Curse of the Witching Tree (2015) Movie Script

They say the last thing
she cried out
As they put the noose
around her neck,
Was a curse
on all the children
of the land.
Don't they usually
burn witches?
She wasn't like
any other witch.
She wouldn't drown.
She wouldn't burn.
It took nine hours
before she finally died.
They took her down
and cut up her body
And placed it
in nine unmarked graves.
My granddad says
witches don't exist.
Of course they do.
My dad was there.
He saw
the hanging.
Blood leaked
from her eyes.
The children
didn't get sick
When they played
around the tree.
People are saying
that Aldric has got plague.
His sister said
he was always playing
around the hanging tree.
She searches out
other children
Just like
her only son, Ulric.
Did she really
murder him?
She took her son
while he was sleeping.
At St. Jonas' farm.
She slit
his throat open.
Along with the pigs.
They say you can still
hear him crying through
the trees.
Trying to ward off
other children,
She wants to play
with her son.
There's only one way
to find out
If what they say
about Isobel is true.
We must put our sticks
in the fire,
And whoever's
burns up the quickest,
Must touch
the witching tree.
I must say,
Mrs. Thorson,
I was quite surprised
to hear that you wanted
to go ahead with it
After everything
that's happened.
It's what Tony
would've wanted.
For me to have gone
through with it.
Well, I think
it's a very brave
Have you heard anymore
from the hospital?
But he's going
to get better.
Yeah, absolutely.
You know, I grew up
not far from here,
And... well, to me,
St. Jonas' farm
Always had something
Of the heavens
about it.
It's not so bad
for an 800-year
old house, is it?
It's done quite well.
I think you
and your family
Are going to be
very happy here.
[Birds chirping]
I've left some tea bags
on the counter for you.
Don't believe the things
you hear about Isobel.
And there's milk
in the fridge.
There's milk
in the fridge
If you wanted
to make yourself
a cup of tea.
Thank you.
It's a healing stone.
It's meant
to be stronger
than some doctors.
I take it
Mom has told you
about the farm.
Why did you decide
to live on a farm
when you were kids?
It's all right for you.
You're in a fucking coma.
Come on.
You know you want
to wake up and ground me.
It's the "F" word.
I knew you'd be here.
What are you doing?
Trying to get Dad
to wake up and ground me.
You're lucky
I got home before Mom.
She finds that
you're bunking again
And I'm covering up for you,
she'll kill us both.
Dad's not waking up
anytime soon to stop her.
I cannot be
bothered with today.
Is it the same lads?
They don't bloody
bother me anymore.
Don't swear.
"Bloody" isn't swearing.
Yeah, it is.
And how come Mr. Henderson
is always saying it
When shouting at me
for bunking?
'Cause Mr. Henderson
is a dick.
Look, go away outside.
See you
on Thursday, Dad.
Hi, Dad.
Mom really is losing it
without you, you know?
If you don't
wake up soon...
I'll bring you some
new flowers from the farm
when we move in.
[Door opens]
So, what
do you think?
I think,
When did we become
Dickens children?
Does it have heating?
Oh, don't start.
You've got much
bigger bedrooms here
than in the last place.
The animals aren't sleeping
with us, are they?
We don't do the whole
nativity look, Mom.
No, because the last holiday
we had, I couldn't even
get you in a barn.
I've decided I want
to become a vegetarian.
Like Emma.
You don't want
to be a vegetarian
like Emma.
You just want
to wind me up.
Now, finish
your lamb.
I don't want to eat
Shawn the Sheep.
It's not Shawn
the Sheep.
It's off from a TV contract
from Wallace and Gromit.
That sheep was killed
and put in the plate
for you to eat.
How come Emma's allowed
to be a vegetarian
and I'm not?
Because Emma decided to become
a vegetarian before we moved
to the farm,
And before she was trying
to make a statement about it.
Well, I'm not hungry then.
You've been unpacking all day.
How can you not be hungry?
I'm not.
Fine, fine.
Then feed the rest
to the pigs and get to bed.
Not from the plate.
It'll make
the washing up easier.
He's getting worse
than you.
Maybe if you don't make
the meat so rare and bloody,
It might not
put him off so much.
That's how
I've always cooked it.
Yeah, and you've
already got one daughter
who's a vegetarian.
Maybe take the hint.
He's already started
naming the animals.
I told him
not to do that.
Yeah, well, I suggest
you make sure he doesn't name
any of them Shawn.
"Happy moving in."
You're making me
Making me
A Monster
Oh can't you see
Oh can't you see
[Voice whispers]
Oh you're making me
You're making me
You're making me
A Monster
I've given you a checklist
of things to do.
Have you included
point 22, killing myself?
You'll enjoy it
once you get used to it.
Have you agreed
to start paying me
ten pounds an hour?
You help here
on the farm,
you get free rent.
So, as I'm technically
paying rent,
Does that mean
I can have boys over?
Except for Mike.
Look, I'm the landlord,
I set the terms.
Speaking of pigs,
let's get you introduced.
[Crows cawing]
Where did he go?
Come back here.
Why do you want to be
in a coma like your dad?
What are you sketching?
The pigs keep on
making funny noises.
They're just getting used
to their new home.
Like we are.
[Cell phone vibrating]
if your mom...
My mom what?
Look, she's got a farm now,
and she's got a shotgun.
So... you're my naughty.
Naughty rabbit.
I love it when you do
the Emma-fucked-over thing.
[Bed creaks]
What is it?
Thought I heard voices.
Maybe it was Jake.
No, I've just checked him.
You have been drinking.
Maybe it's the voices
in your head.
There was something
in there.
Why do you always have
to have such a problem
with him?
It's because Dad's
not here to approve?
I just found him
in your bedroom
with his trousers down.
You would at least let him
put them back on before you
threw him out the front door.
He was expelled
from school for having weed.
Oh, that was ages ago.
He was 15.
That makes it worse.
He was set up.
By the teacher's
little league wee club?
Yeah, I thought they always
seemed a bit high that
Paris evening.
Don't try
to be funny, Mom.
It's embarrassing.
He's an idiot.
He's a cute idiot.
Do you want
to end up like me?
Pregnant at 16?
I was such a big
fucking mistake, was I?
He's not having
his trousers down again
with you in my house.
Fine. I'll invite him out
for random nudity when I'm out.
God, sometimes I wish
I was religious like Dad,
Because then I could go
into confession and tell them
I'm guilty
Of thinking my mom
is a bitch.
[Door slams]
[Male voice]
[Kid's voice
Hey, guys.
How are you?
Dad still
hasn't woken up.
Mom and Emma
have been fighting again.
Can't even taste
the bacon.
Have you not intended
to muck the pigs out
and that?
Very funny.
Caught Jake
sleepwalking again
last night.
He hasn't done that
since Dad went
into the coma.
He's just adjusting
to the new house.
It'll stop
once we're settled in.
I've got to get him off.
Make sure you get that
assignment done today.
Is that before or after
I feed the pigs?
Whichever you want
to conform to the most.
[Pigs grunting]
Oh, God.
You guys eat more
than Uncle Johnny.
[Pigs grunting]
The esophagus was
probably torn, which would
have made it cough up blood.
Did the pigs come
from the same litter?
No, they were bred
by friends of my husband.
It's a nice farm,
St. Jonas.
A bit scary.
I had heard.
No, I meant,
have I taken on
too much?
Yeah, of course.
My dad used
to be the vet here.
I've just taken on
the family business.
He did say
the family before said
the house had a few problems.
With-With the roof.
Stop, stop.
I spoke
to the doctor again.
You said that
you'd reconsider
after two weeks.
Jake said he saw
his hand move.
Jake would say anything,
the same as you would.
Tony would hate this.
And how do you know
what Tony would want?
I'm his mother.
And he's my husband.
And he spoke to me
a hell of a lot more
than he spoke to you.
And how much
do you speak
to your children now?
Living in your
little world,
Trying to create
this fantasy home
for him to come back to.
He might.
He would rather die
than come back like that.
It would be worse for him
than being in a coma.
And if that
did happen,
You wouldn't have the option
to switch him off.
You've got
to let go, Amber.
Those children
have got to let go.
And if you can't do it
for you and Tony,
Then do it
for Emma and Jake.
Two more weeks.
That is what
you always say.
This time I mean it.
Hey, you moved
into that new farm.
Only just moved in
and already smells
of pig shit.
How much
did you pay for it?
I don't know.
Probably got a good rate
considering what
happened there.
Nothing happened there.
You're calling
me a liar?
You know, if you want us
to stop picking on you,
All you need to do
is show us that you're
all right.
How can I be all right?
Do something.
Like what?
I don't know.
Find out
why that woman
murdered her family.
No woman murdered...
Yes, she did.
She was just
like your mom.
And they moved in.
Just like your family did.
She gave him sleeping pills
before going to sleep
and burnt him alive.
Afterwards, the mom
hanged herself
in the barn.
Still no one
knows why.
But your mom will do
exactly the same thing
to you and your sister
If you don't find out
in time.
How am I going
to find that out?
Tyler's big brother
is in something
not really kosher.
Right, Tyler?
Embarrassing kid.
And he's got one
of these Ouija boards
like in The Exorcist.
You've come
to help me?
Ma, are you
all right?
Why are you all
covered in mud?
I fell over.
Were you and Nan
talking about Dad
again today?
No, she's just dropped by
to let me know
That apparently
she's become
the first female pope.
I saw more letters
have come through
from the hospital.
Still no signs
of improvement then?
I hope you don't...
Um, bloody vegan,
What am I meant
to put in these rolls?
If you kids think...
Mom, I support you in whatever
you want to do with Dad.
Jake is not ready
to let him go.
What did you tell Nan?
Two weeks.
How did she take that?
Well, let's just say
your dad wasn't lying
when he said that your Nan
Could breathe fire
like a dragon.
I just saw
something outside.
Mom is really letting you
go out in that?
Luckily, mom had to go
to London early today,
so she won't see it.
You'd better head off.
I will do.
I'm taking my bike,
so I can leave later.
Yeah, well,
I'm heading out after college,
so I'll be back later.
You can microwave
yourself something
if you get hungry.
[Music from TV]
You need to watch
your sleepwalking, okay?
Yeah, we found you
outside last night.
You weird child.
Bet SpongeBoob
doesn't have to deal
with this shit.
And you're sure
they won't be back
until later?
My mom's
in London.
And my sister
is visiting my dad.
The one
in the coma?
'Course he means
the one in the coma.
How many dads
do you think he's got?
His mom's
not like yours.
Right beneath
where she hung herself.
Come on.
Put your hand
on the thing.
He's got
to plant it.
Told you
not to get potsie.
Come on.
Put your hand
on it.
You, too.
Why me?
I thought
it was just him.
You told me
it worked better
with more than one person.
I ain't doing it
on my own.
Yeah, but I ain't really
used it in a place
Where someone
died before.
That's why
we're here, dickhead.
Now, do it.
I ain't putting
me hand on that thing.
I'm a girl.
I'm not as stupid
as you three.
That's debatable.
Come on, paranormal.
Speak to them.
Like what?
I don't know.
The usual crap.
Is anybody there?
[Animal grunting]
Jordan, look.
You sure
did that, Tyler.
No, I didn't.
I swear on Eminem's life.
Go on. Jake.
It's your turn now.
Are you the mom
that killed her children?
Boys are so Stu...
Are you one
of her kids?
Did you die
near here?
Oh, what a fucking waste.
Bet you didn't even get
a decent death?
You're not supposed
to piss off the board.
I told you
not to get potsie.
What does
it mean?
Is that how old
you were when you died?
Did you die
near here?
Guys, I-I think
we should stop this.
Were you ill?
Guys, really,
stop this.
Were you murdered?
How did you die?
Oh, my God.
Can we please stop?
Jordan, Tyler,
this is really
not funny.
Stop it.
Are you alone?
Are there others?
How many?
We need
to say goodbye.
No, it's just
getting good.
Gives us a sign
that you're here.
You're not supposed
to ask for signs.
My brother said
it's dangerous.
It's only
a stupid board.
Can you hear that?
Are all the animals
in here, Jake?
I don't know.
I think so.
Ask the board, Jake.
Do it.
Is that you outside?
Do you know who is?
Is it dangerous?
You dick, Simon.
Sorry, Shelley.
We couldn't resist.
You should have seen
your face, Jake.
You would have
pissed yourself.
Oh, that was
fucking genius, bro.
Come on,
let's get out
of here.
This place smells
of pig shit.
Yeah, freak boy
crapped himself.
That's whacked
He really thought
it was someone dead.
Ha, ha.
Is it fucking dangerous?
Hey, they're my dad's.
We're saving them
for when he wakes up.
Who are you
more afraid of?
The dead kid
in the barn?
Where's Tyler?
I don't know.
Probably upstairs
having a piss
on your new carpet.
What are you doing?
Get off.
That's my dad's.
What do you save for?
Now he's in hospital.
What's going on?
He steals so his mom
doesn't have to work tonight.
You know,
I bet your dad's
not even in a coma.
He's just pretending
so he doesn't have
to see you.
Any idea of who
my dad is?
No one takes the piss
out of my family.
It's not his fault
his mom's a slut.
Fuck you.
I've had enough
of your shit.
So, what are we going
to do with him?
Shut up.
You want to have fun
playing with the dead kids?
No, please,
don't put me in there.
Aw, sobbing,
such a cry baby.
Think about
those murdered kids.
You're lucky.
[Jake screaming]
Don't you think
it's a bit much
locking him up upstairs?
He won't be
in there for long.
Just want to see
if his dad's got
any adult channels.
[Jake screaming]
[Music from TV]
Untie me.
I'd top talking
if I was you.
You might end
waking them up.
Please untie me.
Shut up.
Help me.
No, please.
Untie me.
Come back.
His outward
is getting better.
It's a shame
you can't see it.
[Muffled music]
Still in his room?
I left it with Jake.
Sod, dick.
You know why.
[Muffled music]
[Voice whispering]
Is that you?
Here, Simon.
Come check this show.
It might teach you
a thing or two.
[Woman moaning]
Don't do
the arm thing.
Fucking hell.
[Woman moaning]
Are you sure
Jake is going to be
all right up there?
Don't worry,
he's tied up.
What's he going to do?
Fucking freak.
How did you
get out?
Is that you?
If it is,
please stop it.
Tyler, I'm tired
of this run.
Did you just
see that?
I was on Facebook.
Ben's broken up
with Gemma.
My dad's hand,
it just moved.
Whoever it is,
this isn't funny.
Give me a sign.
[Voice whispering]
Please don't hurt me.
Get the nurse.
What is it, Dad?
What are you trying
to say?
Someone, please.
Yes, Jake.
I know
it's you.
Don't do this.
This is not funny.
Who is there?
Help me.
Stop it.
I know it's you.
I'm letting him out.
Bloody hell.
He screams louder
than she does.
[Jake screaming]
Jake, where
have they put you?
Let me out of here.
What the fuck?
[Muffled screams]
[Muffled screams]
What's going on
in there, Tyler?
Let me out.
Help me.
What's going on?
Stop it.
Let me out of here.
Let me out.
[Muffled screams]
[Muffled screams]
[Screaming stops]
[Hinges squeak]
Please stop it.
Let me out.
Let me out of here.
This isn't funny.
Let me out.
I don't like it.
[Shelley screaming]
[Child crying]
[Voice whispering]
[Child crying]
They can tend to speak
quite a bit at this stage,
But it's just a reaction
from the nerves.
Just try not to get
your hopes up too much.
I want to get back
to the house.
Got this
really bad feeling
something's wrong.
Jake, stop,
it's me.
Jake, stop.
Look, look, look.
Look, it's me.
It's Mike.
It's Mike.
You're all right.
You're all right.
You're okay.
They were here.
They were here.
They're gone now.
They're gone.
[Clock ticking]
I can see from the runes
your sister walks
a happy path.
Is she with someone?
Tell me,
do you grieve
any children?
A child your sister
doesn't know has stepped up
from off the path.
I don't know
of any child.
Where are you
from, child?
This is not your path.
Stop this.
I want to hear
from my sister.
She's gone.
Please stop this.
Crazy woman.
Get my sister.
What's happening?
They're back.
The children.
To a place named
after a saint.
Come on, calm down.
Made you a tea.
Five sugars
and extra milk,
just how you like it.
Did they take anything?
I don't think so.
Mike found a rucksack
of stuff upstairs.
Dad's necklace.
They put it on me.
Shh, it's okay.
Probably just
fell off somewhere.
We'll find it.
What is it?
There's someone
out there.
I think
they're still here.
We've called the police.
You better fuck off now.
Thankfully Jake gave us
the names of the boys,
Mrs. Dawson.
We can head over
to their houses
What sort of kids are they?
Imagine what they could
have done to him.
I know the names
of two of them.
Troubled homes.
But I must say
this is a little bit
extreme for them.
But I promise you
we take things
very seriously.
We can get the school
to monitor it as well.
I can't believe
I didn't know
what was going on.
Kids have a way of keeping
bullying in secret.
Specially boys.
when they do, things
can get out of hand.
But at least
we can deal with it now,
Although you really do need
to get your son to talk to you
if anything else happens.
Don't worry, I will.
You were meant
to be looking
after him.
What do you want me to do?
Babysit him until he's 15?
You'd better
not bully that boy.
Do you dare
blame this on me?
Maybe if you weren't
so worried about making
this stupid farm for Dad
Who's never going
to wake up.
[Birds chirping]
Do you think that maybe
Jake can't talk to you
for a reason?
We're already
losing our dad.
We don't want to lose
our mom as well.
Didn't know
you felt like that.
We know you're hurting.
We don't want to put
anymore crap on you.
Why did you have
to go and buy a house
where a mother killed her kids?
Don't be ridiculous.
Who told you that?
[Horses running on TV]
[Knock on door]
What are you watching?
Game of Thrones.
Not going to help,
is it?
Look, I've just
paused it.
You can get back
to watching people die
in a minute.
I heard those bullies
were telling you stories.
I just looked into it,
and a woman did kill
herself in the barn.
But she didn't kill
any kids.
Maybe she did.
Maybe she strangled them
and buried them in the woods.
Maybe that's why
she hanged herself.
She was just a lonely woman
who was depressed and drank
too much.
People thought
she was mad.
Her husband took
her kids away from her.
That's not going
to happen to you
though, right?
Of course not.
Why would you say that?
Nan said...
You don't have to listen
to what your Nan has to say.
I'm nearly
losing your dad.
I'm not going
to lose you two
as well.
You should have told me
what those kids were up to.
I know you have enough
to worry about.
I can help you
and your sister more
than I can help your dad.
You're my priority,
not some stupid farm.
Millie, it's fine.
The police and school
are already involved.
He's just
a bit shaken.
They've already
been round.
Those little shits.
There's nine of them.
Do you want
to be sleeping
in my bed now?
People might think
it's weird.
You sure
you didn't leave
the back door open?
I'm sure.
Somebody did.
Maybe Jake.
Whoever it was,
we need to be
more careful.
Maybe I'll put a lock
on his bedroom door.
Well, just
until he's settled down
and he stops sleepwalking.
I'll go and lock up
the rest of the house.
We've only been here
five minutes
And the fridge
already looks
like a slaughterhouse.
What's with all
the boxes?
I ordered
extra security.
I'll put it up later.
Those kids won't come
round here again
with cameras up.
I'll get Jake
to help me.
Give him
something to do.
Oh, great.
So, they'll end up
on Crimewatc instead.
It's either that
or the shotgun.
Yeah, I thought
you could maybe
drive me into town tonight.
This new house has been
a complete nightmare.
It is seriously trash.
[Static electricity]
There's nothing there, Emma.
You were just drunk.
I saw something.
We've both watched it back
and there's nothing there
apart from a glitch.
And I don't want you
drinking like that again
on a college night, okay?
Not all of us
are alcoholics
like you.
The police said
the rats probably came
from a pet shop.
What, a bunch of kids
broke into a pet shop
and stole some rats?
I'm worried, Mike.
I've got the same feeling
I had before my dad
had the accident.
Look, Emma, it's just kids
messing about, that's all.
With dead rats?
Yeah, well,
they're fucked up kids.
Let's be thankful
they didn't break
into a zoo.
[Quick breathing]
Who's there?
Come back.
Children of the plague?
I found something.
There's nine of them.
What if we dig up
their bodies?
There's only one way
to find out.
You're not going
to make me do it.
I better not be the one
who gets the curse for
digging them up.
There's nothing
down here.
How did the book say
she did it?
She slit
their throats.
Like her son.
And like her pigs
on the farm.
We should take it
to the police.
And how do we explain
we found it?
The knife is what,
over a thousand years old?
What are they going to do?
Put it in the British Museum?
I thought you wanted
to be a vegetarian.
I don't feel well.
It's probably
just the stress
of what those kids did.
You'll be all right
in a couple of days.
[Deep breathing]
Oh, Jake.
Get my mobile.
Well, now.
I haven't seen you
come to church
for quite a while.
Haven't felt
like coming much.
Not since Dad.
You know I'm here
if you ever need to talk.
I'm scared, Father.
I think Jake's
becoming ill.
I'm going
to lose him, too.
He's not had an accident
like your dad?
Do you believe
in demons, Father?
Well, technically,
that's part of my job
We moved
into this new farm,
And there's
this tree nearby.
We think
it's the Redwood tree.
Have you heard
the story?
One about
Uric Redwood?
And his poor mother
They hanged
for witchcraft.
So, it's not
just a story then.
What has any of that
have to do with your brother?
Weird stuff
has been happening.
What kind of stuff?
Creepy stuff.
We found a knife
buried in the woods
between nine stones.
The plague children.
What happened to them?
Did they really
bleed to death?
No one knows.
They... disappeared.
When I was a boy,
Working at the cathedral,
I found a book.
It recorded the deaths
of nine children.
But next to each
of the names,
There was drawn
an upside down crucifix.
You've heard of something
to do with this about
Redwood before, haven't you?
There was a young lad,
A long time ago now.
A local.
He probably played
in the same woods
as your brother.
He became sick.
You know,
like in the stories.
What happened to him?
I was sent
by Father Flanagan.
I've never seen Eva
have such a strong
vision before.
There's something wrong.
His name
was Nathan Harrison.
The priest
couldn't help him.
Nor the doctors.
So, they took him
to the last place
that they knew.
I was very young
at the time,
And my sister
was a bit older.
She stayed
with my mother
during the exorcism.
Your mom saved him.
She did.
[Speaking in Latin]
But she didn't save
Eve was the only one
who saw what happened.
And it's the last thing
that she saw.
Your little brother,
He didn't say goodbye
to the spirits, did he?
They came to him.
Because he is a child,
like they are.
They are not
afraid of him.
Tell me,
did he speak
to Isobel?
I don't think so.
He said it was
just the children.
Your father,
he's in a coma,
isn't he?
How did you...
I can feel him.
He's still in this world,
but not quite in the next.
He has already
opened the gates.
Now he merely waits
for them to close.
Don't say that.
He's coming back.
Being blind to this world
and seeing in the next is
a terrible burden.
A burden
not even bestowed
upon the worst of demons.
[Whispering voices]
Mom, please,
give her a chance.
I'm not letting
some nutty spiritualist
into this house.
Don't you think
there's been enough damage
caused to your brother?
What's wrong with you
going round to a place
like that?
Dad would believe us.
Just leave it
alone, Emma.
You're giving me
a headache.
I'm just about
to get things back
to normal on this farm.
Go and check
on your brother.
[Jake retching]
Oh, my God, Jake.
This is what happened
to the other children,
isn't it?
Doctors can't help me,
And they can't help Dad.
No, it's not true.
I just don't want
to end up like the pigs.
I'll do what I can
to make you better,
I promise.
[Cell phone vibrating]
They're holding him in
for tests.
He's going
to be fine now.
I need you to watch
the farm, okay?
If anything happens
or any alarms go off,
I need you to call
the police immediately.
Do you hear me?
for coming over.
That's what good
boyfriends are for.
There must be something
we can do.
Where did you throw
that Ouija board?
Out back
in the recycling bin.
It isn't collected
until tomorrow.
Jake didn't say goodbye
at the end of the sance.
What if we can?
Is there anyone
in this barn but us?
Are any of the nine
children here?
Give us
some sort of sign
to know where you are.
She said they spoke to Jake
'cause he was a kid.
What is it?
The knife.
It's moved.
It's pointing
towards the woods.
Let's put it
on the board.
Can you hear me
from the woods?
[Sharp scream]
Was this knife
used to kill you?
Can you spell
your name?
Can you do it for me?
For Uric.
Don't turn around.
What is it?
There's something
beneath the bales
of hay.
There's nothing there.
They search out
to the end,
Covered in red.
Let's get back
to the house.
I don't think they want
to say goodbye.
What's all this?
It happened
last night.
So much
for your cameras.
Every single camera
went down at the same time.
It must have short
circuited the electricity.
Did you call the police?
What good have
they done so far?
Mom, this is not
a bunch of kids
from Jake's school.
Did you do this?
To try and get me to believe
the dead children crap?
As if I do that
with Jake laying
in the hospital?
Get this place
cleaned up.
He's coming home tonight.
It's the last thing he's
going to want to see.
Get yourself off
to college.
Mom's at work.
She doesn't know
I've invited you here.
She still
doesn't believe you
after what happened last night?
I don't think she knows
what to believe any more.
Neither do I.
I can feel them.
The children.
Please, Tony,
help me.
I don't know what I'd do
if I lost him as well
as you.
Speak to me.
What is it I need to do?
You can feel there's
been much pain,
I can hear them
singing, like a choir.
No angel dare
tread here.
My brother's
become worse.
I can feel
they're scared
for him like you are.
They know what is coming,
but their cries are too weak
to make out.
Do you have the knife?
How many
of you are there?
No, wait.
There's another.
The depth... has sung.
There's a terrible secret
held by this knife.
The cut is deep.
Not as deep as the ones
of the children who cry.
Am I going to end up
in hospital like Dad?
No, of course not.
It's just the doctors
can't find anything wrong
with you.
The doctors say
you need two weeks
off school to rest.
Not all bad, eh?
You have to listen to me, mom.
Jake needs help the doctors
can't give him.
I'm not listening
to this shit.
They couldn't find
anything wrong with him.
He was throwing up blood.
He's fine now,
and they will find out
what is wrong with him.
As soon as the test
results come in.
The other children
in the story,
They started
throwing up blood
just like Jake.
Please, give Eva
one chance.
I can't believe
I'm letting that boy
into this house.
He'll be asking
for his weed next.
Do you believe
in all that stuff?
Let's just
leave them to it.
Do you want to play
a video game or something?
I don't really feel
like playing.
Once Eva opens
the gateway between us,
we cannot break the circle.
We will be the energy
holding the gates together.
If we do not close
the circle properly,
Dead matter
can escape
and harm us.
What about the gate
with the old neighbor's
You've great pain,
Mrs. Thorson.
But it doesn't come close
to the pain between worlds.
You know nothing
of my pain.
I may
not feel your pain,
But I've held the pain
of many a tortured soul,
Just like I hold
your hand now.
Do you think
they'll be down soon?
Let us begin.
I can feel
a great darkness
in this house.
Light of my mere
living body may not
burn so bright.
But I ask you.
Let me walk with you
in the darkness.
Come towards
my living light
So we may see
and hear your echoes.
Does anyone out there
in the darkness know
who this knife belongs to?
I can feel them.
The children.
They're afraid
to come out of the dark.
They're frightened.
They're crying.
Don't be afraid, children.
We're not going to harm you.
Come take our hands.
They need us
to let them know that
we are not going to harm them.
Please tell them.
They're so scared.
Don't be afraid of us.
We're here to help.
Come to us.
[Kids crying]
Speak to them.
Please, don't be scared.
Tell us what
you want with my brother.
[Kids crying]
Let them know
you mean no harm.
Of course
I wouldn't harm
any child.
I'm a mother.
That's right, children.
Come towards us.
Come out
of the darkness.
[Kids crying]
They're here.
[Kids crying]
[Eva whispering]
Can you feel them?
In the room
with us?
[Child's voice]
Help us.
How old
are you, child?
Are your friends
with you?
Yes, we're scared.
Why are you scared?
She's here.
The woman that
brought the plague.
[Woman's voice]
Die. We die
like roses.
Don't break the circle.
What do you want
of the boy of this house?
[Woman's voice]
Play. Play death.
Why do you hold
the children?
[Kid's voice]
Won't let us go.
Where were you
buried, children?
[Kids's voice]
In the darkness.
For what they did to her.
The church.
The priests.
Knife not hers.
Killed her son
for the farm.
Ulric murdered by men.
The land.
And now she comes.
For the children
of the land.
This is
all nonsense.
I want these two women
out of my house.
It's not nonsense, Mom.
I need space,
I need air.
Lily, help me out.
Get out.
Get out!
That woman
is coming nowhere
near my boy.
Someone needs
an exorcist in this house,
and it's not my son.
They're trying to help.
The doctors and nurses
haven't done much for dad.
How dare you bring
your father into it?
With these freaks.
They're not freaks.
This is bullshit.
You saw the blood, mom.
You heard that voice.
They do that kind
of thing.
And Jake,
is he tricking you?
Where's Jake?
It's Eva.
Where's the knife?
Where is he?
Oh, my God.
She's going
to sacrifice him
like the other children.
[All gasp]
The bleeding
won't take long.
Not like
when they bled my son.
[Cocks shotgun]
Get away
from my son,
you motherfucking witch.
You don't have
to do this.
We know
you were framed
for the murder.
Do you want
to see in the dark
like your sister?
Let me show you.
I brought you
a cup of tea.
Thank you.
Are you okay?
I'm home now.
Everything will be
all right.
I'm here
at St. Jonas' farm
in Kent,
Home to the shocking
attempted murder of a mother
and her children
And the death
of one teenage boy.
Yesterday evening's inquest
found Eva Creeden guilty
For the attempted murder
of the Thorson family
And the murder
of Mike Buckingham.
Twelve-year old Jake...
Come on.
It's time to go.
Are you there, Eva?
Your father
is with Eva now.
You can talk to him.
The coma
no longer holds him.
Is he free now?
He wants you to know
that he's now awake.
His body may not be able
to walk with yours
in this earth.
But his memory can.
Was it painful?
It was painful
leaving you.
The passing was nothing
compared to that.
If he's in heaven,
Can he ask God
why the accident
had to happen?
He is close with God.
But not as close
as he is with your voice.
No one who can still talk
from the other side
Is too far gone.
He's behind you, Amber.
He doesn't need you
to believe me.
He just says thank you.
I can feel him.
You couldn't
leave him before.
But you need to now.
I can't.
It's time
to let my son go.
And you need
to do this.
He's still with you.
But he doesn't
want to communicate
in this way anymore.
He needs peace.
This is not how
he wants to speak
with you in spirit.
Oh, please Tony, no.
I can't let you go.
It's time
to let him go, Mom.
It's time.
Goodbye, Dad.
Thank you for what
your sister did for us.
Sorry for the way
people will remember her.
I don't care
for what people
on this earth think.
It's her turn
to walk through the door.
And your sight?
I still have one
that you don't have.
Take care.
[Kid whispering]
[Music playing]