Curtains (1983) Movie Script

Not again.
Not ever again.
You've betrayed me for the last time.
God, I was such a fool.
A woman in love.
No more.
I wouldn't bother to kill you
except I'm so looking forward
to every last ounce of blood
seeping out of your wretched body.
If I believed in demons,
I'd damn your soul forever.
I'd put a stake through your heart,
if only you had one, you bastard.
I just wish that I could do
to you what you did to me.
But this will have to do.
I don't believe it.
- No?
- No.
Audra could never pull the trigger.
A woman discovering her lover
in bed with someone else?
You don't know much about women...
or love...
or me.
Well, what do you think?
I mean, I know it needs work.
The lighting will help. Camera moves.
May I help you?
We're here to see Dr. Pendleton.
Have you got an appointment?
He's expecting us.
Your name?
There's a Mr. Stryker and a
lady to see Dr. Pendleton.
Do you know who that lady is?
That's Samantha Sherwood, you know?
Yeah, I knew that.
Uh, the doctor will
see you right away.
It's the first room on the right,
just down the corridor.
Excuse me, Miss Sherwood.
May I have your autograph?
Some other time.
- Ah, Jonathan.
- Arthur.
- It's good to see you again.
- Good to see you.
Samantha, this is
Dr. Arthur Pendleton.
Hello, won't you sit down?
Well, now, everything
seems to be in order.
I spoke with Dr. Harrison
and he confirmed what
you told me, Jonathan.
So, we're all set?
Yes. I just need a
couple of signatures.
Now, if you'll sign here.
All right.
It's an honor to have you
here, Miss Sherwood.
I'm a longtime fan of yours.
I am looking forward
to seeing "Audra."
The film's been shelved, temporarily.
I didn't realize.
Oh, I need one signature
from you, Miss Sherwood,
if you'd sign here.
That's it.
I must say, Miss Sherwood,
from Dr. Harrison's report,
I expected somewhat more
severe behavior from you,
but I see no reason why
you shouldn't be back
in front of the camera in no time.
Those days are over, Doctor.
I only hope she faked... Samantha!
Attendant! Get in here!
Let go of me! Let go of me, I say!
Let go of me! Let go of my hand!
Let go of me!
What are you... No!
Don't do this! Go away!
No! What are you doing?
Get off! Get...
Set her down over there.
- You all right?
- Yeah.
I see what you mean.
I think you should leave now.
Doctor, I'd like to have a
moment alone with her, if I may.
- Do you think that's wise?
- Well, look at her.
What harm could she do
me or anyone else like that?
All right.
We'll be outside if you need us.
Come with me.
Audra herself couldn't
have done it better.
I think that poor
doctor was in shock.
- He's not the only one.
- Are you all right, darling?
- You almost took my head off.
- Well, the thought did occur to me.
- What a performance.
- Method acting.
- You have to believe it to do it.
- Well, I'm convinced.
Do you really think this
whole charade is necessary?
Well, if I'm going to
play a mad woman,
I've got to know
what it's really like.
Don't you think this
is going a bit too far?
Call it research.
Oh. All for the sake
of a role in the film?
All for the sake of getting it right.
And you as my director,
you should applaud my dedication.
You'd better go.
- I liked you like this.
- Oh, yes?
What sort of women have
you been seeing lately?
None like you.
Samantha, you look beautiful.
Stick to directing, Jonathan.
You make a terrible actor.
I've missed you, too.
I believe you.
Why so defensive?
Oh come on, Jonathan.
Get enough psychiatric
babble in here as it is.
Dr. Pendleton said
that you're doing well.
Crazier than ever.
That's what you wanted, isn't it?
Alice, what a pretty dress.
Never seen you wear that one before.
Oh, it's nothing.
Don't get too many
chances to wear it here.
It's pretty.
May we dance?
I think we better dance.
I like the look.
It's very convincing.
They believe it.
They believe everything.
Are they all so vacant?
The sane ones.
That's how you get by in here.
Well, you can drop all
of this in front of me.
Relax, save it for the film.
So sad.
- What is?
- Even their laughter's sad.
Makes you cry.
Have you ever wanted
something so badly
you would do anything for it?
Well, me, I want to be an actress.
I wanted to be in pictures so badly,
I screwed a guy from Fotomat.
You know when they say
in and out in 24 hours?
He was in and out in 24 seconds.
I am off to a casting session.
Don't you wish you were
going to be there with me?
Now, kind of imagine this...
six actresses going to the same house
to audition for the same part.
Well, it sounds like a lot of
fun if you like blood baths.
I mean, I can see it now,
the actress saying to me,
"Excuse me, but I think that's
my knife in your back."
Single audition for Stryker.
Look, who does he think he is?
I mean, God, who does he think I am?
Relax, lady. The man
has strange ways,
but he gets it done.
Have you seen the script?
It's here somewhere.
- Did you read it?
- I don't read without an offer.
Brooke. Jesus, Brooke.
I mean, if you wait for
an offer from Stryker,
we'll both starve to death.
Fuck you. You're the agent.
Get me one.
It was all I could do to get
you the audition, dear.
What you do for me is cash my checks.
Nice work if you can get it, Monty.
Just go see the man, okay?
God, I look like shit.
I should look so bad.
- Have you seen the trades?
- The trades?
Yes, have you seen
Friday's "Variety," dear?
You know I never read that crap.
Jonathan Stryker said that
there was only one actress
in the world who he'd
consider for Audra...
you, cuckoo head!
He said that about me?
Yes, of course he did.
Well, not in so many words,
but that was the general
gist of the thing.
But I thought Samantha
Sherwood was playing Audra?
Samantha Sherwood?
Health problems. You're the one.
That bastard.
I still can't believe Stryker
left me in the asylum.
If you hadn't sent "Variety,"
I never would have known
he was going ahead without me anyway.
I figured you'd be upset.
What are you going to do now?
Whatever I have to do to get it back.
Well, aren't you in
enough trouble already?
By now, they're bound
to know you've escaped.
Let them come after me.
What I have to do won't take long.
Why don't you just forget about it?
That's the one thing I'll never do.
I didn't help you get out to
see you thrown back in again.
- Why did you?
- You're my friend.
I felt sorry for you.
Stryker's the one you
should feel sorry for.
This time, he's gone too far.
Wow, you didn't put
up much of a fight.
I didn't want a run in my stocking.
This is getting a little boring.
Well, there's always the pizza boy.
No, too messy. Besides,
the pepperoni always sticks to my ass.
That's the only way to keep it warm.
- What about Pac-Man?
- What's that?
Well, a depressed spinster
buys a home video game.
She takes it that night.
The monster comes alive and
eats everything in its way.
Not tomorrow night, he doesn't.
Well, he's easy, how about Saturday?
Sunday. Keep the
little guy warmed up.
Why, you going somewhere?
Told you, this weekend is
Stryker's casting session.
What kind of an audition is that?
The guy invites six women up
to his house and calls it work.
At least he's original.
- I wish you wouldn't go.
- I want the part.
- More then you want my part?
- Don't be silly.
Much more than I want your part.
It'd be funny if it weren't true.
I won't pass up this chance.
Might not be here when you get back.
Well, then I just better give you
something to remember me by.
You mean, straight? No games?
I'm just me, and you're just you?
Reality. That's different.
The cold weather should continue
with a good chance we'll see
some snow before it's over.
So, find somebody warm and dig in.
'Cause you saved my soul...
Gave my heart the dream...
Oh, God.
Come on, Peter, no more games, huh?
I first read the book
when I was a little girl.
It was so beautiful.
Do you know it?
I am Audra.
I'm not Audra.
I am Audra.
I am Audra.
I'm not Audra.
Uh, that's $10.25, lady.
Well, it's here somewhere.
Maybe you can work it off.
I like older men, you know.
14? 15?
Hold this, please.
- Are you a writer?
- No, actress.
Yeah, I thought I'd
seen you on TV before.
Not a chance, I would
have remembered you.
Where you headed?
Jonathan Stryker's place.
You know it?
Yeah, just follow
the road up the hill.
Say, do you know Miss Sherwood.
Samantha Sherwood? I've heard of her.
God, she was great.
Still is, I guess.
Are we really all here
for the same part?
He obviously doesn't
know what he wants.
What could we all
possibly have in common?
I mean, we're all women.
You could have fooled me.
- Aren't you Brooke Parsons?
- Yes, I am.
The rest of us might as
well pack it in right now.
- What are you doing here?
- I'd kill for the part.
I'd fuck for it.
Don't much want the part, huh?
- What would you do for it?
- Oh, I don't know.
Uh, tell a few jokes,
do a little song and dance,
sell my mother into slavery.
Go down on him.
That shouldn't be necessary,
but I'll keep it in mind.
One of you is missing.
I trust you'll keep us
amused, O'Connor.
Parsons, I've long admired your work.
Summers, hello.
DeMillo. I look forward
to hearing you perform,
DeMillo's a musician.
Burns, you bring your skates?
- Yes.
- Good.
This is Matthew.
And one of you is Audra.
Which one, I don't yet know.
The next two days will be
unlike any you've ever known.
Not all of you will make it,
but I promise, each of you
will have learned something
about themselves and their craft.
For all the good it will do you.
We missed you at dinner.
Ladies, may I present
Samantha Sherwood,
an actress I've known for some time.
You may remember her work.
Samantha, may I introduce...
No, don't bother, darling.
They all look alike to me.
Well, Stryker,
is this your idea of
a casting session?
Are you going to play, Samantha?
You know I am.
It's like old times,
isn't it, Samantha?
You haven't changed a thing, Stryker.
It's exactly as I left it.
Why are you here?
Why have you brought
those girls here?
Forget it, Samantha.
Perhaps once you were Audra.
But, I bought you
the rights to Audra.
For which I am grateful.
It was for us.
Not anymore.
Come on.
You know I like you.
Come on.
Just once.
Come on.
No, I don't.
Come on, okay?
Oh! Oh boy!
You give great head!
Wee bit past your bedtime,
isn't it, darling?
Oh. Has anyone seen my skates?
I can't seem to find my new pair.
The girl thinks she's on holiday.
Oh no. It's bad for your wind.
I'm still in training.
God knows why.
I get up every morning
at dawn to practice.
- Dawn?
- I bet you're fun on dates.
It makes me feel good.
Guess you got to want it
more than being loved.
Isn't that how you feel about acting?
It depends on the love.
I suppose.
Well, I'll see you in the morning.
You don't like her?
What's she doing here?
She's just a baby.
You nervous, too?
I'm scared to death.
But you've been doing this for years.
I can remember seeing you in...
I started early.
It never gets easier.
Well, there's always
the casting Jacuzzi.
It's like the casting
couch, only wetter.
- I won't give up.
- Spare me the melodrama.
If it wasn't for me,
- you wouldn't even have a project.
- I'd find something.
Oh, you're a hypocrite and a liar.
You never intended to
get me out, did you?
I did what I felt was best
for everyone involved.
Deserting me in an asylum?
It was your idea to commit yourself.
But not forever.
I'm not convinced you're cured yet.
Oh, Stryker, I was never insane.
Perhaps I should
call the good doctor.
Let him know where you are.
I suspect he'd be most interested.
Well, I'll tell him the truth.
And I'll deny everything.
And you, my dear, will move back
- into Restview Manor permanently.
- I'll die first.
I was just passing by
and I heard voices.
Come in, my dear, come in.
What you heard is a scene I wrote
many years ago for a play.
A very bad play.
A very bad play indeed.
Saved only by your talent
and beauty, Samantha.
A play?
You mean, it was all a joke?
Well, let's call it a performance.
But it sounded so real.
Tricks of the trade, my dear,
tricks of the trade.
Give the people what
they want to believe in.
It's part of our profession.
But how did you know I was
standing outside the door.
Well, it seems I've
developed a sixth sense...
We went together
For so long
Every second record on the radio
Seemed like our song
How we hurt each other, baby
Baby, it was so wrong
Something in the bottom of my heart
Will keep me holding on
We were lovers
In the young and strong and bold days
Turned them into treasures
Of silver and gold days
Even though we're older
There's still nothin'
like the old days
Something in the bottom of my heart
Will keep me holding on
'Cause you saved my soul
You came along and took
me out of the night time
Yes, you saved my soul
Taught me to fly
And I gave my heart...
Has anyone seen Christie?
She's gone.
She left a note under
my door this morning.
Apparently, she couldn't handle it.
I know how she feels.
How did she get out with
the road snowed in?
Maybe Matthew took her.
Well, I wonder what changed her mind.
She was perfectly alright last night.
And then there were four.
Christie must've had
a difficult night.
Did she? I wouldn't know.
Wouldn't you?
Let's start with you, Parsons.
You're the veteran.
No, I am.
This isn't really
necessary, Samantha.
Oh, but it is, obviously.
I know what you can do.
Then why are they here?
Can we talk about this later?
I don't want to talk.
I want to act.
All right.
Take center stage.
So, what the hell are you doing here?
- I'm an actress.
- You're an actress.
There's an echo in here.
Your turn will come.
What makes you think you can act?
- I know I can.
- Could?
- Can.
- So, act.
- What?
- Act for us.
I could do a prepared piece.
I've seen them all before.
You're such a perfect lady.
So beautiful, so refined.
What if you weren't so gifted?
How would you act then?
- I don't think...
- Good.
Don't think, just do it.
Make yourself ugly for us.
Can you?
What if your face were different?
It could be one day, you know.
Hideous, repulsive.
Put it on.
Put it on.
Now seduce me.
No words.
You can make sounds
if you like, but no lines.
No touching. Just the mask.
Use your eyes, your mouth...
and horrible beauty.
Make me love you.
Make me desire you.
You're beautiful remember?
You can't be denied.
This is a mask, too.
Are you satisfied?
All right, page 58,
the seduction scene.
You want me to sit there, right?
Ah, so...
I guess you're wondering
why I called you here, right?
Well, Doc, you see, it all started when
my mother locked me in the closet.
I was 21 at the time.
You want me to wear the mask?
No, that's not necessary.
Too bad. Might be an improvement.
Oh, boy, this is what
you call bombing, right?
Are you on something?
Oh, God, don't I wish.
Oh, I'm on nerves, actually.
Sheer, raw nerves. And if
we don't get on with this,
I'm liable to break down
right before your very eyes.
Oh, I don't think that's
necessary either.
In fact, this whole
session isn't necessary.
- You're a very talented...
- Joke, right?
Good for a laugh but
nothing serious, is that it?
Oh, yeah, tell me
something I don't know.
What makes you think
you're right for Audra?
I'm as right as anybody
else you've got here.
I mean, God damn it, you haven't
spent five minutes with me
and now you're telling me
I'm wrong for the part?
Why? Because I haven't got a staple
through my navel
like that centerfold?
Because I wouldn't pirouette into bed
with you and skate on your face?
I mean, what the hell are
you looking for anyway
and what do you want from me?
I mean, who the fuck is Audra anyway?
You enjoying yourself?
Showing a little bit of Audra.
You bastard.
Where's the mask?
What do you mean?
What the hell are you
up to, Samantha?
What am I up to?
You bring five totally different girls
here on a bogus casting session
for a part that was
mine in the first place,
and you ask me what I am up to?
No more. I wouldn't
bother to kill you,
except I'm so looking forward
to every last ounce of blood
seeping out of your wretched body.
If I believed in demons,
I'd damn your soul forever.
I'd put a stake through your heart
if only you had one, you bastard.
Oh! Oh.
No, no, no, no, no.
You're a man seducing a woman.
Now forget your sex.
Enter into his imagination.
Become one with him.
Use your vulnerability.
What about her?
She's dead.
No, you've had a nightmare.
- No.
- No one is dead.
- But I saw her.
- You're imagining things.
Let me take you to your room.
- No.
- Maybe I should.
We'll continue later.
- Come on.
- Please, no.
- There's nothing there.
- Please.
Come on.
- Come on.
- No, no, no, no!
- Come on!
- Please, no!
What the hell is frightening you?
- Christie.
- Don't, don't go in.
There's absolutely nothing in there.
Go on, take a look.
Don't, please.
There, in there.
Come on.
Come on. You're gonna lose it.
Get some rest.
How is she?
I don't know, the door's shut.
Stryker's probably
trying to calm her down.
I'll bet.
Why would she say that?
Christie's dead?
She's been drinking a lot.
Yeah, but that doesn't explain
Amanda never arriving,
Matthew's disappeared. I'm scared.
Maybe Brooke is smarter
than we think.
What do you mean?
Brooke is acting just like Audra.
Well, yeah, I suppose,
but aren't you being a little...
- Cynical?
- Yeah.
Well, all's fair in love
and auditions.
It's like old times,
isn't it, Samantha?
Audra herself couldn't
have done it better.
I thought that doctor was
going to go into shock.
Are you going to play, Samantha?
Why have you brought
those girls here?
Forget it, Samantha.
Perhaps, once you were Audra.
Tell me about Audra.
What is it you want to know?
What's she like?
Is she anything like me?
Is she anything like the others?
Can't you tell me?
Brooke! Somebody!
Damn it! Come on!
Oh, come on.
Help, somebody!
Help! Help me!
Come on. Come on. Come on.
Come on.
Oh, please.
Come on, shut.
No! No! No!
No! Oh no!
Please, no!
There's plenty more
in the refrigerator.
Audra would know how to
open a bottle of champagne.
She would have smashed the
bottle against the counter
and drank from the broken neck.
How do you know'?
It's what I would do.
Too violent.
Audra was mad.
Did you know that I was in an asylum?
I heard you were sick.
He thought so.
He left me there.
I had myself committed to
learn what Audra knew.
And what did you find out?
That an actress must
always be in control.
If you know what you're doing,
you're doing it wrong.
That's what Stryker would have said.
We're the same.
He would have liked that.
He was fond of disciples.
Young, pretty ones.
Where is he?
He left?
He's dead.
It wasn't supposed
to be like that, I...
It's all over now.
Go back.
Go back to the acting classes
and the dinner theater,
the chorus line.
Wait tables, be somebody's secretary,
get married, grow old together.
Forget about Audra.
Have I shocked you?
I'm not sorry.
- Tell me what you've done.
- I killed Stryker.
You want to call the police,
go ahead. I'm not going anywhere.
Don't worry, I won't hurt
any of your friends.
It's only me.
What do you mean?
They're dead, too.
Have you ever wanted
something so badly,
you'd do anything for it?
I wanted to be an actress.
I mean, I wanted to be
in pictures so badly,
I screwed a guy from Fotomat.
You know when they say
in and out in 24 hours?
He was in and out in 24 seconds.
Well, I know what you're wondering.
The question is, can she act?
Right? That's what you're wondering.
Can she make it? I mean, can I act?
Just ask my boyfriend.
Better yet, ask my mother.