Cut Snake (2014) Movie Script

What do you want?
It's me.
Mervs' mate.
He's not here.
Can I come in anyway?
I've got something for you.
You're prettier than
he let on, missus.
I haven't been well.
Aw, that's a shame.
Let me do that for you.
Why don't you go and grab
us a couple of glasses?
I'm not going to nick anything.
The boy said he'd be around.
You haven't heard
from him, have you'?
Never one for
keeping up, that one.
Just like his dad and granddad.
All the men in this family.
Bloody useless!
What are you doing?
Why don't we go and
have those outside, eh?
It's a miracle day.
So Mervs, did you talk to Kev?
He said he's already got
another apprentice on, so...
Uh huh.
He said maybe give him a call
back at the end of the year.
Well, then why
don't I call him'?
Thanks, Mister McGrath.
Hey, young people have a hard
enough time getting ahead.
And if I can help you,
or Paula out, I will.
It's all lies.
I was a perfect child.
Marriage is about dependability.
Knowing you can rely on
it when you need it most.
To have constancy,
trust in another person,
to truly know that
person, well, that to me,
is the mark of true love.
So to my darling wife,
Thea, happy 30 dependable,
reliable years, love.
30 years!
I'm dying of jealously here.
Where did you get him again?
One, two- ...
When he fell from the sky.
Three, four!
All right, Nicolas is it!
Doesn't have
a mate, does he?
So when's that plumber coming?
It's not too early, is it?
I cancelled until pay day.
But mom and dad said...
I don't want to take any
more money from your parents.
We'll be all right
for a couple of days.
OK, Mister stand
on his own two feet.
Come and get me.
So lucky.
I'll fucking say.
Wait a minute.
Are we really going to do this?
Do you still want to?
You'll be the oldest
apprentice in history, mate.
Little kids will
throw stones at you.
I'll still be looking
younger than you, mate.
And how could you leave
this place, anyway?
Old fashioned charm.
Just watch me, mate.
Farrell, visitor!
What's she look like?
Knock out.
Fuck me!
All right, easy!
Look at you!
You've gone all skinny!
What about you?
What's happened to your lip?
You hiding from somebody?
Could ask the same
about you, mate.
Have you fixed that fence yet?
Oh, no.
We're going to finish it
off tomorrow morning, boss.
Well, you've
said your hellos.
Come on, let's go!
Sorry, mate.
I'm on strike two with
this prick already, so...
Yeah, right.
Maybe a drink later then?
Well, don't
sound too thrilled, mate.
No, no.
I am.
It's... thinking the
Rolls down on the corner,
I want to meet you there.
All right.
Don't get pissed
off on me again.
Looks like
everything's closing up.
We'll just have to
take me to your joint.
Oh, man, I've... I've...
You haven't tied it up, eh?
If I'd known.
I found out where you worked
in about 10 minutes flat,
didn't I?
So be nice.
Show me this little
hideout of yours.
What are you up to, eh?
Mervin Farrell doesn't
make rooms for a living.
It's just temporary.
I'm going into an
Cabinet making.
Don't you worry, I'll get
your little secret out of you.
So this your hideout, eh?
No way.
Fuck me.
Your own house.
You've even got veggies!
Just a bit of silver beet.
Silver beet.
Didn't know if it
would work, but-
It's magic.
Fucking magic.
Very nice.
You fixing it up?
Yeah, as much as I can.
What about the tour?
An first.
You making jams now, as well?
It's housewarming.
You've developed a
taste for quince, I see.
Not really.
You're a shit load older.
You're not drinking?
All right then.
Cheers then.
Listen, I'm really... I'm
really sorry that all this...
The hot and cold?
I didn't even know you were out.
What's that matter?
You're early.
So we have the whole afternoon.
Um... this is my mate
from Sydney, Jim Stewart.
Um, Paula.
So this is the big secret, eh?
Worth the surprise, mate.
Worth the surprise.
Good day, Paula.
I'm Jim, but you
can call me Pommie.
You've done real well for
yourself, young Sparra.
Real well.
Paula's dad found it.
Put a deposit on it.
Smart play, kid.
It's not like that.
Sure it's not.
Now look, some of the boys
have got a job on now.
I'm clean now.
You fucking serious?
Look, I can help you out
with anything you need.
Hotel, or anything.
That's real fucking
generous of you, mate.
Where's your lady friend?
Leave her out of it.
I just wanted to thank
her for her hospitality.
You always this slow'?
Well, it's normally just me.
I can go at my own pace.
Sit down, mate.
You're the guest.
Now that's exactly
why I should do my bit.
You've forgotten your fucking
manners, young Sparra.
I'm sorry, darling.
No, no.
I've heard worse.
You can take over, if you want?
So James, I didn't ask, is there
anyone special in your life?
Is she always this noisy?
Well, I was just asking.
I'm just teasing.
There's no one.
I reckon I should fall in love.
Look at what it's done
for this bloke, eh?
He's a charmer, isn't he?
Come on, let's get out of her.
Go and get a beer.
Well, where should we take him?
Suppose anywhere that we
can find pretty young ladies
like you, eh?
There she is.
She's my best friend.
She's made plans for us tonight.
Yvonne, this is James.
Hello, Yvonne.
Oh, hi.
You have enough room, or do
you need me to wriggle over?
That sounds
like an offer.
Let's just see how
we get on first, huh?
Oh, Paula.
I was at Lolly
Point this morning.
They have the cutest little
reception hall there.
If you're not getting
excited, I will!
Getting married on
me already, darling?
No, silly.
Oh, congratulations,
you sly bugger, eh!
Off the market before I had
the chance to steal her away.
No offense, sweetheart.
Come on, Yvonne.
In a hurry, Jim?
You have no idea, darling.
You know, Yvonne.
She can't keep her mouth shut.
No, she can't.
Thursday nights are
very interesting at this place.
Full of interesting types.
All right.
I'll fit right in then.
Hey, Wayne.
Hey, Yvonne.
Brought some friends.
Excuse me.
Sorry, darling.
I told you!
Looks like those
two are getting on.
Oh, welcome to Thursday
night at Blades.
Happy night, if you
know what I mean.
Oh, do we have anyone
from out of town tonight?
Over here!
Where from, sweetie?
From Sydney.
Sin City, is it?
Well, that is some haircut.
When did you get out?
Oh, I'm just joking.
Can't a girl make a joke?
So what's your name, soldier?
Well, James.
Big Jim, you in town for
business, or pleasure?
Don't tell me.
I can feel a bit of
your pleasure right now!
Some ice for the young man!
We had a plan, eh!
I told you, I'm clean now.
We had a plan!
All right?
And it was you and me,
not you, and me, and her,
and a fucking house, and
your fucking broomsticks!
Count me out now.
You made me a promise!
It was another life.
What are you doing?
Get out of my way, princess!
Is he OK?
Yeah, yeah.
He's fine.
Well, where is he?
Just stay.
Just stay.
What have you done?
I've only got about 30 seconds.
Come on!
Hey, missus.
We're all right to push off?
Hey, Pom's not
feeling very well,
do you mind if we head off?
Come on.
But what about Yvonne?
Bye, then.
What the
fuck did you do?
What's it look like?
Are you insane?
They know Yvonne.
Did you forget how easy it is?
Beats making broomsticks.
I want you gone.
No, you don't.
Yeah, I do.
I'm not coming back
inside for your shit.
Go, or I'll make you.
You can try, young Sparra.
Oh, sorry.
Just seeing if you had
everything you needed.
You're right.
Mind that , missus.
What's going on, Merv?
You never mentioned
him before tonight,
suddenly he's in our house,
he's sleeping five feet away
from us.
Who is he?
Pommie thinks we're a lot
closer than we actually are.
There's nothing more to know.
Yeah, there never is.
Oh, come on!
No, it's true, Merv.
You never talk about anything.
Your friends, your
family, nothing.
Like right now.
Just leave it, all right?
Shit head!
I'm going for a quick
beer, you up for it?
Oh, I've got to
sort something out.
I'll see you after lunch then.
Ben around?
Beer garden.
You Ben?
Don't need a broom, mate.
He was rude, don't you think?
Well, Merv said he was
having a rough nice.
No excuse.
I thought he was supposed
to be a gentleman.
You took him to see
drag queens, Yvonne.
If they can't cope
with my world- ...
Actually, do you mind if I
pop home, see how he's going?
Run along.
I can finish up.
Thank you.
Tell me if he talks
about me, will you?
Wolf Bailey reckons
you're a good bloke.
Says you might be able a man
acquire a hard to come by item.
Don't know him.
You heard of a wolf?
I know a few dogs.
So can you help me?
Oh, fuck it.
Put that fucking
thing down, man.
Shouldn't have.
You know what they about
the devil and idle hands.
Uh... I didn't know
where that lived.
I've never seen it before.
It's very kind of you.
Ah, I just think it
was an.
So how'd you two meet, anyway?
I was visiting my
cousin in Sydney.
She was the one
having the party.
And Merv was there
and we just clicked.
Talked all night.
I mean, I did most
of the talking.
He doesn't talk much, does he?
Anyway, I was coming back here
the next day, so I thought...
You thought?
I thought nothing more of it.
And a week later I
got a call from Merv
asking me if I wanted to go out.
Sneaky bugger.
So he jumped a train
from Sydney to Melbourne
to take you out for a pizza, eh?
Sounds like you two got
something real special.
My turn.
What happened last
night between you two?
Come on, Paula.
He's a mate.
And I'm his fiancee.
Then he should tell you.
Well, he should.
And it's unfair of
me to ask you, but...
You're just not going
to give it up, are you?
You know, I really am
starting to like you.
When Merv was young, he
got into a bit of trouble.
He got in with the wrong crowd.
He did a bit of time.
And that's how you met?
What did he do?
Not much, you know.
He nicked a car,
got into a fight.
I can't even remember.
Anyway, last night, I
told him to come clean.
You're getting married,
you deserve to know.
You're spending the rest
of your live with him.
You all right'?
Don't know.
Come here.
I probably shouldn't
have told you, huh?
No, I-I asked you, so-
What's the hurry?
Uh, need to get home.
I'll catch you tomorrow?
See you tomorrow.
We're going on a picnic.
Got your medicine, mate.
I'm not really in the mood.
Get in you big sook.
Come on.
You know there's nothing
you can't tell me.
What does that mean?
I just don't want us
to have any secrets.
I'm serious.
I love you.
I love you, too.
What are you doing?
Getting some more beers.
Come on.
What'd you say to her?
Did we
leave the lights on'?
Oh, shit.
What's happened?
Just wait here a
minute, all right?
They're gone, whoever they were.
Who would do this?
I'll go out and see if
anyone's hanging around.
It'll be all right.
Fuck me.
Didn't think they'd
come back at us.
You robbed their club,
what do you expect?
All right, then.
Let's go and fix it then.
What do you mean?
Well, what are you going to do?
Call the cops?
Oh, fuck you.
You caused this, you fix it!
Hang on a minute there, mate.
You know these blokes.
You've known them all your life.
There's only one way
to deal with them.
And if you don't,
they'll have you.
You remember what that feels
like, don't you, young Sparra?
Your pretty little
Paula in there'?
She won't be safe in that house.
She won't be safe in
that fucking town.
And you know I'm
right, don't you.
They're coming.
They haven't taken
anything, they
just... I'm calling the police.
No, no, no.
Why not?
Can we just talk inside
for a sec, please?
We can't call the police.
Tell me why.
Just say it!
Because you were in prison.
I've done my time.
How much time?
Four years.
Four years?
What did you do?
Me and a mate got into a fight.
We both got hurt.
It was an accident.
Why didn't you tell me?
Knock, knock.
I'm sorry, Paula.
This is all my fault.
I reckon the guy
that did this, me and him
shared a few harsh words
the other night.
Yvonne's friend.
That's how they knew
how to come here.
I reckon he was
jealous, or something.
I could have handled it better.
Anyway, I should go get on
and eat a piece of humble pie.
And then we'll get back
and we'll fix this up.
Good as new.
Wait, why do you have to go?
I'll probably start
cause more trouble.
We Won't do anything stupid.
Take me to Yvonne's.
Give me the keys.
Just give me the fucking keys.
What are you doing?
You want to fix this, or not?
Come on.
That way.
Remember me?
Fuck off!
Hey, now.
I thought we already
had that discussion
about our manners, mate.
You blokes, go to Sydney!
We're protected.
You're making a big mistake!
Come here!
We're square now, yeah?
It's done?
Is that it?
No, no.
I fucking knew it!
What are you guys doing here?
Where's Bruce?
Brucie's not here.
Pommie, don't.
Come on, Sparra.
Come on.
Listen, man, I know.
Come here, come on.
Come here.
Where are you going?
Come here!
This isn't me anymore!
Yes, it is!
Come here!
Come here!
If I see you again, I'll
call the cops myself.
You wouldn't fucking do that.
I mean it!
I meant it, Pommie.
I don't want this.
Hi, I need to see her.
Come back in the morning.
I can't wait.
She'll find you when
she's ready, Merv.
It's fine.
I told her we had a fight.
Did We?
You said there wasn't
going to be anymore trouble.
There's always
going to be trouble.
Look at me.
I don't care.
I don't care that
you went to prison.
I only care that you lied to me.
I was scared.
I was... I was scared you were
going to look at me like you're
looking at me right now.
Looking for someone?
Am I ugly?
No, love.
You're beautiful.
You've been in the
wars, haven't you?
But all that's over now.
I'm tired.
I'm just tired.
There, there.
You're OK.
You're safe now.
Hey, hey!
Don't do that!
Come here!
Get off me!
Just... get off!
Come here!
My dad had a temper.
I spend most my growing
up years just trying
to stay out of his way.
And then one time,
he hit me so hard he
broke my jaw in three places.
It was just after
my ninth birthday.
Mom packed me and my sister
in the car and left him.
You have a sister?
In Perth.
Let's go there.
Just for a couple of months.
Just until I figure
out what to do.
I thought you'd sorted
things with Wayne.
It's not Wayne, it's Pommie.
He says I owe him
from prison days.
How much do you owe him?
Because maybe mom
and dad could...
It's not money.
He wants me to go
back to the way I was.
You're not going to do that.
But you don't know
what he's capable of.
Maybe we should call the police?
No police.
I say we run.
Just for now.
It's going to be OK.
Where are you going?
We're going to need money.
Don't open the door to anyone.
You two are such animals.
Honey, what's up?
Do you mind if I
borrow your car?
Paula McGrath.
Mind if we look around?
Hey. Neil?
Paula and I are going to
go away for a few days.
Can you cover for me?
Boss wants a word.
Knock, knock.
Sorry for running off on you
the other night at.
Pretty women make me panic.
Well, what do you want?
Well, some water for
these would be a start.
So where's your
boyfriend, Paula?
I don't know.
Why are you looking for him?
Merv Farrell and Jim Stewart
are wanted in connection
with an assault at Blades
Nightclub last night.
You still don't
know where he is'?
Merv was with me last night.
He was with you?
Seems our eye witness was lying.
He was with me.
Now as you don't seem to want
to find out who did this,
I think you should leave.
I know your type, Paula.
You like the bad boys, eh?
You don't know
anything about me.
Let me tell you a fact.
James Stewart is a
coldblooded killer.
Now if you see Stewart, or
your boyfriend, you ring me.
They call you
Sparra, don't they?
That's a message for me.
It's got nothing to do
with you, all right?
I'll clean it up...
Clean out your locker!
I don't want to see you again.
I didn't do it, OK?
Why would I write my
own name on the wall?
You know, you front
up, no resume, nothing.
But I give you a shot
and how do you repay me?
You shit on my wall?
I didn't do it!
Now get out of here
before I call the cops!
Just listen!
Listen to me for a sec.
Find Paula.
I was with Paula all
night last night.
Call her.
Police, please.
Merv, Merv!
I don't know what you
got yourself into, mate.
Just run.
Merv Farrell?
We just need a word!
Grab him!
Just like.
Where's Yvonne?
Pommie wants us all
to go out tonight.
Said he has to promise
not to abandon me again.
Don't worry, Yvonne.
I can't anyway.
I wouldn't mind a cup of tea.
Well, you know
where the kitchen is.
You need to get out of here.
It's a little late for
that, don't you think?
I know everything about you.
Not everything, I bet.
And you're still with him?
Did he tell you that
I made him do it?
Because he came onto me.
I hadn't even fucked a bloke
until he crawled up on my bunk.
You're disgusting.
So you don't know
everything, do you?
I don't believe you.
Yeah, you do.
You knew there was something
different about him,
didn't you?
That something is me.
Hey, we've got to go!
What's wrong?
Don't touch me.
What's wrong.
Did you fuck him?
Did you fuck him?
You understand what it's like.
Listen, listen, listen.
Young guys get bought
and sold in there.
You don't... you don't... it's
not what you're thinking.
It's... listen, listen,
listen, listen!
It's not what you-
Don't fucking
touch me ever again!
Just listen to me first!
Listen to me for a second!
Let me explain!
I was going to tell you!
Come here!
What are you going do, mate?
You going to lie for
the rest of your life?
I'm setting you free, Sparra.
There you go.
Just like you did to me.
Who takes another
man's prison mug'?
You cheap bastard.
You know what we should do?
What should we do, young Sparra?
I saw you take the key from
the club, the key to the safe.
No one would be stupid enough to
rob the same place three nights
in a row.
You just tried to kill me.
What do you reckon?
Feeling stupid?
Come here.
Bring us another.
All right.
I thought you wanted
him to remember us.
Here you are, sir.
It's about time.
Thank you.
Maybe you'd be more
comfortable at a smaller
table near the back?
What's that supposed
to some mean?
All right.
No, no.
What's that supposed to mean?
Sparra, it's a good idea.
Let's go in the back.
Excuse me, you
have to leave now.
Sorry about that.
He's had a bit much to drink.
I'll get him home.
Don't overdo it, mate.
All right.
I'm just going to go
and clean myself up.
Here, I'll fix you
up for all that.
You know what?
Just take all that, mate.
Look, I need you to know,
I'm going to get rid of him
What are you going to do?
I don't know.
I'm making it up as I go along.
We're going back to the club.
Merv, please don't
do anything stupid.
Yeah, hello.
I need the police.
I thought you'd fallen in, mate.
Sorry about that.
Where are you going now?
I need to see him.
You can't just
forgive him, Paula.
I haven't.
You looking for that, mate'?
I thought we might need it.
I'll hold Onto it.
Too fucking easy, boys.
Reckon they'll show?
I'm not taking any chances.
This ends tonight.
Very fucking funny, mate.
Open the door.
Open the door, Sparra.
I don't want to do this, Pom,
but you gave me no choice.
What are you talking about?
Open the door.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
You fucking dick.
Open the fucking door!
He's got a fucking gun!
He's got a fucking gun!
Call the cops!
Good day.
Where in the hell are you going?
What'd I just say?
What are you doing?
Get out of here.
I was worried about you.
I'm trying to fix things.
They're in the office and
they've got guns this time.
You leave this to us.
You're trapped!
Fuck off!
Throw out your weapons!
How do we get out?
This way.
Come on.
You're fucked,
Stewart, and you know it!
Bring it on, you fuckers!
Just got back up.
Draw your weapons
out, or we open fire!
Fuck you!
What was that?
Come on!
Come on!
Get out of the way!
You fucking bitch!
They're down there!
Get the fuck up, or I'll
show you!
Pom, listen!
They're in there.
These blokes are
armed and dangerous,
so take no bloody chances!
There's no other
way out, Stewart!
Tell them off.
Shut up!
You started this!
You crawled up onto my bunk!
Do you remember that?
You wanted me.
Four years, you were with me!
Four years!
Do you love me?
Did you love me?
You hated me.
Of course, I loved you.
Of course, I did.
You were everything,
but I'm with Paula now.
I can have a life
with her, Pommie.
You know I can.
I love her.
You fucking coward!
Now I get to break
Get out of the way!
Get out of the way.
You have to kill me.
Shut up!
You have to kill me.
Shut the fuck up.
Shut the fuck up.
You'll never have me.
You fucker!
Turn around!
You, get down there!
Go on!
Go on!
You come with me.
That's him!
That's Stewart!
I've got your fucking
informer right here
and I will shoot him!
We give up!
Put the gun down!
We give up!
Get back!
Get back now!
What do you want to do, Boss?
Put the gun down, Jim.
We won't hurt you.
Fuck you.
I'm going to blow
his fucking head off.
I knew he was working
for you coppers!
You and him set me up!
What are you doing, Pom?
What are you doing?
They'll shoot you.
Get down.
Get down on your fucking knees!
Don't shoot!
Don't shoot!
Don't shoot!
It's not what you think.
He's not going to hurt me!
Put the gun down, Stewart!
No fucking way!
You don't have to do this!
Don't look at me!
Pommie, you don't
have to do this.
I told you, I'm
going to set you free.
Don't shoot!
Get up, Merv.
Stand up.
Get them out of here.