Curious Caterer: Foiled Plans (2024) Movie Script

(door knocking)
My lady, I beseech
you, let me in.
(door knocking)
Pretell, I'm innocent!
(door clacks open)
(tense dramatic music)
Less than four and 20
blackbirds baked in a pie.
Guilty is charged.
Guilty! Be gone!
(both laughing)
Oh, this is far too
fun to be called work.
Come on. There's more
grog in my chariot.
(gentle enchanting music)
Oh, it's getting
ready to snow.
Oh, luckily all
reports suggested
that storm's gonna
bypass this area.
(gentle enchanting
music continues)
Can you believe we are hosting
a medieval ball
inside a real castle?
I know. I've been brushing
up on my Shakespeare.
(both laughing)
Oh, Goldy, tonight
could be your big break.
Sir Alistair knows everyone.
(gentle music)
You know, I must say
it's a little unsettling
to have all these sharp
weapons just out and about.
This house would be a
nightmare to childproof.
I would have to put
protective covers
and safety tips on everything.
I don't know.
As we discovered
all too recently, champagne can kill too.
So what's a couple of spears?
- Ladies?
- Oh.
Sir Alistair.
Oh, no need for
all that tonight.
I am one with the common people.
I couldn't help but overhear
you admiring my weapons.
Magnificent, aren't they?
Oh yes, it is quite the
intimidating collection
Weapons were made
to be displayed
as they were created with
all of their savage beauty.
Well, you certainly did that.
We were just talking about
how generous it is for you
to open up your castle
for tonight's fundraiser.
Well, Elk Park Prep Academy
is a world class school,
and as the founding
father of its fencing club
and a former champion myself,
it is near and dear to my heart.
(person groans)
- Oh.
- No.
Thank you.
Of course.
Pardon me, Sir Alistair.
You must be the court jester.
Oh, 'tis I, a wayward
wonder of wit and whimsy.
Well, you can call me Charlie.
I'm Goldy, this is Marla,
and we are wayward wanderers
of flavors, feast and florals.
Oh, I like your
spirit, maidens.
Right, off you go, fool.
Make yourself scarce.
I've spared no
expense for tonight
and it all looks
remarkably authentic.
It is going to be an
unforgettable night.
That is the Goldy
Berry guarantee.
Hunch, watch your
footwork, stay low.
You strong.
(lively music)
Remember, Olive, keep
your point on target
for better break control.
And Jake, don't forget
to breathe. Huh?
That was incredible.
They look so good.
And that's pretty.
Oh mercy. It's my
custom made from Paris.
And your daughter and Jake
will give a fine demonstration
at tonight's exhibition.
- If you'll excuse me.
- Of course.
That was so great, honey.
Oh, so proud of you.
I won't keep you.
Go take your selfies
and post away.
With what cell service?
It's like living in
the dark ages here.
I know. Isn't it wonderful?
You could say
something like that.
(gentle lively music)
Elk Park Prep just placed
at state championships.
- We won silver.
- No, you lost the gold.
I need a coach
that'll take this team
to the nationals and beyond.
These things take time.
Teach them to be
more aggressive,
advance, attack, counter attack.
They're just kids. They're
still learning and finessing.
Champions are born
from unwavering resolve.
Complacency only
breeds mediocrity.
You are not fit to take
us to the next level.
- Are you firing me?
- Ah, Goldy.
Just the person we need.
You see, Pierre, you
could learn from her.
Do you know what? Yes, I'm
going to make it happen.
There's a Michelin chef in
LA, has his own cooking show.
I'm going to introduce you
to him. Fly you there myself.
So I believe in you.
You're a winner.
And I like winners.
(tense music)
Sir Alistair, it's
Dr. Dake Archer again.
He says it's urgent.
Everything is
urgent for you, Emma.
We need to book an appointment
with Goldy this week.
Time is critical
because tonight
I'm going to make
an earth shattering announcement
right after the feast.
Trust me, you won't
want to miss it.
It'll be a real showstopper.
(lively music)
(bell dinging)
(lively music continues)
Lord Baron of
House Sweetwater.
Baron of Sweetwater.
Heir to a candy fortune
that was recently acquired
by Alistair's company
in a hostile takeover
leaving very bad blood.
(crowd laughs)
Lord Richard of House Coleman.
(crowd applauding)
(both laughing)
Ooh, enter judge turned
politician, Agatha Winford,
and her husband Ivan.
Lord and Lady Ivan and
Agatha of House Winford.
(guests applauding)
Rumor has it Alistair
and Agatha are quite close.
Maybe a little too
close for Ivan's liking.
How do you know all this?
A florist hears a lot
when putting together
rustic bouquets.
Well, hello, Mr. Sawbones.
Yeah, I've been called a
lot of things, but never that.
May I say,
leather becomes you.
Oh, I thank you, me lady.
It brings out my inner rebel.
Goldy, I am so excited
to see all of joust.
Well, I'm just grateful
that she hasn't taken
after your two left feet in
a sport that involves swords.
(both laughing)
All right, have to get back
to the kitchen. Have fun.
Esteemed constable
and latest member
of the House Watchman, Sir
David of the House Track.
(guests applauding)
(lively music)
The illustrious constables
of the Night Watchmen,
Sir Thomas of House Shorts,
Sir Mason of House Kildea.
(guests applauding)
Feel as ridiculous as we look.
I don't know, I think
hosiery is flattering.
Really accentuates
my meaty calves.
(lively music)
Do my eyes deceive me
or is this the fair
maiden Goldenberry?
Sir, you do honor me.
For sooth, thy
captivating spirit
reveals itself through
your splendid emerald eyes.
Were you reading
from your poem?
You were. (laughs)
Trying to woo my lady
before our big date.
I'm excited to see
what you have planned.
Can you gimme a hint?
Not a chance.
There are so few things I
can keep from you already,
Ms. Curious Caterer, this
is gonna be one of them.
(lively music)
Welcome to the Elk Park
Prep Academy fundraiser
and medieval ball
at Hyde Castle.
All proceeds will be donated
to support the
school's various clubs,
one of which graces our
majestic halls tonight.
Please welcome the
prestigious Fencing Club
as we champion them to
go for gold at nationals.
(guests applauding)
(lively music)
Now, dig deeply
into your pockets
and if you donate generously,
I promise not to let my
jester do any tomfoolery.
(crowd laughs)
Students, on guard.
(soft tense music)
(speaker speaks in
a foreign language)
(lively dramatic music)
(fencing swords clacking)
Olive and Lucas
are really good.
Keep up, Richard. That's Jake.
Lucas is, and I
quote, "So last week."
(wind whooshing)
(soft tense music)
Good evening, sir.
Invitation please.
Ah, I'm looking for
Detective Tom Schultz,
his precinct said he'd be here.
Well, you're intruding
on a private event.
Unfortunately, I can't let
you in without an invitation.
Oh, I couldn't
reach him on the cell.
I barely made it through
the storm as it is.
That may well be true, sir,
but I'm under
strict instructions,
not without an invitation.
I am US Marshall Gerard Track
here on official business.
Very well, sir.
Costumes are required for entry.
Not on your life.
You let me in or I'll arrest
you for obstruction of justice.
Very well, sir. I'll
get the detective.
(lively music)
(fencing swords clacking)
Baron, can I count on your
deep pockets this evening?
I don't know, Alistair,
let's see what's in my pockets.
I think dropped something.
Nothing worth picking up.
Sweetwater candies
were synonymous
with quality once upon a time.
Now nothing more than
cheap mass produced junk.
(soft tense music)
Detective, this
is the gentleman.
Detective, I don't know
if you remember me, but-
- George Track. Yeah, of
course I remember you.
What are you doing here?
Your a father, Edmund
Schultz, escaped from prison.
Soon as the alarm was sounded,
we set up a perimeter,
used tracking dogs,
offered reward to inmates.
There was no sign of
him. No one's talking.
We suspect he had
help from the outside.
What does this
have to do with me?
- Do you know his whereabouts?
- No.
When was the last
time you heard from him?
I haven't seen or
heard from my father
since you cuffed
him 25 years ago.
Look, Tom, if you
have any information
that could help track him
down, he's a dangerous man.
Mike, I said I've got nothing.
Well, if you can think
of anything, you call me.
(soft tense music)
Sorry you wasted a trip.
(wind whooshing)
I am not going
back out in that.
Well, enjoy the party.
Great. I love parties.
(lively music)
(lively music continues)
(lively music continues)
What do I pay you for not to
turn away these interlopers?
- You're a terrible butler.
- Apologies.
He's here on official
business, sir.
Oh, balderdash
official business.
Nothing is going to ruin this
evening for me. You got that?
- Get rid of him.
- Yes, sir.
(lively music)
Your days are numbered.
(tense music)
Dave, Dave.
What are you doing here?
(Gerard laughing)
You good? Everything all right?
No, I'm good. What
are you doing here?
- Charity event.
- Oh yeah.
That is a bold
choice for a jacket.
I look ridiculous.
But what, what, what are
you doing in Colorado?
I mean, let alone had a
private invite only party.
There's some
stuff going on here.
Come on, I'll tell you about it.
Yeah, all right.
(soft melancholy music)
Is that you?
Is that your dad?
I don't know why I
still hang on to it.
Are you okay?
I just learned that my dad
escaped from Millhaven prison.
Dave's dad, Gerard
Track is here.
He's the US Marshal hunting him.
Why would he think that
your dad would be in Colorado?
Fugitives seek
out their family
and US Marshals count on it.
But you and your dad
haven't spoken in decades.
(Tom sighs heavily)
Hey, look, look,
there is nothing that you
can do about this right now.
So why don't you
come back inside
and maybe it'll take
your mind off of it?
Just, I'm not, I'm
not feeling it, Goldy.
Well, I for one think you look
far too good in this tunic
to be hiding out here.
(lively music)
My lord.
(lively music continues)
(lively music continues)
(lively music continues)
Huh, you've enchanted me with
your nimble-footed prowess.
And you have
bewitched my heart.
Do tell, Detective.
When we first met we
were like oil and water.
And now?
Now you're the
secret ingredient
that makes the
ordinary extraordinary.
I can get used to this.
(lively music)
(tense ominous music)
Forgive me my dear. I
should have told you sooner.
Oh, Alistair.
I brought you a
martini dextrose.
Thank you, dear.
(gentle music)
So sorry to interrupt.
Sir Alistair, dinner is
ready to be served any time.
Ivan, Agatha, you're in for
a real treat, so don't dally.
(gentle music)
- You all right, honey?
- Darn allergies.
Old musty castles and all that.
(soft dramatic music)
(lively music)
(people chattering)
(lively music continues)
(people chattering continues)
- Pardon me.
- Oh, excuse me.
- These are my favorite.
- Me too.
I'm Emma Kensington.
Alistair's assistant.
Mason Kildea, detective.
(gentle lively music)
(guests chattering)
I can't find Klaus.
What do you mean
you can't find Klaus?
He's supposed to introduce
Alistair who was adamant
that we stay on schedule.
I know. And I've looked
everywhere, but nothing.
Maybe you should just
make the introduction.
- What?
- Yeah, yeah.
Lords and ladies,
our esteemed host has a
big announcement to make.
(gentle music)
Oh, thank gosh.
May I present Sir
Alistair Harrell.
(guests applauding)
Ladies and gentlemen,
thank you for coming.
These walls hold many secrets.
The biggest one of
mine is... (gags)
(guests shockingly yelling)
(Alistair's body thuds)
Alistair, Alistair.
(tense dramatic music)
Richard, Richard.
Did you see what happened?
He's not breathing.
Someone call an ambulance.
- Is there a landline?
- In the office.
Klaus, go.
(tense music)
(tense dramatic music)
I don't think this was a
showstopper he had in mind.
(dramatic music)
(wind whooshing)
(soft tense music)
You can't hold us here.
We just want to go home.
Baron, everybody, please,
go back to the great room
and wait for further
Okay, we'll be
with you in a minute.
(mysterious watcher
creepily breathing)
Klaus, any luck
on the landline?
No, I couldn't
get through, Miss.
Tom, cable's been cut.
We should all
head back into town
and bring her forensics team.
Have you seen it
outside? We're snowed in.
Klaus, I'm gonna
need you to circle
all the people on
this guest list
that had a problem
with Alistair.
Yes, sir.
Dave, Mason, you guys
have extra notepads?
No, I didn't
come to squad here.
I don't have any pockets.
I got some in my
trunk. I'll go get 'em.
(gentle music)
Klaus, your boots are wet.
Where were you when
Alistair was murdered?
Oh, I was in the dining
hall with everyone else.
No you weren't.
I had to make the announcement
because we couldn't find you.
Oh, that's right.
My shoes are wet because
I was watering the plants
in the conservatory.
Was that before or after you
went to call the ambulance?
So what are you insinuating?
How do we know you were not
side cutting the phone line?
My employer just died.
Why am I being interrogated?
Because there's a
murderer amongst us.
(tense dramatic music)
I know. We can't stay.
(gentle music)
Listen up, everybody.
I'm Detective Tom Schultz.
This is Detective Track.
- And this is Detective Kildea.
- Detective Kildea.
We're with Elk Park PD.
We know it's been
a stressful night,
but if we remain calm
and stay together,
we're gonna get through this.
It's important that
nobody leave this room.
If you must leave this
room, travel in pairs.
(people chattering quietly)
Mason, cordon off the area
around Alistair's body.
Um, do you have
any crime tape?
Oh yeah.
I carry some of my back pocket
to parties all the time.
Okay, I, I think I have
something that can help.
I'll be right back.
Detective, I circled the
names on the guest list
who had issues
with Sir Alistair.
This is half the list.
Did anybody not show up?
Of course not.
Who would reject an invitation
to one of Sir Alistair's events?
- Yeah. Thanks, Klaus.
- Yes, sir.
All right. Here you go.
Thank you.
Mason, see if
some of the guests
are willing to share
photos of tonight
so they can help with
the investigation.
It's gonna take forever.
Search Alistair's
office and seal it off.
Got it. Okay.
What else can I do to help?
We still need to gather
time sensitive forensics,
but without our kits,
my hands are tied.
Well, the kitchen
is functional.
I could boil a big pot of
water and sterilize mason jars
and tweezers to
collect evidence.
You could use my disposable
baker's gloves and zip baggies.
Do you have a
solution for everything?
I try.
Where is Gerard
with those notepads?
Get your hands off me!
Sorry it took so long.
Followed some fresh tire
tracks to a car in the ditch
and the boot prints
led me to this fella.
I just wanna go home.
I've got nothing to
do with Alistair.
Baron, where were you before
Alistair's announcement?
I was exploring the castle.
(tense music)
Can anyone vouch for that?
If the knights in armor
could speak, then yes.
Otherwise, no.
(tense music)
I found some things
around the castle.
Tongs, wrench, rope,
magnifying glasses, candles.
Well, it's rustic, but
it'll do. Thanks, Emma.
Alistair liked to
preserve the old ways.
He had a passion for
all things medieval.
Just mention King Arthur
and his eyes would light up.
Too bad he didn't have a
passion for installing internet.
- Too soon.
- Maybe.
Yeah, it's true. He
was old school that way.
He still used paper
ledgers and daytimers.
How long have you
worked for Alistair?
Only a few months.
Do you have any idea
what his big announcement
was gonna be?
Rumor had it he was
gonna fire Coach Pierre
and I overheard him mentioning
a surprise guest tonight.
Maybe Pierre's replacement.
Do you know where
he might have kept,
you know, his ledgers and files?
Well, he spent a lot of time
in his library and office.
Wow, Emma, you're really
talented. That's amazing.
I used to be a sketch
artist at the carnival.
No wonder your booth
was so busy tonight.
Working for Alistair
just paid better
even if he wasn't
always nice to me.
I actually have
a favor to ask you.
(gentle pensive music)
What do I supposed to say?
(guests chattering indistinctly)
Excuse me.
(gentle pensive music)
(tense music)
(tense music continues)
(tense music continues)
Where are you
going, young lady?
I am...
This is an active
Come on. It's not safe.
I know it's scary, but
we have to stay together.
(tense music)
Gather as many hair
and fibers as you can.
(soft pensive music)
Hey, what's this?
Red sequin?
(tense music)
We gotta talk to Charlie,
but first let's get
the medical examiner.
There isn't one here.
No, we got the
next best thing.
Look, I, I, I don't know
what to tell you, Tom.
I'm an orthopedic
surgeon, not a coroner.
Just, just give
us your best guess.
We shouldn't touch the body.
Gerard, this is not
your jurisdiction.
I object to your involvement.
Okay, then I object
to your objection.
Look, my dad's a
decorated US Marshal
and we could use his help.
Okay, boys, if I may...
From the location of the wound,
the cause of death
could be hepatic failure
from the puncture to the liver
causing internal bleeding.
Now, eyeballing the wound,
I would say the murder
weapon was most likely
a long thin blade.
Thin blade, as
in a fencing sword?
(tense music)
(tense music)
- So what do you want?
- Where's your floppy hat?
- Why, you wanna borrow it?
- Oh, it's cute.
I found this on Alistair's body.
What can I say?
Sometimes I get up close and
personal with my audience.
Doesn't mean I killed the guy.
Where were you just
before Alistair was stabbed?
Probably doing a cartwheel
or putting away
my juggling pins.
Geez, Tomster.
What? What did
you just call me?
- Can I go now?
- Yeah.
Yeah, you can go.
(soft tense music)
(wind whooshing)
What's going on? What's
got you so spooked?
My father killed
a poker buddy of his
named to Orson Riggs,
who he owed money to.
I never attended the trial
'cause I was just a kid
and I never heard or
communicated with my dad again.
I am so sorry, Tom.
But just now I could've sworn
Charlie called me Tomster.
What does that
name mean to you?
There's only one
person in my entire life
who's ever called me that.
(tense music)
My dad.
(tense music continues)
(clock chimes)
We need to talk to Charlie
again and Alistair's assistant.
Her name's Emma.
Okay, we gotta talk to Emma
to confirm Charlie's statement.
- I'll do it.
- No, we will do it together.
Nice, cool.
Looks like we have a visitor.
(tense music)
Ivan, can you please
go back to the great room
with everyone else?
I just wanted to let you
know that my wife Agatha and I
were together this entire time.
Our alibi is solid.
She'll vouch for me.
And what was your relationship
like with Sir Alistair?
Good. Real good.
Really? Would your
wife vouch for that too?
I think I'll head back now.
This is a mess, we
have a hoard of people
and information on each of them
and nowhere to organize it.
We need a murder board.
- Um, Tom.
- Here.
(tense music)
(wind whooshing)
(dramatic music)
Okay, wait, is
this a murder board?
A medieval murder tapestry.
- Did you draw these?
- Emma did.
She's really talented.
All right, this is
what we know so far.
Alistair, big announcement.
And he was stabbed in the liver
and the cause of death,
internal bleeding?
What about Klaus?
He had wet shoes.
He definitely had a beef with Alistair.
Most importantly, no alibi.
Okay. What about Agatha?
Agatha was emotional
with Alistair.
Maybe she was having an affair.
What about Ivan?
Snooping and jealous.
All right.
Sequins on his body.
(tense music)
And finally, Coach Pierre.
Pierre, expert swordsman,
and was he fired?
(tense dramatic music)
So Emma, I liked
your drawings.
What's your favorite medium?
Charcoal, watercolor?
I guess I like them all.
Is that relevant to the case?
We're trying to ascertain
as much information
on everyone here.
So do you draw pictures
of your boyfriend too,
or are you single?
What Detective
Kildea wants to know
is if you were the one
that hired Charlie.
No, that was Alistair.
Did Alistair and Charlie
know each other before today?
I don't know.
Why was Alistair so angry
with you? We have witnesses.
There were urgent calls today
from a doctor, Take Archer,
who wanted Alistair
to call him back.
Alistair got angry and took
his frustrations out on me.
Who's Dr. Archer? Is he here?
No, I've never heard of him.
And he's not on the guest list.
Anything else seem out
of the ordinary to you?
This is probably nothing,
but I was working on a sketch
and the guest was
getting restless.
He kept checking his watch
and couldn't sit still.
He suddenly left without a word.
Was weird.
When was this?
Before Alistair's
Big announcement.
I have his sketch
here somewhere.
(papers rustling)
He left before I
could finish it.
That's really great.
Who, who, who is this?
Baron Sweetwater.
(tense music)
How you holding up?
Well, I can't even sneeze
without dad asking if I'm okay.
And there's something weird
going on between the butler
and the politician's husband.
Yeah, the weird, creepy guy.
What did you see?
I saw a lot of whispering
and they both snuck out.
(tense music)
(fire crackling)
(tense dramatic music)
(wind whooshing)
(tense music)
(fire crackling)
(tense music continues)
(tense dramatic music)
Mom, careful.
Hey, who's the mom here?
Well, it's Alistair's
"Coach Pierre. Termination
of Employment."
So the rumors are true.
Alistair was gonna
fire Coach Pierre
and he's in here
destroying the evidence.
I see why you do this,
Mom. This is exciting.
Don't get used to it.
Come on, let's go tell Tom.
(tense music)
You care to explain this?
You know, burning evidence
is a criminal offense.
I didn't burn anything.
We have witnesses
that saw you.
Alistair belittles you
in public, fires you.
Things get outta hand.
I am no murderer.
You want motive?
Look around you.
Everyone hated Alistair.
I heard someone that threats
to kill him more than once.
The butler.
(tense music)
Agatha, would you
like some Sherry?
Thank you, dear.
I, I'm afraid I'm
still in shock.
Of course.
I didn't know
Alistair very well,
but the two of you seemed close.
I know what you really
wanna ask and it's not true.
You know?
I hear the rumors and whispers.
Alistair and I were
friends, and that's all.
I noticed the two of
you talking earlier,
and you seemed pretty upset.
Alistair was notorious
for talking in riddles
and being melodramatic.
Tonight, he said he was going
to take up the sword of justice.
- What does that mean?
- I have no idea.
Then he hit me
with a real zinger.
He confessed he only
had weeks to live.
Alistair was, was dying?
(soft melancholy music)
Wait, was that going to
be his big announcement?
(soft melancholy music)
If Alistair was dying, why
would anyone want to kill him?
Maybe they didn't
know it was terminal.
The question is, who would
benefit from an imminent death?
Yeah, and if they knew he was
dying, why kill him tonight?
What do we know
about Agatha's affair?
Alleged, I spoke with Agatha.
She's gutted over Alistair.
Ivan wasn't.
You're thinking it's
a crime of passion.
Maybe it wasn't premeditated.
You know, crimes of passion
are heated, impulsive.
(soft tense music)
Who has more motive than
a long suffering husband?
- A long suffering-
- Wife.
(dramatic music)
And if Emma is
telling the truth,
then we need to find
out why Baron Sweetwater
was in such a hurry.
(soft dramatic music)
I guess it's time to sweet
talk the king of confections.
(tense dramatic music)
Here you go.
I've gotta hand
it to you, Goldy.
Not many people could
work equally well
with sweets as well as savories.
Berry Good Catering
is one of the best.
That is quite a
compliment coming from you,
Mr. Sweetwater, thank you.
Call me Barron.
It's nice to see pride
in quality of food.
You know, I think that
the floral arrangements
look quite lovely
too, don't you?
Very much so.
Although I'm not an expert
in medieval nose gaze.
(Goldy laughs)
Do you have any advice
for taking my business
to the next level?
Be careful who you trust.
I take it there was no love
lost between you and Alistair.
He fired loyal employees,
rebranded Sweetwater Confections
under the Harrow name,
a wiley move that only
added insult to injury.
There's only one love language
that Alistair spoke
fluently, money.
I saw your unfinished sketch
and I was just wondering why
you didn't let her finish it.
What? No, it wasn't me
that wouldn't let her finish.
It was, it was her.
She just took off.
Then why did you
leave during the storm?
(tense music)
I don't like dead bodies.
(tense music)
That's fair.
(tense music continues)
Hostile takeover.
- Lying.
- Yep.
Bitter over legacy.
(gentle music)
(Goldy clears throat)
- Okay.
- Who's that supposed to be?
It's Emma.
I can't very well ask
her to sketch her own.
Lucky you can cook.
The question is,
is Emma lying about Baron or
is Baron lying about Emma?
And more importantly,
where was she when
Alistair was murdered?
Emma is lying.
Mm-hmm, maybe.
I know that look.
Did Mason find Alistair's
accounting books in the office?
No. What are you thinking?
I'm thinking that it's
time to leave no stone,
or in this case,
no scone unturned.
You're right.
(clock chiming)
(tense music)
It's officially the next day.
You know, I was kind of hoping
that our date would include,
you know, champagne
and Tiramisu,
not snowstorms and corpses.
I promise I'll make this up
to you when we get outta here.
(clock chiming)
(gentle pensive music)
(fire crackling)
Okay, so Emma said that
Alistair spends a lot of time
in his library and office.
So I'm thinking there's
something in here.
- There's a lot of books.
- Yeah.
Look for journals,
ledgers, right?
You start on this side.
I'll start on this side.
Okay, all right.
(soft tense music)
King Arthur.
(bookcase clanks)
(Goldy screams)
(wind whooshing)
(tense dramatic music)
Goldy, can you hear me?
(Tom taps bookshelf)
- I'm in here.
- Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm okay.
Book for King Arthur.
King Arthur. King Arthur.
- It's on the top shelf.
- Okay.
Found it.
(dramatic music)
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Are you okay?
- Yes, yes, yes.
Never do that
to me again, okay?
It's Elk Park. I
can't make any promises.
Come, look.
- Look at this.
- Wow.
I know.
Look at these.
There must be a couple
million dollars there, wow.
This is it. This
is Alistair's ledger.
Ah, look at that last entry.
There's a big cash
transfer to Dr. Tag Archer.
Emma mentioned someone
calling several times
with the same name.
I think we have
to have somebody
come take a look at this book.
Marla's smart. She's
also good with numbers.
I don't think so,
Goldy, she's a civilian.
That goes against protocol.
You know what I mean.
You're different.
Look, you could just have
somebody watch over her,
a detective, someone
maybe tall, dark hair,
a little rough around
the edges, but...
Don't even think it.
I don't know. He's
kind of growing on me.
But just know that I'm
totally against this.
(lively music)
(clock chiming)
(Marla gasps)
Oh, interesting.
- What? What do you see?
- Do mine eyes deceive me?
Marla, come on.
Me thinks concealing
pieces of age is afoot.
- English, please.
- Money laundering, Davy.
Alistair has been
frequently depositing
large sums of cash for years
and making wire transfers
without any apparent
business purpose.
Plus, he has two sets of
books going back decades.
Look, here.
(Dave sniffs)
(soft tense music)
Did you just sniff my hair?
It looks like this
Dr. Tag Archer's
been on the tape
for just as long.
And Alistair's
been bankrolling
Agatha Winfrey's
political career too.
- Pretty generous of him.
- Yeah.
(gentle music)
Ah, we need to talk to Agatha.
(gentle music continues)
Hey, um, nobody would
notice if this little gold bar
went missing, right?
I would notice.
I thought you liked
to bend the rules.
Not, not those ones. Come on.
(lively music)
So Alistair's been
committing fraud.
According to his
accountant's ledgers.
When you get back to Elk
Park, you have to track down
all of Alistair's accountants,
including Orson Riggs.
He was the first one I
saw cooking the books.
And even though he
left 25 years ago,
it might be worth a shot.
Orson Riggs.
That's the poker friend my dad
was convicted of murdering.
But wait, your dad is
connected to Alistair?
(tense dramatic music)
(fire crackling)
I love to live in a
castle. It's so cool.
Not for me. No charging
stations, no wifi.
So boring.
Look at all these weapons
and interesting artifacts.
Yeah, well, they had to keep
themselves occupied somehow.
I'd be itching for a fight too.
Does that seem
kind of out of place?
Looks like someone
put it back crooked.
That's Coach Pierre's epee.
No, don't touch it.
There's blood on it.
Come on. We have
to go tell my mom.
(clock chimes)
That's about two
inches off the tip.
(mysterious watcher
breathing creepily)
So you're sure this
is your coach's epee?
Hey, your keen eyes did well
and you didn't
tamper with evidence,
but you cannot wander off again.
Do you understand?
All right, you two, well,
let's go find somewhere
to be bored together.
(clock ticking)
I admit it's my epee.
It is your custom made,
gold-gilded epee from Paris
that you love.
Wouldn't you safeguard it?
I loaned it to Alistair
to display on his shield
for the exhibition.
Where's your protective tip?
Alistair insisted
on taking it off.
He was a purist that way.
It's about authenticity
or something.
- There's blood on it.
- How do you know it's blood?
If it stains like blood
and pools like blood,
it's probably blood.
It's not like we got
luminol lying around.
We have to presume that's blood
and likely the murder weapon.
Mind if we check
you for wounds?
Be my guest, I
have nothing to hide.
(mysterious watcher
breathing creepily)
Lift his shirt. Can
you lift up your shirt?
(Coach Pierre groans)
Pretty nasty
bruise right there.
I'm a world class fencer.
Of course I get bruises
from my pairing,
but I use a point
protector for a reason.
Fencers always get
minor, minor...
What, what? Boo-boos?
Alistair did this to me.
He was an aggressive fencer.
I didn't do anything to him.
I don't know.
Things aren't looking pretty
good for you right now, Coach.
Let's take him back. We're
gonna keep an eye on you.
- Come on, Pete.
- It's Pierre.
Yeah, sure. Whatever, Pete.
Tom, if you can spare a
small swab of that epee,
I can test it for blood.
We won't know whose DNA it
is or even if it's human,
but I can confirm it's blood.
You keep luminol
in your pantry?
Something like that.
Hydrogen peroxide.
Obviously, it is used
to disinfect surfaces,
clean fruits and vegetables.
But when exposed to blood...
(gentle music)
It fizzes.
(gentle music)
(wind whooshing)
Look, it's possible Coach
Pierre offed his boss.
It's not a novel concept.
Yeah, Coach Pierre
was mad at Alistair,
and yes, he wanted to keep
his job, but so is Klaus.
Let's get back to basics.
Motive, opportunity, intent.
Okay, so what if the
accountant Orson Riggs,
what if he was gonna blow
the whistle on Alistair
for his money laundering scheme?
Alistair wanted
the problem gone.
So he hired Edmund
to kill Orson.
The last journal entry
was to a Doctor Tag Archer.
- How does he fit in all this?
- Unrelated.
I mean, Alistair was dying.
Maybe Dr. Archer put
him in a clinical trial
for new treatment.
You mean off the record
in exchange for cash?
No, he was on the books
for more than 25 years
long before Alistair got sick.
Gerard, can you shed
some light on this,
since you worked the case?
(gentle music)
Never heard of Tag Archer.
Since he was on the books
at the time of the murder,
maybe he was the go-between
to pay off Edmund
so that Alistair could
just keep his hands clean.
There is someone here
that might be able to help.
I mean, it's been 25 years.
(tense music)
Why her?
You may not remember
it from the case file,
she used her maiden
name back then.
But Agatha Winford was the
judge that put your dad away.
(tense dramatic music)
(wind whooshing)
(soft pensive music)
Agatha, it's come
to our attention
that you are an
Alistair's payroll.
Excuse me?
I don't like what you're
implying, detective.
Were you or weren't you?
Not here.
Follow us.
(gentle pensive music)
They're interrogating
Agatha now?
They're grasping at straws.
I'm never getting out of here.
If you must know, those
were campaign donations.
I have many donors.
Even though they're
going back decades
before your political career.
If you'd like to continue
this line of questioning,
it'll have to be
through my attorney.
Have you heard the
name Dr. Tag Archer?
Sounds familiar. Not sure.
It'll come to me.
I never forget a name or a face.
Any idea how Alistair is
connected to Edmund Schultz?
Edmund Schultz.
There's a name I haven't
heard in a minute.
Detective Schultz. I should
have seen the resemblance.
You have your father's
eyes and his demeanor.
He had a quiet way about him.
Even after I sentenced him,
he took it like a gentleman.
People, please everyone,
please stay calm.
We know our rights. You can't
keep us in the dark anymore.
Let me out of here.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Everyone, relax. We need
to show some patience.
So you keep saying.
Come on, Agatha.
Who would like some hot
cocoa and fresh baked cookies?
(gentle music)
We good?
Thank you.
How on earth did you do that?
They teach you to quiet a
room in Catering 101 too?
These are my 911 chocolate
emergency rescue cookies.
Perfect for quieting
an angry mob.
- Where'd you find dime?
- Always come prepared.
She baked them from frozen
dough she prepared earlier.
- Very resourceful.
- Hmm?
You ever considered a
career in law enforcement?
(gentle music)
Tell me you didn't have
anything to do with it.
The less you know, the better.
(tense music)
Hi, Emma.
If someone did
something innocent
that caused something
really bad to happen,
would someone be in
trouble, hypothetically?
Well, it depends. How bad?
I mean, depending
on the offense,
that someone could be tried
with aiding and abetting.
Or not.
Is there anything that this
someone wants to confess?
Where are we going?
Tom found a room that might
keep you all entertained.
You mean keep
us outta trouble?
Well, that too, between
worrying about you and your mom,
it's like a full-time job.
(gentle music)
Wow, sick pool table.
It's not very medieval.
Well, even billionaires
need a mancave.
(Goldy laughs)
- This is awesome. Thanks.
- Yeah.
(lively music)
Wait, wait.
All right, rack 'em up.
Watch him like a hawk.
I would, but I might
otherwise be preoccupied.
Don't scratch.
Mom, come look at this.
We were taking
selfies earlier.
(soft tense music)
He's holding
Coach Pierre's epee.
(tense music)
(electricity crackles off)
- What's going on?
- I don't know, sweetheart.
You guys stay put. I'm gonna
go find out what happened.
No, Richard, I know the
castle better than you.
I should go.
(soft tense music)
- Be safe.
- Always.
(soft tense music continues)
Sorry, Jake, gotta
take your phone.
(tense music)
What happened to the lights?
I don't know.
Ice and the wires.
I'll go check the
electrical room.
Goldy, you really shouldn't
be here by yourself.
Let me take you
back to the garage.
I'm fine. Figure
out the lights.
I gotta find Tom.
(tense dramatic music)
Wow, you really love cats.
See, like I told you,
there's nothing else on there.
I didn't take any photos here.
Why do you have
a photo of Charlie?
Are you dating the court jester?
Ew, no.
No, Charlie's my brother.
I know. I know.
I should've told you earlier.
I used to work in the
Traveling Carny with him,
but Charlie didn't want people
to know we were related.
Because you got your brother
this gig at Alistair's Ball?
It was actually
the other way around.
Charlie asked me to
work for Alistair.
- So Alistair knew Charlie?
- Yeah.
Why is it such a big secret?
I don't know.
But he was really adamant
I keep it under wraps.
(tense music)
(Goldy gasps)
(tense shrill music)
(tense dramatic music)
It's you.
Hey, hey! Hey, hey!
Goldy, Goldy, what's going on?
- Tom, did you just see him?
- See who?
He was just here. He's
the man in the picture.
Look, look, look,
look. He's not a guest.
(tense dramatic music)
What, do you, do you know him?
That's my dad.
(tense dramatic music)
Edmund Schultz!
Come out.
There's nowhere to hide.
Where, did you see him?
Look up there.
I think actually, Tom...
Tom, Tom! Listen to me.
We have got to go
tell the others.
If we just, if we act
systematically, we can find him.
We can read him out, Goldy.
The castle is too big.
He could be anywhere.
We need help.
Let's go.
(tense music)
You lied to us. You said
you only met Alistair tonight.
But that's not true, is it?
He hired me. What of it?
Off Craigslist or Clowns R Us?
Does it matter?
I needed a job. He needed
somebody to work the crowd.
Does the name Edmund
Schultz mean anything to you?
(gentle music)
(electricity clacks)
You were in prison?
Where, what, what
were you in for?
None of your business.
I served my time.
You know, I could
just ask your sister.
My sister?
You leave Emma out of it.
Millhaven. Okay?
Larceny. Three years.
This is why I told Emma
to keep quiet about it.
Everyone judges you when
you're a con or related to one.
Now, do you wanna know
my Zodiac sign too,
or am I free to go?
(tense music)
Phew, boy, people get real
hangry when they're locked up
in a dark castle with a
homicidal murderer on the loose.
Luckily, it was only a
popped circuit breaker.
Everybody, Edmund
Schultz is here.
And he was caught on camera
holding the bloody epee.
He's running
around the castle?
I saw him.
Marla, I need you
to go get Klaus.
We need the blueprints
for the castle ASAP.
Now listen up. We need
to search the castle.
We're gonna use a grid system,
simultaneous sweep
from top and bottom.
Force the fugitive out as we
work our way to the middle.
We have to presume our prime
suspect is armed and dangerous.
We need to find Agatha.
If Edmund Schultz know she's
here, she could be in danger.
This whole thing is a vendetta
against people who put him away.
Which includes you too.
No, don't worry
about me. I got my six.
Blueprints as requested.
Ah, thanks, Klaus.
You should go.
(tense shrill music)
All right, Mason,
you start in the basement
on the west side.
Dave, you start on the east.
Tom, I think you and I should-
I need to say something.
Alistair was dying.
He had regrets.
What do dying people do?
Travel the world.
Quit their jobs.
Eat as much as they want.
- Wait, is this a test?
- We don't have time for this.
No, no. I see where
she's going with this.
They make amends to
clear their conscience.
Alistair loved King Arthur,
who was all about
nobility and honor.
But as we know, Alistair
made a lot of enemies.
- Hardly a King Arthur.
- Exactly.
Agatha said that Alistair
was gonna take up
the sword of justice tonight
with a big announcement.
And then Emma said that there
was gonna be a secret guest.
Is that Edmund?
Is that why he broke outta
prison so close to his parole?
Well, wait, wait.
I don't get it.
Is Edmund on Alistair's side
or did he come here to kill him?
I'm saying that that
Edmund may not be here
for a vendetta at all, but for
an entirely different reason
that is somehow connected
to the big announcement.
- We gotta find Edmund.
- Agreed, let's go.
(tense dramatic music)
(wind whooshing)
Agatha, what are you
doing here? It's not safe.
I'm perfectly fine. Other
than my wretched back.
Edmund Schultz is here.
Come on.
(metal rattles)
Did you hear that?
Ivan, is that you?
You stay behind me.
(tense music)
(door clacks open)
(tense music continues)
(all laughing)
(person screaming)
(gunshot bangs)
(people yell surprisingly)
(tense dramatic music)
Ah, Dad!
- What happened?
- Dad, you've been shot.
Edmund has my gun.
Agatha, we need to help her.
Don't, don't, don't
move! Don't move!
We're on it.
- Detectives!
- Ah, ah, ah!
(tense dramatic music)
I got you, Pops. I got you.
(tense dramatic music)
What is it?
(tense music)
(tense dramatic music)
(wind whooshing)
(Goldy gasping)
Mason, get Dr. Korman.
(tense music)
We heard a woman screaming.
We all came to help,
but it was too late.
That's when we saw Agatha.
What about Agatha?
Where is she?
Ivan, Ivan, you don't have to.
What? No, you're wrong.
(tense dramatic music)
(clock ticking)
So much for being able
to take care of yourself,
huh, Pops?
I'm still alive, aren't I?
Well, you're lucky
there's an exit wound.
Quarter inch to the left
would've been a different story.
Yeah, I feel real lucky.
Remind me to buy a
lottery ticket later.
- Hey, thanks, Doc.
- Yeah.
Listen, just make sure that
that dressing is clean. Okay?
(gentle music)
All right, let's go.
(wind whooshing)
She has multiple fractures
consistent with a fall.
Anything else?
You mean apart from the
fact that a grown woman
fell through a castle
window at a medieval ball?
Yeah, apart from that.
She has scrapes on her arms,
but that could have
happened from the way down.
Or defense wounds.
- What about her eyes?
- What about 'em?
Oh, come on, Tom. Do I
have to open her eyes?
Bear in mind that I usually
work with live patients.
Sorry, Richard.
(wind whooshing)
(Dr. Korman grunts)
That's interesting.
She has petechiae.
Her eye blood
vessels have burst.
Is that consistent
with the fall?
Not usually. It's usually
caused by a lack of oxygen.
Or strangulation.
(tense music)
So it was personal.
We've gotta find Edmund.
Our suspect, Edmund Schultz,
is now armed with a Glock 17.
Exercise extreme caution
and use all means
necessary to apprehend him.
Mason, you and I are
gonna take the East Wing
and circle back, Track,
you take the West Wing.
We'll meet back here.
(soft tense music)
(dishes clacking)
(soft tense music)
(soft tense music continues)
(soft tense music continues)
(shelving scraping)
(soft tense music continues)
(door creaking)
(soft tense music continues)
(wind whooshing)
(tense music)
(tense music continues)
(window banging)
(wind whooshing)
(tense music continues)
(tense ominous music)
(tense ominous music continues)
(tense ominous music continues)
(Goldy gasps)
I don't know who you are,
but I don't want to hurt you.
No one else needs to get hurt.
I think it's a
too late for that.
(tense dramatic music)
(tense dramatic music continues)
- Tomster.
- Edmund.
(Goldy grunts)
(kitchen utensil thuds)
Oh God. I'm so
sorry, I didn't...
Is he okay?
- Are you okay?
- Yeah, yeah.
(tense music)
(gentle music)
Has he got my gun?
No, he's clean.
Lock him up.
- I'll go get the doc.
- All right.
He's got a picture of me.
I know, I know. I
know, I know, I know.
- You okay?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
(wind whooshing)
Edmund's gonna have
one heck of a headache,
but the doc says
he's gonna be okay.
- Did you find the gun?
- No.
Well, looks like
Alistair hired Edmund
to kill Orson
Riggs 25 years ago.
So maybe the big announcement
was Alistair confessing
to his part of the crime.
Yeah, but he didn't
count on Edmund
escaping him from Millhaven.
Uh, Charlie also
served in Millhaven,
and Alistair hired him.
Well, Alistair probably
didn't know that.
Charlie called me Tomster.
So he knew your dad.
Maybe they were
working together.
We need to interview
Charlie again.
(tense music)
Did you have anything to do
with breaking
Edmund outta prison?
Who's Edmund?
Do you really want
to violate your parole
and lie to a detective
and a US Marshal?
I served my full sentence.
You got nothing on me.
I spent my whole life
chasing cons like you.
Aiding and abetting a murderer
is not gonna go well for you.
Okay, okay.
I was only there to give
Edmund a ride from Millhaven.
It was Alistair's plan all along
to bring him to Hyde Castle.
You expect us to believe that?
If, if Alistair helped Edmund,
why would Edmund kill him?
Who says he did?
Edmund was his guest.
Alistair bribed the warden.
He greased a few palms.
He even put Edmund
up in his castle.
Alistair could do anything.
He's a billionaire.
Or was.
(soft tense music)
(soft tense music continues)
(clock ticking)
(soft tense music continues)
(soft tense music continues)
Oh, teenagers.
(tense music)
(tense music continues)
(tense dramatic music)
(Goldy yells)
(dramatic tense music)
We gotta stop
meeting like this.
Oh, my knight in shining armor.
Tom, things are
not what they seem.
I know. Come with me.
(tense dramatic music)
(clock ticking)
The grandfather clock
hasn't chimed in hours.
(clock ticking)
And it wasn't making that sound.
No, it wasn't.
(tense dramatic music)
- Gerard's gun.
- Exactly.
(tense dramatic music)
(soft gentle music)
(truck reverse signal beeping)
Easy to do cartwheels
at this time.
(soft gentle music continues)
(tense shrill music)
It's very funny, gang.
Ugh, snowplows are here.
So I'm gonna take Edmund
back to Millhaven.
You're not going anywhere.
We're gonna do this again?
What are you doing, Tom?
Look, gang, it's
been a long night, but-
There was only one person
not invited to
last night's ball,
Dr. Tag Archer,
He's a ghost. He's nobody.
He's an anagram
(tense dramatic music)
(tense dramatic music continues)
for Gerard Track.
(chuckles) You
can't be serious.
Orson Riggs was gonna
blow the whistle on Alistair
so Alistair had him killed.
That part of our
theory was right.
There was just
one missing piece.
He needed someone
to take the fall.
Edmund Schultz was
Orson's poker buddy
and owed him money, making
him the perfect scapegoat.
But you planted evidence
and pinned it all on Edmund.
And you profited Well for
over two decades to keep silent.
(gentle music)
You are all off your rocker.
Tell me you're not buying this.
You know what bugs
me about this, Dad?
Why would Edmund strangle
and then throw Agatha
out of a window
when he could just shoot her?
I just remembered,
Alistair mentioned that he
had a dirty cop on the books,
and his name was Dr. Tag Archer.
I need to tell Tom.
(tense dramatic music)
(Agatha screams)
(tense dramatic music)
(window clacks open)
Where's the gun?
Dad, it wasn't on him.
I told you, he
shot me and took it.
(gun cocks)
(tense music)
(gunshot bangs)
In fact, you never
even ran into him.
You can think what you want.
We found your Glock.
Great, can I have it back?
What's saying we
sent it to forensics
and only has your prints on it?
Because Edmund wiped it off.
You came here tonight
after Alistair wasn't
taking your calls.
It's Dr. Tag Archer
again. He says it's urgent.
Everything is
urgent for you, Emma.
[Mason] To ask him why you
broke Edmund out of prison.
Are you crazy? You
can't be serious.
Time's running out, Gerard.
Let redemption be my legacy.
When Alistair
knew he was dying,
he wanted to right some wrongs,
but most importantly, he
wanted to free an innocent man.
(tense dramatic music)
Edmund Schultz.
And where does that leave me?
Find your own
way through this.
Now, if you'll excuse me,
I've got a big
announcement to make.
You got nervous
when you heard that Alistair
was making a big announcement.
You put two and two together
and you realized that if
Alistair was coming clean,
that Dr. Tag Archer
was going down too.
And you weren't about
to let that happen.
Not after the
lengths you went to
to protect a 25 year old secret.
(tense dramatic music)
(blade slashes)
(Alistair gasps)
You'll take it to your grave.
(Alistair grunting)
(tense shrill music)
[Goldy] And as you were
putting the sword back,
Alistair stumbled
into the dining room.
(Alistair's body thuds)
(guests gasping)
[Tom] While Edmund was waiting
to be called into the dining
room by Alistair, he saw you,
the very same cop that
framed him for murder
and feared you were
setting him up again.
[Goldy] He grabbed the
sword to hide the evidence
so you couldn't wipe your
prints before the cops arrived.
But then Edmund saw my daughter
taking a selfie with
him in the background,
and he panicked, leaving
the epee crooked.
(tense dramatic music)
It's a great theory, gang,
but it's all circumstantial.
It's enough to build a
great case against you.
I know it must be hard for you
to think of your
dad as a killer,
but concocting some elaborate
tale where I'm the killer
and I stashed the gun
in the grandfather clock
seconds before you find me,
it's not gonna absolve
your dad and implicate me.
We never said we found your
gun in the grandfather clock.
(tense music)
Gerard Track, FBI.
Just in time,
we have detainee Edmund Schultz
in custody, two deceased.
Sir, you're under arrest.
What? No.
I'm a US Marshal. Get
your hands off me!
(tense dramatic music)
How did you know he was here?
Sir Alistair Harrell
sent in a confession
with supporting
documentation yesterday
to his lawyers and to the feds.
We came as soon as we could.
Let's go.
Gerard Track, you have the
right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and
will be used against you
in the court of law.
(soft pensive music)
Carry on.
(soft pensive music continues)
So we're gonna take him
back to Millhaven Prison?
Yes, but based
off the evidence
careered by Alistair Harrows,
it looks like he'll
be out in no time.
Just formalities at this point.
- How's the head?
- Oh, it's not so bad.
This old noggin's been
through a lot worse.
I'm sorry I
didn't believe you.
With all the evidence
planted against me,
I'd have believed it myself.
Still killing it
at Pacman, Tomster?
A few things have
changed since then.
Guess we have some
catching up to do.
I'd like that.
(gentle melancholy music)
Hey, can you give us a sec?
Son, whatever I did on the side,
I did it for you and your mom
and I just wanted the best
of everything for you.
- You know, after she left-
- No, don't.
You know, all I ever
wanted or needed was you.
That's it.
Everybody has to bend
the rules once in a while.
No, bending the
rules is one thing.
What you did,
there's no coming
back from that.
(soft melancholy music)
(SUV door clacks open)
There you are.
(gentle music)
It's nice to be outside again.
You okay?
Actually, yeah.
(both laughing softly)
I, I guess we have to
postpone our date tonight.
But we don't have
to postpone this.
(lively music)
(lively music continues)
What took you
so long, Schultz?
(lively music continues)