Cutie Honey: Live Action (2004) Movie Script

I love bubble bath time.
Makes me feel so good.
Hey, it's uncle Uzuki.
Hello, Uncle?
Hi Honey. I finally found
what you were talking about.
It was entrusted to me by...
What the...
Uncle? What happened?
No time to waste.
Not enough energy.
Shoot. Nothing to wear.
Garbage Bag
This'll have to do.
- A garbage bag?
- What the...
Thanks a lot.
Ah, my belly's full.
But can I make it?
Emergency deployment confirmed.
Roger. All gates blocked.
Request for cooperation from MLI and the Tokyo Governor approved.
Central Government and Kanagawa forces
in position.
Perfect. Trapped like a rat.
Status report.
Yes Ma'am.
At present, Dr. Uzuki is unhurt.
The kidnappers' demands?
At this time, none.
In broad daylight. How dare they.
Let's talk direct.
Release the Doctor and surrender.
Do you think you can escape?
Boring. Not even a good time-killer.
What? I didn't hear you.
Too soft.
It's not so easy. You think you've got
the upper hand on Panther Claw gang?
Panther Claw?
I am one of the Four Claws. Gold Claw.
How 'bout having some fun with me?
Battle is strength in numbers.
You killed each other?
That was close. Are you okay?
They're okay.
Get 'em.
Keep your nose out of it.
I can take care of
this little problem.
So insistent.
Boss Gold Claw.
We lost Dr. Uzuki.
Bye bye.
A traitor?
That soldier beat me up.
Follow them.
I found him. Here he is.
Boss Gold Claw, I captured Dr. Uzuki.
You wasted my time.
So sorry.
Attention! You in the strange armor.
We now have Dr. Uzuki.
Disarm and give up.
You're talking nonsense. We have him.
The real Dr. Uzuki.
That means...
You are not Dr. Uzuki.
What took you so long?
Honey Flash!
Who the hell are you?
I'll tell you...
Sometimes I'm a speed racer.
Sometimes I'm a policewoman.
A Panther Claw soldier.
Even a double for Dr. Uzuki.
Who I am is...
Warrior of Love, Cutie Honey!
Cutie Honey
She's a girl who's always on the scene
A girl with a cute behind
Please look my way, Honey
'Cause somehow, 'cause somehow
Pretty please, pretty please
Don't hurt me like this
My heart is...
Tickling, tickling
Please don't look at me that way
Honey Flash!
I will transform
Hey you, Panther Claw. Surrender.
I can have fun with you.
She's a girl who's always on the scene
A girl with perfect boobs
Please look my way, Honey
'Cause somehow, 'cause somehow
Pretty please, pretty please
Don't come any closer
My nose is...
Twitching, twitching
Please don't look at me that way
Honey Flash!
Let's have fun, Chickadee!
Ready when you are!
Gold Attack!
Ouch, that hurt.
Now the fun's over, Chickadee.
Gold Missile!
Hey, where's Dr. Uzuki?
I'm not done having fun,
but I have a delivery to make!
Bye Chickadee!
Not so fast.
Honey Boomerang!
I can't believe it.
He's okay. Just unconscious.
Thank God.
I'm police inspector Aki Natsuko.
You're under arrest.
Detained at 11:22.
Not impressed with
your unlawful arrest.
- Who are you?
- Hayami Seiji.
- What the...
- Journalist.
Why is a citizen here?
Let alone the media?
Good question.
An unidentified party. Arrest him.
Yes, ma'am.
Just like that? It's not fair.
Both of you, this way.
Trying to escape?
Yep. Don't have much time.
Honey Flash!
Damn. I've lost my lead.
Happiness is not coming my way
So I am going toward happiness
Good morning everyone.
Good morning.
Good morning.
It's not "good morning".
It's good afternoon.
Yes... Good morning.
Gimme a break. I wish someone
would fire that girl.
Young people nowadays are slackers.
No juice in them.
"Serial Abduction of
Beautiful Girls!"
Miss Kisaragi.
Yes, sorry! I'll only eat or sing.
Don't do either. Just work, work.
Serve tea to everyone.
Yes, right away.
Well... who's working the hardest?
Good job.
Here's some tea.
Here you are.
This is for your hard work.
Take a break.
All done.
What a useless temp.
First is the section chief and
his assistant, okay?
Then, the chief clerk and his.
Next is me, and then go by age.
When are you gonna get our procedures?
I thought my way could
make people happy.
Are you stupid? How old are you?
Almost one year since I was re-born.
You're talking nonsense.
Don't you think we'd better fire her?
"Do Not Enter"
These facts are hard to believe.
But they're true.
Please read my report.
The fact is that the Tokyo Bay Aqualine
was disrupted and...
there's no clear repair schedule
nor any trace of a criminal group.
This is a disgrace!
There was the precious metals heist.
The serial abductions. Media fodder.
It's a huge headache...
Chief, some coffee.
Don't bother.
- So what should we...
- Wait for my orders.
How long have I been doing people's
work in exchange for rice balls?
Anyway, I love rice balls,
so it's okay.
Good job today.
Where should we go for dinner?
How about a movie and then dinner?
Lucky them.
I wanna have fun with them, too.
But I should stay and
finish today's work.
Working overtime again?
Yep. I can't say no to rice balls.
Well, keep at it.
This is for you.
Thanks so much.
Yummy! Your homemade rice balls
are so tasty!
Oh, I can help you.
- Yeah, help me?
- Sure, no problem.
Morning, pussy cat.
You came to see me again.
Hey, are you listening?
Oh, I've gotta call my uncle.
Hello, Dr. Uzuki is not available now.
He's with the Panther Claw gang.
Even if you have a message, just
give up and please hang up.
Oh, no!
What're you talking about?
Can't trust people
to do a job properly.
Aki Natsuko.
I'll start with...
the leads I have.
Where's Ms. Kisaragi?
Not here. Looks like she's late.
Again? What the hell?
Inspector Aki Natsuko, Central
I'm not leaking any info.
I don't want to catch hell
from upstairs.
Please sign last month's invoice.
Good timing. Give me a status update.
What the...?
Why the hell are you asking?
I'm not telling.
Stop busting my balls.
I thought I could find some clues
at the police station.
You seem to be in some trouble, lady.
We met at the...?
Yes. Let me introduce myself properly.
Hayami Seiji, journalist.
Nice to see you again.
Thank you.
You're way cuter than I've heard.
You live up to the name
"Cutie Honey".
Whoa, you don't need to use
the i-System.
How come you know?
My profession. Searching for the truth
is my job.
Why are you here?
To give you a clue.
Why to me?
'Cause I'm on your side.
On my side?
Why are the Panther Claw
warriors so powerful?
Because nano-machines have been
fused into their bodies.
You must know about it well.
It sure sounds like a system
I've heard about before.
No way.
Right. The technology your deceased
father Dr. Kisaragi developed...
i-System has the same principle.
Could that be what they want?
As you said, your father was killed
because of it.
Now Dr. Uzuki, who's taken over
the research, has been kidnapped.
First, my father was killed.
Now my uncle...
Do you want to know more?
Yeah, I do.
Then let's make a deal.
What was that just now?
A token of our new acquaintanceship.
What kind of deal?
Exclusive rights to interview you.
I want to hear everything, too.
How did you know that I can't refuse
women, Natty?
Natty, hey Natty.
The Panther Claw gang,
a criminal group...
Are the ultimate egotists, and don't
choose how to satisfy their needs.
Also, their bodies are armed with
countless weapons.
They're a dreadful gang.
So that's the Panther Claw gang...
Who is the head?
The boss is called "Sister Jill".
Sister Jill...
It's been too long, Sister Jill.
You've returned to us
from Panther Zora.
We are so pleased.
Are you going all alone?
Of course. This is a job for police.
Okay. At least let me drive you.
I'll walk. Investigating is
based on legwork.
- Natty, I'll cooperate with you.
- No need.
- I'll join you.
- Pesky.
Well, I'll be going.
All I can depend on is the system.
Right. Follow my orders.
It's been too long, Sister Jill.
I'm delighted to see your
unchanged beauty.
Let us celebrate her 2,222nd awakening!
From the four of us...
Small tokens of our appreciation.
Black Claw.
Cobalt Claw.
Gold Claw.
Scarlet Claw.
Firstly, 10,000 warriors in servitude
to Great Jill.
Followed by your meal...
A fresh supply of women for a year.
As pleases you, weapons made of
pure gold.
Strong and beautiful.
Finally, as stunningly monumental
as you wished...
The newly constructed
"Jill Tower".
If you have any further requests,
we patiently await them.
And will most happily fulfill them.
Nothing has changed in this incredibly
boring world.
Oh, Great Jill. One final thing...
I would like to inform you...
Even so, Panther Claw killed my dad,
and now Uncle is wrapped up in this.
You can't forgive them?
Of course not!
Revenge will leave you empty.
Better stop it.
What do you mean?
Hate doesn't suit you.
If you battle them out of hate,
it wouldn't make your father happy.
Then for what?
That you have to find out
for yourself.
No matter what,
they'll be after you now.
Watch out, they aren't that easy.
Someone's tailing us.
Pretty obviously.
Yes, ma'am! No problem. They have
no idea we're tailing them.
They just put their hazard lights on.
It looks like they're stopping.
The door is opening and a lady is
getting out. What should I do?
- Bye!
- She's waving!
Follow her.
Yes ma'am! I'll follow her.
Now what?
See ya.
Oh, no! It's already that late?
That light...
It can't be...
An unidentified woman called
"Cutie Honey"?
So far, she's evenly matched against
the Four Claws.
I assume she is somehow related to
the i-System.
Find her.
Yes, Oh Great One.
The report isn't credible.
Dr. Kisaragi's daughter died in an
accident a year ago.
Yeah, that's true, but...
She holds to the key to the
i-System, for sure.
Stick to her.
Yeah, real soon.
So. What's the next step?
Good morning.
Not morning. It's way past
"good afternoon", too.
Why you are sometimes here and
sometimes not here?
I'm really sorry.
Don't say "I'm sorry". This is a
company, right?
Aki Natsuko, police inspector.
It's definitely her.
She was at the battle with Honey.
They must be conspiring together.
What a tactless report. No matter...
If the information isn't correct,
I'll just kill her.
You had a rice ball yesterday.
You were eating one, for sure!
Kisaragi's staring at us again.
She's so creepy.
'Cause she doesn't have any friends
to talk to.
You have a visitor.
First time.
Wow, Natty!
Bye now.
Why are you running?
- You have a guilty conscience, right?
- Not at all.
- I have some questions I want to ask.
- Well, I'm working now.
Not here. Come with me.
Good for you.
You finally made a friend.
Sorry, I only drink brewed coffee.
Whoa, snobbish.
Then I'll have it.
Let me get to the point.
I'll never never break up with you!
Disgraceful. I hate crying women.
Okay, I get it.
Men just like young girls, right?
That's all they want. Stupid!
My mascara's running.
You, get back to work.
Don't sneak out and skip work. Stupid!
It's not good here either. This way.
Oh, okay.
Screw this. I should go for a new guy.
Now to the point. I looked you up in
our databases.
Nothing came up. Who the hell are you?
What about Cutie Honey? And the
Where's the Panther Claw gang?
Tell me everything you know!
"Do anything to achieve your goals"
Words to live by.
Who the hell is calling now?
It's me. Hayami Seiji.
How did you get my number?
Searching for the truth is my job.
Anyway, don't be rash.
They're already watching you.
What do you mean?
Panther Claw's already there?
The door is closing.
Keep your nose out of my business.
I can take care of it.
Anyway, what was that?
Someone you know?
I thought I knew them, but maybe...
I don't.
Fishy. Very fishy.
I'll interrogate you at the station.
What the hell. She left her clothes.
Now, you can not run away.
You'd better hurry up and tell me what
you know about Honey.
Speak up.
I'd like to know, too.
That's a disappointment.
Honey Flash!
Do you want to play, darling?
You part of Panther Claw?
I am the one of the Four Claws.
I am Cobalt Claw.
I'll take that mysterious device.
Along with your neck.
You killed my father. I'll never
hand it over.
Is she...
Cutie Honey?
I always get what I want.
I pursue out of strong desire.
That's our style.
Style? You should consider others!
What a fantastic scream.
No wonder I can't stop killing people.
Is this how you killed my father
a year ago?
Darling, do you remember
what you ate a year ago?
I'll never ever forgive you.
That's really not hurting me at all.
Oh, my! I'm not partial
to heat, though.
It's hot!
How do you feel now?
Stop it! I'm in agony!
Good. You're okay.
No I'm not. What's happening?
- What about Honey?
- It's really hot in here.
We have to stop her.
I need your help.
"Out of Range"
What can I do?
Hey, you have to change back.
No! If I stop now I can't avenge
my father.
Criminals should be arrested. Stop it!
Shut up! I can't forgive them.
Honey's heart filled with
anger and hate...
burning Cobalt Claw to a crisp.
I have no interest in the weak.
To see Honey's glow,
there's no doubt...
Dr. Kisaragi succeeded in
disassembling and reconstructing
quark level materials through
nano-machine technology.
I cannot be completely contemptuous of
this world
as a human was able to invent
an ideal way to grant me
everlasting beauty.
You smiled for the first time.
is not necessary for me.
Her power is limited because
her body is based on human cells.
As I thought, this is Honey's
only weak point.
Where am I?
Are you awake?
Thank you. You helped me.
Under the circumstances.
I prefer not having any guests.
Anyway, about your...
I prefer not to talk
about it to anyone.
It was a gift from my dad.
I died in an accident a year ago.
But I came back to life.
Thanks to the i-System
my dad invented.
Yeah. Imaginary Induction System.
That's what this necklace is.
So you mean you're a robot?
An android?
I can't believe it.
The same as a human being, right?
This is a copy of the body
I used to have.
But I don't have any memories
of my past.
Even about my dad, I only remember him
holding my hand.
Anyway, I can always make
new memories, right?
The first outsider who knows
Honey's identity.
But it's all good.
Sorry I dragged you into this.
Don't worry. It's part of my job.
Today I realized something
for the first time.
Hating people feels really scary.
Loving people is just as scary.
If they're both the same, I definitely
prefer loving someone.
So that's what
Seiji was talking about.
I'm going to sleep.
Good night.
My body has weakened more than
I expected.
We must hurry to get the i-System.
Yes, Oh Great One.
What the hell?
Oh good, they're blooming!
Aren't they beautiful, Natty?
Keep your nose out of it.
Thank you.
You're not happy they bloomed?
You used the i-System, right?
Yep. i-System can stimulate life.
But it can't create new life.
So, I like living things.
But it has no meaning. Flowers need to
be taken care of to bloom.
If you're feeling better, could you
leave now?
Someone is calling "Honey"
Coming through the night sky
When I look back, I'm alone
Always in darkness
When was it
We looked up at the stars together?
It's okay
I'm okay
I knew this would happen
Someone is calling "Honey"
"Honey", "Honey"
I've heard that voice before
I'll drag them into trouble again.
I shouldn't be here.
Excuse me,
but haven't I met you before?
No, you haven't!
I pressured the Government and
Foreign Affairs.
Following your game plan.
All right.
The report deadline is getting close.
Maybe it's time
to stop messing around?
Don't sweat it. I've got it covered.
In your hour of need,
the Organization's not on your side.
Aki Natsuko.
As of tomorrow you're on the serial
kidnapping case.
The US Government are running
out of patience.
They'll handle the Doctor's case.
With the blame laid on me?
It's your responsibility. Naturally.
There's nothing else you can do.
From the beginning, I don't expect
much from youth.
You'll get an official notice.
Relinquish your weapon.
"Aki Natsuko"
I can't do anything with no clues.
I can't solve it by myself.
I should give in and ask for help.
What's this about?
Don't be difficult. Have some sake.
I've done some research on you.
Your favorite flower is the aster.
Your favorite word is "perfect".
And your favorite drink is
Yamaguchi Sake.
You forgot one. I hate male
newspaper journalists.
I choose to drink alone.
Just like your work.
Playing hard to get.
I wish you'd understand a man's
feelings of devotion.
Good morning.
What are you doing here?
I called Seiji and he told me to
come right over.
Did I screw up?
Just bad timing.
I don't know what I did, but sorry.
Whatever. I've decided I don't want
anything to do with you.
It's fate that we met again.
Fate? It's the newspaper's
journalist's scheme.
But now that we're together...
I guess I'm talking to myself.
You'd have more fun if you could
enjoy your life, Natty.
Since you're living anyway.
Shut up!
You're already drinking?
And like a fish.
Is she okay with alcohol?
We'll see.
Doesn't look good.
Annoying. I told you I hate
crying women.
Then you should smile more.
Stop it!
Like this. Like this.
Oh yeah.
For future reference, I'll check out a
man's room.
Hey, Honey. Don't go in there.
Ta da!
Wow, you're really researching me...
Something about those two.
Like a fish.
Like a school of fish.
I can't take any more.
I'll sing.
Do you have karaoke?
This is a suite room, right?
You didn't set it up?
Hey, use your "Honey Flash" to
start up the karaoke.
The winter scenery
at Tsugaru Channel
Summer girl...
That bikini looks so good on you
It's exciting!
About this time tomorrow
I'll already be on the train
Enough. That's enough.
I'm exhausted.
Honey seems to have a human heart.
And she seems to have a bond with
Dr. Uzuki.
Perhaps the best plan is to extend an
invitation to her?
In the situation I'm in,
I wake up in a strange man's room
with a hangover.
This is bad.
Don't add to my monologue.
I guess I'm on your wavelength.
Shut up! Keep your nose out of it.
What's up Honey? Where's Natty?
Do you think Natty hates me?
She's just confused.
She acts strong by not getting
close to others.
She doesn't know how to deal with
someone like you.
Hmm, so what should I do?
Honey is Honey. Be who you are.
This one.
Miss Honey Kisaragi.
On this day we cordially invite the
three of you
to our place, "Jill Tower".
Wait a sec. Where is it?
The details are on the invitation.
Please take note of the formal
dress code for the event.
Very well then.
Good day to you.
Three people are invited, right?
That means the other person is...
Here you are. Hope it helps you.
I have connections after years
on the force.
- Remember that.
- Yes.
But if they find out,
you could be reprimanded.
The brass won't notice as long as the
paperwork matches.
Remember that.
The true identity of the journalist.
He worked really hard to get this.
I'm only good at hacking.
I see. Now it makes sense.
Thanks to both of you.
First time we've heard those words.
Let's remember it.
I have some minor business
to attend to, so let's split up.
Okay. Good luck.
- Bye.
- See you later.
I have to dress up, too!
You look cute.
I was expecting you.
What's with your hair?
You left the price tag on your dress.
Is my hair that bad? I couldn't do a
thing with it. Finger perm.
You can use "Honey Flash".
I don't cheat anymore. I should do
things for myself.
So be it. This way.
Yes, sir!
You're good, Natty.
Of course. I've done my best to do
things for myself.
Good job.
Okay. All done.
Thanks. Hey, your glasses are
still broken.
Don't worry.
- They need to be fixed.
- Forget it.
It's not good.
Huh? There's no prescription.
They're fake.
Shut up!
I'll fix them for you.
I thought you quit "cheating"?
For myself, but I'm willing to use
it to help others.
You look cute with glasses, but...
You also look cute without them.
Keep your nose out of it.
Here you go.
Anyway, I'll rescue Dr. Uzuki alone.
Not together?
Thanks, but I'll find my own way.
Natty. Good luck.
So, let's go.
Sister Jill.
I'll bring her neck to you this time.
Gold Claw.
There's no need for you to go.
Please forgive me, Sister Jill!
I failed to beat her the first time.
But next time I will definitely win!
How ugly.
To end a career begging
for one's life. Beyond help.
Very well. We will immediately set a
suitable stage
for Honey's visit.
It's time.
My Tokyo Tower!
Who is it?
We've been waiting for you,
Dear Honey.
Panther Claw. Where is my uncle?
What you seek is over there.
Please don't worry. We've been
accessing his mind directly
to ask about the i-System.
It can't be! His memories...
We stole them.
We believe people would be happier
without memories.
Hang on, Uncle.
It's me, Honey.
Uncle. That watch belonged to my dad.
Even though his memories have
vanished, his love seems to remain.
Of course! Even if you rob our
cherished memories, or take our lives
you can never steal love from anyone.
Your uncle is over here with us...
However, we'll be waiting for you
and will not let you pass.
Then I'll defeat you all!
Will you be able to?
I'll show you!
Honey Flash!
We'll be sure to present your glow to
Sister Jill.
Get ready, Panther Claw.
I have to rush to help the Doctor.
I won't let you go any further.
I, Scarlet Claw will...
take your neck.
Holy cow!
Fantastic view. How amazing.
As befits my name,
Scarlet Beam is brilliant.
And powerful, as always.
Go ahead and dodge it again.
If you run away, I'll be forced to
create another great view.
It's time to get your neck.
Ow ow ow!
I'm having a hellacious time.
I shall get my revenge.
This is the Jill's real form.
By demanding completely perfect cells,
Jill's closer to vegetation.
My job's done.
It's against my client's wishes, but
I'll use it anyway.
I've been trying to find you,
Black Claw.
Why didn't you fight until the death?
It's your turn. Kill her.
Cut her head off.
So unrefined.
Those who don't know their own place
are beyond help.
Battle is
The ultimate pleasure
By my strength
Those strong bodies will lay
Only in that moment
Can my desire be fulfilled
Ah, ah, I am the one
Ah, ah, I am the strongest warrior
Black Claw has arrived
I'll omit the second verse.
I'm ready, Honey.
Are you safe?
I'll join you soon.
I have to go help Dr. Uzuki right now.
- Who are they'?
- The women who were kidnapped.
The kidnapping case was
Panther Claw as well?
They were Jill's energy supply.
I used an anti-nano device
to weaken Jill's power and release
the women.
Fantastic. Superb, Honey.
This fight brings me great pleasure.
Perhaps for the first time.
Make my desire burn more and more.
Very sorry.
Black Tornado!
I won't let you escape.
Panther Claw. Release Dr. Uzuki
All right, but...
under one condition.
Don't do it, Natty!
Let me continue enjoying this.
The supreme pleasure of ending
someone's life by my own hand.
I'm running out of energy!
Honey, you did well. I praise you.
Daddy. Please protect me.
Oh, no! My head is spinning.
In this world, desire produces power.
In both lightness and darkness,
I've achieved total enlightenment.
And combined everything in my being.
Thus, I shall never lose.
Honey Boomerang!
I've gotta go.
I have to go save him.
I'm here. Let my uncle go.
He's already been released,
as promised.
And now he's been substituted by...
Forget me. Run away.
You might be able to withstand it,
but how about her?
I believe the smartest idea would be
to hand over the i-System to us.
Don't bother. Run away.
I'm not going anywhere. I have
to save you.
Keep your nose out of my business.
Perhaps this is love, too?
That's enough.
Yes, Oh Great One.
Welcome, Cutie Honey.
You must be Sister Jill.
The one of everlasting life
and beauty.
I am...
Sister Jill.
Honey, your i-System is tremendous.
But how about yourself?
Like me, you've obtained the power of
everlasting life. However,
you have not surpassed humans. Why?
Because I don't need to.
What a shame.
If you don't wish to, so be it.
I will take over that power.
For it is very suitable
for someone like me,
who has already surpassed
the human race.
You may enter my realm.
I haven't had feelings of jealousy and
desire for a long time.
I thank you for bringing
those feelings back to me.
Cutie Honey.
I allow you to become one with my body
and the i-System,
granting us everlasting life.
Okay, but let her go.
We'll comply.
Please help her...
Please save her...
Stop! Stop it!
Don't give up, Honey!
Use the i-System and believe in
Dr. Kisaragi!
And your father's love!
In vain. Honey has already...
become one with Great Jill.
She is being reborn as part of
Jill's origin,
the tree of life.
It is incredibly beautiful.
Do you have a gun?
Right here. One bullet left.
One is enough.
I take it back. I'll fight with you.
The necklace...
Honey Flash!
I see now, this is my dad's love.
I cannot understand.
I, who have rejected love as the weak
point of human beings...
am trying to lead you to the perfect
Why do you fight against me so?
A comfortable feeling.
Is this your heart?
Not only mine.
Anyone's heart that has love
for someone.
How can I attain it?
No matter what, I can't understand
such a heart.
Simple. First,
you just love something.
Thanks, dad. See you.
Are you okay, Honey?
Good, you're safe.
That's the first time you called
my name. I'm so happy.
Hey, I thought you hated crying women?
Great Jill spent
everlasting days in boredom.
Endlessly observing unchanged
human folly.
Dear Honey,
you will live forever, too.
You might come to know the same pain
that my master has had.
I don't think so.
'Cause I love these people
and this world so much.
I see.
Dear Honey, please go now.
I will serve...
Great Jill...
It's over now.
Not yet. What about your identity?
The anti-nano device you used was
meant to capture Honey, right?
That's right.
Watch out. His real identity is...
I know it. If I remember right...
You're an American NSA agent, right?
You knew all along? Why?
Because he said he was on my side.
Thanks, Honey.
You really helped me.
Thanks, both of you.
I'll say it once again.
Thank you, Honey.
Don't mention it.
I didn't do anything special.
You look so cute when you smile.
So what are your plans?
Maybe I'll open a private eye company
with Honey. How's that?
Sounds great!
Thank you, Honey!
So let's work together.
You might only get infidelity cases.
But, I guess that's okay.
It's a deal. Let's get to work.
Let me introduce Mr. Goki.
Nice to meet you.
Thank you.
This is Mr. Todoroki.
Pleased to meet you.
We decided to open
a private eye company.
If you need any help, don't hesitate.
Honey, what are you doing? Over here.
Sato Eriko
Ichikawa Mikako
Murakami Jun
Based on Characters By:
Nagai Go
Takahashi Rumi & Anno Hideaki
Amagi Morio & Kawabata Motoo
Endo Mikio
Assistant Directors:
Onoue Katsuo & Masayuki
Director of Photography:
Matsushima Kousuke
Art Direction:
Sasaki Takashi
Visual FX Producer:
Oya Tetsuo
SFX Director:
Kamiya Makoto
Action Director:
Yamada Kazuyoshi
Martial Arts Director:
Cynthia Luster
Special Makeup FX:
Haraguchi Tomoo
Theme Song Performed By:
Koda Kumi
Cutie Honey Production Committee
Directed By:
Anno Hideaki
2003 Cutie Honey Production Committee
The name and trademark "Cutie Honey"
is used under permission by Dynamic Planning Inc.