Cuttputlli (2022) Movie Script

- Hello, sir.
- Hello.
Mr. Malhotra.
- Hello, Mr. Vohra.
- How are you?
All good.
- Have you noticed something?
- What?
Ever since the election dates
were announced,
there has been no crime in the city.
What are you saying?
There never was any crime
in Parwanoo.
And you can't consider
these petty robberies as crimes.
- You're absolutely right.
- Hey!
- Max, Max.
- Careful, Mr. Malhotra.
Max, Max.
What is this?
Mr. Vohra.
Call the police.
Breaking news of the hour coming
in from Parwanoo, Himachal Pradesh,
where the police have found
a dead body wrapped in plastic.
The body was found right
in the middle of the city.
The body is of
a 15-year-old school girl
who was brutally murdered.
The investigation is in progress.
But there's still no clue
about the murderer.
ABX News, Jai Dixit.
I was 18 when a serial killer
called Auto Shankar
was apprehended in Chennai.
Followed by serial killers
like Cyanide Mohan,
Charles Sobhraj,
Renuka Shinde, Seema Gavit,
and Devendra Sharma,
all apprehended from
different states of India.
My interest lay in the psychology
of these killers,
rather than their crimes.
Since my father was a cop,
inside information
was easily accessible to me.
I've been doing research
on them for seven years
just to make a serial killer film.
Age, 36; B.Com Honours graduate,
Diploma in Criminal Psychology,
and the name's...
Written and directed by Arjan Sethi.
Sounds incredible.
It will also look incredible
on the big screen.
If we make it on time.
The producer wants to hear
the story within the auspicious time.
- Let's go.
- Give me a second.
You've memorised all of this,
haven't you?
What do you think?
I guess it's 9 o'clock.
Good morning, uncle.
- Son.
- Yes
Did my wife come here?
She passed away four years ago.
What was that?
Get your father some tea.
He bothers you at 9:00
every morning.
How do you deal with it?
Well, every time I tell him
that "She's no more,"
the smile on his face
makes my day.
Hear me out. Why don't you write
something else apart from a thriller?
You're getting your rent on time,
aren't you?
So why don't you relax?
See you in the evening.
Sector 32 and hurry up.
and the camera pulls back.
With the drone.
And that's the end.
No. It's too dark.
It won't work in a Punjabi film.
Can you transform this script
into a comedy?
Good suggestion, sir.
Good suggestion.
- Thank you.
- I'll try.
- Okay, so long.
- So long.
Let's go.
Let's make this a comedy.
Absolutely ridiculous.
Let's avoid the murder angle.
Why don't you add
some wholesome family emotion?
How about a Pomeranian dog
to complete it?
What is he saying?
How much longer
are you going to struggle, Arjan?
Does it look nice
that a London-born kid
is roaming in rickshaws?
Why don't you make
a couple of Punjabi rom-coms?
I am going to Kasauli tomorrow.
For Rakhi.
Get the pancakes, sis.
Coming, coming.
Look, brother.
Papa's pension isn't too much.
How long will you keep adjusting?
- Uncle, butter.
- Yes, dear.
You can easily join
the State Police.
Your father died on duty.
Family members are offered posts
on compensatory grounds.
You'll have to appear
for an easy physical
and written test of the PCS.
I'll handle the posting.
And we have a place
where you can stay.
Uncle, pickles.
You keep quiet.
Look, brother,
this is your last year
for eligibility.
Think about it, please.
Look, it's Rakhi.
Take the job.
That's such a cheesy line.
- I know.
- Say yes.
Okay, yes.
What are you doing?
Eating, what else?
That's the problem with
you Punjabis.
Eat from the mouth,
and fart from the back.
What happened?
Remember Grewal,
the producer from Canada.
- Yeah.
- He likes your story.
He says it will create a sensation
in the Punjabi industry.
- More pancakes?
- No.
A thriller like this
will create a bench set.
Come down to Chandigarh immediately.
- Signing is ready.
- Fine, I'll be there.
Sorry, decision changed.
We'll do it next Rakhi.
I'm going to give an interview
on the radio.
Should I announce your film
right away?
- Go ahead.
- I have a small demand.
Go ahead.
The killer shouldn't get caught
in the end.
Consider it done, sir.
- No problem, sir. It will be done.
- Can't be done, sir.
Doesn't matter how clever
the serial killer is,
he always makes a mistake
and gets caught.
That's where the story will end,
not sooner or later.
Think about it.
I've been thinking for seven years.
Now it's your turn.
I won't compromise with the script.
This is the way
it's going to be made.
Such opportunities are rare.
Wait. I'll tie your shoelaces.
- Thank you.
- Welcome.
Look, brother.
Papa's pension isn't too much.
How long will you keep adjusting?
- Yes, Arjan?
- Okay.
Thank you.
For the Sub-Inspector's post,
I would like to call upon
Arjan Sethi.
Come in, uncle.
Is my wife here?
Uncle, she passed away
four years ago.
So, you're leaving.
Yeah, got a police job in Kasauli.
So I'm leaving your room
and my dreams behind.
Seven years of hard work
and knowledge all gone to waste.
Son, no knowledge ever goes
to waste.
Well, see you.
Though you're joining as an officer,
your experience
is that of a rookie cop.
So don't try to be a hero.
Just nod your head...
and quietly execute
any order you get.
- Understood?
- Yes.
Welcome to Himachal Police.
Remind me in the evening.
I'll get a police bike
and service revolver issued to you.
Take your glasses off, idiot.
Jai Hind, sir.
- What's up, Guleria?
- Sir.
Meet Arjan.
The new SI.
Sir, you have the personality
of an IPS.
Nothing short of an ACP or DSP
if you didn't have these two stars
on your shoulder.
Thank you.
He's got potential, but that's okay.
- Better late than never.
- Yes, sir.
I'll go take a look
at the NC register.
- Yes, sir.
- Explain to him the station diary,
officer's list and the ACP system.
Okay, sir.
When the SHO madam comes in,
please introduce the two.
- Yes, sir.
- Okay.
Excuse me.
Remember what I said?
Nod your head and quietly execute.
Let me go!
- What did you steal?
- I haven't stolen anything!
How long will you keep
shitting from your mouth?
Soon you'll be crapping
from your butthole.
Let me help.
Please, sir.
No more.
New recruit?
SI Arjan Sethi reporting, sir.
Right on time.
Come on,
get a confession out of him.
Sir, officially
I'm not on this case.
Then do it unofficially.
Come on, begin.
Arjan's got potential.
He's focused.
Wait and watch,
he'll make us proud someday.
Let's go see...
what confession
your brother-in-law got out of him.
So he tied both his hands like this.
Tied him up
and dragged him like this.
He doesn't know that
he's dragging him to the riverbanks.
And the river was absolutely still.
No one knew
what was under the river.
He found two bodies in the river.
- And, when he took a closer look...
- What's going on?
Sir, if you could wait
a little longer...
Shut up!
I told you to use the third degree,
and you are narrating stories.
Narinder, put him on
stationary maintenance duty.
He's not cut out for crime.
Sorry, sir. Sir...
What are you doing?
He's a grade-A criminal,
And you've untied his hands.
What if he had escaped?
- Guleria, throw him in the lock-up.
- Yes, sir.
Come on.
- Come on.
- Sir...
At least tell me who the killer is.
- We'll tell you who it is.
- Sir...
Reveal the suspense.
Come with me,
I'll reveal the suspense.
Buddy, get over this obsession
for movies.
It won't do you any good.
you're out on the streets again.
All thanks to Mom,
who left the door open.
Let's go back inside.
It won't be you or me,
but Mom who will get
an earful this time.
It's 1:30,
and she hasn't returned yet.
She's home.
Jai Hind, sir.
Pawan sir.
There are three dozen
ball pens in here,
and the printer cartridge.
I had it refilled.
- The bill was 801.
- Okay.
Why don't shopkeepers
charge us money?
Because they respect the uniform.
What's going on inside?
It's a missing case.
Normally she's home by 1 o'clock.
Now it's 6 o'clock.
Friends, neighbours, relatives?
- No.
- We asked everyone.
She isn't there.
- Narinder, write down their FIR.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Machchan,
- Yes, ma'am.
Check all the hotels in the area,
and get CCTV clues.
Right, ma'am.
- Guleria.
- Yes, ma'am.
Trace her journey
from school to home.
Okay, ma'am.
Anything else?
We found this gift box.
Amrita Rana,
a student of class nine...
You handle stationary maintenance.
No need to get involved
in this investigation.
Get some experience first.
I don't have any experience
in discharging a firearm either,
but you issued me a revolver,
didn't you?
Don't argue.
Be happy with what you get.
Look at your sister.
She is happy being a housewife.
Ask her why she cooks
for your brother-in-law.
Because it's written
in the Geneva Convention
that every prisoner must be fed.
- Yeah.
- True.
At home, I am your prisoner,
and SHO madam's
at the police station.
As long as there's money
and food on the table.
And don't you dare argue
with SHO madam.
Otherwise, she will have you
transferred to some jungle.
Look, it was tough
getting you all set up.
Just handle stationary.
Forget about this missing case.
It's not a missing case.
Did you see the doll's face?
All this time writing
a serial killer movie
has turned you into a serial killer.
Can the prisoners get some ice?
Come and get it yourself.
I'll go get it.
No, I'll get it.
Uncle, sign my report card.
Sign it.
Tell your papa to do it.
Why me?
I flunked math.
What do you expect?
Do you want me to get yelled at?
Cause discomfort in the family.
Last time, we broke a TV.
Do it, please.
- I am not doing it. Don't be crazy.
- Hurry...
You want your space.
Of course, I do.
Live and let live.
Heard that? "Live and let live."
Do it. Do it.
Have some shame, girl.
I have shame; that's why I'm asking
my family member to do it
and not some friend.
Otherwise, I have a classmate
who signs test sheets for 200
and report cards for 500.
Don't bring up this topic again.
Heard that?
Don't bring up this topic again.
Last time.
Thank you.
Drop me at school tomorrow.
What? Payal.
I have a new class teacher.
Come and meet her once.
Come on, hurry up.
- Where is your teacher?
- Inside.
Morning, ma'am.
Ma'am, he's my...
Ma'am, he's my papa.
- Hello.
- Hello.
I didn't expect her
to bring you here.
Come, sit.
Don't mind, but is it you?
Yes, it's me.
Too young to be a father.
Report card.
Do you know
what your daughter has done?
She flunked in math.
Not just math.
She is extremely weak
in English as well.
No, ma'am,
my English is pretty good.
Look at this.
Look at the signature
from the first semester,
and now look
at the second semester.
The "S" and "H" are completely
different in both of them.
Take a look.
Ma'am, both are Papa's signatures.
His job is tough,
so he has a couple of drinks
every day.
And after every drink,
the letters...
Just stop this nonsense, Payal.
- Well, you see...
- And please don't say
these are your signatures
to defend her.
These are my signatures.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Will you keep quiet?
Let's go home,
and I'll slap some sense into you...
Why will you hit her?
This is the problem.
This male chauvinism.
This is what children are afraid of,
and then they do things like this.
Slap her?
- So it's my fault?
- Of course.
You're her father, aren't you?
- Yes, I am the father.
- So then?
Wait here.
I'll just hand over the compass box
and be right back.
Look, Payal told me that
her mother's no more.
In such a state,
you should overcompensate.
You should give her
the affection of a mother as well.
And you're threatening her.
- I don't intimidate or threaten...
- Wait a minute.
Speak up, Payal.
Don't be afraid, okay?
Does your father hit you?
Say something.
Be quiet.
If you keep scaring her,
I'll call child welfare immediately.
Speak up, Payal.
Ma'am, Papa does...
slap me a couple of times
out of affection.
See that? Now that's a child's love.
You hit her,
and she thinks
you do it out of affection.
And this is how you behave.
If you can't handle Payal,
then please tell me.
I will make sure
that she is taken care of.
What are you thinking?
I was thinking that...
how respected teachers are.
Yes, Papa.
But, child, first comes God,
then the parents,
then your siblings,
relatives, friends,
then comes the teacher...
Don't you have dogs at home?
You could put them
on the list as well.
No, I didn't mean that.
don't try to explain anything.
Try to understand.
Say sorry to Payal.
Say sorry.
- Say sorry.
- Yes.
Sorry, Payal.
I am really very, very sorry.
Killed your living
and breathing mother.
Wait till we get home.
- Sorry.
- Good morning, madam.
- Good morning.
- I am Payal's mother.
I went to her classroom
and found out she wasn't there.
She is in the library.
She forgot her compass box at home.
Here you go, child.
Thank you. You can go.
Wait a minute,
she said her mother is dead.
Did you find Payal?
And you are?
I am Payal's father.
If you are her father,
then who is he?
am her brother.
And his brother-in-law.
And she is my uncle.
I am her uncle.
And nothing to you.
What are you doing, sister?
You're spoiling her.
Step aside,
or you'll get slapped too.
You can slap me if you like,
but not her.
We'll get her additional tutoring
for math.
She will clear her exams.
Go on, child.
Go to your class.
She won't be scared
of us anymore, Arjan.
Why do you want her to be scared?
You know what?
Find a different school for her.
Such a spoiled brat she is.
I'm sending you
a picture on WhatsApp.
Make 50 copies of it.
To circulate at all
the police stations in the area.
Are the photos ready, mister?
- Yes.
- Give it.
- Thank you.
- Welcome, sir.
You know stalking is a crime.
You decide, madam,
whether I'm a bad father,
a male chauvinist
or a stalker.
I mean,
I only faked a signature on
the report card for my niece's sake.
You made it sound
like I'm a bank robber.
Why are you following me?
I need you.
- What?
- I mean...
I need you to give
Payal math tuitions.
Too bad. I teach English.
Who is she?
Why do you care?
She is my niece.
I am telling you again,
this is not a kidnapping case.
Talk to the SHO
and get me on this case.
What do I tell the SHO?
"He's been writing a film
on serial killers for years.
"Make him the investigating officer"
Bro, say something logical.
There's only one problem with logic.
It takes credit for emotions.
Give me a chance. We might
be able to save the girl's life.
The police can never get
to the killer like this.
Come on, drive.
- Narinder sir, we have a suspect.
- What?
Some 19-year-old guy called David.
He lives in the same area.
Two days ago,
he threatened to kill Amrita.
Hear that? Case over.
I'll tell you, madam.
I will tell you everything.
I liked Amrita.
I even approached her
a couple of times.
But she refused.
I lost my cool
and threatened to kill her.
But that's it.
I only threatened her, madam.
I have no reason to kill her.
Why did you run
after seeing the police?
I was scared.
Scared or trying to pull
a fast one on us?
The case is not over.
I have evidence.
Speak up, or we'll make you!
Don't get involved in this case.
- Handling this SHO is a tough job.
- Speak up!
You won't listen easily.
- Speak up!
- I don't know.
SI Arjan Sethi, ma'am.
I apologise
for speaking out of turn,
but I've some information
relating to this case.
If you may allow.
This is Kasauli, SI sir.
Even the weather
doesn't change here out of turn.
I have my own methods
to get the job done,
which I may have to teach you.
Machchan, truncheon.
I heard you don't like violence.
Take it. Begin.
Come on.
Yeah, Shweta.
Yes, child.
We'll have dinner together.
No, not at home.
We'll go out somewhere.
Mexican, Chinese?
What would you prefer?
Madam, the stick is broken.
We'll have Punjabi.
I'll call you back.
I'll call you back, okay?
Trying to be a wise guy.
Doesn't matter.
If the stick's broken,
use your hands and legs.
I just want the information,
that's all.
Come on.
He has no information.
The criminal we're looking for
is not some one-sided lover,
rapist or kidnapper.
There's a scientific word
for such people.
I can explain, ma'am.
Ma'am, look here.
Ma'am, please look.
Two weeks ago, on October 20,
a girl went missing from Parwanoo.
Her name was Sameksha Bharti.
Her body was found two days later.
The killer left injury marks
on her face.
And look...
And this is the picture of the doll,
that Amrita's parents found.
If you look closely,
same injury, same marks.
There are no dissimilarities
between the two.
And the other similarity, ma'am.
Victim one.
When she went missing,
she was in her school uniform.
Just like Amrita.
The police couldn't find any motive
in both cases,
because these killers
don't have a motive
or it's beyond comprehension.
No robbery, no rape, no family feud.
It's above all that.
They are beyond all this.
And trust me, ma'am.
We're dealing with
a potential serial killer in Kasauli.
Why would anyone leave behind
a doll before killing the victim?
Signature. Ownership.
To get credit
for the job he's doing.
1970, USA, Zodiac Killer.
Killed 10 people
and left a cross symbol behind.
Look... Dennis Rader.
He made the figure of a girl
next to every dead body.
And if you turn
the image upside down,
It reads "BTK."
"B" for bind, "T" for torture,
and "K" for kill.
And not just abroad,
such cases were seen
in India as well.
A serial killer called Ravindra
from South Mumbai
used to leave beer bottles
next to the body.
Ma'am, I swear.
We'll find our clue from this doll,
not David.
Was a doll head found
in the Parwanoo case?
Was it?
- Was it?
- I don't know. I don't know.
How many cases
have you solved to date?
Ever seen cross-firing?
Ever taken a bullet?
Wanna see?
There's one on my butt as well.
Wanna see?
Got your father's job,
enjoy the luxury.
This is not some movie.
Ma'am, please try and understand.
The body was found two days
after victim one went missing.
Amrita's been missing
for two days...
Cigarette, mild, pack of 20.
Go get it.
- Machchan.
- Ma'am.
Okay, ma'am.
A pack of cigarettes, madam's brand.
Yes, sir.
Everybody, move fast.
Move, move.
Come on, boys, move fast.
Move fast.
Come on, start the cars.
Come on, move.
Move. Move fast.
- Machchan, seal the area.
- Ma'am.
Get more teams from beat patrol
and send forensics directly
to the site.
- Right, ma'am.
- Start the car, quickly.
Head towards the railway bridge.
Arjan, a body's been discovered
near the railway bridge.
Madam, we also found
Amrita Rana's I-card.
The lad was right, ma'am.
Cover it with a sheet.
Inform the media
that we'll release an official
statement post-investigation.
- Okay, ma'am.
- Send the body for autopsy
and call the parents to the station.
Madam, what about David?
Just shove him up your...
Release him.
Put the I-card in the evidence box.
- Pashupati.
- Sir.
Note down the details.
Yes, sir.
Sameksha Bharti, FIR 5469.
No. There is no mention of
any such gift box in our inquiry.
Can I get the address
of this girl's parents?
No, we didn't receive
any such doll or box.
Where was Sameksha last seen?
At her school.
APS School.
Thank you.
Are you sure?
It's not a pleasant sight.
What you're about to see
is pretty disturbing.
His goal wasn't just murder;
it was inflicting pain.
Through every injury.
He doesn't stop even after
mutilating the body.
Because this is just foreplay
to him.
After that... Look.
Her teeth were broken.
Her eye was gouged out.
The front hair was ripped off.
And all the while
the victim was still alive.
Experiencing pain.
Any specific questions?
any mutilation marks on the body?
No. Just the face.
- Just the face.
- I've never seen anything like this
in my entire career.
This is clearly
the job of a psychopath killer.
What's going on?
When the girl went missing
for two days,
what investigation
did you carry out?
Sir, only the hotels
in Kasauli have CCTV.
We checked each one of them.
Traced her roots.
Even spoke with
the forest department
to rule out leopard or bear attacks.
Are you aware
a similar case occurred in Parwanoo
two months ago?
A school girl was kidnapped,
and her body was
found two days later.
Did you try to draw a pattern?
Sir, we were following
all protocols of a kidnapping...
Oh, stop this nonsense.
Who is SI Arjan Sethi?
I got a call from
the Parwanoo police station.
- I heard you made some inquiries.
- Yes, sir.
I was trying to draw similarities
between the modus operandi.
Did you find anything?
I did, sir.
This is a copy of
Sameksha Bharti's autopsy report.
If you may allow.
Same to same.
Same abrasions on the face.
Same depth.
Hair ripped off
from the same region.
Front teeth were broken.
Eyes gauged.
I admit that
the injuries are identical, sir.
But that doesn't mean that
the killer is the same person.
We need more similarities.
In Amrita's case,
we found a doll from her house,
which wasn't found
in the Parwanoo case.
They did.
They did.
On the day Sameksha was kidnapped,
someone left a box
at the school's main gate.
I thought
maybe someone left it behind.
So I put it
in the lost and found section.
Sir, we have a serial killer
in Kasauli.
He picks teenage girls from school
because he has some kind
of past connection,
which we have no idea about.
Leaves marks like this on the face
because he has a deep-rooted hatred
for these girls.
Sir, two murders
have already occurred.
Even as we talk,
he's preparing for a third one
in his cooling-off period.
How can we stop this man?
There is a way, sir.
The killer dumps the body
in a public space.
The police didn't find the body;
he led the police to the body.
Leaves behind a doll head
in the gift box.
He wants to spread his fear
in every way possible
and mark his territory.
This is how he's gaining publicity
for himself,
so the media, the public,
everyone talks about him.
Meaning, sir, we must play
a mind game with this serial killer.
If we want to defeat
this serial killer,
then we must outwit him.
Disturb his mental balance
so that he makes a mistake
and breaks his own pattern.
He wants to become news,
and that's what we should stop.
the victim's parents are here.
Call them in.
- Don't be scared.
- I won't go inside.
I am right here.
I don't want to go inside.
- Listen...
- She can't be my Amu.
- Fine.
- She is not my Amu.
Control yourself.
You come with me, sir.
That's not my daughter.
Sir, it's a case of denial.
Often in cases like these,
parents don't accept the body
due to emotional shock.
Sir, parents are not identifying
the body,
which means half the job is done.
We just need to hide this
from the media.
If publicity is what
the killer wants,
then we won't give him that.
I hope this will work.
Whoever or wherever he is,
he will definitely make a mistake.
This is the Pythagoras theorem.
Everyone must memorise this.
Mug it up.
Yes, sir.
Did you understand?
Did you understand?
- Yes, sir.
- Will you remember?
- Yes, sir.
- Didn't hear you. Speak louder.
- Yes, sir.
- Will you remember?
Okay, go sit down.
So what was I saying?
Pythagoras theorem.
- C square is equal to A square...
- Excuse me, sir.
- Yes.
- May I come in?
- Hello.
- Hello.
Myself Narinder Singh.
That's my daughter, Payal.
Actually, we just changed schools.
We heard that
the results here are better, so...
She is a little weak in math.
Don't worry. We'll make her better.
Thank you so much, sir.
Thank you.
- Best of luck.
- Bye.
- Take your seat.
- Thank you.
Is this doll available here?
- Cinderella?
- Yes, Cinderella.
This is a very old model, sir.
It's not available anymore.
You won't get it here.
But you'll find it in Shimla or Solan.
- Seems difficult.
- Yes, sir. Difficult to get here.
Any clue?
Nothing yet.
Shall we try Chandigarh?
No, the killer won't go that far
for the doll.
This Cinderella doll
must have come from somewhere.
Who is at the cyber desk?
As you said, I searched
for the Cinderella doll
with every online retailer.
It wasn't available on
any of the big websites.
But there is a seller
on a local website
who had these dolls.
One of the buyers gave
a bulk order for this doll, sir.
Details of the buyer?
The address was for a post box.
I checked with the post office,
but the details were fake.
A week has passed,
and not a single clue yet.
The further he's from our grasp,
the closer he is to his next victim.
You can't understand
a simple arithmetic equation.
- Sorry, sir.
- Don't you want to pass?
Or do you want to fail
and give the school
and me a bad record?
- Tell me.
- Sir...
the function has started
in the assembly hall.
I can ask anyone this equation.
And if you don't know,
then you'll get a punishment
worse than this.
Okay. You all can go
to the assembly hall now.
Where are you going?
You need extra classes.
From medicine to astronomy,
athletics to the freedom struggle,
women have always shown
the way forward to this country.
Who was the guy you went
with last month on Timber Trail
for a picnic?
On his bike.
Having affairs
when you should be studying.
The safety of our students
is our prime concern.
And the credit goes to our teachers.
You know what, call your father.
- Sir, please.
- Call him.
Dad has recently been
through surgery.
Oh... been through surgery.
- So how is he going to feel?
- Sir, please...
When he finds out that
his daughter is roaming around
with boys instead of studying.
Having affairs.
I'll work hard, sir, please.
I'll do as you say.
Will you?
- Yes, sir.
- Okay.
Go, close the door.
Go, close the door now.
We've arranged a special magic show
for our teachers and students.
- Ma'am.
- Yeah, Komal?
Can I do my homework tomorrow?
- Why?
- It's my parents' anniversary.
I have to bake the cake.
So sweet. Of course.
And also wish them on my behalf.
Wish them yourself.
Through this hearing aid.
It can record sounds.
Happy, happy anniversary
Mr. and Mrs. Thakur.
Happy, happy anniversary
Mr and Mrs. Thakur.
That's great. Okay.
- Thank you, ma'am.
- Okay, listen.
Can you ask your parents
where they bought
this hearing aid from?
I want to buy one for Iti.
Global Medicos, Main Market.
Okay, thank you.
- Bye, ma'am.
- Enjoy.
Bye, ma'am.
Bye, Komal. Take care.
She said she will be home early.
It's 8 o'clock now.
Friends, family, classmates...
We asked everyone.
But still no clue, sir.
- Do you have a photograph of her?
- Yes.
That's her.
Come in.
- Divya...
- Ma'am, you called...
Some officers from
Kasauli police station are here
for an inquiry.
Excuse me.
Student from class nine Komal
has been missing since yesterday.
We needed some information
about her.
Yeah, sure.
Komal's last class
was with you yesterday?
Did you see her after that?
She went home.
She took a rickshaw.
Was anyone with her?
No. She was alone.
Do you remember the rickshaw's number
or the description of the driver?
I... don't remember his face,
and I didn't... pay attention
to the number either.
Oh, yeah,
there was a weird-looking symbol,
on the back of the rickshaw.
A sign.
I can't remember it now.
But if I see the rickshaw again,
I will definitely recognise it.
Can you come with us?
We need your help.
Yeah, absolutely.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Come.
Take a look.
It's not this one either.
- Sir.
- Yes, Arjan.
What happened?
Yes, Mrs. Kumar.
Yes, I'm on my way.
- What happened?
- Iti...
Some seniors at school bully her.
I must go immediately.
- I'll drop you.
- No, it's okay.
- I'll manage.
- Are you sure?
Yes, thank you.
Mister, Tulip Tree School
and hurry up.
You're fine?
Wait. No crying.
Don't be afraid, okay?
- Hi.
- Hi.
Where are the boys who trouble you?
Come on.
Iti, no.
Excuse me.
Are you coming or taking a rickshaw?
Thank you for helping Iti.
This uniform looks nice on you.
Thank you.
By the way, are you the real deal?
100% genuine.
I am sorry for calling you
a fraud and a stalker.
You weren't wrong.
By the way,
do you have the same respect
for the police?
How can I?
Even a pizza delivery
is faster than the police.
If you don't mind me asking,
- does Iti...
- Yes, she stays with me.
My sister, I mean Iti's mother,
passed away two years ago
due to an illness...
and her father refused
to take her in.
So she stays with me.
Not now. Maybe another time.
Iti, let's go.
Let's go, let's go.
- Bye.
- Bye-bye.
Give me your number.
I'll call you
if I recollect anything.
why don't you give me your number
and I'll give you a ring?
Tell me.
Are you flirting with me?
- Take down my number.
- No, you take down my number.
- No, take it down.
- No, you take it down.
It's all right;
you take down my number.
- Take down my number.
- No, please...
- Write it down!
- Yes.
- 9821...
- 9821...
- 4624...
- 46...
It's not starting up.
Iti, no.
Stop, stop, stop.
Come here.
The number you have dialled
is currently busy on another...
A body's been found
on Timber Trail road.
Immediately dispatch
a forensic team to the site.
- Oh, no.
- What happened?
Sir, I think the bike broke down.
Take a rickshaw instead.
Mister, Timber Trail Road.
Hurry up.
The parents haven't been
informed yet.
Pay him.
Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Okay, sir.
- Divya, I will call you later.
- Arjan, wait a second.
I remember now.
The rickshaw Komal got into
had a red star drawn on its back
and "Racer" written below.
Hello, Arjan.
Rickshaw, stop!
Look out.
I haven't done anything, sir.
Let me go, sir.
Let me go, sir.
Speak up! Come on!
Speak up!
Speak up!
I'll tell you, sir.
I'll tell you everything.
Sir, I didn't kill anyone.
I only gave tips.
What tips?
About female school students
who would travel alone
in my rickshaw.
Whom did you give the tips to?
Tell me.
Whom did you give the tips to?
- I'll tell you, sir.
- Tell me.
Purushottam Tomar, sir.
He used to get in my rickshaw
and take the girls
to his house and...
Where does this Tomar live?
I'll show you.
- Where is the house?
- There it is.
- Arjan, take the back.
- Yes, sir.
- You come with me.
- Yes, sir.
The door is locked, sir.
Yes, sir.
That's Purushottam Tomar.
He's the math teacher
at Payal's school.
Sir, I found Komal's school bag.
Look, sir.
Seal the entire place.
Yes, sir.
Pashupati, seal everything.
All those who scored below 35,
stand up.
What percentage?
Sir, 18.
Speak louder.
What percentage?
Sir, 18.
How much?
Bring it here.
Sir, please.
Bring it here.
Sir, please.
You've been here for 10 days.
- Is this what you learned?
- Sir, please.
Sir, I'll get better.
Sir, please.
I'll do better.
Better? How?
This is what you do in my class.
- Sir, please.
- I'll show you.
How will the parents feel
when they are called
to the school
and shown your test report?
If their daughter
didn't clear mid-term exams,
she will be thrown out of school.
Let's do one thing.
Let's call your dad.
- Shall I?
- No, sir.
Will you work hard?
Yes, sir.
- Will you?
- Yes.
Will you do as I say?
Please don't call my father.
Mister. Mister. Just a second.
Where can I find maths teacher
Purushottam Tomar?
School is over, sir.
You'll find him at
Kasauli Cant coaching centre.
Close the door.
Close the door now!
Sir, sir, please no.
It was a mistake, sir.
I won't do it again, sir.
Sir! Sir! Sir!
Please, sir.
Go outside.
- Go out!
- Forgive me, sir.
- I'll leave this city, sir.
- Hold his hands and legs.
I'll leave this city, sir.
What do you say?
Close the door!
Sir! Sir! Sir!
Spread him wide!
They are just kids!
- I am not...
- Shut up!
You took Komal home, didn't you?
We know.
Forensics have verified
her fingerprints.
We even found her bag in your home.
What did you do with her?
Will you speak up
or do I've to give a nudge here?
No, sir,
I'll speak up. Not there, sir.
The rickshaw driver tipped me
about Komal.
Komal knew me
because I tutored her in maths.
That day...
Komal, I was in a hurry, and...
- It's okay, sir.
- You take this one.
I'll get another rickshaw.
No, let's do one thing.
You can drop me off on the way
and then head home.
Okay, sir.
On the way, I persuaded her claiming
to give her a math help book
and took her home.
Come, child.
I'll go get the book.
Would you like some juice?
No, sir.
I've to go home early today.
At least have some water, sir. Sit.
Okay, sir. I'll have some water.
You are lying.
You killed all the girls.
I didn't kill anyone.
- You are lying!
- Listen.
Please go outside.
Go outside.
What was that?
You go out too.
The suspect is a maths teacher
in a school nearby.
He also gives extra coaching
at coaching centres,
which is why he knows
most of the victims.
- Yes, sir.
- Inspector Machchan and his team
made a brave effort
in gathering this evidence.
Komal's school bag,
her fingerprints.
Did you get
the suspect's confession?
He's in the hospital right now.
As soon as he's out of observation,
we'll get a confession from him.
- Well done.
- Thank you, sir.
Machchan, good job.
What happened?
Case over.
Now Machchan sir is solving the case.
I am just an idiot.
Don't lose your temper.
It's your niece's birthday.
Have you forgotten?
It's my niece's birthday.
How can I forget?
4th of Jan.
Come, let me show you something.
Let's go.
Teddy bear.
She turns 16 today.
- She is still a kid to me.
- Come on.
I had a tough time cheering her up.
- She must be waiting.
- Come on.
- Arjan.
- Yes.
Go fetch your sister.
Excuse me.
Arjan, let's go.
What are you doing?
- We've to cut the cake.
- Coming. I'll get everyone.
Excuse me, sister.
Shut up.
Come, Seema. Let's go.
Yes, me.
Nice surprise.
The feeling is mutual.
Uncle, hurry up.
Come fast.
Yes. Cake cutting, come.
- Come on.
- I am not that slim.
Sorry. Please.
Come on. Come on.
Come on.
May this day come every year
May this day come every day
I wish you happiness
For eternity
We pray for you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Come on, guys. Let's go.
- Uncle, where's my gift?
- Let's have some snacks.
I left it in the car.
I'll go get it.
Wait. You can fetch it later.
Right now, you've to sing a song.
I'll get the mic.
- Sorry.
- We'll have to do it again.
Otherwise, it's a bad omen.
Can I get you a drink?
Soft drink?
I don't drink soft.
Do you drink beer?
Well, once I begin,
there's no end to it.
So I avoid it.
- Do you know what I mean?
- Yeah, I know.
So... have you done
any sightseeing in Kasauli?
Yes, whatever little I get to see
while patrolling,
you can call it sightseeing.
So, do you like watching movies
in theatres?
Not at all.
You're touching a raw nerve here.
I avoid all that.
There's a religious programme nearby.
- I see.
- You should attend that.
Now you're being sarcastic.
Iti, come here.
Let's go home, come on.
- Listen to me...
- Come on, let's go.
What's the hurry? Stay, please.
I am not in a hurry,
but I don't have a reason to stay.
Come, let's go.
Stay someplace in me
You're the one my heart needs
When you're close
I feel I'm not myself
You're mine
Everything I have is yours
Just believe me
O friend...
Without you
Life feels meaningless
O friend...
Without you
Life feels meaningless
O friend...
Without you
Life feels meaningless
I know your story
Now know mine
You're the one
Who makes me feel alive
This is the way I am
I am all yours now
O friend...
Without you
Life feels meaningless
O friend...
Without you
Life feels meaningless
O friend...
Without you
Life feels meaningless
Yes, I'm coming.
Sir, this way. Second floor.
Lower the gun.
You lower your guns.
Otherwise, he's dead.
You are trying to frame me.
I am not a serial killer.
Tomar, the court will decide that.
Lower the gun.
Stay back, or else I will open fire.
- Tomar, don't make this mistake.
- Relax.
Lower the gun.
Do it. It's fine.
Let's talk, Tomar.
I'm sorry.
Nobody fire, yeah.
You'll won't let the inspector die.
Let her go.
Stay back!
Stay back!
Tomar. You're making a mistake.
Let her go.
Let her go, Tomar.
- Tomar. You're making a mistake.
- Stay back.
Stay back!
Let her go.
Let her go, Tomar.
- Stay back I said.
- Tomar...
Tomar, don't fire.
Stay back.
Let her go.
Let her go, Tomar.
Oh, fuck! Downstairs.
- Ma'am, are you okay?
- Madam.
Move. Move.
Patrolling team, Kala Chowki area.
Serial killer shot dead.
- I repeat, serial killer shot dead.
- Copy that, sir.
Inform the DSP as well.
Tomar attacked SHO ma'am.
And our officer had to open fire
in the counterattack.
Arjan. Arjan.
Payal... Get Payal back anyhow.
Arjan, please.
Ma'am, Narinder's daughter Payal
is missing.
Head back to the station.
send two constables to my home.
Shweta is all alone.
Thank you. we pray for you
Happy birthday to you!
There was a boy
who was making a video of us.
- Yeah, Rishu.
- Whatever.
- Where is he?
- He's outside.
Where is Rishu?
Over there. There is Rishu.
Rishu, show me your phone.
Who is Payal talking to?
I don't know who was
on the other side of the wall.
I just heard the sound of a car,
like an engine turning on.
This clears one thing, Guleria.
Tomar was not the serial killer.
The serial killer is still alive.
And he's somewhere close,
here in Kasauli.
Arjan, any leads from the station?
Any information?
It's Day 2.
Payal will be fine, Narinder.
Where is my sister?
It wasn't easy tucking her in.
She kept saying,
"Arjan won't let anything happen
to Payal."
You won't let anything
happen to her, will you?
You love her more than I do.
You'll bring her back
safe and sound, won't you?
There must be some information.
Guleria is checking the roads
near the church area.
Send a team to the roads
near the Redwood Academy.
I'll call you back.
- What's in there?
- Nothing.
- Tell me what's in there.
- Nothing.
What are you hiding?
What are you hiding?
You're hiding something from me.
Believe me, it's nothing.
There's nothing there.
Please let me take a look.
Let me see.
Listen to me.
There's nothing there.
It's important. Let me see.
- There's nothing there.
- Let me see, please.
- Please let me see.
- Don't look inside.
- Let me see!
- I said there's nothing inside.
Let me see!
What's happening?
Sister is here.
What are you two doing there?
Arjan's found a clue.
Arjan is going to
the police station to investigate.
Don't worry.
Payal will soon come back.
Go on.
Go to the police station.
Go inside.
Payal will be all right.
Arjan will bring her back.
Move, lazybones.
- Go on.
- Yes.
Let's go.
Hello, Guleria.
Payal's body has been found.
I've brought her in for post-mortem.
Inform Parmar madam.
How long could I have
kept it a secret from her?
I told her everything.
She is shattered.
So I'm taking her to her hometown.
You take care.
Our Payal is gone.
Promise me, Arjan.
No one else
will lose their daughter.
No one.
Let's go.
SI Arjan Sethi.
For discharging a firearm
in a girl's school
without permission,
you're suspended
until the inquiry is completed.
You will not be assigned
to any further cases.
Submit your service revolver
before you leave.
- I am sorry, Arjan.
- Okay.
You're dismissed.
See you, sir.
My sister thinks
I can apprehend the killer.
But how, Divya.
I don't have a police team
or the power to investigate.
The killer won't stop, Divya.
He will come out to hunt again,
target another girl,
and we'll still be helpless.
He will come out to hunt again,
target another girl,
- and we'll still be helpless.
- Iti...
bad manners.
Never eavesdrop
when adults are talking.
Sorry, Iti uses this hearing aid
to record voices
to help her clear her speech.
Komal suggested it.
Do you mean Komal's hearing aid
had the same recording facility?
These are Komal's belongings.
Can I have a moment alone?
- Sure.
- Thank you.
Don't kill me!
Please don't kill me!
I've never heard this tune before.
I can tell you
two things confidently.
One: it's a Scottish tune.
Two: the person you're looking for
is definitely a trained pianist.
You know what,
download the tune from this
onto a pen drive for me.
Of course.
Sir, I cannot make the decision
of running the programme
you're asking me.
You'll have to come back tomorrow
and talk to the station manager...
Tomorrow will be too late.
This is very urgent.
- But, sir...
- Listen.
My show begins in 10 minutes.
It's not a primetime show,
but even I have some listeners.
If you want, I will do it.
That will be a big help.
Thank you very much.
This is Radio Rainbow.
And I am your host Roshni Beniwal.
Today's show is very special,
so listen carefully.
I will play a music piece for you,
and whoever identifies the composer
of this music piece
will win a pen...
tagon shopping centre
voucher worth 10,000.
Here goes.
So call me on 84930997 immediately,
and tell me
where you've heard this tune before.
Who is the composer?
All right, we have our first caller.
Hi, my name is Pawan Malhotra,
and I'm calling from Kasauli.
Hi, Pawan.
So where have you heard this tune?
I heard this tune
in Anil Kapoor's film Meri Jung.
Wrong, my friend.
- Hi, Roshni.
- This is Pritam's tune.
- No, no, boss.
- No, no, sorry, Roshni.
- This is Enrique Iglesias's tune.
- Wrong.
It's from the Jurassic Park.
It's the background tune from
Mithun Chakraborty's film Cheetah.
A big thank you for calling.
Thank you very much.
And congratulations for your child.
Thank you.
Thank you.
A listener just called.
She has identified the tune.
She's on the line.
Hello, Roshni.
This is Shweta from Parwanoo.
So tell me
where you heard this tune.
I heard this tune
on my annual function day.
Which school, Shweta?
APS, Parwanoo.
Okay, then.
Yes, officer.
The school's annual day function
was held three months ago.
Sir, can I watch
the function's video recording?
Of course.
Is that girl Sameksha?
And the other lady,
can I get her contact number?
No, because this lady cannot speak.
You might have some kind
of information about her.
Sir, she used to come
in a dark blue van.
Sorry, sir.
- Divya.
- Hi.
Hi, hi.
Divya, I need some information.
Did your school host
any magic shows
before Komal's disappearance?
Yes, we did. Why?
And was the magic show
performed by an old lady?
Yes, she did.
She... wore glasses,
and I think she was mute
- if I am not wrong.
- Yeah.
I want all the details
of that woman.
Fine, let me try.
Thank you. Bye.
- Yes, sir.
- They hosted a magic show
a couple of days ago
in Amrita's school
- Right, sir.
- Take a copy of the video,
and try to get details
of the magician.
- As soon as possible.
- Yes, sir.
Jai Hind, ma'am.
You have five minutes.
Say what you have to say.
Ma'am, she's the first victim
of the case.
The school's annual function
is held on August 18th,
and she is kidnapped on August 20.
That is two days later.
Then, Amrita.
The second victim.
The Children's Day function
is held on November 14th,
and she gets kidnapped
on November 16th.
The third victim was Komal.
An event is held in her school
on December 28th,
and she gets kidnapped
on December 30th.
And, ma'am, fourth Payal.
The school function was held
on January 2nd,
and she gets kidnapped
on January 4th.
The same magician performs
in every school event.
These four girls were chosen
as volunteers.
So it's clear, ma'am.
She marks her target
in the magic show
and tries to abduct them.
She impresses these girls
using magic tricks
and tries to get friendly with them.
But why is there a two-day gap
between the magic show
and kidnapping?
She uses these two days to plan,
understands her target's routine.
She follows them.
And two days later,
she meets up with these girls
by chance.
The girls are already
impressed by her
because they have seen her
perform magic tricks.
And that is why she is no more
a stranger to them.
So it's easier for her to trap them.
What nonsense is this?
Ma'am, he's trying to portray
a mute woman as a serial killer.
Is committing murder
a piece of cake?
- Ma'am...
- You shut up.
Why are you listening to him?
Do you have a daughter, Machchan?
Do you have a daughter?
I do.
So I can understand
that his next target
can be anyone's daughter.
- Even mine.
- But, ma'am...
Shut the fuck up, Machchan!
He kept saying it's a serial killer,
but we didn't listen.
He said there was a pattern;
he was drawing the victim's profile.
But I didn't listen.
Now he's lost his own niece,
and yet he's solving the case
so no one else's daughter
has to go through that.
And you want me
to reject his conclusions.
I am not going to do it.
I've already made that mistake once.
I won't do it again.
We're all with you, Arjan.
I will personally speak
with the DSP.
Issue him the service revolver.
Right, ma'am.
You're officially appointed back
on the case.
Thank you, ma'am.
Now you lead us.
First things first,
we need to forward the magician's
photograph to every police booth.
And also check with every school
around Kasauli
to find out where there is
a magic show booked.
A magic show was performed
at St. Peter's School, Outer Kasauli
on January 12th.
It was the same woman.
The volunteer
was a girl called Aisha Khan.
And today is the 14th.
Meaning two days have passed.
She will strike today.
- What time does the school close?
- 2 o'clock.
Ma'am, please don't let
the school disperse before I arrive.
I'll be there as soon as possible.
Thank you for your cooperation.
What time does the school shut?
At 2:30 p.m.
Arjan, this is the principal.
That's Aisha Khan's class.
- Let's go.
- Hello. Please come.
We'll see the diagram again.
As you can see, this is the aorta.
Sorry, Ms. Malhotra.
Students, I've got a few
police officers today with me,
who are going to talk to you
about your personal safety.
Mr. Arjan Sethi, please.
Middle row, left-hand side,
last seat.
Children, as you all know,
Kasauli isn't safe.
But your safety lies
in your own hands.
There are five points that
I want you guys to remember.
Point number 1: don't be scared.
Because fear is the biggest enemy.
Fear hampers your mental
and physical ability.
Point 2: always face the situation.
You have to show the attacker
that you've the courage.
Point 3: as soon as
you get the opportunity,
look for a way to escape.
Point 4:
when none of the above works,
then you must use all your strength
to attack the attacker.
Point 5:
always keep your phone on silent
and keep it in your hidden pockets.
Your phone is your biggest asset.
- These are good points.
- Take your mobile phones out.
Take printouts of these points
- and circulate them in all schools.
- And note down my number.
Did you save it?
Yes, sir.
Dial it.
Now hide your phones.
Okay, thank you very much.
Take care of yourself.
Thank you.
- Let's go.
- Sir.
I don't get it.
You know Aisha is the next target,
then why don't you drop her home?
Or inform her parents?
Because if we save Aisha,
someone else will die.
It's crucial for us
to find the serial killer.
We have only one way.
Oh, hi.
- Bye, Aisha.
- Bye, Anisha.
Maintain distance.
Arjan, wait.
Son of a...
Where did she go?
Ice cream.
Ice cream.
Ice cream.
Which one?
- Mango bar. How much?
- 10.
Wait a minute.
Who was in the van?
He was asking for an address.
How did he look?
You are?
SI Sethi, we met in school today.
Oh... that must be Aisha.
I am Samaira. We are twins.
Then where is Aisha?
She is at her dance class.
On Mall Road.
Nritya Kala Classes.
All teams Nritya Kala Classes,
Mall Road, now!
Okay, thank you.
Thank you.
Guleria, set up checkpoints
all over the city.
Hurry up.
Quick, quick, guys. Leave! Hurry!
Wait a minute.
Ali, trace Aisha Khan's
GPS immediately. Right now.
Sir, we've traced her number.
She is currently near
Bhoj highway, in movement.
Inform team to reach Bhoj highway.
Repeat, all teams
report to Bhoj highway.
Sir, she's right here.
In front of me. Lane number 3.
Just hurry up.
Right in front of me...
- Guleria. Guleria, come in.
- Hurry up. Hurry up.
Sir, she's now on Cantt. Road,
crossing Mother Mary Church.
Keep tracking.
We're close to Cantt. Road.
Low connectivity, sir,
or the phone's been switched off.
we'll have to search house to house.
Ma'am, you go that way,
I'll check here.
Ma'am, I want to go home.
Fear is the biggest enemy.
As soon as you get the opportunity,
look for a way to escape.
Ma'am, can I use the restroom?
Your phone is your biggest asset.
Please work. God!
Aisha, where are you?
Sir, that lady has abducted me.
I am in her bathroom.
Don't be scared, Aisha.
I am very close.
Sir, please.
Cyber cell.
Yes, Ali.
Sir, the girl is 200 metres
to the north of your location.
Go fetch SHO madam.
- Aisha.
- Sir, she's breaking down the door.
Sir, she will get inside.
It's all right, Aisha.
Is there a window in the bathroom?
There is, sir.
Take an exit.
Sir, on your right at 50 metres.
Aisha is right there, sir.
Yes, Aisha. Where are you?
- Sir, I am in a room.
- Which room are you in?
Even I am in a room.
Which room are you in?
Sir, there's a big eye on the wall.
There's a big eye in front of me.
And a table on the left,
and a cupboard on the right.
Yes, yes, I am in the same room.
Where are you?
All rooms are the same.
Aisha, there's one room
in the house that's different.
There is a piano in it.
Can you come to that room?
That's the room I escaped from.
The magician is in that room, sir.
Yeah, Ali.
Sir, the GPS is a match.
Aisha is in the same room as you.
There is no one here.
Sir, she is right there.
I am telling you she isn't here,
Sir, you're moving away
from the spot.
Come back, sir.
Aisha is right there, sir.
Look for her. You will find her.
Sir, the coordinates
are an exact match.
- At the same spot.
- Okay.
Ali, there is nothing here.
Sir, please don't leave me!
- She will kill me.
- Aisha... Stay in this room.
Sir, please don't leave me.
She will kill me.
No, she will kill me.
Fine. Okay, calm down.
Come. Come.
Here. Gently.
Okay, child. Take care.
Ma'am, we'll have to seal Kasauli.
We can't let
the killer leave the city.
She can hide anywhere.
- Shwaney.
- Yes, ma'am.
Send forensics and other teams here.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Yeah.
Let's go.
- Let's go.
- Let's go.
Yes, Divya.
I see heavy police movement.
I hope everything is okay.
The magician has escaped Divya.
You just keep the doors locked.
Arjan, I'm a bit scared.
Where are you?
I am passing by your house.
I'll come there for a while.
Okay, take care.
Sir, we found a British passport
from the magician's house.
The name on it isn't Tami George.
In fact, it is Agnes Fernando.
And we also found the passport
of another boy.
The name on it says Christopher.
I have read this name before.
Twelve years ago, a magician
by the name of Agnes Fernando
moved to Manali from Bradford, UK,
with her son after her divorce.
Agnes is free now,
and she is still seeking revenge
from these teenage school students.
But why is she doing this?
Take madam to the station.
I'll see you there.
Open the door, Divya.
Open the door!
Arjan, Iti...
She took Iti.
Go get Iti...
Stop, Iti.
Iti, come here.
Get up, Iti.
Get up.
Are you all right?
Finally, you recognised it was me.
I killed all those girls.
All this started 12 years ago.
My mother, Agnes, brought me
to India from the UK
so that I can get social acceptance.
But no, people used to
make fun of me even here.
I suffer from progeria.
An illness
where my body ages rapidly.
Everyone used to laugh at me
and kept their distance from me.
But then,
there was someone
who didn't ignore me.
I started liking her.
There were only two people...
to whom
my appearance didn't matter.
Mom and Sofia.
- I learned magic to impress her.
- Wow, Christopher.
I love you.
But Sofia couldn't see
my love for her.
She started lecturing me on genetics
and hormones.
Do you really think
we can have a future together?
Just because
I was friendly with you,
you think I can be your girlfriend.
He's impotent!
That day two people changed forever.
He's impotent!
Mom and me!
I started hating my face so much
that I wanted to turn
every beautiful face like mine.
please don't misunderstand me.
I am really sorry.
Thank you.
Sofia came home to say sorry.
But I got satisfaction
by killing her,
not from her apology.
Mom took blame for my crime
and went to jail.
Twelve years later,
when she came to collect me
from the mental health institute,
she met with an accident
on the way and she died.
But I kept her alive.
I used her face and her look
to get closer to these girls.
I enjoy killing them.
I kill them to keep myself alive.
I enjoy it.
You will die too.
But first, watch her die.
Iti, run!
Iti, run!
Iti, run!
Time's up!
Iti, come here.
Are you okay?
It's okay. It's okay.