Curse of the Fly (1965) Movie Script

Come out of there.
Take my sweater.
Are you coming out?
OK. Suit yourself.
Who are you?
Martin Delambre.
Where are you going?
Oh, that's where I wanted to go.
Like that? Oh, I'm sorry.
It's none of my business.
Really, it's not what you think.
You see, I've been
working for a woman writer
and, well, she's been ill
for an awfully long time,
and her husband... I
just had to get away.
- Do you want me to get your things?
- Oh, no. I couldn't do that.
The stores won't be open for hours.
Hop in. We'll see what we can do.
When we get to a phone,
you'd better call your family.
I don't have any family.
- How about friends?
- None here.
Where are you gonna stay in
Montreal? Do you have any money?
Not bad.
I'll book you a room in my
hotel until you get fixed up.
I couldn't do that.
Thanks a lot, sir.
Come in.
All settled?
What's the trouble?
I feel... that I shouldn't be here.
- Well, would you like to call somebody?
- I told you, there isn't anybody.
- Well, I'll drive out and get your things.
- No.
Well, I'll tell you what we'll
do. I'll lend you some money.
Get some clothes and
pay me when you can.
- I can't take it.
- What are you gonna do?
- Get a job.
- In that dress? And tennis shoes?
Now, this is just a loan
until you can pay me.
Now, I've got things to do.
And so have you.
Did you get that call
through to my home yet?
No, the Quebec number.
Well, would you try it again, please?
No, I'll wait.
The Delambre residence.
Mr. Martin. I've been
expecting your call.
I've been to the laboratory. The equipment
will be ready next Wednesday week.
Will you tell Father?
No. No, I'll stay in
Montreal until it's ready
and then I'll bring it up with me.
How is he?
I haven't talked to him,
only to Mr. Albert.
He says he's well, but very tired.
Yes, sir. I will.
He says he'll stay and pick up the new
equipment. I'll tell them in London.
Calling G2FRR London.
Calling G2FRR London.
This is VE3TTF Quebec,
calling G2FRR London.
Are you reading me?
Repeat, are you reading me?
This is VE3TTF Quebec,
calling G2FRR London.
- Are you reading me?
- Albert!
Repeat, are you reading me? Over.
OK, Father, I heard it.
This is G2FRR London.
Come in, VE3TTF. Over.
How are you copying me, Mr. Albert?
Signal's five and nine.
Did you hear from Martin?
He called from Montreal.
He's ordered the equipment.
- He'll bring it here a week from Wednesday.
- Anything else?
That's all. Oh, he wanted to
know how his father was feeling.
There's nothing the matter
with me. I'm fine. Tell him.
- Could you hear that, Tai? He's fine.
- I'll tell Mr. Martin.
Do that. Don't call
unless you hear from him.
Yes, sir.
- Why don't you tell Martin the truth?
- I don't want to worry him. We're so close.
If you won't tell him, I will. I won't have
anything more to do with the experiment.
Three generations of Delambres have
devoted their lives to this work.
You can't leave us now.
I'm entitled to a life of my own.
I'm simply asking you to wait.
- For another three generations?
- Just a little while.
You can marry your girl
then and have your family.
The teleporter will replace
every means of transportation.
I know all about the dream, Father. It's
all I've ever heard. But it doesn't work.
How about the failures?
Judith, Samuels and Dill.
No great advance was ever
made without sacrifice.
Your grandfather transferred a china
saucer from one room to another.
Last week, you and Martin
teleported me from Quebec to London.
Is that failure?
Why can't I make you understand?
Look at your body.
Do you call that success?
Hey. You haven't finished your medicine.
Do you prescribe this
for all your patients?
- Only if they're beautiful.
- Now I know you're not a doctor.
As a matter of fact I am,
but not of medicine.
What do you do, Martin?
- I'm in research.
- In Montreal?
Not any more, no. We bought a place
a couple of hours north of here.
We've a full week to ourselves
before I have to go back.
I don't want to start
it on an empty stomach.
I always do what my doctor tells me.
Do you really have to leave tomorrow?
- Why?
- Why?
This is the longest
vacation I've had in years.
I envy you, Martin.
- You love your work, don't you?
- Most of the time.
You never talk about
your home. What's it like?
Oh, it's a great big barn of a place,
way out in the country on its own.
- Sounds wonderfully peaceful.
- Wonderfully dull.
That's why I like to
escape every now and again.
Do you realize I've been here over a
week and haven't even looked for a job?
Are you sorry?
No. Not sorry.
Just guilty.
It's all your fault.
would you like to
come back home with me?
As my wife?
But you don't know anything about me.
You don't know anything about me either,
and I don't need to know.
If Patricia Stanley escaped on the 12th, why
wait till now to report it, Madame Fournier?
Ours is a private mental institution.
We try to annoy the police with
our problems as little as possible.
You annoy the police more when you
turn a lunatic loose for nine days.
We did not turn her loose
and she is not a lunatic.
She simply suffered from what you would
call a nervous breakdown, Inspector Ronet.
Suppose you tell me about her?
Patricia Stanley was trained
as a concert pianist.
Her father died when
she was a child.
The mother was a very ambitious woman
who wanted to realize her
own hopes in her daughter.
A few weeks before she was to make her
concert debut, her mother died suddenly.
When was this?
About a year ago.
Without the mother's strength,
Patricia became almost helpless.
On the night of her first concert she never
got any further than the dressing room.
She became a child again. They found
her on the floor, weeping hysterically.
Then she was committed
to your institution.
Shortly afterwards.
- And how did she respond to treatment?
- She was making an excellent recovery.
Martin, what's the matter? Are you ill?
No. No, I'm all right,
but we'd better get back.
Quickly, get back into
the car. I'll drive.
Martin? I've put the car away.
Martin, are you all right?
I thought you'd never come.
I've been ringing and ringing.
I want you to open Mr.
Delambre's door. Room 104.
I can't. It's not allowed.
- Now, 104 you said, Miss?
- Yes.
You see, he's been ill and
now he doesn't seem to answer.
Porter, sir.
Oh, Martin, I was so worried.
Why didn't you answer?
I'm sorry, Pat. I must
have fainted or something.
Oh, darling.
Ah, Mr. Martin. I'm relieved
you're here. Your father needs you.
Tai, this is Mrs. Delambre.
My wife.
It is a privilege to welcome you
to this house, Mrs. Delambre.
I wish you much happiness.
- Thank you very much, Tai.
- We'll...
This is a surprise, Mr.
Martin. Congratulations.
Well, thank you, Tai. We'll be in our
room. Oh, the things are in the car.
Your father, Mr. Martin
- he'd like you to call immediately.
- What time?
- On the hour.
- Did she say where she was going?
- No, Inspector.
Her address doesn't
help very much, does it?
- Why did she leave?
- I don't know.
Did she have any
visitors? Any phone calls?
No. She spent all her
time with a gentleman.
The one she came with.
They booked in together.
He had the room opposite. He
left with her this morning.
Perhaps his address will
be a little more explicit.
"Martin Delambre."
You did that beautifully.
- I like this room.
- I hoped you would.
Sorry my father can't do the honors.
- When will he be back?
- I shall know more when I talk to him.
- Do you think he'll like me?
- Of course he will.
Now, you get settled and
I'll be back as soon as I can.
Oh, would you just put them on
the bed? Here, let me help you.
How do you do? I'm Mrs. Delambre.
I know.
My name is Wan.
Calling G2FRR London.
This is VE3TTF Quebec.
How are you copying me, Al?
Oh, five and nine.
Am I glad to hear you. We've been trying you
for two days. Just a moment. Here's Father.
Martin, thank God. Did
you get the equipment?
I brought it with me this
evening. What's all the excitement?
I don't know how, but the authorities found
out that I don't have my passport in order.
You know what it'd mean if I had to explain
how I got here. I've been hiding in the lab.
Now, you've got to
get me back to Canada.
How long will it take
to install the equipment?
Several hours. But it should be tested.
We haven't got time for
testing. I must get out today.
I can't let you take that risk.
Let me decide that. This is
G2FRR London, signing clear.
Shall I alter that patching?
No. I'll give this a fast test first.
That oughta do it.
Switch on the converter.
It checked out like a dream.
It's five o'clock here, so
everybody is still asleep.
If we hurry, we can pull maximum
power from the outside lines.
- We're ready here.
- You're insane to take this chance.
- Give us ten minutes, then renew contact.
- Roger. VE3TTF Quebec, signing clear.
Martin, I searched everywhere, then I...
Martin, who was that?
What are you doing?
Oh, you said you'd come back. I
must have been asleep for hours.
Darling, there was an emergency.
I had to install the new equipment.
But... tonight?
I know. I'm sorry.
I can't explain in detail. Just believe me,
it had to be done. It's that sort of work.
Of course.
I'm just being silly.
I knew I'd have to share you with
your work. Will you be much longer?
- Not long. I'll come as soon as I can.
- Can't I stay here?
Not this time, Pat. Come on.
I'll take you to your room.
Switch on the converter.
This is VE3TTF Quebec,
calling on schedule.
This is G2FRR London. Stand by, VE3TTF.
Ready, VE3TTF. Start countdown at five.
- Ready for countdown. Over.
- Just a moment.
Five, four,
three, two,
Reintegrate now.
Repeat, reintegrate now.
Objective achieved.
VE3TTF off and clear.
You'd better get me the scissors, Tai.
Hello, Martin.
How are you feeling?
Are you all right?
What happened to your chest?
Help me up, will you?
- We've won. It works perfectly.
- What happened to your chest?
Without the new equipment there were some
radiation burns, but I'm much better now.
- Here, let me see.
- I must talk to you first.
- Thank you, Tai.
- We'd better get you to bed.
Martin, earlier...
earlier, on the radio,
I heard a woman's voice in this
laboratory. It wasn't Wan's.
No. No, it wasn't.
Tai, would you mind?
I'll get your bed ready, sir.
It's good to have you home.
I know I have to tell you, Father.
I still don't know how to say it.
In Montreal I met a girl and...
we were married yesterday.
That's impossible. You can't.
It's done, Father.
Send her back. You
mustn't do this to her.
I can't.
My God, if you won't
understand, who will?
I want a life of my own.
Albert told me the same
thing. In those very words.
- Al?
- Albert's met a girl.
It's all right for him. He
doesn't have my problems.
Martin, it won't work. What
about her parents? Her friends?
Her parents are dead.
She has no friends.
No one will come looking for her.
I made an appointment with Inspector Charas
- ex-Inspector Charas - for this afternoon.
I do not see what this has
to do with finding Patricia.
You will when Inspector
Charas tells you about the fly.
- What on earth are you talking about?
- I thought you might remember.
Charas was on the original Delambre
case, before they moved from Montreal.
So Martin Delambre has been
involved with the police?
Not Martin. His grandfather.
Inspector Ronet,
I'm not really interested
in Martin Delambre,
let alone his grandfather.
I am only interested in
finding Patricia Stanley.
Good morning.
- Good afternoon.
- Is it that late?
It's after one.
- My father's here.
- What? Here in the house?
- Waiting to meet his daughter-in-law.
- I bet he won't wait much longer.
- This is Pat.
- Welcome, my dear.
- You are a pleasant surprise.
- Thank you.
At least we don't have to
say we've heard so much...
I was afraid you'd be angry. We
should've asked your approval.
I've already given it. Gladly.
Mr. Martin?
Shall we sit down?
- Did you have a pleasant trip?
- Excellent.
I didn't expect you so soon. I
thought Martin said you were in London.
Well, travel is so much quicker these days.
One can get any place almost in a flash.
There's someone at the
gate. I'd better go.
- Anything I can do?
- Yeah.
Keep Patricia entertained
until I get back.
I'm afraid that's easier said than done.
We keep pretty much to ourselves.
I hope you won't find us boring.
Oh, not with this lovely piano here.
- Do you play?
- Oh, yes.
That is, I did, but I'm out of practice.
I wouldn't use that
one if I were you.
It really shouldn't be in this room.
It's too damp.
Why, it has a lovely tone.
Be quiet now.
Be quiet, Judith.
Have you finished your lunch?
There'll be no more
food for you today. None!
I'll take the dish.
You're hurting me.
Let go, Judith.
You scratched my hand.
I'll have to go now.
Wash away the blood.
- I'm Martin Delambre. You wanted to talk?
- I'm Inspector Ronet.
What have you done
with Patricia Stanley?
- Who are you?
- This is Madame Fournier.
- She never mentioned you.
- That does not surprise me.
Madame Fournier operates the asylum
from which Miss Stanley escaped.
The girl's mentally ill, Mr.
Delambre. We'll have to take her back.
So she did not tell you about that.
Where is she?
Miss Stanley and I
were married yesterday.
- I do not believe you.
- I don't care what you believe.
I am responsible for Patricia.
I have a right to see her.
- Absolutely not.
- She's within her rights, Mr. Delambre.
- Do you have a search warrant?
- It'll be a simple matter to get one.
Madame Fournier was anxious
to avoid unnecessary publicity.
Beautiful, my dear. You play very well.
I'm out of practice. I haven't
felt like playing for a long time.
- Martin, who are these people?
- Inspector Ronet and Madame Fournier.
I told them Pat and I were
married. They wouldn't believe me.
I assure you, they are. I'm her
father-in-law. I should know.
I asked Tai to get me this.
If you won't believe me, perhaps you'll
believe a certificate of marriage.
It's genuine.
I think you should know
that your daughter-in-law
was being treated
for a mental ailment.
She appears to have made a remarkable
recovery since leaving your hands.
We will require a full
release, of course.
You send the papers along in the post,
Inspector. We'll sign anything you want.
I'd like to speak to
Madame Delambre, if I may?
I think, Inspector, that my wife
has been disturbed enough today.
Tai, would you show them out, please?
Oh, Martin.
Darling, they've gone.
They won't bother you again.
I saw something.
Over there.
I hoped you wouldn't go
there. I meant to warn you.
What is it?
They're animals.
Part of a research experiment.
But that's horrible. You didn't
tell me it was that sort of work.
Pat, I didn't tell you anything.
And you didn't tell me anything.
That's what we agreed on.
Well, now she's been
here, I want to tell you.
Not now. First we'll have a drink,
then we'll have some lunch and
then you'll feel more like talking.
You should have consulted me. I'd
warn against marrying a scientist.
I'm not sorry.
The work with animals
distresses you though. I know.
I watched you when
Martin was explaining.
Well, if Martin has to do
it, I'm sure it's all right.
Until you understand our work better, I
suggest that you avoid the animal cages.
I will. And thank you
for not minding about me.
- What are you gonna do?
- Unpack.
All right. I've got some
work to do with Father.
As soon as you're finished
I'll show you the grounds.
All right.
Come on. Sit down.
Over here and lie down.
Let me see.
When did this start again?
I was careless in Montreal.
It must have created an imbalance.
Neither one of us can afford
to be careless. You know that.
this marriage is forcing our hand.
We can't work in secrecy much longer.
- We're not ready.
- We'll have to go ahead, ready or not.
I think Albert told the London
authorities about my passport.
I know Al hates our work,
but he wouldn't do that.
Since he met that girl he's been
ready to chuck the whole thing.
And now this policeman showing up here.
They'll rake over the
whole thing again.
They'll find some excuse
to search the place.
Then we'll have to move quickly.
You and I have got to go to Montreal
today, wind up our financial affairs.
I can't leave Pat alone.
It'll only take a few hours.
You can explain.
If we're away soon, we
can be back at midnight.
- Inspector Charas?
- I'm awake. I'm awake.
There's a telephone call for you.
It's from an Inspector Ronet.
I thought he was coming to see me.
Hello? Charas here.
Ronet here, sir. I won't be
coming out to see you after all.
I thought you were onto something.
I'm afraid I wasted
your time, Inspector.
The Delambre case is before my day. I
had hoped you'd give me the background.
- It turns out I don't need it.
- Why not?
Martin Delambre married
this girl, Patricia Stanley.
But that's impossible. Martin Delambre's
married already. Has been for years.
- You mean was married.
- Still is, as far as I know.
Well, he could be divorced,
or she may have died.
My interest in the
Delambre case is well known.
If there'd been a death or
divorce, someone would've told me.
I'll check it, sir. What
can you tell me about her?
Martin met her at the university.
She's a brilliant girl,
fine pianist too.
Her name is Judith.
Come, Judith. It's time to go now.
- You've been having a nightmare.
- Oh, Martin.
- It was all just a bad dream.
- No.
No, it wasn't. It all happened.
I went down and that...
that woman thing was playing.
Pat, it isn't possible.
Martin, it was real.
Wan was there.
You don't believe me, do you?
We'd better have Wan up here.
I'll get her.
Martin, you've got to believe
me. I did see it. It was...
- Honey, sometimes, when you're upset...
- I was wide awake. I remember everything.
I put on my robe. I couldn't
find my slippers, and...
Wan. When you saw my wife in the
conservatory in her bare feet,
why didn't you help her back to bed?
I'm sorry, Mr. Martin.
I was in the conservatory,
but I didn't see your wife.
- Was anyone playing the piano tonight?
- No.
She's lying! I saw her!
- Patricia, please.
- Stop! I'll make her tell the truth.
Don't you understand? She's lying.
She was there, with that thing!
Martin, I won't stand for this.
Please make her tell the truth.
I think you'd better go.
You're all against me. You
won't believe anything I say.
- Pat!
- Patricia, no one is against you.
We just know that you're wrong.
You couldn't have seen anything.
There's nothing like that in our house.
Now, you've had a pretty bad nightmare,
and I'm sorry, but you'd
better pull yourself together.
I'll see you both in the morning.
- Good night, Father.
- Good night.
Oh, Martin.
I'm sorry.
Come on.
What is happening, Martin?
I know I wasn't dreaming,
but that means that horrible
thing is in the house.
And that can't be true.
So what is happening to me? Am I...
Pat. Pat!
It was only a nightmare.
You must believe me. You must trust me,
however real anything may seem.
I do trust you, Martin. I love you.
You believe me?
I love you.
You will not let Judith out again,
except by Mr. Martin's order
or mine. Is that understood?
He will never let her out
now, with that girl here.
Wan, thank you very much
for your support last night.
- Did she take her tablets?
- Yeah.
She should sleep for
the rest of the day.
How does she feel?
She thinks she's going mad.
It might be better if I
just told her the truth.
You can't.
I can't stand by and
let that happen to her.
Good God, Father. Hasn't
she been through enough?
Martin, we can help her. We can
help ourselves too at the same time.
We can save everything we've worked for
and we can show her there
is no creature in our house.
- But we've got to have strength.
- Go on.
We've got to teleport
Samuels and Dill to London.
And we've got to get rid of all evidence
before that detective comes back.
- What'll happen in London?
- Albert'll dispose of them.
He won't do it.
Then I'll have to give
him no alternative.
Remember, Albert is in
this as deep as all of us.
You've got it all
figured out, haven't you?
They're no longer human.
They're just suffering animals.
And you'll have to show Patricia the
empty cages to convince her, you know.
You haven't mentioned Judith.
Do we teleport her?
Since you've remarried, I think
that decision is up to you.
You'd better take it easy.
I'll handle the other one.
That was the original laboratory
in which Martin's grandfather
made his first experiments.
He disintegrated an object in one glass
case and reintegrated it in the other.
Ultimately, of course, he had to find
out if he could do it with a human being.
- And he tried it on himself.
- Tragically, yes.
But he failed to notice there was a
common housefly in the case with him.
When he reintegrated, he was like that.
- It's unbelievable.
- I didn't believe it myself.
When his wife told me, I thought
she was deranged. Then I saw it.
- You saw the fly?
- Yes.
That was the beginning of
the curse of the Delambres
The curse of the fly, you may say.
Later his son reversed the experiment and
put the fly and the monster in the case
and restored them to
their original condition.
No effects? No deformities?
None that you can see.
Flies, you know, have
a brief span of life,
usually dying in the cold
of the first winter.
Martin and his father
are affected by cold,
and also at times by a
premature and very rapid ageing.
They have to have regular
injections of a special serum.
The other brother,
Albert, is quite normal.
Calling G2FRR London.
Come in, G2FRR.
This is VE3TTF, over.
- Any answer?
- No.
Check the cabinet panel, will you?
Isolator on.
Calling G2FRR London.
Calling G2FRR London.
This is VE3TTF. Come in, G2FRR.
Keep trying. We must reach him.
Calling G2FRR London.
Calling G2FRR London.
This is VE3TTF. Come in, G2FRR.
This is G2FRR London. Come in, VE3TTF.
- Where the hell have you been, Al?
- Let me speak with him.
Albert, this is your father.
Now listen carefully.
We've hit an emergency here.
I want you to reintegrate
immediately. Do you understand?
- What did you disintegrate?
- We can't talk on the radio.
I want you to dispose of it. If you
can't, wait till Martin and I get there.
Check your radio every hour. Everything
we've worked for depends on you.
We'll contact you later in the day.
This is VE3TTF,
signing clear.
We put them both through.
How will they reintegrate?
I don't know, Martin. A
mass of cells, probably.
But easier to kill than
an animal. Even for Albert.
Will I become like you?
We're scientists. We have to do
things we hate, that even sicken us.
Telephone for you, sir.
It's Inspector Ronet.
No, no. That won't be necessary.
You don't have to come here.
If you insist, we'll
both come to Montreal.
Yes, Inspector, immediately.
- What does he want to talk to us about?
- I don't know.
He wouldn't say, Martin.
- The picture.
- What picture, darling?
It was to you.
I dropped it.
There's nothing there.
- Here...
- I didn't dream it.
What was the picture, darling?
A woman. Oh, I can't remember.
There. It was a dream.
It's fading already.
Now, you settle down
and take that tablet.
By the time you're awake,
Father and I will be back.
- Where are you going?
- To Montreal for a few hours.
Her name was Judith.
That means something, doesn't it?
It said, "To Martin, all
my love, always, Judith."
There was a Judith once.
But believe me, there's
no photograph here.
There hasn't been for a long, long time.
Well, then how do I know?
Am I going mad, Martin?
Do I see creatures and
photos that don't exist?
And if they aren't here,
I must be mad, mustn't I, Martin?
No. No!
Tell me.
You did see her...
at the piano.
It was Judith.
That lovely photo.
One of our experiments went wrong.
I want to tell you the truth.
It isn't animals.
It's people.
Oh, my God!
I'm not some kind of a monster, Pat.
I'm doing this because this machine
could be a great and wonderful gift.
To transport people and equipment to any
part of the world in a matter of seconds -
think what it could mean.
Wherever there's a flood, or
a disaster, or an earthquake,
we could get the best
surgeons, the best engineers,
the best equipment there
in a matter of seconds.
The suffering that that would save.
Isn't that worth the occasional failure?
Judith Delambre can't have
disappeared into thin air.
You must have some idea where she went.
- None at all.
- Wasn't any attempt made to find her?
My son's wife left him,
Inspector, of her own free will.
Martin got a Mexican divorce.
We haven't heard from her since.
- You have the papers, naturally.
- Not with us.
I'd like to see them tomorrow.
Do you recognize these two men?
Yes. Samuels and Dill.
- Where are they now?
- They worked for us as lab assistants.
They were exchange students. Their
terms ran out, they returned home.
I have their addresses at the
house. I still hear from them.
That would be very helpful. We've
been unable to contact either one.
We're only too glad to help.
- Thank you. I'll see you tomorrow then.
- You can depend on it.
Goodbye, Inspector.
- Yes, Inspector?
- See if Judge Gerard is in his chambers.
I need a search warrant.
She's in the bedroom, Judith.
She's in your bedroom.
Mrs. Delambre!
- Judith...
- We have to leave quickly.
We'll find her. She'll come to me.
I killed her, Wan.
I don't know. It was an accident.
Come, we'll go now.
No, Tai.
- The police will call it murder.
- They'll have to prove it first.
Mr. Martin will never forgive us.
We'll say she ran away.
Does that girl know?
Will you help?
We'll be ready in a minute.
- Martin.
- Yes, Father?
I'll get the car.
No sign of her in there. How long
has it been since Judith got away?
15 minutes, perhaps 20.
- Why are you standing about? Look for her!
- There's no time for that.
For all we know, the
police may be on their way.
You two better pack. You
can take one of the cars.
Tai, Martin'll need you
before you go. He'll call you.
I can't bring her to.
Just as well.
She's in shock. Nothing serious.
We've gotta let her go. We've
gotta get away and leave her.
- I had no right to marry her.
- We can't leave her, Martin.
Not now that you've told her.
It'd ruin us. It'd be
the end of all of this.
- We've got to teleport her to London.
- No!
It's your one chance for a normal life.
If you love her and she loves
you, that's the way she'd want it.
It's too dangerous. I can't risk it.
I'll go first. If I'm all right,
there's no risk in sending her.
Tai'll teleport you
out before he leaves.
Albert, listen to me. You've got to help
us. The police'll be here any minute.
No. I'm finished.
Father, you're not God.
You're not even human. You murdered
those men and you made me a murderer too.
Every great scientific advance is
made at the cost of human lives.
Success justifies small defeats.
Small defeats?
Do you call Judith a small defeat?
Or Samuels? Or Dill?
I take full responsibility for that.
You didn't know what you were doing.
I know what I'm doing now.
I'm leaving. I've had
as much as I can stand.
Here. You burn these,
Father. Let me talk to him.
Al, I don't know how you feel about me.
If you don't want to help me, I'll stay
here, but you've got to save your father.
You can't let them hold him
up in court as a monster.
He's insane, Martin. We can't
put this power in his hands.
Time's run out, Al.
I'll give you five minutes to prepare
and then I'm sending him through.
- Countdown from five.
- Martin, stop! Wait!
- Think he'll do it?
- What choice has he got?
He really thinks we're
monsters, you know.
I wish to God I could be as
certain as you are that he's wrong.
Calling G2FRR London.
Calling G2FRR London.
This is VE3TTF. Come in, G2FRR London.
- Martin, wait. Listen to me.
- Starting countdown at five.
Repeat, starting countdown at five.
Martin, for God's sake! Listen to me!
Five, four,
three, two,
Reintegrate now.
Repeat, reintegrate now.
Al, are you there?
Calling G2FRR London.
Calling G2FRR London.
This is VE3TTF Quebec.
Reintegrate now.
Repeat, reintegrate now.
Calling G2FRR London.
Calling G2FRR London.
This is VE3TTF Quebec.
Calling G2FRR London.
This is VE3TTF Quebec.
Come in, G2FRR London.
Calling G2FRR London.
Calling G2FRR London.
Oh, no!
Help me! Help me!
Don't touch me! Don't
touch me! Don't touch me!
Leave me alone!
Leave me alone!
Please, leave me! Oh, no!
- Pat... Come on, help me.
- Martin...
Help me.
Oh, no!
I'm at the Delambre house. I need
half a dozen men as soon as you can.
And put out an APB
on the Chinese couple.
You'll find the report on my desk.
Last seen heading for Montreal
in a 1963 blue Chevrolet.
Operator, please help me!
Mrs. Delambre?
- Who are you?
- I'm Inspector Ronet.
It's Martin. He's...
Where is he?
I don't want to leave you alone.
Do you think you're strong enough?
What number did you want? Are you
there? What number did you want?
Wait here.