- Who?
Roy Warners. Does he live here?
I work for him.
But I can't find him.
No one knows where he is.
[man sighs deeply]
Are you a client?
Have you his number?
- Yes, but I don't think...
- [sighs] Come.
[keyboard clacking]
If you see him
tell him to give his father a bell.
- [car door closes]
- [engine starts]
[pensive music playing]
[Ima] Fucking weird.
Here, someone says, "It's a Ponzi scheme!"
- A what?
- [keyboard clacking]
It looks like a pyramid scheme.
Before the banks blocked everything,
I could simply pay out my returns
whenever I wanted to.
Yeah. Maybe it was someone else's money.
Yo, check this.
Someone posted.
"This is Robert W. This guy had
a property fund six years ago
that I lost a lot of money in.
Not to be trusted."
"Narcissistic rich boy."
How much cash you got in there?
[unsettling music playing]
[tense music playing]
- Are you okay with that bag?
- Yeah, fine.
Is it far?
Ima is waiting by the car. Downstairs.
- Give me your bag.
- [chuckles]
Come on.
- [Bertha] Okay, just gotta hook this one.
- That fryer is great.
- Huh?
- [phone buzzing]
[Dan] Hey, that fryer is great,
isn't it? Yeah.
[tense music continues]
- Wait a minute.
- Yeah.
- [Jetty] Here.
- Okay.
- [Jetty chuckles]
- [Bertha] Hey!
[Ger] There he is!
- [Bertha] He is, yeah.
- [Ger] Welcome back.
- What's all this about?
- [Bertha] So good to see you.
- Whoo!
- [Ger whistles]
[Omar] This is crazy. [laughs]
It really is.
[Dan] Well, come in, or you'll get
a bladder infection. Come on.
[Bertha] The food's ready.
Come eat. Come on.
[mariachi music playing]
[Omar] Looks great.
So nice. Jesus!
Look at the old place.
[Dan] Taquitos, taquitos!
[Dan laughs]
- Yeah!
- [Omar] Very nice.
- [Dan] You okay?
- Cat got his tongue?
- Chef. Come.
- You okay?
Yallah. Cool.
- [Dan] Huh?
- [Omar] No! Ah, yeah!
[Dan laughs]
My God!
- [Dan] That is the RVS 304.
- [Omar] Yes.
I can see. [sighs contentedly]
[Dan] Nice, huh?
[Omar sighs]
[Jetty sings in Surinamese]
[ominous music playing]
You okay?
[indistinct chatter]
It's gone.
If this is true, I'll kill him. I swear.
[pop song in Arabic playing]
[Omar sings along in Arabic]
[Omar] Dance! Dance! Come on! Yes!
[Ger] Amir!
Done a great job.
It looks amazing. It's tip-top, you know.
You've done your old man proud.
I respect you, eh?
Thank you, Ger. Thanks.
We rejected the offer.
Was a lotta cash. Hell of a lot.
But Ans would rather that when we retire,
we rent the shop to locals.
Uh, better for the area, she reckons.
And, yeah, she's always right.
- That's why I love my Ans!
- [Ans] Yeah! Ger, enough with the yacking.
Come and dance, eh?
[Omar] Hey, son!
I don't know how you did it,
but it's incredible!
It's wonderful! Wonderful!
Truly wonderful.
What is it?
Who is this?
Uh, Amir El Neni?
There's an urgent matter
we need to discuss.
- Why?
- [woman] Is there a place we can talk?
- Have you got a warrant?
- Baba, calm down.
- I won't calm down! What's it about?
- I'll explain it all to you later.
- What you gonna say?
- Calm down. I'll explain later.
I swear.
- Please.
- [ominous music playing]
What have you been doing?
[Amir] I didn't know.
I didn't know it was a scam, honestly.
You gotta believe me.
I put all of my own cash in, you know,
sunk it all into that app.
- Mm.
- Salary and all of my savings, all of it.
Yeah, we know that.
And many others did as well. Mm-hmm.
Do you know what a money mule is, Amir?
It's someone whose bank account
is used to transfer money.
I paid the clients all of their returns
'cause the banks had
all the accounts blocked.
- And how did you know they were clients?
- Cause Roy said
[inhales nervously]
[woman] We have a strong suspicion
that Mr. Warners used you
to transfer money abroad.
To make it simply disappear.
[echoing] Everything everything you know
regarding these transactions
could help us trace the money.
Do you understand?
Is it true? Hmm?
It's all gone, then?
I think so.
[footsteps approaching]
I don't know.
- Sorry, Bertha, I
- No, no.
Can't be true.
Per-Perhaps they simply
can't find it or something?
- Where is it, then?
- I'm so sorry.
- I didn't know.
- No
[inhales deeply]
That bloody stupid shit app.
- You've screwed us all!
- [Dan] Bertha
- [Jetty] Bertha
- [Bertha] Shit!
- You shit! Get off!
- Bertha. Bertha!
God-damn you, boy!
[Ima] He didn't know either.
He lost everything too.
- [groans] I don't feel good.
- Calm down.
Come, sit down. Relax now. It's all right.
- [Bertha sobs]
- [Dan] Hey.
- [Jetty] Come on now. Come on.
- [Bertha] I think I'm gonna be sick.
- [inhales] Oh God
- [Ger] We should go, babe.
- [Jetty] Let's get you some air.
- [Bertha sobs]
[door opens]
Baba, I [sighs]
I'm so ashamed.
[chair slides back]
[footsteps receding]
[door opens]
[breathes deeply]
[phone buzzing]
- Yo, Gianni.
- Bro!
All okay? Did they grill you too?
Yeah? What-what-what did they ask?
What did you say?
That I didn't know.
No. Exactly.
Okay. No worries, yeah?
Look, Roy just got out.
He's gonna sort lawyers for us.
We'll talk it all through
with them tomorrow.
And we'll only speak to them
from now on, okay?
But, seriously,
it's all good, man. Don't stress.
[breathing rapidly]
[tense music playing]
Here you go.
Thank you.
Is he home alone now?
What an idiot.
- He can't do anything right.
- Jesus Christ, Omar, stop.
I've lost everything, Jetty.
- The house, the restaurant
- You let it all go yourself.
Since Mirjam's death,
you haven't done anything. Nothing at all.
[sighs in exasperation]
I've gotta tell you.
The young lad did all he could to save it.
All he could.
For you.
Can't you see?
[Jetty sighs]
[Omar sobs]
I'm not good with him.
I'm not good with him.
I can't do it. I can't do it alone.
You can do it.
[sighs, sniffs]
Roy! Motherfucker! Come outside.
[tense music playing]
[dialling tone]
Yo, this is Amir. Please leave a message
- Yo, this is Amir. Please leave
- No, no
[dialling tone]
[Ima] Omar? You okay?
Is he with you?
I don't know where he is.
Okay. I know. I'm coming.
[door opens and closes]
[Roy] Yeah? Why don't you sort it out
if you know everything?
'Cause I've had the fucking police
on my case all day.
I think that's what you pay
the fucking lawyer for.
Okay. Yeah.
It's all on my laptop. Fuck!
This can't be happening.
Yeah. Don't tell me I have to make a list.
Hold on, Dad. Call you back.
[footsteps on stairs]
Hey, dude.
You okay?
- Bro!
- Fuck!
[both groaning]
Amir! Hey!
Hey, hey, hey, hey!
Please d-d-don't!
- Piece of shit!
- Hey don't! Amir, Amir!
Where's my fucking cash?
I want my fucking cash!
I'll get it, okay?
The banks have screwed us.
Shut up about the banks now!
It's not the fucking banks. You used me!
- You sold me out.
- [yells] Fuck you, man!
Do you get what this means for me?
They have taken everything! Everything!
I'm gonna fix it. I'm gonna fix it all.
They'll all get their fucking cash.
Two big ones and we're back. Amir?
[Amir] No.
We'll lay low.
Yeah? We'll do it. You and I. New outfit.
Yeah? Gianni, Brian. Begin again.
- No.
- C'mon.
No! No! No! I'm gettin' the fuck out.
Give me my money now!
I don't care how you do it.
Ask your fucking father, man.
If that's how you wanna play it.
Do it.
You know what? I'll get it.
What are you gonna do now?
You're so pathetic.
You come crying 'cause you lost 10K.
Fuck you, man.
You came to me begging now, didn't you?
I gave you everything.
And now you backstab?
Fuck you, man!
Too right I used you. Too right.
And you know why?
Cause it was fuckin' easy to, huh?
That's why.
And now get out of my fucking house.
- Get out! Get out!
- [Amir yells]
[Amir and Roy struggling]
[object shatters]
[Roy] Stop it! Stop! Stop!
[Amir straining]
[Roy] Stop it. I'll sort it
[Roy chokes]
I swear.
[Amir panting]
[Roy coughing, spluttering]
[Roy coughing]
[Amir panting]
[Omar] Hey.
[Omar grunts]
[pensive music playing]
[melancholy music playing]
[car door closes, engine starts]
I'm sorry.
This is all my fault.
- No, baba. I...
- Yes.
I was stubborn
and just too damn proud to see
what you've been saying all along.
We've lost it all.
I came here with nothing.
[pats Amir's arm]
[Ger] We're just happy to help you.
So happy.
You're like family to us.
Unbelievable. I can hardly believe it.
I I don't know what to say.
[Ans and Omar chuckle]
All right?
- Oh, sorry.
- [Omar] No, no. Come.
Come, sit.
[Ans] We've thought
long and hard about it.
But for us, it's better
if it goes to you than to anyone else.
- And the rent?
- Well, that's not too big a problem.
- We'll figure it out, right, Ger?
- Oh yeah.
And with the payment you got,
we can do some renovation.
[Amir inhales]
What do you think, mm?
- Me?
- Yeah.
What do you want?
[tranquil music playing]
[Amir chuckles]
[Omar] They're done.
[Omar sighs]
[indistinct chatter]
- [Omar laughs]
- [football commentary playing]
Danny, come on now, man.
Help me out.
- Um
- Give me the sauce.
- Thanks.
- They're all having sauce?
Yup. [sighs]
It's all, uh, working out.
[both laughing]
Here we are!
The falafel sarnies.
- [Ans] Ah!
- [Jetty] At last!
[Ger] How hard is it
to get to the back line?
Where's the linesman?
He's offside now! For crying out loud.
[Ger] No, hopeless. Still 0-0.
It'll work out.
Ten Hag knows what he's doing.
I was gonna call you.
I forgot to say that we...
- Broad beans?
- Yeah.
[Ans] Oh, no,
I think they've got it in the bag.
[Omar chuckles]
Hey, no tickets this time, all right?
Come. Yallah.
- [tyres screech, car horn blares]
- Hey, man. Ride safe, yeah?
Yallah, go.
Lanky. Hey.
Hey, Bertha.
So we might get our money back
after all is what they say.
Want a bite to eat?
- Nah, got more deliveries to make.
- Family eats for free, Bert.
Yeah. [chuckles]
- Oh, go on, then.
- [Amir chuckles]
A quick one, all right?
Good to see you.
- [Ger] Come on, what you doing?
- [Ans] Hey, Bertha!
- [Bertha] Hello, you lot.
- Let her sit there.
Hey, did you add
garlic and chilli to that order?
- Me?
- Yeah.
No, 'course not. You gotta do it.
- I do the shop. You make the orders.
- Okay, okay.
And that program
for the, uh, online orders,
it glitches all the time.
It keeps on flashing.
Supposed to, baba. It's how it works.
Hey! Goal, goal, goal, goal, goal!
[pop song in Arabic playing]
[Omar] Yeah!
Goal, goal, goal, goal, goal!
That's more like it.
[exclaims in shock]
There you go, man.
[laughter, indistinct chatter]