Crystal Skulls (2014) Movie Script

There it is.
What we know is that last night,
here at the National Museum
in Washington D.C.,
an artifact known as one
of the infamous crystal skulls
was stolen.
This is apparently not
the first crystal skull to be taken
and, according to the museum's director,
there have been at least six skulls
in the past two years
from museums and collections
from across the globe
that have disappeared
under nefarious circumstances.
For CNB News this is Joshua O'Dell.
I assume it's authentic.
Without a doubt.
You see, my employer
would be very disappointed
if it turned out to be a forgery.
How did you obtain the artifact?
Given the nature of my business,
you can understand why
I cannot reveal such details.
There are strict regulations
about the transport
and sale of such antiquities.
Again, my employer would be very-
Your employer either wants what
I have to offer or he does not.
In which case,
I have other buyers to meet.
You didn't travel 200 miles up
into the Andes
if you had other buyers.
Then we are ready to do business?
When you contacted our representative,
your message included
a certain purchase price.
And I believe the amount
was more than fair.
As does my employer.
Do you have the item with you?
I'm not a fool, Mr. Mitchell.
But it is close by.
Do you have the money?
I'm not a fool either.
Follow me.
You going to count it?
That will not be necessary.
Then, my friend,
we're finished here.
What you have feared has come true.
And what have I feared?
He's gathering the skulls.
He understands
that together they have power.
The rich man.
The infidel, Hadden.
He's an old man,
a foolish man
who is driven by dreams of power
derived from the skulls.
He is a dangerous man,
you understand?
Yes, I understand,
but the real danger is that
without the thirteenth skull
there will be no way to control them.
The other twelve could become unstable
and cause massive destruction.
This is why the brotherhood
has given you a task.
There will be bloodshed.
Are you asking me for my
approval or my opinion?
I don't need your approval.
Then my opinion is
that there is no need for violence,
he just needs to be stopped.
You're a fool to believe a rich man
can be stopped
without bloodshed.
I understand you have a mission
and I wish you good luck,
but don't let your anger
poison you, Hussein.
Check all your equipment.
You sure we have enough rope?
You sure there's something down there?
I wouldn't be doing this
if I didn't think there
was something down there.
You know how I feel about heights, Terry.
Don't worry about it.
Have I ever let you down?
Three, four times, tops.
Climbing is my business.
You're just gonna have to suck it up.
Look at that, bro.
Go easy...
...over the lip.
Go steady, bro.
Look at that!
Holy cow.
It was here.
Yeah? How can you be so sure?
This is the last place
in his notebook that he visited.
After living with his obsession
with the thirteenth skull
For all these years,
we're finally going to find it.
After you.
You're the archaeologist.
Well, you're the adventurer.
The wife would argue with that.
She says I'm a glorified tour guide.
So guide.
Ok, brother.
There's no GPS down here so
I'm working off old maps.
It's down this cave another
couple hundred meters.
You sure dad was here?
He describes this tunnel.
For all we know,
what's left of him is lying
around down here somewhere.
We owe it to him to
find whatever it was he was after.
You ready for that?
I'm ready for that.
You ready for that?
I guess so.
We'll be alright.
If you say so, brother.
After you.
Is everything ready?
Yes, they've been awaiting your arrival.
Any problems?
Me? No.
Bloke I got this from might
have a different opinion.
Why's that?
I don't think you want to know that,
Ms. Mallory.
The lab has been built eight
levels underground.
You expecting trouble?
Let's hope not.
Watch yourself.
This way.
Watch your feet.
looks like we found something.
We did, didn't we?
After you.
Age before beauty.
Is that him?
You didn't think he'd miss
this moment, do you?
Mr. Hadden?
Mr. Mitchell.
Thank you, sir.
I don't know how much time
I may have left,
so let's not waste any more of it.
Is that normal?
Well, as far as we're aware,
this is the first time
the skulls have been reunited
in the history of mankind.
What's happening?
There's sonic vibration at sixteen hertz.
I feel a little sick.
I don't know how they're doing it,
but these things are generating
their own magnetic field.
That's not possible.
Tell them that.
What's it say?
Thursday night is ladies night.
All women will be admitted, no cover.
All drinks two shackles.
I have no idea.
But they're in dad's book.
Twelve distinct symbols.
How can you know that, smart guy
if you don't even know what they say.
Well, I don't need to be
able to translate them
in order to know that is Acadian,
this is Egyptian,
those over here I don't really recognize.
This, this looks pre-Colombian.
Most likely Mayan.
South American?
What the hell's it doing here?
Pre-Babylonian, Sumerian,
we've got Egyptian, possibly Mayan.
My guess is it's twelve
different groups
representing a different
early civilization.
So what's the thirteenth for?
I mean, you've got
twelve sets of symbols,
twelve ancient civilizations,
twelve skulls.
If there really is a thirteenth skull,
what's that about?
That, my friend, is a good question.
I really have no idea at this point,
but I'm sure I'm gonna find out.
I think I'm gonna puke!
Yeah, it's the frequency.
Certain modulations cause nausea.
At seven hertz,
it can cause your body to come apart
at a nuclear level.
Is off the scale!
We're gonna lose it.
Clear the room.
Clear the room!
Get them out of there!
We've tried to activate the shut-down-
Just do what I tell you!
Whafd you touch?
Nothing! I didn't do anything!
I told you not to touch anything!
Code Level Red
Colonel, the pulse has dissipated.
Do we have any reports
of a nuclear detonation?
Negative, sir.
No, sir.
Satellite or seismic.
Then what the hell was it?
We've picked up
an electro-magnetic burst,
and it appears it's originated in Vienna.
Vienna, Austria?
As in Mozart and chocolates?
That's correct, sir.
Commander of the watch,
take us back to yellow.
Yes, sir.
Electra-magnetic pulses
don't just come out of nowhere.
Roger that, sir.
Tell the joint chiefs they'll know what
it was when I know what it was.
All of it is back to normal except...
The skulls are still generating a field.
They're holding steady for the moment, but-
You saw what happened.
Yes, of course.
Well, we knew that the skulls possess
unique magnetic qualities.
If your theory was correct,
the thirteenth should have-
Should have been able
to control the others.
The theory isn't the problem.
The problem is that that
wasn't the thirteenth skull.
You're not blaming
this cock-up on me, are you?
Who exactly should we blame
for this unmitigated disaster,
Mr. Mitchell?
Mr. Hadden-
You vouched for the authenticity
and you delivered a forgery.
Mr. Hadden, I'm really sorry
but in my line of work
people have a tendency to lie.
Is that so, Mr. Mitchell?
I was going on information
supplied by your contacts, sir.
Yes, and you were supposed to vet
this information, am I correct?
Yes, sir.
You could have gone
and interrogated the chap
who gave it to you,
but that would have been too difficult,
wouldn't it?
Yes, sir.
Everybody makes mistakes.
Thank you, Mr. Hadden.
Don't ever make another one.
Yes, sir.
Go and get the real skull.
Go with him.
There isn't a lot of time.
I want the families of those
two men who died
taken care of.
Yes, sir.
A strange electrical disturbance
rocked Vienna, Austria last night
with power outages...
...There was a large blast
in the centre of the city...
...Coming in now,
the French NATO troops
high alert following...
...Any word from
city or government officials...
...Have refused to comment on this...
...Government officials
on what has caused this...
...Detonation of an atomic weapon...
...What seems to be a high-profile meeting
with the president...
I'm Melanie Cox,
live from Vienna, stay with us.
Be careful what you touch,
things could be booby-trapped.
Sorry, bro.
It's dad's ring.
You were right.
No, no, don't touch it!
What did I just tell you?
I didn't touch anything!
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Let's get out of here!
Hurry, John!
Ok, come on.
Clip in.
You in?
- All set.
- Ok.
Slack is out.
Come on.
What's wrong?
It's not working.
Give me yours, we'll go together.
Clip in.
Come on, come on!
I'm sorry.
What're you doing??
I'm sorry, brother.
We can do this together, come on!
Terry, don't do this!
It's the only way.
I'm sorry.
I love you, man.
My brother always stood by me
even though he didn't always believe in
what I was doing.
I guess that's
what I'll miss most about him.
I want to thank everybody for
coming today
and paying your respects.
It would mean a lot to my brother.
Thank you.
Mommy, I miss my daddy.
I know you miss your daddy,
I miss your daddy, too.
And if there's anything
ever that you need,
you ask your Uncle John, ok?
Ok, Uncle John.
I guess it runs in the family.
What's that?
No body, no casket.
Laura, I'm so sorry.
It wasn't your fault.
He was my little brother.
I should have protected him.
He didn't have to come with me.
He looked up to you.
He would have followed you anywhere.
- Professor Winston?
- Not now, please.
- Hello, Professor Winston.
- Ladies.
Do you mind telling me what this is?
What's it look like?
It looks like my classes
have been cancelled.
That is what it says, yes.
Would you care to elucidate?
I don't understand why.
I thought after your brother's death
you might want some time.
No, I don't need time.
I just need to get back to my teaching.
It isn't quite that easy, John.
You're the head of the department,
Why don't you just make it that easy?
I'm the head of the department
who must answer
to the president of the college,
who in turn has to answer
to the board of trustees.
And what do the trustees
have to do with any of this?
You're the one who told these kids
about some
god forsaken crystal skull story.
Gerald, are you kidding me now?
It's just a theory.
You and I both know that.
That's right, a theory.
Isn't that what we're trying to do here?
To help kids think for themselves?
One of the school's largest
donors objected.
My hands are tied.
So now donors dictate curriculum?
They were going to pull the funding, John.
All the funding.
We're talking fifty faculty jobs.
Ok, alright.
Tell me who it is.
I'll talk to them,
maybe I can convince them, if-
No, there's no convincing them.
Their minds are made up.
You're a world class archaeologist,
and a fine academic.
You had to know
that something like this
would catch up with you sooner or later.
John. I am truly sorry about this.
Me too.
He's been in there a long time.
Give it a few more minutes.
A few more minutes
and he'll have a bloody lap dance.
Alright, that's it.
Leave it any longer and he's
going to be absolutely smashed.
Look on the bright side.
You can carry him out.
I'm not going to have him
throw up on my brand new suit.
Come on.
If you've got a pen, I'll sign it for you.
If you're lucky, some day
it'll be worth something.
Actually, our employer is very interested
in discussing it with you.
what is his or her name?
I will make it out to he or she-
William Hadden.
William Hadden?
The very wealthy technology fellow?
Yeah, that'd be the one.
Now what would he want with my book?
Not your book, mate.
Let's just say for the moment
that he has a very deep,
personal interest in the subject matter.
Well, perhaps you should tell Mr. Hadden
that he's slightly misguided.
Crystal skulls are a theory.
Apparently not a very good one.
Oh s my'
Well, what if we told you
it was a little more than just a theory.
I'd say that you guys need another drink.
And by "you guys" I mean me.
It's me.
Yes, they are inside now.
I understand my mission.
They will not acquire
the thirteenth skull.
It sounds like you want
me to make a statement.
It will be handled that way.
So I take it you don't want
me to sign the book?
Mr. Hadden would like you
to accompany us to Vienna.
He would like to talk to you in
person about the skulls.
Vienna sounds lovely.
But unfortunately I've got some students,
lectures to attend to.
Because we heard you've
been given a sabbatical
from your teaching obligations.
Oh, you heard about that?
Mr. Hadden was the one that relieved you
of those obligations.
Now why would he want to do that?
He's got bigger fish to fry, no?
He wants you to come to Vienna
to discuss you and
your father's life's work.
He thought it would
be better if he had your
Get him out!
Up the stairs! Go!!!!
Who was that guy
and why was he shooting at you?
He wasn't shooting at me,
he was aiming for you!
He was what?
The thirteenth skull is still out there
and there are people
who would do anything to stop it
from being found.
Including fanatics like that guy.
Well if Hadden wanted
my undivided attention,
he certainly has it now.
Go, go!
I want updates on the Vienna pulse.
There's still an electro-magnetic signal
being generated from the location, sir.
What's the source?
No way to tell yet, sir.
Signal strength is holding steady,
no signs of dissipating.
So they're still capable of
generating another pulse?
Yes, colonel.
If the second one is stronger,
they could black out half of Europe.
Notify local authorities
on the ground in Vienna.
And I want a go team
assembled in 15 minutes on the pad.
How much longer?
We land at Heathrow,
and then we're going on a chopper
for the final leg to Vienna.
A chopper?
I kinda like the jet.
The EMP burst nearly
dropped every plane from the sky
around Vienna, so,
for our own protection,
we're switching to a form of travel
that's a little less precarious.
A little less precarious?
Lower your weapons!
Put 'em down! Now!
Go to the left.
The rest of you men, on me.
That's far enough, Colonel.
Order your men to lower their weapons.
You lower your weapons, sir.
This is a private property and therefore
you have no authority
to enter this facility.
I'm the United States Army
commanding NATO forces.
I've got the authority
to call in a damn air strike
on this building if I wanted to.
You really want to go down that road?
You're out-gunned, son.
Tell your men
to put their weapons down
and no one gets hurt
So, who's in charge of this facility?
That would be me.
Colonel Bailey, I assume?
I'm afraid, sir,
that there's going
to be a change of command.
This is a private research facility
wholly owned by Hadden Enterprises,
which is a private company
wholly owned by me.
What it is, Mr. Hadden,
is the site of an unauthorized
electro-magnetic pulse.
I'm authorized by NATO
to seize control of this
wholly owned facility
until I know what
the hell is happening here.
I will be filing a formal
complaint with the EU.
You do that, sir.
Until I hear otherwise, Mr. Hadden,
there's a new sheriff in town.
So this is the best a billionaire
could come up with, huh?
An old military-style helicopter?
They have far less electronics,
which makes them safer to fly
when you have problems with EMP.
That's very comforting.
Sienna, I was wondering...
what's Hadden's obsession
with the crystal skulls?
You need to ask him about that.
If I get a chance, I will.
We have breaking news here.
It has just been confirmed
that the electrical
disturbance that caused
recent power outages
across western Europe did in fact center
from Hadden Industries
research facilities...
...As you may remember,
the owner of Hadden Industries
is billionaire, William S. Hadden,
a man who recently
shocked Wall Street
when he decided to sell
all of his US interests
to pursue European projects...
...As you may recall,
the Hadden facility is the same facility
associated with the EMP blast
that blacked out
most of western Europe.
We are awaiting an official
statement and comments
from Hadden representatives,
given the nature of the incident,
on what exactly happened.
What's going on?
The magnetic field is growing.
Faster than the last one?
What the hell is this?
There's nothing
we can do to control the reaction.
It's breaking away.
Can someone please explain
what I am looking at?
These are twelve crystal skulls
gathered from around the world,
brought together for the first time.
What in God's name are
you talking about?
I'm telling you
that there's going to be another
electro-magnetic pulse,
larger than the first one.
Generated by these crystal skulls?
And there isn't anything
we can do to stop it.
Well I'm going to stop it.
Weapons free, destroy the skulls.
Colonel, no.
Colonel, please!
You have no idea what you're doing!
What the hell was that?
Some kind of electronic pulse fried us.
I thought that this old chopper
was protected from that?
Navigation systems have protection,
but the fuel pumps were updated last year.
And you didn't think,
that when we needed a chopper
with pre-sold electronics,
that that might be an issue?
We've got no power?
We're in a helicopter.
We're going to
fall like a stone from the sky.
No, no, no.
We can auto-rotate.
Choppers are just like planes.
The blade on the top acts
like a giant wing except
we've got to start diving
to make this work,
and this is a really bad place
to auto-rotate and land.
We'll need to re-route
the power to the fuel pump.
Well how the hell
are we going to do that?!
Well, we can figure
something out back there.
You know how to do this?
We have to figure out
where the fuel pump is.
How long have we got until
we have to put this thing down?
At this rate of descent,
maybe another two minutes,
but we're going to have a hard landing
in the side of a mountain.
I found a genie.
Power cables.
I found them right here.
Fuel pumps are up there.
Put it into this up here, look.
These are the fuel lines here?
We're not going to clear
the mountain range!
My job is to get these two people back,
we're not ditching!
Got it?
We've got engine power back!
Yes, nice!
That's awesome!
Excellent work, professor, excellent!
I think he's waking up.
Nice job, you save the poor bastard
and we get the chopper up!
Not too bad, if I say so myself!
No, no, no, no!
Oh, that's just brilliant,
bloody brilliant!
No gas!
You loaded a generator with no fuel?
Sorry, sir.
Just shut up!
I need you...
I want to thank you for inviting me
on this little adventure.
Move. move, move!!!!!
You alright?
That was a nice way to arrive in Europe.
Yeah, you're welcome, Professor.
Now we've got to
find transport to Vienna.
What the hell just happened?
You attempted to destroy them.
There is no way to remove
them or destroy them.
Do you now understand that,
We're still online, Mr. Hadden.
Check redundant systems.
I'm receiving a signal from the helicopter
transporting doctors Mallory and Winston.
What kind of signal?
An emergency beacon.
The chopper is down.
Are there any casualties?
Any injuries?
Don't know, sir.
They must have flown
right through the pulse.
Get a location on the crash site.
Yes, sir.
Who was on this chopper?
Sienna Mallory,
my senior researcher,
and John Winston.
Winston? Professor John Winston?
Yes, Colonel.
He might just be the only one
who can stop this.
But presently my only concern
is for Miss Mallory's well-being.
I just lost four soldiers, Mr. Hadden.
I'm not particularly concerned
with your personal decadences.
Sienna Mallory is my daughter,
So please,
use whatever resources
you have at your disposal
and get them here as soon as possible.
Give my men those coordinates
and I'll send a recovery team.
Yes, sir.
Mr. Hadden, I'm sorry.
I'm a father as well.
Thank you, Colonel.
Apology accepted.
Colonel! You have to see this!
I've just arrived here in Berlin
where members of the G8
are now gathering for what seems
to be an emergency meeting
regarding these strange
weather phenomena
which seem to be increasing
by the hour.
This weather phenomena
has now reached critical mass
as you can see,
it's now become a massive vortex!
I've just received breaking news
that the military units
have now been moved into the city
to assist with evacuation.
Now reports say
that a lightening storm
has tripled in size
over the last 24 hours,
and that the giant vortex
is now engulfing the city.
But as the vortex drifts
farther across Europe,
I think the question
on everybody's lips is
where do we evacuate to?
What is this?
If I'm right,
it's the beginning of the end.
Don't take this the wrong way,
but I hope to God you're wrong.
Mr. Hadden, we have no choice.
We have to contain
the lab and destroy the skulls.
That is impossible, Colonel.
We can't just sit here and do nothing!
I thought I had lost you!
Professor John Winston,
I'd like you to meet William Hadden.
My father.
Mr. Hadden.
Professor, I was a great
admirer of your father's,
as I am of you yourself.
This is Colonel Bailey.
I appreciate the kind words,
I don't meet many fans of my father's
except for fringe groups and lunatics.
Well, I hope I'm neither.
Before I lost my ability to walk,
it was where I did my best thinking.
So, if you don't mind,
shall we walk together?
I don't mind at all,
if you don't mind explaining to me
what exactly it is that I'm doing here.
I'm a very wealthy man,
Doctor Winston.
I have been for most of my life.
But, I fear my hubris has
gotten the better of me
in the light of what is now happening.
I'll put this as simply as I can.
You're here, Doctor Winston,
because I am dying.
I have been fighting cancer for ten years.
In my pursuit of a cure,
I became aware of the crystal skulls
and began to acquire them.
All of them but the thirteenth.
The first were found in South America,
followed by three others-
Forgive me for interrupting, sir,
I understand the history
but all the skulls have
proven to be a fraud,
carbon dating has tested
them to be no older
than 200 or 300 years.
Trust me, we have had our failures.
No one's perfect.
Let's just say the tests were
somewhat suspect.
What are you saying?
The carbon dating was altered somehow?
You got the twelve different skulls
from all different pans of the world?
Hadden Industries owns
six of the largest
carbon dating facilities.
So the tests were fake?
Let's just say we have a higher
standard of proof.
Ah, right, right.
You duped the whole
scientific community.
What we did was soften
the purchase price
to take them off the museum displays.
Mr. Hadden may be a billionaire,
but everyone has their price.
Right, right.
So it's about money.
We're talking about putting together
twelve of the most
precious objects in the world.
Something that would not
happen if the truth
became common knowledge.
Mr. Hadden, I don't know
what the implications are
of you altering these tests,
but I imagine it involves prison.
I am dying, Colonel.
Yeah, well, you're not dead yet.
Ok, hold on, hold on, hold on.
None of this really matters now.
The skulls are real.
So how old are they?
Most of them were dated
about 500,000 years ago.
Others cannot be dated.
500,000 years?
That pre-dates man.
Which implies some other origin.
Perhaps extraterrestrials?
Mr. Hadden, I don't know if your
carbon dating shenanigans
have lead to this disaster,
but I do know that
I have another problem.
Preventing the end of the world.
You and I have the same goal,
Now if you and Professor Winston
can come up with a solution,
I'm all ears.
But now I must confer with NATO
and come up with our own method.
Brute force will not work!
You saw what happened
when your men attempted
to attack the skulls!
They have an impregnable
field around them!
That was four men.
I'm talking about some
stronger medicine.
We know force won't work.
What Will?
The thirteenth skull.
But the dilemma is
I have no idea
where to begin to look for it.
I want you to follow
your father's footsteps
and find it.
Fulfill your destiny.
Mr. Hadden-
Every single one of my resources
will be at your disposal.
God knows I created this disaster.
If I have to use
every bit of my fortune to stop it,
so be it.
There's one thing
that neither one of us has much of.
And what would that be?
So am I to assume this chopper
is safer than the last one?
It's Cold War technology.
It's built to withstand
a nuclear explosion.
So why didn't you tell me
that Hadden was your father?
And spoil the surprise?
You know,
we have a lot in common, Professor.
What's that?
We've both spent our lives
trying to get out of the shadow
of our fathers.
Is that what Mallory is?
It was my mother's maiden name.
She died when I was a little girl.
Would it have made a difference
if you had known who I was?
In what, how seriously I took you?
Or how attractive I thought
you were when we first met?
So, do you uh...
always wait until you get a girl
alone in a helicopter
before you bust a line like that out?
No, I usually wait to find out
if the girl I'm hitting on
is the daughter of the billionaire.
Oh, sure.
Well then I guess it's a shame
that my inheritance is
being held in a living trust.
So where are we going?
Your father told me to follow
in my father's footsteps.
That is what I'm doing.
The thirteenth skull is down there?
No, this is the last place my father came
before he disappeared.
And this is the only way down?
I'm afraid so.
We're here.
Easy, easy.
I've got ya.
That's interesting.
Since I was here with Terry,
I find that this cave has collapsed.
That's good?
Not if we need another way out.
Or we could have avoided
this entire extreme sports routine.
Yeah, fat chance.
Come on.
How did you get your father's notebook
if they never found his body?
It was sent to me at a college
where I was teaching
before your father had me fired.
Ok, well that doesn't explain
who sent it to you.
You don't know?
It was your father.
He sent a note along with it.
He said that one of his
researchers had found it
on an expedition and
he thought perhaps one day
I would find it useful.
So this was the last place
your father was?
This is where they found the notebook?
I'd be inclined to agree with you.
But if my father's research
team had already been here
and they didn't find
the thirteenth skull,
why are we here?
Hold this, please.
This is the last place
that my father came.
Where my brother lost his life.
And I'm betting that
the answer is still here.
We just have to know
where to look for it.
Excuse me, gentlemen.
What is it?
The skulls are generating a very
focused magnetic field
which begins in the isolation chamber
and extends out beyond the common line.
That's the line that separates
the Earth's atmosphere
from outer space.
I know what it is.
It seems that it now
extends back to the Earth's core.
What the hell does all that mean,
Mr. Hadden?
It means that there's now a new field
competing with the existing one.
so now give me the bad news.
Volcanic and seismic activity,
and a good possibility
that the Earth's iron crust
will crack like an egg,
and if that happens the planet
will be literally torn apart
And the good news?
Mr. Pritchard.
At the current rate, sir, roughly 30 hours.
- Issue an evacuation order.
- Yes, sir.
In 30 hours,
I am authorizing the use of a tactical
nuclear weapon at this site.
I'll vaporize those god forsaken things
back to wherever it is that they came from.
You saw what happened
when your men attempted
to destroy them!
That was four soldiers, Mr. Hadden.
I'm talking about power that
hasn't been unleashed
since Hiroshima.
You are going to be the man
who ended the world.
Or maybe saved it.
You alright?
This way.
Good job.
- You ok?
- Yeah.
John, you ok?
Yeah, I'm fine.
This is for you, my brother.
We're ready for the extraction.
Go ahead
Come on!
We've gotta get out of this place!
Yeah, no kidding.
Come on.
I'm glad that's behind us.
We don't need these anymore.
Here, let me help you.
Alright, this way.
Let's go, come on.
What happened to the helicopter?
Someone shot it down.
I don't know.
Probably the same person
who shot at me in the bar.
They stepped it up a notch or two.
What're you doing? That really hurt!
what the hell are you doing here?
Oh now come on.
You didn't really think Mr. Hadden
was going to let you traipse
halfway across Europe
with his precious little girl
with nobody to keep an eye on you, did you?
What happened to the helicopter?
Someone took it down with a missile.
Someone who seems to be
intent on killing me.
Do you have any idea who?
Religious fanatics, fringe groups,
- white supremacists, CIA...
- Alright, alright.
You know,
all I know is that before I met you
I had no idea
that anyone would want to kill me.
I'm a likable enough kind of guy.
So you say. Now look,
do you want to stand around here
and talk about
the assassins who are after you,
or do you want to get the hell out of here
before they work out that you
weren't in the chopper
that they shot down?
Yeah, that's what I thought.
I want an EMP-shielded
chopper standing by
to pull the rest of us out
of here when the time comes.
Yes, sir.
They'll be here.
I hope you're right.
For everyone's sake.
Because I don't want to go down in history
as the man who authorized
the detonation of a nuclear device
to save the world.
Then don't do it, Colonel.
It's out of my hands.
We should put these lights out
and kill that heater.
It could attract the wrong kind of company,
if you know what I mean.
Yeah, well I'm cold,
and we need light to figure this out.
Well, then you might
as well send up a signal flare
and tell whoever is after us where we are.
Maybe you should put out that
cheap cigar you're smoking.
The smell will attract
the wrong kind of people.
It's a Cohiba.
Oh, well perfect.
In that case we'll only attract
the best kind of terrorists and assassins.
Besides, that's why we have you here.
To protect us.
Yeah, well I can't
protect you from yourselves.
It's not here.
It has to be.
Yeah, well I can't see it and I'm tired.
Maybe we should grab
a couple of hours of sleep.
Start fresh.
The sun will be up soon.
Although, if we don't crack this
it won't matter.
How are we gonna get out of here
without a chopper, Mitchell?
I'm not putting another bird up in the area
until we've secured it.
Now listen, professor.
You need to concentrate
on saving the world.
I need to get some fresh air so
I can think.
Go and give him a hand.
You see it?
See what?
There it is!
I knew I would find it.
Let me show you where it is.
Have you two figured it out?
Yeah, maybe.
I need to report to
Mr. Hadden and the Colonel
if you've cracked this or not.
This is not the map, this is the place.
These, these are the map.
I'm not following you.
They're stars.
This drawing shows
us exactly where to find
the thirteenth skull.
I thought you'd be excited.
Well, the temple in that cave
must be 3000 years old.
I'd say more like five.
Oh, even better.
So all we have to do is figure out
where that constellation appeared
in the night sky 5000 years ago?
Well, that's easy.
You know,
I realize that in order for the two of us
to figure it out it would take months,
maybe longer.
But for one of your dad's super computers
it should be a piece of cake.
enter the declination
and extrapolate.
Oh wait, we've got something.
You two are a piece of work.
Right, you wanted to know
where that constellation appeared
in the night sky 5000 years ago?
Well, actually 5302 months
and 11 days.
There's your answer.
What the hell is that?
It's the Visoko Valley,
it's theoretically a pyramid.
That's where we're going.
It's interesting how
it has remained unexplored
for thousands of years.
People thought it
was a natural formation for a long time.
Oh, my father said
the military put a clock on us.
We have six hours.
I hope Mitchell gets
back before the world ends
and he's out trying to rent a car.
That's an interesting choice.
That's our man, that's our man!
Oh boy.
You work for the wealthiest
man in the world
and the best car you could rent was this?
Well, excuse me, Mr. Trump,
but they didn't take credit cards
and this was all
I could get with the cash I had.
Well, so where are we going?
Is that it?
What were you expecting,
Mitchell? Giza?
Well, I don't know,
maybe something bigger than that?
It just looks like an odd-shaped hill.
Well, it is a pyramid.
Yeah, well I know that,
Professor Smarty-Pants.
All I'm saying is
it doesn't look like a place
that would hold the key to save the world.
I see.
And what do you suppose
that would look like?
Ok, alright, so what's the plan?
We're gonna keep a low profile,
stay away from
the village until it gets dark,
and then go in nice and quiet.
That plan sounds as strong
as the choice in cars.
Get in the car.
My goodness, could this be smaller?
Where is everyone?
How should I know?
A town meeting, strip club?
Strip club?
These are nice people.
You never know.
Villages all need a good strip club.
A little early, wouldn't you say?
Well, I guess we know where everyone is.
We've got to get out.
- This will pass, give it time.
- Look behind you.
Oh, shoot.
Get out.
Just act normal.
Don't look around.
Don't react.
Don't make it known we're being followed.
But we are being followed,
so how are we supposed to act?
How many are there?
There's two behind us
and two in front of us.
Just turn around and mingle.
What are they doing?
I've seen you before.
And I have seen you, as well.
Now, I'm afraid this
will be our last meeting.
Is that some kind of euphemism
because you're going to kill us?
Easy, Sienna.
Don't antagonize the man.
He's got a sword.
Yeah, the professor has a point.
Go on, enjoy your banter,
because it will all end now.
What is it that you're after?
You know what we're after.
You've been following us.
It is our job to protect the thirteen.
They possess incredible power
when they are brought together.
Something your father did.
Before you die, I wanted to ask you
what it is you thought would happen
once you found that
which you seek?
We need to work together
in order to stop it.
Stop what?
Don't you know?
The destruction caused
by the twelve skulls
being brought together.
We need the thifleenth to stop it.
Well, if a man was foolish
enough to trifle
with this power,
then it is he who has brought upon
himself this destruction.
You cannot save them.
Now prepare.
Don't worry, look away.
It'll only take a second.
Give me the sword.
Hello, junior.
We buried you.
We thought you were dead somewhere.
I'm sorry, son.
We looked for you for so long, Dad.
And then I found your journal.
I left it in a place
I knew it would be discovered.
I had hoped if you found it,
it would give you some answers.
It gave me answers,
but far more questions.
It's basically what got me here.
What happened, Dad?
Where did you go?
I know you have a lot of questions,
and you should.
I've been after the thirteenth
skull for so many years,
I had come so close,
and then I found this place
and the brotherhood.
This is the brotherhood's last stronghold.
It holds the last of our secrets.
What secrets?
I found the skull, John.
It's real, just like
I always knew it would be!
They gave me a choice.
I could die,
or I could join with them
in protecting the secrets of the skulls.
I had been searching so long,
nothing else mattered.
Obviously your family didn't matter.
Your choice lead to your son's death.
Terry died
wanting to follow in your footsteps.
I loved you and your brother
more than you will ever know,
but this was something I couldn't refuse.
After everything I had seen,
everything I had learned.
It wasn't a choice,
it was my destiny.
Maybe your destiny
could be put to good use.
The world is the thirteenth skull,
You know they will
never let you have it.
Don't let Terry's death be in vain!
Without the skull, billions will die.
If the skulls have been gathered,
and the end of the world has begun,
so be it.
This is man's destiny.
Man's destiny rides on your shoulders.
You understand that they cannot
ever leave this place now.
Yes, I know.
I only ask that
I do not have to watch.
Yeah, we wouldn't want
you to be upset
watching your last
son be killed for your destiny!
You're going to kill us here,
in the pyramid?
Do you have no honour?
Woman, do not speak
to me like this!
I have spent my life
defending the honour of this place.
There is never honour for those who kill,
I'm sorry, old friend.
Follow me, this way!
No, sir, the squadron is in
the air awaiting orders.
The magnetic field is at 95 percent, sir.
It's time we get everybody out of here.
Colonel, your bombs aren't going to do
what you think they will.
Just give them more time.
I'll give them as much time as I can.
After that, I'm under orders.
Thank you.
Thank me if we all live that long.
We've gotta get out of here.
Mitchell, call my father.
Dad, what are you doing?
This place is my life, John.
I have nowhere to go.
Let me die here.
I don't deserve to live after
what I did to the brotherhood.
What're you talking about?!
You have a different life now,
you've got a granddaughter!
I have a granddaughter?
Yes! Terry's daughter!
She's going to be seven!
- Really?
- Yes!
I'm sorry, son.
Dad, no!
Come on, we have to go.
John, come on! Now!
- Dad!
- Come on, John, now!
Sir, the magnetic fields
are at 100 percent.
I'm afraid your people are out of time,
Mr. Hadden.
Alpha Squadron, time to target?
Copy that.
Eight minutes.
We've got to get everyone out
at a safe minimum distance
before detonation.
You heard them, they're on their way!
I've given them as much time as I can,
Mr. Hadden.
We can't wait any longer.
- We're finished here.
- Yes, sir.
I told you they'd make it.
I'm not re-calling the bombs
until I'm certain this thing works.
Let's do this before it's too late.
The suit should protect
you from the light.
It limits your exposure to any
ionizing radiation,
but I can't make any promises.
I don't actually know what's happening,
but it seems that the vortex is dissipating
and the storm seems to be coming to an end!
Oh, thanks.
I think we need to get a drink.
And when I say we I mean me.
It's your round, professor.
Are you ok, sir?
Call my doctor.
Right away, sir.
- Colonel.
- Yes?
If you could possibly help me
with something...
If I can.
Key Nine to Base, we're ready.
Alright, seal the chamber.
Copy that.
It's over.
What now?
One second.
Her father is dead.
Sienna, I'm so sorry.
It's ok,
I guess I knew it was coming
I just didn't know when.
I understand.
I guess you do,
more than anyone else.
CMV has just learned
that mysterious billionaire
William Hadden has died.
It is not known exactly when
Mr. Hadden passed,
but his representatives say
that it was some time last week.
Not since Howard Hughes
has there been so much mystery
surrounding the death of a billionaire.