Cyanure (2012) Movie Script

My father is a crazy thief.
He always pulled out all the stops
to get his hands on money.
He and my mother clicked
with just one look.
Everybody up against the wall.
To the wall.
Don't hold it against me,
I had a rough childhood.
Consider this a good deed.
I'm Joe, the Snake.
This is how I am.
I love women, going out, doing as I please.
No questions asked.
Careful, big mouth.
You might not get away so fast.
She didn't resist long.
It was like she was falling
for Al Capone.
My father told her,
''In life you have to share
the wealth, not the trouble.''
My father did everything
with intensity.
Whenever he had money,
he squandered it.
When he had none,
he stole it from the rich,
so that Mom lacked nothing.
I love you.
It echoed in the hallways,
''Joe's son is hereI Joe's sonI''
Their eyes full of respect,
his pals held me in their arms.
They named me Achille,
so I would be invulnerable.
When my father saw me
for the first time, he wept with joy.
I never saw him again.
Your father is behind bars.
That can't be much of a life.
Are you nuts?
It's like being in a hotel.
Accommodation, meals, single room...
Pure business class.
Why does your mother hide the key?
- So that I forget about him.
- A lot of good that's doing.
She put everything in there
after an argument in the visiting room.
She hasn't talked about it since.
Is that him?
Yes, what do you think?
He's really cute.
You look like him, but you're
built more like a matchstick.
He won the silver medal.
Big deal,
with only three candidates.
Piss off!
Try it.
I have to go.
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Achille
Happy birthday to you
Well done! Super!
All in one go!
Happy birthday.
Aren't you going to open it?
I don't want your present
from the supermarket.
Glad you like it.
Just open it.
An electric shaver?
I don't have any facial hair!
- It won't be much longer now.
Your present is cool, Alexis.
Stretch your neck,
then it's easier under your chin.
- Like this?
- Yes.
Well, my darlings,
are you chilling out?
You know, if I had a son,
I'd want him to be just like you.
If my father were like you...
I know how he feels.
It'll be easier when I live here.
- You don't know them very well.
- Them?
The two of them.
Let the storm blow over,
and we'll see from there.
I don't care
if you don't see him anymore,
but give me his letters.
Let's go. Come on!
Are we going to see him?
Come on. Come.
Come on.
Get on the roof.
Is that him?
- Hi, Dad!
- Shh!
You want them to catch us?
Unauthorised visits are forbidden.
Tell him I want him to come home.
Quick, get down.
Down! Quick!
Come on, get in! In, in, in!
Do you often make unauthorised visits
without telling me?
Only at the beginning.
You were too small to understand.
I went to see him last week.
Without telling me?
He got a remission
because of his good behaviour.
He'll be out soon?
- In a month.
In a month?
Then dump Alexis,
or else Dad will pulverise him.
I'll help your father
get on his feet, find a job,
but not at home.
Don't worry, you can see him
as often as you want.
You don't have the right
to throw Dad out!
Sleep. I'm going to the living room.
What are you up to?
Well, this is Dad's place.
Don't you ever listen?
Your father will not be living here,
and that's final.
You men make me sick.
You're all such a pain.
- Good night, Mom. I love you.
- Yeah, yeah, sure.
I hope that's not coming
in the house!
I'll put whatever I want in my room.
We'll talk about that later.
I have something to show you first.
What's this?
It was on sale.
But it's still lovely.
So sweet!
Do you really like it?
And you're giving it to me
just like that?
No reason?
You must look good
when you pick up Dad.
I can't afford
to take a day off work.
Would you rather be exploited
by your little supermarket boss?
Compared to Dad, he's a loser!
At least he thinks about us!
I won't be home for dinner.
Don't forget to break up with him!
Mom, you need to put more lipstick.
- Where?
How's that?
Hello, I'm Mrs Gossin.
My husband gets out today.
Joe Gossin.
One moment.
Joe Gossin left at 9.:42 today.
But it said 1 1 :00 on the notice.
He left earlier. Sorry.
That's not possible!
Stop. I know where he is.
Come on. Stop that.
Could there be a dirtier trailer?
Any idea what your father cost me?
He must have gotten scared.
Are you disappointed too?
Do you still love Dad?
Fourteen years is a long time.
For an accountant's daughter,
your math sucks.
Go figure.
- Nice shade of red.
- Concentrate, will you?
Shit, shit, shit!
Shit! Shit!
It's Dad! It's Dad!
What a set of wheels!
Where's your mother?
Where's your mother?
- In the bath.
Mathilde, my best friend.
Get the stuff from the car.
He was almost in tears.
He was obviously moved.
He remembered my birthday.
Open up,
or do I have to break down the door?
I'm getting dressed.
Don't bother.
I'll take you as you are.
Should I open the present?
It's not for you.
You could've bought
your son something.
My son? Prove it.
You screwed around enough
while I was in jail.
Don't try to tell me he's my kid.
Fuck off, Joe!
Fuck off!
You know me.
I didn't mean it like that.
Do you need another nine years
to think it over?
No, forget it.
I didn't say anything.
Okay now?
This is your last chance, Joe.
Stick to our deal
or you're out of my life.
No problem, Dad.
We'll buy it together.
My present.
Yeah, yeah...
You've talked enough nonsense for today.
Not that I don't want to,
but in my condition,
I'm not taking any chances.
- Your father will sleep in your room.
- Mom!
Don't argue! Off to bed.
Get going.
Good night, Dad.
Good night, laddy.
My heart is weary, Penelope.
Don't sweet-talk me.
I survived for you.
I endured 14 years
just for this moment.
At least open your present.
Too big... as usual.
Try it on.
At 7:00 tomorrow morning,
you're out of here.
Go to your room.
Achille, I'm sleeping in your room.
She's turned into a wild one.
Did you ever want to kill yourself?.
You either love
or you die because of it.
You must really love someone
to have it written on your skin, eh?
Is she serious about this other guy?
He's a loser.
- Doesn't he ever stay overnight?
- Not yet.
Notice my eye?
Normal. You defended yourself.
No. It was over you.
There were five of them.
They ridiculed you.
I thrashed them all.
It's like jail here.
Call me Joe.
See you tomorrow.
Here, take this. And that too.
- It's official.
- What?
This came from management.
- Is this a joke?
- No.
You should've asked me.
I won't be the unit head
and play the snoop for you.
I don't get it. I went to bat for you,
you'll get a raise and you snap at me?
You're manipulating my life.
Good night, you two lovebirds.
I decide.
I won't die in a cage.
Do you want to be a cashier forever?
If only I knew what you dream of.
I dream of a life together.
A proper life.
I love you.
Don't pressure me.
There, all clean.
I ironed them all.
Put them on the bed.
This was among them.
You should get rid of it.
Did you have that at the Russian roulette,
when you fell for Mom?
What do you think?
I don't leave things to chance.
Even so, you cleaned out
all the rich people.
Only a complete idiot robs the poor.
I bought you some sweaters
and a few things for the winter
and some food.
How's it going?
You bug me, but I'm getting by.
Have you looked for a job?
Nobody wants an ex-con.
Got a beer for me?
Are you here for Christmas?
Yes, of course.
Good idea, Christmas Eve together.
In jail, it's so dreary.
I have something else in mind.
Take Achille during the holidays.
Is the bench a bed?
Not a big one.
It's fine for me.
- I have only one duvet.
- I'll bring mine with me.
This is your chance
to prove yourself.
I finally got time for myself...
Don't blow your chance.
Otherwise, the deal is off.
I didn't say no.
It would be more fun with me
than with that loser.
Come on, we're leaving.
You'll wear it one day.
Have you given him
the divorce papers?
Didn't dare to.
You're exaggerating.
He's not a monster.
Just say it if you don't want me
to move in with you.
He has to prove himself with Achille.
Do you really believe he'll turn
into an ideal father overnight?
His son knows him better than himself.
Want me to tell you the truth?
You still love the bastard.
I'm at my wits' end with Achille.
What can I do?
He loves his dad.
I don't care about the boy.
I want you.
He has his own room now.
Time for bed?
Yes, she still loves him!
And he's not a bastard, asshole!
Stay here, I'll go.
Achille, that's enough!
Come here right now!
Piss off! I'll never sleep
in the same house as you!
Fred, come here!
Don't you get involved!
Come home!
Guys, there's a pedophile in the yard!
I'm waiting for my son.
Which class is he in?
Which year?
No idea.
Don't hassle me.
I didn't do anything, damn it.
Stop! He's my father!
Come down!
They don't believe me!
I'm coming!
Fuck the police!
This is my father.
Got nothing better to do
than hassling good family men?
What a great job
the Swiss police is doing.
What are you doing?
It gets dirtier faster with two.
We'll do that tomorrow.
I'll help.
Nobody tells me what to do.
Even on the outside,
I'm still in jail.
It's as if I'd been in a coffin
for 14 years.
I can't do anything.
I don't have any instructions
for freedom.
You have to put a coin in it.
- What kind of scam is this?
- You get it back after.
Who would steal a shopping cart?
It's not worth anything.
It was easier in the past.
Excuse me.
Hey, everyone has to wait in line.
My wife is at the checkout.
I got privileges.
How are you gonna pay?
Put it on the tab.
Achille, put them back on the shelves.
That's no way to treat customers.
Where's the manager?
Oh? You want to see him?
We have a problem at Checkout 2.
A customer doesn't want to pay.
Stop it, Mom.
You're embarrassing me.
Is there a problem?
My wife refuses to write up a tab.
All the crap she's put up with here...
It doesn't work like that anymore.
you have to pay on the spot.
Fine, then it'll be for each time
you shagged my wife.
Or shall we sort it out outside?
No, please don't.
That's not enough.
Take something out.
- I'll do it, Dad.
- Calm down.
You're not in jail anymore!
Learn to live like everyone else.
- Calm down.
Aren't you gonna turn on the stove?
Watch and learn.
So you'll be able to look after yourself
if you end up in jail.
A source of heat is necessary
to heat up the grub.
Like this.
That's ace!
Next time, I'll show you the yo-yo.
I know a thousand things like that.
I can't teach you anything else.
My friends are gonna be so jealous
when I show them that.
The sea in your bathtub.
Where is it?
- I don't know.
- Did my cell ring?
- No, no, no.
Nothing rang.
Don't move...
You see? Nothing. Nobody called.
Give it to me! Give!
Well done.
You spoiled our evening.
You have no new messages.
I've had enough.
For the past three months,
you've been unbearable.
Where are you going?
Eat up. I don't have a freezer.
What is it?
One thing you need to know in life:
either you say it or shut up.
Why did you say I wasn't your son?
Only the mother
really knows for sure.
- But Mom has no doubt.
- Beware.
Trust the Devil
before you trust a woman.
On top of that,
we don't look alike.
But if someone else was my father,
why give me one who was in jail?
It was shitty, all those years.
I didn't want kids.
But you were happy
when I held your finger tight?
Did your mother
tell you this rubbish?
The truth is, I was so furious,
they put me in isolation for three days.
You're not going to start blubbering?
Swear you'll never leave?
Enough of all this girlie stuff.
Promise we'll always be together,
and I'll help you win Mom back.
I give you my word of honour.
And I'll look for a job.
I don't like being broke.
Enough sentimentality.
I love you so much, Dad.
There, like that. Okay?
You line up the little red thing
between the two grooves.
When you're ready.
What happened?
- Shit!
- Fuck, fuck, fuck!
What's the matter? Let me see.
Come on. Come on.
Fuck, fuck!
- It stings!
- You'll be fine, don't worry.
So stupid! She'll kill me!
You broke the deal.
Don't come near him again.
And I never want to see you again.
No, Achille.
Achille, don't do that!
You gotta be kidding...
Penelope, he took the toilet paper!
Are you crazy?
He'll never make it without our help.
Now you see what friends
are good for?
Yeah, so cool!
You got a knack for junk.
- Nice glasses.
- It's almost healed.
It was hardly anything.
She's exaggerating
with this damn deal.
She mentioned the divorce again?
She doesn't dare
to give you the papers.
What are you going to do now?
The other guy is about to move in.
No idea.
Think of something.
You promised to look after her.
With her, you need a subtle approach.
I know her better than you do.
Don't worry,
I'll take care of it.
I'm going back to the junkyard.
We'll stay in touch, son.
What would you really go for?
A sweet love letter.
That's good.
- Give it to me. She knows your writing.
My darling...
No, that's not Dad's style.
More like...
My beauty, my princess...
My darling, my beauty...
my princess.
I constantly think about you.
- And about our son.
I know I made mistakes,
but now I changed my ways.
You're going too fast.
Changed my ways...
I've found an interesting job
at the junkyard
and earn enough to take care
of my little family...
Gotta make up for lost time.
Love of my life.
Every day I spend without you
is torture for me.
I miss you desperately.
Write that down.
You are the most...
extraordinary woman,
the most...
courageous woman I know.
14 years in jail,
he didn't get to know many.
The only one I have ever loved.
I know you love me too
and I need your love.
Let's not lose any more time.
I'm waiting for you.
I love you.
Signed, Joe,
your man for life.
I'd really like to receive
a letter like that.
Take the groceries.
I was just going to.
Is it all over with chivalry?
I have to pack. I'm giving up
my flat at the end of the month.
Okay then.
See you tonight, honey.
You got mail? Who from?
Too bad it's not from him.
Is it true about the job?
Don't worry,
you'll make them happy.
You write well.
What are you doing here?
I can't get along
with the other guy.
Mom's OK with me
spending the night here.
So she can have a quiet evening.
She's getting laid
and I'm babysitting.
Who does she think she is?
No, he's packing.
He's not there.
She just wants to be alone.
I only have chips.
Bloody phone.
It's got too many buttons.
Where do I have to press?
Please, Dad. Don't answer it.
You lied to me.
Just one night.
I don't have time
to talk to her anyway.
She's not the only one
who gets to fuck.
- Are you going out?
- Think you can stop me?
You got everything on this phone.
Email, GPS, Internet.
Do you have a Facebook account?
A what?
A Facebook account.
It's just a telephone. Stop it.
Are you sure he's with him?
Where else would he be?
I'll sort this out once and for all.
You're not going on your own.
Stay here.
Pack your boxes
if you want to move in on Sunday.
The evening is already screwed.
Stay here, Fat Fred!
Sorry, I already got a date.
She can wait.
You're jealous!
Wait in the car, Achille.
I got something to sort out
with your father.
The divorce is dragging on too long.
Sign. Then it's over with.
Do you think I'll sign something
just like that?
No alimony, of course.
I keep Achille,
you get him on weekends.
That's what it says.
It'll be clearer for everyone.
Do you want to be so ordinary?
One dull day after another at the store,
barbecue on weekends.
A boring life.
I'll do what I want with my freedom.
I don't have to justify myself to you.
Do you love him?
Yes or no?
- Sign, Joe.
Now we're no longer married.
Let's celebrate.
Not done yet.
You have to sign every page.
Stop it.
You get under my skin.
And I get under yours.
Stop torturing me.
I found Fangio!
Making me a baby sister?
My heart burns
My heart burns
It's like a dream.
Shit, shit, shit!
- What's the matter?
- I didn't expect you so early.
Take your stuff and get out of here.
I'll explain later.
- You could have at least told me.
- I didn't have time.
Stop messing me about.
You used me, bitch.
You're a pain in her ass!
Don't talk to my wife like that.
- Stop!
Want some more?
You're crazy!
You'll never guess!
My parents are getting back together.
No way!
She made the right choice!
He's much cuter than that other guy.
What are you listening to?
- Stop!
Back, back...
- Stop!
- Yes, yes, like that!
- Stop!
Don't move it anymore.
- Don't move it anymore!
- How much is a subscription?
We'll use pirate copies.
But that's illegal.
We're not gonna pay for TV!
- Back!
- Back.
- A bit more.
- A bit more.
Stop! Don't move it anymore!
Out of the way, Mom.
It's not in.
- Yes, it is!
Your finger!
Be patient! Now!
That's right. Now!
Thank you.
What's the matter?
Blissfully happy.
Love is a gypsy child
He has never ever known a law
If you love me not
then I love you
And if I love you
you better watch out
If you love me not if you love me not
then I love you
100 metres, watch out, left 43,
rather short.
Right, 5. Short.
Tight turn.
100 metres, right, right, smooth.
Watch out! Mom!
Trust your father.
Hit the brakes! We're gonna roll!
- Don't move!
- Hands in the air!
Don't move!
Get down!
Don't move! Gimme your hands!
- Come here, you.
- Scram!
- After him!
- Let him go. He's only a kid.
Come on, get up.
Let's go.
Move it!
You wrecked everything again!
You call this blissfully happy?!
Drop dead!
Curl up and die in jail!
Let me go! Bastards!
- Alexis, you gotta help me.
- What's up?
He promised.
This can't be happening.
A trap, yesterday after the rally.
- I don't understand.
Come warm up
and explain everything calmly.
They arrested Mom, too.
Quick, come with me.
Put this on.
- Ugly.
- But dry.
I called the cops. Your parents
are being questioned at the station.
Why? They didn't do anything.
Your father?
Doubt it.
We'll see. Get some rest.
I'll take you to the station after lunch.
You're a nice guy.
Yeah, too nice.
Hello, ma'am.
- Hello.
- How are you?
- Good, thank you.
They're coming out.
What about Dad?
They're keeping him.
They're making a mistake!
It's his boss' fault, I know it!
Come on...
Shall we go home?
I don't believe it.
They tipped over the terrarium.
Give me a hand?
Not now.
Dad needs a good lawyer.
He'll get one from legal aid.
I can't pay for his crap anymore.
Quickly, please.
What's wrong? Come on!
Tell him I can't do this again.
Hurry up!
Makes sense she doesn't want to,
given the shit I put her through.
It's over... Over.
I have really fucked up.
Big time.
Don't hang your head, Dad.
We gotta stay in touch.
We'll make a yo-yo
for the metal parts.
If they catch me with that,
I'll be in trouble.
Too bad, we could've texted.
I wouldn't be able
to read the messages.
What can an idiot like me do on the outside?
I can't read or write.
It's okay, Dad.
Now you have time to learn to read.
What's the point?
Jail's my fate.
I'll get five years for sure.
I tried to be an honest scoundrel,
but I messed up.
You promised we'd always be together.
Stop dreaming.
An empty promise.
I was bluffing.
You, your mother, and myself.
At least in jail I can do no harm.
I believed in it.
One thing you have to learn, champ.
There are no innocents here.
You really took me for a fool!
You had no right to do that!
They won't let him out?
Want some?
What are you doing here?
The fall of General Eyadema's dictatorship
has brought back democracy in Togo.
Here and there, people talk about the past,
the suffering
and decades of political
and human violence.
- Have you been drinking?
- No.
No, I've just never seen him
in a tracksuit before.
Where were you?
I was dead worried.
Alright, sort this out yourselves.
Good night.
How did it go with your father?
I never want to hear about him again.
It's hard being abandoned in jail.
it doesn't change anything.
With her, it's all or nothing.
If you hadn't been so stupid,
you wouldn't be here.
You gotta help me.
You're all I have left.
Next time you see me,
you'll be in your grave.
But you'll do me one last favour.
Get some cyanide
from the junkyard boss
and give half of it to a big dog.
If it dies, bring me the rest.
Don't forget.
Stay! Stay!
Come in.
I don't wanna be responsible
for the death of a buddy.
Why aren't you in jail?
Because your dad
never rats on anyone.
- I'm not like my father.
- Don't try to blackmail me, kiddo.
Forget it. That's his problem.
He's got the blues,
it happens.
I'll send him money.
- You got a bogus setup here.
Are you threatening me?
I'm gonna testify in court soon.
I'll say whatever I want.
Or else you give me what he wants.
Alright, let's see what I can do.
It's his decision after all.
Come, Achille.
Come with me.
Stretch your arms out.
Those cookies look good.
What kind are they?
- Almond cookies.
- Go ahead.
I don't get it.
You baked cookies?
Not bad.
What kind are they?
Cyanide cookies.
You're a real joker.
Very tasty.
Your mother didn't skimp.
I made them.
What did you tell your mother?
Nothing. This is just between us.
Then she would've come.
She would've yelled at me,
I would've yelled back.
Lost your voice?
Why do you think
I wanted cyanide?
Too bad you didn't go see the boss.
You don't really know me, do you?
You wouldn't have the guts to do it.
You little brat.
I'm starting to like you.
Enough with the bullshit.
Tell your mother to visit me
or I'll do myself in.
Mom knows about the cyanide.
She couldn't care less
about your threat.
She says you can drop dead,
then we'd finally be rid of you.
Which one is it?
Come on, tell me.
Without you two,
my life is pointless.
I loved you too late.
Farewell, my son.
Don't follow in my footsteps.
Two more minutes.
Leave now.
I have to do it here,
before I'm frisked.
In any case...
we'll always be together.
Quickly! Quickly! It's cyanide!
It's cyanide!
- I need help at the visiting room.
- On its way.
It's all my fault.
Tell him that, understand?
Yes, Joe, you got me pregnant again.
I hate you! Forever!
Don't worry.
We'll never get rid of him.
Give me the letter.
''Dearest Mom,
''I wanted to kill him,
but I love him too much.
''I can't live without him.
''It's not your fault, Mom.
Don't cry. Without us,
you'll be much happier.''
Is that all?
''I hope your next child
causes you less trouble than I have.
Give Fangio to Mathilde.
And tell her that...''
Never mind.
''Take good care of the baby.
Your son,
who loves you infinitely.''
You didn't read everything.
I'm dead tired. I need to sleep.
Are you crazy? They'll catch us.
It belongs to my father's partner.
They're on holiday.
Go ahead. Over there.
I'll turn it on.
It costs 88 francs for two.
Can't you borrow it
from your father?
He doesn't want me
to go to Geneva with you.
Your father is a criminal.
- How can we do it then?
- I'll steal it.
He hides cash behind the paintings.
There are so many,
I'm sure he forgot where it is.
You shouldn't steal
from your own family.
- I'll get changed.
- I don't have a bathing suit.
It doesn't matter.
I'm naked. You're naked.
What got into you?
Needed to get something off my mind.
Sure, I know what you mean.
- I sent you mail!
- I got it!
I can't hear you!
I love you, darling!
Who are you looking for?!
You there, small tits, with the boy!
The small tits say, ''Piss off!''
I'm looking for Joe!
I'm his son!
Joe, you're wanted!
Here I am!
How's it going, son?!
- Fantastic!
Penelope's fine too!
And the baby?!
One more month, Dad!
One month!!!
Me too!
Your father is great.
What is it?!
The free man!!!