Curious Caterer: Fatal Vows (2023) Movie Script

This program is rated G
and is suitable for
general audiences.
This(bright music)ted G
(bright music continues)
(bright music continues)
I'm trying to surpass
the Burj Khalifa
as world's tallest structure.
The bride wanted seven tears
for her lucky prime number.
Maybe we will get
lucky this weekend
and meet a couple
millionaires of our own.
(Goldy chuckles)
I feel like I'm going to be
piping champagne buttercream
in my sleep tonight.
Well, you're optimistic.
What sleep?
Is this side an eighth of an
inch shorter than this side?
Okay, is this because you are
catering the society wedding
of the decade or because
it's Jess's wedding?
And no particular order.
Admit it.
You just want Justin
to eat her words
about your little business.
Is that so wrong?
Did I hear my name?
Oh, Goldy your
cake, it's stunning.
Well, it's not done,
but thank you so much.
What are you
talking about, mother?
Those are macadamia
nuts on my wedding cake.
I told Goldy a thousand times,
Sterling's allergic
to tree nuts.
(tense music)
And is that a Juliet rose I see?
You know that Romeo
and Juliet's love
went from epic to tragic
almost overnight, right?
Why don't just break
a mirror on my cake?
Jess, Jess...
- Well...
- Well,
we can replace the Juliet
rose with a, um, um...
A Paeonia lactiflora.
A peony, those stand for
love and good fortune.
Love and good fortune.
And also they
aren't macadamia nuts.
They are pure Madagascar
white chocolate.
There is not a nut in sight.
Except for the
one in front of us.
Still, get rid of them.
Pearls of any sort
represent future tears and
heartache in a marriage.
Do I have to
micromanage everything?
Let's go, mother.
(bright music)
Thank you.
Well, as expected, she
is the ultimate bridezilla.
And she is also our client.
And nothing is gonna stop
us from putting on the most
memorable rehearsal dinner,
and wedding reception
Elk Park has ever seen,
even if it kills us.
Now, let's go find some peonies.
(bright music)
(guests chattering)
Is that him, is that the guy?
Mom, boundaries.
He's cute.
Mom, that is so (indistinct)!
My baby has our first crush.
(Goldy chuckling)
(bright music continues)
(guests chattering)
What's up man?
Sterling Bridgewater
finally came back to Elk Park.
Golden Berry.
(laughing) Oh, I haven't
been called that a forever.
You haven't aged a day.
Oh, and you're
still the charmer.
Apparently not charming enough.
Let's just say not
everyone has given me
as warm a welcome.
Well, you and Hunter
are gonna be family now,
so you're just gonna
have to play nice.
I always play nice.
Even if my future
brother-in-law doesn't.
That is Elk Park for you.
(energetic dance music)
(crowd cheering)
Yes more, more ladies, more.
Big smiles, ladies.
All together.
She does light up
a room, doesn't she?
I mean...
- (chuckles) Excuse me.
- Yes, of course.
(women giggling)
Pinch me, am I dreaming or
is this actually happening?
For a delicate flower, you
are stronger than you look.
It's all the espresso.
Goldy and Marla, you guys.
It's been forever.
(Katie laughing)
I thought that
was you out there.
So you're a bridesmaid
Maid of honor, actually.
I guess I didn't realize that
you and Jess were friends
in high school.
Yeah, we kept in
touch even though
we went to different state
colleges, but we're BFFs now.
Crazy, right?
(laughing) Well, you look great.
How are you?
Never better.
- Here you go, babes.
- Oh, thanks hon.
Goldy, Marla, this
is my boyfriend Ray,
and Sterling's best man.
These are my old
high school friends.
Minus the old part.
So did you guys
meet in San Francisco?
Born and raised.
I was classmates from Sterling
in college and Katie had just
broken poor Sterling's heart.
Oh, please.
You love that you got the girl.
I'm a lucky man.
And is that when
Jess and Sterling
started seeing each other?
No, that was way after that.
They reconnected at one of our
house parties, right babes?
Yeah, yeah, just after
she and Tom got divorced.
She'd been living in San
Francisco for a few years by then
and we were hanging out.
Ray and I invited her over.
She and Sterling
reconnected and here we are.
Hey Ray.
Sorry ladies, there's a
30 year single malt calling.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
Hey, let's all grab lunch
after the wedding to catch up.
That would be great.
- Yeah!
- Have fun!
Ah, what a cute couple.
Don't you hate being
single at these things?
You'll always be my plus one.
[Laurence] Man,
these are so good.
You're liking those, aren't you?
I'm loving the parsley chips.
She's perfect.
Oh, thank you.
Thank you so much, it's
such a beautiful spread.
Oh, you're welcome.
Don't you think, Laurence?
Oh, yes, yes.
Nothing too good
for your daughter.
Loving these beef sliders.
Actually, they're bison.
Per the bride's request.
Of course they are. Well, I
better grab a couple of more.
Get my money's worth.
There you go.
(laughing) He's
accepted Jess as his own.
She looks so happy, doesn't she?
With her band of besties.
(Goldy laughs)
Well, I think it's really nice
that so many people have found
love a second time around.
Can I get a scotch, neat?
Chester, taking a break from
all that wheeling and dealing.
Work can wait.
Tonight is all
about sporting Jess.
Doubt it all you want, Jess
and I make solid partners.
We've got big goals
for Whitetail.
I don't doubt Jess's sincerity.
I doubt yours.
While she's distracted
planning this wedding,
you're quietly trying to
poach her high end clients.
What you talking about?
I'm onto you.
And as soon as this wedding's
over, Jess will be too.
(soft tense music)
Man, this is busing.
(bright music)
(laughs) Oh, I
gotta talk to Tommy.
Hey Katie.
Well, hello.
Hello, hello.
So good to see you.
You too. You too.
- Have a seat.
- You look great.
Thank you.
I really appreciate
you coming, Tommy.
[Tom] Well, I
appreciate the invite.
Take a picture mom,
it'll last longer.
No, see, I was, I was,
you see back there?
I was just trying to make
sure that the waiter was,
you know, doing the thing.
Um, I'm headed to
Charlotte's house.
Her mom's here.
Oh, okay.
I love you.
Text me when you
get there, okay?
Tell Charlotte's mom.
I said thank you.
(cork popping)
(Men laughing)
Oh, shoot, man!
(Ray laughing)
That's expensive.
[Marla] If looks could kill.
It's a far cry
from city hall, huh?
Oh, come on.
City hall worked.
No, it didn't, we're divorced.
Anyway, water under
the bridge now.
This time I'm doing it right.
I hope he makes you happy.
I hope the same
for you too one day.
Excuse me.
Am I loud in here?
(laughing) It's my kitchen.
You can be here anywhere I am.
Well, you did it again.
And to put a smile
on Jess's face.
That's not easy.
(laughing) She wasn't that bad.
You know, it was um, fun.
You're a terrible liar.
I know.
This is why I'm the chef and
you're the detective, right?
Oh, I'm off duty tonight.
Is a cop ever off duty?
Stick around, you'll find out.
Mm, but can you handle the heat?
Try one.
- The heat?
- Yeah.
- Child's play.
- Mm-hmm.
(Goldy chuckles)
See now this is fun.
(bright music)
(guests chattering)
(Goldy chuckling)
Is that him?
The famous detective?
You're drunk and
soaked in champagne.
I'm so celebrating.
I'm getting married to the most
gorgeous bride in Elk Park.
Yeah, you are. (laughing)
Do they look like
a couple to you?
Does it matter?
Look at you now, honey.
I'd say you upgraded.
Oh, easy.
You're drunk.
Take a walk, get some coffee.
- You know I'm...
- Thank you.
(soft music)
(crowd chattering)
- Hey.
- Hi.
You leaving?
- I had fun.
- You did?
I did have fun, yep.
So my fiance is upset
at me for some reason.
(men chuckling)
Katie, how about you
and I grab a drink
fr old times sake, huh?
Maybe you and I could
give it another go.
(tense music)
I'm just, I'm kidding.
Lighten up.
Lighten up, is this
a party or a funeral?
Leave my girlfriend out of it.
I'm gonna need
you to handle that.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
I was just joking.
Come on, man.
I'm getting married tomorrow.
Yeah, well, some
things aren't funny, man.
You know what's not funny?
You ruined my watch.
You don't see me complaining
about that, okay.
Oh yeah, as you keep
telling us it's a Rolex.
Well, what's the little
champagne gonna do?
You know what?
I think you've had enough.
No, I think it's
past your bedtime.
Okay, well, maybe
if you hadn't spilled
all my dad's champagne
on your watch,
you'd still have a
functioning Rolex.
What's your problem?
With you?
I don't know.
You're entitled, spoiled,
narcissistic, can't dress.
Oh, big words from a little man.
(laughing) You know what?
Maybe you should sell some
more of your daddy's flawed
software to the town,
that he can buy you a
new Rolex, huh, big guy?
- Watch your mouth.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Knock it off.
(Goldy sighs)
(tense music)
Think of Jess.
Don't tell me to think of Jess.
(dramatic music)
Relax, all right?
(glass shattering)
Hey, hey.
Go home and sleep it off.
You don't wanna do this.
(blood dripping)
Ugh, let's go make some coffee.
500 unlucky white chocolate
pearls need to be refashioned.
Hey, come with me.
I'll get you some ice.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
Should have gone home earlier.
(light music)
- Gold.
- Hmm?
Have you seen Sterling?
He's gone and not
answering his phone.
(woman screaming)
(dramatic music)
(Marla gasping)
(sirens blaring)
(indistinct shouts)
[Tom] Hey, Quinn.
[Cop] I need you to stay back.
Where's Jess?
We can't find her,
but I notified next of
kin, Sterling's parents.
Send a squad car to her hotel.
We need to find her right now,
Mason. I'll call Jess's mom.
Goldy and Marla are upstairs.
(crowd chattering)
(siren blaring)
Hey ladies.
You know where Jess is?
I hope she's okay.
- Yes?
- Yes.
Uh, sorry boss.
What you got?
Nothing conclusive,
but looks like
blunt force trauma
to his right temporal region.
I won't know more
until I do the autopsy.
I'd estimate time of death
within the last few hours.
What's this?
Some sort of
rash, forensic swab.
Strange that it's
only on his right hand.
Did you find a cell phone?
They're searching the perimeter.
(dramatic music)
(group chattering)
Impact blood spatter.
What you thinking, boss?
I don't know, detective,
what do you think I'm thinking?
You want me to...
Um, medium velocity
forward spatter.
If the victim died from
blunt force trauma,
this may be our murder weapon.
Very good.
If it was foul play, don't
jump to any conclusions.
You still need to get
statements, DNA swabs,
and fingerprints.
Ray, this is Detective Kildea.
(tense music)
You okay?
Well, can I have a seat, Ray?
So when was the last
time you saw Sterling?
This morning, around 9:00.
He stepped outside
for a few minutes,
but he never came back.
Did he say he was
meeting with anybody?
No, we were ready
to go to the church.
I tried texting and calling,
but he never responded.
Have you seen or
heard from Jess?
No, not since last night.
I was in the kitchen all
morning prepping hors d'oeuvres.
Nothing was off on my end.
Well, from my end,
something was off.
I passed through the lobby and
that's when I found Sterling
and we checked for a pulse.
We tried CPR,
but nothing worked.
What time was that?
Were the doors locked?
No, Goldy had
already opened them.
Deliveries were
coming in and out.
I'll need a list
of those vendors.
What was Sterling's mood
like the last time you saw him?
He was in a great mood.
He wasn't in a great mood.
How'd you get that black eye?
I tripped and fell.
Hit my face right on a doorknob.
Did Sterling have any enemies?
Everyone loved Sterling.
Everyone hated Sterling.
I liked Sterling.
Anne didn't like Sterling.
Call if you remember
anything else.
Is it just me or
are these people
contradicting each other?
Eyewitness testimonies are
like slogging through mud,
but somewhere in
between lies the truth.
Boss, they found Sterling's cell
a hundred yards from here.
Jessamyn purse, key
fob and car keys
were at her hotel room
with signs of a struggle.
(tense music)
No cell phone, no Jess.
Tell them to seal
off Jess's hotel room.
Nobody goes in.
(tense music)
(Jess panting)
(tense music and
panting continue)
(Jess shouting)
Thank goodness you're here.
Jess is missing,
what is going on?
We're gonna find her
Is, it true, is
Sterling really dead?
I'm afraid so, yes.
Who would wanna do this to
Sterling and, and Jessamyn?
I, I don't...
When did you last see Jess?
This, this morning.
We were all taking photos
and, and drinking mimosas.
She said she needed a
moment and wanted us
all out of her hotel room,
so we, we gave her space.
You know how she gets sometimes.
What time is that?
I don't know, eight-ish, maybe.
I mean, I started
getting worried
because when it
was time to leave,
she wasn't answering her calls.
Yeah, Ann stayed here
and I, I drove around
looking for her.
Where's Laurence.
He went home earlier,
he wasn't feeling well.
Is there some place
Jessamyn could have gone?
She wasn't getting
cold feet, was she?
She loves Sterling.
I mean, Jess has
been known to take off.
Remember Bali?
I mean, she went there for two
weeks without telling anyone.
- No, no, no.
- Just because.
This is different.
This is her wedding day.
What about Jess, any news?
We have to treat Jess
as a missing person.
(tense music)
What is it?
Find something?
How do they fold the
towel to look like a swan?
Doesn't make sense.
(light music)
Mason, focus.
Sorry, crime scene.
Money and credit cards intact.
It's definitely not a robbery.
Boss, do you think
it's possible...
I'm not saying your ex is a
cold-blooded killer or anything,
but could Chessman have
done it and skipped town?
Not a chance.
She'd never have left
that Chanel purse behind.
There's only one candle holder.
Its pair's missing.
Oh, let's keep her eyes
peeled for the other one.
What else is off in
Miss Cole's room?
Oh, it's messy for a lady.
You don't know Jessamyn.
Aside from that, her
clothes are all here,
but there's no suitcase.
(tense music)
(people chattering)
Hi. Welcome.
How you doing?
I don't, I don't get it.
Is this a floral shop
or a coffee shop?
It's both.
Do you sell tires
and mosquitoes too?
But you can find an abundance
of sass, spunk and shell shock.
Sorry, it's been a
long and trying day.
What can I get you?
Just a black coffee, thanks.
You uh, sure you don't
wanna try one of our specials?
It's all a bit uh,
exotic for my taste.
I mean, the grilled
cheese sounds okay,
but why you gotta mess it
up with truffled cremes,
whatever those are.
They're mushrooms and they
are full of antioxidants.
It's a pass on, just
the coffee's good.
Okay. Enjoy.
Oh, you're good. Keep it.
Oh, Marla, it's your lucky day.
You can finally get those
Gucci heels you wanted.
(light music)
It looks taller than
I thought it would be.
Let me give you a boost.
Why can't I give you a boost?
I've been working out.
You think I'm going in there?
Don't argue, Mason. Come on.
Get on my knee.
Is that okay?
Knee on my shoulder.
Yeah. There we go.
What'd you have her breakfast?
Oh, my mom made me an omelet,
but she ran outta hash browns.
It's a rhetorical
question, Mason.
(garbage crunching)
[Mason] It's disgusting in here.
Just stay focused.
Oh wait, I see something.
I got it.
And look, there's
blood and hair.
Try to curb your enthusiasm
that my ex might be dead.
(light music continues)
(people chattering)
(phone ringing)
I hate to say it,
but he had it coming.
Sterling waltzes into town
and the butter doesn't
melt in his mouth.
Catering swanky dinners with
ice sculptures and fountains
and my dad has to
foot the bill again.
Trust me, I am not losing sleep
over either of those
two freeloaders.
I gotta go.
I'm sorry, is this,
is this a bad time?
No, no, not at all.
Thank you so much for
bringing the wedding cake.
Yes, of course.
Would've been a shame
for it to go to waste.
Well, the Hoops for Teens
Foundation is grateful.
We've had to shut down
the programs for two weeks
while the gym was
being repaired.
But the kids are back tonight.
They're gonna enjoy the meal.
You're really
making a difference.
Trying to.
(light music)
I'll talk to Quinn
about the autopsy report.
You look into the hotel footage.
But first bring the candle
hold of the forensics.
Even with the rush order,
could take a couple days.
Well, it's still
backlogged, huh?
What do you doing here?
Nice to see you too.
I've been transferred.
Temporary assignment.
Mason, this is
Detective Dave Track
from Third Precinct.
Track, this is
Detective Mason Kildea.
Look at us, three
seasoned detectives
all in the same room.
Yeah, I'd say two
seasoned and one bland
but I'll let you geniuses
figure out which one's which.
Yeah, Tom's the best.
Taught me everything I know.
Ah, sorry to hear that.
Tom "Buy the books" Schultz.
It's better than Dave
"Bend the Rules" Track.
Why are you here?
Well, it seems that
I'm in and you're out.
You're officially
on desk duty, Tom.
So I'm gonna need the case
files for Coil and Bridgewater.
(tense music)
The missing bride
and dead groom.
Yeah, I know who Coil
and Bridgewater are.
Why am I off their cases?
Conflict of interest.
I mean, your missing ex-wife
plus your association
with the deceased.
There's no way I'm compromised.
Sheriff says otherwise.
I bet you couldn't wait to
come in here and tell me this.
It's always the high
profile cases with you, huh?
Beats traffic duty.
Mason, give track
the case files.
Bring him up to speed.
Oh, honey, I'm so
glad softball went well.
Your backpack?
I don't know, but I
can check the car.
Okay, hold on.
Let me see here.
Oh, yeah, it is right here.
Do you want me to
leave it with dad?
I'll drop it off at X-ray.
(phones ringing)
The hotel fob sees Jessamyn
entering her room at 10:40 AM.
Is there security footage?
Mostly at the front with
a couple of blind spots
at the side exits.
So we never actually see
Jess coming or going.
She could have left on
her own or been abducted.
(light music)
We also got an
anonymous tip, alibi.
Anonymous, huh?
[Mason] Yeah, it
was, it was anonymous.
(siren blaring)
(tense music)
(footsteps thumping)
(Goldy gasping)
Sorry, I didn't
mean to scare you.
I saw you in x-ray, but you
were walking away so fast.
Yeah, basements and
hospitals aren't my favorite.
(laughing) What are
you doing in x-ray?
Is it about the bruise?
My ego is more
bruised than this eye,
but I got the all clear.
It's not a concussion, so.
Well, that's good.
What did happen?
Just a heated basketball game.
It serves me right for trying
to show up a bunch of teens.
Mm, the morning of the wedding.
That's, that's brave.
It was a, it was an early game.
I coach underserved
kids, basketball.
I didn't know that.
Yeah, Hoops for Teens.
Jessamyn signed me up.
She said it would be a
good image for our brand,
but it's fun.
I, I could have
sworn Hunter said
that the program was
shut down for two weeks.
(door ringing)
(siren blaring)
Hey, what's up?
I just ran into Chester and
you need to recheck his alibi.
I think he's lying about
how he got that eye.
Well, I wish I could.
I'm off the case.
Conflict of interest.
I'm pushing paper now.
Then, who's running
the case, Mason?
No, no.
They brought in an outside
detective, this guy, Dave Track.
You say his name
like you know him.
There's history there.
He's done some shady
things to solve crimes.
Why would they bring
someone like that in?
[Tom] It was out of my control.
I'm sorry.
Look, whoever killed Sterling
is also responsible for
Jess's disappearance.
The first 48 hours are crucial.
Okay. So what can I do?
How can I help?
Can you break
into Quinn's office
and steal the autopsy report?
(light music)
No, no, I was kidding.
- Listen...
- You can't do that.
I know you have to say what
you have to say, but like we,
I got it, I got you.
- You can't...
- I hear you.
If you hear, don't
worry about it.
It's gonna be fine.
(sirens blaring)
(light music)
Hey Mason.
Hey Goldy.
Are those Snickerdoodle muffins?
Those are like my favorite.
I didn't know that.
Well, I was bringing 'em
to the precinct, but here,
help yourself.
If you don't mind.
Yeah! (laughing)
Oh, these are so good.
Aw, thank you.
You must be so busy
with both cases.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
But I can't really
talk about it, you know?
Of course.
I just can't stop
thinking about Sterling
and, and what happened
and, and just the pain
that he must have been.
I mean, he had blunt
force trauma to the head,
but Quinn found
champagne in his lungs.
Drowning is not as
painful as you think.
Sure the champagne burns a bit,
but then Sterling probably
drifted off to sleep.
So you know, if it helps. I
hear it's a peaceful way to go.
Mm, so cause of
death was drowning.
(light music)
Wait, what's in these
Snickerdoodle muffins?
Truth serum?
Gotta go.
Oh, Mason.
Oh, thanks.
Bye Mason.
Bye, Goldy.
Here you go.
CCTV cameras around town
showed no sign of Jess,
but the forensics came
back on the candle holder.
It's a match to Jessamyn DNA.
The thing is,
there are multiple prints
from the wedding party,
plus a few partials,
but they're too smeared to ID.
No hits in CODIS.
So whoever ditched
the candle there
is likely our murderer.
They're either very
sloppy or brilliant.
With all the prints,
we would be just spinning
our wheels going nowhere.
And they know it.
Whose idea was it to search the
dumpsters outside the hotel?
Tom's, but...
It's also Tom's DNA on
the victim's shoe, right?
Yeah. But that...
And guess who's the beneficiary
of Jessamyn life
insurance policy?
(tense music)
I hate to say it,
looks like we have a
new person of interest.
No, exactly.
When does that happen?
Hi, can I help you
ladies with anything?
Just looking for now, thanks.
Yeah honestly, so weird.
I know, the lab
results were so random,
but I saw Quinn emptying
his stomach contents myself.
Newly dead on his wedding day.
Poor guy.
He had a swollen tongue,
contact dermatitis on his hand,
but no food in his stomach.
It's plain weird.
Hey, how about this?
Your mom loves lilies.
Do this one.
And I had to.
Does it ever stop?
(laughing) No, no.
Well, thank you for feeding me.
You know, you didn't have to.
Have you met me? (laughing)
You know your food's good,
but your company's even better.
(soft music)
It goes both ways.
How are you holding up?
I mean, I know you and Jess
aren't together anymore,
but still this has to be hard.
I might not be in
love with Jess still,
but I just don't want
anything bad to happen to her.
You know?
Of course not, no one does.
I feel stuck now
that I'm desked.
I feel lost without
my murder board.
(light music)
Not again.
Okay, listen, don't be mad.
All right?
(Tom sighs)
I, you know, printed out
pictures of the bridal party
and used Marla's leftover
flowers, and then they threw
the seating tread out.
So I took that and, well,
those were just pretty, and I,
you know, made a murder board.
Well, it's certainly
the prettiest murder board
I've ever seen.
Thank you.
You're not gonna
lecture me, are you?
I think it's
downright brilliant.
Well, in that case.
Blunt force trauma.
Cause of death drowning.
Wait, are you...
Are you just guessing?
It's uh, it's a little
more than a hunch.
Allergic reaction,
that's a question mark.
How did you get your
hands on the autopsy report?
Nothing illegal.
Stomach was empty.
Goldy, you're something else.
Is that a good
thing or a bad thing?
It's definitely a good thing.
(Goldy chuckles)
Okay, so Hunter was
saying something about
selling bad software.
You know anything about that?
Oh yeah, well,
when Sterling's family
moved here from New York,
his dad convinced a lot of
people to fund a startup
whose software was
supposed to be fail safe.
Well, they didn't
read the fine print
and he wanted it that
way because in the end,
his bad software caused, well,
pretty much everybody
to lose their money.
The only people that made
money was Sterling's family,
who then skipped town.
Wait, that was years ago.
Sterling was just a teenager.
It was his father that
scammed them, not Sterling.
It's Elk Park,
it's a small town.
I mean, people
remember these things.
Yeah, revenge is a
timeless motive for murder.
I wonder which
families were affected?
Good question.
(door bell ringing)
One second.
Hi, ma'am.
I'm detective Track.
Sorry to intrude.
Hi Goldy, Marla said
Tom would be here.
She did. Did she?
Track, what's up?
Tom, in light of new evidence,
need to hand in your badge
and gun and come with us.
My badge and my...
(tense music)
What new evidence,
what do you mean?
Yeah, what evidence?
And also, you are clearly
making a mistake here.
Furthermore, I don't like how
you're going around town...
Goldy, it's okay,
it's okay, it's okay.
I'm coming.
Hey, go to City Hall.
Search land registry
records for foreclosures
around the time of the scam.
Stay safe.
Let's go, Schultz.
Yeah, I'm coming.
Sorry, boss.
(tense music)
(ightly t)
Piece of cake, Golden Berry.
(Goldy grunting)
All right, maybe
not a piece of cake.
(tense music)
(tense music continues)
(computer beeping)
(tense music continues)
I can't, can't, can't, can't.
(printer humming)
(tense music continues)
(solemn music)
Ann lost her house.
The evidence points to you.
Motive, opportunity, intent,
confess, and maybe you'll
get leniency on sentencing.
Jess called you in the morning.
She disappeared at 10:03.
I told you.
She left the voicemail,
I called her back and
she didn't answer.
Is it normal for a
bride to call her ex
the morning of her wedding?
Nothing about Jess is normal.
What's your angle, Tom?
Kill Sterling, with Jess gone,
collect her life insurance?
Or is it that she's waiting
for you and that this was your
plan with her all along?
That's your theory?
It's absurd.
Mason, you still
looking for her?
Okay, we're gonna
play this my way.
(tense music)
I guess the apple doesn't
fall far from the tree, huh?
Who knows?
Maybe you and your old
man will be cellmates.
It's been what, 25 years?
24, but who's counting?
Where's Jessamyn?
Sterling cut my hand.
So yeah, there'd be
blood transfer on my shoe
as well as the champagne glass.
As for the life
insurance policy,
Jess obviously forgot to
change the beneficiary.
You know, the DA hasn't
filed charges yet,
which means your case
has too many holes.
So unless you arrest me,
can't keep me here any longer.
So I'm leaving.
(tense music)
Don't leave town.
It wasn't right.
Turning off an audio
recorder during an interview.
And there you get fired
if you play by the rules.
Evidence gathered deceitfully
is inadmissible in court.
God, wake up.
Judging by that deer
caught in headlights look,
you didn't even know Tom's
dad was in the slammer.
That's just, it's
just my normal look.
I'm just saying
maybe you don't really
know your mentor that well.
I'm gonna need you to tail him.
(solemn music)
(siren blaring)
Room service.
(laughing) Goldy,
what a nice surprise.
Ah, I have a question.
Would you think less of me
as a mother if I had you
surgically attach this
to our daughter's back?
She gets her absent
mindedness from me.
I'm sorry I muddled
the gene pool.
Are those eclairs?
(light music)
Okay. What do you need?
Who said I needed anything?
Goldy, we have known each other
for a very, very long time.
I love-hate that about us.
Tom got suspended.
What, what happened?
There's this new
cop and he is trying
to pin Sterling's murder on Tom.
And he would never,
ever, ever, ever ask,
but he really needs our help.
(light music)
You know, Goldy, I would
really love to help Tom.
You know, I would,
but I can't tell you
anything about someone
from the wedding party
who came to my office
Saturday afternoon
with a broken hand
and a really lame excuse
on how that happened.
See, I could lose my license.
Of course.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
So I'm just gonna
go look for a coffee
to pair with my eclair.
Yeah, I might be
10, maybe 15 minutes.
(Goldy exhales)
Oh, hey.
Are you cleared?
Yeah. No.
No, not yet.
Thanks for coming to get me.
Yeah, I was so worried.
(police radios chattering)
Maybe you should
keep your distance.
Stop, don't even do that.
Nobody believes that you had
anything to do with this.
It's not that.
It's something Track
said about my dad.
What about him?
I haven't shared
this with anyone,
but my dad's in prison.
See, that's the look. That's
why I don't talk about it.
I'm sorry, I...
I have a lot of questions.
But first, how does Track
even know about this?
It was his dad
that put my dad away.
And you're afraid he's gonna
use that information
against you?
Look, I just, I wanted you
to know before anybody else.
I'm sorry.
You are not your dad.
(soft music)
And whatever he did,
it doesn't change who you
are or what you mean to me.
Or you know, there are
people, other people and hey,
welcome to the club.
Everyone in Elk Park has
been a suspect for murder
at some point in this
past year, including me.
And you're still talking to me.
Well, the night's still young.
(laughing) Let's
go get your car.
So Ray showed up the
morning of the wedding
with a busted hand, but
he didn't have a cast.
He flinched and
Mason shook his hand.
Which begs the question, when
exactly did Ray do it and how?
Well, I'm headed to the
ground search right now,
and Ray will be there.
So why don't you go home
and then you come back later
and we can put our
heads together?
Okay. Okay.
(tense music)
(people chattering)
Look out, coming through.
[Ray] That's my
best friend's wedding.
Come on.
(voices overlapping)
(tense music)
Ray, I...
Here, you and I,
we'll go up here.
(voices overlapping)
You remember these woods?
We'd come here,
me with Sterling.
You with that Freckly ginger.
(laughing) My gosh. Yes.
Such innocent and happy
times until it wasn't.
I couldn't help but
notice you and Ray earlier.
Is everything okay?
I found an engagement
ring in a suitcase,
and when I asked about it,
Ray admitted he was going
to propose this weekend.
That's wonderful?
Except I said I'm not ready.
He didn't buy it.
He thinks there's
something more.
Is there?
No, timing is everything.
And with all this going on...
Well, relationships are hard,
even on their good days.
You'll get through it.
He's my person, but
Ray can be insecure.
Sterling's ribbing at
the rehearsal dinner
about getting back together
with me didn't help.
Anyway, it's like
Ray and I always say,
there's nothing more
important than love.
Never take it for granted
because it can be too late.
I'll never love again.
Of course you will.
No, "I'll Never Love Again."
It's a book.
Wait, Jess was reading that.
I lent it to her.
Okay. Don't touch anything.
Flag it and I'll,
I'll grab a cop.
[Woman] Hey, over here.
I think I found something.
(voices overlapping)
(siren blaring)
It's Jess's cell.
She loved her Zuwalksi Crystals.
[Laurence] It's okay.
You referred to her
in the past tense.
You know what I mean.
Why would I ever want
anything to happen to her?
You'd get sole possession
of Whitetail Realty for one.
With her gone, my
workload has just doubled.
I have to take on
all of her clients.
And we all know you weren't
a fan of Jess or Sterling.
I have nothing against them.
We just had
different priorities,
and I'm tired of them
taking my dad for a ride.
Hey, will you just
stop it, the both of you?
Can't you see what
you're doing to my wife?
My apologies.
It's okay.
God, this is just
so distressing.
What can I do to help?
(choking up) We're
holding a candlelight vigil
outside our home this evening.
Do you think you could do a
rush order on some finger food?
Just whatever you can...
Of course, I'll
drop them off later.
Thank you.
Yeah, I'm a mess.
Where's my, where's my Jess?
I mean, where could she be?
We'll find her.
We'll find her.
(tense music)
(water dripping)
(Jess whimpering)
(Jess screaming)
Hi Goldy.
Your food was a huge
hit with the kids.
Thanks again.
Thank you.
And I'm sorry about earlier
at the park with Chester.
I got carried away.
You don't need to apologize
to me, I understand.
Emotions are running
high right now.
Feels like it's been one
nonstop fight since the wedding
came to town.
First, the one at the reception,
then the one the
parking lot after.
What, what happened
in the parking lot?
Well, I only caught
the tail end of it,
but Chester and Sterling
were at it again.
And obviously Chester didn't
come out of it too well.
See ya.
(tense music)
Hey, one dopeo double
espresso macchiato.
Thank you.
Let's get to work.
And working on
Ann's rushed order.
(phone ringing)
Hold on.
Hey Marla.
He's right outside my shop.
[Man] I dunno.
Who's right outside your shop?
Ray, you said you
wanted to talk to him.
If you hurry up,
you can catch him.
Just be careful because
Mason and Track are here.
Okay. Thank you.
What's up?
Ray is outside Marla's shop.
Well, let's go talk to him.
You can't be be seen
interrogating Ray.
And I can't leave my dough
or the baking
powder will go flat.
I have a crazy idea.
(light music)
Okay, you wanna preheat
the oven to 350.
You're gonna roll
the dough evenly.
Then you're gonna add a
teaspoon of the filling,
first the cheese, then
the mushroom mixture.
You wanna pinch the edges of
the dumpling and then brush
each dumpling with the egg wash.
Then you bake.
Are you good?
You lost me after
preheat the oven.
(laughing) You'll be fine,
just don't overwork the dough.
But you know, that
goes for you too, okay?
Don't press Ray too hard
or he's gonna clam up.
Find out how he broke
his hand, but act natural.
Act natural.
Got it.
All right. I see him.
(crowd chattering)
I'm switching to Bluetooth.
Well, there's a $300
charge on my credit card
that I never authorized.
I'd like the charges
reversed please.
Car key replacement?
What are you talking about?
The contract never said...
(sighs) Ah, fine.
Stupid car rental
agency is sh...
Ray, hi! (laughing)
It's so funny meeting you here.
[Ray] Hey, Goldy.
I said act natural.
Whoa, your cast.
How did that happen?
Easy, Berry.
It's too heavy handed.
I'm trying.
You're trying?
[Tom] Focus, Goldy.
Trying to understand
what happened to your hand.
You look like you got
yourself in a pickle.
A pickle?
It's nothing.
I just fell in the shower.
Wow, it just must have
been a really hard fall.
You lost him, Barry.
You did it, you
overworked the dough.
Okay, I cannot do this
with you in my ear, okay?
Just don't burn my
pastry, Schultz.
(phone beeping)
You know what?
Let me help you.
Thank you.
Of course.
Got some orange
smudge on your cast.
Oh, yeah.
It was these cheesy crackers
Ann was giving everyone,
we were all snacking on them.
They uh, they get everywhere.
Yeah, probably not a good idea
to have everyone sign
my cast afterwards.
We uh, we missed you
at the ground search.
Yeah, I just needed
some time alone.
I can't believe he's gone.
Some best man I
turned out to be.
Ray, this was not your fault.
I'm so sorry.
I know he was your best friend.
You know, I always envied
Sterling, thought he had it all.
And the night
before the wedding,
oh, he's getting cold feet.
You think he'd have his
mind made up by then.
So what did he do?
Oh, he went out for
air after midnight.
Next thing I know, it's
morning and he's in full tux
ready to go to the church.
Someone or something
changed his mind.
Well, it's not a
perfect dumpling.
Not exactly sure what it is.
I'll add parsley.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Thanks for hanging
up on me, by the way.
You were distracting me.
You were going rogue.
Do you wanna talk about
somebody going rogue?
Stick to our day jobs?
- Deal.
- Okay.
(light music)
I think we're gonna need
something more than parsley.
Did he get cold feet?
Got the candle
holder right here.
You still have some flour
on your face. (laughing)
Hold on, you.
- Ray was jealous.
- Yeah.
Yeah, missing suitcase.
We need to find out what caused
Sterling's allergic reaction.
I did find an orange substance
in the back of Sterling's hand.
- Orange.
- Yeah.
You sure?
Oh, positive.
Because Ray had an orange
substance on his cast.
He said it was from
eating cassava crackers.
But cassava, it tastes nutty,
but it's not from the
nut family at all.
(tense music)
We need to talk to Chester.
Yeah, let's see...
[Goldy] Orange powder.
Wow, Chester's Realty
business is booming.
Someone's making a killing
commissions this month.
Wanna go house hunting?
Let's go.
(light music)
- Nice house.
- Yeah.
Above my pay grade.
(house viewers chattering)
(sighs) Let's
take a look around.
Be back here in 20.
- You back...
- Okay, I'll go this way then.
As you can see,
there's a spectacular
chef's kitchen,
newly renovated with
slide out shelves.
I'll let you folks
walk around though.
Let me know if you have
any questions, okay?
Thank you so much.
What a nice surprise.
I can see you working
your magic in here.
Oh, well.
Unless that magic
increases my bank account,
I think I'm gonna have
to stay put. (laughing)
So what brings you by?
Oh, we're friends, right?
(light music)
Of course.
I, I just needed to ask,
why didn't you come clean
about Sterling hitting you?
Because he didn't.
Chester, I know you
didn't get the black eye
playing basketball
like you said.
Sterling didn't hit me, Goldy.
(tense music)
He was fighting with
Ray in the parking lot
after the rehearsal
dinner ended.
And when the groomsman and
I went in to break them up,
my eye hit Ray's fist.
Sorry I lied.
I didn't wanna look suspicious.
Why was Sterling fighting
his best, an again?
I'm sorry, Goldy.
I have to work.
(tense music continues)
I want to find Jess too.
But what about Hoops for Teens?
If you're willing to
spend that much on Jess's
over the top wedding,
then why not put it towards
something more meaningful?
Now is not the time or place.
When is the time, Dad?
I have done everything you asked
and kept it quiet
all these years.
What's up fellas?
You, you kept what quiet?
I wouldn't have thought
this type of house
would interest you, Tom.
Well, lots of
things interest me.
What are you doing here?
I happen to own this house.
This was supposed to
be Jessamyn listing,
but Chester has it now.
Well, why does it say
it's under Westco property?
Yes, it's one of
my holding companies.
Is that a problem?
It's not a problem, I just,
I'm just wondering
what the big secret is.
Did you happen to be
involved in the, in the,
in the failed software company?
This is sounding like
a police interrogation.
And you don't have
your badge, do you?
It's just a
friendly observation.
Well, I think it's
time for you to leave.
(tense music)
Okay, well, hey, good
luck with the listing.
(birds chirping)
(sighs) I still think
Chester is hiding something,
but at least now we know how
and when Ray broke his hand,
we just don't know why.
Well, in my experience,
when two guys fight
after a few drinks,
it's usually over a woman.
And we still don't know
how Laurence and Hunter
fit into all of this.
And also, what is Hunter hiding?
Well, I think we're
getting close to the truth.
Based on Laurence's reaction.
Do you really think
that Laurence is involved
in all of this?
I think that if
he was an investor,
he sure didn't lose his
shirt like everybody else.
We need to get our hands
on the police records.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
What's the one thing that's
in abundance at weddings?
Puff pastry.
Puff, puff pastries?
(light music)
Photos, Goldy, photos.
Oh, photos.
That's much better.
We need to talk
to the photographer.
(shutter snapping)
Smile, show some teeth, yes.
Excuse me, hi.
You, you're early.
The station said a detective
would swing by later.
I'm in the middle
of a photo shoot.
He is the detective.
- I'm the detective.
- Yep.
Let's get it over with,
I'll pull up the files.
(light music)
[Goldy] Oh man.
Breaks my heart a
little to see these.
You have to detach
yourself in an investigation.
Can't let it affect you.
Wait a second.
Hey, hey, hey.
Track is here.
We gotta hurry.
(tense music)
Look at, look at this.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
Is that sweet,
gentle Ann slapping
her soon to be son-in-law
the night before he was killed?
Get a picture.
Come on, close it out.
Thank you!
Thank you very much.
(tense music)
(phone ringing)
[Ray] Hey, you got Ray.
Leave a message.
Ray, where are you?
We're starting.
I hope wherever Jess
is, she can feel the love.
- Let's find the crackers.
- No. (voices overlapping)
It is not the time.
Yes. (voices overlapping)
Come on, come on.
Um, this is the silliest
of questions, you know,
considering, but where did
you get these crackers?
I think from Hunter,
maybe, the bridal party.
I don't remember.
Would you, would you like some?
That would, yes,
that would be great.
It's always good to learn about
new snacks for parties and...
Charcuterie boards and...
- We were throwing parties.
- I am, so many parties.
Well, I think you'll
like these then.
They're cassava and cheddar.
They're the only things
that would settle
Laurence's stomach.
I got it. Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Ann, after the rehearsal dinner,
you met Sterling
in the hotel foyer.
What exactly did you say to him?
I don't recall.
It was a busy day.
I don't mean to make
you uncomfortable,
but you slapped him.
(tense music)
Timestamped at 12:05 AM.
I, I I think what Tom is,
is trying to say is we
would understand if you had
resentment towards
Sterling's family.
I mean, after all, you,
you lost your house.
Gosh, no.
That's, that's ancient history.
I mean, yeah, it was hard.
Some people didn't get over
it, but many of us did.
I mean, look at Jess and Katie.
Well, she and Sterling
were once engaged.
Well, Katie moved on.
Her dad never forgave Sterling's
family after almost losing
his farm for investing
in that stupid startup.
I'm, I'm sorry, I didn't know
that Sterling and
Katie were engaged.
Didn't last long.
I think Katie broke it off with
Sterling after she followed
him to San Francisco.
I mean, her dad would've
never given his blessing,
but it all worked
out in the end.
She met Ray and my Jess
ended up with Sterling.
So why were you
so mad at Sterling?
He said he was gonna
call off the wedding
and I wouldn't let him do that.
So yes, I lost my temper,
but I set him straight
because I'll do anything
for my daughter.
Anything at all.
Why didn't you
tell us this before?
Because it wasn't
my finest moment.
Ann, I, uh...
What's going on?
Ann, what's happening?
They find Jess?
What did you do
to upset my wife?
I've asked her some
questions, Laurence.
You know, I've just
about had enough outta you.
Now get outta here.
Stay away from my family.
- We're gonna go.
- Yeah.
We are leaving.
Thank you.
(solemn music)
He gets in a fight with Ray.
Chester stands to
get Whitetail Realty,
and then Hunter
stands to inherit.
Ann slap Sterling
and also she might be responsible
for the orange crackers.
[Tom] So what am I looking at?
I tried to recreate
Anne's crackers.
Both she and Ray said
that they were cassava,
but they're not.
So I whipped together
three different recipes.
I need you to try 'em,
starting with her original.
Now try the corn flour.
It's not that one.
Not it either.
No, try the one in the
middle. (tense music)
It's that one.
- Yeah.
- That's it.
- Yeah.
- What is it?
- Okay. What does that mean?
- It means someone is lying.
They're not cassava crackers.
And the interesting
thing is that people
with tree nut
allergies, a lot of them
are severely
allergic to avocados.
So Sterling was likely exposed
to the allergen around 9:00 AM.
And I am willing to bet
that someone saw something.
Well, outside of
security cameras,
what's the next best way
to get eyes on people?
Spy glasses.
(light music)
Loitering teenagers
on skateboards.
- That's better.
- Mm.
There he is.
Mom, promise you
won't embarrass me.
What, me?
Okay, fine.
All right, you stay in the car.
We'll be right back.
Hey Lucas, I'm
Goldy, Olive's mom.
And this is my friend Tom.
What's up?
I know who he is.
We can skateboard here.
No one said we couldn't.
Relax, relax.
We're just trying to
figure out what happened
to Sterling Bridgewater.
Yeah, have you seen anything
suspicious the last few days?
Nope, I already told the cops.
Lucas, it's, it's okay.
You can trust Tom and
my mom's the best.
And you can trust me.
If there's anything you
know, just tell them.
Morning of, I was
grinding with my board
somewhere I shouldn't have.
Please don't tell my mom.
And I saw the groom.
He was like arguing with the
bride before she kissed him
and he sort of pushed her away,
and she kinda like
fell backwards.
(tense music)
So what?
So you saw the bride
and groom together
the morning of the wedding.
Most definitely.
She was in a fancy dress
with a jacket that said
"besties" on it with flowers,
and he had on his tux.
What time was that?
9:00, 10:00 ish.
You know what they
were arguing about?
No, I tailed straight past 'em.
Can you take us to
where that happened?
(light music)
Thank you.
It was here.
After he pushed her, the
groom walked that way.
Bride was on the ground
but she was like alive
and everything, so.
Okay, thank you Lucas.
Mom, is it okay if me and
Lucas walk back to the van?
(light music)
Yeah. Yeah.
But go directly to the van and
text me when you get there.
I'm not a cool mom.
All right, so the
morning of the wedding,
Jess and Sterling come out here.
Emotions are running high,
they had a big fight
the night before.
So maybe they come out to talk.
Jess, she goes in,
she goes to kiss him.
(faintly romantic music)
Then he uh, pushes her.
Right, she goes down.
Sterling had an orangey
rash in the back of his hand.
What do you do when you wanna
wipe a kiss off your face?
What are we missing?
(light music)
Rental car keys.
Jessamyn would never rent a car.
She's always chauffeured.
Something tells me this
car is parked at the hotel.
(siren blaring)
(tense music)
Go to the hotel.
What's up, Track?
Let's go.
Under Colorado law
section 18-81-12
I'm arresting you
for class six felony,
offense of a impersonating
police officer.
You're making a big mistake.
No, Tom, you did
when you interfered
in an active investigation
under suspension
as the prime suspect and posed
as a cop to a photographer.
That's a mouthful, isn't it?
Let's go.
(tense music)
I'll be okay.
(light music)
(car beeps)
(camera snapping)
(car beeping)
(car starting)
Yeah, there's a $300
charge on my credit card
I never authorized.
She was in a fancy
dress with a jacket
that said "besties" on it.
She and Sterling
were once engaged.
Well, Katie moved on.
Her dad never forgave
Sterling's family
after almost losing his farm
investing in that
stupid startup.
There's nothing more
important than love.
Never take it for granted,
because it could be too late.
(dramatic music)
Detective, the last call
Sterling made was to Jess
before he dropped the cell
according to a fall
detection alert software.
(phone ringing)
Why is Tom here?
Well, our suspect's in custody.
He just needs to
confess her whereabouts.
We have new evidence that
could help us crack both cases.
Shut it down, Kildea.
So just got back from
Whitetail, like you asked.
I compared what you found
at the land registry
to the MLS listings.
And guess who bought most
of the defaulted properties
after Sterling's
families skipped town?
- Westco Realty.
- Mm-hmm.
Laurence gave out a
lot of private loans
for business owners to
save their properties.
So Tom's hunch about
Laurence was right.
He was involved with a startup
and there's something
he's not saying.
But it doesn't matter because
I think I know who did it.
You think this is gonna work?
Only if Jess is alive, but
we know how small towns work.
We tell one person, one
thing, and before we know it,
it gets all over town and
flushes out the killer.
(light music)
(phone buzzing)
(Jess grunting)
(rope rasping)
(dramatic music)
(knocking on wall)
- Detective?
- Mm?
A witness has come
forward with new evidence
on the Sterling murder.
What witness, what evidence?
They only wanna speak with you.
I'm Detective Track.
- You.
- Hmm.
Before we begin,
I'm a little parched.
Can I have some water?
Sure, sparkling or still?
I, I'll get it.
Well, thank you Mason.
What took you so long?
I went as fast as I could.
(knocking on door)
[Tom] Mason.
(chuckles) Okay,
what's going on?
What, what is this?
Well, I've got some
new evidence for you.
You've been barking up
the wrong tree, Davy.
Have a seat.
This might take a while.
It's a miracle, Jess escaped.
We are meeting at
Elk Park Hotel lobby.
(tense music)
(phone buzzing)
(app blipping)
(voices overlapping)
Where's Jess?
Is she okay?
I don't know, she
hasn't shown up yet.
(tense music)
Where's Jess?
I don't know what
you're talking about.
Everybody else is at the hotel,
but you came here
because you wanted to see
if Jess had actually escaped.
So where is she?
How'd you figure it out?
There was a witness who
saw Jess and Sterling kissing
the morning of their wedding.
But someone as
superstitious as Jess
would never see the
groom before her wedding.
It was you who was kissing
and arguing with Sterling
after you had eaten
avocado crackers.
And after you kissed
him, he pushed you away.
(Katie yelping)
You lost your keys,
which is why Ray was
charged for an extra set.
This whole time,
you have been in
love with Sterling.
You heard him, Goldy,
he talked about
getting back together.
He wasn't serious, Katie.
I know that now but
between that and hearing
he had cold feet, I...
I thought he wanted me back.
Where's Jess?
What did you do to her?
Sterling called her to
confess that I kissed him.
He was sorry for having
doubts and fighting with her.
But Jess went off on me.
(Jess snarling)
She was gonna tell Ray,
I don't even remember
what happened next.
(candle holder colliding)
Jess was on the floor and I,
I was holding a
bloody candle holder.
So you panicked.
Instead of coming clean,
you kidnapped her.
You brought her somewhere here.
I saw the mud and the
hay on your tires.
You planted her phone, her book.
You had everyone thinking
there were cassava crackers.
You, you, you spread rumors
about Tommy, he lost his badge.
I, I didn't know what to do.
Did you just decide that
since you can't have him
then no one else can?
No, I didn't know
people with nut allergies
could have a problem
with avocados.
I only fund out later.
Well, unfortunately,
it was too late, Katie.
(Sterling grunting)
(table crashing)
(dramatic music)
Put that down, drop it.
(winch falling)
Got it.
Katie, where's Jessamyn?
I'm done talking.
Look, she could be anywhere.
I, I used to play hide
and secret with Katie
on this farm when we were little
and I would never find her.
(tense music)
Tommy, I'm here!
- Jess, we're coming.
- We're coming in.
- Here.
- Okay.
[Jess] Hurry up!
(Jess yelping)
Jess, it's okay!
(Jess crying) It's okay.
Hey, you okay?
Oh, Jess!
Where's Sterling?
Where's my mom?
You're safe now, Jess.
You were actually gonna
wear that to my wedding?
(light music)
(people chattering)
A hamburger is not a sandwich.
It is the literal
definition of sandwich.
Bread, meat, bread.
That is not how this works.
(Marla clearing throat)
- We should go.
- Yeah, okay.
(light music continues)
(both sighing)
What's gonna happen to Katie?
She's gonna be charged.
But hopefully she gets
the help that she needs.
It's so sad.
You know, all she never wanted
was to love and be loved.
I, I just wanna thank you
both for bringing Jess back.
And I want to apologize.
No, no need, Laurence.
- No, no, no.
- It's okay, I misjudged you.
I should have said
something back in New York
when I discovered that
Sterling's dad's startup
was a scam, but I didn't.
Anyway, thanks again.
You're welcome.
(light music)
Oh man.
I was told to uh, apologize.
So this is me apologizing.
You've been reinstated.
I don't know how you two
did it, but case is closed.
We did it because Goldy and
I make a really good team.
Jess is under medical evaluation,
but I got her statement.
Boy, did she have a lot to say.
(Track clearing throat)
I should be mad,
but I'll let it slide
since he did what I would've
done, break a few rules.
No hard feelings then?
Oh, there's definitely
hard feelings.
Sheriff put you on traffic
duty for the next month.
Sorry, Mason.
So does this mean
you'll be staying in town?
Depends if hamburgers make
it on your sandwich board.
You'll have to stick
around to find out.
(light music)
Can I give you a lift?
Yeah, thanks.
(light music continues)
I don't know how
I feel about that.
Goldy, I wanna thank you.
You don't need to thank...
No, no, I do need to thank you.
You never once stopped
believing in me.
(siren blaring)
Goldy, will you...
Go out on a date with me?
If your plate has any
room left on it, that is.
You know what you
feel like when you have
the really big meal
and you are so full
that you couldn't
possibly eat another bite,
but then you make
room for dessert?
Are you suggesting
that I'm the dessert?
Because I'm, I'm okay with that.
(warm music)
I'm gonna hold you to
it, okay, Ms. Berry?
(warm music continues)