Current Theega (2014) Movie Script

"High voltage wire."
"High voltage wire."
"High voltage wire."
"Beat the drums to sync
with his song, and sing."
"Watch this VIP
walking elegantly."
"He pounced with flair
making the ground shake."
"He matched his moves
with talent in all respects."
"This handsome dude
is approved by a local star."
"He flashed like breaking news."
"Take a proper look at our favorite star."
"Greetings, ladies and gentlemen."
"Be careful, if you touch me
you'll find yourself in difficulty."
"My gaze is like a firecracker."
"You can't find the right rival
even if you search in Google."
"I am in fact equivalent
to electric current."
"If you switch on your power,
you'll be in danger!"
"I am in fact equivalent
to electric current."
"If you provoke me unnecessarily
I shall bring the universe down."
"I won't button up my shirt fully.
I'll raise my collar and roam around."
"If anyone acts like a rowdy,
I'll shatter his ribs bloody."
"A cynosure to all eyes,
just a golden hearted guy."
"If you cross my path, you won't find
even calcium in your bones left behind."
"Caste! My blood doesn't discriminate.
Religion! My mind doesn't differentiate."
"I am not a boy ordinary.
Underline this, it's compulsory!"
"I am in fact equivalent
to electric current."
"If you switch on your power.
watch out, you're in danger!"
"I am in fact equivalent."
"If you switch on your power"
"I am in fact equivalent
to electric current."
"If you provoke me unnecessarily
I shall bring the universe down."
I'm on the way to
Mr. Sivarama Raju's house.
This is his house.
Why have you come here?
I want to meet
Mr. Sivarama Raju.
He's inside. Please go in.
- Okay.
Greetings, ma'am.
I have come to see sir.
He's praying.
Please sit down.
Praise be to Lord Shiva,
the God of Destruction.
Lord Venkateshwara, Vinayaka,
Saibaba and Goddess Durga.
Praise be to all the Gods.
Bless the people
of this town.
Greetings, sir.
- Hello, Circle Inspector!
What is the purpose
of your visit?
When your daughter
eloped with her lover..
When she went away
with her lover
village folks were claiming
that you killed them, sir.
The superintendent of police sent me
in person to confirm if it was true.
Yes, I killed them!
We won't let you
arrest him!
His name is Sivarama Raju.
He is a bigwig
in Parvathipuram.
He has no sons
but 3 daughters.
He regarded this gun
as his eldest son.
The gun is a symbol
of his dignity.
His moustache is his prestige.
Why are you sneezing?
Shall I call for a doctor?
Fool! Why?
Even that sneeze
likes our boss.
Isn't it? - May no one cast an evil eye on him.
He sneezed beautifully!
If we ordinary folks sneeze,
it is considered inauspicious.
He sneezing is a good omen.
- Well said!
These 4 are the orchestra
of Mr. Sivarama Raju.
They feel, even his sneeze sounds
like maestro Ilaiyaraja's music.
Sivarama Raju went hunting
with his friends often.
Sivarama Raju thought himself
to be an expert at hunting.
But until now he hasn't
even shot a sparrow.
His name is Veeraraju.
He was an expert at
deriding people skillfully.
17 years ago, these two fought.
Give sweets to them also.
Sivarama Raju has been blessed with a baby girl.
Is that so?
- Yes.
Has Goddess Lakshmi been
born as your daughter?
Even when the first born is a girl
everyone blames it on their fate.
This is your third daughter
and you're distributing sweets.
Not just three.. Even if I have two more girls,
I'll distribute sweets all over again.
Now you'll say so.
Tomorrow when she grows up,
falls in love and elopes
then you'll know
the true joy of it.
Would you still then
distribute sweets?
Watch your words
else I'll snip off your tongue.
As if you're a celebrity!
He's insulting you.
Why are you quiet?
He can just watch
but can't do anything.
You've chopped
my boss' ear.
How dare you
chop my ear!
If you insult me further,
I'll slit your throat too.
You're such a gentleman.
Is this how you behave?
I can behave like a gentleman
if the other person behaves well.
What will you do
if your daughter
elopes the way I predicted?
Forget eloping, even if one
of his daughters falls in love
my boss will
chop off both his ears.
Otherwise, he will
kill both of them.
Are you okay
with this bet?
Same here.
Mr. Sivarama Raju,
are you fine?
I'm on top of the world.
Both my daughters
are well settled.
One son-in-law is a lawyer and
the other is a police officer.
If the third daughter
marries a doctor
law and order, and health
will be under the same roof!
All marriages won't happen
as per your plan, Mr. Siva.
Your third daughter
is still single.
Boys nowadays focus only on
falling in love, nothing else.
And they revel in it.
"High voltage wire."
"High voltage wire."
"High voltage wire."
"High voltage wire."
Stop.. Stop.
Why did you stop?
You belong to
the neighboring village.
You don't know him.
He's Raju, the President
of the VIP union.
We can go only when
he moves aside.
Is he such a big shot?
If an electric wire is on
the ground or pole
we must be cautious.
You know what will
happen if we stamp on it!
What will happen?
Listen to me. Don't honk.
- Wait.
You don't know him.
- Wait.
Let's see.
"High voltage wire."
"High voltage wire."
Are you checking
if your horn works?
If you saunter in the middle
of the road, will we all
welcome you with a red
carpet instead of honking?
Wow! What a rhyme!
Your rhyming skills are good
but your sense of timing is zero.
Oh! Are you carrying sand?
Then carry on. Go.
Okay, go.
- Keep quiet.
Your grandfather
is waiting. Go.
Hello! Is it the MRO?
Yes, who is this?
MLA, MP, Raju speaking!
Yes MA, MPhil, speaking.
What has happened
to our country?
Going to the dogs.
What do you want?
Sand is vanishing
into thin air here, sir.
If we turn a blind eye
our women will have to go to
another planet to fetch water.
If you don't take action
you can watch my reaction
in front of the collector's office.
Stop! Stop..
I told you.
You didn't listen.
Keep quiet.
Do you know who
owns this tractor?
Don Shankar. - Let it be a don or God Himself
but you must obey my orders.
Because Raju, the President of
VIP union has complained.
Constables, seize the vehicle.
I told you not to provoke him.
He'll make your life miserable.
How will we now face
our boss, Don Shankar?
He is Don Shankar.
Specializes in being a goon,
murder and seizing lands.
He's cruel and ruthless.
Were you twiddling your thumbs
when he seized the tractor?
Raju from Parvathipuram
complained, sir.
How does that matter?
Why didn't you slit his throat?
Hey, Seenu!
- Sir.
It's trivial.
Ignore it.
Who is Raju?
- He heads the VIP union.
- What, son?
You've become too lazy.
Serve me food. Fast.
I'm coming. Wait.
Serve the gravy
for the rice.
Even though you are
educated, you're jobless.
When folks ask me
what you are up to
I don't even know what to say.
Then tell them that
you don't know.
I find it tough to
cook all by myself.
I too find it tough to eat
what you've cooked!
Have you fed the dog?
Oh no! I forgot.
Don't ever
make that mistake.
I might forget to
be faithful to you!
Isn't my 'sambar' tasty?
If you make a gravy
without adding any spices
how will it be tasty
or edible, dad?
That's why I want you
to find the right bride.
I'm trying sincerely but I
haven't been able to woo even one.
Is she a fish on a bait or
a soap to slip and fall down?
I'm talking
of a life partner.
I wonder if there is any girl
already born for you!
Won't I torture Lord Brahma
if He hasn't created my girl?
I am sure a girl is waiting
somewhere just for me, dad.
"I found instinctively
what I had lost within me.."
"I don't know what to say
even if I want to anyway.."
"I found instinctively
what I had lost within me.."
"I don't know what to say
even if I want to anyway.."
"There's no apt word to spare
in any language to share.."
"So how do I tell you
that my feelings are so true?"
"In this world
I haven't seen anyone"
"with a smile
so unique and genuine."
You'll be late for college.
Go and get ready now.
"This is not words of praise or flattery.
It's straight from my heart, honestly."
"I found instinctively
what I had lost within me."
Dad, I'm going to college
Okay, my dear. - Okay, bye.
- Bye.
Hello, Mr. Ramaraju.
Is she your third daughter?
Isn't your school a
one co-education? - Yes.
"Bid goodbye
to your studies, dear."
"Focus on getting
married instead, without fear."
No matter how many
songs you sing
your wish to chop my ear off
won't get fulfilled.
Because she is my daughter!
Let me wait and watch.
My legs are aching
waiting for so long.
Where is he?
- He has come at last.
Am I late for my bus?
- At what time does the bus with your girl come?
8:30 a.m.
- What's the time now?
My girl comes in the bus
at 9, I was here at 7:00 a.m.
My bus comes at 9:30
but I came at dawn.
Even if you spend the whole
night, you'll never get a girl!
Why did you come?
- Just like that.
When in love, you should
have decoction.
That's dedication, you idiot.
Oh no!
- No swearing. - Okay.
Hey, my bus is coming.
There she is.
Ramzan greetings to
my dear brothers and sisters.
It's been six months.
- Same shot!
I don't know about you,
but I'm really bored.
- I share the same feeling.
I've now decided to
give her a love letter.
Write it down.
- Done.
Go on.
I'm your lover.
You're my flower.
Just buy him a glass of tea
and he'll lick his boots!
Don't feel bad. Will a pig know the scent
of Pond's face powder?
- Yes.
I have power.
You are clever.
Wow! Wow!
Please love me, dear.
Our marriage in tower.
- Okay.
Eiffel Tower!
Wow! Wow!
On reading this, the teacher
will fall flat forever.
To hand over this
powerful letter
I need a positive hand.
Mine is a positive hand.
You are just the opposite.
- Correct.
Hey, positive!
I aced my exams.
Yes, you! Come here.
- Come.
What is this?
- Love letter.
Love letter?
For me?
Oh! I won't fall in love
while I'm still a student.
I want to become a doctor.
If my folks get to know about it,
my dad will kill me.
Hey! Stop. Have you ever seen
your face in the mirror?
You're still a kid in a skirt
and you want a love letter.
Who is the letter for?
Take this and give it
to Ms. Sunny.
Tell her Raju, M.A, M.Phil.
gave it to her specially. - No.
I don't want
to buy trouble.
She'll kill me.
For heaven's sake.
Hey! Aren't you
Ramaraju's daughter?
- If you don't give this
I'll tell your dad
you asked me for a love letter!
When did I ask you?
You just now did! 'Love letter? For me!'
- Yes.
Add a smile.
Today I am going to talk about
Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.
Today's topic is serendipity!
Give Romeo's letter to Juliet.
I won't give.
- Girls!
Oh no!
- What's going on?
Nothing, ma'am.
Love letter.
Love letter?
Come here.
I'm your lover.
You're my flower.
I have power.
You are clever.
Please marry me, dear.
Our marriage will be in Eiffel Tower!
I'll hit you.
Girls shouldn't be
like perfume spray.
Boys will want to hit on them then.
But like pepper spray
to scare off boys.
Take me for example.
No one has crossed
his limit with me.
I'm perfect and proper.
This letter isn't
for me, ma'am.
But for you!
- For me?
Who is that idiot?
There he is.
That village boy!
Next time he gives you a love letter
use pepper spray on him.
Okay, ma'am.
- Go.
I must somehow finish
the assignment.
He has seen me. Let's go fast.
- Meow!
I don't know
what to tell him.
Did you give the letter
to the teacher?
How can I not give
after you asked me to?
Showing your
acting skills to me!
What did your teacher say?
What shall I tell?
Come to our school
tomorrow at 8:00 a.m.
And if you yell out 'teacher'
with your eyes closed, then..
Hold on!
If I call out 'teacher'
then she'll come and..
Oh, so romantic!
You are too young to hear the
rest. Go. Go to mom and dad.
Good job.
- All the best.
"Wake up, my dear king.."
"Rise and shine with a spring."
"Glam doll's super..
She is a bumper."
"Oh dear! I'm going bonkers.."
"You are like rice cooked in jaggery..
Your eyes are like hot and spicy pepper."
"When you tilt,
you seem like a catapult.."
"Wake up, my dear king.."
"Rise and shine with a spring.."
"Do you want me to
wake you up, my beau?"
"Do you want me to get you
out of bed, my true love?"
"Sunny.. Sunny! Sunny.. Sunny!
You are my honey, honey, honey.."
"Don't tease me to instigate
intimate thoughts in me.."
"Sunny.. Sunny! Sunny.. Sunny!
You are my honey, honey, honey.."
"One look at you, my body
swirls into a rapturous rhapsody."
"Wake up, my dear.."
"Wake up, my dear.."
"Like a magnet you attract me,
pulling me towards you."
"I whirl in circles crazy
like a giant wheel, I twirl racy."
"You're my date chocolaty.
My taste buds await to taste hastily."
"Your beauty enamors me
like red ants clamoring."
"You jump over the wall, model. In
my dreams, you drill into my heart."
"Bottles of beer, pints of whiskey..
Don't make me high and dizzy."
"Like the mole on your body
give me an inch of space in your body."
"Like atom bomb explosively
you blasted me to hell implosively."
"Sunny.. Sunny! Sunny.. Sunny!
You are my honey, honey, honey.."
"Don't tease me to instigate
intimate thoughts in me.."
"Come to me my king."
"Oh! You enchantress in a spicy avatar..
Your glance is red hot chili pepper.."
"From head to toe potently,
you stir my feelings perfectly.."
"You flaunt your beauty blatantly
kindling the fire of desire in me."
"Like pressure in a cooker mounting
my heart whistles unhesitating.."
"You've been sculpted from a chunk of
jaggery and wrapped in a sexy silvery foil."
"Immersed in a perfumed river you were
gifted to me on a golden platter.."
"Girl, you drive me crazy
clad in your micro-mini"
"When your brakeless goods train
hits on me, I go breathless.."
"Sunny.. Sunny! Sunny.. Sunny!
You are my honey, honey, honey.."
"Don't tease me to instigate
intimate thoughts in me."
"Wake up, my dear.."
"Wake up, my dear.."
"Glam doll's super..
She is a bumper."
"Oh dear! I'm going bonkers.."
"You are like rice cooked in jaggery..
Eyes like hot and spicy pepper."
"You sway swiftly
like a speeding catapult."
"Wake up, my dear king.."
"Rise and shine with a spring.."
Oh, God!
You have no inhibitions!
Why is this dog barking
so early in the morning?
I'll deal with you later.
Julie, don't bark.
It's only me.
You dazzle so colorfully
like a textile shop.
Is it ready-made or
you had it tailored?
You had it tailored.
What's up?
Is her chapter closed?
She has become close.
It's the same.
- Go and get ready, man.
Okay, man.
- Go away.
Maybe we've come too early.
It's a personal affair.
That's why we are early.
And if you yell out 'teacher'
with your eyes closed, then..
"Sunny.. Sunny! Sunny.. Sunny!"
"Sunny.. Sunny! Sunny.. Sunny!"
Oh, God!
Gobble him, not me.
She's human.
Not a monkey.
Why did you come when I
called out to the teacher?
Teacher won't come today.
- Why?
It's 2nd of October.
It's a holiday.
I thought only wine shops were
closed on the 2nd of October.
Even schools?
- I know.
Today is 'Gandhi Jayanthi'.
Everything is closed.
I've heard of Gandhi.
But who is Jayanthi?
I think you're Jayanthi, right?
Mad fellow! Doesn't even
know Gandhi's birthday!
Hello, BlueCross! There's a gorilla here.
- Come on.
Hey, Raju! You're just on time.
Come here.
Why, dad?
- What's so urgent?
Tie this ox
in our field.
What? With such colorful clothes
how can you ask him
to tie this fox?
I'm not a fox, you idiot!
That's an ox.
That's right, rascal.
Are they both different?
Okay. Relax!
Bank manager wants to
see me immediately.
Just do this for me.
Thanks, see you.
- Hey!
Let's go to the field.
Sorry, I don't
befriend animals.
But haven't I done so
for past 20 years?
Are you mocking me
with your beastly dialogs?
Your dad has given
an apt job for you.
If you don't zip your lips
I'll ensure this ox rams into you.
Look at him.
He seems to be
Height of stink!
Hello, Raju!
Where are you going
with the ox?
We are going jogging. Want to join?
- Tell me.
His dad has asked him
to tie the ox in his field.
- Shake hands with him.
Doesn't he have hands?
- What's wrong with my hands?
I'll smack the slipper
across your face.
What did you do now?
- I scratched myself.
Before that?
- I relieved myself.
Before that?
- I collected dung.
Oh no!
If you put your hands at odd places
they will stink!
- Seems fine to me.
Sanitize your hands for
a week and then meet me.
Move aside.
Greetings, ma'am.
- Jogging?
Practicing for team selection.
Congratulations, ma'am.
All the best.
- Thank you. - Ma'am..
You are making a big mistake, ma'am.
- What happened?
Do you know what he touched,
before he greeted you all over?
Tell her, man.
- First, he..
What's wrong with that?
Congratulations, ma'am.
All the best, ma'am.
It has been a shocking
scenario since morning!
Hey, Raju!
Your courier girl.
I have many questions
to ask her myself.
Hey, meow! You said
the teacher called me.
But the school was closed.
Maybe she forgot that today was a holiday.
How will I know?
Won't you know if your
school is closed or not?
I thought she might call you
to share something personal.
She's a real smart kid.
I'll go and call
someone smart.
"Oh my beloved.."
Your cow is happily
flirting with my ox.
She's not a cow.
- She's Lakshmi.
Actress Jothilakshmi!
She's our Goddess Lakshmi.
My mother and I
are very fond of her.
Your dad loves his gun.
You and your mother
go gaga over a cow.
No one in your family likes
humans, is it?
Yes. Dogs have Blue Cross.
Cows have green grass.
What do human beings have?
Cool! We have whiskey in our glass!
Don't talk rubbish!
- Don't talk utter rubbish.
Listen.. Shut up.
You shut up your gob
and everything else also.
If you talk ill of my Lakshmi,
I won't keep quiet.
Stop talking in English.
- Stop fighting.
Your bull and cow are
running away together!
Ramaraju's cow and
Raju's bull have eloped!
How dare you hit
one of my boys!
He misbehaved.
So I hit him.
That's why I've come
to apologize to you.
Sorry, Kavitha. Forgive me.
- Let go of me.
I'm apologizing
on behalf of him.
I'm sorry.
Is it okay to say
'sorry' like this?
Is this what you
call as misbehavior?
What is this?
Don't! This is wrong.
There you go!
Is this how
he misbehaved?
Tell me. Get lost.
Don't you try
to run away.
"High voltage wire."
"High voltage wire."
I don't want to fight with you
and make this a big issue.
So fall at her feet and
beg for her forgiveness.
What will you do
if I don't do so?
After 3 minutes
I'm Seenu and
you dare hit me!
If you have guts
stay right here.
Why do I need guts
to stay right here?
A chair will do.
You didn't know me or my
brother or my family background
but you acted rashly.
This is my reaction.
Don't call out names of
your sister, brother, dad
grandfather, great-grandfather,
neighbor from a voter's list.
I'm not a fruit or a vegetable
to be sold in a market
categorized according
to my seed and roots!
I am a high voltage wire.
Whoever touches me
will receive the same shock!
If you're doubtful
come and touch me.
Kill him!
Go on.
Come on, hit me.
Game over.
If you ever misbehave with not
just my daughter, but any girl
I'll kill you.
Eve-teasing is a common problem
in colleges that girls face.
Best is to find a good groom
and get her married soon.
Very true.
Where's my daughter?
My 2 sons-in-law.
This is the suitor
who is here to see Kavitha.
I'll be back.
Keep talking.
Look! Here she is.
- Yes.
Looks like a newly built
hi-tech city building.
It's a 'yes' from my end.
Are you coming back from college?
- Yes.
What are you studying?
- 12th grade.
Very good.
Study well.
Thank you, uncle.
How could she call me 'uncle'?
She doesn't know
that you are the suitor.
Does she know about
the formal meeting?
- Doubt?
This is an insult to
the software industry.
Why is everybody
so excited and flustered?
That man's who's here to see you
is a suitor.
I want to study.
Please tell dad.
The only thing
I know is to cook.
I even cook
as per your dad's wishes.
So how can I poke
my nose into any alliance?
Go and get ready.
Sister, at least you go
and tell him please.
If I were so brave, I'd have
stopped my own wedding!
Take this.
- Sister, will you help me?
Coffee is ready.
Get dressed and serve him coffee.
None of you need
to talk on my behalf.
I'll handle it myself.
Mr. Sivarama Raju's third daughter
is engaged to be married
to Venkataraju's eldest son
Prakashraj, as decided by the elders.
May they be happy.
Give me tea.
Sivarama Raju's third daughter, Kavitha,
weds Prakashraj on 3rd February, 2014.
Minister, look at that.
She looks familiar.
She's my courier girl, Kavitha!
They are getting
a student married.
If we keep quiet
and not protest
they will resort to
child marriage tomorrow!
When situation demands,
we shouldn't postpone our entry.
Start your bullet bike!
- Give me the keys.
Let's go.
- Yes.
Okay. Let's go.
Yes, sir.
No 'sir' is around.
Only we are here.
I meant only you both, sir.
She meant, us.
What's happening
in our town nowadays?
When girls should
be carrying books
they are forced to
marry and carry babies!
Even if our society
turns a blind eye to it
our VIP union
will be vocal about it.
Your law specifies that girls should
marry only after they are 18.
But in Mr. Sivarama's
daughter's case
your law has
its eyes blindfolded!
- He's a VIP.
If they sport a big moustache
and roll their dilated eyes
they don't become VIPs.
Cool, boss.
Leave it.
To be cool,
this isn't Ooty.
It's my duty.
Don't use fancy words
just to rhyme for effect.
It defines my heartache.
As soon as a girl is 12, so
many do's and don'ts for her.
Don't talk to boys,
or look at them.
Learn to cook and
do household chores.
Pray to God every day.
Don't step out after 6:00 p.m.
Don't watch TV after 9:00 p.m.
Don't use the cell phone
and talk to anyone.
Don't show your face
on Facebook.
Even if married at 17,
don't talk back to elders.
How unfair is this?
Is it right, ma'am?
Raju, soda.
I'll come to the point.
Will you stop the wedding
of Mr. Sivarama Raju's daughter?
Or shall I report it to
the commissioner?
Come on, tell me.
Kavitha weds Prakashraj.
Don't falter in serving the guests.
This event should be imprinted
deep in every guest's memory.
Yes, you bet!
Mr. Veeraraju!
You must eat our feast
to your heart's content.
And we've arranged an orchestra
to entertain you with good music.
- Look.
"Rose.. Rose.. Rose..
It's a pretty flower that glows."
"It's a pretty flower that glows."
The wedding has been organized
on a real large scale.
Cover our faces.
"Are you the flower?"
Smile, please!
"And the happy shower?"
"Impishness of youth mixed
and song in sync, little minx."
Mr. Veeraraju, God willing
if all goes well, after the wedding
your bet goes for a toss!
"Flash with pomp and splendor.."
You did a great job!
Look, police!
"Come.. Welcome!
Just dazzle me once.."
Come.. Welcome!
"Come.. Welcome!"
- Enough, stop it.
Greetings, sir!
- Why have you come in your uniform?
I need to talk to you
for a few minutes, sir.
Come in.
Serve mutton.
Why are you
serving me 'sambar'?
We want mutton.
We aren't celebrating Ramzan.
This is Sivarama Raju's
daughter's wedding.
We don't want leaves
that the goat eats.
But the goat itself!
Shut up!
- Serve me 'sambar'.
If you shout too much,
I'll snip off your tail.
As it is, we are tensed about
the arrival of the police.
And you are adding
to our stress.
If you serve us
vegetarian food
do you expect politicians
instead of cops to be your guests?
Just serve them
diluted buttermilk.
Not wrong.
But it is a mistake.
Based on flimsy excuses like
a dog barking or crow cawing
this isn't an ordinary man's
wedding to be stopped suddenly.
Sivarama Raju's family wedding.
Sub inspector,
since you're here
bless the couple and
have dinner before you leave.
Your daughter is a minor.
That's the major problem.
If two lovers elope and
come to your station
you'll get them married. Same is
the case in a Registrar's office.
But doesn't a father
have that same right
over his own daughter?
Sir, your daughter
is only 17 years old.
If she's married at 17,
it is a bad decision.
But if it happens when
she's 25, it's approved?
I'll wait for 10 years.
Will you fix
a good alliance?
Tell me.
A complaint has been
registered to stop this wedding.
If you step back yourself,
it'll be good for you.
Or else it will reach
the commissioner's ears.
And it will go to
the press and the media.
To the extent of
being arrested, sir.
Please understand.
"Stars in the blue sky
only descended for me.."
"Star in the silver studded sky
only descended for me.."
What, sir?
The song selection is superb.
"Here is a moon glowing..
Love in my heart is flowing.."
"When stars and moon don't meet,
how can love and laughter greet?"
Stop it!
Listen, everybody!
This wedding is cancelled.
Who was that?
Who whistled?
Sorry, sir.
I'll take leave.
Sub inspector, who filed
the complaint to stop it?
That's confidential! According to our rules,
I can't divulge the name.
Even if you're angry now
later you'll realize that
it all happened for the good.
"Who can foretell
what will happen in the future?"
"Who has guts and gumption
to alter destiny's decision?"
This singer is torturing me.
Double his payment
and send him away.
"Who can foretell
what will happen in the future?"
I pin my doubts on Raja.
He only must have
Greetings, ma'am.
- Greetings.
Well done.
They are getting a minor girl married.
I feel it is Veeraraju
who filed the complaint.
Find out who complained.
I must break
his legs myself.
I thought that my fate
was to get married
wear a sari, raise kids.
I never imagined, I'd
wear my uniform instead
and carry books again.
I'm so happy.
In fact, coming back
to studies feels like a dream.
Do you know who made
your dream come true?
Raju, your complaint worked.
Her wedding was stopped.
Come on.
- A fast ball!
He hit it!
Throw the ball.
Hey! Come here.
Why this sudden show
of concern towards me?
Are you trying to hit on me?
- Yuck!
Am I?
- No, you are superb.
I heard that you were the one
who stopped my wedding.
I came to thank you.
I stopped your wedding
but don't go about announcing it.
Because basically,
I hate publicity.
That's true.
Shall we come to our
professional matter?
Flowers are for God duly,
Like you are for me only.
Just once, smile for me.
That's our love-melody.
When youth the world over fall in love
on Twitter, Whatsapp and Facebook
why are you still
in this love-letter age?
How to work out the chemistry?
Get her chocolates and
a costly greeting card.
She'll munch on chocolates
and read your card happily.
Greeting card and Diary milk?
Seems like a costly affair!
Raja, take this.
You won't even get
milk for that junk!
"I was a naive teenager,
more like a kid."
"Your glance hit on me,
to a halt I skid."
"I was unconcerned adolescent and bubbly
until your dreams awakened me rudely."
"What has happened to me?
I have no clue exactly."
"What happened to my mindset after
I met you for the first time?"
"Hey! I fell hook, line and sinker...
Warm fuzzy feeling spreads all over.."
"I've fallen flat for you, my beau...
It has transformed me like you."
"Not just Telugu, I looked up for the name
of this disease in other dictionaries too."
"In this world, only you can explain aptly
because you're the reason for this new me."
"Though I lost weight with great difficulty,
my heart still stubbornly feels heavy."
"Hey! I fell hook, line and sinker..
Warm fuzzy feeling spreads all over."
"I've fallen flat for you, my beau..
It has transformed me like you."
"Studies don't worry me
as I'm ready to study you."
"I care to hoots about tomorrow in the
joy I got in forgetting yesterday."
"Consumed in your thoughts, I bid farewell
to my parents who yell and friends swell."
"Hey! I fell hook, line and sinker..
Warm fuzzy feeling spreads all over."
"I've fallen flat for you, my beau..
It has transformed me like you."
Give this to your teacher.
What's this?
- Ribbon.
Her complexion
and smile are okay.
But she leaves her hair loose
like some frightful spirit.
Even if she's an expert
English teacher
I prefer a girl who has
imbibed Telugu culture.
If she plaits her hair
and ties a ribbon..
"A girl with the sideways glance
who moves like a swan, please wait."
Very old.
- Just do as I say.
You must fall in love, dude.
Otherwise, life is a waste.
Meow! You came here
without me calling you.
Anyway, you'll call me.
What is this? Wedding card.
Are you getting married?
Not me.
Sunny ma'am.
Is Sunny ma'am getting married?
"It's time to say bye."
"This is destiny."
"It's time to say bye
to our love."
"This is destiny."
You look at me
and smile every day.
Finally, you gave me
this wedding invite!
I did not smile at you
but at your pose in the posters.
You must attend
my wedding.
Who is that super man who is
marrying this super personality?
"Shambu.. Shambu.. Shambu.."
"Shambu.. Shambu.. Shambu.."
"Shambu.. Shambu.. Shambu.."
If courage gets scared, it will place
my picture under its pillow and sleep.
What if the girls get scared?
They'll use me
as their pillow!
It's my way or the highway!
Come on, Sunny!
- Thanks.
"Shambu.. Shambu.. Shambu.."
"Shambu.. Shambu.. Shambu.."
"Shambu.. Shambu.. Shambu.."
Horrible combination!
Are you feeling sad
since the teacher ditched you?
Don't be silly.
The youth has changed now.
No one drinks these days
because they get dumped.
They drink only because they are
wondering how to woo the next girl!
Is it?
- The trend has changed.
Then why do I see
tears in your eyes?
Even if I don't get her, it's okay
but just imagine. She fell for him!
Let that go.
The elders have convened
a meeting about our temple festival.
Let's go and see.
Are they meeting without
the VIP union's knowledge?
Let's go right away.
VIP union!
Have you sprained your back, sir?
- No way.
You'll never catch him spraining
his back. He's an iron man!
Start, sir.
Just like all the previous years,
this year also, we should
conduct this festival
in a grand manner.
If every family contributes
their share, we'll take care
of the remaining expenses.
Decorating the idol,
chariot procession
special prayers,
devotional songs
spiritual lectures,
stories of mythology.
Everything will be scheduled
like we do every year, okay?
This is more than enough
for our people.
How can you suggest and
accept your ideas?
Shouldn't you know
what the youngsters think?
Who else is more youthful than us?
"Let me check!
We are.. VIP!"
"Here we go!"
"VIP! Here we go!"
If this town is the jungle,
our sir is the.. - Lion.
If it comes to hunting, sir is..
- A tiger!
If it's a race sir is..
- A horse.
Why compare me to animals?
There's enough
controversy about this.
Catch! - Okay. - My dear
old men from the village.
They won't understand English.
My dear village friends.. - Yes.
- You've been organizing
this temple festival
the way you wanted all along.
Hereafter, it cannot
h-happen like that.
People say that he will take over the
leadership of this village after you.
"Here now!
"Here we go."
Here we go."
After our sir has decided,
there's no room for discussion.
If accompaniments don't shut up,
all instruments will be smashed.
How dare he!
- Stop it!
What is it that you boys want?
Our neighboring village is small,
still it organized a record dance.
We spoke about Rita's record dance
last month in Modhugapalyam
for a whole week.
To watch such a performance, we
have to go from village to village.
If you don't organize
Rita's record dance this year
I have no option other than
leaving this home town of mine.
Our town without you will be
like a temple without a God.
God-less temple!
- How's it possible?
Stop it!
Tell us what you want.
If people can enjoy
watching a film for 2 hours
is it wrong to wish for entertainment
in our temple festival for 3 days?
Am I asking Rita
to take her home with me?
No. Never!
For that elderly gentleman..
For that little boy..
For that old man..
Along with all religious talks
and stories, Rita should dance
to sexy siren
Silk Smitha's songs.
Why late?
- Don't you want it?
Of course, I do.
Rita's dance must be
"Dance with me, fiance..
- Dance with me, fiance.."
"Swing with me, fiance..
- Swing with me, fiance.."
"Dance with me, fiance..
- Dance with me, fiance.."
"Swing with me, fiance.."
- "Swing with me, fiance.."
"Hanuman who carried
the mountain."
"Devotee of Lord Rama,
he's known for his strength."
"Listen to this story
of valor and victory."
"Heavenly damsel Menaka
also liked him.."
"Oh Subba Rao, Appa Rao,
Venkat Rao, Ranga Rao.."
"Oh Subba Rao, Appa Rao,
Venkat Rao, Ranga Rao.."
"I thought one of them will come.
But you came instead, Mr. Handsome."
"For you, I'm ready.."
I'll be back.
Rita was ravishing.
- Then stay behind!
Where is Kavitha?
- She must be around somewhere.
Hey, Kavitha.
Hold him.
Why are you
so shocked?
When the girl I love is
right before my eyes
I was looking
all over the place for her.
I didn't look at her twice
when she was in her uniform.
In a sari, my God!
I can build a temple for her!
In my heart!
If her father gets to know
your present feelings
he will shoot you
with his double barrel gun!
"My heartbeat escalated suddenly.
Some hullabaloo whirling within me."
"Earth stopped rotating on its axis.
And the wind became static.."
"A new seed germinated in my mind..
My masculinity did unwind.."
"Every nerve stimulated afresh..
Till yesterday, no such adrenalin rush.."
"Thousands of meteors
in my heart thundered.."
"Like lightning zillion
swords plundered."
"Even the land under my feet
deserted me completely.."
"Though my soul feels squeezed out,
it is a pleasurable pain no doubt."
"Before my eyes could blink,
what's up, do you think?"
"In a split second, I've
lost my senses to a new me."
"O' girl, my damsel dear..
You sparkled in my gaze clear.."
"O' girl, precious maiden..
In my breath, you are woven."
"Princess, you've now turned
into a Goddess, good Lord!"
"Were you molded from mercury
as your body glows glitzy?"
"With floral fragrance were you laced
and sent on to my scent in haste?"
"I wonder if the 7 wonders of the world
made a beeline for you with joy untold."
"Mind can never go amiss..
Nothing compares to you, miss."
"Girl, my dear beloved.. You
knocked the doors of my heart."
"Lass, oh my treasure trove..
You hold the pulse to my love."
"Little woman, in my dream divine,
you lit a lamp to shine sublime.."
"In a whirlwind like a peacock feather..
Floats my heart in anticipation in midair."
"In a cyclone, my conscience spreads
like a rainbow in 7 colorful ways.."
"Your youth glistens like gold, you'll be,
my child-woman, always in my memory.."
"You've etched your picture
as this birth's souvenir."
"Girl, my love, you stepped
into my world, my heart leapt.."
"Oh, girl.. You captivated me
with your charm and beauty."
"Girl, my ideal deity..
You were born just for me."
"Oh damsel who bedazzles me.
Your beauty plunders me."
"Girl, I'm so love-struck, sweetie..
I surrender to you completely."
"Girl, I'm helpless, honey.
I'm falling for you, God help me."
Good morning, sir.
- Go inside, dear. You've come home..
Take it.
- Why all this, sir?
In my entire lifetime
I'll never forget
the favor you did
for me the other day.
What did I do, sir?
My daughter has aced her studies.
- Really!
If you hadn't stopped
the wedding that day
I wouldn't be
so happy today!
Sir, your daughter
is 18 and a major now.
You can get her married to
the man of her choice.
Thanks a lot.
- Please don't thank me. Thank Raju.
- Raju?
Our presi..
- No one else but the president
of the youth VIP union.
That boy!
Yes, that boy.
He has been doing some
good deeds in our society.
This is one of them.
That's good.
Okay, sir.
Sir, we should beat him
to a pulp right away.
Yes, sir.
Heart attack!
I mean love.
- Okay.
Siva sir, the rat is acting up
in front of the elephant.
We must snip its tail off!
One look at him, my temper
reaches boiling point, sir.
Caught him!
Sir, I love you.
It means,
I love you.
Ma'am, do you love me?
It has been proclaimed
that we should love all beings.
By Allah, Jesus, Vishnu..
Even Mahatma Gandhi has
spread the same message.
It is the agenda of our VIP union
to spread this message of love.
I'll go. You continue.
Hey, Mr. Veeraraju! You should also
follow this instead of chopping ears.
I love you.
You love me. Okay!
I love you, sir.
Thank God!
That was a close shave.
Great escape, dude.
Let's scoot from here.
He wants us to love all.
You thought that he was
in love with your daughter.
Raju who complained and
stopped my daughter's wedding
shouldn't be
sitting on a bike.
He should be sitting
in a wheel chair!
"High voltage wire."
Go forward.
Why should you be
scared and reverse?
I was scared of
fighting with him.
So I didn't move.
We shouldn't get scared.
We should scare them.
I'll teach Raju to
be scared of death!
Just watch.
He'll call me.
Why are you in my area?
To see me?
No, for Kishore's sake.
- Oh no!
Shall I try my luck?
Okay, I'll support you.
Uncle, give me
2 chocolate bars.
Isn't this design beautiful?
- Nice.
Take this.
It's really beautiful.
No need.
Brushing my male ego aside,
I must tell you
I've fallen
in love with you.
I haven't.
If not today, for sure
you'll fall for me someday.
You don't have
any other option.
Because I saw your mole
which no one else has seen!
I won't tell you.
- Tell me, please tell me.
I'll tell you
after we get married.
All the best.
- Thanks to you too.
Raju, my prince.
Please come.
You love Raju,
don't you?
Why don't you
tell him then?
I will.
When I know that he'll do anything
for our love, I'll tell him.
If you poke your nose
in matters that don't concern you
you'll lose your head.
Sir, people claim if I hit,
it will be a total knock out!
I'm warning you
for your own good.
Alcohol consumption
is injurious to health.
Alcohol consumption
is injurious to health.
Alcohol consumption
is injurious to health.
If you apologize for what you did,
you can leave without a scratch.
I'll ignore your misdeeds.
What if I don't?
Alcohol consumption
is injurious to health.
Who is hitting
one of our men?
Who is that?
Isn't it Chandra's son?
Yes, it's him.
- Lift.. Lift him.
What happened?
What happened, sir?
I heard that your son is as powerful
as an electric wire.
But the shock treatment
went to your son
instead of the person
it was intended for.
Chandra, what's right for your son
seems wrong for the opponent.
He interferes unnecessarily.
What if they kill him?
I can't come every time like
Lord Krishna and save him, right?
Between 2 men,
there is a line.
As long as the line isn't crossed,
there won't be any problem.
Even Goddess Sita couldn't avert
disaster when she crossed that line.
You're just a small fly.
Be careful.
Why are you advising him?
You should have
killed him straight away.
We had him beaten up.
We warned him also.
If he still doesn't listen
we'll have to resort
to what you say.
There's a time for that too.
Who instigated this?
This big shot
who left just now.
What are you saying?!
He was getting
his minor daughter married.
I complained to the police
and stopped the wedding.
So he got me thrashed.
- You called him a big shot!
He's a narrow minded man.
Why are you hesitating?
Just go and kill him.
How to jump
this high wall?
It's me.
No one saw us.
Oh, God! Lord Vinayaka,
how are you?
Sivarama Raju's life
is on that wall.
Oh! It didn't fall.
Can't see his moustache.
I'll flash the light on him.
Shoot him now.
Oh! He's waking up.
If he had woken up,
we'd be dead meat.
You refused and then used
the same henna design.
Naughty girl!
Shall I kiss you or not?
My property, right?
Good God!
Okay, do this.
I've never seen anything
like this in person before.
I'll switch on the light.
Carry on.
Wait for me.
Parvathy.. Parvathy?
What, dear?
- Where's my gun?
How will I know?
It was on the wall last night
but is missing in the morning!
Kavitha.. Kavitha?
What, father?
- Did you see my gun?
I did.
Gun as in the dubbed film?
It's a super duper film.
What happened?
- His gun is missing.
Where is my gun?
What will I do
without my gun?
Someone has stolen it..
Why worry about
a rusty old gun?
Forget it.
Your brain is rusted.
How dare you deride my gun!
No one is bothered
about my gun.
Wonder whose hands
my poor child is stuck in?
And what suffering
it is going through!
Shoot below now.
My gun is missing, why should
this picture be hanging here?
Don't break it.
Do you love me so much?
No, dear.
I just now swept
the house clean.
My blessed fate!
- Sir.. Sir?
Even if our best friend
puts the towel on his head
instead of his shoulders
he has such a distinct style!
Not only that, the whole town
will now imitate this style.
Delicious smell of mutton curry
is giving me hunger pangs.
Did you go hunting
without us by any chance?
Oh no.
Here I am mourning the loss of
my gun and you talk about hunting!
Your gun is missing?
What? Your son
has been kidnapped?
Someone has stolen my gun
to strip me of my dignity.
Don't worry, sir.
It is our duty to retrieve
your gun within 24 hours.
Let's go.
Sivarama Raju must be
in a state of shock now.
He must be scared
out of his wits!
I'm telling you to learn this art
but you're turning a deaf ear!
It seems that I should
learn his art
of foretelling
with cowrie shells.
Go, roll the shells!
Hey! Sambaiyaa!
Good afternoon, sir.
What can I do for you?
Mr. Sivarama Raju's gun
is missing from his house.
We want you to foresee
with your cowrie shells.
Oracle of the cowrie shells..
Goddess, show us the way.
Naturally! As if
2+2 can be 14?
Tell us who the thief is.
There were 2 of them.
Looks like your father
will point his finger at us!
He will toe the line
in his first ball
with full line and length.
Then the rest will be all wide.
The thief has been caught.
Who is he?
- If I should tell you
then you must
satisfy the cowry-king!
Okay, fine. Tell me.
- 25 kilos of rice, 5 kilos of lentils.
One country chicken.
We'll give you
a full bottle of rum.
That too.
- We'll give all of that.
Tell us who the thief is.
Your father may bowl
a full toss at us!
Don't worry.
Last ball will be
a no ball for sure.
"Full toss.."
The thief has a mole, the size of
a cowrie shell on his right hand.
Got him.
Let's go search.
Whoever has a mole
on his right hand
we'll chop his hand
and bring him over.
Let's go.
- Let's go.
Are you my father or a sadist?
- What happened?
Look! The mark you identified
for the thief is on my hand. - Oh no.
No wonder it was so familiar.
I didn't remember that it as yours.
Why me?
Don't worry.
I'll handle it.
Hey, Chittibabu!
- Yes. - Please wait.
Even my son has a mole
on his right hand.
Don't think that he is the thief
and chop his hands off.
Tell me.
- I don't know.
I don't know.
- Where's the gun?
Don't act.
We'll skin you alive.
- Mr. Shivaraman!
My hands are tied
I can't even plead with you.
You should be magnanimous
and understand my plight.
I don't know.
It hurts.
- Then who knows if you don't?
Dhanaraj knows.
I don't know.
Drag Dhanaraj here.
Who told you that
I stole the gun?
Drunkard Ramesh!
- Is he some big shot CBI officer?
Why did you
tell my name?
I said that you have a high IQ.
Is that wrong?
Beat him up.
- Beat him to a pulp.
Don't beat me up.
Why did you
take the gun?
- Your father hit this boy.
Why did my father hit you?
After I stopped your wedding,
as if he'll offer me fruit salad?
- Okay.
Please return the gun
to my father.
He has been crying like
a small kid for the past 2 days!
He thinks of this gun
as his eldest son.
Hello, sister-in-law!
Please tell your sister
to express her love for me.
Give me the gun first.
Say 'I love you'.
- I won't.
Tell me.
- Please!
I want to hear you say 'I love you'.
- Please.
I won't.
"Oh, my girl.."
"Oh, my girl.."
What did you especially
install into girls, God?
However strong a man is,
one gesture and he falls flat!
The Gods must be crazy!
The gun has been found.
Stop hitting me.
He got his gun.
My gun is back.
My dear 'son'!
Untie me now.
As if you were even tied
for us to untie you now!
You found the gun?
- Yes.
Where was it?
In the kitchen, dad.
How can the gun that was
on the wall be in the kitchen?
Perfect point, sir
- Yes.
I'll tell you.
Come closer.
Bend a little.
Yes, you're right
The gun has been found.
You all can leave now.
Let's go.
- My gun is like my son!
Hey, who's getting married?
Your girl's friend, Vanaja.
If she doesn't fall for me,
that's the end of my life.
You can't live even if she loves you.
- Why?
Don't you know
about her father's bet?
He has to chop both his ears
if his daughter falls in love.
Let him chop his ears
or any other part he wants.
She is mine
I swear on his ears!
Let's go.
What are you looking at?
Get in.
We must check out the groom.
Excuse me.
Thank you.
We should all join
and surround him.
- Meow!
Do you know, you look like an apple
that has been draped in a red sari?
I know.
We have a mirror at home!
I had a good look at myself.
Few people are aware that
you have an overload of temerity.
Beauty and temerity
go hand in hand!
You are going to fall down!
"Girl draped in a cherry red sari
with 2 plaits neatly braided."
"Anointed with white jasmines..
Break open my heart.."
"Only you'll see your picture
etched deep in my heart.."
"Break open my heart.."
"Only your picture imprinted deep
you'll see in my heart.."
"Clad in a flowery shirt
and a checked 'lungi'.."
"Such cool sunglasses..
And slippers that flip flop."
"Man with dimples!"
"Don't follow me here,
there and everywhere."
"You dimpled dude
of wicked repute!"
"Don't tail me now
like a shadow."
"I want to tell you
something, O' my baby!"
When you move, it
makes my mind go crazy."
"Bring it on now.."
"Shake that..
Shake that booty!"
"I want to tell you
something, O' my baby!"
"When you move, it
makes my mind go crazy."
"Bring it on now.. Shake that..
Shake that booty!"
"From the day I met you, dear..
My mind disobeys words that I utter."
"I'll gift you a sari
plus a life full of kisses."
"Say 'yes'.
Just once."
"I swear that you're a pain in the neck..
I don't need your loving connect."
"Don't offer me carrots
and create a ruckus."
"I feel like you and I have gone
around the world on a unicorn."
"Why am I this mad, tell me?
I'm madly in love with you, my beloved."
"You're tender like Palmyra fruit
girl, you refresh me altogether"
"If you say no to me,
how will my life be?"
"You're tender like Palmyra fruit..
Girl, you rejuvenate me, dear."
"If you say no to me,
how will my life be happy?"
"Girl from God's own country..
You made a royal entry."
"I'll treat you like royalty..
I'll gift my kingdom totally."
"Don't act pricey
and make me suffer any longer."
"Many have followed me..
It's no big deal really!"
"Like finding a chicken for a feast,
rejoicing as treat on seeing a chick."
"Like fire crackers
exploding into stars.."
"Like wings sprout to fly
into the azure blue sky.."
"Girl, tie me up
to your sari's end like glue."
"Girl with eyes of fish, as
slippery as an eel!"
"Girl with eyes of fish,
as slippery as an eel!"
Is it?
- Where's the groom?
He's over there.
Is he the groom?
- But when I..
Mr. Bridegroom?
Uncle, you?
If I'm married with
2 kids like him
then you can
call me uncle.
Every bachelor is
considered young.
Okay, uncle.
If you move, we can
go and see the bride.
She's bent on tearing
my dignity to shreds.
Go, please.
Grandpa, move please.
- She won't reform.
I'm the groom. I'll be there.
"Virtuous like Lord Rama..
Courageous like Bhima.."
Looks like the orchestra has
planned a special song for me.
So cute!
"He stands apart exclusively.."
Hi, sir.
Who are you, sir?
I'm from the VIP union, sir.
We came to make your wedding
talk of the town!
You seem very positive, sir.
- Yes.
I love you, sir.
- Thank you, sir.
Your groom-look is affected
by your weird body odor.
What soap do you use?
Give it to me. This one.
I'll get you the best one.
"I fell in love..
I am in love.."
"I fell in love.."
"To give up my life willingly
for your love, my darling."
What do you want?
- Before the wedding
can we rehearse just once?
You've got high hopes!
You have a one track mind!
I meant the marriage rehearsal.
Why did you
come here now?
I want Lux.
Did you mean 'make love'?
Looks like someone is inviting.
Shut up.
- Don't mention.
Take it, anyway.
The soap.
- Lift your arms. I'll spray some powder.
Go ahead and spray.
This smell is from
a different world!
- What happened?
Get up, sir.
If you have to snuff this smell,
we definitely need some cologne.
- This is for the bride's safety.
Groom needs a cologne.
Hey.. I'm not used to public
demonstration of affection.
I'll kill you.
- Why?
The bride is not in favor
of marrying this groom.
We must talk
to the groom
to cancel the wedding.
Instead of all of you
ganging up to drown me
can't you convince her?
Suppose we convince her
and she marries you
and tomorrow if she
continues to be with her lover
it won't give you
peace of mind, right?
It is horrible
to even hear it.
That's why, just make
this sacrifice, please!
Is my wedding cancelled?
Is it?
Yes, it is.
"All the Rajini fans..
Don't miss the chance!"
"All the Rajini fans.."
I can't bear his torture!
"Don't miss the chance.."
"Lungi dance.. Lungi
dance.. Lungi dance.."
What is it, sir?
- Nothing, dude!
A heart breaking news
to all my kith and kin.
This wedding will happen.
But I'm not the groom.
To make this love blossom
I'm sacrificing
my marriage.
"There's true love in your eyes..
It sparkles from your heart too.."
"Words don't cross your lips at all.
Why this silence, my beautiful doll?"
"You are a dainty little rose twig..
But please don't prick with your thorn."
"How long will this silent spree last
which spears my heart severely?"
"I'm born with a reason, sweety..
To receive your love's bounty."
"All along my soul longs to
merge with your breath too."
"For the love of God, dear,
don't play with my love like this."
What kind of
a pose is this?
Standing like
Ram Gopal Varma.
You must know to
pose for a picture.
Excuse me. Come here.
- Kavitha?
Yes, mom.
Raju! You're rocking
in that flex board, man.
You look as awesome as
hero NTR in the film 'Hunter'.
Shut up!
Who did that without asking me?
I did.
- Publicity.
If by chance Mr. Sivarama Raju
sees this, he'll know that I stole his gun.
But he won't be attending
this wedding for sure.
He's here!
Greetings, sir!
- Greetings.
I told you.
Bring that banana tree and hide it. Go!
Siva sir!
Even you wouldn't have taken
a picture with your gun like this.
Before he dances on your head,
you must put an end to him!
What are you waiting for?
My blood is boiling.
My veins are bursting.
We should teach him
a lesson that he won't forget.
Maybe he is destined
to die at my hands!
That's why he is
playing with fire.
What were you doing
with Raju at the wedding?
You can have your way
in everything at this house.
But only your father
will choose your husband.
It's not what you think, mom.
If you are hoping otherwise,
just forget about it. Go.
"There's true love in your eyes..
It sparkles from your heart too."
"Words don't cross your lips at all..
Why this silence, my beautiful doll?"
"You are a dainty little rose twig.. But
please don't prick me with your thorn."
"How long will this silent spree last
which spears my heart severely?"
"I am born with a reason, sweety..
To receive your love's bounty."
"All along my soul longs to
merge with your breath too."
"For the love of God, dear,
don't play with my love like this."
"There's true love in your eyes.."
10 days since I saw
a glimpse of my darling.
Maybe she changed sides!
Is this politics
to change sides?
How can you mix love..
Sivarama Raju's cow
has fallen into the well.
Why didn't he also fall in?
Shut up!
Kavitha loves that cow.
Let's go.
My dear Lakshmi..
- What happened?
The cow has fallen into the well.
We don't know what to do.
Where is your husband?
- He has gone to visit the town.
Who is there?
The cow has
fallen into the well.
Make it soon.
- Who was that on the phone?
Please come soon.
Fire station, dad.
Don't worry.
Nothing will happen
to your cow.
Careful, if the cow gets scared,
it might kick you in fear.
Thanks for jumping in
for my sake.
As if I jumped!
Your dad pushed me.
The cow is petrified.
Father, the cow is
dragging me under.
Be careful.
Father, throw the rope down.
Throw the rope down for him.
Fasten it properly.
Hold it.
- It might kick you.
Throw the towel at me.
Towel is to blindfold the cow
so it doesn't get scared.
Father, now pull.
It's done.
- Hey, pull them up now.
One breath, hold
and pull altogether.
Hold on to it tightly.
It has been rescued.
Look at it.
The calf is here.
Go and give him this
to dry himself up.
"Oh, my girl.."
"Oh, my girl.."
"Oh, my girl.."
Without feeling shy,
let me tell you this.
I'm in love with you.
"Oh, my girl.."
"Oh, my girl.."
Can I wink at you once?
She loves me!
Sir, that chap
ahead of us is Raju.
Why are you
standing here?
We came to take
a look at our land.
Hi, ma'am.
- Hello, Raju. Did your bike conk off?
Alcohol.. I mean, the fuel
level in the bike is low.
Okay, get in.
I'll drop you.
Long time no see. No issues
for VIP union to handle?
My problems are more
than a handful, ma'am.
No, not now.
Why are you so happy?
Did you think it was gold?
It's artificial.
- You gave it. So it's gold to me.
He's walking like a robot.
He has this habit
of walking in his sleep.
Thank God
he doesn't catwalk!
People would have been
traumatized seeing him.
This was our excuse
to return the gun.
You sleepwalk, don't you?
You must've kept it and forgotten.
Your dad walks a marathon!
I'll handle this.
Sir, if you make rounds like this
you'll burn way too many calories.
Hey! Even in his sleep
he twirls his moustache!
So cute!
Oh no!
Is it morning already, uncle?
I didn't hear the rooster.
Good morning, uncle.
- Parvati!
I need the gun!
Raju, run!
In a week's time, you will
marry the groom of my choice.
Will you marry the groom
I choose, or will you not?
Do you agree or not?
- Yes.
Don't, dear.
Don't, dad.
Answer me.
Will you marry the man
I choose or not?
Dad, Raju is a good man.
Give it a thought, dad.
Razak! - Yes, sir.
- Press the trigger.
No, dad, don't.
I'll marry the groom
you choose for me, dad.
The bride and the groom
like each other.
Please exchange plates
to signify your consent.
One minute.
- Hello, is it Mr. Prakashraj?
- Where are you?
We were just about to
finalize a bride for me.
Oh! If you're still free
we want you to marry
Mr. Sivarama Raju's daughter.
- One minute, sir. Be on the line.
Sivarama Raju's daughter
is 7, 8, 14, 16..
Hi-tech city!
Is it confirmed
at least this time, sir?
100 percent!
Thank you, sir.
Thank you very much.
Sir, please forgive me.
This engagement is cancelled.
Thank God! We weren't
keen on this alliance.
We weren't happy
about it either.
'Tanikella Chandraiya
and family'
It's Kavitha's wedding.
You must definitely come.
Just because you know how to swim
you shouldn't jump into the sea.
It's dangerous to life!
If you watch the wedding
you won't be able to take it.
Bring all your VIP members.
Eat to your stomach's content.
Is just a groom enough
to get married, dad?
Shouldn't her dad check
if she loves the groom or not?
Girls who take ages to
decide how to fall in love
ditch their lover
in split seconds.
Why is that so, dad?
If some chap did lament
about love failure
I used to smile
at his stupidity.
Only when the shoe pinches
do we feel the pain! Now I know.
I don't know whether I'll die
if I don't marry her.
But I know I won't be
in my normal senses.
Why is it that people I love
leave me and go away, dad?
My mother passed away
when I was a kid.
Now the girl I love has left me.
From this day onwards
I don't like you, dad.
I don't like you, dad.
A man who has lost
his mother when young
will cherish his wife
like a princess.
It's her loss
not yours.
Why are you crying?
You shouldn't be crying.
The wine shop has a cure
for those who face love failure.
Drink to the fullest
and bury your sorrow.
- No sentiments.
Only entertainment.
Alcohol consumption
is injurious to health.
"If it slips from your hand, dude.
Let it go. Don't fret or fume."
Alcohol consumption
is injurious to health.
"Who in this universe, tell me
has conquered love perfectly?"
"Let go. Let it be.
Don't feel sorry."
Alcohol consumption
is injurious to health.
"Let it be.."
"Let it be.."
"Can you find even a single soul
who gained in love on the whole?"
"Hey! Tell me, do you know
anyone in love aglow?"
"Can you find even a single soul
blissfully in love on the whole?"
"Hey! Have you seen anybody
living happily in a love rhapsody?"
"Even today,
love ends only in tragedy."
"If you're seriously in love, be
ready, you'll be a piece of comedy."
"No need of all this rubbish
that love imparts.."
"Girls make mincemeat of
our hearts.."
"From now on, this four letter
word 'love' should be banned."
"Don't become a self-destructive Devdas
or the possessed lover, Majnu, pal."
"Forget endearments darling and dear..
Say cheers with your glass of beer."
"Where there's no love, there's no risk,
boss.. Be glad and go full toss."
"Don't merge love and heart ever after..
Better to submerge in quarter and water."
"Let it be.."
"Let it be.."
"Let it be.."
Alcohol consumption
is injurious to health.
"Let it be.."
"Let it be.."
Alcohol consumption
is injurious to health.
"One look from this deadly doll..
I can hear my death bell toll."
"One smile from her lips, I slide..
I'm swimming in a tsunami tide."
"Her single touch gave me the love-bug..
I follow her now like Cheeka, the pug."
"She'll spoil my sleep completely..
And in wicked dreams dunk me."
"If she expresses her love and ditches
free entry to hell without glitches.."
"Like matchsticks are females..
They'll burn to ashes all males."
"Don't become a self-destructive Devdas
or the possessed lover, Majnu, pal."
"Forget endearments darling and dear..
Say cheers with your glass of beer."
"No love then no risk, boss..
Be glad and go full toss."
"Don't merge love and heart ever after..
Better to submerge in quarter and water."
"Oh, Devdas.."
"Oh, Parvathi.."
"I am the anti-virus for
the virus called love."
"Oh, Devdas.."
"Oh, Parvathi.."
"Beat it."
"Repeat it thrice
to the same beat.."
Alcohol consumption
is injurious to health.
Alcohol consumption
is injurious to health.
"Our lifestyle we must change.
Bury our ego, our lives rearrange."
"For a love that's not worth a rupee
don't give up on your friends."
"Don't fall in love, buddy.
You are dead then, trust me."
"No matter how much elders warn us
this heart disobeys, out of temerity."
"Colorful world will fade into despair..
Darkness will surround everywhere."
"Love cancer with no care
eats the boys' hearts bare.."
"Don't become a self-destructive Devdas
or the possessed lover, Majnu, pal."
"Forget endearments darling and dear..
Say cheers with your glass of beer."
"No love then no risk, boss..
Be glad and go full toss."
"Don't merge love and heart ever after..
Better to submerge in quarter and water."
"Oh, Parvathi.."
Alcohol consumption
is injurious to health.
Raju.. Raju!
Sister asked me to
give this letter to you.
Is your sister beautiful?
Not my sister.
If I marry the groom
of my dad's choice
you think you can drink
and drown yourself in sorrow
then forget me and
find some other girl to love?
I'll kill you.
I am your wife
in this birth.
Come home at 1:00 a.m.
and take me away.
I love you.
I love you too, Parvati..
No, Kavitha.
I am coming.
This way.
"Silver rays of moonlight
like a beautiful girl bright."
Sentimentally this combo
doesn't work for me, pal.
Don't get tensed.
This time your wedding
won't be stopped mid-way.
- Sure.
It will happen for sure.
This looks perfect.
- "Without you I can't.."
Will you step out
for a moment, please?
Nageswara Reddy!
How long to wait?
Please go inside.
- Meow!
"How wonderful it will be
if we can fly freely!"
"How delightful it will be
if we can float happily!"
Can't find the girl?
She said she couldn't find her baby.
She must be playing
somewhere nearby.
She doesn't mean it's a kid.
- Your bride, sir!
"You create a doll with life, oh Lord..
Is it fair then to infuse sorrow, God?"
Next is a sorrow song.
- Sadist! What's your name?
Jesudas Paul.
Your name is worse
than your songs!
What's your name, ma'am?
Melody Ambrosia.
Not ambrosia.
This is poison.
I'm depressed as it is
with my bride running away
and you happily
sing a sad song.
You won't pay us then?
- You have the gall to ask for payment!
- What, man?
Sivarama Raju's daughter
has run away with Raju.
You've won your bet.
- Move aside.
Even if one of my daughters falls in love
I shall either kill both of them
or chop my ears off.
Don't cry, baby.
How long will it take
for the train to arrive?
Anytime now.
Don't cry, my muffin.
Don't cry.
What happened, my princess?
When that girl grows up
if some chap like me
elopes with her
won't her parents
feel terrible?
Your parents must be
feeling the same, right?
What we are doing is wrong.
Let's go.
- My dad will kill you.
Let's go.
It's obvious that she'll be angry
if we hit her lover.
They are both eloping.
She is his fiancee.
If I pinch her waist
he'll go berserk.
Watch this.
He'll go bonkers.
If I kiss his bride
in front of his eyes..
Won't he get mad?
I'm not angry.
My mind has acquired clarity.
You'll remember my blows
till your heartbeat stops.
Brother, don't.
Why all this build up?
Come and fight.
"High voltage wire.."
"High voltage wire.."
Come on.
Let go of me.
"High voltage wire.."
"High voltage wire.."
He isn't taking me
away from you, dad.
He's bringing me back to you.
We realized our mistake
so we are coming back.
When a dad finds out that
his daughter is in love
he usually threatens
to kill her or himself.
He doesn't check on the family
background or character of the boy.
He doesn't realize
that what really matters is
his daughter's happiness.
How many parents do this, sir?
Sir, if only parents
give a tiny assurance
that they won't obstruct the path
of lovers, that's enough.
No one will elope
in this world, sir.
It is your duty as a father to
get your daughter happily married.
But being in love
with her, for me..
She is my life.
We've understood
your feelings.
If you also understand
what we feel for each other
and get us married, we will
be very happy, sir. Please!
Driver, turn around.
Go back.
Move aside.
Give way.
Hi, sir.
I'm here.
He has tarnished
my family's image.
My ears! Why did you get me
into this mess now?
What's all this, sir?
You said you killed him.
He wanted to kill us.
But is it that easy
to kill one's daughter?
Tell us what happened, sir.
Uncle, tell us
the remaining story.
That night, they both
walked towards me.
Doesn't look like
you will change, sir.
I'll never show
my face to you.
See you.
Hey! Stop.
You'll take my daughter
and then bring her back
as and when you fancy.
You think only you can change!
Won't we change?
We can also change
our opinions.
What do I achieve by forcing her
to marry a groom she doesn't like?
So I thought, even if I lost
my daughter should win.
That's why I decided
to help her elope.
Not just that.
I even propped up the ladder
for her to jump over the wall!
They were running away
on the spur of the moment
not knowing
whether they had money.
I took Rs. 100000
and gave it to them.
I was waiting for someone to
raise the alarm that she was missing.
My girl is missing.
I pretended to take the gun out
in anger, to kill you.
But my actual intention
was to bless you both.
Even if you had known it or not
I would've done the same.
Now that I am here,
let me prove
that I mean it.
Take this cash and
run away from here.
Why should we run away
when you like me now?
We can invite the whole town
and get married in style.
You can say that!
I don't even fear God.
But the very thought
of Veeraraju
makes me shiver.
Is your wedding important
for you, or my ears?
- Ears are a priority for me.
You both may sneak out now.
I'll go back with a build up
that I killed you both in a frenzy.
For the sake of a wager
Sivarama Raju killed his own daughter.
May he live long!
Veeraraju and everyone believed
my story that I killed you.
This is what happened.
Oh God! He has fainted.
Is there any hospital nearby?
Good news for you,
my dear father-in-law.
Your daughter
is expecting a baby.
You will soon be a grandfather.
All this is fine
but if Veeraraju knows
you are back
what about my ears?
Forgive me,
Mr. Sivarama Raju.
I derided girls and
provoked you unnecessarily.
Do you know how upset I was
thinking you killed your daughter?
Whatever it is, you've found
a son-in-law who's a dynamite.
"High voltage wire."
"High voltage wire."
"Victorious in war
with his super power.."
"Battles he won
brave as a lion.."
"Beat the drums to sync
with his song and sing.."
"Watch this VIP
walking elegantly.."
"Victorious in war
with his super power.."
"Battles he won
as brave as a lion.."
"Beat the drums to sync
with his tune and sing.."
"Watch this VIP
walking elegantly.."
"He pounced with flair
making the ground tremor.."
"He matched his moves
with talent in all respects.."
"This handsome dude
is a local star of repute.."
Sir. Let's shake hands."
You said 'cut' as soon as
she kissed.
My letter.. I don't know what to say..
Here I go..
- Wait!
"Ladies and gentlemen..
Hello everyone!"
No one drinks these days
because they are dumped.
They drink only because they are
wondering how to hook the next girl!
"Be careful if you touch me
you'll find yourself in difficulty."
"If I look, there are fireworks.."
"You can't find the right rival
even if you search in Google."
"I'm in fact equivalent
to an electric current."
"If you switch on your power
watch out, you're in danger!"
You'll all be advised
for a bed rest for sure.
"I am in fact equivalent
to electric current."
"If you provoke me unnecessarily,
I shall bring the universe down."
"I won't button up my shirt..
I'll raise my collar and roam."
"If anyone acts like a rowdy..
I'll shatter their ribs bloody."
"A cynosure of all eyes..
Just a golden hearted guy."
"If you cross my path, you won't find
even calcium in your bones left behind."
"Caste! My blood doesn't discriminate..
Religion! My mind doesn't differentiate.."
"I am not a boy ordinary..
Underline this, compulsory!"
"I am in fact equivalent to electric current."
"If you switch on your power,
you'll be in danger!"
"I am in fact equivalent
to electric current."
"If you provoke me unnecessarily,
I shall bring the universe down."
Say 'hi'.
And leave. - Okay.
This letter is for the teacher..
- Okay..
The love letter must be..
"Branded as a boy who's playful..
And a scoundrel who's sinful."
"If I'm maligned so by the townsfolk..
I'll ignore and treat it as a bad joke."
"Heart in my broad chest nestled..
And the courage it holds unrivalled."
"Trusting thoughts lodged in my brain..
I'll make my exit without any pain."
"I won't be ordered by anyone surely
nor let anyone get the better of me."
"If any risk I'm forced to face,
I'll cover up with ease always."
"I'm in fact equivalent
to electric current."
"If you switch on your power,
you'll be in danger!"
"I'm in fact equivalent
to electric current."
"If you provoke me unnecessarily,
I shall bring the universe down."
"I am in fact equivalent
to electric current."
"If you switch on your power,
you'll be in danger!"
"I am in fact equivalent
to electric current."
"If you provoke me unnecessarily,
I shall bring the universe down."