Cuarentones (2022) Movie Script

Chef Cesare!
Welcome to L'Allegria!
- Let's all applaud Chef Csar.
- Bravo! Ha ha!
- Forza!
- Forza!
How are you, buono?
Is the pasta good?
Huguito, how much did we make?
This here, $54,200.
Ah, nice, nice, nice.
In a year, no more having
to repay the bank.
Take it slow.
You know, it'll get better.
Whoa! Is that a new shirt?
You meetin' someone?
Ah, my classes for mambo.
And Huguito's trying it out!
Sunday at seven
is your meet date? Get out with that.
This is called being social!
Yeah, I still have a family.
- Okay, see you. Get some rest.
- Mambo!
Hey, Papa.
Hey, how's it goin'?
- Good, good. And you?
- Good.
- What are you up to?
- My homework for tomorrow.
Do you believe our neighbors
got themselves a parrot?
- A parrot?
- Yeah. They made it speak.
- How are you? How's it going?
- I'm good. Are you?
- Oh, yes.
- That's great.
- Mwah!
- And we'll be much better on vacation.
You don't say.
Can you guess what I just did?
- What?
- To our Europe trip?
I added Vienna and Prague.
Oh... kay.
- That's pretty awesome, right?
- Yeah.
- We'll talk later, okay?
- Okay.
You up for soccer?
Yeah? Come play!
- Oh, I'll join you!
- Come!
- Yeah, I'll put my tennis shoes on.
- Okay.
All right, you're goin' down.
- Let's go!
- Yeah.
That's it! That's it.
Go, go, go! Get it! Get it!
Hey, listen.
You gotta analyze players
on the other side
in order to learn their strategy.
- You don't wanna be surprised, okay?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, attaboy.
- Hey, wait, please don't mess up my hair.
When you're hanging out
with Lupita, you don't talk like that.
How do you know I like Lupita?
About your special friend Lupita?
Please. I'm your dad! I know everything!
Your party. Invite her to it.
- Sure.
- Invite her.
- I already did it.
- Okay, then.
- Who are you talking about?
- No one.
- Oh, the two of you.
- Go!
- Man, that's cruel.
- Go!
- Go!
- Enrique, shoot it!
- Ready?
- Okay.
- The parrot!
- Fuck you.
His diction is perfect!
Come here.
Are those pajamas with animals all over?
Keepin' those to wear
for the next 40 years?
- Exactly.
- Yeah?
Forty is the new 12 after all.
How's organizing Enrique's First Communion
been going?
- Very good.
- Good.
- My best.
- Yeah? Guests? Music?
- Totally, totally under control.
- Perfect.
It's always perfect
because you know how I handle things.
When have I let you down?
- When have I let you down?
- Never.
Never. Mm...
Pajamas make me act like an animal.
Oh, do they?
Almost like I'm... a lion.
A lion?
Well, come eat me, lion.
You're planning something
for your birthday?
No. Gotta plan First Communion
for Enrique.
- This vacation, so much going on.
- Fine.
You're planning Communion for Enrique.
Amelia is planning her vacation in Europe.
And your birthday?
Okay, listen.
You're trying too hard
to act familial, all altruistic.
Trust me,
it's gonna come back to bite you.
Or you'll turn into a heroin aficionado,
or alcoholic, or a sudoku fanatic.
- Sudoku?
- Yes, sudoku.
- No.
- Come on, Cesare. Come on!
- Yeah!
- How about all that gastritis?
Is it helping, that medicine?
Eh, not much.
Now you're throwing medicine out
or is it that the medicine's not working?
I mean, my gastritis is emotional.
- I know how to make it better.
- How?
When it's you and me going solo in Cancn.
- Cancn?
- Mm-hm.
And get ready.
We're invited by Delicacies magazine.
Which means we're taking part
in the Grand Prix
for all the major small restaurants
in Mexico.
- They selected us?
- Oh, we're in!
Yeah! Great! Great!
Ten years paying off like this finally!
Finally, yeah!
Mr. Paolo, telephone from Italy.
It's your ex-spouse.
Which one?
Uh, it's, uh, Sabrina.
The worst.
Thank you, Juan Pablo.
Believe that?
Two former spouses,
living with my children in Italy.
And it's me they pursue.
I'm a good example.
My exes all love me. Love me.
- What?
- Go. Go talk to her.
Yes, Sabrina.
Yes, I know college is important,
but 10,000 euros?
No, Sabrina. Don't call the lawyer.
I'll take care of it. Give me a few days.
Ciao, Sabrina. No lawyers!
Hey, what's happening?
Csar, we have to win
this contest for the magazine
because the prize is $20,000.
Plus, the publicity if you
and I end up beating everyone.
Yes, the publicity, yes, but it's $20,000.
We could surprise them
with a pennette al pesto
with caramelized red snapper?
Or simply present them a pizza
with artichokes? Or something like that?
I like that approach,
but to win will take all our concentration
because the prize is...
- $20,000.
- $20,000.
Thank you.
Hello, Mom.
Hey! Mwah!
How are you?
- Ah, marvelous.
- I'm glad you came.
Champions in your forties!
Could be, could be.
Getting into this contest is fantastic,
no matter what happens.
Yeah, we'll see.
Your middle age shines bright
and successful.
Your father, at your age,
looked like he wanted to be done.
Hm. Maybe he didn't just look like that.
His stamina just gave out on him.
Only made it to the age of 41.
Anyway, I think you look great,
by the way.
You eat healthy,
you seem well, and you exercise.
I've got no doubt at all
you'll live to 100.
No more, no more. Don't jinx it.
But even if I don't live to 100,
may you forever remember one thing, Csar.
If not for poor old me...
Without you, he'd have nothing.
And certainly, he'd lack direction.
Wait a second.
Yes, soon I could have Alzheimer's,
but my famous proverbs
aren't so easily forgotten.
They're not even yours.
- Anyway, you look fantastic, Yolanda.
- Doesn't she?
- Thank you.
- A beauty.
- Uh?
- Ay, ay, ay.
- Huh?
- My poker match today.
Excuse me. I'm here to say hello
and congratulations to you two.
Thank you for coming.
And, really, my thanks for all the advice
you've given me in the kitchen.
Ah, for you, always.
Make sure you behave in Cancn.
- Of course.
- And conquer!
The boy's here.
Quiet. You should've called.
- Don't show up to the house like this.
- Amelia, I missed you.
No, no, no. Cut it out! Cut it out!
- Hello?
- Oh, it's Csar!
- Hey.
- This is Horacio, my friend from...
- Good evening. My pleasure.
- Evening. Pleasure.
- How are you?
- Good.
My wife's friends are always welcome.
Well, I might use something
other than "friend"...
Horacio, he spent some time away.
Yeah? Where? The United States?
No. A penitentiary at San Rafael.
Ten years.
- Oof. What a long time.
- Just got out yesterday.
And I wanted to catch up
with Amelia immediately.
- And the boy.
- The boy?
When I started seeing you,
I was still dating Horacio.
He was unfairly imprisoned a month later...
but I realized I was pregnant.
How do you know he's the father?
The timing.
- But did you get a paternity test or...
- Yes.
Horacio was incarcerated
and all I had was you.
Thank you.
If you've never partaken
in polpette alla calabrese,
you've never lived, eh?
Beautiful selection.
My friends, the secret to beef's flavor
isn't just marinating it incir rosso,
it's in the airplane too.
Air travel enhances
the beef's exceptional sensory qualities.
Beautiful selection, truly.
Three orders on their way!
Come on.
What's happening?
How am I supposed to deal with this?
What can I do?
Hm. Well...
tell me, what will make this better?
I don't know.
All people ever want
is to give things meaning,
but what for?
Because one day you realize it's the end.
This is the end.
Please excuse us.
I mean, it's not hopeless.
I get it. You're suffering.
My marriage.
Amelia's made me a fool.
For ten years, my marriage's been a joke!
- Well, sure, but...
- So what? I've been used!
I have raised her family because for her,
I acted like a complete idiot!
- It's all my fault.
- Do not blame yourself for this.
Because you are an excellent father
and may I say an incredible husband?
- That's right.
- Yes.
In this case,
it's clear the responsible one
is that... bitch,
that motherfucking bitch Amelia.
Hey, hey, hey...
don't say things like that.
What a motherfucking bitch!
Enough with that fucking horn!
But seriously,
you gotta stop honking the horn. Stop!
- Hey, I have an idea.
- Huh?
Or how about this?
How about you park your car right now,
you come up, and sleep on the sofa?
- On the sofa? No.
- Yes.
I promise you,
tomorrow you'll wake up feeling better.
You'll see. Don't be so depressed
since there's so much good in your life.
There's your family,
and your buddies, your job,
and oh, your mom
and her excellent health. Hm?
I swear I didn't see this coming at all.
Dearest Yolanda,
a mother, a friend.
It's our responsibility
to take part in laying you to rest.
Did your mom find out
about the situation with Amelia?
No. No, I didn't tell her.
Well, that's for the best.
What do you think of the hotel?
Fine. Fine, let's go.
Csar, promise me,
do me a favor, if only for five days
that you'll forget your worries.
You'll have plenty of time
to think about Enrique, Amelia,
about all your pending issues.
But we're here, so simply concentrate
on your well-being and the contest.
Too much to beg for?
- I promise.
- Okay.
No, wait a second. I packed my pants,
but they're not in there.
- Check your suitcase.
- All right. I'll check.
- What the hell?
- Come here, honey.
Hey, the water's great! Yeah.
You should get in!
Look! Look at how beautiful!
Yeah, gorgeous.
What are they called?
No idea, but I'm sure we could find out.
I'd love to take 'em to my hotel suite.
Oh, me too, buddy.
I love those flowers.
A favorite of my mama.
Yeah, so pretty.
- Hey!
- Chef Marini!
Nice to meet you, Mr. Director.
Hey, Chef Benavides!
Pleased to have you at my hotel.
How have you been?
It's excellent! It's perfect.
We're just enjoying a peek at the flowers.
Ah, right.
Please, I'd like to present
one of my assistants at your service
Ignacio Mndez.
- How do you do?
- Pleased to meet you.
As I said, a pleasure, truly.
Well, Ignacio will help you
with anything at all.
Not only this contest.
Whatever hotel services,
activities, excursions. Anything.
Well, thanks so much.
Please enjoy your day
and also the flowers.
So you know...
their names, lilies.
Those two?
All of you will be working
with the exact same equipment.
Although you can personalize
the dishes as you like.
A panel of five experts
will be examining each of your dishes.
This panel will be made up
of foreign colleagues and critics,
and bear in mind that a public jury
will be randomly selected
each and every night
and composed of five guests staying
at the hotel.
- Is that clear for all of you?
- Yes!
Then you will begin at once!
Chef Marini.
- Permit me a moment, if you please.
- Sure, why not? Let's talk.
How are you?
Oh, happy to be here.
It pleases me to know
that you, chef, along with Chef Benavides
form a part of our very select group.
I should be honest with you.
A few of the partners
of Delicacies magazine
said that they don't buy
that you should be participating
in this culinary contest.
The respected reputation
of L'Allegria has been due to its concept,
cuisine, and entertainment.
Well, thank you.
Your clients all leave... enchanted
'cause of your jokes,
or 'cause of your songs,
and maybe your cooking as well.
But before you can convince my colleagues,
on this occasion, the only thing
that better shine is the cuisine.
So for that reason,
not a single joke.
Not a single song
or anything that will act as a diversion.
- Mm?
- Don't worry.
No diversions whatsoever.
That's a promise.
- How are we on time?
- Good. We're good.
There. We got this.
Thank you.
My dear Chef Robles.
Um, is this lobster?
Is it true that...
that lobster is...
an aphrodisiac?
Well, let's hope not.
We've passed through
the preliminary round.
We are extremely lucky.
The garlic's overpowering. It's a lot.
La donna mobile...
"The Concept of Anxiety, Kierkegaard."
- Eh, no more of that.
- Hey! Seriously?
"Death of a Salesman, by Arthur Miller."
- Stop! Wait. Let go.
- What's goin' on with you? No!
- My crosswords! Please don't take it.
- Let go!
The only thing keeping me sane
is doing a task that I can pull off.
Okay, if it helps.
But promise me you'll let go
of acting so nihilistic. Yeah?
By being a bit happier.
"Nihilism" and "being happier"
don't mix like that.
All right, let's go, chef.
The paella. You've got rice,
you've got shrimp, chicken,
plus fish, pork,
and anything else you like.
The paella has demonstrated
that everything goes with everything!
Very well, very well.
Yeah, I'll compromise.
Well, we going exploring today?
You two, like the place?
Oh, it's rad, Mndez,
everything here is incredible!
Paolo, can you stop saying "rad"?
You sound like my father.
Are you really looking at old photos?
Okay, this is gonna stay with me
until your mood improves.
- Hey! Give it back!
- Look out there!
This is for you!
Pay attention! Take this in!
It's so hot here.
Plan on staring much?
Please, my eyes
could gaze forever upon you.
If you please.
As long as it doesn't bother you.
This cenote has been there for many years.
You, on the other hand,
are a wonderful mirage
that may disappear at any second.
See that?
A Don Juan.
He mixes his shamelessness with poetry.
Let's go.
He says if you can make paella with,
you know, shrimp, chicken, and sausage,
then anything can be mixed with anything.
- Uh-huh.
- Hm?
Hey, Selina, let's go, yeah?
Hey, hey! Help me!
- Help me!
- Ma'am, what's wrong?
Get me out of here, please!
- Please help! Someone!
- Okay, okay, okay, okay!
Ah! Please hurry!
Help me!
Help me! Get me out of here!
Something bit me!
- My leg! It got bit!
- Relax, relax. Don't look.
- Tell me what happened. What happened?
- Something bit me in the leg.
Nothing bit you. It must have been...
- What? What in the world is it?
- A snake!
Relax! No, you've gotta relax.
Take it easy, take it easy.
Let me go. Let me go.
- Let go, let go, let go!
- Please.
- Please. Take me back.
- Hold on. Careful. Careful.
Here. Careful.
- Is it gone?
- Yes, it's gone.
- I'm going.
- This step. Put it here.
Put it here. Careful.
- Ah! Eh...
- Yep. Step up here.
Ah, careful.
You okay?
Tell you, when I saw you, I said,
"She's a musician
or the leader of a band."
That's what I thought.
- You serious?
- Mm-hm.
Well, I used to play in a band.
Then, well...
I moved on.
My study is interior design.
Oh, me, I'm interested
in studying interior design
or, like, being in touch
with my own interior. Stayingzen.
Eh, it's designing interiors?
I'm joking.
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
Hey, and does that...
Have you had those...
those great opportunities in life?
- Yes.
- Ah, well, what are they?
It's right here.
With you.
Oh, uh, my God.
Mm, hm-hm.
Eh, pretty funny!
You bastard!
Oh wow!
- Yeah.
- I thought she was a crazy lady.
- You know?
- Uh-huh.
Believed you completely.
It's been almost an hour, no?
- And sitting next to a lunatic.
- Eh...
- Yeah!
- Yeah!
Ow! Ow!
The bandages should be changed every day.
And be sure to take these for a week.
Doctor, are you really sure,
absolutely sure that nothing bit me?
Because I'm in pain like I was bitten...
Don't worry about it.
The bite was just a cut from a rock.
- Mm...
- And you, sir, are gonna need some rest.
- I'd say two weeks.
- Huh?
For that sprained ankle.
Fourteen days?
Have a nice afternoon.
Ha ha.
And who thought this vacation
would've brought me to a hospital?
Eh, to be fair,
I think you're a little bit better off
than Iam.
You seriously have to cook
with your injury?
Mm! Very good. Fine.
Very good.
- Let's go! Woo!
- Hey!
- Second victory!
- Yeah.
- To us.
- The semifinal waits before us.
- We did well. We did well.
- Mm!
We did even better!
Those two guys at The Spanish Flavor
had won multiple times.
They didn't have the same motivation.
- Here it is, Cesare, a proposal for you.
- What?
How about we rendezvous
at the bar and pool area
and in the meantime,
we go back to Selina and Naomi, huh?
Oh no, no, no. That's bad. That's bad.
Ah, well, how do I look?
- Fine.
- Fine?
Better look out, I'm gone.
Oh! Hey!
I'll take this. See you, buddy!
- Are you serious right now?
- I am serious.
Take care!
Oh shit.
Hello, Papa.
Hey there, Quique. How are you?
Fine. Watching TV. I'm bored.
Calling to talk to Mom?
No, no, just wanted to speak with you.
So, how's the contest?
Good. Very good. We've passed two rounds.
That's great!
Hey, Papa?
Are you angry with me?
No, no, of course not.
No. What happened was,
I've just been in a bad mood.
But it has nothing to do with you.
I promise.
It's just complicated. Very complicated.
Mm. Okay.
But, um, if it stays complicated,
are we canceling the party
for my First Communion?
We don't know, honestly.
We haven't properly discussed it.
Mom is coming. Gotta go. I gotta go.
What are you doing up?
At this hour? It's already ten.
No, it's too late.
It's not time for TV. Time to go to bed.
Consider how you were in your time.
Remember you were impossible to control.
- Me?
- Oh, yes. Oh, yes.
Wait a second. In what sense?
Every one. Don't make me
discuss this in front of her.
Hey, Ame, maybe I could do
a Russian salad for dinner tomorrow,
but can't remember
if Horacio likes mayonnaise or not.
Sure, I think he likes it.
He did ten years ago.
- Yeah? Oh.
- Sure.
Oh, what a horrible mess
I've made for myself.
Amelia, oh, Amelia.
Pour your heart out, Amelia.
You're not on trial.
You don't need to bring me in.
I can't believe this happened, Ame,
and that you chose to date two men
at the same time.
Because you were
with Horacio and Csar at the same time.
It is not right.
Well, what exactly do you wanna hear, Mom?
It was confusing.
I didn't know what to do.
I was just a kid, you know?
No, no, no, no, no, no.
No, not a kid. No.
You can't claim you're a kid
when you'd already made it
to 25 years old.
Csar was incredible.
Very handsome and always so attentive,
you know?
And gentlemanly.
That's what really made me fall for him.
Very sexy.
But Horacio was an idealist
and my heart fell for him too.
He'd tell me
he could make the world better
and, and, well, nothing.
He got ten years.
Perhaps besides changing the world,
he'd benefit from changing
to a better lawyer too.
You knew he'd be out of prison
at some point, yes or no?
And tell me, at what point
were you planning on telling Csar?
I didn't think it through. It was stupid.
No, Amelia. No, it wasn't stupid.
It was moronic!
- Mm-hm.
- You were a moron!
And with that terrible plan
you came up with,
you've ruined your own life too.
- Yep.
- Yeah?
And look. Now you don't know what to do.
Of course you're not getting back together
with Csar.
And that poor man,
that poor man, that hacker Horacio!
You ripped his life apart as well.
Ten years behind bars!
And now that he's out,
because of you,
he has no relationship with hisson!
Oh, I almost forgot
about poor Csar.
- Uh-huh.
- Your poor Csar.
Who carries the weight
of the world on his back.
Three ships sunk with one single blow!
No. No. Enough!
Thank you, Ma.
You're welcome. It was four.
Ah, ah.
Don't forget about
my sweet grandson Enrique.
Breaks my heart, Ame.
- Well.
- That poor boy.
I don't have any idea what I should do.
For you, Amelia, I have no idea.
No idea! Oh!
I'm gonna say it again.
It's your life.
Your life!
Don't bring me into it.
- Ah, Mama...
- No!
- Yeah, Grandma.
- Come here, honey.
- But how would you? In the nude?
- So what?
Yes naked. And outside.
Can I come in?
- Under the sheets.
- What?
Please, buddy! Come in.
Sorry, did I disturb you?
No, no, no, no. No.
- Paolo.
- Hm?
- I don't know what will happen.
- Uh-huh.
I don't know how things will work out.
I just want to tell you
that I'm going to make an effort,
and I'm going to do my best
to be a more positive person here.
Fine. Fine.
- I know how important this contest is.
- Mm-hm.
And it'd be great to win that $20,000.
My only concern is that we're both good
and L'Allegria is doing well.
Well, I love seeing you like this.
'Kay. Peace. Good night.
- Get some rest.
- You as well.
Sleep well.
Why'd you hide me?
Oh no, I wasn't hiding you.
You weren't?
Uh, he's in pain. And what else?
He's depressed and...
Like a martini. That's him.
You mean stirred?
On the rocks.
And how's that involve me here?
Nothing. Not at all.
Well, it does, very much.
Imagine seeing me with you in here,
all rock and roll partying,
meanwhile he's...
- In a mood? A requiem for Bach?
- Mm-hm.
- And alone.
- Yeah.
Hm. I feel like
he's gonna get more depressed.
- Huh? More?
- Yes. More.
Coming here when you're 40,
it's complicated.
- This is true.
- Hm.
1 a.m.? Today is his birthday!
- Yes!
- Oh! Time to party!
Eh-eh. I am. You're not. Under the sheet.
- What?
- Under the sheets. Do it.
And go where? Under the covers?
In the closet? In the bathroom?
In the bathroom, wherever, just hide.
- Wait a minute!
- Go!
Oh. Eh!
- Don't make a sound. Sh!
- No, it's fine.
- I won't say anything.
- Here comes Paolo! Sh!
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday?
Not here. Where'd he go?
- My savior. Hello.
- Hey.
- What's up?
- Hello.
- How are you?
- Well, I'm perfectly safe here.
So now we can get to know each other.
Hopefully no more paranoia and hysterics
like this morning, okay?
It's funny 'cause I'm coming out
of a bad streak.
'Cause I've never been a fan of insects,
or reptiles, or rats
or anything like that,
but a couple of years ago,
it actually got even worse,
and now I even panic when I see chickens.
- At chickens? For real?
- Mm-hm.
What makes you panic, huh?
I mean,
I've never been afraid of anything.
And now, well, my biggest fear
is I'll lose control of my life.
Okay, so I'm not so bad with the chickens.
But you know why that happens?
Sometimes we go through things
that we're able to control,
and that gives us a certain tranquility.
But there are other things that don't.
We can't control them. They just happen.
They're sent to us by life,
the universe, or God.
The aliens. Who knows?
And it's important to accept them.
I see.
Huh. After hearing you speak like this,
it sounds like you have a doctorate
in the surprises of being alive.
What percentage of living is all decisions
and what percentage is surprises?
Forty is decisions and 60 is surprises?
- Yeah.
- No, no. Please, please. It's more.
No, I don't agree. No. I disagree.
How is it that a human
can create their own destiny?
Oh, as the writerAppius Claudius Caecus.
And he was blind,
by the way,
and I don't think he was blind by choice.
A bit contradictory, no?
Oh, time for bed.
- Yeah?
- Yeah, it's time.
- Well, take care.
- You as well.
- Good night.
- Bye.
Hey, I was hoping to talk.
Hello, Amelia.
I'm well. Concentrating on the contest
and we're advancing too.
And, um, how is Csar?
I've been wanting to go
and visit him in Cancn.
Amelia, he's focusing
on the contest right now.
I don't think it'd be the best idea.
For you it's not the best idea,
but for me I don't have a better one.
Okay? You know he wants to see me.
If you're that optimistic,
what are you calling me for?
Because he's your best friend, Paolo.
No, I've decided.
I'm coming to Cancn. Pronto.
I'm gonna tell you something.
You better listen well, Amelia.
Ended the call?
Tanti auguri!
Happy birthday to my friend,
my partner, and my associate.
- Thanks.
- Hm?
I'm forty.
I'm forty. How about that?
You look good to me. What's it feel like?
Ah, it's better than when I made it to 15,
but worse than when I turned 30.
Well, you're doing better
than you were last night, yeah?
Today, yeah, I'm better.
And Naomi,
does she have anything to do with that?
No, no. Of course not.
No. I bumped into her yesterday
and we chatted. That's it.
Buddy, take it easy, okay?
'Cause what you are
is a slow cooker, yeah?
And it's got a beefy stew in it.
And you are a... You're an insta-pot.
You're a... You're a microwave.
You know what I did? Rented a boat.
You're coming with us
snorkeling at Isla Mujeres.
I just casually happened
to invite Selina and Naomi.
Just so? That's it? Hm?
I don't have the energy,
but I won't say no.
But you won't say no
because I paid for the boat.
Yeah, don't worry.
Eh? There's no way I'd spoil
my 40th party.
Hell yes.
Prego, prego.
But don't pressure me
or anything.
We should be concentrating
on what we came for.
When have I put pressure on you?
I'm running to my room for some things.
See you.
Don't take too long.
Chef Marini.
Signor direttore.
- You well?
- Very well.
I'd like to inform you
that the organizing committee
has decided to spice up our contest
just a little bit.
For tonight's session, therefore,
I have to warn you,
we are changing the rules.
You'll have some ingredients
that are surprising.
Your breakfast is getting cold.
Hi there, Papa!
Hi there. I'm glad you always pick up.
Happy birthday, Papa!
Ah, thank you, son.
Well, I don't really want to,
but Paolo's making me.
Hey, um, do you remember once telling me
if you can't get chocolate from Belgium,
try to make the best of a bar
that's from Switzerland?
Sure, sure, I remember. Why?
I understand the metaphor.
What? No, no. That wasn't a metaphor.
I was really speaking about chocolates,
but why would you say that?
I think I enjoyed Belgian chocolate
before now,
but I know things changed
with you and Mom.
I guess I'll have to make the most
out of Swiss chocolate.
But, staying with your metaphor,
it's not...
The Swiss is absolutely not Horacio.
Your mom decided to leave two chocolates
decomposing on their own for ten years
languishing in a cupboard
of her own damn nastiness and lies.
Is it hot in Cancn?
Yeah. It's boiling.
Pardon me. Pardon me.
I got carried away with the metaphors.
All right. Bye. I've gotta go.
Look who's here, Enrique.
I'm gonna leave you two
to chat for a bit.
Yeah, it's okay.
Perfect, I'll leave you guys.
Well, we need...
I think we need to make up for lost time.
Where should we begin?
You about motorcycles?
Do you like soccer at all?
No. No, not much of it.
Corporations, these multinationals've,
they've ruined the romanticism
of the sport.
And they've taken
out all the good parts. Yeah?
Do you... You like my mom?
I like her a lot to be honest with you.
And chocolate from Switzerland?
Snorkeling was a great idea.
But with my foot, it's impossible.
What I want is for you to enjoy the day.
And those pills are for?
I get wobbly.
When you were back in Acapulco,
not once did I see you lose your balance.
Well, a year ago,
I didn't know that my son
wasn't really mine.
These issues are getting
a bit more serious with stress.
I'm just trying to tell you
that those pills you're taking
could perhaps be killing your libido
and your erection.
I wasn't planning on having sex
any minute now.
Well, who knows?
Hi! Happy birthday!
Oh, thanks.
- Hello.
- Happy birthday.
- Thank you.
- Feeling better?
- Not so bad.
- I'm doing well.
How about you, rock and roller?
- Hello.
- Good, thanks. Happy birthday.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
And here's the yacht.
No, this isn't mine, but I did rent it.
That's splendid of you.
Ah. Go in.
Hey, you want something else?
- I'm good with this.
- Ah, well.
Ah so pretty!
You see that beautiful blue over there?
The color of the water?
Trying to get closer to enlightenment?
No, no, I'm trying to hold food down.
Ah, so then it's gotta be
that really odd food
you guys prepared yesterday.
No, definitely not that.
Wait, odd? Why odd?
It's odd.
Naomi! Come!
I've been thinkin'
about our talk yesterday.
Did you go study to become
a master of existentialism?
Yeah, experiences, personal struggles.
Ah, experiences.
Are you going to say or...
Well, Paolo told me what happened to you.
So, I guess, yes,
it's my turn to tell you that.
Ah, well. What to begin with? Um...
Nothing. My life started out great.
Like, I was born into a family
that was educated and upper-middle class.
I married the best man in the world.
I was in the bathroom of a restaurant
because a server
accidentally spilled on my blouse,
and, well, he helped me clean it.
That's how we met.
And he... He was the love of my life.
Not bad. It sounds like you were happy.
But he died when I was 28 years old.
- Mm-hm.
- Well, how?
James was out on his way to go shopping
and an old... a part of a ledge fell on him.
- Are you serious? Oh my God.
- Yes.
Widowed trying to raise two girls
in Chicago.
So alone. No family.
- That sounds difficult.
- Yeah, it was.
Then the banking crisis hit,
and my job disappeared.
- I was losing my mind.
- I bet.
More or less where you are right now.
But I didn't have a Paolo to help me.
Yeah. How'd you deal with it?
I decided to go to therapy.
And, in passing, going to the therapist,
I bumped into a former roommate
from my old university,
and she told me she was doing great
at a software company
where she was working.
My friend told the chief,
and they were looking
for someone who wanted to work in finance...
- Yes!
- What a coincidence!
And now I'm working and being paid
an amazing salary,
and I'm absolutely obsessed with it.
That's great.
You've really gone
through everything, huh?
Yes, it's true. At 35 years old.
Confident, flourishing, optimistic,
and full of life.
My mom passed away a week back.
Come again?
Yep. It's more depressing
to accept that you're depressed.
Okay, yeah.
But, uh, no, right?
When destiny smacks you
in the face out of nowhere,
you take a moment,
a bit of time to yourself,
you adjust to it, when you can,
and start making the most
of your new situation.
Well, I agree.
Mm. I gotta pee.
Help! I can't open the door!
Hold on.
Hold on!
- Hurry!
- Coming, coming, coming.
Take it easy. What happened?
I'm trapped. The door won't open.
Won't open?
Just gotta...
- Oh, thank you!
- Like that.
No way!
Shit, mother...
But now you closed the door
on both of us. Try it. Come on!
But it won't open?
- No.
- Gonna get claustrophobic stuck in here.
Oh! The window! The window up here! Yeah!
- We can open this and get out.
- Open the window and go through? No!
I won't fit through there.
My leg like this...
- Okay.
- It has to open somehow.
Hold me. Hold me. Hold me.
- You're gonna climb through?
- Yes.
- One of us will have to.
- All right.
Hold on. Just put...
- Up, up, up. Let's...
- Careful with my foot! My foot!
Watch my face. Easy, easy.
Sorry. It's... Oh shit!
This is... Come on, come on.
I don't know what I'm supposed to...
Your butt is right in my eye.
Are you turned on?
Depressed people usually
don't have much libido.
No? Well, then,
maybe I don't actually have depression.
Ah! Make it quick.
Rock and roll, baby! Let's go!
Captain! We're gonna be snorkeling
for 20 minutes more.
Yes! Way to go! Woo!
- Let me down!
- Okay, come down.
- I'm stuck. Let me down.
- Sit on my shoulders. Stretch.
- Let's go. Let's go.
- I... I...
What the hell?
What now?
That was good how you caught me.
- No?
- Is this?
Wait a sec. That's my phone ringing.
Pick it up.
Oh. It's my wife. Oh no.
Okay, well, I'm not going anywhere.
- Hold on.
- Uh-huh.
Pardon me. Give me a moment.
I need a second to...
- I don't know. I don't know.
- Okay.
Oh, I'll give you space. Give you space.
I don't know.
- What's up?
- Hi.
You ready for the contest?
Sure, yeah, yeah.
What happened?
Stressed? You look preoccupied.
No, no, no. Preoccupied? No, no.
Oh, well, there are some slight changes
I haven't told you about.
What? Yes! You're not saying anything.
What's up with you?
No more cooking what we planned.
Something happened.
- What?
- I ran into Casas.
He explained that to spice up the contest
they came up with
this "secret ingredient" surprise thing.
Surprise? Why? Why'd you wait till now
to tell me about this?
Huh? Tell you about it sooner?
Today we were partying,
Isla Mujeres, Naomi, Selina.
Why would I wanna ruin your day?
Yeah, but you have ruined it.
Hey, I didn't ruin your day.
Actually, maybe half a day.
It's only six o'clock.
How'd it go with Naomi?
- Eh...
- Eh? That's about it? Eh?
Ladies and gentlemen, contestants,
welcome back this evening!
It is time to start your courses.
Are all ofyou ready to compete?
The ingredient that's secret is this...
Pomodoro, pomodoro, pomodoro.
And it's Serrano ham.
I hate ham.
Take it easy now.
We're better than the rest of them.
Come on!
Hey, how about I start the ravioli
and you get the filling done?
I don't know.
I'm not sure about the ravioli.
Well, I don't know.
What's up? You okay?
Amelia called today.
I didn't even wanna answer.
I don't know what she wants
and I'm not prepared
to have that conversation now.
Amelia wants to visit Cancn
and she wants to see you.
Wait. You spoke with her?
And you kept it a secret?
I didn't want to overwhelm you.
I think you've been getting better here
thanks to this contest,
and thanks to Naomi...
You haven't had time to go crazy
over your wife's stupidity
'cause you've been doing your job.
How about you let me decide
my own problems for once?
You know, I don't need a nanny
'cause I'm 40 years old.
Oh man, Csar,
your my partner and friend...
Yeah, and as my friend,
thanks for all you do for me.
Truly. But don't meddle in this.
- All right.
- Come on, seriously?
Don't forget we're here for a competition.
Competing in a contest that's this big.
I get it, now be quiet.
We're not competing
to get a star from Michelin.
We're a couple of contestants
from the second division.
- Listen...
- See this? You have one too.
The "best small restaurants,"
you know what that signifies?
The best of those who can't hack it.
Well, the contest in the second division
is worth $20,000.
- Ah, jeez.
- Which I really need at the moment.
- I'm talking to you!
- What?
You think I deserve some acknowledgment
for ten years of working
my ass off with you?
What's up?
All good?
But it was worth it.
meeting Csar ten years ago,
when we both enrolled
in a course in Milan.
You have no idea how much he helped me
from, like, freakin' out.
Two divorces.
And barely any money in my account.
And I put on45 pounds.
One divorce was enough for me.
It was rough.
Thirty pounds.
No, I was thinner.
If we'd met each other
all the way back then...
I wouldn't have noticed you.
And now the final presentation
from the restaurant Wok and Jane,
of Los Cabos.
And they are presenting...
It is a caramelized duck stuffed
with ham, cream, and soy.
And now, for the final dish,
the restaurant L'Allegria of Mexico City
and they have prepared for us this...
A Serrano ham sandwich.
- Hm?
- With?
With bread...
and Serrano ham, served in all its purity.
Oh man, Jesus.
So, we now have the results.
Thank you.
And moving on to the final,
the restaurant L'Allegria of Mexico City
with its original Serrano ham sandwich.
Whoa. Wait, wait, wait. Casas' face...
...when he looked at the envelope
and he sees...
Okay, a risk I'll admit,
but we got lucky with that ham, no?
That sandwich. I couldn't think
of anything else that would work.
We made it.
I apologize for everything I said.
Oh, buddy, don't worry about it.
You and I have
always been straightforward.
- Yeah, well.
- I'm getting tired.
Wait. Let's finish the lollipop together.
- Good evening, principessa.
- Hey, now, come on.
Good evening.
- Hey there.
- Hi.
Wanna go walking on the beach for a bit?
Ah, you have no idea how hard it is
to walk on the sand with this boot.
Would you just enjoy the night?
- Come on.
- Okay.
You think the DNA test thing is for real?
I don't know, maybe...
just saying do you think she told you that
to try to provoke you?
I don't think so.
Why would she lie to me like that?
Maybe she's not even sure about it.
Just saying.
If I were you,
I'd ask for another sample of DNA.
See how it goes.
Once you have the test, you'll be sure.
But it's been nice so far, you know?
- That's true.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
And you can't just suddenly
back out of ten years of your life
because of a bad ending. Don't do it.
So I'm thinking that conclusions
are entirely overrated for what they are.
That sounds about right.
Well, now where were we?
It was something on the boat?
Ah, I remember.
Mm... Was it? Okay...
Maybe something like this.
Wake up already!
It's ten in the morning!
Your coffee service is on the terrace.
- Coming, coming.
- Let's move it.
Mm, mm, mm. Oh, it's a great day!
Hm? Get some rest?
That smile leads me to think, uh,
you had a fun night with Naomi.
I turned 40, not 15.
So no commentary.
That's fine if you don't wanna say,
but I'm pleased to see you in a good mood.
Say, do you think
that someday Naomi
will leave Chicago
and wanna come live with me?
All right, all right.
I love seeing that my beloved Csar
has come back to life,
but you gotta take your foot
off the pedal.
Okay, accelerate.
Hm. We gotta go to the market
for the ingredients we'll need
for the contest.
Meet me in the lobby.
Oh, okay. Gimme ten minutes. All right?
Dieci minuti.
- All right?
- Not really.
Oh, hey, did you get Selina's number yet?
It's not something I've asked for yet.
It's just I wanna talk to Naomi.
Maybe call their room, no?
I called, but no one answered.
Well, they could be going
to the beach, Csar.
I'm acting like a teenager, right?
I'd say so.
I don't know what's goin' on with me.
I'm feeling a lot of emotions.
I suddenly feel good, then bad.
Good then bad.
No kidding, buddy.
Hey, why don't we hurry up outta here
and get back to the hotel?
Oh boy. Listen to me.
We're winning this thing tonight,
so I need you.
- Yeah.
- We'll win the $20,000.
- Yeah.
- You'll be married to Naomi.
Yes, you will,
and then you'll settle down.
Uh, would she? Accept that?
I was makin' a joke, Csar.
Yeah, yeah.
Wait, wait, wait.
Say that really happened.
Could I count on you?
Yes, Csar.
You know I'd be the witness for you.
- Yeah.
- Thanks.
Eight, nine, ten, 11, 12...
Hold on. Are all these eggs
for the bab meringata?
Yes, yes.
You wanna risk it all?
It's the final. The place to outdo them.
Is this you?
Yes, yes, yes.
Listen to me, I'm doin' fine.
I'm doing much better thanks to this,
thanks to you and to the contest,
and, of course, to Naomi.
Of course Naomi.
- Mr. Marini?
- Yes, my dear?
Mr. Marini, those two ladies,
Selina and Naomi, have left you a message.
Oh, thanks.
"Dear Paolo and Csar,
It was a pleasure to meet you."
"We hope you do well in the contest.
Selina and Naomi."
Mm. Mm.
What's that?
Mm. Mm.
That bitter?
More than you know.
I left everything in the kitchen,
and it looks perfect.
Is there any news
on our friends' whereabouts?
Uh, they went on a tour of Chichn Itz,
and they'll get here later.
Why wouldn't they tell us anything?
Hm. Oh, well, they may have seen
us talking about the contest.
So they went off first.
Yes, but will they get here very late?
- What time?
- Later, later.
- How much later?
- Coming back does take a while.
Well, yeah, but...
- Please. Take it down.
- When? When? Take it down?
Just wanted to know
when they're coming tonight...
What the hell?
Some chocolate ice cream?
A little chocolate might...
might put us in a better mood.
All right, let's have
three chocolate ice creams.
Yes, sir.
Okay, then.
I obviously wanna apologize
for all the harm I've caused you.
I screwed up. Forgive me, won't you?
I need to focus right now.
We're at the final.
Hm. You had that paternity thing done
on Enrique, no?
Never showed me. I'd like to do another.
But there's still a lot
we have to talk about.
First, paternity.
Then we can talk about other things.
Six o'clock! It's late!
You're pushing it.
Sorry, sorry, I fell asleep.
I'm sure it's the stress
of speaking to Amelia.
- Csar, this is the final.
- Huh? Yeah.
- Think about it. We'll finally win. Win!
- Yeah. Yeah.
Do you see what's before us?
A world of projects,
of dreams, anything you can do, yeah?
You mean puttin' together
a new life with Naomi.
- Oh, just one tiny detail with Naomi.
- What?
Please. Are you gonna keep sighing
or do you have something to say to me?
Please. One more and then I'll speak.
AIRPOR Oh, please. Would you stop sighing?
Enough of that.
CANCN AIRPOR Here we are. Watch your step.
Hey, do you need my help?
Attention, passengers.
Why did you buy us two tickets
for Louisville, Kentucky?
Only way to get to the gates.
But why would you buy a ticket for me?
I want you to come with me.
- To Kentucky?
- No. Let's go meet the girls.
There they are.
- Oh, hey!
- Oh, hi!
What's up? Where are you going?
Chicago. It's the end of our vacation.
But you were just gonna leave like that?
Just like that? No goodbye?
My one rule's always been
not to say goodbye.
It makes me anxious.
And I knew it wouldn't be easy
for you to say goodbye.
Well, yeah, but...
Csar, the past few days have been great.
You're doing the best you can.
And besides your issues,
you made me like you.
Made you like or you liked?
No, come on. Come on.
I like you and I'm glad we met.
And I didn't think this would last for us
because of who we are.
- Okay.
- And, if I'm being honest...
With all my problems, I just...
A part of me thinks it's probably best
if I don't get attached.
I know how that sounds.
And we were good.
Really, I liked spending time with you.
No regrets meeting you.
Uh, Naomi...
You... you too.
Hope you get home safe and sound,
- Thank you.
- And you too, my little rock star.
Thank you.
And best of luck to both of you.
- Yeah!
- Yeah!
I know you'll win. You're the best.
- Yeah.
- Well, bye.
- Ciao.
- Ciao.
Come on.
Cesare, how do you make tiramisu?
How do you make tiramisu?
I don't know.
Mascarpone, sugar, eggs,
cocoa, and ladyfinger biscuits. Why?
Ah. There.
You and I are in agreement that tiramisu
tastes best with ladyfingers,
but there are other people
who are out there that
put different cookies in it.
Where? Like Chicago? Like...
Hm. Or in Louisville, Kentucky.
There are other ways to live just as
there are other ways to make tiramisu.
But here's what I know.
I love how you make your tiramisu.
I'm gonna head to my room.
I'll see you in a bit.
Chef Marini.
I hope you're well.
Thank you, Director Casas.
- You're here?
- I escaped.
Mom's asleep. She took something
and then passed out.
I think she's really stressed.
Really stressed out.
You okay?
What are you doing?
For the DNA test.
Best if you would send it in.
But, um, can you wait till
after my First Communion?
I got...
something for you.
Hm. What's this?
Hm. American.
I brought this because I couldn't get
a Swiss one.
Let's try it now.
It's not half bad.
Yeah, not half bad.
This is actually quite good.
Hey. I'm ready.
So, how we doin'?
We're fine. Oh the salad, it was perfect.
Yeah, but when I got
to the rabbit cacciatore,
eh, it wasn't my best.
Dessert's up next.
Well, let's do this.
- The bab merengata?
- The bab merengata!
Eh, that's the base.
Let's go.
Perfect. Perfect.
- Okay. Count it out.
- Yeah.
One, two... Stop.
All right.
Go ahead.
Yeah, that's perfect.
All right.
- Hurry.
- Here goes.
- Forza!
- Forza!
Esteemed Chef Robles.
Chef Galindo.
For you. Enjoy.
- For a job well done.
- For a job well done.
For this, congratulations. Very well done.
Much thanks.
- Thanks. A pleasure.
- Bravo.
- Director Casas.
- Excellent job.
Oh, it's great to hear that. Thanks.
If you hadn't been watchin' over me,
we wouldn't be here.
If it not for your problems,
we probably would've won.
Look at the size of their cup,
and then look at ours.
Thank you. Thank you.
- Thanks so much! Thank you all.
- Thank you.
Thank you! Thank you!
Thank you! Thank you!
Of course!
- Let's take a photo.
- Let's take a photo.
Let's take a photo, everyone! Thank you!
Thanks to everyone!
Thank you! Thank you so much!
It's not so bad.
Hm? Why'd you wanna complicate things
by making rabbit cacciatore?
You were on your own.
Because you wouldn't do your job.
We missed out on $20,000.
What do I tell Sabrina?
This is what we got.
Ooh, second place.
It's all right.
What we experienced was worth it. Hm?
- That's true.
- Endings are overrated.
Mm. Yeah.
Hey, come.
- Oh, please don't start, Csar.
- Come here. Just for a second.
- Mm.
- Stand. Let's go.
Here we are.
We got it pretty nice. Cancn?
Hotel. Total package.
- You're right about that.
- The cool night air.
That moon there.
- Hm. Hm.
- You and I.
Come again?
Good morning.
- Hi, Papa.
- Hey, buddy.
Mwah! Look.
I made some cookies to lighten the mood.
- Thanks.
- Not you.
Want one?
I... I was thinking that...
we could make an arrangement
no matter what happens.
Yeah, that's a good idea.
Well, if you want.
Good morning.
We have the results.
Thank you.
Mom, there's been so many changes,
but I'm adapting,
and doing the best I can
with the new situations.
Uh, the truth is, we're doing fine.
I'm doing fine.
I love you.
So, what do you think about this?
- I want weekdays, obviously.
- Mm-hm.
One weekend with Horacio,
his biological father.
- And one weekend with...
- With me.
- You.
- Yeah, don't worry about it.
Everything's gonna be fine. Okay?
Here it comes.
Thanks a lot!
- How are you feelin'?
- Good.
You'll behave, right?
- Yeah. Yeah.
- Yeah?
- You're visiting your friend Lupe...
- Yeah, Lupita.
- Lupe, right? You like her?
- Hm. Yeah.
- No. No.
- Hey! We'll tell you later.
Bye, we'll see you!
- Will you bring him back Sunday?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- How's it goin'?
- Fine. Well, fine.
- How was the math test?
- So...
- Oh, hey.
- Tell you a secret?
- Yeah?
I kissed Lupita.
Ha! You serious? Yeah!
- But Lupita told me something yesterday.
- Uh-huh?
Her father's been sent to Guadalajara,
but in a month,
her whole family's leaving.
Just my luck. Shit.
Huh? Shit. Shit.
No, no, you don't get depressed, uh?
I mean, sometimes things don't go
according to plan,
but how you react is your choice.
And when you face it,
it gives you strength.
Let me tell you. You can never predict.
Once in a while,
these things turn out well.
Similar to me and you?
Yep. Me and you.
Just like you and your friends.
I think I'm gonna talk to Sofa.
She's another friend.
Who's that?
- She has green eyes...
- Another?
- She's funnier...
- Who is Sofa? Who isSofa?
You gotta tell me about Sofa.
Let's get pizza, you can tell me
about Sofa and Lupita and all of them.