Curiosa (2019) Movie Script

Why don't you look at me?
Look at me.
Are you shy?
So, yes.
Completely quiet.
Be yourself. Be confident.
It's over soon.
It is well.
Very good.
Hi, Pierre.
Curiosity: Erotic object,
book or photograph
It was a long time ago.
Too long. I've missed you.
Stylish as always.
Hi, Pierre. How are you?
- What if we were blondes?
- Then they would adore us.
- Who put the daffodils there?
- Flowers love their mirror image.
- A little like you, dear sister.
- Loulouse!
Now stop, you know that
Loulouse is reminiscent of a cactus.
- What am I then?
- You?
A rose bud.
Ready to bloom.
- It's about time.
- Don't worry, Hlne.
- Henri loves to puzzle in the garden.
- Green thumb?
- Pierre?
- I think.
- You have to grow your garden.
- They're not acting for you.
I'm sorry I didn't pray
about the Pharaoh's permission.
- But admit it is tempting.
- See you later.
- Can he smell with all the nose hairs?
- Facial hair tickles.
Okay? Have you already kissed one?
Only Dad's mustache.
Pierre ...
- Are you going to tea, Jean?
- Of course.
- Don't I get a little kiss?
- You get exactly what you want.
Everything. what you want.
What happy future husbands.
Pierre ...
Girls, leave Pierre alone.
- He has grown from childhood.
- I like them.
You are incorrigible.
Henri, are you writing a poem collection?
- Yes.
- Recite something.
- With pleasure.
- I am listening.
Heron in bog or swan in lake
Spring blooms
or the fall rains
have my arrows pierced
every one hour
- Time has picked
- ... all its feathers
Strutty breasts, naked as a mother's
- Their silky defeat
- ... lying on the floor
And naked
With torn dress completely on the slopes
- It's not like that at all!
- No.
I knew it!
Excuse me.
We unmarried girls always make us.
As houses that cannot be rented,
but who are just waiting for buyers.
Ask Antonine to serve the teen.
We can receive visits,
but not on all floors.
Dare not imagine
see her undressed.
Marie, wait for me!
Antonine needs help.
My dear Henri,
i am in love with Marie.
The only way to save her
for this unnecessary rivalry, -
- is to tell her
about this shared love.
Your friend, Pierre.
You are beautiful. Very beautiful.
He is nice.
He'll probably take good care of you.
- I like him.
- It's a good start.
Are you coming straight?
I just wanted to hear,
how it stands.
- You're my friend.
- Your friend?
After you communicate via a telegram
me about such a crucial decision?
I'm in love with Marie.
What's the problem?
We had a deal, but I took
the chance when you did nothing.
- Unsportsmanlike.
- My love is stronger than yours.
- You lied.
- I was desperate.
- Enough to fail a friend?
- Yes.
Enough to fail the best friend,
I have had.
I love her
beyond all boundaries.
How do you want to get out of this?
I admit you are doing well.
The love...
So you believe in it?
For me, love is
gratification of the senses.
Then you've never loved.
Love, Henri, -
- is a freshly shaved little dung,
washed and perfumed from head to toe, -
- prepared for other doctors if asked.
Round and firm.
Extremely tight and delightfully juicy.
Do I shock you?
That was the point, wasn't it?
I was getting worried.
How was the piece?
Sardou came up with a cunning title:
"Let's get divorced!"
The theater was full of women!
I invited my sisters on ice.
Now I have no more money.
- I saw a hat I can't afford.
- But Marie ...
Women do not go to a caf alone.
Except courtesy.
"Freshly shaved mis ..."
Henri? What happens?
I met Pierre.
Is he back?
And not alone.
He brought an Algeria in the luggage.
An enchanting girl, I've heard.
He claims she is his muse.
He seems completely bewitched.
He can't help it
to photograph her.
- Madam.
- Monsieur.
- Good day.
- Good evening.
- To me?
- Here you go.
Your trip.
Lovely bag.
Careful, it's fragile.
First act.
- Again. Clear?
- Ready.
- Do you like it?
- I love it!
- More!
- Again.
Hurry, Jean!
- Yes?
- Is Pierre here?
- He works and will not be disturbed.
- I'm used to it.
Henri said you had turned
back with ...
Zohra Ben Brahim.
She is pretty.
Let me introduce Marie de Heredia.
The rain! I forget it.
It's strange to call you that.
It's lovely here.
A few flowers are missing.
Buy some daffodils.
I saw someone in the market.
You like daffodils, Pierre?
Are you jealous?
Do you photograph her with this one?
It was you I wanted.
I was furious when he stole you.
May a fall night never occur ...
Did you save yourself for me?
- May a fall night never occur ...
- So I, who embrace you here ...
... don't give you ...
...the gold, myrrh and frankincense of your innocence.
And Aphrodite's blood.
And Aphrodite's blood.
And Leto's blood.
Can i see?
- Are you now interested in politics?
- I want to learn.
I post a contact ad.
Code Name: MLH.
The initials of your names:
Marie, Louise, Hlne.
Extremely interesting.
Pierre, I want to be photographed
in immoral positions.
Come in, Marie!
So you want to be photographed?
It's like being in a studio.
- Should I sit here?
- Keep your hat on.
First I want to take your portrait.
Like a stranger
I've met on the street.
Take a seat.
Marie, you have to sit still.
Imagine you are an apple.
Are apples moving?
Turn your head to the right.
Lower your chin.
- Smile a little less. Concentrate.
- I'm concentrated.
Take off the hat.
When I can't become your husband,
I want to be your lover.
I want to teach you things,
which you cannot imagine.
You have to write to me and describe
your enjoyment. Do we agree?
It's me you love, right?
This is pure fun.
Or the opposite.
I will call you "The Fly" -
- because of your winged black
hair, so far, so fine, so blue -
- and the golden circles
about your pupils-
in the deep shadow of your eyes.
We even have installed
"Water closets".
Love letters will now
floating around with shit.
- There you are.
- Pierre! Are you here?
- Back from my journey.
- You are late.
I was with my lover.
He refused to let me go.
She has not lost her humor.
Well, Pierre ... How was your journey?
So fantastic,
that you missed our wedding.
That's Marie's way of saying,
that we missed you.
We are home births now.
Everyday simple life with Marie
makes me so happy.
Everyday life is boring.
Tell us about your journey.
It's more entertaining.
It is impossible to summarize.
Impressions, colors, images.
I wish,
that I had photographed it all.
- He loves his Kodak.
- And Kodak?
We also took pictures.
Are you cute picking them up?
- You are crazy.
- May I come over to the studio?
I promise to behave properly.
- Do you promise to do as I say?
- Everything you say.
Here they are.
Then we'll see ...
The whole family was there.
Everyone except you.
Was it the best day of your life?
Yes, it was very touching.
- You'll see that when it's your turn.
- If it ever becomes.
Do you see how fun it was?
I look absolutely dead.
My lover wouldn't let me.
And her husband
considered the excuse-
like a bad joke.
I don't like the housekeeper
with his luscious mouth so wide, -
- who says to his new hubby,
with head tilted:
"If the Lord calls,
when he lays down, - "
"- can I perform a 69's
as an extra number on you! "
- Which floor?
- The highest.
You're trying to take my life.
You have to introduce me to Lucille.
Lucille ...
But you are always with Zohra
and your new little whore.
- She's not a whore.
- Then why are you hiding her?
- Do you think we can catch her?
- Lift!
- Lift up now!
- Does she come from the upper class?
She comes from the upper class!
Monsieur Pierre, I want to fuck.
Don't say "I want to fuck",
say "I'm nervous".
Oh my beloved!
Fuck me in both holes!
You might well call yourself an eclectic.
I have 12 dildos in the desk drawer.
Say instead, Im bored
never in my own company. "
Now I have to show you something.
"The woman's buttocks."
- How many are there?
- About 60.
- And all in all?
- Several hundreds.
Several hundreds?
I have information on the ones I had
anal sex with. Name, address, age.
A fascinating study.
Saw fingerprints?
It's just before.
Frankly, why are you writing it down?
I do not know.
I shouldn't have shown you.
Allow me to be a little ... surprised.
It is unfamiliar to me with a notebook
for classifying women.
Take the plunge.
Are we ugly or pretty?
You laugh and I show teeth.
I like your pupils,
because I can see myself in them.
When I loosen your braid,
-you weigh my heavy hair.
And to your scarlet tongue
I have some coral.
Not bad.
- Not bad?
- Pretty good, actually.
Is it a lesbian poem?
Are you trying to kill me?
- How can you handle this?
- I'm used to suffering.
Are you getting strangled? Do you?
How does it feel to have one?
Can you show me that?
Next time I'll take
a woman more with.
We can love with her both.
It's going to do you good.
She will look at you.
- Don't you have enough in me?
- Yes, but ...
- But?
- Three is more fun.
She can lie between us
and look at you.
- You're playing with me.
- Not with you. I'm just healing.
I hate you. I hate you!
Who? Do you have other mistresses?
I love you less,
if I have others?
- Reply. Do you have it?
- Would I love you less?
Of course, I have others.
- It doesn't change anything.
- Would I, if I had others?
- You may not.
- Well, I must.
- Well, I must.
- Do not.
Only you can do me good.
Your poem was much more fun.
Have you written it?
- Have you read Pierre's manuscript?
- The first pages.
I have a few objections.
But not in terms of style.
- What are you talking about?
- Pierre.
His book, "The Woman and the Doll".
What does the woman look like?
The dark hair, as usual,
and extremely seductive.
He writes well,
but he goes a little too far.
I don't believe it.
A street girl-
- who manipulates his benefactor
like a puppet doll.
A gentleman lets
don't say lace so easily.
Pierre has imagination.
She lies with someone else,
and he allows it. Is it credible?
Not quite, I must admit.
The fly!
Do you have no morals?
- Does it bother you?
- No, that's what bothers me.
Not yet.
First, I want to photograph you.
You are beautiful when you concentrate.
On the floor.
- I'm not allowed to move?
- Or talk.
Be quiet.
Give me a torment of conscience.
Many ailments of conscience.
I want to remember every second.
Am I part of your collection now.
Along with all the others?
- Did you mess up my stuff?
- Yeah, didn't I have to?
Kiss Me.
Can't you stay a little longer?
- I am late.
- It's like you left.
Help me.
- This?
- I'll take it, please.
10 sou.
Here you go.
- How much?
- 10 o'clock, sir.
Get dressed.
Up with your arms.
Yes, like that.
Turn around.
It must be dark.
Let me see.
Show me them.
Come in.
May I have it?
For our secret album?
Who is the woman who is together
with Pierre? She is wonderful.
Marriage dresses you.
You are enchanting.
If it has its hidden benefits,
I haven't discovered them yet.
Good to see you dressed.
I do not feel so good.
We are going home.
- I rarely come out!
- People are watching.
- I can not.
- Marie, stop.
Marie, we go a little discreet later.
Good night, Marie.
Good night.
Henri is back at five.
We are alone.
You're not really smart.
Don't make fun of him.
Pierre doesn't love you!
He shares Zohra
with his friends at night.
You saw how captivated he is!
You're hurting me.
You're hurting me!
What is it you want?
Being treated like Zohra?
Like a whore?
My Beloved...
Stop it.
What have I done to you?
I do not love you.
I do not love you.
I do not love you.
I do not love you!
Her body was expressive
like a face.
More than one face.
Her head
rested on her shoulders
- like something that doesn't matter.
The smiles in the hips, -
- the extinguishing children
in her curvy pages.
Her chest there was staring
like two dark eyes.
What is it?
Are you crying?
What's wrong?
What is it?
Is it me?
Do not be sad.
Not because of me.
Lie still.
The cold lights of Paris don't clothe you.
To get to know you, I take
Take you where the palms grow.
See yourself. You fade away here.
You need light.
- I'm not leaving alone.
- You're not going to be alone.
You're a model. You are seductive.
Someone will take care of you.
You have to take away. I can
don't explain it, but that's how it is.
When are you coming?
You love me and chase me away.
You need me.
Stop! It is enough!
I don't want to be angry.
We had a good time together.
You will need them.
Honey, you gotta go now. Come here.
- Why are you sending me home?
- I did not know it!
This is your fault!
That is not his decision.
- He's coming back to me.
- He loves me!
He needs me.
I do whatever he wants.
- And? It's not love.
- What do you know about that?
I know how to love men.
One cannot learn to love.
Don't you understand? You know nothing.
Take a seat.
He likes,
when we do this.
Head to foot.
Can you do that?
That's your darling.
It just needs your fingers.
Pierre ...
Do you remember when you told me ...
... that with you my future was assured.
In the grave ...
... will you write to me.
To prove
that we still have something together.
Pierre, I love you so much.
I read your book.
The scandal is going to make you rich.
An excellent story.
It seems true.
However, I think
your cuckoo is missing something.
Nobility, possibly.
A stronger expression.
Do you think so?
Are you feeling well?
- Are you in love?
- No.
I'm concerned.
- Are you kidding me?
- No I mean it.
I threw Zohra out.
She was a burden,
but now I miss her.
You don't believe in love
but exhibit all symptoms.
It's not love. It's passion.
It destroys one,
but you can't help it.
You have to
get asked his passions.
Why not go to Algeria?
- Stop. I will not.
- Come on, just this one time.
Stop, I said! It's not a breeze!
I want to be in Algeria,
when you receive this.
Do you behave properly until
I'm coming home? Will you write?
Think of me.
You can talk to me.
I can not.
I love only one person
Forget him.
Come and see.
Wait, come on ...
Come see the ring.
Can you see it?
Forget him. He makes you unhappy.
I can not.
You are so Beautiful! Stand still.
You are beautiful.
So beautiful. You make me tough.
Men Pierre ...
I made you smile.
I got a smile.
Good appetite, my own.
The soup is as good as ever.
Henri, you are perfect.
Thank you, Hlne.
Marie is the most
artistic of my daughters.
The most sensitive and fragile.
Cheer her up. Entertain her.
Take her for horse racing.
She loves horses.
Take in the opera.
- What do I know...
- She refuses to go out.
I am afraid of
to leave her alone.
She is considering divorce.
- She is capable of everything.
- No ...
We must put an end to her
melancholy. Protect her from herself.
Entertain her.
Get her out of the room, damn it.
Don't let her act
say like a little girl.
- Act like her husband.
- Yes, like her husband ...
You are.
So you weren't a ghost?
Otherwise, it would not
be totally impossible here.
I like it there
terrible insect. What about you?
I admire it,
as someone admires the horror.
It's scary up close.
You're a slut.
I'm not afraid of anything anymore.
Couple arru sada.
Exactly. Arru sada.
- Netsuke.
- Yes ... Fly.
- What?
- So many flies.
One more. Sponge and fly.
- "Fly and lotus leaf."
- "Vollubilis and fly."
To overcome your fears.
Do you like it?
My happiness amulet.
Are you currently working?
I write. Willy is the sender.
You should write yourself.
I love what you're doing.
- Have you read what I've written?
- Of course.
I'm proud,
that you like my work.
I am happy to see you.
I'm so bored.
Without me?
I didn't say that.
I said I'm bored.
Along with another.
You make me laugh.
A good start.
You looked a little courageous.
I didn't dare say anything.
Are you feeling better now?
It's bitter. I like it.
You have no idea how bad I am.
You think I'm silly.
Foolish? No.
I sense you're coming
to make me suffer.
- So you come?
- Yes, I'm coming.
- And want to be my mistress?
- It does not matter.
Yes, for anyone.
Maybe not for you, but ...
Cursed travel craving!
Uf, I spit in my hand.
Why did he do that?
Since then, my beauty is meaningless.
In vain my body smells ...
and my seductive, strident bosom.
Being unfaithful to him with a dwarf.
But nothing can surpass my beloved.
How unstable this young man is.
With the little Zohra he will lie down.
A delight while I am merely an atom.
Being unfaithful to him with a dwarf,
but nothing can surpass my beloved.
In the shade under this date palm
a slave undresses you.
Here, completely naked -
-your young girl's body ...
Massive shade and strong sun.
Part out your brown skin.
The day goes softly, -
- and leaves you
bluish in the moonlight.
But nothing can surpass my beloved.
I'll return,
so don't scold me.
I know now that I love you.
Don't say you don't believe me.
You are not like other women.
You don't know about their jealousy.
You say you're an old man.
Do you remember that?
Jean, don't come to the apartment
on Tuesday. It is over.
I said it couldn't last
by. Sorry if I hurt you.
Don't cry over me.
I am not worth it.
- Sit still.
- It is not easy.
Be like an apple. Are they moving?
- An Apple. I'm an apple.
- Smile.
- What are you doing?
- Concentrate.
It is impossible! It's torture, Marie!
I know.
- It's new to me.
- For me too.
You can't see that. Quiet now.
- One more?
- No no.
- Is last.
- With you?
Bad boy!
- Do you agree?
- Yes.
Are you here?
What strikes me,
is the doubt of the past.
I think she loved me.
She stole my thoughts.
She takes the best from me.
I have anxiety.
You must understand me, Pierre.
I can't live anymore.
Listen to me!
I've never loved him!
Listen! Pierre, listen to me!
Listen to me.
You left me here.
I never stopped being yours.
With loving you.
To whisper your name.
To yearn for your mouth.
I love you.
I love you. Do you hear me?
You have to believe me.
You have to
to believe me, Pierre.
A release?
No, something more personal.
You must be appointed
Library Director?
Soon, but that's not it.
- Is it about your wife?
- No, about Marie.
Okay, Marie ...
She's expecting children.
He is affected,
as he was part of the family.
My grandchild.
Can you imagine?
A grandson, a grandson ...
I hope it becomes a boy.
Girls are only in trouble.
Do you want to be the child's godfather?
It would mean a lot to me.
We will call him Pierre.
If it's a boy.
My child, forget Pierre.
You can't refuse
your husband an heir.
He has been patient with you.
It will make you both happy.
That's how you feel right now.
But soon you will begin
to live again. Love again.
Soon life will be beautiful again.
Forain wants you to smile.
On your portrait.
Pierre, your silence hurts me like that.
I'm sure,
that the little tiger inside me,
- is the fruit of our carelessness,
before leaving.
Even after.
The baby should be born in September.
Answer me. I beg you.
Without you, life is worth nothing.
The fly.
My tiger.
Little Pierre.
I buy some lemonade.
There is a kiosk nearby.
My little Pierre ...
- He's scared of me.
- He needs to get to know you.
Did you see how he looks like you?
He's prettier.
Now something connects us forever.
I love you.
Do you mean it?
How long? A quarter?
What's so much fun?
He asked about Tiger,
is going to look like his father.
I hope he looks like his mother.
Not true, old friend?
Take one of these home from Africa.
A photograph of Tiger and his cousins.
Look, little Pierre. Tigers!
Stand here.
A smile, little Pierre.
A smile.
Stand still.
Henri, move.
Of course. Sorry.
First mother and child.
Henri, you are so clumsy!
- Are you going home?
- Sorry, that was a stupid idea.
He is hungry.
- Are you hurt?
- It is okay.
It's barely noticeable.
- Pierre ...
- Yes?
Do you think I'm a pitiful cuckold?
I think our friendship and yours
Decency does not give you any choice.
I see compassion in your gaze.
No not at all.
Rather it is you than someone else.
Without you, I would have given up.
It's a debt I can never pay off.
The ...
Yes, Pierre.
You can.
Madame de Heredia.
- Sorry for bothering me so late.
- Has something happened?
I leave you alone.
I am grateful for,
that Henri appointed your father-
- and has housed us.
Otherwise, we would have been homeless.
But we still have Louise.
You know her.
She gets her ideas.
She wants to get married.
Then married her away.
It is not easy without dowry.
She only talks about Pierre Lous.
She would be called Louise Lous.
What's wrong with you?
Are you excited?
Not at all.
You know,
that he is not that type.
He travels all the time.
He goes out with his mistresses.
Louise would be unhappy.
Why shouldn't she be happy?
You are.
MLH, as before.
Tomorrow at four o'clock.
- Loulouse? What brings you here?
- The friendship between our families.
Listen up. Dad has no money.
No dowry, ie no man,
so I have to take care of myself.
May I become your secretary?
Did you send Louise over to me?
You could have resisted.
You can't take
decisions on my behalf.
It was you who made the decision.
When you gave in, you obliged
you to marry her.
Your marriage will be like mine and Henris.
I don't want to get married!
It gets so much easier.
I can visit you.
Take care of you and be close to you.
That way, I never lose you.
Don't you need more women then?
I love you enough to share you.
Do you hear what I'm saying?
Who would you love deepest?
Or the woman of your dreams,
that we two have created?
Imagine her damp hair.
Her shoulders looking forward.
You spread her lure-
- and seek her mouth, as I hear
moaning without me seeing it.
It gets stuck in me.
You compare our breasts.
Our genitals.
Our moans and our cries.
You spend the afternoons with me.
And the nights with Louise.
You will remember our first time.
The same brown lures.
The same mouth.
You want to make Louise happy,
but also me.
You sneak like a cat.
Excuse my appearance.
Had I known ...
Your miniature monocle ...
- There's something I have to tell you.
- Say nothing. Never.
I have started writing.
Want to read what I've written?
- Your opinion is invaluable.
- Of course.
A love story?
Does it end happily?
All love is finally extinguished.
Did not you know that?
Do you go without saying anything?
- Come on.
- Marie, the photographer is waiting.
You are late.
- A kiss.
- You are beautiful.
You tried your wedding dress.
Seeing it ahead of time brings bad luck.
- Is it true?
- Loulouse, come on.
Why didn't you say that?
Open your eyes.
Mothers should not give theirs
daughters books which read:
Dont lie to your sisters lover.
It's incest. "
Girls always find an excuse.
Landouzy was over yesterday at five.
He prescribed hydrotherapy.
Everything I see dazzles me.
Never have I practiced so much.
Never have I gone to bed so early.
Can you imagine that? Me?
I, who loved cigarettes,
dark-haired women and glossy sides -
is now forced into abstinence.
It's a relief.
Grard d'Houville
If I get better,
- I'm glad to have seen
all in a new way.
The slightly dazzling ...
... amplifies the reflections
and light up the shadows ...
... and show me a new nature.
A much more beautiful one.
And don't get better, exist
all the pictures I took ...
- No one can take them from you.
- No.
They exist within me.
To relive them, I close
eyes and see them for me.
Thanks to you, the shelves are empty.
The Revue de Paris goes like hot bread.
Is it true? Empty?
So Grard d'Houville is a success?
They probably think that Grard d'Houville-
- is an old bearded and dull
man and not a beautiful young woman.
It might increase sales.
Everyone loves love stories.
Especially when they are shocking.
Did I shock you?
No, you have charmed me.
No need to be exotic
like Lous to describe a topic.
You feel you are talking about
Them even without wrapping.
It is almost manly.
It is modern.
Don't talk badly about my friend.
He is an artist. A great poet.
As long as he doesn't forget.
Do you have time to eat
dinner with me tonight?
Not tonight.
See you later.
Don't forget that one night
we experienced the only hour -
- where the gods gave us for a moment.
An oblique head.
A shuddering shoulder.
The pure joy of life,
as fleeting as time.
Remember that night -
-where we lay in our bed-
- and touched each other's fingers,
who trembled met.
We shared, word of mouth ...
... the unforgettable gem,
where the memory slumber.
Freely based on Pierre Lous and Marie
de Rgniers photographs and letters.
Translation: J. Petersen