Curfew (2012) Movie Script

Richie? I have a small problem.
I do not know who to ask.
I have a thing to do.
But I do not want to leave Sophia alone.
I need someone to take care of her.
I know we did not
talk long.
You know I'm not gonna ask
if I had no other choice.
But you're my brother and
I thought maybe ...
Look, I'm in trouble.
I'm in trouble and I
have no one else.
This is the only solution I have left.
Can you do that for me, Richie?
Please. Tell me
I know you have nothing important to do.
If you want me to beg you, no problem.
I beg you, Richie.
Can you keep coming
in twenty minutes?
I can not leave her alone.
It is impossible.
The list of places where you can take me.
If you take me elsewhere,
it will be trouble for you.
For me only.
If you are the expenses for drugs,
it's going to be trouble.
You do not among us.
You bring me back to 22:30.
If I do not come on time,
it will break loose.
Now that the schedule is established,
I'm Richard.
And I'm your uncle.
I do not care.
What class you're in?
- CM1.
- CM1? Do you like it? You have friends?
Sophia, huh? When I
was young, I drew.
My character is called Sophia.
I made flip books of his adventures.
You know what a flipbook?
Your mother loved them. She
was funny and the dr.
I do not know if you saw
someone called Sophia.
I wonder if you called like that
because of these drawings.
- She talked about you?
- She does not talk to you.
In fact, she said
you're passive-aggressive.
Passive ... Passive-what?
- Passive-aggressive.
- Passive-aggressive?
Passive-aggressive, what
does that mean?
There was a small accident
a few years ago.
It was my fault and I have never been able to see you.
I would like to do a little more knowledge.
It goes, I have to get something.
It's on the list?
What am I looking for? No.
It will take 2 minutes.
It is not on the list.
You know what?
Here's your list.
Well, boom. It is on the
list. Here we go.
I'll be back in a second.
Just a second. Stay
there, do not move.
- What is he?
- I wanna go home.
- What? I'm sorry.
- Let's go.
- Sorry.
- You spent it all.
- I want my money.
- I have not spent.
I have the money right there. What
your mother told you about me?
- She does not talk to you.
- Would you stop?
I wanted to get these flipbooks.
I thought it might please you.
Look, I have not spent a single
dollar, I will not lie.
Okay? I'm not
gonna lie.
I said ...
- Why was it there?
- Because I lived there.
Okay? I lived ...
I'm sorry. I would
not take you .
I do not think.
I thought you'd like it.
Want to see?
Look, see?
- It is shot with an arrow.
- Yeah. She dies.
A bit like the Looney Tunes,
but it always comes back.
Sophia always comes ...
to life.
- How did you do that?
- I do not know.
I guess I was bored.
I did not Fragger Game Boy or ...
- How do you know that I played it?
- I know, I know.
- You know Fragger?
- Yes, I know Fragger.
- You know Fragger?
- Yeah, great. It is warm?
- Sales fetish?
- 3.
- Color?
- Blue.
- The accident?
- Huh?
- Who prevented you from me.
- Whatever.
- I want to know.
- It does not matter.
You know the major cause of cancer?
- Yes.
- And you smoke?
- It's not that bad.
- If it is.
- Sometimes.
- All the time.
You look tired.
- You take vitamins?
- Drugs.
It is not. A
- No.
- Why?
- I do not know.
- Perhaps because of your looks tired.
- You ended your fries?
- Or your bad breath.
- I have no bad breath.
- Smoking gives gingivitis.
You give me a headache.
- You do not take care of you.
- You hurt me files not cr.
You need a girlfriend, you do not
know take care of yourself.
- It's amazing, it seemed normal.
- I'm sorry ...
Please, there is a girl.
He had a job, it was different.
- There is a girl ...
- No!
- My God.
- Sorry, this is the third time.
Even opening the New York Times!
- OK.
- There is stuff that meeting.
- Can you be quiet?
The farm.
The farm.
Farm, farm, farm.
You will finally shut up?
Shut up!
Shut up!
Shut your big mouths big cows!
Shut up! Shut your
fucking mouths!
You close!
Shut up!
- What was the accident?
- No.
- What was the accident?
- I do not remember.
Please, I really want to know.
Fine. I made you fall.
- You what?
- I made you fall.
- When?
- When you were a baby.
I did not know how to hold a baby, OK?
You waved in all directions.
You cried, you vomit.
I panicked, I made you fall.
Your mother was very afraid.
This is not funny.
You could have consequences.
This is serious. It was
something very serious.
You're crazy.
You're a fool. This is the
dumbest thing I've heard.
I have not slept a wink the night after that.
I love this song!
- Go.
- I do not dance.
- What has happened?
- Nothing.
What has happened?
An accident.
It should make you sew.
I'm really sorry.
I will not let you like that.
We'll go to bed?
I'm coming.
ASSAULT HARASSMEN It can be read on his face. It has
changed since this morning.
She likes you.
Of course r, 5 hours with
her and you're Mr. Wonder.
It is useless.
- Take the money.
- I do not need it anymore, OK?
You about me?
I bet. I'm stuck, strict,
not the dr.
Who do you take?
This is the last time.
I do not want it deluded.
Will you go away?
Elementary School 198 in CM1.
Scotty Evans and Timmy Knight.
They were after me.
Black eye, stabbing ...
And then you intervened, remember?
You raised his fist and
hit you Scotty Evans.
Boom, it collapsed like a pile of bricks.
They said ...
They said it was shame that my
sister is fighting for me.
It was not true.
See you there and say: "Stop
looking for my brother."
I knew the truth.
My sister was the coolest in the world.
And then we grew up.
Was changed.
I've changed.
And hast made thy life. And you
had this beautiful girl.
It is extraordinary.
Maggie, she's so smart.
If it is like that is because
it has the best of mothers.
This is where I realized ...
some things never change.
You're still the coolest in the world.
Is that what you want though ...
come home to keep Sophia
from time to time?
It's just that ... I
need help, you know?
Maybe Friday afternoon.
Or Sundays or others.