Cut and Run (1986) Movie Script

[suspenseful music]
[indistinct conversation]
[repeated thudding]
[water splashing]
MAN: Knock it off, you guys.
Gonzalez wants a
hundred pounds today.
[indistinct conversation]
[water splashing]
[indistinct shouting]
No, no, no!
MAN: [screams]
[water splashing]
[sound of gunfire and screaming]
[water splashing]
[water splashing]
[water splashing]
[indistinct conversation]
[non-english speech]
[woman moaning]
[indistinct conversation]
[suspenseful music]
[airplane engine droning]
[upbeat music]
[baby fussing]
[upbeat music]
[baby fussing]
[door closes]
[baby fussing]
[non-english speech]
[boat horn sounding]
[door opens]
What the hell
took you so long?
Well, that's gratitude.
I just ran three miles
for your stomach.
Anything happen?
I called my
roommate for messages.
You've been evicted?
But there was a telegram for me.
Your father.
Very funny.
It was USC.
They screened my
short on Greenpeace.
No shit?
Uh uh.
So, uh, they loved it.
I got a three year grant!
Oh, god.
Oh, congratulations, man.
That's great.
Ingmar, move over.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
That's not all.
I've decided to do my
first film on you--
Fran Hudson, Nefertiti
of the 1900s.
[laughs] Mm.
The Chevy's back.
He's got a woman with him.
Just like Fargas said.
[door closes]
Looks like she's
carrying a baby.
Uh huh.
That's right.
You really think they
got the stuff on them?
They better.
This gig's got to pay my rent.
Larry Kaplan, drug
enforcement, please.
MAN [OVER RADIO]: One moment.
Kaplan speaking.
- Yeah.
Uh, Larry, it's Fran.
Listen, we have liftoff.
We'd like to move in.
KAPLAN [OVER RADIO]: 20 minutes.
Don't budge till I get there.
And they're off.
2,500 participants
in this year's event.
And it's 26 miles to go--
men, women, young and old.
And it's a lovely day.
Right temperature
for a good run.
Clear skies--
First class.
That's a good bet.
[non-english speech]
[tv playing indistinctly]
[door opens]
[non-english speech]
[non-english speech]
[upbeat music]
[door opens]
[non-english speech]
[SINGING] [non-english speech]
Hey, hey.
What's the big hurry?
Oh, Mark.
[suspenseful music]
Oh, my god.
We better go back
the way we came.
You want to do this?
You bet your ass I do.
After you.
After weeks of
careful investigation,
Cable Video News had
hoped to bring you
an important public service--
eye witness coverage of amajor-- major cocaine bust.
This bloodbath, which took placeapproximately 15 minutes ago,
appears to be some sort
of personal vendetta.
The world of drugs
is a nightmare.
But perhaps the worst nightmareis lived by those who deal,
who compete and die for themost profitable consumer
item on Earth.
No bust will be made.
The police may never
find out the truth.
But the incredible ferocityof what happened here today
is truth enough.
From South Miami, this isFran Hudson, Cable Video News.
Did anything I just
said make any sense?
Want to know the truth?
I didn't hear a word.
[sirens in distance]
[sighs] That is not the DEA.
The kid must
have told somebody.
If you want this thing aired,we better get out here.
Come on.
Shit, Mark.
Larry's going to kill me.
What am I going to do?
MARK: Don't worry.
You'll think of something.
[sirens in distance]
Let's hustle.
You know, you are
really something.
How the hell do you stayso calm after having gone
through something like that?
I'm a reporter, Mark.
I can't afford to be squeamish.
You know, you flew mangledMarines out of Beirut.
You've seen baby
seals skinned alive.
What are you get so romanticabout all of a sudden, huh?
Maybe I'm not
bucking for a Pulitzer.
[sultry music]
Hi, Fargas.
- Hey, you got a minute?
- Yeah.
For you, sure.
But this isn't a suitableplace for a lady.
Make history.
Be my guest.
So what can I get you?
Those Colombians,
a half an hour ago?
It was a butcher shop.
Have you heard about it?
It's on the grapevine.
Did you make it in time?
More or less.
[laughs] Three
weeks ago in New York,
and then again in New Orleans.
And the same thing
last week in Chicago.
Somebody gets his rocks offslicing up these pushers.
But nobody knows
what's happening.
Take a look at this.
"To my little Rita,
[inaudible] April '84."
So who are they?
I don't know.
I've never seen them before.
Where did you get this?
In that apartment today.
I got it out of a
woman's handbag.
They cut her to ribbons.
Now, come on.
Come on, Fargas.
Fill me in.
Sweetheart, even
I have my limits.
I'm only interested
in this man here.
This guy here with
the white hair.
Now, I think he's American.
[laughs] Look, I could
just die at the thought
of losing that kind of money.
But I'm no gravedigger.
FRAN: What do you mean?
Exactly what I say.
Graves are for dead people.
Keep talking.
Come on.
Guyana, six years ago.
It was a big stink.
Guyana, Jonestown.
What's the connection?
Don't you like puzzles?
If you think of anythingelse, give me a call, all right?
Uh, Francis, this
puzzle is pretty heavy.
[sirens in distance]
REPORTER [ON TV]: Jim Jones,interviewed by NBC newsman Don
Harris, showed signs
of strain, of concern
over the adverse publicitythe visit would bring.
JIM JONES [ON TV]: I justpray you please leave us.
We won't bother nobody.
Anybody who wants to get outof here can get out of here.
After the visitors
left with a group of defectors,Jones apparently ordered
their deaths.
The attack came at
a nearby airstrip
as the Ryan party got readyto board two airplanes.
Gunmen suddenly appeared--
[door opens]
They're pretty grainy.
I pushed them as far as I could.
What did they think
of the footage?
They loved it.
It's on in an hour.
Oh, my god.
[sighs] Look at that.
Tell me what you see.
What am I supposed to see?
Look at the kid.
MARK: Tommy Allo?
FRAN: Yeah.
MARK: You mean Bob's kid?
The kid's a look alike.
Jesus Christ.
Why are you doing this?
It's OK, hon.
Who are these otherpeople in this photograph?
I want to show you
something first.
Now watch this.
REPORTER [ON TV]: Jim Jones,interviewed by NBC newsman Don
Harris, showed signs
of strain, of concern
over the adverse publicitythe visit would bring.
JIM JONES [ON TV]: I justbeg you, please leave us.
We won't bother nobody.
Anybody who wants to get outof here can get out of here.
After the visitors
left with a group of the--
All right.
Now look at the man on the left.
BOB ALLO: Who is he?
FRAN: That is Brian Horne,Green Beret Colonel in Vietnam,
dishonorably discharged
in '74, became
Jones' right hand man in '75.
A lot of people think theGuyana massacre was his idea.
Well, it looks like
the same guy to me.
- Yeah.
Without a doubt.
So Bryan Horne
was supposed to have
died in '78 in the massacre.
And that picture was
taken three months ago.
Bryan Horne,
It's quite a story.
It's what you'rethinking about, isn't it?
I want to find Horne
and interview him.
And take a look at thislook alike while I'm in it.
Where would you start?
If I were going
to do it, I'd start
with the markings on the plane.
You're on assignment, Fran.
How soon can you leave?
Um, well, if-- if you'llcheck the plane markings
with the FAA, I'm gone.
[laughs] I guess all Ineed now is the equipment
and a good cameraman.
You don't think for a
minute I'd ever let you
go down there alone, do you?
[indistinct conversation]
Hi, excuse me.
We're looking for apilot named Tony Martina.
What do you want him for?
We have a little
proposition for him.
Well, you can tell me.
I'm a friend of his.
If I see him, I'll pass it on.
Listen, could we talk
this over in private?
Get yourself a
cup of coffee, huh?
All right.
[engine starts]
Well, what's your proposition?
Uh, well, first of all,I'm Fran and I'm a reporter.
And this is Mark.
He's my cameraman.
And you are Tony Martina,owner of this plane.
[laughs] So what if I am?
We'd like to go
where this was taken.
Oh, yeah?
We want to interview
this man, Colonel Horne.
[dramatic music]
You can thank
god you're white.
Back to Colonel.
[indistinct conversation]
Hey, ain't these somefinger-licking good babies?
You only got two?
Well, these are good sized,but how are you going
to feed 40 people with it?
Well, I cut them into
eensy-teensy pieces.
Hey, hey.
Give me that.
You asshole.
Hey, don't you guys ever work?
Why should we?
We got you.
[indistinct conversation]
Down on your knees.
You got a job to do.
Manuel is due any minute.
You go get your clipboard.
And if you try that again,I'll shoot you in your legs.
And I'll make you crawl back.
All right?
[indistinct conversation]
Move your ass, Carlos.
We got two shipments to get out.
Tony's coming in tonight.
[indistinct conversation]
ANA: I told you you'd
never make it that way.
Well, at least I tried.
And I'll keep on trying.
That bastard will have tokill me to keep me here.
You're so pig headed.
I know how you feel.
I felt the same.
But, in the end,
I just gave up.
There's got to be
another way out.
There is.
[airplane engine droning]
[non-english speech]
Anaconda here.
Anaconda here.
I read you.
Go ahead.
MAN [OVER RADIO]: Two reports.
One, Miami reports Rita'sgroup has been wiped out.
Repeat, wiped out.
Manuel is to hold new
shipment in Puerto Rico
until further orders.
Message confirmed.
Go ahead.
MAN [OVER RADIO]: Two, Martinatook off with two passengers.
We want them taken care
of the minute they land.
End of message.
Message confirmed.
Over and out.
How much am I taking?
200 pounds.
Is that all?
What is it to you?
Ah, it's a mess up there.
New York is full of the stuff.
Only it's not ours.
Nobody knows where
it comes from.
In Miami, Chicago, New Orleans,11 of our men, and nobody
knows who did it.
Somebody knocked offGonzalez's casino last week.
Not a soul left alive.
300 pounds of stuff.
So what the fuck is going on?
[sighs] I have an idea.
Ah, no.
It's just an idea.
I hope I'm wrong.
Come on.
Get the plane unloaded.
[non-english speech]
Well, I got three hours.
What can you offer me?
Nothing but the best.
Gin, whiskey, water,
champagne, water.
All right.
Oh, pate, smoked salmon,Virginia ham, beans.
You name it.
Hey, muchacho.
You remember what you
promised last time?
Cabron, [non-english speech].
[door opens]
My friend, Manuel, he wants you.
You didn't hear me?
Then why didn't
you say something?
[laughs] Thank you, Vlado.
Thank you, Vlado.
- [laughs]
- Ah!
You see?
I am good to my friends.
Mickey called.
Rita's group has been wiped out.
Manuel should hold the
stuff in Puerto Rico.
Is that all?
That's all.
My little Rita?
Ah, fuck it.
Fuck her.
Fuck her till she screams.
[door closes]
[airplane engine droning]
How much farther?
Take it easy.
The Amazon starts down there.
He means we've got time.
Why don't you get
a little sleep?
[dramatic music]
Muchas gracias.
[door closes]
[pensive music]
[water running]
[non-english speech]
[door opens]
Don't go.
I, uh, I didn't
mean to bother you.
You never bothered me.
What can I do for you?
Well, I saw Manuel
leaving and, uh--
Don't punish yourself.
Mind your own business!
[non-english speech]
[sobs] I'm sorry!
I'm sorry!
Juanito-- Juanito,
[non-english speech],,
he was like you.
One day, he disobeyed.
And Vlado-- since then,
I don't care any more!
I'm a stone, an old shoe!
A nothing!
No, you're not.
[sighs] If you were, you
wouldn't have done all
you've done for me
these past few months.
[sighs] You're the onlything that's kept me going.
So that's why I want you tocome with me on that plane
tonight, OK?
I can't.
If Vlado finds out that youhelped me, he'll kill you.
But where do I go?
I'll help you.
Look, my father will help you.
[sighs] Oh, god.
How do I make you understand?
Thanks anyway for saying it.
[airplane engine droning]
I better turn on
the beacon for Tony.
We got it.
That beacon's going to takeus right into the airfield.
Is it far?
Oh, I reckon about 30 minutes.
What kind of lightningare they going to give you?
[laughs] Just a few smudge
pots along the runway.
[airplane engine droning]
Where did you get that?
It was Juanito's.
It's time to go light the fires.
How do we do this?
Tony and Vlado will go fora drink before they load.
They always do.
That's when you
climb in and hide.
You mean "we."
We'll see.
They may not be room.
There will be room.
Let's go.
Come on.
[twigs cracking]
Hey, Brown.
Hey, Brown.
Do you hear me?
This is Epstein.
Do you read me?
Epstein here.
It's Epstein, Ana.
Come in, will you?
Ana, can you hear me?
Come in, Ana.
What's the matter?
The signal's gone.
This is Red Bronco
calling Anaconda.
Do you read me, Ana?
Red Bronco calling Anaconda.
Do you read me, Ana?
[airplane engine droning]
Come in, Anaconda.
Do you read me?
Red Bronco calling Anaconda.
[suspenseful music]
Do you read me?
This is Donald.
What's up?
Christ, nobody was answering.
Everything quiet your way?
MAN [OVER RADIO]: Like a tomb.
Over and out.
[suspenseful music]
[liquid sloshing]
[indistinct conversation]
We need another one.
I'll go and see
if that [inaudible]
has got the shipment ready.
Without that signal, I
can't find the airstrip.
We're running on
minimum fuel, too.
Is it your electricalcircuit or their transmitter?
What the fuck
difference does it make?
If it's them, they'll know it.
They'll at least light
the runway for you.
They'll light
the fires anyway.
Trouble is, we're in
the middle of mountains.
Manuel, we're being hit.
Get your guns.
Christ, the plane
is on the strip.
[suspenseful music]
Come on, you bastards!
Get back inside!
Get back in!
Move it!
Get back in!
Get back in, you--
[door closes]
What's that?
Well, it sure
ain't firecrackers.
What do we do now?
Look, I've got to getthe rest of these fires lit
or Tony will never make it in.
You just stay here.
I'll be back as soon as I can.
[flames crackling]
Get the door.
I'm going out the back.
[suspenseful music]
[flames crackling]
[dramatic music]
[flames crackling]
[suspenseful music]
Over there!
About time.
We've got six
minutes of fuel left.
They did one row.
How the fuck do I
know if the runway
is on the right or the left?
[airplane engine droning]
[sighs] Well,
flying can be fun.
A breath of fresh air, and thenI don't know how he does it,
but Vlado has got the coldestbeer in South America.
FRAN: What's wrong?
Oh, Jesus Christ!
Move back.
Go, go!
Stay away from the windows.
We will be on monitor nine.
Time yet?
Not quite.
Get me that [inaudible].
You never asked me howmuch all this is costing me.
Think positive.
Look at calculators, in twoyears, they'll be down to $9.95
We'll have the satellitein three minutes,
if they're on schedule.
[birds cawing]
We're alive by a miracle.
We've been hiding in
the jungle all night.
Dawn broke about two hours ago.
Um, I'm still here.
As I was saying--
Did you see that?
FRAN: --broke about
two hours ago.
Since then, we've beenlooking for signs of life.
All we've found so far,
however, are corpses.
As we hope you've been able tosee, a number of the victims
have been horribly mutilated.
The stench is terrible.
Our pilot was killed
right in the cockpit.
Anyway, it all points to
an attack by the Indios.
Besides these, there
are many more dead.
In here, there doesn'tappear to be any more bodies.
However, the place is
totally devastated.
Here's what appears to besome sort of a shipping list,
although I'm not sure
exactly for what.
And this is what
remains of the radio.
It, too, has been
completely destroyed.
As to the motivation
of this attack--
[door opens]
That's Vlado.
And this is Colonel Horne.
You know this man?
He came here twice.
Where is he now?
Out there, did you
see a blond boy?
FRAN: Wait a minute.
Um, is that Tommy?
That's him.
And he was here?
Yes, but last
night he disappeared.
We found him.
Mark, we actually found him.
No, Fran.
We haven't found him.
We only know he was here.
So we can look for him.
The plane, can you fly it?
I could.
But there's no fuel.
ANA: Well, we they
have more here.
They had.
Whoever hit the camp last nighttook care of that very nicely.
Well, listen.
We-- we got to do something.
Just hold on.
We're staying put until
tomorrow's transmission.
And if I get this thingfixed in time, first thing,
we're going to ask for help.
What if they come back?
She's right.
We can't just sit here, Mark.
We would be asking for it.
Are there any
villages near here?
There is another
camp on the river.
It's 20 miles.
There you go.
All right.
I don't like it.
But it doesn't look like
we have much choice.
Try and get some
extra food together.
I'm going to go look for a gun.
[dramatic music]
Kill-- kill me.
I'm [inaudible].
[groans] Kill me!
Kill me!
Kill me!
The Indians
don't use firearms.
Tommy had a pistol.
It could have been him.
It might have been a handgun.
You two stay here.
I'll have a look.
[suspenseful music]
[ambient sounds of nature]
Ana, how'd you ever windup in a place like this?
Like everyone else,
looking for freedom.
Thank you.
Following my boyfriend, really.
He was a rebel.
The usual bullshit.
- Let's go.
- Why?
What happened?
About 300 yards from here,there's a corpse [inaudible]..
We're going to get a
plot in Forest Lawn.
So why don't we go shoot it?
Because you wouldn't last twominutes up there, that's why.
This place is
crawling with Indios.
Mark, aren't you goingto have something to eat?
No, maybe later.
Yours any good?
ANA: I don't know.
[suspenseful music]
Fran, stop!
FRAN: [screams]
[suspenseful music]
No, no!
Stop it!
I can't take this!
I can't take it!
It's all right.
They're toying with us.
I don't know why.
So let them.
Tomorrow we're going
to ask for help.
If today's stuff is asamazing as yesterday's, we'll
run a brief ad campaign andbroadcast live on Saturday.
Two minutes to showtime.
[water roaring]
Did you get it fixed yet?
I think so.
Where's Ana?
Getting us some more fruit.
Is it about time?
We've got a few minutes.
Well, we made it to this river.
And, um, I have
some very good news.
We found Tommy.
Well, actually, we
haven't found him.
But we-- we believe
he's [audio distorts]..
My god!
FRAN: Did you get that, Bob?
Please let me hear this.
Let me hear this.
FRAN: But we're pretty
sure that he's safe.
He wasn't among the victims.
BOB ALLO: Can't you
do anything about it?
FRAN: We believe
that Tommy is headed
[audio distorts],, which is atown about 10 miles from here.
Come back, goddammit!
Come back!
Bob, she said the
most important thing.
She said Tommy's alive.
[sighs] Yeah.
So far, they haven't
done us any real harm.
But still it doesn't look good.
Uh, if you could get
word to this other camp,
maybe they could
send us some help.
The Rio Negro.
Tell them it's
on the Rio Negro.
[sultry music]
What'll it be?
I have an appointment
with Fargas.
I called him here
a half hour ago.
Not a job.
All my stuff's top quality.
Where's Fargas?
Try the alley.
[door opens]
[horn honks]
[door opens]
[door closes]
You'll pardon
the show, Mr. Allo.
But, in my business, the bestprofile is a low profile.
Look, I don't care aboutyour wheelings and dealings.
I just want my son back.
That's all.
Look, Francis
betrayed the secret.
She shouldn't have
given you my number.
She didn't.
I took it.
I want to know where
those camps are.
[laughs] Nobody knows that.
This is $5,000.
10,000 more when I
get the information.
You know, I'm sticking
my ass way out, brother.
I'll be in touch.
Make it soon.
[door opens]
[dramatic music]
[water splashing]
[sound of struggle]
Mark, where are you?
[screams] Oh!
Where'd he go?
Oh, my god!
Are you all right?
[panting] Are you all right?
Is he dead?
God, I hope so.
[phone ringing]
I got the information.
You got the 10 thou.
It's in my goddamn pocket.
I told you I'd give it toyou when I get to your bar.
V-L-A-D-O. Vlado's camp.
Rio Negro.
[suspenseful music]
[ambient sounds of nature]
I think I smell pizza.
Listen, you stay
here with equipment.
I'll go find it.
[suspenseful music]
Just don't move.
Just relax.
I'm not going to go anywhere.
FRAN: Tommy!
Hey, don't shoot!
I'm Fran Hudson.
Don't you remember me?
I work for your father.
[breathing shakily]
Look, you just can't siton your ass and do nothing!
Look, all right.
All right, Mr. Allo.
Look, we got an operationin progress here.
But I'll jeopardize it.
I'm shorthanded.
But somehow I'll
find you the men.
But I want you to understandone thing perfectly clear.
If and when we do find
your boy, he's just
not going to walk out of here.
Uh uh.
Ana was the only decent
person I had down here.
[breathing shakily] Why
did it have to be her?
I don't know
what to say, Tommy.
Life's a bitch, man.
I'm sorry.
Did she, uh--
did she suffer?
[clears throat] No.
How's my dad?
Your dad is fine.
You know, I never reallyknew how much I loved him.
[engine starts]
Bring down the stuff.
[water splashing]
Tommy, come here
and give me a hand.
This thing's stuck.
We'll try and take
it downstream.
The best chance we've got ofbeing spotted if somebody sends
[water splashing]
[suspenseful music]
[water splashing]
Hey, Mark.
Hey, we got company.
They're a ways off.
Come on.
Tommy, try and
loosen those planks.
Mark, there's another one.
Let me try and use the motor.
Hey, you ready?
MARK: Yeah.
Get in the back.
Move back!
Here we go!
[upbeat music]
Can you guys really reachMiami with that thing?
When the equipment's
working we can.
Cross your fingers.
Fran, you've got 30 seconds.
Got to admit, I look like shit.
Life's a bitch, Fran.
Oh, you smart ass.
All right.
1, 2, go.
Well, here we are.
And we hope that
you're picking this up.
We do have Tommy with us now.
And Tommy is fine.
Why don't you say
something, Tommy?
WOMAN: Do you really think--
WOMAN: Well, look at the hair.God--
You're right.
You're absolutely right.
[laughs] It is.
My god, it's Tommy.
Lucy, they found Tommy.
FRAN: Marks' concerned
that we're getting quite
a ways away from the antenna.
But there's not really anythingthat we can do about that.
So, uh, we're
heading downstream.
We're looking for a village.
And when we get there, we'regoing to reorganize and then
start out looking for Horne.
[suspenseful music]
You see the blue spot here?
It's where we are.
Considering they
headed this way,
we can start sweeping thiswhole area and then we'll see.
[non-english speech]
There is a calling
helicopter for you.
[non-english speech]
[non-english speech]
On what?
Thank you.
I got it.
What did he say?
It seems that three hoursago, during the last hookup,
they were seen on
the river in a canoe.
My boy was with him.
[non-english speech]
I don't know.
It seems that some kind
of net caught the canoe
and they lost contact.
Don't worry.
Don't worry.
It's only 15 minutes
to the river.
Come on.
[airplane engine droning]
[indistinct conversation]
[helicopter blades beating]
Listen, we have one
hour of fuel left.
We can just make
two more sweeps.
Then we have to go all theway back to base [inaudible]..
[helicopter blades beating]
[suspenseful music]
I'm told you wanted
to, um, come meet me.
We wanted to interview
you for television live.
[laughs] It's illogical.
Uh, how can a dead man possiblyagree to such a request?
You know, you belong to thatfoul breed of hyenas that
treated these
sublime [inaudible]
as a crime of
collective madness.
You have condemned
and you've mocked us.
But worse, in coming here, youhave brought the world that we
have rejected on our trail.
You've exposed us
to contamination.
Your journey ends here.
[breathing shakily]
[non-english speech]
[helicopter blades beating]
What's up?
Round up all the canoes.
We're going to move everythingout of here tonight--
the leaves, the cocoa,the powder, the whole lot.
We'll move it down to
the [inaudible] hideout.
But there's tons.
Well, we're just
going to have to manage.
I've got a feeling that
those three have lowered
the knife down my throat.
Come the morning, we'llkill them and burn the camp.
[helicopter blades beating]
Can you hear?
They're buzzing aroundup there like mosquitoes.
[helicopter blades beating]
[inaudible] There he is!
That son of a bitch.
El Fantasma, the biggestcocaine runner in the business.
Look at the size of that camp!
[indistinct conversation]
Look on the pier.
That's el Fantasma.
We have been looking
for him for months.
There he is!
[non-english speech]
[suspenseful music]
Shit, we're probably goingto make a [inaudible] now.
We'll have to come
back tomorrow morning.
Too bad.
Anyway, el Fantasma and yourson I think is the same target.
[dramatic music]
The Colonel wants to see you.
He's curious about
your interview.
If our interior gaze
becomes [inaudible]
in the contemplation
of this garden,
we'll feel ourselvesstripped of the relativity
of our individual self.
While the intuition
of the absolute
fills us with such
serene wonder,
purifying our cloudy minds.
You see, Orientalphilosophy is the only form
of evolved thought able tograsp the essence of life.
Do you agree?
What did you hope to
gain by fighting me, hm?
Uh, an answer.
There are no answers.
Only actions.
For by our actions, wehave judged pure or unholy.
I-- I have no
intentions of judging
you in-- in any kind of way.
And in the morning, you'regoing to have the chance
to broadcast an action of mine.
[helicopter blades beating]
Open that up, would you?
Here, [inaudible].
When I begin, don't interrupt.
And keep that camera
on me at all times.
Do you understand?
Five seconds.
1, 2, go.
That's him, huh?
[inaudible] people.
WOMAN: What's he saying?
Well, I'll have tosummarize, Miss [inaudible]..
He's saying that
society's attitude
towards the Reverend Jonesis the reason he's, uh,
punishing us.
And he will own--
Your own instruments-- yourown instruments of corruption.
I've got it now.
People have cornered the
world cocaine market.
And he will destroy the
weak and chastise you
with the power he now holds.
I know because I personallyfelt the sting of corruption.
I bought my purity
at a great sacrifice.
And now I have but one goal--
to free humanity of
its self-indulgence,
purify it once and for all.
For all.
And so I offer my brothersmy body, my blood, my life.
What's he mean by that?
I make this supreme gesture--
What's he mean by that?
--so they may be fortifiedto go forth and strike
corruption a mortal blow.
Tell your cameraman
to hold steady.
I'm offering him a momentnot even the Reverend
Master Jones gave humanity.
[suspenseful music]
[crowd screaming]
[suspenseful music]
[flames crackling]
[crowd screaming]
MARK: Get the gun!
Mark, behind you!
Mark, watch out!
Fran, the plane!
The plane!
Try and hold them off!
FRAN: Jesus, here they come!
[crowd screaming]
[helicopter blades beating]
[crowd screaming]
[non-english speech]
We are going down.
[helicopter blades beating]
[door closes]
FRAN: Hey, Mark!
It's Bob!
Wait a minute!
What are you doing?
Do you actually think thatyou're going to fly this thing?
Sit down and put
your seat belt on.
[dramatic music]
Hello, Dad.
Hi, son.
[dramatic music]
Oh, my god!
[sobs] I can't believe this.
I'm home, Dad.
I'm home.
You're-- you all right?
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
He's really going to do it!
[airplane engine droning]
[helicopter blades beating]
[inaudible] Hey, youknow what I'm going to do?
I'm going to--
[gasps] [screams]
[groans] Ah.
[suspenseful music]
Is he dead?
[panting] [sobs]
It's going to be all right.
[upbeat music]
[airplane engine droning]