Curse of the Werewolf, The (1961) Movie Script

Some 200 years ago...
a beggar came to the
little town of Santa Vera...
in search of charity.
Although a simple man...
he was not so simple
that he did not know...
when it was a weekday
and when it was Sunday.
And although the church bell
was sounding...
and all the little shops
were closed...
and there was no one
in the square, he knew...
this was not a Sunday.
Forgive a poor
ignorant beggar, seor...
but today is not Sunday.
They're ringing the bells
there is no one
in the streets.
Can't you read?
No, seor.
Seor. Today is not Sunday.
I am aware of that.
There is no one
in the street.
I'm aware of that, too.
And the church bell
is ringing.
And you want to know why,
is that it?
Well, I'll tell you why.
Today is a holiday.
A public holiday.
A day of rejoicing.
And we're all rejoicing today,
aren't we, seores?
Do you know why
we're rejoicing?
Because our beloved Marques
is getting married today...
and we have to rejoice.
By order.
By order.
Landlord, get me a drink.
Isn't that
a good thing?
And who will have to
pay for this wedding?
We shall.
And who's paid for the bride,
poor child? We have.
Who's paying for that feast
that's going on...
at this very moment
up at the castle?
We are.
I haven't seen you here
What are you, a beggar?
Yes, seor.
If, from the deep charity
of your good heart...
We've nothing to spare,
my friend.
That's where
all our charity has gone.
If you want some of it,
you'd better go there.
And God knows,
I wish you luck.
The beggar took the man
at his word...
and climbed the long road
to the castle...
where, as he had been told...
the Marques was celebrating
his wedding day with a feast.
What's the matter, my dear?
It... it looks so...
Don't you like goose?
Why have you
prepared goose...
when the Marquesa
doesn't like goose?
My lord, I didn't know.
Oh, why didn't you know?
Why didn't you know?
Have mercy, my lord.
Pick it up.
If, from the deep charity of
your noble master's heart...
Go away, man,
before he sees you.
Who is it?
No one, my lord.
Just a beggar.
Well, bring him in.
I'm afraid you were so late
that we started without you.
Noble lord.
If, from the deep charity
of your good heart...
If only you'd let us know.
If you could spare
a little bread...
A little earlier...
a whole goose
would have been yours.
But now, as you see,
everything's gone.
Not a crumb left.
Don't tease him.
Why not, my dear?
He's a man,
not an animal.
Oh, is he?
Yes, I suppose he is.
Would you like to have him,
my dear...
As a pet?
How much do you want
for yourself?
Two pesetas? Five? Ten?
Ten pesetas, my lord?
Now, he's yours, my dear,
your very own pet.
What would you
like him to do?
Give him some food
and wine.
Wine for our new guest.
And food.
Wine, wine.
Not in that piddling cup.
Here, fill this.
Yeah. Go on, give him more.
Food. I must have food.
You must sing for it first.
Come on, sing, sing.
I can't sing.
Dance, then.
I can't dance.
Anyone can dance. Music.
Give him something to eat.
Here, dog.
Here's your bone.
Come on, come and get it
like a good dog.
Time for us to retire,
my dear.
My bride and I
bid you goodnight.
Thank you, seor.
Have a good night.
You insolent...
Don't forget, he's mine.
A wedding gift
from my husband.
I don't want my gift
to be damaged.
You're quite right, my dear.
He must be looked after.
You, see he's looked after.
And so the beggar
was imprisoned...
in the castle dungeon.
Time passed.
And he was forgotten.
The only people
he ever saw...
were the jailor
and his little girl...
a serious child
who could not speak.
Here, you give it to him.
He's your friend.
The years passed.
And the beggar
remained a prisoner.
Now, completely forgotten
by the Marques.
The old jailor died.
His daughter grew up.
But still,
she could not speak.
The vile temper and foul
tongue of the Marques...
had sent his wife
to an early grave.
And lost him the few friends
he possessed.
Now he lives a recluse
in his own rooms.
And what's your name,
my dear?
Don't be frightened.
Just tell me your name.
Your name, my dear.
Your name. Your name.
Ah! No, you don't.
You are a lively one,
aren't you?
Why don't you show me
just how lively you can be?
You come here tonight
and show me, huh.
The little vixen.
I'll show her.
Who was that girl?
My lord?
The one that
just went out, idiot.
Just a servant, my lord.
Used to work below, my lord,
in the dungeons.
Used to work below, did she?
In the dungeons, huh?
You're to stay there until
you've learnt your manners.
And to be a bit friendlier.
Come to your senses,
have you?
I thought you would.
You know where you
got to go now, don't you?
Who is it?
My dear.
The girl hid in the forest
for some months...
where she lived
like an animal.
It was here that I found her.
There. That didn't take long,
did it, seor?
This will soon put
some color...
back into her cheeks,
poor mite.
Fancy you finding her
like that.
The angels were certainly
watching over her.
You should take some of this
before you catch a chill...
getting yourself
all wet like that.
I suppose if you hadn't...
she would still have been
lying there.
Instead of tucked up snug
in your spare bed.
I'll make some for you
when I come down.
Do you much more good
than that stuff.
It's a lucky thing
she didn't lose her baby.
Her baby?
Here you are, my little one.
Drink this.
It'll soon put you
to rights.
No. Now don't try to speak.
Just take a sip or two
of this.
And you can
go back to sleep again.
That's a good girl.
A little more.
Now you go right back to sleep
and let my herbs...
soothe away
your aches and pains.
What did you say about...
A baby?
In a few months there'll be
a little baby in the house...
if the good Lord
spares her.
What's your name,
my little one?
Oh, come now,
you needn't be shy with me.
You haven't spoken a word
since you've been here.
Nobody is going to hurt you.
Now tell me,
what's your name?
Oh, my poor child.
You poor little thing.
You poor lonely little thing.
Teresa's new interest...
gave me the peace
I needed for my work.
At least, it did, at first.
Here's your nightcap,
Leave it there, Teresa.
Seor, I'm beginning
to be a bit worried.
What about?
Of course, you may think
me superstitious.
I think...
You may think me
superstitious, but...
I've seen a good deal more
of the world than you have.
The real world, not what you
read about in your old books.
You know,
it will soon be the 25th.
Of December.
You know what that means.
The 25th is always
on Christmas Day.
Well, then? Christmas Day
is always on the 25th.
Of course, if you're going
to make fun of me...
No, I am not making
fun of you.
I don't understand.
What's the matter?
What's worrying you?
What worries me is that the girl
upstairs is about to have her baby.
And as like as not...
it will be born on the very
hour of our Lord's birth.
Surely that should be
a reason to rejoice?
For an unwanted child
to be born then...
is an insult to heaven,
That's what I was taught.
In the village
where I come from...
the girls stay away from the
men in March and April...
just in case.
Let's pray the little child
is born too soon.
Or too late.
Don't worry.
We'll have it born
exactly to suit you.
Hello, what's this, then?
Nasty, that is.
Very nasty.
you lost any goats?
There's a dead one up here
with his throat torn out.
Very nasty.
That dog of yours
been behaving itself?
Now, listen...
if there's a dead goat
up there...
with its throat torn,
it can't be him.
It'll be a wolf.
A wolf, eh?
And you're paid by us...
to keep things
like wolves away.
A wolf, eh?
Hello, Pepe.
Where are you off to
so early in the morning?
Uh, got to see the mayor.
Got to report a dead goat.
While you're about it, you
better report a dead kitten.
Yes, I found a kitten dead
in my garden this morning.
Horrible state it was in.
Throat torn out.
Little Leon's kitten, too.
It'll break his heart
when he finds out.
I think there's been
a wolf about.
Well, whatever it was, it certainly
made a mess of that kitten.
I didn't dare
let the little fellow see it.
No. He can't stand
the sight of blood, can he?
I remember the day
he came hunting with me.
Nearly fainted
when I shot a squirrel.
Cried his little heart out.
Well, I better not keep
the mayor waiting.
Goodbye, Pepe.
Oh, there you are, Leon.
Ready for your breakfast,
my angel?
I'm not hungry,
Aunt Teresa.
Oh, no lunch yesterday,
and hardly any supper
last night.
This won't do.
Come, I've made
some of my hotcakes for you.
You like those, don't you?
You seem to be falling down
on your job, Pepe.
You're employed
as a watchman...
not to loaf about all day, letting a
pack of wolves come up to the town...
stealing our goats
from under our noses.
But I've always tried...
If it hadn't been
for Dominique here,
the goats might never
have been discovered.
But it was I who...
However, I have no wish
to be unduly harsh.
I'll overlook it this time.
Now get on with your job.
I want those wolves dead
within 24 hours and...
delivered to me here at the
town hall, do you understand?
Yes, seor.
24 hours.
Not a minute more.
You may go.
There, rest quietly.
You'll soon be better now.
Try to sleep,
my little one.
I did shoot it, I tell you.
It was a young wolf.
I saw it and I shot it.
Where is it now?
Disappeared into thin air,
I suppose?
I lost three goats last
night. And I lost two.
I can't help it if things
won't die when I shoot them.
Want to get yourself
a new gun...
or a pair of spectacles.
Or stick to water.
Come on, let's report this
to the town hall.
I did shoot it.
I did.
He must have got up
during the night.
It's the only explanation.
He must have got up...
come downstairs...
and gone out.
But if he'd come through here,
I'd have heard him.
You'd be asleep.
I'd have woken up.
He never came
down those stairs.
You mean he climbed
out of the window?
I just mean
he didn't come through here.
There's only one way
of finding out.
I want you to tell me
everything, Leon. Promise?
I promise.
And truthfully.
Where did you go
last night?
Go, Uncle?
I know you went out.
Where did you go?
I was in bed all night,
Oh, Leon, you promised
to tell me the truth.
I am telling the truth.
Then how did you get hurt?
I don't know, Uncle.
You couldn't have been
hurt like that in bed.
I know I was in bed, Uncle...
because I woke up
in the night.
I had a bad dream
and woke up...
but then I went
to sleep again.
What did you dream?
I don't really remember,
not very clearly.
But it was like
the other nights.
Other nights?
I have bad dreams
every night now, Uncle.
I see.
Tell me, Leon,
when did these dreams start?
I think it was after
I went out hunting...
with old Pepe.
He wanted to show me
how to shoot.
He wanted me to
shoot a squirrel,
but I wouldn't.
So he shot it for me.
He pulled the trigger...
and the little squirrel
squeaked and dropped.
It was horrible.
I picked it up
and tried to kiss it better.
I kissed it,
and I tasted something warm.
It must have been the blood,
but it tasted sweet.
I wanted to
keep on tasting it,
but Pepe took it away.
I did wrong,
didn't I, Uncle?
No, no,
I don't think so, Leon.
Ever since then
I've had bad dreams, Uncle.
What do you dream?
I dream I'm a wolf,
like in a picture book.
I dream I'm a wolf,
drinking blood.
Help me, Uncle.
Please help me.
Yes, I'll help you.
Yes, it's one of his,
all right.
Where did you find it,
I-it was embedded
in a tree trunk
up near the pastures.
Oh, so he did miss.
I won't breathe a word
about it.
Ah, thank you, Teresa.
It would break his heart.
He's been so upset as it is.
Will you have
a glass of something?
No, thank you. I must go.
There are elemental spirits
about us...
at all times, my son.
Spirits without bodies...
of creatures
that have never lived.
Some say it is to prevent
the invasion...
of these roaming spirits...
into the highest creation
of God's sculpturing hands...
the body of man...
before whom
all beasts must kneel.
Some say it is to prevent
this invasion that...
man's body stiffens into
rigor mortis...
at the moment
of his death.
Roaming spirit entering the
body then finds only a...
dry, unwelcoming shell.
But, Father...
And you're wondering...
what this has to do
with little Leon?
I'll tell you, my son.
it so happens that...
the spirits of
one of these beasts...
finds entrance into a body...
while it yet lives.
at the moment of birth.
Then, the soul and the spirit
war with each other...
to gain mastery
of the body.
But if the soul of the man
is strong and clean...
we'll generally exorcize
the spirit of the beast...
before it is
many years old, but...
if for some reason,
the soul is weak...
an inherited weakness...
an accident of birth, then...
I see.
A werewolf.
That is what he is,
my son.
A werewolf is a body
with a soul and a spirit
that are constantly at war.
The spirit is that
of a wolf.
And whatever weakens
the human soul...
vice, greed, hatred,
especially during the cycle
of the full moon...
when the forces of evil
are at their strongest.
These bring the spirit
of the wolf to the fore.
And in turn...
whatever weakens
the spirit of the beast...
warmth, fellowship, love...
raise the human soul.
little Leon has
no real father or mother.
And yet he needs
their love and care
far more than
any normal child.
I understand, Father.
And I shall do my best
to replace that love.
I know you will, my son.
But is there no cure?
Only love.
When he is older...
he may meet
a young girl...
whom he will love
very deeply.
But what is more important...
she should love him
very deeply.
Then he may be saved.
It was no ordinary wolf...
No ordinary wolf...
would tear out the throat...
and drain blood.
Drain blood?
Every last drop.
Well, if it wasn't a wolf,
what was it?
Last night...
was the night
of the full moon.
And do you know
what that means?
Who's going to pay
for all these drinks?
Give it to him.
It means that...
things are abroad.
What sort of things?
Strange things...
that should not be
spoken of.
Good day, seor, seora.
whatever it is out there...
my husband
will get rid of it.
Won't you, my dear?
Just gonna give this
a clean.
That should keep
your nightmares away.
Yes, Uncle.
I'll have a wolf steak
and potato.
Now, listen all of you.
I've had just about
enough of this.
If any one of you makes
another insulting remark...
about my good husband...
he goes out of that door.
I hit that animal,
fair and square.
Must be dead. I...
you might have lent me a hand.
Oh, what's happened
to my crucifix?
I had to do it.
It was the only way.
But that crucifix was blessed
by the Archbishop himself.
So much the better,
my dear.
So it was you all the time.
Leon grew into a fine lad...
and the care and affection
that Teresa and I gave him...
seemed to cure him completely
of his terrible sickness.
Now, if you
don't like the place,
you come straight back.
I promise.
Why you can't stay here and work
with your father, I don't know.
Now, Teresa, it's only natural
he should want to make
his own way in the world.
I admire him for it.
Thank you, Father.
Oh, but working
in the vineyard...
Oh, Teresa.
Goodbye, Father.
Goodbye, my boy.
Oh, your money,
have you got
your money safe?
It's here, Aunt Teresa.
Well, Teresa?
We must thank God, seor.
He has given
Leon back to us.
Who are you?
Oh, I'm Leon Carido.
Are you strong?
Oh, yes.
You look strong.
Do you like work?
When I'm paid for it, seor.
You better come in.
This is where
you'll work.
The hours are 7:00 to 10:00,
with a half hour for lunch.
And the pay's
six pesetas.
You sleep in there.
Jose here will tell you
what to do.
My name's Leon.
You heard mine all ready.
Jose. Welcome.
He, uh, said you'd tell me
what I had to do.
Oh, it's easy.
There's the wine, you see?
Red in there,
white in there.
There's the bottles...
and there's the labels.
You put the wine inside.
You put the labels outside.
Who's that?
Well, uh,
The old misery is
Don Fernando,
but you know that
already, don't you?
Uh, the young misery
is young Gomez...
his father owns this place.
And, uh,
the pretty one...
the one you really
want to know about.
That's Fernando's daughter.
And to start you asking your
next question, they're engaged.
That makes Daddy Fernando
very happy.
Does it make her happy?
Well, what do you think?
I mean, just look at him.
Drive on.
Wave, child, wave.
Really, Cristina, I think you
might try and be more gracious
to your future husband.
She's coming this way.
it's not to see you.
So don't get yourself
I've, um, come to apologize,
It was you we splashed,
wasn't it?
With the carriage?
There's no need for you
to apologize, seorita.
If I don't,
I'm sure no one else will.
My name is Cristina Fernando.
And you?
Leon Carido. I've, uh,
just started work here.
I know. I, um,
hope you'll be happy here.
Thank you. I'm sure I shall.
I'm sure you will, too.
It's very unfair.
This is the third evening
running you've had a headache...
and we've had to
come home early.
I can't help
having headaches, Rico.
No, but it's beastly
inconvenient, all the same.
And I was winning, too.
100 pesetas,
I stood to win...
If it's the money...
No, it's not the money.
What is it, then?
Well, it-it's very unfair,
that's what it is.
Oh, well.
Wish you were real,
In the absence of
anything better to do...
I'm for bed.
Don't wear your eyes out. And
don't use up all that candle.
I've got better things
to spend my money on.
Hey, talking about money,
you know what tomorrow is,
don't you?
It's Saturday.
We must celebrate.
It's payday.
Music and dancing.
Don't forget that candle.
Good night, Rico.
Thank you.
Good night.
Is that you, Cristina?
Yes, Papa.
You're back early.
Enjoy yourself?
Yes, Papa.
Good. Straight to bed, now.
Yes, Papa.
Oh, I thought you were
never coming.
I thought I'd
never get here.
This is just a dream.
No, no,
this is real, Cristina.
What if my father
finds out?
Come away with me, Cristina.
If it were only
as simple as that.
I love you.
I know.
I want you to marry me.
I can't, I can't,
you know that.
It's all been arranged for me.
I'm to marry Rico Gomez.
Marry me, Cristina.
Oh, my father
would never let me.
I'll speak to him.
Let me speak to your father.
Oh, you mustn't.
Promise me you won't?
He'd send you away.
We'd never see
each other again.
He'd see to that...
Anybody there?
He must have heard us.
I can't tomorrow.
Sunday, then?
I've never heard anything so
ridiculous in my whole life.
Staying in on your own
on Saturday night.
Pay night.
It's unthinkable.
In fact, come to think of it,
it's downright immoral.
All right. I give in.
Now, that's better.
Where do we go?
Oh, do you like
good food, wine...
fine music,
wonderful dancing, and...
beautiful girls?
There's this place I know,
just outside town.
It's quiet, mind,
very respectable.
You all right?
What's the matter, dear?
You are not feeling
very well.
Why don't you get some
fresh air? Come on.
Go out on the terrace.
Wishing on the moon?
Did I make you jump? Sorry.
Anyway, it's a new moon
you wish on, isn't it?
You are slow, aren't you?
Don't you feel very well?
No, I don't.
What you need
is a little lie down.
You can come up to my room,
if you like.
Oh, don't worry about her
in there.
We can slip up the back way.
Your friend wasn't feeling
very well.
He's gone for some
fresh air.
Oh, doesn't he look pretty?
Waiter, more wine.
You don't care
what you spend, do you?
Money is no object,
my dear.
This will make you
feel better.
Not very talkative
are you, dear?
I like a man
who doesn't chatter.
I get enough of that
from the other girls.
why don't I make you
more comfortable?
That's better, isn't it?
What's the matter, dear?
Worrying about
your girlfriend downstairs?
She won't miss you, dear.
Not for just a few minutes.
You all right, dear?
What's the idea?
If that's what you came for,
you came to the wrong place.
I've a good mind to...
How much longer
does your friend
expect me to sit here
by myself?
I shall personally supervise
his immediate return, my dear.
Don't speak
to any strange men.
Leon, where are you,
my little friend?
Come on.
Every night
for the past 13 years...
you've been on about
that dog of yours.
Now keep quiet about it.
I've had enough.
The best dog
that I ever had.
You had to shoot him.
Yes, I had to shoot him.
He was a killer,
that's why.
He keeps the bullet
around his neck
to remind him,
round his neck.
I keep the bullet
around my neck
because it's made of
real silver.
The best dog I ever had.
Ah, go home.
Leon? Leon?
In God's name,
what happened?
Your clothes, you...
You can't...
No! No! No!
It's the truth, my son.
I won't believe you.
I can't.
There, there.
I must ask you once again.
Can you remember
anything you did?
Where you went to
last night?
But try, please try.
I can't, I tell you.
I can't remember anything.
The blood.
There was blood on my hands.
Where did I get
blood on my hands?
That's what I'm trying
to find out.
Perhaps it's the blood
of some animal.
A sheep, maybe.
You mean,
I killed it with...
There, there.
You knew about this
all the time, Father?
But you didn't tell anyone?
Thank you.
What am I going to do?
Tell me,
what am I going to do, Father?
I think I can
obtain permission for you
to enter a monastery...
under special supervision.
until then you must be...
and watched night and day.
Oh, yes,
that's right, isn't it?
You chain up wild animals.
That's all I am. An animal.
Hey, you.
Why, that's him.
Are you Leon Carido?
A friend of
Jose Amadayo?
I understand
that you were both
at a certain establishment
last night.
Owned by a Seora Zumara?
According to a Seorita
Yvonne, you left early.
Is that right?
Yes, yes, I think so.
You think so?
I had a lot to drink.
Where did you go then,
Seor Carido?
Are you sure?
Yes, I've just left there.
You just left there?
I see.
Why... Why are you
asking me these questions?
Just making
some inquiries.
Good day, seor.
Good day.
Well, I hope you feel
ashamed of yourself.
Going to a place like that.
Getting drunk. Disgusting.
Don Fernando?
Tell me.
Has anything happened
to Jose?
I neither know nor care.
Probably in jail.
You're very fortunate that
you're not there with him.
Help me.
Get away! Get away!
Get away!
Leon, what's wrong?
Get away.
I must go.
Before father finds out
I've been with you
all night.
All night?
All night.
You've been here
with me all night?
Tell me, I must know.
Did... Did anything
happen to me?
You hurt your leg.
You were frightened
and screaming...
No. No.
Did I change?
Did my face change?
My hands.
Did anything happen?
No, Leon.
You have saved me.
Oh, God, thank you
for sending her to me.
We must go away.
Now, today.
You must marry me,
and we must go away.
We'll start a new life.
A wonderful life, Cristina.
We'll be together every minute
of the day and night.
Tell me what's wrong.
do you love me?
Will you marry me, Cristina?
You say you love me,
will you marry me?
Yes. Yes, I will.
My darling,
this is terribly important.
But you must trust me
until I have time
to explain better.
We must go away. Now. Today.
Please don't ask
anymore questions.
Will you come?
Yes, I'll come with you.
Are these your clothes,
Leon Carido, I must ask you
to accompany me.
But why?
I'm arresting you
on a charge of murder.
In God's name,
listen to me, will you?
You must send
for my father.
You must, don't you
understand? You must!
Listen to me,
I tell you! Listen!
My boy...
there is only one thing
he'll listen to.
Look, I'll pay you.
I'm willing to pay you.
What do you want, seor?
I want you to
send somebody...
to fetch my father,
Seor Don Alfredo Carido.
How can I possibly
leave here?
Must be somebody
you can send.
Well, there is.
Send somebody
to tell him I'm here.
I need him.
Seor Don Alfredo Carido.
He lives at
the outside of the square.
The big house
at the top of the steps.
Well? What do you wait...
Here. Now, hurry, please.
Leon, where are you?
You all right?
What do you think
you're doing?
Where were you going?
Come on,
where were you going?
You were going with him,
weren't you?
You were going to run away
with him, weren't you?
Oh, I say.
You were, weren't you?
Yes, I was.
And I still am.
You ungrateful little...
Where is he, Father?
Please, where is he?
He is right where
he deserves to be.
Where is he?
I must go to him, Father,
he needs me.
Needs you?
I'll bet he does,
the debauched young...
Will you please tell me
where he is?
He's in jail.
That's where he is.
Yes, prison.
Why? What for?
What do they say
he's done?
I'm not interested
in what he's done.
I just know
they have taken him away.
And good riddance.
will you please
take me to him? What?
I want you to take me
to the town.
I shall do
no such thing.
Well, then, will you lend me
your carriage? What's that?
Certainly not.
Then I shall
have to take it.
Come back here at once.
Come back.
You're to drive me
to the town.
It's an order
from Seor Gomez.
And hurry, please.
Cristina? Come back.
I have already killed three people,
Father. Can't you understand this?
Strangled them
with my hands.
Savaged them
with my teeth.
That has yet
to be proved.
They'll prove it, all right,
because it's true.
And if they make me
stay here tonight,
it's going to happen
all over again.
Don't think these are
going to stop me.
What can we do?
We must go to the mayor.
Appeal to him.
No, not appeal.
Tell him...
tell him what I am.
Tell him I have confessed
to everything. What?
Tell him I have confessed.
That you must have me
My son...
Yes, now. Before sunset.
And, Father, you must
tell him how it must be done.
Burned alive.
No, this is too much.
It's preposterous.
It's too much
to expect me to believe.
Nevertheless, it is true.
How long have you
known of this, Father?
Since he was a child.
And you did
nothing about it?
I wasn't certain.
Then why are you
certain now? Why?
You have only to ask my son,
and he will tell you.
Your son, a murderer.
What is it you want
me to do, then?
hand the boy over to me,
so that I may
take him to a monastery...
where he'll be
looked after.
No. That's impossible.
No, the boy will have to
stand trial.
If he is kept in this town
until after sunset,
he can't be responsible
for his actions.
What do you mean? I mean that
he'll break out of prison and kill.
Kill wantonly and savagely.
Like an animal.
And you...
you will be responsible.
There he is, seor,
that's the one.
You there. Stand up.
Let me look at you.
Let me see your hands.
Now your teeth.
Open your mouth.
Come on.
Seor, I beseech you.
Don't make me stay here.
Now, I shall require
other witnesses.
There's Teresa.
Yes, my servant.
Your servant?
I'm afraid I cannot...
Let me in. Let me in.
Let me in.
You must let her in. She can
help me. She's the only one.
I wish to see Leon Carido.
What are they
doing to you?
Help me, Cristina.
Who is this?
Who are you?
I'm Cristina Fernando,
You know the prisoner?
Yes, seor.
We are engaged
to be married, seor.
You are engaged
to be married, are you?
So you know all about him?
You know all about
his affliction.
So far as you know, this is
a perfectly normal young man?
Thank you.
The prisoner will remain here
and stand trial.
Come, my child.
Leave her with me.
For God's sake, have pity.
Leave her.
Come. Come.
Please my child, come.
What are they doing?
What's happening?
Father, the bullet.
Pepe the watchman
has a silver bullet.
Get it and use it.
Use it on me, Father.
You must use it, do you hear?
You must use it. You must!
I don't believe you.
But you must, my child.
It's the truth.
It's not true.
It's not true.
Please tell me it's not true.
It's getting dark.
Pepe Valiente.
It's a beautiful evening.
The moon is just rising.
The full moon.
It will soon be
as bright as day.
Ah, Teresa...
this young lady
has nowhere to stay.
She is a friend of Leon's...
and I thought, perhaps...
Come in, my dear.
Well, I must go back
to the church.
I will come here
after service.
My dear, you're shivering.
Come and sit by the fire,
and I'll get you a warm drink.
Guard! Guard!
This will soon put some color
into your cheeks.
I can't think where
Don Alfredo has got to.
There was something
about a silver bullet.
Pepe's silver bullet.
it's come to that at last.
Come to what?
What is this bullet?
A silver bullet...
made from...
a crucifix.
The only bullet
that will kill...
a werewolf.
What is it?
What happened?
What you said.
Where is he?
I don't know, seor.
There he is, up on the roof.
Did you see anything?
No, what's happening?
There he is.
Surround the house.
Just guard it.
That's it, guard it.
You stay here.
I know how to
get him down from there.