Cure: The Life of Another (2014) Movie Script

In Switzerland I never had
to go to church.
My mom and dad had gotten divorced.
And then mom passed away.
Well, not really.
She's alive...
but in Switzerland and without me.
I'm friends with Eta now.
She's from here, so she's been
through the whole war.
Linda isn't well.
I'll take her outside.
Where are we going?
I'll show you my secret place.
Guess who I am.
Come on, guess.
Just some idiot.
I'm Ivo.
"Cazzo", I'm so hot!
"Cazzo", means dick.
So you know next time!
Come on! Teach me something
in your language.
This is my language.
I mean the other one.
Fuck yourself and shove it up your ass.
Smoke my dick.
Smoke my dick.
Are you still a virgin?
Have you ever french kissed?
What was it like?
Last winter...
We went to a skiing camp.
I snuck into this guy's room...
I didn't give a damn
what anybody thought.
I pushed my tongue into his mouth.
Did you touch his dick?
The skin was very soft.
It was big and hard.
Someone's there!
I heard something.
Something smells.
Let's go!
It's spooky here.
Poor little girl in the big bad woods!
Stay on the trail, girls.
It's full of mines here.
No trail's the trick!
If you wanna big dick.
I want to leave this fucking place.
I'm dying of boredom.
Dubrovnik is special.
With all its history!
What are you, a travel agency?
I want to try it on.
My blouse?
Are you kidding?
Let's swap clothes.
Only real men turn me on.
His dick was so cute!
Go fuck yourself.
Is it down there?
You can have one.
Watch out!
Use your left hand!
Otherwise it's bad luck.
Now they'll protect both of us.
What a liar you are.
You don't even know what a dick is!
You wouldn't even dare...
You've never even kissed!
You're just an ordinary girl.
You're nobody here without me!
Am I right?
Sweet, soft Linda.
Leave me alone!
You have to promise me something.
Don't leave this town without me.
Promise not to leave me here.
Did you take anything?
Drugs, alcohol?
Was there anybody with you?
Were you going to meet somebody?
We were alone.
Sign down here!
We were just walking around.
We started arguing.
Eta slipped...
I mean...
Maybe I even pushed her.
What are you talking about?
I would like to see her.
You were lucky, girl.
She drowned.
Were you on drugs?
The town is full of them.
Awful stuff.
We were just walking around.
Eta wanted to show me
her favourite place.
But where've you been all night?
I was so damned worried.
Eta looks so pale, Dad.
Let's go home.
You need a rest.
I can go by myself.
he still treats me like a kid.
And I already shave under my arms.
What an asshole!
I love him.
I love him.
Mom, I'm fine - really.
Mom, it's really okay.
Don't worry.
I have friends here.
There's a new girl in class, Linda.
In Mexican that' means "pretty".
I've finally found someone
who'll get me out of here.
Think about her all the time.
She has something nobody else has.
Something special.
They're going to attack
again fan/gin'.
Everybody's scared.
Hold my mom we should
jump into the sea.
Nobody would ever find us.
She looked at' me like I was crazy.
I'm scared...
that' they'll rape me.
Maybe I'M be dead when
someone finds this diary.
Dead like Dad.
Are you mad at me?
What do you mean?
You are.
I've never had such a good friend.
Please, bring me my diary.
I don't want Grandma to find it.
I promise.
I'm sorry.
It's fine... take a seat.
That's all for today...
Why don't you take them?
Okay, thank you.
Let's continue where we left off last time.
Any volunteers?
Let's go.
What is this?
A nice girl stealing, ha?
You're all the same.
Hi there.
I'm sorry about what happened.
I got this single for Eta.
I thought you might like it, too.
Thank you.
Want a ride home?
I have to return the backpack.
Don't force me!
Stop playing that game!
You've been eating chocolates again.
Do you want more?
Where are they? Are they here?
Go ahead.
You should've been strict
with your daughter,
not with me.
We brought her things.
Good afternoon.
Get out.
Stay here!
Sit down, child.
Come here.
- Have a chocolate.
- I just wanted...
Take one!
These are your favorites.
Now off you go... buy fresh bread.
Damn it.
Even during the war we had more power.
I wouldn't wish that on anybody!
When's the old lady finally
going to finish her house?
Poor woman, lost her son and now
the thing with her granddaughter.
The girl shoplifted.
She hung out with Nino's daughter.
- Who?
- The doctor's daughter.
He's a fine doctor.
He works in our hospital.
If I was him,
I sure wouldn't have come back.
It's got to be trouble of some kind.
Probably a divorce.
My back hurts,
it's that awful wind again.
Maybe you should try
the Swiss doctor, too.
The bread for Tonkovids.
What are you staring at?
Keep on gossiping.
I was (coking for him in his bedroom.
Jos has been kidnapped.
You have a beautiful voice.
I don't believe a word they say.
Turn it off!
Come, my angel!
Go get the photo album.
Get going!
What are you waiting for?
Do you need a drawing?
In the bedroom.
Drink it.
It's good for your heart.
You're a nice girl.
She needs a strong hand.
Do you realize that she stole the earrings?
Welcome to my room, Linda.
There are two of us now.
We promised, remember?
I don't like the dead.
I want to be with the living.
(an you smell me?
I can smell you.
This is for the doctor.
Heel sorry for my mom.
She's been bitter since Dad died.
She can'? enjoy Hie anymore.
I love her and it makes me sad.
We used to laugh so much
before the war.
Eta, is that' you?
I just want you to know...
I really trust you.
I wish you trusted me, too.
I know it's hard for you.
But if you want to talk...
You know, you can tell
me everything.
Excuse me for disturbing you,
I'm Mrs Kalinic.
Nice to meet you.
A small gift.
That really wasn't necessary.
In a few weeks it'll be summer.
You will enjoy Dubrovnik: The sea,
the warm nights, it's beautiful here.
What are you, a travel agency?
I'm a hospital agency.
What are you wearing?
Is it already that warm?
Look at her!
It's a nice dress.
A bit short though.
Too short.
Trying to please the boys?
I won't even see spring.
Yes, it's getting warmer,
but there's still mist in the morning.
Morning dew.
Go answer it.
She's not home yet.
Call the hotel!
You have to be at work earlier.
Ante gave it to me.
He was practically a child then.
He worked hard
and wrote his mother a lot.
Such a wonderful son.
Without this evil war...
he would still be with us.
Spoiled and ungrateful.
Don't think I don't know...
You stole the earrings, I know you did.
No, I didn't, not me.
My little one.
They're yours anyway. Keep them.
My darling.
Didn't you hear what he said?
Sit up straight.
We" your eyes.
She's always been sensitive,
even as a child.
You're nobody's child.
Silly child, it's nothing.
Just firecrackers.
You have to get better, you have to.
Promise me.
I don't know how long I can last
without you.
I bumped info Ivo.
He's back.
We went for a picnic.
On the rocks below Petka.
I warmed myself on the rocks.
Iva had a hard-on but I ignored it'.
He must've jerked off a lei
during the war.
Does h' tum you on reading my diary?
Why don't' you relax a biz'?
Mom and I are worried.
Come off it, Dad.
I'm not going back.
I want to stay here.
She doesn't have time
for me, anyway.
You're not fair, Linda.
I'm going to Split tomorrow.
To a cardio conference.
Can you manage alone?
You look different, Linda.
Well, not quite.
You've been gone.
That's only natural.
You gonna stay?
If you want me to, yes.
Hey, girl. Nobody to carry your backpack?
- I can manage alone.
- A strong woman.
I like that. Strong and proud.
You don't let anyone bullshit you, do you.
What do you want to bullshit about?
She knows all the answers.
So you won't come for a ride.
Too boring, right?
I've got an English test.
No pain, no gain.
What marks the path to independence?
It's hard to achieve.
What was Zrinski's goal?
He fought for Croatia's independence
from the Austrian Empire.
The Swiss were pioneers.
They got their independence
almost without wars.
That's cool.
Yes, but I didn't ask you.
Sweet, soft Linda.
It sounds so close.
It is.
The Bosnian border
is less than a mile away.
Look, there's the Hotel Imperial!
The refugees live there.
My girl-friend worked there.
She just wanted to help.
Sorting laundry with three women
when a grenade hit...
Killed all four of them.
That turns you on.
Really turns on the Swiss Miss,
doesn't it?
Stay on the trail!
There are mines everywhere.
I'm sorry.
Are you having fun without me?
You've got more guts since
you've taken my place.
The stories of war turn you on
and so does Ivo.
What is he up to?
I guess he didn't ask about me.
Do you miss lvo?
He's been hitting on you.
He has, hasn't he.
I haven't seen him.
He hasn't told you the whole truth.
Be careful.
He killed people in the war.
Did you bring my diary?
I couldn't find it.
You promised to bring it.
Come on!
Or should I tell everyone
you killed me?
What are you doing here?
Your father will kill me
if he finds out.
Are you okay?
Come on, let's go inside.
Leave me alone.
Another busload of refugees
arrived this morning.
Show them their rooms and
explain our rules, ladies.
And of course, you too!
The same rules apply to the gentlemen.
Cleanliness, tidiness...
but with a pinch of salt.
Awful weather.
- Isn't she nice, the doctor's girl?
- She could be her daughter.
Is that you?
The cold air is killing me.
We had sewing in school.
It looks easier than it is,
doesn't it?
Spin round, wooden doll,
spin round, pretty doll!
Help, save me!
I am gone,
killed by that nice girl.
We'll be done soon.
My angel.
Go back to where you came from.
Come from!
I just want Jos back.
Please, please don't hurt him.
Read carefully and stop squinting.
I've told you a hundred times, Eta.
That's what you love best.
You're my only granddaughter.
Turn around.
Oh, it's you.
Sleep well.
Answer, Mom.
Come on...
I know where I can find you,
in somebody's room.
H's the price I have to pay.
You're the big girl now.
Aren't you cold in that thin jacket?
Such a good girl!
I'm not a good girl.
I'm not.
I'm not a good girl!
Read it to me.
I don! believe ii.
Where did you see her?
Do you think
she's gone underground?
Come on!
What is she saying?
She would never do that.
She's heartbroken,
she has nothing to lose.
She has nothing to lose
but she's still got her pride.
She's not like you.
You're a hypocrite.
Do you think I don't know what's up?
I'm out of here.
We're leaving together.
This dress is too tight.
I can't breathe.
Help me take it off!
Do you want to walk around in the nude?
We'll swap.
Forget it.
I've told you.
You'll help me.
I crushed my lung when it happened.
I can't breathe.
Give me your clothes.
This shitty dress looks better
on you anyway.
Enjoy it, the two of you.
Do you think I'm beautiful?
Take off your clothes.
You're not chicken, are you?
Rub it in.
Your thighs.
Your problem is
that you don't belong here or there.
But why do you give a damn?
I pushed her.
Why are you looking
at me like that?
I'll never forget that year.
Did you know it was
the coldest winter ever?
Don't just stand there, child.
Go and get the jewellery.
I won't play your game anymore.
You turned a nice girl into a bitch.
Shut up!
Watch your tongue, Eta!
I am not Eta, I am Linda.
My little Eta, I didn't mean it.
Forgive me.
I didn't mean it.
Come on, get out of this house.
Leave us alone.
I pushed her.
It's my fault.
Eta is dead.
She is dead.
I am Linda.
Get out.
I'm sorry, that's not enough
for a ticket.
How am I supposed to get to Zurich?
Sorry, I can't help.
The plane is full of UN troops.
I have to call my father.
Can I use your telephone?
There's a phone booth over there.
Get in!
We're going home.
I want to go back to Zurich.
That's my home.
It's hard for you, I know.
Why didn't you tell me?
I was so damned worried.
Are you sick?
Breathe, breathe.
Do you feel better?
Please, don't leave me alone tonight.
They've gone swimming.
What are you doing here?
What are you waiting for?
She would have turned 15 in three weeks.
Sometimes I feel as
if she's standing behind me.
Why didn't you ever tell me?
Did Eta have a boyfriend?
An admirer.
We weren't really that close,
you know.
We have so much more in common.