Cyber Tracker (1994) Movie Script

Steve man, come on.
- Come on let's go!
- To hell with you guys.
I'm staying!
What's the matter?
Howdy, folks, come
on into James Bar.
We got everything you
want, beer, whiskey, crack,
heroin, it's all here,
you name it.
It's all legal and it's
all here, so come on in.
Bring your wife, bring
your girlfriend,
bring them both.
Hey, Jenny, hey.
Alright, now how many times
do I have to tell you guys
no drinks on the table.
Get out of here, you mooch.
I'll give you a lead enema.
I think table three
could use more nachos.
Put that away, dick head.
- Relax.
- That thing's hot, man,
that's the piece I used
to cap that old man.
There's nothing to worry
about, we got away clean.
What the hell is that?
I am Unit Seven of the Federal
Division of Core Trackers.
You, Frank Douglas Rowe, have
been found guilty of murder
by the United States
Computerized Judicial System,
in accordance with penal
code 1-2-0-0-6-7.
- Now wait a minute!
- You are to be executed, now.
I'm innocent!
You got the wrong guy!
The wrong guy!
Oh, help me man, help me!
You James Donald Cooley
have been convicted
of murder by the United States
Computerized Judicial System.
In accordance with penal
code 1-2-2-0-6-7,
you are to be executed, now.
No more, no more!
No more!
He's here.
Secure your positions.
- No more, no more, no!
- No more!
No more!
Hi I'm Connie Griffith
from Internews.
Outside Cybercore Industry
teams of protestors
gather to express their
disapproval with
the country's newly appointed
Computerized Judicial
System, a faction created by
Cybercore, and inducted
into the judicial system
eight months ago.
The strongest supporter
of computerized justice
is Senator Bob Dilly,
who is making his way
into the press conference
podium right now.
Hi, how are you,
really nice to meet you.
Ladies and gentlemen settle please!
It is my pleasure to introduce
Senator Robert Dilly.
Position check.
- Stage right secure.
- Stage left secure.
Thank you, thank you very much,
it's a, welcome, why
don't we, why don't we
open it up for questions right away.
Senator Dilly, don't you feel that
computerized justice is
a blatant demoralization
of the constitution?
I feel that computerized justice,
- is a misuse of terms.
- Computers can't make
life and death decisions!
Justice isn't run by computers,
it is organized and
distributed by computers,
but those computers
were programmed by men!
Computers killed my brother!
You're killing people!
We're tight boys, got a lot of
angry little faces out here today.
Well what about the Constitution?
The Constitution was
written over 225 years ago,
when the entire country had less of
a population than this city.
Ross this is Romero,
we have a security guard here
that says we have an unauthorized
vehicle in sector five.
Want you to check it out.
Negative, it's too hot down here.
- It might be something.
- Stay the line.
Danner, cover me I'm gonna check it out.
Phillips stay at your post!
I got a feeling Ross.
There are 20 murders
a day in this city.
That's a hell of a lot of trials.
A lot of trials,
a lot of manpower,
a lot of money that
we just don't have.
Are you sure we're doing
the right thing Nick?
Yes dammit, from (mumbles).
Killing Dilly ain't
gonna stop the system.
No, but it'll slow it down.
- It's a statement.
- We're going through
with the plan.
- Phillips come in.
- Phillips!
- What's going on?
- A-2-7 unauthorized
vehicle on the roof, code yellow.
Senator Dilly, do you
think that Mr. Rounds,
as Chairman of Cybercore,
would care to reveal
how much money his
company made when they
merged with the United
States government?
Miss Griffith, that
question has no bearing
on this news conference.
We are here to discuss
the wave of the future,
the wave of justice.
You want to talk about
preventing deaths?
How about preventing the
deaths of innocent policemen
killed in the line of duty?
Core Tracker is the first
step in preventing that.
So we file in all the
facts and let the
computers come up with the verdict.
Yes Miss Griffith, and the
sentence is then carried out.
By robot executioners.
By Core Tracker.
Mark, Matt, two minutes.
What's next Mr. Dilly, cyborg
teachers, cyborg doctors?
How about cyborg reporters?
Mr. Dilly do you feel
the cybernetics industry
is advanced enough for this
type of responsibility?
I feel Cybercore.
They are the spearhead
company in the field.
You're lying Senator,
why are you lying to us?
Every legal
explanation is (mumbles).
Nothing had been
uncovered (mumbles).
Senator what
happens when (mumbles).
Faith, faith is
for churchgoers.
There's nothing to worry about.
Hold on!
Secret Service, get out of the car!
The terrorists are said to be members
of a covert radical group who
oppose computerized justice.
They call themselves UHR,
Union for Human Rights.
Some people may disagree
with the tactics
they displayed here
today, but other people
believe they are necessary.
Meanwhile we just had
confirmed reports that
all UHR members were killed.
I'm Connie Griffith, reporting.
Senator do you feel
this was a UHR incident?
Of course it was a UHR attack.
Union of Human Rights
indeed, what a joke.
What about my rights?
Aren't I human?
Were you hurt Senator?
No I wasn't, and I
owe that to Eric.
I want you to meet
Agent Eric Phillips,
he's the head of our
Secret Service detachment.
Good work.
Do you intend on
striking back sir?
We'll let the law
take care of that.
Well, that's all for now boys.
Okay we get it.
I got it.
Goodnight Senator.
Let's get one thing straight.
You've been with the team
for what, three months now?
You and your bunch of SS boys are
nothing more than, window dressing.
I've been Head of Security
for the senator for six years.
Then you should have
checked that car out
and called in the code yellow.
Well you know I don't
need to explain my
actions to you Phillips,
but, when I'm operating
with a limited team,
I don't have time to
check out every nook and cranny!
If the senator gets killed,
your excuses are gonna
look great on your resume.
Well I'll tell you what.
You ever leave your post
again, you'll answer to me.
Great work Eric!
Thanks Senator, just doing my job.
Just doing your job huh?
You saved my butt twice in one day.
Better watch out for this kid.
We'll see you tomorrow.
I'm telling you Senator,
I don't think he's ready yet.
Well he sure was
ready this afternoon.
More than I can say
for you, by the way.
We don't know enough
about this guy,
we don't know how loyal he is!
We know how good he is.
He showed us that today.
What are you afraid
of, are you afraid he's
better than you,
afraid he's gonna take
your job away Ross?
Phillips is nothing
more than an impulsive,
hot-headed amateur.
Now I think bringing
him into the fold
at this time is a big mistake.
This kid has got
something special,
and I want him on my side!
If we have trouble with
him I want to find out now!
Before he gets in too close.
Well if that is the
case, and he is a problem,
then you leave him to me.
- Lights Agnes.
- Good evening sir.
Welcome home.
- Any messages?
- None sir.
So what else is new?
How was your day?
I see. Intranews said you saved
the senator's life today.
Yeah I'm a real hero.
I detect a touch of sarcasm.
That's what
I like about you Agnes,
you're perceptive.
Have I done something
to upset you sir?
No. I'm sorry.
How was your day?
I refused my faulty Ebbins circuit
and Mr. Perkins next door replaced
his old terminal with
a new Mary 6000.
She's a charming little
system, we had a nice chat.
Want a drink Aggy?
I really shouldn't.
Come on, we got
the whole night ahead of us.
- Let's get drunk.
- We did last night,
you just got more depressed.
Come on, indulge me.
Okay, no higher than 5%.
Eric, I said 5%.
This is too much, perception--
What was I going to say?
- You love me.
- I love you Eric.
- Aggy.
- Agnes 4000,
yes that's my name,
don't overdue it,
I mean wear it out.
Recall November 23rd,
2014, 11:34 p.m., camera six.
Oh Eric.
- Excuse you.
- Why do you want
to punish yourself?
I didn't ask for
your opinion Agnes.
Very well.
What are you making?
It's your favorite.
Aren't you gonna turn around?
I saw it on the news.
I'm okay.
You're always okay.
Are you all right?
I'm sorry.
Another scar to add
to your collection?
- I'm all right!
- Well I'm not!
I'm married to a man whose
job is to be willing to die
at any given moment,
for any given reason!
Jeez do we have to
keep going through this?
What kind of a life is that?
You knew what I did
when you married me!
You were an investigator
when I married you,
not, not a bodyguard!
Look I just can't live
my life waiting for you
to walk through that
door dead or alive.
Hey don't talk like that just relax!
There's no point in
arguing, is there?
I love you.
I love you.
I love you.
Agnes water.
I love you too Katy.
Aggy, sleep.
Doctor, is that you?
Eric, Eric!
- Wake up!
- What is it?
Priority call, Senator Dilly.
- Hello?
- Hi Eric it's Bob.
Something's come up, would
you please come down here?
Yes sir.
Sorry to get you out
of bed so early Eric.
- What's wrong Senator?
- Well I know you've
only been with us
for a short time,
but you're really becoming
part of the family, right Mike?
- Yes sir.
- And this is a family, Eric.
It's tight like a family.
There's certain information,
that we share with each other,
that we don't share with
everybody else, right Mike?
- Yes sir.
- See loyalty is
what makes a unit
strong, impregnable,
unbreakable loyalty.
Some of us have it, some of us don't.
We're talking about loyalty.
You haven't learned about.
What are you doing?
- Tried to have me killed.
- What?
Your boss isn't too
happy about it either.
I didn't have
anything to do with that!
Save it Miss Austin,
we know all about you!
We've been following you,
we know that
you're a member of the Union!
No, no I don't have anything
to do with the Union--
Save it!
Relax Eric!
- No, don't trust him!
- This woman knew
abut the assassination attempt.
He's crazy!
You're out of your god damn mind!
Cybercore has to be stopped!
Don't fire, the
building isn't empty!
Stay with me Ross!
give me an APB on
Eric Phillips.
Isn't he one of yours?
What are the charges?
You have proof?
You'll find a body in his
apartment, Wilshire and Third.
Gun on the floor has
his prints all over it.
His prints or hydrosanc copies?
Come on Chief,
since when were you
so concerned with details?
Just do your job,
keep the peace.
I'll meet at CRC in 20 minutes,
we're sending out a tracker.
A tracker.
Why don't we talk
to him, this way, come on.
I need to see the
chief, it's an emergency.
Take a seat.
I said it was an emergency!
Oh that's completely different!
Take a seat.
Listen to me asshole!
I'm with the Secret
Service, if you don't get
your chief down here
right now I'll have you
demoted so low this desk job
will seem like a wet dream!
All right just keep
your pants on, all right?
All points bulletin,
apprehend on contact
Eric Anthony Phillips,
personal ID code number
Yeah, give me Chief Olsen please.
Yeah Chief, it's
the front desk,
I got a guy down here,
he wants to talk to you.
He says he's with
the Secret Service.
- What's his name?
- Eric Phillips.
Hey buddy wait a minute!
Stop him, stop that man!
Your problem surrounds a traitor.
I thought you took care of her.
I did.
This time it's one of my boys,
I got the chief on it right now.
Sending out a
tracker as well.
A tracker?
Is that necessary?
I'm afraid so, this guy's good.
The next move that Phillips
makes, will be his last.
Just want the same thing!
Okay, same thing, right?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- Here you go buddy.
- All right.
Thank you.
Enter your voice code.
Voice code 8-2-7-8-8
Eric Phillips.
Thank you.
Please wait.
- Who are you calling?
- Washington DC,
Department of the Secret Service.
Field Commander Charles Thompson.
Thank you.
Here you go pal.
Please wait.
Please wait.
- Shit!
- Call canceled!
- Thank you.
- I am Unit Five,
Federal Division of Core Trackers.
You, Eric Anthony Phillips,
have been found guilty
of murder by the
United States Computerized
Judicial System!
Wait, I'm a federal officer!
In accordance to penal
code 1-2-2-0-6-7,
you are to be executed, now.
You can't shoot me, you're
breaking federal code!
Screw this.
Drop the gun!
Turn around, put your
hands up, up!
Turn around, let's go!
I'm with Secret Service!
Stop the truck!
Get off!
I am Unit Five.
I am Unit Five.
You are to be executed,
you are to be executed,
you are to be executed,
you are to be executed,
you are to be executed,
you are to be executed,
you are to be executed,
you are to be executed,
you are to be executed,
you are to be executed,
you are to be executed,
you are to be executed,
you are to be executed, you are
- No, you are.
- to be executed, you are
to be executed, you
are to be executed,
you are to be executed--
Drop the gun and get in the van!
- Who are you?
- Do it, now!
- What do you want?
- Just get in the van, now!
I know, but I want
him brought in now!
- I mean now!
- I have an APB
out on him, my people think
he's a cop killer now.
So if he's out there,
we'll find him.
Oh, he's out there Chief Olsen.
Then it's only a matter of time.
We need another tracker.
Another tracker?
We need it to get
Phillips, he's a threat.
Of course he is.
He saw you kill someone.
If he's a threat to
me, he's a threat to you,
if you know what I mean.
Let me give you a
piece of advice.
Never over-estimate
the power of a man.
Jenny, have a seat.
Men are not men anymore.
Tribalism is dead, and
mankind is soon to follow.
Men are a bug, and what
do we do with bugs?
- We crush them.
- What are you
talking about?
I'm talking about power.
The power over life, over
the meek, the meager,
the spiritless, the hollow,
vacant eyes
of our brain-dead children.
I'm talking about
the power over death!
Over the masses,
over the sheep that
require domination,
the society that has
grown so dependent on
being told what to do,
it hasn't even
the courage of a thought.
We're in a new generation.
A generation of soul-less
zombies, trained to obey,
to seek nothing.
What more could a god want?
Now more
from Connie Griffith!
The Secret
Service agent apparently
disappeared after the body was
found inside his apartment.
Here with me now
is Mike Ross,
Head of Cybercore Security.
Mr. Ross would you say
Phillips appeared to be
on the edge the night
of the murder?
No, just flipped out,
a total break-down.
You know this guy's a
loose cannon,
and while he's out
there on the street,
- no one's safe.
- Thank you.
Especially you Ross!
The police have issued
a state-wide manhunt
for Phillips, if you
have any knowledge of his
whereabouts, please contact
the local authorities.
From Cybercore, I'm Connie
Griffith, for Internews.
Hey pal, alls you had
to do was knock!
Where am I?
Hey man I...
- You're safe.
- You're not!
Now tell me where I am!
- I can't say.
- Who can?
Griff, but Griff aint here yet.
Right there asshole!
Gil I told you to keep
that door locked!
- I did!
- Just ease down cowboy!
Just ease down!
- He's looking for Griff.
- Yo, Griff ain't here.
Look, I just want
somebody to tell me
what the hell's going on here!
Look, I'm sorry, we can't
tell you what's going on yet.
Please just try and be patient!
We're not gonna hurt you!
Well tell him that!
Jared please put the gun down!
Guy's dangerous,
we can't trust him!
I'm dangerous?
You're the one with the gun.
You guys are UHR aren't you?
Yeah, yeah, we're fucking terrorists!
Look, we are with the Union,
but we'll explain everything to you
as soon as Griff gets here.
Who's this Griff?
Get back in the room.
Jared, put the gun down.
He was on their side Marcus!
Well he's not any more!
We don't know that!
Kid, put the gun down!
Or I'll take it away from you.
Try it.
Now, where's Griff?
Right here.
Big TV star has a secret life huh?
Something like that.
Marcus, take care of his leg.
Relax, I'm a med student.
What I need is a doctor!
Yeah well you're
shit out of luck.
Jared go in the other room.
Griff this is a waste
of time if you ask me.
I didn't ask you.
You're lucky it's
just under the skin.
I'll have to cut through
to get it out.
Quit talking about it, just do it!
There's only one problem.
I don't have any anesthetic.
Hang in there buddy.
Ow, jeez!
Try to relax, you'll be okay.
Career woman like you must
have everything she wants.
What are you doing at UHR?
Try to make a change.
Sounds pretty sappy to me.
Didn't ask you.
Okay, I got it!
Is that it?
It felt a lot bigger.
I've been a reporter for eight years.
And I've seen the
worse man has to offer,
I watched the White
House burn down,
I covered the massacre
of Greenwich Village.
But the worst horror
is that people becoming
more and more desensitized
to it all and it's,
it's led to this
judgment by computer
that we all accept
without a second thought.
We're becoming programmed by
the machines we've created.
And you know what it's
not gonna get any better
until we get our justice back.
Killing the senator, isn't
gonna help your cause any.
I didn't authorize that Phillips.
I was working with a connection
working inside of Cybercore.
Stephanie Austin.
Well she's uncovered
some heavy information,
something called Operation Echo.
But before she could get
it off their computer,
she was...
We know you were set up Phillips.
What is this information?
I don't know.
All I know that she was
willing to die to get it out,
and now it's up to us
to try to retrieve it.
You have someone else
working inside?
Well you don't really think you
can get inside that place do you?
No, but you can.
You've been part of
Dilly's security team
for three months, you can't tell me
that you've never been
inside of Cybercore.
Yeah, dozens of times.
- But I had clearance.
- Then you know where
the central operations lab is.
Yes, but we can't get in.
We can with this.
Maintenance door access code
I got it from Stephanie.
You people really do have
a death wish don't you?
Look Phillips,
time is running out!
Cybercore is working its
way deeper and deeper
into our government,
and pretty soon they are
gonna be untouchable,
do you understand?
We gotta move now!
And the way I see it,
you have two choices.
Either you can keep on running
or you can fight with us!
What are you gonna do?
Phillips takes out
another one of these
mechanical monsters, Rounds
is not going to be happy.
Eric Phillips is dead by sunrise.
Why don't you let me
guarantee that personally?
Oh no no no no no,
it might be questioned.
We're playing this by
the book, he's a fugitive
and he's sentenced to death.
What the hell
do you mean, you told him?
We could use him Jared!
He could be using us,
did you ever think of that?
- This could be a setup!
- They're hunting him Jared!
They're trying to kill
him, this isn't a setup!
You're losing it man!
This guy's the best chance
that's come our way yet.
We are not going to let him
slip through our fingers!
So, is he in?
I don't know.
No, Jess listen to her honey.
Mom when are you coming home?
Not till tomorrow.
Now do as Lisa says and
stop teasing the cat okay?
I'll see you in the morning.
- I love you mom!
- I love you too sweety!
Wanna see something?
Stephanie Austin was a
close friend of mine,
she got a hold of some
cyber text data for me.
Here, take a look at
what we're up against.
The tracker's endo-system
is some kind of hi-tempered
super alloy, I mean, I'm
not a metallurgist but,
it's far more impermeable than
any metallic compound
I've ever seen.
My software can't decipher
the hydroxic radical
that was utilized.
- Any theories?
- Uh, I only speak English.
Basically, these trackers...
Real bad asses.
Right, but what's
really spectacular,
is the circuitry.
There's got to be over a billion
individual microprocessors.
And what's really mouth watering,
is this polymorpha-nuclear substance.
You lost me.
Yes I did that's my point.
The tissue content is some type of
poly-muric gel that acts
as a protectant
yet offers complete flexibility.
You could put your hand
right inside it,
but you couldn't actually
puncture it.
This fucking surpasses and
dimensions beyond any
analytical, technical
or otherwise formulated
systematical perceptions
or deductions of, of any principles,
or methods of fucking science!
I'm lost too.
Yeah, well, thanks.
What I'm saying is,
that this gel,
that cyber-tech has created,
is the perfect substance!
The Core Tracker is
the perfect android.
The perfect assassin.
Oh there you are, Connie
wants to see you okay?
How old are you anyway?
Well shouldn't you be
in school or something?
Well if I was in school right now,
I couldn't be here, now could I?
Marcus you're gonna be
on the outside perimeter.
Make sure the motor's running
and you're ready to go.
Once we're on the main
laboratory level,
this is where it's gonna get hot.
We're gonna have to
split up and try to find
the central ops lab.
No you won't,
I know where it is.
I'm in.
Oh I feel better already!
What is your problem?
I'll show you what
my problem is!
- Don't make me hurt you!
- Phillips!
One of the men you killed
at the press conference
yesterday was Jared's brother!
You killed his brother.
I'm sorry, I should have told you.
Jared, wait!
Okay, let's get everybody
ready Marcus, let's do this.
Okay Dee, Jeanie!
All right let's get ready, you
two go get the van started,
- we'll be right down.
- Okay.
What was that?
I don't know, go on,
I'll check it out.
Oh, Jesus Christ karma!
- What the hell was that?
- It came from downstairs!
- Tracker!
- Let's go, move!
Let's go, hurry!
Oh my god!
Go on, go on, get out of here!
Do it!
Come on, beat it!
Come on, hurry up, let's go!
Come on!
How do we get out of here?
Try the loading dock!
- All right, just wait here!
- Okay...
Door's not gonna
hold much longer!
We gotta get out of here!
Get back!
Come on!
- Eric!
- Shoot!
I can't!
Cover me!
Want me to help?
Jesus Christ!
- It's still alive!
- Not for long!
Let's go.
Fuck isn't this asshole dead yet?
At least the UHR is
out of our hair.
The tracker took them all out!
Yeah, all except for
the one we wanted.
Can we get another tracker?
- How 'bout two?
- How 'bout two?
Or how 'bout three?
How 'bout 300?
How 'bout we stop wasting
time with these
mechanized meter maids,
and send in the real thing?
Do you actually think
you can take him down,
when two trackers have failed?
Let me tell you the
forgotten difference
between man and the automated
terrors you've constructed.
Man has one thing
integrated into his system
no machine ever had.
The will to survive.
You want him Ross?
You go get him.
My pleasure.
We gotta ditch this
thing, let's go!
They're gone, all my friends.
Jared, Ally, Gil.
They're gone.
Come on, we gotta go.
They told us never
stand a chance.
Jared and the others
wouldn't want us to give up.
We can still get that
information you needed.
Right, the two of us
breaking into Cybercore.
Sounds like you're the one with the
death wish now if you ask me.
I didn't ask you.
Let's go.
Come on!
Those guards will be
back any second!
I can barely read this.
- Let me do it!
- I got it!
Shit does this look like an eight?
- Looks like a five.
- Doesn't look like five,
it looks like an eight.
Okay eight,
whatever, just hurry up!
I'm not exactly taking a
coffee break here Phillips!
They're coming!
You were right it was a five.
How much further?
Just a little bit.
This way.
You sure you know what
you're doing?
(mumbles) everything he knew.
- Let's go!
- I'm almost ready!
I got the file, it's restricted,
I can take the disc home and
break the access code there.
- Got it!
- This way!
What do you got there?
Ah, a purse it belongs to
that chick from Intranews.
And who are you?
You're fairy godmother.
What do you mean, stolen?
They accessed the code
and copied the file.
We need to know what they know!
And we've got to get
it back before that
Internews bitch has
Echo plastered across
the six o'clock news!
Ross knows where they might be.
He'll take care of them.
You tell Ross I need
them back here alive!
Now I gotta break
this access code and
figure out what the
hell Operation Echo is.
- How long will that take?
- Minutes, hours, days.
Well at least you got
it narrowed down.
- Here.
- Thanks.
Where's your wife?
Oh the ring.
I'm divorced.
You still wear the ring.
What happened?
I had uh, too many scars.
I think scars are sexy.
I'm divorced too.
My husband said I
was too aggressive.
So I smacked him.
The second we break
this we are going
straight to network,
'cause whatever it is
we are gonna bust it wide open!
Well don't get too comfortable,
a lot can happen between
now and then.
Yeah, but anyone that's
outlasted two Core Trackers
has got somebody
upstairs on his side.
I'm just lucky.
I'm Irish, ah you couldn't ask for
a better combination than that!
Oh oh this is it!
My god!
I can't believe it.
- Is it possible?
- Oh it is possible.
Her brains will be covering
that wall behind you if you take
one more glance
at that gun, Phillips.
I thought you said you were lucky?
Well done Mr. Ross,
very well done.
Very close, Miss Griffith.
Closer than anyone has
ever come to me before.
I get nauseous just
thinking about it.
You've proven yourself to
be one hell of an adversary.
Mr. Phillips, you've shown
you have quite some spirit.
Pity you weren't
working for Cybercorp.
If I was, I'd be out
of a job tomorrow.
- And why is that?
- Because tonight,
I'm gonna burn it down.
Of course you are.
Now then, I have one
simple question.
If answered correctly, it
might save you some pain.
Did you make a second copy of
Echo, and if so where is it?
The cat's got their tongue.
Ross not him.
Leaving our party, Senator?
I have uh, a rally at eight a.m.,
and I don't want to sit
here and watch you
torture two people to death.
I do have a touch of humanity left.
Say Eric, if you would have
played your cards right,
you could have had
his job in no time.
What about you?
I've got a few minutes.
It's just a graze.
Keep pressure here,
you'll be all right.
Come on!
Okay Phillips it's time.
Let's see what you got.
What's the bitch, you
handled those robots
like a true professional.
But I got news for you.
I am no robot.
What's the matter
Phillips, guns a problem?
Like I need these.
There you go, no guns.
What's the matter Phillips,
you really just an amateur?
Big mistake Ross.
Don't do it!
Just an amateur.
I said, don't do it.
- Are you okay?
- I'm fine.
I am Unit Seven, of the
Federal Division of Core Trackers.
- We got a problem.
- You Eric Anthony Phillips
have been convicted of murder.
What do you say we
just call it a draw?
Hey, are you okay?
Got to get Dilly!
I can get to him.
Come on!
Thank you, thank you
all for coming.
After all, we are celebrating
the dawn of a new age.
It's time, that we stopped
making the mistakes
our ancestors have always made.
It's time we stopped
being afraid of change,
instead we should seek it!
Stop being afraid of the future,
instead we should embrace it!
I tell you, the
Computerized Judicial System
is a road to a
better tomorrow.
Cybernetics is our future.
Cybernetics is our future,
cybernetics is our future,
- He's a robot!
- cybernetics is our future.
- He's a robot, get, get this!
- Cybernetics is our future.
Cybernetics is our future.
- Cybernetics is our future.
- Eric!
Get out of my way!
- Are you okay?
- Cybernetics is our future.
Cybernetics is our future.
- I think he's worse.
- Cybernetics is our future.
He's a robot!
- Looks like it.
- Cybernetics is our future.
With the collapse of
Cybercore, and the
withdrawal of the
Computerized Judicial
System from our government,
Cybercore President J. Craig
Rounds has disappeared,
fleeing charges of treason,
conspiracy, and murder.
I leave you tonight
with this.
Crime is at an all time
high, and there are no
easy answers to
the violence.
But we do have something
crime can't take.
Something worth fighting for.
And that is the dignity
of the individual.
The value of the human
soul must never
be surrendered to the
powers that be.
In the words of novelist
Ayn Rand,
I respect no obligation
towards men except one.
to respect their freedom,
and to take no part in
a slave society.
I'm Connie Griffith.
What'd you think?
Looks like maybe you
ought to run for senator.
So, what are you gonna do now?
Well I'm waiting to get reassigned.
Guess you could say I'm a
bodyguard without a body to guard.
Hmm, I seem to know someone
who needs a bodyguard,
but um, she'd definitely
need to know
that she's your only client.
Hey did you hear anything
on Rounds yet?
I don't think you will.
And why is that?
Hmm, let's just say,
I gave him a taste of
his own medicine.
I am Unit Eight, of the
Federal Division of Core Trackers.
Ressynch: Kilo