Cult Killer (2024) Movie Script

Thanks, Connie.
She arrived first,
sat waiting for 30 minutes
and boyfriend shows up.
They usually hang,
have some drinks, then head out.
A romance.
Come on, guys.
We can't stop now.
A few more and who knows...
And who knows what might happen.
No, no, not enough for that yet.
Come on, pay up.
What's all that?
She comes through
every week or so,
talks to guys,
gets 'em to buy her drinks,
disappears before anything bad
can happen.
As long as there's no trouble,
I let it slide.
Besides, she tips good
with other people's money.
-A little dark?
-Sure thing.
He's coming over.
-I know.
-Can I have another round?
Who the fuck are you?
I'm gonna need you
to give me that camera.
-I could have-
-I know you are Dexter Conell.
Yeah. One of four partners
at Conell, Ajax and O'Connor.
Yeah. You know,
I've been hired by your firm.
I mean, to say your partners,
including your wife, Elizabeth.
Yeah. Just to see who
you are stepping out with.
And you, you are Ashley, right?
You're the mail girl?
I'm an assistant, actually.
Yeah, well,
just some advice, Ashley,
don't fall for the first
swinging dick douche bag,
especially, if they own
the firm. You know?
You're better than that.
Listen, you son of a bitch,
you have no right
to be invading my privacy.
You don't have an expectation
of privacy in public, no.
But I do have something for you.
Here, you've been served.
Go, go.
Maybe it's better
if you just head for the door
and don't make it any worse
than it already is.
You saw that?
Man was threatening.
Yeah, definitely threatening.
Hey, thanks.
No, I mean, thank you
for telling the girl to leave.
-Oh, no. No worries.
All right, boys,
this is the last round.
After this, I'm leaving.
Not if we don't let you leave.
Oh, baby, that is a road
you do not want to go down.
And I'm calling you baby,
I don't remember
any of your names.
You all just look
the same to me.
But after I leave,
whatever you do,
don't follow me,
because as fucked up as I am,
I could cause each and every one
of you serious...
physical harm.
-You want me to call the law?
-No, not yet.
Let our friend go
and we won't hurt you.
Oh, hey!
Go away, old man!
Old man? Wow.
So, now what are you gonna do?
There's nothing really
you can do. I have the gun.
I would drop the baton.
Good, thank you.
Now take your friends
and get the fuck out of here.
Yes, sir.
Thank you, eh?
Thank you very much.
I'm just gonna
get my bag there, so...
-Right then.
-Are you okay?
That was...
'Cause in there you carried
yourself a bit differently,
so you... I mean,
that was quite...
That was quite impressive.
Well... are you happy of...
living a life...
that leads you
to situations like that?
You know, kind of pathetic.
-Don't you think?
Well, most people would say,
"You're welcome.
Have a nice life."
But you, you have
a "you're a piece of shit"
-bedside manner.
-No, no, no, no.
I didn't say that
you are a piece of shit
because you are not one.
You're a drunk.
And one day
it'll kill you, slowly, it will.
Are you tired of being a drunk?
This cocktail thing, man,
you know, 20 odd years
in Dublin,
get through that,
go back to where I grew up,
become Detective Sergeant,
and spent a few years
like that yank Andy Griffith.
No. Worst thing Andy ever faced
was a town drunk.
You had rich people
getting themselves killed.
Yeah, and some other rich people
running interference.
Then out of nowhere,
my lead investigator
or my only investigator,
gets a job consulting,
three times the pay.
Maybe they'll offer me a job.
So, listen, uh,
I know you are bringing me
on this site, man.
Isn't stuff like this
need to be approved by...
your superintendent
or the bureau?
No, we need to keep this
on the down low.
There's too many
important people
that don't want this
be looked at,
so no one's
gonna investigate it.
I'll come by at 930
and go over today's interviews.
I can't figure
these bastards out.
-Some hinky shit.
Wanna grab your bag
from the office?
No, I'm gonna go
back to the room
and just take a nap.
-See you later.
-See ya. Bye.
Excuse me.
You thought you could find me?
I found you first.
Sorry, what?
Oh, um,
I don't need your address.
No, I don't need
to write it down.
I know where it is.
I'm two hours away. I'll need...
I'll need three hours.
I'll be there at 9:00. Bye.
One year.
Who would've thunk?
I have faith.
Well, I'm glad you did
'cause sometimes I wondered.
When you wondered, you called.
That's how this works.
I know they gave you
the one last night, but...
I think this one might be a...
a better fit.
If you want it, of course.
Grateful I'm not dead.
That's perfect.
No, I will not bloody cry.
Thank you.
You're a dickhead.
You worked for Tallini
for how long?
Three years, and a couple
of years before that
doing research.
I'm quite good at research.
Yeah, he mentioned that,
information studies.
He spoke about me?
Yeah. Yes, Information Studies.
He was also my sponsor and...
um, last night I fucked it up.
No, it happens. I don't judge
and neither would he.
If you want there's a place
nearby to take a meeting.
What I really want is
to pick up Mikeal's case.
I owe Mikeal
for a thousand things,
and I really think
that I would be good at this,
and I promise you
that I am ready to take on--
Detective Sergeant.
Good morning.
It appears you and I
need to have
yet another conversation
about this--
this little witch hunt
you're orchestrating
against my client.
This witch hunt
you're referring to
is an investigation
into the murder
of one of your clients
who's also a golfing buddy,
and I don't know,
secret sect member,
Well, the only relationship
germane to this conversation
is that of solicitor and client,
and my clients
are private people.
They don't take very well
to your little private Gestapo.
God, witch hunt, Gestapo,
is there any other metaphors
you wanna throw
into this conversation?
I don't know, maybe.
Let me introduce you
to Cassie Holt.
She's a colleague
of my late friend
and private Gestapo,
Mikeal Tallini.
I'm sorry, did you say late?
He was stabbed to death,
much like your former client.
And his wounds were excessive,
much like your former client.
Jesus, my... my deepest
sympathies for your loss.
Yeah, maybe now you'll...
you'll call off this
absurd little investigation.
Well, you see, I can't now
it's an international crime.
I'm sorry, what?
The laws on the murder
of a law enforcement officer
extend past service and borders.
So, if I make
one phone call here,
it's gonna rain investigators
all over the fucking place.
And I'm sure their departments
will be interested in a cabal.
Yeah, Victor,
I've read up on your history
wherein you had investigators
close this case prematurely,
which now might be related
to the murder
of a brother investigator.
I hereby appoint you,
Cassie Holt,
special investigator
to the murder of Mikeal Tallini.
Actually, while you're here,
Victor, would you mind?
We need a witness
while she signs.
Absolutely. Do you want me to--
Go fuck yourself!
I'll show myself out.
Yeah, please do.
Sharon, actually,
would you mind
witnessing this because...Yeah.
And get her ID'd up. Thanks.
Well, there she is.
-It's about god damn time.
-What do you want?
Well, he's hired
another fucking PI.
Hmm. Really?
Some girl who used
to work for Tallini...
-...who turns out is dead.
Did you have anything
to do with that?
No. Categorically not.
Had no idea.
You're sure about that?
I don't like you bastards enough
to help you without being paid.
The feeling
is absolutely mutual.
You're in it
just as deep as the rest of us.
If one of us goes down,
you remember
what I've got on you.
Oh, spare me the threats,
tough guy.
Do you want me to find out
what I can on this new PI?
-Give me a couple of hours.
-I will.
So, what do you think?
I make it official?
Well, I thought you'd never ask.
Wait, are we getting married
-...are you offering me a job?
No. Married one time.
One time only.
No, no,
this is about work, you tonta.
Tonta? Hardly.
You have seen
the better part of the job
over the last couple of years.
Now I'll show you
how to run a business,
fine tune investigation,
and how to protect yourself,
how to shoot.
I get a gun?
Eh! Keep it down.
But, yeah,
you can carry it and--
-Once licensed. Okay? Yeah.
-This is easy to hide.
Nasty little bullets that go
and can fuck up someone's day.
Open it.
Open it. Right. Okay.
-Heavier than it looks.
-Oh, God.
-Easy to shoot.
-Yeah. Okay. Right.
Sorry. Sorry,
I didn't hear you, what?
Are you packing?
Well, I'm a single girl
living in a shitty part of town,
and my best friend
was just murdered,
so yeah, I'm packing, why?
Is it a Walther
with the letter E on the grip?
It is.
How did you know?
It's Ellie's, Mikeal's wife.
That I did not know.
Here's notes on the interviews
Mikeal tried to conduct.
Let's just bring you
up the speed.
We're gonna have
so much fun tonight.
Come here.
We're not gonna hurt you,
just come here.
Now, outside of punctuality,
you need to learn hierarchy.
See, you work for me.
You don't call me
and tell me where to meet you.
Oh, I'd be happy
to come to your office,
but someone might see us.
Makes it a little bit
more difficult,
one of your buddies
decides to accidentally
-kill someone again.
-Ah, Jesus. That was one time.
Now do you want
this profile or not?
-Let's hear it.
It's Catherine Elate Holt.
She's 35 years old
born in London.
She went to LCC
for her Library Science degree.
She worked
at a couple city libraries,
-but got fired for being drunk.
After being fired,
she moved here,
became an AA member,
met Tallini.
He became her sponsor,
and he eventually
started hiring her
for doing some
of his small jobs.
Have you got a picture of her?
He's probably fucking her.
She had reoccurring sexual abuse
by her step-grandfather,
started at a young age
up until university.
She came home for the break.
He tried again.
-She kicked his ass.
No one told the old man
that she's taking
Brazilian jiu-jitsu.
He went away
for a couple of years.
Well, his solicitor
was probably shite.
Those allegations
are easy enough to deflect.
Well, she started hiding
her phone in secondary school
and started videotaping
the assaults.
Do you want deeper?
No, this is good enough.
Just gives us a heads up
who we're dealing with.
She's not as experienced
as Tallini, see?
So, I'm not that worried.
Oh. There's your money.
Yeah. Thank you.
Give it to me.
And we left the pub
late afternoon,
Mikeal went west
towards his hotel,
and I went home.
I can't.
Look, I know it's hard, but...
you build up these compartments
and I'm not sure
if it's healthy, but it works.
All right, photo number three
shows how the body was found.
The positioning
leads us to believe
that the killer
came from behind.
The decedent, Mikeal, turned
and he was stabbed
eight times.
And after he hit the ground,
the coup de grace
was the cutting
of the carotid artery.
His pockets were gone through,
his phone and his room key
were taken.
His ID was left beside the body,
and his gun was left
in the holster.
Yes, they didn't take the gun.
That doesn't make sense.
No, it does not.
It was also incredibly ballsy
to attack him in broad daylight.
I... I...
Well, I suppose
we should go to the hotel.
Why can't I go?
Mainly because my man
doesn't have the value
to pay for two investigators.
Second, I need you
to run the office
while I am down there.
-But it's a murder.
-Mm. Yeah.
You said that hardly
ever happens in our world.
The last time
a private investigator
solved a murder
was like never, ever.
What if some hard boiled
film noir shit happens?
Like what?
Well, I don't know,
you've seen movies.
No, none of that is gonna happen
because those things
don't happen in real life.
All I'm gonna do is interview
friends of the dead guy,
just to see
if they have any idea
of who wanted
their friend killed.
That's it.
Meanwhile, you run the office
for the week I am gone,
continue tracking the--
the money trail
and that construction thing,
and when I am back, well,
we'll present it
to the client's solicitor
and we get paid, and that's it.
-But I'm officially protesting.
-Noted and filed. Yeah.
-And you have to promise me.
-No, no, no.
If some film noir shit happens,
I'll call you.
-All right.
Hi. Cassie.
Nice to meet you.
Hi, Cassie. Glenn.
-Nice to meet you.
-Hi, Glenn.
Glenn, thanks for
sitting out here.
How's it going?
This is Cassie.
She worked with Tallini.
Yeah, we just met. Yeah.
Yeah. She's gonna be
helping us out here.
Okay. Perfect.
Picked this up last night.
Ah, good call. Anything weird?
Did you go in?
I did not. Nope.
Just sat up on it and watched.
Okay, cool.
Right, well, then we're gonna go
check out the room
and you go ahead,
go home, get some rest.
-Will do.
-Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
Whatever they were looking for,
I'm guessing they didn't find.
What time did your man get here?
Got here right at 10:00.
I got the call at 8:00
that Mik's body been found.
Then covering the crime scene,
realized that the phone and key
had been taken,
sent Glenn over.
Should have had him enter.
They must have come here
right after killing him.
Hello, Cassie Holt.
So, this is the murder house?
This is where
Mikeal was investigating?
Yeah, this is it.
John Abernathy.
So, what's his story?
Oh, he's part of the remaining
old money in this area.
Like most of them,
living on past family glory.
Don't think he's ever worked
a day in his life.
He's a widower, for a couple
of decades now, at least.
What the hell is this?
May I help you, sir?
Yeah. I've come to show
my investigator the crime scene.
that won't be possible.
I'm sorry, say that again.
We're unable to let you
into the house.
Uh. Active murder investigation,
crime scene.
Is any of this computing
with you, pal?
The predicament
isn't lost on me, sir.
But our instructions
were quite clear.
No one enters without a warrant.
-Do you have a warrant, sir?
-Who hired you?
I'm afraid
I'm not liberty to say, sir.
Look, you're not getting in.
So, go ahead and go.
Sir, I'm gonna tell
your buddy here
to take his finger
off the trigger
and render that weapon safe
or it's gonna hurt
coming back out of his ass.
I will fucking murder you,
She's a little excited,
so pay attention to me, closely.
Now remove the gun,
drop the magazine,
and rack the slide to clear it.
Do it now.
Your boy got anything else?
No, just the rifle.
Just a rifle. Okay. Yeah.
At least you have an amount
of professional about you.
Ditch these two,
or they're gonna
get you killed someday.
And that's the stupidest thing
I've ever heard.
We're gonna go get a warrant,
and we're gonna go
into this crime scene.
We'll be back tomorrow morning.
Alert who ever hired you.
You hungry?
-Thank you.
"I'll fucking murder you,
-It got his attention.
-That it did.
Are you actually gonna
get a warrant
to go into a house
you have every right to enter?
No, not at all.
-You're gonna go in on your own.
So, what's it like
being a private investigator?
I never intended to be one.
I was in the Interpol
for 26 years,
retired and had other plans,
you know?
Ellie got sick, died, yeah.
So, I knew if I didn't find
something to do,
loneliness and boredom
would take me out.
So, I got the license,
started working, and...
It's not terribly different
than what I was doing before,
you know.
Paper trails, interviews,
all that.
Get beat up in alleys,
bring down crooked governments,
bad women with hearts of gold
and turbo hot bodies.
Yeah, sure. Yeah.
I wish. Yeah. Yeah.
I read all of those books
when I was growing up,
you know, but... they're fun
and complete bullshit.
-Now, first of all,
forget everything
you see in movies.
The job is almost always boring.
You sit up for hours,
watching something
with binoculars.
You get really good at peeing
in a bottle.
Yeah. It's-- It is what it is.
You know?
Plus side, you-- you work when
you want or you need to, and...
money is, uh...
decent. So, yeah.
That sounds perfect.
-Sign me up.
Are you serious?
Well, I need a job
and I'm good with searches,
data sheets and stuff.
You know, I'm a trained
librarian. Remember?
Okay, we-- we-- we--
We-- we can talk about it
and try it out.
'Cause you had me
at peeing in a bottle.
It will be spectacular.
I can't pee in a bottle.
Okay, so the assholes
are outside.
I'm guessing they're not
allowed in the house.
Would you let them?
So, I'm gonna swing
around the other side
and see if I can find
a place to go in.
Oh, my God.
That was close. Woo!
I'm gonna make a dash for it.
Wish me luck.
Good luck.
Goddamn it.
-What is it?
-This one's locked as well.
Well, we can
call it off. Find another way.
No, let me see if I can
pick the lock.
If I learned
anything from Mikeal,
this will be my virgin effort.
-I'm in.
-That was quick.
-That was quick, wasn't it?
Everything looks as it should.
It's like the Garda
were never here.
Where was
old man Abernathy killed?
Murder file says
towards the end of the hall.
-Going upstairs.
-Copy that.
Nothing unusual so far.
Like I suspected,
a complete whitewash.
Investigators made the book
and got out.
Old world money
trying to make this go away.
It looks like certain contents
have been removed.
What the hell?
The file says nothing
was removed into evidence,
except for the mattress.
He was killed in bed, wasn't he?
Yeah. The bed's here.
No mattress, no box springs.
Isn't there a lot of blood
in the pictures?
Yeah, everywhere.
There's no more blood.
It feels like the investigators
haven't done anything.
This room should have been
thoroughly upturned,
and it's like
it hasn't been touched.
Did it say anything
about a hidden room?
There's not supposed to be
any hidden rooms.
Stand by.
What is it?
Are you okay?
I've never seen anything
like this in my life.
I'll send you a picture.
That's where I'd sleep
when they brought me over here.
Hang up.
Hey, Bob, I'll, uh...
I'll call you back
in a second, okay?
Glenn, grab Sam and Alex,
we're heading
to the Abernathy house!
Hey, Cassie Holt.
It's pretty much soundproof
in there.
You cry, you scream,
it doesn't bother anybody else
in the house.
I slept in there the night I
killed him for old times' sake.
Who are you?
I'm Jamie.
What are you doing here?
The guys outside wouldn't let
the Detective Sergeant and I in
to look around.
-You broke in.
That's not very legal.
Did you kill Mikeal?
I did.
Yeah, I thought
he was working for them.
It was before I knew more.
I-- I've seen you
with the sergeant,
like he was, looking for me,
instead of them.
I may have been premature.
-You fucking think?
Cassie Holt.
We don't need them
in here right now.
that Tallini guy...
He your boyfriend?
No, no. Nothing like that.
He helped me
out of a bad stretch and...
Well, he gave me a purpose.
And a few days ago
I let him down,
so now I'm looking for you.
In actual fact,
if you want to know,
he's the only man I've ever met
who didn't try to fuck me.
I don't know what that's like.
I'm sorry about your friend.
I'm gonna kill you.
I can't be mad at that.
We're alike, you and I.
Like hell we are.
No, not that.
Someone did
something to us that--
and detain these men.
You called for help.
You sneaky...
Okay. Jamie Elizabeth Douglas.
January 11th, '94. Look me up.
-Fuck me.
-What happened?
-It's a girl.
-What? Who is?
Mikeal's killer,
killed Abernathy.
It's a goddamn girl.
She just admitted it to me.
What? Okay, right.
Just calm down.
Look at me. Look at me.
Now what did she look like?
I couldn't really see her.
She was 5'6".
She had a hoodie, brown hair.
Rest of the house is clear.
All right. Just stay down there.
No one comes in.
She said, "You could be in there
crying and screaming,
and you wouldn't bother
anyone else in the house."
What happened with her
and Abernathy? I mean, I know--
-She knew who I was!
Victor Harrison's out here,
-raising holy hell.
-Of course he is.
Just keep him there!
I'll be right down.
All right, photograph every inch
of this sick shit.
-You have two minutes.
Mr. Harrison, as I've stated,
you will not be entering
at this time.
McMahon. What the fuck
are you doing in my house?
We received a call
from a concerned citizen
about men with guns.
So, we detain them
to ascertain why they were here
and why they were armed.
Further investigation,
we discovered that
-the back door was open.
-Men with guns?
Well, I don't care
if the whole fucking place
is lit up like a Christmas tree
and every door
and window is open.
You've no business
inside my house.
Your house?
I thought this was
John Abernathy's home,
been in his family
a few generations.
Well, he died and left it to me.
Anyway, it's none
of your goddamn business.
Mr. Harrison,
you will address me
as Detective Sergeant, sir,
or not at all.
Are we understood on that?
Uh. Well, I, I apologize, sir.
It's been
a very stressful time, sir.
I miss my fucking friend, sir.
I understand.
I'll be back down
to get them out shortly,
-just so you know.
-Oh, they're not under arrest.
No, we're just gonna
have a little chat,
but I have a feeling one of 'em
-is gonna sing like a bird.
-Do you, now?
Mr. Harrison?
Jamie Douglas sends her regards.
Well, I don't know who that is.
Well, how about that.
the guy who messed with you,
-he was your--
Yeah. Right. Let me guess.
As far as everyone was
concerned, a great guy, right?
-Pretty much.
That's the...
the predator's strength,
his camouflage.
The drooling, howl at the moon,
crazy predator exist,
but you know, they are rare.
This one makes the news.
But these look like...
everyone else out there.
But they're missing the thing
that make human beings human.
It started when I was eight.
And it lasted all the way
till I went to university,
which is a long time.
And I was there a year.
And as well as school,
I learned to
take care of myself,
uh, ju-jitsu and Krav Maga,
at the same time, daily.
So I was sore.
No, I was fucking sore.
Not a victim anymore.
No, never again.
After a year,
I came home for Christmas and...
that night
sure as shit,
he was at my door, drunk...
"Hey, baby."
And he reaches for me...
And... arm bar,
like hyper-extended it,
twisted it with my left hand
and broke his fucking elbow
with my left hand,
and the sound
of that bone breaking
was so fucking glorious,
I can't tell you
how fucking glorious it was.
I wanted to break
every fucking bone in his body,
but I didn't.
You didn't.
You didn't let the monster win.
You stayed a human being.
You protected yourself.
When the threat was over,
you stopped.
What happened then?
He went away.
And my family abandoned me,
even after
they'd seen the evidence.
Meaning the videos, right?
Yeah, so they're dead to me.
You know, just because
they're related to you,
doesn't mean
you have to like them.
You make your own family, right?
I don't remember who that is.
She was the one
who stayed with us the longest.
See if that jogs your memory.
The screamer.
She stole from us when she left.
Marty left things unattended.
That brings up
an excellent question.
Where is Marty?
You stole his phone.
Hey, Cassie Holt.
Hello, Jamie.
What are you doing?
Oh, you know.
This is exciting.
The private investigator
talking to the murder suspect.
Well, I mean,
you're not exactly a suspect.
I guess not.
And here you are.
So, let me tell you
a little story.
When I was 14,
my mother's boyfriend
did stuff to me...
he shouldn't have.
And when I told dear old Mom,
she hit me.
Right. Mine too.
She told me I was horrible
and let it continue.
So, I never mentioned it again.
I thought so.
Those of us with secrets,
we can tell.
So, what happened?
Oh. I ran away.
Slummed it on the streets
of New York as a teenager.
Eventually got myself
to London, and...
wound up begging
on the streets in Dublin.
This lady comes up.
She's... older,
pretty, and offers
to buy me food.
But then we talk.
Okay. That's different.
And I'm hungry so...
She was the worst of them
in their dirty little club.
Well, I've invited Wallace here.
I wondered why she was here.
She's not even
supposed to be here.
I'm here for the reason
that I usually am,
to clean up your shit.
That was an accident.
what do you suggest we do
in this situation?
Wallace and I
have discussed it, and...
we think it's best
if we all just leave.
I'm not leaving.
And neither should anyone else.
We built this entire part
of the country.
Actually, your grandfathers
and your great-grandfathers
built this part of the country.
Listen, we've discussed it,
and I agree, I think
we should all just go away,
until she's caught
or killed.
Could we just kill them both?
Kill them both?
From what you say,
they're obviously
working together.
Maybe even that first one.
Except Jamie gutted him.
She's obviously deranged.
Well, it's...
it's possible the Holt girl
could be convinced
to drop the case.
Boys you hired,
put the fear of God in her,
But Jamie...
I think we...
we can all agree
she should just go away.
I mean, Jesus Christ,
fallout from what she knows,
she did draw first blood.
She what?
You guys both own
this playhouse here
and she drew the first blood?
Somewhere during the meal,
-I'm getting sleepy...
I woke up in a cage.
And I didn't wear clothes
for the next five years.
Oh, my God.
I don't really believe in God.
No, I understand.
Do you, believe in God?
Yeah, I can't, actually.
So, we all agree that the boys
should scare the Holt girl
to convince her to leave town.
Okay, I'll tell them.
They're gonna need a little bit
more for this though.
Yeah, that's fine.
Just get her out here.
I'm so bored.
We need something to play with.
I understand
your need to get revenge.
Believe me, I do get it.
But you don't have to kill them.
If you let us put them away,
you can let them
be scared for a change.
They're scared now, Cassie Holt.
I know,
but you've let the monster win.
I chose to be a monster.
They're vile.
And horrible.
The wife is the worst.
The husband is weaker,
in comparison to her.
He likes choking.
They all tease him
for accidentally killing
a little boy.
The solicitor...
He's just a sleaze.
And so were the other two.
Sorry, wait a second,
the other two?
Oh. See? That's what they call
a plot twist, Cassie Holt.
I will talk to you later.
I gotta go do some monster shit.
What's up? You sounded frantic
on the phone.
She's done it again.
She's killed another one.
She has? Who is it? Where?
I don't know.
-Then how do you know?
-She called me? She told me.
-She called?
-Yeah, on Mikeal's phone.
At Abernathy's house,
she said keep your phone on,
so I did and she called.
Do you think
you might have mentioned this?
I'm telling you now. She told me
she killed another one.
All right. Okay. Okay, okay.
Just take a deep breath and...
...tell me about the call.
-Sick little clubhouse.
And did she give any indication
as to where or what that is?
No, she mentioned it like that
They have companies everywhere.
Together or otherwise.
Maybe look into holdings,
property taxes.
-Their companies and others,
find a connection between them.
Do you really think that
she killed another one of them
or is she full of shit?
Oh, no, I think she did it.
She was delighted to tell me
and she tried to make it sound
like it was a slip.
Tell you what.
Let's stir the pot a little.
We need another plaything.
No, Dottie.
No, not now.
Not for a good long while.
Ah, hell. I'm sorry.
What now, McMahon?
Have you done a headcount
on all your surviving buddies?
Anyone missing?
Haven't heard from Marty
in a while. Why do you ask?
What the fuck!?
Something freaked him
the fuck out there.
I think I have an idea
of what that might be.
Hello, Cassie Holt.
What did you just do?
I told you.
Monster shit.
Monster shit.
How'd you know?
We were on the phone
with the solicitor
when something happened.
-The Detective Sergeant and I.
-I'm on speaker?
Hi, Detective Sergeant.
Quite the investigator
you got here.
You would make both our jobs
easier if you'd just come in
and we could
put them away together.
Well, I'm not exactly
what they'd call
a sympathetic witness.
Maybe not.
But bad people
did bad things to you
and they need to be punished.
They're being punished.
come in.
We can do it.
It's sweet you think so.
-Gotta go.
-Wait, wait,
before you leave,
just tell us about this place.
-The playhouse?
Yeah. Okay.
Well, that's what they call it.
You can find it, Cassie Holt.
I have faith in you.
Ooh. Look for Wallace,
works for the solicitor,
takes care of problems.
All right.
I'm actually gonna go now.
I'll be around.
Over the years
I've seen criminals fixate
on their pursuers
for any number of reasons.
They think they're best friends,
or they think
they're Holmes and Moriarty.
The way you two have gone on,
it's just the most bizarre thing
I've ever seen.
She must recognize
a shared experience,
although, I've never been
through anything like she had.
I'm sure Mikeal
told you about that stuff.
No. No, not at all.
He would never
share things like that.
I just had a feeling that
there's something in your past.
You know, hunches, signs.
I have signs?
That's a bummer.
I had a handle on the drinking
till the bastard called.
Who called?
Your abuser.
You know, "I'm sorry"
and "I didn't mean to hurt you."
And then, he said "baby doll,"
which is what he said during,
and I just lost it,
you know, I hung up
and walked straight
into a bottle,
which is where you found me,
halfway into letting
Mikeal down.
-No, no, you didn't.
-Sorry, I'm freezing. I just...
Just got a real shiver.
The thing is,
if I saw this girl's story
in an article or in a movie,
I would've been
fully supportive of it.
Believe me,
I understand the desire.
If she hadn't killed Mikeal,
I would not care.
But she did.
Yes, so for that,
we'll catch her.
But the other side,
that's your end.
I understand fighting
the monster.
I did it and I won,
but it's way tempting.
That's Mikeal.
We talked
about the monsters and...
how they get inside you.
He was a good teacher.
Yeah. He was.
I'm gonna head back
to the office.
Do you need a lift?
Oh, no, I'm fine.
My car's in the back.
I'm gonna stay
and do some research,
see if I can find anything
on Wallace and the playhouse.
Okay, so here's my logins
for the databases.
If I were able
to find information
through what might be called...
-extralegal means.
Well, it wouldn't be admissible,
but if it steers us
to something that could be...
All right,
Victor Harrison, Esquire.
You people and your passwords.
Wallace is on the payroll...
for quite the hefty sum.
Proprietor of Wallace.
So, what did you learn?
I learned I suck.
Well, everyone sucks
at first. You know?
Not getting discouraged is...
that's the trick, all right?
Now when you started jiujitsu...
-I sucked.
-Yeah. But now?
-Well, I don't suck.
Let's go again.
Now remember,
slow is smooth.
Smooth is fast.
Correct. Go.
Yeah. Open.
Boom. Hey... Slow, slow.
Here you go.
And now change. Here you go.
One. Two.
Help me, man. Help me!
We're only supposed
to scare you.
If I don't kill you, it won't be
because I didn't try to.
Oh, shit.
Your dreams and mind should
fight it out to see who's worse.
You were doing great
until he kicked you in the twat.
"Thank you, Jamie.
I'm glad I'm not dead."
I'd much rather them dead
than me.
Thank you.
Why am I tied up?
Some people are grumpy
when they wake up.
Well, that's badass.
Oh, fuck.
Where's all my stuff?
It's in here.
And if you suddenly have to go,
I won't believe you.
When does this end?
When I've done them all.
And then what?
What else
do I have to live for?
They've ruined me
for anything normal.
It doesn't actually have
to be like this, you know,
because McMahon and I
can build a case.
One of them will flip.
One of them always flips.
That Wallace lady, the, uh...
for the solicitor.
I've done some research on her
and the playhouse
is owned by a company she runs.
I knew you'd find it.
But she doesn't own it.
They've got something on her,
I don't know what.
She never participated.
At least not with me.
She might be hard to find now,
but don't worry,
I didn't kill her.
There was no reason to.
We just talked.
What the hell...?
What, you crazy bitch?!
Is that petrol?
Crazy people
really hate being called crazy.
You remember me?
Do you know how petrol works?
Sparks and fumes.
Yeah, you would burn too.
Okay. Be cool.
I'm gonna put this down.
-Mm. I prefer the back seat.
-Okay, back seat it is.
Good job.
Now, there are some items
I'm looking for
and I have some questions.
You're gonna answer 'em.
If I don't like your answers...
I cook us.
If I'm happy with your answers,
you leave and you stop
hanging out with nasty people.
You're a piece of shit,
but you're a piece of shit
that didn't do anything to me,
so I'm giving you
a second chance.
Pet-- Petrol then, petrol.
I mean...
I had to get her attention,
and once I did, she...
got real chatty.
How else do you think I knew
it was gonna happen to you?
Well, I don't know. So...
so you...
you said you told Wallace
that you were looking
for things. What are they?
Pictures, videos.
They documented everything,
not just me.
It's the truth. It's the truth.
Okay. So... Right. So, how many
times has that gone off?
A few times.
It is your sergeant.
I'm sure it is because you left
a huge crime scene
and I should be over there.
So, the thing is, Jamie,
is that I'm actually
too fucking sore to fight you.
So, can you just come in here
and watch or please leave,
because I do have work to do.
I don't wanna fight you,
Cassie Holt.
Though, I guess
we'll have to at some point.
But please don't kill anyone
in the car park on your way out.
Can't promise.
Fuck's sake.
Your car smells funny.
I wonder how that happened.
Any sudden moves,
and I'll shoot you in the hip
and you will never
walk right again,
so why don't you just sit down?
All right.
Avoid head shots.
Target is just too small.
Always aim for center mass,
there's more space.
Another thing,
the pelvic, you know,
a shot in the area, you know,
with a bigger caliber pistol
or a rifle or...
-but yours too, you know?
Will incapacitate a threat.
They'll hit the ground like a...
like a puppet
with the strings cut, okay?
-It's your turn.
Okay. Always give the gun
like this to somebody else.
-Okay. Never aim to anybody.
Good. Now this leg
a little bit back.
There you go. Yeah.
So you feel steady.
This finger under, hold the gun.
Feel that,
you earned that thing.
It's just part of your body.
-Okay, now go for the trigger.
it's all yours.
Good to finally meet you,
Miss Holt.
So, you and your friends
did some research on me?
Not my friends,
but, yes, yes I did.
Okay. So, what are you,
a mercenary or a pimp?
I guess it depends on the day
that you catch me.
I see.
I work for Harrison though.
Not them.
I do the same PI stuff as you.
Oh, I don't know about that.
I've never had to get rid
of a strangled kid's body.
-Does that pay well or?
-You've spoken to Jamie?
Yes, I have spoken to Jamie.
So, here's what's gonna happen.
If you give me some information
that's incriminating,
I'll let you go.
And if you don't,
then I'll tell Jamie
to reconsider her decision
to let you live.
Do we have a deal?
How many of them were there?
No idea.
They've been doing it
since they were young.
Jamie was there the longest.
They get bored really quick.
Yeah. And then what happens?
Because they don't kill them.
No, they don't.
Not when I was there at least,
just that one.
They get bored
and I relocate them.
Relocate? Relocate. Explain.
Explain that to me
like I'm stupid.
I take them to Russia.
They were unfit for normal life.
You sell them for money.
God help you.
God fucking help you.
It's fucking tragic
that she didn't kill you.
So... where are these trophies?
Because that's what's
gonna get you cut loose,
these photos and videos.
Any half-ass solicitor would
throw that as inadmissible.
That might be true, but did
you know Harrison has kept
very detailed notes of every
euro he paid you and what for?
What? That's black bag shit.
Who keeps records of that?
In a few hours,
Detective Sergeant McMahon
and the Garda are gonna
raid your boss's office.
So, pretty please,
with sugar on fucking top,
where are the trophies?
At the playhouse.
There's a room full of them.
But this is gonna get me loose,
Yeah. Glenn.
You said if I give you
information, you'd cut me loose.
I lied.
Mr. And Mrs. Evans,
I'm Cassie Holt.
I know who you are.
So, you know I'm here
to investigate the murders
of a couple of friends of yours.
Dottie, don't talk to her.
Get in the car.
Are you investigating?
Or are you working with that
little bitch picking us off?
You didn't pay attention
to the message we sent.
Right, well,
thank you for that confirmation.
Dottie, come back here.
Miss Holt, would you please
move your car?
What is she, your girlfriend?
All the broken dollies
playing together.
I think that
might be close enough.
What's the matter?
Are you afraid
I'm going to hurt you?
Believe me,
you are in far more danger
than I am right now.
Did she tell you
about the time we had her?
Dottie, stop talking.
She was with us for years.
In fact, I'd love to get you
in the playhouse.
Shame you're so old.
Dottie! Get in the goddamn car!
move your car.
Oh, my God,
it's so good to be out.
I couldn't stand being locked
in that house any longer.
We should have stayed.
Jamie's still out there.
The Holt girl.
We should have called Victor.
Victor will lose his mind
when he finds out.
Jesus, when did you turn
into such a pussy?
You're not the man I married,
let alone the person
I grew up with.
I saw a little of the old you
when you grabbed me.
You should let him out more.
"Victor will be mad."
Like I give a shit.
Come on.
You know, I asked them
what we should do
'cause we're
in this predicament right now
and they've instructed me
and I certainly didn't...
didn't actually go through
with any of it so.
So, you didn't actually
intend any harm
on the people that
they instructed you to injure?
No, none whatsoever.
McMahon's talking to Wallace.
Sounds like they're wrapping up.
And how much
of this work
are you willing
to divulge here today?
All of it.
What do you think?
Tossing the patrons out too,
that was a nice touch.
Wallace went from combative
to unnerved real quick.
I mean, you got the confession
of her own free will.
You'll get the warrant
on Harrison with that.
All right. Get off my desk.
Where should we go for dinner?
I don't know.
Maybe we should get a takeaway.
Absolutely not.
I want a meal fixed
by someone else
in a proper dining room,
where I don't have to do dishes.
Come on.
It can be fun if we make it fun.
In fact,
if you do this for me...
Dottie! Dottie!
Help me!
Okay, listen up.
We're about to execute
the warrant on the office
and home of Victor Harrison.
Detective Sargent's office,
please hold.
Detective Sar-- What?
Wait, where?
What? Hey look, I'm gonna put
you on with Detective Sergeant.
This is McMahon. How can I...
Whoa. Slow down, slow down.
Take a breath. Just tell me.
Okay? Right.
Yeah, we'll be right there.
Okay, change of plan.
We're gonna split up.
Glenn, Murphy and O'Brien,
I want you to head down
to the main street.
Apparently, our suspect
attacked Edgar and Dottie Evans.
Pepper spray smarts,
doesn't it?
This will make it better.
I don't know why, but it does.
You know, you can't get away,
unless I let you go.
You know that, right?
Give me a reason,
you degenerate prick.
You caught yourself a big fish,
didn't you?
Arrest him.
you like sharp things.
This all stops
if you say four little words,
just like back then.
..."I love you Mommy."
"I love you, Mommy."
Fuck you!
Fuck you.
I've been holding him here
as long as I could.
Cassie Holt,
interviewing Edgar Evans.
Fuck's sake.
Edgar, I need you
to explain everything to me.
Dottie's abandoned you.
She's left you for dead.
McMahon is raiding
Harrison's office
and Wallace is being handed over
to the government.
You're gonna have
to fucking talk, Edgar.
This is your only chance.
No one cared about them.
No one missed them.
They were just tossed away.
No one cared about who, Edgar?
All of them.
Tell me about Jamie.
Dottie was always forceful.
That's why I liked her.
We grew up together.
Jamie was rebellious.
That's why Dottie liked her.
That's why she took her.
But you took her too,
didn't you, Edgar?
You fucking took her too.
-Fuck! Fuck!
-What happened?
He stroked out.
Did he give you a confession?
One second.
I've got your bitch.
Hang up, Cassie.
-Don't listen to her.
-Just a moment.
Jamie has something
she'd like to say to you.
I'm gonna find you.
You know where I am.
Cassie? Cassie!?
-You want it to stop, do you?
-You want it to stop?
Then you can say it.
Tell me. Come on.
Say it. Say it.
What do you say?
What do you say?
What do you say?
Yeah, Mommy.
Mommy! Mommy!
That's good.
Say it!
Jamie! Jamie!
-I have to call ambulance.
I'm done.
Can you help me up?
Did Edgar die?
Oh. He stroked out
while I was talking to him.
I tried.
-It's too much.
-I know.
-Can I tell you one more story?
Do you mind if I record it,
so I can vindicate you?
They would have these parties
and we just have to stand there,
you know, naked
per usual and...
they would rent...
they would rent us,
for the night.
When I got pregnant...
they made sure
it never would happen again
because they got a friend
who was a doctor
to fix it.
And I wasn't the only one.
There were
so many others like me.
They ruined me
for everything.
I can't go on broken
and I can't go back.
They created a monster
and I chose to be a monster.
And I am going to die a monster.
That's good. Okay.
I need you to help me.
Yes, with what? Tell me.
What you told me when we met.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no.
No, you promised.
I know.
-You promised. I'm tired.
-Darling, that was before.
I'm tired.
That was before!
-That was before.
-I need this.
I need this. I'm tired.
I'm so tired.
I'm tired of all of it.
Please, just...
Come on.
Cassie Holt.
I-- I can't.
-Cassie Holt.
Just do it.
I'm so sorry...
about what happened to you.
I'm sorry about him.
Do it for him.
It's okay. Do it for me.
Ellie and I never got around
to having kids.
Truth is...
when we were young,
we were kind of selfish,
wanted to travel,
work on careers,
things like that.
After a while,
they seemed wrong.
I regret that now.
Yeah, no, I would've been
a good father, I think.
No, you would've been
a great father.
I like to think so.
Another thing that happen
when you get to a certain age
is that you become
both deeply aware of
and comfortable with death.
Your own mostly,
but past a certain age
you understand
that you have hid
this kind of magical land
where you can drop dead
at any time from anything,
you hope it doesn't,
but it could.
Some people get...
obsessed with their legacy.
But honestly...
I don't think I've been
too concerned with that.
Kids are the obvious legacy,
you know,
but if you don't have those...
You know, I wish Ellie
could have known you.
She would've liked you. Yeah.
She would have been
harder on you than I am.
Not possible.
Yes, it's possible.
But it would've been because...
she would've seen
your potential.
She was very good at that.
She saw potential in me
when I certainly didn't.
and I know she would've been
more than fine with this,
you know?
So, uh...
the company is...
from this point on
in both our names.
It's not a hell of a lot,
but it is, I guess,
what legacy I have.
Really? What?
Thank you.
Listen, I am going to head
down to Rory's,
just to continue working
on the case.
I'll talk to you
in a couple of days. Okay?