Culpepper Cattle Company, The (1972) Movie Script

Kiss my ass, Ben Mockridge!
Kiss my ass, Tim Slater,
if you can catch it!
Let's go! Let's go!
Yeah! Yeah!
Whoa! Whoa!
- Got you again, Tim.
- Oh, goddamn.
Teach you to mess with
the Ben Mockridge Express.
I'm gonna get you next time, Ben.
Goddamn birds.
I tell you, Ben, if I don't ever see
another chicken again...
as long as I live,
it'll be too soon.
- I've been making plans.
- Yeah? Like what?
You'll see.
- I finally got it.
- Yeah? Where?
- It's in the wagon.
- Let me see.
- Maybe I will.
- Ben, did you bring the laundry?
Uh, here it is, Mr. Slater.
Tell your ma we'll
pay her next week.
That is unless you want
to trade for a couple of chickens.
No thanks, Mr. Slater.
My ma says we could wait.
Go get the laundry, Tim.
Hey. You're gonna show it to me.
- How much?
- Four dollars.
Yeah? Let's see.
That looks like a nice one.
I wish I had one.
If my pa caught me with one,
he'd give me hell.
- Does your ma know you got it?
- No.
- You've been practicing, huh?
- Yeah.
Can you do it? Can you-
Can you really do it?
- Of course I can.
- Let me see.
Told ya I've been making plans.
Yeah, but ain't you still
delivering laundry for your ma?
Not for long.
It so happens that
Frank Culpepper's...
gonna be driving 2,000 head...
to Ft. Lewis, Colorado.
- I plan to go with him.
- Yeah? He signed you on?
Not yet.
Oh, hell, I bet
you ain't even asked him.
I'm waiting for the right time.
- Yeah, when's that gonna be?
Three days after he's gone?
- I just told ya. I'm-
Tim! Unload those crates!
Goddamn chickens!
What you doing creating
so much dust around here?
Excuse me.
Could you tell me where I might find
Mr. Frank Culpepper?
- All right. Coming in.
- Get that big one.
- Come on. Bring in another one.
Keep that rope tight.
Stoke up that fire, boy.
Mr. Culpepper?
Mr. Culpepper is right over here.
Uh, Mr. Culpepper?
Mr. Culpepper?
- Mr. Culpepper.
- What is it, boy?
Can I talk to you
for a minute, Mr. Culpepper?
That's what you're doing, ain't it?
I wanna go with you,
Mr. Culpepper.
I ride real good, and I can do a lot of things.
I mean, I'll work at almost
anything, Mr. Culpepper.
- Oh, I really want to go.
- Why?
'Cause I wanna be a cowboy...
more than anything,
Mr. Culpepper.
Well, that's one hell
of an ambition, boy.
I work hard. I work real hard.
All right. See the cook and...
tell him you're gonna
be his Little Mary.
Thanks, Mr. Culpepper.
I'm Ben Mockridge.
Mr. Culpepper told me to see you.
- He did?
- Yes, sir.
- What for?
- He told me to tell you-
He told me to tell you-
I'm Little Mary.
I got the money, Ma,
from the Newsomes.
Uh, Mrs. Burns paid me, too.
And, uh, Mr. Slater said
he'd pay next week.
I talked to Mr. Frank
Culpepper today.
They're leaving in the morning,
pointing them north.
I asked him
if I could go along.
He hired me, Mom.
Bye, Ben.
- Bye, Mom.
- Be a good boy now.
I've never been up north before.
Wait 'til we get to the desert.
Sand scorching your eyeballs.
Driving through country
that ain't fit for scavengers.
Dry enough to make you
drink your own piss.
Sit downwind, son.
You really got the itch, ain't ya?
Well, I do.
I guess all I want to do...
is punch cows and ride and...
well, just cowboying.
- There's nothing better than that.
- Like hell there ain't.
- That's all I want.
- Kid, cowboying is something you do...
when you can't do nothing else.
Hayden, you old belly cheater.
Damn, what a day.
Finished skinning them birds yet?
- This here's the last one.
- Did you gut him?
- No.
- Hell, what are you waiting for?
How do you know what
to put in there?
I don't.
How do you make that
look so good?
Print, you and Wallop
take the early watch.
Burgess and Old John,
you take the next.
- When's your turn, Frank?
- Not me.
I'm the king
on this one, mister.
King don't do nothing
but sit on his ass.
The way the Good Lord intended.
Hey, Little Mary...
picket up my horse for me.
Uh, yes, sir. Pete.
Good God!
I just told that kid
to take the horse...
over to
the picket line.
I didn't say to ride him.
I'm telling you,
that kid's as green as grass.
Hey, I had a girl back home once.
Lily of the valley.
Yeah, she was real pretty.
Uh-huh. Pretty goddamn ugly...
and pretty likely
to stay that way.
No, I was gonna marry her.
You'd fall in love
with a stump broke mule.
Oh, you sons of bitches
can go to hell.
She's probably like
one of them girls...
you was telling us about,
in that saloon.
Oh, yeah. You should have
been with me, Print.
That was some place.
Oh, a place like
any other saloon.
Only it had this here
glass ceiling.
Bunch of Parisian girls
living up on it.
- How many of them was there?
- Sixteen, 17 of them.
- Naked as jaybirds.
- Damn!
That's right.
Every now and then, one of them kinda
hunkered down on all fours...
and licked the glass
with her tongue.
I'm telling you. I was sitting
down there looking up at 'em.
Well, how come, uh, with all the naked
Parisian gals up there...
the glass didn't break?
Small. Little tiny girls.
Only stood about that high.
Well, that's the truth.
I gotta get out to the herd.
I got enough of this for one night.
Stampede! Stampede!
Stampede, boys!
Get mounted!
Hyah! Hyah!
Hyah! Hyah!
Don't get- Don't get
too close to 'em!
Get 'em milling!
Mill 'em around!
I can count 20 strays...
but there's 200 more
in a box canyon...
- about three miles-
- Good, Pete.
An old man's got 'em,
and he's holding 'em.
- Did you talk to him?
- Yeah.
He said, "Come and get 'em."
How many's there?
- Like I said, about 200 head.
- I mean men.
Oh, the old man's
the only one I saw.
Burgess, Wallop,
stay here with Marco.
The rest of you boys,
come go with me.
Does that mean me, too?
You got ears, ain't you?
In there.
The old man was standing
right there before.
Well, he ain't there now.
Print. Cook.
Ramon, arriba.
Rutter, come with me.
Stay here and hold
their horses, kid.
Sure glad to see you, mister.
Been waiting for hours.
Your cattle, huh? They sure do run.
And by the time
we found these here...
they was plumb run out.
You're mighty lucky
we come upon 'em...
the way they was
I appreciate it.
The way I see it...
generosity deserves its own reward.
fifty cents a head?
Rounds out nice and even
that way, don't it?
I don't think I'm that generous.
You sure disappoint me, mister.
And what's more,
you disappoint these boys back here...
after they worked so hard...
and they're plumb cultus...
just as mean as they come.
So do you wanna
search your soul?
Suppose I don't.
Then you ain't gonna get your cows.
Well, in that case,
I guess we have no choice.
Hey, boy. Come over here.
Yes, sir, Mr. Culpepper.
Now we're just about right here.
I want you to ride due south...
until you come across
this little river.
Shouldn't take you more
than three or four hours.
You listening?
Yes, sir. Due south.
And then head west
right into the sun.
Over here is Castigo.
No more than
an easy day's ride.
You got it?
Yes, sir. Castigo.
I'll find it, Mr. Culpepper.
Go into the cantina,
and you ask for Russ Caldwell.
Russ Caldwell.
You tell him I've lost four men,
and I need him.
Two or three others as good as him
if he can find them.
A dollar a day and found.
You got that?
Yes, sir. I'll tell him.
A dollar a day and found.
Then get to goin'.
Now, I'm counting on you, boy.
Thank you, Mr. Culpepper.
Good-bye... Cook.
Damn kid.
He ain't never gonna
find his way back here.
What did he say?
Oh, he wants to bet you can't
hold your hand on that jar...
and keep it there
when that snake strikes.
Yellow bastard!
Afraid of a snake!
- Excuse me, but I'm looking
for Mr. Russ Caldwell.
Thank you.
Mr. Russ Caldwell?
You're looking at him.
Mr. Frank Culpepper-
Now cut that out!
What do you want, boy?
Go on. Say it.
Mr. Frank Culpepper
lost four men.
He need's you and two or three others
as good as you.
Dollar a day and found.
I can lead you
back to where they are.
Don't stand behind me, kid.
Well? You walk here?
I-I lost my horse.
There was only two of them.
They took my gun, too...
and Mr. Culpepper's horse.
Get your stuff, kid.
He was moving.
Well, shit.
That's my gun.
Let him have 'em.
This is Luke, Dixie Brick,
and this here's Missoula.
- They're all good men.
- Glad you brought 'em.
Uh, listen, Frank...
we're gonna have to make
more than a dollar a day.
Then you rode all the way
out here for nothing.
Don't turn you back
on me, mister.
Don't let your mouth
overload your hardware, cowboy.
Things have been tough, Frank...
and they're getting
harder all the time.
It's no fault of mine.
Dollar a day.
- Which one?
- Which one?
Which one have I been
talking about all this time?
No, there's no question, Wallop.
That woman was playing tunes.
You're getting worse all the time.
You ain't gonna find
anything like that in a small town.
- Small town, hell.
- I was in St. Louis one time.
I went to this sporting house...
and damn if there wasn't a little girl
in there who had three tits.
- Say what?
- Three tits.
One, two, three. Count 'em.
Each one of them just as ripe
and rosy as the other.
Now, boys,
I'll bear witness...
that was a sight to behold.
What was her name?
Her name?
Rosie McCormack.
You heard of her?
but I heard of Hank McCormack.
They say he could shoot
the flame off a candle...
at 50 feet.
Not only that, on the next shot,
he'd fire it up again.
Is that a fact?
Old man Fuller...
well, that's someone
I know back home...
he said he saw
his trigger finger once...
in this big glass jar
over in Leffertsville.
Said it was the meanest looking
trigger finger he ever saw.
Mean and bony.
Boy, you don't watch out...
you gonna grow up to be
a worse liar than I am.
- Hey. You're rubbing off on that kid.
- Shit.
You call this found?
Nobody said you had to eat it.
I told you once before.
Don't stand behind me, kid!
How come they keep
calling me Little Mary?
That's your name, kid.
What's the matter?
Don't you like it?
No, I don't.
It's a girl's name.
that's what they call
a cook's helper.
Little Mary.
Christ, I wish you was a girl.
Sure is a nice horse.
What's his name?
You don't have to put a name...
on something
you might have to eat.
How are they?
They're tired, Frank.
They won't run tonight.
I'll remember you said that.
Missoula, Wallop,
you got the first round.
Russ, Dixie Brick,
you got the next.
Mr. Culpepper,
I'll go on night watch.
- Forget it.
- I can do it. Really.
I'm not tired or anything.
Hell, let the kid take my place.
I'll tell you what, kid, you can-
You can ride for me, too.
how do you know
the kid's any good?
You gotta sing to them cows.
I haven't heard that kid
let out with...
one single, solitary note.
You know, that's a fact.
You know, if you don't
sing to them cows just right...
they'll just wander off.
So come on. Why don't you
sing us a song?
Come on, sing. Come on!
I'm not sure
how the rest goes.
That's enough.
Get your horse.
Hell, boy. You're gonna shoot
your damn foot off.
Who-Who's there?
Don't get excited, kid.
Just me. Wallop.
Oh, yeah. I thought it was you.
You got any tobacco?
No, I don't.
It's all yours, kid.
Who's there?
You better come out here
right now.
Now you just stand right there.
I mean hold it.
Hell, boy.
You don't wanna shoot me.
Why'd you wanna do that?
Get back. Put your hands up.
Listen, boy.
I just wanna talk to you.
I wasn't tryin' to steal those horses.
I was just-
Oh, hell.
Yeah, you-you know
what I was doin'.
- Yeah. I was just-
- Get back.
All right. All right.
Okay. I'm-
I'm gonna tell you.
I'm gonna tell you
just exactly what I was doin'.
Mighty nice horse.
Frank, the remuda's gone.
Roll out, boys! Make it fast.
The horses are gone!
- What is it?
- How the hell should I know?
- Easy, kid.
- What the hell happened to you?
M-Mr. Culpepper, I-
- They jumped me.
- Who jumped you?
- They beat me up.
- Who?
I was riding along...
and I saw there was
some guy by the horses...
and- I didn't know
how many there were, and, uh-
Go on. Go on.
Well, there was a one-eyed man
and he started to talk to me.
Talkin' to you? What the hell do you mean?
He was talking to you?
- Yeah, just talkin' to me.
- Well, why the hell didn't you shoot him?
- I wanted to, Mr. Culpepper.
I swear to God I wanted to.
- But you didn't.
Well, I'm sorry, I-
Damn stupid kid.
I should've known better.
I'm sorry.
Let's get him back up.
Missoula, go in there...
and find out where
we can get us some horses.
While you're in there...
get the kid a ticket
on the next stage.
Where to?
I don't give a damn
as long as we get rid of him.
Hey, ask if there's a doc in town.
Frank, how about a drink?
Let's get rid of the kid first.
Doctor's around back.
No stage till tomorrow night,
and he doesn't know nothin' about no horses.
Keep a watch on the horses.
Come now here, son.
What happened?
Well, you're young.
You'll mend fast.
You ready for that
drink now, Frank?
Come on, kid.
Okay, drop in and go on
through there, friends.
Give us a bottle.
That'll be two dollars a bottle.
Maybe we're not gonna
drink the whole bottle.
That don't make me no never mind.
It's still two dollars a bottle.
It might not be
worth two dollars.
- There's only one way you're gonna find out.
- Come on.
Okay. I'll call you.
Hey, how about
some glasses here?
There's only one way you can find out.
You gonna call or ain't you?
Say, friend, a town like this...
there ought to be
a lot of horses.
There's enough. Why?
Could be we're interested.
You-You don't look like
no stock buyers to me.
What do stock buyers
look like, mister?
- Hmm?
- Come on.
He ain't gonna give you the damn card.
He never could shuffle anyway.
- Let me finish shufflin'.
- Huh?
- Well, you're takin' all day.
- All right, you shuffle, goddamn it.
Leave me alone,
you son of a bitch.
- It's him.
- Who?
The one-eyed man
who stole the horses.
What do you want to do now?
- Put your ante up.
- You'd better be sure, boy.
- I'm sure.
- Bartender.
You want something, mister?
Cover him, kid.
Take it easy.
If he moves, kill him.
We're looking for some horses.
I understand you got a lot of 'em.
Well, here's a man
who wants to buy some horses.
I didn't say that.
Well, then, uh...
what did you say, friend?
- Three cards.
- I said I'm looking for some horses.
I was just watching
the game, mister.
Maybe it's best you just
tell me where they are.
We ain't got no horses.
- Yeah, you do.
- Who says?
The kid. The one
you stomped last night.
I didn't stomp any kid.
We ain't got no horses.
Where are the horses?
- I don't know nothin' about no-
- The horses!
I'm not gonna
ask you again, mister.
Listen, I- I didn't have
any part in this. I-
I don't know anything.
I want to go home.
I want to go home. L-
I was just watching.
Just watching. I swear it.
For a reformed man,
I could've sworn...
you looked like
you was enjoying that.
This one's still breathing.
Get up.
- Can you hear me?
- Get me a doc. Please.
We will. But first, you tell me
where you put those horses.
- A gully just outside of town.
- Which way?
It's about a mile east.
Where the road forks.
- You believe him?
- Yeah.
- Is he dead?
- Deader 'n hell, kid.
Deader 'n hell.
Come on, kid.
Let's get the horses.
Will you guys
hold it down out there?
You're gonna get dust
in your grub!
Thought you were gonna
get rid of the kid.
Sure as hell ain't worth it.
You just like to travel.
Best part is gettin' into town...
or gettin' out of town.
In-between is lousy.
The same with women.
Goddamn you, kid.
I told you to
stay out of my way.
What the hell is goin' on here?
- Ah, this crazy son of a bitch slugged the kid.
- He took my gun.
I was just lookin' at it, Mr. Culpepper,
honest. I didn't mean-
- Shut up.
- Nobody calls me a son of a bitch.
That's right. The gun was lying
on the blanket. The kid just picked it up.
That ain't no reason
to slug anybody.
You want to try to do
something about it?
You gonna do anything
about this, Frank?
- No business of mine.
- Frank?
It's just you and me.
It was my fault.
I shouldn't have picked it up.
Go on, beat it, kid.
It's your move.
Mr. Culpepper, this ain't right.
I don't want no fight.
I ain't done nothin'.
I ain't no damn gunslinger.
Why, I don't want no trouble.
You called me a son of a bitch.
Nobody calls me a son of a bitch.
I take it back. I take it back.
I'm waiting.
Well, ain't anybody
gonna do anything?
- I'm still waiting.
- Well, to hell with it.
You son of a bitch, you.
I told you I was gonna do that, didn't I?
Nobody calls you
a son of a bitch, huh, Russ?
Well, I wasn't talking
about you, Frank.
'Cause you're a rotten
son of a bitch.
You give me any more trouble,
I'll blow your damn head off.
You understand?
- I said, understand?
- Yeah!
Mr. Culpepper, I'm sorry.
I-I didn't mean nothin'.
You just cost me a good man, boy.
So from now on,
you better make yourself real small.
Damned if I wouldn't rather
be robbing banks.
Yeah. Sure as hell hope
they got one in Fort Lewis.
We just might do that.
There's water,
right over the hill.
- Let 'em go!
- Hyah! Hyah!
Come on, move 'em up!
Get around there, Ben!
Hyah! Hyah!
We're going into town
to try to find out...
who owns this land...
- before we get our heads shot off.
- Yeah.
While we're gone, take a couple of the boys
and try to get that fence back up.
Yes, Mr. Culpepper.
You do look awfully pretty.
Get your horse and you follow 'em.
I-I need supplies.
Now, I need
two sacks of flour...
a sack of beans,
big bag of Arbuckles...
and potatoes and onions,
if they got 'em.
All right, I'll remember that.
Well, tell it back
to me anyway.
Two sacks of flour,
a sack of beans...
a big bag of Arbuckles.
Taters and onions, too,
if they got 'em.
Smart-alecky kid.
Should be home with your ma.
- Uh, whiskey all around?
- Just pour it.
You gentlemen just
passing through, or...
y-you plan on
stayin' for a while?
Who owns that piece of grazing land
just west of here, by the river?
Uh, that'd be,
M-Mr. Thorton Pierce.
Thorton Pierce?
Yeah. He owns practically
everything around here.
Got some business.
I'd like to talk with him.
Y-You run and find
Mr. Pierce, do you hear?
We'll have another.
Yes, sir.
While you gentlemen
are waitin'...
I got something
you might enjoy...
passing the time with.
Such as?
Out in that back room there...
is a n-nice little lady.
f-former virgin.
I p- I paid $60
for her in Santa Fe...
just last month.
- How old is she?
- How much?
I- I'll tell you what-
Uh, let's see,
there's, uh, there's...
six of you...
I'll make it f-four dollars
for the lot...
and- and you can
chip away all you want.
And what about the kid?
Think he ought to go half price?
Tell you what...
four dollars, and I'll
throw in the whiskey.
That sounds good.
What do you think, Russ?
I think we should
take a look at her.
Come on, Dixie.
Come on, Dixie.
You really pay $60 for that?
I-It's the honest truth, mister.
Well, shit, you sure got took.
Hey, Russ?
Why don't we let
the kid go first?
Go on.
Go on.
Go on.
- Come on, kid, go get in there.
- You get it while it's hot.
Oh, Lord.
Well, what's this I hear...
about somebody wants to
talk business with me?
You Mr. Pierce?
Frank Culpepper.
Those your cattle
sittin' on my land?
Yep. We're drivin' 'em to Colorado.
I don't care where
you're drivin' 'em.
Right now they're
drinkin' my water...
and eatin' my grass.
That's why we rode in,
to make an arrangement.
You should've thought of that
before you drove...
your pretty little cows
onto my property.
- We'll pay a fair price.
- You will?
Well, that'll be
up to me to decide.
I sell my grazing rights
for 30 cents a head per day!
I'll tell you what, $200.
We'll be out of there tomorrow night.
The way I figure it, you owe me $200
right up to now.
And the price, why,
it keeps goin' up all the time.
- Like hell.
- Keep out of this.
We'll move 'em out- today.
First off I gotta have
my damages...
for trespassing.
The 200 will do for a start.
No, it sure as hell won't.
You ain't got no choice, mister.
Mr. Culpepper?
So first off you...
just drop your gun belts
on the floor.
'Cause all I gotta do is spit.
Now drop 'em. All of you!
Nice and polite, ain't ya?
$200, my friend.
All right, pick up
your feet and get moving.
Get out!
Now get your horses
and walk 'em out of town! Scat, boy!
And you, too, Texas.
I don't stay generous for long.
Ain't no egg-suckin'
son of a bitch...
ever take my gun before.
Ain't you gonna do nothin'?
We're going back
to move the cattle out.
Ain't nobody
gonna take my gun.
What the hell's the matter
with you, Frank?
You heard me!
We're taking the cows
to Fort Lewis.
Mr. Culpepper, what about the supplies?
Forget it!
- Ain't nobody ever done that to me.
- Shut up.
You want a chaw?
Um, no, thanks.
Hey, boy.
Hey, Little Mary.
- Yeah?
- Is it true what they're saying?
About what?
About them three pretty girls
you seen in town.
Was there really
three of em there?
Yeah, that's right.
Three of em.
- A dark'un, a redhead, and a blonde?
- That's right.
Is it really true that that blonde's
from Paris? Paris, France?
That's right.
Sure wish I'd been there.
Which one did you have, boy?
I had 'em all.
Had 'em all?
I sure wish I'd been there.
Water and grass.
- How far?
- Three miles.
- Anyone there?
- Settlers.
They said
we're welcome to it.
There's water up ahead!
Keep 'em moving!
Hyah! Hyah!
Easy! Easy! Hyah!
Let 'em drink
and then bed 'em down.
I'm Frank Culpepper.
I want to thank you people
for your kindness.
You're welcome here, my friend.
I'm brother Nathaniel Greene.
This here's brother Ephraim.
Brother, huh?
We're all brothers
and sisters here.
All children of God.
We've been following the path
that God set for us.
It's been a long
and difficult journey.
We passed through
the wilderness at last.
And he's led us here.
This valley's our Canaan.
Here we shall build,
and all will be welcome.
Well, I never would've figured
anything like that.
Would you?
I feel naked as hell
without my goddamn gun.
Boy, I'll tell ya...
some things more
important to a man than cattle.
Here in this valley,
we shall live in peace and love.
We shall live without fear
and without greed.
Here we shall build a refuge
for the weary and the sick...
and the outcast...
and we shall ask no help...
but we shall offer it to all.
Each shall give what he can...
and each shall receive
what he needs.
This land will be
the land of innocence...
and here a man can live
without violence, without bloodshed.
I promise you as God
has promised me that this shall be.
Easy, boys!
Well, now, Texas,
you're still on my land.
That means you're still trespassing.
It could cost you plenty.
Seems to me like you
got an awful lot of land.
You got a deed to it?
These are all the deeds I need.
You got one hour to get off.
Start movin' and don't stop.
You'll reach the salt flats by nightfall,
and you're welcome to 'em.
If you've got any other ideas,
just remember...
that last time
I took your money...
and I took your guns
and that was pretty easy.
This time I may have to take all of your
cattle, and that could even be easier.
- It won't be.
- Then I'm giving you one hour...
to get your cattle off my land...
or I'm tellin' ya, Texas,
I'm gonna take 'em all!
I'm gonna take
everything you got!
One hour.
That's all the time I'm givin' you.
And you, too, brother!
I warned you before, and I'm warnin' you
again! Get off my land!
God's land.
- My land!
- God's land.
He brought us here,
and here we shall stay.
This is his bounty.
There is land enough for all.
You're a squatter, and around here,
we shoot squatters!
We come back,
ain't nobody better be here...
'cause we're comin' in to blast
whatever trespassers is left!
Give 'em a taste.
God sent you here to help us.
Mister, the only place
that God is sendin' me...
is to Fort Lewis, Colorado.
He's givin' me one hell of
a hard time getting there.
- He'll kill us.
- All you have to do is leave.
We cannot.
- You ain't gonna let him do it again, are ya?
- We're movin' out now!
Damn it, Frank!
I ain't gonna take this anymore!
You want to eat that old man's dirt,
you go ahead...
but don't ask me to
swallow it for ya!
Ain't nobody askin' you to.
I got maybe 12 or 15 days to Fort Lewis...
and right now I don't care what I have to do,
as long as I get there!
Come on, kid.
Hurry it up. You ready to roll?
- Right.
- I'm not goin', Mr. Culpepper.
I'm sorry.
- I'm- I'm stayin'.
- What the hell for? Get on that wagon, boy.
Quit wastin' time.
These people, they need
some kind of help.
You can't help 'em.
Some things are more important to a man
than cattle, Mr. Culpepper.
Not to me.
Roll 'em.
- Move 'em out!
- Hyah!
Give me your rifle
and some ammunition.
I said, give it to me!
Damn stupid kid!
Come on, cowboy.
Do this right.
- Well, shit, come on.
- Come here, boy.
How long are they gonna keep that up?
I don't know, but these people sure
are gonna be disappointed.
They're expectin' God to come down
and help 'em, but all they're gonna get is us.
Here they come.
We're leavin'.
We can't stay in
this field of death.
This entire valley's
been soiled with blood.
But you said you
wanted this land.
God never meant for us to stay.
He was only testin' us.
You're welcome to come
with us, if you want to.
What about them?
You're not just gonna leave 'em there.
You've got bury them first.
God's will is that we go.
I said you've got to bury them!