Cyber Seduction: His Secret Life (2005) Movie Script

Hey Amy, come here.
I love you. | - I love you too.
Okay! Not bad!
I just got the official word.
We have two swimmers, | who made the All State team.
And they are:
Nolan Mitchell! | - Yes!
And... | Justin Peterson!
All right, go ahead | and have a great weekend.
Congratulations! | - I knew you can do it.
You hear? All State! | You gotta be kidding me!
Wow! - Wow! | - All State, mom!
Know what? I swear, I thought | I had lost after the first turn.
No, you really held stroke | and that final kick was incredible!
You saw me in last two? | - Yes, I saw you. - Yes!
Hey, Peterson!
Stroke Man! | I heared you made All State?
It's awesome, right Dooley? | - Thanks.
What All State team? | - He's a swimmer, buthead!
The best on a freestyle | on All damn State.
Jeez, do you even listen to Live Sports?
Yeah, when I'm in them.
It's nice Dooley'll be a voter someday.
I mean, it's no big deal, really.
All right, later.
How it be banned... Monica. |
No, I'm glad there isn't.
Hey, give me call sometime, | we should hang out.
Yeah. Sounds cool, Timmy.
Come on, mom! | - Stop! - It's pretty cheap.
Come on! - Okay.
We cannot afford this. | - Yes, we can!
Oh, thank God you're still here. | - Hey!
Wow! Look at you!
Exactly, look at me. | I look like Tammy Faye.
I'm meeting Greg at the Carlton | sddmitance at five.
Is there any way, | you can, please...
A twenty minutes makeover? | - Please!
Need just drop the kids off, | and I'll be with you at 3:45 - 3:50. Something...
God, love you! | Thanks. - Bye.
Come on! | It'll be, like, 90 percent off!
Thought you work today? | - Took the day off.
Doing hair and makeup for | senior girls graduation pictures.
That's nice.
Some are real beauties, | I got few phone numbers in my bag.
All right. | - Fresh boy saves himself for Amy.
Yeah, well I'm | saving my fist for you.
Hey, come on! | - Hey, hey! Gyus!
Gyus! | Stop! Stop!
Good night, Justin.
Goodnight, Mrs. Hyuik. | Good night.
You got to rest now. | - Yes, I will. 'Bye.
I have to go in. | - No, you don't.
Yes, I do. | - Justin!
What? | - Not now, okay?
What, are we on a schedule for this?
It's all you ever talk about. | - No.
Well, you're right.
I'm being a total jerk. | I'm sorry.
Come here.
I'll see you in the pool, okay? | I got to go.
No, I'll see you in the pool, okay? | - I'll be in the pool.
So, how'd it go? | I want all the details.
Beth, he practically jumped me | as soon as I walked in.
And that's a good thing? | - At my age, it's a miracle.
At your age? | Hey, I'm your age.
Mom, do we have | any ice cream?
You had dessert. | - But I'm still hungry!
Stroke Man! | Check this out
Monicas Site
DANGER | KEEP OU Hey, hey.
So, what's it feel like, huh?
Mr. All-State, high-school hero.
You know, everyone was | pretty stoked about it.
No, you deserve it.
You worked your butt off. | I'm proud of you.
Hey, dad, you know what's | really cool, though?
They put my plaque next to | mom's in the same case,
right there | in front of the gym.
Man, we rule!
So, how was your day?
Half the customer-service | guys are out sick.
Still trying to earn that raise, huh?
Hardly qualifies as a raise.
So... what's that?
Oh, that B&B in San Francisco. | I just got their brochure.
How much?
Look first, and then we'll talk.
Ooh. Nice.
But it's... expensive.
I'll make it | worth your while.
I'm not just the nice | lady who works here.
Stroke Man? ...after game party. | My house.
Everybody's commin'. | Monica too. Be their.
Hey. Glad you could make it.
Hey, dude, great game tonight. | You were awesome.
Especially in the third period!
Thanks. Great fumble in the fourth.
Everything cool, Jack? | Come on in, guys.
You guys want a beer? | - No, thank you.
Yeah, me neither. | 5:30 workouts.
Right. | Swim queens don't drink.
Excuse me.
Hey dude, type up | "Naked college babes."
It's just to see what comes up.
You guys are such losers. How'd you | like it if we watched naked guys?
This is hilarious. | Those people are freaks!
Are you having fun?
Boring and boring. | Boring!
Use your dad's credit card, you know, | get to the prime meat.
Yeah, 'cause I want my dad | knowing I look at this crap.
Timmy, P-911. | P-911.
Got it, Tracker.
Hey, guys.
Everybody okay?
Do you need any more sodas? | - I think we're cool, dad.
God, I remember that game.
...and goes straight down the middle | behind a group of blockers,
resembling the old blind way.
Oh, right. Sorry.
All right, if you need | anything, call me, okay?
Have fun, guys. | - Thanks, Mr. Jenkins.
Can we go now?
I don't get the | whole porn thing.
I mean, the way they do it, | it's so mechanical.
Animal channel shows | better relationships.
Didn't know you were | into watching animals do it.
Hey! | - Ow!
i'm sorry I took you there.
Is that a turn-on for you?
Not at all... | I mean, nothing compared to you.
But, if we're having sex...
Has to come from our hearts. | I know.
Wow. | I really sound that uptight?
No, you don't. | I think it's cool.
It's not that I don't ever | want to make love with you.
It's just that when we do | I want it to be...
Magical. | - Magical.
Trust me, it'll be | worth the wait.
I can believe it.
Timmy: dude, wherd u go 2nite? | check this out...
Monster tits @ Big Breasted Women
Big Breasted Women
JUST SAY SUPER SIZE ME | A lust for bust!
Come on, baby!
Justin, what are you doing?
I'm going to bed now, okay, mom. | Good night. - Night.
Steven. | Steven, wake up.
What? | - Justin's looking at porn.
Oh, okay. | Good night, hon.
Steven, he's looking | at naked girls on his computer.
And you think that's normal?
Well pretty much. That's what teenage boys do. | They look at pictures of girls with big boobs.
Should we talk to him?
About what, naked women?
I don't want him | seeing girls like that.
Okay, I'll talk to him. | Good night.
I never said | they had big boobs!
They always do.
Yeah, that is a sorry excuse | for a swim, and you know it.
Just 'cause you made All State | doesn't mean you stop working hard.
Sorry, coach.
The rest of you | didn't perform any better.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Seriously, what's wrong?
I'm just tired, okay?
Did you read the Kafka?
Yeah, some guy wakes up as a cockroach. | That would suck.
I feel like that sometimes. | - Like a cockroach?
Like how he was part of his family but | it was like he was a different species from them.
Everyone said it was gonna be really boring, | but, I don't know, I found it kind of interesting.
Hello, am I boring you?
No, sorry. | - Forget it.
I mean, no. | I feel like a cockroach, too.
Em, is there a way to check on | which websites somebody's surfing?
Sure. | Check their history file.
Checking up on your kids?
I do not wanna be that kind of mom, but...
Di, the thing is any kid with his | mouse knows how to clear their history.
What's that mean? | - They just erase their tracks.
Okay. | Um, any way around that?
Well, it gets complicated. | I mean,
they block parental controls | that block certain websites.
Man, this Internet is getting scarier.
Honey, you have no idea.
What you listen to?
Oh, Switchfoot again!
Come on. | It beats the stuff you listen to.
What do you mean? | Green Day rules.
Hey, guys, what do you think? | Green Day or Switchfoot?
Switchfoot's for altar boys. | Got to go with Green.
Maybe you'd rather have | lunch with her?
Hey, I'm just saying. | - I know what you're saying.
Wait here! Let me listen | to it one more time, okay?
It's good. | - Yeah, yeah! Praise the lord!
Shut up!
Wow! | - Kill me now.
Why are you this late?
Well, if I'm gonna make San Francisco work, | I have to...!
Are we going?
I'll be in a body bag.
Oh, thank you!
Ohh, ohh! | That feels great.
Ohh, this is why I married you.
Not for love?
For the love of your back rubs.
Please don't stop. | I'll shut up. I'll shut up.
Ohh. Ohh.
So, where are the kids?
Well, Alex went to bed early. | Probably has homework he didn't want to finish.
And Justin's in his room.
You know, this would be a great time | to have that little talk with him.
What talk?
About the stuff | I saw on the computer.
Oh, sweetheart, what am I | supposed to say about that?
You're the dad. | I'm sure you'll think of something.
He's not a pervert just because he wants | to look at pictures of naked women.
What's up?
I've got a lot of | math homework.
Yeah. Right. Okay.
Your mom was up late | a couple of nights ago,
and she saw some | pictures on your computer.
I... Im real sorry about that. | It won't ever happen again. I promise.
I mean, it's normal.
Look, all guys want to | look at pictures.
When I was your age, we used to | hide our Playboys under the bed.
Yeah? | - Yeah.
You know, a relationship's | about more than just sex.
Your mom was beautiful | when I met her.
I mean, she still is!
But what we share is, you know, | it's not just physical.
You know, what we...
We just enjoy each other's company.
Does this make sense to you?
No. It sounds like | mom sent you in here.
No, it's me, too.
But she's worried that there might be | a problem if you're... you know?
No, no. Dad. Jeez, there's no problem. | I mean, you said yourself... All guys do it.
Yeah. | Yeah, that's what I told her.
It's nothing to worry about. | - Yeah.
So, how's practice, anyway? | - It's great.
Well? | - No problem.
What does that mean?
I told him there was more | to life than big boobs.
You're kidding, right?
I said relationships are | about more than sex.
I brought up how we share the joys
and heartaches that... | invariably come your way in life.
Should I be writing this down?
Di, I know you're concerned, | but he's a regular teenage boy.
He's got to look at this stuff, | then he moves on.
It's normal.
All right, everybody. | Listen up!
Listen up! | The meet is this weekend,
so you know the drill, right? | The three R's!
Rest, relaxation and restraint.
All right, now. | Who is the best?
We are! | - That's right. Yes, we are.
All right, get out of here.
Hey, what are you doing | with my PDA?
Um, just sending myself | an e-mail so I don't forget.
Forget what? | - How beautiful you are.
Oh, that's so sweet. | You can use it for that anytime.
Even though that's a total lie.
Okay, you got me. | I was playing an on-line game.
Yeah, tell the girls less is... - Mom! | - ...sophisticated, not slutty.
Mom! - I'll bring in | tons of magazines.
Exactly. | - Mom.
I'll talk to them. | - Mom, when's dinner?
Hang on. - Five minutes. | Go tell your brother.
Hey, dork.
You know what? No. | Get out of here.
What's that? | Let me see.
None of your business. | Get out of here.
Let me see! | - No! Get out! Get out of here!
Fine. | I'm telling mom.
Okay, wait. | No, no, no, no.
Can I see?
Close the door. | - Let me see.
I said, close the door!
Look, what I'm gonna show you, you got to | promise me you won't tell mom or dad.
I promise. | - Look,
I swear I'll smash | all your video games.
Got it? | - I promise.
Come on, hurry up. | Dinner's in five minutes.
So, how's the history | paper coming along?
Fine. I mean, struggling a little bit, | but I'll nail it.
I'm thinking about going to Amy's later, | do a bit of work on it.
Nope? | - Not on a school night, not this late.
Mom, it's homework.
Call her on the phone. | I'm sure that'll work just as well.
Alex, what's going on?
Um, he's all pumped up. | He just defeated the drug dealer in GTA.
Nice. | - Thank you.
It's pretty cool.
The founding fathers didn't talk about religion, | but they were men of faith.
And Washington, too? | - Yep, he prayed.
O most glorious God, make me to know | what is acceptable in Thy holly word.
You know, I think it's tight that | you're not afraid to talk about your faith.
Yeah. Most kids don't think so.
Who cares? | I respect it.
So, will I ever get you to | come to church with me?
You never know. | What's it do for you?
I don't know. | I guess it puts things in perspective.
It comforts me.
Makes all that stupid stuff | we obsess about... seem stupid.
Yeah, that's cool.
You know, you're alright | for a scrawny, righteous Sophomore virgin.
Dude, I'm not scrawny.
Seriously, dude, angel girl's nice and everything, | but dating? Dude, nobody dates.
You know what you need?
What every other slacker | in his life needs.
A little bit of... Monica.
Wow. She definitely is hot.
Have you and Monica | done anything no.
No, it'd be a little | too weird with Dooley, ..
but you, you could. | - Serious?
Yeah, she's sick of him.
I mean, you're smart. | Now get educated.
Get Monica. | - Yes, Monica.
I just shot down | three more Nazi planes.
It gets boring | making ace every day.
Yeah, I'm sick of | that game, too.
Want to see something | really gross?
Thomas, you got to promise | not to tell anyone,
'cause if my brother caught me, | he'd kill me.
What I promise | I won't tell anyone.
Dude, snipe him.
I can't. | The thing's not working.
Hey, I found this pretty | extreme website last night.
It's pretty extreme, dude.
Another multiplayer game?
No, man, something a lot hotter. | - Go for it.
Latex. Bondage.
Oh, man, get that crap off my computer! | I'm gonna get spam forever.
But you got to check out this babe | with the huge... - Don't!
Come on, dude. | No, I don't care, bro.
That stuff's way too twisted. | Dude, you're getting scuzzy.
Sorry, man.
This is a nice surprise.
You want to join me?
No, I just...
got to finish homework in study hall,
so I just came down to see | if you were still working out.
Oh, yeah.
Want to hand me my towel?
So, what's going on?
No, not much. | That was a pretty decent last 50.
You should've | seen me in college.
Something happened today?
No. Why?
You seem upset about something.
No, I just got a really bad headache, | probably 'cause I didn't eat lunch today.
I'm gonna go get changed, and let's go | pick up some takeout food for dinner.
How does that sound? | - Sounds good, yeah.
Yeah mm-hmm? | Okay.
Contact Me
You're soooo amazing!
All right. Here you go. | - Thank you.
And the winner is lane 2. | - Hey, where's Alex today?
Book report due. | - Hasn't read the book.
Justin, your heat's up!
Justin! Give me that, come on. | What are you doing?
I just... great!
What are you thinking?
Get it together!
I don't know what he's doing | down there. He's goofin' around.
I'm glad you could | join us, Mr. Petersen.
Swimmers, to your blocks.
On your mark.
Come on!
Go for it at the turn! | Go, Go!
Don't you quit on me, Petersen. | Let's go! Push!
Come on, Justin! | Pick up the pace!
Keep it going. | Keep it going, come on.
Kick it! Go! | - Come on!
Come on!
The winner of the day in lane 3, | Matthew Stokes.
Jack James takes second place,
and finishing in third place, | Justin Petersen.
Ran out of gas.
He wasn't ready to race.
For upcoming meets, the schedule is | posted on the bulletin board by the exit,
and be sure to attend our | closing ceremony later this evening.
You know what, guys? | I'm really not that hungry, okay?
Come on, All State. | I mean, a cheeseburger, vanilla shake...
I mean, that is true happiness.
I think Justin just | blew the one hundred
'cause he knew he'd be | looking at my ass in the finals.
I'm gonna go snag a table.
We can just go over | to my place.
No. I'm gonna head home. | You hang out here with Nolan, all right?
I'll go with you?
No, no, no. Hey, I'm really beat. | I'll call you later, okay?
Sending mail...
Look, he can't afford | to screw up like this.
College coaches are | aware of him now.
You never know when one of them | will show up at a meet.
I know. - He's got one shot. | One! Swimming.
College... Justin's only chance | at a good college is in the pool.
Know, maybe we need to consider | the fact that he's not like you?
He can't, under pressure, | respond like you can.
Oh, he's better than I was. | He's faster. He's stronger.
There's something else going on.
I just... I can't talk to him.
What, you want me | to talk to him?
Didn't do much good | the last time.
You know what I think? | - What?
I think you're pushing him | way too hard to be like you.
Oh, I am not!
Let him be he wants to be. | We can afford some college.
Some college? | - Why not?
I'm working my butt off to make some | extra money... - So am I! that both the boys will have opportunities... | - So am I, Steven,
but it's never gonna be enough | for even some college.
Did you make those reservations | for San Francisco?
No. | - Don't.
We can't afford it,...
It is not the time | to go away.
Virgin Vaginas.
Can I go to bed now? | - No.
But I have a | geography test tomorrow.
You'll sit here until | your brother gets home.
And he better have | an explanation.
Like what? | Virgin Vaginas are a new band?
What's going on?
Your mother found this | in Alex's room.
What is it? | - Porn?
Did he get it off your computer?
Did he say that? - Doesn't matter | what he said. We're asking you.
There's a bunch of guys | at school razzing me,
'cause me and Amy are so conservative | about having sex and stuff.
Yeah, so?
So they sent me these pictures.
Which guys? | - I don't know exactly.
There were a bunch of them, | they did it as kind of a joke.
A joke? You think | sending porn is a joke?
It's garbage, Justin, | and I don't want it in my house, ever.
You understand? | - Yes.
However you got it, either | your brother found it himself
or you showed it to him, | which I hope to God you didn't do.
I found it.
You found it?
On accident.
I'm sorry, mom.
All right. | Go to bed.
These friends that sent you this crap, | those friendships are over.
Yes, dad.
Look, I'm sorry. | I really am.
What do you think?
I don't think he's lying.
I believe him.
Di, you don't believe him?
Oh, hi! | - Oh, my God.
Did we have a lunch date | and I forgot to write it down?
Oh, no, no, I just thought I'd | give it a shot. Are you free?
Oh, uh, no.
Grading freshman book | reports is my lunch.
Maybe another time. I just needed | some advice about something,...
Oh, I've got a sec. | Um, what's up?
I don't really remember the details,
and it's none of my business, | okay, but, um,
didn't you break up with Tom over | something to do with Internet porn?
Oh my God. Is Steven...
No, no.
It's, um... it's Justin.
My marriage was destroyed because | of his addiction to Internet porn.
You got to go.
I'm sure this is, like, | some silly teenage stuff.
No, Di, we got to talk more about this,
and you have got | to monitor his computer.
Yeah. | Got it.
Thanks. See you later. | - Okay.
Access to server incomplete. Internet connection | unverified, please re-enter information.
Final install...
BLOXXX has been successfully | installed on your system
Thanks, honey. | - No problem.
Yeah, not for you.
Mom. You know we can get | around this software, right?
What do you mean, | it doesn't work?
Oh, no, it's fine | for some people.
It's just that me and Justin | are good with computers.
Not that we would try | and get around it or anything.
I'm just saying that... | - No, I'm sure you won't,
especially if we move | the computer into the family room.
What about when you're not home?
Well, I guess the power | cord goes with me.
when can we get togather?
Hey, how are you? | - Fine.
Sorry I took off last night.
Yeah, I was worried about you.
You know, a bunch of us | are over here at the diner
if you want to come over.
Um, can I call you later?
That's what you said last night.
Now is not a good time.
Why are you being | so weird to me?
Look, I'll call you later, | I promise.
I really need to see you.
Can't wait | - That's cool.
Why don't we rent a movie tonight? | We haven't done that in ages.
Yeah, that sounds good.
That'll be great, mom. | - I can't, um... math test.
I promised Amy I'd come over | tonight and do some work.
Do it over the phone.
Mom, it's equations.
It's kind of hard to do | equations over the phone.
It's, like, impossible.
What do you think?
Okay, but you got | to be home by nine.
No problem. | Nine o'clock.
Hi. Two sodas, please.
Should I pause it? | - No, keep watching.
Hello. | Hi, Amy.
I... I thought he was with you.
Here you go. - Thanks. | - No problem.
Hey, I'm glad we're | finally getting together.
Me too.
You know, I've been | thinking about you.
Have you been | thinking about me?
Oh, yeah.
You're so cute.
You know, I heard you're | quite the fish in the pool.
I'm... I'm okay, I guess. | - Yeah?
If Dooley went All State, | he'd walk around with a billboard.
You know, I'd like to come | watch you swim sometime.
Oh, yeah, sure. |
Well, actually, the meets | are usually on Saturday.
There's a lot of kids who | come and stuff... Yeah.
I bet you look incredibly hot in | one of those tiny bathing suits.
It's, uh, pretty cool, huh?
A sophomore boy hooking up | with a senior girl.
It's pretty cool, yeah.
How cool is... this?
Shoul'd we go at my place? | My parents aren't home.
Well, I got to get | going, actually.
Now? | - Yeah.
I have this stupid | history paper due.
I would really like to do something | with you tonight, but I can't.
I'm sorry.
So am I.
You know, I guess I'll see you at | school sometime, then, huh?
Okay. Well, bye. | - Bye.
Hey, Justin, what's up?
Where were you?
I was studying. | - Amy called.
You said you were going over there.
I was, then I realized I needed | some reference books for my
history paper, so I went to the library.
Let's see the books.
Okay, fine.
Okay, never mind.
Justin, am I going to have to start | checking up on you all the time now?
No. I tried calling you and Amy.
It's just that my phone | didn't have any service in the library.
I apologize about this, | and I'm gonna go call Amy now.
Okay. Good night.
Good night.
Justin, wake up.
Come on. Wake up. | You're gonna be late for practice.
Let's go.
Where's my computer?
I moved it into | the family room.
Oh. Okay.
I'll be in the car.
I mean, I didn't understand that. | I don't think we ever went over that chapter.
Amy! Amy, wait! Amy!
I'm sorry for being | so random lately.
Yeah. | So, what's up with that?
My mom's been on me a lot | about becoming a better swimmer
so I'll go get us a scholarship.
Look, I know you're | under a lot of pressure,
but why don't you | talk to me anymore?
I want to. I will. | You're the best. You know that.
I don't feel that way.
Hey, come here.
You know I need a bit of math | homework help, so can I come over tonight?
You... need math homework help?
Come on. | I'm the one who needs help.
I'm just looking for | an excuse to come over.
Are you gonna show up this time? | - Absolutely.
Hey. Last night was sweet.
Um, yeah, it was.
So, when do you want | to come over?
Can I e-mail you later? | - Yeah. I will wait.
Leather boy! | So, what's sick, slick?
Timmy says he's | the new king of porn.
Kinky the clown.
Well, I like to watch a | bit of porn before swim practice.
It kind of jacks me up | a bit, you know?
I hear you're a real freak. | Into the real twisted stuff.
Come on, you guys. | I'm just fooling around.
This whole porn thing's a joke. | - You're the joke, leather boy.
Hey, dude. | - Hey, freak.
I'm still getting perverted spam | on account of you.
I ought to kick | your warped ass.
We stopped having sex.
You know, I thought | it was getting routine, so I...
tried to spice it up, | and he went into the den.
The computer is in the den.
Four in the morning, I go in there, | he's... surfing porn,
What... What did you do?
I couldn't say anything. I was | too embarrassed. I was so hurt.
I just turned around | and went back to bed.
I wanted just to do | some therapy, but...
He said there wasn't a problem.
He said it was me, | that I was overreacting.
He would stay up all night | and watch that stuff,
but he couldn't bear to touch me... | the real thing lying in the next room.
I do not want to scare you. | I mean this was a big thing for me.
I'm sure Justin's just | going through a phase.
Don't all teenage boys do this?
I don't know.
Am I gonna see you this weekend?
Yeah, if you still want to.
Yeah, I just thought, I don't know,
maybe you'd be hanging out | with Timmy and his crew.
No, I mean, | Timmy's cool, but a rest of them...
I dont really.
What about Monica?
You know I saw you | talking to her.
Yeah, so she came to say hi, | doesn't mean, I can't diss her.
Have you seen her website?
No. I've heard rumors | about it, though.
Everyone says she | takes off her clothes and...
Does things in front of | the i-cam for Dooley.
Are you serious?
I never heard | anything about that before.
I know she's interested in you.
I don't care who's interested in me.
I'm only interested in you.
Okay, I love you.
I've really missed you.
Justin! | - What?
We can't.
What do you mean, we can't? | Why not?
You know what, this is so stupid!
Why do we have to be | the last people to do everything?
I don't care what | other people do.
If all you want is a friend with benefits, then | maybe you should find someone else.
Maybe I should.
Night, Justin.
Amy, is everything all right?
Yeah, everything's fine.
And what do you think about getting some sage | and basil plants, you know, for cooking?
You guys like the way that tastes | in my spaghetti sauce, right?
Mom, you're trying too hard. | - What?
Whole that family time, we don't need | to bond, mom. We're cool.
Hey, you know, | we got to replant the garden,
and I can't carry | this stuff all by myself.
And, excuse me, | what's wrong with a little family bonding?
I'm not complaining. | - Good.
Go. | - Hello?
Dont bother. Let's just | do this and get out of here, okay?
But today I was gonna go play... | - Just chill, all right?
Okay. Yeah. | Okay. I'm sorry.
That was Thomas' mother.
Apparently, one of his teachers caught Thomas | showing off a pornographic photo on his laptop.
Well, I didn't send it to him.
No, your brother did. | - I did not.
Alex, do not lie to me!
It was sent from your e-mail.
You're lucky | you didn't get suspended.
Why are you looking at me?
Because you allowed this | pornography into our house.
Justin, I need you | to look at me.
I mean it. | Look at me.
You have a problem | with pornography.
No, dr. Phil, I don't.
Alex, go get me a | couple of bags of plant grow.
Mom, I... | - Now!
Beth went through this | with her husband, Tom.
She gave me a lot of insight | into this kind of addiction...
That's nice, mom.
This isn't some sneak-a-peek, | innocent kind of guy stuff.
This is different, | and you know it is.
I'm not Beth's husband, okay, mom?
I know that, | but let me help you.
I don't have a problem | with pornography.
I swear I'm telling | you the truth.
Okay? I don't have a problem. | - Good.
'Cause I'm shutting off | Internet access.
No, mom, you can't do that! | I have homework assignments
and class notes off the web.
And what about e-mails?
Use the library computers at school.
You and I are gonna | have a talk in the car.
Nice going, | you stupid dork.
Stephen, did you...
ever need to fantasies about...
Other women?
Honey, I'm one of | the lucky guys.
I married my fantasy.
But every year | I get a little older,
a little less sexy...
This a fantasy to you... | Sure...
Listen to me!
You fulfill all my fantasies.
Not just the sexual ones.
My problem is I | don't tell you that enough.
No, but I think Tammy Carson has those. | Hold on. It's in here somewhere.
Sorry. I'm still new at this thing.
Sexy Girls. Hot babes.
Um, I can't find it. | I'm gonna have to call you back.
You forgot something on my PDA.
I don't know how that got there. | - Don't lie to me, please!
What's happend to you?
What's going on, man?
Hey, get the hell | away from me!
Justin, that's no way | to speak to your teammate.
Screw all you guys.
Petersen! | Petersen, get back here!
Monica's Page
Diane Petersen's line.
Um, yeah. | Hang on a second.
Sorry. | Hi. This is Diane.
I... I haven't...
Yeah, I'll... | I'll be right there.
Is everything okay?
Di, what is it? | What's wrong?
Justin hacked through | the library firewall.
Of course, this means he won't be allowed | to use the school computers until further notice.
Are you suspending him?
No, but he's put on probation | for the rest of the school year,
and he has detention | for the next four saturday mornings.
I think that's more than fair.
I have a copy of | Justin's progress report.
Oh, God.
Why didn't the school tell us | his grades were slipping?
We sent a copy of the report home, | and we e-mailed it.
But Mr. and Mrs. Petersen, have...
Have either of you ever caught | Justin visiting porn sites?
I mean... | he's looked at some pictures.
Yes, I've... I've caught him | looking at porn sites at home.
Well, Justin was visiting | porn sites on the library's computer.
Look, he's not the only student | with this type of problem.
Since all this new technology | makes the internet so incredibly accessible,
pornography addiction | has become far more common.
If you want some help, I have a list of | therapists you might want to contact.
Thanks. | I think we can take care of it.
Actually, I'd really | appreciate that list.
Let's go. Now. | - I can't. I have practice.
No, you don't. | You've been suspended from the team.
Are you gonna tell us what | you were looking at on-line?
Answer your mother.
You know, stuff... | Websites, pictures.
What? | - Pornography.
I can't hear you. | - I said, pornography! Jeez!
I said it's pornography! | Is that what you guys want to hear?
I can stop.
Well, I don't think it's gonna | be that easy, Justin.
But I know I can do it.
Justin, you're gonna need professional | help dealing with this. - Mom, no!
And, there are consequences | for what happened at school.
You're grounded for the | rest of the semester.
I understand.
Hey, baby. | I'm waiting for you.
I want you so bad.
Credit Card Information.
Contact Me
Who is it?
It's Justin. Swimmer.
Come on in. I won't bite.
So do you want something to drink or...?
Oh, no, I'm fine. | Thanks.
Wow, this is nice.
Don't sound so surprised. | I might get the wrong impression.
What do you mean?
That you think I'm a cheap slut | from a low-rent family.
Oh, no, no. | I don't think that at all.
Relax. I'm just teasing you.
Let's go upstairs.
Would you... | rather be in your room?
No. This is exactly | where I want to be.
I could tell you wanted to be with | me that first time we met.
Yeah, but then you left me | so quickly the other night.
Oh, no, no it wasn't you. | I just...
Well, I had this paper due.
Well, what about now?
Do you have to be | anywhere else?
Show me how much | you want me.
You know, I'm not like little | sweet what's-her-name.
Amy? | - What?
That's her name, Amy. | - Whatever.
Um, look, can we go a bit slower?
Please. | - Yeah.
We can go as slow as you want.
No, stop.
You know what? | Hey, I'm sorry.
This isn't how I | pictured it would be.
You know, what I don't really...
I don't really feel | like it anymore.
Are you kidding?
Are you turning me down?
No. It's not that. | It's just...
You're kidding me!
Get out!
The hell out of here!
Get out of here!
You cannot blow me | off like this!
Get out of here! | Get out!
Hi. This is Sylvia | calling from First Monument Bank.
Could you please call us right away | regarding your credit-card account?
Okay, I'm almost there.
Okay, Emma, | I see the folders.
Honey, what's the matter?
You're not gonna believe this.
Oh, no. | Oh, no. please.
Click out of here.
I'm trying. Emma? | We can't get out, okay?
I'm trying. Emma, I'm trying | to get out. What do I... escape?
More and more of | this crap keeps coming up.
What the hell? | - I don't know.
Emma, I'll call you back.
We trusted you, | and you lied, again.
Mom, I know, but it was only | a couple of times, I swear.
No, it's been more than | a couple of times!
I just got a call from the | the credit-card company
because of some | unusual activity on my account.
You've been buying pornography | with my credit card!
Mom, I'm gonna | pay you back every penny.
Justin, you're addicted! | You can't stop!
I'm not addicted! | - Stop lying!
I'm not! | - Stop it!
Just stop lying! | - Get the hell out of my face!
What do you want to do, dad, huh? | Want you hit me?
Stop it! | - Hit me, dad!
Stop, stop! | My god!
You finished, dad?
Mom! | - Thank you, honey.
Mom, um, since it's Friday night,
could we all go out | and see a movie together?
I don't think tonight | is such a good idea.
Is it okay if I... | Go over to Amy's?
You're grounded, remember?
I know, but I... | I have to see her.
I have to talk to her. | I have to apologize.
But I'm driving you.
I do have a problem.
And you're right.
I can't handle it alone.
Do you know what upsets me | the most about all this?
That I was always | able to trust you.
I felt so fortunate as a mom | that I could trust my son.
I want to get | that feeling back, Justin.
How do I get that back?
I don't know.
But I'm gonna work towards that.
I really am.
I love you, okay?
I love you so much. | - I love you, too, Mom.
So, you know, give me a call when you | want me to pick you up, okay?
Thanks for seeing me.
You want to go for a | walk or something?
Uh, that's okay. | Thanks anyway.
I have a problem.
I do, and I am gonna get help.
That's a start.
Yeah. Well...
Is there any way... | Well, I mean...
Do you think we can | see each other sometime?
I mean, not like a date or anything, | but just to talk?
I don't think so. | I'm sorry.
Not yet, anyway.
I was actually thinking about | going to church with you.
Wow. That's pretty radical.
Yeah. I need to get radical.
You get that help, Justin,
and I'll be here for you if you | need to talk.
I'll always be there for you.
Guess who's coming up the street?
Baby, don't. Baby! | - Let go.
Game time, boys.
What's up, Justin?
Let's go.
It's not like beating up a girl, | is it, swim queen?
I didn't touch her, | I swear.
Just like I'm not | touching you.
Yo. Yo, man. | Don't go psycho on him.
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