Cyborg 2 (1993) Movie Script

In the year 2074,
planet earth is caught|in the grip
of high-powered|corporate warfare.
Kobayashi Electronics (Japan)
Y Pinwheel Robotics (USA)
Struggle to control|the software programming
and manufacturing of cyborgs.
Cyborgs have replaced humans
in every respect|from the soldier in the field
to the prostitute|in the brothel.
Billions of dollars are at stake
and, as usual,
the love of money proves to be
the root of all evil.
They're beautiful.
Caught a loop there.
Go lateral and fix.
We're level.
Right on time with one zero niner,
and she's a go.
All right, heat her up.
I'm burning!
T.A.D. At eleven seconds|and counting.
Kick off.
Holy shit!
What a waste.
Fire alert. Observation one.
Send in the boys.
And have them send up a shitload|of window cleaner.
Cyborg stew.
Glycerine 3|acidosulphide-dioxogine.
"Glass Shadow" for short.
Injected into the cyborg's|circulatory system
and directly linked|to a micro-beam detonater.
Virtually undetectable
in human form.
Aggressively affective.
The cutting edge|of counter-espionage
technology in a humanoid
robotics application.
And while our major competitor|Kobayashi
has tried similar designs,|only Pinwheel
has been able to overcome|the chemical rejection
of a bio-explosive
Dreena, the cyborg test unit|you just saw,
was injected with a mere|20 milligrams of Glass Shadow.
The Osaka operative will be|carrying over 100,000.
Has she been selected?
Her name is Casella Reese.
The trainers call her Cash.
Peak condition. Top of the line.|Our very best.
What has she got?
A hyper-sophisticated|psycho-emotional program designed
specifically for her.
Human in almost every respect.
Love, hate,
anxiety, anger, sexuality,
and most importantly,|fear.
Are you telling me every time she|screws somebody she'll explode?
I wish my ex-wife|had that problem.
The sexual demonstration|was chosen as the most
entertaining way
of showing the board
the infinite possibilities
of the Glass Shadow.
With Kobayashi Corporation|folding,
Pinwheel will monopolize|the bio-tech world.
Two years from now they'll say:|"If God didn't make you,
Pinwheel did".
We'll own this planet.
Casella Reese, you've got|a great future
behind you.
Dropping your left, Cash?
You think so, Colt?
Class dismissed.
Where's Dreena?
Dreena, my roommate. They took|her away. What happened to her?
How should I know?
Can't take my eye off you.
-Whas going on?|-Nothing that concerns you.
Whas she done?
Nothing that concerns you.
Come here.
Look, Ricks.|Don't start any shit with me.
You're already on thin ice.
Mind your own business|or you'll never get out of here.
You're going to be semi-operative|for a couple of hours.
Nothing to worry about.|Just try and relax.
Interrupt Pinwheel feed.
Enough synthetic homework|for now.
Time to get real.
There's a few things|you should know
if you decide to go.
Other cyborgs have tried it
and failed.
Only one
made it all the way,
but she had a protector.
A human.
A warrior.
A hero.
If you really
want to make it,
find yourself a hero.
-Do you know any heroes?|-No.
-Would you like a suggestion?|-Yes.
-Did they hurt you?|-Probably.
You know the rules,|no fraternizing with cyborgs.
Whas happening?
Just you and me,
"Colt 45".|Mano a mano.
This a joke?
Guess not.
Holy Christ.
"Dominus vobiscum et
cum spiritu tuo."
Who are you?
I am the word of God almighty!
Yeah, no pleasing some.
So what did she give you?|A "billet-amour"?
No, a matchbox.
Oh, the flame of love.
Nobody told me about you.
I keep a low profile.
-So who the hell are you?|-Your saving grace,
Colton Ricks.
Take her to observation six.
Have to split before|they trace me.
Until then...
I'll be seeing you
in all the familiar places.
Oh, Jesus!
-Reference angle.|-Subject?
-Company regulations.|-Category?
Penalty for...
-fraternizing with a cyborg.|-Specify.
Sexual contact.
Immediate incarceration.
Plus fine,|plus re-programming charges,
plus legal action|in case of product damage.
Minimum sentence:|Solitary confinement until death.
Shall I go on?
I'll get back to you on that.
Purge conversation.
Pleasant sleep?
-The usual. No dreams.|-Sorry to hear that.
But I do believe you have|an assignation.
-A what?|-A rendez-vous.
Lab nine, five sharp.
What the hell are you,|anyway, man?
A bad idea on the loose.
Look at this.
They're so beautiful.
I wonder if they're real.
There's more.
Look at this.
Is a cyborg.
Monkey see,
monkey do.
Now you get around, okay?
Whas your system?
Is a secret, but les just say|that I can communicate
with just about anyone,|anywhere within Pinwheel
and I have a few of my own|operatives "topside", too.
In other words,
I can throw a monkey|in anybody's wrench.
Right, Cash?
-You've seen him before?|-He talks to me at night.
What was that?
The plot thickens.
Go ahead.
I'll keep an eye on you.
Guess what?
They put the chill on me, Cash.
They didn't discuss it with me.
Are they going to fix you?
They already did.
Better kiss it good bye, Cash.|You're next.
Next for what?
-Glass Shadow.|-Glass Shadow?
Liquid explosive.|Highly effective.
Is circulating in your body|at this moment, Cash.
Why? Why me?
Corporate counter-espionage units.
You were made to be destroyed.
Osaka, two days from now.
Dunn has arranged for you to attend|a corporate meeting at the Kobayashi
robotics plant posing as|an American investor.
At a pre-programmed point
you will self-detonate|thus liquidating
the company's entire|chain of command.
-For what reason?|-In the ensuing crisis,
stock value will plummet,|leaving Kobayashi vulnerable
to an immediate takeover|by the chief rival.
Business as usual.
Time to make hard choices.
You have five seconds.
Five seconds?
Three... two...
one... bingo!
You've just been reported stolen,|Cash.
And guess who they claim|the thief is?
You, handsome.
What do we do now?
Run like hell.
Security breach. Sector three.
-You know where we're going?|-A freight elevator on level 6.
Hold your fire!
-Don't damage the cyborg.|-What about don't damage the human?
Come on! This way!
This should be it.
I got a bad feeling about this.
Humans. Always struggling|with their feelings.
Unfortunately, your feeling|is right this time.
Not bad. Mine's not as sweet.
Thas funny.
Bring up a schematic on this area|and les get out of here, okay?
We can get out to the bottom.
Under the floorboard|there's another hatch.
But watch out for|the half a mile drop.
Swing me!
-What a stench!|-I just shut my smell sensors off.
Okay, now whas next?
We wait for our ride up.
You're kidding me, right?
We're going to hitchhike a ride|on a trash container from hell?
Logic tells us|we have no other choice.
I'll attach us.|You just ride it out.
Yeah, thas easy for you to say.
-You all right?|-Like I was dragged through a hole.
-Get this thing off me!|-Les go.
I've got to quit smoking.
-You know the city?|-Haven't been topside for a while.
About 8 years, I think.
-What are you doing?|-A little interface.
Not bad for a first time break.
How do you do that?
Black magic.
Now I have to make you disappear.
All right, you better do it quick,|because I'm a felon now, okay?
Grand theft robot.
I don't need to get busted for|possession of an unlicensed cyborg.
What is it?
-What?|-I've been activated.
Whas going on?
I was afraid of this.
Afraid of what? You better give me|some answers, hotlips! Come on!
They wired a recall code|to her tracking system.
The detonator self-activates
if she gets too far|from the plant.
They don't want anyone to find out
she's carrying the Glass Shadow.
Help me!
Is okay. Is okay.
Stay calm, Cash.
The pattern recall voice|will probably switch off
any second. Think straight.
What does the clock read?
Eight hours fifty-seven and three.
You got time.
How much time?
About nine hours.
The signal is just playing hockey|with your feedback control.
Is trying to disorient you so|you can't form an escape strategy.
Come here, come here.
You're safe.
You're safe.
Is cool.
Remember, you're throwing out|a hell of a signal.
You won't be clear of danger|until you've been defused.
Okay, whas the plan?
Get some wheels.
Some wheels?|Hope I remember how to drive.
She can if you can't.
No problem.
Yeah, I'll drive.
-No problem.|-I'll drive.
Go to 1830 North Perot Street.
Is in the warehouse district|downtown and wait
for Wild Card.|If you miss him,
head straight for the old city|muzeum in the South Sector.
I'll find you.
Hey, who the hell are you?
Oh, I almost forgot.
The name's Mercy.
Ready when you are, Chen!
You screwed up, letting
our princess out of her tower.
Whas our plan now, Dunn?
She's not the problem.|Is the human, Colt.
The best laid plan...
Just shut up and listen.
Get topside and intercept Cash.
Disconnect the Pinwheel detonator|and install one of your own.
Make sure is undetectable.|After you kill Colt
we're back in business.
And what about Pinwheel?
They'll definitely want her back.
Don't worry about Pinwheel.
When the time is right|I'll destroy
Cash, Pinwheel and Kobayashi|all at the same time.
Remind me never to piss you off.
Who says you haven't already?
Sending Pinwheel Security to|locate her is out of the question.
Our tracking system will alert|the hackers and tappers topside
and they'll tear her to pieces|just for the parts.
That sort of garage sale|must be avoided at all costs.
She won't respond to|the activation warning?
After the 40 minute point there,|the odds decrease
some eleven percent on the hour.
Apparently, whatever emotion|drove her to escape
may override her sense|of self-preservation.
You mean she'd rather|self-destruct than surrender?
Check. The boys in|programming call it
a "freedom-cathexis aberration".
Put simply,
she's the first cyborg|to escape by human reasoning.
So, is escape or bust.
Now we're still speculating on the|motives of the combat instructor.
-Corporate spying?|-Possibly.
They appear to have had outside|help. Could be Kobayashi.
-Whas your plan, Dunn?|-This unis training program
was under your own|personal supervision.
If she's apprehended and analyzed,
the entire Glass Shadow Project|is dead.
And Pinwheel bites the big one.
The normal tracking patterns|of escapee traffic
will not apply in this scenario.
No. Not with a major|corporate accomplice.
Now, my fellows,|I suggest we enlist a man
who has experience.
Somebody who knows the street.|Somebody who's worked
with irrational prototype models,
like the Velma Unit 5 years ago.
Get a psychopath|to find a psychopath.
-You're not suggesting...|-Yes.
Master Daniel Bench.
-Yes?|-Hello, Bench.
Yeah, well, well, well, well.
Martin Dunn of Pinwheel.
Is been a long time.|How may I
assist you?
Are you still active?
Well, if thas your|polite little way
of inquiring if|I still kill people
for a living, the answer is...
oui, oui, s, s,|oh, yes.
I'm still an equal
opportunity terminator.
I thought you may have slowed down|after the Velma incident.
Temporary setback.
You call five years "temporary"?
Oh, yeah.
The face is nicely on the mend now.
Trifle expensive, though.
But we can afford it.
An emergency has come up.|We're in need of service.
To the tune of?
Three hundred and fifty thousand
for nine hours.
Plus an additional ten percent|if the product is delivered
-Thirty percent.|-Twenty.
Come on, Dunn. Twenty five.
Surgical costs are absurd
these days.
We have a Spec A, LC 7|female cyborg.
Standard anatronic|espionage model.
Plus one human. Male, 30 years.
Instructor.|Hand to hand, small arms.
I don't know, Dunn.
You sound kind of nervous to me.
She wouldn't happen
to be an experimental model,|would she?
Thas classified.|Do you want the job, or not?
Well, times being what they are...
I thought so.
The product is wired with|a 200 mile tap.
We can vid-fax their pictures
and set up a relay right now.
I think id be better|if I go alone.
The hackers will be looking|for a couple, not a single.
If I'm not back in 30 minutes, meet|me in the muzeum in South Sector.
I'm going to wait across the street|in that alley, okay?
Don't get dead.
-I'm looking for Wild Card.|-Just follow me.
You wait here.
Over here, killer.
No doubt about it.
That window will never|mess with you again.
-Nervous reflex, man.|-I forgot you're
strung pretty tight.
-Too many drugs.|-Probably.
Whas next?
Hook up with Cash
and wait for your contact.
-Okay. How will I know him?|-He'll know you.
Smart as a whip.|And remember:
Somebody somewhere|is dogging Cash's beacon.
In fact you've probably got|a wire-tapper
on your tail right now.
Professional cyborg tracker.
Keeps the escape classified.
They're well-paid
and I never met one who wasn't|a borderline psychopath.
-What are my chances?|-Hell, kid.
I'm amazed you're still breathing.
You're a sweetie.
Where you learn speak Chinese?
I was trained.
Trained for what?
What you want to know?
-How much time do I have?|-You got friend?
He's waiting for me.
A sharp field.
Very strong charge.
How you got such strong energy?
You need money?
I got job for you.
Good work for cyborg.
Top dollar.
Hey, buddy. Got a light?
This is a very big gun.
It makes very big holes.
I get the point.
Put these on.
Behind you.
Your pretty little mate.|Where is she, inside?
She's gone, man.
I didn't realize|you were so tired of living.
What the fuck? Don't!
Don't kill me, man.
Whas the magic word?
Please, please what?
Please don't kill me.
Oh, I do like a boy with manners.
You beckon the doorman|and you keep your hole shut.
-Your girlfriens close, isn't she?|-You got me.
Can I help you?
Just conducting a little inquest
here in your
beautiful, beautiful Kosk parlour.
You're no cop.
Colt, you down there?
Have a seat.
I'll stand if you don't mind.
Cuff yourself to that bar.
Give it a nice little tug.
Oh, so sorry.
I don't have any.
You're a spook, man.|You know that?
You need some|serious fucking therapy.
Oh, but is so much fun
to watch, isn't it?
I guess so.
I have
unusually sensitive skin.
We must guard continually against
They do cause complications.
I knew Pinwheel was cutting costs,|but they must be really desperate
to bring you in.
Where do you hail from,|Mr. Ricks?
New Orleans.
Have you ever been to
the magical Far East?
No, I haven't had the pleasure.
You really should get out more,|Mr. Ricks.
Travel really does|broaden the mind.
Are you going to tell me
where she is?
I told you I have no idea|where she is.
Little boy Colten|has lost his mate
and doesn't fancy a look.
But, Master Bench
and his bloody henchmen
must hang
his head
on a hook.
What the hell is that?
Thas the third eye.
They say to me that|it does help you see
far into the future.
No, no, do not cover it up.|Is a
liquid crystal base, very
very sensitive to the light.
You see?
Otherwise is going|to burn a furrow deep,
deep, deep into|your corpus colossus
and then you're going to be in
a desperate state.
All this fun has just left me
limp with excitement.
I believe I'm going to join you
in your peaceful slumber.
You have pleasant dreams,|Mr. Ricks.
I think we're coming around, yes?
Hello, my name is Tea.
Would you like Miss Chen|with your cream?
Re-code logical
and pattern back.
Entry first
Who... who is you,|greeting me?
And I am?
-Miss Chen.|-Who has offered you...?
for my tea.
And if you don't like cream?
I'll take it black, thank you.
Well, it doesn't appear|to be any serious
Now, VEM replication.|I want optical memory playback.
You've been a naughty girl.
Is in my program.
It appears as if Pinwheel|has planted a bomb in you.
Yes. Can you remove it?
I don't think it can be removed.
Your entire system appears|to be suffused with it.
This is the detonator.
Is still active.
Not necessarily.
The detonation clock|in your field
of vision will gradually|run its course to zero
and stop.
On the other hand...
Oh, yes!
Make it stop!
whas it worth?
Anything.|Just make it stop.
I know you have a partner.
A cyborg.
Tell me where he is,
and I guarantee safe passage out
of the country.
All right.
They say the happiest people
have no memories.
You've been contacted|by a tapper.
Just stay in the dark|and don't reveal any landmarks.
Geography always tips them off.
-Are you all right?|-Yes.
I just hope Mercy contacts us soon.
Is not what you expected,|is it?
The world.
I thought it would be beautiful.
Yeah, well, it ceased to be|beautiful a long time ago.
People just screwed it up.
How could they let it get so bad?
Because people|aren't programmed, Cash.
They're not schematics|and they're not circuitry.
They're flesh
and blood.
They learn by trial and error.
Some errors are worse than others.
Some of the trials, too.
Now you're talking about cyborgs.
Man's puny attmept to play God.
A fucked concept, I mean...
I hated you all and Pinwheel,
you know?
I mean when I first started|working there, they had
the staff that acted like Dunn|was Geppetto.
And by the end all we have created|is a bunch of perverted Pinnochios.
Until they created you.
When I first started
having feelings,
I mean a genuine attraction to you,|I got really scared.
Because they were playing God|better than ever
and I was buying into it.
I mean I knew|what kind of treachery
Pinwheel was capable of,|and I was more afraid for you
than for myself.
-Any regrets?|-No.
Except one.
We're not going to live our lives|together and die together.
Today might be that day, punk.
I'll be damned
if ain't sween Raven Chen.
Long time no see, Danny.
I heard a cyborg|almost did you in.
Oh, yes.
She gave me a run for it,|all right.
Seems that
our darling little Velma
had a fondness
for battery acid.
Gave me a full face-splash.
The beautiful bitch.
The tapping game isn't|what it used to be.
Maybe is time you checked out.
Jesus Christ!
Look what you've done!
Look, Cash,|we don't have time for this.
We've got to keep moving.
Ah, "the nuclear family".
An appropriate name.
You were right.
He's of very little use to me.
Where are you?
So tell me, whas worse?|Cyborg envy or human envy?
Penis envy?
I like your style, gorgeous.
Hey, puppy. You lost?
Who cares?|How much time we have left?
Wait a minute, he's synthetic.
Mercy must have sent him.
" Benji the cyborg".
Les follow the dog.
This must be it.
Oh, yeah. This sounds like|a wonderful place.
Yes, may I help you?
Yes, you can let us in.
Do you have a reservation?
-Mercy sent us.|-I'll check with the management.
Excuse me for a moment.
Welcome to Towndown.|Your entrance has been approved.
Thanks.|We're looking for Mercy.
Nobody finds Mercy.|Mercy will find you.
Towndown's a shipyard?
More like a graveyard.|This is pre-war shit.
All obsolete. When enough|fools and freaks moved in,
they called it a town.
-You need one thing to live here.|-Whas that?
Basic human survival instinct.
The man says to approach.
He can see us?
In these parts, if you don't see|it coming, is probably too late.
I wish you luck.
Cover it up, boys!
So where to, Benji?|Whas next?
You're late.
Yeah, ran into some shit.
And is getting thicker.
What do you mean?
The ship I paid my last dollar for|just burned to the ground.
I'd say someone|doesn't want you to leave.
-What other options do we have?|-Only one.
Rent another boat.
Great. How are we|supposed to do that?
Ever hear of the Blade?
Snuff combat
under a stern propeller|of a dry-docked ship.
Big attraction here.|Two go under, one comes out.
Fast, brutal
and highly illegal.
And you're a contender.
Forget it!
I'm not putting my ass through a|blender so you can place some bets!
Easy, Colt 45.
Remember the difference between|champ and chump is U.
The Blade's your ticket
to the Mombasa shuffle.
-The ticket to where?|-Mombasa.
The only free-zone on earth|for unlicensed cyborgs.
The purse will rent you
a black market boat for the trip.|And it leaves tonight.
With you...
or without you.
Hey, Marty, my love.
Four hours and counting, Bench.|Where in hell are you?
I'm due west riding right by|a beautiful magical harbor view.
Not unlike our late|lovely Velma, huh?
The harbor zone has a well developed|criminal network.
However the similarity|is circumstantial at best.
Yeah, well, silly me. I just have|a little trouble believing that.
So you listen to me.|I'm going to outline
our new terms of agreement.
Total termination for a 50 percent
increase in fees.
Out of the question.
The woman is too valuable
and the man is a matter|of internal security.
I just bet he is.
But Marty, you're just|missing the point there.
Because retrieval is no longer
an acceptable option.
Are you threatening me, Bench?
What a quaint, quaint, quaint word.|I've been mutilated.
Five painful years
of dermo-therapy ruined
by a little shit-kicker
and a stupid little piece|of wind-up muff!
You're off the case, Bench.
You touch them,|we'll have your license.
Oh, I love it.
What license?
I love it, I love it.
I love it, I love it, I love it!
I love it!
So, why do they call you|Wild Card?
Is a long story
and you're not going|to be awake for it.
You got a thing happening, huh?
Yeah, cyborg love.|Just like
Romeo and Juliet,|have to cross
all those lines to connect.
-Kind of a doomed thing.|-Doomed?
Yeah, like it cannot last|even if this love is true.
one way it can live on.
Someone's got to cross over and|live the time of their beloved.
is what is all about.
Cash will live for|a thousand years,
forever 22, as long as
they keep making parts|to maintain you.
But Colt 45...
He'll peel like yesterday's
paint, being just a bit of blood
and bone.
He's a memory as we speak.
But if you can cross over|just a little,
just enough to taste|each other's time...
Well, then
your time together|just might be enough.
-Would you want to live forever?|-Mortal
or immortal, here I die.
I leave eternity to thee.
For what is a man
that he should live out|the lifetime of his God?
Who is Mercy?
He used to command a fleet.
-What happened?|-Is not a pretty story.
He was wounded in|the battle of El Najaf.
The navy just couldn't scrap|a human hero, so
-they rebuilt him with cyborg parts.|-He's a cyborg?
Experimental model.
He went renegade.|Saw the world as a hired soldier.
Ran guns in Gaza, Kabul,
led a coup in Mozambique...
The gens a poet-warrior
in the classic sense.
My wife, Velma.
Where is she?
-She's dead.|-Sorry.
It was sort of an arranged|marriage, the pairing of man
and machine.
Velma was a free spirit,|a searcher for a better world.
She spent most of her time|helping renegade cyborgs
escape from Pinwheel's hell.
But they finally got her.
Your tapper, Bench, killed her.
But not before she messed him up.
Is that why you're helping|Cash and me?
Marriage is a magical thing.
A treacherous thing.
Pull out that center drawer.
Open it.
Some things are customary|before a man goes into battle.
Is time to rumble.
I've spoken to the fight promoter,|Bobby Linn. He's expecting you.
This is the Dragon.
Here's Pier 77.
After the fight you'll have
20 minutes to make it|to Die Frau Maria.
-Who do we meet?|-The captain's name
is Joey Fook.|He'll know what you look like.
If he doesn't,|you get the hell out. Fast.
Thas it.
Win or lose, is been a trip.
You're a kick-ass wire, Mercy.
We're looking for Bobby Lin.
Mercy sent us.
Bobby Lin?
Who want to know?
says good things about you.
Fast, lots of style.
This guy I'm fighting,
whas his record like?
He first-time fighter, too.
Newcomers always
kick the odds up.
Make lots more money.
Thas good.
Everything set.
This next match
goes all the way.
Round one, no blade.
Round two, one blade.
Round three and final round,|both blades.
Only person allowed is trainer.
That you, right?
Bell starts fight.|Give us a show, eh?
Whas our time situation?
Two minutes to bell.|44 to make the ship.
Shit, Mercy. We got to make sure|things are settled with the boat.
Be careful, Colt.
Right. So, go.
-For love.|-Yeah, what else is there?
Go! Go! Go!
Hit him!
If you interfere,
Colt disqualified.
No Mombasa.
Kill him, Colt!
-All right, break up this party.|-Yes, sir.
Colt! Pinwheel!
Les go!
No, don't, Cash.|They'll blow you away, baby.
No they won't.|I cost too much.
But your boyfriend is dirt cheap.
Give it up, cyborg,|or he's
a dead man.
Way to stand by your man, Cash.
I like that. And Colt,
that was one hell of a fight.
And you, Pinwheel...
I only have one thing to say.
Goddamn it!
All right, break off and fan out.
I want these people
So much for a myth.
If you want to dine|with the devil
you'll need a long spoon.
I can do better.
glad you could make it.
You know you've always|been such a
formidable opponent.
Until your untimely capture,|that is.
And I thought I'd at least|let you come and watch me
play my final card.
You see, this is Chen's
detonator.|It has a 2000
mile range.
So, alas, it appears that|the honeymoon is over
for Cash and Colt.
No quick, smart-ass remark?
No retort from the man|with the video
Cash and Colt...
You can kiss your asses good-bye.
Warning! A detonation sequence|has been detected within
the complex.
Initiate emergency|evacuation sequence.
I think you kissed|the wrong ass good-bye.
One... Zero.
Time is what is all about.
Cash crossed over it
and lived the time|of her beloved Colt.
Proving once again
that love is stronger than flesh
or machine.