Cutie Honey: Tears (2016) Movie Script

Here, Hitomi.
This way. Fast.
Father. No.
No, not. Run away, Hitomi.
Hitomi, you have to flee.
Do Not Enter.
We had warned you.
Good. Leave me.
Just be quiet, little one.
What the hell...?
Oh man.
You little rat.
- Come back.
Block F 220. Here stones and
other objects fall down.
Damn it.
That was close.
I get from below the message that...
- Not interested.
What I need is...
Look for it.
As a result of pollution, the
regions in Japan shrank,
In which a pleasant
life was possible.
For this reason, a
project was launched.
A vertical,
Self-sufficient and
multi-level city:
The special zone of Tatehama,
the utopia of a major city.
Until a certain being
initiated its downfall.
"Sinner or Redeemer?"
- Does not that sound good, boss?
"A mysterious super heroine?"
Hayami. This is completely absurd.
- But...
- Good day.
Listen. The inhabitants of the
lower level are dreamers.
They thought it out.
- No. The story is true.
For real.
I've even seen this heroine.
Hayami. These articles you
write are too dangerous.
Yeah right.
Due to their crude stories, our
sales increased by 50 percent.
So keep writing.
- Anyway.
Extending vulnerable districts.
Lady Jiru? There are increasingly
technical disturbances in the city.
The state of artificial
intelligence may deteriorate.
I know that.
If we were to capture them...
Oh. Be welcome, Lady Jiru.
Can I help you?
Hayami, the journalist?
- Oh. You know who I am?
This is an honor for me.
A great honor.
- You saw them?
Whom seen?
The person who is the subject of
your article. - No. I have not.
I heard you met them.
- That was a lie. A joke.
Are you sure?
- Certainly.
Oh, so.
If you find them, let me know.
They have already discovered such a
dead fool again? Outside the city?
Well, I warn you all the time.
This virus will kill anyone
who leaves the city.
High Weather - Low Weather
Out there is hell.
The lower level is hell.
But above, there is paradise, people.
The upper level is for the lucky ones.
That makes you quite sick, huh?
- You can say that. Bad luck.
We were born down here, so we
have to live here too. This shit.
The weather forecast for today is rain.
As always.
Have you ever heard? Even the government
should not be able to clean up here. - Yes.
Sounds like a big city legend.
- No no. It is true.
I heard that before a while.
From this oblique stem guest.
Oh. For real?
- Three days of rain!
Such a manure, three days.
Thanks man.
- See you again.
That's not enough, Hayami. Wait.
- He's already paying.
Already, but he did not even eat it.
- And?
Mr Uraki. They have curos.
Please, come here.
Leave it!
- No. Stay here!
Father! Father!
- Kotomi. Wait at home.
Papa is doing well. Please, go home.
- Leave him. Father.
Kotomi. You're welcome.
It's all right.
- Father.
The Sodoms have
caught an insurgent.
Stop. No. Kotomi.
Everything OK? How are you?
Come here. Stand up.
- No. I want to stay with you.
Please, go home, honey.
- Father.
Father. Stay here. Father.
Kurose. Hey.
They must disappear.
That way.
Come on. Tear yourself together.
- Yes.
Come on.
- Oh, man, that can be...
This seems to me a disturbance.
- It seems to you?
Your speculations do not help us.
What about the Sodom cameras?
There are interferences.
Possibly targeted.
Enable Media Balls.
Interference. It's an Android.
It contains unknown components.
What in the world...?
How so...? Oh no. Hey.
Are you waiting. Moment. Not.
Are you waiting.
Many Thanks.
Thank you.
Thank you.
We were very lucky.
- Yes.
Kurose is doing well.
Kotomi also.
- Yeah right. Transformed.
From a sodomome to a woman.
- Do you have hallucinations?
I'm serious. That's exactly how it was.
Where are you?
- In the living area B.
Hello? Mr. Uraki? Mr Uraki!
Outside the buildings:
Place the mask on!
Oh, Mr. Uraki.
- Is she?
The woman you are looking for all the time?
- I am sure.
At last I found them.
- So there.
Come on. Let's go.
Hey, hey.
The media balls are offline.
- And the Sodoms?
In use.
They go through the whole area.
But they did not find anything.
Why do you shadow me?
- We do not. We...
We have nothing against you.
We just want to talk to you.
The man to whom you have helped, Kurose...
He is our friend.
Why did you save him?
Keep away from me.
Damn it.
- Relax.
You just have to go after her.
Then you know who she is.
All right, all right.
Hi sweetheart. You're so smart.
- Here I am.
Hitomi, how beautiful.
- You know the rain is unhealthy.
You must look out for yourself, darling.
- I am fine.
What. What.
Well, for your mother, you'll always
be a little baby. - Right now.
There is dinner, treasure.
- Yes / Yes. It's all ready.
It's about time.
We have to lock the area here
and switch to the attack mode.
Yes, Lady Jiru.
Bring it on.
- Let go.
Today, I present to you something
special for the lower level.
A brand new high quality respiratory mask.
You must test it.
Do you want them here?
Come on, Hitomi.
Let's eat. Sit down.
Yes I come.
- Sit down. Good Appetite.
Good Appetite.
- Take yourselves ample, yes?
You do not have to tell me that.
Oh my goodness. You have
surpassed yourself, honestly.
You really say that to her every time.
- Yes.
Well, if it's true.
- How does it taste?
As always, simply delicious.
- And you say that every time.
Well, she asked me.
- I have that. You only replied.
You know what?
Nowadays, we should be particularly
grateful for such delicious food.
Do you like it, darling?
- Yes. Very.
The price has already risen again.
- Yes, there was a lot of rain.
Why do you shadow me?
- Yeah, uh... Wait. Are you waiting.
- Uh...
Hello? Is this a friend, Hitomi?
- Darling!
Hitomi has finally found a friend.
- No. For real?
- Yes. And he's such a handsome guy.
Come on. Please come in.
- Yeah, come on.
We like to come in pure. Not, Hitomi?
- He's in a hurry. Unfortunately.
They want to talk alone.
- No, it's not true. Honestly.
Go back in. Otherwise you will
be sick. Come on. - Yes / Yes.
Let's talk back there.
Hey, wait for me.
You really have no reason to be nervous.
Can you see it? I am a journalist.
Seiji Hayami is my name.
I've read your articles.
Why me?
- I've been born down here.
I want to give people hope, give
them courage. - This is useless.
That is not true. The inhabitants
of the Lower Plains need hope.
They are constantly tyrannized,
poisoned by toxic rain.
And you can not escape.
These things are useless.
No matter what you plan
to do, keep me out of it.
And stop running after me.
- Sorry, I can not.
I suppose you can not
remember me, can you?
On the day you fell from
above, I found you.
I thought you were an angel.
Your face and the signs on your
skin have not changed in 20 years.
When the men came to
capture me, you saved me.
Like a superhero.
Since that day, I've
been looking for you.
Why did you become a journalist?
To find me again?
However, not only for that reason.
I have access to data on the upper
level, without suspiciousness.
Is practical.
- Practically? What are you planning?
Our whole city is controlled
by an artificial intelligence.
I will destroy them.
The artificial intelligence also controls
the waste and exhaust air system.
The residents above do not know
of the growing air pollution.
The giftwoods below are a result
of their comfortable lifestyle.
The rain that falls from them makes
the people on the lower level sick.
I want these clouds to disappear.
They will destroy Artificial Intelligence.
- Yes.
Would you please help me?
- I can not.
Hey. Are you waiting. We're both
on the same side. Yesterday...
I'm very sorry I'm
not what you think.
Keep away from me.
Hey, wait. Hey.
Always wear a breathing
mask outside the buildings.
Do you know Jiru? They are the same,
are not they? - Just like that?
I mean, not human.
- A machine.
Uh, yeah. So what's the way. Does
Jiru control Artificial Intelligence?
Did she create you?
- Leave me in peace.
Hey. We must do
something, Miss Hitomi.
I do not like it if you call me that.
- Please wait.
A camera has captured the target.
The Sodoms are on the way.
Away from here.
- Please help my nurses.
- They'll arrest her.
Hurry up.
- In order.
Wherever you are hiding...
No matter, I'll find you anyway.
Oh, you are.
- Hurry, please.
- Come over.
Where to? Wait.
- Come over.
Hurry up.
- Wait.
This way. Come.
- More quickly.
I can not go so fast. Wait.
Here you go. Fast.
Hide behind it.
- Yes. Good.
Hey. What is going on at all?
- Is Hitomi... Is she okay?
Hitomi is doing well, yes.
- Good luck.
Sodoms. They are coming.
Hey. Man.
What should we do now, huh?
I'll play the decoy. Try
to flee through the exit.
- Good. Can you do that, darling?
Oh! To whom does it belong?
- Oh, just leave her alone.
New here? You can play along.
- Keep playing, man.
Is there a rear exit?
Then take off.
Get out!
Fast, otherwise...
What shoud that? Motherfucker!
Come on.
- Oh darling...
Just wait.
- Down.
Get out. Immediately. All.
Come on, get out of here. Come along. Fast.
Here, man.
- I'll wreck you!
All out here.
Hurry up before they react.
And do not touch the weapons.
- For sure.
Well, come on.
You are...
You're safe.
- Hitomi. Yes.
Hitomi. Hitomi.
You must endure. Hitomi.
Hitomi. Hitomi.
I gave you two important things.
The first is...
Where is this subhuman being?
Run away, Hitomi.
This way.
Yes, yes, yes, yes.
That's it.
This aggregate consists of nanomonrons,
It possesses a highly
developed form memory.
When his clothes or his
fleshy tissue is destroyed,
It can renew itself independently.
And with each renewal
the unit is updated.
Um, hello
Uh, I can do a material test...
In short, it is quite eerie.
And get the right fitting for
the connection level. - Yes OK.
You finally woke up.
Where is Hayami?
This is not so good. He owes you this.
Hey. What about the Kuroses?
We've brought you here
from her hiding place.
What about you?
This... This is half as wild. And you?
I thought so.
You always with your upset smile.
Yukiko is right. She got
it the worst of us all.
Hey. Where are my nurses?
I'm so sorry.
People are the only ones who are killed.
Androids against it... Oh, shit.
It looks like she's got some help.
I told you not to let her flee.
Lady Jiru, what...?
We have no time.
safety first
Many Thanks.
Tell your nurses...
My aunt and my uncle.
They knew I was an
Androidin, yes.
But they always treated me
as if I were their daughter.
When I did not know where, where
they were, they gave me a home.
I'm sorry.
It's my fault.
I should have kept my distance.
Did you tell her?
- Not yet.
In two days, a large party will
take place on the Upper Plain.
According to our information, more
pollutants are released than ever before.
Pollution prediction: Danger!
If we do not stop the
artificial intelligence,
Will be a lot of residents
of the Lower...
We have no time. Do you know how we
can stop the artificial intelligence?
So you are only a machine.
We could have saved that.
- Hey. Are you waiting.
My father, Dr. Kisaragi,
Explored how Artificial
Intelligence controls the city.
That was the reason
why he created me.
- What are you trying to say?
He has equipped me with a condenser
for atmospheric elements,
The semipermanent generates energy.
Thanks to this ingenious invention,
I am able to convert matter.
But if you are so important,
what are you doing down here?
When Jiru took
power in the city,
The doctor has released
me into freedom.
Freedmen? And what did he want
to do with it? - Wait a moment.
What exactly is Jiru?
A whole new type of Android.
Because of my emotions I am not
suited to watch over mankind.
Jiru was thus created to be emotionless.
- Correct.
It is perfectly rational. For Jiru
people are only building blocks.
Where is the doctor?
This is all madness. We must destroy
Artificial Intelligence. - Yes.
Please help us.
Forget it.
Her plan was pure wishful thinking.
I do it my way.
- Wait, Mr. Uraki.
Their plan is nothing
but a terrorist attack.
They do not want to understand that
peace also requires sacrifices.
They're talking exactly
like the ones up there.
This has now taken two years.
How many of us have been caught,
killed, or are sick of diseases, huh?
How can we just sit
around and do nothing?
There is also another way.
She does not want, so she's out.
Hey. Hey wait.
What is he doing now?
The skyscraper, where Artificial
Intelligence is located, burst.
If he does, he will
kill innocent people.
I do not want to go there, you hear?
And do not allow it.
With your support we could solve the
problem differently. Do you understand?
Pollution prediction: Danger!
I finally found you.
It will not take much longer.
Attack on the urban server.
They are hacked.
Koushiro Kisaragi - Relationship
no hit
no hit
You should stay away from me.
If I were not, my uncle and
my aunt would still live.
It is all my fault.
Everyone I know is dead all of a sudden.
That has always been the case.
Well, this is not true.
We both know each other finally.
But I am still alive.
They are just the exception to the rule.
What is the point
of running away?
The doctor wanted me to do it.
- Oh, so.
Only if all the inhabitants of the lower
planes are dead, where are you going to flee?
Miss Hitomi?
- Stop it.
And do not call me that.
I am sure the doctor
would now say to you:
"You have to help these people, Hitomi."
- How should you know that?
Doctor Kisaragi was my father.
I know him better.
Yes, I knew him better
than anyone else.
But maybe not.
- What do you mean by that?
They have feelings.
Just like us.
That is, you do not have to
pretend to be an Android,
Do not have to comply with any arrangement.
Your emotions...
Why should I listen to someone
who has a wrong smile?
That's right.
What I say sounds dishonest.
Why are you smiling all the time?
In pain, one should smile.
So I learned it.
Besides, everyone looks so unhappy.
But I do not want to look like that.
Oh. That sounded cool, h?
You are strange.
- You smiled.
I have not.
- Have you.
No. Not at all.
- But but but.
And you are really sweet when you smile.
- Oh, leave me.
I'm sorry.
- Have a look.
He is still alive. Doctor Kisaragi.
I have researched. He is not dead.
I hacked into the
municipal registry.
Its address is on the top floor
of the tower. He must be there.
We both have the same goal.
Let's go together.
Do I really need to be so?
In any case.
If only you had a little more range.
- You're welcome?
Does not matter. Forget it.
- People are staring at me all this way.
Good, then it works.
Follow exactly our plan.
It starts.
- Mr Uraki? Can you hear me?
Yes. We will turn off the
stream and go under the tower.
I know.
But tell me before.
Hayami. The pollutants are
released at three o'clock.
If you do not turn off the
Artificial Intelligence until then,
I'll blow up the tower, understand?
- Yes it is clear.
But you will not have to go, Mr. Uraki.
- I doubt it.
Putting a virus on the server?
- I agree. To prevent the release.
When I was looking for the doctor,
I managed to get to the
blueprints of the tower.
The room with the server is almost at
the top, behind the ventilation bridge.
The power for the safety system
comes from the intermediate level.
Right there is now Urakis team.
As soon as I have crossed the ventilation
bridge, the team will cut the power cables.
And I'm supposed to deal with Jiru for so long?
- I agree.
The whole thing sounds pretty hopeless.
If it does not work...
It will work.
Do not worry.
What are you doing, man?
Wake up, man.
Oh no.
That is unbelievable.
I'll go in now.
- Hey. Stay, you sharp thing.
Hi. Hey.
Do you want to go to the show?
Show time! Let's show them down there,
how to celebrate a horny party.
Hey, what do you think? Yes!
Hey, hey, hey! Show time.
Let's go, folks! Yes!
Hey, hey, hey. Come on.
Access Denied
Hisashi Yamazaki, Tonichi newspaper
Excuse me, chief.
Where is he?
- Please come with me.
Hey. Are you waiting.
- Will not last long.
Let me go. Ouch.
- What did you do up there?
Up there? I was just down here.
Hey, hey, hey, hey...
Yes. Hey, hey, hey. Come on.
Show me.
For how much longer?
I'm almost there now. Are you waiting.
Hey. What are you doing?
- You'll see, Kimura.
Now all Sodoms are alerted here.
- huh? But what...? What is this?
Let's go.
- huh? Fine.
Moment still.
Are you ready?
- Finished.
Okay, it can go.
It's my turn now.
Give it all.
Show what you have on it.
Please welcome all these hot moms.
It starts.
Rei. There she is.
Yes, there she is.
And now comes my girl.
Oh yeah.
The Mysterious Honey
- There she is!
Is she welcome, yes?
It starts. That is her. That is her.
Come on. I want to hear you.
Target object tracked,
in the party location.
Yes that is her.
Send the sodomoms to the party.
Yes, Lady Jiru.
Will you go too?
- No. Not yet.
Oh my God.
- Yes. What is?
The Sodoms have discovered us.
I'll blow up the tower sooner.
What? But that does not work.
I am not yet in the server room.
And especially...
Hitomi... She's still at the party.
I cant wait any longer.
Sorry, I'm pulling this now.
Are you waiting. Our plan...
I'm sorry, Hayami.
Class. Class.
Fantas... Oh!
An explosion in the
field of energy supply.
Roger that.
Increase the alarm level.
This is bad. Very bad.
Have you made it?
Oh man.
Leave me a minute, eh?
We could also use it.
How is it looking? Are you in the server room?
I am as good as there.
Its walls will block all signals
from the outside. Nevertheless...
I stop these cursed clouds.
- You know. Until three o'clock.
Please, keep quiet, folks.
Everything is alright. Everything okay.
Stay calm, folks. Everything is alright.
Keep calm. All good.
No reason to worry.
There is no...
How are you doing? Hey!
Hayami? Can you hear me?
So what's going on?
What's happening?
What's happening?
All good. Nothing happens.
Human. Do not be so frightened.
I'm sorry.
Hurry up better.
Not. I...
I'm a decent guy. Not.
Damn it.
The communication cable of the bridge has
been severed . - The aeration bridge?
The target object moves again, in...
- That was expectable.
You must be more cautious.
Hitomi, you!
- Pull yourself together.
Many Thanks.
- There's no time left. Not true?
I prevent the release
of the cloud from here.
But you must take care of Jiru.
- In order.
Take care of yourself.
You too, Miss Hitomi.
Time is up.
Oh. Uraki. Down at the tower
children run around, man.
- The area is locked.
Are you waiting. Do not bust yet.
I'll fix it. Trust me.
Come on. We have to get out of here.
- What happened?
Just do it.
- Come on.
It's all up to you now.
Is it still possible?
Damn it.
This can be...
What's going on there?
Oh man.
Oh no. The gases.
- Come on. Continue high.
Go on. Go.
- Yes.
Where is the doctor?
- What does it matter?
You can not do anything anyway.
He is here.
All you've ever met, Hitomi, I get rid of.
Without exception.
I eliminate them like rubbish.
Such a beautiful face.
I'll destroy you and take
away your element capacitor.
That way.
- Yes. OK.
This can not be.
This device, which you carry in
you, can be used for so much more.
Is not that so, Doctor Kisaragi?
I suppose you want to
see him before you die.
This has become of him, after
all the years here. - Father.
His brilliant brain still watches
over our city, as you can see here.
How so?
- Because you ran away.
I could save him from death and
prolong his life for a while.
Unfortunately this does not work forever.
He dies.
So I'll have to reboot him,
using this device in you.
You two will become one.
Are you happy?
You're happy, right?
Baby. It's time for
goodbye, Cutie Honey.
They are coming.
Miss Hitomi.
Everything OK?
The clouds.
I could not make a connection below.
It will be here.
Cursed. Crap.
It just does not work.
The exhaust pipe does not close.
- You said you got it.
But the control is locked.
I can not make it.
This is the last.
They are coming closer.
Madness. Such a great cloud
would poison this plane.
This device and you, you are one.
- Miss Hitomi.
Go out of the way.
N / A.
No passage.
Sit down.
Damn it.
- Now do not play the hero.
It's easy.
Go to the upper level.
But there is still a way to...
But it is too late to get it.
Just keep it up.
Oh, dude. You idiots.
A conglomerate of nanomachines.
So you are the secret, the
apparatus I so desperately need.
Go down there.
- Very impressive, Doctor Kisaragi.
Down there!
Nevertheless, you will die.
- Jiru.
You can not defeat me, you are imperfect.
A flawed Android.
You are wrong.
Because I am imperfect,
I can renew myself.
Because I am imperfect,
I never give up.
Because I am faulty, I resist.
Because I am faulty,
I can defeat you.
They are defective.
- They're crashing.
Look, there.
- There comes one.
Did she make it?
It works.
You actually defeated me.
But the world does not change.
She will never.
- She'll change.
You have no idea of
how much humanity is.
That hurts, Miss Hitomi.
- Excuse me.
All right.
It's good to see you, Hitomi.
Miss Hitomi.
Father, you must stop the clouds.
Otherwise countless people die.
I can not do that.
To stop the Giftwolken by the end
of artificial intelligence...
This possibility is only
a cerebral hemisphere.
A trick that Jiru has
devised to lure you here.
That can not be.
- Yes?
What is this?
- What?
This city is burdened by a large
quantity of non-degradable pollutants.
Have a look. Away, here, away, here.
That way. Fast. This is dangerous.
And for all time.
The whole is a result
of Jirus insanity.
You have created this city, Doctor.
Something we can do.
- There is a way. I know him.
Not true?
All the years I've been
taking care of you.
I've never been a really
good father to you.
But you are and stay my daughter.
You've grown long, Hitomi.
You have to do what
you think is right.
Miss Hitomi. What do we do now?
You know a way, did you say?
No Please...
Miss Hitomi...
Damn it.
Are you?
- Attention. Everything okay?
Continue. Come on.
Oh no.
Here also?
About that.
- Yes. OK.
Hey, what the hell...?
Quick, come. Hurry up.
This way.
Come over.
Come on. Masks. Running.
Stop it.
Miss Hitomi...
Uraki. Continue.
Is this about...?
- Yes. That is her.
Stop it.
Otherwise, you will still...
You can not go any further.
Please stop.
Do not make such a face.
Please, put your smile on again.
As usual.
Do it, please.
I thank you.
Since that day, I've
been looking for you.
You have to flee.
They saved me.
Like a superhero.
Hitomi has finally found a friend.
- For real?
Many Thanks.
The world does not change.
- You have feelings.
I gave you two important things.
Just like the rest of
us, we go together.
Father. Is not that nice?
It is so bright.
Many Thanks.