Curse of the Mayans (2017) Movie Script

1200 BC.
An advanced civilization in
conflict from the Pleiades
landed on our planet pursued
by nine evil ambassadors
and their demonic armies.
A great war between
good and evil
took place in the
skies and the earth.
The Mayans fought side by
side with their great masters,
as described in their
sacred writings.
Together, they vanquished
evil and goodness prevailed.
The nine evil ambassadors
and their army
were defeated and condemned
to an eternity as prisoners
in a secret, underwater
labyrinth, hidden
in total darkness and far
from the sight of any living
creature in the universe.
The labyrinth was
sealed forever.
On December 21, 2012,
the chamber was opened.
This is our story.
Let me congratulate you.
It was a fantastic conference.
All the information you
have disclosed at this time,
I'm sure is going to change
180 degrees of the way
we see the Mayan cosmogony.
Thank you.
We really hope to soon
have you in our facilities
again in the near future.
I would love to be back here.
Thank you for everything.
Thank you.
Doctor, I have
a copy of the codex here.
Father Grosjean told me
that he sent you a copy too.
You have Danielle's
cell contact information
in your mailbox as well.
Contact Miller and
get him back here.
Mr. Miller just left Afghanistan, sir.
He's on a private contract.
OK, I need him back
here, two days max.
Make it happen.
Use the emergency
funds if you have to.
But his contract has begun, sir.
I don't care.
Make it happen.
I need him here.
Dr. Green, we are
almost out of money.
Don't worry about the money.
I'm going to talk to Stanford.
Arrange me a trip to Valladolid,
and make sure you don't
talk to anybody about this.
Very well, sir.
Dr. Green, how are you?
Just one second.
Hello my old friend.
How are you?
Give me some good news.
Did we find the holy grail?
I think we found it.
But I'm going to need
some more funding.
You will have your money
by the end of the day,
but I want the original codex
for my private collection.
That's my condition.
Yes sir.
I'm looking for a
Mr. Daniel Noble.
One second.
I'm looking for
a Mr. Daniel Noble.
I am Danielle Noble.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Do you know Father Grosjean?
Well, he referred me to you.
I'm Dr. Allan Green.
Oh, that's right.
He emailed me about you.
Can we talk?
I'm working right now.
Can you meet me in an
hour at the amphitheater?
OK, I'll see you there.
So what can
I do for you, Dr.--
Green, Allan Green.
I'm going to cut to the chase.
I need an expert team to explore
a remote site in the jungle.
What type of a site?
Well, I'm not
sure yet, but it's
going to involve
underwater caves
and that's why I need you.
I don't dive caves anymore.
I know that.
That's why I'm
prepared to pay you
top dollar for your services.
I do all right here.
I'm sure you do, Miss Noble.
I'm talking about
life-changing money.
I wish money could
change my life.
I'm going to have
to pass, Dr. Green.
I am not your girl.
I'm sorry you had
to make the trip.
Father Grosjean
told me that you're
a true explorer and the best
bibliologist in this region.
What I'm offering you is a
unique opportunity to make
history in the diving world.
Father Grosjean told
me about the work
you've done in the cenotes.
You did all that amazing
work around the haciendas
and monasteries.
What exactly do you need?
I need a compact
but professional team
to join me in an expedition
to the jungles south
of the Yucatan.
I understand that you
know that area very well,
and I'm prepared to pay $100,000
to each member of your team
and double to you.
That is a lot of money.
What are you trying
to find there?
I'm afraid that information
I can't disclose just yet.
Well, I'm going to need more
information to talk to my guys.
Listen, Miss Noble, this
is a yes or no situation.
I need to assemble
my team ASAP and I
can't waste any more time.
How do you expect me to make
a decision based on nothing?
Secrecy is paramount
in this venture.
No one can know
where we're going
or what we're looking for.
I want a low-profile expedition.
If I'm right about this,
this will be the biggest
Mayan discovery of all time.
Good morning, baby.
What's wrong?
Tell me, what's the matter?
Where have you
been last night?
Do you remember leaving the bar?
Well, yes, but
that was Danielle.
Come on, give me a break.
She wanted to talk to
me about her business.
I was going to tell you
all about it right now.
It's freaking awesome!
You're amazing.
Look, babe, you
have to hear this.
A business with your ex-wife.
I can't wait to hear about it.
It's an exploration job.
A very well-paid
exploration job.
We don't need money.
Well, I know, but she
offered me 50 G's for five
days of work.
Come on.
We can get married with
that kind of money.
We can have a
marvelous honeymoon.
Come on.
OK, but I'm coming.
Just let me
explain to you what--
what the business is all about.
- Adrina.
This exploration job--
Baby, come on.
It's a great exploration job.
We have to go 150
kilometers way east.
Hey, Mark.
Hey, Dany.
What's up?
Check this out.
Oh, wow.
That's amazing.
Yeah, right?
I got it this morning.
I went out for a solo dive.
Is everybody sleeping?
Hey, what happened with Manny?
Oh, good.
He's in.
- Sweet.
Yeah, but I'll tell you later.
I'm going to wake up Raul.
Oh, no.
Hey, Dany, you probably
don't want to do that.
He's probably not
decent, you know?
Give him a chance to get ready.
Come on.
Hey, Raul, wake up.
Oh, shit.
I tried to warn you.
You know, she's nothing.
I think it's his cousin anyway.
I wouldn't worry about it.
Do we really need this guy?
Yes, we really need this guy.
Check that one out.
Ooh, that's great.
That's good.
Very cool.
He thinks we're overpaid.
Oh, really.
Do you?
I didn't say that.
Yeah you did.
I didn't say that.
I like Manny.
He's cool.
He's an asshole.
He's a total asshole, man.
And you are?
This is Dr. Green,
your boss from now on.
Get in the pickup.
Let's get the hell out of here.
- Give me a sec.
Eli's coming.
Whoa, whoa, whoa,
who the hell is Eli?
She's my girl, and
wherever I go, she goes too.
But don't worry, she's
an excellent diver.
I trained her myself.
Take it as a--
an extra free diver, my treat.
Listen, whatever your name
is, this is-- we're not here
to have fun, this is serious.
What is exactly his
position in the team.
Let's just say he's an
expensive insurance policy that
you hope you never get to use.
Seat belt.
Why do you got
to steal my thunder?
Why do you got to
steal my thunder, man?
No, go on.
Go on.
Yeah, right.
I wanted to be funny.
Well, I don't know funny.
Why don't you do
like Chris Walken?
I don't--
Like Christopher Walken.
Oh, that sounded like nasty.
Oh, maybe-- maybe you should
learn how to do Manny's voice.
Oh, yeah.
I can try if you'll let me.
That'll probably
turn Danielle on, man.
Oh, fuck you.
Fuck you.
This is not happening.
OK, guys, observe
radio silence.
So how long have you been working
with these guys for?
Long enough.
That guy with
the Eli girlfriend
has quite an attitude on him.
Don't worry about him.
He's the best.
No, put that shit
out immediately.
Come on.
I'm serious.
I'm serious.
Ah, what's Eli doing?
Come on, what the fuck?
This is going to be a
shitty vacation if you're
going to be so boring.
This isn't a shitty vacation
because it's not a vacation.
We're not in Progreso anymore.
Come on, give me that shit.
Come on.
Come on, Eli, put that shit out.
Are you OK?
Let me have the radio.
Hey, hey, hey.
Wait, Raul.
- Wait!
- What's going on?
Keep it cool, baby.
- What's happening?
- It's an ambush.
Don't do it!
Doctor, would you please
tell your bodyguard
that everything's OK here?
Miller, it's cool.
Can you lower your
weapon, please?
Look at this, baby!
Serious smoke salad.'re my hero.
You did not blink, girl.
Yeah, I think I would
have shit my pants.
Friendly faces.
Thanks for trying to help, Raul.
he stayed there to finish--
you know, when he
finished his job.
When my dad died,
No problem.
Great insurance
policy, by the way.
Thank you.
Don't worry.
I'll give it an hour and
I'll send everyone to sleep.
Oh, no, no, no.
That's what I call
bonding moments.
We all need them
every once in a while.
But I take my job
very seriously.
Me too.
But we don't know when
we're going to smile
again for the last time.
I guess not.
So, do you have more
information for me and my team?
I told you, we're looking
for an archaeological site.
I get it.
But what type of a site?
I mean, what are
you looking for?
What are you expecting to find?
I have the same questions,
and soon they'll be answered.
According to the GPS,
we're about four hours away
from the site, so soon
we'll know whether we're
meant to change the world
or go back with our tails
between our legs.
The only difference is that
no matter what, all of you
are going back with
$100,000 in your pockets.
Come on, let's have some fun.
I'm going to pass.
I need to rest.
Come on, we all deserve a
little fun once in awhile,
don't we?
Come on.
Oh, I'm going to get jealous.
Come on, Mark.
According to the GPS,
we're almost there.
It's over here.
There you go.
Look at this.
This is it.
This is the place.
Prepare your team.
Guys, go back to
the boat and bring
all the equipment and gear.
We're going in.
Let's go, guys.
Let's do this thing.
I can see natural
light filtering ahead.
It's a short cavern.
And this is the place
we were looking for?
Well, we don't know
what is on the other side.
Guys, let's help Dr.
Green and the guys
cross along with all the gear.
We'll escort them all the way.
I think we got it.
We found your place.
When can I go in?
As soon as my team comes
back, we'll arrange it
and we'll get you in.
All right.
Great work, Miss Noble.
Thank you.
Are you ready, Doctor?
Stay right behind me.
Got it.
It's just a short cavern.
I don't care.
We're still following the rules.
Safety is everything.
Roger that.
I would love to stay
right behind you, baby.
Very funny, Manny.
This is beautiful.
I always wanted to
be an astronaut,
but perhaps this is the
closest I'm going to get.
Instead of outer space, it's
that word you use, inner space.
It's very true.
[birds chirping]
We're going to set up camp here.
I told you.
I need the scanner
and my bag, please.
Just you and your cameraman.
Nobody else.
Be there in a second.
Tom, is this it?
We'll see.
What makes this place so special?
What makes this place so special
is that it's obviously
hiding something.
All over.
Hold the scanner, please.
Is that a tomb?
This can't be.
There has to be an entrance.
Talk to your team.
We need to search the area
and look for an entrance.
On it.
Mark, are you staying?
Yeah, let me
just get a clean shot.
Crazy stuff, Doc.
There's no access.
The base is solid rock.
This is just a fucking
insignificant pyramid, man.
There aren't any insignificant
pyramids, you idiot.
Take it easy.
What the fuck?
You have to find another entrance.
That's what I'm paying
you guys for, remember?
And speaking of payment, Doc,
FYI, there are no refunds.
Babe, I'm starving.
Oh yeah, munchies.
No, I'm famished.
I'll get you an iguana.
A what?
An iguana.
OK, guys, let's wrap it up.
It's raining.
I'm not ready yet.
We'll get back to it tomorrow.
Let's go.
Let's move.
Let's go!
Come on, baby.
Let's get that tongue out of the water.
Come on.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What is it?
What is it?
I want to leave now.
What happened?
Babe, I think
there's something
wrong with this place?
I was just checking
out the place.
Did you touch anything?
The green stone.
But I barely touched
it, and all of a sudden
it just came to life.
What do you mean all of a
sudden it just came to life?
Manny, I really
want to go home.
Calm down, baby.
It's not that easy, OK?
Listen, uh--
Eli, sorry.
Many things in the Mayan
world work in mysterious ways.
They were known for unique
mechanisms and secret systems
to make things work.
What happened was a good thing.
It means that we're
on the right track.
There's nothing to be afraid of.
I've seen things like
this many times before.
Well, how about
from now on we try
to stay away from the things
we have no control of.
No, no, no, no, no.
What happened was a great thing.
The greatest discoveries
happen by mistake.
OK, everybody,
just relax then.
You see, everybody has
a purpose here, babe.
Why don't we call it Eli's Gate?
Eli's Gate it is.
There you go.
- OK.
Everything's fine.
What was all that about?
Nothing, just
superstitious crap.
You better cut the
bullshit, Doctor.
You keep avoiding my
questions, and I'm sick of it.
So you either tell
me what is going on
or I'm packing up our shit
and we're getting the hell out
of here.
I don't think
anyone on your team
is ready to let go of $100,000.
I don't know if
you've noticed,
but maybe my team is motivated
by the money, but I'm not.
Danielle, this is the
opportunity of a lifetime.
Don't ruin it.
Embrace it.
This whole place is already
an amazing discovery
and the best is yet to come.
That guy is just a
superstitious idiot.
You promised me a professional
team and I expect no less.
So can you please get
the guys to come and help
me with the work, please?
Thank you.
Listen, I understand
your sorrow,
but we can't stop right now.
This was just a
terrible accident.
What are we supposed
to do with the body?
What about his family?
We'll send him
back with the guides.
And don't worry, I'll take
care of all the expenses.
You can't fix this
shit with money, man.
The man has a family that
doesn't even know he's dead
and you want to send his body on
a mule with a fucking paycheck.
What the fuck is wrong with you?
I didn't push him into
the hole, all right?
This was just an accident.
Listen, I have to finish
what I came here to do.
And if you don't like
it, you can leave.
Just make sure you don't
disclose any information
about this place.
Fuck you, fuck your
job, and fuck your money!
Hey, hey!
Come on.
- No, no.
- Fuck!
Hey, Come on.
We're going to do this.
Doctor, Miller, no fast tricks
or any shit like that, OK?
Especially no
[inaudible] bullshit.
Is that clear?
The second rule
here is safety.
- OK.
- OK.
Mark, you're going
to go right after me
so you can take your footage.
- You got it.
That's right.
Yeah, got it?
Got it.
Hang on to it carefully.
There you go.
There you go.
- I got it.
- OK.
Mark, are you ready?
Yes, boss.
...the step.
Hey, come down, you're
the next contestant.
This is quite something.
Watch your head.
OK, guys, we're going
to prep our next stage here.
- Mark.
- Yeah.
Help Manny with all the gear.
We're going to make
sure the place is safe
and then you can
take your footage.
- Got it.
- Jorge.
Bring all the power lines.
Dr. Green, are you safe?
I'm always safe.
Watch your step.
Watch it.
Watch it.
- OK.
- OK.
- OK.
- OK.
This is good.
Manny, are we
seriously doing singles?
Tried to do doubles here.
Over there.
That pattern over there,
that's the entrance.
Oh, wow.
More steps.
Guys, there's more steps here.
We don't need to rappel any more
when you reach this point, OK?
I wonder who put
these steps here.
Watch your step, Mark.
Got it.
This is it.
Danielle, gear up and
get your team to gear up.
We need to explore here.
This doesn't feel right
Hold up.
Hold on, babe.
It's not the time for you
to do something like this.
We're not supposed
to be down here.
She's right.
She's fucking right.
We don't need another dead
body around here, do we, Doc?
Manny, control your situation.
Raul, as I said before, you're
free to go whenever you want.
All right, listen up, everybody.
We can't stop now.
So if anybody wants to
back out, now's the time.
If you want to stay behind,
Miller will take care of you.
Isn't that right, Miller?
Whatever you need.
You see?
You're going to be safe.
Safe and dry.
And maybe we will need you.
You're a professional diver.
You know how to monitor us, OK?
Please help us.
You're taking it too far.
Mark, camera ready?
Yeah, sure.
Jorge is ready with the lights.
Christ on a crutch.
Dr. Green, maybe
you want now to tell
us what are we looking for.
The lost Hall of Records.
I thought Fray Diego de Landa
took care of all the codices.
That's a little bit naive.
He only burned a little
over half a dozen of them.
They may have taken
some back to Rome,
but the lost library
of the Mayans
was lost five centuries before
the Spaniards even arrived.
It is said to contain
at least thousands
of manuscripts and codices.
We're going to do a loop
and come back as soon as we get
down to a third of our tanks.
Roger that.
OK, let's have some fun.
Raul, Jorge, Mark,
can you read me?
Jorge, the immersion [inaudible]...
Say it.
Very good, Mark.
Let's take care of
these five things
and we're all going to be fine.
Dude, you're such a nerd.
Check out
these permissions, guys.
I can't believe we're getting
a hundred Gs to do this shit.
Everyone, check
your air and report.
Ten percent.
Same here.
This is the most
beautiful place in the world.
I'll be damned, guys.
You gotta check this out.
This is unreal.
How'd they get this
thing down here?
Mark, time's up.
Let's go back.
Just a sec, boss.
I got some footage of
this plaque for Dr. Green.
He's going to love it.
OK, we are leaving now.
Jorge, take the lead.
There it is.
No, it's not clear enough.
I need to go down there.
It's not clear?
I was just comparing some
of the glyphs on the entrance
rock and the ones on the walls
with some ancient
Sumerian inscriptions that
talk about a non-ignited star
that visits our solar system
every 3,200 years.
It's four times
bigger than Jupiter
and supposedly brings
punishment to all humanity.
The Mayans named it
Va Sheck, which is
a Mayan word for dark mirror.
According to the
legend, we're all
to meet our own demons
again upon the arrival
of this dark star.
The legend provides that
for every human incarnated
on earth, there is an evil
copy in the dark star craving
to possess a physical
body on our planet.
They were defeated and captured
the last time they tried.
Well, according
to the glyphs, here.
And what do you think?
What do I think?
I think the Mayans left
these glyphs to deceive me.
Oh my god, babe!
Oh my god.
Oh my god!
What the fuck?
What in the fuck?
Grab one of-- yeah.
Get those fucking
things in there.
Hold on.
Get back.
Get back.
Hold on.
You guys are all right?
Thanks a lot, man.
No problem.
Where are they coming from?
I don't fucking know.
Guys, we're doing
the same loop we did yesterday.
Everybody OK?
Copy that.
Dr. Green, we're
going to follow the line
to our last checkpoint,
exactly as we
did when we crossed the cavern.
Stay right behind me.
Got it.
Doctor, there is a chamber coming up.
Watch your head coming
out of the water.
Babe, stay by
in case we need you.
This place is spectacular.
Look at the size of this roof.
Man, I can't believe this shit.
It just gets better and better.
We're on the right track,
I can feel it.
There is another
flooded tunnel here.
Get ready.
Just follow me.
Dr. Green, stay close.
Your status, everyone?
Almost twenty percent.
Eighteen percent.
Right there with Jorge.
I'm at fourteen.
Doctor, when you reach
thirteen, we go back.
Copy that.
What the hell are those things?
Holy Mother of God.
Mark, tell me
you're getting this.
Every frame of it.
I always knew, I was
born for this moment.
What is this place?
Who are these guys?
Look at these paintings.
Ancient aliens.
I knew it.
This has got to be it.
The lost library of the Mayans.
You better get over here, Doctor.
You have to see this.
Just keep an eye on your gauges.
This is impossible.
What are those things?
My god.
This is it!
This is extraterrestrial
What is this place?
It doesn't look like
a library to me.
Danielle, we should go back now.
Wait a minute.
This is a freaking
Japanese cemetery.
But this place is sick, man.
Check out this golden baby.
Don't touch it!
Something's wrong with the lights.
Everybody, calm down.
Manny, try to find
your way back and bring
tanks to the big chamber.
I'll give it a try.
Baby, can you read me?
I need you to follow the
line to the first restriction
and then bring an extra tank.
Please don't cause
a restriction, OK?
What's happening to the lights?
What happened to the holograms?
What the fuck?
Where the hell did they go?
MARK: What's going on, guys?
Listen, everybody.
We are getting out of here now.
No, don't.
Not just yet.
There has to be another chamber.
Fuck your chamber.
- I said we're leaving now!
- Fuck!
Those things are alive!
Everybody, out.
They're coming after us.
Let's get the hell out of here, now!
Holy shit, they're alive!
What are those things?
Fucking Mayan demons, man.
We have to get out of here!
Mark, stay with the light.
What the fuck was that thing?
Jesus fucking Christ.
Mark, are you there?
Can you copy?
Danielle, can you copy me?
Get out of the water.
Danielle, can you copy?
Mark, are you there?
Can you copy?
Let me check-- let me
check your regulator.
I need to see this.
You're running
almost out of air.
You need to control
your breathing.
Remove your equipment.
Let's get out of the water.
Are you fucking nuts?
What are you doing here?
Shit, you scared me.
Something went wrong
back there, really wrong.
What's going on?
I don't know what happened,
but something really wrong
went on back there.
I don't know.
I've got to get something...
Guys, stay close.
Stay close.
Dr. Green, can you read me?
What-- what the hell are those things?
What's going on?
What's going on?
They're toloks.
They're reptilian creatures.
Legend says that they need
human bodies as souls,
and the host souls remain
trapped in a tolok's body.
Well, obviously it's not
a fucking legend any more!
Oh god.
Oh god.
Oh god, no, no, no.
Danielle, listen to me.
Danielle, Danielle,
get a hold of yourself.
Get a hold of yourself.
You have to get
a hold of yourself.
This is-- this is my fault.
Oh god, this is my fault.
It is all my fault.
It's not your fault.
I brought you down here.
I asked you to come down here.
You don't understand.
OK, you don't understand.
I was not able to save Mauricio.
I brought all my team here.
You didn't kill anyone!
I'm the only one responsible!
The glyphs clearly warned
not to open the plaque.
I crossed the line.
I disregarded all the warnings
in an act of selfishness.
I dragged all of
you down into this.
I thought it was just
a trick to keep us
from finding the lost archives.
The legend provides that
for every human incarnated
on earth, there is an evil
copy in the dark star craving
to possess a physical
body on our planet.
They were defeated and captured
the last time they tried.
Well, according
to the glyphs, here.
The legend of the black star, it's true.
Those things are the ones
from the legend, right?
Listen to me.
I brought you down here,
and one way or the other,
I'm going to get
you out of here.
You don't understand.
Those things are going
to hunt us down as soon
as we get back in the water.
Oh god.
Jesus Christ.
Oh god.
If you're ten times stronger
than your enemy, surround it.
If you're five times
stronger, attack it.
If you have twice the
strength, divide it.
If you're outnumbered,
be able to keep
an open path to retreat.
What are you talking about?
"The Art of War."
Sun Tzu.
I don't understand.
You realize there's only
enough air for one of us
to make it.
I'll buy us some time.
I-- I-- I don't--
I don't understand.
I'm going to
blow up the place.
We're going to share the
air, OK, all the way up
to the cavern.
I'm going to get you
out of here, I promise.
You don't have to do that.
You're not going to
get me out of here.
This is our only chance.
It is my responsibility to get
you out of the system safe, OK?
Let me just get you out.
Your only responsibility is
to make sure that those things
don't reach the surface.
I need you.
The world needs you.
You're a strong woman,
Danielle, and you're
the only hope we have now.
Now, get out of here
before it's too late.
I will not let those things
touch you, I promise.
If for any reason they reach
the surface, hunt them down.
Kill them all.
A bullet in the head will do it.
But be careful because they
will look just like us.
You'll be able to recognize
them from their snake eyes.
Remember, you have exactly five
minutes to get out of here.
Time to play ball,
Guys, we need to
get out of here!
Watch out, Raul.
Water and darkness
obscured the fiery eyes
of the evil beings,
and their bodies remained
captive in the chambers
sealed by sacred glyphs.
As centuries went by, the
great Mayan civilization
and its inhabitants
mysteriously disappeared,
abandoning their cities,
leaving a prophecy
that describes an arc--
the Pison Gagal-- containing
a manuscript that holds
the reptilian prophecy
warning future
civilizations of the return
of the black star of evil--
Va Sheck-- back into
our solar system
in search of its
nine ambassadors
and its warriors of evil.
The Xilbalba prisoners
have escaped thanks
to our ignorance and ambition.
The ancestral reptilian
leaders are now free,
and the arrival of
Va Sheck is imminent.
But none of this was a mistake.
Nothing has happened
by accident.
In his quest to find the
lost library of the Mayans,
Dr. Allan Green has achieved
a greater discovery, much
more important for humanity.
He discovered the
beings that have been
behind all human suffering.
Now I know that his search
was guided by a higher power.
Now I know that my colleagues
and friends didn't die in vain.
Their lives were lost to free
humanity from fear and slavery.
In a parallel dimension,
there, they rescued me.
They awoke me with
a great wisdom.
They prepared me
to awaken others.
Now I know I have a purpose.
I know that there is
a liberation plan.
I know I've survived to
expose them and expel
them out of our beloved planet.
Now I know we are
not alone in the battle.
We have never been.
The signs are everywhere.
Help has arrived.